Dating Cancer in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart.

Venus, the planet that rules beauty, colour and design, rules the Cancer woman’s home zone – so even her student bed-sit is run like a private estate.

You know the story: the Cancer man is a shy agoraphobic, neurotically dependent on family, home and cookbooks, who will kill anyone who stops him going home for Christmas.

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19 Responses

  1. Great article! As a woman with quite the stellium in Cancer, I can relate to the drawbridge analogy! I don’t live in a fancy place or a fancy area of town, but my home is my sanctuary and only certain people can get in or else my comfort zone is disrupted.

    I honestly prefer being alone or if I need company, I like to be around those that are in my trusted circle. I am not sure why people would want to throw tomatoes at me. If someone feels the need to throw a tomato, at least I would hope it’s a nice homegrown heirloom tomato so I could save it to eat later!

    In all seriousness, I will admit those who are allowed over the drawbridge are people I trust, so they may see me in my natural habitat. My natural habitat is not always pretty, which is why they may feel like throwing tomatoes. I get it and appreciate it….but they were let into the castle for a reason so I trust they will deal with my emotions and moods and refrain from throwing tomatoes! 🙂

    Again, great article Jessica!!! XOXO

  2. Hi Jessica , I am a cancerian , I never quite saw myself in this way and yet it makes sense , I think a part of me has purposely tried to stay invisible because so much of my life didn’t turn out the way I secretly hoped, it almost sounds like we are searching for the perfect romance and life but in truth it’s seaching for someone to love us no matter what … the beautiful house would be a bonus tho . thanks for reminding me of a part of myself I have long forgotten .

  3. Dear Jessica
    Loved reading this. Truly a new way of looking at things with your insightful thoughts on the houses.I never really thought about an Aries mid heaven where I have Jupiter,Fortuna and Diana and then there’s the whole Grand Square/ Cross thing – yikes. I’ll have to read up on that. Anyway, lots of resonating themes in your post . Loyalty is more valuable than gold to this Cancer Sun and those who get over the drawbridge are loved forever., if just in spirit. Also, I have been obsessed with houses since pussy was a kitten and became an Interior Decorator. Funny that. No one else in the family understood why I kept moving furniture around and was convinced I was on the spectrum. They were puzzled and often annoyed but the thing that was hard to explain was , that it mattered so much to me. I guess I was just doing my Cancerian thang. Thanks for shining a light yet again.
    Warmest wishes.

    1. Thank you! Astrology is really like a language, and this is another translation but it means the same thing. This just happens to the Solar Sign chart language. You became an Interior Decorator? Perfect for Sun Cancer women. I love that you used to move furniture around, I might quote that in my talk for the Birmingham Astrology Group in a few hours.

  4. Too funny about the plants, no amount is too much for a plant I want for my home. I’ve not come across the plant description before. There is something about a home that awakens a cancer woman. I hated cooking when I was growing up. I didn’t care much about it and I would burn pots almost all the time. Until I moved in to my own home, even I was surprised by me. All of a sudden I can cook and actually enjoy cooking and feeding people. And my guests who are mostly close family and friends always comment about the in door plant I have and how much it must have cost.

    1. Indoor plants and Cancer women go together, or just huge bouquets – it’s that feeling of sanctuary, privacy, protection, shielding and screening. It’s interesting that you have ‘come around’ to your Cancer Sun and now enjoy cooking. But please, no fondue set.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I was just wondering if the upcoming Uranus at 2 Taurus opposition will affect me at all? My desc/asc is 3 degrees Taurus/Scorpio and I am currently in the process of divorcing my abusive husband, any insight would be greatly appreciated xx

