Mercury Retroshade Explained

What is Mercury Retroshade, the term created by the Astro Twins which has gone viral? It's Mercury Retrograde Shadow. How does it work in your personal birth horoscope? Read on. Mercury Retroshade 2018, 2019 is worth tracking!

Mercury Retroshade Explained

Mercury Retroshade is a short, sweet way to say ‘Mercury Retrograde Shadow’ without wasting too much of your Twitter word limit. When people say ‘Retroshade’ they are talking about the strange period just before and after Mercury appears to go backwards, then forwards, and he chases his own tail. It can be just as chaotic as the actual retrograde period. Thus, it’s good to know about it happens, which is why I am publishing this story in August, so you know about October-December.

The AstroTwins  Tali and Ophira Edut, brilliant Sagittarian twin sisters who, like me, have written about astrology for Elle and Mama Mia came up with the word Retroshade and it has been taken up by other stargazers who understand that the mess and muddle of a typical Mercury Retrograde does not just start on the day it slides backwards or stop when it seems to go forwards. 

The best way to explain it, is to look at what Mercury actually does, when he appears to move forwards and backwards – and also stand still. This is the planet of communication, information, transportation and negotiation so life becomes chaotic when we hit this cycle. You are up for it again from around 29th October through Christmas Day, December 25th 2018. This particular Mercury Retroshade will take place in Scorpio and then Sagittarius, so not just one but two departments of your life will get stuck.

Science helps explain why. Retrocausality, or the future (weirdly) affecting the present, seems to be one plausible explanation, although uber-sceptical scientists won’t like astrologers making that link.

There is another simple reason why Retroshade is about an endless pinball machine game with your computer, public transport, car, vacations, mail, paperwork and handshake agreements. To understand why, you have to look at what Mercury is named for and what he stands for. Your laptop and phone today are the descendants of a man with a horse and a scroll. That’s it!

Where Mercury the Messenger Comes From

Modern astrology today comes to us from the Romans, who took their god, Mercury the messenger, to Britain when they invaded. The Roman post and courier system was the famous Cursus Publicus. It was used by agentes (agents) and notari (note takers). It ran on a horseback relay system so extreme weather could stop everything. The roads were called via. Today we talk about email going via Sydney or New York. The Roman system had staging posts. Today we have the Post Office. Another name for the Cursus Publicus was Cursus Vehicularis (vehicles.) It relied on stationes. Today that’s train stations.

The Roman Roads of Britain  are brilliantly shown on this map.

Now, imagine that you are leaving London (Londinium) on your horse with a bag of mail. Today that would be you catching a train with your laptop. You are headed North. So far so good, but what you don’t know and can’t see – is that storms have closed that station. An entire network can be affected by just one closure.

This is rather like proceeding with financial or travel plans from Halloween through November 2018 and not realising that in December, it all gets stuck and goes backwards. You know this of course because you are an astrologer but the majority of people have no idea. You get caught in the chaos.


PHIFNCLPSVC5DFBXMAAX3W2COQ 424x600 - Mercury Retroshade Explained
Roman roads imagined as the London Underground

Why Retroshade Does Not Always Mean Crisis  

You have to put it in context.  It’s not a catch-all for some kind of trouble in every single area of your life. It is just very specifically about discussion, e-mails, Tweets, signed documents, forward planning and paper trails – not ending up where they should. You need to look at the whole chart to see if this is actually a crisis or just a letter from a relative which takes 6 weeks to reach you. The sign Mercury Retroshade occurs in and the house (ruled by that sign) gives you the ‘what’ of the botched process. The whole world is affected simultaneously and it is when extreme weather patterns sweep a chain of nations, or we have some kind of drama involving the politics of global relations, that truly dramatic events occur. Mercury Retrograde and Retroshade, the shadow periods, are not ‘bad’ – necessarily. They can be, but only if there are other patterns at the same time which are critical. This happened on 9/11. I saw it for myself in New York. However, not every Mercury Retrograde and Retroshade will be crisis-ridden. It’s just that the airline chaos then coincided with a road to war!

We classically get strike action, extreme weather cancellation, computer breakdowns and so on, affecting the airlines collectively, across many countries or regions, around the same period – on this cycle. Yet the Retroshade and Retrograde can sometimes be merely annoying, and at other times, as I found out at Newark Airport, downright catastrophic. It’s context. And it’s your chart!


mseswdmzr a 600x400 - Mercury Retroshade Explained

People Who Say Yes/No on Retroshade

If you are dealing with people who say ‘Yes/No’ at this time don’t be surprised. You will see it happening in a way that reshapes your plans. It’s not just random flakey behaviour. It seriously affects what you have in your schedule, on Retroshade.  Or, let’s talk about people who go in one direction, then another. Mercury Retroshade and the actual Retrograde which follows are about people who retract their statements or rethink what they promised or reschedule what was supposed to be a commitment. This is really important to remember, October-December 2018. Work around!

One way to think about Mercury Retroshade and Retrograde is a television which freezes the picture. It may then get stuck on this channel until the sound goes, or the vision. You assume everything has gone black – it’s not working – but later on it springs to life, with the same program or news, but revisited. Rewound, but with different information or camera angles. This is why on Retrograde and Retroshade you may prefer not to totally trust the ‘news’ – whatever that news is.


y7sqo1p6b0a 600x450 - Mercury Retroshade Explained


Predicting Mercury Retroshade October-December 2018

You’re planning ahead, right? As this goes live in August 2018 you are no doubt sitting with Halloween in your diary or schedule, followed by Thanksgiving or Christmas, then New Year. The end of the year brings decisions. We decide we will leave a bad relationship if it hasn’t improved by the end of the year. Many of us promise ourselves we will quit our jobs or courses for the same reason. Even more people decide to move or take a long vacation at the end of any year.

