How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Nostradamus predicted the fire at Notre Dame over 500 years ago using specific astrology timing and exact wording. Read how he also predicted the Mueller Report - again with exact wording and a date - and join the conversation. Is this just a coincidence or was the world's most famous psychic 'seeing' the internet in 2019?

Nostradamus Reads the Mueller Report

President Donald Trump thinks it’s ‘Game Over’ now that The Mueller Report has been republished – this time with paragraphs of secrets that have been blacked out.

He sent this message on Twitter where it reached my timeline and likely yours, if you follow him. The image has gone viral right around the worldwide web. The words?


He’s referencing Game of Thrones here, which is interesting, given that the heirs to his throne – his daughter Ivanka, his sons Barron, Eric and Donald Junior – his son-in-law Jared Kushner – have played such a big part at the White House.

So is he right? Nostradamus would disagree. Game not over. Far from it.

And – before you think an astrologer and psychic who has been gone for over five centuries could have nothing to say about Mueller – take a look at his track record. And keep a very open mind.

After all, we are talking about the one and only Nostradamus here.  The astrologer and clairvoyant who saw the Notre Dame fire over 500 years before it happened. As regular readers will know, my story about this has gone around newspapers from London to Moscow – this image is from the feature in The Daily Express.

Daily Express Me - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Over to You – Readers, Astrologers and Natural Psychics

Wikileaks on the April 18th redactions @wikileaks 397x600 - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller ReportIn the interests of freedom of speech, democracy and all those other quaint things we still cherish  – I’m going to ask you to help me out with a Nostradamus prediction that I believe holds one of the big keys to The Mueller Report and what is being called Trump Russia. There are already calls on Twitter to ‘Impeach Trump’. So – are people right to ask that?

It was John Lennon who sang Gimme Me Some Truth and we all deserve that in an age of Fake News. Astrology has survived and thrived for over 2000 years because it is a timeless way of getting to the heart of the matter. So let’s go.

In this Nostradamus quatrain, for four-line verse prediction – he uses the exact word hom.

You might be reading this in Los Angeles or Lisbon, but H.O.M. is all over the Mueller report. Every time it appears, there is a blacked-out paragraph of secret information. This appeared on my Twitter timeline and perhaps yours, from Wikileaks @Wikileaks. Harm to Ongoing Matter or ‘hom’ is now an internet meme.


It’s All About HOM! How Nostradamus Wrote It Down 500+ Years Ago

The term ‘hom’ or Harm to Ongoing Matter used to be interpreted as ‘man’ or perhaps ‘homme’ by Nostradamus authors – but what if it was literal? Mashable has a great story on HOM and how it’s gone viral.

Mashable: “Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated report is finally public, but it’s littered with redactions from Attorney General William Barr that are unexpectedly labeled, “Harm to Ongoing Matter. People anticipated there could be some heavy redactions, but after the lengthy report was published, it became apparent that dozens of lines, and even entire pages, were blacked out with the words “Harm to Ongoing Matter” or HOM for short.”

Here is the original Nostradamus prediction, below. There are many versions of this quatrain, both on websites and also in Nostradamus books. I strongly recommend you contrast and compare them if you want to take part in this Mueller Report Nostradamus experiment, as the translations can vary. The Searchable Mueller Report is here for all of you who want to dig deeper and look up specific words…like hom!

You are looking for Centuries 8, Quatrain 44 here,  hom appears at the end of the third line. 

hom - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Your Turn to Interpret and Predict – What Next for Trump Russia?

Before we begin, with this crowdsourced knowledge experiment about a 500+ year old prediction, let’s look at the way Nostradamus worked, around 500 years ago.

Although he penned his four-line ‘quatrains’ in the old French language, he was clairvoyant. He gazed into water, using a method known as scrying. He was a clairvoyant – French for ‘clear vision.’ He may have seen visions with his eyes shut.

He did not always hear French words. He sometimes glimpsed modern English ones, either in the water, or in his mind’s eye. Thus his most famous prediction, about Hitler and Germany. He gets Hitler wrong by two letters – Hister.

