When the Stars Align – October to-December 2019

The final part of a series covering rare alignments of the planets, which may affect your personal birth chart in 2019. Are the stars aligned for you?

I hope you have enjoyed this four-part feature in 2019 – When the Stars Align.

By popular demand, I’ll repeat this in 2020.

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191 Responses

  1. Thanks Jessica for this in-depth four-part feature.

    North Node at 21 Sag-trine natal Jupiter 22 Leo in fifth. What will a Jupiter/Ceres conjunction to north node in the eighth house present? Also, Sun in Libra at 2 degrees in the sixth house. Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    1. Thank you. You have a great Jupiter-Node pattern there. Go back to where it comes from – the Ninth House. That is where the story is. High hopes, increased optimism, lucky breaks and good timing are now evolving, and it will be in connection with foreign places and people; travel and travellers; foreign currency exchange rates; tourists and travellers; emigration and journeys; education in all its forms from academia to fun weekend workshops. Target the biggest and the best, look around the map and put your head down towards the finish line, in December 2019.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have Sun at 2 Capricorn, Venus at 2 Aquarius and Pluto at 2 Libra. Things have recently started to improve in my working life (last 4-6 months our so) after a really difficult couple of years with Saturn going through Capricorn. Any insight into how the Uranus/Jupiter trine will impact on me? Incidentally, I’ve counted myself lucky recently having managed to get back to the UK from Greece on one of the last Thomas Cook flights from the particular island I was visiting. Thanks.

    1. Well done for making it back to Blighty on the last of the Thomas Cook flights. Your patterns at 2 degrees are beautifully picked up by Jupiter moving to 2 Capricorn, so as you finish 2019 and go into 2020 (during the Capricorn weather of December 2019, January 2020) you are in a great position to rethink your career, unpaid work or university degree and seize the day. Opportunities galore are around you, although it will be very different – rather unexpected – and quite new. The reason for this is Uranus also flitting around 2 Taurus. Watch Jupiter.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for such a great article. I’ve found it really helps to have an early warning system where Mercury retrograde is concerned but also to understand the planetary influences and try to swim with the tide. I have my NorthNode 02 Libra and SouthNode 02 Aries, I’m trying to figure out what this means and would be grateful if you could look at my chart. Many thanks

    1. You have war and peace written into your past lives, so were likely in the navy, army or Air Force – at the very least – and may have been involved in battles long before. The relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner today is part of that karma and you two were on the same or opposing sides, dealing with the same issues – war or peace. This comes back to you, not necessarily as a memory, but as an ongoing theme in your life, as Jupiter moves to 2 Capricorn and creates what is known as a T-Square in your chart. December 2019, January 2020 is the timing. Having known the horrors of war, you are a peacemaker in this lifetime, but you also find it very hard to back down if someone is being unfair, or if the situation is deeply unjust. That’s your karmic quandary.

    2. Thank you Jessica, that rings so true. I often feel split between being a bit of a Boudicca or trying to resolve things diplomatically. My natural inclination is to charge forward when I feel things are unjust but as I have got older I have learnt (almost) to reign myself in. I hope in this lifetime I can work through this as I really don’t want to come back. I have tried to play peacemaker for many years between my late husband who was a beautiful strong Capricorn and my children. He was a good man but very saturnian with his expectations of his children. The injustices going on in parliament at the moment from all sides have really stirred me and I hope we can have a clean sweep so that truth and decency can come into politics. Truth and decency for all of us would be pretty amazing.

      1. I am glad that rings true for you. The rot at the heart of democracy is actually the system – the rules which enable the elite to dictate to the majority on their own terms – and it is the system which is going to transform. Long after everyone has forgotten about the actual names and faces involved, what the schoolchildren of tomorrow will be taught, is that things became so undemocratic by 2020, that a sweeping overhaul was required. That’s coming, as we go out of what my colleague Penny Thornton calls the Teenies, into the Twenties. The Twenties will bring back people power – and how!

  4. Hello Jessica – looks like lots of potential change in December!
    Are we also going to be affected if we have factors of one degree difference? I have Hygeia 03° Taurus but also I have Cupido 02° Aquarius
    How does it look for me in December? I’m pretty fed up with where I’m working part-time in charity fundraising and am considering change but I don’t know what to do about it.
    What would be you advice for me over the next few months?
    Best wishes

    1. You will be shown a way to train, update skills or educate yourself in a completely different area, which you could eventually make your paid work, either part-time or full-time. It won’t be on offer forever, so you need to seize the moment. Basically you are seeing the North Node and South Node go across 2 and 3 Gemini (the internet and online learning) and Sagittarius (academia, university, seminars, workshop, college, libraries, professors and teachers). They take time to get there, but the situation will be set up between now and the first week of December. If you do decide to pick up one or two new skills, you will be able to use them to switch careers or embrace a different angle on your current situation in charity fundraising. This picks up your Taurus factors (salary) and Aquarius factors (groups) so you’d have to expect this to be related to philanthropy and non-profit, or community groups, but quite different. It’s up to you, but the door is open to change if you want it.

  5. hi Jessica,
    I have Bacchus at 21 in Capricorn, NorthNode at 21° in Libra, and SouthNode at 21° in Aries.
    I also have Panacea at 16° in Capricorn.
    What can I expect? Thanks

    1. You will be handed a prestigious, important new work-related project in 2020 (or it may involve unpaid work). This may be part of a new job which you win, against stiff competition, or a promotion where you are already. Jupiter will fix issues and give you answers. None of this happens because you have been in a dreamlike work situation. Not at all. You have been trying very, very hard – rather like pushing against the tide. From December 2019 you surf. In 2020 you ride a wave of change. It is exactly what you need to gain.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter at 21 Sagittarius, Pluto at 2 Libra, Asc at 16 Libra, Fortuna at 16 Cancer and Psyche at 16 Virgo. I am leaving my current role on 18th Oct after 7 and a half years, starting my new role on 21st October. How do the next 3 months work out for me? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do.

    Best wishes,

    1. You are going to gain from your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, Agnes, but also see a life-changing ‘new deal’ and compromise, also in your Ninth House, with Ceres there. The astrology fits, as you are switching jobs during this cycle, which can only happen once every 12 years. You will find there is tremendous uncertainty, change, a lot of waiting games, and perhaps an about-turn with the agreements or paperwork, after October 11th and particularly into November. You will be directly affected by Britain’s departure from the European Union and the impact on currency rates, business agreements, and just about everything an accountant can file. Give yourself and others time and space for things to gel and finalise, as it will not be until December that you and everyone else feels things are in place for a very different new year ahead.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t have any factors at 2 but plenty in 1 degree. Is there any impact to be felt at work?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Yes. Jupiter at 1 Capricorn for the first time in 12 years will aspect your chart as he changes signs in December 2019 and by January 2020 you will gain from somebody else’s resignation or sacking – or someone else’s promotion, which leaves a space. Musical chairs.

  8. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for the very informative article as always. I have 21 degree placements in Libra, Capricorn & Cancer. Also the 02 degree placements in Virgo, Scorpio and Leo. Any impact for me over the next month with these placements? Specially I’m currently seeking work so not sure if these will have any effect on that.

    Sun 21° Libra 32′ 22″, MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″ & IC 21° Cancer 32′ 54″

    Aesculapia 02° Virgo 47′ 38″, Uranus 02° Scorpio 06′ 45″ & Saturn 02° Leo 07′ 56″

    Many Thanks!


    1. If your birth time was strictly accurate, then you will be in a completely new career (not just a job; a career) in 2020. You are also going to go through a radical change in your finances, as Uranus at 2 Taurus opposes Uranus at 2 Scorpio, and it will likely involve a family member – or a former, current or potential partner. Scorpio is about intimate relationships, close ties, finances, houses, valuables, business and apartments. So there is a lot of change ahead – try to get yourself into a supremely flexible position with money so you can ‘helicopter’ as they say. If your birth time is right, the new role and career will be perfectly timed and very blessed.

        1. You’ll need to be on the lookout for offers, opportunities, promotions, courses, awards and new deals during Capricorn season, which begins in earnest near Christmas 2019 and continues into January 2020. That is a really good time to go ‘fishing’ with your professional net, on the internet.

  9. Hi Jessica, another great read, I have Saggiturus, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo all at 21° and Aquarius at 2°, sorry but out of my depth even trying to understand this. Please could you look at my chart and help decode , thank you Cheryl

    1. Of all the things I could tell you, two stand out. You absolutely must travel widely, relocate, or explore foreign cultures, belief systems and ideas – before the first week of December. Look once, twice and three times at the opportunities which are out there, as they will not return. The other key issue here is your friendship within a wider group of people, or perhaps friendships (plural). This community or circle is set to skyrocket, but also become a serious source of choice-making for you, from December 2020. By January 2021 you will realise that a group of people can change a corner of the world and you will be front-and-centre.

  10. Hello Jessica, I have decided to move my current office / kitchen of my catering business to a more compact place by December ( where I stayed over nine years ) and downsize a little. Although my business has been better than the last few years in 2019 , it is not as good as say 5-6 years ago. I am looking forward for my Jupiter return, ( Jupiter at 2 degrees Capricorn ) for bringing new opportunities but I have Saturn & Pluto on my north node by December 15 at 21 Capricorn) . I also have natal Pluto at 2 libra. How would you interpret all this line up ?Thank you very much

    1. You are going through one of those cycles when you don’t have perfection but you do have progress. Your chart is absolutely helped by Jupiter in Capricorn and from Christmas 2019 into January 2020 you will have every reason to be optimistic about solutions. You will need the solutions because of course, you have Saturn and Pluto on your North Node – also in Capricorn. So this is entirely about work. You would also find your former, current or potential partner brought into the situation, because of Pluto. Essentially you need to look for clues about 19 years ago, so we are talking the year 2000 or 2001, as you are overdue karmic repayment (you are set to collect on all you did) but there may also be some kind of payment due from you, spiritually. This is about career, but also about social position, ambition, achievement, and the mountain you were climbing back then. This is really where you feel the crossroads most heavily and you will have to make an enormous choice about your own catering business, or overall life direction, by January 2020. However, it will be made because a massive answer appears, as Jupiter begins to return to his natal position in your chart. This works.

      1. Very interesting,! 2000 is the year I started my business.My husband’s friends and connections were my first clients. He moved to my current office in 2010, doing something completely different in the same office space.If I move out by December he has to create another office space by himself. Karma working I guess. Hope all turns out well. Thank you so much:))

        1. The karma from the year 2000, when you started your business, is revolving in your horoscope and if you were to go back through time, in 19 year chunks, even into life as it was hundreds of years ago, you would probably find a karmic theme involving your husband, his friends and contacts – and money. A dream may reveal it to you. But you are settling up, in terms of soul debts and credits now.

  11. My dear Jessica, you never cease to amaze me! Blessed to follow your site and my Daily, Weekly, Monthly astrology with you. Our family also thanks you for your dedication to the importance of climate change. Our daughter is in her Junior year of college studying to become an Ecologist, research as a scientist. Thank you! I have 2° Gemini in Saturn and 2° Aquarius in Salacia. Your thoughts would be appreciated greatly!

