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August 2019 Moon Astrology Predictions

Where is this stalled/stilted fresh start that is hinted at on 1st August but will take until 18th August to really get rolling, because of communication, information or transportation issues? Read on.

Here are all the dates you need (and the astrology facts you need) to help you plan August with the Moon. Allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself.

Leo New Moon 1st August in Astrology

The Leo New Moon of Thursday 1st August 2019 takes place with the Sun at 8 Leo and Moon at 8 Leo. It occurs at 3.11 am UT (Universal Time).

This is the new beginning that isn’t, so don’t be fooled. You will see a fresh start, creation, chapter one, announcement and so on, very close to Thursday 1st August – but it will be held up and may be changed later on. The reason for this is that Mercury Retrograde (stalled plans, reshaped ideas) is yet to return to 8 Leo, having tried to go there in July… and failing.

You can’t really bank on ‘new’ when this is going on! So, you have to wait, until Mercury finally goes to the same spot as this New Moon, on Sunday 18th August. That’s when things will roll – but they will not roll the way you originally thought. With Mars, Venus and the Sun all in Leo, though, you can bet on August being an intensely focused month with just one department of your life showing a great deal of heat, speed, complication and tremendous interest from other people.

Which Area of Your Life is Affected?

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If you have your Premium Member personal birth chart and you know you have Leo factors, then this will be about a sexual relationship with parenthood potential. A pregnancy or infant. A schoolchild. A teenager. A young adult. It may be about youth as a whole, so you could have a paid or unpaid involvement with younger faces.

Sun sign predictions are very good too as they give you the general weather forecast based on your sun sign or zodiac sign. So where is the attention in August? Where is this stalled/stilted fresh start that is hinted at on 1st August but will take until 18th August to really get rolling, because of communication, information or transportation issues? Read on.

How Your Sun Sign is Affected

Aries: Sexual relationships, babies, children, young adults, youth. The heirs to your throne and the pretenders to your throne, too.

Taurus: House, apartment, family, hometown, household, homeland. The family tree, heritage, culture, roots, history.

Gemini: Emails, telephone calls, the media, publishing, your voice, short haul travel, commuting, trains, flights, cars, taxis, helicopters.

Cancer: Money, life insurance, your will, a family or partnership legacy, the house, apartment, shares, investments, charity, goods.

Leo: Image, identity, brand, name, title, reputation, portraits, photographs, film or television footage, face, shape, style.

Virgo: The relationship with your God, therapy, psychology, psychics, your soul, spirit, beliefs of all kinds, dreams, confession.

Libra: Friends, networks, circles, communities, clubs, teams, people power, social media, people power, unions, sisterhood.

Scorpio: Success, status, social rank, social mountaineering, paid work, unpaid work, vocation, calling, ambition, your C.V.

Sagittarius: Foreign people and places. Regional differences. Education and academia. Publishing and the worldwide web.

Capricorn: Finance, debts, your house, land, apartment, investments, legacy, inheritance, taxation, mortgage, charity.

Aquarius: Your former, current or potential partner. Your enemy, rival or opponent. Your other half. Your archenemy. Marriage.

Pisces: Workload. Duty and service. Housework. Daily routine. Doctors, drugs, fitness, healers, mental health, physical health.

Stoplight - August 2019 Moon Astrology Predictions

Need to Know: The August 1st New Moon in Leo

This New Moon is already thwarted, stilted or not quite right, in terms of this begin a big green light in your life. It’s like seeing the green light (in relation to the life areas above) then having it go back to amber, red, green, amber…

I also need to share that this is not just coming out of nothing. You spent August 2017 through January 2019 with a major blind spot about this area of your life. Not seeing, not knowing. We had six eclipses either in Leo or right opposite, so what you are essentially doing in August is rewinding – and then finally, finally, moving forward from August 18th. From that point forward you can say ‘done deal’ and let August 2017 through January 2019 go. Then, at last, there really will be some kind of fresh start in your life.

Aquarius Full Moon 15th August in Astrology

The Aquarius Full Moon of 15th August 2019 takes place with the Sun at 22 Leo opposite the Moon at 22 Aquarius. It takes place at 12.29pm UT (Universal Time).

A Full Moon is always a stretch! It’s a big ask. It pulls you in two different directions, or it pits you against people, organisations and situations going the other way. So, allow time and space for yourself and others near the 15th.

Which area of your life is affected? Well, at least 50% of this Full Moon will be about the area of your world I mentioned above. Again, if you have your personal birth chart from me it will pull in your daughter, son, godchild, young relative, a parenthood-potential sexual relationship or children (perhaps younger people) as a whole. Depending on your age they would be young enough to be your own children.

The other 50% of this Full Moon will concern (if you have Aquarius factors in your personal birth chart) your friends or the group. People power. The community. Please give yourself and these others, space and time on the actual day and 24 hours either side of it.

If you do have Aquarius factors in your chart, then you have also been on a really odd pathway since August 2017, as a chain of eclipses in August 2017, January 2018, July 2018, January 2019 has resulted in an information blackout!

Where friends and groups are concerned you have been in the dark, due to a cover-up, or your own tunnel vision regarding a situation, community or organisation.

Moon Article Pic 1 - August 2019 Moon Astrology Predictions

How Your Sun Sign Is Affected by the Full Moon of 15th August

It’s the same with the life area I mention below, relevant to your Sun Sign. Owing to eclipses in August 2017, January 2018, July 2018, January 2019 – you ‘never knew and did not see.’ So, what area of your life are we talking about here?

Libra: Sexual relationships, babies, children, young adults, youth. The heirs to your throne and the pretenders to your throne, too.

Scorpio: House, apartment, family, hometown, household, homeland. The family tree, heritage, culture, roots, history.

