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When the Stars Align – July to September 2019

Part three of a four-part quarterly series about 2019 and the most important astrology alignments, or fated dates, of the year. How will your sign gain? What about your personal birth chart, if you are a Premium Member?

Third in a 4-part series of rare astrology alignments, which may trigger your horoscope, in July to September 2019.  Premium Members, check to see if your personal horoscope is affected.

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94 Responses

  1. Thanks Jessica,

    You are spot on as usual. I have the 14 and 15 degree placements in Sagittarius and Capricorn, and the plan is to relocate interstate permanently and take up a new job in early August. Just waiting for finalisation. There are elements from the past in what I will be doing and also people from the past and links to past organisations.

    Always amazing that the significant events are “written in the stars”.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Jessica! I have several chart factors at 14 or 17 degrees, including Mercury at 14 Capricorn. What do you think the next few months might bring for me?

    1. It’s really about your ambition, which is profound, and the fact that you are destined for a stunning new project, role or goal in 2020. This is the trainer wheels part of it all. In fact, when you celebrate your success next year, it will partly be down to what you deal with in 2019. Patience, stamina, a willingness to learn, fortitude and staying power are going to be your tools this year. Yet once you have identified your goals, where you want to make it, where you would like to stay at the top – you can put your head down and power towards it, with an astonishing open door next year.

  3. Hi Jessica, Thank god for your predictive article. It makes me encouraged as at present I am feeling disappointed due go my job loss. I have many factors in various signs ranging from 12 to 18, but not so exactly at 13,14,15 . I can’t distinguish which factor most affects me among them. Please help me interpret my chart. Thank you so much.

    1. I am sorry you have lost your job. You are experiencing a cycle not seen in 29 years with Saturn (reality checks) going through your Tenth House of career, paid work, unpaid work and study. This too shall pass. In fact, it becomes easier as the year moves on, and by Christmas 2020 you will be in a much happier situation, having done extremely well with one or more projects, linked to a new position.For now, just put one foot in front of the other and do what you have to do. If you are in interviews, signing paperwork, writing letters and so on in July and the first two weeks of August allow for delays, changes or typical Mercury Retrograde effects, though. Get it in writing and read the fine print. Things are in flux now. Yet from mid-August you will have a far better idea of where things are, and where you are at. Tip: Study or up skill in 2019, you will be thrilled at how it all falls into place. Some things are meant to be.

  4. Hello, Jessica. Please advise if the degrees given are exact as I have MC 18 Capricorn and IC Cancer; along with Fortuna 13 Libra. Thank you.

    1. Your MC and IC are based on your time of birth being absolutely accurate – when the umbilical cord was cut – and so actually, round-hour births (like 45 minutes) can sometimes be a little suspect! Your MC is your life direction and your IC is your family tree. Fortuna in Libra is easier to judge as she does not depend on a bang-on accurate birth time. When it comes to the relationships you have with your former, current and potential partners – you tend to spin the Wheel of Fortune for them without realising what you are doing. For more on this look up Fortuna on Search and in your PDF books. You have a massive impact on the destiny of these people. That is where your focus is in 2019 as you may need to get real about the impact you have had on a certain person, and the impact you continue to have. You will never fully know or be aware as your Fortuna is ‘blindfolded’ (like the goddess herself) but it doesn’t hurt to at least try to attempt to understand.

  5. Hi Jessica! So seems like a lot coming in the next three months. I have my Sun 14 Capricorn so I’m a direct target. I also have several factors at 13, 15, and 16 which you can see in my birth chart. My career is going great at the moment and this is where my primary focus has been since Feb. I’m working two jobs and loving the income right now. Typical Capricorn of course. My romantic relationship however is in big trouble and I’m seriously considering ending it. Actually by the first week in Aug. Not sure why I picked that time just felt right. Any advice on how to navigate through the next few months would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. You are never a direct target in astrology. You are certainly having major transits about family, parenthood, your ambitions for your house or apartment, and your goals regarding lifestyle, settling down (or not) and establishing a solid foundation. It’s hard to say more without your partner’s time, place and date of birth. So really, this is about you – and if you do or do not want to become a co-parent with the other person. Of course, the other person’s feelings about babies, children, adoption, step-parenting and so on are the big x factors driving this, no matter if you discuss it honestly or not. You may prefer not to do anything drastic until mid-August has passed, as you are in Mercury Retrograde Shadow territory and life in general is not particularly regular or smooth-running now. I suspect you will make up your mind at the very latest by Christmas 2020 as Jupiter moves into Capricorn then and in 2020 you make your greatest choices about your social status (married, single, mother, career woman?) and where you want to be. If the other person is not part of that, or does not agree with you, then it does look as if you may have to part. But see where discussions take you late August into September.

  6. Thanks for this, as always! Having been checking here for eclipse information and hadn’t really considered what else is coming up. With my nodes both at 15 looks like September will be a biggie! Am hoping for a move and job excitement (based on what i started this January)…not much news yet, but maybe the next couple of months will usher in change!

    1. You are a little early for this as you were born with Jupiter at 3 Cancer in the Fourth House of property – you will move – but it may not be until 2020. When you do move, it will be to a place you knew in a previous lifetime or an area you lived in before, some years ago. There is karma in this location or actually with the apartment block or house/garden and surrounds. You will be overjoyed at the opportunity and there will be more room, more space around you, better facilities, a more affordable purchase, an increase in value and so on as Jupiter rules win-win outcomes, good fortune and abundance and when the North Node of karma crosses 3 Cancer next year, it’s your turn. This goes back to good karma from the years 2000 or 1981, but also back to the 1960’s and 1940’s and well into past lives.

  7. Hi Jessica would you care to give me insight on the weather regarding 14 degrees in my birth chart ( sun at 14 Capricorn ) my birthday was the 5th of January and I’m feeling these eclipses heavily I would love a reading or just some guidance for the rest of this year THANKYOU

    1. Sure. You need to know that you are going through the most challenging cycle in 29 years, regarding your success in life, your status, your position, your mission statement (which may have nothing to do with work) and also your ambition to get to the top and stay there. Saturn has been passing over your Sun and that is the kind of cycle when your sense of self, your ability to shine and stand out, your judgements (made by others, like clients, or employers, or staff, or colleagues) seem like such a big deal. Have a look at Saturn and Tenth House when you finish reading this, on Search, because you are experiencing Saturn transiting your Tenth House and conjuncting your Sun. When this is over you feel more mature, wiser, older, more experienced and far more certain of what success means to you. This pays off, as in 2020 you will be promoted, land a great new job, be accepted into a prestigious course, qualify, have a hit, and so on. (Or you will, if you do the work now). The opportunity next year will put your name and face centre-stage, but by then you will be ready.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Could you have a look at my chart please as I’m super affected bu this placement . My sun is 15% Capricorn conjunction Ceres at 14% Capricorn . Plus my Cancer daughter who’s sun is at 17% Cancer.
    I’m really feeling strange and wired and unsure how to cope.
    Thank you so much

