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Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019

It's time to travel with Jupiter in every sense of the word. Jupiter is the planet of luck, solutions, growth, improvements and win-win outcomes. At last he is moving forward in Sagittarius, the sign ruling vacations - and September, October, November 2019 is full of huge potential for you. How can you tap it?

Using Your Jupiter Luck in September, October, and November 2019

card jupiter - Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019Jupiter is the planet of natural good timing, growth, hope for the future, problem-solving and expansion in astrology. This symbol has been known to us for over 2000 years and in fact, you’ll find Jupiter cycles (12 years) showing up across every country of the world. There is a reason for that. Jupiter cycles work. I’ll give you dates, timing and specific details about your personal birth chart if you are a Premium Member. If you just want the broad ‘weather’ of Jupiter you can look up your Sun Sign too which will give you a solid general forecast. One way to think about Jupiter is ‘irresistible’. As you can see in this portrait of him, below (shown as the Roman god) he can be tremendously seductive. In this feature I will look at some amazing dates ahead, when Jupiter’s tempting holiday and vacation offers for late 2019 and 2020 are hard to beat.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in Astrology

You know about Mercury Retrograde. Jupiter Retrograde has also been with us. The planet appears to have been going backwards and getting stuck. This has made 2019 quite frustrating for you, as everything has been potential without delivery! I am sure you know Sagittarius rules holidays, vacations and travel. Well, so far we have spent a very long time waiting for the biggest and best deals in years – but they’re coming.

Put August 12th in Your Diary

On August 12th, Jupiter turns direct or switches direction. He does this at 14 Sagittarius, so if you have anything at all in your personal birth chart at 14 degrees, you will find that the ripple effect from the biggest and best airline and hotel deals in years, touches your shore. In other words, you may gain through secondhand means, in quite another area of your life.

Do You Have Factors at 14 Degrees of Any Zodiac Sign?

Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius dominates August, so if you do happen to have factors at that degree, you will be thrilled at the last fortnight when you catch a break, perhaps involving your image, money, internet, home, children, job, marriage, business, education or social life.

It may be that travellers or foreigners come to you and bring about a change, for example. What else are we going to see happen from 12th August? A new boom in part-time and full-time education in all its forms. That will also touch your life.

luck - Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019

Jupiter’s Lucky Dates September-November 2019

If you find that the degrees line up (below) with anything in your chart, you will also see a ripple effect, resulting from a global improvement and expansion of the airline, travel and hotel industry – together with a new wave of foreign trade deals, exports and imports. There will also be a huge boom in education, both recreational and formal (from workshops and seminars to universities/colleges). We’ll also see the next big wave in online publishing, websites, blogs, ebooks and also the traditional paperback/hardback industries. Sagittarius rules all these areas of our lives and that sign rules 2019.

If you are studying, teaching, writing a blog, book, script or website – Sagittarius rules all these aspects of life. Jupiter is an ancient symbol of simple good luck, so you are in the right time, in the right place, after 12th August. Just remember to push your luck – seize the day – until 2nd December.

Currency Crashes = Best-Ever Holidays

ir5mhi6rpg0 600x402 - Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019The combination of Jupiter (luck) in Sagittarius (travel) and Uranus (shock) in Taurus (currency) from 12th August to 2nd December will crash currencies around the world in your favour.

The last time we saw Jupiter in Sagittarius, 12 years ago, the British pound hit a 14-year high against the American dollar making British tourists in the United States very happy. 

My readers come from Auckland to Mumbai; New York to Melbourne; London to Dublin. I can’t predict for every currency, but I can tell you – by all the laws of astrology – that your pound, dollar or euro will buy many more days, or far better hotels or flights – in at least one place you’d like to go to. And think about your own country as well. Staycations?

We are going to see currency and exchange rate madness in September, October, November 2019 so be ready to shop. Even if your own currency crashes through the floor – the pound is going to plummet for a time in Great Britain – if you have your personal astrology chart and are watching the patterns, you’ll time it right and get a brilliant bargain.

The Big One – Jupiter Quincunx North Node – Watch Property and Career Opportunities

On September 10th (allow a day either side for world time zone differences), Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius will quincunx the North Node at 15 Cancer and semi-sextile the South Node at 15 Capricorn. This is going to benefit millions of people around the world who are looking for house or apartment bargains; mortgage offers; a rise in the value of their homes; government tax breaks or packages for home buyers; new and better deals for relocation, worldwide.

