Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018

What are the top five true astrology predictions made in 2018? These date-stamped horoscope forecasts made at least 3 months in advance include a crisis for Goldman Sachs and a Mastercard deal.

Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018

What came true in 2018? As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look at the top five true astrology predictions seen on this website – these forecasts were made at least 3 months in advance and in one case, 19 months before headlines happened.  Let’s begin by looking at the horoscope for Goldman Sachs.


“In April 2017 it is possible to make a prediction, in writing, that Goldman Sachs will go through a massive crisis between 2018 and 2020, that changes it forever, or even brings it to an end.”


CNBC: “Goldman is tracking for its worst month in six years. Scandal-plagued Goldman Sachs has sunk deep into a bear market.”

GOLDMAN SACHS e1543178071474 600x351 - Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018



“14th, 15th, 16th May 2018 will see the beginning of a financial revolution. It may be the launch of a new crypto-currency, the start of an investigation into banks or similar. There will be shocks and perhaps electrical storms in the cities where the revolution begins.”


Trump’s annual financial disclosure released, admitting he reimbursed Michael Cohen for a payment to Stormy Daniels. Severe storms with damaging winds forecast for Washington. See clips from The Washington Post and Fox, below.



What goes down with currency, bankers and the world economy across 22nd, 23rd, 24th May 2018 is going to alter your life. For the best? Yes.


United Kingdom Government: “Her Majesty The Queen has given Royal Assent to the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act.”

QUEEN - Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018




“On 31st October, 2018 Halloween will see the old banking systems spooked.”

Reuters: Fed sets October 31st meeting to vote on bank deregulation rules.”

BANKS SPOOKED 1 e1543178161275 600x443 - Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018


“Watch the historic trine from Saturn (reality, life lessons) in Capricorn (the top 1%, the system, the establishment) to Uranus (freedom, invention, independence, revolution) in Taurus (currency, savings, debt) on August 27th, 2018. You can allow a few days either side. This has not happened in our lifetime. Because it falls at 2 degrees, it will have a tremendous impact on Australian banks in particular, but also Mastercard, Visa and Amex. Fantastic plastic.”

BBC 31st August: “Google and Mastercard in credit card data deal.”

AUG 27 1 e1543178247540 600x493 - Top 5 True Astrology Predictions 2018

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10 Responses

  1. Brilliant Jessica – well done!

    Had no idea of the Mastercard / Google agreement which only became clear end August 2018 – missed that! What sneaky, nefarious behaviour! Going on for over a year and no one bothered to tell their customers – of which I am one. I know it was US based but you can bet it will be over here before long. OK – rant over. I wonder if the agreement was signed on the eclipse in August 2017? What do you think? It could be an earlier eclipse as, according to reports I read, both org’s had been discussing it for a number of years.

    So, they both made a great deal of money on this (Jupiter in Scorpio) but that run of luck seems over as tech stock bombed this week – touch of karma if you ask me! I re read your blog on Mercury retrograde (May I think) when you mentioned Mastercard as one organisation that could be affected, “Prediction – The apparent done deals and safe bets of big business, the banks and government treasurers between October 29th and 31st, 2018 are misleading. The mood then will be optimistic. Yet, between December 1st and 12th what was signed or announced will go back to the drawing board and may even be scrapped or completely reversed. It will pull in Mastercard, The CBA, Barclays, Natwest and The Standard Bank.” It will be very interesting to see what happens to Mastercard From December 1st onwards.
    We’d all be the more myopic without your, and others like you, generous input.

    Cheers x

    1. Thank you. The useful thing about astrology is – it cuts through the noise. It tells you what is important. Mastercard and Google is a big deal, according to the cycles we are in. It slipped past us (I certainly did not know about it) and yet this one credit card brand and single search engine have such power. You are quite right about tech stock bombing – everyone who took a ride on Jupiter in Scorpio must now get off! Let’s see what happens when Mercury goes back into Scorpio, December 1st through 12th.

  2. Hi jessica

    I am interested in your use of ‘whoo…ah” and presume it is a dig at the the ‘woo’ or ‘woo-woo’ used by sceptics of new age religion – especially in California. However, I think it probably derives originally from ‘wu-wei’, the ancient Chinese Taoist/Daoist notion of going with the flow. Does astrology suggest we should go with the flow – that things will happen anyway?