Sagittarius: Emails, telephone calls, the media, publishing, your voice, short haul travel, commuting, trains, flights, cars, taxis, helicopters.

Capricorn Money, life insurance, your will, a family or partnership legacy, the house, apartment, shares, investments, charity, goods.

Aquarius: Image, identity, brand, name, title, reputation, portraits, photographs, film or television footage, face, shape, style.

Pisces: The relationship with your God, therapy, psychology, psychics, your soul, spirit, beliefs of all kinds, dreams, confession.

Aries: Friends, networks, circles, communities, clubs, teams, people power, social media, people power, unions, sisterhood.

Taurus: Success, status, social rank, social mountaineering, paid work, unpaid work, vocation, calling, ambition, your C.V.

Gemini: Foreign people and places. Regional differences. Education and academia. Publishing and the worldwide web.

Cancer: Finance, debts, your house, land, apartment, investments, legacy, inheritance, taxation, mortgage, charity.

Leo: Your former, current or potential partner. Your enemy, rival or opponent. Your other half. Your archenemy. Marriage.

Virgo: Workload. Duty and service. Housework. Daily routine. Doctors, drugs, fitness, healers, mental health, physical health.

At Last! The Virgo New Moon 30th August in Astrology

The Virgo New Moon of 30th August 2019 takes place with the Sun at 6 Virgo conjunct the Moon at 6 Virgo. It takes place at 10.37am UT (Universal Time).

This is a great New Moon. Unlike the other moon cycles of August it’s clean, uncomplicated, useful, practical and a genuine new start in your life without any backlog or baggage from 2017 or 2018.

If you have your personal birth chart and you have Virgo factors, this is a major beginning with your food, drink, drugs, doctor, healer, fitness, personal trainer, mental health, wellbeing, lifestyle and daily routine. This will feed directly into your housework, work ethic, fitness for duty, job situation, unpaid work or studies.

There will be a green light right on 30th August or a day either side and that’s your call to action. You will be tested in September but that’s fine. The tests are designed to make you stronger.

What About Your Sun Sign Chart?

Your Sun Sign chart is a good general guide to your personal weather forecast. What we have here is a brand-new beginning and you will see it with your partners, friends or family too. It’s like touching down in a new place, with a really decisive landing. From there you find your path, for the rest of the year.

Taurus: Sexual relationships, babies, children, young adults, youth. The heirs to your throne and the pretenders to your throne, too.

Gemini: House, apartment, family, hometown, household, homeland. The family tree, heritage, culture, roots, history.

Cancer: Emails, telephone calls, the media, publishing, your voice, short haul travel, commuting, trains, flights, cars, taxis, helicopters.

Leo: Money, life insurance, your will, a family or partnership legacy, the house, apartment, shares, investments, charity, goods.

Virgo: Image, identity, brand, name, title, reputation, portraits, photographs, film or television footage, face, shape, style.

Libra: The relationship with your God, therapy, psychology, psychics, your soul, spirit, beliefs of all kinds, dreams, confession.

Scorpio: Friends, networks, circles, communities, clubs, teams, people power, social media, people power, unions, sisterhood.

Sagittarius: Success, status, social rank, social mountaineering, paid work, unpaid work, vocation, calling, ambition, your C.V.

Capricorn: Foreign people and places. Regional differences. Education and academia. Publishing and the worldwide web.

Aquarius: Finance, debts, your house, land, apartment, investments, legacy, inheritance, taxation, mortgage, charity.

Pisces: Your former, current or potential partner. Your enemy, rival or opponent. Your other half. Your archenemy. Marriage.

Aries: Workload. Duty and service. Housework. Daily routine. Doctors, drugs, fitness, healers, mental health, physical health.

Moon Article Pic 2 - August 2019 Moon Astrology Predictions

Using the Tests of September 2019

I mentioned some tests up ahead in September, like an obstacle course. These help you become fitter, firmer, more determined, stronger and far more likely to succeed (in the life areas above) over the long term. I’ll talk more about this in your September weekly and monthly stars and, if you are a Premium Member, I will give you specific dates and details which may affect your personal birth chart, at that time.

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69 Responses

  1. hi Jessica!
    Such an intriguing post! I have vulcano at 21 Leo and Jupiter at 19 Leo. I am a sun virgo, with a virgo stellium (12 factors). I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life; whether to separate from my husband and forge out on my own, or to resign myself to my life as it is now, and make the best of / resign myself to my situation, which is unfulfilling and not very happy. I have been vacillating between letting and go and hanging on for some time now.
    I wonder if you would glance at my chart and let me know what the August moons mean for me.

    warm regards,

    1. Teri the real issue here is your son or daughter (you don’t say if you became parents), any miscarriages or abortions in your past with your husband, the nieces, nephews or godchildren which connect you both. Because of this, and also because of any feelings you have about becoming a stepmother to a second husband in future (or similar) you can bet Christmas 2019 is the sign-off. By January 2020, the issue of parenthood/substitute parenthood is so intense that you will need to have a decision about counselling or separation ready – maybe a third radical decision about organising a new way for babies or children, teenagers or those born 20+ years after you, to play a meaningful role in your future. This goes on until 2023 so it’s a long cycle but I doubt you’ll still be vacillating beyond Christmas and New Year. Something has to change or give. It will be okay, but for the deepest reasons about your old age, you need to have secured some kind of ‘heir’ to your ‘throne’ sooner rather than later and your bad marriage is central to that question. Destiny is waiting.