You might also want to watch these dates, below:

13th October – Jupiter Sextile Bacchus
This sexy sextile (or flow) takes place with Jupiter at 20 Sagittarius and Bacchus at 20 Libra. This is really interesting as Bacchus is the son of Jupiter. It’s about natural highs and good times – celebration – it’s also intensely romantic. Libra rules love, engagement and marriage. If you have anything in your personal birth chart at 20 degrees, October 12th-14th works.

25th October – The Biggest and Best Travel Deals For Twelve Years
Watch 24th, 25th, 26th October for the biggest and best hotel, airline, cruise, train deals in 12 years as on 25th October, Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius conjuncts Ceres at 22 Sagittarius. This is obviously about one week before the Brexit deadline of 31st October (Halloween) set by the former British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Are You a Premium Member? How to Use The Astrology Oracle for Maximum Luck

If you are a Premium Member, you have access to The Astrology Oracle cards, and the guidebook that comes with them, beautifully designed by Justin Tabari. You can maximise your good fortune on this special Jupiter ‘flow’ period from August 12th to December 2nd 2019, by giving yourself a reading. Use your quarterly Astrology Journal (free with membership) to record your prediction. Ask ‘Where is my biggest potential for good fortune with Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019’? Note the house card you receive and also the symbol. The cards will support the astrology. The rest is up to you.

astrology oracle logo 2018 2 - Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019

If You Have Chart Factors at 22 Degrees Watch Travel Deals

If you have personal birth chart factors at 22 degrees of any zodiac sign at all, then Jupiter will aspect those (make a pattern) in a very particular way, not seen in 12 years. You’re in luck.

Even if you don’t have anything at 22 degrees, you’ll still gain, from the Jupiter Effect, as this planet moves purposefully and powerfully through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, making up for all the lost time in 2019. Expect a Brexit Boom.

Yet, beyond the obvious impact of Brexit on tourism, holidays, vacations and also relocation/emigration, you will see other ripples from bigger waves around the world, on 25th October, which help you so much. Watch the amount of foreign currency you can buy with your own, at that time. You could find incredible deals.

Ceres rules ‘the new world’ and is very much about striking bargains and reaching compromises. Put her next to fortunate Jupiter and you could be looking at sensational holiday and vacation options for the end of 2019, but watch advance purchase deals for 2020 as well.

Racing to the Finish Line in November 2019

Jupiter is racing to the finish line of his Sagittarius cycle in November 2019 and you need to get moving, too. These chances will not come again for another 12 years. On 12th November, we find Jupiter at 25 Sagittarius sextile Mars at 25 Libra. Again, we see Libra, the sign that rules engagement, marriage and love – beautifully paired with this cycle.

If you have anything in your personal birth chart at 25 degrees, circle November 11th, 12th, 13th in your diary and when you see an obvious wave, ride it. Jupiter ‘waves’ are big, impressive and have a ‘wow’ factor about them. They also roll quite naturally and easily, and it seems like the simplest thing in the world to surf on them.

18th November 2019 – Jupiter Trine Proserpina

The benefit of using a full modern astrology chart, with the asteroids like Proserpina, is that you get the true, bigger picture of your destiny. Proserpina is Pluto’s daughter. She is a symbol of connection, bridge-building, liaison, negotiation and powerful outcomes. On 18th November we find Proserpina at 26 Aries trine Jupiter at 26 Sagittarius. That’s big.

If you have anything at 26 degrees in your personal birth chart, of any zodiac sign at all, catch that wave. Aries is about self-promotion, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube (all relating to your image, name, face and profile) so the link here is very much about – qualifications, letters after your name, reaching foreign internet outposts, expanding yourself globally.

This is the last of the short, powerful, planet-changing burst of Jupiter in Sagittarius weather for 2019, so make sure you watch what is going on around you, on 18th November, and make the most of it. Double that message if you do happen to have anything at 26 degrees in your horoscope.

ppohjezoalu 600x451 - Travelling With Jupiter September-November 2019

From Little Acorns, Big Oak Trees Grow

The Romans who gave us the astrology we use today, linked Jupiter to acorns and oak trees. This is significant. The acorn you plant after Jupiter turns direct in mid-August will grow into a budding oak tree by December 2nd, the end of the cycle. In 12 years it will have turned into a mighty oak. In 24 years, you could have more of them. ‘From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow’ is one of those old-fashioned phrases which has lasted – because it’s true. Try it and see.

