Astrology Timing Tips and Horoscope Secrets for 2019

If you want the secret timing on everything from losing weight, to starting a campaign, to launching a business - read on. I have super astrology tips and horoscope secrets for April-December 2019.

Super Astrology Tips and Pro Horoscope Secrets for 2019


From knowing the real Mercury Retrograde cycle and how to play it – to scooping up Jupiter’s amazing opportunities – here is my list of all the secrets, tips and insider pro timing you need to know. Have your Premium Member horoscope by your side.

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59 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your exiting article. You have predicted me concerning with Ceres at 2 Taurus. I also have Mars at 2 Virgo. And Fortuna and Mercury at 01and 04 Pieces, respectively. I speculate a very big life changing events are coming and very close. It will be very kind of you if you would predict what is a combo effect of these planets, particularly for me. What and when?

    1. Okay, so now through 2020, happening very suddenly and in a chain of lightning bolts – like one rapid wake-up call after another – you adjust and adapt to a new world of work and money. Ceres at 2 Taurus is money, Mars at 2 Virgo is work. The Pisces patterns matter, but only in the sense that you need to come up with a new spiritual or soul-based understanding of what is going on, so it has to make meaningful sense to you on the inside, even though what you are dealing with is about the cash or the job. Your entire life is going to change actually. It will begin in May and not stop until 2020. You are quite powerful when it comes to charity fundraising, art and jewellery collecting, business, smart moves with house or apartment purchases and the rest. You are also dedicated to your work ethic. What is coming is ‘weather’ outside yourself, from the top of politics, business and the markets and yet you are here to make it function for you in brand new ways.

  2. Hi Jessica, I understand the Jupiter/Ceres transits are overarchingly good, but I still feel such a sense of foreboding this year… what is that?

    1. You have Uranus at 11 Scorpio in the Eighth House and transiting (travelling) Uranus is now slowly proceeding towards 11 Taurus and so eventually you experience Uranus opposite Uranus. In general, you lead a predictably unpredictable existence when it comes to sex and money, marriage and mortgage, property and family, legacy and inheritance. That is a lifetime pattern. There are regular upheavals which bring about a state of independence for you or others. Now, you are moving into a new cycle you have never experienced before, when national and international shifts with world trade, taxation, tariffs, the banks – and the rest – will mean you must switch direction. Don’t be fooled by what is apparently in place, set and certain. (Australia just had a budget, for example). We are yet to see Uranus really do his thing! No need for foreboding, but do start applying what you see in the national and international news, directly to your own superannuation or pension, the house or apartment, work and so on. The smart money from this point forward is on seeing the way the wind is blowing and switching your journey before the currents catch you by surprise. It takes a while for Uranus to get there, but the climate change is now.

  3. I’ve had so much success with my job the last couple years and I’m truly thankful to the universe! Reading your articles has kept me grounded when I felt like life was too much, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Uranus in Taurus is going to connect to my ascendent and descendent and you’ve said that we should not pay too much attention to these aspects. Will I feel Uranus connect to these points?

    1. Thank you. The Ascendant and Descendant, also known as AC and DC, are based on exact birth time. My experiences as a professional astrologer over the last 30 years have taught me to place less importance on them, mainly because people so often get them wrong. They are also pretty superficial – just about the appearance and image (AC) or the other person in a partnership (DC) or battle. Far more important is the rest of the chart as a whole. You have enough at 0 through 2 degrees of the signs, to guarantee 2019-2020 as years of great change. It will be at a distance, as what you experience with your national and global economy will have a ripple effect on many areas of your life at once. The immediate impact won’t be financial, but you will just find that change as a whole spreads out across your world, because there is a wider chain-reaction going on. Expect ‘new, different, new, different’ just about all the time – starting now. You will feel it again in December when Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth) starts to go through Capricorn 0, 1, 2 degrees. You’ll love what unfolds.

