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Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Jupiter was in charge of the whole world. Pluto was in charge of the underworld. Put them together and you have ‘the biggest and best’ which Jupiter rules - and sheer power - which Pluto rules. Put them together in Capricorn and it is about politics. Big business.

Jupiter and Pluto in 2020 – Opportunity and Transformation

In 2020, Jupiter and Pluto will form conjunctions in Capricorn as follows:

  • April 5th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
  • June 30th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
  • November 12th Jupiter 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn

These unusual patterns spell opportunity and change. They also spell the downfall, very specifically, of any person, group or organisation which had total control before, or was abusing power.

Take a Look at Your Personal Birth Chart Now

Do you have factors at 22 or 24 Capricorn, in your Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition? Close to the dates above, there will be a merger, demotion, departure or promotion which affects you. You will be in the right time and place to take advantage of it. We can allow a one-degree orb so you will be affected if you have factors at 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Capricorn.

Do You Have Factors at or near 22 or 24 Taurus or Virgo?

If at 22 or 24 Taurus, in your Second House of money, you will find that other people’s promotions, departures, mergers, affect your money near the dates mentioned above. This extends to your house, apartment, valuables, business, company or charity.

We can allow a one-degree orb so you will be affected if you have factors at 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

If at 22 or 24 Virgo, in your Sixth House of work and health, the big moves at the top of business and politics will have a domino effect on your job. Your unpaid work. Your university or college degree. Perhaps, your health and wellbeing. Watch the dates above.

We can allow a one-degree orb so you will be affected if you have factors at 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

Why Asteroids Matter in Your Personal Birth Chart

In order to get the most updated, relevant, modern astrology chart – you must include the asteroids. Asteroids which complete the family tree of astrology that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest are essential.

If your personal birth chart does show factors at the degrees I’m talking about in this forecast, please do use your guidebooks and exclusive features, as a Premium Member, to decode your horoscope. It’s easy and quick to do.

What History Proves about Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions

Astrology is history. History repeats and astrologers noticed. The clock and calendar only show linear time, so they are unsuitable for prediction. Astrology takes the themes or symbolic meaning of past events and applies it to tomorrow: this is why we can predict the future.

Time 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Round and Round With the Laws of  Time

Astrologers work with circular time. Repetitive time. This is why we use the North Node and South Node cycles which go backwards through the 12 zodiac signs in 19-year loops. This was known at Stonehenge. You can call it cultural astronomy or whatever you like, but it’s the observation of repeated cycles in time – worked backwards in a circle.

This enables us to work forwards, which is why we can predict the shape of things to come. Not, perhaps, the specific details all the time – but certainly the broad outlines of the picture being painted. Let’s look at Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and what they have delivered in the past, all the way back to the last war.

Pluto is Always a Change in the Balance of Power

Discovered in 1930 as Hitler rose to power, Pluto is a symbol of a new world with different rules. A new universe with a shift in the controls. A transformation in the old balance of leadership and dominance. Hitler would eventually lose all power to a completely transformed planet, in the hands of the United Nations and particularly the United States of America. Pluto is always a massive and permanent alteration leading to a different life.

This Is About You, Too

You are going into 2020 on the back of a system; a structure; a particular way of life. The clock is ticking. It will not last in this new year, because it was already crumbling in 2019. It’s over.


December 11th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius

Australia 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Australian Regime Change

You tend to see massive political landslides on Jupiter-Pluto and here in 2007 we find the Labour Party in Australia under Kevin Rudd not only winning, but signing the Kyoto Protocol, reversing the policy of former Prime Minister, Liberal John Howard. Sagittarius rules foreign countries and foreigners.

There are a few ‘birth’ charts for Australia. The traditional one set for January 26th, 1788 at 5.21am in Sydney shows Saturn at 28 Aquarius, the sign ruling political parties. So, Australia experienced Jupiter and Pluto at 28 Sagittarius, perfectly sextile her Saturn.


December 2nd – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Scorpio

South Africa 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

The End of White Rule in South Africa – Democracy Wins

Democracy triumphs in South Africa in 1994. The first multiracial elections see the end of white rule. Negotiations with Nelson Mandela (a classic Jupiter figure with his endless optimism and smiling face) usher in democracy. The ANC won with 12 million votes. A coalition government of national unity came to South Africa. This is classic Jupiter-Pluto. A deep change in the balance of power in South Africa with a wave of great hope for the future.

In modern astrology, we allow up to one degree’s difference (a one-degree orb) for prediction. The Republic of South Africa was founded, or born, on 31st May 1961 at 00.00 EET in Pretoria. She was born with Saturn at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of government, big business and high society.

When Jupiter joined Pluto at 28 Scorpio in the year Mandela won, there was a sextile (by just one degree’s difference) to Saturn on the exact day democracy arrived. That’s history and that’s astrology. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was in Scorpio. The sign which rules the economy. Big business. The banks. Rich or poor. In South Africa the focus was on land ownership. Diamond mines.

Japan 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

The Japanese Government Collapses

On the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28 Scorpio we find Japan’s coalition government collapsing. The first socialist Prime Minister in 50 years takes over; PM Murayama.

As Scorpio and Taurus both rule finance, business and the economy you would expect the arrival of socialism to show up. The chart set for Japan, founded on 11th February 1889 at 12.00pm (no time) in Tokyo for the Meiji Constitution, shows Neptune at 29 Taurus. That is just one degree away from the Jupiter-Pluto alignment at 28 Scorpio, right opposite.


November 2nd – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24 Libra

Old Computer 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Here Comes the Personal Computer

The zodiac sign that Jupiter and Pluto occupy, tells you what is going to happen. What is going to transform you and the world. If you ask yourself what the single most important event of the 20th century was, in relation to dating, love, sex and marriage – what would your reply be? The arrival of the condom? The legalisation of gay and lesbian marriage?

Wrong on all counts. It was the first personal computer, which arrived on August 12th, 1981 and was on sale for Christmas 1981, as Jupiter met Pluto on 2nd November. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was in Libra, the sign ruling romance and weddings.

The computer went from being an enormous machine at Bletchley Park, filling an entire shed, to an IBM invention – a little thing called a 5150. It had Intel processing, a floppy disk drive, and was supplied with a Microsoft operating system. It was also the birth of Microsoft’s world domination. It was to be the handmaiden of the internet, the midwife of ‘the new relationships’ of this century.

The PC completely changed the balance of power, right around the world, as it puts the controls in the hands of the people. Without it, we would not have the new democracy of today, when smart phones, the internet and laptops fuel protests and change.

