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When the Stars Align – April-June 2019

This is the second in a series of rare astrology alignments, which may trigger your horoscope, in April-June 2019. Check to see if your personal horoscope is affected.

Do You Have Factors at Taurus 1, 2?
The stars align in Taurus on Monday 22nd, Tuesday 23rd April when the spotlight falls on a revolution in your approach towards money. A radical change not seen in your adult lifetime is coming and it will take place in your Second House of income, currency, shopping, houses, apartments, business and charity. Uranus will conjunct the Sun. Uranus is a symbol of sudden and unexpected switches in direction. This one will be in your country’s economy, but also your own pocket. Uranus always sets us free from situations or people we had no idea trapped us quite so much. There is another key moment of change on May 8th, 9th as Mercury lines up with Uranus and May 17th, 18th as Uranus does. This is about pounds and pence, dollars and cents and euros. For more, look up Second House.

Do You Have Factors at Aries 1, 2, 3?
The stars align in Aries on April 18th through 23rd. If you have factors at Aries 1, 2, 3 in your First House of image, role, title, identity, appearance and self-promotion, you can expect a lesson on offer. The lesson will come from an organisation (like a weight loss company) or a person (like a webmaster) and you will be shown what you can get away with in terms of the way you look and appear. Chiron is lining up with Mercury and Venus in Aries. Tip: Look up the First House on Search because this is where you will see the most intriguing offers and options. People whose birthdays fall around March 21st to 24th may be your destiny links at this time.

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Do You Have Factors at Capricorn 22, 23, 24?

The stars align in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university/college life now, as trends on April 1st through 5th see Pluto (a change in the balance of power) line up at 23 Capricorn next to the South Node at 23 Capricorn. You may see your boss resign or get a promotion. Staff or colleagues may stand down or step up. This is an historic line-up not possible in 240+ years and what happened around 19 years ago may now be replayed as a general theme in your life. Destiny links may occur with people born January 13th, 14th, 15th

Do You Have Factors at Cancer 16, 17, 18?
The stars align for change in your Fourth House of family, household, house, apartment, home town and homeland on June 11th to 15th and you will experience the North Node of repetition, past lives, and karma lining up with Mercury and Mars. What you choose then will be influenced by what happened (as a theme) in the year 2000, but also going back into previous incarnations, when you may have relocated, emigrated or bought/sold property – or seen a big family change. Your family tree is as likely to be involved with this karmic shift as your approach towards home. For more look up the Fourth House on Search. People born July 9th, 10th, 11th could be your destiny links.

Next Time: When the Stars Align – July, August and September

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70 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Wow this is welcome news, thank you! I have 16 Jupiter in Cancer and 22 Diana in Capricorn.

    1. 2020 is unforgettable as you experience a cycle not seen in 240+ years affecting your career, unpaid work, university/college degree. This is about your ambition, social position, success and status. It is also about opportunity and solution, as you have your Jupiter Return. You will be looking for a breakthrough and you will get one, as 2019-2020 is so intense in terms of your C.V. – yet 2020 will deliver a shiny open door and a golden key.

      1. Hi Jessica!
        I was born in 9th July and I have sun in 16° Cancer… What news should I expect?

        1. Without a full chart I can only read your Sun in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, household, home, heritage, culture, ancestors, history, houses and apartments. You are like all Cancerians in 2019, experiencing the slow transit of the North Node of repetition, karma and past-life debts and credits, affecting what happens with your decisions about family members, flatmates, the house or apartment, your residency, your patriotism and so on. In August and September 2019 you will reach a karmic crossroads that can only occur every 19 years, regarding this.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for this information. I have Capricorn at 22 in Fortuna. When I read what could happen above, how does that affect charts who have Cap 23, 23 and 24 factors. Thank you!

