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The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

Do you have personal horoscope factors in Cancer? Karma is calling, thanks to the North Node in Cancer. In this two-part series, read how the past (and past lives) influences home and family 2018-2020.

The North Node will be in Cancer from November 7th, 2018 until May 5th, 2020.

If you have horoscope factors in Cancer in your Fourth House, you can expect your house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland situation from November 7th, 2018 to May 5th, 2020, to take you back to the years 2000 and 2001.

The story in late 2018 to mid 2020 may even take you back as far as these previous North Node in Cancer cycles. We are straying into past life territory here. The Nodes describe previous incarnations. You will notice the last cycle covers the end of the Second World War (below).

In astrology, we look at the Nodes to discover more about old debts and credits from previous lives, but also the recent past. For many people with Cancer factors in their charts, this is about the way things were with home and family in 1981, 1982, 1883. Here are more dates, below.

*September 21st and 25th 1981 to March 16th, 1983.
*December 24th, 1962 to August 25th, 1964
*May 12th, 1944 to December 2nd, 1945 and December 12th, 13th 1945

1ddol8rguh8 600x399 - The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

Settling Spiritual Scores from the Past – Family, Home, Town, Country

In the first of this two-part series about your house, apartment, family, household, home town and homeland, I’ll look at what it means to be sent back to the past in 2018-2020.

The South Node in Capricorn, opposite the North Node in Cancer, also has an impact (the two Nodes, or Sun-Moon points, are always in opposite signs). Yet, if you have Cancer factors in your Fourth House of relatives and belonging, it is here that you will need to do the most collecting, spiritually, and perhaps make some soul payments too.

Karma must be completed, so scores must be settled from the early Eighties, early Sixties or mid Forties. You may owe people. You may be owed.

n0ekyzcmula 600x309 - The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

Stonehenge and the Nodes

Our ancestors were well aware of the North Node and South Node cycle, even thousands of years ago.

The Aubrey Circle at Stonehenge is very likely the remains of a North Node, South Node and eclipse ‘computer’. As Robin Heath says in his book Stonehenge (Wooden Books), ‘who nodes how holds power.’ The astronomers/astrologers who could track the Node cycle were clearly in charge of privileged information. Who else could have made the rest of the tribe do all that work?

The Nodes in India

Astrologers were watching the same thing in India and believed eclipses (always tied to the Nodes) were created by the two divided parts of the serpent Naga Vasuki. One part was the North Node, the other part was the South Node.

Why take such an interest in what are invisible points in the sky, though? Why did the people at Stonehenge and in ancient India care?

The answer for us, and perhaps for them, is that the North Node and South Node cycle describe unavoidable fate. The truth about the Node cycle is, no matter how differently you try to act, or how much change you try to bring about – or what you say, and how you say it – other people or events classically seem to be stuck. You may even feel yourself going around in a loop.

Understanding Your Past Lives

Understanding your past lives is best done, by seeing the patterns in this one, here and now – your life in the 21st century.

The North Node and South Node can help you do that. As they move backwards through the 12 signs of the zodiac, only returning to the same sign every 19 years, they reveal a picture of time-travel in your horoscope. The signs will tell you why you are travelling, and where from, and what is involved.

To give you an example, Prince William was born on June 21st, 1982 with the North Node in Cancer (family, mothers, home, homeland) and the South Node in Capricorn (ambition, career, position, social status, achievement).

He’s done this before in another life. He’s probably been a British leader before. He has Cancer and Capricorn issues to work out. He comes from a broken home because his parents divorced. Diana, Princess of Wales would not put up with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Cancer rules relatives and mothers. William cannot escape his destiny as King because he was born into the Royal Family. Capricorn rules ambition and position.

Both nodes in opposite signs shaped Prince William from the moment he was born.

His destiny as King is Capricorn. Capricorn rules career. His mother Diana was Cancer. He married a Capricorn in Kate Middleton. His stepmother Camilla is a Cancer.

William did not make this happen. This happened to William. This is a particularly strong example of how the Nodes decide our fate, as he was actually born with the Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, but I hope you can see how these Sun-Moon points tend to pull us towards people and situations we find hard to escape or avoid.

09sxeodtlpe 600x399 - The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

How Your Past Life is Revealed

When there are patterns triggering the North Node and South Node in your chart, or even a return of the North Node and South Node to the same zodiac signs they occupied when you were born (Prince William is about to go through this) you will have strong clues and signs about the prior incarnation.

Recurring themes. Different episodes, same series. The song remains the same even though it is played on musical instruments.

Your Cancer Personal Birth Chart Factors

Whatever you might have in the zodiac sign of Cancer, in the Fourth House of your chart, will be crossed, or conjuncted, by the North Node, at some point from November 2018 to May 2020.

It’s going to be about family or home. Your house or apartment. Your household or home town. Your relatives or homeland. It will feel familiar. It may even be a direct replay. What was going on 19 years before, is your clue. Yet, this in turn, will only point to similar issues that have been doing the rounds in all of your previous lifetimes too.

The best way for karma to be worked out, is for life to repeat itself. From November 7th, 2018 to May 5th, 2020 you will experience déjà vu as the same themes from 2000 and 2001 return. People will say and do the same things, no matter how much you try to break the repetition. Being stuck like this makes you realise the only thing to do is work on your attitude, so you develop tolerance, understanding, forgiveness – and above all, a sense of humour – on this cycle.

On May 5th, 2020 the circuit will break, and you will realise the karma has been completed on both or all sides. Particularly with a family member.

How the Past Comes Back From 2000, 2001

The North Node describes karma going back in 19-year cycles, so between November 7th, 2018 and May 5th, 2020 you will be taken back to the events of April 10th, 2000 to October 13th, 2001, regarding your house, apartment, household, family, home town or homeland at the time. The North Node was also in Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart in these years.

This may be literal. Your flatmates from the year 2000 may be back in your life for a reason – you owe them a great deal and have not been given a chance to pay it back. You may be owed, in turn, by a family member you made a sacrifice for, in those years, and that relative may now be able to return a favour.

The actual house, apartment, local area or country you were so deeply concerned with in 2000, 2001 may return to your life so that you can obtain closure.

hu9gx8yfvk4 600x400 - The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

How the Past Comes Back From 1981, 1982, 1983

The North Node takes you back in time in recurring 19-year cycles which is why it is associated with previous lifetimes, reincarnation and soul agreements. In other words, it loops back through Cancer and your Fourth House forever.

Going back in time to the next North Node in Cancer cycle in the timeline, we find you at the years 1981, 1982 and 1983. If you were born in these years (between the years indicated below) then you actually incarnated with the North Node in Cancer, so even as a baby, you were inheriting ancient karma regarding your family, home town and homeland.

The previous North Node in Cancer cycle ran from September 21st and 25th 1981 to March 16th, 1983.

True North Node versus Mean North Node

An important note: What you read here is calculated for the True North Node, not the Mean North Node. However, the Mean North Node is seldom more than two degrees or a few days ‘out’.

You can use either. It’s a personal choice. I prefer to use the True North Node because it is more accurate for prediction. It checks out with historical events.

In fact, astrologers only ever used the mean nodes because they lacked the correct information. It was not until 1975 when Digicorp Research Corporation published their ephemeris, True Lunar Nodes 1850-2000 that the correct (or true) information became available.

Why the Nodes Show 19-Year-Old Patterns

Sue Tompkins: “To get a feeling for the meaning of the Nodes, imagine going out with some plan in mind and then unexpectedly bumping into someone (perhaps someone you haven’t seen for 19 years) who is following their own particular path. The meeting may herald a change of direction for you. The conversation you have with each other could do that. There might be a feeling of fate about the fact that your paths have crossed.” (The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Flare Publications, The London School of Astrology).

How November 2018-May 2020 Repeats December 1962-August 1964

If you were born between December 24th, 1962 and August 25th, 1964, you came into the world with the North Node in Cancer and have major past life family karma which will come around again from November 2018 until May 2020.

Whenever you were born, and even if you were born after August 1964, there is a past (or past life) pull back to the events of December 24th, 1962 through August 25th, 1964 on the way in late 2018, 2019 and early 2020.

It will concern your home town, homeland, family members, household and roots, heritage, history and culture.

As you might expect, this goes back even further than 1962, 1963 and 1964. In fact, the cycles are eternal.

The ’What’ of Your North Node Cycle in Cancer

To really get into the ‘what’ of the cycle, look at what you have in Cancer. Is it the Sun, Moon, Minerva or the North Node itself? This is the story. The symbol will reveal the chapter and it is from a book of life you have read before. If you have Diana in Cancer, for example, the issue may be your freedom and independence within the family, as Diana represents the need for space. It would have been there 19 years ago and now it is back. You owe, or are owed, from that time. When the North Node in Cancer goes right to the same degree (number) as Diana in your chart, the issue returns.

If you have Jupiter in Cancer, you were born lucky (protected, blessed) when it comes to houses and apartments. Even when things are tough you always find a safety net with property. At its very best, Jupiter in Cancer delivers a huge amount of good fortune. In 2018, 2019, 2020 the past comes back.

About the North Node and South Node of the Moon

The North Node has an opposite point. The South Node. They are always in opposite signs of the zodiac and if you were to draw their cycle in a pattern it would look like a figure-eight. The eternity symbol.

As we experience the karmic repetition of the North Node in Cancer from November 2018 to May 2020, we will also go through the time warp of the South Node in Capricorn. Capricorn rules big business, government, the establishment and high society. As opposite signs, Cancer and Capricorn pull people in opposite directions.

If you want to make it in the world you may have to leave your home town. If you become successful there may be a conflict with your family which has humble origins. If you don’t become successful, there may be a conflict with your family, which expects more from you.