As the PC was for the whole world, what does the United Nations chart, set for 24th October 1945 at 4.45pm in Washington, show? You’d expect a direct hit and we have one. The U.N. was founded, or born, with Saturn at 24 Cancer, the sign of home and family. This is a home computer. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are square. We can’t always square our home computer with other factors!


October 13th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 23 Virgo

Riots 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Riots in Paris Bring Victory for Working People in France

Another change in the balance of power, this time for working-class French people. The student riots of 1968 saw Jupiter and Pluto both in the sign of  Virgo, which rules work. Ten million people went on strike. France was paralysed for two weeks. The strike ended with major concessions on pay, conditions and trade union rights.

France was reborn on 16th June 1940 at 11.00pm in Paris during the German occupation, under the Vichy Republic. This was a collaboration government, shunned by many working people and students. It was founded with Neptune at 22 Virgo. The riots took place with Jupiter and Pluto just one degree away, at 23 Virgo, nearly three decades later.


February 8th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 27 Leo

June 16th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 26 Leo

Russian Winter Palace 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Stalin Denounced in the USSR: Glasnost/Perestroika Follows

How did Russia become open to the world after the Glasnost and Perestroika of the 1980’s? It began with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Leo, the sign of leadership, in 1956. On February 8th Jupiter met Pluto. On February 25th, Khruschev broke with the past by denouncing Stalin.

Leo rules palaces and the Communist Party Congress that year was held in the Great Kremlin Palace. Statues of Stalin came down. Thousands of prisoners were freed from the Gulag. It was the very beginning of what would be an end to the Cold War.

We have a chart for Russia reborn in the Winter Palace or Zimny Palace seizure. This was the transfer of power in the revolution and the horoscope which shows true, Communist Russia.

A tale of two palaces and the zodiac sign Leo – and a tale of leadership. The Winter Palace chart set for 7th November 1917 at 11.12pm in Leningrad shows the Moon at 28 Leo, just one degree away, although – at the end of 1955 – Jupiter and Pluto were both exactly at 28 Leo, on Russia’s Moon.

The Suez Crisis – The United Nations and United States Win

Here we have another power play and a big comeback. In 1956, the United Kingdom and France joined Israel to invade Egypt. They were forced out by the United Nations and United States.

The United Kingdom has a few charts. The one set for 11th May in the year 973 shows Pluto himself at 27 Leo. When she lost to the United Nations and United States, she had her exact Pluto Return. This chart is set for the reign of King Edgar. Allegedly the first King of England.

The United States also has a few charts. She has two, alone for 4th July 1776 when she was supposedly ‘born on the 4th of July.’

Both of them show Pluto at 27 Capricorn the sign of government. This was a power play – Pluto being the great symbol of control.

Spain 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Spain Gives Up Control of its Territories

Remembering Pluto-Jupiter is about a major power shift – it is important to note that in 1956 France recognised Moroccan independence and Spain renounced control over most of her territories.

Spain was born, or founded, on 19th January 1479 with an unknown time, so we use 12.00 noon. She was founded in Madrid with the Moon at 28 Sagittarius. Close to Pluto and Jupiter at 28 Leo, in the year 1956. Sagittarius rules export import and foreigners.

Japan joins the United Nations

Hiroshima and Nagasaki behind her, and World War II, Japan joins the United Nations, formed in the aftermath of the war, on a perfect Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. The new controls around the world are reorganised. The chart for Japan set for 11th February 1889 at 12.00pm in Tokyo shows that Neptune, again, at 29 Taurus. Just one degree away. This is also Japan’s new trade relations.

As the end of 1955 began, the 1956 Jupiter-Pluto run, it is mentioned here: November 2nd – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Leo

1943 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020


August 1st – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 6 Leo

Russia Beats Nazi Germany at Stalingrad and Kursk

Again, Russia. This time around, Jupiter and Pluto were at 6 Leo. Again, the sign of leadership. On February 2nd, the German army surrendered to the Russians at Stalingrad. On July 4th, the Russians halted a German attack at the Battle of Kursk.

Above, we’ve seen how Russia’s Moon at 28 Leo triggered one massive year for her. She was also ‘born’ on 7th November 1917, at 11.12pm, with Neptune at 7 Leo. Thus, in 1943, when she changed the balance of power with Germany, Jupiter and Pluto were just one degree away.

Italy Invaded by the Allies

In 1943 as Jupiter and Pluto joined in Leo, the sign of leaders, we also saw Italy invaded by the Allies, as the King (Leo rules kings) deposed Mussolini and signed an armistice. Italy declared war on Germany.

You’d expect to see transits crossing the Italian horoscope and also the German horoscope in 1943, as Jupiter and Pluto joined together at 6 Leo.

Italy was reborn on 2nd July 1871 at 12.30pm in Rome, with Saturn at 6 Capricorn. The sign of politics and big business. Thus, in 1943, she experienced an exact quincunx (an uncomfortable but fated pattern) by Jupiter and Pluto to Saturn in her horoscope.

The horoscope set for Germany, dated 9th November 1918 at 1.30pm in Berlin (the Weimar Republic) shows Pluto at 6 Cancer. Thus, in 1943, Germany experienced Jupiter and Pluto himself, both at 6 Leo, in a semi-sextile. Cancer rules patriotism, nationalism, race, culture, history, heritage, housing and land. Leo as we’ve seen – rules leaders and particularly monarchs.

The Year of Quit India

You would expect a system like white British colonialism to go under on a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, and although it began in 1942, the Quit India movement became unstoppable in 1943. The Indian National Congress paved the way to the biggest and best (Jupiter) against the dictatorship of total tax control (Pluto) – not to mention political domination.

The chart for India set for 15th August 1947 shows Mercury at 6 Leo, the sign of leadership and palaces – like the Taj Mahal. Was it deliberately or accidentally set up to fall on the same zodiac sign and degree of Pluto and Jupiter at 6 Leo, in the year Quit India took off?

Hope 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Help, Hope and Healing for Your Zodiac Sign – Big Victories!

In a moment,  I will also look at some of the problems created by Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn in your life (using your regular zodiac sign) and which area of life was affected in the year 2019, one of the most difficult on record.

I will use your zodiac sign for this, also known as your sun sign. This is solar chart forecasting and it works really well. Let me share some good news with you! The Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, so rare, in the year 2020 will do a lot to repair recent hardships.