    1. You have Fortuna at 22 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university/college life. Fortuna in your chart reveals how you influence the fortune, fate and destiny of other people without realising what you are doing – Fortuna is always shown blindfolded steering the Wheel of Fortune. Life has a random, spinning quality to it, with this placement. You will most certainly experience Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Ceres crossing 22 Capricorn, one after another, so it looks as though the end of 2019 and start of 2020 brings a reshuffle, merger, departure, promotion, launch, resignation, redundancy and so on which powerfully affects your own position. You can find out more by looking up Fortuna, Tenth House on Search.

  3. I have Chiron at 1 Taurus. My punk rock music teacher, as you say. 🙂 I’m very curious about this placement. I’ve received hints that I might be up for a promotion this week, but, really, I think I’d prefer a whole new job, with a new group–even something out of the blue. Any advice? Thank you!!

    1. Uranus transits your Chiron at 1 Taurus while Chiron himself (in transit) hovers around 1 Aries, also aspecting this placement in your Second House of income. This is all about your salary, pension/superannuation, your budget – but also your life budget. I am not surprised to hear promotion being mentioned, or that you are thinking about a new job. Expect sudden and unexpected developments to open things up in a brand new way. You will have choice – such choice. Yet it depends on the value you place on the things money cannot buy, in terms of your actual salary, benefits, bonuses, a raise and the rest – compared to what you treasure most that can’t be bought or sold. Have a look at Chiron on Search and also the Second House.

  4. Hello Jessica.
    I have ASC at 23 Capricorn, I struggling to interpret that? Work has been slow going lately with my new business as I’m reliant on other companies to approve drafts to contracts and projects before moving forward which seems to be taking an eternity. I have tomorrow the 5th still for this period, but I’m hoping this mans things might start to move a bit faster as I’m on the cusp of some great plans and resulting growth if the other comapnies can get moving
    Cheers. AC

    1. Your ASC or Ascendant at 23 Capricorn depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you are sure you have that, then you project the image of a person who respects, works with and climbs the ladder of his chosen profession – or perhaps in society. You tend to move slowly and cautiously to the top and then hold on and hang on. The Ascendant is not really that important – it’s just your image – but if your new business is slow, it is likely to be other factors besides that. Mercury Retrograde at 16-29 degrees of Pisces has been right opposite your Virgo factors (work, Sixth House) for weeks. You have a powerful line-up in Virgo in your birth chart, in your Sixth House of duty, service, detailed work, perfectionism, routine, obligation, craftsmanship and dedication. You are a dream employee and one of the few people who could make his own business work as you have no trouble motivating yourself. Yet – you have been dealing with this very messy and muddled transit of Mercury (communication) going right opposite your Virgo/Sixth House factors. You will be pleased to hear that the shadow ends around April 18th and at long last contracts, paperwork, replies and so on, will begin to flow.

  5. Hi Jessica thank you for this read. I am intrigued every time I log in to your website it’s really great work. I don’t have any of these aspects but my husband has Ceres at 24 Capricorn, could you tell how this may affect us please, he recently launched a new business with a partner so there is the power sharing of Ceres very much involved here. It’s early days but we are hoping to get a breakthrough with this business and are in fact just waiting on some feedback from a potential new client hopefully within the next week or so.

    1. Thank you. If your husband has Ceres at 24 Capricorn in the Tenth House then he is a born deal-maker and compromise expert – because he has had to learn how to do just that! Pluto going over 24 Capricorn can only happen every 240+ years and this is set to happen from February 2020, on and off, until November 2021. You mention a partner in business. I am sure he has had a professional look over the agreement, read the fine print and has even though about a second opinion. Pluto’s conjunction to Ceres will raise intense issues about who/what is in control and who/what has the power, and there will be a sweeping transformation of (likely) this or a similar set-up. For more on this look up Tenth House, Ceres and Pluto on Search.

  6. How is an IC at 1.23 Taurus and my Sun at 26 degrees Taurus/17th May? Cupido is in Sagitarius and Jupiter in Cancer 2 degrees. Minerva at 00 Virgo. I have many points don’t I?