Big business – greedy property developers – join forces with corrupt politicians to approve the demolition of public space or heritage buildings, to be replaced by shopping centres or high-rise apartments. That’s a Capricorn-Cancer conflict too. The two signs are in a tug-of-war.

bigstock Czech Republic Prague Octob 244937455 600x425 - The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

The Capricorn Effect

I have written at length about The Capricorn Effect, which includes the South Node in Capricorn, elsewhere on this website. For now, let’s focus on the North Node in Cancer, because if you’ve read this far, you probably have Cancer factors in your personal birth chart (or even just the Sun in Cancer – you’re a Cancerian) and you want to know where the karma is coming from and when it will appear.

The Cancer-Capricorn conflict is eternal. Centuries ago, if you wanted to make a good marriage and go up in the world, you had to leave your home and family to do it. The good marriage is Capricorn, your home was Cancer. Capricorn can be seen as progress. When people hang on to the past and cling on to the old ways, they block future achievement. That’s Cancer.

Here’s another Cancer-Capricorn theme. Capricorn (the government) tells you to leave your family (Cancer) to fight for your country (Cancer) and your career (Capricorn) becomes the armed forces.

These basic themes will return to us, right around the world, as early as November 7th, 2018 in global headlines about housing, mortgages, politicians, high society, ambition, big business, the family, the military and so on.

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133 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all this great information. It appears that I won’t have the N. Node crossing my Cancer factors until Jan-March 2020. I’m wondering how this might affect me since both Mars and Jupiter are located there. Also, in a previous post, you mentioned that if someone was born during certain periods (born during a Cancer N. Node) then it was likely they were who our karma was with. My only brother and sibling (Mar 12, 1982), as well as my second son (Aug 17, 2001), were both born during the dates given (& born in the same location as me). I am wondering if that means that there is karma to be worked out with them. Especially, given that my son has 9 factors in Cancer.

    1. It’s a pleasure. Jupiter at 3 Cancer and Mars at 7 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, home and country will be crossed by the North Node quite late in the cycle, starting end January 2020, continuing in February and March. As this is classically the time of year when people move house, make family decisions at Christmas (just before January) or see career changes – you’d have to bet on this, as you enter 2020 – and your brother, son or yourself would be at the heart of the shifts. Such alterations at home or work, or with relatives, always bring questions about who is owed what, or who owes whom (thanks to the Node and its karma) and there may be an actual replay of something from 19 years ago at that point, or you may simply feel as if you’ve been here before, for whatever reason. You have. At a certain point it will be clear the karma is complete.

  2. Dear Jessica,

    With a Cancer stellium, and the Capricorn factors opposite, this nodal transit is clearly going to affect me. Four of the eclipses will conjunct Cancer points on my chart too. How can I best let the karma play out, not create more, and reconcile these tensions and hidden events? There is so much this could apply to, but I have a feeling it’s to do with helping my ageing mum, who’s living alone in the family home and being overwhelmed with generations of family stuff that needs sorting out. Her North Node is at 9 Cancer, Saturn 16 Cancer and her MC/IC at 12 Cap/Cancer, plus a 24 Capricorn moon. This axis is our female family astro signature – her mum had a Cancer North Node too.

    Thank you as always,
    x H

    1. Your mum is the answer to your question. The time has come to use good family karma (you are owed and will be helped) and also to repay her for all she has done for you – and we can never remember, can we, because as children and teenagers life is a blur for us. In 2019 and 2020 you will be able to happily return past good deeds done, but also to ask for what you need from other family members. It’s a big one, but there will be good closure, peace of mind and a sense of balance thereafter.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the write-up and examples. I see the parallels in Prince William’s life – how it happens to you. My daughter’s NN is in Cancer. My father passed away in 1981 (my mom is not entire too sure .. maybe 1979. I was very young). My husband may also be Cancer rising (not entire sure of his birth time. My natal nodes are in Cancer – Capricorn as well!!! Lots happening ‘To’ me. But they are switched up, as in my NN is Capricorn. Can you tell me how this may play out for the next few years, given my natal nodes are in this exact pair but the opposite? Also have Diana in Cancer and Cupido in Cap. Thanks.a bunch!

    1. You have quite a big Cancer-Capricorn story taking place and 2019, 2020 will reshape your destiny. You will need to look at what you owe one or more relatives after all they have done for you, but also what you are owed. At the same time some things go beyond practical actions and into instinct and deep feeling. In the end, it will be what you feel, not what might make sense on paper, and you will come to some good, strong decisions about how to juggle your ambition and your need to feel and be successful in life – to get what you want – with what is obviously needed by family. There may be a bit of to-and-fro with the compromises but it will add up. This is not just financial but emotional.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for a great article. I have my North Node in Cancer and S. Node in Capricorn. I wanted to understand how my past lives / karma will affect me in this cycle and wether there are any watch outs? Thanks in advance.

    1. You will have incredible career opportunities in 2020 and yet have mixed feelings about your loyalty to one or more family members. You will have to figure out a compromise then but it will take time.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    another brilliantly crafted article, as always. Thank you. So I have just printed out my copy of this and gone through and highlighted the relevant parts, as I have two factors in Cancer and my eldest son (who just graduated high school), is a Cancerian Sun, and my partner has his North node in Cancer too.
    I have been diving deep into shadow work regarding my feelings of not being worthy to receive, particularly as we’ve hit financial rock bottom. A lot of those issues also stem, I believe, from my emotionally tough childhood and my subsequent feelings of ‘justice not being served’ with regards to my mother and my feelings towards her. I am aiming for more compassion and forgiveness and thankfully, we have a amicable relationship, yet for the sake of my mental well being, I keep her at a safe distance. I was only six years old in 1981 and when I think back to my life in the year 2000 I was pregnant with my first born child and at the time, doing rather well, financially. I’m reading this and wondering whether things will get better or, heaven forbid, worse. Thank you xx

    1. Thank you so much. Your pregnancy in 2000 is part of the Node cycle. I understand what you are saying about your finances too. I am very sorry you had this difficult relationship with your mother and can see that in your chart. Your child is a karmic connection for you as you probably know and would have had quite a different connection in one or more previous lives. Parents and children can exchange roles. Ceres at 1 Taurus in your Second House is being crossed by Uranus at 1 Taurus and yes, you are ready for a revolution. Challenging your own system, in terms of money, shopping, debt, houses, apartments, charity and so on, is part of that. This intensifies in March, April 2019 and you will need to stay flexible so you can adjust and adapt, as life asks you to make changes. The reward is freedom. Liberation, even. You can’t really put a price on that. You will get closure with what you are owed by your son, and what you owe, karmically, over the next couple of years. Keep working on your issues about worth as this is such a Taurus concern. It may be useful to look up all you can on Taurus and the Second House, across the board.

  6. Hi there Jessica –

    I have my North Node in Cancer at 11 degrees. I see that October of 2019 is when it will hit my chart. Should I be on the lookout for something in particular? I recently moved back to the town where I previously lived starting in 1980 so there is definitely some feelings of reply and deja vu going on.

    Thank you!

    1. Moving back has taken you back to 1980 and that is the long reach of the Node Cycle. The deja vu is real and it goes beyond the familiar place and people, to the way it made you who you are. This is a really important cycle for you which has not taken place in 19 years, which allows you to understand who you are, in terms of where you come from, your home town, homeland and so on. This will prompt some big decisions for you later. In a way, you have to find out who you are at the deepest level, by getting real about your true place and space in the world.

      1. Hi Jessica thank you for the insights and yes I feel that “finding my place/space” vibe as well. Also, oddly enough (or not!) I am beginning to work again with an individual who was the President of the company I worked for during the 1995-2001 years. I left the company because I didn’t feel valued and now we are working on a project that I would liken to a gift being dropped in my lap with some significant upside potential.

        1. I expect this former company president has at least one lifetime of karma with you and perhaps more. You are on the road to finding your place – great – and the gift is of course a reward for having done so much last time round.

  7. Thank you for a wonderful and timely article Jessica! I have been reading a lot about the nodes lately and it seems that everything I read focuses on a conjunction on the transiting nodes with the natal planets. Is this because the other aspects (a square, sextile or opposition) of the transiting nodes are not as drastic as a conjunction? I have my natal north node in Aries and south node in Libra, but I do have quite the Cancer Stellium and the dates you mentioned for the eclipses for 2019-2020 and the degrees exactly conjunct my natal Venus, sun, Diana and Mars (in that order). I look back to 1981-1983 where I was a young teen and my parents divorced. I was angry and rebellious (according to my parents), but I really felt I was claiming my own space and personality back in those days. When I look back to 1999-2001, I was a young woman in my 30s and working hard at work and at the gym. I was very career focused and even though I was working 50 hours per week, I made time to work on my physique too! Now, it’s coming around again, this time as a woman in my 50s. I am curious to see what this nodal transit brings for me. It seems like through the years I grow and mature and change for the better. I am calmer about things now. I know for sure that I will not be making hasty decisions during the eclipses of 2019-2020 because of the tight conjunctions mentioned. In addition to the nodes crossing my cancer stellium, I am also dealing with Chiron return. I am guessing this will have a lot to do with home, family and homeland, but having to do with relationships (venus), conflict (mars), freedom (diana) leadership (apollo) and putting a spotlight on all of this (sun). What do you make of this? Thank so much for such great information! Bless you!