  2. Hi Jessica, thank you for another amazing article.
    Could you, please let me know how this cycle will affect me?

    1. Thank you. Essentially we have extreme Leo weather going back over the last 1-2 years crossing your Fifth House, which describes how you feel about children. How you feel about younger people born 20 years after you. One way or another, you are going to have to leave this in a good place, so between now and August 15th you will be backtracking over discussions, emails or plans dating from late June or July. This is really about shaping the future in terms of the next generation and yourself, and also the generation born after that one. This re-run or rethink of where you were originally headed will be important as it will set your course for 2020. You don’t tell me anything about yourself so it’s really hard to be specific – sorry.

  3. Hi Jessica, happy birthday! Thank you for the insight.
    I have Leo IC 18 and Minerva Leo 19 and both my godson and nephew are playing a big part in my life and the decisions I’m considering at the moment around one path over another in terms of location. Also my own potential heirs! Does my chart indicate anything in these areas for August and beyond?

    1. Thank you very much. You are being taken back to some past-life karma with your godson and nephew and may have played different family roles with each other in previous lifetimes and agreed to incarnate as souls in 2019, 2020 in order to sort out some long-standing soul issues. You were really stuck in 2017, 2018 when nothing progressed as it should and you ended up stuck, or just wondering what you had to do/say to change things! Now you are catching up with the last two years karmically but you are also going back to the last few weeks, as what was said, written or planned in June or July has stalled or vanished. It will be back by August 15th in terms of your plans and you will be amazed at how much rolls from that point. Don’t be fooled by the New Moon in Leo as August begins, please, as although it looks like a green light or fresh start, it is happening against a background of missing information, or a changing story, regarding these two young men/boys in your life and it won’t really be until mid-August that you get that ‘Aha!’ moment and fill in the jigsaw. From there you create a new picture. One which was never on the front of the box. The location issues are also a function of rather stuck astro-weather and there is something to be said for waiting, as had you gone full speed ahead with choices about a house, apartment or street in July you would have been flying blind.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I am always in awe of the way you explain astrology.
    May I request for your insight on what the eclipses were about in reference to my chart, outside of the broad sun sign affectations mentioned above? And where would it lead from here? Much appreciated.
    P.S. Belated happy birthday!

    1. Thank you, I had a lovely birthday. You are going through a karmic cycle with your family, house, apartment, town, household and/or country taking you back to old themes and issues from the year 2000-2001, which does not end until May 2020. You had a blind spot or tunnel vision about this twice this month, so you may prefer not to draw big conclusions or make judgements – say, about a relative, a flatmate or your kitchen – your country of residence – or the council’s plans for your town. You would be better off allowing for what you do not know, or cannot see. Further ahead, December 2019 and January 2020 will show you more of the jigsaw puzzle about your people and your place. As I said, the karma ends in May 2020, but until then you may find that you have to accept what is happening and catch up with yourself later. From the year 2023 any pressure you have felt from other people, situations or organisations, will vanish completely.

  5. dear Jessica,
    Would you be able to take a look at my chart please and let me know what the August moons mean for me? I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you,

    1. August is really about your life as a traveller, explorer, student of life, guide for others (guru) and internet citizen. You have been thrown way off your usual course with all this and the mysteries, blind spots and missing jigsaw pieces are still annoying you. Yet, you will be on track after August 15th and able to get your head around where you should be going for 2020 and where things are now at! You need to be thoroughly updated on the world of university, college, school, workshops, seminars, part-time qualifications and evening classes as the world has moved on and it has no doubt surprised you to find out how fast – and how far. This is really your role and your part to play so you need to get ‘across it’ as they say. Give it a bit of time but get real and get serious in the second half of August and particularly in September. I would also add to that general comment, the worldwide web with all its informal educational resources; travel; emigration; relocation; foreign people and places; cultural gaps and regional differences. The world of books, publishers, libraries, ebooks, websites also has its part to play. Essentially the Leo cycle of 2017-2018 put you on a really odd pathway that is not ‘you’ at all – not the old you anyway! You need to get back to that and you will, from the second half of August and beyond. In fact you will be relaunched by December with a lot of attention paid in November, regarding your status online, as a world citizen, worldwide web citizen and so on.

  6. Hi Jessica! Another amazing article, i’ve re-read it three times now.
    Can you please tell me how the Leo factors in my chart effect me ? I am engaged and live with my fiancé . But both of us never had children , not planning or want to have children in the near future and we are not associated (personally or professionally) to something related to younger generation. I do have younger sister but only by 7 years . Thank you 🙂

    1. I’m glad the article is useful. It is impossible for me to say more without your birth chart or your partner’s. If you do have Leo factors then you don’t know something about 2017-2018 and you are about to find out, how much you don’t know. That’s all I can say.

      1. Apologies, I posted without logging in to my account which is probably why you couldn’t see my chart. I am hoping you can see it now , would be very helpful if I could get some insights on the Leo factors in my chart – I do have a lot of them. And August 2017 eclipses hit me hard !

        1. No problem. Essentially the world of children is usually concealed from people outside the immediate family and even parents can sometimes be in the dark. Their teenagers hide things, or the realities of parenthood/marriage can sometimes be a very bad relationship hidden by a happy Facebook exterior. These are two examples of the kinds of missing jigsaw pieces that Leo transits like this bring. The most extreme side of all this is that you get someone like Jeffrey Epstein in New York running what amounts to a teenage sex ring for old men! I am sure nothing like this has been around you; it may be as relatively innocent as a children’s charity hiding their finances, which are dire – with you being none the wiser. Without you telling me anything at all about your self it is impossible to say…suffice to say what you discover you never knew or never saw, will result in ‘never to be known/revealed’ as the verdict by September and by then you really will have to get on with your life…

  7. Hi Jessica – beautiful article and easily digestible as usual. Even as you explain hard aspects you do it in a way that empowers the reader to take the information and act or be still (in meditation perhaps;) and observe. Having said that what should I be doing/knowing/focusing on right now based on the lunar patterns that are finally playing out from 2017. Thank you and I hope you spent your birthday knowing how awesome you are and how many people you help every day, thank you for being here!

