Dating Taurus in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know some-body, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart.

To understand the Taurus Woman, look to the Second House of her Solar Chart, which shows what she values most.

The Taurus Man – The myth is he’s a money-grubbing sensualist with several investment portfolios and Rolexes.

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37 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    I just met a man birthday August 12 1974 do you see in my chart any connection to him…

    It is so important to me to know will I date him because I feel weird around him….

    1. You don’t say if he has children or not, and that would actually be the main concern for him – or your children – and yet this cycle ends in November.

      1. Yes he has son 18 year old and son 8 year old, but I don’t know anything else about him…

        And when you say this cycle end in November does that mean that everything connected to him end too or is this just short lived chemistry…,

        1. This man has a child who was born around the same time as the North Node in Cancer (family) cycle about 19 years ago. The eight-year-old child is not so much the issue, it is his teenager. He has karma to complete with this son, and of course older teenagers feel it first when their parents date new potential partners. You are a potential new stepmother, after all. So – yes – you have to wait for him to figure things out, and it will take a big longer than November, as the Node certainly moves out of Leo then, but it goes straight into Cancer. The fact that this man is 18 fits in with the Node cycle, so it may not be until 2019 that he has figured things out with his son and that massively influences his dating decisions.

          1. Than it looks like that is only me feeling this affection as I am learning that he has one 18 year old son leaving with his mother and 8 year old son leaving with the second wife and stepdaughter and I am totally confused….
            That means he is not divorced…

            This is all I know for now from him, but I cannot figure it out…

            This is probably just me feeling wired, but thank you for your help…

            He obviously doesn’t have any affection….

            Thank you Jessica…
            The weirdest things of life are happening to me…

            Year of dog 2018

            Everything changed in my life..,.

            And now this…

          2. Thank you my dear Jessica…
            Let me continue with unpredictable dog year .

            Why I have destiny or karma about him in my life at all….

      2. Jessica,
        He just came to my life and he left…
        But I totally feel a lot….
        He quit job in company I am working for…

        What is this dog year it’s going to totally crush me…

        1. I am sorry that you have been let down. You’ll be fine, okay? You’re a tough cookie according to your chart. If it makes you feel any better, you could be married at the moment, and still have a cycle like this. So it doesn’t really matter if you have a husband or not. Same experience. Nobody else would be better off, in fact they would have less freedom than you to look for someone more suitable next time!

  2. Hi Jessica I have been reading your blog via Twitter , the Ceres story and others too , The more you write about asteroids the more facinated I get … I happen to have two asteroids in Taurus , can you tell me what they might mean for me and my chart ?

    Thank you

    1. Minerva at 2 Taurus in your chart is in the Second House of money, property, charity, business and your value system. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you considered to be priceless. Minerva is an ancient symbol of great wisdom and insight. She was the goddess to whom Romans prayed for good outcomes. She is usually seated to her father Jupiter’s side and the Romans, who gave us our modern astrology today, considered her to be Jupiter’s counsellor. That is hugely powerful as he was Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the ‘best and greatest’ of the gods. Thus, you need to really know your Minerva and appreciate her. As Uranus goes over 2 Taurus and conjuncts your Minerva, now through 2019, a revolution in your finances, security or values will bring her to life. She will have a solution, in the revolution. You will find out why by this time next year.

  3. Also Jessica why are female Taurus so different to male Taurus ? Based on the above article they seen very different ,.

    Thanks again

    1. Venus rules Taurus in astrology and Venus is the Roman goddess of desire, longing and complicated relationships. She is also a symbol of vanity, jealousy and beauty. Taurus manifests quite differently through male and female charts as a result. Venus is uber-female, if you are thinking about femininity from an old-school perspective.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I met a Taurean man (9/05/1953) and he is always flirting with me but he never approached me openly. He was a friend of my ex-husband.
    We both have children.

    1. He has seen his ship (almost) come in with you, although you don’t know if you are the only woman he is flirting with. Assuming you are both single he may have stumbled across a magical year when not just one desirable woman (you) but others too are in his path. He’ll probably make his final decisions about dating around October, November. But his luck doesn’t last forever so he needs to get a wriggle on.

