Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

What does Venus Retrograde in Scorpio mean in astrology? The planet of complicated relationships is going backwards and forwards in the sign that rules sex and money, but how does it affect you?

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Venus Retrograde makes the complicated relationships you have, regarding money or property, even more complex than usual. The issues in October 2018 are likely about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps a family member. Scorpio is the sign that rules ‘marriage and mortgage’ but it also applies to the state of play with your ex, especially if possessions, money, a house or apartment are involved. We associate Scorpio with the Eighth House in astrology. That house, or life department, is about life insurance, the family legacy, the last will and testament of husband and wife and anything likely to turn up in a will – jewellery, art and large sums of money.

Venus Wikimedia - Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
Venus in astrology (Wikimedia)

Venus is About Complicated Relationships

Venus is a horoscope symbol that describes love triangles within a marriage and can be a signal for adultery and its consequences. Venus also describes the mistress who is kept, financially, on the side. More commonly, Venus is about the jealousy that can develop when a mother resents her son’s girlfriend or wife. It is also about the bond between mother and son, full stop. When Venus appears to go backwards and forwards, these kinds of ‘difficult’ relationships also go nowhere fast.

If you feel you are being directly affected in October 2018 you may need to look up Venus in your chart, but also her son Cupido and her daughter-in-law Psyche. Her lover Mars and her husband Vulcanus. The asteroids in astrology give us the full picture of this famous goddess and her intense, but hard-work reputation.

Are You a Libra-Scorpio Type?

If you have your personal birth chart from me, as a Premium Member, then you can see if you are a Libra-Scorpio type at a glance. In fact, you’ll know without even looking it up. You live for love. The outcome of marriage, separation, divorce really matters to you. It’s at the beating heart of your personality and your whole existence. Typically, you will have more than the average number of factors in Libra (the sign which rules marriage and engagement) and Scorpio (the sign which rules sex and money). More than three horoscope factors in both signs and you need to read this. You’ll be powerfully affected by Venus Retrograde in Scorpio in October 2018.


oiandqirl 4 600x422 - Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. Complicated!

Exact Timing for Venus Retrograde in Scorpio in 2018

The planet of multi-layered relationships, Venus, moved into Scorpio on September 10th 2018. (You can allow a day either side depending on your time zone, as I have readers in Auckland who wake up a lot earlier than readers in Los Angeles!) Yet, for most of September, you have been experiencing all the levels in a relationship based on rent, the mortgage, child allowance, divorce settlements, the contents of your will, a family or marital business, a joint bank account – and so on.

Venus entered Scorpio at 0 degrees and moved 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 from September 10th to October 4th. Then, on that day, she got stuck. She had been staggering forward anyway, like a woman with a broken heel, and now we find her stalling. She turned retrograde on 5th October and now moves like this – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 – all the way to Halloween!

The Big December Replay

It will not be until we find Venus back in Scorpio moving across 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 degrees again, between December 3rd and 18th, that you have the full, final and firm details about the money, the house, the apartment, the valuables, the business and so on. This is about the relationship side of the arrangement.

Scorpio rules sex. It rules the ties that bind, sexually, no matter if we’re talking about somebody who was your partner a long time ago – your partner now – or a person you can see you might be involved with, in 2019.

If you have anything in your personal birth chart at 0 through 10 degrees of Scorpio, you can double that message. Why? Venus is going backwards and forwards across a sensitive point in your own chart.

This image of Venus with her son Cupid (the asteroid Cupido in your birth chart) shows all the feelings that come with this planet. She is a symbol of breastfeed (mother to son) but also the breast as a source of sexual pleasure.

Red is Scorpio’s colour, because it is – of course – the shade that naked skin flushes when aroused. Everything in astrology is a connection, even if the reasons are sometimes lost down the centuries. Here we see Venus dressed in the deep, dark red that is Scorpio’s traditional hue. Notice how she has one foot off the ground. She should be moving, but she’s hesitating. This is a really good way to think about Venus Retrograde in Scorpio in your chart in October through December 2018. Pause button.


Venus and Cupid Public Domain Files 477x600 - Venus Retrograde in Scorpio
Venus and Cupid (Public Domain)

Horoscope Tips and Tricks – Get It In Writing Before October 29th 2018

Here’s the really strange part of this cycle. We also have Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – the same zodiac sign – during this period. Try to get things in writing with a key person before the planet of information, paperwork, signatures and contracts goes backwards and forwards too. This happens right on Monday October 29th, in London. Allow a day either side, for the world to catch up with itself – try to complete what is under discussion by the 28th if you can.

Mercury is also on pause. He’s retroshadow at 27, 28, 29 Scorpio – again in your Eighth House of finance, property, possessions and business. If you have your personal birth chart on screen now as a Premium Member, have a look and see if you also have Scorpio 27, 28, 29 factors as you will be affected. Try to get things out of the way well before Halloween. If you don’t, then when Mercury goes back across 27, 28, 29 Scorpio from December 2nd to 12th, there will be a replay.

The details may change or even reverse. There may be a ‘re’ situation at this time, so a retraction, a reversal, a product recall, and so on. There is another reason to try and wrap everything up by around the 28th October. Jupiter with all his protection, help, rewards, win-win outcomes, assistance and expansion is only in Scorpio (again, in your Eighth House of property, finance and business) for a limited season. He is hard at work in October 2018 but is gone from November 8th.

The Venus Retrograde in Scorpio Checklist

*Even if the complicated relationship involving your house, finances, business interests, apartment, possessions or trust which began after September 10th is held up in October, keep going and aim for sign-off or delivery before October 29th if you can.

*If paperwork or negotiations continue beyond October 29th, then allow for a long pause during November, when the situation may vanish, with a replay from December 2nd to 12th – yet be cautious, as previous advantages may not be there.

*Venus is associated with jealousy and vanity in astrology, and although these make for the most intense, passionate and all-consuming relationships and marriages, you may want to avoid doing or saying anything that adds to this, on retrograde.


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80 Responses

  1. Heard that Venus retrograde may also be associated with extreme ups and downs in stock market. I did some web search, and found that from March to mid-April 2017, when Venus was in retrograde, there was a major decline in DJIA and S&P 500 indices. Do you think it’ll repeat in coming Venus retrograde? Thanks for your help.

    1. Your expert here is Olga Morales, who has a great website and is also on Twitter. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, alongside Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, is a hell of an ending to 2018. Think about it in human terms. Most investors and financiers have a Scorpio signature in the Eighth House. Wall Street lives in the Eighth House. Imagine what happens when Jupiter crosses that (big gains to be made) but Venus too (sexual relationships, complicated marriages or family relationships – all going backwards) and then Mercury retroshadows (the agreements do not stick, the press releases come to nothing). Watch the November elections in America. Stormy Daniels has gone nowhere. Neither has the Kavanaugh affair. There will be more. These things affect the White House and affect big business. We are going to see major dramas with the Republicans and the Democrats now through December 31st and this is a tremendous time of disruption. We’re also seeing climate change have real, ice-cracking, land-splitting impact. All this also has its influence on the stock market. Does it get better? Yes. But not yet.

