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China and US Astrology – Trade War Tariffs

Either the astrology really is working, to the very minute, or Donald is using an astrologer. (Ronald Reagan did and her name was Joan Quigley). If you are curious about the horoscope set for 12.01am Friday 10th May 2019, read on.

The US-China Trade War, Tariffs and Astrology Charts

Either the astrology is working, to the minute, or someone at the White House is using astrology. This isn’t unusual. Ronald Reagan’s peculiar, timed travel plans and media calls turned out to have perfect astrology patterns. Joan Quigley was the stargazer-to-go back in the Eighties. If you know what you’re doing then scheduling your politics around favourable periods for you (or unfavourable periods for others) can be child’s play.

The BBC have been following the US-China saga in 2019, but I don’t see anyone noticing the timing. Yet, really, since Reagan – anyone in the media should be taking this stuff seriously!

Donald Trump’s second wife Marla Maples asked two high-profile astrologers onto her podcast a few years ago, both with an interest in either Wall Street or J.P. Morgan.

bigstock Trade War Economy Usa America 280447114 600x385 - China and US Astrology - Trade War Tariffs

Here are the charts for China and for the moment the tariffs came into effect. Take a look. All the media have been tracking this worldwide in 2019 for a very good reason. It affects all our lives. From the ABC in Australia to the BBC in Britain, this is the first step in something which will have massive implications for all of us and not just financially. The two astrological charts you see here are really pointing to that.

Taurus and Scorpio – Money and Secrets

What we have here is a pattern that would make any astrologer’s jaw hit the floor. Given that you would choose to do this to China – and choose any day/time at all – how very interesting to select 10th May 2019 at the appointed hour, below (set for Trump Tower in New York). Most astrologers have been watching the slow-moving outer planets, Pluto and Jupiter, for some years now. The North Node and South Node, too, because they are moving through zodiac signs – and making patterns – which are historic. As a pro astrologer you can usually tell who in power is not using horoscopes! British Prime Minister Theresa May simply is not. Her timing on Brexit has been consistently wrong. Sceptics would say that the ‘near midnight, Friday’ call for the US-China hit is just convenient for a calendar. I’m not so sure. This is either fate at work, in a way which is typical of astrology, or…

Watching the Patterns in the Horoscopes 

The sign of Taurus the bull has ruled gold bullion and bull markets, and the charging bull on Wall Street, for over a century. This stuff works. It may not be rational, but Taurus has (since astrology first came to us over 2000 years ago) been a symbol of food and money. Here we have the Sun at 19 Taurus, trine the South Node at 19 Capricorn, sextile the North Node at 19 Cancer. These are the signs of leadership (Prime Ministers and Presidents) but also property and real-estate. I’m sure if you are a Premium Member and you have your chart – and know it – you’ll be across that. Yet, that’s not all. You really do get the free set of steak-knives with this chart.

China, below, was founded (‘born’ in astrology) on 25th December 1947 at just after midnight. This is the modern version of the country, timed by her constitution. The Moon is at 19 Taurus in the China chart. If you were to calculate the odds of the US-China Tariff rule coming into force at such a time, they would be steep. There’s more.

CHINA US TARIFFS 600x351 - China and US Astrology - Trade War Tariffs

China-US Tariffs Trade War astrology chart

China 600x351 - China and US Astrology - Trade War Tariffs

The astrology chart for China.

The Jupiter-Pluto Semi-Sextile in Plain English

You always back Jupiter if you believe that greed is good. Jupiter is a symbol of growth and expansion in astrology and has been thus, for over 2000 years. The Romans who gave us our modern astrology called him Optimus Maximus. The greatest and best.

This US-China decision comes with Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto at 23 Capricorn. How often does that happen? Well, Pluto has not been in Capricorn, the sign ruling the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world, for over 240 years. Sagittarius rules foreign trade, by the way. Import and export.