There is more to say about Sagittarius cycles, because from May 2020, we find the South Node of karma moving into Sagittarius, so whatever you give – donate – put out there – returns to you in 2020 and 2021 – if you planted the acorns from August 12th to December 2nd, the big Jupiter cycle.

The South Node and North Node work as a pair, and the North Node will be in Gemini from May 2020 as well, the sign that rules short journeys, just as Sagittarius rules long journeys. As a general rule, the more you can do to bring the world together – comes back to you in a welcome wave – in the years 2020 and 2021 as well. Those are the astrology rules!

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50 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Enjoyed this article! Unlike a lot of people though, never been interested in travelling/holiday-ing afar. I associate travel with work if anything (and even that, only local). However, I do have an exact “big” factor: 22 deg. Saturn 2nd house Taurus. I’ve been reading about Saturn on your website but still unsure. A bit easier to interpret is my Venus 15 Scorpio 8th house, & my Mars 15 Virgo 6th house – maybe 15 degrees is too far but – I hope my combination “love/money” relationship – 8th house – (a.k.a. my sinking marriage) may be assisted (sorry I know it’s stupid but still love husband). With Mars: maybe Health issues assist (which I really need). Last, my exact 14 degree Fortuna 10th house Capricorn: something positive & random occurring in career. How’s that? 🙂 But with Saturn, unsure. Thoughts? Thank you.

    1. Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius is about the massive shift in global trade tariffs and world business models coming as Brexit unfolds with the new British P.M. Boris Johnson, but also the fall-out from the currency war between China and America. We all stand to gain from new opportunities which were not there before, as a result of the lines shifting around the planet. For you it has direct impact on your finances, the value of your home, and specifically how far your currency goes in another country. Jupiter’s quincunx to your Saturn in the Second House will not perform miracles but it will make you more optimistic and show you a new way to make yourself feel more secure about your money, property, business or charity. Saturn in Taurus tends to be frightened of being poor or broke, and walls go up. The walls are sometimes heavier to deal with than the actual outcome which is feared! Jupiter’s aspecting that can help a great deal as you become aware of your patterns and handle things better.

  2. Yay Jessica!!!

    As an Avid world traveler I am stoked that significant travel bargains abound and will be anxiously awaiting October 24,25,26th deals to book my late 2019 and early 2020 trips. Transiting Jupiter and Ceres conjunct my natal north node in the eighth house while trine to natal Jupiter in the fifth. Time to check off many more destinations on the bucket list.

    Thanks for the heads Up!


  3. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the article, something positive to look forward to hopefully. I have several factors at the degrees above. Are you able to tell me where Jupiter may bring some good change?


    1. You’ll benefit greatly from a price drop in airfares (domestic and international travel) and should watch Twitter where deals are often flagged first. It may be for travel now or in 2020, but with a long booking lead time, so be aware of that. On a different note you will also be delighted at visitors from far away (coming in) or your own family circle or community of friends, dotted around the map, will make you an offer you cannot refuse in terms of accomodation, hospitality or house-sitting. In general the travelling you do across spring-early summer is blessed.

  4. Hi Jessica! I have Jupiter at 15d Sagittarius and it has been a difficult year, especially the last 3 months – will Jupiter moving through 15d Sag help? Thank you!

    1. Yes – your Jupiter Return is a rare event in astrology and will help you to lean hard on your natural good luck with foreign people and places, the worldwide web, the world of books – and education no matter if it is formal or more casual. The rules with this transit are, the more you offer and give, the better the exchange – you create a kind of useful loop of goodwill and generosity. You will notice the turn from 14th August/15th August as Jupiter goes stationary direct (runs on the spot) at 14 Sagittarius and then on 6th September Mercury at 15 Virgo is sextile the North Node at 15 Cancer and trine the South Node at 15 Capricorn, so watch for open doors on 5th, 6th, 7th September and go through them.

  5. Dear Jessica

    It was really good to read about the Jupiter cycle, it terms of the positives. 12 years ago I benefited from Jupiter, what please do you think that the forthcoming Jupiter cycle will mean for me this time?

    Interesting that Brexit takes place within this cycle, which seems to be a positive time.

