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Scorpio and Taurus Horoscope Factors – Part III

Find out how to use the Scorpio-Taurus factors in your chart and what to expect from 2019-2026 while Uranus (radical change) triggers that part of your horoscope. This is the final feature in a three-part special series.

This is a 3-Part Premium Member Series. You can read Parts I & II here:

Scorpio and Taurus Horoscope Factors – Part I

Scorpio and Taurus Horoscope Factors – Part II

Do you have both Scorpio and Taurus factors in your personal birth chart? A great deal of your life will revolve around charity, business, taxation, banking, mortgages, credit cards, shopping, selling, collecting, legacies, wills or property. This is also likely to be one of the most complex aspects of your life and has a strong influence on your personality. Find out how to use the Scorpio-Taurus factors in your chart and what to expect from 2019-2026 while Uranus (radical change) triggers that part of your horoscope. This is the final feature in a three-part special series.

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110 Responses

  1. So much to think about! And so much information that is tangible – in planning for how to act when the plan goes sideways!
    Thank You Jessica – you are helping me more than I can express.
    We are used to rolling with big changes in my family, not because we have special skills – we’ve just had things explode a few times 😉
    I would be really interested in a chart of someone I know. This person came back into my life a little while back. I believe their arrival was karmic – although they are terrifying, they forced me to learn about Pathological Narcissism. They wont bother me anymore -and I have learnt much about myself. In learning about the depths of this persons depravity – I realised I have someone in my family who has conditioned me so precisely, that I am perfect ‘prey’. This process has been a profound awakening for me. I would love to understand better the karmic connection I have with these people, because it feels ‘done’ I just want to ensure that the debt is paid and I don’t repeat it. I dont want to give these people any more of my energy.
    We are in the beginnings of changing our financial/household structure and these paths are helping me to understand my purpose, as I’ve often felt like a person out of sync with Time.
    Thank you again for your work, the detail and specifics you provide are truly amazing.

    1. You have been living with Pluto opposite your Sun and that can only happen every 240+ years. People who are ‘Pluto’ in nature are obsessive, passionate, hidden for most of the time, powerful, and – they force you to use your self-control and willpower so you can discover how powerful you actually are. You were born with the Sun at 17 Cancer and Pluto transited 17 Capricorn, right opposite – and as late as October last year, was at 18 Capricorn, which is very close. The training you get from such a transit makes you very certain of yourself, and also very proud of yourself. You become stronger and more sure of what you are made of – and thus being ‘Plutoed’ tends to produce very particular kinds of people who are stoic, indefatigable, self-reliant and have absolute faith in their own strength. Pluto oppositions to the Sun and also Saturn oppositions to the Sun which you are also experiencing, put you strongly in touch with your actual Sun sign. So you have become deeply Cancerian, have learned to dig into your Fourth House of family, house, apartment, heritage, family tree, origins – and that’s a gift, actually. The whole cycle is karmic in nature, as the Nodes are also in Cancer and Capricorn. Take a deep breath and accept that the last closure is not far away. Read more about the Fourth House on Search and have a look at Pluto too. Pluto types always meet with a downfall. It’s a rule of the transit. You’re the powerful one. You know it now. Keep going.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica. I really appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share it 🙂 I am definitely experiencing what you’ve described – and you’ve given me confirmation & courage to keep going.

  2. Hello, and thanks!

    Looks like i have MC
    27° Scorpio 46′ 06″

    27° Taurus 46′ 06

    Right now I am going through all of these issues you mention, family situation, money, basically a messy divorce. Publication out with lots of Sag aspects that you rightfully pointed out would spell some positive momentum, you were sure right. Do you have advice for me for this year?

    Thank you, as always.

    1. Thank you. I am glad the astrology is helping with this tough situation with your divorce. You are over the worst. Make the most of Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius in 2019 as they will not be back for years. You will be given the chance to study, or be mentored and guided. It will involve a huge subject tied to a foreign country or a different belief system or philosophy to your own. Snap this up as you will likely travel as a result of it or even move one day. When the transiting South Node moves into Sagittarius from May 2020 you will be sent ‘back to the future’ and also back to prior incarnations when this culture or nationality was a huge part of your life. I would be astonished if you don’t end up emigrating or travelling constantly, actually – but as always the choices are yours to make. For more on this look up the Ninth House as Sagittarius rules this in your chart and this is where you are focussed, now through 2021.

  3. Hi, Jessica
    Thank you so much for another interesting post!
    I have Mars in Taurus (4 degree), Vulcano in Scorpio (2degree), Panacea in Scorpio (8 degree), Mercury in Scorpio (18 degree), Fortuna in Scorpio (24 degree). Does it mean that my financial situations will get better (or worse) in May? March has been a total mess.

    1. You also have a lot of factors at 0-1 degree and we just had a huge pattern there with the Supermoon at 0 Libra, Uranus moving to 0 Taurus, Chiron moving to 0 Aries, the Sun moving to 0 Aries. No wonder you feel March is messy. Okay, so the good news is that you will become free. Far more independent. What you have to give up is ‘the known’ and that means the way things used to be. This goes on for around 7 years. It is the difference people felt between shopping locally and only being able to buy what was on offer – and going to a department store which offered everything they never normally saw. That is the best example I can give, because it actually happened on another Uranus in Taurus cycle! The absolute trick with this cycle is to change with the times and if possible be ahead of the curve. I am talking very long-term here but you could easily start now. Look at what Fiat and Mini are doing with electric cars. You have that kind of mind, so start ‘thinking differently’ even if you do feel unsettled at the moment. Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs and you have to unfix the old fixed way of thinking, if you possibly can.

  4. Hi Jessica. As you can see I’ve got stelliums in both Scorpio and Taurus. My mc/ic is also Scorpio and Taurus. What will this mean during this time? My partner and I just Refinanced his house in both our names… I haven’t bought a house with a partner since 1996 and I’m really scared. I’m the majority of the income and he just quit his job before our first payment! He’s also heavily Taurus. Today we had a fight about finances because I’m afraid of being stuck paying for us both. Here are his Taurus placements balow. He’s an Aries… Will we always be batteling about our finances or will we somehow be able to work as a team to build a strong financial future together? We have been back and forth for 6 years in May this year. Any advise? Maybe marriage?

    02° Taurus 25′ 01″
    20° Taurus 38′ 57″
    21° Taurus 32′ 03″
    23° Taurus 16′ 28″
    27° Scorpio 48′ 23″ 
    27° Taurus 39′ 04″
    27° Taurus 52′ 08″

    1. I understand how you are feeling. You have a loaded Second House, ruled by Taurus. This is rather like having a real house, with a lot of tenants who have been there for years. Suddenly a new tenant arrives. His name is Uranus. He is like nothing you have ever experienced before and he is a totally unknown quantity! This cycle is long, but you will feel it as soon as Uranus goes over 2 Taurus in April, May. In fact you already had a preview of that last year, which is no doubt why you two decided to refinance and he quit his job. Huge change for your budget. Uranus goes back to 2 Taurus in December 2019, January 2020, February 2020 so you will find the revolution hits the way you keep your paperwork (Mercury) but also buy and sell (shopping) and so on. At the same time Uranus is a symbol of freedom and independence. So you will need to start putting a price on that and costing it into your life budget. The cycle will be with you almost to the very end as you have a triple line-up at 27 Taurus/Scorpio, so in the years 2025, 2026 you are likely to rethink and revolutionise just about everything. Something you might want to be aware of is the new share economy from December 2020. This intensifies from 2023. People will give up on total ownership and begin to think about sharing – particularly transport – but also homes. The old idea of ‘shares’ used to be about the elite on Wall Street but the new ‘shares’ will be radically different. You’re also going to see ‘the people’s banking’ on a small, friendly scale with faces you actually know. All of this is yet to come but history and astrology tell us, it’s not that far away. It would be useful for you to read about the Second House and Taurus to try and understand yourself better. You have a tremendous need to stand firm, know what’s what, have permanence, security and ‘mine’ ownership with that chart pattern, but for the first time in your life you are going to have this cycle where you gain from questioning that and being prepared to take a deep breath and change. This will work really well for you. Stay right across the news as it happens and watch where the ‘buzz’ is with people – what excites them with shopping, property, banking and so on – that’s where Uranus in Taurus will absolutely usher in change.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    Great article again:)
    I am so excited about the news about offering chart wheels for partners & family members. My husband has a huge stellium on Taurus ( moon 10, Saturn 12 , sun 14 , mercury 20 degrees ). His only factor in Scorpio is Neptune 29 degrees ( don’t know about the heavenly bodies though) ( born May 5th 1970 around 11 am İstanbul.)
    He has been going through a lot business/ money wise for the last years and he is very tied up ( with much intensity beginning at the end of 2017 ) which effects us all .The new moon of May you mentioned is May 5th in our country , exactly the same degree as his Sun which is huge!! I would love to hear your comments . Thank you once again.

    1. Thank you. Your husband is strongly Taurus with the Moon, Saturn, Sun, Mercury in the Second House. He would benefit by staying updated on the financial, economic, business and trade news which is going to change on a weekly basis, for 7 years to come. We are going to see new inventions, on a world-changing scale – rather like the jet engine in 1937 – which alter world trade, export and import. The Uranus in Taurus cycle ushered that in, just as it did steelmaking in 1856 on a previous cycle. Expect a very different kind of shopping. A revolution in shopping, actually, and also in banking. The more he stays on top of the news and realises the way people are thinking, the more he can free himself up.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Both of my Solar and Ascendant sign are Leo, and please tell me how Scorpio and Taurus elements influence me. Thank you.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this three part series. In 2011 I started my Accounting degree but at the end of 2012 had to stop as I got pneumonia due to being mum to three, working fultime and studying fultime, I hit total rundown and my body revolted big time. Recently I have been giving serious consideration to picking it up and finishing it. I work as a bookkeeper and help people with their tax and GST issues. Given the uncertainty of everything in the future and the huge changes to come I’m not so sure. My reason to complete it is mainly help women in shelters and trying to leave domestic violence situations. I have my IC at 03 Taurus and MC at 03 Scorpio. My moon is also in Taurus 25 and degrees at 17 and 23 Scorpio.

