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Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

Welcome to Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. He's come into the world on an unusual Taurus pattern he shared with his cousin Princess Charlotte and Her Majesty the Queen. What's in store for him, Meghan and Harry? And is this Princess Margaret reincarnated?

The Royal Baby Horoscope – Archie and Astrology

Meet Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. He is a very impressive baby, having waited until the Moon moved into the media-friendly sign of Gemini at 0 degrees, before making his debut. Professor Kate Williams @KateWilliamsme on Twitter used the hashtag #Archie to namecheck the great scholar of Africa and anthropology Archie Mafeje and also superb musicians Archie Bell and Archie Shepp as possible inspirations for Harry and Meghan’s choice.

Actually, looking at his astrology chart, it’s just as likely that Meghan and Harry might have been inspired by Archibald Grimke, the famous anti-slavery campaigner. His sisters Sarah and Angelina Grimke were feminists who fought for women’s rights.

Archie (Archibald) has a powerful Sagittarius signature in his horoscope, which we associate with activism, world citizen thinking, and strong beliefs in life. Perhaps Archie Grimke – not to mention his sisters – was in the air when Meghan and Harry were looking at endless books of baby names!

Meghan famously declared in a feature for Elle magazine,”My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white.” She herself comes from a cotton slave family.

Archibald 600x314 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
The Archie natal chart is intriguing!

Meghan Markle and Leo Motherhood

I am writing this on Friday 10th May in response to a lot of questions from listeners to some comments I made about Archie on Jack Radio in Oxford. Little Archie has only just shown us the tips of his ears! But it is traditional for astrologers to lurk at the birth of a baby within the British monarchy. In fact, it was an astrologer. Dr. John Dee, who decided on the date for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.

Meghan’s astrological chart, which I looked at on this website some time ago, clearly showed 2019 was her year for children. In astrology we don’t know if that means giving birth naturally or adoption. In fact, in 2019, she could have done either – and might still do either. That would be really interesting for this family!

I am sure you know about the amazing Archibald Project, which was set up to address the global adoption crisis.

Was Archie Born two Weeks Earlier?

A reporter asked the couple who the baby looked like at his first press conference. “You know, everyone says babies change so much over two weeks,” Prince Harry replied. Cue internet meltdown, as Newsweek reports here. Yet, for my money, the birth horoscope is right. Here we have a little world citizen born with Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer. Chiron, another archer, is in Aries. That’s over-arching evidence.

This astrological chart (below) shows a few asteroids you won’t normally see in a horoscope along with the all-important Ceres, which shows a future role for Harry and Meghan’s son as a man of the world, world traveller and born foreign diplomat for Great Britain – but also the United States – as he was born with the right to two passports.


Chris Allerton Sussex Royal 600x448 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
Chris Allerton’s official photograph of Little Taurus


How Archie has Sagittarius the Archer Blessing His Horoscope

SAG2018 profile - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!This little boy is a Sun Taurus, but he has a special role to play on the world stage, because Sagittarius the Archer is where we find fortunate Jupiter and powerful Ceres, right at the top of his horoscope. I don’t know if Meghan knew this when she and Harry were name-hunting, but Jupiter the lucky planet is most definitely in the sign of Sagittarius, traditionally shown ‘arching’ his bow, below. For over 2000 years in astrology, this symbol has come to mean flight (the flying arrow) and also travel (the centaur’s hooves travel great distances). In astrology, a baby usually inherits a ‘run’ on particular zodiac signs in his or her birth chart, from key people in the family tree. As a whole, the sign Sagittarius is prominent on Harry’s side of the family, turning up in the natal charts for both Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales. It would be interesting to find out if the sign Sagittarius the Archer also has a ‘run’ on Meghan’s side of the family too. In any case – this boy will go far!

How Archie Will Speak Two Languages

With the Moon and Mars in Gemini Archie will be bilingual and possibly speak more than three languages. He will certainly give speeches in a second language when he is older. He’s an extreme person. Look at the way the patterns in the chart are all clustered in the First House (image, brand) and Second House (charity, wealth, business) and then in just a few signs – Gemini (the media, oratory, languages, the internet) with a small showing in Cancer, Capricorn and Aries.