The clincher here is Mercury, that ancient symbol of merchandise, merchants and ‘the market’ at 6 Taurus, the money sign, conjunct the IC at 6 Taurus at the appointed minute, of the appointed hour.

Taking the Two Charts Apart

What is really interesting for me is that if you go beyond ‘the money’ or even ‘the economy’ or even the geopolitics involved here – you see quite a different story. This is about karma, you see. It is about karma going back to the years 2000 and then 1981. Specifically involving leadership but also real estate – and family.

Cancer certainly does rule houses, apartments, land and towers of all kinds – but it also rules parents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and extended family like in-laws. This moment in time is certainly astonishing in terms of what it means for Wall Street and other sharemarkets, but my eyes are on what it means for families, especially in China – and what it is likely to mean for one dynasty in particular. Karma calls with astrology. You can’t avoid it.

What are You Seeing in the Charts?

You don’t have to be particularly experienced with astrology to take these charts apart and see the story. The Nodes go back 19 years at a time, through repeated cycles. That is why they are associated with karma, past lives, reincarnation – but also debts and credits of the soul which must be repaid in this lifetime.

Taurus you know is the bull and gold bullion. And so on. If you’re a Premium Member. you’ll have all you need at your fingertips to decode this. The question is still out there – is this one of the most striking examples of astrology at work we are ever likely to see? Or is there something else going on here behind the scenes?

I have left the American chart out of this for a very good reason. We can discuss on Twitter or in Comments.

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28 Responses

    1. From my angle on these two charts, we are going to see major repercussions with the prices of, value of, and any mortgage repayments regarding – property in 1981 and 2000 – the last time we saw Node cycles in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which rules houses, land and apartments. That would not remotely be why this event was staged by Donald, but from my angle as an astrologer, this will be the result. This might affect you, if you bought a place in those years, but it is likely going to be about the millions of others who did. You have to wonder if Donald himself is not on that list. Now there’s a line of thought…

  1. It’s a Star of David if you’ll allow slightly bigger orbs. Earth and water trines at 18-20 degrees. Sacred geometry!

    Sun conjunct Minerva at 19 Taurus (and Aesculapia at 21 Tau) trining Saturn and South Node at 20/19 Capricorn trining Cupido at 19 Virgo.

    North Node at 19 Cancer (the Moon was passing by earlier also) trine Fortuna 18 Scorpio trine Neptune 18 Pisces.

    1. Those slightly bigger orbs are interesting, given that the Star of David is such a huge feature of all that mysterious 20th century thinking about money and the sharemarkets. I doubt very much any of the old-school financial astrologers would ever dream of using Minerva or fortuna or Aesculapia, but I love what you’ve done there. I’m really open to different takes on these two charts. Thank you.

  2. Anyone taking out a mortgage in the 1980s would surely have paid it out by now as it is almost 40 years ago. Buyers in the 2000 market would be coming to the end of their term although might be relying on a lump sum pension or super payout to get rid of it entirely. So I am wondering if this, while property related, might be to do with mortgages coming to term and mortgagees ability to payout. Alternatively implications for those that have refinanced over time?

    1. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. The 1981 reference is about the Node cycle and of course mortgages from that year would be paid out by now, but the housing cycle and property price cycle take us back to that year, and then forward into 2000, and again into 2019. You could do your own research here and look at how it’s panned out – the transiting North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House being the guide here.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    This has not been a good week for Trump in regards to the Muller report and many years of his tax filings being leaked to the press showing over over 1 Billion loss. The Russia problem has not gone way it just keeps expanding. Therefore I see this as another distraction from his Russia issue. It has not been thought through very well and will likely be bad for American exports unless they can re-route elsewhere very quickly.


  4. Hi Jessica,

    I think you have erred in your date for the China chart.

    The constitution for the “Republic of China” came into force on 25th December 1947. However, the “Republic of China” is not China, but Taiwan, which also claims to be the legitimate government of China.