    1. Your I.C. is based on a minute-accurate birth time, but if you are sure you have that, then this transit is about your home, roots, culture, heritage, family, history, house, apartment, home town and homeland – household too. You will know now, actually, if your birth time is correct as Uranus will be conjunct your I.C. so you will be experiencing a revolution, radical change and the likelihood of a complete turnaround in your life, involving the family tree or your concept of ‘home’. If the birth time is out, nothing will be happening. Jupiter at 2 Cancer does not depend on a birth time so much, and here we can see a massive opportunity you were born with (you were born lucky or blessed) and Uranus at 2 Taurus sextile Jupiter in 2019 and 2020 suggests you gain from the house or apartment situation, or from a family member. It’s rather like buying a bargain apartment only to discover it soars in value. Or – finding a property price crash makes your dream home attainable. Keep reading the finance pages.

  7. Hi Jessica, seems that i will have chiron, venus and mercury conjunct my Dc and opposit my Ac.
    What this means?

    1. Your D.C. or Descendant and A.C. or Ascendant are based on a strictly accurate birth time and so if you have that, to the minute, you can count on major choices about your former, current or potential partner – perhaps, at the same time, an opponent or rival. Simultaneously, there will be options regarding your title, name, appearance, reputation, profile and so on. As the time approaches you will soon find out if your birth time was correct!

  8. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for this interesting article. I was stunned when I read the section about factors at Taurus 1,2 (which I have) as I’m considering starting a course on stock trading, a field that I thought I’d never be interested in. It’s a very strange switch of direction indeed.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    thank you as always for sharing your insight! My question is regarding the Pluto/South Node conj.: I understood this to be an aspect that might bring back issues that need to be closed/let go off. For me, this (at least I figure it’s this) has brought back a situation, that I had totally forgotten about in a good way – like going to university and then mooving on to the work force. So now this situation is back and kinda upending my life, also in a good way, but still… I am wondering, what’s up with that? Is this a typical SN repeat pattern or a serious Uranus (currently trine my ASC) all-change scenario?
    I always have a hard time defining SN transits, so I would appreciate your input on that.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. The South Node is a point, or space, in your personal birth horoscope which moves backwards through the 12 signs of the zodiac, every 19 years. You are currently experiencing the transiting South Node (travelling South Node) in the sign of Capricorn, alongside Pluto and Saturn, also in Capricorn. All this traffic is taking place in your Tenth House of university and college life, but also your career, ambition and chances of success. It’s a typical repeat pattern and although you cannot alter what takes place, as it is karmically fixed (the Nodes rule karma) you can alter your attitude towards it and your approach. For more, look up South Node, Pluto and Saturn and the Tenth House on Search or in your ebooks. Thank you.

  10. Hello Jessica, in your blog post “Your Money Horoscope To 2026”, you mentioned that there would be a major hit to the FTSE between March 26th and April 13th, as Uranus goes across 1 Taurus. Since it’s April 4th today, and we have not yet seen a major stock market correction or crash (the FTSE appears to have been rising higher over the past couple of weeks), do you still think we will see a stock market crash by April 13th? If so, how long do you expect the stock market crash to last? If a stock market crash does take place, when do you expect to see the stock market going back up? If the stock market crashes by April 13th, what will occur on April 22nd and April 23rd (the two dates you mentioned in this post that pertain to money) or on May 8th and 9th? Will the stock market crash on those dates as well? Thank you.

