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Hong Kong Astrology Predictions

Hong Kong people want freedom - true democracy - and are protesting in rain and shine, in 2019, to get it. What are their chances and what does the Hong Kong horoscope tell us?

Born with the Sun in Cancer

The astrological chart for Hong Kong is set for 1st July 1997 at 00.00am in Hong Kong – the birth of the new nation. She came into the world as a Sun Cancer country. Patriotic, tied to the family, the past, grandmother’s recipes, roots and heritage. Also, of course, her old ties to the British Empire.

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British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher returned Hong Kong to China on a fated date. Hong Kong has the Sun (her pride and identity) at 8 Cancer just one degree away from a quincunx with Uranus (revolution, freedom) at 7 Aquarius.

If Hong Kong was a person she would be tied to the past, tied to her mother (in this case, the mother country, Great Britain, and further back, pre-Communist old China). She would also lean towards community, equality and diversity. She’s a global thinker, interested in male/female/old/young/straight/gay/lesbian/transgender/white/non-white networks.

Like all pre-Millennials born in 1997, and in fact, the babies born in 1997 who are now student protestors in Hong Kong – she has no interest in dictatorships or iron rule, or ‘one gender/one age/one race’ leadership. No wonder Hong Kong and Generation Aquarius (all born with Uranus and/or Neptune in Aquarius) is exploding. Yet, it’s too early. Wrong timing!

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Separating from China in 2021

When Jupiter and Saturn move to 7, 8 Aquarius followed by Pluto at 7, 8 Aquarius in the year 2021 and following, there will be the first of a series of breaks with China. What we’re looking at here is the right timing – at last. It ends well, with Hong Kong joining a new line-up of nations, perhaps, or a reimagined version of the United Nations, as Aquarius rules groups. You’d have to say Great Britain is in there. The old mother country.

Hong Kong and New Trade Groups

When Jupiter returns to 21 Aquarius (Hong Kong’s lucky Jupiter Return) and then Saturn and Pluto also move to 21, we’ll see the final break with Chinese rule. This begins firmly in 2021 and continues in 2022, 2023 and beyond. This movement – by the people, for the people – is not going away.

Pluto moving across Uranus at 7 Aquarius and then Jupiter at 21 Aquarius in the years 2029 and 2037 suggests Hong Kong as a nation moving towards powerful new status in a collective of nations. The climate emergency will be a motivator as countries seek to fix the problem as a group. The new-style trade and business will also be part of this.

What we’re looking at here is Hong Kong in the New Age of Aquarius, when Generation Aquarius (born after the year 2000 with Neptune and Uranus in the sign of diversity and people power) rises!

Hong Kong’s First Break with China

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This revolution against the old Chinese system is set to happen in stages when Jupiter (opportunity) moves to 7 Aquarius on January 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd in the year 2021 and the initial opportunity for a complete break arises.

Watching January 19th-22nd 2021

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the Hong Kong chart will turn the world upside-down for this remarkable island. At the same time, when Jupiter moves to 8 Aquarius from January 23rd to 27th, there is a strong sense of Hong Kong’s British colonial past returning.

Great Britain, Brexit and Hong Kong in 2021

You’d have to expect a trade deal here, or a new place in an emerging group of nations including Great Britain, after she has left the European Union. After all, Hong Kong was once a freeport and trading center. Yet, this time, the power will be with the people. Not with rich businessmen. We are entering the New Age of Aquarius when power works across all people, horizontally, not from the top down, vertically.

Uranus in Taurus and Hong Kong’s Financial Revolution

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Assuming we can take 00.00am as the birth time for Hong Kong, she has the Moon at 19 Taurus and the Part of Fortune at 23 Taurus, in her Second House of banking, big business, currency, the economy, property, trade and land value.

Once again we are seeing historic cycles here. As if the triple transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Aquarius was not enough, we are also seeing Uranus (the revolution) head towards Hong Kong’s Moon and her share market symbol – the Part of Fortune.

The New Hong Kong Economy 2023

The year 2021 is too early, but by 2023 we find Uranus at 19 Taurus and then at 23 Taurus as well. This is the first time in the life of Hong Kong that she has ever experienced this massive level of radical change to her economy. So, you could say that January 2021 begins the break with the past and 2023 accelerates it.

The Sun and Mercury in Cancer

Hong Kong also has Mercury in Cancer. Her Sun at 8 Cancer and Mercury at 14 Cancer are under historic attack in 2019-2020 as she goes through serious Capricorn weather which clashes with her fundamental nature.

Saturn at 14 Capricorn is opposite her Mercury (multimedia, internet, freedom of speech) in August, September, October 2019 and the South Node is also at 14 Capricorn in August 2019.

The Moment of  Truth – November and December 2019

Hong Kong Map - Hong Kong Astrology PredictionsThe moment of truth will come when the South Node of karma crosses 8 Capricorn and the North Node of past life debts and credits, reaches 8 Cancer. This falls right on Hong Kong’s Sun in Cancer, in November and December 2019.