But wait, there’s more. Archie might just be the incarnation of Princess Margaret. What? Yes. I’ve said it. His chart shows uncanny links across time and space with Her Majesty the Queen’s late sister. He might grow a beard like his father one day, but his astrological chart shows strong similarities to that of the late Princess Meg. The other one.

My colleagues at The Sun Sign School (the new online course teaching professional-level media astrology) have some fascinating things to say about the natal chart for Archie. Stephanie Johnson thinks he’s a ‘scallywag’ and that certainly rings true of the late Princess Margaret. Joanne Madeline Moore thinks she can see Meghan Markle publicly breastfeeding as a statement! Penny Thornton, of whom more later, actually knew Archie’s grandmother Diana, extremely well. She has long held the view that Archie’s grandfather Charles, may not see out kingship, and I’ll talk more about that in a moment. You might say this baby is destined.


Boy Sussex 600x351 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
Meghan and Harry – their Royal Baby Astrology Chart.

Is This Princess Margaret Reborn?

The birth charts of Meghan Markle, as she was known before becoming Duchess of Sussex –  and the late Princess Margaret – both show Chiron in Taurus, the sign of big charity fundraising and also extravagance. Chiron really dominates Archie’s chart here. He has inherited that horoscope symbol from both, thanks to its sign, Taurus, being over-represented in his horoscope.

GlobalSussexBabyShower The Mayhew 457x600 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

We’ve seen how the universe has a sense of humour – Sagittarius the Archer is hidden in the baby’s name. Yet, Chiron the centaur was also an archer, shown with a bow and arrow. Being born with a dominant Chiron is also showing up in the baby’s name.

Like Princess Margaret, Meghan has already made a fortune for good causes, thanks to that Chiron inTaurus DNA, managing to cleverly use Twitter for #GlobalSussexBabyShower and raise a lot of money in her new son’s name for handpicked charities including The Mayhew for homeless and vulnerable animals (pictured). I have to say, when this turned up on my Twitter timeline, I gave immediately! (Plus I spend some of the year sailing in Sussex so Meghan and Harry are my ruling Duchess and Duke…) 

The thing is, there is a thread of Taurus ‘DNA’ in astrological terms going right through the charts of Meghan, Harry and also the new baby himself. Archie Harrison And his birth chart, as well as his mother’s, shows uncanny and rare similarities with the astrological chart of the late Princess Margaret.

What are seeing here? The North Node and South Node chiming. In Indian astrology these are associated with past lives, reincarnation and karma. It’s the same in our Western astrology. When you see major Node patterns with a new baby and a family member who has passed, it’s safe to assume – someone’s just come back!

Princess Margaret was one of the very first royal globetrotters. She was a key diplomat in the Commonwealth, and her name has become linked with Jamaica and Mustique. She toured East Africa and Mauritius, in the Fifties and was there to celebrate independence for the Jamaicans in 1962 (below, from my Pinterest page). You still find plenty of souvenir guides to Margaret’s adventures in East Africa (below, left) in vintage shops.

Watch what happens when Archie goes on official duties to all of Margaret’s places. By all the laws of astrology, he’s done this before. And he’ll do it very, very well!


mszTcAwEbOBQNG6UhnLYeeg - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!Jamaican Independence 1962 600x438 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!








Harry and Meghan, for Richer, for Poorer – and New Royal Business

What about Harry’s horoscope? He has his Moon in Taurus next to his wife’s Chiron. Meghan will either cost him a fortune or help him make one, as I’ve said in another feature about her horoscope.

In this. she is similar to Princess Margaret and both ‘Megs’ (they share a nickname) also went through divorces. There are other parallels. The other Meg was drawn to glamour, film and television too. And both Megs married army men.

The Taurus D.N.A. in the charts of Meghan and Harry have been poured into the new baby too. And here’s an uncanny fact for you: he arrived just one day after Princess Margaret got married back in 1960. May is a big month for strongly Taurus types. Archie has landed within 24 hours of Margaret’s much-publicised wedding date (below).