    The People’s Republic of China, the one against which Trump is imposing tariffs, was declared on 21st September 1949 by Mao, but came into existence on 1st October 1949.

    Can you cast the charts for these dates and update your article?

    1. This is the second message I have had about the data which comes from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (Wessex Astrologer) and is the standard professional source for astrologers. The data was verified on Wikipedia. The other message was angry, did not make total sense, and I have not posted it! I will go and check to see if these competing China charts make as much sense: I suspect we will see the same story told twice or three times in different charts. The point of my story was, though, that if Donald is indeed using an astrologer to time his manipulation of Wall Street, then that astrologer is using this particular ‘birth’ chart for China. I hope you can see that.

      1. Thank you for getting back to me, Jessica.

        Yes, I can see that if Trump were using an astrologer (I doubt it; he does not strike me as a thoughtful individual), then that astrologer may have made the same mistake. Given that the chart does apply to a China (in this case, Chinese Taipei or Taiwan), do you foresee any trouble on that side of the Taiwan Straits?

        As regards the other message on this point, it may be that the other person may have been either Chinese or Taiwanese. Relationships between the two Chinas is generally very tense, as is one being mistaken for the other. Just my guess/conjecture.

        I would appreciate it if you have a look at the PRC (People’s Republic of China) charts (September 21st and/or October 1st 1949) as well. Given that they are just a couple of years (1947 & 1949) apart, I would guess that the outer planets would have barely moved. But the inner planets and asteroids will have and that may lead one to a different interpretation of how events may play out.

        1. I am travelling in India, not so very far from China, and I have a sneaking suspicion that China’s crisis will be India’s gain. This kind of thing does require a lot of time and energy, though, and I have to work on my Nostradamus book right now. However, as soon as I can, I will have a look at these charts. I would not discount Donald using an astrologer. No, not at all.

  5. Hello Jessica, do you see a banking/financial crisis taking place between now and the Australian election (or sometime after the election)? If so, when? The trade tariffs just went through on Friday, but the global stock markets haven’t been significantly impacted yet. I’m wondering if we will see some kind of stock market crash soon, just like we saw in 2008. Thank you.

    1. Most astrologers have been predicting a market correction – shockwaves all around – for May 2019, commencing late April. Saturday (London time) is the next wave of radical change. There will be more news beyond that in May. The arrest of people involved with money laundering, and their assets stripped. Big names will be involved. It’s a proper celebrity haul (of their accountants and managers anyway). This is just one sign of what is going on out there – and what is going on out there is ‘something has to give.’ This is also true of overpriced apartments and houses in cities where people on regular wages are expected to house themselves and work. Peak meltdown is January 2020, reconstruction with a new and better world is December 2020! For more read Uranus in Taurus on this site. These opinions are for your entertainment only.

      1. Speaking of overvalued housing/money laundering with a big connection to Mainland China. The pressure is now on to implement a national, UK style public registry in Canada to establish beneficial ownership. Rather than the present murk of shell companies within off-shore shell companies which facilitate money laundering on a monumental scale.

        1. This is great validation for astrology and even without astrology, it would be crucial anyway. Thank you. I am interested in the key word ‘shell’ here, which being an astrologer, makes me immediately think of Neptune in Pisces and Salacia, a Trans-Neptunian object, much associated with seashells. You’d have to expect karma to come calling for murky companies and people in 2021-2022 when we see the North Node and South Node move to Gemini and Sagittarius, making a very sharp T-Square to Neptune. Those two signs rule the internet, they rule smart phones and they also rule foreign connections. Now, that is a prediction we’ll all be glad to see come true: party time is over 2021-2022.

    2. Thank you Jessica you are always spot on. Trump’s son in law might be a Kabbalist. Kabbalah is about astrological timing, sun and moon. It’s how I discovered astrology.

