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Jupiter in Sagittarius – Part III

This is the third in a three-part series. In part one, you can find out about the benefits of this new cycle for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. In part two, you can see the rewards for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. In part three, we’ll look at Brexit, Airbnb, easyJet and other big 2019 stories – before they happen.

Brexit, Airbnb, easyJet and Other Predictions

Welcome to part three of this special feature on Jupiter in Sagittarius. Let’s see how the planet of opportunities and solutions will change your life over the next 12 months. If, of course, you take the opportunities and solutions.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, good timing, progress and improvement is in Sagittarius, the travel and education sign, from 8th November 2018 to 2nd December 2019.

We get off to a bumpy start.

Bumpy Start, Good Landing

Mercury Retroshadow from 1st November will bring delays, changes and reversals with Airbnb, Nauru, easyJet and the Brexit process – ahead of huge improvements in 2019.

Why just these aspects of our lives? Because airlines or political decisions have charts too. And those charts are now triggered.

What makes this such a boom period for holidays, the worldwide web, books and education?

worturlz7jg 600x400 - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Part III

Scorpio, Taurus Virgo, Pisces Travellers

 Uranus in Taurus will deliver sudden currency drops which make previously unaffordable destinations a bargain holiday destination. If you’re Virgo or Pisces this is particularly liberating, but you’ll need to be ready when it happens.

Uranus in Taurus will also offer cryptocurrency bargains for people who want a vacation using the new money. This is really about savings – and Scorpio, Taurus seem most likely to keep the change, which will then go on vacations.

9e9pd9blato 600x400 - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Part III

Libra, Aries Internet Users

New technology will make your computer or phone the gateway to a whole new level of teaching and learning. You have this cycle doubling up in your zone of education, academia, the internet, websites, blogs and social media.

Government policy and big business will favour students and students of life, right around the world. New trade, border and visa agreements will redraw the rules so that export and emigration is reformed.

The Timing for All of Us – Jupiter’s Travel Luck in 2019

Let’s look at timing. We need to look at the December Solstice first and how Jupiter ties into that.

For a start, Brexit will have a bigger and better impact on everybody’s vacation or holiday plans than first assumed. Trade deals, currency changes, staycation offers and a general global reaction to the 2019 deal (due in its final form in September) will really help you if you keep your options open.

Just Hold Your Horses in November, December 2018

Why? Jupiter (the big, welcome change) is in Sagittarius, the travel sign, but so is Mercury Retrograde. He’s been all over the place since 1st November and won’t be on track until December 24th and 25th 2018. You will definitely need a flexible schedule, Plan B and insurance to deal with Mercury (which rules tickets, computers, phones and planning) in Sagittarius (which rules distant places and other nationalities or regions) going back and forth. Remember this has been happening since 1st November and does not end until Christmas Day 2018.

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40 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s answered a question I had regarding teaching and studying at a PhD level, the window is certainly open for that. Thanks!

    Jessica, in an article you wrote for the Sunlounger website (which has sadly since disappeared), you mentioned visiting countries that were compatible with sun signs. As a Brit (Capricorn) it seemed that it wasn’t compatible for a Crab, but it did answered why France (Libra) sucked and why Italy (Cancer) was an amazing place to travel to. Is this why I’m crazy about Canada, too?

    1. Canada would make perfect sense, given your chart, and the Canadian ‘birth’ chart. You’ll be amazed at what opens up for your PhD in 2019 too. We’re literally on day one of this cycle as far as most of the world is concerned. I’m glad you liked the Sunlounger story. We are relaunching Holiday Goddess in 2019 (I work as an editor on the HarperCollins book series) so I’ll reprise that story on compatible countries. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Can I relocate now( my long term desire) seeing my personal chart, please suggest if it could be beneficial for me and my family? I can skip till christmas and also wait somehow till march 2019 and till then i can only plan things out. I m teying to relocate to pune india. Please share ur insight if this relocation and travel to and fro india and canada long term will turn out well for us. Love ur posts!