    1. You and your daughter have factors in Cancer and Capricorn at the same degree as Saturn’s path right now, so there is an obstacle course to take for both of you regarding classic questions about home and family, house or apartment, home town or homeland, career and success, social position and ambition, moving versus staying – and ‘moving on up’ to quote Curtis Mayfield, versus staying where the family are. If you feel wired it is unlikely to be that. If anything, Saturn tends to slow you down or make you need more naps/more sleep. If you do feel like that, go right ahead, as Saturn can only make these patterns to your chart and hers every 29 years. Her identity is all bound up with you and the family. It is how she shines in this world and yet she is finding it very hard to figure that out now. It takes time and will become a great deal easier next year. You have a Sun-Ceres conjunction in Capricorn and I am sure you know that Ceres had a daughter, Proserpina, who left home to be with her husband, Pluto, and was then ordered to spend half the time with him, and half the time with her mother. Have a look at Ceres on Search and also Fourth House, Tenth House, Saturn, as it is these factors which are with you both in 2019. When in doubt see how others have coped or managed these kinds of changes in their lives. You may also want to look at your own mother, or grandmother, and how the family managed it when particular husbands or boyfriends came along. Look at the family patterns. And if you need more rest, go take it!

  9. Hi Jess,
    My nodes are at 16 degrees in capricorn and cancer. Looking back to 2001, I gave birth to my daughter. My boss’s birthday is on the 10th July and we are quite good friends.
    Given all this, what do you think I can expect or look out for July-September?
    Thanks Jess!

    1. Thanks Jen. You gave birth to your daughter on the last North Node-South Node Cancer/Capricorn cycle and so you are very likely past life connections with each other. She may, for example, have been your mother in another lifetime. Between now and 2020 you and your daughter will again cover a karmic ‘loop’ with each other, and she is obviously at the age where she is either bound for study or looking for a serious first career step. This brings in Capricorn (ambition) but also Cancer (stepping away from home or family). It is likely to feel very familiar to you two, as an issue to share together, by next year – because it has happened before, symbolically or thematically, in other lifetimes. Your boss may have a part to play in this – not sure – without a year and time and place of birth it’s impossible to say.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    It sounds like this is very significant for me since I was born on July 10th on a solar eclipse so I have the Sun at 18° Cancer 33′ 30″ and Moon 17° 47′ 19″ Cancer. My only other Cancer factor is the South node 25° Cancer 59′ 51″ R. I quit my job and moved abroad in 2001 (rather than 2000) – I can’t think of anything particularly significant that happened with family and home in 2000. Can you give me an idea what this may mean for me in July 2019?


    1. Thank you Ciara. You finished your job (Capricorn, Tenth House, Career) and moved abroad (Cancer, Fourth House, Home) right on cue in 2001, following the North Node/South Node cycle in Capricorn-Cancer. You are up for this again, now through 2020. You may want to allow life to play itself out in July and the first two weeks of August as we are in eclipse season and you also have Mercury Retrograde to deal with. Nothing is very clear or obvious in July and early August. Ultimately what comes out of this by next year is another major choice about home, family, household, home town or homeland – and career, ambition, work. It will have echoes of life as it was in 2000-2001 on the last Node cycle. The Nodes move backwards through time in 19 year loops and Stonehenge is a node calculator, according to the author and expert Robin Heath. There is a reason why the Indians watch the Nodes too. They call them Rahu and Ketu and they associate them with reincarnation and past life debts and credits. This is very specifically about where you came from and where you moved to before – and also, naturally, family members. Try to allow for changes, flux, delays, reversals with all this by mid-August, but from that point on, know that by 2020 you will have karmic closure on the past and settle up soul or spiritual ‘debts/credits’ by putting back, perhaps – or by gratefully receiving. This will make more sense to you by next year but the process is under development now.

  11. This is BIG. I have major changes in my life. My daughter in leaving home for uni, I am leaving my marital home to live on my own in September. I am starting over a new life. I have felt the pull since April. I can’t rationalize this. But it’s life changing. I am trying to figure how Apollo plays out. Does it mean that I am going to find an inner force by changing spaces and places and creating a new life ?

    1. What you are experiencing is karma from around the year 2000, the year 1981 and also further back to the 1960s, 1940s and into past lives. The karma is about your daughter and former partner. Also your actual house, apartment, home town, homeland. You are going through situations designed to help you achieve closure. You will do this by next year, 2020. The only way to achieve this closure is to pay your karmic dues, if you need to settle up with other people (or the universe!) You may also be ‘owed’ by other people, either from this lifetime or another. The North Node is in Cancer in your Fourth House of home, property and family, you see and it is triggering your chart. I hope this helps you understand what is going on. By 2021 it’s well and truly done with. If you are curious about this please look up North Node and also North Node in Cancer and Fourth House on Search.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for providing a snapshot of what is in store for us over the next three months. I’m hoping you can provide additional insight into my personal chart, which has factors at 17 and 14 degrees (I’ve provided the basic info below, but my full chart is available with my membership as well).

    Currently I am job hunting and have first interviews the week of July 8. I know you have mentioned that people with 17 Capricorn should be careful signing on to a job in July…if the interviews and the final decision stretches into August, do you have the same concerns? I must admit that the opportunities I have looked at so far have been less than perfect.

    Proserpina 17° Capricorn
    Vulcano 17° Scorpio
    Minerva 14° Libra

    Also any potential new developments in my love life over the next three months?

    Many thanks as always Jessica!

    1. You are looking for work on Mercury Retrograde, Lou, so you may want to treat July and the first two weeks of August as a dress rehearsal or ‘first take’ in the film of your life. Mercury rules paperwork, emails, the post, discussion and negotiation. You are likely to find life is in a state of flux until the final two weeks of August when at last everything starts settling down. Of all the placements you have Proserpina at 17 Capricorn, sextile Vulcano at 17 Scorpio, is the most important. This is where you will see a complete career reshape as you experience Saturn hovering around 17 degrees and then Jupiter, at the same spot, in 2020. You can look forward to several stunning opportunities for success next year, partly as a result of what you go through now. I am sure you know Proserpina is the go-between, ‘bridge’, or connecting link between powerful people or organisations. This is what you were born to do. Linked to Vulcano (self-control, powerful self-discipline) in Scorpio, the sign of finance, you were built for business, charity, trade, property, retail and so on. No matter if you do this for a living or not you can bring those building/saving/accumulating skills to whatever you do. The issue now is the Saturn conjunction to Proserpina and the sextile to Vulcano, which you have not seen in 29 years. This slows things down and puts obstacles in your path. To take them, you have to lean hard on the wisdom and experience of others who have been through similar professional experiences. All this pays off next year. For now, treat this (roughly) six-week period as a ‘wait and see’ interval and get everything in writing! Read the fine print too. And remember that you are slowly but surely working towards a new job, amazing project, prestigious award or grant, promotion or other career ‘hit’ next year. This has not been possible for 12 years, which is why I would describe 2019-2020 for you as a major reshape. For more on what is going on look up Proserpina, Saturn and Tenth House on Search and in your PDF guidebooks.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the very informative article. I have lot’s of 14 and 15 degree placements, notably the ones below. What can I expect over the next few months. I’m currently looking for a job and will I find a suitable position during this period?

    Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 17
    Minerva 15° Libra 18′ 12″
    Ceres 15° Gemini 25′ 09″ R

    Thanks !


    1. You have posted twice in two different sections, but I will look at this particular question now. Yes, you will find a job – it will involve another nationality or language – and a great deal of time online. It will also involve a lot of negotiation, not only with clients or customers, or associates – but also in terms of figuring out the actual contract. If it happens before August 15th get it in writing and read the fine print more than usual. Yet, by December 2019, this new role works out very nicely for you.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I have Venus and Bacchus at 14 degrees in Capricorn. Am I correct to deduce that my love life will be affected somehow?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, this is about Venus and Bacchus at 14 Capricorn, but it is not about your love life, it is about your career, position in High Society, unpaid work or university/college degree. A complicated relationship which is purely pleasurable, may involve drinking or other substances, is always a ‘high’ of some kind – and definitely involves very, very human emotions and vulnerabilities – is the key here. It’s important because you have a ton of transits going over that spot, so this extends into 2020 as well. Verdict? Ultimately, a grand solution or opportunity comes.

  15. Jessica –
    Thank you for your advice! I paid a major karmic debt this spring and your insights helped me walk the timing. Now I have multiple 14 and 15 degree placements in my chart, when I’m up against a major career battle. In 1981 and 2000, I chose not to fight; this time I could fight for others but it would be a very long haul. A long distance move is also calling to me. Your thoughts, please?
    Saturn 13 Scorpio
    Psyche 13 Aquarius
    Aesculapia 13 Sagittarius
    Apollo 15 Virgo
    Ops 16 Sagittarius

    1. Thank you for letting me know this and I am so pleased I was able to help you with the timing. You have a career battle. For career we look to Capricorn and your Tenth House and also Virgo and your Sixth House. You are a leader (Apollo) at work (Virgo) and it goes hand-in-hand with your can-do, practical, problem-solving role with foreign people and places, academia or education, the internet or publishing (Sagittarius). The weather for your Apollo is hard work. Saturn and Neptune have both passed 15, 16 degrees of Capricorn and Pisces respectively, but they are retrograde or going backwards. On 4th August Saturn is at 15 Capricorn and Apollo himself, is also moving, at 15 Virgo, so you have your Apollo Return. Look up Apollo and Sixth House on Search, and also Saturn and Tenth House, because that is what August 4th-6th is about. It’s your choice. Apollo describes your leadership. This would be tough and take time. Just as you say. Apollo is associated with the charts of Sir Winston Churchill and Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Heavy, heavy stuff for heavy, heavy people. On 6th September you have the North Node at 15 Cancer and South Node at 15…you guessed it…Capricorn. This takes you back to 1981 and 2000 again. On 10th September you have transiting Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius, right on your Ops at 16 Sagittarius, so this brings to mind 9/11. I don’t know what that event meant for you personally. This is a huge blessing for you, if your career battle does in fact concern foreign people and places, regional differences, travel or travel in the mind, academia or education, publishing or the worldwide web. It’s very, very protective and fortunate on a level not possible in 12 years. Your 13 degree patterns, not specifically about work, but very much about ‘life as a whole’ and especially your finances, are triggered on 24th September with Saturn at 13 Capricorn, passing through (Saturn sextile Saturn) and also aspecting your Aesculapia at 13 Sagittarius – again we are back to Sagittarius/Ninth House concerns (look up the Ninth House too). I am sure you know that ‘coming back from the point of no return/resurrecting/reviving’ is what Aesculapia in your chart is all about. This is a comeback when just about everyone had assumed things were over. Neptune at 16 Pisces is very close to an opposition to your Apollo, leading the way at work, at this time and at odds with Ops in Sagittarius. You are affected by confusing and confused people and organisations with zero boundaries then. Please protect your aura and chakras as Neptune can be invisible in opposition. Make sure nothing and nobody gets into your psychic space, your dreams or your soul. I feel your long-distance move is a certainty as you just can’t resist Jupiter in Sagittarius right on Ops (his mother) and also Aesculapia (in his family tree). It would be ‘seize the day’ in 2019 because this open door will not be there again for 12 years. The career question is full of highs and lows, pros and cons. It’s your call. Utterly your call. Yet think of Thatcher and Churchill. They did what they had to do, and when you survey their entire life, there was no full stop, end game, ‘win’ or ‘lose’ for either. Their entire list of achievements showed lives lived to the absolute full with massive achievements on the way despite the failures.Use your Astrology Oracle and PDF Guide, and also the Tarot on this site, to give you second and third opinions.

  16. Hello Jessica!
    Thank you for this incredible article – amazingly accurate, as always. I have Venus at 15 degrees Capricorn – could you take a look and tell me what I can expect? I am currently going through many money changes due to divorce and my former husband and I still own a business together. I can’t wait for some stability. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. This will be a long and winding road with your former husband with the last thing you expected happening – yet again – having already happened at least twice since May 2018. Allow for this to be the road to freedom. You are going to have to put a dollar, pound or euro price on what money cannot buy. Freedom. Independence. Try to do this away from October-November if you can as it’s far too difficult. Yet, by 2020, 2021 you are adding things up very differently with him. The business is the obvious key. Try to set the word ‘stability’ to one side and think instead about space. Excitement. Exhilaration. Oxygen in the room. Doing your own thing. Going where life takes you. That will work so much better for you. And do be prepared to add up a new life budget. Who or what used to be so valuable to you may no longer have that sparkle for you by 2021. You may surprise yourself actually, with your opinions (then) about money, houses, apartments, shopping and so on.

  17. Hello Jessica,

    Will July 25 be a good day for an interview and a new opportunity conversation with hiring managers…
    Do you see any positive indications…

    Thank you very much…

    1. Have the conversation but allow for it to lead to delays, changes or even a reversal later on. You are doing this on Mercury Retrograde and in a month with an eclipse triggering your Tenth House of career.

      1. It came in unexpected and I don’t wish to say no to an opportunity…
        I am working on another opportunity for New Jersey

        Thank you a lot..
        Sending you a lots of love ❤️…

  18. Hi Jessica

    my birthday is on july 10th so i guess this is very significant for me! Could you give me some insights? Currently stuck in personal and professional liffe. Seems that nothing is moving forward..

    thank you

    1. Being stuck is common on a cycle like this and you are not the only person who is unable to get very far in 2019, Marina. You are being held up so that you must sit on your hands and examine your heart and soul. This concerns two areas. Your career and your home. Knowing what you want and need (and whom) can only come about with the passing of time so there is a reason beyond the Universe frustrating you here! The Cancer-Capricorn weather sweeping your Fourth House and Tenth House (you can look these houses up on Search for their deeper meanings) is really about enduring the clock ticking and the calendar turning, on one level, but on a smarter level, using this period – until Christmas 2020 – to dig very deeply for priorities. Sometimes you don’t actually know that until you have been forced to wait…and watch. In 2021 you will be astonished at how fast life moves compared to 2018-2020.