This translation is more or less what you will read in any Nostradamus book and it is from The Independent newspaper in Britain. This, along with his famous Great Fire of London prediction for 1666, is now part of history. That was dated.

Hister as Hitler – and Germany in the Second World War

The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister. 

Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn, 

When the child of Germany observes nothing.

Taking the Nostradamus Mueller Report Prediction Apart

Le procree naturel dogmion
Natural procreation and religious dogma – what do you think Nostradamus is talking about here?

De sept a neuf du chemin deitorner
The 7th/9th (7th of September) and a path detour – this may be the date of an important Mueller session. Unless you disagree with my interpretation and think it is 7th September of a different year – or even read backwards – 9th July!

A roy de longue & amy aumi hoin
I believe this ‘roy’ is Roy Cohn, Trump’s former attorney – and the ‘amy’ is Amy Klobuchar, Democrat candidate for President. The word ‘longue’ means eventually (this Mueller saga is certainly taking some time) and ‘aumi’ means girlfriend. Hoin is open to interpretation – by you.

This is easily the section in the Nostradamus prediction about the Mueller Report which will cause the most discussion here – you may totally disagree with me about either of these two named figures. You also need to remember that Nostradamus did not necessarily connect two nouns, or names, in the same sentence so don’t read anything into this pair of faces appearing in the same line.

Doit a Nauarre fort de PAV prosterner
Moving further into the quatrain, we have something really interesting. This is undeniably ‘doit’ or a very small amount of money in Northern Spain, which used to be known as Nauarre – and here we have a strong building (or the ‘fort’ in Paul Manafort?)

What is fascinating about PAV is that it stands for Permanent Absentee Voting. This makes sense given Amy Klobuchar’s well-known concern with voting procedure in America.  We end with ‘prosterner’ which means to bow down or prostrate. This is a mystery for you to solve. Is this about Amy (Amy for America) and is it about the way the nation voted in 2016?

Amy Klobuchar 600x314 - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Another Amy in the Nostradamus Mueller Prediction

We may have a different Amy in the Nostradamus Mueller prediction. In order to get this right, we have to think like Nostradamus, back in the 16th century. The Roman Catholic church was all-powerful in France and to be Catholic was to take sides, politically.

Amy Coney Barrett YouTube - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller ReportEnter a Donald Trump favourite – the Catholic who may be up for a Supreme Court post. Amy Coney Barrett. What is convincing about this ‘Amy’ is the fact that she was told “The dogma lives loudly within you” by Senator Dianne Feinstein. This is the ‘dogmion’ in the first line of the Nostradamus quatrain. One of the issues that comes up with Amy Coney Barrett is her stand on abortion. Again, look at the first line of the prediction – it is about natural procreation – so sex without the contraceptive pill or a condom. Now that’s interesting. What do you think? (Image: YouTube).

Spain, Bitcoin, Jerome Corsi, Roy Cohn and Amy Klobuchar
We begin at the end of this quatrain with Bitcoin and Spain. If you read The New York Times, you will remember that one story appeared to stand out in the Trump ‘noise’ of 2018. I will leave it to you to decide what part, if any, this plays.

Here we also have a specific date for you to test – which chimes exactly with the appearance of Jerome Corsi, former Washington bureau chief of Infowars, subpoenaed on September 7th 2018 before a Mueller Grand Jury. Remember that date of ‘sept, neuf’ or ‘seven, nine’. Dates are very important to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus was also an astrologer who noted eclipses just as we do today. This September 7th hearing took place days after The Great American Eclipse of August 11th, 2018.

And what about Roy? Was Nostradamus peering into the water and seeing strange words floating up from the internet of the future? This may indeed be Roy Cohn. He turns up on Page 322 of The Mueller Report, and I quote:

“In a meeting in the White House residence that Porter attended on January 27, 2018, Porter recalled that the President talked about the great attorneys he had had in the past with successful win records, such as Roy Cohn…” 

Now, what about the ‘tale of two Amys’ in the Nostradamus Mueller Report prediction?