    1. Mercury is the planet of travel, paperwork and planning. This planet appears to travel forwards, backwards and stand still from 1st November through 25th December. You can do whatever you like in this world, but if you are going to try and relocate now, you can expect delays, reversals or changes according to all the laws of astrology. If you can aim to move at any time at all, you may want to do that after Christmas Day. Yet, the rest of 2019 looks so promising. You have your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius right now. That’s so fortunate.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Wow, your information about Sagittarius for 2019 is thorough and good exciting. I want to make the best of it. I’m planning a family trip to Sardinia to visit long lost relatives, taking along extended family ( as many as 15 of us, and possibly extending my trip with friend who want to go). I also want to apply for Italian dual citizenship which can be a daunting project, but I have the qualifications for it, just missing some paperwork/documents. I have Many factors in Sagittarius. What are my best times for travel (especially June& July) and for that complicated paperwork process.

        1. Marianne, you are in the right time and place – almost. Wait until Christmas Eve for things to become clear. January is great and so encouraging. You’ll seal a deal, or re-seal a deal, in the third week which is so rewarding, and involve Sardinia, your extended family, Italian citizenship and actually, beyond that. In fact, you may find another country comes into the picture for you. You will love what happens in 2019 even if it is intense, demanding and challenging. You will come into your own, feel as if you are living life at a deeper level and discover that there are some things you cannot buy, in terms of loving a language, a cuisine, a nationality and so on.

  3. Hi Jessica –

    Thank you for this Jupiter series – it sounds like good tidings are on the way.

    I am mostly concerned at the moment with my financial picture and continuing to grow my business – I have Ceres at 15 degrees Sagittarius – does this and the other Jupiter transits bode well for me in 2019?

    Also for next year – I am considering getting an advanced degree and/or teaching as well – might that be a good idea?

    1. You have Diana at 2 Taurus in your Second House of money and are feeling Uranus (radical change) going over 2 Taurus for the first time in your life. This is an ongoing transit and the final pass is February 2020. You’ll need to keep things moving, wide open for a shift in direction, very flexible and be prepared to zig-zag as things zig-zag around you. Yet, you will find a new way to deal with things and set yourself free from any old ideas or set-ups or any entrenched attitudes which were actually confining you. 2019 and your Ceres Return is close in April (by one degree) and exact in October. As Jupiter’s last pass over your Ceres is also September, you’d have to say that September-October is the ultimate deal in a bargain-making situation with a person or organisation which is all about power and control, in terms of teaching and studying, yet also empowers everyone concerned. You will know exactly who and what I am talking about from February.

  4. Yes! Thank you for this 3-part piece. So exciting on all levels – especially with my publishing/communication Libra time. I am not sure if you remember, but last year I applied for Fulbright (during mercy retro but had no choice) and did not get it – this year, I said I would re-apply, (but wasn’t excited about it) but again it is hitting the time of merc retro (if the app is even open)…but you are right – I am everywhere, want to do everything, from my actual career etc. to my other desire of wanting to become a business owner with the bigger picture in mind (healthy organic products in beauty/fashion)…With my chart, I am not sure what direction I should “ground” myself with or concentrate on. These last years have been about healing and working on myself to be stronger and live my own life well. What can you see with me for this amazing next year (and more to come)? Happy Jupiter day!

    1. Ask The Astrology Oracle – there is a new guidebook to go with this to download – my opinion is you should study in 2019 but your soul may want something else. The cards will be personal to you and if you ask ‘what is best for me and the world, for me to concentrate on in 2019’ you will be shown pretty clearly. Of course, practise with the Oracle first so you are confident about using it and it is ‘speaking’ to you.

  5. Hello
    It’s about the daily from today 8 November : for Gemini: “ … yet everything you do now will pay off in 2020 when everything changes.”
    What is it that will change in 2020 ..?
    Thanks geminisun

    1. Sure, 2020 is a big year in astrology as Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) passes through Capricorn (for Gemini, this means finance, property, business, charity) for the first time in 12 years. As 2020 begins Ceres is also in Capricorn (she rules compromise), Saturn (life lessons) finishes his stay there and it is one of Pluto’s last years in Capricorn too (a change in the balance of power).

  6. HI Jessica- Am Aquarius Sun/Gemini Moon and Sagittarius in Venus- UK based. Had one of the worst years. Set my own business up in 2011 and this year has been dreadful and might have to end it and make a huge change. I need more income/funding and it hasn’t been forthcoming and was very let down this May. My worries are all around career and money. Please give me some hope with all the Jupiter activity for the next 2 months and next year??