  5. “If you can’t hire her, move in with her – and if you can’t move in with her, at least ask her to be your personal research assistant.”
    That last part, so true! I think you are brilliant and funny. Thanks for the chuckle : ) I have been reading so many of your articles and know that Taurus is but a smidge of my story, especially with stelliums in 5 other signs. Is that unusually high, to have 4, 5 and 6 aspects in 5 different signs? And to have 0-1 in 4 signs? Curious too that in my life I have dated almost all Scorpio and Capricorn men, with a little Virgo thrown in (all the 0-1 houses for me), but the ones I have loved deeply were Cap &Scorpio (the Cap’s even had the same birthday!)…(and college bf and husband had birthdays 1 day apart), just fascinating!!

    1. You have a fair amount of Taurus, Cancer, Pisces in your chart and those are the earth and water signs, so men born under Sun signs in those elements – Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces – will flow easily with you. It can feel effortless and often irresistible. You have unusually high sign counts, well above average, and will find that even though you relate to the Sun Taurus descriptions, you are strongly Pisces too. In fact, it will work very well for you your whole life long. To find out more read The Twelfth House on Search and also read around the subject of that sign. You are probably psychic, as well.

  6. Hi Jessica! Oh my goodness I just saw myself as Miss Money Penny in James Bond… I manage the household budget and have books and paper as my only clutter, even then it’s quite well contained. But I couldn’t agree more with this description! I am curious though as I dated a Cancerian in high school and we lost touch after … but my proverbial attachment to the pc has allowed me ‘license’ to ’snoop’ but to no avail… is it likely our paths will ever cross again? I’m in a relationship, definitely not at all interested in picking up where we left off, just merely curious about where separate our paths took us ; 16th July 1976. Sydney NSW. Thank you!

    1. You dated a Cancerian in High School so his Sun fell in your Fourth House of property, home, household, family, home town and homeland. That is what he illuminated, highlighted and exposed for you. Questions about roots, heritage and culture too. This is a hard work area for you. You were born with Saturn (difficult tasks, life lessons, unavoidable realities) in Cancer in your Fourth House. You also have your DC (Descendant) in Cancer and this describes your most important partners in life – as a type. All in all, he was meant to be, at that time in your existence. Your paths could easily cross again as the North Node goes through Cancer, starting in November 2018. Yet – be aware that Saturn is in the mix. This is not a walk in the park.

      1. That’s pretty interesting, as I never even thought of it like that re: Saturn…and my 4th house stuff. We created a baby that never came to term, so I guess that’s the Saturn aspect of it playing out. Thank you so much for acknowledging this; it also explains a lot.

        1. oops forgot to add…when you say the descendant describes your most important partners in life…how does this usually play out? is it like a once off to learn a life lesson? That is the first and only Cancerian I have ever had as an important partner in my life, so I am intrigued to learn more about the descendant aspect. xx

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting article! Thanks so much. There are a few points you described about Taurus man (especially about the dark sides) are quite different from what I know about my husband of 10 years (or maybe he is Dr Spock in deep freeze!) . Make me ponder. I have to admit while I think I know my husband very well, at times he surprises me and at times make me doubtful. His DOB is 7th May 1964. Not sure if you can see anything between him and me. Would love to hear your comments. Thanks in advance for your time!

    1. The comments about men with the Sun in Taurus are really about the ‘in brief’ summary of a personality and not the layers underneath. For that we have to go to his personal birth chart. He is very earthy with the Sun in Taurus and also Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, in his Sixth House. He also has Jupiter in Taurus. More earth! You are very fiery with that stellium in Aries so you will often be proceeding at different speeds. Aries is fast, Taurus and Virgo tend to quite painstaking and slow. Without a time of birth or place of birth for him, it is hard to say more – but in general, you need to find the amber light in this marriage to sit on, because the red light and green light will often be out of synch with both your respective speeds.

  8. I love this and Taurus people! My best friend is a Taurus, and she’s like a sister to me, despite her stellium in Gemini. I avoid dating because I fear being cheated on, but Taurus men are like magnets because they are so attractive. There’s no way to avoid crushing on them. I’m blaming it all on my descendant.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Just curious, what does it mean to have moon in Taurus? Thanks for your time.