    1. You are not a member so I cannot see a chart – you need to look at your Scorpio and Taurus factors in the Eighth House of shared finances and banks, and the Second House of currency exchange rates and shares. You’re misquoting the original story, actually, as I have not predicted a stock market crash in any particular country at all. What we are seeing is Uranus in Taurus – a shock and crisis – around the world. Some will gain and some will lose. The likely source of what I am predicting as G.F.C. 2 will be the FTSE (currently at a six-month high) responding wildly to the crazy crisis now unfolding with P.M. Theresa May and the House of Commons. What I actually wrote was, “Between March 26th and April 13th, 2019, the FTSE 100 will shock London as the graph shows the greatest spikes in years.Here is some good advice I heard. ‘When they zig, you zag.’ Get prepared to zig-zag, with that zig-zag line.” The rest is up to you. And we have eight days to go. That’s a long time in Westminster, particularly when No Deal was blocked by just one person – a criminal, it turns out – who may lose her position if a petition succeeds! Uranus in Taurus rules shocks. Wait.

  11. Hello Jessica!!
    I love your articles and appreciate so much your insight.
    I have Sun in 18th degree Cap (it’s all about work,especially since last year), Venus in 15th Cap (i am experiencing a “I love my obligations theme”), Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Cap in 3rd degree,
    my Moon is in Sag and north node in Taurus 6th degree.
    Could you please tell me if the activation of above mentioned Cancer degrees will affect my Cap planets? If so, i would like to know in which way. Hope not in the exact “opposite”.
    Thank you

    1. It’s hard to say without seeing your full chart, but in general, you are experiencing the Cancer-Capricorn Node cycle so the issues for you, as they are for everybody, revolve around your home, your town or village and your country. Your nationality and sense of identity, in terms of the family tree, your history and heritage. And – all this – in the light of politicians, celebrities, big business leaders and other powerful types – who are represented by Pluto in Capricorn. It ends (at this intense level anyway) after 2020 when life will seem a good deal lighter and brighter and easier.

  12. Hi Jessica – thank you for sharing so much with us! I feel like Alice in Wonderland right now (started in April 2018) – with too many rabbit holes! I have Hygeia at Cancer 16 and MC at Cancer 17. House sale is desperately needed – any respite in sight? New job going well but feels like something is hidden. Husband in diff city …trying to move with not much luck so far. Any thoughts on what to expect and when I can expect some calm 🙂

    1. Alice in Wonderland with too many rabbit holes is a great way of explaining it. You want to sell your house and your husband lives in a different city. You will find everything makes sense when the North Node has moved to 16, 17 Cancer. This does depend on an accurate birth time but that is going to take place in August and September 2019. You are one of many people with Cancer 16, 17 degree factors on this website asking questions. I am beginning to wonder if this is not all tied to Great Britain’s departure from the European Union and the resulting changes around the world with the economy, visas, passports, residency, property prices and the rest. It will have a ripple effect if so and reach all the way to Asia and beyond.

  13. Mars and Apollo at 16 Cancer. Thought we’re moving to NYC, now not moving, not sure if we can afford to keep house…massive rollercoaster here when will it stop?

    1. You have been trying to do all this on Mercury Retrograde which is not the greatest idea as people change their minds, or you change yours. This is exactly what has just happened. You need to roll with the rollercoaster. This does not stop until the North Node has passed 16 Cancer which is August and September 2019. You have past life karma with a particular house, apartment or area. You have lived and worked there many times before. This may be New York or it may be Europe, actually. You will be returned there for a final choice in August or September. Mars and Apollo in Cancer in your Fourth House suggest you were in the army, air force or navy, defending your city or country, in a previous life. That is why this feels so intense, but once the North Node has finished its cycle, you will know where home is, and why. That is what the astrology is showing for you.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Noticing some changes at work, not directly impacting me though. i have Mercury 23° Capricorn 20′ 27″
    Whats in store for me?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Pluto will not reach 23 Capricorn until January and February 2020, by which time the elite (Capricorn) who seek control and power over everything (Pluto) will have a direct impact (the conjunction) on your contract (Mercury) and negotiations/communication (Mercury). Read the fine print carefully now to see how much control you have. When Pluto goes through Capricorn we see the people at the top – famous, rich, politically powerful, corporate high-fliers – try to dominate everybody else. This is the point at which you push back. Jupiter will go to 23 Capricorn in 2020 as well when you will be given an opportunity (Jupiter) for progress (Jupiter) with career (Capricorn) not possible in 12 years.