    1. Thank you for that lovely compliment and I am glad you appreciate my strike, every Friday, to join people around the world lobbying for action on our climate emergency. I am sure your daughter will be a much-needed voice in science and ecology. You have a perfect trine involving Gemini (the internet, multimedia, writing, film, radio, television, books, podcasting, education) to Aquarius (the group; friendships; people power in a network). You will find this comes to life on a regular basis, so you are well-suited to a highly sociable life, with a purpose, as friends are so much more – they are helping (with you) to make the world a better place. Add in Gemini and we find you online, to great effect, and perhaps doing much more than just using social media – developing that voice over your entire lifetime to be heard far more widely and influentially. When Jupiter and Saturn both start to edge towards 2 Aquarius, from the very end of 2020, into early 2021, your entire life will change. No other way of saying it. You will join a group which transforms your existence, or put more energy into an existing group you belong to, which also profoundly alters your destiny. All to the good.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! I’ve known through my adult life that I have a far-reaching voice, especially on social media, in written form and just about everywhere. This all makes sense to me! I truly love people and have a huge heart to help many, in various ways. Also, our Lauren told us as a tiny girl that she wanted to “Save The World”. She is 21 years old now, a part of the amazing, passionate millennials we are blessed to have, and she is our Greta ♡ She looks up to many, but has always held dear Jane Goodall and now the South Korean group BTS and Greta Thunberg. Thank you for working tirelessly to help so many, and for your Friday Climate Strikes! Keep doing the Awesome work you do!

  12. Hi Jessica,
    New member here, but have been reading your astrology for years. Thank you for this insight that you are donating to us all. I myself am a little worried about the nuclear concern as I will be in Australia for Xmas 2019 while the rest of my family will be in England. Also will travel be affected at this time?
    My life seems to have been in freefall since 2008, death of twin sister, breakdown of marriage , ill health that I can not get a diagnosis for due to stranglehold of drugs by pharmaceuticals and unemployment for 3 years. My mind is a constant hive of activity and ideas to solve my unemployment but I am confused about the path to take.
    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you and welcome to Premium Membership. You are living with anxiety which is a physical condition, like the common cold, and you need to begin with that. You would be surprised to hear that a lot of what you are talking about, Jen, is down to your parasympathetic nervous system and years of strain. No wonder, because your twin passed away, and you lost your marriage and your job. You have been unwell but a doctor cannot heal you. Take a deep breath and pursue what you can change. In your local library, or available through inter-library borrowing, there should be a book by Dr. Claire Weeks, an Australian specialist in anxiety. You can also hear her on YouTube as the family have kindly left audio recordings there for free use. She has sold millions of her books, including Self Help For Your Nerves, and if you read the testimonials on Amazon and on YouTube you will see why I recommend her. She saves and changes lives. This will put things in perspective for you. Yes, we will reach a nuclear crisis. No, you are not in any danger! Take the pressure off yourself, give yourself time and space to get better, look forward to 2020 in particular as Jupiter, the problem-solver of astrology, will be in a stunning trine, every single month, to the Moon in Virgo, in your Sixth House of work and health. That’s one opportunity for about two days, every month, to get better and find part-time or full-time employment; paid or unpaid to begin with. Your mind is not still because you are living with what they call anxiety syndrome. There are free and drug-free ways to get better, try Dr. Weekes. Try, also, yoga or meditation, in a group if you cannot do it alone. You can and will get better.

    2. I hope you don’t mind me saying hi as well Jennifer. I’ve also had ill health and in a wonderful piece of synchronicity I saw an interview today where they were discussing Dr Claire Weekes. I’d never heard of her before and immediately thought of a friend of mine who’s struggling with a panic disorder. I also thought I could use a bit of her wisdom too. They mentioned her book from the 60s which is still helping people today. Wishing you the best.

  13. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for writing this series “when the stars align”.. it’s helping me learn how to track planetary patterns and understand how they foreshadow events. I have venus at 21 virgo and mercury at 2 virgo.. do you think this would bring up choices involving relocation and job? Thanks for your reply!

    1. You will benefit from huge changes in your chosen industry, profession or business starting in December 2019 and going into 2020 with a new job, promotion or prestigious new project all possible for you. The harder you work, the more attention you pay to detail, the more you finesse the work you serve up to others – the better off you are.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I have Uranus 2Virgo, sure hope it’s some good news about daily life finally. I also have several points between 20 and 22 degrees. Some changes at last ? Would appreciate your insights.
    Thank you.

    1. You are experiencing a trine from transiting Uranus at 2 Taurus to natal Uranus at 2 Virgo, and are among the first of the generation born into the 1960’s to see what this means for work. Essentially you will see a direct impact on your job (or jobs – you don’t say what you do for a living) as a result of an economic and financial revolution happening around the world. I am sure you have seen President Trump declare 100% tariffs on European goods. You have also seen Great Britain and America announce a new trade deal, after Britain leaves the European Union. Australia, Japan and South Korea also want to do business with Britain when she is free of E.U. restrictions. This is going to create a financial tsunami right around the world and it will have a massive impact on the way you work, how you work, when you work – and for whom. Changes at last? Be careful what you wish for. You’ve seen nothing like this, but you will find it exciting, liberating and utterly unpredictable.

  15. Good Afternoon Jessica,
    Thank you for posting the final part of this article.
    They say the alignment of the stars are good luck!
    I have direct factors in my sign, Cap, Taurus and Pisces; what do you think?!
    I am keeping my fingers crossed to hear positive feedback.
    Thank you for your continuous support and enlightenment. Regards!

    1. Thank you. Jodi designed it beautifully to be easy on the eye, so I am seeing a lot of comments. You are in a terrific position to fix issues and enjoy new opportunities connected to work and money, starting in December 2019 and lasting all through 2020. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, optimism, growth and expansion will make conjunctions and trines and sextile to all these factors in your horoscope, in a specific way not seen in 12 years. You will directly benefit from a major period of reform, correction and reinvention for major companies – many of them multinationals – but it has a ripple effect on your own work and money.

  16. Hi, Jessica! I have sun in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio at 21 degrees, and Pluto in Scorpio at 2 degrees. Everything is up in the air and a bit stressful at the moment for me—housing, paid and unpaid work, children, relationships, self care, healthy routines, etc. I greatly appreciate any insights or wisdom!

    1. You are going through the toughest cycle in 240+ years and as it affects every detail of your day and night, from waking to sleeping; the quality of your sleep; your mental health (anxiety, depression are common); doctor issues; housework – you don’t have much relief. It becomes dramatically better from the first week of December when you see light at the end of the tunnel and tiresome issues which followed you around in 2018 and 2019 will be gone for 2020. You have also been given the runaround by employers, colleagues or competitors at work, putting up with situations which are far beneath you, and below you! Not fun. You will love the successful plan or project that comes in 2020 that reminds these lesser beings you are a force to be reckoned with. In the meantime, for all that you have been put through the mill, you have trained yourself to adopt one or two excellent habits, connected with your food or fitness, which you have to maintain. Perhaps all your life. They get you through.

  17. Hi Jessica, thanks for this latest installment. Would you be able to shed any light on how Aesculapia at 21 of Taurus and Hygeia at 21 Aries will play out with the Jupiter-Ceres transit at 21 Sag? E.g. Would it be some resurrection of a business matter, plus a need to protect my image or reputation?

    I’m trying to see how this might play into the Sag. pattern, as I’m trying to get published at present. I have an important initial chat scheduled with a literary agent on October 7 and want to play my cards right! (Feeling scared but hopeful!)

    Thanks so much for your work,

    1. This is really Britain finally leaving the European Union and the enormous waves this sends throughout Europe, America, Australia, Canada and India in particular. Jupiter is the expansion (into world trade, away from the E.U. limitations) and Ceres is the deal. This affects you financially, with your house or apartment, business interests, shares, pension or superannuation. On the most basic level it will affect the value of your local currency against foreign currency. Aesculapia at 21 Taurus in your Second House is about revival, resurrection, rebirth and ‘coming back from the point of no return.’ Thus, some aspect of your money, charity, business, property or valuables you had given up on, and assumed was gone, comes back. This may in fact tie in with your chat with the agent. You would have to suspect it’s about your brand, as Aries rules your name on the front of a book.

  18. Hi Jessica, many thanks for this great series. For these transits, does being 1 degree adjacent mean one will be affected? Or is it close but no cigar? I have Moon 20 degrees Scorpio, Mercury 17 degrees Pisces, Bacchus 3 degrees Capricorn and Vulcano 1 degree Libra. Thank you!

    1. One degree away is close enough to register a transit. You will enjoy Jupiter going to 2, 3, 4 Capricorn soon, as he will conjunct his own son (Jupiter conjunct Bacchus at 3 Capricorn) in your Tenth House of success, social rank, achievement and fulfilled ambition. That is a celebration not possible 12 years and by 2020 you may be looking at a big hit, top job, promotion, ‘high society’ high point or massive success. Bacchus rules champagne so get it on ice!

  19. Hi Jessica, I have Mercury at 21 in Sagittarius and Ceres in 21 Aquarius, and I believe that I started my Jupiter return today? I have quite a bit of personal travel, and travel with work organised for the next 3 months, will this impact my future path in any way and if so, how?

    1. You have the chart of a traveller, explorer and student of life. You don’t just have vacations or holidays, you have expeditions of discovery when you absorb new knowledge, culture, history and learning and bring it home! You have friends who are on the same path and will also make intriguing new friends when you pack your bags too. All this is now coming to life in the most fascinating way for you, as the stars align in your chart. You can only have this cycle once every 12 years so enjoy it. Further ahead, your life will transform in the year 2021 thanks to a group, community, circle or network of people who you realise are the path to something profoundly important.

  20. Morning Jessica,

    You are so generous with your time. I love this picture and heading. Could you be so kind as to gift me some insight into the areas that are aligned for me around those factors that I have in my chart and what are the key golden nuggets. Career is an area I’m hoping to find the light again. 🙂

    You have given me so much already over the years I always feel so bad asking. xx

    1. I really enjoy going to my desk and answering the questions and comments with a cup of tea, first thing – or last thing, if I am travelling. So it’s a pleasure to be able to help. You are looking for golden nuggets, quite correctly, because they are there. You’ll need to be quick, to avoid Mercury Retrograde from 11th October, but there are some amazing opportunities connected to the book world; websites and podcasting; teaching, educating and informing others – and finding intriguing and innovative new ways to use the education you already have. The more you can embrace the Sagittarius worlds of religion, history, beliefs, philosophies – the better. This can be a lucrative second income stream for you or a business option if you are prepared to sacrifice some spare time to commit. You could even do this on the side, but you would still need to throw yourself into it.

  21. Hi Jessica, Great article! I have Moon at 19degrees Capricorn and have been through a very slow process of building projects and bringing them to fruition will Saturn bring a shift in and opening for some financial feedback? I also have Jupiter at 3 degrees Taurus. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Moon at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition and achievement is being tested to the limit by the transits of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, but your projects will reflect your tenacity and stoic approach to the task at hand. It’s rather like building a castle over a period of years. Brick by brick. Yet, the castle remains today. You do have light at the end of the tunnel in December when Jupiter changes signs and enters your Tenth House for the first time in 12 years. Things are on the turn then, and solutions will appear by January 2020, as Jupiter is joined by faster-moving heavenly bodies. Your natal Jupiter at 3 Taurus will also be crossed by Uranus, the planet of radical change, upheaval, revolution, freedom and independence as you go into 2020 so it looks like this is a clear case of ‘new year, new beginning.’ You are always protected by Jupiter in the Second House of money, property and business and even when times are tight, you will have safety nets or rescue missions helping you. When things are good, you attract enormous sums of money or massive bargains and are also capable of huge fundraising for charity or business. Uranus crossing your Jupiter will change your life for the better, but expect the unexpected!

