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Mercury Retrograde February-April 2019

From 20th February to 17th April you will experience rescheduling, cancellations and delays as we go through the chaos of Mercury Retrograde. It begins and ends with shadows. How are you affected? Why will tsunamis, storms and floods sweep the world?

The Most Chaotic Mercury Retrograde of 2019

Astrology is like a weather forecast. You use it to plan. Make sure you have back-up plans from 20th February to 17th April. Check your travel and home insurance, and car insurance too. We are up for some unusually chaotic ‘weather’ as Mercury Retrograde and Neptune are both in Pisces together and Chiron moves out of the sign. That’s out of the ordinary.

Mercury, the planet which rules the internet, your telephone and computer, your schedule, your commute and travel plans is about to time some chaos in your life. Be prepared. That is what astrology is for! Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow period, so please take that into account as Google may be giving you the wrong dates.

Always use the retroshadow. It goes for longer than you thought.

Mercury moves forwards, stands still, then goes backwards, then stands still – then repeats himself – across 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees of Pisces from Wednesday 20th February to Wednesday 17th April, 2019. This is crazy behaviour for the planet of communication, transportation and information. And the whole planet will be crazy.

Keep your diary open and flexible because you will be doing a lot of erasing and rescheduling for eight long weeks!

Important – If you are a Premium Member and have your personal birth chart, check to see if you have any factors at Pisces 16 through 29 degrees. If you do, please avoid February 20th to April 17th for anything classified, secret, confidential, behind the scenes or below the surface. Choose another time to cover up, hide or disappear. 

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Why is This Mercury Retrograde So Chaotic?

Why is this Mercury Retrograde so chaotic? Because the planet of confusion – Neptune –  is also at 16, 17 Pisces. Be cautious on February 20th, 21st and March 23rd to 31st, in particular, then April 1st to 4th.

If you can launch something important at any time at all, avoid those dates in particular when Mercury and Neptune line up. In general, for the whole eight-week period, you’re going to see people changing their minds, or changing plans.

I am predicting this on January 2nd, 2019, but between February 20th and April 17th 2019 we will see earthquakes and tsunamis with widespread flooding, around the world along with heavy rainfall, burst rivers and dams. Astrology says ‘Be prepared and check the fine print on your  insurance.’


bigstock Handwritten Text Showing 229686415 600x400 - Mercury Retrograde February-April 2019

World Predictions February 20th to April 17th, 2019 – From Japanese Whale Fails to Facebook

Astrology tells us that between February 20th and April 17th we can expect:

  • People traffickers and migrants on boats to trigger a new crisis in the English Channel.
  • Scallop Wars II as French and British fishermen come to blows over their Brexit rights.
  • Billions of dollars’ worth of damage from U.S. floods, hurricanes and storms.
  • Cloud computing failure – loss of customer data and outages around the world.
  • Multi-millions affected by widespread hacking.
  • Nigel Farage under scrutiny for his secret dealings with Donald Trump and others.
  • More Facebook undercover tactics revealed and a further steep loss in numbers and value.
  • The biggest challenge yet for Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
  • A huge Asia-related drug smuggling bust which makes front pages all over the world.
  • Newspapers scrutinise the budgets, spending and charity activities of Harry and Meghan.
  • Another major spy scandal with smokescreen after smokescreen, in Europe and the USA.
  • Absolute chaos in the Liberal Party in Australia with rumoured spills and re-spills.

What Mercury Retrograde Delivers – Some Good News!

On the plus side, Mercury Retrograde means: Between February 20th and April 17th, 2019, Japan’s plan to start whaling again is a colossal failure. You might call it a Whale Fail. The final results by April 17th, 2019 will be whales 1 and Japan 0, as legal muddles and mess – plus direct action by Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd – save the whales. Not without a clash of sails, though. Expect stormy waters.

What else is this cycle good for? Rethinking, rehearsing, going back over old files and documents – creative brainstorming with a view to a final outcome later. First and second attempts. Space and time to rehash.