Town and Country Magazine Meg Meg - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

Meghan, Margaret and Past Lives

There is a striking resemblance between the two Megs in some photographs, and Town and Country magazine (above) ran a great feature on the two royals – both Leo – both with a look that loves the cameras. What we have here is a case of two mothers with chiming astrological charts – and a ‘swap – with the arrival of a new little boy. 

You may or may not read this from any other astrologer or psychic, but for me, this child is Princess Margaret, back on the world stage. Little Archie is the reincarnation of Her Majesty the Queen’s late sister.

The baby arrives with philanthropy built into the horoscope, and it’s no surprise to hear Harry and Meghan are asking for no gifts, but donations instead, to their preferred good causes. Yet, even here, we have to watch how it all pans out. The theme of money – the royal finances – will come to dominate little Archie’s life.

It must be so hard to be Royal. You have an expensive life. Yet, you cannot operate by the normal fiscal rules. This comes into sharp relief with the presents Archie receives. All of which are charity based. This in turn points us to lifelong questions about Archie and his accountants! 

What we are seeing here, long-term, are major questions about how the British royals must operate as a business. Flying the flag for Britain after she has left the European Union on the world stage – and particularly in relation to America. It’s really about The Special Relationship, showing up in other kinds of special relationships: Meghan and Harry. Meghan and her son. The two ‘archers’ in Archie’s astrology chart – his dominant Chiron, the centaur/archer in Aries – and the prominence of the sign of Sagittarius the Archer – tell a big story here about his life, later.

BBC Shot - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
Harry, Meghan (BBC)

An International Young Royal for a Global Duet

The Duke and Duchess could apply for their child to have dual US-UK citizenship and the horoscope suggests this will unfold. You’ll remember Princess Margaret was one of the original 1970’s jetsetters, more at home island-hopping and cruising the world, than staying in rainy Britain! This little boy will be the same, as a restless and adventurous young man of the future. 

There have also been reports that the royal couple are considering a major move to Africa which would enact an entirely unexpected upbringing for baby Sussex. The stars say – it could so easily happen – by November 2019. This baby is a globetrotter, and aged around 12 and 24, will fly the flag for both America and Britain – but also embrace Commonwealth nations – like Africa. That’s the Sagittarius part of his chart, which also chimes with Princess Margaret’s horoscope.

Harry’s mother, the late, great Princess Diana also had this Sagittarian streak in her chart. Africa was very dear to her and she made a huge difference there in her campaign against landmines. Harry’s son does pick up this globally aware, world-citizen streak in his chart, along with the “Margaret” factor.

Godparents – Serena Williams Steps Up

Archie needs a fairy godmother with money. And Serena is also a major charity player as well as a great tennis star. Serena Williams steps up as a prime candidate.

“This baby will be quirky and unconventional and will be his own person,” said my friend and colleague in The Sun Sign School, Penny Thornton, astrologer to the late Princess Diana, in an interview with PEOPLE. “He will be very forthright, sporty, adventurous, independent and extrovert,” she added.

Penny is a fantastic astrologer who helped  the late Diana, Princess of Wales a great deal in her life. She’s seeing what I am seeing in the chart too. This child has attitude and intense individuality. Archie was also born as Mercury goes into Taurus (money, charity, inheritance) and Jupiter opposes Mars. There is an ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ feeling about this boy. Campaigning and fighting for his beliefs. He has inherited some old Royal DNA there along with Princess Margaret. He will certainly have a memorable career in uniform.

Taurus Archie will share a zodiac sign with two cousins — Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are Taurus. Yet, it is Her Majesty the Queen, the ultimate Royal Taurus (steady, stable, stubborn) who will have the biggest influence on this future adult. Again, we come back to charity and the inherited wealth of the nation – how best to look after the royal art and valuables? How best to deal with taxation in particular? This child has come at a critical time for the Royal Family and its financial affairs and charities, as we will see all too suddenly in 2019 and 2020, with special focus on Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles. Archie will do things differently, because he will have to.

How Astrology Predicted a 2019 Baby for Harry and Meghan

RoyalBaby 600x600 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

This was all seen in the stars way back on 16th December 2017. This is what you read on this website: “Meghan’s horoscope shows a fantastic new role involving children in 2019. This is also the year that a special child will come into her life.”