  22. Hello Jessica,
    Hope you had a great day. As always awesome read. Can you please enlighten me? I have 16Moon/Aries and 02Uranus/Libra?
    Thank you.

    1. You will be most affected by transits at 2 degrees, bringing your Uranus at 2 Libra in the Seventh House to life. You were born to change relationships, but also be changed by them. This is about sexual partnership (marriage, common law marriage) but also professional partnership too. A pattern of steady disruption throughout your life has helped you shape a love life less ordinary and you have achieved tremendous freedom and independence for yourself, although permanence and security – emotionally – is harder to come by. As Jupiter moves to 2 Capricorn after changing signs in December, and Uranus moves to 2 Taurus, you are likely to find that wider changes in the world of work and money around you, have an impact on the way you date, mate and relate. You don’t say if you are single or with a lover, but one example of this might be a major change in your employer’s fortunes, bringing in new staff – one of whom urgently needs a new relationship with a view to sharing an apartment, after a wage freeze. It’s really that kind of situation. Thus, again, your entire love life is turned on its side! You will have your own story because this is your own life.

  23. Hi Jessica
    Are you able to look at my chart and see what is being triggered ? I have made a decision to leave my current job and find something else , just waiting to hear back from a prospective employer .


    1. You may want to do all you can before Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins on 11th October, as it persists throughout November and you may find large organisations in particular are held up or unable to give straight answers. You are also going to find that wider reshuffles and mergers, end of 2019 and start of 2020 leave gaps that need filling.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for yet another amazing article.
    I’ve recently recently set up a business in pharmaceutical industry. Despite having extensive experience in the field, the business is being very, very slow. I’m not getting the contracts even for projects I can do with my eyes closed. Am getting a knock back after a knock back.
    Any sign of a lucky break for me?

    1. I am sorry you are being put through this. Pharmaceuticals are ruled by Neptune in astrology and Neptune has just been in Pisces, opposed by a slew of planets and other factors in Virgo. That hasn’t really helped you. I suspect your answer is in foreign markets and with international clients, deals, negotiation or compromises. Are you casting your net widely? You also need to be right across all the policies which are now tumbling out of Westminster. As astrology predicted, September put the N.H.S. at the front of the agenda again.

  25. Hi Jessica, I have:

    North Node: 25° Aquarius 04′ 23″ R
    South Node: 25° Leo 04′ 23″ R
    Sun: 02° Capricorn 47′ 53″
    Saturn: 16° Taurus 12′ 22″ R
    Juno: 16° Taurus 06′ 37″
    Hygeia: 16° Leo 49′ 29″ R
    Ops: 16° Virgo 37′ 10″
    Proserpina: 16° Capricorn 53′ 05″
    Vulcano: 16° Scorpio 26′ 57″

    I used to live in Canada after immigrating there for 6 years, I returned to the UK on 2 November 2017 looking for a change. Currently I stay at home in Scotland with parents thinking about what I want to do with a part-time job.

    I have this urgency to travel within me and the desire for real change with new relationships and career. I am considering returning back to Canada next year as I still have valid permanent residency there. Also been thinking and even yearning of relocating to either Australia or New Zealand with a new job and career. In addition, looking to relocate to England. I will be traveling to England next week and it does feel liberating.

    I wonder if I should wait until Brexit has happened with new beginnings and opportunities of the new US-UK Trade deal and Deals with Canada, Australia, New Zealand. I have also desired to relocate to America, I did live and worked in the States from September 2000 and throughout 2001.

    I mentioned the above factors in my chart as they seemed related to your article. Perhaps there is not an easy answer but should I wait for a while until Brexit is done or act now with the urgency I feel inside?

    Thank you for all your amazing insights and great articles.

    1. Thank you. You should now have all the information you need about working and living in another country (September was very informative) and your only real issue is timing. This looks like March and April 2020. There is a person or organisation best described as ‘out of the ordinary’ ready to challenge you, and change the way you think about residency, renting, accommodation and property. The more open you are to being educated and informed, the better, as you are going to see some amazing possibilities in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. Your trip to Britain will be right in the middle of the Brexit process and as new deals, offers and options will be springing up all over the place you may want to have that all-important discussion before October 11th. From that date forward we go into Mercury Retrograde with all its delays and alterations, yet once you are clear of that in December, I think you may very well be looking at the period around Easter 2020 for your next big adventure. A great deal of this will be about the actual house or apartment situation.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Wonderfully interesting as always. I have Saturn 16 Pisces, Cupido 16 Virgo, Psyche 2 Gemini, Ceres 2 Aries, Chiron 21 Pisces and Salacia 21 Capricorn And then a whole bunch of planets with a difference of 1 degree Neptune 17 Scorpio, Apollo 17 Leo, Vesta 20 Gemini and Aesculapia 20 Libra.

    Could you please shine some light on how I might be personally affected by this strong transit?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Thank you Natalie. The Pisces factors here matter most, as you need to find your feet with your religious beliefs, use of astrology, psychic ability, chakras, aura, mediumship, Tarot, faith or connection to the Universe. You have been all at sea for a long time and need to find an anchor. In fact, you have been given an anchor and a light house by at least two people or organisations, in the last couple of years but never followed up. You will be stunned at the massive difference it makes to just about every other area of your life, to get real and get grounded about who you believe in, what you believe, why you believe it and – how to practise it and connect to it – on a daily basis!

      1. Thanks Jessica

        Interesting because in the last couple of years I would say I have found this anchor and I am using it every day and that is the knowledge that I am a being of light and here on earth to help it ascend. I had been listening to affirmations for many years but in the last two years I have been meditating every day and feel that I have reclaimed my inner power and found my grounding. My interest in astrology as another form of guidance has also increased in the last couple of years and I have read a lot about it.

        So you are right that the last couple of years have been all about spirituality for me.

        Best wishes


  27. Hi Jessica

    Hope you’re well. Reading the Stars Aligned article and October forecast I see important factors triggered but not quite sure how they will affect me. 16 Capricorn in Aesculapia and Diana. 04 Scorpio in Saturn and 02 Hygia (health in Greek). Challenges being faced both at work and personal relationships. Had a demanding 9 months so far and it doesnt seem to improve on either front. Male with Sun 03 cancer turned terribly wrong so vanished. Male with Sun Aries isnt quite close. Probably that 2000 Karma being repaid. Any chance at least on work front things will improve? Launching new business in November…

    Thank you my dear.

    1. The Cancer man was seeking to empower himself through you, and vanishing made him feel more in control. He was not in control of the connection between his brain and his penis, to put it bluntly, and unfortunately he acted that out on you. Forget him. (You already have). You also need to take the focus off love and sex, because your chart is not about that at the moment, and you are Hoovering up the energy, by being distracted by love. The real story here is work and you are going to reshape your professional path in slow stages, with doors open for solutions each time, starting in December 2019. By December 2020 you will have turned your working life or business life around, to your tremendous satisfaction.

  28. Jessica, my husband and I are dying under financial stress. Not sure what to do or where to turn. Any sense? xx

    1. You need to be radical, which you have not been. You don’t say if you own a house or apartment, shares, a business, valuable possessions and so on. Can I suggest a gentle way into the revolution? Clear your energy and your living space. Pick up the free ebook I put out on this subject, earlier this year. You will be stunned at how changing (just) the kitchen or bedroom begins things for you. You both need to make massive changes and let go, to get out of your stress.

  29. Hi Jessica, I love this series, thank you!! I have MC at 24 Sag, at Neptune 23 Scorpio, are these houses impacted for me? I’m meant to be looking for work in my recently completed studies (Interior architecture) have had a health setback and worried I don’t fit the industry – Saturn 1st house ; ) Constantly have a few ideas I’d like to develop and be entrepreneurial but past 10 – 12 years have challenging and finances mean work for someone else a neccessity first….would really appreciate your insights on what these stars mean for my MC
    Thank you x

    1. You are coming out of Virgo Season when your body talks to your spirit, and if your soul is not happy with architecture, your body will set you back, or make you stop and pause for thought. Now you know. You need a longer conversation with yourself about your studies, your chosen industry, money, working for others versus working for yourself – and what you actually need, on a soul level. Then your body will not have to halt proceedings. Do use your Astrology Oracle digital card deck and handbook to work through this and you will get to the solution. You can and will study, one more time, by December, if you want to – this time involving yourself far more with another culture, nationality, history or country.

      1. Thank you Jessica, your replies are much appreciated and always resonant (much like truths that appear obvious once revealed) and thought provoking! You are spot on but although my soul is uncertain real life and bills call – I need to find work, even if just to pay for health treatments.

        As much as I love study – I hope I have enough left in the tank for more!

      2. Hello again,
        Just had to report in – had a moment to ask the oracle about perspective on this work issue, result – Descendant / 1st House – if I understand the descendant in this instance might be the ‘industry’ or work I wed my identity to – and that my first house reflects? Wow x

  30. A bit confused about your recent comment about Mercury retrograde. My International Ephemerides tells me that Mercury is currently at 28 Libra and continues on through Scorpio in October, before reaching standstill on 31 October/1November. I have previously viewed this as interesting, in light of it being the Brexit leaving date.

    1. Mercury Retrograde begins and ends with a shadow. The chaos begins much earlier than Halloween, from October 11th. Hit Search and look up Mercury Retrograde Shadow to see why.

  31. Thsnks Jessica for your famous predictions. I am very exited as I have particular factors. First I have Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius ( in another blog of Traveling with Jupiter you mentioned the alignment is at 22, which I think is a matter of orb ). And I also have Ceres at 2 Taurus. I hope the two factors will be one or two good breaks for me. On the date of October 25 when Jupiter and Ceres align on my Jupiter, I am going a business and education trip to Mongol. And I have got verbal agreement on a contract with Chinese counterpart, while the two proposals are being made to Japanese and Vietnamese counterparts. I’d like to request you to tell me how many and which deals will be signed before year end. Should I move to that particular country? Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. I suppose they are famous predictions – the one where I named the date for the America-Britain Brexit offer has become my most widely-read tweet on Twitter. Your trip to Mongol will be a massive success and your agreement with your Chinese counterpart with the Japanese and Vietnamese colleagues will also work out in the end. Be prepared for rescheduling, delays and changes to the talking points after October 11th, but by the first week of December you will have figured out where you stand with everyone and have made your ultimate decision about moving. Huge shifts in currency exchange rates will have a lot to do with your ultimate choice.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    There are lot of factors in 2, and 16 degrees.
    Sun 02° Aries 35′ 31″
    Moon 02° Scorpio 14′ 44
    Chiron 15° Taurus 07′ 09″
    Ceres 15° Cancer 34′ 20″
    ASC 15° Cancer 56′ 23″
    DESC 15° Capricorn 56′ 23″
    Apollo 20° Gemini 32′ 11″
    Hygeia 02° Gemini 02′ 20″
    Panacea 27° Aries 55′ 26″
    Ops 17° Cancer 13′ 18″
    Cupido 15° Taurus 01′ 36″

    Interesting foreign connections, new business partnerships and good friendships have come up but which is tied with my money. Then I have the famous employee boss colleague passive aggressive fights happening on the other side.

    I am looking forward to having more income.

    Let me know your thoughts.