    1. Thank you so much – and what a lovely thing to read, on Thursday in Brighton. You are heavily Libra and are meant to be in several partnerships over the course of your lifetime – some will be based on love, sex and commitment – some will be professional. You will spend September making life-changing decisions about your former, current or potential partner. This may be your ex-husband for example or a new lover. There may also be a work partnership you have in mind. The learning process is still very new and different, but in September you will find yourself in a position to do something that more conservative people find outrageous or audacious. For example, remarrying your old husband. I am sure you have even more interesting things in mind than that and not all my readers are heterosexual! Basically you have a huge menu of choices about love, sex, commitment, and also relating, dating and mating with an ex. You would do well to keep an open mind and heart and be up for almost anything – as long as you don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses, as the saying goes! September will reshape ‘two of us’ no matter if you two are exes at war, very much settled in a partnership, or if you are flirting.

  8. Hi J.

    I just today added my DOB as premium member.

    Should I get my personal reading for 1 year a head on my birth day?

    It’s 2nd August 1983.

    Thank you very much
    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for adding your birthday. Happy Birthday and many happy returns. I don’t actually do personal readings, unless it is for charity – and the last one went for about $2000 – so you may have misunderstood what Premium Membership involves! However I am happy to take a quick look at the next 12 months. You will totally reshape what you eat, and perhaps what you drink – in slow stages, intensifying in December 2019, January 2020. This will also reshape your body and you will develop a new relationship with a particular form of sports, the great outdoors, swimming, walking and so on. You are also going to see a massive change in your profession, unpaid work or at university/college in December 2019, January 2020 and with any luck you will end up with a lot more power and influence than you had before. There will be some demotions, mergers, departures, and so on – around you as 2020 begins. 2020 as a whole is best suited to a lifestyle revamp and a totally new relationship with work, housework and so on. There will be solutions, offers, options and new resources to enjoy all year long.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for another amazing post, I have Leo at 0deg at MC, would you tell me a bit about this please.
    thank you

    1. Your Leo M.C. or Midheaven depends on a strictly accurate birth time, so you need to trust the clock time when the umbilical cord was cut. If you really do have Leo here, then your calling in life involves children, teenagers and young adults. You may do this by becoming a super parent, Sandi, or a super aunt, godmother or grandmother. You may also do it by teaching, or becoming involved in children’s or teenagers’ entertainment, charities, sport and the rest. It’s about the next generation who are the heirs to your throne.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I have been waiting for so long to see wether there will be an artical abozt “Virgo and Money”but i think i have to ask now.Thanks and God bless you for this artical too.I lost my job since 2015 and tge same year seperated with my wife who went away with kids.When will i be happy again in financialy and sexual relationships?
    The Virgo New moon falls on my birthday and i have a stellium in my 1st house thats Sun,moon,mercury and pluto.The August New moon occurs on my Sun degree (8).What does that interprate please.
    Born in Malindi Kenya on the 01/09-1970 @5:30 am
    Thank you in advance
    Warm Grtngs

    1. Thank you Mwanyule. I am sorry you lost your wife and children. This is very hard to go through but your problems will end in stages, improving (in terms of being a father and a partner) in 2020, and enormously in 2021. From 2023 the last few years will be just a memory and you will be relieved to see ‘that was then, this is now.’ For the moment you are concerned about money. The answer is to use September. You will be amazed at the new ways you can make or save cash that month. You will be around a person or organisation who can teach you new tricks. New ways of doing the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable. Now obviously it needs to be within the letter of the law (!) but if you are open to trying what others say is impossible, but make it possible – then you will be so much better off, in September. One example might be house-sitting for very little rent, or looking after a whole household of furniture for someone who has moved to a smaller home, so that you can access the goods without any cost. There are many, many more ways of managing new options. Sometimes people go bankrupt on this cycle, which sounds awful, until you realise they are let off the hook with bills. You will find your own way of moving forward in September but the crucial thing is the children and you will be happier in stages, just as I mentioned.

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for the great article! I have mars at 5 Leo and Fortuna at 16 Leo. I have just decided in the last few years that I really want to have a baby but I’m 39 and am worrying that time is running out. I have had an on again off again relationship (currently off) for the last 5 years where we had discussions regarding children close to the previous Leo eclipse dates, which is really interesting. Prior to that in 2016 I had a miscarriage with this same man. What do these placements say about possible children? Or is it saying something else? Thank you so much! Happy belated birthday btw!

    1. I’m sorry you have been caught up with this Leo eclipse weather – as you say, you want a baby at the age of 39, but you have been going through discussions on eclipse dates, which are always blind spots or even sometimes withheld information. I am very sorry you had to go through a miscarriage with the same man – very difficult to get over that one – especially if you want a child now. You will find the facts you discover, the conversations you have, the news that comes to light, the information that passes your radar – now until the end of August – clears up so much! One thing I would suggest which I have seen work for other people with your cycles, is that you open your mind to all ways of parenting. This may mean foster parenting. It could mean adoption, IVF, or even finding a new partner who has children from a failed marriage. The reason I say this is that just opening your mind and embracing a bigger picture can sometimes be the spark that starts the change. Even if it means sitting down and watching Call the Midwife at binge levels (which presents fantastic storylines about the many, many different ways you can mother) it will help start the process. Yet first, you need to complete as much of the jigsaw puzzle as you can, by the end of August, and it would go back to July, June and also the years 2017-2018 as a whole. This is not only about your fertility, but also his, and also his personal situation too. It’s a big one.