    As always, great reading Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I was asked this question about Brexit and PM Johnson today, by a well-known magazine editor. If you have the kind of chart which chimes with the British Isles itself, and you do, then you are going to be the direct beneficiary of an expansion of travel routes, holiday and vacation pricing, visa and passport controls, border policy and trade tariffs, which will all – or partly – be announced within days. September is the real accelerator though and you may also want to keep your eye on Italy, now until Christmas. You may have planted some acorns in relation to travel or foreign/regional connections about 12 years ago which are ready for a growth spurt – expect something big if so.

  6. Hi Jessica..The update on my ‘enemy’ is his Diana at 15 degrees Aquarius has ran over and trampled on my Psyche 15 degrees Aquarius..Just as he was about to be served court papers for my head injury,he’s seemingly moved last Sat to Australia..Jupiter is shinning on his sun 14 degrees really disappointed there.The great news I got is my next phase in my apprenticeship starts 23rd Sept to dec delighted to see this post,as it’s given me a little hope.This section is make or break time..but the jupiter luck only goes to 3rd dec..and mercury retrograde over my sun and pluto in November.. .my exams are up till the 6th dec….Will jupiter still help..Thanks Jessica..

    1. People do get lucky when Jupiter is conjunct their Sun and of course, his Sun is in Sagittarius which rules travel and emigration. I am sorry about this as you must feel hard done by, in terms of fate. Pull all the stops out with study between now and 2nd December as your apprenticeship (and beyond that, actually – other opportunities to learn, study, up skill or be educated) pays off even after the transit stops. Mercury Retrograde isn’t that big a deal in your chart, it is far more likely to be petty paperwork issues. Focus on learning intensely, well and thoroughly and use the technique I mentioned with your Astrology Oracle cards to boost your chances.

  7. hi, Jessica, I believe I have my sun in Capricorn at 14″ Degrees, this week already feels more optimistic, and ironically my dad bought a Jupiter salt lamp randomly! could be the sign I have been waiting for, also iv had multiple job interviews this week and can feel a sitch in my career coming very soon, fingers crossed.

    1. Jupiter, even by semi-sextile (one zodiac sign away) is a fantastic transit to enjoy. You are actually also in line for Jupiter’s conjunction to your Sun, as he changes signs to Capricorn on 2nd December and by 2020 you will have been through the biggest career shift of your life, with opportunities and solutions for every question that year. It will still be intense. It will still be slow. But you will at last feel you are achieving ambitions and going higher and further. You could, for example, gain a job from any of these interviews, but find yourself rapidly promoted in a year-end reshuffle or January 2020 new hirings roster. It’s hard to say more about specific job interviews without knowing the charts of the companies involved. In general, though, Jupiter aspecting your Sun is really welcome and of course this planet turns direction in just a few days…let’s hope your father’s ‘random’ purchase is the omen you need. Use your Astrology Oracle too for confirmation and also the Tarot for validation.

  8. Hi Jessica — I’m excited because my birth chart shows several exact degrees you mentioned above. For example, during the November 18 Jupiter trine, for me will be with Fortuna at 26 in Aries. I will also experience a nodal return (in Oct, I think). What should I anticipate when the north/south nodes return to the same degree in my natal chart?

    Thank you!

    1. Jupiter’s trine to Fortuna in your First House will deliver results which help your self-promotion, image, personal appearance, title or reputation so much. In fact, Jupiter was Fortuna’s father. (You can look Fortuna up on Search and also the First House when you finish reading this). The North Node and South Node Return are just what you would expect: karma. These two invisible points were known to the people of Stonehenge but also to A.A. Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh. They fall in a zodiac sign which repeats every 19 years, going backwards through the chart (not forwards). Thus, you are taken to the past, every single time. For you, this will bring you back to the year 2000, possibly 2001, and certainly issues about home and family versus ambition and success. Or, your career achievements, ambitions, position and mission – versus where you come from, either geographically or in terms of the family circle. A classic and very common example is the young university or college student who realises she can’t get very far in life without packing her boxes and farewelling her home town, parents and siblings. Another very common example is the Yellow Brick Road scenario, where someone social climbs (Capricorn the mountain goat) but realises home is where the heart is, not where the dogs of society howl! Forget the penthouse – going back to the plough. You’ll have your own story but that is essentially what the Nodes in Cancer-Capricorn are all about. Her Majesty the Queen has it too. She had to obey her family (Cancer) when her father passed (Cancer) and take on the role of monarch (Capricorn).