Horoscope Snapshot of Archie at Age 29

The biggest burden for Meghan and Harry’s son Archie will be the class system and royal hierarchy itself, as this child is born with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, the sign ruling high society, the establishment and the system. Feeling the heavy weight of that, when he is aged around 29, means that in around three decades from now, we’re looking at a make-or-break decision about royal status and his part in the grander scheme of things. I am writing this three decades into the future, and I am a huge fan of Harry and Meghan, having seen them make such a difference in Fitzroy, Melbourne, where I work for half the year (the local indigenous food restaurant never looked back!) Yet – being an honest astrologer, I have to say, the stars say, that aged around 29, this Son of Sussex will be going through a Saturn Return like no other. The system. The hierarchy. The establishment. How to deal? You can be a great fundraiser and have a natural instinct for ‘The Firm’ of the House of Windsor and its business needs – but what about the rules of the establishment itself? Around age 29 Archie will face serious, difficult questions about The Firm, as the House of Windsor is apparently called by The Queen. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.

The Royal Tradition – Astrologers and New Babies

It was the birth of Princess Margaret herself which created astrology as we know it today – modern Sun Sign astrology. When she was born on August 21st 1930, John Gordon, editor of The Sunday Express, asked psychic, astrologer and writer William Warner (better known as Cheiro, the celebrity palmist) to pen an astrology piece on the new little girl.

Cheiro passed the job onto Richard Harold Naylor (R.N. Naylor) who saw this in Margaret’s future: He wrote, “events of tremendous importance to the Royal Family and the nation will come about near her seventh year.” This was an incredible prediction.

In 1936, when Princess Margaret was six, her uncle Edward, Duke of Windsor, abdicated to marry his forbidden love, Wallis Simpson. And that brings me to the next point about this new baby. There is a good chance grandfather Charles will abdicate.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor 600x337 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
BBC News. The Archie astrology chart is interesting!

The Choice for Prince Charles to Abdicate

When I look at the prediction about Charles – also then himself a newborn baby – made by the famous British astrologer Charles E.O. Carter in the March-May 1949 edition of Astrology – The Astrologer’s Quarterly, I see these words staring back at me:

“The probability of the Native’s (Charles’s) ascending the Throne except after many years is remote, by which time the circumstances surrounding that venerable institution may have greatly changed, in what direction we know not, we cannot venture on a political forecast.”

Charles Carter was looking at Regulus in the baby Charles’s chart. He wrote “it might indicate that at some time the Native (Charles) himself would relinquish the burden of his high estate. Note Sun in opposition to Neptune in the 1066 horoscope. The practice of voluntary abdication may become more frequent in the future, for the burdens of sovereignty grow and those who bear them may reasonably ask for some years of repose, like other workers.”

Carter was the Editor of Astrology, put out by The Astrological Lodge of London, where I am also a member, and will be speaking at two events in 2019. (I am writing this peering into the future, from 7th May 2019).

Carter had incredible insight. He was writing in 1949 when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were not even thought of! I found this rare copy of Carter’s ‘Astrology’ at the last Astrological Association Conference, which you can see me holding (below).

‘The Nativity of Prince Charles of Edinburgh’ caught my eye, listed on the front cover, immediately. What a daring thing to predict about a newborn baby – but Carter told it as he saw it. We astrologers (using the internet today) must do the same. Archie’s grandfather may give up the throne.

Penny Thornton at Astrolutely, has published her views about the future of Prince Charles and the monarchy for many years now and I strongly recommend you visit her website and read what she has to say in her acclaimed books. The fact is – Charles, Prince of Wales, has a birth chart which not only chimes with Archie’s, it also chimes with history. Uranus, the planet of shock, radical change and revolution – freedom and independence – is calling.

Abdication Crossroads May, June and December 2019

CHARLES CARTER Q 600x400 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!
Jessica Adams on Charles E.O. Carter

The fact is, when you look at the birth chart of little Archie Harrison, you can see the North Node of karma at 19 Cancer and the South Node at 19 Capricorn. These are signs we associate with family and position. This little baby will be pulled into a major astrological pattern with Princess Margaret’s chart, which shows Pluto (a change in the balance of power) at 20 Cancer and also Chiron at 18 Taurus, very close by. Taurus rules the inheritance in the family line. He is Margaret, come back to do a job.

