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New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

All the Brexit astrology predictions by Jessica Adams about September 2019 in one place. What has come to pass? What is around the corner in September, October 2019 and January 2020?

All the Brexit Astrology Predictions – September 2019

In times of political turmoil, you can turn to astrology (which goes back over 2000 years) to tell you what’s really going on with Brexit. These are all four recorded predictions you saw on this website, since November 2018, with the follow-up news headlines. Date-stamped! Plus – what’s next for Boris Johnson and Brexit in astrology?

Predicted 26th May 2018

This is what you read back on 26th May 2018.

What’s Next in Astrology? Who’s Next at Downing Street?

I’m going to repeat a prediction made back in November that Italy would play a dominant part in Brexit. I am also sticking to September 2019 as the final deal (and it will be a good, global one for Britain).

Italy is on the road to becoming Quitaly in 2019 and Britain’s future partly rests on what she negotiates with Italians!


Headlines, September 3rd 2019: EU panic: Italy and Spain on brink of snap elections as leadership in chaos AGAIN

Predicted 7th April – Shock No Deal/New Deal

What you read on this website:

We are going to see a ‘Shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit’ start to take hold in the second half of April 2019 and by mid-May 2019 it’s a reality. 

What then goes down in January-February 2020 looks like the end of the matter. The signed agreement. 

There is another ‘bump’ on the road before then, in September, but it’s a good one.

Jupiter with all his solutions, breakthroughs, overdue improvements, repair work, opportunity, hope, growth, expansion, booms (expect a new travel boom) and more, leans right across the United Kingdom in September 2019.

brexit 2123573 1920 600x363 - New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

Beyond this, these charts are talking about democracy. In fact, they are yelling it from the treetops.

How the BBC reported Brexit in April-May here.

Predicted 30th March 2019

What you read on this website:

Will this be a Jeremy Corbyn-Theresa May led government? No. By all the laws of astrology, what happens in politics near April 18th and 21st is a rebellion, a revolution, and the birth of a new government. We can also expect a new, new, new Brexit.

As I’m sure you’ll remember:

On 12th April 2019 Nigel Farage launched the Brexit Party ahead of the European elections, below. One week later it was leading in the polls – between April 18th and 21st. Remember, nobody knew what Farage was planning (but the astrology had some clues).

SS 1 600x568 - New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

A Perfect Storm in May, June 2019

From that old prediction: A perfect storm in astrology is a lot of patterns gathering at once. In May and June 2019 we find Uranus, the planet of shock, revolution, rebellion, radical change and breaks with the past – passing over 2, 3, 4 and 5 degrees of Taurus.

Taurus rules deals. Theresa May has been told to embrace No Deal following repeated failures of every Brexit solution she has presented.

What happened next? On 24th May 2019 Theresa May resigned.

And as the BBC reported:

European elections 2019: Brexit Party dominates as Tories and Labour suffer.

On 27th May 2019, the Brexit Party was winning the European Elections ahead of the Conservatives and Labour. Something that would have seemed shocking in the two-party system back in 2018.

Just as astrology saw ahead of time, the month of May was a milestone.

SS 2 600x566 - New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

How Astrology Saw September 2019 as Crunch Month

Astrology can and did peer  ten months into the future in the feature you read here.

Astrology is really good at predicting the Brexit weather, so perhaps it will do it again. For example – This was published here all the way back in November 2018:

“Ignore Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of an ‘agreed text’ of a draft UK and EU agreement on November 14th 2018, as I write this. It’s been called at the wrong time…The United Kingdom is due to leave the E.U. on 29th March, 2019 at 11 p.m. U.K. time – which simply will not work – according to the chart. 

The 1928 ‘democracy’ chart shows  that Britain was reborn – for the people – with this pattern: Mars 4 Taurus, Jupiter 5 Taurus, Chiron 9 Taurus. 

We see direct triggers on the dates below. There is more to this than just Brexit, though. This is about the United Kingdom constitution. It is about the whole structure of referendums and votes. And these patterns can only happen every 80 years. All change.

Monday, May 20th, 2019 to Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Saturday, September 21st, 2019 to Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

How Brexit Looked Back on 14th November 2019

What you read here, back on 14th November 2019:

“There will be a huge announcement on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2018 and either secretly – or publicly – Christmas Day 2019 will be the end deadline of the exit, with signatures on all sides due on, or near, Wednesday 25th September 2019.”

Will it be a good divorce? Yes. In fact, it will be a great divorce.

The United Kingdom is due to leave the E.U. on 29th March, 2019 at 11 p.m. U.K. time – which simply will not work – according to the chart. Mercury Retrograde muddles and mess dominate March and the chosen date falls right on Mercury Retroshadow. This is a chaotic month for all three politicians.

Yet – Brexit itself is going to work.

SS 3 546x600 - New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

The Big Brexit Finish is September 22nd to 29th, 2019

From the November prediction: “The final window for the best possible Brexit is September 22nd to 29th. That’s the last chance. The big finish. After that Jupiter has done his stuff and the conjunction is over.”

Crossing Obstacles June 23rd to July 1st,  2019

What you also read back in November: “September 22nd to 29th is worth holding a candle for, as Britain is set to face significant obstacles in May and June as we have some classic Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions which are strangely reminiscent of D-Day. No matter. Everyone comes up smiling again between June 23rd and July 1st when Jupiter again goes back to the 17 Sagittarius hotspot.

What Happened Next?

On June 13th 2019,  The Guardian reported the Conservatives’ leadership race opened.

“Voting has formally opened to choose the next Conservative leader, and Theresa May’s successor as prime minister, with Boris Johnson the clear favourite.”

Unknown 1 - New! Brexit Astrology September 2019

What You read About October 2019

The end result for Brexit 2019 is written in the stars in the last week of September, although Ceres at 17 Sagittarius from October 11th to 13th may be the hard part. 

That’s the compromise where everybody has to agree to share the controls. You might say, September is the golden goodbye handshake but it is October 2019 which is the firm grip as the deal is cut.

Specific Date Named – Wednesday 25th September

Wednesday 25th September is likely to  bring the crucial peace agreement (B-Day) as we find Mercury at 17 Libra, Jupiter at 17 Sagittarius and Neptune very close by at 16 Pisces. 

These all aspect the U.K. Mercury position at 17 Sagittarius in the 1801 chart. Neptune in Pisces suggests the English Channel. Mercury at 17 Libra is about The Special Relationship.

Now, watch this space!

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96 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article, do you think their will be a snap election in view of the fact that Boris has just lost his majority, with the defection of one of his party to the Lib Dems? Also do you think that there will be a pact between Nigel and Boris? That seems to be the only way that all can be decided by September 22nd. Thanks for keeping our hopes alive, keep having a few wobbles though with all that is going on in Parliament at the moment. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. The astrology was really clear about a massive turning point in April and that turned out to be Nigel Farage’s great secret – his Brexit party. The next turning point was May, and that was the departure of Mrs May. I trust the horoscopes more than I trust some newspapers, I have to say, and PM Johnson would be mad not to call in all his lucky Trump cards (so to speak) and get a multi-billion pound swag bag of amazing deals before going to the polls. Let’s see what he does next. And keep watching Italy. She’s just changed direction with her government. She’ll play a huge role.