  4. So fascinating! I am 2.5 weeks into a new job and my new company just announced that they are merging with a bigger company. Needless to say panic ensued. I have been through mergers before (ironically when Pluto was sitting on my sun in Capricorn) and I know it’s a slow process of staff reduction of departments. So now I’ve started applying for other jobs where I can grow for the long haul. It stinks but I don’t want to invest a year of my life then have to start over again. Additionally I found out my new company isn’t as ethical as I had hoped which has me questioning if I can continue employment with them anyway. I’m thinking that starting during mercury retrograde didn’t help either. Oh well…zig and zag is definitely my motto this year. Any ideas on the best way to zig and zag from here with Uranus hitting my Chiron and trining my Juno?

    1. Thank you. Astrology really is fascinating – it is quirky time, or alternative time – but as you can see, it works. Chiron at 1 Taurus trine Juno at 1 Capricorn in your horoscope describes exactly what is going on. It does not last long, but while it is there – you experiment and explore. Ethical concerns are Taurus. You will not sell your soul. Career as a whole is of course, Capricorn. Uranus is the sudden event – the merger and the new job. You will be thrilled at the outcome in December when Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs) moves to 1 Capricorn. This has not happened in 12 years and a huge door will open then. But get on with your life – keep looking for work that meets your life budget. By that I mean, what you will or will not do a ‘deal’ over, in terms of what matters to your soul. Who or what you consider to be so precious it is priceless to you. A great deal of what you are going through will sort itself out when Mercury is out of shadow, April 18th, and certainly your Proserpina at 5 Virgo in the Sixth House of work, will show you the way when Uranus moves to 5 Taurus a little later this year. Look up Proserpina and Sixth House as long-term this is your role: she was the go-between or middle-person who kept two powerful people happy.

  5. This is wonderful Jessica, all these forecast secrets!

    I have factors triggered in Sagittarius (MC24) Cancer (Jupiter25) Virgo (Psyche2) and Aries 3, 4, 5 (Cupido, Fortuna, Saturn).
    Have been in the process of trying to make big changes to the way I think, live and earn for many years, at least 12 in earnest.
    So having de-cluttered my life of most distractions, am almost ready to put myself out there with two big visions I’d like to pursue (both social enterprise), competing with the need to find a work in the field I’ve just completed my studies (design). Am torn between a strong pull in two directions one feels like a life purpose or duty, the other feeds my soul, both feel urgent. Do any of my factors hint where I would be best to focus this year?


    1. You are moving towards total clarity and single vision regarding what you want and need, so that will help you. This year and next year will give you what you need in terms of resources, opportunities and support. You are unsure about timing because you are still in Mercury Retroshadow, actually (it ends April 18th) and you are also feeling the backwards/forwards pull of Sagittarius factors in your chart. If that birth time is correct this is right on your M.C. or Midheaven, which is your life direction so no wonder you are feeling torn. You will be shown the path in just a few months.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have Sun in cancer1, Chiron in Gemini 0, Jupiter Sag 2, Uranus Sag 6, Minerva Cancer 4, Ops Taurus 3, Panacea Virgo 1.
    Would you please tell me how this will play out and which dates to look out for?

    1. You could easily move in 2019, 2020 or come to a new arrangement regarding a holiday home, tenants in your house or apartment, a lease, mortgage or other property transaction. The choice is yours but I think you would be very tempted by a brand new situation which appears this year or next year.

  7. Hi Jessica, this article is so apt for me right now as I have made the decision to move to another country, I’m hoping this year. I’m torn between moving without a job or wait until I find a job and then move. Can you share any insight on how this might pan out from my chart? Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. You may want to wait until at least April 18th as we have Mercury Retroshadow at the moment, so nothing and nobody is moving forward properly until that situation ends. You are also going to find conditions change all around you in the month of May, as there will be reshuffles, departures, promotions, appointments, mergers, launches galore once people actually know what is going on! The choice is yours. Use your Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards to help you and your new journal. You can get second and third opinions from the cards.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of Taurus factors and 0 – 6 degree placements. Please tell me if I will be negatively affected in my finances and relationships.


    1. There is no negative with Taurus – only freedom and independence. What happens in 2019, 2020 is national and global, like the weather, and you need to adapt and adjust to climate change (that is quite literal, temperatures are rising and it affects business and industry) but also astrological climate change. A very good way to proceed in 2019, 2020 is to understand that having space, freedom and independence can feel so glorious that it is a price worth paying. You ‘trade’ security, permanence and a predictable life. Yet you can and will make it work, in every aspect of your lifestyle, by 2020.

