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Scorpio and Taurus Horoscope Factors – Part II

Do you have both Scorpio and Taurus factors in your personal birth chart? A great deal of your life will revolve around charity, business, taxation, banking, shopping, selling, collecting, legacies, wills or property.

This is the second of a 3-Part Series. You can read Part I here.

Do you have both Scorpio and Taurus factors in your personal birth chart? A great deal of your life will revolve around charity, business, taxation, banking, shopping, selling, collecting, legacies, wills or property.

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16 Responses

  1. hi Jessica, i have jupiter in taurus opposite neptun in scorpio, i always thought that i have a strange relationship with money. On the one hand I am very provident and on the other I waste a lot at the same time. But always i feel very lucky.
    What you can say about this pattern in my chart? and what it will happen whit the uranus transit?
    Thank you so much

    1. There is no opposition using modern astrology as the two planets are too wide of each other. Yet, born with Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House, you will be affected by the arrival of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in mainstream society along with other radical inventions and innovations in the banking world, for many years to come. This started last year when you probably made your first experiment with an organisation like Stripe, Paypal or similar – as Taurus rules possessions perhaps you were gripped by Marie Kondo and her ‘Spark Joy’ series and books. To have Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House is always to be fortunate, protected, helped and guided with houses, money, apartments, charity and business. To now experience Uranus (a new arrival) as a house guest for the next 7 years means you need to be constantly updated on what is happening with business and the economy as once Uranus moves to conjunct your Jupiter, some years from now, you could make or save an absolute fortune.

  2. Hi Jessica –

    Fascinating post here. I have a Taurus/Scorpio opposition in my chart –

    Proserpina in Taurus 17 degrees
    Neptune in Scorpio 17 degrees

    And a stellium in Virgo –

    Ops 8 degrees Rx
    Uranus 9 degrees Rx
    Pluto 13 degrees Rx

    Can you help interpret what this means for my home, family, work and/or love life?

    I am an enthusiastic home cook and come from a long line of talented home cooks. Because I am such a good cook I also am perpetually on a diet and have tried most of the various diet/nutrition and fitness trends over the years…. 🙂

    I also have worked on several food-related businesses (in marketing) over the course of my career.

    1. You have a stellium in Taurus in the Second House of finance, charity, property and business. Taurus also rules food, as it is associated with cattle, steak and mince – and red meat has been at the heart of the global economy since astrology began. Cattle are also associated with dairy products of course. During the Second World War when money often meant nothing – or was not there – Italians used hard Parmesan cheese to trade. You have Diana, Fortuna, Hygiea and Proserpina all in Taurus. Diana wants freedom and space and likes to roam where she wants to. She is always seen with a greyhound and bow and arrow. Fortuna spins the Wheel of Fortune blindly, affecting people’s destiny without understanding what she is doing – she is always shown blindfolded. Hygiea is the Roman goddess of preventative health and is a symbol of caution, screening, protection and pre-emptive planning – in the Second House she is about insurance. Proserpina is a symbol of negotiation and the go-between. In Rome she was thought to have gone between her husband and mother, bridging the gap. In the Second House this is always about being the piggy-in-the-middle between two powerful people or organisations. Setting aside the Virgo pattern (although it is related, as you have an exact trine from Uranus at 9 Virgo to Fortuna at 9 Taurus) there is a big statement here about food and value. You also have that opposition between Proserpina and Neptune, so there is an inner conflict about your own values, and those of the people you have sex with, or marry – and also the family. It tends to play itself out in legacies and wills. Of all this line-up the first thing you will experience is transiting Uranus at 2 Taurus which will sit on your Diana. Diana rejected marriage and motherhood to be free of commitment and she fell in love with Endymion, mainly because he was asleep for most of the time – she could and did have sex with him but his sleep state left her free to hunt! (You have to wonder about Roman sex). I mention these myths because sometimes they have an odd way of coming to life. Taurus and food, and Taurus and business, are thus a huge story in your life and with Uranus (the revolution) going over Diana in 2019 and 2020, you are up for a couple of years of radical change. If you want to lose weight then put a cash value on what it costs you to be overweight, and a cash value on food itself. Put in new budget considerations for things money cannot buy – like freedom, sensuality, pride, excitement – and actually write down a $ or £ value. Then do new life sums. On a business level you will have Uranus opposing your Taurus stellium for many years so be right across this from the start with the best advice you can afford as you are moving into changing times and there are no known factors from this point forwards. You won’t notice it immediately but once Uranus really gets across 1, 2, 3 Taurus you certainly will. Be particularly mindful of the banks, please and digital currency.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for writing such an interesting article again. I have a fair bit of Scorpio in my chart..Can you please explain to me what it means for me this year and next having

    Venus 14° Scorpio 14′ 20″
    Jupiter 29° Taurus 26′ 56″ R
    Pluto 13° Scorpio 41′ 57″
    Vesta 12° Scorpio 19′ 30″
    Hygeia 13° Scorpio 56′ 18″
    Ops 05° Scorpio 08′ 10″

    Thank you!

