Brexit! True Predictions, New Predictions

Astrology has given us specific dates for all the shocks on the road to Brexit, from the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, to the sudden rise of Boris 'No Deal' Johnson - and Nigel Farage's Brexit Party. True and new predictions follow.

How Astrology Saw the Crazy Paving Road to Brexit 

Astrology is over 2000 years old and has guided Europeans since the time of the Romans. It’s pretty good at lighting the way, offering specific dates and timing, as well as useful information. No wonder so many people end up on this website because of their interest in Brexit. Was there ever a longer road of British-style crazy paving to follow? What follows are true Brexit astrology predictions – and new Brexit astrology predictions!

Tip – Watch Italy. And count on a huge ‘new deal/no deal’ worked out in September. 

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How Astrology Saw Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

Friday 3rd May, 2019

Mercury 23 Aries, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn

On Friday 3rd May, 2019 the stage is set for a shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit. 

“On Friday 3rd May U.K. local authority elections returned a shocking result as British voters deserted both main parties after two years of Brexit deadlock. Labour and the Conservatives were abandoned.” (The Independent). “Tory Eurosceptics are renewing their calls for May to stand down immediately. “She is destroying our party,” one prominent Brexiteer told me.”

Monday 6th May, 2019

Mars 23 Gemini, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn

On Monday 6th May, astrology predicts a shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit choice.

International Development Secretary Rory Stewart said Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are just “a quarter of an inch” away from agreeing a Brexit plan (The Daily Express).

Friday 10th May, 2019
Venus 23 Aries, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn

On Friday 10th May, 2019, the No Deal/New Deal Brexit story develops, as the ‘special relationship’ with the U.S.A. grows.

The Guardian: “The Brexit party winning the most votes in this month’s European elections would require parliament to reconsider the idea of a no-deal departure from the EU, Nigel Farage has said, adding that Conservative and Labour MPs are “fearful” of his group.

How Astrology Saw Super Storms in the U.K.

Super Prediction: On May 3rd, 6th and 10th 2019, the United Kingdom will experience electrical storms after tense, thundery conditions. At the same time the nation will shock itself and the world by performing a reverse ferret, quitting the E.U.

The lovely British term ‘reverse ferret’ usually refers to men in a state of extreme shock, as if a ferret had just gone up and down on trouser leg.

This was the local election result – when Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was polling ahead of both Labour and the Conservatives. A ferret indeed.

Polling after the local elections on May 2nd saw the Brexit Party in front, followed by Labour, with the Liberal Democrats taking third from the Conservatives.

And the weather? Well that was a bomb cyclone which brought damaging winds and downpours from the UK to France and Germany, reported 9th May.

Predicted! The Shock New Deal Brexit – April 18th to 26th

So did you see this prediction? “We’re in for ‘Shock New Deal Brexit’ near April 18th and 21st. The world will turn upside-down. We have not seen transits like this since the 1930’s and 1940s.What we’re watching here is: April 18th through 26th.”

And away we go with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, reported by pollsters to be ‘on course for a shock win in the EU Elections’ as reported in April by The Independent.

Prime Minister Theresa May Resigns – the End of May at the End of May

Here is another prediction from this website made all the way back on 14th November 2018.

“You might call it Nine Days That Will Shake the World! A perfect storm in astrology is a lot of patterns gathering at once. In May and June 2019 we find Uranus, the planet of shock, revolution, rebellion, radical change and breaks with the past – passing over 2, 3, 4 and 5 degrees of Taurus.”

In the same feature you saw these dates:

  • Second hopeful sketch of a new Britain and new world – June 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, July 1st 2019.

As I update this continuing story about Brexit astrology predictions on 26th May 2019, we now know that Conservative party bosses expect a new leader to be chosen by the end of July.

BBC: Mrs May confirmed on Friday that she will resign as party leader on 7 June, but will continue as PM while the leadership contest takes place.

That is very close to the original astrology prediction of ‘new Britain, new world’ set for June 23rd through July 1st. Remember, this was a horoscope analysis made some six months before the resignation date was set and the new leadership ballot announced.

BREXIT IIRAWPIXEL 300x271 - Brexit! True Predictions, New Predictions

No Deal and New Deal Brexit 

Current favourite for Prime Minister, Boris Johnson told an economic conference in Switzerland after the Prime Minister’s resignation that a new leader would have “the opportunity to do things differently”.

“We will leave the EU on 31 October, deal or no deal. The way to get a good deal is to prepare for a no deal.”

What’s Next in Astrology? Who’s Next at Downing Street?

I’m going to repeat a prediction made back in November that Italy would play a dominant part in Brexit. I am also sticking to September 2019 as the final deal (and it will be a good, global one for Britain). As for the ‘who’ in the equation, it is impossible to predict the fate and fortune of Conservative politicians when there is no verified birth time, date and place for a horoscope.

Italy is on the road to becoming Quitaly in 2019 and Britain’s future partly rests on what she negotiates with Italians!