How the Luck Comes Later for Hong Kong

The luck comes later. What the people seeking democracy and freedom are waiting for, is the New Age of Aquarius which begins right at the end of 2020, in December, and will take off (as we’ve seen) in the month of January 2021. This is a protest going somewhere and in fact, it will bring about a massive shift in manufacturing, taxation, real estate and trade within just a few years. 2019 is perilously difficult but by 2023 this is a revolution.

Cryptocurrency and Hong Kong

Part of the revolution with blockchain, Bitcoin and its rival cryptocurrencies began in May 2018. This is down to the transit of Uranus (new technology) in Taurus (currency, banks) which will trigger the Moon at 19 Taurus and Part of Fortune at 23 Taurus in the Hong Kong horoscope, in the year 2023. That looks like the year that digital money becomes a serious threat to the old system.

This is about the working people – the working class – as Jupiter passing by at 23 Taurus is very close to a trine with Hong Kong’s North Node at 22 Virgo.

A New Trade Union Movement

This looks and feels like a potent new trade union movement as Jupiter (expansion, growth) in Aquarius (groups, communities) aspects the Part of Fortune (fated finance) as he also aligns with the North Node (karma) in Virgo (the workers).

The End of the Capricorn Era – Late 2020

Hong Kong’s fantasies about escaping from the real world through success (career first) and status (designer labels first) is shown by her Neptune at 29 Capricorn.

You’d have to expect the bubble to burst in a spectacular way in the year 2020, as Saturn crosses 29 Capricorn. In fact, it is the final quarter of 2020 which is decisive as big business and the banks take a massive reality check. Then, suddenly, as we arrive at December 2020, it is time for Hong Kong to become what she was always destined to be – a hotbed of rebellion and revolution – led by people in their twenties who operate as a network.

By 2023, Pluto will have also crossed 29 Capricorn and that really is the end of the old Hong Kong – the property developers with their high-rise towers – the Chinese establishment – the heavy rule of old men at the top. You just don’t come back from that.

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Karma and Hong Kong

There is more to say about the Hong Kong horoscope, but for now, let’s leave the democracy protestors under their umbrellas in August 2019 and wish them well as they proceed towards the New Age of Aquarius to come. I’m sure P.M. Margaret Thatcher had no idea at all about the astrological meaning of 1st July 1997 when she paved the way for change.

Tourists and Expats in the Year 2021

The chart shows Pluto at 3 Sagittarius, the sign of travel, foreigners, holidays, vacation, ex-pats and migration. When the South Node of karma goes to 3 Sagittarius (it begins the journey on May 6th 2020 and passes there by January 18th 2022) you’d have to say, Hong Kong’s long-standing reputation as a haven for wandering white bankers – and also a tourist hub for Asia – is well and truly under examination.

You have to remember that the United Kingdom, born on 1st January 1801 at 00.00am in London, has her Chiron at 4 Sagittarius. As we go from 2021 to 2022 this looks like a jaw-dropping, so-called ‘impossible’, outrageous and audacious new strategy involving both countries.

Giving Hong Kong Back to Great Britain in 2023?

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It’s only when you look at the astrological charts for both countries that you see what is going on, after Brexit. You’ll remember that Hong Kong has her Part of Fortune (fate, fortune and finance) at 23 Taurus.

Well, the United Kingdom has her Ceres at 23 Taurus too. That’s an exact match. Could we see Hong Kong given back to Great Britain? Perhaps if not legally and constitutionally, then certainly spiritually – and financially.

What we’re tracking here is Uranus, the planet which turns the world upside-down, with revolution and independence in the air.

Britain and Hong Kong – 13th May 2024

When Uranus goes to 23 Taurus on 13th May 2024 (five years away as I make this prediction), we will see the world spotlight turn on a radical new direction for Great Britain and Hong Kong, likely involving cryptocurrency or a revolutionary new kind of banking or business system. Expect shocks.

Remember, Uranus is the planet that jolts us awake and shows us where independence is – and the price of freedom. As he crosses the Part of Fortune in the Hong Kong horoscope and simultaneously meets Ceres (always a sign of a change in the balance of power) in the British chart, you’d have to say that Hong Kong is going home to mother. One way or another.

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16 Responses

  1. I was wondering to myself as I was reading an article about Hong Kong earlier if you would do a chart about all the Hong Kong upheaval. I’m so glad you did! Great work as always. 🙂 It’s interesting to see how things will turn out.

  2. Dear Jessica, you truly have no idea what is going on. It is not wise to write/ “predict” something you don’t really know and understand. Astrology is built on stilts without real life experience, and eventually can not replace and go beyond it. I have been worried about you for a while (something is off with your magnetic field). This article made my mind to communicate. Wish love and light come to you.