    1. The sequence at 12, 13 Scorpio is most important as the transit of Uranus at 12, 13 Taurus will coincide with 1-2 years of tremendous change with your house or apartment situation, and your finances. This begins at the end of May 2021 and continues in June, July, October, November, then into the year 2022 in March, April in particular. You were born with Vesta at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House where you tend to habitually attract situations with one male, and yourself and one or more females. The Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio, is about marriage and mortgage, sex and money, legacies and inheritance, family and property. A classic example would be a family rather like the Bennetts in Pride and Prejudice, where there are a large number of sisters and one male head of the household – but no income. Pluto is also in the Eighth House and this describes your need to control finance, property, charity, business or valuables. Your tremendous passion, sometimes obsession, shows itself by a very great desire to take over. Again, a classic example would be wanting to ‘own’ every part of an arrangement where you give people free access (for example a website) but actually, are mining both them and the situation too. This is part of your entire generation actually, as everyone born in your year has Pluto at 13 Scorpio. Finally, Hygiea at 13 Scorpio, also in the Eighth House is about wanting to protect the future. Life insurance is an obvious example of this. In general, this feels like doing all one can, to safeguard and shore up the finances or property. Venus is well-known in astrology as a symbol of complicated relationships. She is close by as well, at 14 degrees. There is a gap between Venus and Vesta, so I am not sure if you are set to go through one episode with a relative or partner, or two – yet we also find Uranus at 14, 15 Taurus, right opposite Venus, in May 2022 and again as late as February 2023. In general, what you are set to experience is circumstances outside yourself, beyond your control, which ask you to examine all your previous attitudes towards banks, in particular, and also the business of taxation and borrowing. Be very mindful of what is put in writing regarding yourself and others, like a pre-nuptial agreement, or the terms of a will, as we are moving into a global economic revolution and things will happen very quickly, like lightning, when we least expect them. The last time we saw this cycle in the 1940s, property prices would change overnight in cities like Paris and London, for obvious reasons. For more about your chart, look up the Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this, because you need to understand that Scorpio and the Eighth House are all about the terms of the last will and testament and legacy. These are the intensely powerful, personal and emotional contracts we make with others and that they also make with us. It’s always about the really big stuff – houses, shares, land, apartments, jewellery, art – and thus it reflects the sexual intimacy and trust of marriage, or the layers between parents and children, siblings and so on. Banks are necessarily involved because they ask us to sign contracts where we are committed for life, and sometimes beyond life! It is here that you need to get it in writing, check the fine print, ask for a second opinion and be absolutely conscious of the fact that Uranus in opposition to Venus, Pluto, Vesta and Hygiea does suggest big questions about your love and sex life, or your relationship with a former or current partner. You could look up these four planets and asteroids too on Search or in your Ebooks to gain a better understanding of how they function for you financially.

  4. Hi,

    How does my career look like in the upcoming months? I have been struggling for the last several years. I am desperate for a ray of hope.

    Thank you

    1. I am sorry you have been struggling with your career. You have a big pattern in Capricorn in the Tenth House of professional life, and you are going through a cycle not possible in 240+ years with Pluto in Capricorn, accompanied by Saturn, who can also only be there every 29 years. You also have the South Node in Capricorn so a great deal of what has been happening is karmic in nature – you are repeating circumstances from previous years and even previous lives so you can find out how to handle what is going on and progress and develop yourself. The good news is, you have access to part-time classes and courses, or even a return to training, on offer in 2019. In fact it is the best year in 12 years to further your education and increase your skills, qualifications, knowledge or abilities. This will give you many more options in terms of your current profession but also competing industries and entirely new areas. This will put you in the best possible position to take a new position, project or promotion in 2020 when Jupiter (opportunity) goes into Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. For more on this cycle look up Jupiter and Tenth House.

  5. Jessica, I want to share with you that your predictions are very useful and motivating when I take big decisions. one example I am Asc Taurus, Sun in Cancer born, when Uranus entered in Taurus May 2018, My life changed completely which i never dream in million years. I was working hard but lost everything 5 years ago. A New group of people help me from no where. At that time i felt little hesitant with the unknown people. Now I feel Good. Thanks to Jupiter. A huge thanks to you to showing me possibilities. Astrology is amazing. Can’t wait to read taurus-scorpio 3rd part series of birth chart.
    Always love you

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I have Uranus 02° Scorpio 06′ 45″, NorthNode 22° Scorpio 12′ 38″ R, SouthNode 22° Taurus 12′ 38″ R

    What can you see based on these Scorpio/Taurus factors? Any notable impact this year?