I’m sure you can see from the examples of recent history, how any situation where you have felt dominated or over-ruled; taken over, or just taken – can be corrected. Any circumstances where you have felt your personal power diminished, or others misusing or abusing their powerful position, can be turned around.

Jupiter is a Good Thing – Always

The Romans painted Jupiter as Optimus Maximus, the greatest and best of their gods. Astrologers view him as a good thing. History proves that right. The aftermath of these historic Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, when good triumphed against tyranny, despotism, dictatorship or dominance – speaks for itself.

We would not today have the full and complete end of Apartheid, for example, or the end of the Nazi control of Europe, without those Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. What about the internet on your PC? Again, the PC itself is the result of a Jupiter-Pluto duet.

Understanding What a Conjunction Can Trigger

A conjunction is a bonding. A coupling. A joining. It is the symbolic union of two planets. The Romans would have no doubt seen it as two of their gods, together as one. For them, Jupiter and Pluto were brothers. Jupiter was in charge of the whole world. Pluto was in charge of the underworld. Put them together and you have ‘the biggest and best’ which Jupiter rules – and sheer power – which Pluto rules. Put them together in Capricorn and it is about politics. Big business.

Jupiter Beats Pluto and Saturn

Jupiter, son of Saturn and brother of Pluto, always beats both of them in mythology, history and astrology. So – if you are quite rightly very tired of having your life dominated by other people or organisations dressed up as Saturn and Pluto – welcome Jupiter. It can take time and effort, and a reasonable amount of detoxing, but he always wins the day.

The Saturn-Pluto 2019 Atmosphere – Going, Going, Gone!

The atmosphere of 2019 was dominated by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the South Node too. All these cycles have never happened together in your life, and never will again. Thank goodness.

What we tend to get in the atmosphere is a lack of trust. Resentment. Unfounded fear and worry. Anxiety and pessimism about the future. Gloom and doom. We also get quite a lot of anger. These have been angry days.

We see stubborn behaviour. Refusing to budge. We also see endless delays and waiting games, as very little moves or progresses. People dig in. You’ve dug in too. That’s Saturn/Pluto.

Did You Fall Out With Someone in 2019?

Saturn and Pluto in the same sign, along with the South Node of karma, tend to produce rifts. Breaks and separations. If you fell out with someone in 2019, or you fell out with a whole range of people, you were certainly feeling the Saturn-Pluto weather.

Questions About How Powerful You Are. Or Were.

Questions about how powerful you were – and are – gather when Pluto and Saturn also gather, in the same sign. That was 2019. Other people taking over, while you try to push back, is a common outcome of this kind of cycle.

We’ve had some Cancer-Capricorn weather to contend with, in 2019. So, the issue may have been about your country. Your town or county. Your region or state. Your actual house, garden or apartment. A family member. A flatmate/roommate. The partner you share your home with. The neighbours. Tenants or landladies. Landlords. The council. Politicians. House-sitters. Bad builders!

You may be affected (check your personal chart for Cancer-Capricorn factors, which is always a clue). If you did, then family or friends would have been affected. 2019 was a very tough year.

2020 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Your Sign and the Repair, Recovery and Reboot of 2020

In the areas of life below, you have been taken over, or controlled by people, organisations or just forces – beyond your control. You  may have been messed around or mucked around. Manipulated.

You may have been led along and played like a fish. It happens! Others have forced you to think about your own levels of power in the world. You may have been deeply concerned by the behaviour of politicians, businessmen, or others in positions of power, misusing or abusing their situation.

As this cycle in 2019 has been in Capricorn, the sign which rules the system, you may have come up against – old men (part of the system), the traditional establishment, or The Rules, capital T and capital R – as Capricorn describes all hierarchies and their order.

You might have been watching takeovers. People or organisations which just want to take you completely over, or your plans. That’s Pluto. As for Saturn – he rules unpleasant men!

Which area of your life has been affected, and where are you long overdue for hope, optimism, growth, expansion, remedies, repair work, solutions, big answers, win-win outcomes, empowerment and control in 2020?

Aries – Career. Social position. Ambition. Profession or industry. Business or employment. Unpaid roles and titles. Social rank. High Society. The top of the mountain. The top job. Peak achievements. The establishment. The hierarchy. The system. The pyramid. The rules that govern your chosen field. The class system, bottom to top.

Taurus – Foreigners. Foreign accents, beliefs and customs. Regional differences – as Scotland is to England. Religion and other philosophies like astrology. Travel and travelers. Tourism and tourists. Education, academia, workshops, seminars and courses. The worldwide web. Traditional and digital publishing.

Gemini – Family money. The will. The legacy. Houses and apartments. Tenants. Landlords. Landladies. The share markets. Loans. Banks. Loan sharks. Valuables. Free gifts and complimentary perks. Business expenses. The budget. Allowances. Charity and philanthropy. Your tax return. Your pension or superannuation.

Cancer – Your rival. Your enemy. The opposition. Your wife. Your husband. Your work partner. Your girlfriend. Your boyfriend. Duels. Duets. Double acts. The tango. The chess game. The scales. The see-saw. The tightrope act for two. Equality. Fairness. Justice. Symmetry. The Law. Harmony. Equilibrium. Barristers and lawyers. Love. War.

Leo – Your doctor. The health system. Your food. Your drink. Your drugs. Your mental health, including anxiety, insomnia and depression. The unpaid work you do. Paid work. Volunteering and caring. The housework. The dog and cat and other household animals or birds. Duty and service. Your daily routine. Study. Your lifestyle.

Virgo – Pregnancy. Artificial insemination. Abortion. Adoption. Infants. Midwives. Teachers. Children. Schoolchildren. Teenagers. People born in the 1990’s who are old enough to be your children. Your son or daughter. Niece or nephew. Grandchild or godchild. Stepchildren. Interns. The generation gap. Youth culture.

Libra – Your family circle. Your house, apartment and/or holiday home. Property investments. Your country. Your town. Your in-laws. Your family tree on both sides. Your roots, culture, heritage and history. The people and place you belong to most. Homes and being homeless. Tenants. Landlords and landladies. House guests.

Scorpio – The worldwide web. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. Google. Wikipedia. Apple and Microsoft. The media, from newspapers to magazines. Television and radio. Your voice. You’re written ability. Journalism and broadcasting. Podcasting and websites. Digital and traditional publishing. Commuting or travel.

Sagittarius – Your PayPal loan. Stripe. Your banks or building societies. Your income. Your mortgage. Your house or apartment. Your investment. Your pension or superannuation. The contents of your will. The legacies left to you. Your tax return. Your charity or other unpaid work and donations. Your company. Your business. Valuables.