  2. Greeting Jessica,

    I have 4 Scorpio Factors and 5 Libra Factors would appreciate your incite?

    All the Best,

    1. Denise, Venus Retrograde, followed by Mercury Retrograde, is always about the house, the money, the apartment, the possessions, the good cause or the business. You have already been affected by one or two people, or organisations, which hold up your schedule, because of their own delays – or have changed their minds. I have been reading through the mail bag this morning and I’ve seen people who had offered to take on dog-minding duties, as a tremendous favour to a sick family member, which would have cost them money – then the sick family member recovers and all dog-related plans change (along with a considerable saving on the costs). I have also seen readers who are involved with not one, but three business projects, all of them involving people who are chaotic or just over-stretched, so there is no action. As with Mercury Retrograde, you put ‘re’ in front of everything with Venus, yet as Venusian words are about relating, and dating, and mating, and co-operating, and collaborating – it’s that, not so much the actual paperwork, e-mails or phone calls. Be sharply aware, Denise, that others who are keyed into your situation at a distance could turn tail or change their minds, or hold things up. You can just about deal with that before the 29th of October yet when you do hit Mercury Retroshadow from that date, things will just vanish. Then they turn up again in December – which you don’t want, I would imagine! So roll as much as you can now but do give yourself the comfort of having Plan B, C and D.

  3. Thanks Jessica for another great and for me timely article. I have lots coming up this week re joint finances with my husband and I have Neptune natally in Scorpio at 6 degrees in my 8th house which Venus has already been conjunct with, I’m not aware of anything specifically happening at that time, however I’m aware Venus will return to this conjunction during this retrograde cycle. Any help or advice you can offer me for this would be really appreciated.

    1. Essentially you need Plan B and C with the charity, good cause, business matter, financial question, house, apartment or possessions. Since September you’ve already been aware of one flakey or ‘always delayed’ person or organisation. Now there could be two. You have your hands full with one, so park the other one for ‘later’ and if you have to do anything, just get a written agreement pre 29th October. Returning to the other matter, see if you can give yourself plenty of safety nets and back-up plans and if this does roll on past the end of October, try to minimise what has to be done, or the actual amounts involved.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I am very interested in your view on my scorpio placements. I only have my moon in the retrograde window. I have four other scorpio placements and even reading all your articles I still struggle to see it impact on me. That said I did receive two out of the blue tax refund as jupiter conjuct my uranus.
    I have also struggled with understanding my venus in aquarius also.
    What affect will the retrograde have on my moon?
    I would really appreciate your insight if you have the time. I do understand you are overwhelmed with questions.
    Best regards

    1. You are struggling to see how the Scorpio weather in your Eighth House of finance affects you, but you had a tax refund out of the blue. Well, there you go, T, the astrology works every time! You were born with the Moon in Scorpio so you ‘need to be needed’ through the money, the house, the apartment, the charity, the business, the possessions. George Harrison was born with this. He is remembered for saving the production of Withnail and I from financial disaster and also for his Concert for Bangladesh. Of course, he was wealthy enough to do this. What are you giving or donating? That’s your life path. Just don’t do it after 29th of October!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Pisces with a few Scorpio planets that look like they are hit over this period. In the shadow period I bumped into an old flame -one who melts me every time (and for many tumultuous years….), Mr Aries. I’m wondering if there’s anything with him – something more or something else.

    With love and gratitude,

    1. So you want to get back with your Aries ex. Does he have a lot of Pisces in his chart? Between now and October 2019, twelve months away, the best potential lover for you is strongly Pisces/Neptune. Thus, sensitive, emotional, ruled by his feelings, with a poetic or musical heart. You will be delighted to have a genuine seduction offer, yet this person is also on the move – Jupiter is in Sagittarius from November 2018 – and a lot of people will be snapping up chances to travel, move or emigrate. This is a great offer, sexually or emotionally. It is sincere. Yet – you are going to have to rethink your plans very quickly because if you want to be with this person for more than the short-term, you must either travel together, move to where he’s headed, or somehow persuade him to stop in your part of the world.

  6. I was anticipating this article!! My natal Cupido conjuncts natal mars in 15th degree Scorpio. I also have natal Pluto conjunct natal south node in 7th degree Scorpio (past life dept?).
    Pluto is transiting my Sun (18th degree Cap) months now, after he transited my natal Venus(15th degree cap), and i see myself changing in terms of love and values, however many things are rooted in the past especially when Saturn made his pass from Scorpio and Pluto squared Uranus in Aries where my Vulcano sits.
    I would appreciate any insight regarding my love life, which hasn’t been activated for a loooong time now!!

    If possible could you please explain what does it mean for me that my natal Salacia conjuncts my natal Jupiter in 19th degree Aquarius and sextiles my natal moon Uranus conjunction at 19th degree sag? I wonder if i prefer a harmonious love life or a roadtrip with my friends…or both!Thank you! love and blesses. Namaste

    1. So you have no love life but are also wondering about a road trip with your friends. The friends matter more than relationships. If you do take this road trip together, be aware that unless you all pull together and make things happen as a community or circle, it could all fall apart. If you are all taking separate cars you need the same map, direction and compass in more ways than one. We are heading into the last days of the Node in Aquarius, the sign which rules your Eleventh House of friends and groups. This is karma. You were together before. You will be together again. You all need to fix this as collectively you can achieve amazing things but between now and December 31st 2018, this is at risk. Try to team up with one other person in the group, then the two of you work hard to pull in the rest, so you are all finding cohesion. Your combined ideas and opinions are very, very similar. You are travelling in the same direction. Yet – it could all fall in a heap. That would be a waste. Use your Salacia-Jupiter in Aquarius conjunction if you can.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Again an amazing, amazing article. Could you, please tell me how this cycle will affect me?
    Finally after 5 years of fighting my ex-husband agreed to sign the separation papers. And on August 2017 my boyfriend of 4 years told me that he changed his mind about his own divorce and he went back to his wife. I still miss and some days I am still hoping that he will choose happiness with me and not worry about the money he will lose if he will get a divorce. But I am a logical person and I know that is not going to happen. So, I am ready to move on.
    Plus my boss at work really disappointed me and I am looking for a new job. I know that because of Venus retrograde is not a good idea to start anything new. Some guys from a dating site contacted me but I didn’t answer back.. I am waiting for December!

    1. Thank you Alina. Your former husband has signed the papers and your boyfriend has gone back to his wife. You also need a new job. Huge changes here and it’s about a lot more than just Venus Retrograde in Scorpio…focus on work. Between now and December 31st there will be a huge change at the top, either with your current position, or in a new firm or company. With the Capricorn weather approaching in your Tenth House there will be a coup, leadership change, promotion, new appointment, takeover and so on. Make sure you are on the right side of that.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I think I maybe one of those Libra-Scorpio types you mention with three factors in Libra (Venus, Mercury and Minerva) and six in Scorpio (Sun, Neptune, Mars, Fortuna, Bacchus and Posperpina). Can you tell me how Venus retrograde is likely to affect me over the next eight weeks in both love and money?? Thank-you so much!!!!