We also find Meghan’s chart showing Pluto, again, at 21 Libra (the sign showing her marriage to Harry) and Harry himself has his Moon at 21 Taurus. This pattern is intensified by Her Majesty the Queen’s chart which shows an Ascendant (her image and her face on the currency) at 21 Capricorn and her North Node at 20 Cancer and South Node at 20 Capricorn – so close to the new baby’s!

These are fated patterns around 18, 19, 20, 21 degrees of the zodiac signs. This is a crossroads choice about the throne for Prince Charles to make and it will come from the one great theme that connects so many family members in the House of Windsor, for such obvious reasons: wealth, charity, investment, taxation and what to do about it. Whatever we, the people, are told – it is ultimately going to be all about finances for Charles.

This is ‘The Nativity of Prince Charles of Edinburgh’ (below) by the Editor of Astrology, Charles E.O.Carter, showing hand-drawn, beautiful horoscope symbols. No software. It’s probably the best one shilling and threepence any astrologer ever spent – the price of a copy of Volume 23, Number 1 of the March-May 1949 edition.

CHARLES CARTER B 600x400 - Meghan, Harry, Archie and the Horoscope!

Abdication, Royal Karma and Princess Margaret

The astrological charts for the whole British Royal Family have shown the same story for the last three years: tremendous cover-ups and secrets. Why? A chain of eclipses in royal Leo, which was also the sign of Margaret herself, the Queen Mother and Princess Anne. If you look carefully at the photograph above you can also see Leo has been placed on the Ascendant by Carter.

These eclipses do what you might imagine: they blot things out. They leave us in the dark. There is a very good chance that the Leo eclipse series of 2016 through early 2019 has been about Charles and the possibility of abdication. The eclipses have fallen right across his First House of title and image, according to Carter’s chart.

I use a different house system to Charles Carter, and here, the eclipses have fallen in Charles’s Fifth House, which rules his children and grandchildren. The cover-up has been about Prince William, Prince Harry, and their children. The line of succession! Particularly the recent Leo eclipses have been about William and his future.

Abdication by Charles would put William on the throne and make Meghan and Harry’s son a very important nephew, almost immediately, in the bigger picture of the family.

It’s amazing to see a small baby with such striking karma. Perhaps it is time for Princess Margaret to come back (as a boy, natch) to remember what she learned last time round – about the fall-out from a royal abdication. What to do. What not to do. And how to ‘collect’ perhaps on past life debts and credits from the last time around.

Listen on Jack Radio – The Harry and Meghan Horoscope – Happy Anniversary!

I’m pleased to let you know that I’ll be appearing on a brand new British radio station – Jack – with an exclusively female playlist – and a fantastic new show called Universally Speaking. Listen here now. You can leave questions on the website for Margaret Bowman and Ruth Phillips, spiritual counsellors whom I’ve worked with on Sydney radio – and been astonished by! You’ll hear from me on Universally Speaking every so often, talking about special events – like the wedding anniversary of Harry and Meghan.

Did you know that weddings have horoscopes too? And of course marriages have an astrological chart. Harry and Meghan have a Taurus marriage (they exchanged vows with the Sun in Taurus) an also, a Taurus baby.

I’ll be bringing my astrology to the show on Friday 17th May and we will be streaming from the website so you can listen in from anywhere in the world – I’ll be looking at the astrology behind your own wedding, if you are hitched (or once were) and how the Sun’s zodiac sign on the big day sets the tone for the relationship.

If you’ve never look at wedding and marriage astrology before, Harry and Meghan’s first anniversary gives me a good excuse to explain it to you, live on air.


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  1. I wonder if Meghan and Harry have an astrologer whom they consult as Princess Diana did – if so Meghan could perhaps avoid the pitfalls of costing Harry a fortune! Also interesting about the nodes showing past lives. What would be the marker to determine that and are some born without having had past incarnations? Thanks Jessica, yet another intriguing post!

