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It’s Mercury Recovery Time…

It's Mercury Recovery time...were you personally affected by the strange Leo weather in July, August and early September? Mercury the planet of communication and information was going backwards - and the eclipses and Node did the rest. Now for the good news!

It’s Mercury Recovery Time!

Were you affected by the muddle, mayhem and mess of Mercury Retrograde recently? The reason you may have been personally affected was simple. Leo factors in your chart. We’ve been experiencing not only Mercury (communication and information) getting stuck in this zodiac sign, but also the North Node (which puts you on repeat) and strangest of all, eclipses in the sign of Leo as well.

Just to Make You Feel Better…

Just to make you feel better, astrologers like me don’t escape. Sure, we can try to work around, but everybody with Leo factors in their charts – like me – was hit by this seriously odd astro-weather. What was it good for? Rehearsals. In fact, anything with a ‘re’ in front of it, goes really well on this cycle, because it’s all about repetition, rescheduling, rethinking and reappraising.

You’ll notice that Asporea, my website design company, made all their amazing new changes to this site, across this period, but timed the actual launch for the New Moon on the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September. Now that’s what I call a result. I hope you agree. I love the new look!

Sometimes, though, what turns up on Mercury Retrograde is just plain strange, and I wanted to let you know, ahead of time, that my Penguin/Michael Joseph book now on pre-sale – The Secret Language of the Stars – has been hit by this cycle.

The Secret Language of the Stars

104B04F1 6C49 47F3 A670 688BB2511A64 600x516 - It's Mercury Recovery Time...This is me with my friend, the well-known Vedic/Indian astrologer Sonal Sachdeva who is helping me with software calculations and tables for the new book, which is about the common horoscope language shared by Western and Eastern/Asian signs, resulting in 144 amazing new profiles – not just 12.

I’m very lucky to have friends in Japan (where you might have caught my Vogue predictions a few months ago) at the Elaura festivals in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, where I have just accepted an invitation to speak to my Japanese readers in 2019. This is another key part of that language.

I’m happy to confirm pre-sales at Amazon Japan are available now. And thanks to everyone with a Kobe reader in America who just bought The Secret Language of the Stars on pre-sale and got it to 236 in the bestseller list, four months before it goes on sale. American horoscopes are the other language you’ll see woven into the new book.

Despite the best efforts of Penguin/Michael Joseph, though, you might still see this hardback book for sale, and its e-book equivalent,  appearing underneath two or three other titles. You may even see it described as a book about the Chinese zodiac (um, no) and about the sign of the hedgehog, salmon and fox. No again. I just wanted to pass that on to you, in case you are coming across any pre-sales websites where that’s occurring!

JAPAN AMAZON e1536435097518 600x163 - It's Mercury Recovery Time...

Mercury Retrograde indeed.

How to REcover From Mercury Retroshade

Mercury Retroshade at the end of the Mercury Retrograde cycle is the shady, shadowy, strange part where you get to see exactly what has been going wrong – and where – and why. Then, you resurface, recover, repair, reimagine, reinvent and all other useful ‘re’ words that describe your recent experiences.

I just wanted to reassure all of you who came along to my event at The Astrological Lodge of London in May (where I spoke about you waitlisting for signed copies of The Secret Language of the Stars for 2019) that this is exactly the book I have been writing for you.

And, if you’ve been affected by this astro-weather too, you can trust in the process that’s now unrolling, as from November 2018, when the Node leaves Leo, that’s the last of any repeat-repeat-repeat in your life.

And mine too, I hope. I will keep you updated as Penguin/Michael Joseph keep updating me, about the situation!

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27 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for these REassuring words, I have been hit with these LEO factors etc in my chart.
    Love the new look indeed, classy


    1. Thank you, I’m sorry you also got REally put through the hoops on this Retrograde. I will pass the compliment about the new website onto James, Justin, Alyas and Jodi.