  9. Jessica, I have so many factors across 0-6 degrees in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn, I don’t know how to take it all in. What should I focus on the most? The Uranus opposition?

    1. The patterns will all work together and the opposition is no more important than anything else. Your life in 2019, 2020 will be affected by wider changes in your country and around the world, as we are seeing a major shift in global trade, big business, taxation, tariffs and so on, which will have an impact on how you live and work. Uranus at 6 Taurus opposite Uranus at 6 Scorpio is essentially about your marriage and mortgage, sexual relationship and money, family and property and/or legacy and inheritance. This is the right time to let go, release, be open, stay open and be prepared to change the habits of a lifetime. The Uranus-Uranus opposition in astrology is well-known for challenging you to change, and across Taurus-Scorpio the issue is your value system. What you will or will not sell out for. Who or what you consider to be precious to the point of being priceless. Being prepared to add up what is precious and most valuable to you, in a new way, will be very useful in this cycle. You will be astonished at how much you have to gain when Jupiter goes to 0-6 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, status, achievement and ambition. That cycle begins in December 2019 and although you will not have a smooth or predicable ‘regular’ existence in 2020, you will certainly benefit from the solutions and breakthroughs which appear – not possible in 12 years. I would be amazed if you do not begin 2020 with a new job, project or course.

  10. Hi Jessica – this is a great article, I just compared all your notes and degrees to my chart and I am excited, but it seems like I have a wild ride ahead with all the 0-6 degrees in my chart. I’ve been in (positive) launch mode and saying yes to lots of new things and ideas in my life. It feels good. I also REALLY want to move (preferably abroad), but there is zero hint of that yet. How does my career/move/money story factor in with this swirling picture? Am I finally going to get that positive surprise lightening bolt after the past several years of learning and not-so-great life surprises? Also, a work situation I thought was over in December is back AGAIN? Could be amazing or awful, I just can’t tell. Ugh a confusion reigns! Thank you!

    1. Life can turn on a dime and it will do so for you, in 2019 and 2020. Chiron at 5 Taurus and Mercury at 6 Virgo will be triggered by Uranus at 5, 6 Taurus in 2020 but the process of deep change with your finances and lifestyle – and workload – will begin in stages, in May 2019. Look up Chiron, Second House, Mercury, Sixth House when you finish reading this – then Uranus in Taurus for the wider national and global economic ‘weather’ which will have a direct impact on the way you see your life budget. By life budget I mean valuing what money cannot buy. Just be aware, especially in 2020, that you are living in unpredictable times and that the Uranus-Chiron conjunction in particular suggests big experiments with what is possible, practical and acceptable in terms of issues like taxation, for example, or the way you are funded and paid in your life. The Uranus trine to Mercury will enable you to think differently and work very differently. This is where the life budget comes in. Your body may actually have a message for you in 2020 about (for example) the feelgood factor of being fit and healthy. What kind of price do you put on that? Because some may say it is priceless. Your work situation from December is back, because you have been living through Sagittarius Retrograde cycles, when Jupiter and Ceres start out in that sign, but then reverse direction. They get stuck, stand still and take you back to the beginning. That work situation will work out for you, though. Yet, the bigger story long-term is new ‘life maths’ and you could have a great time with your journal sitting down, figuring it out.

