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Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 – Part Two

How will Ceres alongside Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 affect the world, and why will this affect your own life too?

Check out Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 – Part 1 here.

Eurostar Improvements and a France-Britain Overhaul

When Jupiter and Ceres both go through Sagittarius in 2019 there will be overdue reforms and improvements for Eurostar, the train service which links London to Paris and the rest of Europe.

This also applies to ferries and other craft going across the English Channel from Britain to France. Perhaps rival trains, who knows? A better bus service?

Watch 17th June, 2019.

If you have anything at all in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, the struggle for progress and improvement with airlines, ferries, buses, cars, yachts, visas, passports and so on – will affect you in a direct and personal way.

We would expect this to happen when things come to a head at the Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Sun in Gemini, on 17th June. On that day the Sun is at 25 Gemini and the Moon is at 25 Sagittarius.

This falls in the Third House and Ninth House of your horoscope, and in fact the horoscopes of both countries, using the Natural House system.

20vff v0gzy 600x400 - Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 - Part Two

Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius – Mexican Walls

In Sagittarius, the sign of foreign people and places, and also regional differences, we come to questions about immigration, refugees and a country’s borders.

Sagittarius rules the Ninth House which describes this, but it is also right opposite the Third House which describes short journeys – ferries, car rides – people trying to get to America from Mexico, or people smugglers trying to get their clients into Great Britain.

Remember Jupiter’s reputation for problem-solving? How about Ceres and her reputation for starting a new deal?

The Third House

We are going to see all these issues come to a head before they are slowly solved, once we get to that Full Moon on 17th June.

This may be personal for you, if you have Sagittarius and/or Gemini factors. Think carefully about travel at that time! Consider border checks, passports, visas and similar issues, or the actual state of the short-haul travel industry.

Ronald Harvey on the Third House and Ninth House – The great astrologer Ronald Harvey wrote this in his book, The Spindle of Meaning.

“Like the third house the ninth is connected with movement and travel, but here the movement is more extended, the distances greater. Routine movement from place to place here becomes purposeful travel possibly involving foreign countries, also the exploration of remote areas.”

This just has to be a prediction of a new Britain-Europe transport link which expands the possibilities for travellers. Even, commuters. Wouldn’t you think? But not without a typical Ceres struggle!

6zgtetvd16i 600x399 - Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 - Part Two

Floods and the Jupiter-Neptune Squares

The Jupiter-Neptune Squares of 2019 will get a lot of attention from astrologers too. I’m going to go into this in some detail, for those of you who do have Sagittarius in your chart. Once again, the global may affect you personally.

Jupiter squares Neptune as 2019 begins and here we have people escaping from the freezing Northern Hemisphere into the hot holiday season in the Southern Hemisphere.

As we’ve just seen January 12th to 16th was troublesome (when the square became exact) with a risk of flooding, tsunamis and heavy rainfall.

This was a challenging time for anyone who wants to escape their life by boat and enter another country.

The message and lesson both about cruise liners, beach vacations and boat-borne migrants and refugees is repeated in June, during Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Again, this is holiday season. It is also fine sailing season – usually. Yet Jupiter will square Neptune from the 15th to the 22nd of June.  This is a miscalculation and we again have to look at flooding. Perhaps capsizing of vessels.

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels and/or nuclear leaks will also make front page news, fitting the pattern, across this period June 15th to 22nd.

Jupiter is About Giving Back

One very important point about Jupiter is that it is about giving and giving back. Jupiter types – the people or organisations – are said to be open-handed. They extend their largesse. You will see this repeatedly with foreign people in 2019. Also, travellers, tourists, migrants, academics, teachers, publishers and authors. It’s that kind of year.

Donna Cunningham wrote this about Jupiter: “Along with philosophy, benevolence is often pointed to as a characteristic of Jupiter. Many of the great financiers, like the original Rockefeller, built their vast fortunes on the principle of tithing…” She wrote this in her book An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness back in 1978.

