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2020 in Astrology – How the Year 1518 Repeats

In the year 2020 we see an uncanny repeat of the year 1518, as the planets and Moon's Nodes return to signs last seen centuries ago. Here is what to expect in the news headlines.

How 2020 Repeats the Astrology of 1518

The year 2020 finds a Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn which is rare and historic. Not only that, we find Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Gemini, with the South Node in Sagittarius.

Jeffrey Epstein Cover - 2020 in Astrology - How the Year 1518 RepeatsIt’s an uncanny repeat of the year 1518 when we saw a global boom in people smuggling, human trafficking and slavery. Right on cue, we find the sex trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein and the illegal immigrant trafficking in Essex, on the front pages. I’m sure you’ve seen both these stories explode in the news. (Images: BBC Television)

Prediction: In January 2020, the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, his Ponzi Scheme and Towers Financial will finally be uncovered. New York skyscrapers are going to shake. Heads are going to roll.

But what’s the connection between the year ahead, 2020, and life as it was, five centuries ago? Put it this way. The world has seen it all before, when it comes to slaves. And the other side of the coin. Paid people smuggling. The History Channel even has a feature on the year 1518 and the rise in human cargo.


The E.U. and Modern Slavery in 2020

In the year 1518, slavery boomed. Just over five centuries ago, on 18th August 1518 the King of Spain, Charles I, issued a charter authorising the transportation of slaves direct from Africa to the Americas.

In astrology we don’t see literal repeats, but we do see the same stories, themes and episodes repeating, when we see uncanny alignments in the stars. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that the dreadful deaths of Vietnamese people crammed into a truck in Essex, Britain – coming from Europe – may have been the result of fears that borders would come down after Brexit.

In 1518, we saw a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. We see one again in 2020. This is a classic signature of hard, heavy, cruel reality in the big business and corporate world.

Illegal migrants to the UK are even being sold premium or economy passage, according to research by the Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner.

People Smuggling and the 1518-2020 Horoscope Links

People smuggling has long been a problem in the UK. In 2000, 58 Chinese illegal immigrants were found suffocated to death in a truck at Dover port in Kent. In February 2004, at least 21 Chinese workers drowned off the coast of Lancashire when they were trapped by the incoming tide after picking cockles. 

According to the BBC again “Only recently, eighty-six people attempted to cross the English Channel in a single day – amid claims that people smugglers were using threats about Brexit to pressure migrants.”

Smugglers 600x200 - 2020 in Astrology - How the Year 1518 Repeats

On 26th October, 2019 – as Saturn and Pluto were both in Capricorn, along with Uranus in Taurus – the Belgian federal prosecutor said that people smugglers in Belgium pretended that the refrigerated container on the lorry where the Vietnamese died, was filled with biscuits. They died in a container that entered Britain following a ferry  from Zeebrugge, Belgium.police had traced the trailer to the Netherlands first.

A man from Northern Ireland, 22-year-old Eamonn Harrison was named in connection with the crime – an uncanny repeat of the tragic slave ships of 1518, almost 500 years before.

The young Vietnamese woman who texted her mum to say “I’m dying” sent frantic messages to her family while she was in the refrigerated lorry trailer, writing: “I am dying, I can’t breathe. I love you very much Mum and Dad. I am sorry, Mother.”

Prediction: May 5th to December 17th 2020 Exposes Modern Slavery in the E.U.

a respectable trade books about slavery fiction 669x1024 392x600 - 2020 in Astrology - How the Year 1518 RepeatsYou might have thought that slavery belonged to history, and to novels, like Philippa Gregory’s book, A Respectable Trade. What the astrology suggests, is that in 2020 we are going to see it explode but also be exposed. Sadly, the lorry full of dead Vietnamese in Essex, and the sexual trafficking of girls by Jeffrey Epstein – all we know about, in November 2019 – is just the tip of an iceberg.

Why can we predict May 5th to December 17th 2020 is the uncanny repeat of the horrors of 1518, when the slave trade skyrocketed? It’s the same exact pattern. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. The North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. Uranus in Taurus. This time, though, Jupiter is also in Capricorn. So there is hope.


The Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius Line-Up of 1518 is Back

Why is Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn a slavery signature? Because Capricorn rules the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the pyramid. The very highest point of the ladder, in big business, retail, hospitality, and corporate life. The bottom of the pyramid is modern slavery or human trafficking.