  19. Dear Jessica
    I have
    Saturn 6,41 Capricorn
    Salacia 14,44 Capricorn
    Apollo 16,43 Aries
    Sun 16,50 Taurus
    Mars 16 Cancer
    South Node 13 Aries
    Neptune 5 Scorpio
    Last year was a painful second Saturn return. Do you see any professional progress this summer or later?

    1. You are a Cancer-Capricorn type going through a demanding Cancer-Capricorn cycle not possible in 240+ years. It builds in intensity in 2020 and then is gone by Christmas next year. This entire period of your life is about testing the structure, the organisation, the system and the establishment of your career, but also your chosen field. Do you want to keep climbing that mountain? Is it worth it to you, to try hanging onto your position on the ladder and your place in High Society? You are ambitious, have what it takes to last, but I also need to be honest with you and say that you really, really have to want to make it, and make it within this sphere – to end up where you want to be after January 2020. Once Jupiter, Ceres and the Sun enter Capricorn in December 2019 and we reach ‘peak Capricorn’ weather in January 2020 you are going to see a ton of demotions, departures, promotions, mergers within your industry, profession or business. Start looking at what you want, why you want it, what you will do to get it and so on – now. You will either have to recommit to your climb up Everest in January 2020 or you may decide you want to get off the mountain. The good news is, once you are past Christmas 2020, this will never, ever be as demanding as it has been for you across 2018, 2019, most of 2020!

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I hope all is well. I finally have a breather, and I’m catching up with your posts.

    I’m glad I did. I have Uranus at 17 degrees of Leo, Vetsta at 17 degrees of Capricorn, Venus at 17 degrees of Taurus, Ops at 17 degrees of Cancer and Cupido at 17 degrees of Pisces. I also have Saturn at 18 degrees of Capricorn and Salacai at 16 degrees of Capricorn, so there’s the one degree orb.

    I’m also traveling July18-21 for a Slow Food USA festival, hosting the first seed swap at this festival, so the alignments that weekend, Mercury retrograde, the full moon eclipse, I have to go back your July posts and see what all this says.

    I also have Diana at 14 degrees of Cancer, Fortuna and Minerva at 14 degrees of Gemini, Aesculapia and Vulcano at 14 degrees Sagittarius between that and the National Heirloom Festival festival in September. I checked my ephemeris and I have good alignments on the day that I speak. It’s also a three day seed swap! Great for networking and alliance building.

    Uranus doesn’t mess around. He comes right in and shakes things up. Since he got to Taurus, the things were starting to come together as he got here sped up, and the details of the changes are quite good.

    Thank you for this and all the information.



    1. Your chart is certainly under substantial transits Jeff, and we would be watching Venus at 17 Taurus here (financial and business relationships) and also Ops in Cancer (solutions for gardens, the land and homes). Your ambition is tied into that with the connection to Saturn in Capricorn (achievement). You’ll find your Slow Food Festival is even slower than you thought, as they have organised it right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Be aware of the potential for issues with traffic, commuting, airlines, computers, telephones, the mail – which affect your colleagues and clients and perhaps you. September looks much stronger and yes, you will do extremely well that month at the National Heirloom Festival. In fact ‘heirloom’ is a key word for Cancer, the zodiac sign having such impact on you this year.

      1. Thanks Jessica! Venus and Oos are spot on.

        I built in some time for traveling for any delays. And direct flights. I’m looking at the re words for the festival, mainly reconnecting and revolution.

        September is also a important month in my family history, so there’s Cancer, and heirlooms on some more levels.


        1. The ‘re’ words are always a good idea on Mercury Retrograde and when you take the core meaning of Mercury – scheduling, negotiation, thinking – you just apply the prefix to reschedule, renegotiate and rethink. The ultimate key word for this cycle is ‘rehearsal’ and it is amazing how many great albums, films, television series, paintings and books come out of a Mercury Retrograde rehearsal period followed by a final release. Thank you.

  21. Hello Jessica,

    I have my Sun, Venus and Mars at 17 degrees. I’ve decided to side step secondary teaching and start teaching adult education.
    Could you please tell me what my chart says about this move for me?

    I would be so grateful for any insights you might be able to share.

    Many thanks.


    1. Very smart move, MM as in 2019 you have Jupiter (expansion, growth, progress, improvement, rewards) in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of education. Beyond the alignments at 17 degrees, this is the best year for 12 years, to sidestep secondary education and move into a bigger and better area of teaching. You also have Ceres in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, so at least until the first week of December, there will be enforced compromises. New deals will be struck between yourself and the industry/the profession and perhaps with your employers, students and so on. You may find a lot of give and take is required, particularly with women. That’s fine. It is worth the effort and energy, as you will reach a peak of accomplishment in November if you follow the steps now being laid out for you. Just remember July and the first half of August are peak Mercury Retrograde times, so in general – the internet, the mail, paperwork, commuting, travel – will get stuck or go backwards. This may have an impact on your plans – I am not sure how far along you are. This very successful year ahead has a second ‘bump’ when the North Node goes into Gemini, another strong sign in your chart (the sign of the writer, public speaker, teacher, student and podcaster) and the South Node goes into Sagittarius. These are karma points in your horoscope and suggest that ‘what goes around comes around’ in a major way, evident from 2020 onwards. In fact, you would be sent back in time around 19 years, so just after the Millennium of 2000 – into 2001/2002 – perhaps what you studied then, or where you studied, is set to come back to you. But…you are so on track.

  22. Thank you Louisa. You can have both the art school and paid work but you need to set it up in the final week of August into the third week of September. The trick is serving. People are so aware, then, of the fact that they need others to help them out professionally. You don’t say what you do for a living, but if you can devote yourself to being the ‘invaluable, indispensable’ right-hand person for others, working hours or days a week, then you can also study art at the same time. Try until the third week of September. Even if you don’t get the first thing you attempt you will be remembered and your C.V. saved. Your former partner is in the zone to remarry or go back to you from Christmas 2020 and particularly 2021, but without his chart it is hard to say if you two get back together or he finds a new lover. Your son is the total priority in 2019 and you both need to put his education first as he could do remarkably well in exams or similar in November.

  23. Evening Jessica,

    I would love to hear your insights into what I can expect in August when it appears that I have some direct pings into the “historic career choice”. I’m 1 degree away from the July degrees you gave, so I’m assuming I will feel the ripple somewhere.

    Open as always to anything you share.