Mercury Retroshade does not really care about your forward planning but just knowing the dates and the nature of the cycle can help you. So let’s take a closer look at the Scorpio and Sagittarius Retroshade cycles as 2018 draws to a close, so you can plan things better with your astrology.

Mercury Retroshade in Scorpio – Finance, Property, Insurance, Taxation, Business, Shares, Cryptocurrency, Banks

If you have anything at 27, 28, 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House of ‘material world’ then you will be affected by the Retroshade and actual Retrograde across October 29th, 30th, 31st. This is when you will hear news, be presented with paperwork to sign or accept, engage in discussion or find a story begins. It will likely be about sex and money, or marriage and mortgage, or the family and property – all of which Scorpio rules. This sign is also about the bank, insurance and wills.

Don’t be fooled. This is the Retroshade.

On a world prediction level, Wall Street and other markets will be caught out – unless those concerned are across the cycle and use astrology. Many are but most are not.

From December 2nd to 12th Mercury is across 27, 28, 29 Scorpio again. Very strange. We’ll see a reversal and also a long delay then. This will directly concern what was under discussion, announced or on paper just before Halloween.

Remember the context? Jupiter, the planet of bull markets, gains, optimism, market highs, Dow peaks and other ‘big balloon’ moments in the world economy, is right next to Mercury during the Retroshade of October 29th, 30th, 31st.

The problem is, what goes up, must come down. He does not stick around. Jupiter is gone forever from Scorpio, the currency and shares sign, the taxation sign – from around November 9th.

gbq3esfsdg8 600x400 - Mercury Retroshade Explained

The Halloween Retroshade and the World Economy

All people will be left with is just Mercury spinning his wheels. The pre-Halloween retroshade is genuinely scarier than any horror film at that time. Why? It’s about the risk of utterly wrong judgements and market calls.

We can be very specific about this in astrology. Writing on 26th August 2018 about October 29th, 30th, 31st we can say deals will be done, and big announcements made, which affect you (personally) if you have Scorpio factors at 27, 28, 29. These will vanish or be swiftly removed from the agenda as soon as Mercury is out of Scorpio on November 1st 2018, then weirdly reappear – only to be profoundly delayed, changed or even reversed – when Mercury repeats his retroshade steps on December 2nd through 12th.

Pre-Halloween and Halloween itself is a risky astrological time for world sharemarkets because the optimism or protection of Jupiter in Scorpio will be misplaced. Why? Jupiter does not stick around.

If you put these two Retroshade cycles together, first the economy/financial/currency period – then the travel/transport period right afterwards – you can see why this is potentially a chaotic end to 2018. However as you are now reading this in August, you’ll be right across it. That is what astrology is for.


ugn9aomwgc 600x400 - Mercury Retroshade Explained


Mercury Retroshade in Sagittarius – November Brings Travel Delays, Cancellations

Travel chaos ahead. Extreme weather and strike action by pilots or ground staff, other X factors that disrupt us all – but most likely gridlock for natural reasons – will surround us all just in time for the Christmas and Thanksgiving period. November 2018 will be one of the worst months in memory for cancellations and delays.

Sagittarius rules foreign people and places. Also regional differences and other nationalities, accents or city-country cousins. Mercury is the messenger, who in Roman times was all about horseback missions, but in 2018 is about planes, FedEx, and most obviously – the internet.

We are very likely to see major hacking on this Retroshade and perhaps serious issues for Google, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Anything which disrupts the global flow of information.

There may be flash crashes or issues with electricity supply, computers, ATM services and so on, but in a way that affects the information flow around the planet. Not just in one city.

Dates for Your Diary

Here are the dates. Mercury Retroshade in Sagittarius (travel, foreign people and places, college/university, publishing, the worldwide web) holds firmly from November 1st to 16th/17th. From around the 16th/17th he actually turns retrograde or goes backwards, all the way to December 1st.

He then vanishes. He actually disappears from Sagittarius, so plans may actually disappear too. Then, from around December 13th to 25th, Christmas Day, he repeats himself. He goes over the ground he covered in November.

What you thought was happening with your travel plans, or visits from family/friends, or your plans to relocate to another region (or country) will not turn out as planned. It’s the same for college/university scheduling, book or website launches and the web itself. There are some simple reasons for this.

If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart from me take a look at any Sagittarius factors across 0 through 13 degrees of the sign. Any placements at all at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on, through to 13 degrees of Sagittarius.

An aspect of your Ninth House, which you can look up on Search, will be criss-crossed by Mercury at this time so make sure you have alternatives or back-ups for what you intend. Do check this, if you have Sagittarian factors at 0-13 to find out exactly how this cycle will manifest.

To track the actual movement of Mercury, make sure you check your weekly horoscope with me closer to the time and track the movements of Mercury through Sagittarius, by degrees, on the front page of this website.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Retroshade in 2018 and Beyond

Something I have learned along the way as a horoscope columnist for Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan magazine is this.

When Mercury returns to the same degrees (numbers, positions) and signs (areas of life) he occupied first time round, things will have moved on. He will be making totally different patterns, or aspects, to other horoscope features in the heavens.

So, what you thought was there – is no longer there. Or it will be reshaped. It may even be reversed.