Capricorn – Your reputation. What people say about you online. Portraits of you. Your name. Your Google description and rank. Your eponymous website. Your Twitter profile. Your face. Your wardrobe. Your size and shape. Your shoes and accessories. Your title. Your role. What you stand for. Your car or bicycle as a badge of image.

Aquarius – Your belief in God. Your belief in the Devil and all his works. Your use of witchcraft, and its use of you. Your Buddhism. Your Judaism. Islam. Confession. Priests and the Roman Catholic Church. Psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychics and astrologers. The Tarot. Dream interpretation. Meditation. Your soul and spirit.

Pisces – Your oldest friends. Recent friendships. Your social life. Social media. Groups, clubs and teams. Secret societies and networks. Circles and communities. Associations and political parties. Rings. Broken friendships. Severed alliances. Making friends. Tribes.

What You Can Expect From These Dates

  • April 5th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
  • June 30th: Jupiter 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn
  • November 12th Jupiter 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn

You are going to see a person or organisation which you might call ‘born lucky’ with so many advantages, come to repair a broken situation from 2019.

This individual or huge group of people – perhaps even a whole nation or corporation – is hopeful by nature. Big thinking. Expansion and generous. Forgiving and far-sighted. This is very welcome after 12 months of Saturn’s gloom and doom.

Good Wins Out – History Proves It

You could compare it to the United Nations, perhaps – at its best. The good guys in any American Western. (Or the good women). Jupiter’s conjunctions to Pluto tend to produce sweeping triumphs of right over wrong. Or – they correct the balance of power in other ways.

Thinking about the arrival of the PC on a Jupiter-Pluto wave, we have to think about the way it would ultimately empower people against the mainstream media – newspapers tightly controlled by political parties and big business.

This combination of planets tends to favour reform. Repair work.

Goodbye Old Man

The ‘old man’ represented by Saturn in 2019 is going, going gone. In fact, he will be completely over by December 2020. Saturn is traditionally shown as a miserable older male, pained by life, thwarted by karma, with a clock by his side – showing the slow passing of his years. He is always bearded.

Jupiter is always shown as younger, rounded or large, big in his outlook – and big, all round. He is jovial (the word is derived from Jove, the alternative name for Jupiter) and has a good sense of humour. He was born lucky, or privileged, or fortunate. Sometimes born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

These are symbols but they may have been literal in your life in 2019, or will come to be so, in the year 2020.

Pluto is symbolically always shown on a black horse, or team of black horses. He is guarded by his dog, Cerberus. He is a mystery man, unseen for most of the time. He is passionate, obsessive, sexually driven.

We associate him with death, and the afterlife, as to the Romans who give us our modern astrology, he was in charge of Hades. The Shades. His bride is Proserpina, whom he takes from her mother. He takes and takes over.

Jupiter always beats Pluto. You are going to see Jupiter repeatedly beat Pluto in 2020, as Saturn also beats a retreat.

2020 is about the long overdue triumph of hope, optimism, generosity and abundance – over gloom, doom, pessimism – and domination. It is the end of total control in favour of a new world.

History 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in History

We have not seen a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn since the year 1771 ,when on February 25th Jupiter stood at 18 Capricorn and Pluto was also at 18 Capricorn.

Before that, we found Jupiter at 12 Capricorn and Pluto at 12 Capricorn on January 28th, 1522.

This was the year that Mexico was officially taken over by new Captain General Hernan Cortes for Spanish-controlled American territories – New Spain. A change in the balance of power for Mexico, Spain and America. Watch Spain and the European Union in 2020, but also Donald Trump and his Mexican Wall. Does it happen? No.

That 12-degree mark is really central to the astrology of Mexico. She was born on 15th September 1810 at 11.0pm in Dolores. She was also born with Uranus at 11 Scorpio. One degree away.

Making Your Own Predictions

Again, and again, when we see Jupiter conjunct Pluto, we see the following:

  • Expansion
  • Hope
  • The end of tight control
  • People power
  • Optimism
  • Opening up – opening the doors
  • The transfer of rulership
  • In the zodiac sign of Capricorn in 2020 this is very specifically going to hit:
  • Corporations
  • Big business
  • Governments
  • Parliament
  • Industry
  • The class system
  • The social system
  • The establishment
  • High society
  • The elite
  • The ruling class
  • The political class
  • The ‘whole’ system!

The End of Workplace Bullies, Tyrants and Great Dictators

It’s the end of ‘the few’ dominating and manipulating ‘the many’ in the year 2020. You can put 2019 behind you.

If you have been at the end of bullying, manipulation, power-tripping, arrogance, high-handed commands and other acts of Great Dictatorship (to paraphrase Charlie Chaplin, sending up Hitler) then you will be pleased to see the end of these characters in 2020, thanks to demotion, defeat or departure. The three big D’s of any Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn!

Bibliography 600x289 - Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions of 2020


The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004

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  1. WOW! How exciting!! As i do have some factors that coincide with those dates, can you give me some insight….i am currently involved in a startup with a group of people that i totally by chance became involved with in September 2019. This is a company with a focus on changing the U.S. healthcare industry and my particular position focused on plant medicine . i have taken on this position and while I am not receiving salary at this point, is promised potential as well as shares in the company. I am hoping that we will succeed in turning things around in the health care/natural medicine of the U.S. My son was recently diagnosed with a medical issue that ;may go away but has potential to be life threatening and we are exploring this as we wait to see results. My husband has just received an offer and has accepted for a new job in the same state although a bit further of a drive from where we are now, it has potential to be very good for him. I am not sure how the factors that i have (Ceres 24° Virgo 29′ 33″, Juno 24° Virgo 39′ 24″, Mars 23° Virgo 00′ 37″) will effect my career path and life for that matter. My husband is Leo, 8/22/73 if that is relevant or helpful. Thank you!

    1. You are strongly Virgo and Sixth House and so you are following your true life path, both taking care of your son’s health and also looking at plant medicine. 2020 is a turnaround year for everybody born in the 1960s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, also in the Sixth House, and we’d have to expect the election to be the reason, given the strong stand being made by Bernie Sanders among others (and he is a Sun Virgo). Essentially everyone born in the Sixties has Jupiter trine either/or Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and so what looks like being a huge year of repair work in politics and big business, benefits their health, medical and alternative health care. You are going to surf that wave to a turnaround. Correct.