  11. Hi Jessica! I have two projects in the works, one farther along than the other. This is the start of a new career for me, but one I’ve been working toward since 2016. Any tips on what to expect in the coming months? I have Sag factors in Bacchus, Fortuna, and Uranus, and lots of 00-01 factors. Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Neptune at 1 Capricorn, Pluto at 2 Scorpio are the main factors here. You were born with Neptune (the holiday from reality) in Capricorn (career) in the Tenth House (success, status) in an almost-exact pattern with Pluto (control) in Scorpio (sex and money, legacy and inheritance, family and property) in the Eighth House (other people’s money). You now have – for the first time in your adult life – Uranus, the planet of revolution, radical change, independence and freedom moving across 1, 2 Taurus and as this will peak in intensity in May 2019, and then repeat in your life in 2020, you might say this is going to turn your world around, but also turn it upside-down. Either one or both projects will be at the heart of something you have not been able to plan or predict, and that is true of the Uranus cycle. Things will move very fast, like lightning, and if you are flexible enough to keep twisting and turning, and adjusting and adapting, you will be on track. Just be aware that any fixed ideas about the house, business, apartment, investment, charity, taxation and so on need to be released, as Uranus opposite Pluto in your chart, not just once in 2019, but twice in 2020, suggests you are going to have to let go and come up with a different way of operating. You need the best financial advice you can afford, actually. For more on what you are experiencing look up Uranus in Taurus, but also Pluto, Neptune, Tenth House, Eighth House, because that is where you are set to experience the biggest shift. When Jupiter goes to Capricorn 1, 2 from December this year, you will have a stunning breakthrough and solution not possible in 12 years, regarding your success in life. You will look back at 2019 and 2020 as a period of intense transformation.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    My husband passed away on the full moon July 2016. I had been his carer for some years but was lucky to get a job as a teaching assistant. It has been a tough time since he passed away and although I have been grateful for my job, I also feel like I have been in a straight jacket. A couple of weeks ago I handed in my notice. I really need some freedom and some healing. I am also trying to sell my home to help release some finances. As a new member I feel a bit like Mr Blobby trying to work out how the different aspects are likely to affect me. I am reading all your blogs and have been looking for things in Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn with relevant degrees but am feeling a bit dense. I would really appreciate it if you could help me decipher my chart. Thank you.

    1. Your husband passed over not so very long ago and this must still be such a challenge for you, adjusting and adapting to the new life. You handed in your notice at the right time and will get the freedom you want. Let’s take a closer look at your chart. You have Saturn at 4 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, success, social status, mission, ambition and position. You are about to experience Uranus at 4 Taurus trine Saturn, so 2019 and 2020 are the years that wider changes out there in the national and global economy will create a ripple effect that challenges you and changes you, in terms of how you see success. You can read more about Saturn and Tenth House by looking them up on Search because that is what you were born with. You will have a stunning opportunity not possible in 12 years when Jupiter (solutions) goes to 4 Capricorn, and that cycle begins in December this year, so you won’t have long to wait. This is a life reshape, actually, and it has not even started, in terms of your finances, lifestyle and ideas about work. It will really kick off in 2020, but do keep an eye out for a vacancy, award, scholarship, promotion and so on, as you get closer to the end of the year.

  13. Incredible detail and guidance as usual, thank you so much Jessica.
    You are right, the first 3 months of 2019 has felt heavy, like trudging in wet mud. Many of our friends and customers have commented the same feeling. It’s been interesting to observe the behavior of the ‘flock’ and the synchronicity. The government of this small developing nation where we are based, has not functioned for almost 2yrs due to political impasse between the minority parties. The aftermath has been many businesses have shutdown. When we started our socially-minded business in Aug 2016, the energy felt much different then. Now in 2019, I feel unsure about the future.
    A tarot reader once said that setting up the business was the first mountain we had to climb. He then asked if I was prepared to climb a second even higher mountain. Is this what we are going through right now? Last year we never dreamed of leaving since we had made an investment, not just the business, but in our people – a team of youths who we want to see flourish and succeed in life. We came back from a long-needed break over xmas, realising just how exhausted, unbalanced (all work no life) and unhealthy we became since we started. I’ve also felt a sense of loss of my old self and creativity, but in many ways the business has helped me mature, it gave me strength in ways I never knew, and helped me understand who I am better. For my husband, he really rose to the role and became the capricorn sun he was born to be and I’m so proud of what he’s achieved. We started to think about plans to relocate (partially) to another country, living 6 months there and then coming back here again every 6 months to oversee the business and continue mentoring our team. Our aim would be to have this arrangement by next year sometime. But I don’t see how we can manage this financially now. As it is, I feel I ‘volunteer’ most of the time as the business doesn’t earn enough to pay salaries for the both of us yet. To help in the meantime, we started talking about moving house to a unit with cheaper rent – related to this maybe, and you always tell us to watch out for synchronicity – on the March 16 Full Worm Moon, we had massive rains and thunder that led to a flooded kitchen, bathroom, storage room and very partially the entrance to the main bedroom. Another issue we’ve discussed briefly is adoption. Can you please help me understand what this all means, and what I should do this year and next.
    I have stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra and Capricorn.
    Natal Ceres at 15 Sag.
    Ops at 1 Capr.
    Mars at 2 Capr.
    Mercury at 2 Scorpio
    Minerva at 2 Gemini
    Uranus and Diana at 3 Sag.
    Aesculapia at 4 Sag.
    Hygeia at 4 Libra
    North Node at 5 Cancer + South Node at 5 Capr.