    1. You have Ops at 1 Taurus in your Second House of business and in May and June, Uranus moved to 1 Taurus for the first time in your life. Uranus is the revolution. Go back to the doors which opened for a different career, study or part-time work this year. Think back to what you may have let slide. You were probably being pushed to end the business because something so much better is out there for you. Don’t worry about your career. You will love 2020 and get back up where you belong. Don’t sit around waiting for that, though. You will need a new budget. Completely new, actually and it will involve Reality with a capital R, but now is the time. Do it now or March 2019 will be hard work. Sidestep this by sorting everything out while you can. Second half of 2019 finds you very happy with a regional or foreign involvement. You’ll see how you can love a place the way you love a person.

  7. Hi Jessica, these three posts are fascinating and there’s so much to contemplate. I’ve felt really uneasy all week and had trouble sleeping and suddenly today feel as though a weight has lifted from my shoulders, it has to be Jupiter moving into Sagittarius. I’ve felt a strong pull towards Germany, but of course Germany has a number of different charts. Which one should I look at? Is this part of my destiny? Thanks heaps.

    1. Thank you. I’ve had good reports from people since Jupiter changed signs. Germany does have many charts. Use the most recent one with that country. You may also want to look at your Astrocartography chart for Berlin. My friend Stephanie Johnson at Seeing With Stqrs online is an expert there!

  8. Hi Jessica, I’m eagerly anticipating this Jupiter transit. I have my natal Jupiter at 4 degree Sagittarius. I also have my natal venus at 4 degrees Aries. So, on November 26/27, there will be a LOT of energy in my chart. The Sun and Jupiter will be on top of my natal Jupiter and trined my natal venus. I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for opportunities that may pop up this month. But, a retrograde mercury will also be in the same spot. Do you think the mercury retrograde will rain on my parade?


    1. No rain on your parade, but a circular beginning. You’ll still see really obvious opportunities. People turn up from the past, or new doors open. Write it all down and don’t miss a trick. Even if nothing really starts coming together properly until January 2019 you will then be on your way. Your Jupiter Return is something to celebrate. You’ll be stunned at how foreign people or places just appear. Follow up!

  9. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for these three excellent articles. I am entertaining going to see friends in Saudi Arabia (if the country will issue a visa at that time), and Dubai, in February 2019. Is it wise to buy tickets later this month? Or, should I wait until next year to purchase airfare?

    1. Thank you. If you can go any time you may prefer to avoid Mercury Retrograde, as this odd cycle is looping backwards and forwards until Christmas Eve. If you do buy tickets now check the terms and conditions on date changes, for example, or at least have full travel insurance.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your great insights as always. I’m not sure if my earlier comment was received so reposting.
    I am renting and would love to be able to buy a property. Just returned from a holiday in Spain and heading back to work on Monday morning. I sense I should be moving on from my current job but not sure of the direction I hold take or pursue.
    I have 6 factors In Sagittarius and would be grateful for your guidance on what I should expect from this cycle.
    Thanks for your insights.

    1. Thank you Agnes. You will ultimately come up with an arrangement with your flat, house, holiday home and so on that is quite different. It won’t be a standard property purchase. Be open to what or who comes your way and forget ‘impossible’ because there is really no such word from this point forward. Your ultimate lifestyle and property situation will owe a lot to the trips you take in 2019. You’ll be thrilled at what happens workwise which pulls in other countries and nationalities too. You are strongly Sagittarian so use this cycle to the hilt. You will also pick up a new skill, talent or area of expertise.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this comprehensive article – I enjoyed reading all 3 parts. I’m excited about Jupiter in Sagittarius and can already feel a change in the energy around my work. I’ve only got my MC in Sagittarius, and was wondering about it’s significance at this time.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Your birth time is not half hour or round hour, so it seems accurate and that matters, because your MC or Midheaven is based on minute accuracy. You would know this to be true anyway, as your greatest achievements to date would have been in Sagittarian areas like the worldwide web, travel, foreign history and culture, languages, religion, publishing, education or academia. The MC represents your highest possible accomplishments and although it is frequently connected to career, people achieve outside it too. If this sounds about right, then you’ll be offered a project, special new plan or key role in the second or third week of December 2019. If it comes later your birth time may be slightly out. Thanks for the compliment, too.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    The predictions you make have been stunningly accurate in my life recently. Even though it’s been difficult, it’s a powerful feeling to be prepared! So thanks for that 🙂 Just before Christmas, Saturn will square my Sun but then Jupiter will trine my Sun on Christmas Eve. Would you interpret that as kind of a silver lining to whatever slap in the face Saturn will deliver…?