    1. You are quite strongly Scorpio and have a signature in the Eighth House of business, money, charity, good causes, houses, apartments, precious objects and the rest. This cycle has already begun for you and I am sure you already know about the matter which has seen one or two people changing their minds or going back and forth. There may now be a second issue as well, again with a person or organisation which you find unreliable on some level. This is textbook Venus Retrograde. There is no sky-fall, but try to get everything signed off before 29th October to take advantage of Jupiter and all his opportunities and help, but avoid Mercury Retroshadow with all his complication!

  9. Hi Jessica,

    After a very long period of not dating, I’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith and put myself out there again. Of course my timing is never the best! I make this decision while both Venus and Mercury are in their navkward spin.

    Hoping you can take a look at my chart and tell me if beginning to date in this period will be worthwhile for me.

    Thank you for the article and your insights.


    1. Why are you choosing to begin dating on Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, I wonder? If you could choose any time at all AJ I am confused about your choice to do this now. Actually, the whole story is about stepchildren or pregnancy and that does not begin until November, when the Node moves into your solar Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood. Sometimes one marries and inherits nieces and nephews too. From November, the North Node moves into Cancer and throughout 2019 there is karma to deal with regarding children, pregnancy and babies. In many ways this will be taken out of your hands, as the Nodes tend to bring situations which compel us. Walking away means a massive choice. So we tend to just go where fate places us. Over the next year in particular, particularly as the Node goes through your Fourth House in your personal birth chart (family, home) you will find you are at a crossroads when you must decide if children are to be part of your life or not. Forget Venus Retrograde, which is short-term. This is long-term and far more important. You have a couple of placements in Cancer – look up the Fourth House on Search when you finish reading this, as it is certainly looking for you, in 2019. An honest conversation with yourself about children is a very good start.

  10. Hello Jessica hope your day has been beautiful. This post is awesome I am libra-scorpio cusp with 7 in Libra, 3 in Scorpio. I have Bacchus 3/scorpio, Cupido 7/scorpio and Neptune 26/scorpio. Can you please share your knowledge on that? Thank you again for your help. Have a beautiful evening.

    1. You have a huge stellium in Libra in the Seventh House which involves Diana and Uranus, two symbols of freedom, space, independence and also liberation. The Seventh House, as I’m sure you know, is about marriage and partnership. Diana was the goddess who begged her father Jupiter to release her from the entrapment of marriage and motherhood, as she saw it, and he granted her that wish – so she became the goddess of the hunt, usually seen with a greyhound and bow and arrow. She is always poised on one foot, ready to run! Uranus in Libra is common to your generation as a whole, but for you it is personal as you are so strongly Libran. There is a part of you which likes to produce relationships, invent them and create them – spinning them so differently to the marriages your parents or grandparents had. Yet, once you get them, you reject them, or you reject the person. In turn, you are also rejected. There is a lot of chopping and changing with Uranus in Libra and thus the actual legal nature of any undertaking, no matter if it’s an engagement, a common-law marriage (living together) or actual nuptials has to ‘take’ that. It has to allow you plenty of room to move or it’s not going to work. You also have this slightly unrealistic Neptune in Scorpio placement in your Eighth House of sex and money, so you need to be quite careful with whatever agreements you make with lovers or partners. Get advice and get it in writing, basically. One way to offset the pattern in your chart is to get less demanding partnerships which involve your interests, like charity work, or unpaid efforts involving your part-time passions. Having duets like this (for example, playing guitar with a partner on the weekends) helps you ‘do’ your Libra side yet without the possible complication you get from a conventional marriage or dating situation, which is unlikely to ever really suit you. I hope this helps.

  11. Hi Jessica! I wish I would have found you sooner – really enjoyed your Libra-Scorpio article in 2016 and it deeply resonates as I have a lot of Libra-Scorpio factors. I got engaged in 2005 (married in 2009) and the last few years have been really tough, but have been especially feeling it in the last month. Will it ease up when Jupiter moves into Sag? Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you. You were born with Saturn at 8 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, so given that he is a symbol of hard work in your horoscope, marriage was never going to be easy. Not while a house, apartment, possessions or bank account was involved, anyway. Saturn is also exactly semi-sextile Uranus at 8 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, foreign places and people, your beliefs and the bigger picture. The two go together; one always triggers the other – yet they don’t really ‘click’ in your chart as Saturn is about limitations, restrictions and very little room to move, while Uranus is about freedom, space and independence. You also have Hygiea at 8 Sagittarius, exactly conjunct Uranus so there is another story going on there about wanting to protect the future, shielding yourself where travel or travel in the mind is concerned. You may want to look at the Eighth House and Ninth House features I wrote, on Search, after you finish this as it will explain how these two very different parts of your life connect. Jupiter going across 8 Sagittarius will help, and you will likely take an unforgettable holiday or even move – and if you can’t do that, experience the world coming to you, via an important foreign face. This is hinted at from November and may become real in 2019. Yet, the fundamental issue is Saturn in the Eighth House and if you want to improve things within the marriage you really need to look at that. See what I wrote about Saturn in the ebooks available to you, and also on Search. We all have Saturn somewhere in our horoscope and he demands a strategy but also a fair bit of acceptance. When Uranus moves to 8 Taurus, you will likely find the real crossroads between you and your husband and if your financial affairs are not in order now regarding paperwork, or you feel you could do with an accountant’s professional advice, then don’t waste a moment.

  12. Thank you for this very interesting article , If possible would you be able to comment on my chart , in particular Neptune at 8 deg in Scorpio and Diana at 23 Scorpio as I believe Jupiter is at 23 deg Scorpio at the present time .I have the Sun at 3 deg Virgo and Saturn is at 3 deg Capricorn > Considering Super and my preservation age , retiring , cashing in ,but many fine details to trip me up about later if I want to return to work and having to explain that to ATO .So I have just about decided to not retire and leave the funds there .
    Work is so stuck in terms of my scope of practice but on the upside I am getting more work .My course in counselling is changing at the top , and is a lot harder and becoming a drag . My son is constantly a sadness in the way he excludes me in favor of his grandmother , hes a Pisces and shes a Leo . I have Juno at 28 Pisces and I see Chiron at present I think at 29 .My ageing mum is requiring a lot of attention .

    I am I really am thinking Diana at 23 Scorpio with Jupiter at 23 Scorpio is BIG ? I have Mercury at 15 Virgo and I notice the New Moon in Libra is at 15 I think . Any illumination on these complicated times would be marvelous .Thank you so much for your expertise .

    1. Diana and Hygiea in late Scorpio is important. They are in your Eighth House of superannuation, pension, taxation and your legacy/will concerns. We have intense Scorpio weather in October and if at all possible, in the interests of your own freedom and independence (Diana) and protection for the future (Hygiea) you need to sign, seal, deliver or receive the crucial paperwork or signatures before Mercury is retroshadow from the 29th of October. He vanishes in November then pops up again, retracing his steps, in December. This time without the protection and opportunities of Jupiter in Scorpio, so whatever you thought was in the hand – may not be – if you leave it too late. Look up Diana, Hygiea and the Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this to see what is waking up in your chart. The Sun’s transit through Scorpio will make it all very, very clear.