That is why the late 2018 Retroshades in Scorpio and Sagittarius are potentially so chaotic for

  • Currency exchange rates
  • Airlines
  • Train and bus travel
  • Car trips
  • Passport and visa rules and applications
  • Border laws between countries
  • Export and global trade agreements
  • NASA (Sagittarius also rules space travel)
  • Vacation visits from people in foreign/far-flung locations
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Extreme weather – freezing conditions in the Northern Hemisphere – record temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere.

dojogxz76x0 600x600 - Mercury Retroshade Explained

Mercury Retroshade is Not Mercury Lite!

I really love the term Retroshade, which so many American astrologers have popularised.

Let’s be clear, though. It’s not ‘Mercury Lite’ or a diluted version of the famously chaotic cycle. It is what it is. On the pre-shadow? Pre-planning, forward-thinking discussion and advance negotiation, which is already going to go backwards as soon as it goes forwards.

On the post-shadow, which we will see as late as December this year, we have the same issues replayed or rewound, but with utterly different circumstances which is why so many ‘rock solid’ arrangements end up in the bin.

This is why I always say have Plan B, C and D around these cycles and if you really want to be Master or Mistress or the Universe you will duck and dive around them. The great thing about having your personal birth chart is, you know exactly if you are extremely vulnerable to the Retroshades and Retrogrades.

You also need to look at context. If you do have Scorpio or Sagittarius factors at those degrees, what aspects or patterns do they make with the rest of your chart? What factors are involved? That’s where deeper astrology comes in. Where possible I like to reply to your comments, especially if you are a Premium Member so I can see your chart at a glance.

Bottom line? Don’t panic, but do be aware. Have alternatives and if you have the luxury of scheduling financial or travel moves at any time at all, you may want to avoid those dates I have given you. 

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53 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the interesting post and the insight on the end of the year with Merc Retroshade. I have some Scorpio in my chart. Does it look like the end of the year will be challenging for how I communicate or receive info- maybe thru my work emails? I will be spending the next few months studying up for a new position within the same company. Throughout the summer there have been many delays getting started in the new (but similar) career role. Thanks for checking out my chart!

    1. Uranus at 25 Scorpio just misses the retrograde. In fact you’ll love the huge opportunity with finance, property, charity or business that comes just before, as Jupiter passes 25 Scorpio and makes a memorable chart pattern for you. Just get it out of the way before those pre-Halloween days!

  2. Hi Jessica, Taurus’ ruler Venus (the other money planet) will be retrograde in scorpio/libra until mid November, any thoughts on how this will impact?

    Venus Sep 09, 2018 09:29 Scorpio – I
    Venus Oct 05, 2018 19:04 Scorpio – S/R
    Venus Oct 31, 2018 19:46 Libra – R
    Venus Nov 16, 2018 10:51 Libra – S/D
    Venus Dec 02, 2018 16:54 Scorpio – I

    In hindsight, to say this timeframe is a “hotspot” could prove to be a massive understatement. Thanks again for all your postings. Mary

    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, Venus in Scorpio is the other red flag at this time. That cycle begins in the shadow from September 10th to 30th so it’s really quite soon, as Venus crosses Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity, business and the economy from 0-10 degrees, then from October 6th to 31st turns back on her path, climbing back 10 to 0 degrees again. We then have her retrograde in Libra, as you point out, going back an entire sign, for November. Then in December she does the final backflip, once again in Scorpio. This is one of the reasons the end of the year is so chaotic on the sharemarkets and we can only hope people know their astrology as well as you do. I did post a feature about this strange period some time ago as one look at the Scorpio weather and it was really clear a lot of people were going to get stranded! Thank you Mary.

  3. Hi Jessica, wow such interesting times and energies. Can you please give me some insight as to how I am going to travel through this time as I have several scorpio factors in my chart and am looking to launch my new business. Grateful for any guidance. Blessings

    1. Your Scorpio factors will not be triggered by Mercury so the financial chaos out there from Halloween to December will not directly affect you. Yet, you do need to have Plan B and C for travel across the Mercury in Sagittarius period, as he will bounce around your Ninth House of journeys. Be aware of a higher risk of delays or cancellations, particularly with connected trains and plans, for example. This may be down to extreme weather. That is just one example. Sometimes keys get lost – or you find a wi-fi connection drops out. It’s often the little things. So just be super flexible and have alternatives at your fingertips.

  4. Good Evening Jessica,
    It sucks really to hear we are going to have Mercury retroshades during the holiday. We wait for this time to make it better than the last time but anticipating such issues keep us on our tip toes. Obviously we need a contingency plan; what do you conclude from my chart? Thank you

    1. Mercury Retroshade never stops me from travelling – I should point out. However I have learned to leave for the airport far earlier than usual and check the weather and other travel news on Twitter quite vigilantly when I do take off. It just makes sense to know the airport layout, for example, and to have useful phone numbers in a second safe place. You have the Moon at 6 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of journeys and Mercury passes 6 Sagittarius near the 6th, 26th of November and 19th of December. He repeats himself three times, getting stuck. So…whatever comes your way around those dates, just be aware the story is going to get stuck, change and possibly reverse. Work around. But have a great holiday.

  5. Hi Jessica. Very interesting. I think for the most part it misses me with the exception of my SN 9 Sag. Just wondered what ypur thoughts were if you have time. Many thanks.

    1. Yes, Mercury will cross your South Node at 9 Sagittarius in the Ninth house around 9th, 24th November and 22nd December. You will hear or read important news around the 9th of November regarding a trip, foreign or regional connection, web issue, course or book. It may even reflect something that is a recurring theme in your life as the South Node shows endless repetition. To keep life simple you either need to allow for the fact that this entire matter is going to get stuck, swing backwards and forwards (and be very flexible with your plans) or of course you can bypass the actual commitments to a plan at these times.

  6. HI Jessica

    I have both Ceres and Neptune at 5 deg Sagittarius and Juno at 9 deg Sagittarius.