    1. I’m glad the predictions have been useful for you. Your North Node at 2 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is far more important than the Saturn square or even the Jupiter trine. Why? Because it’s about your karma as a traveller or explorer. You have had one or more lifetimes spent among foreign people and if you have not already used your second or third language ‘gift’ (it would come very easily) you should think about that in 2019. Jupiter conjunct your North Node at 2 Sagittarius this month (November 2019) is a rare opportunity that only appears every 12 years, to draw on your karmic inheritance. You may find that what was happening 12 and/or 19 years ago becomes significant as you go into early 2019. There is a slow start to this or it may go round in circles but eventually you will be on track.

  13. Hi Jessica

    I wrote some time ago regarding
    massive upheaval I’ve been experiencing in my life – 2017 shook me to my core with loss of my much loved business and home due to illness. It’s also impacted heavily on my relationships (family, friends and potential partners).

    I am gradually coming to terms with this being a major metamorphosis that will lead to better things but am feeling a bit ‘stuck’ due to illness/scattered energy and overwhelm at all I need to turn around.

    I have a strong idea of the future I would like to lead eg living situation, recreational pursuits, causes I would like to support in my own unique way , the type of people, experiences and opportunities I attract into my life and so forth. That said, I feel daunted in terms of where to start – particularly with my health issues making basic day-to-day tasks quite challenging as it is.

    I have been seeking quiet solitude to reflect upon what is important to me and find my way forward but my health and living arrangements have made finding solitude quite tricky.

    I am hoping you might be able to provide some insight to help guide me around this stage of my metamorphosis re: what opportunities, people etc are coming my way; whether there is anything major to watch out for or avoid; and what you see for me as far as my future life partner/suitor goes.

    Thank you so much for providing such a valuable and comprehensive resource. I value your insights enormously..

    Kind regards


    1. Mon, you are certainly feeling Uranus at 2 Taurus hovering over your Saturn at 2 Taurus. Metamorphosis is the right word. Thank you also for your kind comments. Living with health issues is very hard, but as astrology treats the whole person (the Sixth House is about mind, body and spirit) it may be useful to look at the entire picture to see what is going on. Okay – you need to decide if you are going to try and go back and rebuild what was shattered. You lost your business and home. Are you prepared to restructure that and start again? This is a very important question. When conditions change, and they will – that would be possible, even if it took a huge amount of effort and a great deal of support from others. Yet, the Uranus hit on your Saturn is also about walking away if you want to. I do think you have to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about what you got from what you had. Sure, it was impressive and solid. Those are good things! Yet, was it really what you truly and honestly loved, wanted and needed? This kind of questioning often leads people to think about new pastures. New possibilities would be there for you eventually. You need to heal. It will take time. You have been in shock. You have also been physically thrown around. You need perhaps more rest, recovery and repair than you thought. Uranus will move on. You can and will recover if you ask for help. If you do not practise yoga, think about it. 2019 can and will be a new day for you – and then you can figure out what you want to do. Fix what you had and do it differently this time, or accept the loss, make your peace with what happened and move right away into a radically different life? Finally, if you need solitude, ask your spirit guides and family on the other side to help you. Light a candle to connect with them and ask for that space you need to be alone. Follow up what comes.

      1. Hi Jessica

        Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my situation and provide such an in-depth reply. It really means a lot to me.

        I agree I need more time to rest and recover and will take your advice on gaining the solitude needed to do that.

        My decision is to start fresh and create a new life with new opportunities.

        Thank you once again for supporting me in this journey. I appreciate your time and insight.