February 20th to April 17th will be one of the most chaotic Mercury Retrogrades you’ve seen. Here is how your sign is affected – look up the signs of the people in your life as well, particularly if you work with them. Expect a glitch there. Mercury’s winged sandals are famous but on this cycle, they will be pointing backwards – he’ll be stuck and slow.

bigstock Warsaw Poland July 274000615 600x398 - Mercury Retrograde February-April 2019

What Does Mercury Retrograde 2019 Say For Your Sign?

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Aries – Don’t start or intensify anything secret, classified or confidential now as you are beginning it at the worst possible time. Avoid seances and Ouija boards and particularly witchcraft as the lower astral world is messier now. Check your internet and phone privacy. If you secretly drink or use drugs you’ll be more powerfully affected. Be aware.

Taurus – That group you belong to, or are strongly affected by, will fall into chaos for two months. One of the reasons is a lack of boundaries between yourself and a friend. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix well with these people. Don’t join social media now or start a group. Muddles involving one of the most important networks in your life take 2 months to sort.

Gemini – If you begin a job or project now, or start your studies, get it all in writing and read the fine print. Things are going to change, either in terms of the people, the job or course description or the dates. You will be rescheduling your rescheduling for two months. Absolute confusion over your career or chosen field reigns for 2 months so be aware.

Cancer – Do not travel regionally or overseas now unless you have insurance and are checking weather conditions, computers at the airport and so on – to the day. This is not a good time to publish (or enrol in study or teaching) unless you have Plan B, C and D. Mercury Retrograde makes foreign translation more difficult than usual too.

Leo – Don’t file your tax return now, launch a business or make major purchases or sales, unless you want mess, muddle and rescheduling. This cycle affects your banking so don’t apply for a credit card now or switch banks. Have Plan B and C if you must go ahead. Get it in writing and read the fine print if it involves money as there may be big muddles.

Virgo – Your former, current or potential partner will be confused and confusing at this time. Do not join a dating website unless you want delays or reversals. Keep any enemy, opponent or rival out by strengthening your boundaries and ‘walls.’

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Libra – Look carefully at your intake of prescribed and recreational drugs – and alcohol. The tiniest things will affect your body now and also your mind. Expect rescheduling, reversed decisions, extreme weather and transport changes to affect your job, studies or unpaid work. Your daily routine will not be ‘routine’ now so have a super-flexible diary.

Scorpio – Boundaries with your own or other people’s children (from small toddlers to young adults) will be all over the place, all the time. Try to put them back in. You may also cross the line, or have the line crossed by, a lover. Youth-related projects need Plan B, C and D. This is not a good time to start an affair or go online dating. It’s far too confused.

Sagittarius – Do not buy or sell a property now unless you want to go back to the drawing board. It’s the same for leases or renovations, AirBnB and other accommodation. Get it in writing and read the fine print, if you must go ahead. It’s the same for new room-mates or flatmates you may be ushering in, or showing out. Try another time if you can.

Capricorn – Your chances of losing a phone or computer, needing it repaired, or being exposed to hackers or malware increase on this Mercury Retrograde. Have Plan B and C for your commute or short-haul travel, as extreme weather or other X factors will affect you. Check your insurance. If you can launch a course, blog or speech any time, do it later.

Aquarius – Your banking, credit card, use of Paypal or Stripe, insurances, taxes, major sales or purchases, business contracts, payments, house or apartment, shares and the rest will be rewritten or reverse at this time. Plan accordingly. Get everything on paper and read it. Don’t switch banks or get new cards now unless you actually like delays.

Pisces – This is not a good time for cosmetic surgery, weight loss programs, name changes, new photographs, self-promotion or public relations or any other ‘Me’ initiative as you will hit standstills, reversals, delays or even about-turns, on this chaotic Mercury Retrograde. If you can push yourself or your appearance another time, then do it.