      1. Thank you very much! I meant to say that if biologically it doesn’t work out then I am ok with that, this has been a weird cycle of wanting and then not wanting children then wanting again…. so totally ok with whatever outcome. I have been rescuing senior dogs as a bit of a hospice for them, so sometimes I wonder if that is where I am best at being a mother. Thank you for letting me know about Call the Midwife! Will definitely binge. Hope you are well!

  12. Hello Jessica,

    Great information! I hope you are enjoying this summer. I read you were at Stonehenge during the Summer Eclipse. I was in Cusco, Peru then and visited Machu Picchu the day AFTER the eclipse. Great trip! (quite possibly my Sag in Jupiter return trip) So I just passed an exam for work to advance to another level. Before I received my results, I mentioned the exam to a few colleagues and I was told of a few positions of which in the end, I had no interest. I’m ready to move forward in my career, but steadily and wisely, not just because a position I’m qualified for is available. People are always telling me to take positions based on salary. Yes, I’m born with a Capricorn Sun (career climbers?), but in my opinion the position needs to be a right fit for me. People around me look at me incredibly when I have declined career opportunities in the past. I am comfortable with those prior decisions to this day. So with the moons in Leo, Aquarius and Virgo in August do you see any career movements in my chart? Or are these moons more on the personal front of life? (I am single. I am a mother of a 28 year old son. He has his own home.) Thank you for your time. Enjoy your day!

    Regards, Ar Ma

    1. Thanks Ar Ma. You will find your opportunities increase and the leads also build in September, not so much August. You will likely be offered a project, part-time or full-time role, paid or unpaid pathway around 28th September, after a month of conversations and emails which make you more certain about what you want to do. Actually, your career will be far less important to you in future than money, which is a different thing. The financial side of your existence will transform from Christmas 2020 and from 2023 you will be amazed at the difference between your future financial/business/charity/property ‘self’ and the old person.

  13. HI Jessica

    Belated happy birthday! Hope this year brings you everything that you need and want…

    So it’s my birthday today – August 1 and it is a new moon! I read the article on this new moon – however given it is in my solar chart so influences the entire year – can you please throw some light on what this new Birthday year brings for me with love and career/finances.

    Thanks in advance !

    1. Thank you. Happy Birthday to you as well. You’ll reshape your lifestyle and workload, following some obvious alarm bells ringing about what needs to change – even now – and by December 2019 you will be stepping back from the way it’s been in 2018, 2019 and thinking harder about actually doing something quite dramatic. It may be rethinking your workload, housework and unpaid work. It may be switching jobs, as there are reshuffles in your own profession and also another one you are interested in, ahead of you, as 2019 ends and January 2020 begins. That could create a gap for you to get into. You will not be working the same way, along the same lines, with or for the same people, beyond 2020. That’s quite a radical shift. Why? Because you actually won’t have to. And some projects and plans will set you free in the most astonishing ways, by 2021.

  14. HI Jessica. Excellent as ever! I have Leo factors in Venus and Mars. I suppose this new moon would relate to what the 5th house in astrology represents. But, I have another astrology question. During the eclipse season of 2016-2017 (during the Great American Eclipse) I met people who would become very important in my life (job wise). I met my former partner during the eclipse of 2013. And within days to the July 2nd eclipse, I met another person. I know you mention that eclipses conceal, never reveal. But I was wondering whether eclipses also bring important people (or fated connections) to one’s life. Thanks a lot, as ever! Best wishes

    1. Yes, the eclipses usher in past life connections because the zodiac sign an eclipse falls in, is always the same sign where you find the Moon’s Node. The Moon’s Nodes are symbols of past life debts and credits, reincarnation, and soul pacts in between lives. So, the fact that you have met partners on eclipses, or career contacts, suggests some kind of karma playing itself out. The most recent batches were in Virgo-Pisces (work) then Leo-Aquarius (personal life and groups) and now we have Cancer-Capricorn – family and career.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Just wondering how the eclipses will play out in my chart. Really enjoying your website!

    1. You won’t really know how much you were being kept in the dark until you have gone through Mercury’s total rewind in Leo, and for that you need to wait until at least the middle of August. Essentially this is about the babies, children, teenagers or younger adults in your world, or perhaps any relationship you have had/have (you don’t say anything about yourself) which could have led to pregnancy, abortion or a miscarriage in the past. The Leo weather is really about ‘you never knew/you never saw’ and it may be a conversation with someone which illuminates you – for example a godchild’s father who explains what has really been going on with the family – or the revelation that a niece’s family is splitting up. People tend to cover things up if they concern sex, babies or children – teenagers too can be secretive – and you will never know most of one particular story in your world, yet from the end of August you will really, truly sign off from it. I just had a client who has decided never to see her own daughter again even though the latter threatens to cut off contact with the grandchildren – little by little she is finding out the truth – so August is a bit of an eye-opener for her!

  16. dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the August moon reading and letting me know that from mid-August my life will be on the right track towards a relaunch as a world citizen.
    Would you please also share some insight on my family life (my husband and my two daughters), which has been a total wreck since December 2017? Will it get back on track as well?
    Thank you,

    1. You have been on the receiving end of Leo eclipses and Node cycles (parenthood) and now Cancer eclipses and Node cycles (family) which might explain you, Simu, why you and so many other families you know – or parents and children – have really been put through the wringer. Much of this is really your training wheels for becoming more philosophical, more patient, more tolerant, more accepting and the rest. You are basically being made to qualify for sainthood! Yet, joking aside, the endless ‘stickiness’ of the situation with your husband and daughters is genuinely giving you a chance to become happier on the inside because you have learned, and are still learning, that the only way to deal with what never seems to change, is to change on the inside. You can either be exasperated and frustrated, or you can train your brain to see another angle. On the plus side, this cycle breaks in May 2020. No more karma to be sorted out. And from December 2020, even the regular monthly Saturn-Moon oppositions in your Fourth House of family, which test you so much (the Moon is always in Cancer when it happens) and the Pluto-Moon oppositions (again, the Moon is always in Cancer) will begin to ease up. From 2023 it is all ancient history but the biggest shift happens from May next year. You will be relaunched as a world citizen, astonished at your options overseas in September, October, November.