    1. You are an amazing person. Strongly Taurus-Scorpio but you also have a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Libra, the sign which rules partnership, marriage and equal partnership. It also rules professional partnership. You bring all that to your work with women in shelters and also your knowledge of the tax systems. You are going to find the next 7 years quite astonishing and if your birth time is accurate, it starts this year. We saw this economic cycle in 1934-1942 when women became breadwinners and also budget controllers within their households. Uranus usually flips things around, and it may be that women once again are put into this role, so we’re likely to see ‘equal pay for equal work’ finally get through on a vast scale globally. That would certainly affect your career. If we go back further in time to the last cycle before that (Uranus in Taurus) we find the Married Women’s Property Act! So I would say you are right on the crest of a wave here. Keep surfing, as if your birth time is bang-on and your I.C. (Immum Coeli) is at 3 Taurus and M.C. (Midheaven) is at 3 Scorpio, May 2019 will see Uranus land on 3 Taurus and profoundly change your ideas about your own home, the family, (which the Immum Coeli rules) but also your life direction, which is ruled by the M.C. or Midheaven. Uranus goes back to 3 Taurus in November, December 2019 and he is there again in February 2020. The point of this cycle is to ‘unfix the fixed’ and as Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, the moment has come to loosen up, and see what is possible. It is in the nature of Uranus to move swiftly, to demand that we adapt and adjust quickly, and don’t hang on or look back. Those who do best on this cycle do all that. The Industrial Revolution in Britain took place with Uranus in Taurus. Anyone who didn’t ‘get’ the new technology or even the new train system was left behind, but those who saw and understood were on the crest of a wave. Look to digital, but also stay right across the radical new rethink of global taxation which is coming!

      1. Thank you Jessica, I can feel within that life is going to change for the good very soon.

  8. Hi Jessica thank you for another excellent blog. I have Ceres at 24 degrees of scorpio and on the 18th May it looks like Mercury, Minerva & Aesculapia will all be conjunct my Ceres. Could you help me understand how to interpret this please. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Ceres is a symbol of enforced compromise where people or organisations agree to share the control and also agree to disagree, to some extent! She was found on 1st January 1801 on the day they created the United Kingdom, so the Union Jack, which is a merger of all the flags in the kingdom, is a really good visual example of what Ceres is all about. In the Roman mythology which gives us our astrological symbols, Ceres was the goddess of the four seasons and the harvest, who was forced to share her daughter with Pluto for half the year, thus giving us Spring, Summer (when Ceres is happily united) and Autumn, Winter (when her daughter is away). This idea of rostering, sharing, compromising and deal-making is really important with your bank, your house or apartment, any assets, shares, superannuation/pension/national insurance and taxation near that date. Mercury will bring the news. Minerva will bring the brilliant advice or wisdom. Aesculapia will bring a return of who/what you had assumed was virtually over! In any case you’ll be agreeing to differ, but also accepting some kind of share-out, or shared control.

  9. The historical information of previous periods is fascinating. I don’t have any Taurus, Does this have any effect? I have 2 placements within scorpio..what could this mean.

    1. Thank you. Scorpio rules the Eighth House and in our astrology going back centuries, this house was always associated with legacies, wills, inheritance and mortgages. It is about the really large investments or assets, or those which are hugely valuable, so the opposition from Uranus in Taurus to your Scorpio factors will challenge you to change, particularly on questions of shares held in your superannuation fund, for example. You would be one of millions affected as so many people were born with a Scorpio and Eighth House outer planet signature. Zig-zag when they zig-zag. I think you’re probably going to see the Australian government change the rules on superannuation quite radically within 7 years.

  10. Hi Jessica – I can’t say I’ve found this particular post as uplifting as some of your others. Looks like between my Taurus and Scorpio factors I’ll be feeling the Taurus / Scorpio weather from this year until 2025. Since I’m considering buying a home in the next couple of months (trying to wait for the Federal election in Australia this May to pass by first!), and it’s just hit me that Uranus leaving my 7th House and entering my 8th House means more “fun” on the relationship front that I just do not need (I SO need a break in this department), I’m actually feeling uncharacteristically deflated.

    I’ll definitely take the advice to be as flexible as possible – however, who doesn’t suck at being flexible about the things that are most important to them. I certainly struggle!

    1. Fixing the unfixed is a good plan when Uranus goes through Taurus and it’s really about watching history. We are going to see new world trade agreements spring up, but before we even get to that – yes, property prices will be affected. You have Juno at 5 Taurus in the Second House and she is a symbol of commitment, in the Second House – with property and money – so when Uranus goes to 5 Taurus it may be that you wed yourself to something in quite a radically different way. This happens second half of June 2019 so the idea of being open to what/whom is so very different and new with banks, houses, apartments and so on is right on cue with this new cycle in your life. Thus the idea of ‘fixing the unfixed’ in terms of old attitudes – Scorpio and Taurus being fixed signs, you have more to gain by bearing that in mind before this transit really kicks in. We seem very likely to see new-style communal housing (not the hippy communes of the past, but a radically different way of communal living) once Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto go into the ‘group’ sign Aquarius from December 2020, and beyond 2023 – so just keep an eye on that.

      1. Thanks Jess,

        Hopefully that will make more sense as time goes on!

        Definitely need to sort something around mid-year. My daughter starts primary school so I need the base to figure out where she will be going school! Nothing like a hard deadline to motivate you.

        Thanks again!

  11. Wow I have 7 factors in Taurus and South Node and Neptune in Scorpio. I already have a househusband (surfer). And my 10 yo is a Scorpio and his Juptier is at 16 Capricorn. This will be a very interesting time. Uranus however leaves me puzzled, any clues that jump out of my chart for you Jessica? Thank you the May dates mentioned have been noted.

    1. You’re strongly Taurus-Scorpio so tend to live through the Second House and Eighth House – it is interesting that your husband has reversed old traditional 20th century roles with you. Your Scorpio child will obviously go through the entire Uranus in Taurus 7-year cycle with you. If your birth time is accurate to the minute you will feel the changes right away. I’m sure you saw that on Friday the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq were all down as a recession signal spread through America. This is the pebble that makes the ripple that will eventually reach you. The smart money is literally on a radically different local and world economy ahead. It will pay you, in every sense of the word, to be aware of big new trends before they become mainstream. We’re talking new inventions here, but also free trade agreements that we’ve not seen before and ‘new’ shopping. Astrology is really history and Marks & Spencer boomed on this cycle when the ‘new-fangled’ kind of shopping arrived!

  12. Hi Jessica!
    Hello and terrific series. I have bit of a traffic jam in my chart, and I am wondering if you can help me sort it out. I have Mars at 19 Scorpio, Neptune at 21 Scorpio, and Vesta at 29 Scorpio. Also Prosperina at 2 Taurus. I also have Jupiter 19 Leo, Pluto at 19 Virgo, and Juno 19 Virgo. It seems everything in my chart is aspecting something, and I’m wondering what is in store for me. Any direction you can provide to help me untangle it, I would really appreciate.
    All the best,

    1. You have a spread of factors right across 2-29 of the Taurus-Scorpio axis of your horoscope which rules your bank account, house or apartment, charity commitments, spending habits and income. Teri, you will find the whole Uranus in Taurus cycle reaches you for about 7 years, at regular intervals, so you become quite used to altering course with your budget and your ideas about who/what is valuable and precious to you. Uranus is associated with the phrase ‘the world turns upside-down’ as in the Roman myth which informs the symbol, Uranus was castrated and thrown off the earth. That was his wife, Gaia and she turned upside-down! I am sure you know about Lovelock’s Gaia theory, that the earth looks after herself. Climate change will have a massive impact on food production and also the price of houses and apartments over the next 7 years. That is just one example of what is to come which is the global affecting the personal. The trick to this cycle, is to bend and flex. Don’t hang on to the past. You are going to see the end of the high street you know now so don’t keep going back there looking for the supermarket and bank!

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Love these historical references and hopefully the future is brighter after the challenges of change! I have struggled these past years, unsure of putting myself out there, fearful I guess. I don’t know if Uranus through Taurus will help shift that vibe but I am wondering how it will impact when it transits my north node in Taurus, which is in aspect to Venus in Gemini, Ceres in Cancer, Moon in Virgo and Minerva in Capricorn!

    Thanks for your great articles

    1. Thank you. The North Node at 6 Taurus and South Node at 6 Scorpio describe many lives spent being both rich and poor, giving charity and also receiving it. Thus you have an instinct for what is to come. Uranus going to 6 Taurus in July, August, September 2019 and April, May 2020, then December 2020, January 2021, February 2021 urges you to change the way you used to earn, save and borrow money. It urges you to think differently about shopping. The old system is breaking down. It began when Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018 and money laundering in Great Britain, particularly by human rights abusers, became punishable by jail and also asset-stripping. I am sure you can see where all this is going. Once Brexit is implemented, border control will come back into London, which is notoriously a place for laundered money to be concealed in apartments and houses. That’s a tiny example of how one big ‘rock’ thrown into the world pool of finance can create ripples which affect you. To bring this down to earth, let’s look at the two great and mighty benefits of World War Two, when we also had this cycle. Women were liberated to work as their husbands signed up for the army, air force and navy. Women also became household budget managers as they had to deal with rations. They began to grow their own food as the shortages were so extreme. In other words, the world got feminism, because it had to. It had no choice! Later on, it was that generation who gave birth to the daughters and granddaughters who are now in power. So you see…a small thing like a housewife in London during the last Uranus in Taurus cycle, doing her bit at the factory and then growing her own cabbage in the garden, was the start of something much, much bigger. And it will affect you like that. Personal, small changes which are part of a wider global shift. And it will set us all free, because that is what Uranus does, despite the upheaval. Classically we never know how trapped and confined we were until a stuck system ends, and that stuck system for us in the year 2019 is high street banking – that’s just the start.

  14. I know I have a stellium in Scorpio, but my husband, born 5th May, 1966, in Detroit Lakes, MN doesn’t know what time he was born. How significantly does this muddy the waters regarding how the next few years will treat us? Anything leaping out to you that we should be aware of?

    Thank you so, so much for these fascinating and enlightening blogs you continue to share!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely compliment. The Sun at 9 Scorpio in your Eighth House describes how you shine – with some pride – when you are at your brilliant best with the marriage, as it obviously has a pay-off for you in terms of your lifestyle and home. Scorpio rules sex and money, marriage and property. It also rules family money and the family legacy which you leave, but is also left to you. This is how you ‘star’ when it all goes well. Uranus at 9 Taurus will challenge your old ideas about how to shine financially and with property, but particularly with the marriage as a mini financial ‘firm’ all by itself. It will come about as a result of wider change in your country and also the world, as the sharemarkets, world trade and taxation will never be the same once this cycle kicks in. This is going to affect the way we work, the way we bank, the way we deal with our homes. Uranus moves to 9 Taurus in June 2020, July then again in September, October – then April 2021 and very close by at 10 Taurus in January, February 2022. As a general rule you need to be ready to change, when the world changes around you. Scorpio is a fixed sign and does not move easily, but you need to get yourself into a position where you can adapt and adjust to what is going on. I would have said the same thing to a reader in the 1770’s actually! Back then America was based on a slave economy and taxation tied to Britain. That ended with a shock loss in 1781, when they discovered Uranus – the planet now in charge of your chart. So watch the way the wind is blowing. Get the best advice you can afford. Most of all, do your own discoveries and research. What excites people? How are they prepared to be radical? That’s where the money will travel. As Uranus rules electricity you can bank on digital currency – paper and metal free – and likely in a form which escapes tax altogether. It’s really on that kind of level. From the year 2021 look towards communal financials. As Generation Aquarius (Millennials) come of age and move into a Mini Age of Aquarius they will be the first to pioneer. They have tried it out with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, from from 2021 and especially from 2023 they are going to share-economy everything we used to want to own privately. Houses. Apartments. Cars.