  2. Dear Jessica, all three conjunctions oppose my sun, trine and sextile my nodes. What could this mean for me, please help me to understand?

    1. Essentially, you will be personally affected by massive transformations – to everybody’s benefit – in the corporate, business and government world. These evolve from a very difficult situation in January 2020, but pick up marvellously at the end of March, early April, then again at the end of June, early July and with a lovely big finish in November next year. What you’re going to see is a major repair job nationally and globally, which has a huge effect on your own life. This mixture of oppositions, trines and sextile will squeeze something good out of an occasionally tight situation, but in 2020 for you, it’s a case of ‘now or never’ for goals.

  3. This article is so ‘As above, so below’ insightful. Perfectly illustrates how the meeting of these two planets has a massive transformative effect. Looking back at the conjunction dates in my adult life these conjunctions resulted in huge, beneficial and life changing milestones. December 17th 1981 my son was born. December 1994 we emigrated to Australia. November 2007 I moved back to the UK plus in that month travelled 230 km ABOVE the Arctic Circle to watch Orca whales – incidentally once known as Hades (Pluto’s) whales. I’m fastening my seatbelt for 2020! 2018-2019 have been literally horrendous in terms of housing, money and health so would welcome any change for the better.

    1. This is such wonderful evidence for astrology, thank you. December 1994 was the Jupiter 28 Scorpio + Pluto 28 Scorpio conjunction, which was your cue for a sweeping property and financial transformation. You managed to move back to Britain in time for another Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 28 Sagittarius. That last one is interesting. You’d have to suspect Brexit is about to do you a favour, as Jupiter returns to 28 Sagittarius (travel, emigration, relocation, foreign ties) on November 24th-31st this year. Days away. Perhaps it is also relevant for your Arctic Circle adventures all those years ago. But you are having a Jupiter/Jupiter-Pluto Return.

  4. Hi Jessica, my sun is at 25 Virgo, doesn’t the Jupiter /Pluto conjunction in Capricorn fall in my 5 th House ?

    1. I use two house systems for date-stamped accurate predictions. One of these house systems is Solar Sign (or Sun Sign) and yes, if you are a Virgo, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions fall in your Fifth House of Millennials, godchildren, sons, daughters and so on.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for an amazing article, gave me such hope in what seems like a dark time in many areas for me. I have North node at 23 Capricorn. Is this relevant to these conjunctions? Or is there something else in my chart that stands out? Thanks again x

    1. Even more important than the Capricorn weather is the Aquarius weather in 2020, which is about the group. This is a formal network, like a society, private members’ club, football team, political party and so on – or an informal group, like your friends on Twitter. There needs to be a huge shift with the communication (obvious from December 2020 in particular) as you go into the Jupiter and Saturn cycle in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and people power. The connection, unity, understanding could be so much better and there is a tremendous need for healing and repair work. Once that is done, all of you can work wonders.

  6. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the very informative article. The past couple of years has been a huge struggle for me and hoping for a much needed relief in 2020. With MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″, Jupiter 19° Aries 23′ 48″ R and Nodes at 22° what sort of change can I expect next year? Also my parents and the family home has been hugely stressful for me over the past year and my parents set to loose the home end of this year. Hoping for a positive outcome on this front over the next few months.

    Many Thanks!


    1. You will be on the move between two homes or two locations in 2020, if you wish. You could easily take advantage of being in the right time and right place. This is more than just a massive commute or bi-coastal (bi-city?) lifestyle. It brings with it the chance to share and also pick up knowledge, learning, education. It’s big. 2020 is massive for you as the North Node goes through Gemini (twin cities, twin countries) and the South Node goes through Sagittarius (holidays, vacations, emigration, relocation) and also…education!

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I didn’t know it, but I do now, but I’ve been detoxing, clearing, finalising (or just waiting out Mercury Retrograde…) clearing the way for good things.
    While I experienced Plutonians and Saturnians everywhere over the last couple of years, I’ve felt a bubbling sense of hope and excitement.
    I dont have a lot of Capricorn in my chart (other than my ASC sign) though I’m wondering what my Jupiter 22 Aries and Ceres, Pysche may indicate.
    DinP xx

    1. Mercury Retrograde is great for reviewing, repairing, rethinking, renewing, restoring, reappraising. In December, change comes. For you 2020 is about a teacher, mentor, guide or guru. This person is powerful, fascinating and unique. You are going to learn so much and will be on the path to some pretty powerful results yourself. This may be a formal course or class, or just a highly influential person who singles you out for instruction in a more personal way.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the article. I’m hoping that it’s a positive for me (Jupiter 24 degrees in Virgo) as it forms a trine to these conjunctions next year? I am a Cancer sun with Venus at 22 degrees Cancer and experiencing all that you have written regarding bullies and their abuse of power and fraud, deceit relating to money. This enemy is a family member! It’s been a nightmare the last few years with legal battles and am hoping their antics will be exposed.
    Your postings have been helping me get through this horrid time.
    Warmest Regards,

    1. I am sorry about this person, Marie. The period 2010-2019 will go down as the ‘era of the bully’ and this frightful behaviour you have been seeing is typical, within the family or at work. I am sorry about the legal battles over the money and glad the astrology has been helping. Much of this is karmic/past life as the North Node goes through Cancer and your Fourth House of family – as you know. To some extent we have to accept, but also know this does get massively better, over time. In 2020 you will sort out the family tree if you are tactical and strategic. You are tough, which helps. Like Boudicca (Boadicea) crossed with Her Majesty the Queen. You need to figure out your assertiveness skills. Books and hypnosis can help. You need to figure out a way to keep firm boundaries (‘Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough’) so that you keep certain people far away – but also have the new time and energy to get rid of the low-hanging fruit on the family tree. You should and can ask your family in spirit to help you.

  9. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing insights. I have had many ah! moments as I experience life and what you have predicted. I am a Cap with many Cap and Virgo factors in the range of numbers you have referenced in the article. How does this affect my chart both personally and career wise. Careerwise, I am a consultant helping a public-private partnership in deep disputes and I am helping the private side understand how to do business the public way. Both sides have done wrong and have been at each other. I believe that through doing the right thing, (while they are battling in court) I can help effectuate change in a positive way. I have offered to help further in 2020 to help. How does this period affect my career as I have another 10 years to go. 2020 reputation is identified as how this period will be affected. I don’t want to be drawn down along with their legal issues while I am there to help them rebuild. Any advice for me there. I love to help and transform organizations but not at the cost of my reputation and health. Please advice.