    I’m not planning on moving (that should happen in mid-2019), or indeed travelling anywhere at the time of the Mercury retroshade in Sagittarius in November 2018.

    Do you think instead that I may be affected by other’s travel/movements?


    1. It may help to look up the Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this, as it covers ‘travel and travel in the mind.’ It is very likely to be a regional or foreign visitor if you do not plan to travel or move, or there may be a college/university, publishing or web issue at that time.

  7. Ugh I wish I didn’t have these damn degrees in my chart! 😉 I see Scorpio in my North Node at 29. But also know that the north node will be going through cancer in November and this is meant to be a time when I can make decisions, and I do feel that decisions related to Scorpio will need to be made — e.g. money, marriage, property. But it sounds like whatever information or opportunity i get end of October I won’t want to trust as it’s likely to shift and change. Am I understanding correctly? Will also info over the retroshade period be shady, i.e. should I NOT make decisions until the new year? x

    1. You were born with the North Node at 29 Scorpio in the Eighth House of property, finance, charity, business and possessions. The North Node describes patterns which repeat in your life, in order that you learn patience, a philosophical outlook and a fairly Zen citizen approach to what can’t be changed. You are in the odd position of being blessed with major opportunities and solutions regarding this as Jupiter crosses 29 Scorpio around November 4th through 8th, yet Mercury gets stuck at 29 Scorpio around October 31st and again December 2nd through 12th. You’ll know this when you see it. Just work around those dates. There is something karmic about what is going to come your way. It’s a reward from this life or another. What you could do is bypass the news, meeting, deal or arrangement which turns up just before Halloween (unless you really want to see it all disappear for weeks, then change later on – or even reverse – in December). Yet, you would be ready to go with something else – far superior – November 4th through 8th or even October 16th-20th as you also have the IC at 25 Scorpio and the IC or Immum Coeli is home and family. Home town and homeland too. Given that the transiting North Node is also moving to Cancer (property, home, family, home town, homeland) in November it’s really clear that you’re going to make a major property choice. Just be sharply aware of those Mercury days and have back-up plans, alternatives or maybe just pick different timing if you’re able to do that.

      1. Thanks for the helpful, extra information with regards; North Node at 29º. As you may be able to see, I have North Node at 28º Scorpio.
        Are the above dates applicable for me, as well?


        1. Yes, Mercury will cross your North Node at 28 Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, charity, business, valuables and property very close to October 30th, depending on the city you are in at the time (time zone differences). It will be easy to spot Mercury events or people as there will typically be very new ‘news’ and perhaps a crucial meeting, letter or email. The North Node describes karma, as it concerns rewards or sometimes repayments from this life and other lifetimes too. There may even be karma going back about 19 years as you go towards Halloween 2018. I wonder if you can remember the stories which were around then, regarding money or the material world? In any case, remember to have alternatives, be highly flexible and allow for delays and changes.

          1. Brilliant. Thank you for that, here from the west coast of Canada. I do have bouts of flexibility (when required) and often a good book nearby incase of delays. I’ll have to search a bit for insight nineteen years ago. Personally, there is room for improvement in the areas of: property, finance, business and possessions. Am I right in thinking , with regards to the North Node, that I will dodge the retroshade by a day?

          2. My apologies. I had my nodes mixed up. NorthNode is in:28° Taurus 59′ 12″ R.
            SouthNode is in 28° Scorpio 59′ 12″ R. Red faced and always reaching for my reading glasses.

          3. Please don’t apologise, and in fact Taurus and Scorpio are similar, both covering the financial aspects of your life! Your birth chart shows Neptune at 22 Scorpio and the South Node at 28 Scorpio and that is important as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, terrific outcomes) is moving to 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House of money, property, charity, business and possessions before Mercury gets there. He crosses 22 Scorpio on October 1st through 5th and you’ll experience a big holiday from the real world then. A typical example would be an affordable and easy loan, but sometimes there is a family financial gift or a partner’s ‘free lunch’ (in that sometimes, there is such a thing as a free lunch with a generous other half). I am sure you’ll happily accept whatever the universe sends you, but do read the fine print and get the best advice you can afford later on in October as Mercury and Jupiter both do this strange thing where they hit your Nodes. Again, this is a big open door, but it happens when the planet of information, communication, transportation and negotiation is preparing to vanish and then appear to go backwards in December. By which time the actual Jupiter ‘yes’ moment has gone but you are left with an agreement which stalls or changes, or a piece of ‘news’ which was never final, according to all the laws of astrology. Obviously I can’t comment on the other party or organisation as there is no chart here about that, but do be so mindful of that particular Retroshade.

  8. Thanks for another useful article.
    I am planning to look for new work from around mid-October. Is there a chance this retroshade impact my plans ?
    Thank You.

    1. You’ll be fine as you have nothing in late Scorpio to be affected – so if you pick up new work then the contract itself won’t be influenced in any way. In a more general sense, though, just be aware that the entire world is not going to run smoothly at this time. November in particular will see so many delays and standstills owing to extreme weather, strike action or other issues. So just bear that in mind.

  9. Hi Jessica thanks for another thought provoking blog. I’m hoping to move in to our new apartment before my birthday – fingers crossed! I have vulcano 28 Scorpio and cupido 6 in Sagittarius – what may I / should I anticipate?
    Thanks again

    1. The new apartment is Scorpio and the Eighth House, but if you were to move regions or countries that would also be Sagittarius and the Ninth House. I’m not sure how far you are actually moving to, Fran. In general please have alternatives ready, back-up plans and if you can avoid the dates when Mercury is hovering around 28 Scorpio and 6 Sagittarius it will make life a lot easier. He does this firstly near October 30th and then again near November 6th, 26th and December 19th. That last one is a real doozy as Mercury changes his mind three times. Yet – if you can get past all that you will love 2019 as Jupiter crosses your Sun in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Look up the Ninth House when you finish this to see what is possible that year.