  15. Hi Jessica, what a thought-provoking series! Excited to see how this all plays out on the world stage as the old structures crumble. Also curious to see how this will play out personally as I have a large stellium in Scorpio / ascendant in Taurus which looks like it will be triggered over the next few years. Are there any particular aspects that stand out or that I need to watch out for? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have Mars at 2 Taurus in the Second House of income, bank, house, apartment, charity, business and the rest. You will be among the first to experience Uranus at 2 Taurus conjunct your Mars in the second half of April 2019, start of May 2019, second half of December 2019, then January and February 2020. This is really useful as you will sense the change in the air immediately and see hard evidence of the way it’s going to be in future. Trade routes will revolutionise. The old Silk Road, for example, was born from a previous Uranus in Taurus transit in 1685 when silk was first manufactured in Britain. That connected Europe to Asia in a way that will be repeated over the next 7 years as Uranus in Taurus repeats its cycle. The best way for you to manage this transit, which will cover your life for many years, is to make it your business to read widely about the way trends are developing. The Boston Tea Party happened on this cycle. Tea as a commodity may well be at the heart of what is t to come, one more time! Astrology is about karma and the relationship between Great Britain and India is key to the Uranus in Taurus cycle, so as a very simple example, watch tea. Beyond that, find out your options with banks, as we will see the end of the old banking system.

  16. Hello Jessica,
    My daughter Vaaniee is suffering from medical issues since from December 2018 extreme stomach infection with throat infection was hospitalised at that time, February she also suffered a lot , in March from 16 she started with viral fewer now chest infection increased and today got hospitalised again . I am really worried now , not sure what is happening, she is born on 12 July 2015 , 9:29 AM , Pune , Maharashtra, India . Do you see anything with your foresight…


    1. The poor child. Your daughter Vaaniee was born with the Sun at 19 Cancer and Uranus at 20 Aries so that is known as a Sun-Uranus square. She is experiencing a transit which can only happen every 240+ years as Pluto goes across 19, 20 Capricorn. The cycle ends in November 2019. If we go beyond the actual illness into the spiritual meaning of her time in hospital, it is about her family. The Sun in Cancer in the Fourth House describes how you shine, within the family circle. It identifies you strongly with your parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. Because you are all visiting her and because her illness has brought the family together, she is discovering why it matters, and who she is, in terms of all of you – even though she is very small. I am sorry you are going through this, as Pluto is also square Uranus in her chart. Aries is about the First House of appearance, image, identity and ‘Me’ so this is really about that as well – she will be the centre of attention whenever she is ill. Medical issues are for her doctor and not an astrologer but I can reassure you that this is a rare cycle and it most definitely ends. In the meantime I strongly recommend distance and absence healing for her. Please take a look at the work of Kerry McNally online, who I can vouch for, and also the work of Matthew Manning, the British healer. It can help in the most powerful way, beyond hospital. I also strongly recommend you pray to her family in spirit who she may even be experiencing in dreams. There may be an ancestor or relative who can help – in fact I just had confirmation of that. Please light a candle and pray.

  17. Wow! You always provide such mind blowing information, Jessica! I am curious to know what can be gathered from looking into my chart. Recently my husband found out that he may be losing a chunk of his income. I am hoping for a raise soon and at the same time, I have been considering changing careers altogether. How will this cycle affect me personally?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Your husband should pursue that. Uranus in Taurus is about dealing with what is true and real, no matter what. Doing this often sets us free. For example, I once had a reader who had spent his life working very hard for a good cause, only to find out that he was being used. He took action and won, and he also released himself from a situation which had trapped him and restricted him. He never looked back. Your husband’s finances are shown by Scorpio in your chart as Scorpio rules the Eighth House of sex and property, and you have Mercury at 0 Scorpio so Uranus at 0 Taurus is right opposite that point in your horoscope. You also have a Capricorn stellium so now through 2023 is a total career reshape. You will be doing new life sums. Your life budget has plus and minus signs next to the things money cannot buy – freedom, integrity, space, peace of mind, peace and quiet, security, compassion – all of that. Use your journal to track the astrological weather as it is in effect right now, and it will take some years to complete. What is your life budget and what do you hang the highest price tag on? Often we find it is love or loyalty.

  18. wow. I have a Scorpio stellium and ascendant in Taurus. My husband has his Sun in Taurus. I also want to move to the California coast but he doesn’t. Can you give guidance on how this may play out for me/for us? Thank you!

    1. Scorpio-Taurus is very common in the horoscopes of married couples who disagree about their values. Uranus in Taurus will bring this to the surface so your conflict over moving to California is typical. I often say that Uranus in Taurus will ‘unfix the fixed’ and you two are going to have to do that, as Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs. This goes beyond the merits or otherwise of California (which is stunning) into deeper questions about who or what is in control of the money. You will need to address this. Uranus in Taurus is a crossroads.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Another very informative read.

    I have Vesta, Minerva and Aesculapia in Taurus and Cupido and Neptune in Scorpio.
    Financially, I work freelance and hope to improve my income and/or weather this transit.

    Personally, have a situation with my former Libra partner reappearing in my life and wonder what to expect when Uranus opposes my Cupido at 6 Scorpio this summer? Later in the transit it will be opposite my Neptune at 28 Scorpio.

    The situation feels /seems very karmic (we have a long, complicated history) with a series of lucid dreams, coincidences and strong emotions that have surprised me. I am hoping for a peaceful outcome at some point.
    Thanks for all the useful info!

    1. Uranus at 2 Libra and Jupiter at 3 Libra in your Seventh House say it all. You will experience transiting Uranus at 2, 3 Taurus and transiting Chiron at 2, 3 Aries and that’s a crossroads you have never experienced in your life, with your former, current or potential partner. The opposition to Cupido in your Eighth House is also important, as the Eighth House rules sex and money. Your former Libra partner is going to be the channel for change and as you will experience transiting Uranus quincunx natal Uranus, and transiting Uranus quincunx natal Jupiter, then transiting Chiron opposite natal Uranus, and transiting Chiron opposite natal Jupiter – it’s a journey. Not a destination, a journey. Try to remember that and leave your baggage behind. Go for the ride, because it will be bumpy, but exciting. There is a wonderful sequence in the television series Cranford where the elderly ladies of the town are taken on their first steam-train ride. They are in shock for most of it but eventually become thrilled and enthralled. That is your train and he is driving it. Watch transits at 3 degrees – use your journal – because in February 2020, which is Saint Valentine’s Day, we find Uranus at 3 Taurus. Decision time.

  20. Oh boy! Something is cooking big time over here Jessica:
    Sun 04°  Taurus
    Bacchus 04°  Taurus
    Ops 11°  Taurus
    Chiron 12°  Taurus
    Ceres 17°  Taurus
    Aesculapia 24°  Taurus
    Uranus 24°  Scorpio

    Last time Jupiter conjucted my sun and Bacchus i had an awesome wedding day and amazingly life afterwards.

    Uranus will conjuct my sun and Bacchus soon and i am so worried to expect the unexpected with my business, money, banks, etc in a foreign country( my aqaurius husband’s country) i live in at the moment.
    So many factors i have at those numbers you mentioned above. Any insights/advise is much appreciated.
    Thank you for your time dear.
    Stay blessed

    1. Thank you. You will experience Uranus going over Taurus from 4 to 24 degrees so for most of the time that the world economy is transforming you will be personally affected. You will feel it first as Uranus conjuncts your Sun-Bacchus conjunction at 4 degrees in May and June 2019, then again in October this year, then November. From 2020 it is March that stands out as a month of change. Bacchus rules alcohol as the Romans associated the Bacchanalia with heavy drinking, so please keep your eye on the revolution we are going to see in wine, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and the rest. I mean that quite seriously as astrology can sometimes be literal! Uranus in Taurus cycles are associated with inventions and innovations which change the world, like the mills of the Industrial Revolution. We also associate it with massive changes in taxation and international trade. The Boston Tea Party took place on this cycle and America gave Britain the sack – Britain lost her tax revenue from America. I hope you can see how all this is going! Because your chart is personally tilted towards Taurus, the global or national will affect your own bank account, employment and lifestyle. The smart money is always, always on appreciating ‘the shock of the new’ on these cycles rather than denying it or rejecting it. I am sure Marks & Spencer’s seemed quite shocking and new once upon a time, but it also appeared on this Uranus in Taurus cycle and of course it is now on every British high street and can even be found in Dubai and Hong Kong! You get the picture.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    I’m extremely excited for the chance to compare my partners chart as I am heavily affected by him. My chart has Scorpio and Taurus scribbles all over it so I’m taking a sharp inhale as I prepare for Uranus to rock up in May. How does this affect my finances as currently, my partner is providing as I take a time out from work. Xx

    1. I’m glad we are able to offer partner charts to you – Asporea have been working on this for quite some time. You have a Taurus and Scorpio I.C. and M.C. if your birth time is strictly accurate, along with Taurus and Scorpio chart scribbles, as you say. This means a reset of your compass over many years. You will feel it most with your partner when Uranus goes to 8 Taurus and opposes your natal Venus at 8 Scorpio. This takes place first of all in May 2020, June 2020 then again October, November 2020 and once more in March 2021. We are going to see many years of strike action, new manufacturing trends, new food trends, a shake-up in the London Stock Exchange, new technology which completely transforms world trade, boycotts on imports…this isn’t even part of it. The global affects you personally, as does the local, so it may be that wider changes to currency and taxation, not to mention the end of hidden slavery when Brexit puts borders back in, will all have a ripple effect. A classic example would be new job opportunities opening up, so you switch careers and raise your income, or your partner does. This alters what you both want from the house or apartment, and so on. Another classic example would be realising you want different things from money! Taurus rules values (your personal value system) and Scorpio rules the values of a partner, which are sometimes going in another direction entirely. As a general rule please ‘unfix the fixed’ in your attitude towards your bank, borrowing, shopping and so on. You have never experienced this transit in your life and never will again. The more flexible, open, adaptable and ‘bendy’ you are, the better off you will be.

  22. Thank you Jessica,

    Looks like we are going to have some hectic times with Uranus in Taurus.

    Hope this email will receive an answer and will not go lost.