  2. I have read this and then Leo Weather Summer 2018.
    Wow, I read that when you originally wrote it. Boy, does it resonate now!
    My love triangle has ended. I finished with my summer fling on 3rd September. Strange things about him were coming to light.
    The man I adore has now agreed that we cannot contact each other anymore. We have tried on and off to do this, with both of us becoming more and more unhappy.
    We’re too scared to bite the bullet and commit to each other. Going public and creating upset.
    So l remain alone and he with a wife he has no feelings for.
    I feel I’m going to regret this decision, can you see anything helpful Jessica?

    1. I’m glad it makes sense now. You did, in fact, get ‘retroshaded’ and also ‘retrograded’ unfortunately. I am sure you know, even without astrology, that if the love is real and meant to be, in time, that marriage will end anyway – perhaps because she leaves – and then you can legitimately be with this person. You can’t hang around waiting for that, though. Your Minerva and Hygiea in Libra in your Seventh House will have an answer for you by October, or in October, actually. So keep watching that owl when it comes to love.

      1. Oh my, within a week the owls were back!
        I miss my love so much, but he can’t contact me. The casual fling reappeared, he missed me. I agreed to meet occasionally, we enjoy each other’s company.
        Then one of our oldest family friends took me out to sympathise over my divorce. I could sense he had an ulterior motive, so nipped it in the bud.
        I feel like I’m in a pinball machine!
        Any help Jessica?

        1. It’s really all about the children, the stepchildren or the acquired young relatives (should you marry). That’s the core. It will be that way until 2023 so all the pinball machine action is essentially about that. Parenthood or substitute parenthood and how to pursue it. The lovers are actually second priority, believe it or not. It is all and always about the offspring or the heirs to your throne.

  3. I forgot to mention, I continued to see owls for another week after I mentioned them to you. A ridiculous amount! But now they have stopped.

  4. Congratulations on the launch of the new design it looks great!
    June, July and August was a strange time with a few ups and downs. September has been good so far but I know another retrograde is not too far from now and things don’t go truly revolutionary before March 2019. I know this Virgo new moon is great for launching something new but I’m not ready to launch another online crowdfunding yet so I’m just going to do something small. When is the next opportunity to launch something big? After the end of next Mercury retroshade?

    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto my friends at Asporea who create this website. Crowdfunding is ruled by Scorpio so you really want to pursue this in October – over the first three weeks – which is your last chance to enjoy Jupiter (more, more, more) in the Eighth House of your chart without complication. Avoid pre-Halloween onwards though as Mercury is retroshade then.

  5. Amazing article, as always!!!

    Can you shed some light on the impact Venus in Scorpio will have based on my birth chart?

    Also, I saw a lot of gains in my relationship with regard to communication through the Mercury retrograde and shadow periods, should I expect all of those things to reverse?

    1. Thank you. Uranus, Vesta, Diana and Psyche are in Scorpio in your personal birth chart, in your Eighth House of marriage and mortgage, sex and money, intimacy and the lease…scorpions when they mate, can also spell doom for each other, but they still desire each other so much they proceed with the famous promenade a deux anyway. You have a stellium in Scorpio which is rather like having four tenants in one room of the same house. The Eighth House! This covers life insurance, the bank account and most of all the last will and testament which involves you with your former or current partner. You also constantly have to think about the financial side with any potential partners. Uranus is about regular revolutions. Vesta is about other women – a man’s ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, any daughters, his mother and so on. Diana is about the freedom to live without children or marriage and issues about independence, if you do commit. Psyche is about the tests and trials that come before ‘forever.’ When Venus Retrograde moves into Scorpio it’s like having a new roommate or flatmate for these four. She’s all about seduction. She’s also moving in and out, through the door, and then back towards the door, so nobody is really sure what’s going on. Venus transiting Scorpio will turn up the heating in the room, change the atmosphere so it becomes more intense, and really trigger all those old patterns you have around sex and money, or sex and property. You can learn from your own past, though. Mercury also retrogrades through Scorpio, going Retroshade from just before Halloween, so again – this is like having a tenant move into that house. This one wants to organise discussions or paperwork between you and a certain someone, but he’s also backing in and out of the door! Just be aware of that, if you must sign or accept a signature at that time.