  10. Wow! -Thank you for this detailed explanation about the Retroshade, which on the downside tells me I might have to change my travel plans for Nov- Dec. I have Panacea at 27 Scorpio & the Moon at 2 Sag & you can see the rest of my chart of course, for other aspects. I’m intending to visit a friend in Portugal in Nov with thoughts of actually relocating/or living here & there 50/50. I figured Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius would make it a splendid time to travel, & yes, in my excitement, didn’t take the next Mercury retrograde that much into consideration as I might have to before booking the flight? – Your thoughts & advice are greatly appreciated, thank you 🙂

    1. Just have Plan B and C up your sleeve. If you have already booked to visit Portugal and want to live there, that’s great in terms of 2019 and every door will open for you as Jupiter goes over your Sagittarius-ruled Ninth House. However – you do need to be aware of Mercury at 27 Scorpio around October 29th, because he’ll bring news, deals, agreements or discussions which suggest you could offer some kind of ultimate solution or remedy, in terms of the money, property, charity, possessions or business. Yet – he then vanishes and so might the entire arrangement. It then resurfaces in December but it may do so with a prolonged delay, a change to the original plan or even a backflip. Your Moon at 2 Sagittarius is also crossed by Mercury at 2 Sagittarius near November 2nd, 29th and December 16th. You’ll go backwards and forwards with that if you plan to travel then. Of course some people like that hint of the unknown and they love ‘The Road Less Travelled’ but with the Sun and Venus square your Moon natally, around 2 degrees, it could be complicated and I’m sure you don’t want that. I’ll leave it with you. I suspect part of the issue here is that you actually want to emigrate to Portugal.

      1. Thank you so much for your advice, Jessica, & you are so right, complicated is the last thing I need. Although a hint of the unknown has always been a tantalizing spice for me to add, I need my next lil adventure after a long downtime to feel like a light breeze on sunkissed skin. – I haven’t booked a flight yet, so plans are easy to change; -Sounds like early Oct. or late Dec. might be a better choice to go frolicking about..

        I’m ever so thrilled to read that doors will open for me in 2019, as I’m finally feeling ready to return to living out loud rather than merely existing, yay! And I soo need to relocate after 10yrs. The longest I have stayed in one place in my adult life. You are also right when saying that I want to emigrate, likely down the road after spending more time there. Emigration is a big decision & as I’ve tried it once before, to your gorgeous land Down Under, I know it also to be a challenge to return back home, if it doesn’t work out. 

        Right now I’m looking into finding a smaller place in a community type living, which would enable me to live half the yr in Portugal. Thank you again for that enticing lil glimpse into 2019, my best b-day gift this year <3

  11. Hi Jess,
    I have Aesculapia at 27% Scorpio and wondering what that would mean ? I have a real Eastgate transaction finalising on 15th dec and wonder if it could be affected by this retro shade .
    I also have a stack of early Sagittarius planets and asteroids . I am going to a big family wedding in Hawaii on 29th November and wondering if you think my travel plans may go haywire. I have been keeping an eye on the weather in Hawaii because of the volcano and now the flooding nothing would surprise me .
    Any thoughts would be really helpful Jessica .

    Thanks. Baroona

    1. Baroona, definitely keep an eye on Hawaii. On 29th November Mercury goes backwards 2, 1 degrees in Sagittarius in your Ninth House and you have Vesta at 1 Sagittarius so you need to have Plan B and C and do more checking than usual. Your Aesculapia at 27 Scorpio describes your ability to pull back financial, property, business or charity arrangements from the brink. Just when everything seemed to be over, you revive or resurrect it. Normally this works well for you but you have Mercury hitting 27 Scorpio near October 29th – and if you engage with that discussion or paperwork, then, you will find everything disappears in November, only to be replayed in early December but with a deadlock, possible reversal and most certainly a change. If you can do this any time then do it another time. On 15th December Mercury is at 1 Sagittarius so this does seem to be about your Eastgate transaction. Awareness is everything on this transit and you will know far better than me how to conduct your affairs on this weird ‘weather.’

  12. Hi Jessica
    This has made me take retroshade period much more seriously than I ever have. Thank you for the guidance! It looks like I have Ops and Uranus in Sagittarius at the degrees you mentioned above. How do you think this will affect me?

    1. Uranus in Sagittarius is generational so everyone born in 1982 with that planet at 2 Sagittarius is going to be affected by a lot of global trends colliding together which will affect airlines, border control, immigration, passports, visas and one-world thinking. Ops is at 0 in your chart so quite close by. This does eventually work out for you and in fact 2019 will be fantastic in terms of vacations, relocation (if you want to do that) and ‘new world’ rules which expand and open up what is possible between different nationalities and cultures. Yet – be careful as Mercury crosses 0, 1, 2 Sagittarius because even if you go with the news or plan that arrives then, it may get stuck, change substantially or backflip later on. November 1st, 2nd 3rd will catch a lot of people out. Don’t be one of them.