  2. I love your predictions Jessica. It seems like you are the only person that speaks sense these days. Do u see any changes to our political system happening in the future? I think that Brexit has really shown that our political system does not work and needs to change. The power should always be in the hands of the people, that is a true democracy. I believe that Brexit began in 1992 when the Mastrict treaty was signed without the consent of the British people. When we vote, we hand our power to politicians and we give them consent to use that power, however, we dont give them consent to hand that power away. It wasnt theirs to give! It was ours! This is where i think the seeds of discontent with the EU, with politicians and with political parties first began. Brexit has been on the cards for nearly 30 years!
    I hope that in the next decade we have a new system, no politcal parties being paid by wealthy donors or controled by powerful unions. Just independant people elected to do their best for the people they represent.

    1. Thank you. You are correct about the political system in Great Britain. You are also seeing into the future, without realising it perhaps. We are at the end of the old Capricorn Age. We have never in our lifetime had Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn, the sign ruling the elite at the top of politics, wealth, power, fame and the class system. This is a dictatorship by the few over the many. You are seeing it by the trashing of democracy. ‘We the people’ have been/are being crushed by a tiny handful, doing whatever they can to have the power. Yet, and this is a big ‘yet’ in astrology the wheel turns. The Capricorn era crashes down in January 2020 and the year 2020 as a whole is about the beginning of the end. From December 2020 we realise it’s a new era. In 2021, 2022, 2023 it’s really clear that the constitution and system must change and will change so that never again do the majority of people find themselves controlled, from the top down, in such a brazen way. This new system will be about diversity, equality, community. No longer the white rich at the top. Just watch. Aquarius is the sign which has always been associated with people power spreading horizontally, not from the top down, and it’s coming – so forcefully and powerfully – in a year.

      1. Some great comments on this thread from you here Jessica and I’m loving your insight. I also believe we need change. Independent politicians working more for their local economies and communities would be a start. Do away with the corrupted two-party system and the collective control it gives to the media. Brexit is a first step towards sovereignty and community so the globalist 1% are in panic mode as they see their control evaporate.

        1. Thank you. Long after the actual issue has faded (should Britain be part of the European Union or not) the much, much larger concern (and the one that historians will be talking about) is the deliberate attempt by politicians and some voters to beat democracy. As you say, the two-party system is going, going gone. From December 2020 we enter a new cycle when it’s about a completely different system…

  3. Jessica, in the light of last night’s dramatic events, where do you see the process goig next? Do do you see a general election happening soon?

    1. There will be an election and you will see the Brexit Party coming into its own. Have a look back at the astrology regarding April 2019 in particular as that astro-wave is about to roll in the most enormous way.

  4. Thanks Jessica. Your predictions seem to fit the EU Parliamentary Agenda for Sept / Oct 2019 which will sit 16-18 Sept. followed by first week of October.
    A 25 October New Deal sounds about right. The EUP agenda will entail decision-making on the EGF (Eu. Globalisation Fund) and EUSF (EU Solidarity Fund). The Solidarity Fund is normally used for natural disasters (made public) and the Globalisation Fund (publicly ignored) involves bailing out companies with more than 500 employees that relocate for emergency purposes.

    What do you think about Michel Barnier’s astrology from now to January 2020? Capricorn, born 9 January 1951 in La Tronche, France at 4:40pm? I’d be curious to know if he’s one of the Cappies who’ll get knocked on his head (sans scrupules) or will he escape unscathed from this ordeal.

    1. This is very interesting. I am an astrologer and not particularly a political animal, so I am grateful to you for pointing out the dates. If Barnier is a Capricorn you would be watching what he did in the years 2000-2001 as his past will come back to haunt him in December 2019, January 2020. If there is any issue there he will not last. Another dinosaur in a suit and tie over the cliff.

  5. Given how UKIP achieved 4 Million votes yet only received a single seat in 2015, in any forthcoming election will the Brexit Party actually achieve any number of seats in Parliament or will it simply be a similar story yet again? The people are tired of this now, I can’t see how the Tories will possibly get back into power ever again given May’s betrayal but what scares me even more is the thought of a Corbyn Government. We just want to leave.

    1. You are identifying the big problem in British politics which will be solved from Christmas 2020, most spectacularly in the year 2021. What has gone wrong with the vote? What has gone wrong with democracy? One seat for 4 million votes is clearly not sensible. Neither is one man – one Conservative M.P. leaving his party to join the Liberal Democrats in one minute – affecting the democratic vote of the millions, who have waited three years. Britain will leave. The system will also be overhauled. This trashing of democracy is down to the Capricorn weather we are having, which we have not seen for about 240 years. You are watching King George III all over again but just as he met his downfall, so will anyone playing with the people.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    We are looking to transfer (a large lumpsum) Australian money over to the UK to buy property there next year. My gut instinct (and even more so after reading your prediction) is now is a better time as GBP may go up slightly with a deal in place. We could also wait until next year – we will be sending money over to the UK for next 14 months. Do we start now or wait until next year? Would really appreciate your views. Thank you kindly, Katie

    1. You may want to wait until after Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, October-December 2019 to see where the Australian dollar and British pound have ended up. Mercury is an ancient symbol of merchandise and merchants – and the Mercantile Mutual and so on. It’s about trade and deals. The word ‘market’ in sharemarket is related. When this planet appears to move backwards and forwards in Scorpio, which rules sex and money (marriage and mortgage) we also see massive market flux. Scorpio also rules divorce settlements, so the Brexit bill. Beyond the actual price of a house or flat in Britain, you also need to look at the flux in the cost of petrol, council tax, government tax and the rest. This is not the economy you can see now. It is going to change radically, in April-May 2020. It’s up to you, and you obviously need independent financial advice, but you are calling this too early as Mercury Retrograde has not even begun and nothing is going to stay the same, across the board. This goes beyond currency value into the price of houses and flats for sale; the rental market; taxation; the cost of living. Prepare for massive zig-zags in all those areas. Early September is way too soon to call this.

  7. Hi Jessica, things are looking grim for Boris and us leaving the EU, the remainers in all parties seem to be getting the upper hand and tightening their grip. Do you still think Boris will get us a deal for leaving by 31st October ?
    Would an Election give the Tories a clear majority or would it be a hung Parliament ? Would the Brexit Party hold the balance and therefore make sure we leave with a good deal ?

    Many thanks for your perceptive interpretations.

    Kind regards,
    Ted Varley

    1. Ted, the prediction I filed last November 2018 still stands. Britain leaves with a deal. An amazing deal. We will see a cross-party government from Christmas 2020, into the year 2021, with the end of the two-party system and the start of a really diverse kind of leadership drawn from Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Independents and crucially the Brexit Party. Nobody is talking about them but they were the April change seen in the stars. The next massive change is the New Age of Aquarius from Christmas 2020. Aquarius rules the diverse group of all ages, colours, genders, classes and political beliefs. Those who can co-operate within such a group will be the new leadership.

  8. Hi. Jessica.

    You’ve kept me (and many others) sane since June 2016, so thanks for that.

    Even as I type, the Speaker of the House. Bercow, is conspiring with the Labour & Lib Dems to stop us really leaving. They’re trying to bring back May’s ‘deal’ (which ties us to the EU forever, with no say) for the 4th/5th time. Precedent & rules are being made up as they go along.