    1. Divorcing your abusive husband is a massive crossroads so typically you would expect to see astrology patterns in Scorpio (the money or home), Cancer (the family), Leo (any children), Libra (the big one – divorce itself). You are having many cycles together. Uranus is travelling at 29 Aries. That’s liberation and independence day. The last part of that particular journey to freedom is March 2019. You also have the problem-solver and planet of abundance, Jupiter, travelling across 26 Scorpio in your finance and property zone, October 21st through 25th 2018. Try to absolutely finalise things by the 25th if you can. The other gates that all opened for you with Jupiter in Scorpio happened earlier this year and it looks like you went straight through them. You need to read what I wrote about Scorpio-Libra types, and the famous ‘promenade a deux’ when two scorpions have sex and could either eat each other, or sting each other to death. It’s about ‘until death do us part’ and there is a reason why astrologers over 2000 years ago associated that part of the year with this powerful symbol. (Have a look on Search when you finish reading this). The clincher is the South Node at 19 Libra. You also have the North Node at 19 Aries, right opposite. You have a ton of ‘traffic’ across 19 degrees in 2018 and 2019 which can only happen once in your life. In fact, you will be dealing with what is called a Grand Cross in May 2019 as the transiting, or travelling North Node at 19 Cancer and South Node at 19 Capricorn, exactly lines up with your own Nodes. This is karma. You and your husband and perhaps others involved have been linked in past lives and this is the ‘crossroads’ literally. Have a look at Sacred Geometry on Search where I talk about the Grand Cross and how to add other people to your life – create new chemistry – to remix the ingredients. It may be friends, new faces at work, particular family members you want to approach who you don’t normally see, potential new dates – and so on. Shake things up a bit in May and ease the Grand Cross. Yet, the sense of electrifying new freedom will be incredible as Uranus at 29 Aries trines (lovely aspect) your natal Jupiter at 29 Leo. You are very likely to enter a new partnership, or marry a second time, when you are ready – of course.

      Jupiter 29 Leo in the Fifth House of children – those you had and those you could perhaps become a step-parent to one day. Younger in-laws.
      Neptune 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money
      Juno 13 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money
      Ceres 6 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money
      MC at 15 Leo in the Fifth House of children – those you had and those you could perhaps become a step-parent to one day. Younger in-laws.
      Ascendant at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money.
      Descendant (which rules current and former partners
      Panacea 8 Scorpio as above
      Ops 16 Scorpio as above
      Vulcano 10 Scorpio as above
      Psyche 21 Scorpio as above
      South Node 19 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex marriage, divorce and separation

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Leo and I was wondering if you could provide some insight into my love life or lack thereof. I am single with no dating prospects in sight. I used to not mind being alone but lately I am starting to feel more and more alone. My divorce from my Libra husband was final this March. Uranus in Aries was hard. I met a Taurus male that I stopped communicating with early this year because I am certain he had many women that he was pursuing.

    I know the emphasis with Leos has been on the fifth house. My daughter, born in 2000 recently went off to college. Will things change now? Am I about to collect my karma reward. Is there new love on the horizon.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Sure. In astrology, partnership is Libra and the Seventh House, sex and money is the Scorpio and the Eighth House, and sex (leading to pregnancy, step-parenting, adoption or other substitute parenting) is Leo and the Fifth House. You have an overload of Leo and Libra in your chart and have been affected by the oppositions from Uranus in Aries (to your Seventh House) and a chain of eclipses and the North Node in Leo. At the heart of what has been happening is your college-bound daughter, but also the feelings of likely dates about being a stepfather, or their own children. This cycle is karmic in nature, as the North Node has been transiting your Fifth House of parenthood. The karma closes in November 2018 and the final eclipse in Leo is January 2019, so from that point forward, after an intense year, all that vanishes. What is new is the slow opposition of Chiron in Aries to your Libra stuff. Your ideas about partnership (Libra, Seventh House) will be challenged by Chiron (stretching what is accepted or possible) for some time. You may want to look up Chiron, the Seventh House and also your actual Libra placements, like Uranus and Pluto, to understand what makes you tick. This is a long, slow process of quite deep change designed to have you question and rethink what marriage and divorce mean to you – what partnership means to you.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    While it’s unrelated to the article, I’m hoping you can give me some advice on some things that have happened over the last few months…
    The Aries guy I was with for 3 years, that dance finally ended because he couldn’t commit to the relationship and get through the hard parts in order for us to be together. I’ve dated since then and it’s been a series of the same BS… They are interested, then out of the blue either disappear or go a little crazy! I really should write a book about my experiences!!
    Our house was broken into, where I live with my brother. And finally, I was made redundant last week which has put a very big delay in motion for me moving back to the city I call home.

    Do you see why this is happening in my chart? Will there be a reprieve of any kind?!
    It feels so hard in the world of dating today, all anyone wants is to meet someone you feel you have a true soul connection with. I thought I had found that, turns out, it’s not what I believed it was. Having a partner in crime seems to make all the other things that can happen in life so much easier to deal with. I’m 36 next year and I truly am beginning to realise that I may just end up alone.