      1. Thank you, the clarity you provide is astounding!!! ❣❣❣The visual of planets backing in and out of these scenarios during retro periods and the roommates gives me great insight into these potential impacts
        -You Are The Best!!!

  6. Thanks jessica. , i feel like have have been stuck for ages now , career wise … not knowing which way to go next . Is the next step on the ladder higher management or higher professional ? I have been going back and forth between the two and still dont know the answer. I know i need to move from a very stressful job i am cirrently in , desperate for change but confused . How long will this continue and when and how will i know the next step. ….

    1. You are stuck with karma (going around and around) but it ends in November. You will feel as if you have closed the circle with your boss, employee, client, colleague or competitor that month. Debts and credits going back into past lives are behind the rather stuck situation when nothing and nobody ever seems to move forward, or move on as it should! Yet, you only have to get through September and October and you’re almost there. The long-term picture reveals freedom, independence and space by March 2019. Between then and now there may be no choice but to cut your ties with the past and accept a very different, new, working world. If you are desperate for change, don’t worry, it’s coming. So November 2018 and March 2019 are the two big bumps you need to watch.

      1. Thank you Jessica , your description of going round in circles and the lack of forward motion is so very accurate. Im ready now to embrace change with open arms, cant wait to see what November and March brings …bring on the freedom ! 🙂

  7. Hi Jessica,

    It’s been a difficult few months. The retrograde felt even more intense than usual for me particularly in my love life.

    I continuously held out for a Taurean ex to return and really felt like this would be the case. Instead I found out that he started dating a girl about 3 weeks ago who he has known through friends from the past but recently divorced and has two children. I was a bit surprised by this. Frankly quite shocked because it’s so contrary to what he ad told me about what he wanted.

    I have been volunteered information that I did not ask for by his friends regarding this new relationship and I wish they never told me.

    Does it look like in my chart that this Taurean and I will have a future romantic reconciliation? I’m not sure what his intentions are in this new relationship he is in.

    I feel heartbroken and keep when will it be my turn to get back the love that I deserve.

    Thank you for your responses and advice.

    Love and light,

    1. I’m sorry about your Taurus ex-boyfriend. I am sure you do feel heartbroken, AJ. This person is going to go backwards and forwards in his relationship with his new girlfriend, and possibly someone else (if it does not work out) from today until December 18th as first Venus, the planet of complicated partnerships, then Mercury (the planet of deal-making) go retrograde in Scorpio in his solar sign Seventh House of love, sex, marriage and commitment. I suspect the deciding factor for him will be the flat, the house or the money with her, as although you don’t have his personal birth chart, Scorpio would rule the financial side of sex, in his natal horoscope. Everything would be protected and in a great place, thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio, but from 9th November, when this planet changes signs, the natural luck and good timing disappears, and all that Taurus is left with, is a situation which appeared to be ‘written’ in September, October or early November but will then be rewritten and possibly even scrapped by the week before Christmas. I hope this helps. In your own dealings with him, if you do happen to return to each other on the retrograde, be sharply aware of what is going on. Especially if paperwork ever becomes involved. Yet – it seems more likely to be about this divorced single mother.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    these few months have definitely been pretty tough and I feel stuck in all areas, especially business wise. Looking at my personal chart, will things get better from September onwards? is there any areas I need to take note of?

    Thank you for your divine guidance!

    1. You have been living in Retroland. Many people with your kind of chart have been stuck with stagnant situations which are not their fault since as far back as March. Other people have been too busy, too lazy, not organised enough or actually (this is since July) putting obstacles in place. I know it is very frustrating for you, yet you will be very happy to rub your hands together and get moving with two big plans that stalled, by October. Just take a deep breath and focus on what you need and the truly obvious benefits to at least two other people or organisations involved. Win-win is really where it’s at in September. I would say that at least one of the blockages you believe you have isn’t there at all, actually. Look again. Try again?

