New Astrology! Australia in 2018-2019

Australia now has a new Prime Minister. For the moment. Thrown into the job on Mars Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde Shadow (just to name two cycles which are all about uncertainty) new PM Scott Morrison's wobbly future path is already showing up in the Australian horoscope. What does the astrology say? Well, it was right about April, when Julie Bishop claimed the coup began!

New Astrology! Australia in 2018-2019

The madness of Australian politics on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th August 2018 had to be seen to be believed. Who was our Prime Minister? Nobody actually knew.

The astrology had been hinting at it for a while. In fact, I wrote this in your front-page Welcome message for August 2018, one month before. Do you remember?

Welcome! Mercury Retrograde brings extreme weather (the kind that disrupts transport and travel) but also long traffic jams, strike action and large-scale internet and computer issues. The cycle began with a shadow in July and ends with a shadow in early September. Remember to put the prefix ‘re’ in front of everything in August. It’s a good month to rehearse. You will no doubt have to reschedule. You will hear retractions. There may be product recall that directly affects you. Politicians will reverse their decisions too!

Great Scott! The Australian Horoscope and Politics 2018-2019

Where does Scott Morrison fit into all this? Many people think the 26th January 1788 chart is Australia’s correct ‘birth’ horoscope but actually, there are many contenders. What is very strange, yet typical of astrology, is that every one of the charts you see here has the same factor.

It’s known as a horoscope hotspot. It’s one of the reasons that new PM Morrison will find as early as September 9th that the reshuffle he ‘confirmed’ on the weekend of Saturday 25th August was never confirmed at all. Those faces will change.

It is all thanks to the 21 Scorpio and 21 Taurus axis of the Australian horoscope and it is the reason it was possible to make this prediction back in April 2018. Why? It hit the Liberal Party astrological chart too.

australia the daily telegraph sydney - New Astrology! Australia in 2018-2019

True Predictions from April 2018

The great thing about astrology is, it tells you what is going on even when politicians are covering everything up. You can go back to this old 5th April story here if you missed it the first time.

Here is what the astrology was telling me! Here’s the short version.

“I was writing your regular horoscopes for April and May, when I kept noticing something. Julie Bishop. She was born with the Sun in Cancer, which is common in politics. Why? They’re all patriotic to the core. True blue, if you happen to be Australian. I also noticed something else, though. Malcolm Turnbull. Bill Shorten. Tony Abbott. Peter Dutton.

I am writing this on Thursday, 5th April 2018, so looking a few weeks into the future, here. But what a future! Shocks are in store for the Liberal party once Uranus changes signs, across May 15th, 16th. That’s over a month away now, and the most that is happening is – rumours of a spill. A leadership contest. What ultimately goes down, though, will be a whole lot more than that.

*On Wednesday April 25th, Thursday April 26th, Friday April 27th we will see a serious power play against Julie Bishop. This is toxic male politics, from an astrologer’s point of view, because Mars is conjunct Pluto. She is obviously a contender for leadership as the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is not doing well in the polls. However, this is a nuclear strike.

You have to ask yourself what is going on, across this same time-frame, for the two Scorpios in the picture – Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott. Strangely, there is also a third. Peter Dutton!

The real deal is actually May 15th, 16th, 17th when the leader of the rival Labour party, Bill Shorten, comes into the picture. He is a Taurus and Uranus will enter Taurus, his own sign. On the very same day, this planet (associated with shock and revolution) moves into the Seventh House for Tony Abbott, Peter Dutton and Malcolm Turnbull. The Seventh House rules their political enemies and rivals. It also rules their political partnerships – their double acts. This is obviously about Labour for both of them, but it is also about their relationship with each other – and the balance of power with Julie Bishop.

The reason this is all ringing loud bells for me, is that Uranus (which feels like running into a wired cattle fence) arrives with such a bang in Julie Bishop’s chart too. It lands in her Eleventh House of groups.

Put all that together and Julie Bishop is not going to forget the events of April 25th-27th in a hurry as enemies within and without the Liberal party mean business. The ultimate outcome won’t appear for two weeks. Very close to 15th May we are going to see a leadership challenge…”


SMH 600x314 - New Astrology! Australia in 2018-2019
Julie Bishop in The Sydney Morning Herald.

What happened on May 15th?