    1. Neptune at 0 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind, is the recurring quest for a holiday from the real world, via emigration, regular moving or constant journeys regionally and internationally. It is never enough to just get away or relocate; one also has to exchange knowledge, so this is a symbol of the person who takes a vacation from the mundane, everyday world through education, academia, workshops, seminars, reading, the worldwide web, the book world and perhaps writing or publishing. When Jupiter goes to 0 Sagittarius in November this opens for you like a flower. Do use it.

  13. This is so interesting.
    I don’t have any Scorpio factors (but opposite I have Bacchus and Hygeia in Taurus – I don’t know if that gets triggered?). Libra I do:
    Uranus, Pluto, Prosperina, and Vesta.
    I do have to move (paperwork or the actual move before 28th October?) and was thinking about buying. Either borrowing from Scorpio parent who offered 10-12 years ago, then changed to guarantor only, because the wife blocks everything. There was also interference from other family members to limit any help. It wasn’t viable the way they wanted at the time.
    Now we are coming to a similar fork in the road. I don’t know if it’s worth my husband asking again. Our lives would be very different if this happened. Yet, if we had’ve been given a little help in the early days of marriage (we went through a recession) we’d never have been on the back foot to begin with.
    We lost a lot very early on, and just wonder if we will ever have a place of our own.
    Thank you for your insights.

    1. Just be aware that even if you do not have Scorpio factors other people in the chain do. I recently had a reader whose Scorpio factors were too wide of this retrograde (Mercury and Venus) to be directly hit – but she was still involved in delays and changes, thanks to others along the line, who numbered a Sun Scorpio woman at the heart of a bitter dispute over business, some years after she had passed. This reader had been pulled into it. You also need to be aware of this strange backwards weather, which began in September and intensifies after 29th October. My main concern is that Jupiter drops out in November but Mercury goes back in December. That’s an unfinished piece of paperwork or discussion which no longer has the ring of protection or good fortune that was there, way back in October. That’s the astrological take on it but you need to make your own decisions. I also don’t have a chart to work with – this is a missing jigsaw for me to read unfortunately.

  14. Dear Jessica, would you please help me understand this cycle in regards to my chart? I have a 0 degree Scorpio moon.
    Right around the 10th of October I felt like I was going through and out of body nightmare that I managed by turning my mind to saying positive things to myself in 3’s. By the 15th of October things had worked out better than I hoped for in my bank account. Thank you very much.

  15. Hi Jessica Thank you for this article. I have a lot of factors in Libra, also being Libra sun and I have Scorpion in Mercury, Neptune and my MC. I am currently sorting out a financial settlement with my ex husband as everything we own is in his name. This has taken three years to get him to the point of actually settling. I have just found that he has not received rent on our beach side investment for the past six months and not done anything about it. So I traveled to the property and found the people had moved out but left it in a bad state. So my father inlaw and I are going to clean it up. The terms of the settlement have been changing quite a bit over the past three years because I have been trying to find a solution that will suit both of us. He as yet has not contributed any solutions.I would just like to settle this!!!

    1. I am very sorry you are being put through this. Do all you can to get the situation watertight, money paid, paperwork signed and the rest before 29th October. You have your IC at 3 Taurus, so the IC (ruling property, family and home) is in Taurus (finance) in your Second House of assets and debts. We currently have Uranus (the shock, the revolution) slowly going over 3 Taurus, so no wonder you have been going through this with your ex-husband. It will be over in 2019. Take a deep breath then. You will need to change – and transform things in your affairs – and put a new price on things that money cannot buy. Peace of mind can’t be bought. This is about a sweeping alteration in your actual value system. To find out what is going on, at a deeper level, look up Taurus, Second House when you finish reading this, because that is actually where the most extreme and radical revolution is happening. A basic rule with Uranus transits is to surf the wave as it comes towards you. Don’t resist it or try to hang on. Go with it and dive straight inside it and move, as life moves around you. This is not just about the money or the investment, it is about what you will or will not sell your soul for – and also who or what you consider to be precious, to the point of being priceless. It’s over by next year.

  16. Hello Jessica!
    I have factors in Scorpio (Uranus 16 Scorpio, Diana 27 Scorpio, Psyche 22 Scorpio) & 2 in Libra (Pluto 16 Libra & ASC 28 Libra). I have told you before about my foreign-born Scorpio lover (28/10/1980) & his older teenage child. Things between are moving rather slowly as she wants to focus on his career. As a result, while our relationship is romantic, it’s not balanced as we are not at the same place professionally. We don’t have any joint finances. I also read what you write for Scorpio and you were spot on, Jessica. He took on a massive workload since last year & has made professional and financial strides…thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio. For my part, I’m trying to support him and his goals and see what happens. I also don’t know what the Leo eclipses have set up regarding the story with his teen – nothing has come to light yet.

    Can you tell me please, how will this Venus retrograde cycle affects me in relation to this Scorpio man? Or perhaps, it has nothing to do with him? I’m curious because you also mention the ‘Me’ vs ‘Us’ weather given Uranus’ entry into Scorpio that will affect him.

    Many thanks, and sending you love and blessings, Jessica!

    1. You may want to wait for the last of the Leo weather to highlight, expose and illuminate what has actually been going on with his teenage child – before you set about making serious commitments. This goes on for some time. The last eclipse is January 2019 and we then have Mercury in Leo (retrograde) in July, August 2019. It will not be until the middle of next year that you either/both discover what wasn’t known at the time. In fact, this man may already have been made aware of just how much he didn’t know, regarding this teenager, no matter if you were told or not. So keep on tiptoeing. No rush. It is all about him and the child, or even another child he may have fathered. We only get eclipses and Nodal cycles like this once every 19 years.

  17. wow, 6 factors in Libra, 6 in Scorpio, and waiting on an offer in writing.
    Any other advice besides pin them down before the 29th?
    Many thanks

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this insightful article. My husband and I have been trying to work things out, and unsure if this is where we part ways. He was born October 16th, 1977 at 12:15 p.m. in Guyana, South America. It has been one awful year of figuring our things, and I understand that if we were to part ways, this month would be financially the best time to do so.Every single day, we seem to changing our minds about being together. I really wish the confusion would end. Can you please advise if there any chance that our marriage will work out? Will he and I, both me ok if we part ways? When will we get clarity?

    Please help. Thanks Jessica!