2015 mercury retrograde png - Mercury Retrograde February-April 2019


  • Rehearsals, first drafts, rough sketches and anything that can be redone, erased or rewritten. You will be amazed at who and what from the past turns up. Particularly if it was ever secret, behind the scenes or undercover.
  • Going back over old files, letters, documents, photographs and paperwork. See what comes back to you.
  • The schemes you oppose (from business or politicians) come to nothing if launched now. That has to be good news for you – they don’t use astrology, but you do. You know the sneaky secret tip stuff.
  • Put ‘re’ in front of every word and you’ll see what works – so rethink your original plans, reschedule what you had in mind, redo what you may have considered ‘done’ already. When Mercury Retrograde appears, always use ‘re’ in your life. And remember, Mercury Retroshadow takes place at the start and end of the cycle. And it’s big!

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40 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    My Vertex is at 26 Pisces.How will this affect me as long as i dont know the work of Vertex in my chart? Am Virgo Sun sign.

  2. Hi Jessica, Thank you for another interesting & informative article! I’m ‘slightly’ concerned about the floods etc as I live next to a 28 mile long loch (lake) in Scotland. Plus I have the following horoscope factors in Pisces. Mars 26° & Panacea 27°. As they’re late degrees, I think Mercury Retrograde won’t conjunct with them until April 2019. But I’d be grateful for any advice you could provide please as to how to successfully navigate them.
    Also over the Christmas period, I started re-reading all of The Astrology Blog articles, as I’m trying to learn more about the Natural House System & also the predictions regarding what lies ahead in terms of world events – but there are quite a few missing! Is it possible for your team to reinstate them please? Thanks. JT

    1. Thanks JT. I am not sure which world event predictions were missing. That sounds a little odd. I removed some Donald Trump predictions after he gave a different second birth date to the New York authorities as I’m afraid that makes his chart null and void! I’ll find out if something has gone missing by mistake. Now – the whole point of astrology is just preparation. So I am sure you are insured for home and travel. We’re going to see this chaotic Pisces weather right across the whole cycle of Mercury Retrograde and Neptune in this sign, and it’s also the very last time Chiron is in Pisces too. That is why I am predicting severe flooding and transport cancellation. Just be aware. I have a boat moored on the coast of England if it’s any consolation and she’s absolutely going in dry dock then.

  3. Hi Jessica!
    I have Aesculapia at 17 pisces and Panacea at 17 virgo. In addition, I have a ton of factors 16-29 degrees which will form aspects during this retrograde period, which is confusing for me to figure out, exactly, beyond that I think I will be affected. What does this mean for me, specifically? Help!
    Many thanks!

    1. This retrograde is really about your body. What you put into it (food, drink, drugs, medication) and what you do with it (fitness, healers, meditation and so on). You may want to take your time before you commit to anything new and major on this cycle because Mercury will be right opposite your Virgo sector – the Sixth House of the body – and that can be quite hard work. The fact that Mercury is going back and forth means nothing is really fixed, firm or final. So, for example, if you wanted to enrol in a gym or go vegan, that might not be the smartest time to do it, because you would alter your plans in weeks, or find the gym is shut for repairs, or whatever! I hope that example helps.

  4. Dear Jessica

    I have read all your great articles and written a couple times before. I have been through a very difficult few years since 2014 when I moved from England to Spain to be with my partner, I moved back to England in 2015 when the relationship failed, but returned to Spain in January 2017 single, for a different career opportunity. I am a teacher, so all comments about children and young people resonate with me. I have always known that teaching is my calling but I gave up my very senior career in 2014 for love. Unfortunately my ex was not honest and it has taken me this long to see the reality. My aim was to look for a new job this spring, with a possible move in September, maybe to another part of Spain maybe back to England. I feel like my karmic debt has been paid and I can not see a reunion here, where I currently live. Will all the retrogrades stop this from happening? I was hoping that I could perhaps move on as I have been single for nearly 4 years now!