    1. Your Moon describes your ‘need to be needed’ and it is a symbol of motherhood, nurturing, care and protection in the chart. We usually learn how to ‘do’ our Moon from our own Mum/Mom as she is the first role model. Sometimes it is the grandmother, stepmother or aunt, or the sister, if you were raised by her. Aakriti, your Moon is in Taurus in the Second House, using the Natural House system, and so you feed, shield and instinctively tend to people through money, possessions, houses, business, charity or apartments. This is the chart of someone who equates care with pocket money hand-outs, for example, or for whom charity or philanthropy is a way of directly caring. The ease or difficulty with which you do this will be shown by the entire chart, anything else you have in Taurus, and aspects to your Taurus Moon.

  10. Hi Jessica
    Another very interesting article. I have quite a few things in Taurus (Ceres, Juno, ASC, Panacea, Psyche and Saturn). I am intrigued to learn more about myself and what all this means for me. I am married (Sun Capricorn) and have children (Gemini, Aries, Scorpio and Aquarius). Thanks.

    1. You have the classic Taurus-Scorpio patterns of people who pursue lives with big property and money themes – sometimes business or charity. These patterns turn up in the charts of Prince Charles, who has inherited wealth but also runs a philanthropic business – and Bill Gates who has used his wealth for his own trust. We see this in the charts of people who end up in retail, or with a bank – but also with people who marry for money, or marry into money, and the shared house, garden or apartment – is a really big part of the love. In general if you have a Taurus-Scorpio signature, the arrival of Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus in 2018 triggers many years of quite radical change and there will be a thorough reshape of your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. This is the cycle upon which Communists become Capitalists and Socialists become Capitalists and Shopaholics become environmentalists and start buying from charity shops! It takes many years but you will certainly feel the start of this new cycle by 2019.

      1. Thanks for the insight. I also have many things in Virgo (Venus, Pluto, Vesta, Bacchus, South Node and Aesculapia). I was wondering how this also impacts on my Taurus-Scorpio pattern?

        1. You have a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House and Aesculapia is right at home there, because he was the Roman supreme healer. This powerful asteroid is very comfortable in your Sixth House, which rules your mind, body and spirit. In general, with that big Virgo signature, you need to find a daily routine that works for you. It can take years, actually. You obviously have to put up with other people – colleagues, employers, clients – and their demands. Yet, inside this, you need to work steadily towards finding core parts of your daily routine which never change. Virgo rules the body which dictates the job. Thus, you start with your body. What is in your fridge? Have you tested it in terms of what it does to your body? Forget the experts as everyone has a different opinion. With Pluto in Virgo you need to ‘own’ your own food, drink and drugs too – prescribed or not. You need to move your body every day, too. How? Virgo is all about the connection between the work you do, and the body you have, and it is about the daily lifestyle and chores that repeat – and make us who we are. Have a look at your Sixth House on Search because naturally work connects to money. You work for money (Taurus, Scorpio) but there is no point in doing that unless the work you do, serves the body you have, and vice versa.

  11. Hello Jessica!

    I love the excerpts you’re sharing from your book. I do have it but I’m renovating and then moving so not sure what box it is in!

    I’ve started talking to a Taurus (26 April 1981) and he’s reminding me a little of the Pisces (14 March 1971) that came before. I’m wondering if I’m being tested to see if I learned anything from Mr Pisces or if Mr Taurus is as good as he seems. Certainly I’ve seen a little of the sensuality you’ve described already!

    1. The Taurus man is definitely in the market for a new partnership, although if he leaves it until the end of October to make up his mind, he may find his luck runs out later on and he is left with a very unclear new arrangement, either with you or perhaps another woman. Taurus can be slow, but in this case slow and steady will not win the race.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this very good article. I had a kind of platonic fling with a taurus woman born 24 April 1988. We were chatting over the Internet for a while (she lives abroad), but all of a sudden she got very distant and stopped writing. I still dont’ know why she changed her behaviour. Would you know ? Thanks and keep well.

    1. I’m afraid it’s likely she went back to her ex, or had an offer from someone local. Very hard to be a Taurus on this cycle and not snap up an opportunity and she may have been given a real chance for a future with someone. The answer to most of your love life questions is ‘children’ and how you feel about them, by the way.

  13. HAhahahaha
    so funny, so accurate..I was a bookworm growing up, and I research and look up so much info because I like knowing about things and how things work…I used to joke I was like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit “input, innnnppuuutttt” …..that last line “ask her to be your personal research assistant” that is exactly how I feel about how I am with my husband. Hey hon, can you research this? Sure, write it down and I will look it up!

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