  17. Thanks for this- really looking forward to clearning the Leo eclipses/weather and moving forward. I’ve got a couple factors near 6 Virgo. Any insight? Am desperate for a new start. x

    1. You should be on track in September, which is the month that clears so much up, at last. We’ve been stuck for rather a long time and even now, in August, people are still spinning their wheels, or finding that arrangements made weeks before are being scrapped or seriously altered! You are really waiting for that Sun in Virgo to highlight and clarify what you need to do about your workload and lifestyle as a whole, because the 24 hours in your day will need to be re-ordered. You also have massive knock-on benefits coming your way, for all sorts of reasons, from new global agreements on trade, emigration, visas, airlines, vacations and so on – it won’t affect you directly but through six degrees of separation, several times in September.

    1. You have not been across the full story about your godchild, niece, nephew, child (or the world of children in general) in 2017, 2018 as information has either been withheld from you, or you did not see it, when it was there – you missed those facts altogether. Now, in August 2019, you are going to catch up with the past. The full and final picture will never be known. Call it a missing jigsaw puzzle and leave it at that. Sometimes the issue is a pregnancy, so babies and embryos, as much as schoolchildren and teenagers. It is hard to say more because I don’t know anything about you. Heavily Leo people can be parents, godparents, aunts or uncles – or skip that – but have paid or voluntary involvement with babies, children or young people. The relationship you have with youth in general is extremely important now, but as I say, you are missing bits of your own history from the last two years and August will fill you in. From September this gives you a new direction in terms of how it’s going to be for you with children, teenagers or younger people in future.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Thank you again for your insightful predictions. I’m Aquarius and have Juno there too. I have heavy weight Saturn and Pluto in Leo, as well as Mars and MC in Virgo. My potential business partner is also an Aquarius and has Mars in Leo. In August and September will we get contracts from China and Japan to work along for long? Should I invest in some equipment in advance for the contracts – that is production of fermented health drinks? Will we move to China to accomplish the contract? Sorry for so many questions and thank you always for your guided answers.

    1. You are in a fantastic position with China or Japan in September. Try to focus on that month – later on in August is also fine – but Jupiter the planet of opportunity will be direct, moving forward, making great patterns in September in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of export, foreigners and import. It’s hard to say more about China without knowing the chart for your corporate partner or the actual business. In general health drinks work best with the demographic born in the 1960s who have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and want to take control of their wellbeing.

  19. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for another lovely read. For I would like to ask if at possible if you may be able to offer guidance in regards to how this particular alignment is to be impacting me – for I am aware to notice a stellium of Leo factors but unclear as to how to translate. I’m a bit all over the place and confused. Is there anything about personal finances, family, career, education, health? I’m anxious about the path I am following at the moment and trying to make a decision of where to go but remain static whilst things around me feel like they are falling apart? Feeling as though there had been opportunities brought to my attention but not actioned and now worry I am too late as I don’t feel aligned. Thank you for your consideration of my comment, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support and guidance you may wish to offer.
    Take care, Kindest regards, Bea xxx

    1. Thanks Bea. I have said this to you before, but your greatest hope and best bet in 2019 is to study or teach – or do both. You will not fix finance, career, family, health in one year. Education, academia, workshops, seminars, refresher courses, evening classes are your best path and you have until the first week of December to push that. You could also mentor, guide, train or teach to your total advantage this year. You sound as if you are suffering from anxiety, which is a physical condition affecting your state of mind. You need to meditate, see your doctor, have a regular healing session, take yoga or try hypnosis to overcome this.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars and Fortuna in Leo. Should one look at sun sign or the ascending sign to figure the area this would impact?

    Over past few months life has become really heavy and serious for me. Almost feels like I have aged a decade in a few months. My work life is fine but personal life is not great as in midst of a separation from my husband. I am taking my daughter away on a holiday just to recover from this mess. Anyway, the separation has been extremely slow moving process having taken years!

    I dont know if all this is connected any how but thought would ask. When can life become lighter and happier for me. Spending days without having hearty laughs is not for me. But I cant see how life would ever get lighter.
    Many thanks

    1. Always read your Sun Sign prediction with me, never your Rising Sign (Ascendant) or you will be way off! Basically you are having a massive cycle in your Fourth House, ruled by Cancer. This describes the family. You are having a cycle not seen in 19 years, which brings in past life karma, usually with children and partners, or in your case, a separating husband. It should make you feel better to know that the karma is over for good in May 2020. Of course you want some relief and release before then. You should be thrilled with the holiday – the place, people, culture, food, history – assuming you are heading off in the second half of August or September. In fact it will be a turning point for you in terms of your spirituality, beliefs and philosophy of life. There may be a second trip by Christmas, or just ‘revisiting’ on the internet. One of the reasons this cycle has also been so hard for you is that you are just coming out of the long Leo eclipse period of 2017-2018, which most certainly involved your daughter and perhaps other issues circling pregnancy, fertility, babies, children, young people as a whole. It may not be until the middle of this month that you realise just how much you did not know, or could not see at the time. Then you can move on from that. The final family karma has to ‘revolve, rotate’ but it will, and it will also make you more patient, tolerant, philosophical about life and in many ways it will feed your soul, even though it is so tough to go through at the time. From 2023 you will look back at this period of your life and know it is ancient history.

    1. Thank you. By August 15th you will know – how much you never knew – about your godchild – or other children in your world. Sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. The children or teenagers you are involved with, via paid or unpaid efforts. You either did not see – or did not know what was actually going on – in 2017, 2018. It is hard to say more without any information about you.