    1. I am sorry this has been such a long and hard for for you. The Full Moon and the thunder (Jupiter) was a mixed signal from astrology. A Full Moon is always D-Day and a clear difference between staying and going – no compromise – whatever you do, it’s not going to be ideal or easy! At the same time, thunder is Jupiter in Sagittarius and an opportunity, solution or breakthrough. You are a tiny bit early for this final choice, which comes after May, when we begin to see Uranus passing 2 Taurus, moving on to 3, 4, 5 – but it does look as though the flood was a message to move. Did you get insurance? I assume that would make a difference, financially. Everything about your chart says ‘change to changing times’ and you also have your Ceres Return, specifically about distant regions and/or foreign spaces, faces and places. You’ve been given a sign to move. Adoption is quite a separate issue, okay, but for now – focus on where to be, how to change, and how to do it. You will not have to wait too much longer, as Mercury is out of shadow from April 18th and then we get this tremendous, revolutionary shift for May – keep watching the news and read the signs.

  14. Hi Jessica, I have had a challenging time since November 2018 professionally, relationships and my health. I am really looking for a change. I have a few factors 1-6 degrees Saturn in 6 Gemini; Neptune in 4 Sagittarius, Juno in 5 Libra, Baccus in 6 Aries; Salacia in 2 Aquarius, Psyche in 3 Virgo. How will all this play out for me.

    1. I am sorry you have been going through these obstacles and difficulties for the last few months. You are definitely in the zone for quite radical change and Uranus in Taurus, sweeping through your chart, as well as Chiron in Aries (all in the early 1-6 degrees) will deliver. Gemini is really about the internet and Sagittarius is about travel, and travel in the mind. Juno in Libra is very much about former, current and potential partners in love or work – Aquarius is about your social life, groups and friends – and Psyche is about lifestyle, including mind, body and spirit. You are a little early for the transit, but once Uranus passes 2, 3, 4 in May 2019 you are on your way. One person will lead to another. One place will lead to another. One idea will lead to another and so on. Expect to be liberated. You can be as radical as you wish.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    This is so fascinating! I feel on the brink of change; I got a place in an esteemed writing course (they only take 10 students) that started in March- September 2019. The aim is to complete a first draft of your manuscript which I am going backwards and forwards with, it’s been a struggle to lock down my idea and I keep changing my mind about how to do it! Is it first person, third person, etc etc. I have also started doing personal training to get back into my body and included boxing which I adore. I feel on many levels (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical) that there is immense change about to hit me. I have quite a lot of factors in the 0-6 degrees. Can you tell me how these will play out? Many thanks!
    00 South Node Gemini
    04 Fortuna Gemini
    03 Venus Leo
    06 MC Virgo
    06 Pluto Libra
    00 North Node Sagittarius
    06 Salacia Aquarius
    05 Diana Pisces
    06 IC Pisces
    05 Panacea Aries

    1. Thank you. Well, you are a born writer and congratulations on your place in this course. You were a writer before, actually, in another lifetime (South Node in Gemini in the Third House, North Node in Sagittarius in the Ninth House). This sense of destiny unfolding dominates 2019 and you will actually experience your Nodal Return, when the North Node goes into Gemini and South Node goes into Sagittarius, from May 2020 until January 2022. It seems very likely you will publish a book or ebook, or perhaps consider scriptwriting, very successfully, between now and then. It will change your life.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    I have the below Capricorn and Sagittarius placements. Can I expect any positive career developments this year?

    MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″
    Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 17″
    Bacchus 16° Sagittarius 55′ 47″ R



    1. The M.C. or Midheaven is based on a strictly accurate birth time, so if you have that, then January 2020 will transform your ambition to get the top, or stay at the top, of your chosen field or profession – or high society. The transformation will come because of an intense and critical, deep change in the balance of power within your career, or perhaps affecting your strata of society. Pluto tends to take away power from those who misused it, so be aware of that. Even if your birth time is wrong, you will still benefit hugely from Jupiter and Ceres at 15, 16 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, study, teaching, publishing, foreigners and beliefs. This is a year of expansion, growth, hope, passion, problem-solving and new beginnings. August, September 2019 opens two huge doors.

  17. OMG Jessica, I saw a lot of Venus today, a lot of, all kinds of in paintings or sculptures, alone or with Mercury, Cupid, Mars or other figures. From renaissance time, in Florence. And I got attracted by her. Staring and frozen in front of Botticelli’s Spring for I don’t know exactly how long but very long time…… same with ‘the birth of venus’, naked Venus in the shell. Both paintings contains the ‘breeze’ element that I can’t stop falling in too.

    Also quite some Chiron figures for example Centaur and Satry…… then got attracted one sculpture, it was Dianna with her dog.

    I feel a message or messages coming. They are astonishingly summoning… any enlightenment from astrology point of view?

    1. Venus is the goddess who betrayed her husband Vulcan, to have an affair with Mars (and was caught). She was also jealous of her son’s lover and eventual wife, Psyche, because of her beauty. She was an odd goddess, having been born from the semen of Uranus, her father, mixed with sea foam. She was born by accident and had no connection with her mother, the earth (Gaia). If she is speaking to you at the moment, have a look at the women around you, or the women who have historically been in your life. Look at your own sexual or family relationships too.

  18. I have many factors in Sagittarius. So this is an excellent time to relocate? I have been, for a while, considering relocating to another region where my husband has been living and working for many years now. We would need to sell our home in which I live and work and buy a new home where he lives and works. Any thoughts based on my birth chart and the timing? Thanks.

    1. Your Mercury at 25 Sagittarius in the Ninth House describes the paperwork involved in moving to a new region, as well as all that you gain by learning local customs and beliefs, history and culture – and also onpassing your own knowledge. So this is about more than packing up and going. It is about an amazing new expansion of your knowledge. In fact, you could also think about going overseas. But let’s look at your original idea. When Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, growth, improvements) and Ceres (compromises, new deals, new empowerment, new passion) both go across 25 Sagittarius in November 2019 the door will open – or the door may open before – but swing backwards and forwards – with a final clear entrance in November.

  19. Hi Jessica – It feels like the last 10 years of my life have been a series of low lows with few highs. I’ve had two major breakups (one of which an impending divorce) multiple job shake ups, loss of friends and some health challenges. Lately my energy has been low and I don’t feel radiant like I once used to. Do you know if 2019 is a gateway to a lighter happier more aligned future? Thank you.

    1. Neptune at 24 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, study, spiritual discovery, worldwide web exploration and – often – a new life in a new place – is your answer. You escape from the real world by taking holidays, or just taking holidays in your mind. This works very well for you in 2019 as Jupiter brings opportunities to do just that. In fact, by November this year, you could easily have changed your life by shifting your mind, and perhaps yourself, to a very different location, region or country. By the way – meditation is the answer to many of your problems. Have you found a good meditation technique you like, which you can use every day?

      1. Thank you so much and you are correct about the meditation. Kundalini and breath/mindfulness meditation always served me well and I’ve always enjoyed and felt better after practicing. It’s like I know what I need to do and I have the tools, I just haven’t had the energy or self-discipline and sometimes self-love to cultivate a vibrant daily routine. Hoping and praying this year will be the year I am able to cultivate a beautiful daily practice.

  20. Hi Jessica, I just counted, I have 15 factors that have 0 – 6 degrees ! I don’t even know where to start to get a bit of understanding of how this cycle will affect me. As you previously advised that I am trying to alter my usual approach to everything I own, earn or owe and be as flexible as possible. However, I still feel very confused about how this cycle will affect me as I have so many factors are triggered. If you have time to look at my chart, any tips or advice are very much appreciated.