    1. I’m very sorry about your experiences. You are in quite a long-running cycle here, until 2023, when the whole point for you is to discover what part children or young adults should play in your life. This may be your own children (if you ever had them) or more likely, a new baby with a new partner, or her existing son or daughter. Sometimes this pattern is more unusual. Beatrix Potter had it, married late in life, and her husband’s nieces and nephews became like her own children. I am sorry your ex was dishonest. How awful to go through, but the future looks very bright for you. You will be travelling, or travelling in the mind, in 2019 and a move would fit. You’ll be amazed at your luck with this incredible journey or relocation as things fall into place. I would be amazed if you are not with someone new over the short-term and I think it is your feelings about being a Dad or stepfather, or some other father figure, which will swing it. 2020 seems like the year a door opens but of course you can have friendships and dates until then!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I am reading about Pluto crossing over 20 Capricorn and then obviously 21 Capricorn where my Salacia is.

    I also have Neptune at 19 Scorpio and Mars at 20 Sag.

    Help me out here please.

    When Pluto entered Capricorn opposite my Jupiter at 1 Cancer I had two close loved ones pass away and it turned my world upside down, plus I inherited a great deal or property at that time. My status changed enormously.

    I don’t see the Pluto transit as a positive thing. Maybe with Jupiter in Sag right now where I have a big stellium it will be okay.


    1. That’s okay. Taking this apart, Capricorn is really about your career, position, success, status and ambition. Salacia is living in two worlds or two universes – often two different kinds of jobs or projects. Pluto going over that, slowly, will transform it. Very likely you will see a change in the balance of power in your field, business or profession – a demotion, sideways move, departure or promotion. Maybe a merger. This affects you too. As it hooks into Neptune in Scorpio (finance) and Mars in Sagittarius (regional, across town or global differences) this feels like a paid or unpaid work shift – maybe a study shift. Pluto is nowhere near your Jupiter at 1 Cancer – quite a different thing. Pluto is always empowering though you have to deal with change before you get to the empowerment!

  6. Hi Jessica. I was wondering what Pisces in the NN at 22° might mean for me?
    Thanks as always…

    1. A past life spent as a nun or monk is likely, or in a prison or hospital, shut away from others. We might also conjecture that you were a spy, or held a job where everything was done secretly and in the dark – night shift in a police station – or perhaps plots and politics in the English Civil War. Sometimes asking yourself that question before you fall asleep can reveal all in a dream. Pisces North Node in your Twelfth House is karma from at least one other lifetime regarding being hidden/covering up and as Neptune slowly comes to 22 Pisces you will know exactly what.

  7. First, wishing you a Very Happy 2019 Jessica.

    These Mercury retrograde cycles seem scary. Are Mercury retrograde effects different each time? The Oct Nov Dec 2018 in Sagittarius affected foreign communication as you had said. So this one in Feb to April ’19 is also the same? Asking because it is the time when my passport has to be renewed (Feb last week, March first week). Is Feb to April fine to get this done? Thanks for this.

    1. Happy New Year. Don’t be scared, do plan ahead. Try to get your passport sorted out before February 15th if you can. After that date there is a chance of a delay or change. I can’t say more without seeing your chart unfortunately but the whole world is in a bit of chaos then so it may have a knock-on effect. Just have Plan B or C up your sleeve – it can’t hurt.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Wishing you good health and contentment for 2019.

    I’m remortgaging a property and can get the deal signed up by 20th Feb. However, funds should be through during Mercury retrograde. I’m not sure whether, as the paperwork would be signed beforehand that would be fine or whether to wait until post retrograde, in April.

    Your thoughts please.

    All the best,


    1. Ginny if you can possibly finalise by February 15th do that now. The sky won’t fall February 15th to April 15th but you are going to hit delays or changes so please have Plan B and C and allow for that with your plans.

  9. Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

    Also, could you post the Brighton dates again, please.