    1. Your passive-aggressive boss will no longer be an issue for you in 2020 as you will increase your own power and control, through your own education, as you will be upgrading skills at work or learning in your own time. You may need to own your need for a fight, and recognise the part you are playing in the ongoing heat with your boss. You are strongly Aries. Long-term you will be pleased with the return to life as it was in the year 2001 when your contact with other cultures, nationalities, teachers, students, professors, courses, workshops made its mark – some karma is coming back – this helps you move on from the rather endless and persistent topic of your awful boss – putting your energy into your own success. At a certain point, though, you are going to have to put a price on work satisfaction versus money as you are going through a radical financial change cycle with Uranus opposing your Moon, and Uranus moving on to conjunct your Chiron in the years ahead.

  33. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Thank you for your help and support on previous posts, it is much appreciated. I think I have missed the biggest opportunity and now going in a direction that is to be my fear. I notice Jupiter is one degree off MC. Is it possible to be able to dream the future happening whilst reading the astrology chart yet remain in the same place not having physically manifested anything? I’m feeling unsure what to do and want to make a aligned decision moving on but stumbling with making the right decision. Are you able to notice whether I am suited as a health practitioner or a science researcher or independent learner? I believe to have learnt broad range of topics and yet unclear for what to do next whilst not attaining any award/degree for this time and not sure if a course is what will be right. The energy feels like it has shifted and now regretting not taking action on the opportunity. There has been the possibility to return to my job in retail but it depends on my health. Shall I accept going back to this job for financial security or accept redundancy due to ill health? I don’t have experience/award in anything otherwise. So sorry for all of my questions but just feeling out of sorts. Take care, kindest regards, Bea. (I am aware Pluto 21 Cp squaring Venus 21 Ar as well as Ceres 16 Ar, Cupido 2 Cp, AS 2 Pi and DC 2 Vi)

    1. Independent learning suits you best, as you are strongly Aries and very good at ‘me’ but operate best when you are thrusting your own way forward, doing your own thing. There is also a part of you which likes a fight or a battle, if truth be known. You need to be number one. You also have what it takes to come first, but you need to find your own path. You don’t really suit being part of a system or establishment. You could pursue the payout for your health (redundancy) but with Uranus at 2 Taurus about to trigger your chart again you need to be absolutely sure about your finances as Uranus is so unpredictable in transit. A compromise would be creating your own unique path of learning and knowledge away from academia, treating this as your real career, using the retail job as the bread and butter – and pursue the icing on the cake. You can and will get a new title and letters after your name while Chiron goes through Aries and your First House of image and reputation but you may want to do it by yourself, in your own way, on your own terms, in your own time.

  34. Hi Jessica
    I’ve submitted an application for a yoga teaching training course which starts in January next year. What do my stars say in this department?

    1. Hard to say about this specific course without a chart for the teacher, but as a general rule, you will get whatever training you need and hear the good news by the first week of December at the very, very latest.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I have Mars in 02 Virgo, Mercury in 02 Sagittarius. I am trying to decipher what it means to me? Please help me.

    1. Sure, Ramesh, there will be new opportunities as Jupiter goes to 2 Capricorn, making it possible to work in a better/new/different way, and to learn so much more about another nationality or culture. You will see this hinted at as December 2019 begins and by January and February 2020 you will have seen the opening for you, thanks to a reshuffle, merger, departure, promotion, expansion or other massive change in a field or business you are drawn to.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pyche in Scorpio 21, Ceres 3 and Juno 14 in Capricorn, Chiron at almost 2 in Taurus. I fear for my future as divorcee with 2 children, a mountain of debts and no real career. I had to move back in with my parents last July 2018 and it seems I’ll never have means to regain freedom or a space of my own again. Not to mention the plethora of ridiculously disappointing potential love partners that have come and gone leaving their own damage. Please give me some ray of hope. Thank you.

    1. Take a deep breath, because you are finishing karma with your children and parents, which began in July 2018 and ends in May 2020. Even though it is very difficult to live with debt, it has made you accept your parents’ help, and they have partly contributed because of their grandchildren. You are going through the North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House, which is triggering so many factors. The North Node describes karma, with debts and credits on a soul or spiritual level, going back in cycles of 19 years each time. So, some of this is to do with the years 2000 and 2001. Going back even further we find you in other lifetimes with yourself, your children and parents swapping roles, so at one point you may have been the child. As I said, this loop of karma is fulfilled in May 2020 when you could easily be in a new space. You can and will get a new role or position in life next year, as the problem-solver Jupiter moves to 14 Capricorn and conjuncts your Juno. You are also going to experience a revolution with your money, home, lifestyle and budget as Uranus (radical change) goes onto your Chiron. So, an awful lot is going to happen rather quickly. One way you can help yourself is to ditch preconceived ideas about money and property. Renting or owning. Earning or saving. Try to be open to the most unlikely, unique, unexpected, unconventional solutions, because they are out there for you. What comes your way is not going to be standard. Start opening your mind to that and prepare to make massive changes by next year. Yet, you all had to complete the karma, and you are.

      1. Thank you, I will keep all of that in mind. Since my post I have interviewed for a position that will give me the financial security I so desperately need. My initial interview was this last Wed the 9th and I have a second interview this coming Mon. the 14th. I am so fearful because of Mercury retrograde and what may happen if I am hired for this position since it seems to be in the bag and this second interview is just a formaity. The last time I was hired for a job that met all the criteria I was looking from was exactly on Mercury retrograde 12/4/18 and by Jan 7th 2019 I was let go. Do I run the chance of the same dejavu moment with this job? Please advise if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening or if I should anticipate it. I am so very exhausted from the constant rejection.

        1. Please do not be fearful of Mercury Retrograde. I am sorry you have been rejected so often and understand why you are worried about the future. In actual fact you are heading for a total career reshape, and this is part of it. By January 2021 you will be in a completely different position in life, with so many issues solved for you. This is the first step and it will take you where you are finally meant to be, on whatever path is right. Not every path is a straight line, sometimes they are zig-zag. Mercury is a reminder to have Plan B, C and D and get everything in writing so you can check the fine print. That way you cover all your bases. I’ll give you an example. Even astrologers have to put up with this cycle. I just travelled from London to Dubai, Bangkok and then onto Melbourne. My British bank blocked my card because they saw overseas activity. They shut their offices on the weekends and only keep UK business hours, so I have been stranded without access to my own money for three days! However – I have Plan B and C being an astrologer – so I’ve been using that. I am passing this on, so you can see what this cycle is all about. It’s not the end of the world, but it does require a bit of awareness and fancy footwork. In your case the financial/salary/taxation side of the story will be your focus. Not so much the ins and outs of the job itself.

    1. You will need to be quick to snap up opportunities related to. global shift with travel, emigration, export, trade, tariffs and import by December. You won’t have this cycle again for 12 years in your Ninth House and it is building now. This is not the world you knew, nor the airline, hotel, or foreign trade world you knew!

  37. Hi Jessica
    I follow your web site avidly and it always gives me inspiration and insight, but I also struggle to understand how to best use the information to help me and my loved ones in my daily life.
    I lost my long-time secure and much-loved job this year (new young gun male manager didn’t like me) and now need to sell my house until I can find another way to earn a living and support my extended family. I have found it almost impossible, as a mature-aged person, to even get interviews for jobs I would be extremely well qualified for and would love to do. Ageism is rife. I have applied for dozens of jobs to no avail but I am still optimistic something will come up eventually.
    Selling the house will give me much-needed financial relief and some breathing space. However, I am struggling to pick a good mid-November date to auction my house and can’t make head or tale of the conflicting influences I see when I weigh up my chart. With all my Scorpio factors opposite the coming Taurean world financial upheaval I see chaos… but must find opportunity. I live in Australia BTW.
    I think Nov 14 may be best – it has to be a Thursday or a Saturday for my agency. Your advice would be extremely valued and deeply appreciated.

    1. I am sorry you hit Capricorn weather and the young gun male manager has led to your job loss. In fact, you are going through extreme Cancer-Capricorn weather, so this is about your home too – and you want to sell it. You are actually in the worst part now, and the solutions come from December, when Jupiter the planet of repair work, opportunity, problem-solving, growth and opportunity goes into Capricorn at last, and your Tenth House of career. From that point forward, well into 2020, you will have options you did not know existed. You are talking about November to sell your house. Did you realise that is right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde? In fact, the whole cycle starts on October 11th and runs until December, from shadow to shadow. As Mercury rules negotiations, paperwork and trade – and Scorpio rules finance and property – I would personally avoid the entire period. You can double that message with Uranus going through Taurus as well, right opposite Scorpio! You have an extended family and need to support them, but you are also singling out a time-frame when Mercury goes backwards and forwards, and so do discussions. Can I ask if you have looked at every possible answer, beyond the most obvious one of selling? Put your age to one side for the moment as you have allowed that to become ‘a thing’ as they say. I realise you have hit rejections, but try to put your seniority aside, as there are employers who just don’t care about it. You are rather fixed by nature (Scorpio is a fixed sign) and tend to see things in black and white. You could use your Astrology Oracle cards to help you think laterally. Can you create a room in your home and rent it out on Air BnB? Can you rethink the space? Have you looked at the extended family and what is possible there? What about online work where age is not an issue and you are just a name? What about a part-time role? And on it goes. My apologies if you have already been there, but sometimes you need to shake up the snow dome and look at it upside-down to see the patterns. Read what I posted on Mercury Retrograde too, please. Again and again, over the years, readers have validated that this period in their lives has delivered u-turns, waiting games, and sometimes total reversals. November is not really a stupendous month for a house auction.

  38. Thanks for this! What does Neptune at 2 degrees Capricorn signify? Is this about potentially increasing wealth?

    1. Neptune in Capricorn is not about wealth, but it is about success. That means going up the social ladder in high society, but also achieving great things in your career. Neptune is about the escape from the real world (the holiday from reality) that comes when you spend time online. You can see this in your entire generation, actually, because they have achieved Twitter fame, or YouTube votes, or Facebook ‘success’ (which seldom translates into salary or pay rises, unfortunately!) The web as a whole is a big bubble and it can be very misleading, so you have to be careful. What is really nice about your chart is that if you keep it real, in terms of success and social mountaineering, you will enjoy a huge opportunity to go further and higher as Jupiter goes to 2 Capricorn. You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel from December 2019 and by January 2020 will have seen an amazing new choice to do more – and go further.

  39. Hi Jessica
    A bit of a crazy month ahead for me from what I can see. I was wondering if you could advise me how to stay out of trouble.
    Thanks for all you do. A

    1. Staying out of trouble is an interesting one! One thing you can do is reduce the drama. You have a fantastic mind and an active imagination, but you can ‘spin’ whole tapestries for yourself out of just a few threads and end up complicating your life. You’ve recently come across a discovery which has made you realise you can’t go on with a particular plan, person or place. That’s perfectly fine, but you don’t have to make it bigger or more complicated than it really is. Sleep on it, when in doubt. There is a simple and rather neat way to do this, beyond the thing you were weaving in your mind before!

  40. I have discovered plenty of useful info on your site this page in particular. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Thanks Jessica,
    This article is very relevant to me at present as I have come to a crossroads in my career. Plan 3 years ago was to sell my business in 2020 and retire as my husband is turning 65 and in a physical job. He will not retire unless I do unfortunately. I feel like this time since the plan was conceived has flown by and I am not sure that this is still the right decision for me as I love my job. The decision must be finalised in the next month or two. I have 21 Cancer and 16 Capricorn. Hope you can help as this is really weighing me down at present.