Backup Paper Ballots and Post-Election Audits

Amy Klobuchar has an interesting to play in this story too, if indeed she is the ‘amy’ Nostradamus likely saw in visions of the future internet – specifically, Twitter.  Amy is a popular Twitter user and also a Democrat U.S. presidential candidate and active Minnesota Senator. She is important to the Nostradamus prediction, because of this Twitter message sent on Thursday, 18th April, 2019.

“First page of Mueller report says the Russian government interfered in 2016 presidential election in “sweeping and systematic fashion.” So,  despite the endless doubts cast by the President, this happened. Case made for my bill for backup paper ballots and post-election audits.” 

Those italics are mine. But here we have a quatrain that references an ‘Amy’ and specifically, PAV in capitals. That just might be Permanent Absentee Vote status in the United States. That’s the exact abbreviation. P.A.V. and it is significant that Nostradamus wrote it in capital letters.

I have lined up Nostradamus’s date – 7th September – with the intriguing coincidence of a Mueller session with the well-known, bestselling New York Times author, Jerome R. Corsi, PhD, on that exact date. You may disagree. As this experiment with time is open to astrologers, astrology fans, Nostradamus-watchers and psychics – perhaps we are talking about a completely different meaning for ‘seven, nine’ as it was written down, centuries ago.

Jerome Corsi 400x600 - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Over to You! Is Paul Manafort  ‘fort’ in the Nostradamus Prediction?

Are we seeing ‘fort’ as Paul Manafort in the Nostradamus prediction? Maybe there is a play on words taking place here that we’re missing. It may also literally be fort, some kind of building. A Trump tower, perhaps? Another stronghold?

Fort – Fortified Building/Strong/Grand/Hard (Cambridge Dictionary).

What to Remember When Reading Nostradamus

Dates are important and so are CAPITAL LETTERS which jumped out at Nostradamus from the future, as he was scrying (gazing into water for visions) but also, likely, channelling the centuries to come, with his eyes shut.

We also need to remember that in common with professional mediums today, Nostradamus likely got his information in short bursts, so he jumps around a little. There is absolutely no evidence to connect Roy with Amy. The juxtaposition may be there on paper, but his actual visions may have been quite separate. He wrote what he wrote. It’s a poem.

If you are an astrologer you will be able to put this jigsaw together using some obvious clues – ‘path detour’ may well be a retrograde planet, which Nostradamus would have known about – so if 7th September is 7th September 2018, when Jerome Corsi appears before Mueller – do look at the transits then and share what you can see. Perhaps the detoured path of 7.9 or 9.7 is something else entirely.

We live in an age of so much information – too much information – and MSNBC (below) is part of the noise, along with Donald Trump’s own signal, on Twitter.

What if Nostradamus could help us cut through that noise? I believe he has just done that with the terrible fire at Notre Dame.

Nostradamus was a deeply spiritual man who appears to have wanted to give warnings to us in the future – when appropriate – and exact information – when useful. For that reason, assuming he was as right about this new Mueller Report, as he was about so many other things – he may have timed his Quatrain so that the future will unfold just as it should. Keep asking questions. Report back!

Mueller MSNBC 600x338 - How Nostradamus Predicts the Mueller Report

Line by Line – the Nostradamus Mueller Report Prophecy

All French-English translations are from The Cambridge Dictionary online.



Religious dogma






Amy Klobachar, Democrat candidate for president of the United States. And/or Amy Coney Barrett, a Donald Trump favourite pick for the Supreme Court. She was literally accused of Catholic religious ‘dogma’ which Nostradamus would have called dogmion.


Harm to Ongoing Matter

A small amount of money – coins – or perhaps, ‘bit’ coin so Bitcoin.

Northern Spain, as it was known in the time of Nostradamus

Permanent Absentee Voting or P.A.V. In the United States, some states permit voters to join a permanent absentee voting list. Once a voter opts in, s/he will receive an absentee ballot automatically for all future elections. A full explanation is here.

To bow down; to prostrate.