  13. Hi Jessica; thanks for another great article. I have quite a few chart factors at 27-29 degrees, including Scorpio factors. As well as that, I have 3 Sagittarius factors at 0-13 degrees! I’m putting a start on a small biz idea (finance app) without development.know how or budget, but am I best to just go back to work in the new year? Looking to get ahead, not take another step backwards! How do you see I’ m best to handle this cycle? Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Your Mars at 27 Scorpio in the Eighth House is normally great for pushing ahead with finance, charity, business, property or possessions. I am not surprised you have a finance app idea. You also have Vulcano at 29 Scorpio which is quite powerful. Avoid the Retroshade October 28th through 31st as Mercury will cross your Mars and Vulcano, no doubt bringing news, announcements, important paperwork or meetings. There’s no sky fall, but you will find that if you act on it, things vanish in November (very strange) or go into a black hole. The whole thing then gets played again December 2 through 12 by which time everything could have altered, or the original agreement or deal may even backflip. Your Sagittarius factors are also being ‘played’ by Mercury but let’s put that in context. Your luck is actually IN from the moment Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, good fortune) moves into Sagittarius around 9th November and begins a fantastic cycle in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, travel, export, regional differences, the worldwide web, education, publishing and academia. You are strongly Sagittarian and will feel it right away and it is qbsolutely true that from that point forward, right through most of 2019, you have the biggest and best chances in 12 years to have more from life. Yet – timing! Stay with the program, but just avoid commitments, big plans or agreements across those Mercury days as November, December will bring waiting games, changes and the chance of a total reversal. You’re in the clear once the second Sagittarius Retroshade is over and that’s just after Christmas Day, December 25th. Easy to remember. Think 2019!

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the update on the Retroshade. I have many Sag/Scorpio placements. I would like to know how this plays into my business coupled with me having Virgo placements born in the 1960’s?

    1. It is your Sagittarius placements at 2 through 8 degrees of the sign that will be crossed by this crazy Mercury so just be aware of what news, plans, meetings, mail or email crosses your path around those dates – it will specifically involve travel, foreign or regional connections, education, publishing or the web. The big picture! It will come to you in roughly the first week of October but if you get on board with it, there will be a delay or change, perhaps even a total cancellation or reversal, when Mercury goes backwards over the same path in the last week of October. It doesn’t even end there, as there is one more weird backtrack by the planet of transport, travel and information – around the third week of December. You have to do, what you have to do, but if you are going to do it then – have Plan B, C and D. You won’t be directly affected by the crazy financial and global economic/banking weather as your Scorpio placements are too early in the sign, yet in a general way, the chaos will touch you, so just be gently aware of that as you go into the final quarter of 2018.

  15. Hiya Jessica,
    Thanks for this interesting post! Can you check how this possibly will be affecting me? Working in transport, internationally, having lots of foreign friends and working on my blog/writing im wondering if you can give me some pointers!
    Thanks as always and have an amazing day

    1. You’ll find the wheels get stuck across that whole time frame, unfortunately, as much as we’d love that holiday season/end of year to be smooth, we are going to come across storms, freezing conditions and extreme heat right around both hemispheres that slows things down or stops them completely. You don’t have a chart so I can’t see any specifics, but in general – have the kind of schedule which is flexible enough that you can make changes.

      1. Thanks for this! Will keep an eye out and have those famous backupplans ready to roll. Sorry, it seems I wasnt logged in when I commented.

        Have a lovely day?

  16. Hi Jessica.

    I have many aspects in Sagittarius and a few specifically between the degrees you mentioned.

    Please can you help me to understand how the next retrograge cycle will possibly effect me.

    Thank You.

    1. You have Mars at 9 Sagittarius, Saturn at 8 Sagittarius and Juno at 11 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel – and travel in the mind. You may not always find foreign people and places, regional differences or other cultures particularly easy, but you also find that destiny throws those challenges at you, for whatever reason, on a regular basis. You have to plough on through. You tend to commit yourself, too. This chart pattern is common in migrants, people who marry foreigners, or individuals who find that their careers make it necessary to get right inside the mindset of other nationalities with different beliefs and customs. Sometimes the deal is a life spent in education or academia which also involves, for example, foreign students or dealing with other cultures as it tends to be a global profession. The same goes for publishing! Okay – so you do in fact have Mercury playing tricks as he also crosses 8, 9, 11. Astrology is about pre-planning. If you know for a fact that you don’t have to make a move when this happens around November 8th through 12th you may prefer to opt for an easy life. If you do proceed (look up the Ninth House when you finish reading this to see what is likely to be involved) you will find you go backwards with it all when Mercury reaches the same spots, around November 22nd to 25th (I have to say ‘around’ because I don’t know your time zone) and again, one last time – with extra added changes or delays – around the 21st to the 23rd of December. On the plus side, and this is a very big plus, the good fortune planet Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from November and he will slowly but surely cross your Mars, Saturn and Juno and other Sagittarius factors. This is tremendously good news and it begins when Jupiter goes to 8 degrees of Sagittarius from 15th December. So in a way, you are waiting for various muddles and messes to sort themselves out, which happens around Christmas Day – so that you can get on with your big dreams for 2019. They will be very big too and I’d bank on the holiday or a lifetime or the relocation/migration you always fantasised about.

  17. Hi Jessica..I think i might have a meltdown after reading that..So far I have had a good year regarding earning money,saving,eventually getting to go college for 6 mts,for my apprentice electrician trainning..I finish in November,I go back on site for 3 months then college again..Just got results of my exams and got top marks..more exams in October..So now Im a bit worried over Mercury..I have Venus 2 Scopio..also Jupiter 26..Juno 27..Pluto 28..Sun 29..and in Saggitarius Appolo 2..Hygeia 6..Bacchus 7..Minerva 22…How will these all effect me..thanks Jessica..