  15. What about my stars alignment in 2019? Do you see anything special sparkly magic dust…

    1. I’ve already replied a few times to you about Jupiter in Sagittarius. That is the one to watch. Jupiter (opportunity) transiting your Ninth House (travel, emigration, holidays, foreigners) for the first time in 12 years, ending in December 2019.

      1. Thanks Jessica I just wish I can connect the dots but right now everything is confusing at work and life and I didn’t know what is next as like when you loose yourself and I need to find me again.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another great article.
    I have all four signs you mentioned in my chart and given the degrees, I know whatever is being affected by Taurus and Aries will affect me.
    However, degrees at which my Cancer and Capricon signs feature are much lower (below 10 degrees). How would this affect me?

    1. With low-degree placements in Cancer and Capricorn the only thing you will really notice is the transit of the North Node of karma and South Node of reincarnation, passing through 10-1 degrees of those signs, which covers October 2019 through May 2020. As the Nodes move backwards through time in spans of 19 years this will very likely be about your ancestry, heritage, roots and culture in your home town and homeland. What happens then, happens for everybody and I note your United Kingdom address, so suspect that this is Great Britain’s departure from the European Union and your own decisions based on your love and loyalty for a particular place, or your need to also leave. It really depends on you as Cancer/Fourth House is intensely personal. Capricorn is shown by the elite at the top – the politicians who shape the exit.

  17. Hello Jessica,
    I was so eager to leave the message, that I forgot to include my birth information: Feb.29, 1984, 31.0481° N, 121.7495° E .
    Again, a recent family trauma makes me miserable. I lost my second child, a baby girl. Should I get pregnant again? Or should I adopt a girl? When will be a good time to do so? Please advise. Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you lost your baby girl. You are asking me huge questions here and I do not have a birth chart to look at. All I can tell you is that if you were born on February 29th you are a Sun Pisces and are living through the North Node in Cancer cycle which falls in your Fifth House of children. The North Node is about karma from previous lifetimes. This cycle ends on May 5th 2020, when as a Pisces, you will find you have total closure on the issue of pregnancy, children and motherhood. For more on karma, reincarnation and past life soul contracts, look up the North Node on Search. It is entirely possible that the soul of your lost child will come back to you in the shape of a new baby – it may be a niece, nephew, godchild – or just a new young person in your world. It’s not unusual on this kind of Node cycle. In Indian astrology the Nodes are very much concerned with reincarnation. They are called Rahu and Ketu.

  18. Dear Jessica, What an accurate prediction of Capricorn factor! I have Ops at 23 Capricorn and I already have demoted myself as a boss to my subordinate – on that exact date of alignment, 4 April. Out of 4 alignments this season I got to have 3, except Aries alignment. Now, as you have been predicting several times for me, I have to watch a big Uranus alignment on 22, 23 April at 2 Taurus, where Ceres sits in my chart. And I will have Cancer alignment – Vista is there at 16. What a wonderful coming months ! Thank you very much for your precise predictions that give me excitement and hope.

    1. Thank you. The astrology has been spot on regarding your job, to the very day – 4th April. You should definitely keep things as open and flexible as possible in April and May, and again in early 2020, as Uranus (the revolution) passes across 2 Taurus.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Transiting Chiron in Aries is currently conjunct my Aries ascendant and Aries Ceres, square my natal Chiron in Cancer, and will also soon conjunct my Aries Mars…Can you tell me what this means? Everything I read about Chiron in Aries triggering my natal chart is unfortunate sounding.

    1. I am not sure why you think Chiron in Aries is unfortunate! Chiron is a teacher, foster-father, professor, mentor, guru or guide figure. He can turn up as a documentary presenter, an author or a real-life educator. As Chiron is now well and truly in that zodiac sign in your First House of presentation, life force, image, identity and ‘Me’ you are in a terrific position to learn about (for example) public relations and social media – and personal style, soundbites, branding and the rest.