    1. Yes, conjunctions matter more, because they are rare. I’m glad you just saw what 1981-1983 delivered and realised the link. Your parents divorced, which must have been so tough for you. In your fifties, there will be karma to sort out with either or both parents. You are doing a good job of reading your own chart, but it may also be useful to sit down with some paintings or sculpture of Chiron and Diana, just online is fine, and figure out what you are being shown. This is a pretty demanding two years where you sort out where you belong, and to whom you belong, and on what basis. How much time and energy to allocate? It also, of course, has a price in money terms. This will enrich your life and deepen your attachment to your heritage, place, history, culture, family tree, roots and so on. This is such a huge part of you that it is worth all the time you can give it. Allow yourself, to surprise yourself, with what you ultimately decide. You will very much have to make choices by 2020 at the latest.

  8. Hi Jessica

    Thanks as always for the informative articles.

    I have Jupiter and moon in cancer and Ceres and Juno in Capricorn. It would be so very much appreciated if you could throw some light on how the nodes may impact me. I don’t have the best relationship with my parents ( to put it midly) and this has been so ever since I was a child. I am also staying in their house for the foreseeable future (till I find a new job) and with Pluto and Saturn in opposition to my cancer factors in addition to the node passing through, And an eclipse in July direct on my moon in cancer – am a bit concerned on both home family and career given Pluto, Saturn, eclipses and nodes are all karmic – would really appreciate your insights on this.

    Thank you again for all the wonderful articles and your insights.

    1. You are having classic Cancer-Capricorn issues in 2019, 2020 and will have to find a compromise so that you can pursue what you want to achieve with your career and unpaid work, but also do the right thing by the family. At the same time you cannot be expected to put family first to the point where your work comes second. This will take time but it will work out. One way through may be to involve a family member in paid or unpaid work projects, even on the margins – and another way might be to develop a different relationship with your work in life which allows you to dig much deeper into where you come from, your home town or homeland and so on.

  9. Greetings from Florida Jessica, (where yes they are still counting or recounting election ballots – that is definitely a repeat)

    So I was born with North Node Cancer/South Node Capricorn and would appreciate your incite to what I should lookout for.

    Thanks and have a lovely day.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is always the ‘re’ prefix isn’t it! Florida will rethink and rethink – until December 25th – when everything is redone. You are having your Nodal Return in quite an intense way in 2019, 2020 and so you will have to look at the responsibilities to your parents and/or siblings and perhaps aunts, uncles and so on – versus your own career, social ambitions and need for ‘more.’ You’ll get there, but you will be asked to think about life in 2000, 2001 and what you are owed, and also what you owe – specifically close relatives, but also yourself, in terms of your ambitions and success then.

  10. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating, thank you so much. I am curious what it means if I have my descendant in Cancer? Thank you for your time.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, then it will be a replay of karma with your former, current or potential partner from 2000 or 2001. It may actually go back further than that, but if something seems oddly familiar to you – that’s why. The North Node spins backwards through your relationship history. If there was a feud, dispute or long conflict about 19 years ago, that may also need to be recycled so you have closure. If your birth time was out, then this may not happen in 2019 but 2020. Closure is great – it allows you to settle things with yourself and exhale. Both sides are at peace.

  11. This is quite an intense article ! As I look back on 2000, it was the year I left Canada to live in France where I have lived as an expat ever since.
    I am happy here but my mum is now sick and I am considering making some trips back to visit her more often. I have many factors in Cancer and also Saturn. It has always been a difficult equilibrium between living abroad and spending time with my family. If you have other detains in my chart about how this could act out (North node in Cancer) this would be much appreciated ! Thanks.

    1. You are having a karmic repeat of the year you left Canada for France and must now go back not only to 19 years ago, but 19 years before that and so on, stretching all the way back to past lives. You knew your mother in a prior incarnation and may have also known Canada and France over many lifetimes. Slowly but surely over the next 2 years you will find a way to repay your mum for her care of you, but also a way to thank a country which has always been so good to you. There may be a patriotic duty there, or a way to help with trade, business and so on.

  12. Hi Jessica ,
    What a great article , I have cancer sun , mars and Venus, in 2001 my former husbands and I purchased an investment property to build new, I can’t eenwmber exact dates, but it was a long drawn out process, it took four years and ended with us losing everyjthing of material value , the loss affected a lot of people on both sides of the family , emotionally and financially, that was the hardest thing to live with for me but moving forward to 2018 can you please look at my chart and tell me how my chart may be triggered please ? Based on your dates I think my chart won’t be triggered till June next year

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. The loss sounds very hard to bear and you can see it in your chart. You also have to let go. I know the Nodes are taking you back around 19 years but you do need to realise that the family had soul contracts with you, as did your husband, and these soul contracts concern money or property going back many lifetimes. What you realised was that there are things which are priceless and things that cost and nothing can be counted in currency. You have been through a lot, given a lot, learned a lot and you will be rewarded with stronger family ties in 2019, 2020 and also find that you have a property question which ‘answers’ what could not be solved around 19 years ago. This time you will get closure.

  13. Hi Jessica, I have two factors in Cancer Venus at 27 and Vulcano at 5 with Capricorn factors SATURN 24 and Jupiter 28 ..Salacia Capricorn 15 would be good to have your interpretation on that if you have a moment please .
    When the North node hits those degrees does the south node hit the same degrees too ?My Nodes are in Leo and Aquarius but I imagine having Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn is a flag for me and Venus at 27 Cancer ?Thanks for your time and knowledge !

    1. Yes, the North Node and South Node are always exactly opposite, at the same degree, but in opposite signs, so your chart will be pinged by both Nodes at the same time. Yes, your Capricorn-Cancer axis will be crossed, and you also have your Saturn Return in Capricorn to process which is a big deal in terms of your ambition, status, position and mission. By 2020 you will need to figure out how high you want to climb and how you are going to do it, with your aspirations to have more, be more and do more. Yet, you also have a crossroads choice about your home, home town or homeland by 2020 too. It all goes together.

  14. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for a another fantastic article. My Nodes are in Scorpio/Taurus and the have the following Cancer factor. Would like to know what these placements means for the next few years?

    NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 35″ R
    SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 35″ R
    Hygeia 08° Cancer 50′ 21″
    IC 24° Cancer 51′ 44″

    Thanks! NP

    1. This feels like a reshape of your house or apartment situation over some years, based on the economy in your country or region. Property prices, for example, but also interest rates and so on. You will find that 2019, 2020, even into 2021 are transition times when you will have a closer look at who and what you value most. Who and what is precious to the point of being priceless. A move seems very likely or just a totally different way of owning or renting your current space, NP.

  15. Hi Jessica I was born with my north node and asc in Cancer. My daughter (the love of my life:) is also a cancer with libra asc (7/14/07). How will the north node in cancer most noticeably effect me during this transit and does this cycle include any specific karma I may have with my daughter (like a past life together). Thank you!

    1. Your daughter very likely was the love of your life in a previous existence – partners can incarnate as mothers and children next time around. I am sure you don’t think this is strange at all. Cancer is a sign that commonly turns up in matriarchies and the Absolutely Fabulous narrative about grandmother, mother and daughter, then granddaughter, was written by a Cancerian – Jennifer Saunders. You will have some Absolutely Crucial stories with your daughter in 2019, 2020 where you must both figure out what you owe each other, unconditionally.

  16. Hi Jessica very good extensive information on the Nodes thank you for the time that you put for us .Can you please check for me having Hygeia 17 degrees Cancer Mercury 1 degree Capricorn Ceres 19 degree Capricorn Salacia 20 degrees Capricorn.Would really appreciate if you could tell me what the lunar nodes have for me for this next 2 years Thank you

    1. It’s really about comparing what you get from social position, and ‘making it’ out there in the world – as opposed to who and what is at home. Only you can decide the faces and places you would rather stick with, as opposed to climbing higher and going into new territory. Capricorn in your chart is very much about being thrown chances to mingle with the great and the good, and to do very well in your career or unpaid work. Cancer in your chart is about needing to remember where you come from and who you are – the roots on your mother’s or father’s side of the family will show a big difference between your actual heritage in the family tree and what you are capable of in terms of your own success. Expect a lot of sifting and sorting by 2020 and a really big choice about where you belong in the world.

  17. Hello Jessica,

    Great information and you have me thinking about how this node in Cancer will affect me. Looking back at 2000-2001 I had just moved into a new home in mid 1999 and had a baby who was due in Jan 2000 but she joined us the end of December 1999. 1981 -1982 I was in college and was rooming with some friends. Now that I am a single woman again and the baby is a young adult in college, I’m curious what this nodal change will bring. I have a stellium in both cancer and capricorn. I’d appreciate any insight you’re able to give. Thank You!!!!! Deidre

    1. Deidre, your baby from 1999 (now your young daughter at college) has a past life link with you and you may have had at least one lifetime together, perhaps more. The roles would have been different. She may have been mother and you daughter, or you may have been partners (even). You are strongly Cancer-Capricorn so your life path is about figuring out motherhood versus ambition. Your daughter will be at the heart of what you yourself have had to deal with, as she is also approaching that big choice between making it out there in the big wide world, or sticking to what/who is familiar. Climbing higher is Capricorn, clinging back is Cancer. You two will go through a major period of transition in 2019, 2020 and realise you need to give to each other, but also receive. It’s a karmic transaction.

  18. Hello Jessica, I have a Cancer stellium and was wondering how karma will effect me next year. It looks like it will happen all year starting next month. In 2001 I had a miscarriage and was studying for a teaching degree. In 1981-1983 I was an early year’s high school student. I am married with children and my husband is a sun Capricorn. Thanks in advance.

    1. You have certainly been living out the karma of your Cancer Node cycles. I am so sorry about the miscarriage you had to go through but two children is a wonderful achievement. This may feel right to you – I am not sure – but it is very possible that the child you lost came back, as one of the children you have now. If so, we might say that this is a karmic relationship going back perhaps many lifetimes. The bond in 2019, 2020 will be central and you will find that you want to give – giving for the sake of it – but you will also be given to!