    1. Too funny. Congratulations on your top marks as an electrician. Astrology is really about life management and pre-planning. You do indeed have Scorpio factors in the Mercury Retrograde and Retroshade zone. You were born with them all in the Eighth House of finance, property, business, insurance, taxation, shares, charity and valuables. You have the Sun at 29 Scorpio, Jupiter at 26 Scorpio, Pluto at 28 Scorpio and Juno at 27 Scorpio. Between October 21st and 24th you will have your Jupiter Return and the most fantastic solution or opportunity in years will reach you. Try to wrap it up, sign and seal it quickly to avoid Mercury Retroshade which begins around October 29th. Get the other party’s signature as well. This is very likely to feel like a ‘marriage’ and may actually involve that. If not, you will hear or read news which you know means making a commitment. Wedding yourself to an employer perhaps or getting hooked with a bank. Jupiter is a symbol of good fortune, protection, massive solutions and tremendous opportunities. If you feel this matter is going to roll on for weeks, though, be aware that things will look and feel very different on a financial, business, charity or property level when he leaves Scorpio and departs your Eighth House of finance and that takes place around November 8th. You do not want to be left high and dry with a person or organisation that vanishes, is uncontactable or goes into some weird kind of black hole at that point! This is why timing is everything. If you can wrap this up very quickly by 24th October and have no more to sort out, well and good. Otherwise you may be in a really odd situation in December when the whole thing comes back a second time, but it’s not what it was, originally. A classic example of this would be an offer too good to refuse which later turns out to have come from someone who goes back on their word. Yet, I can’t knock Jupiter. You literally have your Jupiter Return around October 21, 22, 23, 24 (I have to say ‘around’ because I don’t know what time zone you are on). That’s huge and it’s so beneficial. Just be aware of the aftermath and get in and out quickly with no more to do. If you absolutely have to continue the paper trail or discussions that’s fine but try to get things in writing very quickly. Have Plan B and C into December too, if you know for a fact that what comes your way is going to lead you halfway to Christmas.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Another brilliant article but scary. I have 27 Scorpio and north node at 8 Sag. We decided to stay at home for Christmas 2018 with in-laws visiting for the main event which I hope will make contingency planning a little easier. Life has been full on this year in all areas so I guess we might as well go out a bang! Any advice you can share would be gratefully received.

    1. Astrology is not here to scare you, it’s to help you avoid pitfalls! You were born with Saturn at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, charity, valuables and business. Mercury will cross 27 Scorpio around October 29th so you can expect news which strongly affects your money, house, apartment or other material world arrangements. Mercury then leaves your Eighth House altogether, so everything vanishes. It then comes back when he goes to 27 Scorpio again around December 5th through 9th. This time, though, everything looks different. That is why, whatever you intend to do just before Halloween, make sure it can withstand changes. Read the fine print on that if you are signing or accepting a commitment. Timing is everything here as October 26th through 30th finds Jupiter with all his luck, opportunity and problem-solving, on your side, as for the first time in 12 years he will sit on, or conjunct, your Saturn at 27 Scorpio. You may want to act swiftly so that everything is final before Mercury goes retroshade near the 29th, so it literally will be October 26th, 27th (allowing for world time zones to catch up with themselves, as what you are involved with may mean dealing with someone on a foreign time zone to you). Just be aware of this whole period as although what appears does look pretty good, you do not need a lesson you could have avoided and I strongly recommend you get the best financial advice you can afford, from tried, tested and trusted people at that time. You have the North Node at 8 and Cupido at 9 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind; journeys and journeys of the intellect, spirit and soul. You will actually be overjoyed at the huge door that opens for new exploration and adventure when Jupiter goes to 8, 9 Sagittarius across December 15th to 23rd so it sounds as if your in-laws visit is the key, for whatever reason. Yet, Mercury is still spinning his wheels then, so although the door is open you may want to wait until he is over the final Retroshade to actually commit. What unfolds is very likely to be a trip, move, new website chapter, course, book or hugely enriching foreign/regional connection for you.

  19. Hi Jessica, great information as usual – I had no idea a retrograde shadow could have such a big impact! I have several Scorpio/Sag factors around the degrees you mention – and Sep to Dec of this year will be an absolute whirlwind for me. Right at the retrograde, I will be in the middle of a huge corporate merger (one of the biggest in the world this year) at my job, and there are so many news stories and rumors flying around our industry. Two weeks later I will be traveling to an event where I am responsible for logistics affecting thousands of people. On top of that, I am expecting financial transactions including loans and cryptocurrency to either progress or close. The astrological timing doesn’t seem great for all of this, but what can I do to at least help everything along?

    1. Thank you! The corporate merger you mention is typical of heavy Scorpio weather. Do all you can in September and the first three weeks of October. Actually, I have some good news for you. You were born with the North Node at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House. That is karma, from this life and other lifetimes, involving money, property, business, charity, valuables. Jupiter, the planet of advantages, big answers, breakthroughs, benefits and improvements is passing 21 Scorpio for the first time in 12 years – in September. Enjoy collecting some karmic rewards or protection then. The other Scorpio placements you have are in the early degrees of the sign, at 3, 5 and 6 Scorpio. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t touch that at all, but what you are going to experience is transiting Uranus (the revolution) opposing them at 3, 5, 6 Taurus between now and 2019. That’s radical change and it will happen very quickly. Having the most flexible plans you can afford is a smart idea. You need to zig-zag when life zig-zags and you have never been through anything like this before. If you want to look up Uranus in Taurus on Search when you finish reading this you will have some idea of what the world is experiencing. So that is a separate issue! It is also mostly going to be felt after March 2019 when Uranus re-enters Taurus, the currency and world economy sign. For now, just use that moment in September or possibly very early October when your good karma with finance is well and truly here. The foreign side of things is absolutely going to be affected by Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, as this planet will criss-cross your Neptune at 10 in the Ninth House and also your Bacchus at 4. November 10th, 23rd and December 23rd (allow a day or two either side for world time zone changes) are the dates to watch here, as everybody loves a holiday from the real world, especially if it involves foreign people and places, but this one just won’t come together smoothly or easily. What would normally be a straightforward plan will go back and forth. Whatever comes up around November 10th requires Plan B, C, D and possibly E so just be aware of that as the chances of a reversal, change or waiting game are extremely high around November 23rd or again just near Christmas. Most of all, though, you need to be right across the Uranus in Taurus transit which has only just got started, runs for many years, will transform the world economy and currency – and you will be a micro part of the macro economics. Many astrologers have been writing about this – take a look online. Do use your September or early October luck, though. You have earned it.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have 2 Jupiter and 6 Uranus in Sagittarius factors plus many other factors in Sagittarius. On 4 September 2018 I have an appointment to meet a potential business partner and depending on how things go we might be involved in documenting some agreements. Is September a good month or should I propose for things to commence in January rather? Its an insurance business with a component of legal advice and training. I would appreciate your insight.