You really have to look at the weather instead. And the weather in Britain in 2019 is full of electrical storms and sudden, instant, quite radical changes. This is the weather brought about by Uranus in Taurus. We don’t really need a chart for either Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson to predict that Independence Day is coming again.

Uranus is a symbol of rebellion, revolution, surprise/shock, independence and freedom. It absolutely rules Great Britain in 2019 and so what we’re looking at here is No Deal-New Deal .

The politicians who best carry that, are those who will lead the nation. Watch Scotland too. She’s on her way out…Uranus is about breaking free, you see, and breaking with the past, and in the money sign of Taurus, this is about currency, the Euro, the pound, and trade deals. The ‘United’ in the United Kingdom is looking like history.

What does Uranus bring? Excitement. Exhilaration. A new world. A fresh start. Combined with Jupiter (expansion, solutions, growth) in Sagittarius (foreign countries and people, travel) in 2019, we have every right to be optimists!


Feature posted on 26th May 2019. Images updated on 27th May 2024. Main picture: Rawpixel.

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21 Responses

  1. Amazing – as usual.

    I note the Boris comment was made in Switzerland and recall you once suggesting that the UK would get a deal along the lines of the Swiss/EU deal. So was Boris’ visit to the country coincidence or another accurate prediction from you.

    1. Yes, the ‘Switzerland’ option for Great Britain, also known as Britzerland, was really clear in the astrology some years ago. The visit by Boris Johnson to Switzerland was made with that in mind, I expect. We’ll see if I’m right in the end.

  2. you said I am also sticking to September 2019 as the final deal (and it will be a good, global one for Britain). if that’s the case how is Scotland going to want to leave I am very happy Scotland will be free soon.

    what is the Scotland chart saying not seen you do one in ages

    1. Scotland? I predicted she would vote to become independent some years ago, if you want to search ‘Scotland’ on this website. I also predicted the end of the Euro as we know it today and the break-up of the European Union, in quite an old article (now) on Greece.

  3. Looks like you are right again Jessica, seems Ms. Sturgeon is re-igniting the Independence referendum. If this does happen, I really believe that they will regret it eventually when Britain is doing so well after Brexit. Can you tell us if we will get a proper Brexiteer as the next PM. Thanks for all your predictions regarding Brexit and keeping our spirits up!

    1. The astrology is pretty spot-on for Scotland and I am always amazed at how a chart basically set for centuries ago, still predicts the future for this very modern place. Years ago, when the people of Scotland were asked to vote for or against independence, I was asked what would happen. The vote took place on Mercury Retrograde, when nothing ever sticks, so it was really clear that people would vote against independence the first time, but come back a second time, and decide to go. The United Kingdom is already looking very far from ‘united’ and eventually that old Union Jack will be replaced by different images and names. The next British Prime Minister will be committed to the original vote to leave. For that, we go to the old horoscopes for the vote, in Great Britain, which take us back to the Suffragettes, and then into the 1960’s when young, working-class women in particular got the same rights as Her Majesty the Queen! As I’ve just said to another reader, you don’t mess with that horoscope. You don’t muck around with democracy, and as that astrological chart stands as an historical fact, what people ticked a box for, they get. The person who can deliver that, is the person who will lead the country.

  4. Hey,
    Your predictions concerning money launderers is coming true (Uranus in Taurus):
    “A U.K. court froze the ownership of three London residential properties worth 80 million pounds ($101 million) linked to a high-profile suspect, while investigators scrutinize the source of the funds used to buy the assets.

    UWOs, which became law a year ago, mean that the police no longer have to prove that an asset above the value of 50,000 pounds was obtained illegally before blocking it from being liquidated. Instead, the onus is on the owner to show that the funds used to purchase the property were legitimate.”


    1. Thank you so much for the Bloomberg story link, which validates the astrology. You just know this is the tip of the iceberg don’t you? Walking around London in particular, you can see the bloated distortion of the value of houses and flats. None of it bears any resemblance to the real, living wages of ordinary people who must live and work in London. So something is badly wrong, non? And that something is about to blow, over the course of the next 7 years. My colleague at Sun Sign School, Joanne Madeline Moore, is predicting a property price crash.

  5. Do you have any indication if there will be either a 2nd referendum or a general election in the UK this year? Looks like Corbyn will soon declare he wants a 2nd referendum.

    1. The ‘Vote’ astrology chart for Great Britain from the 1960s is the clue here. The vote stands. It’s interesting, I was just in Westminster today with another astrologer, and we both visited the statues of the two Suffragettes who nearly died for that vote! To take it away and suggest another vote-on-a-vote will strike at the heart of democracy in the country and you just can’t mess with history and the horoscopes.

  6. The key to understanding Brexit is to look at what is happening in Northern Ireland regarding the revelations of past British state funded crimes against their own innocent civilians. Specifically, now, the Ballymurphy massacre of 1971, but this is a tiny tip of a very deep, dark and large forty year iceberg. The masses are presently as ever being either actively gaslit or lied to about this in all the mass media outlets.