    This feels very sinister. Please reassure us that Corbyn & those trying to stop us leaving will not prevail.

    1. The medium Ruth Phillips agrees with me (she appears on Jack radio in Oxford where I am the guest astrologer). Britain is leaving the European Union. The trashing of democracy we are seeing in Britain is unfortunately part of the Capricorn weather. Capricorn is about the small number of elite dictating to, and dominating, the millions. That’s over from Christmas. It’s over forever from the year 2021, actually. Britain leaves.

  9. Amazing Jessica.

    Can I just ask, have you looked at the astrology of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? What will happen to the border (and/or the backstop)? Will Ireland ever reunite?

    1. Thank you. The astrologer Liz Greene predicted this many years ago on, Alois Treindl’s amazing website. The United Kingdom is no longer united, long-term. This includes Ireland. Scotland leaves. Britain leaves Europe. The Irish must make their own decisions. Part of this will be led by a switch to cryptocurrency within parts of that country. We are talking new borders – new divisions – over the years and different currencies and trade rules.

  10. HI Jessica

    While the article is clearing about brexit, clearly the astrological weather is impacting the royal family as well – especially prince harry and Meghan and prince Andrew given the headlines these days.

    Could you please share some insight on what’s coming up for the royal family and also particularly Meghan and Harry who based on press reports have gone a bit rogue – I am wondering if the finances on the royal family you referenced in an earlier article may have perhaps been centered around them – their new foundation seems to be private listed and not a charity and their new initiative on travel seems odd – lots of fluff and no meat so far on how they plan to make a difference .


    1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are my Duke and Duchess of Sussex as I have a yacht moored at the biggest marina in that county – so I have to confess that first up. I feel loyal to them as their subject! At the same time when we go all the way back to their wedding and the shock of the bride’s father being rejected – you might say the union was born under wild financial, big business, corporate and sharemarket stars. I did file a long prediction at the time about the storm ahead. Couples have shared signs, which we look at for the actual moment of the wedding. This is a Taurus match. Taurus rules charity, taxation and expenses. This more than anything else is where the wild ride for this marriage comes from, as I also predicted. I also looked at Meghan’s chart before and it is so much like Princess Margaret’s. She will either make an absolute fortune for charity or take the family to the cleaners. If you look up her name on search you’ll find that early prediction. Clairaudiently I just heard the word ‘bodyguard’ as I am writing this. Time will reveal what that means.

  11. The odd couple? Boris and Dominic. I find this pairing intriguing as it seems that Dominic is the power behind the scenes. Going back to the article you wrote about Henry VIII and the split with the Catholic Church, it occurred to me today that Dominic Cummings is as ruthless as Thomas Cromwell. Bojo might be hot headed but more personable but Dominic is on a serious mission to create a force in the Tory party that is also ruthless. What is their chemistry? How long can Boris last if Dominic is there as the ‘fixer’. I am dismayed at how people are being treated but some long established politicians really are the ‘Capricorns’ and there needs to be a re-fresh.

    Also, I remember how Thatcher was ruthlessly treated for being a euro-skeptic and resisting joining the EU. Thatcher was ‘taken-out’ and Major signed the Maastrict Treaty without asking the public. I bet there is something in the chart of signing that treaty that shows the UK’s trajectory.

    1. Astrology is really the study of history repeating itself and we are seeing uncannily similar patterns to Henry VIII and Cromwell! More particularly we are seeing a replay of the late 18th century when the United States of America broke from Great Britain and King George III and as Boris is technically American, there is a tremendous amount of old karma between the two countries and their ‘special relationship’ waiting to be played out. I think even the most depressed and persistent Remoaner will have her jaw on the floor when she sees the offers Johnson brings back from Trump. It’s a new country and a new world – the astrology was really clear about that last November and I put it in print – watch the final week of September.

  12. Thanks Jessica. What a fascinating article! It really does seem bleak at the moment for Boris, for Brexit and for the country, but you have given me hope that it will “turn out all right” in the end. One question. My husband and I are renting at the moment, after a move from the East to the West of England. Is now a good time to buy, or should we wait until the Brexit situation is settled? Do you think there could be a property crash, or even a boom if a good Brexit deal is brokered?

    1. Boris Johnson will pull rabbits out of a hat with amazing offers on the table from around the world which make the alternative – more hanging around waiting for democracy, more wasted time and money – seem like no alternative at all. People forget he’s American by birth! If you want to buy property you really need to pick your region/town because there will be a massive difference in house and apartment prices right around the British Isles within 12 months. It really depends on what your priority is – are you going for a bargain – or are you absolutely committed to, say, London? The fall-out from money laundering, which is hidden in British property, will be big and so it also depends on your budget as a lot of those overpriced residences in central London will be bargain buys once their owners go to jail and have their assets stripped…

  13. Jessica, I read with interest about your prediction of money issue for UK in May 2022.

    One issue the world will face in the next 10 years is the role of dollar as the reserve currency. The world has taken too much dollar debt and is very short of dollar at the moment, so there is economics problems whenever the dollar strengthens – which is the case in the past few years. This “short dollar” problem also has another side – the American government and companies are very profligate – they spend and print lots of money.

    Many leaders now realise that that needs to be a new reserve currency to allow all the currencies – including the dollar – to depreciate. Otherwise we won’t be able to get out of all our massive dollar debt across the world. Even Mark Carney was talking about this at Jackson Hole so even the Central Bankers are thinking about it:

    A gold backed system could be an alternative, as it has always been the case for humanity history. However, UK is actually very short of gold. Moving across to this new currency regime will not be easy for UK.

    China and Russia, conversely, has been quietly accumulating gold in the last few years.

    The Europeans – such as the French and German – also have a lot of gold in reserve.

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Taurus is about a revolution in currency so gold is rather traditional and not new enough for this cycle! Uranus is about new technology and radical new inventions, so cryptocurrency is the obvious contender. Uranus also rules freedom and independence and gold really doesn’t cut it. In astrology ‘free’ has long been a key word for Uranus and Taurus is trade, so put that together and we are looking at massive new free trade agreements coming, right around the world. Unpredictable, exciting, liberating, and…stormy.

  14. Hi Jessica 🙂

    Now that the bill to rule out no deal is going to go through on Monday, and Labour and the SNP have agreed a pact to vote against Boris’s request for an election, and are highly likely to only approve an election date AFTER 31 October, how do you see this panning out for Brexit and the Conservative party? Particularly with the latest polling suggesting the Tories are unlikely to win an overall majority if the election takes place after 31 October, will Boris ask the EU for an extension, or will he resign?

    1. When I look at the astrology, not the politics, the really obvious things here is Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party. It chimes with the timing. The other obvious thing is Italy. The final issue here is Her Majesty the Queen. Watch those three issues in September and October. You’d also have to say we’re moving towards a new style of politics in Britain in the year 2021 with people across all parties, and independents, sharing power – with a broad mix of gender, race, age. Proportional representation is also coming. All change!

  15. I had a thought after reading your prediction of Italy’s involvement in our Brexit. If all it takes is one member state to say ‘no extension’, if I was Boris I would be putting a call in. Parliament are assuming the EU will agree to a long extension but that could be blocked quite easily. And No Deal would remain the default position.