  19. Hi Jessica. I enjoy your site so much! It’s my go to for reading every chance I get. Thank you! I was wondering what you see for me with the four planets I have in cancer, please?

    1. Thank you. I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Jodi and Alyas. You will find 2019 and 2020 are really about ‘remembering’ your past, going right back to your childhood, but also into previous lives – where your country is concerned. This is your homeland, in all senses of the word, because aspects of it just feel like home to you and there is no getting away from it. You owe your country and are also owed. You will put some hard work in there but also find, oddly, as if your nation actually feels like a person, not a ‘thing’ and she will be doing you favours!

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoyed that article (probably because it was all about cancer!)

    I have a large stellum in Cancer and I just had my nodal return (0* Aquarius/Leo), but April 2000 through to late 2001 were great years for myself, do you see the current cycle being similar? Or will the Saturn oppositions over ride?

    There is a lot of uncertainty around my life at present.


    1. Thank you! The uncertainty is down to Uranus, the planet of radical change, going back and forth across 0, 1, 2 Taurus. I am sure you can see how much of your chart is placed near 0, 1, 2 degrees. Uranus will finally move right across 0, 1, 2 Taurus with no more backtracking from March 2019 and shortly after this you will see how much freedom is on offer and choose independence. I am sure you know what I mean. Next year will be liberating and often very exciting, but you may have to give up permanence and always knowing! You will often have to twist and turn as things twist and turn around you, yet you will also be very much free – and you may have had no idea just how hamstrung you were until next year arrives.

  21. Hi Jessica, I have a Mercury retro question. Yesterday the strings from my prescription glasses broke and as a result I dropped my glasses while walking in my local shopping complex. I retraced my steps and couldn’t find them. As a result I have to get new glasses. Do you think it is wise to hold off the new glasses until after Mercury retro? I still have reading glasses, so there’s no problems with reading. The glasses I lost were for my long-sightedness. Honestly, this a typical Mercury retro scenario and I’m a Virgo, so half my luck! I will be going back to the shopping centre’s lost property place on Monday, so hopefully someone has handed them in. Any advise is welcome … hopefully you’ll psychically tell me I’ll get them back. Cheers JC

    1. Buy the glasses JC but read the fine print on the terms and conditions. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius has nothing to do with your specs, unless you are an airline pilot (Sagittarius rules travel) or if you needed them for an exam (Sagittarius rules academia).

  22. Dear Jessica,
    Cancer is the only sign, where I have not got any planets or astrological points. What does it mean? I suppose, there must be some reason for this. I am curious, what can be the explanation of it. Would you tell me the reason?
    Thank you and have a nice day.

    1. It just means you are not defined by your family or home, your home town or homeland. It does not say who you are and you can get by without being heavily dependent on having property, for example, or patriotism.

  23. OMG, I haven’t seen my friend and my sons godmother in 19 years, exactly December 2000 and she lives in Australia now. My daughter was born in 2001 and she’s a cancer. So, something is going to happen?

    1. Yes, the wheel of karma is spinning and you have some rewards to pick up from Christmas 2000 but also from your daughter, whom you knew before in a previous lifetime – at least one and maybe more. You also have to give for the sake of giving, to both. That’s part of the karmic deal.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Great article! Can you please advise what’s in store for me? Just started a new consulting business in September 2017,and business picked up quick in January of this year. It feels like I’m at a standstill now, and sorting out my separation from my partner. How does this nodal activity affect my business and personal life? Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you. This will take time because you are being hit by retrogrades – what should be happening, is going back and forth or standing still. Yet, you will find March 2019 is the end of uncertainty and the beginning of ‘knowing’ which is quite remarkable, given the way you have been dealing with so much chopping and changing since 2011, financially. From March 2019 you will be taught what you can get away with in business but also with your house, apartment, possessions or money – which of course is affected by the separation. Have a look at Chiron on Search. Chiron is about to be the major player with your finances for many years, yet nothing will really fall into place until you’re moving into the second quarter of 2019.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you, thank you.
    I have a Cancer/Capricorn story taking place. I am feeling that I have a lot of processing of feelings going on right now but who or what can I give and or receive karma to? I gave birth to a daughter in 98 at 19 years old and left her father a few years later. Do I owe it to her or my mother perhaps who helped me at that time? How does my Capricorn ASC come into play?

    1. Claire, 2019 and 2020 will be about both your mother and daughter, and you will have those classic Cancer-Capricorn issues to sort out. The division of time and energy is a big one. How much time and energy should you pour into your success in life – being in the right place at the right time with the right people – versus cleaving towards family, and their needs? Juggling will be part of it, but this is your chance to repay those two faces who may have been with you in at least one past life, and perhaps many more. Of course, you are also ‘owed’ on some level. You’ll experience a couple of milestones by 2020 which give you a chance to move towards closure with each other. Juno in Cancer in your chart in particular is a symbol of marriage and so it may be your daughter’s father who is part of the story again.

  26. HI Jessica
    I have Moon and Vesta at 29 Cancer and on the first evening it became exact (it’s still currently happening) my sister who has been out of my life with no contact out of the blue telephoned me to tell me our childhood home where we shared lots of happy memories was up for sale for the first time since we lived in it 38 years ago (2×19 yrs!). So I’m living the north node in cancer aspects right now! I also have issues with our developer having serious disagreements even legal issues with our local council about planning, resulting in us living in a lovely property but in an unfinished small development, which if it doesn’t get sorted may cost us dearly whenever we decide to sell. My husbands new business venture is currently underway and seems to going well and is with a guy who suddenly came back into our lives and who we last met around 2001-2001? I wondered what relevance those years may have. Any advice, clues you can give me to manage all of this would be great. My sister and I have always had a very tumultuous relationship, long periods of not speaking and separation, I’d rather continue with the separation as she causes me too much drama however I realise this is probably my Karma to try to fix it once and for all with her perhaps? Would love your thoughts.

    1. How astonishing. Your sister comes back right as the North Node in Cancer crosses your chart. And your childhood home is up for sale. This has karma written all over it, and you and your sister have been together in other lifetimes, also dealing with property questions. Take it slowly with her, as you have 2019 and 2020 to gradually get things back on track with her. It’s the same story with your developer and council – same issue – this is all Cancer and Fourth House stuff. The man who has come back into your lives who was there in 2001 is also part of the Node story but it may be the other side – the South Node in Capricorn – which rules work. Going right through this, your sister is the priority. I wonder if you can both visit your childhood home? Is that possible? Take a deep breath as you are going to be taken through plenty of past life stuff with your sibling over the next 1-2 years, but all that you deserve to be rewarded with, will flow back to you. It is also very clear to me that you need to ‘do’ whatever is required with your sister, right through to the end. The deal you make with yourself is the key one. You can’t make that deal or understanding until you have gone through some hoops with her. Yet, you will leave this in a good place by 2020. I hope that helps.

  27. Hi Jessica hope all is well…about cancer and my chart. I’ve heard that we have all the signs in our chart but if there isn’t anything in the sign of cancer and it doesn’t appear I have anything in the 4th house this leaves me confused…thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. No, we don’t have all the signs represented in our horoscopes, and it’s common to miss them out. No Cancer in your chart just means that your family tree does not define you. Neither does your hometown or homeland. You are a guide, mentor and leader to younger people, including your own children and younger relatives – that is the Leo part of your horoscope. There is quite a difference between being defined by your role as ‘Queen to a younger court’, though, and your actual family tree or roots.

  28. Hi Jessica. Wow, I’ve had to reflect quite a bit on this post before leaving a comment.

    I have a stellium of five factors in Cancer (Bacchus 07°, North Node and Venus 13°, MC 24° and Panacea 28°). I was born in 1982 into a family where my parents were divorced shortly after my birth, 2000-2001 I left my home for college in a different city and I’ve never settled down since, and now I’m finding myself desiring for a place to call ‘home.’ I know it’s not my hometown, but for sure most likely a foreign place as I’ve been interest in foreign lands all my life, never really quite feeling at home in my place of birth.

    So much is happening right now, I can’t even list everything. Is it safe to say, that I’m destined to be a kind of “homebody” of sorts? I’m still on the road with my job (touring musician, in Asia, actually… and I’m seeing the Dragon symbol EVERYWHERE now)… and I feel that I’ll be moving away from this shortly.

    My family has a history of this kind of homeland/moving away from homeland kind of theme… and I’m part of that story… from the 1600’s my ancestors from France mixed with the Mic Macs in Canada, and at the end of World War 2 (As you mentioned above), my great aunt and uncle went to Papua New Guinea as Missionaries and lived with tribes there for 19 years! Somehow I feel part of this tradition as I’ve even gone to far off places myself, and perhaps will mix in a Native land finding a home there. Is this not obviously my karma? And as far as my career goes, will I even be prepared to start a life that is completely different form what I’m used to doing (performing music in clubs in big cities)?

    Thank you for this extremely insightful post, Jessica!

    1. You are going to experience your Cancer Node Return (and more) in 2019, 2020 so you will need to use your experiences as a musician in Asia, on the road, to guide you home – wherever home is going to be. Actually, in Asia they are very big on family and ancestors, as I am sure you know – far more than in the West – and that will also play its part in your thinking as you keep coming across it! Even if you are in big Asian city clubs, you’ll still find the local culture and particularly the emphasis on sacred spaces, has an influence. There are no accidents in astrology and you have been placed in this part of the world for that reason. This also takes you back to your parents’ divorce on that Node cycle. You will spend 2019 and 2020 finding your sense of place and you don’t have to rush it. You will also find ‘your people’ as they say. This may be family, it may not. It will run quite deep, actually, and you will come to know yourself a lot better. Much as you are a traveller, like your ancestors, you are also strongly Cancerian and you need to connect with places and spaces. That is coming next. I suspect one relative will pop up again, too, or you will make a key discovery about the family tree. That is also part of the Node karma.