  9. Hi Jessica – I have factors at everything you mentioned about except 25 degrees. Should I be excited about a trip to Greece perhaps, relocating to a beautiful home or anything else ? Thank you as always 🙂

    1. You should definitely be excited about a trip to Greece and there will be cut-price offers on hotels, Air BnB, trains and flights. Not yet, though. Wait for Jupiter to change direction from around August 15th and keep tracking the offers in September, October, November.

  10. Hey Jessica,
    I pretty much have factors at all of the degrees you listed. I have stuff happening in pretty much all areas of my life coming up. I have a bit of a handle on school stuff, but everything else is totally in flux. Plus, I am kinda seeing this guy I have known for awhile now. Nothing serious, but this is the first since my toxic ex. He’s 10 years older than me.( The new guy. Toxic was 10 years younger. Lol) 2/16/64 is new guy DOB. I am not over analyzing , just going with the flow at the moment. Anyway, hope you are doing well. Thanks for your input with my question in the Leo forum last month. It was spot on, made me think, and was greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology worked for you last month and was spot on for you. The Sun Aquarius man you are dating after you broke up with your toxic ex-partner has you as a total priority in August and the Full Moon on 15th August (allow a day either side for world time zone differences) will make him think very hard about where things stand with you, or perhaps with his own former partner. That’s D-Day for him in love and sex. You personally have terrific connections to people from around your country and across the world, August 15th until December 2nd and will benefit most if you are clear about what you want from travel or relocation, 2019-2020. Which area of the map draws you and what do you want? Being clear and raising your hopes and dreams online and in person will help you. Don’t be surprised if your wishes come true, sooner than you thought, or at a bargain price – or free.

      1. Wow! The water, I need to be close to the water again. Inland is not great for me. I am going to put my best foot forward and see what happens. Thanks Jessica,

  11. Hi, Jessica. Thank you for all the great info. My descendant is at 14 Sagittarius. Could you share an example or two of what that might mean? Thanks!

    1. For your Descendant or DC to be accurate you need to be 100% sure of when the umbilical cord was cut. If you are happy with the birth time given, then this is really about your former, current or potential partner. This person was/is from another country and has a second language or passport. In other cases, this person is your nationality but a world traveller. Expect massive opportunities and solutions regarding this big-picture thinker as Jupiter goes to 14 Sagittarius in your birth chart.

  12. Hi Jessica – I have mixed feelings about travelling with Jupiter in the next four months, I have all exact degrees in my birth chart as per your post. My accounting course (give away my 20 years experience in finance field) is ready to launch in a few days. I am nerves about my home responsibilities as well. My 86-year old mother in-law had unexpected big falls during July eclipse, she will be back home in September from the hospital. The falls affected her mobility which my result 7/24 care. I don’t want to miss my last life career opportunities if something unexpected is get in my way, but also I need to pay the Karma? How I can balance between my career and family obligations? Can you please give a heads up what I can expect for the rest of the year and beyond, if it is possible?

    Thank you very much!

    1. I am sorry your mother had a fall and must head for hospital. Please don’t worry about this. You will have a chance to make fantastic connections with other accounting students from overseas or with dual citizenship or long-stay visas which connects you to Asia, Europe and beyond. It is also the same for regional Australia and other states. Even if you are not able to get away on a weekend, or as part of your studies, by December 2nd – you will make some wonderful friendships which open doors for you to travel later on, when you have settled your mind about your mother.

  13. Hi Jessica, I have many factors at 14, 22 and 25 – especially 25 in Sag and Capricorn. Love to travel during Christmas time as well as next year to Europe. How about business connections in November 2019 with both Sag and Cap at 25. thank you!

    1. You’re in the right places, at the right times – places plural – both online and with your bags packed. You will find that your business interests and career benefit as a side product of your travels. You will be stunned at how many places become affordable for you or even free. Just remember the cycle ends 2nd November. The Capricorn side of your life (Tenth House) as a whole is under long transformation and is a separate issue as you are waiting for the final sweep of Ceres (important though usually ignored in mainstream astrology), Jupiter, Saturn, South Node, Pluto and the inner planets like the Sun, through your Tenth House intensifying December 2019, January 2020.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    Wonderful insightful article as always. Have several of the degrees you are referring to in my birth chart. Pluto at 14 in Virgo, Hygeia at 14 in Leo, Uranus at 13 in Virgo, Proserpina at 22 in Virgo, Jupiter at 22 in Gemini and Moon at 25 in Libra. Have had my own business for 12 years (anniversary was on 31 July) which I think covers a whole Jupiter cycle and I am about to launch a brand new collection (I am a jewellery designer) which I feel will help me to expand in the world.