    One thing you wrote intrigued me very much is I have Psyche @ 6 Virgo. I am a healthcare professional and considering launching an online business sometime this year or next. This is mainly to help me free myself from the physical ‘clinic/shop’ working hours, and able to move to London for my husband as he is working there. So, I feel that my above plan is aligned with this cycle?

    1. Psyche in Virgo at 6 degrees is in the zone. Uranus at 6 Taurus will make a perfect trine to that, in your Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. This house also rules work and lifestyle. A sudden change (Uranus) in the British economy (Taurus) is set for July, August, September 2019. Uranus rules freedom, independence and liberation. Psyche is a symbol of who/what lives forever about you. You used the phrase ‘free myself’ which is exactly what is promised here. Your plan is aligned. Uranus repeats at 6 Taurus in April and May 2020. For more, look up Uranus, Psyche, Sixth House, Second House on Search as this is the pattern unfolding.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another great article. Please advise what to expect.

    Thank you

    1. You will have opportunities to gain so much more from your lifestyle and workload in 2019. These began slowly in November last year and as you go into April and May, one story in particular, which looks so promising, will start to take off. In fact, this has not even started and you need to get to June-December to really see the possibilities. You will be offered something bigger and better than you dreamed which will bring real satisfaction and joy, and it will be directly related to paid or unpaid work, your mind, body and spirit relationship, and your work ethic and sense of duty and service. Do not pay any attention to the pessimists or fearmongers out there, or anyone negative, as the potential is vast, stunning and rare.

  22. I got a job offer, which i dont is worth putting all the efforts n energy that i have to for the role it is. I m expecting a good role with well paying structure and a solid position in the industry, where my latest done course could be used n i feel valued. On the ither hand, i and my husband r having hard time financially as my career is going nowhere. I have some Capricorn 21 fActors as well as mc in aries at 4. Do u think they will make any difference to my earning potential or job search? I m frustrated applying for jobs and getting no calls at all.
    It is feeling like a bad phase that is not moving or ending.

    1. Your question has come out typed with lower-case letters, and words missing – this is not astrology it is common-sense – you have problems with your keyboard and that might explain why you are applying for jobs and nobody is calling you back. Try to fix the computer first!

      1. Hey Jess!
        This one is the funniest answer to my query which was quite serious. So yes i apologize for the typo errors as the messages I am sending you are usually from my phone. But I dont apply for jobs on my phone ( common sense). Coming back to my query, was actually curious to know if I will have to accept this offer in hand, which I am not much interested in?! Or do you think looking at my chart, I may get something better if I could wait a few weeks or so?
        Very confusing phase around my career, relocation and family!!
        Thanks a lot for putting time and efforts to read whatever you felt was incomplete or inaccurate. I will take care of it next time. But I ensure you that this is not the case with my job applications and search.
        Have a good day.

        1. I’m glad you’re typing on a computer now! This is much easier to read and understand. Negotiate and ask questions. Mercury Retrograde is a good time to sketch out rough ideas, have discussions, think about a dress rehearsal or beta test and so on. You have until the 18th to do this and perhaps reach a new arrangement. You don’t say why you are not interested in the offer. Begin talking around that subject and see where you go with it. Any confusion will disappear from the end of April and in fact, a big new focus on money and budgets in your life will make a decision by May really important.

          1. Thanks Jessica, the offer I have in hand is much less in pay than my actual field, its just some clerical work around my actual expertise. Meanwhile, I heard back from a company who want me to get interviewed with their client, may be some time next week. And this interview is related to the course I have been into and doing for some time and I really want to work on it as it has the earning potential and growth that I am interested in. So now I have my eyes and focus on this coming up interview and not the offer in hand. Which one would be a stable and good option for me? Btw while I am asking this, I still wanna say that the second offer is still not in my hand and it is all just in air yet.

          2. If you can keep talking into May, then keep talking. Things are going to shift around you and there may even be a third possibility – we have not yet entered the Sun in Taurus (budget, salary, business) cycle and once the Sun conjuncts Uranus (radical change) towards the end of April, things may look rather different. If you can decide to do this any time at all you may want to keep on questioning and negotiating with both options, and still more.