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50 Responses

  1. Hi. Thanks for an interesting article. Will you be posting astrological info on the timing of this redacted report? As for the spin, one could just read the report for one’s self and find that the very opposite of everything AG Barr and Trump have been saying is true.

    1. Yes. The classic blacked-out paragraphs we see in The Mueller Report are common when we have a lot of eclipses. America went through a chain of eclipses across the Leo-Aquarius axis during the 2016-2019 period. Leo rules the King and his heirs. In the United States this is always the President and his children. (Aquarius rules the group – the political party). What we are waiting for here is some new Leo weather to finally show us what was blacked out, or obscured. That is due, Summer 2019. Watch the Trump children and likely, Jared Kushner, his young son-in-law, who would qualify as another ‘heir to the throne.’

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I would look at the charts of Melania (Taurus), Ivanka (Scorpio), Jared (Capricorn) and Don Jr (Capricorn).

    Paul Manafort is in jail, Amy Klobuchar is not seen as a major player at this time. There has been far too much turnover in the Trump administration no one stays there that long except his family.


  3. Hi Jessica,
    This is an interesting article. Don’t you think that the Nostradamus predictions refers to Religious dogma of Iranian (Persia) regime?

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I’m running more on a psychic basis here and perhaps this gives a different flavour of interpretation.

    “The natural procession of dogma,
    From seven to nine, of the road diverted,
    A king of long,, & Amy girlfriend of hom
    Must Navarre fort, a PAV proliferate.”

    I think it is referring to a twisting, bending road in the natural progression of religious dogma between July to Sept. (sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church)?
    A long reigning king (a Roy de longue) who perhaps has been associated with/ girlfriend of an Amy (infidelity) of which exposure would be harmful to an ongoing matter.
    Navarre, now a part of France, must stay strong as PAV (Programme Élargi de Vaccination) proliferates or lays prostrate (de prolterner). (Anti-vaccine movement grows, or brings pandemic).

    A different take to you, but my intuition speaks.
    Would love to know your thoughts.

    1. I think you are right and there is another ‘Amy’ in this story. Her name is Amy Coney Barrett and she was literally accused of ‘dogma’ (being a Catholic) by Senator Dianne Feinstein. She told Amy Coney Barrett, who is Donald Trump’s pick for a Supreme Court post, “The dogma lives loudly within you”. Now that is really interesting. Nostradamus was of course deeply concerned with the Catholic church, living as he did, in 16th century France. So is this the Amy? Thank you!

  5. If Amy refers to Amy Coney Barett (who is incidently a professor at the Notre Dame law school) then the seven to nine probably refers to the 7th to 9th Amendments in the US constitution. The course of justice is being perverted by applying these amendments inappropriately to save someone’s skin (as the old saying goes).

    I think PVA refers to the supply of guns.

    One of the most pro- gun communities in Florida is Navarre which, according to WIKI is “a Census-designated place and unincorporated community in Santa Rosa County in the northwest Florida Panhandle. It is a bedroom community for mostly U.S. Military personnel, Federal Civil Servants, local population, retirees and defense contractor”.

    Interestingly last year the young people of Navarre joined the national school walkout to promote gun control. This is considered to signal a larger change in the ideology of this region, as the younger generation begins to reach the voting age.

    I hope this is true. Maybe the anti gun lobby will be aided by Amy Coney Barett.

    1. Wow, I love this take on Nostradamus. If we are in fact talking about Amy the professor at Notre Dame, it is possible that Nostradamus’ psychic visions jumped from one (the burning cathedral) to another (the actual name Notre Dame – and thus this Amy). The 7th to 9th amendment is really intriguing so I will go back and look at those. And Navarre is a positively inspired reading of this quatrain: given that Nostradamus was not ‘hearing’ words but actually seeing them, likely on a computer screen of the future, this is a really good alternative interpretation. Thankyou!

    2. I am really intrigued by the Navarre gun group connection, and WIKI’s description of them being ‘a bedroom community’.
      This definitely coincides with my sense that this was connected to ‘a relationship’ – likely infidelity of sorts or a sediction behind closed doors. The unusual language used by WIKI certainly implies this.