    I do have Sun in Scorpio, NOrth Node, South Node in Taurus, Mars, Mercury and Uranus, as well as Jupiter in Taurus

    Any specific hints for me, what is there in the near future for me? The May Dates are noted

    Thank you


    1. Thank you. Emails don’t get lost, but the queue of comments just jumped to 7,638 questions from around the world, and as I travel constantly I’m not always able to get to every question when it appears. Okay, so Uranus at 7 Scorpio is just part of a huge cluster of factors you have stretching from the Second House of personal income (Taurus) to the Eighth House of other people’s money (Scorpio). I am going to focus on this because you will experience transiting Uranus at 7 Taurus opposite natal Uranus at 7 Scorpio starting with a slow approach in July, August, September as Uranus goes to 6 Taurus, then really taking hold in May 2020, which will change your life actually – we also have Chiron at 7 Aries the same month. Uranus at 7 Taurus is back again in November, December 2020 and is there again in February 2021, March 2021. It is very important to understand what this horoscope symbol is all about, so please hit Search and your Ebooks to look up Uranus and find out the deeper details. You will experience the global and national as personal. The world economy and your country’s own economy will shift dramatically and this will affect your own life. We can track these cycles going back to the 16th century and every single time they signal the end of slavery. Even today there is slavery in the United Kingdom and trafficking across Europe and beyond, but once borders are controlled after Brexit, with the possible departure of Italy and maybe Greece from the European Union (or substantial changes to border checking) that will be over. You can just imagine what that will do the economy. Beyond that, we find the Gold Rush of the 1850’s and the expansion of the railways system transformed the economies of many countries. We will see a similar ‘rush’ to come. It may be gold it may be ‘mined’ cryptocurrency. Beyond the old steam railways which transformed the world last time we had a Uranus in Taurus cycle, we will see new modes of transport – electric or other alternatives. You need to get yourself into a flexible position where you can change, when change takes place. You could also look up transiting Uranus opposition Uranus as millions will be going through it with you, in your country (although I have no idea where you live). Look very closely at where the buzz is, in terms of the latest and greatest commodity or food. It was silk in 1685 and it was turnips, believe it or not, in another Uranus in Taurus cycle! The key is – forget what you used to do. The people who do best on these cycles are the innovators and early adopters. Also the inventors. The old world of money is over. The money laundering jail sentences and asset seizures have not even begun. That is a crisis for some of the people and corporations in the top 1% which is yet to take place, but it will take place, according to all the laws of astrology. When that happens you will see the London Stock Exchange rocked sideways. We have to remember that it formed, in the most basic way, in 1688 when we also had Uranus in Taurus. Back then they met at Lloyd’s Coffee House! Given the cycles you have, which go right across this 7 year period, make it your business to read widely and regularly about business and banking. Get the best advice you can afford from a financial expert as astrology can only take you so far and I have no idea what your situation is.

  23. Hi Jessica, I am a Capricorn with no Taurus factors but have 4 Scorpio factors. Can you please look at my chart and let me know how this will affect me? Thank you!

    1. You have Neptune at 15 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and mortgage, sex and money, family and property, legacy and inheritance. You have Ceres at 16 Virgo in the Sixth House of work and employment, housework and lifestyle, service and duty. So, Neptune sextile Ceres. When Uranus moves to 15, 16 Taurus in May 2022, repeating himself in February 2023 and April 2023 you need to be in a position to make changes. This is obviously an episode about your job, or your unpaid work, in relation to your income, superannuation or pension, work bonus and so on. It goes without saying that you read the terms and conditions very carefully in regard to this and ask pertinent questions, especially if 2022 or 2023 are actually printed on the paperwork. Even if that is not the case, make it your business to know exactly what is going on with these matters. The Neptune in Scorpio generation, of which you are one of millions in your country, are those who borrow from the banks and forget the credit card is not theirs and neither is the apartment, because it is part of a debt. Neptune is about other realities and holidays from the real world. To help the situation try to minimise the ‘unreal’ as much as you can. The people born in the 1960s who have borrowed heavily to have a lifestyle beyond their means, literally, will find the Uranus opposition most difficult. The time to start thinking about these matters is now. More positively, you will find that Uranus in Taurus trines your Ceres in Virgo at about the same time, so this is a lifestyle change to your advantage as it will empower you and give you more control over how you work and how you live. Look up Ceres, Sixth House, Uranus, Second House on Search to see how you are affected and in your ebooks too.

  24. Hello Jessica,

    I have only one factor MC 16 Taurus 55 35 and stellium in Scorpio with my IC 16 Scorpio 55 35.
    Does that mean that whatever potential/ assets I have will be largely overwhelmed / opposed by obligations to family, relationships, friendships etc with IC opposing my MC in addition to my :
    Moon at 18 Scorpio 9 3
    Mercury 11 Scorpio 56 22 ,
    Diana 12 Scorpio 03 59,
    Vulcano 22 Scorpio 53 45,
    Panacea 22 Scorpio 41 0

    I am very concerned that these have been/are continuing to adversely affect me and my personal finances plus I read that having these factor in my 8th with Pluto being the ruling planet usually means there are dark sides to these factors about me ?

    Would really appreciate your insights. Sorry for the trouble and am grateful as always

    Thank you so much,

    1. Hello Jie. It will take many years for Uranus to reach 11-22 Taurus and oppose that pattern in your Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property, inheritance and legacy. It starts May 2021 and does not finish until May 2024 so do have a look at any paperwork you would be signing which cover you May 2021-May 2024 as it may be that lease, contract or similar which is specifically the issue! Uranus will also cross your MC/IC axis during this period, and if your birth time is accurate, this spells a complete change in attitude towards what it means to feel rich and enriched by life. Uranus is about freedom, space, revolutionary changes, new directions, independence and it can frequently feel confronting at the beginning, but eventually you and everybody else realises it’s a way of life that is here to stay. Make sure your agreements with others, either verbally or signed, allow you room to move. If you were to marry or form a civil partnership 2021-2024 for example you would not want to do that without the best financial advice you could afford. Forget romance you have to be a realist in this cycle.

      1. Thank you heaps Jessica. That takes off huge worries of mine about my MC and IC opposing each other since I shared that I have been having a serious of bad luck for a couple of years ( sorry I’m still catching up on my learning of Astrology- pardon me if I ask silly questions) Ok! I will be extremely careful about romance and signing papers btw 2021 and 2024 😛

        Much love and hugs,

  25. Hi Jessica, thank you for this enlightening article. I am writing to you at a very low point in my life and really would appreciate some help to see if there is any light at the end of the tunnel. I feel trapped, exhausted and so alone.

    I am stuck in an abusive marriage. I separated for a few months but now have had to make a compromise to stay with my husband till 2021 as he is dependent on me for visa and i dont want my daughter to be deprived of her dad at all.

    I had a glimmer of emotional support from a man for a few months but he has now moved on as i decided nothing can progress for another 3 years and i don’t want to demean myself and cheat.

    However, emotionally i feel so weathered as I dont know if i will really get ghe freedom i want i 3 years or i will be weak and stay stuck in my marriage.

    Any insight about my love life would really help. I have so wanted a home and a family but it has never worked out for me. This was my second marriage. Will i ever find happiness again?

    1. I am sorry you are in a bad marriage. Your husband needs his Visa and you want your daughter to have a father. You are exhausted. I am very sorry as I realise this is your second marriage. You are going through a cycle not possible in 140+ years as Pluto moves across 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Capricorn, making a square to your own Pluto at 19 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and divorce, and your Sun at 23 Libra, also in the Seventh House. Juno is very close by at 20 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, and of course she is a symbol of commitment. Pluto transits can feel as if you are being dominated and taken over, either by people, organisations or situations. They never last and eventually the individual or entity which has been trying to rule everything and everybody meets its demise or departure. So, there is a time limit on this situation anyway, even if you did nothing. In the end I think money will talk. You have this brand new Uranus in Taurus cycle coming in, and Uranus will conjunct your Aesculapia at 3 Taurus, I.C. at 7 Taurus, Chiron at 12 Taurus and Vesta at 14 Taurus – starting in May 2019 and carrying you on the current of change until May 2022. So that is 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 to reshape your financial position with this man and with your daughter. During this time please be aware that Vesta is a symbol of gender politics when one male tries to encourage two or more females to compete with each other for his attention or approval. Do not begin this with your daughter, or his mother (for example) and specifically do not start it if he has another woman interested in him. You can read more about Vesta on Search. Sort out the money. Go and see the best family accountant who specialises in separation, divorce and child payments you can afford and get to the bottom of the facts and figures. Uranus is a symbol of freedom, independence and autonomy and there is a price to pay, but you need to find out if you can afford to pay it. If you are at any risk at all of something more serious please go and see your local doctor and police immediately. You are in for a few years of seeing how radical you are prepared to be – how adventurous and how experimental. In the meantime if you feel alone and exhausted and trapped, there is no need for that. There are people in a similar situation to you in support groups and forums all over the world, especially online, so find them and join them. You need to read and hear another point of view. Not the two you keep on reading and hearing.

  26. You’re writings always blow my mind, Jessica. I have some exact Scorpio factors, as you listed above (I’m not entirely sure of the interplay between the signs they are in), but zero Taurus. I’m curious to understand what these Scorpio factors means to me, given I’m aware that I have to watch the looming Capricorn changes?

    You are a gem for sharing this with us all. xx

    1. Ceres at 21 and Mars at 27 Scorpio in your Eight House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, inheritance and legacy, family and property will be opposed by Uranus at 21 and 27 Taurus in a reasonably short space of time, so in April 2024 and August 2024, before the retrograde begins. This does suggest a big change is required with your house, apartment, bank account, pension/superannuation and so on, that year. If you treat Uranus in Taurus as the financial weather, and the economic climate change, I am sure you can see that it’s time to get yourself into a flexible position. In astrology we always look to the ingress of Uranus to see what is in the air, and when he moved into Taurus in May 2018, two things happened. The HSBC pioneered blockchain in the banking system and Her Majesty the Queen introduced the Magnitsky Amendment to the Money Laundering Act. Uranus made the second ingress into Taurus when Princes Charles faced accusations that his charity had been doing business with a well-known money laundromat, just weeks ago. Stay right across these kinds of issues because they will have a ripple effect.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    I have NN in 23 Scorpio and SN in 23 Taurus. I have lived with my love partner for 16 years without marriage and find our life smooth. What could be interesting he is only two month yonger then me (DOB 15/11/1975) so even I don ´t know his birth chart, I feel that we have the major planets in the same signs but angles are different – for example nodes, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluto.
    And what I find interesting that during our life as a couple, we have had never hard discussion about property, income etc. It was always smooth, logical, legaly transparent – like going with the flow. I don´t know if it is good or wrong but it is like this.
    I would like to ask you if the lessons which come with Uranus in Taurus will be situations connect to with my love partner or it could be connect with another part of my life.