  23. Hello Jessica
    I am inspired by your articles , and read them every day, and always try my best to understand them and relate to them. I have a lot of factors 0-6. I feel that this year and next year are key years for me but I am try to make sense of what I should be doing, what direction and focus I should have. I am still working full time and supporting a Scorpio son who trying to get on his feet career wise. He should be able to stand on his on two feet by Dec 2020. I was thinking of retiring in 2021 and moving house to begin a new chapter, nearer family members but away from my many friends. However I cant seem to make definite plans and feel all at sea.
    Are yo able to give me any pointers? A direction?
    I really would appreciate your input Jessica

    1. Thank you. Astrology becomes easier the more you use it – it’s a new way of thinking about time – and it does have its own language – but if you stick with it, you’ll be flying with it, in the end. Okay, so you are considering retiring and moving too – you will find that decision is a lot easier by the time you get to December this year and will have see one door open after another in a new area, or even overseas. You might make up your mind by December but if not, you could have a wish list of possibilities then get to a point (with the South Node in Sagittarius up ahead) where at last you can settle in a ‘home away from home’ no matter how far away or even foreign it happens to be. This hasn’t even started yet, you really need to see who and what is on offer this year and it should be so inspiring.

  24. Hi Jessica, I always love reading your posts….always gives me insight and something to think about.

    I am trying to prepare for the upcoming events. We are finding that we are needing to really watch our budget right now. I have:

    Sun 4 Virgo
    Fortuna 0 Scorpio
    Bacchus 3 Scorpio

    Also, I have alot of Sagittarius in my chart…wondering if Jupiter in Sag is affecting me?

    Chiron 15 Sag
    Ceres 9 Sag
    Asc 3 Sag
    Hygeia 13 Sag
    Salacia 29 Sag

    Thanks so much for all your information…very helpful to many, I think!!

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, you would need a new budget with Uranus at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Taurus opposing your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of marriage and mortgage, family and property, sex and money, legacy and inheritance. You may find yourself creating a new budget every few months actually, between now and 2020. Putting a price on freedom and independence will be helpful. Your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of publishing, the internet, foreign people and places, travel, emigration, academia and education is lighting up in 2019. It may be intense at times, with a lot of ‘deal-making’ but you will be thrilled at what unfolds. Right at the end of the cycle, November-December you will have an opportunity to escape from the real world to a place which is by the sea, or water. You may even move there actually.

  25. Jessica,
    I have so many factors that you said would be affected. I can’t list them all. My applications for my specialty in school are due April 12th and May 3rd. Nervous, to say the least. It is very competitive. Also so ready to move. Everything is up in the air. I am trying to just buckle down, finish this semester strong, and not feel like I am spinning my wheels. Also kind of ready to start dating again, and I am slightly terrified. Lol.
    Are you excited about Sun School ? I am going to download the podcast. I will get to London one day!

    1. I am sure you are competing with others over this, but whatever path you take in 2019 you will end up studying at the biggest and best level for 12 years, so trust the process. Everything is up in the air because you are dealing with the end of Mercury Retrograde . spinning your wheels is a classic sign of that. From April 18th life starts to roll normally again.

  26. Hello Jessica, is there anything frightfully terrible in the horizons for me? Alarmed at the mention of banks because all I have are tied to bank and land. Yikes.

    1. You are a Capricorn with Diana at 24 Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and mortgage, sex and money, family and property, legacy and inheritance. You are independent, dislike being tied down by commitments, and place a high value on freedom. This is challenged in the years ahead when Uranus goes to 24 Taurus and opposes that. If you are still a Premium Member then (it is a long way off) let’s talk then. Do think about the period 2021, 2022, 2023 now, though. Ask yourself if you are in a flexible position where you can make changes for the long-term. You will experience Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, expansion) and Saturn (tests, challenges, waiting games) both in the Second House of your solar chart from December 2020 and Pluto (total transformation) there from 2023. So this is about thinking ahead, really. Stay right across the financial, property and business news in that period as knowledge is your best friend.

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