      1. Thank you for the reassurance. I’m on guard when anything conjuncts my ascendant and triggers my grand cross thanks to a scary Uranus transit through my first house years ago.

  20. Dear Jessica, re June 11 – 15… I have Fortuna at 16′ 58′ in Cancer but also have both Mars and Mercury in Cancer, other than my Sun and Venus. What do you see? Much appreciated.

    1. You are a Fourth House person, strongly Cancerian, and you bring your home town or homeland with you when you live your life. You know where you belong and you know, to whom you belong. This can be your fellow countrymen or countrywomen, the locals, your household or your family in particular. You are going to find decisions come up towards the middle of 2019, no matter if it’s renovations or a parent. Try not to engage with the Mercury Retrograde process as you’ll find delays and changes. You’re better off pursuing these choices at another time if you possibly can.

  21. Hi Jessica, I’m going thru a north node transit which is seemingly causing some chaos currently. As a premium member you can see my chart. Is there anything you can share with me about this time that could be useful in helping me work thru this time?

    1. Chaos is usually down to a perfect storm and we have had one since February! Neptune (which can be very muddled and confusing, as it distorts everything) has been in Pisces, as well as Mercury Retrograde. This has all been happening in your Twelfth House which rules the very core of your being! You might call it your soul or spirit, so you have been swimming in cross currents, likely floundering and perhaps finding it hard to navigate. This eases up when Mercury Retrograde Shadow ends on 18th April and in fact, your new direction will be wonderfully clear by May, when you realise the only way to deal with change, is to change yourself.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    My Saturn is at 17 Cancer. The year 2000 was a year of massive change for me (mostly good)
    Will this year’s month of June bring positive change as well?
    Thank you!

    1. You experienced the transit of the North Node across Saturn in the Fourth House of your horoscope, which is where you try to put down roots, own your family tree (or trim it), establish a home, invest in property and so on. Saturn tends to be rather heavy going and can feel like a load to carry, but it becomes easier with time, and now you are at the next North Node Fourth House cycle, I am sure you are using what you learned back in 2000. This will help you with any questions this year/next year about your apartment, house, household, family, home town or homeland.

    1. We’re really moving through the big financial/economic change from late April to late May, when a lot of light will be shed on the banks’ new direction, but also the new world trade situation with tariffs and borders. This will have a ripple effect on your Second House of money so you may want to set aside this time to focus on your budget.

  23. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for all the awesome writing and tips!. I’m still quite bad at reading my chart though, and was wondering if you could still give me some more tips into my personal chart and the following months. I recently applied for a new role in the company and while I’m aware of my realistic chances there are obviously some blindspots that I hope you could maybe give me some tips about. I’m focused a lot on the people side of operations and I bet on this while being open and showing I can learn the technical/project parts of the role. I’d love to get your input on what the stars are showing for the next 1-2 months ☺️ Thank you so much!

    1. Applying for a new role in your company is a smart move in 2019, because even if this position is not your final destination by 2020, you are finding a path up the ladder of success. These heavy transits in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career – Saturn, Pluto, South Node – and eventually Jupiter and Ceres in Capricorn – are about the long climb. It does take time to scale the heights and what you are doing now is testing one of the rungs. You also need to figure out if this is the best way to the top. Being very clear about what you want to achieve, where you want to be, and how high you want to go is a good start. Have that conversation with yourself, about the year 2020, when so much is possible as a result of the conversations you have now, and the work you do. This whole period in your life is also about defining ‘success’ and what it means. Your own personal definition of that word is the most important thing. You will find quite intense politics around this position, or actually within your company or profession as a whole. Look all around you and you will see the ambition, but also come face-to-face with your own ambition. Other people’s idea of success is not yours. It has to be your own. The whole application process you went through/are going through is part of that learning experience. Do use your journal to clearly lay out goals for yourself with an eye on 2020 for achievement.