    1. If you love your job and do not want to sell your business next year, you may want to make your choice before October 11th, when Mercury begins Retrograde Shadow, or further into December, or even January 2020. I know you feel you have to finalise your decision in October-November, but you are choosing the Mercury Retrograde cycle in the finance, property, business, marriage/mortgage sign of Scorpio! If you are curious about this you can look it up on Search as I wrote quite a long piece about this, with specific dates. If you can make the choice quickly, so much the better. You don’t mention your husband’s time, place and date of birth so it’s hard to say more than that about your situation, but as Mercury is about negotiation, paperwork and ‘the news’ and Scorpio is about sexual relationships locked into property and business – you can just imagine how many delays, changes or even reversals your horoscope will show if you two go into this for most of October, November! You can read all the many, many comments over the years from readers who have gone through this cycle too…

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I’m new to the site. I was just wondering if there was any way to find my house placements on here. I can access my birth chart but not sure how to find what signs are in which houses.


    1. Just search ‘Houses’ and ‘House Systems’ and you will soon see information (probably too much information actually!) Your career is ruled by Capricorn and the Tenth House. Your love life is ruled by Libra and the Seventh House. Your money is ruled by Taurus and the Second House. Your health is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. Thank you for taking out Premium Membership.

  43. Hi Jessica
    I was hoping for your insight on my current situation. Since a promotion at work in May 2015, I have found it pretty hard to get ahead in my profession. The last two years showed some improvement, but then since February this year I have been very quiet at work (not a good thing in my line of work) and I feel as though my efforts aren’t paying off and I am being overlooked for opportunities in favour of others who are more outspoken about their abilities. My mum (who practices astrology) thinks things will improve in early November. Perhaps I need to show more patience, but it is all making me feel rather desperate and extremely frustrated that my efforts don’t seem to be paying off. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated. x

    1. You are feeling the personal impact of a global problem, which your mother would know is the heavy Capricorn weather, as we experience Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in that sign. Capricorn has long been associated with work, ambition (and ambitious people), the professions and career opportunities. Unfortunately we are going through a very long cycle when patience is the only thing that will work. You are here to learn how to make it to the top, actually, and stay at the top. This will be much easier from December, when Jupiter changes signs and enters the Tenth House of your natal chart. Jupiter is a great problem-solver and although January 2020 will be extreme, with mergers, retirements, redundancies, promotions, demotions and resignations right across your chosen field, you will at least start to see what is possible. You will have to decide if you want to make it in your current workplace or find another one, which suits your talents, abilities and skills. You will be pleased to know you do in fact have that choice, more than once, in 2020. A male’s hesitation in deciding to stay or go, at work, will have an impact on your own position too. It does not get any harder than this. One thing this is teaching you, is to stick to your guns. Being sure of yourself and your abilities and seeing through people who are ‘bad Capricorn types’ (pushy, self-promoting, ruthless, dominating mountain goats) is the right response. They cannot and do not last beyond the massive shakedowns coming, and actually from the year 2023 you will look back at all this and realise you were doing life training. Do you have a journal? You need to start sketching/mapping little pictures and diagrams for yourself to take it out of your head and make it concrete. You are meant to be successful and will be successful, but doing that will help start the flow!

  44. Hi Jessica- love your Stars Aligned series, hope to see these moving forward into 2020…I seem to be plugged into these aspects quite personally. Many factors at 1, 17 and 21/22 degrees. I am working for the Government in my Province in Canada. I am on a term assignment that has been extended to March 2020. We are feeling the uncertainty in the government right now with all of the transformation activities taking place and the redundancy of roles as people exit or retire. I am wondering at the affect this may have on my career (HR) and as a human being trying to remain sane in these increasingly roller coaster times.

    1. Thank you. Jodi has designed the series beautifully and I think that’s why it’s been so popular. You are quite right. You are on a roller coaster, and working for the Canadian government has put you straight at the top of the ride. The astrological charts for Canada and the United States show turmoil going into 2020, and you are feeling it. If you are in Human Resources you are in the difficult position of having to help people through the loss of their jobs, at the same time you are worried about your own situation. You will be pleased to hear it all starts to look much brighter from December 2019, either in your field, or another profession/area you can imagine working in. January 2020 is the moment of truth when at last you and others will know where you stand for the year ahead, as by then some decisions will be final at the top. In 2020 itself you will go from strength to strength, learning skills you will take into the years ahead, as you are going to be in situations where you have to respect the system, even as the system is changing. A new ‘system’ will come out of it (new industry structures, rules or regulations where you are) or you may even go to a completely different line of work, by the year 2023. Try to see this as a long-term reshape of your position, mission and ambition, as it intensifies in 2020, gives you more choices in 2021, 2022, but from 2023 you can well and truly say ‘That’s over.’ It will actually be the making of you, as you develop your wisdom, patience, people skills and shrewd appreciation of the way power actually works.

  45. Good day Jessica 10/18/ 1038 Manchester England
    I am not sure that my lack of astrological knowledge serves me well on your website, I have a Sagittarius stellium, A Libra Stellium and little else in my chart and my numbers never appear to line up with the numbers from your reading. The coming weeks and months appear from your conversation to be that of upheaval especially with mercury retrograde upon us. I was hoping for a calm period where I can concentrate on my writing …….but does not seem so …….it appears from your reading another period of financial distress. Could you please give me some info as to what will prevail from now until April …….I am trying to prepare
    I read through the comments to at least try to garner some generic astrological results.
    Thank you to you and your staff for any help or go to forum

    1. There is no financial ‘distress’ in your astrological chart so please don’t read that into it! I have replied to you elsewhere. And writing is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius (multimedia, internet and book publishing) so if you don’t produce something substantial when the Nodes go through Gemini and Sagittarius after May 2020, into 2021, you would be very unusual indeed. Dust off an old idea from 19 years ago then (it would have been there around the year 2001/2002) and see what you can do.

  46. Jupiter 
    02°  Libra 10′ 26″
    02°  Scorpio 05′ 12″

    Only Jupiter and Vulcano at 02°. Good or bad?

    1. You have a semi-sextile from Jupiter at 2 Libra in your Seventh House, which rules your former, current or potential partner. The partnership may be sexual and romantic, or professional and purely business. Jupiter is a symbol of natural luck, good fortune and protection for you. Even when things are bad you are always helped. When they are good, they are spectacular. Vulcano is a symbol of strength through controlled emotion. Empowerment through self-control. Placed in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, marriage and property, death and love you have a volcano of emotion, tied to a natural tendency to want the biggest and the best from lovers. Every time you experience a slow-moving outer planet or Node going over 2 degrees this is triggered for you. And that’s often! Over the short-term, Uranus at 2 Taurus will bring about financial, economic, property or business revolution in the world around you, which has a direct impact on your sex life or love life. It is hard to say more as you don’t say if you are married, single, straight, gay, bisexual, or whatever! A classic example of what I am talking about, is your husband who half-owns your house, deciding that the sharemarket madness of October-December 2019 makes him want to sell the home. You disagree and stop having sex for a while. I could give you a ton of examples but I think you will have your own!

  47. I would be excited to know if this planetary line up in October will eventuate into what I really thought was a longer term goal – to live in the UK or Europe. I have Uranus 20° Scorpio, Neptune 20° Sagittarius and Vesta 21° Pisces. It’s sounds possible sooner with this weather and may affect my partner and I long term in our goal to move away from Australia for awhile. Im hoping it’s able to be done at a later date, a few more years time, when we have less mortgage and a property overseas to live in. I have my dream career role in Australia using my skills (although I know I’m capable of more but I think that may attract stress) and it’s not secure work in government and I have no status or amazing pay unfortunately. I’m hoping changes may affect my job status. I went through a major career change three years ago by choice I choose to lose my status and pay but also a lot of stress. I lost my mum at the same time prompting this change. Losing my mum I think has lead to my recent spiritual enquires and questions, my mum was a hobby astrologer, so I feel connected to her by learning about astrology. Thank you Jessica for making this process so much easier. The effect of Saturn and Neptune at 16 Pisces in November may influence my SouthNode 17° Pisces? So this may mean spiritual questions for me or government affecting my choices?
    Probably the most impactful factor you’ve written about is 2 Taurus when I have
    Moon 02° Taurus, Bacchus 01° Taurus. This may mean the status change I was hoping for in my career. I’m thinking it may give me the opportunities perhaps to prompt the overseas move earlier otherwise I’m afraid it won’t be available for another 12 years?

    1. I am so sorry you lost your mum, but obviously her interest in astrology has passed onto you, and it will really help you. The good news is, you have Jupiter obviously still in your Ninth House of relocation, travel and emigration until December, so you may well find that conditions ‘boom’ very quickly. Jupiter rules thunder, and that characteristic sudden booming sound you hear, followed by welcome change – relief and release. It can be quite dramatic. I don’t know how closely you are watching foreign currency exchange rates at the moment but I can tell you that in some parts of the world you are going to find your options skyrocket. More importantly, you are going to be living with the South Node of karma in Sagittarius, again in your Ninth House of relocation and emigration, from May 2020. By the year 2021 I would be amazed if you had not used this second solid chance to pack your bags and go. You would have been in this place before, and have a karmic connection with it, or know it from a past life. It may just feel right, on some level, or you would be completely at home, even though on paper, it is all new and strange to you. This is all related to Uranus going over your Moon and Bacchus in Taurus (the foreign currency exchange) and as Uranus rules ‘the world turns upside down’ you need to look at what your job would achieve for you financially in a different place, with different local prices on houses and apartments. That could be quite exciting for you and liberate you, emotionally (Uranus also rules freedom). This happens in the lead-up to the Node going into Sagittarius as Jupiter departs so the timing is right. You ultimately make the choice of course. The Saturn and Neptune transits in Pisces on your South Node will also be important, karmically, as you were a nun, priest, monk, rabbi, psychic medium, healer, channeller or similar in a previous life. November will remind you of that prior existence in a fated and remarkable way. Try to stay grounded when that happens.

  48. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the interesting article. I have several factors at 21 and 2 (or within one degree). I’ve just started a new one year assignment at work and have also been speaking to my ex husband (although it’s sexual for him I believe, but nothing has happened so far). Could you please shed some light on what I can expect?

    1. Is there any financial or property agreement still in place with your former husband? Does he still have your possessions, or do you have his? Do you share responsibility, in terms of paying for a child, or do you name each other in your wills? If so, you will spend October 11th until December 7th spinning your wheels with your ex. Prepare for long delays, changes and even a possible u-turn with him, as you are going into Scorpio weather, with Mercury Retrograde (stuck or backwards communication and paperwork) throughout the next few weeks. Just knowing that can help you. Congratulations on your assignment at work. You will see a new door open with this in December 2019 or January 2020, as the right person goes through that door, or a second opportunity comes from the first.

  49. hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your reply. Ok, so my professional life future looks bright. Could you please comment on my personal life future. When will the stars align for me and turn it bright? When will I see happiness in my life again?
    Thank you again.

    1. Presumably you want love, sex and/or marriage here, rather than just friendship, a good social life and abundant social media! If I am guessing correctly (as happiness means different things to different people) then we’re looking at cycles in Libra in your Seventh House of weddings and also in Leo in your Fifth House of sexual relationships. The real headlines come when the North Node goes into Aries and the South Node goes into Libra, and karma calls. That is a few years away though. When that occurs, the South Node will go through your Seventh House of partnership and you will be taken back into some old past-life or “this life’ karmic debts and credits with a person who has a soul contract with you. As this story was about life until December, that is not going to be fast enough for you, but you do have the rather interesting choice to review your previous lovers and think about one who is still single. This may not be what you want, but at the very least, a friendship there can teach you a huge amount that will be useful in your next proper commitment. By that, I mean a common law marriage (living together) or actual legal marriage.