Slavery is big in 2019 and according to the astrology it grows in 2020. Globally, slavery generates as much as $150bn (£116bn) in profits every year, more than one third of which ($46.9bn) is generated in developed countries, including the EU. According to The Guardian, modern slaves feed global supply chains in the agriculture, beauty, fashion and sex industries.

This takes us back to 1518, which began the new era of global economic slavery – when African slaves were crammed into ships and sent to America,

Revolution in the World Economy

August 1518 e1577493440868 600x342 - 2020 in Astrology - How the Year 1518 Repeats

Uranus in Taurus is about a revolution in the world economy. The Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn combination, as we’ve seen, is about hard cruelty at the top, directed towards those at the bottom. What about the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, coming around again in 2020? I am sure you know both those signs are associated with transport and travel.

In 1518, it was slave ships crammed with people in chains. In 2020,

we are looking at the reality of trucks, lorries and vans – small boats too – from the European Union into the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. This is an ephemeris from showing the year 1518 and the line-up. It’s just the same.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus in Taurus. The North Node in Gemini. The South Node in Sagittarius. It’s a 500-year phenomenon and I predict we’re going to see the dreadful truth about modern slavery exposed in 2020 as the cycles come around.

From Romania, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria – into Great Britain

According to CNN, the risk of modern slavery has risen in 20 member states of the European Union, according to a new global ranking released yesterday. Back in 1518 we were looking at a tragedy involving Africa, Spain and America. Today it’s the European Union and Great Britain, now on a timer switch.

The Modern Slavery Index 2017, compiled by risk analytics company Verisk Maplecroft, pinpointed five EU countries – Romania, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Bulgaria – as posing the highest risk. It identified these countries as key entry points for migrants who are extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

The Independent newspaper reported, “Tens of thousands of people are living in slavery in the UK, according to Government estimates. While many come from countries such as Albania, Romania and Vietnam, there are significant numbers of British nationals.”

From Slave Ship to Freedom Road in 2020?

9780140566697 - 2020 in Astrology - How the Year 1518 RepeatsToday, children are taught about the slave ships at school, along with the long road to freedom. As we see Britain sailing past her original Brexit deadline of October 31st, 2019, and recent shocking headlines involving both Epstein and Irish people smugglers taking human cargo – what will we find in 2020?

Unfortunately, you’d have to expect a gathering storm before any break. For that we turn to January 2020. The astrology of January 2020 suggests the full horror of Epstein’s sex slavery and E.U. people smuggling routes is going to be revealed. Let’s hope and pray that 2020 is the beginning of the end of it.

The Nodes show karma going back in 19-year cycles. As the Nodes once again move into Gemini and Sagittarius, which rule all the transportation involved – it seems that from the so-called Lolita flights of Epstein, to the lorries passing into Britain – time’s up. If ever there was a year for us all to be asking harder questions about the truth of the traffic, it’s 2020. The astrology says that karma will rule. And Freedom Road? Well, Jupiter, the planet of optimism, repair, hope and new beginnings is on side in 2020, in Capricorn. Unlike 1518, that’s reason to believe.

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27 Responses

  1. Such a stain on humanity in the 21st century that this is still rife, I truly hope when the truth comes out against Epstein and links to human trafficking and slavery that this will unearth and punish the many involved in this disgusting and cruel exploitation of vulnerable people. There isn’t a jail big enough to put all those who are involved in the UK alone but jailed they should be! There is much talk about higher realms knowing very much of the dark deceiver elite and that they will be called out and punished, I truly hope so. Throughout these centuries nothing much has been learned, in fact modern technology seems to have aided a greater number of those being abused via trafficking and sold to slavery.

    1. The difference between 2020 and life as it was 500 years ago is Jupiter the problem-solver, now in Capricorn, the sign that rules the elite. So although we are going to see human trafficking and people smuggling rise, as fear over the closure of borders increases ‘business’ from the E.U. into Britain – we are also going to see the solution. That’s the blessing about 2020, according to astrology.

  2. This along with “fake news” crisis is at the very heart of what I have been working on for many years and the basis of almost all of my questions over the past year or so. Eerily resonant post.

    1. Thank you. You may also be interested in a feature I wrote about the Leo weather, a very long time ago. I namechecked Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

      1. Oh yes! I saw it and have been following along with it ever since. Terrifying and relevant, and you brought it up at a time that few others were discussing it. Really great insights.