      1. That’s relieving to hear that there is no rush to find my sense of place. I have to admit, that that is something I’ve been quite concerned or anxious about, such as knowing where to put my resources towards a place to help establish roots somewhere. But it sounds more like finding my sense of place with people just as much (if not more than) as physical places, is that right? I totally see what you mean by connected with places and spaces and that is part of the reason I took a Permaculture Design Course… to help myself connect with the land and nature better. Just out of curiosity, if I make a key discovery about the family tree, would it be with my parent who happens to be a Capricorn Sun (father)? My mother’s side is pretty well documented on both her mother and father’s side, but my father’s side is pretty much unknown before the mid 19th century.

        How interesting this is! Thanks so much Jessica.

        1. Your Permaculture Design Course is a great example of the Cancer and Fourth House cycle. You would literally be establishing roots were you to take this into a new space by 2020! It’s hard to say which side of the family will feature without knowing both your parents’ charts but I do think you’ll dig very deeply into where you come from, as a function of who you are. Perhaps there were gardeners, environmentalists or horticulturalists on your father’s side.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Beginning now I have quite a lot of activity in my Cancer and Capricorn. Can you please provide some insight on my next few years as affected by the the nodes?



    1. David, now through 2020 is actually about the trade-off between the work you do, and the home you have, or want. This is about putting a value on the things that money cannot buy, like peace of mind, security, integrity, self-respect, freedom and control. You will need to ask yourself if a particular job or other income source is worth it, and of course part of this has to be earmarked for rent, property investment, home improvements or a mortgage so it’s really about doing the maths. What is the job (for example) worth to you, and what is the home worth to you? Figuring out this balance will take a bit of time, but it will take you into some really interesting questions about your hometown and homeland. Your sense of belonging to a particular place and its people. You’ll have choices to make in January 2019 in particular, then more will come in December 2019.

  30. Hello Jessica,

    I have had a massive shock in my life. My middle son’s partner has suddenly died and he has been left with 3 young boys. I hardly know the boys but I’m getting to know them and helping out massively. My son is desolate and in despair. I’m helping out financially and emotionally and practically. The other grandma (his partner’s mother) is being absolutely awful and making things very difficult. It’s a terrible situation and it’s taking a toll on me as my life as it was has just stopped. I’ve not had an easy life and was finally finding some peace and just following my hobbies and seeing friends etc. I don’t resent helping as it’s a dreadful thing to have happened and I certainly don’t feel sorry for myself but I am wracked with anxiety over my son and also over the future with the grandsons. I have racked my brains for any theme from 19 yrs ago and there isn’t one. My son is a Libra and his partner was a Taurus. This has been a massive life changing event but I amateur that I am, I can’t see anything in my chart or my son’s that shows this.

    Any type of insight would be helpful.

    Many thanks


    1. I’m so sorry about this sudden loss, Lesley. Deep breath. I am sure your son is in shock, as are you. When there are questions about grandsons, we look to Leo and the Fifth House, as well as Cancer and the Fourth House. Leo rules younger generations. Cancer rules the family. You have plenty of factors in both, and we have had a chain of eclipses in Leo, which means you could not see/did not know what was in store regarding your son or the grandchildren, when you were making your decisions about life, last year and this year. It won’t surprise you to hear that this is karma in motion and you do in fact have past-life debts and credits to sort out with your son and grandsons. This takes time – but you have time. In fact, you have 2019 and 2020 to figure out the family. The other grandmother is of course going through grief and that can unleash all kinds of behaviour – sometimes anger is expressed through ‘being difficult’ as we say, or being overly defensive or protective. I am sure you know about the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross and grief and it may be useful to update yourself on that book to understand why the grandma on the other side of the family is, as she is, at the moment. In summary you have the Moon at 18 Leo, Pluto at 24 Leo, Apollo at 27 Leo and Cupido at 27 Leo. That’s a stellium, or unusually high count, in your Fifth House of children, young relatives and youth. You were also born with Mars at 0 Cancer, Jupiter at 26 Cancer, Uranus at 24 Cancer, Vesta at 16 Cancer and the Ascendant at 12 Cancer. You have incarnated to guide, mentor and set an example to younger people and you have no doubt achieved this through a number of different ways already, but destiny has passed you this. Please allow for a lot of ‘rough draft’ or first attempt plans until you are at the other end of January. This is a time of coping as best you all can and not the final outcome. Not by any means. Don’t worry too much about nothing being perfect or organised because it won’t be. Yet, you will slowly but surely find a set-up that works. Your son will find things settle down from March 2019 and the lack of certainty will be replaced by a lot of learning – but at least he will know what is coming next. It is very important that you release your need for control. Pluto in Leo is about the control of children and young people – control of your son, perhaps control of the grandsons – and if you look up Pluto on Search or in your ebooks you will soon see that we all have it somewhere in our charts and it is about the need to dominate. That is not going to work in this instance. Jupiter in Cancer will help you a great deal as you were born lucky when it comes to both family and property, actually. There are other family members who can help you with the children in particular. Delegate. You will also find that just the right space or place becomes available to you over the next few years, which means that one child in particular (who is musical) can practise or just listen and relax. This is a long way off at the moment, but it will be on offer. You should also think about the family on the other side, beyond the grandmother, because there are also people there who can be delegated to, when the time is right. Strongly Cancer-Leo people are Supermothers, rather like the Queen Mother. Matriarchs. It is very common to feel as if you are the only person who can run the brood, and that you must take everything on. Actually, you also have resources at the children’s school and in the local community and you will be stunned and delighted with the helping hands offered. In the meantime you need a way of coping on the inside. I like Betty Shine’s Mind Medicine meditation very much and it is on YouTube.

  31. Thanks for your fascinating article Jessica, What can you see in my chart as I have a Cancer stellium? I have an Aquarius/Leo nodal situation..does that take the heat off this karmic pattern?

    1. Cancer factors from 27 to 2 suggest you will spend now through 2019 and 2020 dealing with important questions about your homeland, home town, house, garden, apartment and sense of belonging to a place, as well as a person. Of course, your family or household will also be at the centre of your search. This is karmic in nature, so a great deal of what you are set to experience suggests prior incarnations. There may be some issues here about patriotism, or identity expressed through a sense of place. You have known these cities, villages, towns or countries before and it is very common for people who were in the military in either world war to come back, to explore loyalties again. You can take your time with this.

  32. Thank you Louisa. If you would like to pursue an art course, you are doing so at the best time as Jupiter (growth, expansion, opportunity) is only in Sagittarius (education) once every 12 years. You are strongly Cancerian and would have a strong feeling for landscape or the history of art, actually. September 2019 is a long way off, though. I’m sure you can study at your own leisure before you even begin. The National Gallery online is pretty amazing…

  33. Dear Jessica,
    Please tell me more about man (birthday December 19, 1972) and his connection to me???
    Thank you..

    1. The answer is children. You don’t say if he is a parent or not. This man will be making all his decisions about love and sex, based on his attitude towards being a father. For example, some men do not want children, even if they cannot admit it, and fall in love with post-menopausal women who make children impossible! Some men want children very much yet do not want the responsibility and will pursue women, even if they are unsuitable long-term partners, because they know an unplanned pregnancy may result, yet they would be free to go and leave the woman with the child. There are many examples of this, but everything this man does in 2019, especially in March and June, will reflect what he wants from sons or daughters. Or not.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this insightful article. I am huge believer of Nodal Astrology. Being a North Node Taurus, I often look up some Taurus traits and ask myself what would a Taurus do in this situation? Many times I come up with innovative answers. I repeatedly find it true that Nodes reveal that which is “fate” and simply cannot be avoided – whether success or failure.

    Speaking of success, I am planning to complete two important exams preferably before 2018 end. Any dates you would recommend for me to schedule these two exams? I am a Virgo Sep 17, 1984. Thanks again 🙂

    1. If you can schedule your exams in the final week of December (after December 24th) you will be much better off. Mercury will be moving normally in Sagittarius, which rules academia. Mercury is the planet which rules all paperwork, of course. He is also alongside Jupiter for the first time in 12 years, again in the sign of Sagittarius. You might also look at January, when we have Venus also in Sagittarius alongside Jupiter.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for a super article. What does it mean if my ascendant is in cancer and have hygeia and salacia in Capricorn?

    Thanks so much!

    1. The Ascendant is far less important than people suppose. It is based on a strictly accurate birth time, which is not always possible, so people often get it wrong. More vitally, your Ascendant is just your calling card. Your wardrobe. Perhaps, your body shape and type. Your reputation. It’s not really about your inner self, so the North Node in Cancer is not going to have a huge impact. Yet, the South Node in Capricorn will most certainly pass your Tenth House placements, so you can expect karma from about 19 years ago to return. What you did right, in terms of a new or old colleague, employer, client and so on will come back to help you. You may also see an uncanny replay of an issue from around 19 years ago, with a particular project or role.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your wonderful reports.
    My birth date is 2july 1981. My sun sign is therefore cancer.
    In 2017 I was retrenched from my dream job of 10 years. I never saw it coming.
    Only 2 weeks ago I was called for a new job an start next week.
    I still feel very connected to my last company and feel like I will one day go back there.
    Could this be past life karma , cancer nodes affecting me?
    Would appreciate your insight.

    1. Cancer Sun people like you are coming to the end of the most unpredictable career cycle of their lives, as Uranus slowly prepares to leave Aries and your Tenth House of work, in March 2019. I am very sorry you were retrenched, RM. This has nothing to do with the Cancer North Node but everything to do with Uranus. He is being replaced by Chiron, the teacher, in 2019 and beyond. In fact, there is a new era beginning, as you can see with your job offer. There will be a person or organisation here who educates you. You will be shown that nothing is impossible. Life will become far more predictable with less chopping and changing, from March 2019.