    1. I understand you don’t want to be affected by this legal dispute and court battle. Are these two lovers, or husband and wife? I am not sure if I am seeing your sexual relationship or theirs. If it is them (you say public-private) they are at liberty to break free from the situation and each other. Can you encourage them to do that? The battle locks them in so tightly. The truth is they still want to sleep with each other. There is something morally or ethically very wrong about this pair, and the situation. I don’t know if you believe in Buddha, God or another higher power, but I would light a candle and pay for help if I were you. Bring some light in.

  10. Hi

    Thank you for this wonderful information.

    My mom born on Jupiter Pluto conjuction in Leo 1943 Leo. Graceful lady with an iron grip, eldest of 10 siblings.

    Workplace turned out to be quite toxic over the few years, peaked this year. Lot of lies behind my back and other employees have been treated badly. Matters have started coming out. Supervisor has resigned.

    One thing I realised is, many of us gave our power away. One person kept us on our toes.

    What do you see for me in this conjunction? I have my nodes on 23 degree Capricorn and 21 degree placements too.

    Thank you for your insights,

    1. Thank you Saru. The toxic workplace you mention is unfortunately part of the end of the Capricorn era. So many people have been enduring bad employers or unprofessional bosses! Giving your power away was the lesson. You will now slowly be taking your power back. And actually, when you get real about this, you will realise what a powerful position you are in. Resignations and sackings are common on this cycle, and so are sideways moves (people being shifted out of their role). You also see lousy corporate or big business policy, breaking all the rules! This is all crumbling in favour of two new trends. One is people power, as the group supports itself, away from the corporation, and creates its own rival economy. These groups of people with the same interests or a friendly atmosphere will turn away from big business and undercut them, and out-pace them. You’re also going to see the rise of one-person enterprises, again – using the fact that they are light on their feet and have more time and energy, because they are not locked into some lumbering system – to take on these massive competitors and win. You will travel or relocate in 2020 as the Aquarius weather takes you further. You will be in a different place by 2021 and out of a miserable situation. Use people power (Aquarius) to get you to where you want to be.

  11. Hi Jessica – thank you for this post – it’s a relief to hear that there is light beginning to break through this difficult, difficult year.

    I can relate to many of the feelings you describe here – I’ve felt beaten down, shunned and just generally out of sync with the world around me and those closest to me – even my very closest friends and family – and hope this is just a temporary blip in my relationships. I have just not been “myself” and have been experiencing levels of anger and resentment that I didn’t think I had in me… I rail at my current situation and wonder why it’s so stuck. and then it is compounded by the political climate here in the U.S. as well as around the world and seems like everyone has lost their minds.

    But on the plus side – I am letting go of a lot of things. I feel like I am giving birth to a new version of myself, and it is nothing like where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing from a work perspective. My focus is on finding ways to work and serve the greater good. Things like teaching yoga/meditation, and working for a not-for-profit venture, and volunteering at a nearby food bank and homeless shelter. I am also very involved in my church, and become much closer to God these last few years. I think my extended, years-long “time out” has allowed me to see just how broken and unfair our world, government and systems are – and perhaps do my small part to help mend things by guiding people to be better people. What I’ve done for myself, I can now do for others.

    I may be launching something new next year – and reworking my personal and professional “brand” so if there is a way to look at good dates with the best chance of success I would love your insights! Thanks again!

    1. It’s been a hideous year for so many people. Your word ‘shunned’ describes what has been going on, along with ‘out of sync’. Also, not feeling yourself – feeling very angry. There is a classic period of breaking down with the end of the Capricorn era, before the new world begins. You have been going through the breaking-down part. Any system or structure that does not serve you has to go, and inside it, any organisations or people which just don’t suit you or fit you. We are seeing the slow and painful end of male privilege, particularly older white male privilege. Women in particular are jumping ship before these men literally just go overboard. There is another group going, going, gone – and that’s the uber Capricorn people in their twenties or thirties who are trying to take shortcuts for success and elbowing anything or anybody in their path. They’re also destined to go overboard! Your yoga, meditation, non-profit volunteering and new connection with God are part of your early call into the Aquarius weather. You’re ahead of the game actually. The most important thing I can tell you about 2020 is that you will break free. You will liberate yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else to come along and do it for you. Uranus in Taurus is a trigger for sudden, highly energised, radical change and you need to use the pain of the past to get rid of whatever is tying you down, or making it so hard to see. When you do that you will begin travelling, or move. That is in your future.

  12. Hi Jessica, wow what a fantastic post – exciting times ahead with big changes to come, thank you. Not sure how it all will affect me though, would be so kind as to give me some astrological insight regarding what it will mean. My Date of Birth is 16/09/1973 born in London Middlesex at 21:57. I read the part above for each sign, although I don’t have my own children or any around me at all. Are there any other areas that stand out more for me regarding the approaching conjunctions – work, income/money, home etc. The last 9 years have been difficult bumpy ride regarding employment, income, finances all with a lot of anxiety/stress. Your advice and insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Very best wish.

    1. You will have Pluto going through your Fifth House of past relationships, any previous attempts at pregnancy, and young generations in the family or friendship circle. Jupiter is the healer. You will decide to either get rid of previous bad memories or toxic situations in 2020, or repair them. Amazingly they can be repaired. You will also be shown (when you are ready to see) two solid gold relationships, friendships or family ties you have forgotten about. Further ahead 2021, 2022, 2023 change your life for the better as you follow a group (people power!) to a new pathway to security, especially with home and property.

  13. Dear Jessica, I have the following factors, Fortuna 21 Taurus & the Sun 24 Taurus. So it looks like I will be (positively) affected on 5th April, 30th June & 12th November 2020!
    I rent a little house in a beautiful National Park (since 2012, having lost both my parents to cancer), of which I am very fond of. I have an excellent relationship with the owners. Although, I can’t see myself living here past 2021. Every day, I research & actively invest the small inheritance, I was left. Could you please provide insight as to how I will be affected. Thank you.

    1. There will be a long period of dangling as Jupiter goes backwards and forwards (retrograde) in 2020. You will make good use of this waiting game, and be enlightened spiritually, mentally, emotionally. When the time is right, with enormous effort, you can make a choice to either follow your mother’s side of the family tree or your father’s side. This will be geographically or for another reason. Your ultimate destination will be – more green.