    1. That’s very interesting. This may tie into a group psychic prediction this weekend, made in Brighton, at our Astrology and Tarot event on The Barge. We drew The Queen of Wands as the answer for the crisis for our democracy in Britain at the moment. It shows a Queen, with a crown, on a throne, with two lions behind her. The solution is quite obviously Her Majesty the Queen – and we had no idea that P.M. Boris Johnson was flying to see her the same day. I think between there, and your angle here, we are looking at some kind of solution.

  16. Dear Jessica
    Thank you for being the voice of reasonableness and hope. Like many people who follow your website, I am totally dismayed at the way democracy is being hijacked on a daily basis by people who have clearly not accepted the vote to leave the EU. Many people have assumed that a vote to leave the EU means rejecting the people of Europe which is not correct. We have only voted to leave the organisation not the people. As the daughter and niece of 4 war heroes I am utterly devastated by the way that my country has been treated by the very people that my family fought so hard to save from evil. The EU organisation has become anti democratic, corrupt, greedy, profligate and has proven itself totally intransigent. The entity that was meant to prevent war again has been subverted. It does not help that we have some of the most inept MPs ever, not willing to negotiate or co-operate in the interests of what the people want.
    I do hope that your predictions and insights are true, as so many of them are. I want a bright future not just for the UK but for as many countries as possible. We all face so many problems worldwide that Brexit seems to be too wearisome. However, we should remind M.Barnier that “nothing is agreed till everything is agreed” , at this moment that does not look like very much.Tick tock. Do you have any insights as to how Italy will be involved? We know that other countries are watching us tear ourselves apart, some of them may want to leave too, but will be put off by the process. Do you think that the EU will fall apart eventually?
    Thank you Jessica, very few astrologists are as brave as you, or as hard working in their research. Your efforts are appreciated.
    Lizzy H

    1. Thanks Lizzy. I hosted an Astrology and Tarot event on The Barge at Brighton Marina yesterday and this was the comment from everybody at the event, no matter if they voted Remain, Leave – or chose not to vote at all. They believe the British political system is wrong and should change. Politicians who are employed by the public and paid by the public, should not have the right to switch political parties without the public being consulted. People are also tired of voting for one Prime Minister and getting another. You ask how Italy will be involved. Have you seen the CNN story about Trump proposing 100% tariffs on European Union cheese, wine and olive oil? There is your answer. Italy will be tempted to leave the European Union to arrange its own deal with the United States, who will also of course be organising a new deal with the United Kingdom – not to mention Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia…This is a very recent development but the astrology was so clear about Italy playing a major role and the ‘deal to end all deals’ coming at the end of September 2019. Remember, this was back in November when Theresa May was still the Prime Minister! So you can trust the astrology. And do feel positive about the future because Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to deliver!

  17. I’m new here. I’ve read some of your articles. You’re a very good astrologer. There’s a lot of shabby astrology being foisted out there.

  18. I wonder what the future holds for Wales. Independence marches there are on the rise but AFAIK there isn’t a definite chart to work with like Scotland’s.

    Proportional representation would be great if it did happen. Currently it seems that the Tories are trying to engineer themselves into endless GE victories.

    1. Proportional representation will be a reality by 2021 as Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius, the sign we associate with community, diversity and equality – and above all – the mixed group!

  19. Hello Jessica,

    I too am new to this site.

    It’s so refreshing to read your reassuring positive optimistic outlook.

    Thank you for this fabulous website.

    It was I who asked about David Davis.

    With thanks.

    1. Thank you. David Davis has not gone away – he is one of those Capricorns who are part of this powerful Capricorn weather we’re having (Saturn, Pluto, South Node and Jupiter in Capricorn) set for December. I’ll pass this compliment on to Alyas, Brooke, James, Jodi, Justin and Kerry.

  20. Hi Jessica
    thanks for your predictions about brexit, I hope that we will leave eu soon. It looks as parliament is doing everything to stop us leaving , they are not respecting the results of the referendum. Whatever happens, your predictions have kept me sane over the last few weeks.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you. Astrologers have been taking notes about 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 to find out what actually happens when we have a line-up in Capricorn like this. We’ve literally not seen it in our lifetimes – Pluto, Saturn, the South Node in Capricorn together. You no doubt saw John Bercow has been forced to step down. He is a Sun Capricorn. This sign represents the mountain goats who climb to the top. They are sometimes social climbers – social mountaineers – but often just ambitious people who use the system, or use the establishment, to make it. What we are seeing is the take-down of the system. The mountain goats will fall off what is a collapsing ‘mountain’ or hierarchy. That’s Westminster. They have no idea just how hard and fast they are going to fall, but essentially the outrageous disrespect of the people – the majority – and the total lack of respect for the hallowed vote of democracy – cannot and will not last. January 2020 is the beginning of the end for any system where the people at the top do not understand they are there, because of the people in the middle and down the bottom. The class system in other words. Working class people – women in particular – won the vote fair and square in the 1960s and that horoscope, set for that moment in time, tells me very clearly; the vote will out.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    I am wondering about Italy – it seems like they now have in place a pro-EU government headed y Conte…so how will they be able to help Brexit this month? Obviously, if Salvini was still around he’d be threatening the EU with economic terrorism, but it looks like he’s having a break for now?

    1. We don’t have times, dates and places of birth for the major players in Italian politics, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when the American President threatens 100% tariffs on E.U. cheese and olive oil, that the Italian voters will have a say over what should happen next. This is quite deliberate manipulation by America, but it encourages Italy to break free of the E.U. as I am sure you can see! Imagine having a monopoly on the lucrative pizza ingredient market in the United States. They no doubt are. Every single time we go back to the 55 B.C. horoscope which shows Ancient Rome in Ancient Britain and it rings loud bells.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Just read that labour will be supporting remain for e u. It looks like remains will win the general election and the brexit result will not be honoured,
    what do you think.

    I turn to your articles for some support /comfort In this terrible political times.

    Thanks for your articles, whatever happens, it is not in our hands.

    1. This feature seems to be pulling in politics watchers, rather than astrology watchers, but that’s fine. I am not sure why you think the original vote will not be honoured. I have done some horoscopes using the dates of all stages of the original 20th century vote approvals. For example, we had a recent date in the 1960s when working class women who did not own property, won the right to an equal say – just as good as Her Majesty the Queen’s! I have used these charts to go beyond the politics of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives and can tell you that nobody messes with democracy. The vote was the vote. We will ultimately see a massive overhaul of politics as a result of this though and from the year 2021 the old system is going to look very old indeed. Two-party politics is at an end. Thank you.

  23. Hi Jessica


    I love the article – but also the comments and replies. Here is my take .

    I quote from your response above: “This may tie into a group psychic prediction this weekend, made in Brighton, at our Astrology and Tarot event on The Barge. We drew The Queen of Wands as the answer for the crisis for our democracy in Britain at the moment. It shows a Queen, with a crown, on a throne, with two lions behind her”.

    Could this represent the Queen’s speech at the opening of the parliamentary session in October? Labour are apparently plotting to vote against the Queen’s speech and then hold a vote of no confidence in Boris. Do you think the ‘new deal’ will be announced in the Queen’s speech?