    Blessing always xx

    1. One degree is close, although the timing may be slightly out – you are in a career reshape actually – not so much by your own volition, but really because of the larger forces at work in 1-2 of your chosen fields. Other people’s rumblings, resignations, appointments, investments, mergers, peaks and lows will powerfully affect you into 2020 and many of those clues are there across mid-2019. Just avoid the eclipse.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Would love to hear your thoughts. I have a ton of factors 14-18 factors across many signs, most my chart is centered around these. Can you please give me some insight into how it may effect me. Especially related to career, finances, place in the world. It’s too many for me to try decipher on my own.
    Venus 17° Aries \\ Sun 18° Aries \\ Chiron 16° Aries
    Saturn 16° Gemini \\ Vesta 18° Gemini \\Ceres 17° Sagittarius
    Cupido 15° Capricorn \\IC 14° Leo \\ MC 14° Aquarius
    Thanks a bunch for your help.

    1. You do have quite a big line-up around 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 degrees of the zodiac signs. This means it never rains but it pours. Life is either extremely good or extremely difficult, depending on the cycles at the time. Of everything you mention, thinking about what matters most, it’s really Ceres in Sagittarius that draws my eye. She is a symbol of your tremendous potential power as a traveller, publisher, worldwide web citizen, student, teacher or global explorer – in terms of other cultures or nationalities. Ceres is worth looking up on search. You were born with Ceres at 17 Sagittarius in the Ninth House and in 2019, you will have your Ceres Return, as she goes back to the same spot in your chart. You will also experience Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius, conjunct Ceres. This can only happen every 12 years and it is very good news indeed. As if this wasn’t enough, you will experience the South Node in Sagittarius during 2020 to 2022, so this is a long-range story in your life, very much involving the internet, plenty of travel (and travel in the mind) and some seriously useful karmic reward (if you do the work in 2019). You need to plant acorns. Use this year, until the first week of December, to summon up all your productivity, creativity and power (Ceres) and also to make yourself negotiate and share the control or power (Ceres again) so that you can create a new world of possibility for yourself with distant regions and countries, different cultures and nationalities. This would make 2019-2022 as a whole a game-changer for you. As Ceres is locked into patterns with your Aries side, self-promotion is involved. You also have those Gemini factors. Multimedia or online is involved (that is the second emphasis on this). Capricorn is involved, so that’s success and achievement. Your Aquarius MC depends on a strictly accurate birth time, as does your Leo IC, but if you know for sure the umbilical cord was cut at the exact time you say, I would also suggest that a group is involved, numbering many friends. Now, plant those acorns or feed and water them, if you already did that.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Really appreciate your response in bringing it all together for me. One quick follow up question: From what you stated, it indicates to me that I need to do my own entrepreneurial thing vs get a job which is what I’ve been doing unsuccessfully for 3 years now. Would you say so as well?

        1. You have this Aries-Cancer-Capricorn weather taking place which is about a necessary relaunch of your image, profile, brand, appearance and the rest online. There is a part of you which does not perhaps see just how important this is, but as we live online, and you are judged in one minute online, your professional choices are ruled by that. If you know you should relaunch and have not, then now is the time. The Capricorn weather is not your fault and it is bigger than you. We are going through a massive reshape of big business and few players have more power. This means you have to try harder if you want to exist outside the system. Trying harder means a total lifestyle change as you will need to devote more time and energy to succeeding on the outside. The Cancer side of this weather pattern in your chart is about paying the rent, the mortgage or saving for a better place. The key to it all, though, is yourself. A mirror and a journal are a good place to begin September, which is absolutely the month to rethink what you are offering, how you do it, why you do it, and what people see/view when they come to you, especially online.

  25. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well! I’m learning so much here but still having trouble joining the dots for myself – I have lots of action at 7 and 13 degrees and the Sun in Pisces at 15 along with Ops at 15 in Cancer and Chiron in Taurus at 14… The going has been so very heavy this year – I’ve tried to get my business up and running again after having my baby girl in September 2017, amongst trying to regain my sanity!! Can you help me interpret why that may be? Any advice appreciated! 🙂 Lauren

    1. Lauren, getting a business up and running after having a child is best done when the astrology is flowing – so as few retrogrades (stuck or backwards cycles) as possible. You also want to go with the weather, not against it. You have opportunities galore for ‘bigger and better’ in 2019 which will continue until the first week of December. If nothing has happened it may be that you are bypassing or ignoring obvious options. There may have been news stories about your chosen field, for example, which clearly show a new market or demographic, but you haven’t gone there. Perhaps you’ve heard about new technology or trends in your area but not pursued that. You are also doing this against classic Cancer-Capricorn weather, with major push-pull action in the heavens in your Fourth House of motherhood and Tenth House of career. You are trying to be a parent and a businesswoman on a cycle which is notorious for stretching both in opposite directions! Pursue your goals, figure out what you haven’t followed up or paid more attention to, but also know that nothing will be easy or quick until we see the end of the Capricorn-Cancer weather at Christmas 2020. From that point on you will be stunned at how much easier life is, and 2021 will feel like the dawning of a new era for you.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Your blog posts are always so interesting. I’m thinking this connects with my MC at 17 Leo. I am planning on releasing 3 big creative projects at the end of July. We’ve been working on them for a few months- would it be better to wait and deliver in mid-August instead? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. July and the first half of August is a good time for dress rehearsal, beta testing and going over old ground. I am launching The Avebury and Stonehenge Astrology Walk in July and we are deliberately producing this podcast in stages, just as Stonehenge was produced in stages, adding more astrologers over time – this is not the finished podcast. I am sharing this with you to let you know we astrologers practise what we preach! You’re M.C. or Midheaven at 17 Leo is dependent on an absolutely accurate birth time which you appear to have. Leo is not ‘creative’ as such. It is about sharing the entertainment, sport and part-time pursuits that children and teenagers also enjoy with adults. So this is why Leo is associated with riding, music, theatre and particular books, like Harry Potter. Leo is about whatever keeps the generations together and that may involve games, horses, films – and so on. I am not sure what your projects are or if they fit the bill. In general, 2019 is a year of tremendous opportunity for you, and to make the most of it, you should certainly avoid Mercury Retrograde for launch unless you are doing (as above) some kind of evolving or staggered project which will involve future edits. A little like Bladerunner with a Director’s Cut at the end.

  27. Hi Jessica, I left a comment earlier (but I’ve been having issues with my account— which they have finally fixed!). I have Mercury and Taurus exact at 17 degrees. Will this impact communication around love and money? Not sure how exactly to read into this…

    1. I am sorry you have been having account issues – Mercury Retrograde is with us again. You are essentially going through a reshape of your budget and values, for reasons beyond your control. This is likely to be government or council policy change in 2019, 2020 and this in turn affects your allowance, taxation or your employer’s payments to you – perhaps the bank’s interest rates and so on. This general whirlpool of change will make you question what you used to spend money on, where you can cut back – but also what you utterly refuse to trade on, or do deals over. In this way you come to value and treasure even more, the things that money cannot buy, or the things that money perhaps once bought but you will never sell. This is a theme increasing in intensity in 2019 with massive decisions about your lifestyle by 2023.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I have my Sun at 15 Taurus, Cupido at 15 Cancer, Psyche at 15 Scorpio, Moon at 16 Leo, North Node at 18 Aries, and South Node at 18 Libra.