    Have also got a couple of opportunities for international expansion through a magazine and an online store which I hope will turn into deals!

    Would you please be able to guide me as to what Jupiter might bring into my life by December?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Thank you, Natalie. Your horoscope is already working for you, as you have two opportunities for international expansion in a magazine and online store for your jewellery designs. What is happening here is your Virgo (work) pattern preparing for take-off. It is linked to your Gemini pattern (internet, multimedia). Say yes to every opportunity. They will come thick and fast from August 15th until December 2nd. In fact, the historic Jupiter-Jupiter opposition which can only occur every 12 years will be ‘too much!’ and you may need to pull back as one door after another will open for you overseas, online and in magazines and newspapers. The Full Moon near 15th August puts you between a rock and a hard place but for beneficial and useful reasons. Your business has a horoscope too – she is a Sun Leo – and thus your Leo company is having her Jupiter Return. In general, floor the accelerator overseas and through the internet and media after that Full Moon until 2nd December.

      1. Thanks so much Jessica. It is all very exciting and it is very satisfying to see that my astrology confirms what my spirit guides and higher self have been telling me. Many blessings to you. Natalie

  15. Wow. Talk about a Jupiter synchronicity. Just as I was reading about Proserpina at 26 Aries trine Jupiter at 26 Sagittarius for November 18, my good luck song ‘We are the champions’ came on the radio. You see my MC is 26 deg Aries. I have been wanting to put a chocolate clip on YouTube for a while and will have it ready before that date. I particularly want to attract a big chocolate company. That’s why of late I have been fussy about the right time to put it on. I also think it’s about time that I did more self-promotional stuff in terms of selling my art. I should do more on my blogsite too.
    That song was lucky for me on October 25 2013 – the radio station had a competition where if they repeated a song the first person to ring in wins $5 000. I got in first and will forever see that song as Jupiter related. Thanks for the great article and for giving tips for those dates. Cheers 🙂

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Last week I was walking through a park in London and I heard something fall from a tree. I couldn’t go where it fell, so I asked my partner to please see what it was as the sound was striking, when he came back he had a freshly fallen and perfectly formed green Acorn on his hand. That day I thought you and your emphasis on ‘from Little Acorns, Big Oak Trees Grow.’ That advice has given me a much needed big-picture perspective. I held onto it as a good omen and took it home with me, it gave me hope for a bright future.

    Thank you!

  17. Hi

    Thank you, Jessica, for the dates and the information.

    Sep 10 -, I will prepare for this as I have Diana in 15 Cancer. If I could buy my ex-partner out of mortgage would be fine but I don’t make enough to buy him out. I badly want the house as I saved the money, put it away from the praying eye of his family and his gambling addiction, once he recovered from it, we built this house. But destiny does not see things as we see.

    Jupiter trine my IC in Leo, 1-degree separation. I got this Sagittarius kid (25 Nov 2002) from Japan living with us as an exchange student. I know the date and I feel blessed. I also have a sponsored child, I got when North Node in Leo. I am blessed to have them. My son (8 Nov 2002) will also be going to Japan in September as an exchange student..he was obsessed with Japan since he was a child, studying the language etc.

    Thank you again for your accurate prediction.

  18. Wonderful! Can you tell me something about my life from August to November? I am virgo, but many planets are in libra… I’m confused in my horoscope …

    1. I don’t know why you are confused about your horoscope. You are heavily Libra and need a partner to feel normal! Work or love will do. You need to have one partnership or the other in your life to function. You will find that Italy leaves the European Union, along with Great Britain, and this sends shockwaves through the travel and tourism industry ahead of their expected usual bookings for 2020 holidays. Currency will crash in at least five countries, sending more shockwaves. In this mess, you get to pick the most affordable luxury 2020 break you can imagine.

  19. Hi Jessica

    Seems interesting time ahead for my birth chart.. can you tell me which areas mostly will be impacted pls?

    1. Minerva at 25 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places suggests an educational experience, where you will both pick up new knowledge and share it, thanks to a trip away, relocation or the welcome you extend to a visitor from far-away, in the final quarter of 2019. This is the biggest and best experience in years. Don’t miss it.