    All the best


    1. Thank you Liz. I trust my fellow natural psychics in Brighton and the Queen of Wands/Staves as seen by Pamela Colman Smith shows a woman who is indeed using her speech (wands/staves always represent what is on paper, because paper is made from the kind of tree branches held by the Queen!) It works two ways though. This is not just about her formal speech, but it is also about statements she intends to make to her Prime Minister. You can see the 1930’s style bob haircut in the card, underneath the crown. The last time Her Majesty saw anything like this it was in the 1930’s when she was a young girl – the Abdication forced an emergency cross-party government. It was also the era of Uranus in Taurus and tremendous economic uncertainty. The card may be telling us that both these events, so long ago, are in Her Majesty’s mind and she plans to speak accordingly, although it would obviously be privately. One thing we can trust is the Queen’s (Tarot) expression of self-confidence, certainty, strength and courage. That’s a good leader.

      1. Gosh. I feel so tuned in to what you are saying here.

        I quote again: “Working class people – women in particular – won the vote fair and square in the 1960s and that horoscope, set for that moment in time, tells me very clearly the vote will out”.

        My home town is in Yorkshire – recently visted by Boris. You are, I think, quite right when you suggest that working class women will ensure the referendum result is honoured and that we will Brexit. Ever since the mining strikes of the early 1980s, the women have been at the helm. The strikes empowered them at a personal level even as they politically disempowered their husbands – though the introduction of the Equal Opportunities Act did help. The women held the fort, ‘kept the home fires burning’, as the political battles raged around them – they found their feet, and their voices, there and then.

        I can’t remember a time since those strikes when the working class women of Yorkshire have been so energised. They are in fact incensed that Labour, and the Labour men in charge, have once again let them down so badly. Corbyn and co have roused a sleeping giant – well that is how it feels to me.

        Keep up the good work Jessica – you too help give working class women self confidence, certainty, strength and courage.

        1. You are in Yorkshire. As you know, the miners’ strike put women at the forefront in the North of England. In fact you are speaking the astrology here, likely without knowing it. That generation who were in their twenties in the 1980s were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign of the working class. Uranus is revolution. Pluto is empowerment. Put that together and you have a huge legacy of strength, determination, influence, solidarity and real power – all coming from that generation, who are now in their fifties (the same generation as the Prime Minister). He may not be working class but he has identified a movement that began in the 1980s and has not really stopped. It’s people power and it also owes a great deal to the Neptune in Virgo cycles we saw before the Second World War, when so many women were mobilising. I am fascinated by your report from Yorkshire that working class women in Yorkshire are energised. I have to say, when you all hit your peak, it’s going to be like an earthquake. It was big enough before – let’s see what happens next!

  24. Hi, thanks for bringing into focus the Capricorn weather. The EU as an entity is an obvious example of an organisation that does not represent the people of each country. It is not democratic (takes too long to explain why here). Not least the issue has been to control, and plans are afoot to create an EU Army. So my questions is, does the astrology show how the EU as an entity is at odds with each countries sovereignty? Ultimately we’d expect more countries to seek freedom after Britain has put the demolition charges under the ‘mountain’. Other countries have wanted to challenge Brussels, e.g. Hungary, Italy, Greece, and so I expect some countries charts to have a a very stressed synastry to the EU chart. I’m amazed at how Boris Johnson has been treated with such vindictiveness; I can’t say he’s helped himself but he’ll certainly need a hand. I think Italy is likely to offer the veto vote against allowing Britain to have an extension.

    1. We have astrological charts for the European Union, and in fact I wrote a feature last November analysing not just the E.U. but also the Euro as a currency. I also looked at the 55 B.C. chart for the British Isles, when Rome came to stay (Italian rule) and Italy in the year 2019. You think Italy may offer the veto vote against allowing Britain to have an extension. I think you may be right!

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Just posting to say thank you, like many other posters have, for helping me retain (some) sanity during Brexit and I hope and pray that the astrology works out and BoJo gets a deal (rabbits out of hats as you said).

    I am fed up with being in this perpetual purgatory enforced on us by factions in the government. For Brexiteers their heaven is no deal, a hell for Remainers, whilst revoke article 50/further referenda is heaven for Remain faction and hell for the Brexit bunch. We, the ordinary folk end up in a never ending indecision of extension after extension.
    I voted remain but just want this over and done with. The Referendum, People’s vote, was 52% to leave and that was the democratic decision.

    Just a thought about the Queen of Wands. I was using your website to learn and was reading about Ops, mother of Jupiter and thought how she was similar to the Queen of Wands with the lions and the signs of growth and prosperity, the new buds on her staff, the sunflowers and the greenery on her crown. I think she also may represent optimism and opportunity like Ops. Hopefully luck be a lady and the Queen of Wands can help out Boris who is gambling high stakes right now.

    It also occurred to me yesterday that she does look a bit like a younger Angela Merkel who is also called Mutti (mother) in Germany who has helped the country prosper with her safe, consistent government. Maybe Mrs Merkel might help out Boris with sorting a deal even if it is only because she worries for the German car Industry.

    Again, thank you for the hardwork of yourself and your team.

    1. I find it fascinating that you voted Remain in the election over the E.U. but now say you want this ‘over and done with.’ I heard the same thing from a good friend in Brighton. She voted Remain but she respects democracy and wants to see Britain return to it. As you can see from the messages left on this astrology post, you are in the majority. People have had enough of the mountain goats at the top (Capricorn weather) walking all over the goats in the middle and down the bottom! It’s interesting that John Bercow, who has resigned, is a Sun Capricorn man. Thank you for your thought about the Queen of Wands Tarot card. This is of course the card our group in Brighton drew last Saturday, in reply to the question ‘How do we get out of this situation?’ She does indeed look like a younger Angela Merkel – spot on. The black cat is an interesting one. So are the sunflowers. My only connection with the cat so far has been Larry the cat at 10 Downing Street and his counterpart, Palmerston, at the Foreign Office! But there’s something there. The foreign office would fit, all you say, about German car manufacturing. Watch the end of September.

  26. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your post regarding Brexit. I am in utter disbelief at the disgraceful arrogance from this cabal of Remain MPs who think they know better than 17.4 million voters. The vote was to leave, no ifs, ands, or buts – completely out of the EU, which simply must be implemented in full. Attempting to manipulate – and or – thwart a democratic vote can not be allowed to happen. It is the very same democracy that puts these people in their privileged positions, how dare they attempt to disregard it. Brexit is clearly is exposing the EU, along with these shameful Remain members of our country’s parliament, in their self-serving true colors. A change is coming and I strongly think that we will be out of the EU, which will come to its end, and our country is going to thrive. To be honest I think it’s a difficult crazy time at the moment for a lot of people, as we can see in the news and the everyday people we know and speak to. Just out of interest are Virgo’s going through a protracted difficult astrological time at the moment? I’m have been experiencing difficulty finding an income source for a number of years now and just wondered if this was due to anything astrological for Virgo’s and if so when will it change for the better? Thank you so much again.