  50. Hi Jessica
    I have factors at 2, 15 and 22. Can you please tell me about the transits across these. Thank you.

    1. Sure, you’re in the zone for a few transits as 2019 finishes and 2020 is around the corner. The first thing you will be dealing with, and the most important thing, is financial but also related to your lifestyle. You would benefit from giving yourself the space and time, to stop spending the way you used to. Recreational shopping is one example of that. Much of this stuff is habitual and fixed, as Taurus rules your Second House of money (and Taurus is a fixed sign) and Scorpio rules your Eighth House of borrowed money (and Scorpio is also fixed, which in astrology means very hard to shift or change). Just playing with the idea of not consuming is an interesting one, even if you are going into the consumerism of Christmas. You will likely find it makes you feel free. It may even come as a relief. The other part of the deal here is lifestyle. You probably need to work smarter, not harder. Or – smarter and harder – depending on the hours you keep. There are major questions here about productivity, time and money, time and energy, energy and money going on in your chart and it looks as if October-December will give you plenty of excuses to really look at what you do with your workload and budget and how you are going to do things differently in 2020. You do have permission to be radical. You are the boss of you in this regard.

  51. Hello Jessica, terrific article like always! I’m struggling with internet addiction and a spending addiction to the point where I’m battling with hidden debt and am struggling to recover from my disempowering addictive habits. I rely on the internet for the freelance writing I’m now doing so cold turkey just doesn’t cut it there. There’s a tremendous visceral emptiness when I don’t engage in these habits. I’ve recently become a minimalist and it has been helping me let go of not just what but who doesn’t serve my best interests anymore. I have also just signed up for a facilitated online support group that aims to treat addictive behaviours. I’m ashamed of myself and carry a legacy of disappointment and guilt that I trust will ease with the passage of time. Where do you see me in the near future with achieving my goal of overcoming this addiction and subsequent pain?
    Many thanks to you x

    1. Addiction is ruled by Neptune. Neptune was found in 1846, the year that we saw the first public operation under anaesthetic. We associate anaesthetic with ether, alcohol, heroin, opium and other substances which numb, but can physically addict. So if you are having Neptune problems with being unable to switch off the computer or stop spending, you need to look at transiting Neptune in your chart, but also natal Neptune. I’m sure by now you know your chart so well, that you can do that. What works? Cold turkey. It’s too funny that you are back online to be part of a support group, about being online! Just switch it off. Physically pull it out of the wall if you have to and put the computer in a cupboard every weekend…amazingly, you won’t die without it.

  52. Hi Jessica, I would like your help in reading my chart on the family situation and another to pursue my consulting opportunity. I have a chance to extend my contract for another year at a place I am working at rather than pursue multiple other consulting engagements which are just in the planning/wait and see phase. The firm respects and values my experience and commitment and I respect theirs. I want to make the commitment now so I can have the agreement extended from Dec 2019 to Dec 2020. Secondly, my older daughter is so upset with me and the family, she wants to be on her own. She is 24 and independent. I read in your yearly 2019 forecast, that Caps take care of clan – as one can leave. This keeps resonating with me in reaching out and almost seems karmic as to what is going on. DO you see that in my chart and the period of time it will take. I have Cancer 29 north node and 29 in Cap South.

    1. Everything you are going through is the result of the Cancer-Capricorn weather, which ends in May 2020. You will not have to wait that long for improvements, though, as from December this year, Jupiter the problem-solver changes signs and your consulting career will benefit by February 2020. Yet, you may want to actually do the paperwork before October 11th, as we experience Mercury Retrograde from that date, in the first shadow. In general, you have been stretched (and stressed) not just by your career, but also by your daughter, as Capricorn rules your consulting contract in the Tenth House of jobs, and your oldest daughter and your family belong to Cancer, which rules the Fourth House of family in your chart. You will be pleased to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You and your daughter have a soul agreement, between lives, to re-enact old karmic issues from other lifetimes about independence and loyalty. You have been here before and in one life she may have been the parent and you would have been the child! The Cancer North Node in your Fourth House will leave for good in May 2020 and this situation will not go on after that date. It will likely improve much sooner.Try to let go and understand you have all been here before and there are some spiritual issues here to work through…

  53. Hi Jessica

    I have two factors at 21 degrees, Neptune in scorpio 8th house and Aescepula 21degrees in Pisces in twelth house. (Husband is a sun sign pisces) What do these all mean for October?

    Thank you

    1. Your Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House is the most important factor, Lisa, as your Sun Pisces husband is also having an Eighth House transit in his solar chart, based on his zodiac sign. As the Eighth House rules sex and money, marriage and mortgage, love and legacies (your will contents, or his) we’d have to say October, November into early December is about the numbers. You should both allow for delays, reversals and changes to the original plans, as Mercury Retrograde begins on 11th October with the first shadow, and will not finish the loop until early December. You two have a lot of talking and thinking to do. If you have any choice at all, you may prefer to just skip the entire period and make your big financial outlays later – say, much closer to Christmas, or in January 2020, February 2021. At the very least you need to have Plan B and Plan C, and take extra care with your banking. You may be subject to computer problems or internet outages for example. In general you will both be affected my massive flux on the share markets and in currency exchange rates. You could be checking dollars, pounds and euros against each other and seeing dramatic changes within 24 hours, and this would be a staple feature of the end of 2019, as Mercury rules the markets (the root word mere-mark tells you all you need to know) and when he moves forwards, with signal failure further down the track, you tend to end up with chaos. I have no idea what you and your husband have in mind for your bank account, house, apartment, business income and so on, but you might want to read what I wrote on Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, a long time ago. Have a look on Search, Lisa.

  54. HI there Jessica. Thank you for such insightful and compelling information. I’m addicted to your website and twitter updates!
    Please could you cast your eye over my chart? I have several factors at 2 degrees – Neptune in Sag, Asc in Libra, Desc in Aries and Salacia in Aquarius. In my basic interpretation I think this could be good news for my relationship with a foreign connection but would love your confirmation on that if possible.
    Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!
    Thank you

    1. You are very lucky to have Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House and Salacia in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. The angles are also useful, although they are really about image, name and appearances, labels and social definition – not so much about you, as you really are. The angles also depend on a strictly accurate birth time, so you must know the precise minute when the cord was cut. Neptune in Sagittarius and Salacia in Aquarius are with you, no matter when you were born, and they speak much more personally about who you are, and why 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 are five game-changing years. You are a world citizen with a global feel. You can step outside your language, culture and country to understand the core needs, hopes and dreams of others in developing countries, or in places where there is a huge environmental or economic disaster taking place. This is true Sagittarius-Aquarius thinking. It is not there all the time, and I am sure you get compassion fatigue, but when it wakes up in your chart, you become a genuine activist. You may do this through your paid work, or through unpaid work – volunteering or donating – perhaps just getting more involved online. We are now heading for not only the peak of the Jupiter in Sagittarius weather, but also the new (May 2020) South Node in Sagittarius cycle, which will dominate the year 2020 and 2021 for you. Slowly but surely you are being drawn into the concerns of foreign people and foreign politics or activism and although this is the very first step, by the time you reach 2021, you will be irresistibly drawn to new movements, groups, friendships and ideas. One trip you take in 2021 or 2022 just consolidates and validates everything you thought you knew, as your online life becomes your real life. The faces and names you have come to know are vivid, upfront and ‘there’ in front of you. From 2023 as Pluto goes into Aquarius you will be part of a revolution. No other way of putting it. The new people power is global, and involves teenagers alongside men and women in their seventies and eighties. It involves white Americans and black Ugandans. It involves multi-millionaires from right-wing political parties and people with no money at all, from poor Asian backgrounds. You are there.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    I have a few factors close to 21 deg and 2 deg. I am curious what my Jupiter in Virgo at 3 deg could create with the Dec weather. Also, have asc at Capricorn at 20 deg. I have read a lot about the Saturn Pluto conjunction at around the same degree in Jan 2020. Keen to understand what I could expect to occur as a result of that conjunction. Please could you shed some light on that.


    1. Essentially, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is about a hard reality check (Saturn) for people who have been expressing their Capricorn factors in the Tenth House (ambition) the wrong way. By that, I mean people at the top of politics, royalty, money and celebrity who have decided to lord it over the people. Saturn always brings tears in the end. Pluto is about a shift in the balance of power, and in fact this planet was demoted in 2006, just as he was demoted in power, in the original Roman myth. We are going to see politicians lose their seats or face jail in some cases. There will be asset-stripping, the threat of imprisonment and social take-down for those at the top who dared to try and control the people. (This echoes Greta Thunberg’s cry of ‘How dare you!’). January will have a personal impact on you, because of the famous ripple effect which comes. So, for example, you will see Prime Ministers, Presidents and Members of Parliament/Senators resign or lose their power. This creates massive disruption on the share markets, in business, and it will have a profound impact on your income; the projects you are working on; the new projects or roles which appear. You will have made some of your most profound professional or unpaid work decisions by February 2020. The ripples will reach your shore. This cycle now is uncannily similar to the French Revolution, right down to the climate change. No guillotines, but heads will metaphorically roll, soon.

  56. Dear Jessica, I really don’t know what to say – a huge thank you for your response! I have been feeling overwhelmed by the Capricorn type that you describe but have kept telling myself to be resilient and push on. Your response has made me feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. x

  57. Dear Jessica ,
    Thank you for this awesome article and many thanks for some very accurate insights , around April this year and last few months of 2018 I was asking you if there was a home for us ,you were very specific about the house situation and told me there was place out there for us , nothing made sense at that time , chips were down , I had no money to put for deposit towards a rental … then the unthinkable happens ! i was offered a place without a deposit ..we are in that sweet apartment now , ( I do worry what would happen if the landlord asks us to leave ) but then we’ll cross the bridge when we come to it ..
    It turned out as you had said so a big thank you for seeing our home much before we did, for giving us hope during the tough months .
    Could you please have a look at my charts and give me some of your precious advice on how the coming months may turn out to be.

    My son dreams of returning to the previous school misses his friends and is getting lonelier each day , I can’t see him like this , If i were to take legal action and pursue this in court for my ex husband to pay school fees ( he is a millionaire , fees was the only thing he was contributing to then he stopped , he continues to keep us on airport watch list and wouldn’t allow us to visit family overseas , forcing us to live a lonely life here without family ) on these grounds I am wanting to take the matter to court , do you think it would work , or does life have something else in store for us .
    I will be so grateful if you could please share your insights on this , many thanks for your valuable time , blessings .