      It is about trade. Here’s the history. The US began trading with China (mostly HK and Taiwan) in the early 80’s. There were quotas and tariffs. This killed off US based manufacturing. But the US was only wealthy in the 50’s due to manufacturing. Germany and Japan are wealthy nations due to manufacturing too. The 80’s began the globalization myth in the US and Europe. Right wing thinking that an economy can be primarily knowledge workers and blue collar can be offshored. The UK lost their manufacturing too. Thus Brexit.

      In 2000 China joined the WTO and that ended their tariffs and as a result everything sold in the US is from China… including our food and medicine. But each day we get food and medicine recalls due to contamination. I’ve seen fresh garlic from China being sold in Walmart. But the US produces the most garlic in the world so how can it be cost effective to import it? It’s not. I live in a State that has the most cattle production in the US but you can never find any local beef in a store… it is all from Australia and Mexico. Trade is BS and it’s creating higher prices, hunger and also pollution to ship food that far. But it is also a national security risk. I’ve read articles in the last week that these trade restrictions will result in food shortages in the US but yesterday I read another about US farmers claiming they can no longer export their crops. It’s all a sham. I’d like my vegetables to stay fresh for more than a day, but most everything I buy is end of life and doesn’t even have a scent or taste. Means no nutrition either. Last time Uranus was in Taurus it was about food, money and the arts in the USA. We began social programs that revised farming methods and also food support for the indigent….

      In the USA few took out mortgages in 2000 to 2001 because we were in a recession from the startup dotbombs. The stock market was down but it just switched to value instead of start ups. It wasn’t major. Just a blip.

      1. Uranus in Taurus is very specifically about land, and what we do with our fields, pastures and crops – and how radically different that needs to be. The last time we saw this cycle in Great Britain, the Royal Family gave over their parks for food production and ‘Dig For Victory’ was the slogan. Britain grew her own food because she was forced to – the ships could no longer safely carry what she needed. The climate emergency we face now is the reason for the new food shortages to come, but Donald’s decision about China, and China’s decision about America, will also create shortages. Even with garlic. And particularly with beef. Cue the new laboratory-produced meat! You and I will be eating and shopping very, very differently within 7 years. I feel sorry for cattle who are miserably forced into mass production prison – for them, Uranus (liberation, independence, freedom) is a total release. I enjoy the occasional free-range steak from Tasmania, Australia, where I sometimes reside. It is expensive, but it should be! Thanks for chipping into this discussion.

  6. Hi Jessica! I was fired last year (July 23) and just today found out some very interesting financial information that seems to be a key reason for it. It involves information and money and disinformation and lies and this, too. Would you happen to have any insight into it from a chart perspective? I’m just beside myself.

    1. I am sorry you lost your job last year. Now, you say you are finding out new facts about the situation. The chart perspective on this is, the same story told twice. In your public chart (Sun Sign) you are going to spend May in an intense relationship with your own soul or spirit, figuring out how you feel about God, your own demons and the rest. You may or may not be religious. I just don’t know. But this house of your chart, since Roman times, via the Middle Ages, has been associated with time alone, spent fathoming the depths of your own soul. They call it ‘soul searching’ and you will find. In your private birth chart, I can see Neptune transiting your Twelfth House, again, with the emphasis on how you feel about heaven and hell, and that applies even if you are a sceptic who believes in nothing. May is the most intense period of the cycle yet it will repeat over the next 7 years with varying degrees of frequency. It’s a really good time to read widely around the great world religions – Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the rest – and see where you fit in. I don’t want to pigeonhole you of course so let’s say just, whatever falls under the general umbrella of belief. That is actually what your entire question is about.

      1. Thank you so much! I am going to think on this because it is extremely relevant. (I just hope I don’t get fired from this job!)

  7. Well, if you’re right, life is about to suck for a lot of people. The year 1981 marks one of the highest inflation and interest rate hikes. I found an article to share which might prove useful. Effectively, the massive increase in inflation impacted interest rates badly.