      1. Amy Coney Barrett.
        As a devout catholic affiliated with the People of Praise, this group has roots in the Cursillo in Spain, and interestingly it began in the US with a group of lay Catholics who were involved in the Cursillo movement at Notre Dame University.
        The People of Praise was founded at South Bend (du chermin detourner) and there is a veil of secrecy around its beliefs, or covenants, particularly around ‘relationships’.

        I did some digging into a fort in Navarre, Spain. Interesting, the Fort San Cristobal in Navarre, was made into a makeshift prison after the revolution in 1934. The early stages of the Spanish Civil War – July to Sept 1936 (there are the dates) saw many inmates housed here. The Spanish Civil war was centred around policies and religion (catholic) with Germany, UK and Italy in support of the Nationalists, and Russia and France, plus others, supporting the Republicans.
        The similarities to our present global climate are remarkable.
        Post Spanish Civil War, the church was under attack. Many young men remained faithful, and decided to pilgrimage to the shrine of St James in Compostella. This was the birth of the Cursillo movement.

        Perhaps too, Amy Coney Barrett would be pro-guns. In March 2019 she argued that “the long standing federal law that bars people convicted of felonies from possessing firearms was unconstitutional”. No other federal appeals court has agreed with that view.

        1. This is amazing research. I am beginning to conclude Nostradamus was looking at the year 2019, heard ‘Notre Dame’ or saw it, and actually wrote the prediction about the fire, on the same night he wrote this prediction about Mueller. What we have here is possibly a prediction about later in 2019, then, as the importance of Amy Coney Barrett has not yet come to pass. The fact that the People of Praise had its roots in Spain is a huge clue. Thank you.

        2. The founder of Navarre, Florida, was an army colonal in WWI who met a French nurse (in France of course). He couldn’t bring her back to the US as his wife because of the immigration laws of the time so he declared her to be his daughter.

          Maybe that explains the difficulty with marital relationships. The community was named Navarre by the colonal’s French wife/daughter so she most likely came from Navarre in France/Spain.

          The quatrain could therefore be about immigration – Navarre lies on the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever the meaning, Navarre must be a hotbed of intrigue and gossip.

    3. Hi Jessica.

      Having slept on it (my best ‘dreams’ are in the semi waking state) I am not sure about the Amy Cony Barett connection. I still see guns but think they refer to the Army rather than Amy.

      So the President (eternal position) is both Head of State (roy) and Commander in Chief of the Army (head of mission or HOM). The 7th and 9th would therefore refer to the 7th Command – the US European Command – whilst the 9th would refer to the US African Command. [The 8th Command is the US Army in South Korea].

      I would translate the quatrain something like the following:

      The natural process or progress takes a different and unexpected path in regard to military actions in Europe and Africa (or Europe, Korea and Africa if 7 to 9 means the 7th, 8th and 9th Commands). The Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces must be subject to (metaphorically prostrate himself before) the US stronghold ie the Congress.

      Nb. PAV in Pythagorean numerology is number 3. So maybe the will of the people (Congress the US stronghold) takes precedence over the president on three occasions.

      I am enjoying this. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your brilliant work.

        1. You are welcome.

          So PAV in Pythagorean numerology is 3. Two presidents have been impeached to date and Trump would be, will be the third. The other two were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton and both were impeached by the House of Representatives but cleared by the Senate. Maybe the same will happen again!

          As you said – it is a work in progress.

          1. Yes, we are going across the ‘impeachment’ zone of the American chart, which was triggered during Clinton. It is in motion now through 2020. No later. Thank you for picking up on that strange Pythagorean coincidence!

  6. Hi Jessica this is fun to investigate! Here’s a possibility. Judge Amy Berman Jackson is federal judge over both the Manafort conviction and Roger Stone’s case. I think there may be some other cases under seal that are related to the ongoing investigation that are in her courtroom. One last case involved indictment of the 12 Russians I believe was in her courtroom. His trial date is set for November 5 2019.