    1. I am so pleased my prediction came true for you, and you got a home without a deposit. I am sorry your son misses his friends. I am also sorry about your dreadful former husband. Your son will find a cause or interest (he may already have it, like science, or music, or nature) online which brings him closer together with new friends. Some are near him, some on the other side of the world. It starts small and grows from December 2020, and from 2023 he is part of something so big. The rest is up to him. It’s his life. But these potential friends are waiting and in fact he knows some of them already…

  58. Hi Jessica,
    I wonder if you could take a peek at my chart. I feel like my life has been all over the place (and is continuing to be that way), in terms of my personal / romantic life this year.
    I can’t seem to get a handle on it. I’ve had a number of people come out of left field and pursue me quite assertively, and when I seem to reciprocate an interest in any way…poof! They disappear.
    Is there a time when things will stabilize and feel a little bit more like they are on an even keel?
    Thank you so much for your time,

    1. You have Chiron in Aries going through your First House of ‘myself’ and at the same time, every single month, he clashes with the Moon in Libra in your Seventh House of ‘sexual commitment, marriages, common law marriages.’ You could almost bet that these men who pursue you assertively (Aries key words) have Aries in their charts, or Aries-Libra factors, so they are acting out their mixed feelings about marriage, with you. I’m really sorry you are being put through it. There is a way! Do you own thing, learn why you can be perfectly happy doing things by yourself/with disinterested male friends/with female friends. Allow yourself the luxury of knowing you are not on a deadline. Try to understand that with your particular chart, you tend to go through the most intense financial/property issues with men, and that at a certain point, you just don’t want it any more. The world will catch up with you eventually and you will have an astonishingly spiritual/soul-based relationship in future. Don’t sit around waiting for it or looking for it, just get on with life in general. It will come towards you via friends and groups, actually. But again – don’t search for it or strain to get that!

  59. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn 2 degrees in for this coming weather ahead, is this a bad thing? Does this mean trouble in getting my message across? otherwise my life is OK, my kids are wonderful, the only difficulty we have is supporting my husband in his path of sobriety and his self acceptance of it. He is moody to live with.

    1. Saturn in Gemini in the Third House is a symbol of quite heavy karma and a difficult learning pathway – regarding the internet. Also, being heard – being read – getting through. I am sure you are aware of this. It is often related to a difficult time with a brother, sister or cousin with a few years’ age difference. Why? Because parents tend to leave young children to babysit each other, and this is where language learning begins. I am not sure if you can relate to this. Essentially, you have ‘leverage’ on your Saturn in Gemini here, so you’d have to expect that your project, plan, blog, website, idea – is about to be centre-stage. You’ll overcome a block, obstacle or fear and learn that actually, the past does not always repeat itself! I am sorry about your husband’s moodiness, kicking alcohol, but I am sure you can write it down in your diary, then shred it – or pound it on the computer, then trash it – Saturn in Gemini can inhibit the rather therapeutic benefits of opening up/sharing/confiding/getting it out. Yet, you need to do that, to vent your spleen. So vent away, but do it safely, by just knowing it ends up shredded or deleted.

  60. hi jessica,
    I read your reponse to my question on when happiness will return for me in my personal life.
    I am sorry I did not give you enough information. Yes, my question is above love and relationship, but actually with my husband (he is a Capricorn) of over 3 decades. He has been angry and upset with me and stopped all forms of communications with me, since we both live and work in different cities, for him it has been a matter not responding to my phone, email, or text messages. So I have stopped reaching out to him. Hoping when he is ready, he will reach out to me. This has been going on for close to a year now. Earlier in 2018 we had started discussing retirement and finally being together. Now it all seems a washout. Hence my question on when do you see stars align for me and happiness returning.
    Thank you

    1. He will sort this out by May 2020 when the stuck karma involving you ends, and that will be a huge relief for you. He goes back years and lifetimes with you and yet he can’t really do much to change the situation until the North Node finally moves out of Cancer, his opposite sign. Not long to go now. Life will make a lot more sense after that. I am sorry you are having to endure this in the meantime.

  61. Hi Jessica can you please have a look at my chart and let me know what can i expect i am curious and sad as why i can’t seem to come out of problem this year.

    1. You are living through some karma and have to complete the cycle by May 2020, regarding your career, but also your home. Your jobs and projects, your employers and bosses – and your house, apartment, caravan, houseboat or wherever else you live. It can feel very frustrating because you try so hard and nothing changes. Nothing gets very much better! You will see solutions in December and from May next year you will be on your way.

  62. I don’t see any of the degrees from your article in my chart. Am I not doing it right?

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for yet another great article. And a big thanks for supporting the ClimateStrike!! I went to my first one a few weeks ago. I have hope that we will be heard.

    I was hoping you could give me some insight into a few factors that stood out for me notably my NorthNode in Pisces at 2 degrees and SouthNode in Virgo also at 2 degrees. I don’t have anything at 21 degrees but I do have Mars in Leo at 22 degrees and Saturn in Taurus at 22 degrees.

    1. Thank you. I’ll be on Climate Strike again tomorrow, as the BBC just reported over 400 temperature records were broken this last summer and time is running out for my godchildren. Like you, I don’t like the idea of living on a planet with starving bears and stranded polar bears either. You do in fact have the Virgo chart signature that comes with care of earth’s garden. You have done this before. You may have been a monk working in the vineyard or monastery garden, for example, or a woman counted as one of the ‘cunning folk’ who gathered herbs for medicine. Your South Node in Virgo is the big clue there. At just 2 degrees, Jupiter at 2 Capricorn will form a stunning trine, soon after he changes signs in December 2019. By February 2021 you will have turned your attention to gardening, tree planting, even more environmental activism, vegetarianism, and related areas, like marine conservation or herbalism. Joanne, you have been here before and will bring some intuitive knowledge and old passion to a special plan about to unfold.

      1. Thank you Jessica. This truly resonates with me and I will do whatever I can to help this beautiful planet of ours for future generations. The global Climate Strikes are helping to generate an energy that cannot be ignored. And, I feel they are helping to give everyday people a voice.

        1. Thank you so much. Did you see Jane Fonda just gave herself up for arrest? She is in her eighties. She looked amazing – red coat, firm stand. We have to act now, because it is the difference between a few centimetres of flooding, and the kind of flooding that will wipe out entire islands. I’m peering into the future with Pluto in Pisces here. Pluto rules transformation. Pisces rules the sea. That cycle begins in 2043, so the science is backing the astrology and vice-versa. In about 25 years from now when these teenagers are moving into their forties, the worst will come to pass unless we act now. Please plant a tree, herb or flower every Friday if you can, or donate to an organisation which does so!

  64. Hi Jessica!

    Saturn 21° Sagittarius
    Apollo 21° Leo
    Mars 21° Taurus
    Chiron 16° Gemini
    Sun 02° Aries
    Minerva 02° Taurus

    I am supposed to be starting university next week as a post-grad student however I have been in two minds about this due to my debilitating anxiety.

    Many thanks


    1. Anxiety is very difficult to live with and it can in fact have huge physical impact on the body, as you know. I am not surprised you are feeling fearful about starting university as you were born with Saturn in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Saturn is a symbol of paranoia and of course the Ninth House rules academia, students, professors, and degrees. The fact that Saturn at 21 degrees is exactly trine Apollo and quincunx Mars suggests you were born to teach, mentor, guide or train younger people – actually – and that you could make your living from that. I am not sure if you are aware of that ability. You are the kind of person who could have a son or daughter and home-school them, actually, to great success. Yet, to achieve this (Apollo in Leo, the sign of leadership, in the Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenting) you have to overcome your terror. This is the best possible time in 12 years to do so. Please, please go ahead. I know you are taking a big leap, but you are experiencing Jupiter crossing 21 Sagittarius between October 20th and 24th and your world will expand; the doors will open; tremendous healing and help is available. Go and talk to the on-campus counsellor or a tutor, who will play the part of Jupiter for you (Jupiter is the advisor, repair man and problem-solver of astrology). You have Ceres also at 21 Sagittarius on October 23rd through 25th as well, so this is an historic bridge to cross in your life. Ceres is a symbol of deal-making. It usually involves time-sharing or the meting out of the controls, like slices of a pie. You are going to have to cut a deal with yourself and also with the university; perhaps striking a bargain between your job, your money, your studies and your responsibilities elsewhere. Yet, Jupiter nearby suggests this is the best thing you could possibly do, and in fact you will see why in 2020 and 2021 as the South Node also begins its slow transit of Sagittarius. R do not hesitate. Take a deep breath and go.

  65. Hi Jessica,
    I have learned so much from YOU about Astrology and the philosophy in life over the years . Thank YOU so much .
    I have one question I wanted to ask you for quite some time .
    That I’m SAGITTARIUS .
    In my chart I have ONLY 1 FACTOR OF CAPRICORN .

    I work of course . I had/have jobs .
    But kind of jobs just to pay the bills . Nothing legendary . The kind of jobs even with 20 years experience you cannot go anywhere far further .

    I’m in the revolution with Uranus in Taurus .
    You were dead right . My body is screaming to me . It’s happening . Right now I have many specialist involved to fix my body inside out . My body and my soul are overdue of care . I put them through hell and back . All that in order for me to have a new life I can truly live . And as I planned to change my job to a brand new field .

    If possible can you please let me know what it means to have ONE FACTOR OF CAPRICORN in my chart ?!

    Thank you so much for your time and incredible knowledge Jessica .
    I’m hoping to hear from you .

    Love much from QLD .

    1. Only one factor in Capricorn in your Tenth House just means your career does not define you. An empty or ‘sparse’ house with just one factor in a zodiac sign does not mean that you skip a job, or a marriage, or a child (or whatever). It really reflects how crucial it is to your identity, life and times. Your career does not say who you are. It’s that simple. I hope your health and wellbeing settle down.

  66. Dear Jessica,
    Do you see what does the man I am writing with online means for me…
    His birthday is July 14 1964…

    1. He has Venus in Gemini so loves penfriend-style sexual relationships and likes playing with words, pillow talk and love letters. He also has Mars in Gemini so can fire off messages pretty quickly without thinking them through. The question is, will this translate to real life? He is one of those men who would be very happy living online, with Skype sessions, erotic exchanges by email and so on, but he does live in his head a lot.

      1. Dear God Holly Mighty…
        This probably will not translate into my real life…
        Thank You for the feedback…

  67. Hi Jessica, i unexpectedly found out I have a health condition a couple of days ago. Can you please have a look at my chart to see what the coming couple of months holds? Thanks

    1. I am very sorry about that. Health is ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House. You were born with Venus at 7 Virgo, Cupido at 8 Virgo and Minerva at 10 Virgo. This does not seem like a long-term concern for you, as none of the slow-moving horoscope factors are anywhere near 7, 8 or 10 degrees of the signs. Yet, Mars will pass through those degrees quite intensely from October 16th to 21st (he will be at 7, 8, 10 Libra in a short space of time) and as everything heats up and speeds up then, you’ll likely take matters into your own hands and sort this out as quickly as you can. It may feel rather intense. Give yourself time and space.

      1. Thank you very much for your insight Jessica! It’s great to know it is unlikely to be a long term issue.

  68. Hi Jessica, Thanks for yet another brilliant piece. So much of this resonates with me at the moment its uncanny. I am taking a break from the UK and heading to West Africa to recharge and reconnect with myself. Could you expand on what may unfold? I don’t have any any ties or obligations in the UK and I don’t have a job waiting for me with regards to work, volunteering or business but I am very interested in the latter. Particularly if its related to the arts. Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you relate to the predictions, as you are going back to West Africa. Tremendous karma, soul debts and credits, settlement, closure, reward and repayment are in store for you. I expect you feel that on some level which is why you need to leave Great Britain to return. Open up to what comes, in terms of business and employment, as so much is changing so rapidly. You obviously have your skill set and experience ready to go, but actually we are going to see massive transformation as the Node goes into Sagittarius in 2020-2021 and it may not be what you had expected. You will be in the right place at the right time, though. Your ties to Britain will be part of the story as those two countries also have karma, coming back.