  3. Just wow Jessica..I am impatient to see the justice regarding Ghislane Maxwell, Brunel and the truth about Epstein to be told.

    1. There is a reason all this has disappeared and the mainstream media are waiting. I expect we’ll find out what that is in January. The parallels between life 500 years ago and today are uncanny. So many of the African women and girls who were kidnapped as slaves also became sex slaves. And it was the elite businessmen at the top of the chain, who used them. Hello, Epstein and friends?

  4. Also we are reading about British American Tobacco’s use of child labour in Malawi. I am deeply ashamed to say I used to script BAT’s corporate events for them. I salved my conscience by charging them twice my usual rate – which they gladly paid due to not many people wanting to work for them. I had no idea at the time of their exploitation of children so the recent headlines have shaken me. Basically I feel dirty and sick to my stomach. I stopped working for them years ago after moving back to the UK. What I did know about by the time I wrote my final script for them were the upper level management’s global club ‘junkets’ where under the guise of inspecting crops they would basically indulge in booze filled holidays on the tobacco farms. And yes, in Malawi and other places. They would be there for days if not weeks so had to have known what was going on back then. This was 19 years ago. Hello the nodes!

    1. That’s interesting about British American Tobacco. Thank you, I had no idea this story was breaking – their use of child labour. Thank you also for sharing what you did to their corporate events! Upper Level Management is a classic Capricorn structural example. The mountain goats who climb to the top and get as far as one ledge. The reward for climbing that far is a holiday. As The Sex Pistols would have sung, ‘cheap holiday in other people’s misery.’ And that was 19 years ago? Just amazing. You were writing scripts (Gemini) for a foreign-trading company (Sagittarius). I have a feeling your past will come back to you in 2020-2022.

  5. Dear Jessica,

    Thank your for another amazing article.

    It mentions North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius. In my birth chart, I have the reverse – North Node in Sagittarius and South Node in Gemini. Could you please clarify how is this cycle going to affect me? Especially in terms of my career.
    I left my old project management in pharmaceutical industry in the summer as I felt trapped and used as a ‘slave’ (I was even referred to as a “Good Easter European cleaner” by a Director as I would clean up other people’s messy projects in addition to my work) and have set up a company of my own. At the moment I’m trying to get clients and am starting to cast my net wider and wider (global).
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much. Of all the headlines around 500 years ago in history, it is the decision to short-cut slave trade routes that stands out repeatedly and I was struck by the similarity between an engraving of an overcrowded slave ship and the hell of the refrigerated lorry let into Britain from the E.U. You are giving me some pretty amazing feedback here, about the fact that you were in the pharmaceutical industry as a project manager and felt used as a ‘slave’ and even referred to in that awful way by your Director. Your chart does indeed show your Tenth House (ruled by Capricorn) under transit from Pluto and Saturn, very heavily, and so you’ve come across the current rather difficult trends. The global net-casting is clever and timely as you will be experiencing your North Node and South Node Return in 2020-2022. This is going to be a fascinating time for you as you will have some past life karma with particular countries and nationalities. The language differences, translation and internet use will be absolutely crucial. You are also going to go back about 19 years in time, to around 2001-2002, and see some familiar themes return.

  6. But what of Brexit? Have been re-reading many of your predictions for the UK and wondering what actually happened. Was there an element that held more sway than you anticipated?

    1. The oldest prediction is coming to pass – did you read it? November last year. Best possible deal at the end of September (Trump offered Britain what he called the biggest trade deal in U.S. history) and a result for Christmas 2019 (the election has been called for 12th December). You also need to read what I wrote about New Deal/No Deal last April just before the Brexit Party was created.

  7. Dear Jessica
    I totally agree and Thank you so much for this great writing. I looked at 1284 also when Saturn clashed with Pluto in Cap and at that time new calendar was implemented instead of gregorian one and golden ducat from Republice of Venice was coined and spread across Europe dominating the market… Slavery and famine were also an issue, first hospital (I think) was created in Cairo.
    Hamburg was burnt totally..

      1. It would be wonderful if you could take a look at 1284. I suspect that real gold or other metals or exchangeable goods might be on top when the big housing/ market bubble will (probably) burst in 2020; patriarchy might collapse … Price of gold is really high.