You might also say, this is the best year out of 12, for addressing and fixing the terrible problems which come from border or boundary issues, for individual countries. So many people have died paying people smugglers to put them on vessels which are not sea-worthy.

Ceres and Jupiter together in Sagittarius, the sign of the migrant, and immigration in general, will see a huge wave of progress and improvement around the world, according to all the laws of astrology. Expect a new world carve-up.

 Jupiter NASA acorns 600x598 - Ceres in Sagittarius 2019 - Part Two

Jupiter is Here to Help in 2019

When people say ‘that’s big of you’ they once meant it. People were being Jupiterian. Jupiter is big enough to contain 1400 earths.

It’s easy to spot with the naked eye. It’s the second brightest planet after Venus. It’s also easy to track. It moves through one constellation of the zodiac every year.

Jupiter is about all that is open and accessible. All that gives. It helps out. In 2003, the Galileo spacecraft purposely impacted Jupiter to avoid collision with Europa. It’s a buffer or safety net, even in crisis.

All this information comes to you not from an astrology book but an astronomy book, The New Solar System, published by National Geographic.

Here’s a quote: “The big planet actually gives off more heat than it receives from the sun.”

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31 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    What does it mean when Jupiter and Ceres are in the same house? How will this affect things with me? Does that mean they cancel each other out? It’s confusing.

    1. You have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, so your life is filled with travel, perhaps emigration or relocation more than once, and certainly a lifetime of learning and also passing on knowledge. The world of books and websites is your home. Jupiter and Ceres do not cancel each other out. In fact, in the original Roman myth, they co-operated to bring about a new deal, or new arrangement. In 2019 you will expand your intellectual, geographical and spiritual horizons thanks to trips to astonishing new places, but also thanks to heaven-sent contacts and connections who just happen to be the right faces, in the right spaces, at the right time. Think about doing more than you usually might, in terms of your projects and plans. Stretch yourself and expand. Not too far, or too fast, but just enough to draw a bigger map of the country, or the world.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am very thrilled. My Ceres is 28 Sagittarius, so this is my Ceres return. what can I expect from this transit?
    Thank you so much

    1. Vulcano at 28 Gemini and Bacchus at 29 Aries are also part of this pattern as Vulcano is opposite Ceres in your chart and Bacchus is trine, by one degree. This is about the control you have from self-control online, either with social media or specific projects, like a website or blog – perhaps multimedia or publishing, education or other forms of communication. It’s very much about knowledge exchange, likely with a trip or relocation involved. At the very least you would be intensely involved with another nationality and language. This is also about self-promotion and a personal relaunch or rebirth for you. So, there’s a lot going on in 2019. Most of it happens in the second half of the year. Brexit and the shift within the European Union would be a global even with a personal impact on you, to your total advantage.

  3. This query isn’t about Ceres but Sagittarius, Jessica. At present MC and IC in Current Planetary Positions are in Gemini and Sagittarius. I’ve MC and IC as the opposite i.e. MC in Sag and IC in Gemini (Apart from Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Sag). Will this trigger some change / deviation please? Thank you.

    1. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis between the Third House and Ninth House is essentially about short journeys and long-haul flights, so we might say it’s about the Dover cross-channel ferry, as opposed to the flight from Paris to Hong Kong. Your lifetime pattern will be both about short-haul travel and commuting, and the bigger picture of emigration, sabbaticals overseas, or foreign involvement, perhaps through work or study. This year will be a milestone for that as Ceres and Jupiter go through Sagittarius and the offers, options and opportunities will personally affect you.

  4. Hey jessica, I am looking forward to applying for a canadian citizenship for entering US for work. As the trend shows, it takes a year or even to get it if i apply today. What as per my chart, this cycle holds for me in terms of better career and relocation and even freedom opportunities? I am looking for financial and social independence as well coz i feel very stuck in my present situation.
    Thanks for ur time.