  69. Hi Jessica,

    Thank for the insightful writeup. I am currently going through a career transition. I was approached by a VP in my current company to join his team, which would be like a startup within the company. I accepted his lateral move offer last week. This would be a new area of functional work for me personally (hence I am skeptical to a certain extent) and also this is a new initiative, so there’s an inherent element of risk. I am also applying externally. A few recruiters got in touch with exciting roles but I am waiting for next steps, progress is slow.

    Reading up your posts, looks like there’s an increased focus on career, 10th house till December/January for Aquarius sun signs and you’ve said to be careful in decision making. Can you pls advice what should I expect from this transitionary period.

    00° Aquarius 31′ 02″
    28° Virgo 08′ 59″
    28° Gemini 06′ 29″
    28° Sagittarius 06′32’’
    23° Sagittarius 43′ 42″
    27° Scorpio 08′ 17″
    00° Capricorn 33′ 15″
    21° Capricorn 28′ 12″


    1. Minerva and Bacchus are both in your Tenth House of career and Jupiter will pass Minerva from December at 0 Capricorn, for the first time in 12 years, so that is a substantial opportunity to use your wisdom – and in January, when Saturn and Pluto both move to conjunct your Bacchus, a serious change. At the same time, if your birth time is strictly accurate, you have Jupiter going over your IC at 28 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreign people and places, teaching and study, the worldwide web, relocation and immigration, publishing and multiculturalism. That comes first. The career developments come subsequently. With this or another position you are ready to spread your wings, but also commit.

  70. Hi Jessica,

    This is all very fascinating. I have my Sun at 21 Capricorn and Saturn 21 in Aquarius. I really don’t know what to make of it, can you give me a little guidance on what this all means?

    Thank you.


    1. Sure AB – you have a semi-sextile from the Sun in Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition, achievement and success – to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn – in your Eleventh House of friendships and group achievements. This becomes part of who you are, and how your life operates, over time. You’ll become noteworthy in your career and unpaid work, because of what motivates you so much with groups, associations, clubs, teams, political parties, bands, societies and so on. That motivation is fear, deep down, but it works like a thorn in your side to help you with your quest to be at the top of what you do – or the peak of high society. It will be more obvious to you in the year 2021 when Jupiter goes to 21 Aquarius.

  71. Thanks for your advice Jessica – on 7th October I saw a leaflet for a free creative writing course at my local university and I started the first session last week led by an internationally published writer who is working at the university. I learned such a lot even at the first session. I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to keep it up and fit it around all my other commitments. It was an unexpected but exciting opportunity for me!

  72. Hi Jessica – just like you said… 2019 has been about my older child. But it has also been about my partner. I have been trying hard with lots of ups and downs. I am always willing to try harder but I find it tough to deal with shades.. more of a black and white kind of guy. That makes it grind to go on on an emotionally empty tank, without even a pin prick of light to guide you in the dark. Any change in that in the near future or this cycle is expected to keep going?

    1. I understand what you are saying. You are black and white by nature. I am sorry you have been working through so much hard and heavy stuff, and you have been really good to get this far. I think you may need a good long weekend, or even a week off, just to express yourself emotionally or ‘feel all the feels.’ Hiking can do it. So can long walks, or a journal you then burn in the sink. Now, this does get better! Would it make any difference to tell you it was karmic? You have the North Node going through Cancer, the sign of family and home, and it does not end until May 2020. So there is a stack of past life debt and credit to go through, but also some payments and repayments, spiritually, from this life too. That’s why it’s so complex. Yet, from May, you are no longer stuck in a loop. Further ahead you have a new life from the year 2021. But for now, you need to release, express, validate what you feel, respect what you feel (even if the emotions are really heavy) and then get back on with your life. I hope you find a way to do that. You need a break.

      1. Thanks Jessica that was more helpful than I can express with just words.. perhaps in a deeper sense…. “it scratched the itchy spot…”

        While May 2020 is ways away still… I guess, its a pin prick I was hoping for… Eyes up and one foot in front of the other at a time….

        1. So even though I have 23 Cancer in my fourth house (which according to your previous blog post on “The North Node on Cancer” would have Karma revolving around April 2019), the intense impact and loops are expected to continue all the way into May 2020? That is some “complex” stuff to put it mildly.

          1. Yes, the Cancer-Capricorn loop does not stop until May 2020. We have Saturn, South Node, Pluto in Capricorn opposite the North Node in Cancer, so you and many others are stuck in the toughest year in over a quarter-century, in terms of karma completion.

  73. Thanks for the information Jessica, that will be quite a transformation, I’m a total introvert and misanthrope, lol.

  74. Hi Jessica, Please can you let me know how these transits will affect my chart. Thank you.

    1. Sure. You’ll find new rules on passports, visas, foreign currency exchange highs and lows (more bang for your buck), emigration, relocation, foreign trade, tourism, travel, holidays, hotels, airlines, ferries, cruises and vacations – have a happy effect on your 2020 plans to be in another place, or welcome another face (from another place). It will happen quickly, once Ceres changes signs, so by November you are quite clear about what is possible and why you should snap up your opportunity. It may be something as simple as an insanely low airfare, coupled with an irresistible train fare. Depending on what you have been doing with your life in 2020 there may be a direct foreign work or business offer which you need to snap up. You gain from the ripples created by bigger waves at the top of Westminster, Washington, Beijing, Auckland, Brussels.Make sure you surf those little waves.

  75. Hi Jessica
    Dec looks at 2 degrees of Taurus. I seem to have something at 3, then a whole house full. Is this transit specific to 2 vs 3 degrees? And does it then trip all the other factors in Taurus? Thanks so much

    1. You’re going to find that Uranus crossing 2, 3 Taurus and Jupiter crossing 2, 3 Capricorn has the biggest impact. Uranus is associated with surprises (sometimes shocks), an electrifying atmosphere, much excitement, and the chance to break with the past and do things very differently for the future. Breaking with the past means becoming independent and separating yourself from situations/people/organisations which would have confined you long-term, or even restricted you heavily for the rest of your life. It can sometimes feel like an electrical storm and a lightning bolt, but later on you realise it was a protective storm. I am sure you know Jupiter is associated with the oak tree (since Roman times) and represents growth and expansion – just like a mighty spreading oak. Over time this also has a protective quality, and it shelters and supports. So Edwin, there’s a lot to use here.

  76. Dear Jessica,
    I have Diana 02 Gemini, Vulcano 02 Virgo, Aesculapia 02 Libra.
    I’m struggling in life for about 5 years in different areas of my life. I lost the job I loved (Project Assistant High Voltage) at the end of 2015 and with the job I lost my Italian colleagues I felt family like, mid June 2018 I found a new job but the company got insolvent in January 2019. Since then I’m unemployed. In April 2018 Glaucoma was diagnosed and in September 2018 I was brought in emergency to the hospital as the pressure on my eyes went up and my little pupil muscle ripped on my left eye. Cataract was diagnosed as well.
    My finances are disastrous, I do not have a love life (my divorce was in 2000) it seems that I chose several times the wrong men.
    Can I expect something positive in the near future?
    Thank you!

    Best regards

    1. Christiane, I am so sorry to hear of all you’ve been through. It is hard enough to lose a job, but also having a cataract and glaucoma is just so very tough. No money and no love life, and a divorce behind you. I really need you to find a book by Betty Shine in your local library please. Sometimes it can turn up secondhand on Ebay or in charity shops. It is a workbook with healing exercises and the most famous one is called Mind Medicine Room. Betty passed to spirit many years ago but her daughter Janet Shine keeps the website going. This Mind Medicine Room exercise can be used daily, as often as you like. Betty’s view of issues like eyesight, surgery and doctors is definitely alternative but she had a massive following around the world and was the real thing. A true healer, medium and spiritual expert! I have seen people get rid of headaches without medication in their Mind Medicine Rooms. Seen people experience cats (even) in the room, sent to heal and help! I am all about instant, free help for situations like yours as you need a break. The other one I suggest is the free YouTube recording of Matthew Manning’s meditation. A psychic healer so famous he was invited by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, to work on him. Once you have figured out self-help, self-heal methods (Betty was particularly keen on people who had no jobs using her technique, as it was free) you will be giving yourself some breathing space. You will be delighted to see massive improvements for your eyesight and work situation coming in stages, from December 2020, skyrocketing past May 2020. You will fix your vision and be in work again, okay? In the meantime, call on old favours and backing you have from friends, family, colleagues. You’re such a good person and you deserve to be supported. Until yo ask, you don’t necessarily get as people are so busy with their own lives! Seriously, think about even small things one or two people could help with and get onto your old Christmas card list. And find Betty’s Mind Medicine Room and start creating it.

  77. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your accurate predictions on stars alignments. October alignment of Jupiter and Ceres on my natal Jupiter was perfect. I got a long term and hefty contract with Chinese partner which has a potential of emigration to China .
    Now comes November and I have Sun at exactly 16 Aquarius sandwiched between the two alignments of Capricorn and Pieces. How would this alignment affect me ?
    And December alignment is exactly on my natal Ceres at 2 Taurus. I’m excited to hear your prediction for the last and the most important alignment of this year.
    Thank you for your predictions and I would like to ask you to continue posts of stars alignments predictions for coming 2020.

    1. I’m thrilled you got your hefty contract with your Chinese partner and may emigrate. I love it when the astrology delivers on time. Congratulations! You will travel or move after May 2020 and have a much deeper relationship with foreign faces, spaces and places by the year 2021. You have done this before on a previous life and may have traded The Silk Road. Does that feel right to you? Your Aquarius Sun is not really an issue for you. Ceres at 2 Taurus, crossed by Uranus, is a bigger deal. You are actually a deal-maker by nature. I would advise some caution here, as along with this pattern, you also have Mercury Retrograde in your Eighth House of business and finances, until the first week of December. You are going to find discussions or paperwork held up, or substantially changed. Try to stay flexible, and be ready to adapt to changing conditions at a moment’s notice – there will also be a waiting game. Long-term, though, your future is with China and other parts of Asia and this is partly due to your past life connections.

  78. Thank you very much Jessica. I will follow your advice. Thanks to your astrology posts I’ve learned about a lot of karma just in one year.

  79. Hi Jess, with all of the excitement around the Venus-Jupiter conjunction I realised that they were both conjunct my North Node. I’m wanting to do a soft launch of my new website/blog after the Sag new moon but wonder if having Venus-Jupiter in Sag is a better option. I have some aspects in early Cap too and wonder if the site is better to launch after Jupiter goes into Capricorn. The site is travel/lifestyle and heavily Jupiterian but want it to last a while and it be financially beneficial too. Thank you.

    1. Soft launch is good – we are soft launching Holiday Goddess, our travel website, on the Sagittarius patterns in the Ninth House of travel and publishing. Mercury Retrograde is still with us, so it’s a launch with corrections/changes factored in. Last chance for 12 years to see Jupiter in Sagittarius…

  80. Hi Jessica,
    Is my MC at 3 degrees Capricorn close enough to be affected? I’m considering a big residential relocation, but very unsure it’s right for me. The location is lovely in terms of actual apartment, it’s much better for my very limited budget & brings me closer to my mom who is now in a nursing home. However, the career-building & friends-making opportunities, are not great at all. Thoughts? Thank you so much.

    1. If your birth time is spot-on then you do have the MC at 3 Capricorn and the Node Transits across 3 Cancer-3 Capricorn will certainly trigger your chart. It sounds as if it is, because you want to move. Classic clash between career and mom/residence which tends to happen with these two signs. Only you can make the choice. There is no ‘perfect’. Yet from May 2020 the Nodes are out of Cancer-Capricorn so the big stretch is over.

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