  21. Hi Jessica

    Can you please look into the chart for my social media account that I intend to launch on UTC 18:50, 13 August. I have settled on this date and time because, moon is in aquarius, ascendant is conjunct my natal jupiter and sun and mercury are in leo which will be helpful for a person like me who is normally shy. It also brings the leo sun venus conjunction at 20 in semi sextile with apollo in virgo. I am a budding movement practitioner and desiring to connect with like minded and driven individuals around the world through web. So the theme of my account will ‘mainly’ revolve around- 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 11th houses. I can use your words of wisdom for the launch. Or should I wait for jupiter venus conjunction later in november? Please guide. Thanks a lot for all that you do on this webpage. It has changed my life!

    I am posting the chart with 34 horoscope factors from my place of launch:
    Sun 20 leo
    Moon 1 aqua
    Mercury 2 leo

    Venus 20 leo
    Mars 27 leo
    Vulcan 28 leo
    Cupid 11 libra
    Psyche 13 aqua

    Jupiter 14 sag
    Juno 25 leo
    Fortuna 16 scorpio
    Diana 23 cancer
    Minerva 24 gemini
    Bacchus 14 leo
    Apollo 20 virgo
    Chiron 5 aries
    Aesculapia 24 gemini
    Panacea 23 cancer
    Hygie 5 gemini

    Saturn 14 cap
    Ops 29 leo
    Vesta 22 taurus
    Uranus 6 taurus
    Neptune 18 pisces
    Salacia 4 aries
    Pluto 21 cap
    Ceres 2 sag
    Proserpina 7 taurus

    North & South node- 17 cap, 17 cancer
    Asc &Desc- 3 gem, 3 sag
    MC, IC- 17 aqua, 17leo

    1. Sure, but Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Leo is tracking you! You are in a loop going back several weeks and won’t be out of the loop until August 15th. As you are strongly Leo you may prefer to wait until at least August 16th for launch. From that point forward you’ll also realise a lot of what was going down in 2017, 2018 regarding your brand, name, image, portrait, profile and so on, that you simply did not know about or see at the time…all will be revealed. Later in August is so much better! And September is terrific…

  22. Hi Jessica

    This full moon on 15 Aug falls on the same degree as one of the eclipse in Feb 2017. After this eclipse, I got assaulted in the face by my ex partner which eventually ended up in separation later that year.

    I am wondering what is hidden at that time. That time I returned from Sri Lanka after visiting my mom and dad for 3 weeks. My ex did not allow me to take the children, he said just spend time with parents and come. This happened after I returned.

    After our separation, my neighbour told me that my ex was telling them that “I hope she stays there and never return.”

    He thought that I would stay with my parents and never come back. He brought his mother from Sydney, to stay with the kids, cook for him and take kids to school. He is a man with moon in Cancer.

    The incident happened because I did not stay in Sri Lanka and leaving the kids to him? I ponder over this.

    1. I am so sorry that your former partner hit you. Beyond the pain of that, you have also had the shock – and no doubt many other emotions. His Moon in Cancer has been opposed, is opposed by, or will be opposed by – Saturn, the South Node, Pluto in Capricorn. His mother is a big part of the problem although he has to take full responsibility for attacking you and failing to be a proper partner. You are correct in identifying the Moon and the eclipse cycles for timing. The two of you need to make a final decision about property and money. By November you are running out of time, probably because of financial reasons – property prices, for example, or interest rates, or the cost of rent. It’s about the buildings – the house or the apartment situation for both of you. You urgently need to connect and communicate properly and stop avoiding each other. Don’t look to astrology the whole time, look each other in the eye and talk. How are you going to make this work in future? If you need a mediator get one. The issue should be wholly about the apartments or houses, and the finances. Being practical will help you.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Happy Birthday to you! I recently met someone significant, we are both childless and both have Leo N Node (you have my chart and he is 22/07/81 AEST). Stalled with stoplights in reverse is exactly how I would describe our journey thus far. Hoping you can help provide some clarity on where things might head as I strongly feel this has relationship potential, but the timing feels off?! What is blocking him from moving forward? And what do I need to do/not do to get things back on track?

    1. Thank you. It was an amazing birthday, laden with Chanel, my favourite designer. (Sun Leo too). You are being stalled by a Sun Cancer man and wondering if you two could be together, and what is blocking him. He was hit hard by the eclipse recently; a Full Moon in Capricorn. July was tough for him. He is suffering from depression. Are you aware of that? He needs to be alone and would benefit from going hiking or bushwalking, actually, or on a meditation retreat. He is not satisfied with his friendships or with his love life – at all – and actually needs to beat a retreat for a while. He needs to get his mojo back and also find out who he is. Then and only then will you see where he’s at. Sorry it’s not a better answer but he’s been absolutely affected by the Moon’s cycles. If anything, he has higher hopes for his career – it seems more promising than his social life, family life or past relationships. He’ll be back on track eventually.

  24. Good afternoon Jessica,
    I am so excited about this article. This is my second time writing hoping you get a moment to reply but I am sure you get in dated with messages. Just this article is exciting to me.
    With the New Moon we had last week falling in Leo I have Venus/01 & Asc/04. August 15th Fullmoon in Aquarius I have Psyche/03 & Desc/04 and even more exciting on August 30th which is my 50th birthday and the New Moon falls on Virgo/06 which is my sun. Can you please share more details on this.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Have a beautiful day/night.