      1. Thank you Jessica.. my bf is not of the same nationality, and we’re both trying to see where this relationship is going, been like this since January this year. It’s complicated but we both don’t want to let go.. could it be it relates to this issue too then? That we both finally to continue taking this forward?

        Thank you x

        1. You’ll find that your/his financial situation regarding travel is the big influence here, by 2nd December. Use your Tarot cards and also your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to steer further.

  20. Thanks for this article, Jessica. Ooh I’m feeling excited and ‘bold – I have Neptune at 22 Sag and Sun at 25 Sag, so fingers crossed for some brilliant, lucky breakthroughs! It’s been a weird year – the two things I’ve been hoping for (a baby and a book deal) both keep looking like great things are happening and then… not. But after reading this I feel much more optimistic on the book front!

    Since October last year i’ve written/drawn two picture books, a middle-grade age illustrated novel, and a kids’ comic book… Your merc retro predictions are spot on – was due to meet a leading figure in kids’ publishing earlier this summer but it’s been delayed/stalled… Maybe something will happen this autumn!?

    1. Jupiter conjunct your Neptune and Sun is now a certainty as he moves forward, and you will indeed have a rare opportunity to escape from the real world, via books, and find some recognition and fame – also through publishing. It will happen in an intense, focussed way between now and 2nd December, but much depends on the acorns you planted, how you have looked after them, and what soil you chose to plant them in! If you suddenly realise you have the wrong acorn or soil, now through October, do not hesitate to plant again for some rapid results.

  21. Hi Jessica!
    What’s your take on the Jupiter/Venus conjunction at 28Sag on Nov 24th?
    Many thanks for an optimistic article, we could all do with some good news!

    1. Thanks Catherine. I gave a talk on this in Brighton, on the coast of Britain, a few weeks ago. Eurostar will offer romantic getaway packages at jaw-dropping reduced rates – to Paris. That’s specific!

  22. Am finding this period to be very very difficult Jessica. From April till September 6th I was taken in on home issues and pending matters, legal docu’n , other stuff , reparations and my mother and I did them. It was not smooth sailing at all, infact communication difficulties , tensions and non talking have been there since childhood (my parents had a marr made in hell, my sis , me pitted against the one parent , other , actually father took adv of the situations I realize now, after his death three years ago.) and it was in mid Aug 2019 that we have shifted , to a new , first time in life, kind of understanding with each other. I was expected to do a lot of stuff by my mother and when I told her we have to prioritize there was so much anger from her side. then no talk. It was in mid Aug that she began to see my way, that house and fin matters took precedence and others can come later.
    It came with so much tension, tears , anger and stress. I was so worried. We completed most important paper work reg. house , finances which I had absolutely no idea about , because of no proper commun’n all these years. Still following up on some to be done, now. This is the only time.

    Now three days after my mother has gone back to the US , I am sitting here terrified as worried as I had simply had to focus on the house front. My career just stalled. Apr to now. In June I got the university reply saying since my application (re application, from the delay of 2018) is still pending , I wasn’t eligible for funding. I carried on. Wrote an essay in July , without telling my mum, just kept shut and sent it for publishing. It hit me like a slap, when in Aug 1st I was told no. It hit me very hard. I had to step up and with a publication I could get back to my prof positively. But it didn’t work and Jessica, its shock left me stunned. I was running around for the house stuff zt the same time and it tired me out. But my mother began seeing what is necessary to be done rather than travelling between cities and doing everything, else I’m the one running around for the house matters.

    Now I’m here , and sitting in fear. Fear is such a killer. I simply have to check my emails and get back to profs but I don’t know what to say. I wanted publishing to work out, one atleast for now (2nd , still no reply, academic journal) but nothing hasn’t. I am not financially indep and it’s for the first time, scaring me , this fear, money, career . At the immediate, I have to write to profs again, but without being repetitive, I don’t know what to say. It’s not right to say same things. I had to publish Jessica and it did not work out now.

    Jessica, I have never been so fearing, of my finances (I don’t have my own money) , need to resume my research degree in univ then my career in academia. I can’t afford education, and UK is where I’ve applied (its doctoral, so just one two specific univs, of which one is gone quiet with no profs and second I had to reapply). Immediate, I have to check emails and am fearing, of the matter, of the consequences. Its nuts, why am I so scared.