    1. Please do try and get things sorted out, verbally, and then get them in writing – and hopefully delivered and finished – before October 29th. My eyes are on your Pluto at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House. Venus has been going back and forth across that spot so I can see why your husband has taken you backwards and forwards. You also have transiting Uranus (the revolution) at 0 Taurus right opposite and in fact he will be there until March 2019. If you were to stay together it would have to be with a radically different set-up involving your finances, house or apartment. However, transiting Uranus opposite natal Pluto is notorious for bringing about separations. Do all you can this month. If you have the choice to control timing, if things are not agreed in writing with professionals on board, by the 29th you may want to skip that strange Mercury Retroshadow period altogether December 2nd to 12th. In fact, if he or anyone else is talking ‘end of year’ or ‘Christmas’ you should automatically assume you will need Plan B and C, because both Mercury and Venus do this very strange thing and go back to where they started, but moving very differently. You may actually prefer to sort out everything now and if you can’t do that, wait for 2019. Yes, there is a chance it will work out. But you and your husband would have to wrestle with the issue of your personal values (what you will and will not sell out for, who or what you consider to be priceless) and set that against the mortgage, the credit card, the shares, the assets and so on. It would not be easy. But, never say never. You’ll have the absolute last decision about this in March 2019. No more prevaricating. The finances won’t let you.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Great read as usual. I am wondering if you can give me some insight into my love and work life. An ex has came back into the picture. A bulk of our previous issues were financially related. He’s heavy Aries but also has a stellium in libra. I’m also at a crossroads with my career. I feel stagnant which causing me to feel down about my future. I am heavily scorpio (saturn, midheaven, hygeia, porserpina, and psyche). Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


    1. He has some karma to complete about fatherhood. You don’t say if he has children or not (or wants them). In any case he is ‘tying the karmic knot’ and trying to leave things complete, even if he doesn’t know it. Perhaps you had a pregnancy before, or there were discussions about trying for a child/avoiding a child. This karma ends in November. He has something to say or do, and it will tie the knot and end the pattern. After that it will be a very different kind of relationship, if you both decide you want it. Your career crossroads is not your fault. You are like so many people going through ‘retro’ weather as we are rather stuck at the moment. Things will move faster in December, January 2019 when there will be reshuffles in your chosen field, industry or business and you will find all kinds of interesting options.

  20. Hello Jessica. I am very concerned about what all this planetary action might mean for me as I have 9 factors in Scorpio and 1 in Libra. Other than the warnings about the things I should expect during this time, do you see or can you share anything else with me about my chart. As you can see, I have both early and late degrees in Scorpio. I am trying to “prepare” for what may come but I am also perplexed about it all. . I’m not getting the feeling that this can be a very beneficial time for most. Can it have a positive aspect as well?

    1. You have enough at 0 through 10 Scorpio in your Eighth House to make this period tricky, in terms of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, relationships and a house, partnerships and an apartment, business and duets – and so on. This is your former, current or potential partner. If you imagine two people dancing then changing the music, then dancing backwards, then dancing sideways – that is what is going on here. As so often we find that payments, leases and the rest have to in writing, you may want to do that and finish it (well and truly) before the 29th of October when Mercury, which rules paperwork, goes Retroshadow. You have Ceres at 1 Scorpio conjunct your Descendant at 1 Scorpio so this may also be about an enemy, rival or opponent. It does happen. Yet, my money would be on a lover or partner from any stage of your life. This would not normally be such a big deal but you also have transiting Uranus at 1 Taurus, right opposite. He is there now in October, then back again March and April 2019. If you know for a fact this is a deadline date or outcome date, get a second opinion on whatever is under discussion. Even if you don’t know that, bank on the knowledge that you need to keep life very, very simple and straightforward with a certain someone. I occasionally see Scorpio pan out as family money or family property issues. More usually it’s about a husband, ex or boyfriend. Get it in writing, do it before the 29th, read the fine print and get a second opinion. Astrology is just about working a situation and negotiating with fate, so you are in a terrific position to do that. You need to make sure that whatever is under agreement, is flexible enough so that you can zig-zag if you have to. Make sure there is a ton of room to move. Look up the Eighth House when you finish reading this, because that story will list all the likely areas that these patterns will unfold.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Hope you are well and thank you as always for your insight. I’d be grateful to have your astrological perspective on the following in an attempt to understand what the stars had/ have in store. I have 4 planets in Libra and 2 in Scorpio – with Pluto 26, Saturn 27 and Asc 28 all at Libra, and Psyche at 10 Scorpio.
    I met a man at around 20 – 24 August and connected like I haven’t with one in years. I met him in the part of the world I come from. I didn’t know beforehand that he was moving to the same city and within close vicinity to where I live (since the last 19 months) in 10 days time, 5000 miles away.
    He made all the right moves, said the right things, didn’t play games, seemed very sincere, talked about intention, and his close friends knew already about me. I had lost my lease just before traveling to my hometown and he and I both found new places to live less than a mile from each other so we can get to see each other often enough. He was already planning winter vacations with me but I hadn’t returned to my current city yet, so I suggested holding off till I get back.
    Then on 18 September, he called saying he didn’t want any of this anymore. Actually, what he suggested was the opposite of what he initially offered, which was to satisfy each other’s physical need now and then and date other people too. This was completely out of the blue and I was in such shock I didn’t even know what to say. I met him upon my return on 27 September so we had a respectful chat about it to end this civilly.
    My instinct told me otherwise about him as a person, but I made the decision to not fight his decision as it was too soon and what happened broke trust. We haven’t kept in touch since. There were triggers on his end but it doesn’t add up to the man I witnessed for about a month (with 2 – 4-hour chats every day over text and call).
    He is a Scorpio Sun (3 November, all I know). Hope you get a chance to respond. Regards.

    1. I’m sorry you have been put through this. What a shock. He behaved like a man in love who wanted a relationship, then asked you for sex – and made it clear you were to be one of many. You were born with Saturn at 27 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and partnership. That is very hard work. You also have Pluto at 26 Libra, almost in the same place – so you were born with ‘Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra.’ Your Ascendant is at 28 Libra also in the Seventh House so you are sharply aware of your image, reputation, brand, photographs or status (especially online) in terms of being single or in a relationship, or being with one man as opposed to another. This is what they call a pile-up at 26, 27, 28 Libra and for the first time in your life you have been experiencing transiting Uranus (shock, radical change, revolution, upheaval) at 26, 27, 28 Aries, right opposite. Uranus has also been conjunct or on your Descendant which rules partnership, at 28 Aries. You want to know when this is over. It’s over in March 2019. It will never happen to you again. What has it achieve? Uranus is the shock that offers you freedom. You did not want it, but you were being offered a certified way to avoid marriage and children. Occasional sex with a non-committal man. I know the polite society is horrified at such things and feminism says – he’s trying exploitation – but the fact is, he gave you a classic Uranian offer which was absolute space and independence. You would never have had to put up with a ring on your finger. It may help you to look up the Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Libra, Ascendant in Libra placements in your chart and also Uranus. When you say ‘out of the blue’ this is a classic Uranian phrase. This planet is associated with electricity, electrical storms and lightning and it’s that zap of blue which is his colour. He is a Scorpio also going through Uranus in his Seventh House of love, sex and marriage for many years, in his Sun Sign chart. So he will also be zapped. He will also be shocked. This is the very last thing you need with that Libra line-up in your chart as you really do want to go for total control and there is a lot of fear there. Yet, he also taught you something. You may want to sit down with The Astrology Oracle to find out what that was. The lesson was very tough but it will help you have happier partnerships in future.