The astrology was right about an April crisis in the Liberal party, when we now know Peter Dutton was making his move. There was a public call for Julie Bishop to be sacked on May 15th, to the day of that prediction. On that day the former China ambassador declared she should lose her post. Read the ABC-TV report here.

Check here to see how the media finally got Julie Bishop to reveal that April had in fact been the month that the coup had started. Right on cue with the horoscope.

The Daily Mail: Ms Bishop, deputy leader of the Liberal Party, claims Mr Dutton has had his eyes on the leading position since April.  ‘Peter Dutton made it clear in April that he wanted to be prime minister. I think that was a signal to colleagues that he wants the job,’ she told Leigh Sales on the ABC’s 7.30 programme.

Female Leadership in Australian Politics 2018, 2019

Julie Bishop is no longer Australia’s Foreign Minister and she is hinting she may not be a player in the next election. And yet, that Australian horoscope hotspot is really clear. Women will come front-and-centre in Canberra by 2019. So will Julie be back? To lead? Stranger things have happened! This was a prediction made way back on 17th July 2017, so over a year before the Turnbull-Dutton-Bishop-Morrison coup.

Here it is – you can scroll down to the end of that original July feature (above) to see it. It was about Leo weather and Leo weather has been behind this entire drama.


Between 2017-2019 Australia could easily see another woman rise to become leader of one of the two main political parties and perhaps even the nation, making history a second time. Julie Bishop?”

How Australia’s Horoscope Hotspot was Triggered on August 23rd, 24th 2018

Thursday 23 August 2018
Juno 21 Taurus semi-sextile Diana 21 Aries
Friday 24th August 2018
Fortuna 21 Virgo quincunx Diana 21 Aries

Here you can see the Australian horoscope hotspot at 21 Taurus being hit as Turnbull also took a hit. This same pattern turned up for the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam too. We have an exact time and date for The Dismissal.

 “The letter was lying face down on Sir John Kerr’s desk when Gough Whitlam entered his study in Government House around 1.00pm on 11 November 1975.” 

What we had back in the Seventies was a line-up at 21 Taurus and 21 Scorpio. History repeated when Turnbull went. Juno was right on 21 Taurus.

The Liberal Party Horoscope – Shocks Ahead by 2019

The Liberal Party of Australia was founded on October 16th, 1944 with Venus at 21 Scorpio. This is great news for the Australian economy for a very short period at the end of 2018. Fortunate Jupiter returns to 20, 21, 22 Scorpio in September and October 2018 with all his abundance and rewards. September-November 2018 sees sharemarket madness all over the world but Australia will come up smiling.

Yet after that, rest assured, it will be shocks galore for the nation and the Liberal party. Uranus is the clincher here, because the planet of shock, disruption, radical change, revolution and upheaval is hovering around 1 Taurus and will return there in the first quarter of 2019. The banking and money laundering scandals which dominate the world by May 2019 are going to rock the Liberal party. This goes beyond the current judgements on the NAB and CBA banks in Australia. This hasn’t even started.

Part of it is Australia’s own Lucky Country economy at the end of 2018.

We see Venus Retrograde or appearing to go backwards in Scorpio, the sharemarket and bank sign in September, October, November, December 2018. As if that wasn’t enough Mercury Retrograde spins chaos in Scorpio at Halloween, across October 29th, 30th, 31st and again December 2nd to 12th.

The final quarter of 2018 will see world share markets in chaos. Australia benefits, though, for a short time – around September 20th to October 5th.

We will see huge headlines about the dollar or the economy in Australia near September 28th and October 11th, 12th 2018 and you’d have to bet on either Taurus Scott Morrison or Taurus Bill Shorten will be playing their fated part. Taurus is, after all, the sign of gold bullion and bull markets.

We’re in for a bumpy ride once the natural luck and protection of Jupiter in Scorpio has gone and Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (money) takes over. Part of this will be down to cryptocurrency and its wild swings but a great deal of it is down to the international money laundering investigations which will pull in major banks.

Australia Day Dates - New Astrology! Australia in 2018-2019


Watch Peter Dutton – the Man Who Tried a Coup on Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Watch Peter Dutton, the man at the heart of this mess. This isn’t over. He is the man who tried a coup on Mercury Retrograde Shadow – often the most chaotic part of the cycle, right at the end.