  37. Hello, Jessica.
    The article was full of excellent information–as usual!–and very helpful, as I have a Cancer sun at 0 degrees and a Cancer stellium. My question is for my goddess-daughter, who has North Node Cap 21 and South Node Cancer 21. Unlike J.F.K. (thank you for that discussion!), she is neither rich nor blessed with a supportive family. She is a young (May 02, 1991) Taurean witch and highly gifted Tarot reader who has been struggling both with classic Cancer South Node issues (a disapproving, conservative birth family who condemns her path) and North Node Capricorn issues (a manipulative male co-worker who wants her job and a boss who is more likely to believe men than women). She has rejected Capricorn energy all her life, always preferring to turn to feminine/Goddess energy of her South Node. What can I tell her about how this transit is going to affect her? Right now she doesn’t want to use any Capricornian gifts at all! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Any Taurus woman born in 1991 is on the path of career transformation, and she will have the smallest clue about her future path in February 2019. A new beginning then may not seem like much, but from Christmas 2020 it will become clear that it mattered. From 2023 she could easily use her psychic ability in either a straight job – even politics or business. If she chooses the path of full-time Tarot then the time to learn is now through 2022. If she can use her self-control to learn what is necessary she will become empowered and it will help her future success. She has incarnated with a father, co-worker and boss playing those roles, so that she can (actually) learn about men. Why they are, as they are, and how she will be able to help them later on. Keeping a journal would really help her, if she doesn’t do so already.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Great article! I believe that I have a stellium in Cancer. What does the North Node mean for me? Is this about my daughter born in 09/2000 or my home? I hope that Amazon moving to VA will increase the value of my home so that I can finally sell it. I feel so stuck with this house.

    1. This is actually about your daughter and your home. You are ‘owed’ karmically from about 19 years ago, and like magic, Amazon announce a move, and you find that the value of your home goes up as a result. It’s funny how a town can owe you, as much as a person. Your daughter has known you before in one or more lifetimes and you two have a contract with each other, made between lives, to help each other in this lifetime. You will see why in 2019 and 2020, and then the karma is over for another 19 years.

  39. Thanks for another interesting post. I am Taurus and have 4+ factors in Cancer.

    With regards to hometown & homeland in the previous North Node in Cancer periods :
    – I moved to a different country for work in 2000.
    – I moved from my birthplace to a different city in 1980. What happened with my education in 1981-83 period ensured that my parents stay did not move back to my birthplace even when the situation got tough in the new city.

    Please provide an insight of what I can expect in this cycle of North Node in Cancer.


    1. It sounds as if you will sort out the karma with your parents from 1981-1983 as there are spiritual ‘loans’, debts and repayments, rewards and soul budgets to balance. You are having a classic Cancer-Capricorn pattern in your chart and in 2019 will find a familiar theme. This theme will either be leaving home and moving on in life, thus separating yourself from where you come from – or the reverse – putting your career and social position second, and putting the family first. You’ve done this before but this time round the Node will show you a different angle, as you evolve.

  40. Thanks Jessica. I’ve read this over and over and can only think this means it’s back to school for me, where I was 19 years ago. I’ve been considering it for some time, but I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, and because it’s PhD I need to be really self-motivated. I’ve been hedging because in many ways I’d rather work, it’s just that the situation I’m in means it’s hard for me to do work I really want to do. I’ve noted all my factors and when the North Node will cross, but also wondering what they mean in particular for me – i.e. Saturn (a hard planet, right?!), Juno, Aesculapia, Vulcano etc.

    1. You have Neptune at 9 Sagittarius too in your Ninth House of education and academia, and Jupiter will cross that shortly. This is an opportunity to escape from the real world by studying – and you’ve not had that kind of open door for 12 years. It’s up to you, but I’d say you would be very tempted by one particular course.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I have all kinds of Cancer factors in my fourth house. My family is “fractured “ , to say the very least. My parents are divorced. I have a very difficult relationship with my mother. Not because of their divorce, other issues. I am close with my dad. My sister and I have not spoken in 13 years, nor has she spoken to my father. I have been the adult my entire life in my family. I am at peace with some aspects of the situation, not all. I do know that I have tried,and I am learning how to put myself first.
    New opportunities are arriving ( I think), with me going back to school in my early 40’s. Getting over a bad relationship as well. Looking forward to new chapters on every level.
    It is also scary, I am not going to sugarcoat that. Any insights that I am on the right path. Paths are never straight, honestly I don’t want them to be. I would like to be headed in the right direction though. It has been a very challenging last few years.
    Thanks so much.

    1. You are doing exactly the right thing by going back to school, later in life. Superb timing. Starting now (in an uncertain, faltering way) you will gather speed from Christmas and be delightfully on your way in January 2019. This is more than just conventional education. You will find your mind expands with the most fantastic new lessons about life, the universe and everything – which help you so much spiritually as well. You will have an unforgettable year and a future trip, or even a relocation, will come about as a result of one face you meet.

      1. That sounds amazing! One face? I am intrigued…
        In regards to this past relationship I was in, I can’t figure out if it is really over. It seemed like we were designed to be together. I had no doubt. I felt it from the very beginning . Then it was a disaster ( after 5 years)He has tried to get back in my life over the past few months. I am skeptical if he is telling the truth, etc. He has done this before, but this time I cut him out of my life for 9 months.
        I won’t let anything derail all of the work I have done on myself, and I am so excited about the new year.
        Thanks for answering my original message. I am trying to figure out my birth chart stuff. Fun, but intense.
        Oh, the ex is a Libra. 10/21/84 not sure of birth time. 10 years younger than myself.
        It is such a random thing that I clicked on your link. Physics, mythology, philosophy . I love that stuff. Going to school for surgical technology. I am quite the mix of dreamer/practical. It’s interesting to say the least. I am finally getting my groove back, and the dreamer part is coming out again. My sense of wonder is returning. Does that make sense?

        1. Your former lover is a Libra who is going through the very end of the Uranus cycle in the Seventh House of love, partnership, sex and marriage. It began in 2011 and is over for good in March 2019. During this period relationships have to transform radically to survive, but they often break up. From March 2019 there are love lessons for this person about what is impossible, unthinkable or outrageous. There is no such word as ‘never’ and even temporary obstacles will not do much to impede the grand experiments of 2019, 2020 and beyond.

  42. Thanks for the article, as always. You mentioned mainly about house, apartment, family, household, home town or homeland when dealing with North Node entering Cancer. Does it also related to career development and money matters? Actually last time right after North Node entered Cancer in April 2000, I was employed by a huge bank. That’s the turning point of my career development and hence my financial situation. Another matter worth mentioning is just a few weeks after the North Node left Cancer, I earned a professional certification in Dec 2001, but it didn’t have any immediate effect, until Dec 2011 this certification alone enables me to do jobs at a higher level. Is there any indication this time when North Node entering Cancer this time, will repeat this pattern which further boost my career? My last job ended in July 2017 and I’m still jobless now. Thanks for your advice.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the North Node going into Cancer (which rules property, family and home town) is always opposite the South Node, automatically, so that falls in Capricorn (which rules your career). That would explain why the last North Node cycle in Cancer in 2000, coincided with a large bank hiring you – the other Node was of course in Capricorn, at the same time. I’m sorry you are still jobless. Everything you achieved back then will reward you in 2019, 2020 karmically. Your ultimate role will be an escape from the real world. Not most people’s idea of ‘real’ at all. You’ll benefit from getting everything in writing with employers and reading the fine print in February, March 2019. Allow for changes and delays then.

  43. Dear Jessica, Thank you for the great article.
    . My north node is capricorn in house 2 retrograde and south node in cancer house 8. Jupiter is in Capricorn2°02’19 in house 1. Saturn is at the 7th house retrograde Finally my ascendant is Saggitarius.
    Looking back, My son was born on 2001. I had started my business on 2000. How wolud you inoth node in cancer affect me?

    1. I use a different house system to you, so I need to spin the chart. Your North Node is in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Your South Node is in Cancer in the Fourth House of property, family, town and country. You also have Jupiter in the Tenth House of career. Essentially, you are headed for a dramatic transformation of your ambitions, position, role and title in 2019, 2020 and this would hark back to karma you collected from your business start-up in 2000. You could easily head in a totally different professional direction, accept a new job, or switch your lifestyle.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I have the nodes in reverse. Which area of my life would be impacted? There are a couple of new romantic prospects developing, but, it is too early to call them anything. 2018 has been a big year for me – very productive. New job, better salary, new apartment. I am planning to buy a house next year. Hopefully it works out – both with the house as well as a partner.

    Thanks Much!

    1. You have the North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer, and we now have the North Node in Cancer conjunct your South Node, and the South Node in Capricorn, conjunct your North Node! Viridity, you will make your choice about buying a house in 2019 based on your career (and you will reshape your career, based on your desire to buy a house). There will be a lot of negotiating with yourself here, into 2020 as well, because you will need to figure out what you are prepared to do for the money, but also how much you are prepared to compromise over regarding your success, in order to feel completely at home in your living space. You have two potential lovers as well? Nothing is really resolved yet, but you will know more from Christmas Day. February will find you making an important choice about your former, current or potential partner. Long-term, when Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023, you will be able to enter into a marriage or partnership where you both share the power – and are a real power couple, actually. The trick is knowing how to balance the controls together.