        Kind regards


  14. Terrific. You have been thrown a job opportunity with your MC (Midheaven – life path) at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House and Jupiter fast approaching that spot. Get everything in writing and read the fine print. Allow for the talking points to change or be held up as Mercury Retrograde is also around – yet by the final week of December you will know exactly who and what is on offer, where and why. You’ll love next year. Your horizons are about to expand and you are about to be thrown into the most liberating and exhilarating period of your life. Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus – 0, 1, 2, 3 – is really like ‘3, 2, 1 Thunderbirds are Go!’ as he forms patterns with so much in your chart, also at the early degrees of zodiac signs. Go for it. Just be aware that you are going to have to fly like the most gifted of pilots, twisting and turning with each change and mastering the art of supreme flexibility. Yet – what a ride.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your amazing insights into Jupiter in Sagittarius. I am a piscean with 4 planets in Saggtarius. For the past two years I have had a calling to teach, creative writing, workshops in spirituality and social work practice. I want to make this my life’s work now so intend to gather my acorns and say yes to opportunities in the field of teaching, lecturing, mentoring or guiding.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your insights on this special occurrence. I am a Pisces with stelliums in Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus and Virgo. I also have 29 Ceres and 4 Juno in Sagittarius. I’m wondering if there is anything special in store for me with those Sagittarius factors. I would appreciate any guidance you can give me.

    1. Juno at 4 and Ceres at 29 Sagittarius suggest the rare opportunity for a huge solution or big leap up, thanks to a commitment on offer with foreign places or people, education or academia, publishing or the worldwide web – closing days of November 2018. Second week of February 2019 either because of what you pursued then, or a new situation, you compromise and strike a deal. There is another piece of bargaining over the trip (or head trip) in the second week of June 2019 and the last episode plays out second week of August 2019. November is the month the year as a whole makes sense as you pull together the foreign face or place (sometimes it’s regional – but a region which is utterly foreign to you) and an epic learning experience where you pass on as much as you teach.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve got Saturn at 13° Sagittarius 24′ 21″ R as well as Diana at 22° Sagittarius 04′ 04″ R. The first few months of next year should be critical for work and study for me overseas. Is there anything you can tell me about how this might be affected by this Jupiter transit? Thank you 🙂

    1. This is a really interesting combination in your chart, as you went through such an intense time prior to 2008 and I would say it changed your life, in terms of how you see the world, foreign people and places, your place on the planet, and it may go into areas like publishing, academia, education or the worldwide web. History now comes back to you so you have to pick up where you left off, which may feel odd, given that you probably think you had finished everything by 2007 or 2008. Yet, everything has another chapter and the foreign name or face, the foreign place (or plural of these) now pulls you in one more time, for the best possible reasons, in 2019. This may also link you to a particular website, book, course, qualification or relocation from that time. You will see amazing options from January 2019.

  18. Hello again Jessica
    I’m hoping 2019 has some good news for me regarding my lifestyle and clearing the fog from my mind…
    I am keen to make drastic changes in all areas and have been working hard to promote a more authentic ME …
    Do you have any advise for me in 2019
    Cheers Jo

    1. Of all the things you can do, Jo, that will help you have a great 2019, sorting out your living space is the priority. If you haven’t yet done that, there is plenty of time over the Christmas and Thanksgiving season, and you may want to look at how much room you have – how much you do or do not love your surroundings – and what you hope for, in terms of feeling completely at home next year. If you did need to move, or just pursue home improvements, that would be open to you as 2019 comes in. Virgo features prominently in your chart and you need a routine you love. The right living space is crucial for that, and you can get it next year.

  19. Hello Jessica,

    In my chart today I have Natal Neptune at 15 Sag and Transit Bacchus at 15 Sag.

    Also Natal Psyche at 28 Scorpio and Natal Moon 28 Scorpio

    Plus Natal Diana st 6 Sag and Transit Jupiter at 6 Sag.

    I ‘m still trying together my head around how to read y chart.

    Can you give me an example of how to read this weather.

    Obviously a lot is going on and I would like to know more how to read it.

    Thanks Kane

    1. Sure, Kane. Neptune at 15 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, foreigners, study, teaching, websites, social media and books suggests a life spent looking to escape the real world this way. So, for example, your holidays from reality may include vacations where you learn about the culture and people, then pass that knowledge on when you go home. Bacchus crossing that is pure pleasure on offer. Later on, Jupiter will also cross 15 Sagittarius and that is a bigger deal – a rare opportunity or solution not possible in 12 years – so what is set up now, helps that happen in 2019. Diana at 6 Sagittarius is similar – you find freedom, space, autonomy and wildness through travel, and travel in the mind. Jupiter across 6 Sagittarius gives you a stunning chance to pursue that. Your Moon is at 18 Sagittarius, not 28 Scorpio. Thus, your Moon is also about to be crossed by Jupiter. You will take the vacation of a lifetime, move or emigrate in 2019 – it’s too irresistible an opportunity.

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