  9. Hi Jessica, after reading your recent posts I can say l totally relate to this one in a big way. i finally meet someone (a Gemini guy born 7th June 1977) in mid May and it soon became really intense chemistry wise between us. He then took off on a trip overseas which had been booked previously to us meeting mid July. He was messaging me like 10 times a day and I got to the point were I felt I was becoming only an object of desire especially since his friends were saying he wasn’t serious about me so I called it off on the 1st of September. Then on the 4th of September l ran into my ex (an Aries born 3rd April 1975) out at a venue and we ended up spending the night together to my surprise. I made it quite clear that was not to happen again since we had been separated for over a year. The Gemini guy is returning to my home town in roughly 6 weeks and I wondering if there is any hope for us.? And I am finding it really weird that between these 2 guys (one being an Aries and the other a Gemini) that they seem to be quite similar in many ways. Kind regards Rosh 🙂

    1. You do have the kind of personal birth chart where it never rains but it pours, sexually and romantically! There is huge hope for the Gemini. November is the turning point. Rosh, the Aries lover is all about fatherhood (the big karmic choices now – yes or no) and again it’s November that decides the final outcome for him. The timing is literally about the Node going out of Leo and Jupiter entering Sagittarius – in six weeks!

      1. So true about how it never rains but pours in that department of my life, lol 🙂
        And the karmic choices of fatherhood for the Aries man because when l meet him roughly 12 years ago he was going through the same thing ! History is repeating itself for him with a new baby and a very unstable relationship with the mother. For the Gemini guy, he is very wounded from a long marriage/divorce and not being able to see his 3 children is causing him to drink too much and run away from himself. In fact, both men have rely on the booze for comfort. Drives me a bit crazy having two men attracted to me whom have full on issues in their lives. At the end of day, l suppose if one of these two men wants to be at peace with themselves and meet me half way then l might stand a chance with one of them to have a healthy & lovable Union. Fingers crossed and looking forwards to the Node going out of Leo & Jupiter and moving into Sagittarius. Bring on November, lol 🙂
        Thank you so much for your wise words of astrology xx

  10. Hi Jessica, By looking at my birth chart (I’m pretty sure the exact time is very very close to what I’ve entered) Can you see anything that might give me some insight as to what is going on with this man in my life? It’s been a STRANGE year to say the least. His dob is 10-7-1990. Anything you can tell me will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    1. This is probably one of the strangest years of your life, in terms of dating, love, sex and relationships. Forget about ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ what you are being shown here is an excuse to think lateral and go sideways. In other words, his personality and situation is creating such extreme chemistry with you, that the only smart option is to see what you can use or squeeze out of what has happened. You don’t say if either of you has children, or if he wants them, but until November that is the priority for him – how to make parenthood or a ‘parenting’ role with youth work for him. He is also dealing with baggage from an ex some years ago who power-tripped him, took over and dominated. That has absolutely affected the way he behaves today. You will see where he stands with you or another woman in December, January. Be aware that dating this man would be intense.

  11. I am so sorry about these curve balls. Your chart shows Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio patterns. You are being forced to become independently sucessfull the universe come to help 2020 … Art helps! Dig down deep for the art around Pluto, Saturn and the Node, which are catching you. It’s not entirely you – social media is often a culprit; yet the gift is, to show – what do you want/need out of life? xx J

    1. Yes, strong Leo patterns are definitely the issue – and you have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House. You have been hit by eclipses and Mercury Retrograde so are now in recovery mode. The Fifth House rules younger people – any generation old enough to be your son or daughter (or young enough). It also rules children’s charities and entertainment, like Peter Rabbit. The Fifth House is also very much about the welfare and education of young people, from babyhood to adolescence. Finally, it is about sexual relationships where pregnancy is a central issue. The eclipses and Mercury Retrograde have no doubt given you a large blind spot about some or all of that. Young relatives or godchildren are also ruled by Leo and the Fifth House.

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