      1. Dear Jessica, I took your advice and sat down with The Astrology Oracle to learn. But I couldn’t grasp the meaning entirely.
        My order of questions may have been flawed and I asked them over 2 days. My 3rd and last question was to find out the lesson. I received the Midheaven card and the Fifth House. The Mid-heaven card confused me. I realize how busy you are and would be grateful if you are able to share any more of your wisdom.

        1. That’s okay. The Midheaven or MC card is your life direction. Your highest achievement. Your greatest accomplishment. Sometimes it is about your career, but often it is about what you achieve, outside actual work. The Fifth House describes guiding younger people. Leading your son or daughter. Mentoring a godchild, niece or nephew. Educating and entertaining younger people, old enough to be your sons or daughters. So the answer is – your mission statement concerns being King or Queen to a younger court and passing on the legacy of your personality to them.

  22. This is such an insightful article. I have Venus, Vulcano, and Fortuna in Libra. I am feeling really vain and narcissistic already 🙂

    During Venus Retrograde pre-shadow (on Sep 15th to be exact), I started dating a guy (Sep 7, 1984, born). We have had long discussions about right and wrong in relationships, how to identify manipulative behavior and what is/is not acceptable. Every time we agree to a boundary, one of us crosses it, almost inevitably (helplessly & uncontrollably). It is not even a month and we struggle to maintain the balance between pleasing and people-pleasing. I am intrigued what this 40-day long retrograde will leave us with!

    1. You were born with Pluto at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex, money and property. This man is at the heart of the biggest change in your approach to marriage in your life – because you also have Uranus going over 0 Taurus, right opposite. In astrology this is ‘transiting Uranus opposite Pluto’ and it’s transformative. You can add the Venus Retrograde to this story. Essentially, with Pluto in Scorpio, you seek to control the sexual game, with one eye on the house, the apartment, the money, the debts or the assets. You want to run this. You frequently take, or take over. It may help to realise that Pluto broke all the laws of nature to take what he wanted – Proserpina – and then seduce her. I would not be surprised if you came across manipulative behaviour on both sides as this man also has Pluto at 0 Scorpio. He also has Mercury at 0 Virgo. The North Node is at 0 Gemini in his chart and South Node at 0 Sagittarius. You two are on a heavily fated course together and every time Venus goes back to 0 Scorpio or Uranus crosses 0 Taurus the story will develop. What evolved around September 10th goes backwards, changes or gets stuck around October 31st (Halloween) then around December 3rd, 4th you have to decide if you are to stay together, alter the relationship or break up. Uranus goes back to 0 Taurus in March 2019 and Chiron is also at 0 Aries that month (more zeroes in your life) so this still isn’t really, truly, decided until then.

      1. You can’t even stop being amazing, can you ?!?
        Thank you so much for replying. I won’t say God Bless You because I know He/She will.

  23. Hi Jessica
    I have a legal battle with my neighbours about property I have 6 factors in Scorpio and 2 in libra I would really appreciate if you can help me on this situation what will be the outcome

    1. I’m afraid without your neighbours’ charts as well it’s really hard to see an outcome. I hope this works out for you. Just be aware that people are going to reverse decisions, change their minds or there will be issues bigger than you (and them) taking place which hold things up. Extreme weather can even do it, or a postal strike. Venus and Mercury both retrograde in Scorpio are not helpful. If you can do this at any time at all you may prefer after Christmas.

      1. Hi Jessica
        How good it is you actually answered my question there is bigger issues than me and them got the message yesterday .The government made it officially on the 11th new law is in force, people building illegally will have to demolish and pay fine which is good that answer my question now i will wait and see when the government is going to take action.You are a Genius Jessica i was in disbelief when i saw that news words cannot express what i’m feeling thank you. I think my ops and venus 23 degrees scorpio is doing their job. And also pluto sextile my neptune 18 degrees scorpio and trine my jupiter 18 degrees taurus and Uranus trine my mercury in Capricorn i wonder which stars is shinning bright for me i would really appreciate if you give me a clarification on that thank you.

        1. I’m glad you saw the astrology prediction coming true with the new laws. Illegal building is a curse as is illegal demolition. None of us want that in our lives so I am glad the government has made its decision. I’m not a genius, I have just been a professional astrologer for a very long time. Hang in there and keep going.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    How will I be affected? What will happen with my job, love, finance…

    I have these factors in my birth chart:
    10° Scorpio 26′ 17″

    Cupido (her son)
    13° Leo 14′ 31″

    Psyche (her daughter-in-law)
    09° Aquarius 38′ 36″

    Mars (Her lover)
    04° Scorpio 28′ 16″

    Vulcano (her husband)
    10° Pisces 17′ 55″

    It looks like I am Libra – Scorpio type:

    My Libra-Scorpio factors – type:
    SCORPIO: 5 factors

    11° Scorpio 06′ 07″
    10° Scorpio 26′ 17″
    04° Scorpio 28′ 16″
    02° Scorpio 38′ 20″
    29° Scorpio 34′ 35″

    LIBRA: 6 factors

    24° Libra 52′ 37″
    28° Libra 57′ 12″
    07° Libra 58′ 33″
    00° Libra 36′ 17″
    04° Libra 14′ 44″
    11° Libra 18′ 18″

    I have (3) three 0 through 10 degrees of Scorpio (Venus 10° Scorpio 26′ 17″, Mars 04° Scorpio 28′ 16″, IC 02° Scorpio 38′ 20″)

    What things do I need to get in writing with a key person (who is my key person) before the planet of information, paperwork, signatures and contracts goes backwards and forwards too.

    What is under discussion for me and what I need to try to complete by the 28th.

    What about Mercury in my chart Mercury 24° Libra 52′ 37″ and my Scorpio factor 29 in Proserpina 29° Scorpio 34′ 35″…

    What is my “RE” retraction, a reversal, a product recall, and so on.

    Will Jupiter (Jupiter 07° Pisces 59′ 14″ in my birth chart) protect me with all his protection, help, rewards, win-win outcomes, assistance and expansion in Scorpio with property, finance and job.

    1. Hmmm, the main thing here is to get everything signed before Mercury goes retrograde. The sky doesn’t fall, but it will just be easier. If you can’t do that you may want to postpone serious financial, charity or business commitments until after Christmas.

      1. I like when you say hmmm…
        I did it same when I looked my factors and red article…

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I have Venus, Neptune, IC, Cupido all in Scorpio .
    My MC in Taurus. How this gonna affect me this month?

    Thank you for your nice article.

    1. October for you is really about being alone. You have the South Node at 6 Pisces in your Twelfth House of solitude, meditation and self-discovery. You need to be by yourself so you can get your spirituality and faith back. It’s a very personal thing. By beating a retreat from all the people, noise and distraction out there you get your mojo back, and it will do your soul the world of good.