    Thank you!

    1. You were born with Saturn at 0 Leo and Uranus at 0 Scorpio so it is astonishing that you have never had any issues with your partner in 16 years, as Saturn is hard work – and in Leo in the Fifth House – the difficult issue is pregnancy, children, stepchildren or young in-laws. The exact square to Uranus in your Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property, legacy and inheritance would classically be quite challenging to deal with. Uranus has been making a T-Square from 0 Taurus since May 2018, active again now. I’ll leave it with you.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        thank you for your answer.Yes, we had an issue as for children – we wanted them, we tried many things including IVF without success. But what I wanted to say – even if this situatio is challenging, we had not hard discussions with my parnter or quarrell. We accepted the situation and we go on and we found the sense of our life in another activities and among the friends.
        I always though that T-square must cause the quarrel or constant pressure and this is not the real case for our relationsship. May be, because we are able to accept the situation for what it is?

        1. Thank you. I am sorry the I.V.F. did not work out for you – and it obviously had to be paid for – which is an expression of your square from Saturn at 0 Leo in the Fifth House to Uranus at 0 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money. You handled it brilliantly and for anyone else who is reading this – although your name is withheld – this is a good example of how you can live with a square!

  28. Dear Jessica
    I’ve been following your writing on Uranus in Taurus in addition to the mini-age of Aquarius with a lot of optimism!
    I am really wondering what this means for my career. I have stelliums in both signs, and recently left more stable employment to join a start up focused on energy/tech. I’ve been working in renewables for a long time but this is a riskier proposition since I need to make the company work – including raising money. We are not there yet and have been sitting through a lot of waiting for the money to come through. It’s hard on my family given that I am the sole “bread”winner, but I do think the upside is potentially huge. I want to make money out of this, but I am also really driven to make change, esp for low and middle-income countries. Any insight or advice? Love the articles.

    1. Thank you. Astrology is history + sociology and Generation Aquarius, new to voting, will not vote for the current style of leadership with one white man at the top. They will come into their own as Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto all conjunct or trigger their Aquarian side, which is all about community and diversity. The Republicans would have to transform in order to meet those expectations! You want to pursue change for low and middle-income countries and you are in renewables. That’s reflected in your chart which has a heavy stellium in Taurus (values) and Scorpio (business). You also have the Moon in Cancer so you have a big emotional stake in property, housing, land and development. You have an exact opposition between Juno (commitment) at 25 Taurus and Venus (complicated relationships) at 25 Scorpio. That seems to be more about your personal life than your professional life, but perhaps both coincide. You have a perfect trine from the Moon at 12 Cancer in your Fourth House of property and family, home town and homeland – to fortunate Jupiter at 12 Scorpio in your Eighth House of personal financial relationships. Increasingly this looks like family or partnerships cross over with what you want to do in business. That is a stunning pattern by the way and you will benefit from it throughout your life. There is another opposition from Ceres at 1 Taurus to Vesta at 0 Scorpio, which is close enough to create an angle of opposites. This is about your own values, versus those of two or more females within the family tree. This would classically be a mother and sister, wife and daughter and so on. You will never be bored with this chart and will always find life as complicated as it is rewarding, and as challenging as it is fulfilling. If your birth time is on-point this is in the family tree, going back one or more generations (the I.C. is at 16 Taurus in your Second House of charity, business, economics, finance, property) and yet it is also your ultimate achievement (the M.C. is at 16 Scorpio in the Eighth House of financial relationships). Have a look at your ancestors – there may be a major charity fundraiser in there, business person, retailer or economist. In general, Uranus crossing 1 through 29 Taurus, for the entire cycle, starting in 2019 and ending in 2026, is going to liberate you, confront you – and permanently change you. You will find two big destiny spikes. One is when Uranus goes to 12 Taurus and opposes your natal Jupiter at 12 Scorpio and sextiles your natal Moon at 12 Cancer – that will take place in May 2021 through June 2021, and again in November 2021, March 2022. That episode involves your house or apartment, land or property investment. Closer to the time look those factors up on Search or in your ebooks. The other spike is Uranus going to 20 Taurus where he will conjunct your natal Saturn. That takes place at the end of May 2023, June 2023, March and April 2024. Look at your paperwork and what you are signing that binds you to that period very carefully. Saturn describes what you build in your life to structure ‘walls’ that give you as much security as possible. Uranus is about the world turning upside-down which a resulting revolution that brings freedom and independence. Put those two together and you can see why you need to be sharply aware of what you are setting up in your life, why and how – at that time. I hope this points you in the right direction for your own research.

  29. Wow, that’s a lot of info to take in.

    I have some factors in Taurus and Scorpio. Mainly the north and south nodes.

    26°  Taurus 57′ 28″
    13°  Taurus 58′ 29″ R

    00°  Scorpio 12′ 26″
    02°  Scorpio 05′ 12″
    13°  Scorpio 58′ 29″ R
    22°  Scorpio 19′ 13″

    Feels like this is about money and property for me.

    What do you think?

    1. Uranus at 0 Taurus is opposing your Neptune at 0 Scorpio now. Neptune describes an escape from the real world and a vacation from what is actually there – classically you would borrow money to have a house or apartment, or borrow money to shop. This is one example of a common Neptune bubble. The property or stuff is not strictly speaking, yours, until you pay for it. Uranus moving to 0 Taurus challenges that – it is like a lightning bolt which strikes the bubble – and you will experience that, as you did briefly, in May and October 2018 – it is back right now. It may be part of a longer story, as you have Vulcano at 2 Scorpio, so perhaps this is just chapter one and the other chapters will be written as part of a ‘gathering episodes’ narrative, in which case you are looking at April and May, 2019 but also December 2019, January 2020, February 2020. Track that and then using the same technique, you can also track your other Taurus and Scorpio factors. In general, stay flexible, get yourself into a position where you can move quickly and easily – changing direction when you have to – and try not to get too bogged down or tied down, as Uranus in Taurus – in every single phase of history – has coincided with massive economic, property, banking and shopping shifts.

  30. Jessica I never know where to start with these posts. I’ve learned so much from you; I love your emphasis on history and the stories which are enormously comforting to me.

    I also cannot wait for the partner/family charts!!

    I have a stellium in Taurus, but remember reading about the nodes and thinking this makes so much sense for me (South Node in Taurus, North in Scorpio). I can be very inflexible about money, very conservative, and very values-focused – and extremely stubborn. It also feels like an ongoing source of conflict- internally- for me; e.g. I want to be comfortable financially, but am also so acutely aware of inequity that I feel a lot of conflict about it, and often feel I’d be better off and happier taking a vow of poverty! Naturally, I married someone who is far more carefree than me about money, and I assume this is a lesson/struggle I wanted to undertake (in many ways it’s a relief to be around someone like that)! We fight about money a lot less now, but I definitely bear the burden of worry about security and retirement etc and it is a source of tension. At the same time, he’s holding the “bread” now (which is also very hard for me – I’ve stepped back from my career) so I also feel this dependence/lack of control about our finances, which terrifies me. Neither of us at all mind sharing though so there’s no resentment from him; honestly, it’s more resentment from me feeling not “equal” by having my own money/career/status. Also, wonder about the kids, and worry that they see me as “less” given my status with money/career in the relationship. Can’t wait to see their scorpio/taurus factors when you offer. They are very young but very attuned to inequity already. ‘

    Any insight re: my chart is appreciated!! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment. You are ‘speaking your chart’ as they say in astrology, when you note that you are inflexible about money, conservative and stubborn. When you mention a vow of poverty, that may be a prior incarnation talking, as monks and nuns often incarnate with money to see what it feels like to be a consumer and owner! Your partner may be part of that past life – it is not out of the question. Let’s have a look at your chart in more detail. You were born with the North Node of karma at 29 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, legacy and property, family and inheritance – and the South Node of past life experience at 29 Taurus in the Second House of personal income, charity, possessions and property. You also have Uranus, a symbol of constant change, at 28 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage. You have just crossed a big bridge in relation to this as transiting Uranus went over 29 Aries and transiting Chiron went over 29 Pisces, so I am sure the last 6-12 months was a hurdle. Okay, so over the long-term you are not going to experience the economic revolution in your country, in any major personal way, until Uranus goes to 28 and 29 Taurus in the years 2025 and 2026. That is six or seven years away, but as paperwork is binding, perhaps look at that closer to the time. As a general rule, use your journal to track what happens when slow-moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto go to 28, 29 of any sign as that will be the moment to give yourself more time and space to sort out love and money. When we launch partner charts, check to see if your other half has factors at 28, 29 – it seems very likely!

  31. Hi Jessica..You now have put me on the edge of my seat..9 planets in Scorpio..and it hits me from May till the end with my sun at 29..holy god do I hibernate for the next 7 years… The 4th May full moon is on my MC…15th May mercury opposite mercury..18th May full moon on juno…27th may Venus opposite MC.. 28th may Hygeia opposite mc…The 18th of May,my step sister is getting married,whom I’m very close too..shes 3 years older than me and is Sagittarius.. I’m meeting family I’ve never met before and also seeing a Virgo,sun 22 degrees 1995..,who has a little girl who’s 5 in April..And she’s got mars at 5 scorpio. long time friend, she is also my new brother in laws cousin..Still at the electrician.. apprentice,and living at home,cant really afford to get my own place ,.Is May the start of upside down chaos for me..Thanks Jessica…

    1. You have a stellium from 2 through 29 degrees of Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, legacy and property, family and inheritance, marriage and mortgage. You will feel the entire transit of Uranus at 2 through 29 degrees of Taurus from 2019 until 2026. You mention your extended family here so I wonder if the changes to come are not about the legacy you leave to individual members, but also the legacy left to you. That would seem quite likely, given the oppositions ahead. As a general rule get any discussion about legacies in writing and read the fine print. Changes can and are going to happen, because of national and global revolution, regarding the banks, money laundering and cryptocurrency.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    My MC is at 4 degrees Taurus, with my IC being at 4 Scorpio. I also have Neptune 7 Scorpio and Bacchus at 11 Scorpio.
    I have many factors in Virgo.
    My house is paid for and I have good amount in stocks/IRA’s, for my retirement.
    What can I expect from Uranus in Taurus?
    Thank you so much for your articles!