    I am facing enormous work responsibilities as the new divisional boss has simply doubled my department’s budget without even understanding how our business works. My boyfriend has just been retrenched by his employer and is reeling from the shock. I am unsure whether there is any long term future for our relationship. And I worry about my father’s health as he is elderly and suffers from lung cancer, which is currently being kept in check by medication but we don’t know how long that can last.

    Would be grateful for your advice on what I should look out for in the coming 3 months.

    Many thanks,

    1. Lots going on here Jillian and it is all Cancer-Capricorn weather. Cancer is the family, Capricorn is your career. Capricorn is your boss who has no idea about the way things work, and Cancer is your boyfriend, retrenched – and of course your poor father – who is really going through it. Take a deep breath and know you can change your approach and attitude on the inside, even if you cannot alter the outside. You are going through the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn cycle across the Fourth House and Tenth House of your chart. You also have, for the first and last time in your life, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, also in the Tenth House. July seems intense because of a Full Moon eclipse across both signs. You have permission to take time out from all three people for yourself, and no excuses. You urgently need to get some breathing space, to research specific ways to meditate, use cognitive therapy, a journal, self-help and so on, so that you can figure out a response to get you through 2019 and into early 2020. I can reassure you that the career issues disappear next year. Your boyfriend will also find his own path, professionally, and that will help the two of you know where you stand romantically. Your dad has his own destiny but it is tied karmically to yours, as you two have past life debts and credits to exchange. This may also be true of your boyfriend and the three of you may actually have been family in a very tight situation, in another lifetime. A dream may reveal that. I urge you to use all the resources you find on this website – particularly free access to people I recommend like Jane Teresa Anderson the dream coach, Betty Shine the medium and healer – so that you can work on ‘Me’. The whole point of the Node cycle is to reshape yourself from the inside, developing tolerance, compassion, peace of mind, faith, belief, positive thinking and all the good things – because you can control that even if you cannot control your boss or your dad’s medical care. Years from now you will realise 2019 was the making of you, you, you.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping you get to see my message as a few of my recent questions have not been answered. I appreciate you are busy.
    I have factors at 14 and 17 degrees, including my IC at 14 Capricorn. I am currently job hunting. What do the next 3 months hold for me?
    Thanks as always,

    1. Agnes, you are job hunting on Mercury Retrograde and will be affected by issues (for yourself or others) with internet and telephone connection, computer performance, lost or slow post, transport and travel interruption and the usual Mercury concerns. This extends to August 15th. From that point onwards your chances of knowing where you stand increase but it will not be until the sweeping reshuffles, departures, promotions, demotions and mergers of December 2019, January 2020, that you ultimately understand where you fit into your chosen industry, or a second profession you are tempted by. There are gaps galore for you to fill early in 2020.

  30. Hi Jessica, very curious for your thoughts on this. The Cricket World Cup Semi Final was on 9 July and went on to 10 July because of rain. Mercury Retrograde?
    But 9 – 10 July were big dates in your horoscope for karma and homeland. The obvious top team (India) lost to a commendable but surprise performance by the Kiwis. And I can’t help but feel astrology could see an upset coming. (I felt it coming too on 6 July already.)
    Indian Captain – Virat Kohli: 05 November 1988. TIME OF BIRTH: 10:28 AM. PLACE OF BIRTH: Delhi, India.
    M.S. Dhoni – 7 July 1981, 11:15 am, Ranchi, India.
    NZ Captain Kane Williamson – 8 August 1990, Tauranga, New Zealand.
    Martin Guptill – 30 September 1986, Auckland, New Zealand.
    Would love to hear from you on it, even if sports astrology may not be your thing.

    1. Cricket astrology is not my special area, as you correctly guessed, but my aunt and cousin follow the game, as did my late uncle, so I’m curious about the horoscope factors here. Mercury rules all short trips including the ‘run’ across the grass – he is also the ruler of relay races at the Olympics. He is also of course, about the ticket sales by computer and also the electronic scoreboard. Mercury also rules the deals done in player transfers, the paperwork of the final line-up and also any dodgy deals done – unfortunately cricket is not immune. The New Zealand victory is intriguing but this is not the end of the story. We won’t actually find out the full, final and firm facts until the second half of August and beyond. Thank you for the player data, although I only use Rodden-rated AA data for birth charts, I have to say. In general we have Mercury getting stuck, moving backwards and retracing his steps in Cancer, a sign associated with patriotism and nationalism, so I would say there is something here that everyone is missing, particularly as we have had an eclipse there. A cover-up began July. Watch.

  31. Hello Jessica,
    Hope you are well.
    Would you be able to share any some insight at all please – I have a significant number of factors around 14, 15, 16 and 17. On the back of some sad news, I am questioning the meaning of this life, my work, my living situation (ie what am I doing?!). I know some factors may not be relevant, I’m just curious and unclear.

    Moon Libra 15
    Mars Taurus 14
    Saturn Leo 14
    Neptune Sagittarius 14
    Juno Scorpio 14
    Vesta Leo 14
    Asc Virgo 16
    Desc Pisces 16
    Hygeia Virgo 17

    Thank you!

    1. You are going through a Saturn transit and it does not last forever. You have an unusual chart – it never rains but it pours – so those clusters around 14 degrees mean that just one cycle, also around 14 degrees, can feel unbelievably heavy. I am sorry you have had sad news. The questioning about life, your own life, what it means, how to restore meaning, are typical of Saturn’s transit. The good news is, you do in fact end the year with a tremendous sense of meaning but it will only come when you travel or move. If you are not travelling or moving, you will relocate your headspace and begin to look at a culture or nationality that is a tremendous head trip. You are experiencing Jupiter, Ceres and then from May 2020, the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, circling your natal Neptune, which is all about escaping into other realities. You are a born meditator or yoga practitioner, actually. Are you aware of that? Even though life has been so hard it will serve you, as it will jet propel you into a new way of thinking/believing/travelling in the mind that is a lifelong holiday from reality. In fact it will always feel like your own private jet, even if it’s just in your head! For more on this cycle please see Ninth House on Search. Do pursue this.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for another great post. I appreciate your thoroughness and love being a Premium Member!! I do have a few factors ranging from 14-18 as shown. It’s been a crazy year and with my birthday month coming up in August I was wondering how these factors will come into play?