    Merci beaucoup. Xx

    1. Try the 7th September event at The Barge on Brighton Marina if you like both Tarot and Astrology as I will be there with some professional psychics and we’ll be able to answer your questions. It’s a social day so afterwards we’ll all head to our lovely Yacht Club or the local pub depending on how many of us want to gather.

  10. Thanks for another great blog Jessica. I have a Stellium in Pisces and I’ll also experience my Mercury return at 17 degrees Pisces. Any advice you could offer me for this time would be very much appreciated.

    1. Okay, so you will hit a situation mid-February through end-February which involves you doing things behind the scenes, being invisible while others are the name or face, operating in secret, dealing with what is covered up or confidential, disappearing, being out of sight and so on. Try to organise the dates so that you don’t have to do anything major until mid April and following. If you can possibly tidy this up now and get it done by mid February (if you already know what I am talking about) then do it! Otherwise have Plan B, C, D and allow for delays and changes with it, especially in March itself.

  11. Jessica, thank you so much for taking the time to give your insight. It’s well appreciated.

  12. Oh boy, Jessica. I have Sun 29° Pisces and Mercury 17° Pisces. Am dealing with an unfounded ex-business partner lawsuit which is very acrimonious, while trying to grow my business and look for a new job. Any advice, please?

    1. I am sorry about this lawsuit. Pisces is not part of this so relax. Your whole issue with the ex-partner is your Scorpio side. You are going through Ceres in Scorpio and that means making a heavy compromise which you will do by the end of January. Ceres is going right over your Uranus and Moon in the Eighth House of business partnerships. To find out more look up Ceres on Search but this is over in weeks. You want a new job? You’ll have one in 2019 and adore it.

      1. Dear Jessica – I just saw this. Thank you for your perspective and time – I really appreciate it. Happy Lunar New Year!

  13. Hi Jessica

    Would like to know how this will effect me pls and the changes I am to expect? Many thanks x

    1. Pre planning is a good idea. You may want to steer clear of major contracts or launches at this time because the whole world will be in flux. People will be late or not turn up. You will be rescheduling your diary. There may be issues with your computer, post or phone. Your car, train, bus or plane. It’s just ‘work around’ time. You will benefit from having a plan that takes 1, 2, 3 attempts – like a dress rehearsal.

        1. Your love life will be far more affected by Uranus in Taurus, starting March 2019, continuing for many years. Leave space in your life for all that is radically different, new, exciting, upredictable and liberating. You will not recognise your old style of relating, dating and mating after 2025. And you’ll have found out for yourself what space and freedom really means.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I’m curious how this will effect me, as I’m a Leo. My Cancer partner and I are going on an international trip from March 22 – April 1, in an area in the Southeast Asian Pacific that is prone to major natural disasters (think tsunamis and earthquakes). Also, my partner planned the flights and is in charge of monitoring that, while I’m covering accommodations – the payment for our hotels is due in full at the time of check in so I’ll have to use my credit card for $2000+ purchase during Mercury retrograde. On top of that, I’ll be about 20 weeks pregnant. It all seems scary given that you say this will be a very hectic Mercury retrograde, and we are doing exactly what our signs are saying not to do by traveling and spending money! Am I completely off here?

    1. Hmmm, you are definitely travelling across Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and you will need to have more checks than you usually do. Don’t be worried, please, because you are carrying your lovely new baby. Do be sensible and be right across weather reports, your bank, your credit card and the rest. Have photocopies, use USB sticks and leave copies with people. It is hard to say any more without your partner’s chart, but we will definitely see floods and storms across this period and it may affect you. There is also the issue of Mercury ruling money for you, so hotels, flights, the lot need to be nicely covered. The whole point of astrology is to help you prepare and pre plan so that is why I have published this story. The Cancerian person has this right across his zone of travel the whole time, so if you are in Southeast Asia you really do need to do a bit more prep than you normally would. Having said that, have the most fantastic time and remember to check the clock time when your baby is born so you have a record for the future horoscope. Bon voyage.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Virgo here. I keep reading about boundaries concerned with former, current and potential partners. I have not long split from an Aries, a long term relationship because he could not commit to the world of children. We are currently going through selling the house, although I can see how it could be become confusing between us two in the immediate future. Please can you indicate what type of confusion there will be? I would love to meet someone and settle down and have a child.