    1. I’m sorry you have been having such a traumatic time with men, with the robbery at your home and of course, this redundancy. You must be feeling completely fed up with 2018 and I don’t blame you. You are only 36, though (if you are talking about dating) and I have been an astrologer at magazines like Elle and Vogue long enough to know that love can come many times across one lifetime for people and as late as the 70’s. Let’s have a look at your chart. You are strongly Taurus and have a stellium (unusually high cluster) in that sign in your Second House of values and valuables. Uranus, the planet which turns the world upside-down, is now in Taurus for the first time in your life. He entered in May and remains for some years. This explains the house break-in. Also the loss of your salary. Uranus moving into your Second House is like having a new tenant come to stay and he will be there past 2020. What is the new tenant like? Well, he is in the room you set aside for your money, precious possessions, charity commitments, piggy bank, bank statements, and all papers relating to a lease or mortgage – and your will. Having this new tenant there is like having someone who is endlessly inventive and creative – always spinning new arrangements, deals or decisions about this stuff – only to reject them. This is also a symbol for at least one of your boyfriends, correct? He may have worked in property, business, charity, finance, retail or similar – or just been super-focussed on money. His chopping and changing, or rejection of you, was not actually about you, but about the financial or property arrangement he could see, if you stayed together. It was about the stuff, the debt, the wealth, and the rest. How do you deal with the new tenant? Look up Uranus on Search and also the Second House when you finish reading this. You are being asked to radically change your stance on ownership, shopping, saving, security, debt and wealth. Salary and what it is actually worth in terms of the things money cannot buy. Men and their net value to you. What do you get as your reward? Exciting new freedom and independence. Give yourself a ton of time and space though because this is like being in an electrical storm and you need to ground. Earth yourself – literally – try and walk on green grass or lie on it if you can. You are so strongly Taurus that it will help. You will not end up alone. You are also going to LOVE 2019 because you will either move to a new area or have the best foreign connection or trip in 12 years. Clues start in November.

  8. Once again Jessica you write an article showing a different side of astrological interpretation that makes so much more sense. My husband is a Cancer and except for a few traits described everywhere else has never seemed like the “typical” Cancer…I have gone through and managed to track all of his points on Astrodienst and see he has a lot of points in Leo….now we are getting somewhere!

    “Clever Mercury rules his Twelfth House, his secret self, and also his Third House, his computer and telephone zone. The Cancer man is basically a closet journalist (no matter what he does for a living) and, more obviously, a methodical reporter of the facts (with all the detail you could desire).

    He is precise with details and skilled at logical analysis, with Virgo and Mercury on his Third House. This special ability, combined with his permanent fascination with other places and faces, makes him a natural anthropologist – or, at the very least, a wannabe foreign correspondent.”

    So much truth in these paragraphs! Sounds so much more like my Crab!
    Just thought I would share 🙂

  9. A fascinating read Jessica and it rang true for me on a number of levels. The draw bridge is UP is so me especially when at home!! So is it true for all Cancer women that you state they have an ‘Aries Midheaven, and the influence of proud Leo on the Second House that makes Cancer push other people’s buttons’. I have felt female friendships to be this the tomato throwing that you are speaking about? Just female jealousy and/or envy?

    1. Tricky female friendships show up as Vesta problems in a personal birth chart and you were born with Vesta at 1 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups, almost exactly trine hard-work Saturn at 2 Gemini and sextile Neptune at 0 Sagittarius. Vesta at 1 Aquarius is also in aspect to Ceres at 2 Cancer, Salacia at 0 Aquarius and Proserpina at 1 Aries! That is a big pile-up of patterns. I am sure Pride and Prejudice resonates with you. Jane Austen also had major Vesta chart patterns. She wrote about female rivalry and bitchiness, jealousy and toxic sisterhood so well. Vesta problems are always caused by men, incidentally. Mr Bennett and Mr Darcy are both the problem in Austen’s book. Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s just about the women; there is usually someone with underpants steering the circus, somewhere!

  10. You write in such a humourous way Jessica..’underpants steering the circus’ Yes, I work in a girls school so I am aware of the upside’s of sisterhood and it’s dark shadows. And yes, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was always in my top 10 favourite books.

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