  3. BRAVO!Thank you Jessica!

    It sounds strange to many. We, hongkonger, do not associates ourselves with Chinese much. There is a historical reason to it. My parent swam (yes, swim) from Mainland China to Hong Kong in the early 70s. To escape the famish, endless communist movements. Those became the most anti-communist people. In the 80s, my father’s hardwork pays off and made his fortune. To him and among others with similar background , UK gave them chances to succeed under fair & equal oppoturnity .

    My generation grow up in the 80s. Queen Elizabeth is nicknamed “lady boss” , as if she is a store owner and we all work under her. As long as we pay our due, we don’t have to worry anything else. Yet we all felt UK would protect us and negotiate the best term for us. Then Lord Chris Patton fight for us , sometime neglect the interest of Britain. We never want to leave UK sovereignty.
    Every Hongkonger had been extorted by Chinese long before the 1997. Poor relatives; women/prostitutes destroyed family, moral; crony capitalism& connection destroyed the fundamental business environment.

    Sum in sum, majority of Hongkonger align with British values.

    I m so glad that we will detach from China soon!

    1. I am posting your comment along with one which takes the opposite point of view on Hong Kong in the interests of fairness. Thank you for your message. As I’ve just said, I report the astrology. The astrology is telling me, symbolically if not legally, HK will go back to the UK within years.

  4. Please check the history. Hong Kong has been and is part of China. It was only a colony of Britain — that means it did not belong to Britain. Hong Kong was handed BACK from Britain to its motherland – China in 1997.
    Currently there is a series of riots (not pure protest) happening in Hong Kong. Rioters are “using decromacy and freedom as an excuse” and trying to destroy the city’s economy and livelihood. It is a big plan from the inside and outside parties/countries that has been set up at least a few years ago. Please avoid using words to beautify this kind of evil-doing!
    Would you correct your terminology and put the facts straight so as not to confuse your audiences from all over the world.
    You need to give the truth the justice. Please do not depend on the media to give you only part of the story!

    Thank you.
    from a person who has been living in HK for over 50 years.

    1. Larissa, I am seeing comments from both sides, and now publishing yours. I am an astrologer first and foremost and I am reporting what the astrology is telling me.

  5. ‘British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher returned Hong Kong to China on a fated date.’
    She was long gone when the handover occurred on 1 July 1997 – Tony Blair was PM, newly elected on a Labour landslide on 1 May 1997.
    Thatcher was kicked out – in effect by by her own Cabinet – in 1990.

    1. Yes, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher returned Hong Hong to China on a fated date. The Sino-British Joint Declaration was signed by the Prime Ministers of the People’s Republic of China and PM Thatcher on 19 December 1984 and the new PM Blair completed on 1st May 1997, finishing what Baroness Thatcher started.

  6. Jessica, Thank you. I lived in HK and have felt sick with worry over its future. Please can you look at Brazil and bolsonaro… God help us! Thanks, Laura

    1. Brazil is really about the Amazon fires for the watching world and we don’t see massive action on climate emergency until Christmas 2020. However when we begin we will not stop and from 2023 it’s one world thinking on the environment, climate, nature, and Mother Earth. Laura, you will see Generation Aquarius (today’s teenagers) rise in power from December 2020 and they will make this happen – with our help.

  7. I know you’re talking about astrology. Is it possible for you to use the birth chart of People’s Republic of China (1 Oct 1949) and match it with Hong Kong’s chart and double-check? It’s hard to believe that Hong Kong is going back to UK, even financially.

    Talking about financial matter alone, what I saw and feel these few years is that Hong Kong is more financially dependent to China, as well as financial industry. Last year Hong Kong started a new service call virtual bank. It was actually packaged and publicized as a very high-tech business, but in fact it’s just completely online retail banking business without anything crypto. All but one licenses granted so far are Chinese companies. The remaining one is a joint venture by a Chinese company and a local bank.

    On the other hand, Hong Kong is actually moving AWAY from cryptocurrency. As Hong Kong has very stringent restriction on securities, but local government refused to give a clear difference between cryptocurrency and securities, many enthusiasts and famous businesses about cryptocurrencies were actually moving AWAY from Hong Kong. FYI, in these couple of years, a very famous crypto Cardano (ADA) is moving away its base from Hong Kong to US. Another famous cryptocurrency exchange Binance has moved away from Hong Kong to Malta.

    I still think the “going home to mother” you mentioned above can actually be moving towards completely China instead of UK. Do you agree?

    1. Thank you for this detailed reply with links, which Hong Kong readers will appreciate, as well as readers in China. I know it may sound hard to believe, but because of the similarities between the United Kingdom 1801 chart, the Brexit chart and also the Hong Kong chart, we are going to see her ‘go home to Mother England’ after all these years. Yet, China will be part of that, so it is not leaving one mother for another! We have about six years to go, with this cycle and the future is a long way off. Yes, cryptocurrency will be part of that future as well. It’s good to look beyond 2019 even if these things don’t seem likely to you at the moment.

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