    1. This is amazing. I think you have just (casually) turned this entire story around. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Manafort and Roger Stone. Of course. Okay, Nostradamus is either giving us three Amys here, or it is actually Berman Jackson. We need to read this like a 16th century psychic and see striking visual images or numbers, and 12 Russians qualify. Let’s take another look…thank you!

  7. This is fascinating — despite the French translation of ‘Sept’ I read the date as ‘September 9th.’

    The Amy part is literal and mind-blowing whichever of the two ladies end up being.

    1. You could in fact read Nostradamus here as September 9th and we then need to figure out why that date matters in the Donald Trump Russia story.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I haven’t read your whole post (and will return to it), but what immediately strikes me – is this is about Ivanka and for specifically, about Jared Kushner. And about Israel rather than Russia.
    Israel claims citizens as theirs – even if they are a Permanent Resident elsewhere (the way some elected officials in Australia got caught up with citizenship issues under the Australian constitution…) they are still children of Israel. This may be anotherway to look at PAV, from a broader perspective, rather than from just within US borders.
    Thanks for this – I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has come up with to.

    1. Fantastic, thank you N. Because Nostradamus lived in a time of dynasties, he would have seen the Trumps just as that – a first family or royal family – and it is hard to believe he would not have picked up on Ivanka. I am now trawling through all the quatrains to see if I can find her name. This is easily the best source on the internet – all in original French. Don’t worry so much about the English translation or interpretation, go for the original. It is here

      1. Thanks Jessica! I’m going to check that out for sure. I’m finding this really fascinating. Especially when you look at the quatrain and have a completely open mind 🙂

  9. THis is like a real life Da Vinci code – thanks Jessica!!! So fill of twists and turns!! Would love you to write a whole book about Trump once this is all done and dusted.

    1. I am writing a book, so thank you for the encouragement! I will be researching Nostradamus more in London and Paris and will pass on all I find!

  10. I’m like a dog with a bone about this stuff, so apologies for clogging up the comments box.
    Here is some more to consider:

    A procree of natural dogma (catholic religion, tied to Amy Coney Barrett’s ideologies)
    From July to Sept, the road bends (Spanish civil war, linked to this Amy, People of Praise and origins with the Cursillo, Navarre’s Fort San Cristobal, Notre Dame University)
    A king of long reign & Amy (could refer to Jesus as King & Amy Coney Barrett’s devotion) – relationship harmful to other matters (secrecy/sect like covenants of the People of Praise, or the pacts of silence made and maintained during Spanish Civil War)
    Must a Navarre strong (either be strong like a fort, or it refers directly to Fort San Cristobal in Navarre which withstood demolition because it is underground) – of PAV bows/prostrates ( PAV also refers to ‘Privacy, Anonymity & Verifiability’ in respect of the cryptology and crucial security requirements of voting systems and perhaps this has crucial links to the ‘laying down’ or ‘prostrating’ of corruption – or all of the covenants required within the private and secret People of Praise).

    1. This is great, thank you, you are not clogging anything up! I believe that people who find this story through the noise around The Mueller Report online will have some amazing insights and I do believe that we can crack the Nostradamus code about this prediction and maybe get to the blacked-out stuff first. I am blown away by ‘Privacy, Anonymity and Verifiability’ in the world of cryptology and secure voting systems. If this is about the focus on the actual voting process of 2016 then P.A.V. in that context is huge!

  11. Do you think “Amy” could be “Mueller” not Amy? Cohen and Muller sounds about right. Mueller may sounded like Amy to Nostradamus…

    1. Interesting! If Nostradamus was using clairaudience, he may have’heard’ what sounded like chemin to him, but was Kremlin. This would tally with his prediction about Hister – he may have ‘heard’ Hitler slightly wrong.