    1. Thank you TCG. You have a reasonably tight pattern in your birth chart around workload, lifestyle and money: Pluto is at 6 Virgo in the Sixth House of job and routine. Neptune is at 7 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property, legacy and inheritance. If your birth time is on-point, the M.C. or Midheaven is at 4 Taurus and I.C. or Immum Coeli at 4 Scorpio is pretty close to this pattern, so you would expect to see the global and national revolution in banking and the share markets unfold across 4 through 7 degrees with quite a radical impact on the way you think about your life budget and household budget too. By this I mean what money cannot buy in times of your time and energy. You would also be looking at the money you earn for work – and work-life balance in the context of finances. Uranus enters Taurus 4 in the second half of May 2019 and proceeds to 6 Taurus by September. He is back at 4 in the second half of October. The real story picks up March through May 2020 (4 through 7 Taurus again) and from November 2020 through March 2021, when Saturn also passes across 4-7 Aquarius creating more patterns around this area of your chart. To take the whole pattern apart in detail, as the time gets closer, use your journal and look up all the factors I’ve mentioned on Search and in your eguides, but also remember the key. This is about billions of people worldwide who all have the slow-moving outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – and the North Node or South Node – at 7 Scorpio. When Uranus (the revolution) moves to 7 Taurus it is time to get real about cryptocurrency and also the crisis in 20th century style banking.

  33. This is fascinating! Another fascinating article! Thank you for info, Jessica! Revolution is upon us! I’ve been saying for a time now that the current order of things must fall. It’s been comfortable for past generations only to the point where everyone was barely making ends meet. The elite corporations have become greedier though. And my generation, the millennials, are paying the price. Many of us are totally drowning in debt. Student loan debt (tuition has never been higher), credit card debt (using credit cards for basic living expenses not luxuries). It has to change. There’s nothing left for us or the generations to come due to greed. I look forward to the revolution and how it will heal SLP that is wounded.

    1. The three really huge Uranus in Taurus cycles that spring to mind here (speaking about debt) are: women being housewives without independent means – the poverty that trapped the working-class and farmers – and the slave sugar and cotton economy that chained people of colour. Even though debt is definitely keeping billions trapped (and that will be one of the breakthroughs with this new Uranus in Taurus cycle) the other obvious area is the wave-slavery of children and women in manufacturing in the developing world. This cycle transforms the world every single time and although it can be so challenging, history and astrology tells us – it always liberates. Thank you for your equally interesting comment, it is much appreciated.

      1. This is so interesting. Yes, it seems the theme is liberation here. So much oppression that we call other names. We should not have to intentionally purchase ‘fair trade’ items. That category should not need to exist and the reality that it does exist demonstrates some form of capitalist complicity in slave labor. And then companies profit from another companies slave labor by touting that they don’t use slavery labor. How did we get to this point?! And the debt! Capiltalism knows what it’s doing. Amp up tuition and living expenses while not matching the increases with wages and of course people like myself fall into debt. And then as the economy begins collapsing and job markets dry up, we are beholden to these debts like metaphorical chains. I look forward to Uranus and Taurus bringing it all to the light as systems will crash. It will be painful. But healing is never easy. Thank you for all you do here on your site. Your work is a light in my life ❤️

        1. Liberation is probably *the* key word for Uranus and the planet was even discovered by a brother and sister who were pursuing Women’s Liberation without labelling it – she became a paid astronomer to King George III and was about 200 years ahead of her time. If you use that idea of liberty, liberation ,freedom and independence and line it up with taxation, student debt and so on, you can see the way the wind is blowing. As I reply to you I see the Nikkei Index just dropped 3% on fears of a U.S. recession…

  34. HI Jessica I have made contact with a detective over a report I have made. He seems very kind and responsible but truthfully because of previous trauma I have some major trust issues! I’m observing the Taurus factors I have with regards to values and I’m keen to press ahead but am still hesitant to know if he’s solid gold, as they say. I’m seeking reassurance through the tarot but I’m still having trouble with trusting myself and my intuition. Thank you xx

    1. If you are still unsure it is probably Mercury Retrograde talking as we are in this unclear, indecisive and thoroughly misleading cycle at the moment. You may want to give yourself a break and come back to it later – it is your choice.

  35. Dear Jessica,
    Both of my Solar and Ascendant sign are Leo, and please tell me how Scorpio and Taurus elements influence me.Recently,my work condition always annoys me. Which direction should i choose to develop it ? In the term of my career, when will I find the turning point? I need you help.
    Thank you.

    1. Your career direction needs to change and it starts now – it will take seven years for you to go through the total transformation. You may be surprised to hear this, but at one point, you may even want to switch your entire profession or industry. The choice is yours. You can stay in the field you are in now, but you would need to radically reinvent what you are doing in order to feel that you are doing something true to yourself. Uranus, the planet of revolution, and all that is new and different, is now in a brand new sign – Taurus. This has an immediate effect on how you feel about what you do, and although we are literally at 0/29 of the way through the journey, you would already be feeling it. Being annoyed at other people, or being annoyed at the actual industry, profession or business is a first sign. You need to be honest with yourself and get real about who and what matters to you. This can be pretty confronting, but maybe you do need to eyeball yourself in the mirror and have a talk with yourself. Do it often. If there is anything or anybody that feels fake, wrong, false or just way too much of a compromise then it is blocking you on your true path. That true path is evolving all the time, but you would already have a clue, right now, as you read this. Ask yourself who and what excites you, seems like an obvious answer (that you never saw before) and is also rather daring, on some level? That is at the core of your solution. Use your journal which begins on 1st April to start sorting these questions out and don’t forget to give yourself a Tarot and Astrology Oracle reading too.

  36. Jessica,

    I have a bunch of factors in Taurus (Sun at 12, moon at 13, and Venus at 1) so uranus has already been reshaping my life in a huge way. I recently quit my job and have felt totally at a loss for the next step. I’m sure the mercury retrograde is stalling me out these last few weeks, but I would appreciate any direction or clarity. Another astrologist I trust told me that the next few years would be about me finding my career–she said into tech/entertainment, but frankly I’m more interested in forming a meditation community and simultaneously working in finance/investing right now. Ahhh the quiet confusion–haha.

    Do you have any insight?


    1. Venus at 1 Taurus and the Sun-Moon conjunction at 13 Taurus – in your Second House of income and values – suggests a revolution for some years, Reed. You also have the North Node at 1 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and South Node at 1 Cancer in your Fourth House of property. This exact pattern at 1 degree is being triggered now through May 2019 as Uranus goes to 0, 1, 2 Taurus for the first time in your life – and Chiron also crosses the same path. So what does it all mean? Venus describes your need to create complicated relationships around money, charity, houses, business, apartments. It would classically be with lovers and partners but may be with family members. You will not experience Uranus (the revolution) over your Sun and Moon just yet, but this situation now through May lays the tracks for that radical change to happen. The line-up with your Nodes – which describe karma – in your zones of career and home, suggests that now you have quit your job, you are likely to need a double solution covering both ambition and sanctuary. This sounds like your meditation community and investment idea, but you may want to wait until at least the second half of April to begin thinking about decisions, as Mercury Retrograde (which you mention) is in motion. It will help you to look up Second House on Search and in your ebooks as this is where you ‘live’ a lot of the time. In astrology it is associated with everything that is lucrative, but also ‘filthy lucre’ as we know that money can lead to huge moral and ethical questions! The old Latin term for this house was Lucrum, which translates as profit. You have some deep searching to do in this radical time of change. What do you profit most from in your life? That is a different question to ‘What can I have more of/an excess of’ as the idea of ‘profiting’ really means having benefits and more is not always great as I am sure you know! Uranus literally just arrived in your Second House after a sneak preview in May 2018, so you have a ‘house guest’ in your Second House for about 7 years and that takes a bit of getting used to. On the plus side, this planet is a symbol of freedom, space, independence, liberty and liberation. Find out what like-minded people and groups are doing, thinking and feeling around the same issues, because you will not be the only heavily Taurean person experiencing this transit. As I write this, the U.S.A. is obviously flashing a recession signal. I hope this helps, Reed.

  37. Hello Jessica,
    I have many, many factors in Taurus and Scorpio as you can see from my chart. The last Uranus transit was difficult moneywise, and I honestly need a break.
    I feel like a new cycle is starting. We bought a house end last year, which had some unexpected reparations to be done and has delayed our move (and made us spend more money than expected). And I’m also moving my business offices and really focused on how to getting it to be more profitable.
    Money really is the topic at the moment, so I’m very touched by this post of yours.
    Not sure what to expect from the next seven years, but from what I see it’s going to be intense. Could you help me understand the effect of this transit on my chart?

    1. You are strongly Taurus-Virgo-Scorpio so your day-to-day lifestyle, security and work-life balance is central to you. I understand why you have a lot of money questions. Uranus is at 0 Taurus and has seven years to go until he reaches 29 Taurus. You were born with Minerva right opposite at 0 Scorpio. Minerva describes your inner wisdom, finest intelligence and deepest problem-solving ability. In Scorpio, you express this through marriage and mortgage, sex and money, legacy and inheritance, family and property. Uranus is a symbol of radical change, and as Uranus first opposed Minerva from May 2018, and recently moved back there, you are wondering how to proceed. This cycle will transform your life. No doubt about it. You were born with an exact line-up featuring the I.C. at 21 Taurus in your Second House of income and values (if your birth time is correct), Jupiter at 21 Virgo, in your Sixth House of work and lifestyle and the M.C. at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which we covered. You also have Uranus himself at 22 Scorpio natally, again in your Eighth House. In June 2023, transiting (travelling) Uranus moves to 21 Taurus for the first time in your life and is back there in October and November that year. In April 2024 we find an historic landmark in your horoscope as transiting Uranus at 21 Taurus lines up with transiting Jupiter at 21 Taurus. That signals a massive shift in the world economy, the banking sector, taxation and sharemarkets which spells expansion, growth, solutions, hope, optimism and quite shocking change (shocking for those who thought the year 2024 was still the year 2017). It will likely involve widespread reform of the banking sector, the property market and also new moves in cryptocurrency, though it will have a different name by then. You will be involved in a personal way, being part of the big worldwide jigsaw puzzle, but also affected by the big picture . yourself. It works out incredibly well for your working life, lifestyle, day-to-day quality of life and so on: you were born with the blessings of Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House and this pattern makes a perfect trine. It is also really clear that it is a radical game-changer for you as Uranus will oppose Uranus. You should read about the Second House, Sixth House and Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this, and in your ebooks, as it is where the patterns will spread out. This is right through seven years – you also have Saturn at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House and eventually Uranus moves to 29 Taurus in the year 2026 and makes a trine. It will help you to make a life budget, not a financial one. Set aside the material value or usual price tags. Begin to think in terms of who or what is precious to the point of being priceless. Health may be high on your list and so it should be. Think about freedom. Independence. Integrity. Credibility. You will have your own list, but one thing we have learned from the cycles of Uranus in Taurus in history, is that at such times, human beings begin to place a very, very high tag on issues like autonomy and freedom. You need to be right across these trends as they will affect everything from shopping, to the trade union movement, to the nature of the property market, to taxation and the rest. Yet – with that chart signature you would enjoy it, gain from it, and never stop learning and wondering. My only thought is you must realise that Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs and you need to unfix the fixed. Try to open up and allow for what comes. Get yourself into a position where you can dance in the storm, because Uranus rules astrological climate change. Those who do, feel more alive and also come to understand what is really, deeply, treasured and valuable about their lives. Thus, they feel richer.