Dutton’s legal position with his childcare centre investments will be questioned one more time and perhaps twice, with the chance of a complete turnaround, as we have the final bout of crazy Leo ‘weather’ in January 2019. Leo rules children. The storm around his investments began during the chain of Leo eclipses and across the Mercury Retrograde in Leo period, right through the final shadow when Malcolm Turnbull unsuccessfully tried to have Dutton blocked.

This has not gone away. Not at all.

Most of all, keep watching women on all sides of politics because one way or another, they’re on the rise in time for the next election in Australia. The nation’s horoscope hotspot is surrounded by messages about that. Not since PM Julia Gillard will we have seen such a massive statement about women and their leadership ability in the national chart.

There will be shocks galore – and shocks in store – for Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott – from March 2019 onwards. Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten will be pulled into the electrical storm. So will Julie Bishop. It’s only just begun. Meanwhile Labour’s Tanya Plibersek has her place in the sun up ahead, too. Lucky Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from November 2018 and that’s her sign, you might say.

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16 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica fascinating article thank you. I’d like you to help me with my chart with regards to your comment ‘the final quarter of 2018 will see sharemarket chaos’ I know have some interesting aspects around the 2nd week of October while Jupiter is still in Scorpio but I’m interested to know what else astrologically I can expect after this point. Does the sharemarket chaos mean a negative for everyone more or less except Australia? Or if you have no activity astrologically should my own experience with any shares be relatively ok?

    1. I wrote a long piece about the Mercury Retrograde cycle at the end of 2018, in the sign of Scorpio, so hit Search when you finish reading this. It is a very tricky time, because Jupiter certainly offers rewards, opportunities, solutions for a short time – in the sign of Scorpio in your Eighth House of shares, banks, business, money – but then something really odd happens. Mercury (always about the deals, the paperwork and the discussions) goes retrograde so a lot of people will be caught out. When Mercury finally goes out of shadow, Jupiter has gone. Vanished. All that protection and natural luck has just disappeared and so there will be quite a few corporations, governments or individuals stranded when the tide goes out. All we are left with, suddenly, is the instability of Uranus in Taurus and we’re on our own from that point. This is when I think we are going to see the money laundering scandal, globally, start to rock governments, politicians and Wall Street. We will all be affected by that. Donald Trump has said if he is impeached there will be a crash. That should give you some idea of what we’re up against! You were born with Ceres at 24 Scorpio in the Eighth House. I don’t comment on individual financial issues as it’s not possible without the charts for the companies you invest in (that’s a whole other kind of astrology). Yet in simple terms, when Jupiter crosses your Ceres, it is to your total advantage in terms of your house, money, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Ceres is always about a new order – a new deal – a split or compromise. You will gain. Jupiter is set to go to 24 Scorpio in October, but make sure you get everything signed, sealed and delivered before October 29th as Mercury Retrograde Shadow, also in Scorpio, starts his crazy cycle on that day. Just remember – Halloween. But do watch what is on offer in October, more than you might normally. It may be a tax cut, an interest rate rise in your favour, a new loan or mortgage rate, a big cryptocurrency chance and so on, or it may be personal – the Eighth House is about family finances and partnership-owned property.

  2. This is quite a strange coincidence – Peter’s natal chart has the same Juno/Jupiter configuration in Taurus/Scorpio (close to 21 degrees) as of today’s date. Though Peter has an added Saturn conjunct Juno in his chart.

    1. Now that’s really interesting. I’ve not seen any AA Rodden-rated data for him, but I’ll see if I can get a verified birth time. I am a little wary of just taking politicians’ birth dates from Wikipedia or other online sources as Donald Trump has given two completely different birth dates to the authorities, and there are two times. I’ll check. Thank you.

  3. I was hoping someone would look at the astrology of this crazy day yesterday in Australian politics!

    I really thought Julie Bishop was going to win. :/ Also so interesting about the 21 Scorpio, I’m a Kiwi- but Australia has always felt like my spiritual home…and I have the same axis, 21Scorpio Asc exact on the AUS hotspot!!! Hoorah, confirmation ! (And I do feel lucky) Now I know why I love this country so much (except for the schoolyard politics, which is completely eyeball rolling)

    A female leader would be amazing, next years election should be very interesting. The thing about these ballots, voters don’t get to have a say…I think a change of Govt could happen.