    1. Happy birthday for August 30th. You are strongly Virgo and you need to read all about the Sixth House, which you can look up on Search later, as this is where you express yourself, for the whole of your life. People who are in their fifties, born in the 1960’s, have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and the chances are very high that this generation is a game-changer for you, as anyone who has Uranus or Pluto at the same degree of Virgo as your Sun, will completely transform the way you work, every time you meet them. You will reshape your lifestyle, starting in the final week of August, and by the third week of September have made specific changes to the tiny details of all that you eat, drink and put into your system. You will also find (at last) the right formula to make your 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, really serve you. The biggest changes of all will come from Christmas 2020 and the year 2021 is going to alter the way that you both work and live, for quite some time. You will take on a new role then, or see massive shifts in your existing routine, coming from the top down. This is the kind of cycle when we see meat-eaters become vegans, and vegans become meat-eaters as well. It’s not just about the way you work, it’s about the way you function. In the years 2021, 2022 you have to get real – as never before – about your mind, body and spirit. You will have a tiny glimpse of this in August and September 2019, but it will be January 2021 that makes up your mind. We also see people adopting yoga, Pilates, swimming, power walking and so on, on these kinds of cycles, and rather than just picking up an activity and dropping it, as you’ve done previously, this time it becomes part of who you are.

  25. This astro weather has been wild and consistently delivered. Any advice for surviving this month and beyond for 2019?

    1. Yes, the astrological weather has been very, very tough going in 2019. It is not your imagination. You have never lived through Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn together like this and it’s affecting the entire planet from the top down. The good news is, and I am going to file a feature on this today – Jupiter, the planet of opportunities, solutions, win-win outcomes, growth, expansion, hope and improvements – is on the turn. He is moving forwards and makes some dazzling patterns in September. So don’t just think survival. Think about catching a break from the travel deals, educational opportunities, internet options which are coming. For example, you may find there is a massive reduction in the cost of air fares by September, or the currency exchange rate to a place you have always wanted to visit becomes affordable – watch that!

  26. Hi Jessica, could you please look at my chart, when you can and see how August affects me. I am travelling to Aus. with 2 of my children 13th and back 18th, and after the last 18mths hoping things were looking up.
    Thank you Cheryl

    1. Travel is ruled by Gemini (short journeys) and Sagittarius (long journeys) and you were actually born with Jupiter – the planet of natural luck, protection, good timing and blessings – in Gemini itself. So for your entire life, you will always have (at best) amazing short journeys by train, bus, car and domestic or internal flights – and even when things are tough – you’ll be helped out by destiny. Enjoy your trip. It’s much more about the children, actually, and what you didn’t know about one of them! You missed something in the last year or two that will be partly revealed now.

  27. Hi Jessica
    Could you advise the significance of this New Moon occurring on my birthday, and at the exact degree of my sun? If this New Moon is positive, as you say, will that auger well for my year ahead? (Fingers crossed!).

    1. Happy Birthday Fiona. Expect a new beginning in your overall lifestyle, which ties in your paid work, unpaid work or university/college degree, but also your wellbeing, mental health and physical fitness. This is the kind of pattern we see when people take a new role in a different office and find that the local swimming pool is steps away, and the new rules allow one day of working at home a week. It’s on that level. It will change your life.

  28. Hi Jessica

    This is very interesting as I started the discussions in August ‘17 for my job which has always felt like it wasn’t what it seemed. Do you have any further insight how I will be affected?


    1. Sharlene, you will have to close the door on some of those mysteries as you will just never know. It had nothing to do with you, and everything to do with policy. It has done this organisation no good at all, by the way. You’ll be so busy juggling projects and plans soon you won’t care.

  29. Hi Jessica, Would you be able to take a look at my chart please and let me know what the August moons mean for me? I would appreciate it very much.
    Thank you.

    1. The August-September lunar cycle is about your work, your work ethic, your ambitions, the profession, business or field you are currently in – and how you are going to reshape your future in December, then January 2020. You are strongly Virgo and so need to perfect your craft, skill or talent in fine details and although salary is a consideration, you would trade a reasonable amount of money to be working on plans and projects where you can be meticulous about what you create, serve or produce – although you also need proper hours, because without a decent routine (sleep, exercise, relaxation) you just do not cope. If you were a rock star you would still need your little rituals, and time off to pursue them! Essentially you are now brought right in touch with all this, because of changes around your career, unpaid work or university/college degree and will have a big decision to make close to August 30th and then – as I said – end of 2019, start of 2020.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    My birthday was on August 1st. I was born in 1968. Because of the New Moon that was on August 1st, will I have wonderful and happy things to look forward to this year?

    Thank you for all that you do for us:-)

    Take care,

    1. Paul, your best bet in 2019-2020 is to totally rethink the food you eat, the exercise you enjoy, the hours you work (and how you work) and your lifestyle as a whole. Even though December 2019, January 2020 is intense, in the year 2020 itself you will be astonished at what changes. Things you never thought possible for your mental, physical health are on offer then thanks to the right person or organisation at the right time. Happy Birthday. Next year you could be remodelled, reshaped and relaunched both as a working person but also a mind, body and spirit!

    1. Sure. This long lunar cycle picking up the sign of Aquarius goes backwards and forwards in time for you, regarding your interest in, and involvement with, a foreign country and its people – or a completely foreign culture and region – within your own country. If you are American it may be Russia or Saudi Arabia and the UAE for example. You spent 2017, 2018 in the dark. There was a long cover-up when so much was cloaked or concealed. You had no idea. Now, thanks to a couple of ‘moments’ over the last 10 days, you have become a little more awake. Even so, you are not totally up to speed with the full picture. It is time to get real, get hip and get wise. If something or someone strikes you as odd – and still does – then it was and is. From this comes a new approach from December 2020, and in the year 2021 in particular, you will be given an opportunity to absolutely sort things out, once and for all, and farewell a period of your life when others were operating around you, without your knowledge. From 2023 all the effort you put into clearing things up once and for all in the year 2021 will pay off, permanently.

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