  45. Dear Jessica,
    Please tell me more about man (birthday December 19, 1972) and his connection to me???
    He has two children 8 and 10 and he just told me that conversation with me is just conversation…
    He said you may thought is something more, but conversation is conversation…
    But why conversation and teasing and all that from October 31 to November 21….
    Why me…
    Please tell me more as you are spot on…
    Thank you…
    Love you very much…

    1. Yes, the Jupiter position is important because Jupiter in Cancer reveals the need to give back, with/through the family, but also with/through houses, apartments, the home town or homeland. Depending on how much you did for others about 19 years ago, the Node crossing Jupiter will give you karmic rewards. There is usually a feeling with Jupiter that ‘I have enough’ or ‘I don’t want/need any more’ and while this is true, you also have to be open to delightful surprises. The Node on your Sun is different – you will experience this long before the Jupiter transit – and it’s really about your identity within the family, or your identity in terms of your property or home town/homeland. This will likely take you back into previous lifetimes, actually. You and a certain person/place go back a very long way indeed.

  46. Wow, this was an excellent report with so much detail, thank you Jessica. As you can see from my birth chart, I have a stellium in Cancer including Saturn, IC and the south node – pretty serious karma coming my way i think? This makes me quite anxious as this year has already been quite tough for me in terms of career (plus self-image/rejection issues with Uranus in Aries – cannot wait for that to be over). It’s true that my family have made me what I am, but that has meant working really hard this year to undo the self-confidence issues that came from my family (my father is a Capricorn and struggled with his confidence and career all his life). So to me, this stands out as my family karmic pattern. Added to that, I work in natural medicine, a field which is constantly undermined by certain organisations and government, so I’m wary of any possible Capricorn affect in 2020. I would love to use my Leo-ness to demonstrate to my sons you can succeed in your career of choice! What can you recommend for me during this long karmic period?

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like your 2019 report. Your Cancer stellium will certainly bring karma from around 19 years ago, and even further back, but karma is about rewards collected as much as it is, about you gaining closure with people or places. It sounds as if you have a complex family. You are also in natural medicine and concerned about that industry and its status. Let’s have a closer look. There will in fact be quite a long process of negotiation about your house, relative, apartment, home town, homeland or flatmate – right through to the end of January 2019. You may feel as if you’re going backwards and forwards. That’s okay. These things take time. You may also find a couple of items on that list are in focus at the same time, so this may be about renovations, say – and your mother. Or, home repairs and a campaign in your home town to conserve a building. In any case, it’s just a question of putting one foot in front of the other until February arrives and you get a breather. You’ll end up in quite a powerful position in the end, but the whole issue of who or what is in control, must be sorted out. On a work level, you are seeing the first small signs of what will ultimately be quite a revolution in the way you operate, and your prospects are exciting – there is some aspect of what you already do that stops you from being wholly free. That will not be there beyond 2019 and certainly not from 2020.

  47. Dear Jessica, after reading your article I am curious about how true node cancer affects my son. Born 2001, he has True Node Cancer in 9th house, Jupiter in cancer in 9th house, Mercury in Cancer in 10th house .MC cancer in 10th house. He is a Leo with Libra asc. He will graduate on 2020 and wants to study overseas with a very hard work waiting for his till 2020.Many thanks in advance

    1. You are using a different house system to me, so I need to spin your son’s chart. He has the North Node, Jupiter, Mercury and M.C. in Cancer in the Fourth House. He wants to study overseas? That would fit the transits of 2019, 2020 as he will have to make the tough choice to leave home for new pastures, or stay put – but pass up future success. What he’ll find, about 19 years from now, is that he is given the chance to make the same choice, but in a new way.

  48. Thank you Elizabeth. The rollercoaster will be back with us in March 2019 and become a way of life thereafter, so we all need to learn how to swing with it! Merry Christmas.

  49. Your sharing of nodes has helped me a great deal in my mental state. I am definitely born into this and my Mum (in Nz) won’t change but yes I have choices & I will & can and things will lighten, lift & become nicer.
    ThankU Jessica. As im unsure my birth time (told very early in the morning as dad made it for work in time back in 1971, in New Zealand) I always thought I was mainly Gemini (as I’m still useless in understanding how to read my chart).
    But I’m definitely here in these nodes & it’s happening right as I write U.
    LOvely things for home & moving for grateful freedom is signed & sealed w partner & I.
    Last week I also made a huge spiritual & physical leap of owning up to my abusive behaviour towards my partner (yes, u never hear about it but I’m the female! & I contemplate sharing my steps each day I pray to keep my strength to change as I want to, need to, & over this horrible other state I glaze/change over to) as enough is enough at my age.
    I’m very lucky that my amazing beautiful man is relieved that I have taken ownership (literally only 5days ago) & is helping me.
    Im goin2 to see an amazing woman who helps in spiritual kinesiology, so a good start.
    Also please, my last partner (17/2/1971) from 1994-2004) I’ve been trying to make contact to say “I’m Sorry”. Would it be possible to ask of U to keep doing so? I’ve caused him a lot of hurt & that I’m praying for his forgiveness, that he may have health and happiness with his strength & choices.
    So yes I’m thankful 4 these nodes extremely & know I need to step up.
    So I kindly ask U of any more insights for myself would be greatly appreciated.
    Yours Sincerely

    1. You are an unusual person, in that you are recognising your own mistakes and the need to say sorry. You are, in fact, clearing your own karma during these North Node and South Node cycles. Please do pursue this, with the Aquarian as well as your current partner. Writing letters is one way. Even if the letter does not find the person (Return to Sender) you have written it and it has been ‘heard’ on some level by your guides and his. But do aim for contact, if you possibly can. It is not unusual for the person to turn up out of the blue. If you ask your guides, they may try to organise this. Then you have your chance to say sorry, face to face.

  50. Wow Jessica … what a fascinating read !
    I have North node at 24 Virgo & my South node at 24 Pisces .. I’m realky not sure what this means but it doesn’t sound good.
    Any insights you can share with me would be so very appreciated.

    I love your work and the generosity with which you share your gift is inspiring.
    Thank you

    1. The North Node is a symbol of past life repetition. You agree to come back to this lifetime, partly to go over and over the same issues, so that you develop your sense of humour, your acceptance, your tolerance – and use the North Node almost as an excuse to become a finer human being. It’s not negative, but it is repetitive, so it’s common to feel as if you’re going round and round. Born with the North Node in Virgo in your Sixth House, this is about your daily workload, your sense of service to others and your commitment to doing your duty. You also have Pluto in Virgo, so your instinct is to take control. In this lifetime, with paid work, unpaid work and housework, your lesson is to understand that passion is great, but dominating others is not. If you think back to the final week of August and first three weeks of September of any year, you will soon see particular life episodes about this which reveal the theme to you. The South Node in Pisces is in your Twelfth House. The South Node is about easier repetition – it feels more relaxed – yet it is still a replay of what you did in another life. The Twelfth House is about keeping secrets, covering things up, operating behind the scenes, and dealing with your unconscious mind (the mind which dreams) as well as your astral body, which is sometimes called the etheric or light body. You have Mars, Chiron and Cupido also in Pisces in the Twelfth House, so it’s terribly important to you. A great deal of who you are, is below the surface, like an iceberg. You need time alone and should aim to have at least A Room of One’s Own, to quote Virginia Woolf, or at least a good chunk of your spare time spent away from others. The two Nodes work together in a loop. Thus, you have to figure out your duty to other people – your need to serve – by honouring your great need to live in a world of secrets, mysteries and solitude. Some people do this by becoming Tarot readers. Virgo rules the body, as does the Sixth House, so the last thing, but most important thing, is that your mind, body and spirit cannot be separated and it will often be your spirit that pushes your body in a particular direction. Again, this is past life stuff. You may have experienced an incarnation as a housemaid, for example, where the service you performed was not something your soul could accept, so you developed housemaid’s knee and were dismissed! That’s just one possibility. If you are really curious about the Nodes do look them up further on Search and also track the final week of February, first three weeks of March of any year, as at this time you will also be shown what you need to know and see about your Pisces side too.

  51. Ha 111 thoughts before me, Nice! Thank you for this I have just spent the last 1 hr researching when the nodes return for me which is the 3/3/22 and has Vesta, Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunct and Jupiter Moon, Sun conjunct on my Pars Fortuna. I’ll be putting that into my diary.

    1. It’s worth the research. The Nodes are far more important than many people realise, but it can take years to see that the whole arc of the life is described by them. The individual stories about yourself and your world are like the chapters but the Nodes are the full story – the biggest plotline.

    2. I just noticed that my first and third children (both Rats) have Mars Venus conjunctions in their natal charts.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    So very interesting to read this article (and so many of your others)! I am a bit nervous for a return to the time period from April 10th, 2000 to October 13th, 2001 since it was a tumultuous time for me on nearly all levels. Can you shed some light on what I might be dealing with this this return? I have my NorthNode at 26° Capricorn 02′ 54″ R and SouthNode at 26° Cancer 02′ 54″ R.

    Thank you, very much appreciated,

    1. The turmoil of 2000, 2001 was not about this particular cycle, so there is nothing to be concerned about. You were going through another astrological transit at that time, which will not repeat. You do, however, have your Capricorn-Cancer chart axis triggered now, in 2019 and 2020, when you will reshape your career, unpaid work or course. Being a realist about your town, your country, your family and your property situation is a very good idea. There is no point denying what is going on, or where things are at. Thus, 2019 and 2020 are years of compromise, as you try to make things fit. Putting the jigsaw puzzle together will mean reframing the picture you have of success and what it means to you. You’ll see reshuffles in your workplace, the volunteer sector or at university repeatedly, with people being moved sideways, down or out – as well as all the way up. This affects your own life and will mean more puzzling over the jigsaw – yet by Christmas 2020 the picture is complete.