      1. English is my second language so when I was learning it, I got to some words by association and even thought that some words sounded different from how they spelled. Having one or two letters off is common when you don’t know the language but hear the word because dialects and pronunciation can sounds very off in native language

  12. Thank you Jessica for your amazing site and for sharing your so very perceptive insights.
    This is my first post as a “newbie” so I am excited. 🙂

    On looking at the second line of the quatrain using my decades old “O” level French and Latin I read it as “of seven at nine on the way/road at the turn-about”. My first thought was is the 9 is the nine judges on the American Supreme Court, the 7th of which is Elena Kagan. Maybe the Judges will be involved somehow? Kagan also sounds a bit like Kungen which is Swedish for King although I guess this is tenuous at best.

    I then thought of a clock as in 7 to 9. In my daydream the clock became a horoscope wheel and the 7 was the 7th heavenly body – is this Saturn? in the 9th house/sign of the Zodiac, I think this is Sagittarius. I then googled Saturn in Sagittarius and got the dates September 2015 to December 2017 and this would have covered the time of the election and possible Russian collusion. Could this be the 7 of 9?

    1. This is a great interpretation of Nostradamus – pretty amazing for your first post as a Premium Member! I’m sure other Nostradamus-watchers will be intrigued too. This is beginning to look like a prediction unfolding – we have had the blacked-out Mueller Report and Nostradamus directly writes down what he sees – a name like Roy – and around it, a name like Amy. This may now connect up to the American Supreme Court, as you say, with the nine judges. The seventh heavenly body is indeed Saturn and in the Ninth House of the zodiac he would be in Sagittarius and you are correct – this took place during what critics call ‘The Trump Russia Years’. I’m really amazed by your reading of this quatrain, thank you!

    2. Wow, interesting interpretation..

      Amy Cohen Barrett is on the 7th Circuit.
      Circuit in old french – ‘of going around’
      (maybe road of turn about).

      Of the 9 Supreme Court Judges – the 9th is Brett Kavanaugh – who incidentially is the Circuit Justice of the 7th Circuit.
      Himself a devout Catholic, and has a long story in all of this.

      Of the 11 judges of the 7th Circuit, the 9th is Michael B Brennan. Appointed under dubious means by the Trump administration.

      The plot thickens….

      1. Now, circuit is really interesting. Amy Cohen Barrett – again. As this quatrain seems to be an evolving prediction we will have to see what happens with the latest attempt to have the whole Mueller Report in front of us.

  13. Some fabulous brainstorming here. And with Nostradamus it is always possible there is more than one meaning.

    I am still leaning to Roy as the King of a Dynasty for a long time which could be the Trump dynasty or even Robert Murdoch’s dynasty as he has played a significant role in manipulating politics around the western world including the UK and Australia as well as the US.

    The lack of a relationship between Donald Trump and his mother and the conflicting birth dates is still playing on my mind. Why would a mother not know when you were born? Could he be the son of Trump to a different mother and that is why the birth date is unclear? Or perhaps she was just genuinely disengaged.

    1. Roy (roi) as king, kingmaker and Roy – Nostradamus has such as way with words.

      How Roy Cohn Helped Rupert Murdoch
      From the Archive: The Washington Post’s takeout on Donald Trump’s ties to notorious McCarthyite Roy Cohn mentioned Cohn’s links to Ronald Reagan and Rupert Murdoch, but there is much more to that, reported Robert Parry in 2015.

      Rupert Murdoch, the global media mogul who is now a kingmaker in American politics, was brought into those power circles by the infamous lawyer/activist Roy Cohn who arranged Murdoch’s first Oval Office meeting with President Ronald Reagan in 1983, according to documents released by Reagan’s presidential library.

    2. Nostradamus often used ‘roy’ to mean King or leader, but because of ‘hom’ which just became the most famous word in the Mueller Report, I think it is possible that he was seeing words, on a computer screen today (or the actual paper dossier) and just reporting them as he saw them. Amy is the clue!

  14. Hi Jessica, I love your website and posts. Thank you. I, somehow, relate this vision with Prince Harry and Meghan. (One of her characters as agent of the FBI was called Amy). They have change the real tradition in many ways…I will research more.