    1. I can see the anger in your message and in fact, the vote to leave the European Union took place when Mars (a symbol of anger) was exactly lined up with Ceres and Uranus in the heavens. It was a rare day. I think anyone can see that anger right around the internet, but also in the many, many letters people have written to newspapers. As a Virgo you are feeling classic Virgo stuff – this is the sign of the working person who has a strong sense of duty to others, but also has to figure out his/her relationship with the boss. It can be a revelation to Virgo to understand he or she is here to work, above all. Even Prince Harry was working the phones (he is a Virgo) for charity today – and he brought in one billion pounds for charity. If you want a new income source then do unpaid work, voluntarily, in a field you know could pay. Then get yourself into a position where you have proven yourself and can pursue an income for it. There is no magic formula, flashy or easy trick for Virgo people – it is always old-fashioned hard work and effort, actually. Yet if you prove your unique qualities make you the only person who could do a particular job, that particular way – you’ll be pursued. Virgo is also the sign which has a real issue with Capricorn weather (which we are going through). Mountain goats who are standing on top, ignoring the other goats in the middle and down the bottom, are set to fall. In fact the mountain is crumbling. Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and the South Node are coming for them – with Ceres – and December 2019, January 2020 will leave nobody and nothing standing. The mountain goat is always an analogy for leaders, the elite, the top people, the A list and the winners. The mountain is always an analogy for the system, the establishment, society, the corporation, the hierarchy, the government. We have not seen anything like this in over 240 years and the last time we did, the Americans expelled the British, King George III lost his job and slavery came to an end. It’s big.

  27. HI jessica,
    once again astrology (and you come up trumps!) apparently in the last week we have signed 6 new trade deals with African Countries (which will also help their people) worth £10 billion, the following is taken from Political UK:
    Currently, 44 countries have agreed to continuity deals with the UK in the past 4 months.

    The most recent deal with the Southern African Customs Union and Mozambique is worth around £10 billion to the UK annually.

    I have just checked the BBC news website and not a single article has been published, from what I can see, about this trading agreement.
    Obviously not publicized by the bias BBC. You did mention Boris and his trade deals, thanks for keeping our hopes alive.

    1. I didn’t know about the African deals for Great Britain and that would fit the Jupiter in Sagittarius weather, now through December. Jupiter is expansion and Sagittarius is foreign countries and people – so clearly the country is expanding into new global territory, which fits the astrology perfectly. I do astrology, I don’t do politics, but this makes me want to find out more. Thank you. The other thing to watch is the South Node going into Sagittarius from May 2020 when Britain collects on karma with other countries, and by 2021 she will have been repaid for any investments she made (for example in funding, education, export) from about the year 2001-2002. In other words, what was the Millennium. That’s really interesting.

    1. Thank you so much. I trust the astrology – and it’s been so clear since November last year – which is why I named a date. This matter has been a peculiar hybrid of No Deal + New Deal for a long time. It will be fascinating to see if the prediction is right.

  28. Hi Jessica, thanks for your astrological insight with regards to Brexit. I hope you are correct and that the democratic referendum result to leave the EU is honoured, if it is not then our country’s democracy will have been mortally wounded. Touching on one of your previous articles/post about Pluto and the Capricorn astrological weather next year (2020) , particularly the point about the chance of war in 2020, is it possible the we could see a second civil war in the UK brought about by Brexit. Leave voters are increasingly becoming very frustrated by the way MPs, ex politicians, business people & celebrity Remain supporters are deceitfully interfering and attempting to betray the winning referendum vote. I really hope it doesn’t descend to negative unrest and that without any doubt, or Brexit in name only deals, we leave the EU. By the way regarding the queen of wands tarot card, it indicates independence, including financial. The black cat is also a symbol of secrecy, authority, self governing and powerful energy at play. The sun flower I see as light and a positive element. Oddly enough I’ve been looking at my tarot cards recently and repeatedly keep cutting the queen and king of wands, particularly the king.

    1. There will be no civil war in the kingdom – fortunately this is not the 17th century! The Queen will resolve the matter – according to our Tarot reading one week ago. You have also been drawing the Queen of Wands/Staves/Rods (as she is known in various decks). Pamela and Arthur’s deck from 1909 clearly shows the Queen with Scotland’s red lions on her throne, but England’s golden lions in front of her. The black cat is curious. Modelled on Snuffles, the cat at Ellen Terry’s cottage in Smallhythe, where Pamela illustrated the cards, it means many things. To me it means the two Westminster cats – Larry and Palmerston. It is obviously also ‘moggy’ which is the nickname given to Jacob Rees-Mogg. We have quite a story in that card. A reader pointed out a black cat symbolises Friday 13th and here we are – at Friday 13th September. Let’s see.

  29. Jessica, you do a wonderful job and I
    I have great faith in your predictions.

    I am 100 percent remain. I do not feel the vote was legitimate as 3.5 million eu residents in the UK and 750000 British living in the rest of the EU were all denied votes despite both groups paying UK tax. No representation without taxation but vice versa should be true too. Originally they were going to be allowed to vote by Cameron until he gave into IDS on the matter

    The whole matter is incredibly sad in that it has divided families and friends. I have a Spanish friend who is finding it hard to find the right paperwork to stay after 4 yrear living here and I cannot ever forgive brexiteer friends for what they have done to him and others who came here in good faith

    I have 4 questions.
    1 Will the divisions in the UK be long lasting even after brexit?
    2 The EU protects us greatly in our food supply and environment. 75 pesticides are banned in the EU but allowed in the USA along with GM foods chlorine washed meat etc
    Does Ceres show if our food supply will be less sustainable, local and pure after Brexit ?
    3 I see the EU as a block offering an alternative to Communism and ruthless American Capitalism offering welfare and free healthcare to all. Will the UK be realigned to USA and lose its NHS? I think you said the NHS will go already previously

    4 Will the UK receive a lot more immigrants post Brexit as no doubt each trade deal will have that as a prerequisite and perhaps the French will no longer hold any back after we leave the EU as we will no longer be part of the Dublin treaty?

    If the astrology can answer any or all of these I will be very interested.
    Thanks for your excellent work

    1. Ceres is the astrological concern in your question/comment so let’s focus on this powerful dwarf planet. Ceres was involved in the historic line-up between Mars and Uranus – symbols of anger and independence – on the day that the majority of people voted to leave the European Union. This is significant as Ceres was discovered on 1st January 1801, the same day that the Act of Union passed and the latest horoscope for the United Kingdom arrived. She was ‘born’ or reborn that day. Ceres is at the heart of the famous story about Jupiter dividing the year into four seasons. The division of four is shown in the Union Jack and of course Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. I don’t make this stuff up, it’s history! The Romans gave Ceres ownership of the four seasons. Ceres was found and named on the same day the nation was split/united four ways. The vote to leave will ultimately end up with a new division of four, within the old kingdom. So it’s not so much about the European Union, which is vast, as the island itself and the way she manages her four-way split. Obviously democracy has to stand. Food is certainly ruled by Ceres who gives her name to ‘cereal’ and is always shown with corn and wheat. What seems most obvious in all this is that the four nations will focus on agriculture and domestic trade – farming, food production – in a new and different way. My last point about Ceres (you can also look her up on Search) is that she was at the heart of a myth about rage and grief. Loss and mourning. Protest and enforced compromise. The die was cast when Cameron chose the date of an exact line-up with Ceres, Mars and Uranus for a vote. The emotion will have to be parked at the door if the new four-way arrangement is going to work, long-term. Forget the EU. This is actually about the UK.