    1. Thank you – glad you find the story intriguing – the horoscopes truly are! Everyone has a North Node and South Node sign – and everyone incarnates with at least one past life relevant to those zodiac signs, according to astrology. This is the famous Node cycle which goes backwards through time in spans of 19 years, so in your case, your Cancer-Capricorn Nodes suggest past lives where there was a conflict between family (Cancer) and success (Capricorn) and staying at home (Cancer) versus relocating for career (Capricorn). You would have been doing this 19 years before you were born, perhaps, or 19 years before that, or 19 years before that…and so on. If you are curious look up Fourth House and Tenth House on Search. That’s your karma.

  2. Hi Jess
    Just read this weeks horoscope and my descendant is at 3 degrees Taurus. I’ve already had some shocking news about my husband (we are separated) last week, would this still be about him? Or something else? Love Nikki

    1. Nikki, you just saw how the astrology works when Mercury and Uranus conjunct at 3 Taurus on your Descendant, which of course rules your husband. It’s actually about your values. What you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be precious to the point of being priceless. The news about your ex-husband is really about that, if you go deep to the heart of your life. I expect you two have had to divide the home, expenses, possessions and the rest which may be part of it. Anyway – Aesculapia at 3 Aries in your First House is also hovering. This is a return from the brink for you, in terms of your title, name, appearance, reputation, image and os on. Just when you thought something about yourself was virtually over, it comes back. The issue with your husband is part of that. For more, look up Aesculapia and First House. This asteroid in your chart is sometimes called Aesculapius as well. Nikki, May is quite the month and this is quite the week! Give yourself a chance to ground and earth. Walking on solid earth or gardening is a good one.

  3. I guess we have to wait and see.

    We certainly are waiting at the moment – if the baby is as overdue as the papers suggest. So my question is: does inducing a birth rather than having a natural birth make any difference to astrological predictions?

    1. I am going to add to this Royal Baby Watch story, actually, as I’ve just noted some astrological weather patterns I missed before. Inducing a birth makes no difference to the chart, unless you are interested in The Mars Effect. The French researchers, the Gauquelins, found that babies who had natural births, and had Mars rising or culminating in the chart, were more likely to be sports or military outstanding achievers. When the children were induced, the Mars Effect wore away. I suspect this whole story with the baby is actually about Meghan’s feelings about being a full-time mum and duchess – no longer an actress in Hollywood – and I’ll make some notes on that in the story. Thank you.

  4. Jessica, I’m so pleased to hear you, as an astrologer, coming out and saying that you love the Sussexs. There is just so much hating going on out there. I’ve found the whole surrogate/fake pregnancy stories particularly disturbing. There are Tarot readers taking money from the public, on YouTube, to answer questions about Meghan Markle. About her family, her fake pregnancy, her general fakeness, her impending divorce, the book etc. The readings are negative and serve to satisfy the utterly hateful commentators on the channels. The “psychics” clearly have bias and are voicing their own prejudices/trauma and validating them through Tarot readings that are consistent with the narrative they want to create. I love Tarot but I think this use is unethical and undermines its value, it makes me soooooo cross. Anyway, I’m just riffin’ thanks for your positivity. I love your work and your site. Laura xxx

    1. I really like them because I think Harry has inherited Diana’s alternative way of thinking about life and Meghan has inherited her own mother’s non-mainstream views. Just ignore the internet trash! Laura, there are so many frauds out there. Maybe you should move to Sussex so they can be your Duke and Duchess! (They rule me, whenever I am there on the yacht. Although I wish it was as big as their yacht)…

  5. I’ve been following your posts on the baby, and its just fascinating stuff. I didn’t know that people who have passed can reincarnate and you can see that via the nodes. whaaaaat!! My eldest daughter and I have flipped nodes on the same cancer-cap axis – my NN is her SN. I now wonder if my dad who passed when I was 7yrs old, shares his nodes with my youngest whose NN is in Taurus. I don’t have my dad’s birth info so can’t confirm. But it could be possible right? Are we all a reincarnation of someone?