    Unless a hard judicial border deeply partitioning Ireland is imposed by a future British Prime Minister, securing absolute amnesty from the EU prosecuting rogue British military for past crimes against humanity, the UK ministry of defence high elite will simply reactivate their loyalist and republican paramilitary counterinsurgency boys n girls on the ground and restart a bloody civil war to justify the immediate reimposition a new hard partition border.

    Those responsible had bet on a manipulated, very slow two decades long political transition allowing the gradual dying out of the old sectarians into normal democratic process. That has not happened. Thanks to ten years of extreme paramilitary backed criminal abuses of power by the DUP, and a blind eye turned to mirror republican criminality on the ground by Sinn Fein, an entirely new generation of even more extreme sectarians has been raised in a society gone toxic with unaddressed social injustice.
    And Westminster have to silence it all fast or risk being exposed internationally as a rogue state.

    Brexit is a vile, nasty make or break historical game being played by abusers of financial, political and military power.
    And given the ugly state truths being feverishly hidden, it can only get a lot uglier.

    Why on earth has no astrologer bothered to look at the historical implications for Brexit in the astrology of Northern Ireland ?

    1. In reply to your final question – actually, the well-known Scottish astrologer Marjorie Orr analysed the astrological chart of Northern Ireland some time ago. Her website is excellent – I recommend you take a look.

  7. Jessica , kindly, please, what could be the future of NHS. The just concluded meeting between May and Trump was all sorts of scary. Is there a chart for NHS, what the stars tell. Thank you.

    1. We do have a ‘birth’ chart for the National Health Service which is ruled by Virgo. Please do not be scared about D.Trump as I’m afraid you do not last as a world leader in this game, beyond December 2020 (when Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius) unless you are the future of one world thinking, ‘form one planet’ politics, community, equality and diversity. December 2020 begins this radical new era which intensifies from Pluto in Aquarius in 2023 and anyone who is not across that, does not last. So forget D. Trump and T. May is of course already at the exit. Clearly the National Health Service needs reform. It will be reformed. How it is reformed depends on Britain importing ‘best practise’ knowledge from a range of nations, like Australia (where I live half the year and Medicare works very well). So Britain reaches out for solutions. But not to Monsieur Trumpy or indeed the United States – not long term.

  8. Hi, thank you for pointing out Marjorie Orr – it was only a few weeks ago I picked up on her site. And I found an article which reinforces the astrology for the UK as you see it as well:

    I did wonder where David Davies had disappeared to, however, I’m pleased to see the PM hopefuls intent on Brexit are interested in a no deal e.g. Sajid Javid and he seems to be into astrology (from reference of signing up as Lord Mayor looking at his watch in one of your articles). There are so many runners – one person not running is Liz Truss which is probably wise for her, but I have found her compelling as she has a ‘tell it like it is’ approach – I hope she gets to play a part.

    Some CEO’s like Tim Martin at Wetherspoons have been pro-active in their no-deal strategy and moved away from European brands. Apart from him, I don’t know who could be a force for showing that opportunism can pay off?

    1. Marjorie Orr is a brilliant astrologer – thank you for the link – most of us in this business are across the same interpretation of Brexit. Namely, that it will be a no-deal/new deal kind of deal! I’m sure you saw that feature I posted last year about the events to come in June and July this year – we are still looking at September for the big, brilliant breakthrough. Jupiter and Ceres in Sagittarius the sign ruling foreign trade suggest expansion and deal-making. None of that is old-world Britain within the European Union. All of it is new world trade deals, new tourism, new one-planet thinking (from December 2020, as the climate emergency demands change) and just – new! If we had a birth time for David Davis we could get closer to a forecast but it’s lacking. Politicians in general as individuals are hard to call in this situation, but the wider message is one of a new island life.

  9. Jessica

    You were so right about the storms and the flooding g in the UK.
    However, I am confused about ‘climate change’. Is climate change real or is it astrology?

    1. The vast majority of leading scientists around the world agree we are facing climate change – some call it climate emergency or climate crisis. As Greta Thunberg says, ‘Our house is on fire.’ Neptune in Pisces is a total description of melting ice caps and flooding – and fish being swept into areas of our oceans where we cannot even see what is happening. It’s time to act.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    It seems the Brexit saga has taken a new twist, with the sudden ‘where did he come from’ Stewart running to replace May. He seems to be just May mark II. He wants her deal (which is not Brexit) or some other form of remain. The remain media are all over him like a rash – it all seems another ploy to keep us in the EU.

    Please tell me & my fellow (nearly bald) Brexiteers, that he will not succeed in becoming leader of the Tory party.

    1. Too funny about your question! Okay, so we lack data for the late Brexit outsider Rory Stewart. It’s the same with the other candidates, and as Michael Gove was adopted, birth times are tricky. Looking less at the people, and more at the outcome, we are looking at cross-party government, a No Deal/New Deal (which I predicted a long time ago) and much more of the Nigel Farage style of politics. Women and men, young and old, white and non-white – all in a group together. The focus will be less on the hero/heroine solo leader (or anti-heroine in the case of Mrs. May) and far more on the group as a whole. Of course Rory could well be part of that larger group! But – you will get your Brexit.

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