    Also, this is not really related to anything, but what is the story behind premature births of babies. Its just a question in my head lately.

    1. I am really happy that you have Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius and Uranus at 6 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, foreign people and places, regional differences, the worldwide web, publishing, education and academia. That means you will be among the first people to see the wave of opportunities, big solutions and huge potential for 2019 – as early as November when you have your Jupiter Return. Even if you find that your plans reverse, stall or change from that point forward (in relation to the above) keep going, as from Christmas it all starts to come together and in fact by 2019 you will be on a fantastic roll, as you have a huge stellium (cluster) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and Jupiter, the planet of lucky timing, improvements, benefits and advantages will touch every single factor you have, along the way. Is your insurance business/legal training business connected to these Ninth House matters I have listed above? If so, you can double your luck. Even if they are not, something else certainly will be and you will find this role, project or special plan irresistible. It may involve you travelling or even relocating by 2019. The actual September discussions will be fine, as we are in Virgo weather then and your DC or Descendant at 16 Virgo is your business partner – being well and truly motivated, shaken and stirred. There has seldom been a better month for the two of you to answer every question, confirm every plan and research every detail as the Sun, Mercury and Cupido will all go over your DC and make things so very clear – perfect for planning. Watch out for November, though. Your new life is calling you. Look up the Ninth House to see the full menu, on Search!

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Wow, I’m reading this and I have no travel plans this year at all so maybe that’s a good thing. But these will touch several things in my chart.

    I am selling a house at this time, that should be over before these transits.


  22. Hi Jessica,
    I have the Moon, NN and Neptune in Sagittarius. I am in the process of relaunching a website (about women’s health). This project has been at a standstill during the last few months but I’m anxious to getting it up and running now. I’m thinking I should do my best to have it done in September before the retroshade? Grateful for your input!

    1. Women’s health is Virgo and we have a great New Moon in Virgo coming up on September 9th and all the focus that month will be on fitness, wellbeing and mind/body/spirit as we also have Mercury and the Sun, then Cupido, in Virgo. You will find a lot of people who are searching, at the same time. And all website relaunches will do so much better now that Mercury moves forward, from Sunday 2nd September.

  23. Hi Jessica
    Just wanting to write a comment if at all possible regarding ones chart. I have been a frequent reader of your blog and despite congratulating you upon how wonderfully insightful and reflective each beautifully articulated post you produce is to be, I somewhat have come to a state of limbo in regards to interpreting ones personal natal chart. As I am to believe to have overwhelmed myself in my astrology investigation, as I work alone, it would be much appreciated if you could perhaps illuminate me in regards to what areas of my chart may be to best focus upon and bring to light where there may be some difficulties that need attention. Would it be at all possible to offer some support or guidance concerning the areas of ones chart concerning life and career and health at all? Is there anything that you can advise me on? In particular too, is there anything in my chart to suggest that astrology could be a potential path for me to embark upon or something to do with science/philosophy/publishing/blog/business? So sorry for all of my questions but I am worried as I was thinking to enrol onto a university course this year but worry it may not be the right time or too good of a time, I just cannot make sense what feels best, do I forecast to next year? Yet uncertain for what the future brings if I choose to do so? Any support regarding this would be much appreciated indeed if possible =]
    Take care, many thanks for your support and understanding, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer, lots of love and big hugs, love Bea xxx

    1. Bea, I have seen your Twitter questions and now I can sit down with a cup of tea and look at your situation. I can’t see a chart. That’s my first problem. It’s not showing up on my screen, either because you are not a Premium Member and do not have one, or because you are not logged in. Without a horoscope or even a Sun sign I just can’t help you I’m afraid. Please try again a little later or follow up on Tarot Tuesday – today!

    2. Bea, thank you for your patience. Between now and the end of 2019 you will be offered the chance to lose yourself, very happily, in a group, community or network which is spiritual. It may be a Buddhist meditation group. It may be a yoga class. It has an Eastern or Indian slant. You will love what happens as it feeds you. This card, the Ace of Cups, shows the lotus on the water. When you see a lotus flower it has long roots going down into the depths of the river, where it is fed with what it needs. So, this card is telling you that these people have deep roots. They are deep people and you can and should find yourself there. It may be Vedic astrology for example or perhaps a particular spirituality or philosophy. There is also a wonderful event coming, when either a baby will be Christened and you will be involved, or another new arrival – not a child, but the birth of something or someone so special – fills your cup of happiness. You will be overjoyed. Bea, you have a lot to look forward to.

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