    Ceres at 15 Capricorn , Pluto at 15 libra , South node 5 aries , Pallas 15 Sag , Neptune 18 Sag, I just saw these and reading what you write I don’t know what is going on. But I have to overcome this tremendous fear . It’s silly that I ask you how, Jessica, apologies, I just want this fear , beign so so scared to go. Face it all bravely. But its nearly two months and I have not done any publishing work, nothing. I , my mother, got the house situation to a meaningful, necessary place, with too much hard work – Apr till now. This one has me , and I feel it , my mother as well , relieved that the base is worked out. Thank god, for this time for the house. But my academia..Jessica have I gone wrong..

    1. You do sound as if you are living with fear. I would like you to pick up the telephone please and call Samaritans or a similar counselling service in your town/city. I don’t know where you live. The Samaritans are wonderful listeners. You also very much need to check in with your doctor, please. You come from a very difficult family, by the sounds of things, and sometimes the patterns you learn come from having parents who were hard work, for each other as well as yourself. I do want you to know you are not alone. You are not the only person going through these kinds of issues, and you have help at hand, if you can pick up the phone, please. It is possible that the fear you are feeling comes from a condition affecting your parasympathetic nervous system, when you over-strain your nerves and end up in a loop, when the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. I have said this to you before, but as a stop-gap measure right now, to return some peace to yourself, physically and mentally, please go to YouTube and listen to the broadcasts of the Australian doctor Dr. Claire Weeks who understood exactly what you are going through. And please make those calls. This goes beyond astrology – you are living with a condition that needs to be sorted out by the experts. I wish you the very best.

  23. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your fabulous article. I’m really stuck with my life at the moment everything feels stagnant. Bored with my job, and I live in a boring area where nobody passes the time of day. My Jupiter is at 26 and others at 25. Can you see any improvement coming for me?

  24. Dear Jessica,

    I finished reading the current article and others in relation with 2018-2019-2020 years, the Capricorn effect, the Capricorn and Cancer karma, and I got afraid of your predictions.

    I am a very strong Capricorn (born 01/11/1992 01:50 (54.8985207,23.9035965) with many planets in Capricorn: 19° Sun, 01° Mercury, 01° Mars, 14° Uranus, 16° Neptune. I have 22° Pluto in Scorpio, which I am afraid might be destructive and I might have lost some relationships due to it. I have also Fortune 22° in Leo (not Fortuna).

    Past several years were like a horror movie. After one year of mobbing, harassment, bullying, manipulations and refusal to be a sugar daughter, I lost my diplomatic carrier in 2018 November. I was ghosted by a man for whom I had feelings (even though our synastry chart showed a long lasting love, partnership, passion and etc.), and I was rejected by other men I had a crush on. In 2019 I moved to Brussels due to a possibility to make a career. However, I am still unemployed and trying my best to build grounds for the future. My long planned and awaited dream holiday in Florida were ruined by the hurricane Dorian. I spent the entire time preparing for it, not mentioning of being kicked out from the hotel due to the evacuation zone in the Miami Beach, a cancelled flight and many other issues which caused me another little trauma. For these several years I saw my all dreams being crashed and I became tired of constantly fighting hurricanes in my life.

    After reading your predictions about 12 January 2020, an eclipse on 10 January and taking into account my birthday on 11, I am near losing my hope. I am close to finding a job, but I would not be able to withstand another hurricane in my life.

    Dear Jessica, please could you shed some light on my planets and situation in January 2020? I am also very afraid of mine 22° Pluto. Is it really destructive? Or maybe I am panicking about everything too much?

    Yours sincerely,

    1. Raimonda, the hurricanes and the turmoil with work have made you a little nervous, and I understand why completely. Please do not worry about the Capricorn weather to come. This really has nothing to do with the eclipse, or anything else. What is happening, and in fact what has been happening all along, is that you need to find a professional life you respect, like and trust. That may not happen until you are past December, January, because what you really need to see, is the total reconstruction of the business and work world. That is coming and it is bigger than you are. October 2019 through January 2020 will reshape what is happening out there, and the ripple effect will reach your shore. This means a genuine chance to work, study, engage in part-time work, or even choose unpaid work – but in a system you believe in. You never actually fully believed in the wider professional or employment situation you were in, and in a way, the hurricanes set you free to find out what you did actually admire and like. That is yet to come. It’s not here yet. In the meantime, please focus on the one skill you have from school, which you never rate or put a high value on – but other people will – if you update it and upgrade it.

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