  53. Dear Jessica ,
    Thank you for this great article ,
    Hopefully this will bring some relief after some tough months , 19 years back my work was great , and I hope some of that magic comes back …
    we left our rental earlier in the month and sharing home temporarily with another mom from school , have found a rental no of the house is 83 , first impression or my instinct wasn’t very great but don’t have other options yet , if we were to move there ( no 83 ) will it be ok for us .. is this the home for us . the owner lady lives in the front part of the house and i have known her a bit since I was pregnant 13 years ago , her ex husband is known to my ex ( that is my one concern ) will everything be ok ? I will be so grateful if you could please let me know what you think . I value your opinion more than anyone else I know , many thanks for your valuable time .
    Kind regards

    1. The situation with your home is still too early to call, but there are some really interesting new possibilities and opportunities for your lifestyle as a whole, which would have been there since 1st November. In fact, you’ve got a couple of choices here in terms of enjoying a better daily routine with the right bathroom and kitchen space (for a start) but also good options locally for your health and fitness. So, this goes beyond a home for you. It’s really about living better, day to day. The final outcome will be clear from Christmas and there’s an agreement in January. Thank you for the compliment.

      1. Thank you Jessica , this is amazing wow , to my son and I having the right bathrooms and kitchen means so much , that keeps us feeling fine through the day … you are spot on when you mention that .
        I have just been offered a job 🙂 this morning , had interviews past two weeks , this being the retrograde season … hope it all goes well , please pray for us that I can keep this job , I really need it to get finances back on track .
        Your insights give me so much hope , that we will find the right place for us , much love and blessings .
        Thank you so much .
        Kind regards

        1. Well done about the job offer. This sounds in line with your horoscope. In fact, you are now in a cycle when even if this is not your ultimate option for 2019, another even better offer would come along, if so. I think this sounds right, though. You will know for sure from Christmas.

  54. Hi Jessica, thanks for such an insightful article. Was able to directly connect it to my life. I have the north node in Aries and South in Libra. I feel like I haven’t been able to use it to the fullest. The libra part of my chart strongly conflicts with the Sag elements. What is the conundrum within my north and south node that I actually need to resolve so that I can fully experience the positive effects. I also want to know how Jupiter in Sag can help me with my working life and also with my partner search. I have several journeys coming up. Thanks so much and wish you happy holidays. Warm Regards, Sanam. Ps – my only element in Cancer is Minerva.

    1. I am glad you can connect this to your life. Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius in your Ninth House suggest 2019 will be a big year for you. There is some healing to be done from previous difficulties you had with a particular nationality or foreign country. This would have been many years ago, when Pluto crossed Saturn and Uranus in your horoscope. Next year you can fix and repair what needs attention. This will make your journeys a lot more meaningful. I recommend you look up Uranus, Saturn and the Ninth House on Search and in your ebooks as they will come alive in your chart as Jupiter passes over them.

      1. THanks so much Jessica! Although, how does the Sag-related stuff connect to my nodes. I’m already refreshing my foreign connections in a positive way – some of which worked out and others didn’t in the past. As you mentioned “the dragon eats it’s tail and the 8 is not a loop”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. With Aries I feel like I’m at war with people/situations that want me to balance – but only because I think a balancing act leads nowhere for anyone; I’m not too concerned about personal wins. Any idea as to how I can use the nodes better? Would not like to create situations in which I owe people in the future. Thanks so much again, Sanam.

        1. Sanam, you have a stellium or unusually high cluster in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, study, teaching, publishing, emigration, foreigners and the worldwide web. It is being triggered, slowly but surely, and although one situation has gone round in circles or been held up since 1st November, from Christmas Eve it begins to take firm shape. By January you will have reached agreement. This is the first in a chain of opportunities in 2019 and you will find that the transit of Jupiter and Ceres through Sagittarius and your Ninth House is far more important, even than the North Node in Cancer. One may affect the other, perhaps, so you will move or switch countries. That’s your choice. Even if you don’t do that, you will still be in close touch with people from other cultures and countries and learning so much.

          1. Wonderful! Thanks so much Jessica! I’m really looking forward to your 2019 annual forecast for every sign. I’m also so excited about Jupiter in Sag. I feel like it’s only karmic that I take advantage of it and also spin it around for other people. Have a fab holiday season, Sanam.

  55. So very interesting to read this article, thank you Jessica! I am very nervous for a return to the time period from April 10th, 2000 to October 13th, 2001 since it was a time when my father passed away (April 29th, 2000). Can you shed some light on what I might be dealing with this return? I hope I have done with karma, I have my North Node at 27° Cancer 40′ R and South Node at 27° Capricorn 40′. Also I have plenty Cancer factors in my birth chart, Moon at 5° Cancer 24′, Saturn at 27° Cancer 44′ and DESC at 1° Cancer 49′. I am also Capri rising at 1° 49, with Venus at 20 ° Capricorn 40′ and Mercury at 26 ° Capricorn 47′ in my 1st house too. Warm regards, Elle

    1. I am sorry you lost your father on this last cycle. The Node does not mean the same thing will happen again. Far from it. But you will be able to accept his loss in a new way and move on – also in a new way. You are strongly Cancerian, of course, Elle and family, kin, a sense of belonging to your culture, country, history and place is very important to your emotional wellbeing. The Node going through Cancer will absolutely return you to the past, not only with family but also with where you come from. That way lies closure.

  56. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your Blogs and responses to the Comments. It always helps us readers. I am a Cancerian born July 8 1982 and was 17 years of age during 2000-2001. I have been living away from my hometown for 13 years (even in another province in Canada (originally from Canada) for 8.5 years of the 13 years) and moved back to my hometown and mothers house (where I grew up) 1 year ago. Although the move was contemplated for a few years, it was sudden. I felt pulled to my hometown. My relationship with my mother (aries) has never been healthy. We love each other but can never seem to make it work. Now we are living together where I am constantly reminded of my childhood in relation to her. Upon arrival to my mothers (hometown) house, I had a stellar resume and work experience (after living away) but now am struggling to re-enter my industry (real estate development). I feel that I have lost my voice, the voice I always had to succeed while living ‘away’. In the past year, I have only taken mediocre jobs just to pay the bills leaving me with nothing more. I have also put myself very much in debt. My depression has risen to a point I have never experienced before because my work has always been my success. Although I am a cancerian, I am very strong in business. My mother and I have reached a point that she may move out and move on which would leave me carrying all the costs if I were to stay in the house. I don’t have a job that could cover all the costs. I also uprooted my boy ( a maine coon cat that is 9-10 years of age that only had 1 home his entire life). My fear is that I will have to uproot him again or fear that we may not have a home (because I fear I cannot fight my depression to cover all the costs). There are jobs in my career that could cover the costs but with how the past year has been in my career, I fear I won’t be able to get them. This has been the toughest part of my career/life. Any advice to where I should go or look/what I should do? I need to start to move forward. Wherever/whatever that may be. Thank you.

    1. I am very sorry you are living with depression. Do you know the Black Dog website? It is a very good resource. You are dealing with a serious illness that is affecting how you see both your mother and the situation with your cat. I assume you are already seeing a doctor to help you. You will have answers for your condition in the final week of December, into January and in fact in 2019 as a whole. This is the right time to try and find the right treatment for your illness. The work issues you have are tied to the situation with your mother, your house, money and of course your animal companion. It goes round in a loop doesn’t it, but the first and most important thing is that you have a cycle not possible in 12 years to get the right advice, help, support and answers for your mental health. I know it is easy for me to say and hard for you to do, but start reaching out and researching your options from Christmas Eve. You don’t mention your father but he is a big part of this story even if he is not with you both. You will find you have good work options in 2019, either part-time or full-time, better lifestyle choices and real options also with your cat. You will be given the opportunities and the doors will open but you have to do the rest. Please look at meditation and try Indian or Tibetan ways of meditating. There are free YouTube videos and other resources online and probably at your library. You cannot currently travel, but you can travel in your mind. That would make a huge difference to how you feel. Your entire life will change from Christmas 2020 and particularly from 2023 in respect of your money and home, and you will have new control for the first time in your life. That is a long way off but for the moment please use the amazing trends of 2019 which begin within days and take every single thing you are given as a key, to open a door. You will have so many keys within months, regarding your wellbeing, health, lifestyle, day-to-day situation, and your animal friend. Not every answer is the one you think you ‘should’ have, it may be something that was never actually on your list, but see it for what it is and please take it, as you do not get this cycle again for another 12 years. Have a look at yoga as well, please. That is another tried, tested and trusted way for some people to deal with their depression and of course it comes from India, which also fits the cycle. Peace be with you.

  57. HI Jessica. You are amazing for replying to me. Thank you. I I have just a few more questions for you, concerning what you wrote me. Do you see that my cat and I will have to move? You mentioned I will receive news about my condition in the final week of December. What part of my condition are you referring to? You talk about a key with my animal friend. What does this mean? You also talk about real options with my cat. What does this mean? Thank you for your support in my current mental health struggle. Peace be with you too.

    1. It’s a pleasure. It’s hard to see a move, without knowing the chart for you (which I do not have) and your mother. I can absolutely tell you that your depression can and will be eased by new options, fresh possibilities, untried answers – beginning from Boxing Day, December 26th – and being rolled out for you to try throughout 2019. The ‘key’ is symbolic. A special person or organisation will provide the key, for you to open the door to useful change, involving your cat friend. Please trust the future. You only get this Jupiter cycle, which is so fortunate, every 12 years. Remember that you will be given the key (the answer) to make things better but it is you who have to ‘open the door’ so to speak. Yet it will be there.

  58. Thank you Jessica. I will trust the future. Your replies to me have been my ‘gift’ this holiday season. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

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