  24. My IC and Vulcano is at 24 degrees in Capricorn. I did just see a close family member this weekend and he’s born on the 17th of January. Does all of this have to do with something? He’s into writing and this is something I may get into later on in the near future. Is that what is indicated? So you have Capricorn which climbs to the top and want to do things right, and also Vulcano which shows restraint…. does that indicate a very ‘slow’ climb?

    1. Your I.C. describes the family tree, your roots, heritage, culture, history and background – where you come from – and your home town and homeland. If your birth time is minute-accurate, then that will be too. Vulcano would be at 24 Capricorn anyway, also in your Tenth House of success, achievement, ambition, social status and ‘the climb.’ Vulcano is a symbol of emotions tightly held down and controlled, self-restraint, willpower and the power that someone gets, from being so in command of his/her feelings. Something is certainly building here, with your ambitions, and as he likes writing and you would be interested in pursuing this too, it may well be where Vulcano is showing. This is also very likely to be about your career or unpaid work full stop, and you’d have to say that you’re heading for total transformation in 2020, with some early set-ups right now.

  25. Good day
    Birthdate 10/18/1938 Manchester England
    Once again confused….thought that things were going to improve as middle of April approached but after reading weekly now see another delay, I thought having a stellum of Sagittarius things were going to be looking up……really have been trying to follow Astro guidelines …but it always seem out of reach, the following was a response you made earlier in the year (Jessica) “There is money ahead. Rather a lot of money. It needs to be shared, managed and distributed between the different generations, from very young to very old.” Could you expand on this. In the past I was to understand this could take place in April …….maybe my error ,, having to do with a stellium of Sagittarius. I have been trying to get the domestic situation resolved it appears going bad to worse…..a new friend has appeared and given much emotional support but from a foreign distance. How does he figure in all of this thank you for any help

    1. I’m not clear which question you are asking here – if it is about money, when I let you know ‘there is money ahead’ that is correct. There is. Not yet, though. You were born with Taurus/Scorpio factors across your Second House of banking and Eighth House of inheritance/family money and for the first time in your life, Uranus, the planet of radical change, freedom and new beginnings is also in Taurus, right opposite Scorpio, and will be there for seven years. Eventually this cycle will trigger your chart and you will certainly be sorting out the house, apartment, business interests or actual cash flow with other family members by that stage. If you had any other question please just focus on that and I can look at your chart. Thank you.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I just renewed my subscription and I am loving all of your premium content – thank you
    for sharing!

    I have my moon in Aries at 0 – 1 degrees and also quite a few Cancer factors. Are you able
    to advise how I might be impacted and make the most of this time please?

    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. There are a couple of things going on in 2019, 2020 for you. One is your relaunch. This may be your appearance, your title or your profile. You are about to be taught how to get away with what used to seem unthinkable, or impossible. It will be an education that allows you to explore life much more broadly. The Cancer factors are about your Fourth House of home, family, home town, heritage, culture, homeland, the family tree, and actual property – a house or apartment – and its price and condition. Here, you are being sent back to themes from the year 2000, but also way back into past lives. In other words, what unfolds in 2019, 2020 is karmic. You have been here before, a very long time ago! No wonder it has such an emotional pull on you. By 2021 you will have had some closure and drawn a line on an episode that has a very long reach into your prior incarnation/s.