    1. You and your daughter have been together before, and who knows in what role! We are not all a reincarnation of someone, as a single person. Some souls split into parts, and each part finds a place in a new body. So you may find five of your soul’s ‘petals’ break up and each petal finds a new flower – a new baby – to grow inside. It is also not unusual for a whole person to come back, also as a whole person. And sometimes it can take centuries for that soul to return – they do it when the time is right. Cancer-Capricorn nodes suggest themes of family versus career, roots and origins versus ambition for success, and so on. I’ll leave it with you and your daughter.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I would love you to elaborate on your thoughts about the reincarnation. Is this common to reincarnate back into the same family? Do royal families tend to reincarnate as royals? What do you think about Meghan also being a descendant of the royal family? I find this quite strange and more than a coincidence. It is though it has all been planned.

    1. Reincarnation is shown by the North Node and South Node of the horoscope. In India they call them ‘Dragon’s Head’ and ‘Dragon’s Tail’ or Rahu and Ketu. Of course the Hindu belief in reincarnation is part of Indian life. In the West we borrow this idea and look to the zodiac sign of each Node, to tell us who you were before and what you went through in your life, to repeat in this life. We also look at the aspects (patterns) the Nodes make with other people’s charts within the family. The other big clue is the same kind of chart, but for a baby born several decades after the relative in question. Such babies incarnate to have familiar kinds of lives, so that the soul can go over old ground and do better this time – or just enjoy more! Meghan is fated to be in this family because of the karmic burden Britain bears for its participation in the evil slave trade. I suspect Her Majesty knows this!

  7. Interesting article, however, as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor doesn’t appear to have a royal title, I’m doubtful that he will – when an adult – be partaking in any royal duties.

    Remembering what was said in the media at the time of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it appears that Archie’s grandfather, Prince Charles, would prefer a much slimmed down monarchy. Also the absence of his siblings and their families on the balcony after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Service at Westminster Abbey suggested to the British people, that the monarchy – after the Queen’s death – would only consist of Charles and his wife, Camilla, William, Catherine and Harry. Therefore, it now appears that only William’s three children will be undertaking royal duties when they’re older.

    I well remember an astrologist suggesting on a Radio 2 phone-in programme at the time of Diana’s death, that neither Charles nor William will be crowned kings, and that Harry had inherited his mother’s charisma. If that is the case, then Britain may well be on the road to republicanism.

    1. Young Archie will gain a royal title later in life, is my understanding of the situation. It is interesting what you say about a Republic. I’m really struck by Charles Carter’s considered appraisal of baby Prince Charles back in the 1940’s. He was a brilliant astrologer. So is Penny Thornton. They both saw the same thing. I’m seeing it now, confirmed as Archie begins life. His chart suggests a mutual ‘great change’ and it is firmly in the direction of a different sort of royal leadership. Republic? I’m not so sure.

  8. Jessica – you raise the question of coverups and abdication and today’s NYT posts a really disturbing article about Prince Charles personally shielding Bishop Ball, even as Ball continued abusing. This stuff is so terrible for many to bear and I wonder if it is enough in this day and age to impact Charles. I’m very interested to know your read on the topic. Thanks so much for all you do!

    1. Thank you. I had not seen this in The New York Times. I’m going back to Nostradamus for the quatrains naming Diana. And to my friend Penny Thornton, who was of course Diana’s friend and astrologer – and also a seasoned expert on the work of Nostradamus herself. Let me go and see this now.

  9. Thank you, Jessica – I hope you will post more as you investigate and get a better understanding of this issue.

  10. Just another thought – is there any astrological similarity between Charlotte, Britain’s first – or so they say – bi-racial queen and Meghan – as she
    (a) was born on 19 May, the chosen date for Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and was buried in St George’s Chapel, where they married last year;
    (b) used her knowledge of botany in decorating Frogmore House, and planting trees and plants etc in the garden;
    (c) was responsible for building a retreat now known as Frogmore Cottage, the current home of Harry and Meghan;
    (d) opposed slavery and was on the throne when it ended, and last but not least,
    (e) reigned – with her husband, George III – during the American revolution which led, of course, to its independence.

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – my readers are amazing. Thank you SO much for this. I had no idea about Charlotte. It is to the Solar Fire software I must run later, to look at the charts. And the phrase ‘frog more’ is really about France, isn’t it, on some level. We should look at that too. As an astrologer, you see people and situations repeat all the time. Pretty uncanny. This is great, thank you! I should have told The Daily Express who just got in touch asking for a quote about Meghan…

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