    1. You will need to keep pace with Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which means most of 2019 will be spent figuring out where the opportunities are. It may not necessarily be Canada then the United States of America. It may be quite another region or country, as it is in the nature of Jupiter to offer you a wide range of options. You need to watch where employment trends and governments are heading, not only in the United States and Canada but also other countries and make your move, when they make theirs. And they will. We are going to see massive changes in 2019, based on world trade agreements, the rules on immigration, residency and so on. A great many issues from the past will be resolved with big new politics and statements so you need to be right across that and think beyond that part of the map, too.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this. I have Saturn, Ops, Junk & Uranus in the 9th and your note on difficulties with publishing resonated. Do you have any further clues on how this transit might play out for me in that arena?
    Many thanks!

    1. Well, 2019 is the year to sort out publishing issues – in fact there has never been a year like it, either for the book trade, libraries, publishers, authors, Amazon, Waterstones, Borders, Hatchards or W.H.Smith. Ceres and Jupiter together are problem-solving. This is going to be a long, long year for you with quite a lot of strong emotions involved, but the compromise you reach by October at the very latest will help you resolve any or all problems which may have been there for years.

  6. I never realised how big Ceres was and with Jupiter the two players are even larger. Jessica can you please help me here a little as I’m learning everyday using your info and how to read my birth chart. I defo have a stelluim in Sagittarius and Ceres is 25 degrees I believe in my libra house. Is this the correct way to look at it? Is Ceres going to be affecting my marriage? X

    1. You are strongly Sagittarius but your marriage is not the issue. Children certainly are. You don’t say if you are a parent or not, but after some 10 years of uncertainty and instability where babies, sons, daughters, adoption, I.V.F. or similar is concerned – you reach calmer waters from 7th March. In fact, from that point forward you will begin to see why parenthood is an experiment and how the rules are made to be bent or perhaps left behind. As late as 2027 you will be looking at alternative ways to have children or young adults in your life.

  7. Hi Jessica, Loved the blog! I have quite a lot of heavily bodies in Sag including Jupiter! I currently have Pluto and sitting right on my sun at 22 degrees in Capricorn and expecting Psyche to join him this week….should I be freaked out? because I am a little bit :/

    Thanks in advance.


    1. You shine brightest at your most ambitious, Kat, rather like the other Capricorn Kates – Middleton and Moss – also born with the Sun in Capricorn. 2019 is crunch time for your goals, in the best possible way, as Pluto moves to 22 Capricorn and conjuncts your Sun at 22 Capricorn. At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, improvement, solutions and expansion moves across your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House. You’re clearly going to learn or teach at the highest possible level this year, and likely travel or relocate. Even if you decide to stay put, the world will come to you, via people and organisations with accents, second languages or exotic passport stamps. Again, this takes you to the biggest and best. Pluto by transit is always about a change in the balance of power. This will affect you with your full-time work, university or college degree, or unpaid role. In fact, March 2019 is dramatic as Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius semi-sextiles your Sun and Pluto makes the conjunction. On 21st February you get a preview of this as Psyche at 22 Capricorn conjuncts Psyche at 22 Capricorn. No need to freak out. But, Kate, a forever statement about your ambition, position and mission will be written then. The project, plan or goal is destined to outlive you. The Pluto transit is a long one and we find him lingering at 22 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success and achievement, as late as January 2020. That month is crucial as Saturn also moves to 22 Capricorn and Jupiter (again) is preparing to move there in March 2020. This is a 2-year reshape of your ideas about making it – climbing to the top – and staying there. You will be dealing with people or organisations which dominate. Which take, and take over. There may be a corporate takeover in your business, for example. Take a deep breath and know that the whole point of this cycle is to run your own ship, be mistress of your own voyage, use self-control to gain control, and use your willpower to become empowered. The gift to you in the year 2020 will be an incredible place at the top in your chosen field, business or industry. I suspect the Sagittarius weather you are set to experience in your Ninth House in 2019, will be the back-story here. Look up the Ninth House and Tenth House on Search when you finish reading this as you will be living there for the next 2 years, very successfully, if you can show all the stamina and determination Capricorn is known for.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. I have a Sagittarius stellium, Juno 24 degrees, Aesculapia and Vulcano at 14 degrees.