  14. Hi Jessica thank you for this article it gives me some hope that things could turn for us in 2020 in terms of our business and income. I don’t have any of these degrees but my husband whose business we depend on and which I’m also closely involved with does. He is a Taurus sun at 8 degrees which next year will have Uranus conjunct it and also in trine with his 8 degrees Capricorn MC. This happens in the same time window as the Jupiter Pluto conjunction meeting his 24 degree Ceres in Capricorn also opposing his natal Jupiter Uranus conjunction at 22 & 23 degrees Cancer. In addition he has Apollo at 22 degrees Virgo in his 6th house. He has a business partner in Toronto and they are (after Mercury is out of retrograde and retro shadow) signing their first and potentially hugely beneficial contract with a global business which if successful could change our lives considerably. Both couples have struggled this year to get to this point with the first piece of work scheduled for early February next year. I would really appreciate any advice and guidance you could give me for what feels like a shift of some sort coming for us in 2020. I’m just a bit concerned about his natal conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus being opposed on 12th January by Saturn & Pluto too. Thank you in advance if you have the time to look at this for me as I realise you get thousands of requests.

    1. 2020 is all about the actual partnership, double-act, duet or relationship. A real commitment. Set aside the question about money and look to the quality (priceless) of this two-way street instead. This feels so much more about your husband and yourself, and the state of your marriage, than anything else. And the choices are excellent. I would describe them as ‘second honeymoon’ actually. I don’t see any obstacles to the two of you expanding and exploring as a couple. There is something bigger than you guiding this.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Next year seems exciting! Or at least things will be changing. With so many Capricorn placements, what can I be on the look out for?
    Also would like to be in a true relationship, when do you see that happening for me?
    Kind regards Jen

    1. Jen, you’ll spend a long time caught between old and new in 2020. You need this long pause before you take action, especially in terms of the family, your roots, place in the world and direction. The North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House of relatives (mum’s side and dad’s side) is also about where you can plant yourself and where you belong. As it moves backwards through your chart there’s a long waiting game. Yet, without that, you don’t eventually reach a point where you ‘know for sure’ and can haul yourself up into real action. You’ll become enlightened by the delay. It’s illuminating.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this article which brings hope, I like so many of your readers have articulated here, have experienced a miserable year, particularly at work. I returned to work post a lovely holiday mid January finding my name being smeared and the trust of my boss smashed, I still haven’t got to the bottom of what this was about. Since I have walked on egg shells keeping my head down. But worse was to come a new boss arrived in July who has consistently undermined me with a clear intent to sabotage my work. Over the last 4 months I have been so stressed that last week on holiday my back ‘went’ – an acute episode of disc pain which left me completely immobile for a couple of days.

    Before 2010 i knew little about narcissism and the construct of bully behaviour. But this last decade has tosh own me every side of this nasty human attribute. I experienced bullying from my husband between 2011and 2014, now ex, and at work from 2015, significantly early In the year through spring and the last 4 months have been horrendous.

    This is making me ill. So any information on when it’s going to recede and what I can do to protect myself would be hugely supportive. I have my sun 17 and mc 18 Capricorn and Saturn is still to go forward over these degrees through November and December, I so hope Jupiter in Capricorn is going to bring relief.

    Many thanks

    1. I am very sorry you are putting up with bully-girl or bully-boy behaviour, CT. I have just replied to someone else going through the same thing. We now have Uranus (the revolt or rebellion) in Taurus (the bull). We do associate Taurus types, at their worst, with grim, stubborn, boring ‘bully’ tactics. It’s really been like ‘My way or the highway’ for so long. And it takes its toll. It makes people feel terrifically angry, disempowered, helpless, furious, frustrated and the rest. None of which helps the fight back or the push back. If you are feeling ill then it’s gone too far. Your back has gone, literally as your body says ‘ I cannot stand this boss and I cannot stand.’ You won’t stand for it, basically – so disc pain put you flat on your back. You have been through this with your husband and your ex. You are almost there but you need to own your astrology and make it work for you. In 2020 you will turn your back (again, the back!) on people who have got nothing to offer you any more emotionally. The lunar or Moon cycles are behind this and there may in fact be a New Moon, Full Moon or eclipse when you go off by yourself. You need to deal with your anger and your passion. You will go off alone to sort this out. When and if the time is right you will return to people and try again. You will be different and the times will be different, and you may well find they were solid gold after all. Can I suggest you think about walking or hiking by yourself? If you do not already have an habitual getaway walk every day, in the park, by the water or even better – in nature – do try it. You would feel massively better. Your back is actually crying out for it, if your doctor lets you. You don’t need husbands, bosses or former lovers. You only need yourself. You need to own your fierce fire energy, in the Leo, Sagittarius and Aries houses of your chart, and we have massive action in Sagittarius and Aries in 2020. Time to get real and get angry. By yourself. This is also connected to your sexuality, but that’s another story. Off you go, CT.

  17. Hi Jessica, Thanks for this entry of hope. I know you said fort Aries – Career. Social position. Profession is a change of renewal, but can you please have a look at my chart and confirm that there will in fact be some sort of renewal for me. The situation is pretty bad. The stress of unemployment has caused a lot of health issues and to the point of borrowing money twice to pay for healthcare. My NN is in Cap. I feel like for the last three years, I’ve been strangled for air and no respite in sight. Thanks so much.

    1. I am sorry you have been between jobs and ill, and had to borrow money for health care. That is dreadful. The good news is, in 2020 the South Node of helpful karma goes into Sagittarius which rules foreign people and places. You could easily travel or move next year. The South Node in Sagittarius goes into your Ninth House of journeys. Travel or travel in the mind. Even if you stay put you will find you have massive choices about people from Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas and Australasia – all swirling around you. Some of these will be potential lovers. I strongly recommend you do your homework on this in 2020. Get online and stay online. Think about a second language skill – you are barmy if you don’t have one – it’s free to learn and your next job could depend upon it, even if it is basic Spanish or Japanese. You also need to centre, ground and stop burning the candle at both ends. Find a meditation or yoga practise that connects your sacral or base chakra to the earth. You are being whirled around by air transits in your air sign houses – Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. To make the most of the massive potential of 2020 overseas or with international visitors/new residents/migrants you need to settle. Then choose. And make it real.

      1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the reply. Get online and stay online. Got it. I was contemplating doing a Year of Social Media Lives – one every day – short episodes of talking/teaching on my expertise, and put it on various social channels. My last ditch effort to see if it helps reach the consumers I am trying to reach and establish myself as an authority. Also, so I don’t burn myself out with trying so many things – this is one thing I’m gonna do from my home. My plan certainly fits your suggestion, don’t you think?