    1. Ok…few more points in this framework. Prince Harry is the 6th position for being king…so perhaps they will have 3 children. Meghan is an american (amy)…she comes from L.A located in an old Spanish colony (doit could refer that it was seen by the Spaniards as a not very interesting colony). PAV is the abbreviation of the pavo constellation. Pavo is peacock in Spanish. The Peacock symbolises royalty, beauty, perhaps vanity. So that line could refer to Meghan as a royal with humble roots.

  15. Hi again,

    I’m really feeling the atmosphere of the group here. Lots of positive energy and thought-provoking comments.
    It makes me thing of Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of a sort of mental link to other people or maybe Jung’s “Collective Unconscious”. A group mind. A hive mind. A Synchronicity.

    As Zoe H mentioned above, I too feel like a dog with a bone. I keep thinking about this.

    Taking the word Dogmion in the first line which seems to be translated as d’Ogmion or “of Ogmios” I decided to google and got to Wikipedia (and after all the help they have given me last few days, I think I owe a donation).

    Ogmios was a demi-god revered by the Celts and Gauls. He is descibed as being like Hercules but older and more tanned! This makes me think of a certain American businessman cum politician! Trump is above average height and well built I suppose a bit like Hercules and is certainly older and tanned!
    Ogmios is a god of persuasion and eloquence, having the power to change and influence the minds of men. He is depicted as having long, fine chains of amber and gold piercing his tongue. At the other end of the chains are the ears of men, his followers. The followers are describes as happy and in thrall to him. They literally hang onto his every word.
    Trump is a great orator and can work an audience. He does have charisma.
    Thinking about the chains are these the ties of money (gold) and honeyed words/promises (amber)?

    In the second line the verb “Destorner” which is apparently old french des + torner – to turn around, turn away. The modern french is détourner. I put this into the French to English translator you get with google and got a list that included : – divert, deflect, hijack and misappropriate – there are more.
    Could  [du chemin destorner] be like the road to diversion, distraction, deflection as in the phrases [Path to Destruction] or [Road to no-where] ?

    Of the 2nd line « “A roy de longue & amy aumi hom” » I could not see how aumi was girlfriend, maybe aime but that would be Amy but if you split it you get au mi. Au meaning at the, on the, of the – like as in au Chateau or au dessus or au contraire. Again the google translator and au mi came up with “in the middle”. I’m not sure mi is an actual word even in old French but google anticipates and this is what happened. So could “amy aumi hom” be “ami au milieu homme” – friend of the middle-man. A roy de longue may be a long-standing King – Putin perhaps?

    1. Love your work and I am very happy you are commenting in this group – I realise you have put a bit of energy and time into this research so thank you. The Trump clue is really interesting. I am on his trail now. If we accept that HOM was seen clairvoyantly in a pool of water reflecting the internet in 2019 (over 500 years in time) then AMY is likely, literally, one of the Amys. There are now three. I agree, the girlfriend/aumi mention is a mystery. Maybe just a mystery at the moment!

  16. Hi again,

    I was wondering if words/phrases in the quatrain could have 2 meanings? For example “HOM” as “ Harm to Ongoing Matter” or “homme” as in “man”, as in a reverse cryptic crossword clue. “Sweet Stall” would be fudge as fudge is both a sweet and can mean to stall or “Fiddle with weapon” Bow being a weapon and something you need to play a violin/fiddle.
    So Amy could be Amy the name and also Ami (friend) and the same with Roy and Roi (King)?

    1. That is all possible. In fact if we were doing a literal translation from the Latin/French of the 16th century then ‘homme’ (man) would be obvious. But the idea here is that Nostradamus was scrying (looking into a bowl of water) as the Delphi Oracle priest did – and seeing images of the internet, or even the Mueller Report, verbatim – from the 21st century. So Harm to Ongoing Matter or HOM is bang-on here. Thank you!

  17. Not Muller related …
    1986 US bombing of Libya
    “When documents and weapons are enclosed in a fish
    Out of it will come a man who will then make war
    His fleet will have travelled far to appear near the Italian shore”
    I have been watching Deutschland 86 and it reminded me of this Nostradamus “verse”. I wasn’t aware of “project dream boat” and assumed fish related to Reagan’s Congress.

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