    Venus 14° Libra 43′ 59″
    Panacea 16° Taurus 02′ 30″
    Juno 18° Taurus 06′ 47″
    ASC 18° Libra 19′ 43″
    DESC 18° Aries 19′ 43″
    Aesculapia 18° Virgo 10′ 10″

    Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. I’ll pass that on to Alyas, Brooke, James, Jodi, Justin and Kerry. Essentially this is a long, slow life reshape with your attitude towards money and marriage, or marriage and mortgage, common-law marriage and joint bank accounts, being transformed over a long period of time. You may find your values change, no matter if this is your current, former or potential new partner, as you realise old ideas about couples and finances are no longer relevant and you start to put a different price tag on the things that money cannot buy. This will be most obvious to you in a few years when you must decide to split or commit (or commit further) but you actually begin the process now.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I guess my Uranus placement at 14 Sagittarius is notable in some way. If it is holiday or move then I am very excited! I am caught somewhere between the end and the new beginning.


    1. You’ll be given the best opportunity in 12 years to have more, enjoy more and do more with faces and places from/in other countries and cultures. You may experience the classic Uranus world-flip as it happens, but try to go with what changes. It will happen suddenly, unexpectedly and alter your path so much – for the right reasons.

  34. Dear Jessica
    Thank you very much for these missives on the upcoming planetary line (pile?) ups.
    I have Apollo at 14 Leo and two other 14 degree factors (Minerva 14 Scorp and Ops at 14 Cancer).
    My daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness in April/May and was hospitalised in June. I thought my partner was handling my tumult very well and was very supportive of me/us. However he has just told me that he no longer wants to be with me – he wants to be my ‘partner but not live together’. I think he is finding the situation with my daughter confronting. She does not live with us. I am considering trying to move into a property I bought back in March, but it is tenanted and this will take time. I want to give my daughter stability, but it seems like that it’s not to be – at least for a while. I did think my partner and I were going to be together for a long time, and go sailing together and everything. This sudden turn of events is very hard for me to take. He did not even discuss his thoughts with me. He just sent me a short letter, telling me what he had decided, when our current agent asked us to commit to another 12 months lease (we are renting).
    If you have any advice, Jessica, please let me know.
    You once said that he, I, my daughter and maybe also my ex-husband are working out karmic debts/credits. I am thinking that you are right.
    His birth details are: 19 Oct 1961 in Melbourne at 5:45pm. My daughter is 1 Feb 2006 in Perth at 8:23am.
    thank you, Jessica. Blessings to you x

    1. I am very sorry you have had this news about your partner wanting to move out. You are trying to give yourself and your daughter stability but you have a tenant in your home and it will take time to move this person out. I am sorry you had this letter from him which must have been a shock. I am going to repeat the message about karma and it will take until May 2020 to figure out with all three of you. This is past life stuff. It will work out with him, if you agree – you can keep the partnership but not live together. He may have other suggestions to reshape what you two share, which you may find quite confronting or challenging, but he’s on that path. He does not want normal, ordinary or regular in love and sex any more. Your daughter will find that she gains her freedom and independence from the situation. So do not begrudge her the lack of stability with him, as a father figure who has just quit, or the lack of certainty with your property circumstances. If she takes a deep breath and learns how to ‘surf’ the waves of constant change (and they will be constant for her, as a teenager) she will realise it’s part of her becoming an adult with her own space, her own free will and her own life – away from you and other members of the family. That bird needs to fly. The sense of karma being fulfilled will be strong from May 2020. For now, you have to deal with the shock and you will need healing for that. If you have not already discovered The Mind Medicine Room of Betty Shine on YouTube (free audio) then try that, as a first step. You build this healing sanctuary with your mind and people have changed their lives with it! Your property situation will settle down later this year and you may not want the place your tenant is currently in. The relationship with your partner and your daughter, if you stay with him, in the year 2021 and following, will change his life and change hers too. But that’s another story. The karma there is likely that she has been so ill, and he has left the home. Try not to think too far ahead in time though as you can only take so much on board, little by little. You can turn to your ancestors in spirit as well, for help, as they have an interest in you and your child. Light a candle and talk to them in your mind, about what you need from an apartment or house, and when – the invisible world is happy to help but you need to connect. You will be surprised at how often the family in spirit can assist, especially with younger members. Do be aware of when you are being shown/guided though! Don’t ignore it. The guidance may seem a little fated, unusual or ‘meant to be’ and that’s the sign. You may hear, for example, of a house-sitting opportunity in a location you’d never considered before, but that city comes up twice in conversation that day. That kind of thing! Please do not worry. This works out. But yes, it’s karmic.

  35. Hi Jessica
    I have
    Sun 15 scorpio
    Bacchus 17 sag
    Ceres 17 pisces

    Please help me understand the upcoming transits specially the ones in august-september. Thank you.

    1. You do have a ‘dance’ in your personal birth chart around 15, 16, 17 – the thing you will notice most August-September is the need to get real (to get serious) about the internet. This also reaches into multimedia, publishing, education or other areas of your life which depend on your communication abilities, your way with words, ideas and images and also your handling of the necessary technology, from microphones, to telephones, to computers. You have been put in a position where you need to grow up, almost, or certainly become super-tough, super-cool, calm and collected – and rather more ‘mature’ – about being heard and read. You have been put through repeated tiresome situations where it has become really clear to you that you need to get serious! If others are not being adults, quit. You deserve better from the huge amount of effort you put into communication, and have been labouring away for such a long time now – perhaps through a foreign language – maybe through social media – and so on. This is the big shift for you and you do owe it to yourself. There are ways to ‘do’ the Third House in your chart (have a look at that when you finish this) and you need to figure out a plan. The Bacchus opposition from the Ninth House to your Third House monthly lunar transit is enough to show you what’s what, who’s who, and what/who matters most. Tough decisions, but perhaps not so tough! Why fake it with yourself?

  36. Hey Jessica. 🙂 Thanks for the update!

    I have N Node 17 Taurus
    S Node 17 Scorpio.

    Then in August Minerva 14 degrees Scorpio.

    Can you help me understand what these might mean for me wrapping up July and moving into August?

    1. This is really just slowing down to get the full, long measure of the deals you have in place in your life – with the bank, partners or relatives, anyone in business/charity, landlords/tenants and so on. This will make you spin your wheels at half the usual speed for a while, which is not a bad thing. These Saturn transits in particular are about figuring out who/what is priceless, precious or for sale. For example – you might sell out on a job, doing something you don’t believe in, because you need the money – but you would never sell out on something you cannot replace, like a flatmate who doesn’t pay her way (who you like)…You get the picture!

  37. Hi Jessica
    I have sun Taurus at 14 and aescapulus Virgo at 14. I also have moon at 17 cancer.
    Things are looking shaky at role could be made redundant, boss is in the process of ,reviewing my role and my cancer mum has not spoken to me since May.. She’s siding with my Capricorn sister who does not speak to me. So I’ve been cut off from my family.
    What do you see for me coming out of August and July?