  30. Thank you for your article! It made me feel more open minded to different horoscope.

    I am Hong Konger and has read your other articles since reading your predictions about Hong Kong. Actually, I also traced UK’s political news too… In the view of political and the speech from new PM, it sounds Briexit issue may tied up with China much more because UK may relied on other oversea market including US/China… As seen from many news from past few years that UK has many business projects/trading contracts with China, that’s a worry that Hong Kong maybe scarified if UK politician may prefer for business interest from China….

    Does it has any message for this worry in the view of astrology? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. I do astrology, not politics, but as soon as I saw the Hong Kong protests I realised they were about the New Age of Aquarius which arrives in December 2020. These protestors are ahead of their time. On further investigation there is a curious connection between Great Britain and Hong Kong, which so many have forgotten about. We will see a little more of this in January and February 2020, then again in July and August next year, but it will not be until Christmas 2020 that we realise why a new world trade group is forming and how the ‘new’ Hong Kong could be so much closer to Britain inside it. Most interesting, grasshopper!

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your insights regarding the Brexit chaos, which I am finding both reassuring and intriguing. I wonder if I might offer a further thought and ask if the astrology gives any indication that the Commonwealth, an institution that continues to flourish due largely to the hard work and dedication of Her Majesty the Queen, will begin to take a more prominent role in UK affairs as we attempt to leave the EU? We already have extensive trading and sporting connections with our Commonwealth family of nations as well as a close historical relationship which we do not share with Europe, and if, as you say, the Queen is going to be important in resolving this mess, could this be a possible route to a solution?
    Many thanks for your hard work,

    1. Thank you. Yes, as you correctly suggest, from May 2020 the Commonwealth countries including Australia, New Zealand and her allies, will enter into new deals with Great Britain, which run into 2021 as well. The reason for this is that the South Node of karma goes into Sagittarius, the sign ruling foreign places and people, export and import. Everything Britain ever did correctly, generously or wisely in the past will come back to her. However, if she ripped nations off in any way, Tutor, or cheated them on price, she will also have to answer for that. You might say 2020-2021 is Commonwealth Karma time.

  32. Hi Again Jessica,
    After your recent astrological reply about David Davis ,….. Well there he was today on Good Morning Britain. Perhaps its a start ton astrological a build up . He’s been on a new health regime and looks buzzing. Its really good to see him again. Eagerly looking forward to full return. With thanks to you Jessica. Your astrological insight is thoroughly enjoyable and amazing.

    1. Thank you. Oddly enough, I was thinking about David Davis this afternoon! It’s a shame we don’t have a birth time for him, so a 100% accurate chart is impossible. Even without a time, though, he is the kind of politician who never goes away – and is set for a comeback.

  33. Thanks so much for the insights on Ceres Jessica, very interesting. I think you already said that we might be growing our own food more via market gardens in another post. I can believe this might be the only way we can guarantee our food safety if we are going to be importing food from everywhere without proper checks. Do you think this is the case?

    Europe has always been part of UK history long before the Commonwealth existed .

    If the UK is going to receive Karma that bodes badly given the way our country treated people all over the globe in the past. Ask Australian aborigines or the Irish people for instance. Do you think we will have problems? Do you think a recession is on the way?

    I value your advice you are very clever. I do not always like what you tell us but I believe in it.

    One day I want to consult you in person about moving to France.

    Thanks for all your help.

  34. Hello Jessica,
    This Capricorn weather has this gal questions not only my money ( as its been in a state
    of flux for quite sometime) but I am seeing it REALLY affecting my elderly parents.
    They have health issues and see doctors every week.
    Here in North America health care is such a critical issue with no resolution in site.
    They and I both spend a fortune on healthcare.
    I do see this Capricorn trickle affect you have been speaking about for quite some time.
    I am curious what you can tell me about my 6 placements in Capricorn. I not sure what to
    think as Saturn moves forward Sep 18 @ 13 degrees. Best I can see that’s my
    degree. Work and money are both slow.
    Any help would be wonderful.
    Thanks for your great skills.

    1. I am so sorry about your parents and the cost of healthcare – and the stress for them and you. You are strongly Capricorn and feeling the long, slow, hard-work transit of Saturn through that sign, pursued by the South Node of stuck situations. This is very much about your work, but also about your position in the family. This can and does ease up from the first week of December when you see solutions. The light at the end of the tunnel. Jupiter is a 2000+ year old timing device in astrology and when he turns up in Capricorn, there are breakthroughs and big answers ahead, particularly with your career, but also regarding your place in the wider family as a whole. Saturn, of course, is an equally ancient symbol of long, slow, drawn-out timing, but there is always a useful answer and outcome in the end. The much, much bigger picture is karma. I am sure you know that the Nodes rule karma, and here we also have the North Node in Cancer, in your Fourth House of family, so you are in fact paying your karmic dues to either or both parents. This goes back into past lives. What you are doing for them, they once did for you, and the time has come to turn the wheel. Yet, this karmic cycle ends in May 2020.

    1. Thank you. I did not see this. There is no need to panic. You can’t take democracy away from Great Britain. The horoscopes for the vote are wired into the nation. The trashing of democracy in 2016, 2017, 2018 is highly unusual and down to the line-up of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn, the sign which rules the elite above the masses. The masses get what they want from December 2020 and following. By the masses, of course, I mean the democratic majority! Stay tuned. And keep watching Italy.

  35. Love the boom in travel you wrote of,.
    however it ended up as a big boom for Thomas Cook rather.

    1. This isn’t over. Jupiter in Sagittarius will be with us until the first week of December – and the remains of Thomas Cook will be gathered up, recycled and turned into something great.

  36. Jessica:
    Do you see recession or depression coming in the year ahead? some other predicts 2024 is the year of stock market crash, is this your view also? or you see stock market crash in year 2020, 2021? and how about inflation? do you see any sigh of that?
    I came from TAIWAN , do you see anything conflict between China and Taiwan, will that be a WAR happen in this region?


    1. We will experience the perfect storm of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020, while Uranus is in Taurus at the same time. This is the beginning of the end for the elite Prime Ministers, Presidents and Executives at the top – unless they start acting for the masses instead of themselves and their peers. You don’t escape Saturn conjunct Pluto. You are either pushed off the top of the mountain or the mountain collapses. Uranus in Taurus is a revolution in currency and the world economy. Climate emergency is part of that. Places like Fiji are feeling it first. If you put those two factors together, you can see why it is 2020, not 2024 (far too late) that is the critical year for economic change. China and Taiwan will not be at war, Shunn. The global climate crisis is too dangerous for any country to indulge in war. In the future, we have to form one planet – and we will. It happens in stages from December 2020, into 2021, intensifying beyond 2023. No leader can afford to get today’s teenagers against them, because they are the adults of tomorrow and are taking over planet management. Particular commodities and stocks will crash, yes. You need to do your own research on the factory farming burger industry. Coal. Plastic. We are going to see the end of petrol fuelled cars eventually. Uranus in Taurus is with us for 6-7 years.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Apart of all other political issues, the thing I can’t connect with Aquarius and the Aquarius era at all, is the Kingdom and the Royal system. During the last 100 years this old type of polytical system is in constant process of changing and progresivly vanishing from the global politycal map. As a propper conservative Capricon , the UK may be will be one of the last ones trying to keep it but my gut feeling is that veery soon we will see the power of Aquarius in that sphere, too

    1. Quite right. We will see slow-moving transits in Aquarius by Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto – commencing near the Queen’s Christmas Day Message, in December 2020. The year 2021 will really put the British royal family under pressure to change, as we’re seeing an Aquarius-Leo signature in the skies, and this is always about the people versus the monarchy. You’d have to suspect that the Epstein affair, involving Prince Andrew, is first on the list – likely to become most intense in January 2020. Yet from Christmas that year into 2021 it’s really clear that things cannot go on, as they have been, within that family.