  26. Jessica, thank you for your insight!
    I ‘ve read that during retro Venus one should never purchase a house, apply for a credit or sign rent. So when would be the best time to do that? 🙂

    1. I’d avoid both the Venus and Mercury Retrograde period if I was you, just to be on the safe side. It’s not so much your own chart, but the charts of other people – and their banks, and shares and the rest – which could send you back and forth. Wait until Mercury has finished backtracking – have a look at the long feature I wrote on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio on Search. This is also global and you’ll see that astrology predicted the Wall Street share crisis now – to the day – back in April. This may be bigger than you. The S&P 500 sinks and it’s the longest losing streak for the US since Trump’s election so just be aware that October-December is volatile!

  27. Great article Jessica! Venus retro will be passing back and forth over my Scorpio factors: Ascendant 5, Ops 4 and Psyche 8 AND my Libra factors: Ceres 26, Panacea 27, Vulcano 27, Juno 28. I am guessing it will about re-thinking relationships (Libra) and Sex/Money (Scorpio). I have no idea what this is all about but with Ceres, Vulcano, Panacea and Juno involved, it will be about control, compromise and commitment and with Psyche involved, there will be tests and trials which will ultimately last forever. I am not sure what it means passing over my ascendant. Since Ops is involved, I am guessing it all will be positive. What do you make of all this?

    1. There is an interesting man for you to learn from here and it would be across all fields – financial or business, charity perhaps – but also an emotional education. Jupiter going into Sagittarius in November is a huge event in your chart as he’s not been there in 12 years and the Ninth House is about mind expansion and intellectual and spiritual growth. As Jupiter goes in, he will have quite an impact on your chart. They say ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and that’s your life through the end of 2019.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed this article. I have a lot of Scorpio-Libra factors and even though I’ve moved this year, still feel like everything is a bit stuck especially with love and money. Can you provide any insight?



    1. Thank you! Stuckness is common in 2019 as we have had so many retrograde transits. Over the next 12 months you’ll be negotiating with a man over a significant sum of money. This is not enough to transform your life but it’s certainly enough for you to attend to (say) necessary renovations or repairs, or even to get a business idea off the ground. You were born with Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion) in Scorpio in your Eighth House and that always, always helps and protects you. There will be a ton of triggers to your natal Jupiter by October 2019. This sum of money could go a very long way so do your best to level with this man and figure out some kind of deal.

  29. I’m a Virgo with Pisces rising. I have 8°47′ Jupiter in Scorpio and 27°32′ Mars in Scorpio. I have Mercury ☌ Saturn ☌ Pluto in Libra. Your article really hits it at home. I’m already running out of tears right now ‘thanks to’ the complicated problem with my Aquarius foreign boyfriend from another country. How am I going to survive this pain for another one long month? And to think Mercury retrograde is coming up? I’m currently in the process of writing up my thesis and completing my PhD, it has already been a pretty tough journey right now. Bumpy roads in both love & education? Universe, please give me a break!

    1. Take a deep breath and focus on your thesis, please. You are about to enter the best cycle in 12 years for academia, university life and publication. I don’t see a chart here, but anyone involved in study will benefit from Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth, good fortune) in Sagittarius (colleges, halls of learning, journals) throughout 2019. The Aquarius boyfriend has karma with you. Past life debts and credits will finally be settled in November then you can both break a circle with each other. Beyond that, study, study, study.

  30. Hi Jessica

    I have 10 factors across Scorpio and Libra and lots going on at home and work. I feel strongly that the changes are full of opportunity; two senior roles above me at work have retired or left opening up progression possibilities over the next year into a managing director role. My boyfriend is moving in this week (London, 23 Jan 83) and we’ve been talking marriage and family. What should I be looking out for?

    Thank you!

    1. Lots going on, indeed. Between now and 31st December, you do in fact have major choices which you’re making blindfold. There is a huge need here to cut off/cut out any situation, place or person surplus to requirements. Much as I’d love to say your psychic ability is enough, you actually need to get real and be practical. Figure out a strategy. You need to defend yourself, sure, but you also need to be far more in touch with who/what is actually a threat, and what is just pure imagination. Remove whatever is blinding you to the facts. Do it quickly and strategically. At least then you can see what is really going on and just how defensive or proactive you have to be. This end of year for you is the path to a radically different 2019 with far more clarity and awareness. There is a group, team, club, circle or other network you could become far more involved with and that would be a stepping stone to higher ambitions, later on. You are certainly in a position to ‘climb every mountain’ as they said in The Sound of Music and once you’ve done this life management you can start edging towards one peak after another professionally.

  31. I have 3 Scorpio in my chart, ASC at 07, Saturn at 10 and Panacea at 09. They are all within 0-10. How will the upcoming retrograde have an impact on me? Thanks Jessica for your insight.

    1. Venus suggests women in your life, involved with what should really be plans for shared abundance – Jupiter has been through a very fruitful period in your chart in Scorpio, in your Eighth House, which rules what Patric Walker called ‘matters of a joint financial nature.’ We sometimes see business here, or just money saved – and sometimes precious possessions. The only question is the back and forth direction of Venus. I do feel that one of the women involved (and it may even be you) will switch direction or pause and that will affect others. It will take some time for this dance to pan out.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    how will this transit play out for me? so far, it has caused me to spend money equivalent to plus minus U$7500. I had to take credit to cover 40% of that amount. it was to bail my little brother out of prison (his DOB 20 June 1988). this happened this week on Wednesday 10/10/2018. meanwhile, my other little brother (DOB 07 October 1998) decided to quit his university studies. He literally packed his bags and left the city for the village without a word. I am wondering how these legal problems will play out and if whether the other brother will eventually recover from his education troubles.

    1. Transits don’t cause you to do anything. It’s like saying the clock hands at 1.00pm cause you to eat lunch! They correlate or correspond with what you are doing. I am very sorry your brother has been in prison. You now have to worry about your other brother, who has left university very suddenly. Let’s have a look at what is going on. You need to centre, ground and focus. Try to put your Libran brother out of your mind for now, as he will have to look after himself on this journey. There is only so much you can do – he has to figure out his own path. What you absolutely must do is sort out your money. You were born with Ops at 3 Taurus in your Second House of finances. Uranus (instability, change, uncertainty) has been lining up with this very closely at 2 Taurus and he will be back at 2 and 3 degrees in April and May 2019, then November 2019 through March 2020. Throughout this period we will also experience global economic swings and roundabouts which will also have an impact. This is why it is very important that you figure out your debts and cash flow now. You don’t appear to have a system which suits these new conditions in your life. You need to get that system! Seek the best financial or budget advice you can afford, or research options online and at the local library. As you know we have also seen Venus Retrograde at 3 Scorpio, opposite your Ops, and she goes backwards and forwards here until December. What you essentially need is a budget which accommodates curve balls and swerve balls. It must be something that is simple to manage and keep your eye on, but adaptable enough so that you can keep moving, as life moves around you. Both your brothers will have to turn to their friends and fellow travellers for help. There is only so much you can do. You have yourself and your own money to look after. You cannot possibly help them, now or in future, until you do that. At the moment the priority is to get back to planet earth, get both your feet firmly on the ground and get some sensible advice on management.