    Ceres will be at that 14 degree Sagittarius point starting March 31, and then retrogrades starting April 10th until the 18th at 14 degrees. I have Fortuna and Minerva at 14 degrees Gemini. During that time, Jupiter will be at 24 degrees, and I have my moon at 24 Aquarius, Juno at 24 Sagittarius, Ceres at 25 Aquarius, my Ascendant and Descendant at 25 Leo and Aquarius, and Panacea at 24 Taurus.

    Ceres gets back to that 14 degree Sagittarius on October 1st, with Jupiter at 18 degrees and I have my Saturn at 18 degrees Capricorn, Uranus at 17 degrees Leo, Vesta at 17 degrees Capricorn, my MC/IC 18 degrees Taurus and Scorpio, Ops at 17 degree Cancer and Cupido at 17 degrees Pisces.

    My nodes are at 22 degrees in Virgo and Pisces, and Hygenia is 21 degrees Leo. So the October date from part 1 is significant. Is that date the sum of all of the above?

    Thank you.


    1. Jeff, this is really about the long-term future, as the South Node in Gemini and the North Node in Sagittarius arrive in May 2020, with all their karma, in your Ninth House, which as you know rules travel, foreign and regional differences, education and academia and both digital and traditional publishing. There is karma from that point, and the more you put out there in 2019, the happier you will be with the karmic reward in 2020 and 2021. The year 2021 in particular is really important because Jupiter (opportunity) and Saturn (serious realities) are both in Aquarius, the sign ruling your Eleventh House of groups, associations, friendships, communities and networks. So, this is life-changing stuff. None of these transits happen very often and as you have this Sagittarius-Aquarius-Gemini theme for some years into the future, you might say that in 2019 you are creating 2020 and 2021 as well. I would extend that to 2023, actually, because Pluto then also goes into Aquarius and yet again, that story is brought alive. This is most likely to involve you with relocating or travelling extensively, in connection with a group of people which feels more like a family to you – it is so important. You would be learning or teaching as part of that, and very much involved with the web or multimedia. You have never had Pluto in Aquarius in your lifetime. 2019 sets it all up for you with Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius. At first this will be about the expansion of your intellectual, geographical and spiritual horizons, but later on you will realise it was actually about friendship, and about people power expressed through the group. This is actually why you are here, according to your chart!

  9. Interesting, and informative as always. I’ve put a lot of work into what’s on offer for this year, and knowing that it sets up the Jupiter and Saturn transits is helpful.

    Add into it Uranus in Taurus, and it’s that much more potent for moving on and creating the future.

    Sorta like I’ve met my destiny and my destiny is me.

    Thank you, and all the best for sharing your insight.


  10. Hi Jessica,
    I have Ceres in Taurus in my natal birth cart. Can you please tell me what that means for me in 2019?
    Thank you!

    1. You have enough Scorpio and Taurus at your chart in the early and late degrees of both signs, to be affected throughout the whole 7 year cycle of Uranus in Taurus, which begins with a lightning bolt on March 7th 2019 (allow a day either side depending on your time zone at the time). Why a lightning bolt? Because Chiron is also at 0 Taurus. One of the very first changes will involve Facebook. This corporation has become so big that it affects the world economy. It offers your local dry-cleaner a free website, and free advertising – although as we now know, it was never free. There was and is a heavy price to pay. Imagine what happens to small businesses around the world when it falls in a heap – that is going to happen. Aries rules the face and Taurus rules the economy. This is just one tiny example of wider transformations, including the arrest and stripping of assets, of the 1% who have been laundering money. Put it this way. The system is not going to last. If you have been brought up to believe that you had to borrow money on a credit card and mortgage to keep up with the cost of living, you might want to start looking at the alternatives. The alternatives will be radical, sometimes revolutionary and in the year when Jupiter crosses your Ceres in Taurus 2023-2024 you need the best advice you can afford because you will gain. A lot.