  38. Hi Jessica – I found your 3-part series about the Scorpio and Taurus factors fascinating. From my chart (which I hope you can see from my profile) I have NorthNode, 19° Scorpio 38′ 13″ R, and SouthNode 19° Taurus 38′ 13″ R. I’m curious where I should focus my efforts and areas I should avoid during these interesting times. Any insight you can give to guide me through this time is greatly appreciated. And thanks for the informative website.

    1. Thank you very much. You have a huge Taurus stellium (or cluster) of factors in the zodiac sign of the bull, including your Sun, so you know you are a Taurean – but you also have (in the Second House of lucrative possessions, abilities, investments and property) Aesculapia at 3, the Moon at 8 next to the Sun at 9, Mercury at 18, Venus at 13, Ceres at 20 and the South Node at 19. Your North Node is at 19 Scorpio and Neptune is at 1 Scorpio. You have several lifetimes of experience as both the giver and receiver of charity, may have taken vows of poverty as a monk, but also know about the ‘boom’ side of boom and bust. This may be why you have arrived on the planet now, because for the next 7 years Uranus (the planet of radical change and all that is new and different) will pass over all those factors in Taurus and oppose your Scorpio factors. The very first thing you need to do is allow a bubble to burst, or be squeezed. By that, I mean a self-contained bubble of non-reality or unreality about all that you own, earn and owe. This happens as Uranus in Taurus at 1, 2 opposes your natal Neptune. It’s not just you, it’s really millions of people in your country and this is a worldwide trend. I would expect you to deal with this now through May and again end of December 2019, January 2020, February 2020. This is really the gate that opens into a completely different world for you, once which may frequently seem to have turned upside-down, given where you stood before. You will notice this most when Uranus goes to 8,9 and conjuncts your Sun-Moon conjunction. You have obviously invested a great deal of your personality, life, soul and lifestyle into a charity or good cause; a business or company; a house or apartment; valuables or collectables. Try to get into the habit of letting go and bending (mind yoga) so that when you go into May, June 2020 and again – October-November that year – and March, April 2021 – you are ready to adapt and adjust. You will not be alone as there will be whole generations born with the outer planets in Scorpio, who experience this shift in the world economy with you. One of the fundamental reasons for this is the Russian-born dealmaker linked to Trump who is assisting with a money laundering probe – as I write this. I have been talking about money laundromats for quite a long time and we are going to see the end of it, over 7 years, which will profoundly alter everything we thought we knew. I am sure you read that even Prince Charles’s charity was dragged into the money laundromat scandal. Beyond this we have Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to learn about and live with, one way or another, and you would be right across that. You are very down-to-earth, grounded, practical and hands-on about life with that Taurus signature and you really don’t like to budge or move. You won’t bend on price, often and you are absolutely secure in your values – whatever they might be. I suspect taxation has a lot to do with that, as it so often does with strongly Taurus people, who have strong views on what governments do with their money! You have Aesculapius at 3 Taurus, very close to that Neptune at 1 Scorpio, and as this is a symbol of all that is revived and resurrected, you would have to expect some aspect of your finances, possessions, charity, business or property to make a staggering comeback as Uranus crosses this point, which takes place May 2019, November and December 2019, then into the start of 2020. Look up the Second House on Search because you ‘live’ there psychologically. In ancient times it was known as Lucrum (Latin for profit) but the new, new question for you and your bank now through Uranus across your Nodes in 2023 is – ‘Who profits by this?’ and ‘How do I profit?’ and ‘What does profiting from something or someone actually mean?’ The Uranus transit to your Nodes in 2023 is very important and will take you all the way back to 2003-2004 to gain closure on a theme in your life.

  39. Dear Jessica,
    Every article of yours is a life lesson for me. Thank you.
    I quit my very prosperous old job for a new business!!! Who does this at 66? Right? Very difficult money wise for the moment. Not sure what to expect anytime soon or later. If you add to this that my husband of 29 years of marriage cheated on me and convinced my 30 years ol son that is because I woes working too much, you can understand that I feel overwhelmed. Not lost! Or, maybe I need to go back to Paris? I hope not. I’m so well known already here and I’m so hopeful about the new business Please help me understand better about the present transit in my chart. I’m a Capricorn and surely I’m not going to give up. I just need very much your help in this terrible moment of my life. Please help me.

    Thank you for your kindness and understanding.

    1. Thank you Val. I am very sorry that you have been through this with your husband and son. Let’s see what is going on. You were born with a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Leo in the Fifth House. You have Pluto at 23 Leo, Aesculapia at 4 Leo, Fortuna at 1 Leo, the South Node at 13 Leo. What you have just been through can only happen every 19 years and it involves past lives and karma with your son and husband. It began when the North Node passed 24 and 23 Leo in your Fifth House of parenthood in July through September 2017 and conjuncted your Pluto. At the same time you experienced an eclipse at 15 Leo, very close to your South Node, on 7th August and another one at 28 Leo on 21st August (The Great American Eclipse). Eclipses are blind spots and cover-ups. You do not see and cannot know. Please trust this is behind you. It was karmic in nature, you three agreed to go through particular tests and trials with each other as a soul contract in your ‘life between lives’ and are completing the mission. Do and say the right things no matter what. You are heavily Leo and thus regal, dignified, inspiring, and born to lead. You don’t say if you have grandchildren or godchildren, or want them. There is still another younger generation to rule over. You are a Capricorn but you are an honorary Leo, actually. Do me a favour and don’t get into paperwork or a long series of plans and discussions about/with/through your son from June 28th to August 15th this year, as Mercury Retrograde (backwards communication) will only hold you up and waste your time. I am sure that family or relationship matters will come up, or perhaps issues around other children or young people in your life, but try to put minimal commitments in as you will meet with changes and delays. Most of all, you need to trust the future. This has not begun yet, but from December 2020 you enter a new era of your life when you will join a group of people you love – a community or network – and find that friendship and support within the group is just as powerful as anything you ever experienced at the beginning of a parent-child relationship or a husband-wife relationship. From 2023 this group changes your life. For more look up Fifth House, Pluto, Aesculapia, Fortuna, South Node. Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel was heavily Leo. She did it her way and so will you.

  40. Jessica

    I have Neptune, Juno and Moon in Scorpio and Jupitar in Taurus. I am hoping with Uranus moving my monetary situation will change, it have be a tough few years as our business failed and we ended up with huge financial commitments that have made life a grind. I did start a new business 4 years ago but cannot seem to get if off the ground. Any insight will help. Thank you.


    1. I am sorry that your business did not work out and that life has been tough. This sounds like Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn to me, passing through your Tenth House of career. In fact, you were born with Salacia (the escape from the real world) at 19 Capricorn in the Tenth House of professional life, just one degree away from a trine to the Sun (how you shine) at 18 Virgo in the Sixth House of service, daily routine and duty – and both are in aspect to the Moon (your need to be needed) at Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money. So part of the issue here is definitely your partner’s involvement in the business. I should have thought it would be hard to detach yourself from the intimate nature of the partnership, while trying to be strictly businesslike about what is required. This pattern would not normally be such an issue, but for the fact that Pluto has been transiting 17, 18, 19 Capricorn and Saturn is there right now in March 2019 – having passed 17 Capricorn he is now on his way to 19 Capricorn. You also have the South Node of karma and North Node of past life experience, going across 17, 18, 19 Capricorn and Cancer, right opposite, in May and June 2019. As if that wasn’t enough you have transiting Neptune at 17, 18, 19 Pisces. So Sue, you can be forgiven for thinking this is unusually tough. It really is, because Neptune is opposing your Sun and your sense of identity – particularly with work – is challenged. As a general rule I would also be very careful with drugs, prescribed drugs and alcohol as we associate Neptune with anaesthetic and mind-altering substances. If you are around anyone who is off the planet, off the air, or not in the real world you may also want to distance yourself. If there is any possibility at all that it is your partner who is part of the issue then you need to be a realist about that. The nice thing about astrology is that it can tell you when cycles end. I mentioned the karma with the Nodes. This is complete by the end of August 2019 as the Nodes move right off 17 degrees, never to return (not for 19 years anyway). Obviously your partner’s chart is not here but it would not be a total surprise to find out that he and you, or your families, have karmic debts and credits from previous lifetimes to sort out, having made soul contracts in your ‘lives between lives.’ What you really want is Pluto and Saturn to move away from that spot, and Pluto goes first, then Saturn in December 2019. You have your breakthrough, solution, answer, opportunity and solid ending with this matter when Jupiter the problem-solver goes to 17, 18, 19 Capricorn in February and March 2020, then August, September, October 2020 so use that window to get real about your success in life, your position, mission and ambition. For more, look up Salacia, Tenth House, Sun, Sixth House, Moon, Eighth House on Search – and also Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, South Node, Jupiter – as these are the transits you are experiencing.

  41. Lovely Jessica,
    I truly don’t have enough words to thank you for unswerving to me. I cannot imagine how busy you are. Thanks in millions.
    It is shocking for me you mention Coco Chanel. My new business is related with her. Very much. I’m speechless!
    When the website will be up (pretty soon) I promise to reach out to you with a nice surprise.

    Thank you.

  42. Hello Jessica

    Thank you so much for everything you do, and your particular gift for conveying the synchronicities of the historical and the things to come!

    I have my MC 28 Scorpio / IC 28 Taurus, along with
    Neptune 28 Scorpio,
    Vesta 28 Virgo,
    Minerva 28 Leo,
    Diana 28 Sagittarius
    Salacia 28 Capricorn.
    (So a grand trine in earth signs.)

    I feel like I am such a turning point in my lie, and plans to move overseas later this year (to study) are really starting to come together. I feel like I am being herded by the universe into a truly radical change where everything about my (old) self will be turned upside down and the opportunity to give back, and to find my ‘tribe’ and my place will happen. I would deeply appreciate your interpretation of this massive pile up at 28 degrees!

    With much gratitude,

    1. Your Diana at 28 Sagittarius in your Ninth House is the key. Diana is about freedom, no commitments, space, autonomy and independence. She is waking up in your chart, and the Ninth House is about travelling, moving and/or emigrating. You have just been through the alarm clock ringing. We saw Uranus go across 28 Aries and Chiron go across 28 Pisces. Now, what you are waiting for, is Jupiter to pass 28 Sagittarius and conjunct Diana, at the end of the year. You will be stunned at the opportunity and solution which arrives then and it will change your personal life (Minerva in Leo) and also your daily routine and lifestyle – and career – the Capricorn and Virgo houses of your chart. Don’t sit around waiting for it, make your plans and dream your dreams, but make them big ones! You only get Jupiter conjunct Diana (he was her father in Roman/Latin mythology) once every 12 years. She was the goddess who begged him to release her from motherhood and marriage, which he did – you always see her with a bow and arrow, and dog.