    1. You will experience Uranus at 2 Taurus opposing Uranus at 2 Scorpio first of all NP, as it will not be until 2024 that your North Node and South Node are transited. To be born with Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House is to be in a rejection dance (lifelong) about money, houses, valuables, charity, apartments and all assets and debts through the family, or through the partner. That rejection dance involves ‘rejecting what you put in place after you rejected the last thing’ and so life is never still! Chopping and changing, and a fair amount of financial churning, is typical. At the same time, this is where you steadily become independent of everything and everybody, doing your own thing and doing it My Way, to quote Frank Sinatra or Sid Vicious, depending on your taste. This is where you innovate, produce, originate and invent. The sense of instability and experimentation increases as Uranus goes to 1, 2, 3 Taurus and so you have around 12 months of this, ending in March 2020 with the final pass over 3 Taurus. As billions were born with Uranus in the early degrees of Scorpio, or other slow-moving outer planets like Saturn, Neptune and Pluto – this does look like a global financial shift. You will need to shift with it, especially as you were born with a square from natal Saturn to natal Uranus. The square involves Saturn at 2 Leo so there is an issue here about your children, the world of young people, or relationships with parenthood potential. There may also be young relatives or godchildren involved. A classic example would be hearing that your bank is changing mortgage interest rates on a variable loan, which in turn means your daughter’s school fees become harder to pay. Uranus tends to be about the changes that set people free. Often what unfolds is quite radical, challenging, revolutionary but also very exciting. It offers and gives space. It also tends to concertina time, so that the distant future suddenly arrives today! Events and people which are years ahead of their time arrive. In your case I suspect this is about the contents of your legacy, inheritance, or those of a partner or relative.

  7. Hi Jessica. Great article thankyou. Could you please clarify what this Taurus/Scorpio opposition will mean for me, as I have a Scorpio stellium, with the South Node opposing. Also Pluto in Virgo and Capricorn stellium as well. I’ve never really understood my south node. Looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide next week. Thankyou.

    1. Thank you. Neptune at 4 Scorpio is the key to the beginning of the Uranus in Taurus cycle, as Uranus moves to 4 Taurus and opposes that at the end of May 2019, then in June, end of October, November. He is then at 4 Taurus again (Uranus opposition Neptune) in March 2020. Your Nodes are something I can tell you more about in Adelaide, at the event there – but essentially they work as a pair. They describe past life experience and you have had several lifetimes of being rich and poor, both asking for charity, and giving it to those who need it. Thus, you have an instinct for what is about to unfold over the next 7 years as you’ve seen it all before. We are going to see new world trade deals to replace the old, open markets, free trade, and a currency revolution. That is just the start! To keep this focussed, think about your Neptune in the Eighth House of banks, mortgages, your house or apartment, superannuation and the big picture. Neptune describes how you escape from the real world, and it is usually through borrowing. In fact everyone born in the Sixties has Neptune in Scorpio and this is the credit card, loan and mortgage generation. What happens when Uranus moves to oppose that will make all of us get real. As a general rule the smaller the bubble the better. Trying to ‘keep it real’ financially is the best bet. Further along in time, you will have strong instincts about the new ‘share’ economy from December 2020 which you might want to follow up by doing research. By share economy, I mean ‘the new communes’ and ‘the new shared cars/property’. It’s coming.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Interesting posts around Taurus/Scorpio oppositions and star alignments not seen in 80 years. Already experiencing some of these aspects with my IC/MC opposition at 27 Taurus/27 Scorpio and North/South Node at 18 Taurus/18 Scorpio, as well as a stellia (stelliums?) in Cancer and Capricorn. My husband and I are considering buying the forever ‘dream’ home (Cupido at 19 Virgo since April 23 hitting my Uranus at 19 Virgo) although it would stretch us financially for the next 3 years or so. Not sure whether the current astrological climate is saying ‘go for the passion property’ or ‘stay financially flexible’ to cope better with the forthcoming Taurus/Scorpio earthquake(s). The Oracle is announcing sudden news in relation to academia where I work (Mercury/Uranus and 9th house) but also showing IC and 5th house. This house seems to be linked to my ‘roots’ although I am foreign in this land) and my legacy. Any thoughts would be really appreciated, we are agonizing over this decision…Thank you.

    1. Your Astrology Oracle reading shows Mercury, Uranus and Ninth House which is pretty exciting in terms of your job in academia, as Mercury rules the internet, publishing and all education and Uranus is about the revolution – that is really where you need to be most flexible and meet change with change. You should also use the Oracle and the Tarot combined to ask about your finances and property. I do not have your husband’s personal birth chart here and he is 50% of the equation with your Scorpio chart story. In general we have about 7 years of a global economic revolution ahead which begins with a crisis as individuals and organisations will be jailed for money laundering and have their assets seized. I guess we never knew just how entrenched this all was with big city life in the world’s sharemarket capitals but we will certainly find out by 2020 at the very latest. This affects us all, as does a) the rise of electric cars and buses and the end of petrol b) Britain’s new trade deals with the rest of the world and c) cryptocurrency. I don’t know where you want to buy a house or apartment, or sell one, but quite apart from your Tarot and Astrology Oracle readings you need to read widely around the subject of the property market in 2019, 2020, when it will be most subject to change, as the North Node goes through Cancer and your Fourth House of real estate.

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