  11. Is Neptune in Sag a bad thing Jessica? Am just beginning to get to know about these planets and asteroids and came across online that this is about – being indecisive, confused and being disappointed by traveling abroad , studies.
    I then saw your Ninth House article and the line – “one reader experience the Ninth House (he has Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House) as a series of trips on Magic Mushrooms over a summer of experimentation. He claims these experiences expanded his awareness of the way life works.”
    I don’t even know what this meant practically, but it seems all hallucinatory. Which isn’t good.
    All this has me very worried.

    I’m focused this year on moving for studies abroad , but right now things are looking very very difficult. I’m fighting a battle on my own and am not sure what is the outcome. I do know this is what I want to do, taken me years to come to this point. Sometimes what you write about Aries seems like you writing about my situation.
    For daily today as I have been since Jan, in negotiations with foreign people you write – “Whatever process of negotiation you are involved with, or sharing, will be well and truly over regarding foreign people and places, travel, relocation, education, publishing or the web – when Ceres changes signs at the end of 2019.” I don’t have Ceres in Sag (it’s in House 10) but have Neptune at 18 deg, MidHeaven at 26, Pallas at 21, Vesta at 15, Hyegia at 27, Diana at 1 Sag, Jupiter in Gemini at 27.
    Is this a worrisome layout Jessica? Thank you.

    1. Beware astrobollocks from badstrologers. There is no disappointment with Neptune. Just an escape from reality. You find bubbles to live in, or spend time in, when you travel or travel in the mind. You should absolutely pursue study abroad. Do it! Your luck is incredible in 2019 through to December and you will be stunned at the opportunities. It will happen. Keep the faith and keep trying.

  12. I have Ceres in Cancer and Jupiter in Gemini, but Mercury Mars and Uranus are all in cancer.

    My birthdate is 23rd June and I was born in the coronation year of Queen Elizabeth 1953.

    1. You’re strongly Cancerian so the North Node cycle is really affecting your house, flat, family, apartment, and of course your sense of nationhood and patriotism – no wonder you mention Her Majesty. You are currently going through this North Node in Cancer cycle taking you back karmically to the year 2000 and 1981, and perhaps just either side of that. What goes around comes around. In fact this is also about past lives, as the North Node goes on forever, back 19 years every time. It is so celebrated that they knew it at Stonehenge. It is always about reincarnation, old debts and credits, closure and settlement. You will be making some major choices about your home or family/household in 2019, 2020 as a result. Try to deal with what repeats or never changes by looking up North Node on Search when you finish reading this.

  13. Jessica, just read this on Brexit – – and I am not sure what I should make of this.
    You clearly write –
    Close to Wednesday 25th September 2019, we’re looking at a big, brilliant, British Brexit bargain.
    This is my prediction for final signatures for Brexit 2019 chart (below) set for 25th September 2019. What you’re looking for here is Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius, right on the Mercury (contracts) position at 17 Sagittarius in the old 1801 chart for the United Kingdom. At the same time Jupiter makes a lovely sextile to Venus at 17 Libra in the ancient 55 B.C. chart for Britain when Rome invaded her. Beyond that, note Mars at 24 Virgo, very close to the original stuck position at 23 Scorpio in 2016.
    The end result for Brexit 2019 is written in the stars in the last week of September, although Ceres at 17 Sagittarius from October 11th to 13th may be the hard part. That’s the compromise where everybody has to agree to share the controls. You might say, September is the golden goodbye handshake but it is October 2019 which is the firm grip as the deal is cut.
    Wednesday 25th September is likely to bring the crucial peace agreement (B-Day) as we find Mercury at 17 Libra, Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius and Neptune very close by at 16 Pisces. These all aspect the U.K. Mercury position at 17 Sagittarius in the 1801 chart. Neptune in Pisces suggests the English Channel. Mercury at 17 Libra is about The Special Relationship.
    It is rare enough to see both Jupiter and Ceres at 17 Sagittarius in the same year, but to also find Neptune at 17 Pisces and the North Node at 17 Cancer makes 2019 very special indeed. Saturn also passes 17 Capricorn in 2019.