    1. Thank you. Another reader just picked this up. The phrase ‘no deal/new deal’ has been with me on a psychic level for almost a year, as I just passed on. It’s an interesting twist isn’t it!

  38. Hi Jessica, we have found a house in Reading we love and are going to try and buy – this is a lot sooner than previously mentioned above! I am frantically watching the exchange rate of Australian dollars and GBP waiting for best time to move a large deposit over to the UK. The £ has risen and don’t want to see us get less for our money – all depending if we actually get the chance to make an offer for the house of course. Could you give any more insights to what could happen over the next few months between the two currencies please? Thank you kindly Katie

    1. As I think I said before, you are doing this on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – so, communication, paperwork and negotiation going backwards and forwards until December – in Scorpio, which rules marriage and mortgage. As you have just seen in the space of one day, the pound has gone up and down quite dramatically. This is going to continue for weeks – please look up the original warning I gave months ago, on Search – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I’m sure you’ve seen today’s disgraceful events in Parliament. Now even the DUP are threatening Brexit. My partner is ready to riot, as am I. I’ve never even had a parking ticket. I don’t drop litter, & I pay my tax on time.

    They won’t let us leave wit or without a deal. They won’t let us have an election. It’s Kafkaesque and obscene.

    Any words of comfort? Please x

    1. I have just commented to another reader – this is system change waiting to happen. You have to use the horoscopes for this island going back to 55 B.C. and of course it’s seen everything from the exit of the Italians (the first Quitaly) and the end of Roman rule, right through to King Charles losing his head – and the threat of Nazi rule. Great Britain is always, has always been – Dramatic, capital D and it has always involved blood, sweat and tears. This all leads somewhere so the painful attacks on democracy are not without purpose. The result is proportional representation, and the end of any goats at the top of the Capricorn mountain who think they can stand over the majority of goats on every other ledge. Watch it. Around January 12th it’s going to be baaaad.

  40. Dear Jessica, many thanks for your comments. I have noted that the Brexit Party are asking for more scrutiny on the actual Brexit Withdrawal agreement. That would seem fair, but not much talk is going on in Parliament about that – it appears more like a ‘summit fever to get somewhere and lose sight of the fact. So the real test will come after Brexit to ensure Britain is built for the people by the people. There’s a book I’ve dipped into: Against Elections: The Case for Democracy by David Van Reybrouck. It touches on how far people are removed from decision making. I’m reading up on the history of ~Venice at the moment and I’ve noted their Republic lasted for over 1000 years because it was so fierce in protecting it’s political structure – obsessed that no-one person got too much power, and also was supreme at trading. So perhaps Boris should read his history on Venice as well as Rome!

    1. I don’t do politics, I do astrology – but the old British horoscopes have something to say about what is going on in October 2019. What we’re seeing is a repeat of the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther. The odds of that are uncanny. No wonder Venice is ringing bells with you. Essentially – 2020, 2021, 2022 look like millions of people pushing back, very hard, against corruption, greed and concentrated power at the top. The political part is deciding where you think that comes from. But I don’t think any of the many readers here would disagree – it’s an extreme state of affairs when the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Her Majesty the Queen, the European Union and the vast majority of British people pursue the same outcome – and a very few goats block it. What you are talking about rebuilding Britain is true. This looks like a completely different country after 2023, as different as King Henry VIII’s Britain was, after the monasteries were shut down!

  41. Saturday 26 October 2019 is another significant Brexit day.

    Transit Neptune re opposite Brexit’s Jupiter!

    Brexit 24 June 2016.

    Birthtime 6 am, rectified as 06h,00m45s5.

    Jupiter, Draconis and IC are in 17 degrees Virgo.

    Sabian symbol 17 degrees Virgo: a volcano eruption.

    Neptune transits.

    8-March-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup
    11-March-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    16-March-2019 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    23-March-2019 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC

    29-Sep-2019 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC

    9-Oct-2019 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    19-Oct-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    26-Oct-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup

    28-Dec-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup

    4-Jan-2020 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    13-Jan-2020 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    22-Jan-2020 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC

    1. You use different methods to me, but sometimes all Roads Lead to Rome. The original Brexit prediction I published, almost a year ago now (November 2018) clearly showed a September deal (which Britain got with America – the biggest deal in their history) – and then a Christmas deadline. Christmas is now being touted as a potential finish line in Westminster. What fascinates me is Italy! Will they refuse to extend the 31st October deadline and push Britain into No Deal? Now, that would be intriguing.

  42. Hi Jessica, I really value your insight and after posting above earlier hoped for more clarity. We have started looking for a house to buy in the UK (Berkshire feels the right place to settle). We are still holding the majority of our savings in our Australian bank account and waiting for the best time to do so. What does astrology say for the Australian dollars and sterling forecast? Assuming once a Brexit deal is done the £ will increase and I fear I will regret not transferring over beforehand! If you were transferring Australian dollars over to the UK when would you do so? Thank you kindly Katie

    1. Katie you are looking for a house in Berkshire and have Australian dollars – waiting to see what happens to the pound. You could easily get the bargain to end all bargains here, as the pound is going to fall hugely against The Australian dollar. BUT we are in Mercury Retrograde, which I predicted two years ago. I foresaw chaos in Los Angeles and it’s happening. Next will be Britain and her currency. You have to know exactly what you are doing until December 7th, time it to the split second and also count on your seller! I strongly, strongly recommend you get the best financial expert you can afford. Some people do nicely out of chaos, but you can’t risk it. We are heading towards total financial disorder globally for November, not sorted until December 7th 2019.

  43. Thank you Jessica! Is November the month we watch out for – before December 7th? I understand Jan 2020 is a big month of upheaval as well. Will we miss the window of opportunity once Brexit is completed and the UK finally leaves the EU? I do also believe the UK will thrive once it finally leaves and the pound will trade strongly. Would like to understand the window of potential times of opportunity. What dates should I watch for? Thank you again kindly.

    1. I filed a public prediction on November 18th which you can see, if you search Brexit. Theresa May was still the Prime Minister! I named December 2019, if you want to go back and have a look. The democracy charts for Great Britain are more powerful than anything else and democracy is about to come thundering back, after three years in which it was under attack. (The democracy charts are all set up for the historic dates when first of all working people, then women, won their right to a vote). Having said that, you should still hot-foot it down to the ballot box!

  44. Do you have any prediction on the UK elections. Boris is expected to win and I wish he does. He is the only person I believe can sort out the Brexit mess and move to the next stage of Britain in the world stage. But given your prediction in the article on Boris Johnson the his luck will run out in the first week of December, I am not so sure about his victory chances.

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