  27. Thank you and Good Day, this was the question that you requested that I ask
    Libra October 18 1938 Manchester England
    Will try to be brief
    In a loveless marriage stayed due to children ,he cheated mismanaged money. Point of no return stayed out of compassion ( or was it guilt ,fear) Have met a Gemini May 28 who is emotionally , intellectually,supportive ,at present long distant ,will return in 3 months..what does this relationship have as far as friendship or more ( he has eluded to that)…I would like some happiness but realize that at present I am vulnerable ……my finances are tight due to mismanagement of money (, my fault ) I took my eye off the ball …while working and let my husband handle ( irresponsibly)I still work and enjoy working ,it has filled a big void ,in a marriage that has lacked so much, mostly 10 hour days and still produce decent income. Thank you

    1. I am so sorry you have had to go through this. You have terrific potential with the Gemini but it may go backwards and forwards until November, when there is a terrific turning point – even as friends. Yes, it could be more but it’s hard to say without the other chart. He is in the right place and time to pair off with someone who would be very good for him, which is very likely you! The money situation will be up, down, unexpected for the next seven years but you will find a way to adapt and adjust. Be open to surprises and changes which set you free financially – your situation with your budget will be absolutely unique and you will tailor it to fit yourself and nobody else. I would say right now, put a price tag on freedom and independence. Ask yourself what you would pay in £ or $ to have that and think about a ‘life budget’. Some people coming out of a loveless marriage to that kind of person would say having your own space is worth millions! You will find this Gemini, or perhaps even more partners, teach you things about love, sex and commitment that leave your jaw on the floor, in 2019, 2020 and beyond. Aim for home improvements, renovations or even a new home in the year 2020 as opportunities will be terrific for you. No matter how tough things are/have been in 2020 there will be a big solution.

  28. Good Day Jessica
    As always your responses are most helpful, I wish Melbourne was not so far away( I laugh) I would be there.
    As I walk this path you give me hope and strength to persevere .
    I thank you from my heart.

  29. Dear Jessica –
    I am totally loving your blog. The next time you tell me that Fortuna is crossing my sign I will pull money in advance! My family is still laughing about how the mouse killed the roof – and matters go from there.
    Have you been following the Vancouver money laundering cleanup? British Columbia took a major step forward on April 5th.
    Thanks again for all the help and joy you bring –

    1. Thank you so much Karla. Yes, I am tracking the Vancouver money laundering cleanup – April as a whole is such a key month – as we move closer to Uranus at 2 Taurus, which begins to trigger so many big financial organisations and institutions around the world. It’s not the end of the matter. That comes in early 2020 when Uranus goes back to 2 Taurus – but as you said, British Columbia is a step forward.

  30. Hello Jessica. I hope you can help me. My Sun is at 23 Capricorn (and I have 7 planets and points in Capricorn). I just had my second Saturn return and have an ongoing Jupiter return (21 Sagittarius) for much of this year. I honestly feel like I’m carrying the weight of all the planets, a suffocating energy that saps all my strength. I’ve been mired in one place, one situation, for the past 19 years and can’t seem to break free no matter what I do. Do you think these huge aspects (I have a 0 degree yod being triggered too – Mars, Moon, Diana) will finally help me get free of all this heavy energy and make the new start I crave, or do I have to wait till it all begins to clear (because 2020 seems a very long way away for me right now)?

    1. You are being ‘Capricorned’ by heavy weather in this sign which is in the Tenth House of success, achievement, position, status and career using the Natural House system. You mention 19 years though and this is the South Node in Capricorn cycle. I suggest you look at what success actually means to you. What it meant to either or both parents. Work with that idea of what it really means to be successful on this planet. Because only you define that. Jupiter’s transit of Capricorn will help, but you can start now. Look up the Tenth House on Search and begin your quest.

  31. Oh my goodness Jessica
    I have been trying to pay attention to all that you write about. Today April 19 2019 we got an offer on the house only on the market a week due to close on may 24 2019. I realize it is not final until the fat lady sings but my hopes are pretty excited. Do you have any was most welcome as if what you had predicted new beginnings
    Birthday 10/18/1939 Manchester ENGLAND

    1. Great – you are picking up on the new Uranus in Taurus (property, money) cycle alongside the Sun in Taurus, too. It will be pretty unpredictable for you as buyer and seller, but also exciting – and liberating – just remember to surf the waves of change and dive with them, not resist them!

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