  43. This is quite the series. I have quite a bit of Scorpio factors and only Taurus in direct opposition. MC 4 degrees Taurus and IC 4 degrees Scopio. Then my North Node is 21 degrees Scorpio and South Node 21 degrees Taurus. So should I just expect the next 7 years to be a constant pull of priorities on where to go? Ironically for the first time in my life I also feel truly independent and free. I’m fortunate in I have a lot of paths to explore. These influences may help explain why I’m struggling to pick what path is best. Any advice on how to reconcile the different “pulls” and what to keep an eye on? Thank you!

    1. You’re going to experience almost the whole, long cycle of Uranus in Taurus and you should watch the 4-5 degree spot for Uranus as he passes through, as this quite radical change in the world’s banking system will trigger your chart. In astrology the global and national affects the personal, but the person also affects the global/national. Thus, you may be one of the first wave of people to challenge the old way of paying taxes, borrowing money, buying or renting a home, investing in your old age and so on. As a general rule, independence is priceless. Independence and ‘freedom from’ and also ‘freedom through’ are what people will want, for the next 7 years. They will pay for that, and so you are going to see a movement away from taxes, and also a movement away from mainstream banks. Uranus is associated with diversity, community and choice. You say you have paths to explore which is fantastic. Time to explore each and every option, and they will come thick and fast once this cycle is really underway. Britain is yet to leave the European Union and Trump is yet to face the full force of the enquiry into his dealings with Deutsche Bank. Keep watching the news, because the news will affect you, but you will also play your part in the wave of change in 2019, 2020.

  44. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks so much for the great read! Please can you take a look at my birth cart and advise how am I going to be affected by the Taurus-Scorpio weather. I am a Scorpio and my partner is Taurus trying for a baby which hasn’t delivered yet. Mainly due to terrible communication recently. 🙁 March has been so bad that it left me deflated and I almost gave up on that altogether! Any insights you can share on this would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I am sorry you have been having difficulties with your pursuit of parenthood. You have been trying to conceive on Mercury Retrograde in your Fifth House of pregnancy. This does mean communication problems and in general it has been a muddled and messy time. It goes on until April 18th when you will go back to the beginning with the process which started in February or March. Give yourself time and space to change your mind if you wish. Yet, from the end of April things start to make much more sense. You and your partner will need to make radical changes to the relationship in May if you want it to thrive and improve. In fact, there will be quite revolutionary changes. Look at the amount of freedom, space and independence you both want.

  45. Hi Jessica,
    WOW! So much information to process. Thank you so much for these posts. I have the following Taurus and Scorpio placements and was wondering if this is why I have this feeling that things are going to change for me substantially with respect to my finances and home? Thanks!

    00° Scorpio 57′ 36″
    11° Taurus 10′ 34″
    22° Taurus 28′ 03″
    16° Taurus 02′ 30″
    28° Scorpio 09′ 44″
    07° Taurus 23′ 08″

    1. You have factors on the Taurus-Scorpio axis from 0 through 28 degrees so the entire Uranus in Taurus cycle which began last May 2018 will affect you, for about another seven years. You are quite right about the changes with finances and home. I don’t know where you live, but I am sure you have seen the headlines in just the last few days. The Nikkei index changes have rocked Asia. There was a recession signal in America last week. And now property prices in Britain are at their lowest in years. When Uranus in Taurus brings a financial, bank and economic revolution, he does it with very sudden developments that come from nowhere. You are protected by your Jupiter in Scorpio, as you were born lucky when it comes to houses, money, valuables, business or apartments. You may have inherited for example or stand to inherit one day. You were also born with Saturn in Taurus in the Second House so there are (equally) very hard lessons you have taken heavily on board about money over the years. In general please keep things as open, flexible and ‘bendy’ as possible with your money, home, credit card, mortgage, loan, taxation and so on. You are going to have to zig-zag as life zig-zags around you. You will be making a historic deal with others when Uranus goes to 7 Taurus and conjuncts your Ceres and it will pay you to compromise for a new arrangement with others where you have as much peace of mind as possible. You are one of those people for whom a life budget will make sense over the next few years. By that I mean you hang a price tag on what money cannot purchase. Peace of mind. Integrity. Self-respect. Compassion. All the good things! This will be more rewarding and precious to you than money, as you will see. Look up Second House and Eighth House on Search along with the asteroids and planets you have listed, because this is where things are at for you for the next 7 years.

  46. HI Jessica

    I have my MC and IC at 18 degrees Scorpio and Taurus. Also Chiron in Taurus and Uranus & Diana ( conjunction MC) in scorpio.

    Can you please give me some heads up on how this will impact my job/career/money situation and also if I will get my rightful share from my parents or will they help out in any way.


    1. It’s hard to say if your parents will help you financially or leave you money in their will. Their charts are not here – but yours certainly is. You are going through a classic cycle of change when you will need to ‘unfix’ what is fixed in your attitude towards the house, the apartment, the possessions, the bank, the job and so on. It is good to know these things in advance so you have lots of options. Having a spread of choices at your fingertips is a smart move in a cycle like this, because we are going to see big changes to your national and the world economy happen very quickly. This may also be about your parents, of course. Uranus in Taurus transits favour people who are prepared to think outside their usual expectations and assumptions. So, for example, rather than just assume things are going to be the same forever with your bank, your lifestyle, your work choices – begin to search around for what is possible and what other people are doing. It will take many years for Uranus to complete his cycle, but over the next seven years, in stages, you will gradually realise that there is no point in being stuck in the past. Your values in particular (who or what you consider precious to the point of being priceless) are likely to change, as you come up with a new ‘life budget’ or ‘life maths.’ The zodiac sign of Cancer rules the family and you have a North Node transit in Cancer in 2019 and 2020 in your Fourth House of parents, so there is karma to complete. You have not mentioned a brother or sister, or any other person involved. I suspect the karma is there but again – there is no chart so I can’t say.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    Once again thank you for this amazing information, there is so much going on at the moment.
    My question is a little off topic as I have just read my weekly horoscope and noticed I have Capricorn at 23 deg, Fortuna, the horoscope stated there will be massive changes with you have anything at 23 degrees this has piqued my interest as I am dearly looking at leaving my current job as its grinding me into the ground.
    Thank you so much for your amazing ability and happy April.

    1. Thanks Sandi. Yes, you are in the ’23 degree’ group and this cycle is pretty long, actually, as you are going to see it run into 2020. What happens is basically national and international, in terms of the people or organisations at the top, going down. This creates a chain reaction so you experience a reshuffle in your field. You want to leave your current job because it is grinding you into the ground – a Pluto phrase! (Pluto rules the earth, below ground). Pluto people and companies, political parties, corporations dominate and dictate. It never lasts, and they never last either, but the actual process takes a while. In the meantime do what you have to do. But you will find all kinds of opportunities, gigs, projects and possibilities in 2020.

  48. OMG Jessica you are so right, where I work 2 GM’s resigned then CEO resigned a few weeks ago this chain of events will hopefully help the organisation.
    thank you for the information.

  49. Hi Jessica! What a great article! Thanks for sharing with us.

    It makes me wonder how it is with my career and life path for my chart (Taurus and Scorpio also). I feel like I’d like to jump faster into my career but I feel its very slow. When money and time limit is in equation, it’s not pretty! – I just moved from my homeland to Belgium since 2017. I’ve been working very hard, however, I feel a little out of luck lately. Normally I’m very ambitious person and get what I want in terms of career and very single minded. Now the situation makes me wonder of which way to move forward and it is the first time I feel the karma has not been on my side. I would like to know a little bit about the career path and area of life that is major for me in long term. That would help a whole lot!!! Thank you in advance!!

    Have a great day,

    1. Thank you. What is happening is actually not about you, or the hard work you are/are not putting in. You are being swept up in the currents of time, as you are trying to succeed in a new part of the world, at a time when the astrology transits sweeping through the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia are about massive change. Trying to get a foothold and establish yourself when that is taking place is very challenging. This can and does become easier but for the moment, see this as a slow climb on a changing mountain. In other words, you may want to look around you to see what other careers, avenues for achievement or study are available, as well as this one. You will find your luck returns from the first week of December when Jupiter (natural good fortune, help, solutions, good timing) enters Capricorn and your Tenth House. In fact, December and January 2020 look quite intense, with reshuffles, mergers, demotions, departures and new appointments all around you. Somewhere in there, you have a chance to chase what you want and need. In the meantime, try to do the best you can in a situation which is bigger than you. There are some very, very powerful players and politicians at the top of all this and their instability is creating a ripple effect which is reaching the shores of where you live. Being absolutely clear about what you want and need will help a lot. So will patience. You are going to have to wait for 2020.

  50. Hi Jess,
    Last year May 2018 , your predictions was spot for me and lover at the time . Uranus in Taurus for the first round .
    He was my client – a Scorpion 5th November 1968 . We were in business then we felt in love – so we made the “deal” to be together . Then we broke up in September . But I’m still here typing this to you because obviously I cannot let it go .
    He is the only the deepest love of my life .
    I have stellars with both Taurus and Scorpion very hectic as you can see in my chat .
    Do I have any last hope to make a life with this Scorpion man ?
    We love each other . But he is very “fixed” in what he think of how things should be .
    Can I change his mind ?
    What can I do ?

    16° Scorpio 15′ 08″
    27° Scorpio 02′ 05″
    14° Taurus 26′ 32″ R
    11° Scorpio 39′ 57″
    09° Taurus 39′ 31″
    25° Taurus 59′ 27″ R

    Thank YOU so much again your time and your amazing knowledge Jess .
    I’m hoping to hear from you soon .

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It depends on what you want. This person is not a stable, steady partner for you over the next 7 years. I would love to tell you this was some kind of Jane Austen fantasy, but this Scorpio-Taurus axis is going to be absolutely rocked sideways by storms, and it will be about the money. Think really carefully about what would be involved with a house, apartment, his bank account, your bank account. This would not be obvious in 2019 or even in 2020, but after that this would be a really rocky relationship and nobody really enjoys seeing Uranus at 27 Taurus oppose natal Uranus at 27 Scorpio. That’s the understatement of the year. I realise you are obsessed, and that’s in your chart – you are a passionate obsessive – but it is time to be honest with yourself about what you want, need and deserve and to be a total realist about who this person is, and what you are going to likely have to deal with long-term. Okay? It’s your life not mine, but please get real with yourself.

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