    I read the following somewhere, but I forget where. The Tao of Pooh:

    “When we learn to work with our own Inner Nature, and with the natural laws operating around us, we reach the level of Wu Wei. Then we work with the natural order of things and operate on the principle of minimal effort. Since the natural world follows that principle, it does not make mistakes. Mistakes are made–or imagined–by man, the creature with the overloaded Brain who separates himself from the supporting network of natural laws by interfering and trying too hard.”

    So minimal effort and ‘go with the flow of the planets’. Any thoughts?

    PS I love your articles – especially on Brexit.

    1. Thank you! Actually, I read that as ‘Whoaaa!’ which is really about the accuracy of astrology as a timing device. It really is incredible how we can use this alternative calendar to predict the future. I love The Tao of Pooh, by the way. I completely agree that we should try to go where the transits are taking us. It’s like rowing on the right current. Brexit’s flow is currently interrupted by Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius. It will restart from Christmas Eve and we should try and catch those tides. We only see joyful Jupiter in Sagittarius, the foreign affairs sign, once every 12 years and it’s such a problem-solver!

  3. Hi Jessica I really look forward to all your posts and have been actively planning and working with your prediction dates. So a very big well done and thank you is in order! There was something in one of the above posts about the tech stock bombing last week – which it did big time. I know Jupiter is out of Scorpio but Mercury is going back into Scorpio and aspecting those points again in December, any thoughts or advice on what that may trigger in terms of the same tech stock issues?

    1. Thank you. I wrote a number of posts quite a long time ago about Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you are curious about these date-stamped predictions you could go back and look at the timing. The real story will begin from March 2019 as Uranus (the revolution) slowly starts to go across 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus and thus sweep right across the ‘birth’ horoscopes of so many big banks and credit card companies. For the moment, what we are going to see is that the moves people were making at Halloween were not the end of the story and it will be rewritten in the first two weeks of December. Anyone who assumed the mood of optimism or the natural protection ring-fencing everything would be sustained may have to revise that, because we now have Mercury Retroshadow going right across Scorpio (shares, banks) and no more Jupiter in Scorpio to assist. Mercury is a symbol of trading (merchandise, merchants derive from the word) and when he goes back and forth like this, so does the action out there. Longer-term what goes down in December on the markets will be behind the revolution from March 2019. That goes on for years!

      1. Thanks Jessica I’ve read all of those brilliant blogs you mentioned I just couldn’t work out if the retrograde of Mercury back into Scorpio and the 8th house may reverse the tech stocks in some way? However from your writing I’m now completely fascinated to watch it all unfold. Interestingly the Brexit vote in Parliament has just been announced as the 11th December smack bang in the middle of this Mercury retrograde loop? President Trump announced yesterday that the Teresa May deal looks good for the EU but not the UK and may prevent a trade deal with the US, which I realise at this stage is just noise. Would be very and interesting and helpful to know your astrological thoughts on this.

        1. Thank you. To predict a reversal of tech stocks you would need the company chart and the C.E.O. horoscope too. To be honest, I only looked at Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg – I didn’t consider Google, Apple or Microsoft. Yet, Facebook and Mark both have a time of reckoning in November. If you want to hit Search you will find I wrote: “There is a great Morrissey song called ‘November Spawned a Monster.’ Well, in November 2018 we get to inspect the monster.” That was predicted on April 21st this year. The issue for investors with Mercury Retroshadow in Scorpio in the first 2 weeks of December is the departure of the bear market. Jupiter is up, big, high, happy, hopeful. In Scorpio he was in the bank and stocks sign for most of 2018. He quit in early November and now we are left with Mercury’s backwards-forwards paperwork and negotiations, without Jupiter. Anyone who was banking on eternal protection or luck will have to wake up in December unfortunately. The dates I used to predict Brexit have been mentioned by another reader who pointed out that September 2019 is the time of the party political conferences for both sides of politics. And right around that crucial date that hits all the old British charts!

  4. Dear Jessica,

    I think you forgot to add a major accurate prediction about the mess that Facebook and it’s founder are currently in. Maybe you should add that to the list.

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