    1. It’s astonishing that Julie Bishop was far and away the preferred choice in Australian opinion polls but her own party did not put her first. The Australian charts (all of them) lean strongly towards women in charge in 2019 and it will be intriguing to see how that plays out with both major parties. How amazing that your Scorpio 21 Ascendant connects with Australia. I bet people think you’re Australian a lot of the time…

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for writing this article as I wanted your take on the revolving door that is now habitual in Australian politics. The population is becoming very disgruntled with the leaders they have voted in, and with a voting system that is COMPULSORY, only to have them pushed aside due to party room stoushes and someone NOT voted in as leader taking residence in The Lodge. This is the fifth or sixth time (see, I’ve lost count!) in less than 10 years that this has happened and Australia looks ridiculous. I am sure Pluto is playing a hand in all of this. But in all seriousness, will this instability continue after the next election? I also wonder if this is the beginning of the end of our current democratic system and whether there are any silver linings.
    Maybe the Queen needs to pay Canberra a visit and give those boys a dressing down and a lecture on how to play nicely together.

    1. Australian politicians do have a habit of calling elections or starting spills for leadership on Mercury Retrograde. It’s astonishing that Malcolm Turnbull did not call for a referendum on the Republic when he was in power. And now it’s too late. At least for him.

  5. Hello Jessica,
    Another great read. I too thought that Julie Bishop would be in. (Everyone needs a “Julie” in their life! i.e. September issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly has Julie Bishop featured on the front cover). It will be interesting to see what happens in 2019.

    1. Julie Bishop is a skilled politician and I am sure you can see that a drop in popularity for the Liberal Party/Coalition ahead of an election, based on her treatment, would be enough to reshuffle them all, one more time. She’s resigned as Foreign Minister but as we have seen with former PM Tony Abbott, being moved backwards in the party does not mean the end of anything at all. Uranus is the planet of shock. He is not done with her yet.

  6. Hi Jessica, fascinating article. In fact when Julie Bishop put her name forward for the leadership, I told my husband that you had predicted this. I just wanted to tell you that I have a 21 Taurus and I remember reading on your website that movement to countries resonates with personal charts. In this context, I think I was fated to be in Oz. 🙂 Best Jos.

    1. Thank you. Julie Bishop is one to watch. And the banking issues in Australia will not leave the Liberal Party alone. You do sound fated to be in Australia with that 21 Taurus placement, Jos.

  7. Great article Jessica. I read somewhere that Whitlam and Turnbull served an almost identical number of days in office as PM – that’s another connection.
    Dutton’s child centred Astro issues might also be connected to the current au pair (childcare) visa scandal.
    I keep having a recurring dream that September 3rd is significant for an unexpected change. Not sure why. Maybe Dutton’s resignation from the Ministry?
    Thank you again for great insight and analysis.

    1. Thank you. Quite right about the au pair scandal. One of the reasons I love astrology is that we’re always being shown new things – of course au pairs are ruled by Leo and the Fifth House, along with nannies (by Royal appointment) – but it would never have occurred to me in a million years that all the Leo eclipses were cover-ups about just that kind of job. Both child care centres and au pair roles alike are Fifth House and of course we still have the Retroshade there too. It’s really interesting that you are dreaming about September 3rd, the end date for the retroshade.

  8. Sorry this is a bit off topic, but any predictions on the november elections in US? Will dems take back the senate and the house? Desperately looking for some good news…

    1. I haven’t looked at the Democrats’ chart yet, but in general, the United States is heading for constitutional change and either an amendment to the constitution or a brand new agreement. This is likely from Christmas 2020 and part of life from 2023. You don’t get there with an intact presidency and yet you are waiting for the exit of all the Capricorn weather (and Donald’s White House has a great many Capricorns including Jared Kushner) and the arrival of the Aquarian weather at the end of 2020. The comedown and take-down will be slow but steady. I can tell you that. Aquarius is about equality and diversity and global one-world thinking. This presidency has not been that. Ergo, it cannot and will not last. It is in the nature of the Pluto and Saturn and South Node transit of Capricorn that it means a collapse of the old structure so this is what you are seeing. Tick-tock.

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