    05/09/1986 – 07.42am Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

    1. You will have an opportunity to either have a child or enter into a relationship with someone who has children from a previous marriage or relationship, starting December 2019 and right through 2020. Your next potential date may also have godchildren, nieces or nephews who could become like children to you, if things go well. I am sorry you have been through this break-up, but Aries had his own issues about parenthood, as you saw. He belongs to your past not your future. Don’t sit around waiting for Christmas 2019, but do know that better days are coming.

  16. Hi Jessica
    I am currently starting property split with my ex partner (aries ,his Venus 17 picses) .This will go right into the retrograde period. I have no choice but to do it now. This man has a picses and scorpio stellium, very secretive and ruthless. Can you see a fair outcome for me ?
    Thank you x

    1. You’ll sort out the basics of the house or apartment by January 26th and the pressure will be off as Ceres changes signs. If you do have to go into a paper trail beyond February 15th or so, allow for more changes and delays, possibly as late as April 17th. Then it’s over, assuming you agreed the basics by January 26th.

  17. Jessica, I’m Aries, and have Pisces Ascendant at 25 deg 28 min, so should I be looking at Aries and Pisces above for how this Mercury Retro is going to affect? Asking because Pisces includes surgery and am asking because I had a dental surgery (aesthetic) years ago and now have to check some very slight change that I saw yesterday. It can wait for two months hopefully but am very scared. Your advise is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Please don’t be scared. This is Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, so in your Twelfth House – nothing to do with dental surgery – and as you are a Sun Aries, that holds in both house systems I use. Even without a personal birth chart, which I don’t have in front of me, as you are not a Premium Member – I can still tell you that Mercury Retrograde in Pisces would be in the Twelfth House of your Aries chart, and also the Twelfth House of your natal chart. The Twelfth House rules secrets, classified information, confidential matters, the unconscious, the occult and life behind the scenes. You are checking a slight change with your dentist. That is a First House or Sixth House matter, not a Twelfth House matter.

      1. Thank you Jessica. Yes, I think I have to get Premium. You write and guide so well. Honestly, I always thought Astrology was just a way to get people dependent on stars and planets and all that, but after reading your blog , I know I have to be always in control in my life, act, not get passive in any way. Your Jupiter series introduced me to you. Thank you for having this blog that is so meaningfully detailed, not just some astro bunkum that pervades the internet. And thank you for your reply. Am not as scared now. :).

        1. Thank you! You will really enjoy the opportunity for success that comes when Jupiter moves to 15 Capricorn in the year 2020 and conjuncts your Ceres. There will be a reshuffle in your chosen field, industry or special subject area then and your timing will be right to take a step up.

  18. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for a great article. I have a Pisces moon so just wondering how I might be affected. Thanks x

    1. The transits in your Twelfth House will take you back to water, actually, so you may find yourself on a vacation or even moving to a place where the sea or river is accessible. In other cases you will just find excuses to take long baths and long showers. Swimming pools tend to show up on this transit. The whole idea is to get you to drift or float your way back to normal and just to escape from the madness out there. Pisces Moons need to get away alone, and water really helps. Just strolling by a pond or lake can make you feel different. March is about remembering who you are when you are not with other people and understanding that you need the ‘refresh’ of the natural world, or just your natural Moon element ruler which is Neptune. You have quite a lot going on left over from last year that is unfinished (although it will be, eventually) so this kind of great escape is really therapeutic for you. It will also help your intuition which is borderline pro psychic actually!

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