    1. I am sorry you are experiencing stress in both your Capricorn (Tenth House, career) chart factors and also with your Cancer (Fourth House, mother) factors. You are in the middle of this heavy Capricorn-Cancer weather. You have karma to complete with your sister and mother and also your boss. This karma comes from the direction you took in 2000 and/or 2001. You say you moved to England that year – that must have been a big deal within the family and also with your career path. So you are answering that now, until May 2020. There will be ultimate closure and you can settle on this but you may have to ‘receive’ a karmic payback from others, via the universe, or pay out on some level, so that things are made whole again. Use your Tarot cards and Astrology Oracle cards to find out what the debts and credits are, and how to settle them.

  38. An interesting read, thank you. I have a lot of 14 – 19 placements. And feel it’s always all or nothing!
    I understand some effects, l am going through divorce and the house needs to be split. Which are the other main areas that are going to be affected and how?

    1. The house is enough for the moment. Keep breathing and know that the cycle ends in May 2020. To some extent this is out of your hands as you are going through the North Node in Cancer cycle in your Fourth House of property and household, family and security. This cycle takes you back about 19 years in time, and then 19 years before that, and 19 years before that…all the way into past lifetimes, actually. Some things we just have to live through and this is one of them. Further ahead, you will be astonished at your future home and family life in about 14 years from now. It will be radically different, liberating, the last thing you expected, exciting and – you might just about remember your horoscope predicted it. For now, get to May 2020, when your karma is done.

  39. Hi
    I’m wondering if there is any way to tell what this will mean in light of this article. My daughter, an Aquarius, has:
    north node at 15 Cancer
    Pluto at 14 Sagittarius
    Plus, she has mercury at 22 Aquarius which I know from your most recent article is where the full moon will be on August 15th.
    Plus my moon is at 17 Cancer. I’m wondering if they’re tied together.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you have a past life link with your daughter as your Moon at 17 Cancer is about how you mother (and how your own mother, her grandmother, taught you to mother). This is very close to your daughter’s North Node of karma at 15 Cancer so it is likely that all three of you have incarnated together to redeem past life spiritual credits and also pay off some debts. When/if your daughter decides to have a child of her own, that will likely occur at an intense point for all generations, for whatever reason. Long-term you’d be looking at life in around 8/9 years from now, in terms of her own choices about parenting, step-parenting, adoption, fostering and so on. The circle will go around.

  40. Hello,

    New subscriber – enjoying all your articles. The Brexit predictions are on point!
    I have 14 Sagittarius Sun would you please give me some insight on this? I feel rather stuck at the moment with job, career and general ‘stuff’. I do feel like something is going to happen but a bit in limbo. Thank you! Also, again, awesome site.


    1. Thank you. Predicting Brexit has been fascinating for me as an astrologer (and I am still watching Italy – you should be too). You will find things happen very quickly once Jupiter changes direction, in about one week from now, and if you are willing to surf the waves of change then, you will find that you benefit directly from your connections across the country, or around the world, actually. If you had an overseas penfriend when you were about 12 years old, it may be that face coming through for you – or just a memorable holiday when you were about 12 years old, or a foreign friendship at school.

  41. Hi Jessica ,
    Can you please take a look at my chart and give me guidance .. I am so much in a lull .

    Your guidance is greatly appreciated .


    1. Smita, you are well-known for being competitive, fearless, self-promoting and ‘front and centre’ of life, when you are at your best. You shine when you are first. What is happening at the moment is making this very hard, as you are in a cycle not seen in 240+ years when your career, unpaid work or university/college degree is very, very tough going. The situation will force a major decision from you December 2019, January 2020, when you realise you cannot put up with the same pressures in 2020 you had in 2019. There will also be a shift around you, in your chosen industry, profession or field, that opens up new options for you next year. Further ahead, from Christmas 2020, you will no longer be feeling as if life is an obstacle course! At the moment you need to be very patient, accept the pace will be far slower than you need, and where possible try to escape from it all – completely – so you give yourself a break.

  42. Hi Jessica! Still new to this can’t read my chart. Can you tell me anything that is in my chart that stands out? Thank you!

    1. You should snap up the biggest and best opportunities for success in 12 years, starting now, gone by 2nd December. If you miss these awards, positions, promotions, big hits, flattering roles and so on – they will not be back for another 12 years. What you achieve by December will come back to you, depending on what you passed on, gave or shared around others (splitting your success) in the year 2020, specifically after May that year.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    I love reading all your articles and I am always amazed at how things roll out . I am a sun Capricorn and life has definitely been a roller coaster ride for a number of years now, do feel a little weary from it all . I have just changed jobs from sole trader to wages on the 22nd of July for more stability in my job . I am also rethinking how I feel about romantic partnerships and how they fit into my life, I am currently single .

    I would love any thoughts you have on my chart at present with
    Mars 13 degrees libra
    Northnode 14 degrees Taurus
    Southnode 14 degrees Scorpio
    Psyche 16 degrees Virgo

    Greatly appreciate any insights you have

    1. Thank you so much. You have a strong 13/14 pattern there (ignore 16 as it is too wide). You will need to alter your ideas about marriages and mortgages, sex and money, living together and sharing rent/possessions quite radically over the next few years. This will alter your ideas about love and sex, full stop. This happens as Uranus (the revolution) moves to 14 Taurus, sits on your North Node and opposes your South Node. This is a while off, but do watch Uranus as he goes through. June and July 2021 start the process. This pattern also aspects your Mars in the Seventh House (marriage, partnership) so take care if entering an engagement or common law marriage then. You would need to be sharply aware of the financial angles. Not very romantic, but change can be good. And this will be quite a revolution in your thinking about who should pay for what/how two people should share.

  44. Hi
    We (my Leo Husband and I) have had a crazy 3 years or so, selling a business, house, moving out of the country and then back to my country in a whole new place and trying to navigate this really unsettling situation we are in now. I have recently taken on a small job doing media (which I have very little experience in) for a company where my husband works (and is under a tremendous amount of stress) and am looking to go back to school for something totally unrelated. Finances are tight and this situation is stressful. Do you see any release of the pressure anytime soon? I am trying to understand my chart and wish there was a way I could join my husband and tie him into mine to get more insight. thank you

    1. You can thank your Leo husband for this unsettled phase in your lives, actually, as his Sun sign is at an angle with your chart which suggests life in 2018-2019 in particular has been really hard for him, in terms of work, lifestyle, daily routine and just getting to the end of the day. You share that with him and so you also feel stretched. The cycle ends in phases, with the first end this December 2nd – light at the end of the tunnel at last for him and you – and then from May 2020 when the endless repetition stops. Then, from December 2020 you can say goodbye to one of the toughest periods you will both ever know. So you do get relief and release, in big waves. See if you can go back to school, by 2nd December this year as there will be an opportunity. If you don’t do it then, you could easily go back from May 2020 or into 2021. You would be returned to the past, actually, and karma from the year 2001 would arrive then, in connection with the course, class, teachers, or place – it may be literal karma so the same names turn up again, or symbolic, in that you will be given the chance to go back and fix whatever you feel was never resolved around 2001.

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