    On another note, I did a quick check on the People’s Republic chart instead. If I’m reading it right, we in the U.S. are effing screwed. Jupiter is at 22 Capricorn, and it appears south node on Libra is semi-sextile by fortuna transit and Venus at 19 Scorpio, 1 degree orb from fortuna transit.

    1. I completely love my readers. It’s like this brains trust crossed with a highly intuitive hive mind! Thank you. If you care to look back at the years 1981 and also the year 2000 for the current American President you will see a really interesting repeated theme. I’ll say no more, except to say – that even without a reliable birth data set for Trump – all we really have to do is look at the karma coming from 1981 and 2000 – into the years 2019 and 2020. The charts for China are under discussion on this thread and countries do have (usually) a few to choose from. The key here is the American chart, and you don’t say which one you use. And that’s really the key, never mind Jupiter. At times like this it’s good to reach for the transits as a whole, covering the entire planet, and what we are seeing is the crumbling ‘mountain’ of Capricorn which the goat famously climbs. We just have not seen Pluto (critical transformation) Saturn (tough life lessons) and the South Node (karma from 19 years ago, in repeated cycles) in Capricorn in our lifetime. This peaks in January 2020 when every mountain from China to America to Australia and Great Britain – where I spend a lot of time – will shake. Some goats will depart.

  8. It’s clear that we need a reset to tackle inequality. It’s no coincidence that places like San Francisco are mired in a homelessness problem when their property prices are sky high due to Silicon Valley. The bankers should have let the system reset in 2008-9 and it would all be resolved but they bailed out the system to protect elite wealth and we’re simply back in the same bubble. The media support the corporatocracy as they pay their salaries through advertising and the people stay asleep to the risks.

    1. Inequality is a key word for Capricorn. We now live in heavy Capricorn weather, not seen in over 240 years. The inequality comes because of Capricorn the mountain goat, and his mountain – which is symbolised by skyscrapers, Trump Tower in New York – and the people at the top. The people at the top are those who patiently climb for years to get there, or who take short cuts. What you are about to see is a takedown of the mountain goats who took shortcuts. Who betrayed their country. Who disobeyed karmic laws older than they are! Watch what happens as we see the big, climactic finish of the South Node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020. Mountains will crumble.

  9. First, let me say this is the coolest conversation. Quite fun…almost like an Easter egg hunt. Maybe not what anyone had in mind but I found two events in 1981 and 2000 that I mention below.

    Trump, FBI, and Underworld – 1981:
    Trump First Run for presidency 2000 & withdrawal:

    I use the date and location of Mao’s declaration of the People’s Republic of China- Beijing, October 1st, 1949. I don’t cross it with the American chart because I’m not that advanced. I only crossed the current transits with the origin chart of People’s Republic. I’m officially pass my paygrade when we get to those comparisons. I will leave that to you! This was fun… now back to work.

    1. Astrology is exactly (or even eggs-actly) like an Easter Egg Hunt when we use it to cut to the chase. Astrology is really for the people, by the people, and I trust it so much more than I trust what the White House itself called ‘alternative facts’. Astrology is older than anyone, going on 2000 years and counting, and it cuts through the noise really well to give us what is really going on. You have found a Washington Post story on 1981 about Donald and the F.B.I. which according to all the laws of astrology is well and truly up for closure, in terms of karma. There are karmic debts and credits to be settled from 1981, not just for Donald and the Federal Bureau, but for America as a whole. We then get to the 2000 bid for presidency and withdrawal, which is fascinating. You could basically dig and go on digging here. The date you use for Chairman Mao is just as good as any other for modern China. When you have some time compare that to the various American charts. Yet on the most basic level, China born on 1st October is Libra. The scales of justice. She will do tit-for-tat in this tariff war. That is what she is all about. Imagine what that is about to do to the economy.

  10. Hi, Jessica, the China which is in trade war with US now was funded on October 1st, 1949. Please double check.

    1. There are several charts for China, in fact, which reflect all stages of her evolution, including the Communist China we know today. This one works very well for prediction, which is why it is in use here.

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