        1. Patriarchy is under threat in January 2020 as old men in suits and ties are at the top of the Capricorn system, from Shanghai to Washington. I’m watching what you are, astrologically, which is the housing bubble. Capricorn, of course, rules towering high-rise apartment blocks, beloved by property developers engaged in money laundering. The money launderette explosion has been coming for some time. On a completely different level we are seeing the fall-out from the Jeffrey Epstein pyramid scheme and his death. The nice thing about paywalled newspapers these days, like The New York Times and The Daily Telegraph in London, is that there is money for investigative journalism and scoops raise revenue. You’d have to say the press is motivated on this one!

  8. Will you be doing a prediction on the uk election and what of Scotland will this mark the start of independence coming we really need another Scotland chat

    1. I published a feature on Scotland so many years ago now (at the time of the first referendum on independence) that I think it’s been archived, but the chart was really clear. First ‘No’ and then ‘Yes’ later on. The astrologer Liz Greene made a prediction even further back than that, about the United Kingdom and massive transformation. I believe the old Scotland chart was for around 800 AD.

    1. Thank you. We are seeing this clip (when Amy Robach allegedly thought the microphone was switched off) on Mercury Retrograde. That’s immediately suspect, isn’t it? Mercury Retrograde is also in Scorpio, the sign ruling sex and money. Also death and money, it has to be said. This seems awfully convenient to me. It does keep the heat on the three men we actually know about, though – all directly or indirectly linked with Jeffrey Epstein. And that would be, shockingly, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. The astrology was so clear about these names, some years ago now, and also the importance of the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Watching!

  9. Hi Jess,

    I am seeing a lot of parallels between now and 1990 and this must be related to a Saturn return of these times.
    My memory was jogged by the mention of 1518 to the Dancing Plague.

    ‘Rave Culture’ (for the want of a better term) is experiencing such a return.
    Are we going to see a faulty batch of psychoactive drugs wreaking havoc amongst young Europeans?
    A possible explanation of the Dancing Plague is related to an LSD component of rye bread fungi.


    1. Oh, that is so fascinating KC. I can see I’m going to have to add that, to this feature. (Off to do more research). You have made a brilliant discovery there – the Dancing Plague of 1518 and a new kind of Rave Culture in 2020.

  10. Thank you for the article Jessica. We never seem to learn from history – even though it will inevitably repeat itself.

    So I googled 1518 and noted that it was the year of the first European Treaty – the ‘Treaty of London’ brokered by Cardinal Wolsey on behalf of Henry VIII between the major European powers of the day. And the reason for the treaty? The Ottoman Empire (centred in modern day Turkey) was encroaching into the Balkans and the Pope was trying to hold it back. Wolsey was very keen on making a lasting peace in Europe and persuaded Henry to avoid war and take a more diplomatic route in foreign affairs. Representatives of the 20 leading states of Europe were invited to London to sign the Treaty – in the hope it would end warfare between them.

    The current situation is of course the threat from Turkey in Syria and the attacks on the NATO allies of the US. Given that Turkey is also a member of NATO, the forthcoming conference in London on the 3rd December should be interesting to say the least. Let’s hope NATO will choose a more diplomatic route with Turkey and avoid an escalation of war in Syria if nothing else.

    NB The 1518 Treaty of London didn’t hold for long. Within a few years wars broke out between Denmark and Sweden and between an alliance of England and Spain against France. Well we could see a new alliance between Spain and Britain against France – but this time in regard to fishing rights. I am not sure why Denmark and Sweden would be at loggerheads, but you never know!

    Any thoughts on this Jessica?

    Best wishes

    1. So interesting about the Treaty of London in 1518. You would not expect a literal repeat of that year, so it may not be England and Spain at war with France, as you say, but the question of fishing rights and water ‘borders’ and English Channel boundaries fits. One of the reasons it fits, is the transit of Neptune in Pisces!

      1. Thank you for responding Jessica.

        I have just read where Denmark will shortly be introducing controls along the border with Sweden as a result of attacks in Denmark by Swedish citizens. The most famous border crossing is of course the Oresund Bridge which traverses a 10 mile strait between the two countries.

        So another ‘water border’?

        1. The water border issues around the European Union would make sense, with Neptune in Pisces – along with floods from the climate emergency – and you’d have to expect Australia’s Sovereign Border policy to also come in. Neptune’s with us a long time.

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