    I had told you I’m focused this year on moving for studies abroad , but right now things are looking very very difficult. Reading this about Sept ’19, I see numbers that I have:
    Neptune in Sag 18 deg, Vesta at 15 deg, Ceres at 15 deg in Capricorn, Mars at 24 Cancer, Mercury at 17 Aries, Venus in 14 Aries. (Apart from Mid heaven , Hyegia in Sag at 26, 27 deg and natal Jupiter in 27 deg Gemini)
    All of these 15 to 24 deg, are Brexit sensitive as you well explain, is this worrisome? Asking as I am in tough tough talks with academic profs in the UK reg. finance and am so shocked to find these numbers so close. Is Brexit going to personally affect my numbers Jessica, financially? Thank you.

    1. There is no problem at all with your Neptune in Sagittarius placement, or Hygiea, come to that. You benefit from having Ceres (empowering) and Jupiter (expansive) crossing those points in your chart, back and forth. Academia is favoured. You will compromise hugely and gain.

      1. Jessica, I’m not sure anymore what is going on. NepSag here. I could not submit my application for finance, yesterday the deadline, as my application is still in process. I’d told you unless this is confirmed the candidate cannot proceed. I was sitting here waiting for an nth moment email , hoping , atleast I’d able to submit the appl’n. But it did not happen.
        There could be still one more but am not sure if that deadline has passed, as again , I do not have access given by the profs. I am in a position where I have nothing on my hands, just sitting wasting time. I’ve never felt this miserable and so tied up.
        Top this, getting terrible , violent dreams , seriously violent , which shook me today morn. Killing, torture and all that have absolutely no bearing in my life. May it’s because of too much reading about my academic field – arts , cinema. I got up shaken. Now it’s the weekend , which I don’t like as I cannot get email updates from profs. There is a deliberate delay here I genuinely feel, as I had a delay prior getting back to them.
        I have no other appl’s left. I cannot start over again , because I do not have the backing of specific profs whose refs I will need. As well, these were the few places that aligned with my subject specifics and professorial guidance. I feel failed. I don’t know how to proceed. Other than this path, I want profs to get back to me sensibly. But they haven’t yet. Sorry, I’m writing all this, it’s just , I don’t know what is happening and this is making me extremely anxious. I write to them , seeking advice but don’t get any updates. There is a reason for this, the genuine delay that I had, but yet, it is possible, that they get back to me. But they aren’t. This is so so worrying as time is flying. It’s March already. I need good guidance , professionally, this is the one thing that I do not have at present, have not had. I’ve done all my appl’ns everything on my own and it works to a point. beyond that , I have learned now, I need backing of profs , teachers, which I don’t have. And I don’t know what to do about this other than talking to them. But it’s a one way street as of now.
        Is there any positive movement please. Thank you.

        1. Your mental health is as precious and as important as your physical (body) health and you need good help, urgently. Please see your doctor or call a service like Lifeline, or The Samaritans, in your area. I am fairly sure I suggested you see your university counsellor or G.P. before and I am going to say it again. This level of anxiety is treatable and it would make such a difference to you, not to have those nightmares or these thoughts. As you say ‘it is making me extremely anxious.’ This is a medical, physical condition that affects the way you think about life and feel, and I long for you to fix it, with a medical professional. Start there. Look online too. Look up anxiety syndrome, please and go from there. I do not have a chart for you. I cannot do anything for you astrologically, but I can use my training as a crisis telephone counsellor to tell you – you need to go talk to a professional, or telephone someone immediately.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    My Ceres is in Pisces. What does this mean for me this year? My birthday is 5.12.1988 1250pm Victoria.

    1. Career, university or unpaid work reshaping begins in December (just as the month starts, actually) this year and extends far into 2020. This is not related to your Ceres in Pisces but to your Capricorn stellium. You are in one of those life-changing phases when what you decide to do about your ambitions for status and success will be with you for a long time to come.

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