      1. HI Jessica

        Thank you for your advice. I will get my finances in order.
        However, I’ve been disturbed by the way things turned out with the arrest of my brother, the exorbitant bail amount and why i got entangled into this. Somehow something has been nagging at me to read your blog that talks about fated days. So I went back to read it again. Now it somehow makes sense. You wrote there that people’s decisions about their relationships will affect your life if you have any planets at 14 degrees. The fated date was 7 October 2018. My brother was arrested because his business partner alleges he stole from him and had him arrested. He was arrested on Friday 5 October and appeared in court for bail hearing on Monday 8 October. The bail amount was unreasonably high, the highest recorded in that court in over 7 years. I didn’t have the problem paying the bail amount, but I kept asking why the magistrate would issue out such a high bail amount which is equal to half of what is allegedly stolen. Long story short, I’m being urged to write a complaint against the magistrate. I don’t condone what the magistrate did, it was unjust, unreasonable and harsh but I am not comfortable doing it because of the potential of racism allegations against him. I have Juno in Aries at 14, Mercury in Gemini at 14 and moon in Sagittarius at 15. For some reason I think that this whole saga was triggered by that, and I’m wondering if the magistrate is the Juno person. How do you see this playing out? The last thing I wanted was to get involved but it appears paying that bail amount has somehow inconveniently placed me into this ☹️

        1. You have certainly seen fate at work with your brother across those dates. I am sorry this arrest has been so stressful for you. This situation will have an end point. Please trust that this is not going to go on much longer. Only you can choose what to do regarding the magistrate. The larger question here is the control you have, and the control your brother has, and the way you sort out who has power over whom, and why. Around 6th November there is a moment of truth about this and a few days later, it’s over. This is not so much about the magistrate or the money (painful though it has been to pay it) it is about you and your sibling and the entire family set-up. You have Ceres going through Libra and she is passing all the factors in your Seventh House of opponents, enemies, feuds and disputes. It can feel intensely emotional to go through and I am sorry you are experiencing the full range. Look up Ceres on Search and in your ebooks to see what she’s about. On the plus side, she’s out of your life from mid November. Even better on a totally different note, you will be overjoyed at the trip or move you make by 2019 which involves a culture, local history and landscape which seems so foreign to you, but also feels like coming home. Dive straight in there. Try to put this behind you!

  33. Dear Jessica, I have just discovered you and the very informative premium world. I am super happy! Finding it however a bit challenging to read my birth chart against the various planet movements. I am three weeks into my new job which is demanding in terms of the need to build effective and influential partnerships. Will you be able to look at my chart and give advice on how the next months will look from the career and business partnerships perspectives?

    Many many thanks!

    1. Emilda, you are a natural team player who knows how to be a good friend – you were born with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. You know how to pool resources and have the gift of friendship with all genders, ages, backgrounds as you’re all about the community. Even when you were small you were in little gangs or groups like this. Remember this at work. It will be demanding, because along with your Aquarius chart signature, you have a strong Capricorn pattern. We currently have Saturn (heavy challenges) and Pluto (power and control issues) going through Capricorn and although you have only been in the new job for three weeks, you are already feeling it. Three things will help. Think long-term. This is a mountain to climb now, 2019 and likely 2020 as well. Make real friends there. Avoid any thought of networking. Remember your Aquarian side (look up the Eleventh House on Search when you finish reading this, because it is where you gain the most from life but also give the most). If there is any kind of union, club, society, sports team and so on associated with your job, join that. The third thing that will help is remembering that self-control and willpower give you control and empowerment. You are on track for something very special in terms of promotion, a prestigious new job or hit project when Jupiter goes into Capricorn from the end of next year and 2020 could be huge for you – so try and see that the Everest expedition now is part of that. To get to the top you have to take it step by step. This is one of the most important career phases of your life. For more on this side of your nature, look up the Tenth House too.

  34. Hi Jess ,

    I have read you wrote about Libra & Scorpion type article . Which is describing exactly who I am . Wow !! THANK YOU JESS .
    I realised and learned so much about myself , and why past relationships never worked .
    After 5 years stayed alone , last 2 years in and out relationships .
    Uranus to thanks for !!
    NOW I am in the best version of myself & I am READY for the relationship with A RIGHT AND REAL MAN .
    Before your October horoscope came out, I already got the my important handwritten letter ready I PLANNED to send to my ex ( a Scorpion man ) . We broke up in respect & it involved with a financial agreement between us could not be solved AT THE TIME – which was beginning of September .
    Then when your October prediction came out , my jaw dropped . THANK YOU JESS .
    Next week full Moon 24th exactly the day I planed to send him my important letter .
    Now I’m so nervous about THE OUT COME.
    MY LAST HOPE I will receive A positive response FROM HIM after his birthday – 5th November – when Venus moving forward 16th .
    And from there we can work it out and GET BACK TOGETHER.
    If NOT , I don’t know what next !!

    Am I doing the right thing Jess ??
    I love this scorpion man so much .
    My soul couldn’t live without you.

    Can you please tell me what can you see Jess ? Thank YOU so much again for your time & your amazing ability .

    16° Scorpio 15′ 08″
    27° Scorpio 02′ 05″
    11° Scorpio 39′ 57″

    06° Libra 54′ 15″
    08° Libra 12′ 38″
    23° Libra 36′ 31″
    23° Libra 43′ 44″

    1. Thank you! The situation is really about the money, or how the money translates into possessions, a house, apartment and so on. Try to get this sorted out with him by 29th October. If you have to hang around after that date and wait for a result in November, December or January be prepared for things to go backwards and forwards. I have to tell you, this relationship (even it ends up being a friendship later) is never going to be predictable. It would always be up and down (and sideways). At the moment, though, it is important that if you can’t get a final outcome by the 29th, you have plans in place which are flexible enough to take all kinds of alterations to your original plans with this person. You will figure out a lot of the power and control issues with your ex, purely through the cash or objects. Try to do it quickly if you can.

  35. HI Jessica the Venus and Mercury retrogrades will be going back and fourth over several of my chart factors. Money is very tight at the moment (just applied for a pay rise but several debts I need to pay off) and I’m just navigating the tricky waters of a new relationship (with a Sagittarius stellium man) Will things settle down in both areas after the retrograde? Many thanks for your insight!

    1. Yes, you have retrogrades ahoy in your Eighth House. You’ll find you go back to pre-Halloween, first two weeks of December and then you know where you stand. From that point forward you realise you also have to make a major compromise over the money, property, business, possessions or charity and this takes up most of January. You actually need a new budget. Radically new. It will be obvious after March. There will be a total rethink on your part of who/what you value most. This is stuff money cannot buy, by the way. Let yourself go with it, allow yourself to change and be changed. You will be right across a very special project, blog, website, course, plan or idea shortly. It will go back and forth until Christmas Day so be patient. From January it skyrockets and by Christmas 2019 you’ll be so pleased you persisted. The new relationship is very, very new and requires very, very new approaches from you. So new it’s actually nothing you even know about yet or have yet experienced. He’ll teach you and life will teach you.

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