        But have a question regarding Nodes: I thought the path is always to move AWAY from the South Node towards the NN cause SN is Karmic and we are here to fulfill the NN? But here you suggest embracing the SN style of Sagittarius? Is that only for Natal nodes? Maybe online is a Gemini thing which case it is NN. Appreciate a clarification.

        1. There is a lot of bewildering nonsense published about astrology on the internet and in some rather dated old books and this business about the North Node being ‘taking in’ and South Node being ‘letting go’ is just one example. It comes from the notion that as the North Node is the Dragon’s Head, this is where you eat, and the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail -this is where you excrete. Just one look at any chart and you will realise there is no such thing. The Nodes work as a loop or circle in time, and feed off each other, backwards and forwards. A really simple example is Sir Winston Churchill who had Sagittarius-Gemini Nodes. He was born American (Sagittarius) to a foreign mother (Sagittarius) and travelled the world (Sagittarius) writing (Gemini) for the media (Gemini) and later publishers (Sagittarius). When war came Churchill explored radio (Gemini) to reach a foreign audience (Sagittarius) in France, America and other places for the allies and the resistance (Sagittarius) using his oratory skills (Gemini) to make some of the most stirring speeches (Gemini) in world history, changing the course of the war in Europe and beyond (Sagittarius). I hope that makes sense.

  18. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for this well-aimed and helpful article. Every your insight seems as taken from my life. Since December 2017 I have been going through hell, including your mentioned: bullying, mobbing, harassment, lost career, heartbreak and etc. Everything is delayed. I have been hearing exactly identical words from recruiters as you said in this article: “Now it is a waiting game” or “You have to wait” and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. I would like to know when I could expect to finally get a job. Dear Jessica, could you take a look at my natal chart?

    Moreover, I am still trying to figure out my Saturn transit lessons. I am Capricorn, but my Saturn is in Aquarius (3H in Placidus system). While looking at 2019 I feel that I am learning Aquarius lessons (reconsidering friendships and people around me), but on the other hand I have issues to find a job and I am reconsidering my perception on hierarchy. Therefore, I was reading all possible lesson scenarios: (a) as being Capricorn and having Saturn transit in Capricorn/10H; (b) as current Saturn transit in my 3H/Gemini; (c) as approaching transit to my Aquarius Saturn/11H; and (d) as approaching transit to my 4H/Aquarius. I feel that Placidus house system explains my natal planet positions and my character better than natural house system (Capricorn – 10H). What house system would you recommend me to use? Are you mixing house systems for a precision?

    I really would like to hear your insights on these two points.

    Yours sincerely,

    1. I am very sorry you are being put through this cycle, Raimonda. It is unusual, not normal, and will be out of your life completely by 2023, with massive improvements from December 2019, December 2020. So many people have been dealing with bullies (Taurus rules the bull, as I am sure you know, and ‘bullying’ is a key word for stubborn employers, bosses or colleagues who refuse to budge, even when they know they are morally or ethically wrong). What we are seeing with Uranus in Taurus, since last May 2018, is rebellion against the bullies. Uranus is a very old symbol of the word ‘No’ and yourself included, those who have put up and shut up, are just refusing to do that any more. Good thing too! Okay, so you use Placidus, and I advise against it. He was a celibate monk. He had no contact with women. This house system is loved by male astrologers who never have sex, but very few women I know! It’s not appropriate for you. I make precision prediction, dated-stamped and time-stamped, months and years in advance using only one system; Natural Houses. I am going to use that for you now regarding 2020. Okay, the big story here is the North Node going into Gemini (multimedia, internet) and South Node going into Sagittarius (publishing, education, academia, foreign and regional relocation and travel). Back comes a past life and some past karma from around 2001, and going back in 19 year cycles. In 2020 there is a concept or brainwave with stunning potential which could go so much further, as the Sagittarius South Node cycle comes around again. It needs to be planted in the right environment or it will perish. You and at least one other person need to get real, get busy, do the research and do the homework about where this high-potential project or plan could take off. You are looking at transits of your Third House and Ninth House, using the Natural House System which is what your Premium Member chart is based on. Placidus makes women in particular terribly unhappy and I think you should try something else.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have a lot of pain from the last few years which not many people close to me seem to understand. Astrology has taught me that there is always an end to it and the pain won’t last forever. Jessica, I would love to know what are the main triggers in my chart to look out for in 2020?

    1. We have a strong Uranus in Taurus transit next year, so this is a financial change for you. There is a small but decent amount of money in 2020 which needs to be negotiated. From little acorns, bigger oak trees grow. It’s time to get good with money. Both asking for it, or cutting a deal. It’s yours. Once it is there, invest. What can you plant, protect, nourish and tend too? Because with the passage of time, as Uranus is in Taurus and your Second House of abundance for many years, you can gain. It’s worth the research.

  20. Hi Jessica, if you have time it would be great if you could tell me how this will affect me? These last years have been quite difficult (precarious accommodation, enemies at work, hopelessly single) and I am wondering if 2020 should be a year I should dread or look forward to. Many thanks!

    1. You may be living with depression so please go and talk to your doctor, or a healer. Depression is an illness like the common cold and it can become habitual, so it feels normal. It is not normal to feel precarious, hopeless or have dread. I am a huge fan of Matthew Manning’s healing, not only because it is affordable and there is a good community/downloads, but also because he charges around the price of two cups of tea a month. He’s very modest, yet counted John Cleese and Prince Phillip among his clients, when he was at his most famous. Look him up on Google and perhaps try his free audio on YouTube and see how you feel. Okay, moving right along to the year 2020 and yourself – beyond the fascinating business of healing – I see a money search. The question is, will the money actually be there? I’ve seen this pattern before with people searching for missing pension/superannuation or tracing a tax return. It is vital that you get the right professional to do the search. I don’t even know if the money is actually there for you in 2020, but as we have this Uranus in Taurus transit, and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, in your Second House of cash and Eighth House of financial paperwork – you need to forget about people who are hugely unqualified to look! Don’t waste time, just get the best. If you find you have money, fantastic. If it was never there, at least you had the best to help.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Yes, long overdue for growth, expansion and big answers regarding houses and apartments, I’ve been wanting to move but the timing and places haven’t been quite right. I’ve also not been sure whether somewhere local is on the cards or if long distance is the way to go now. As this will be trining my Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020 will it affect this at all or is this all just Cancer North Node related?

    1. For you, 2020 is actually about the group. We are looking at a far more important cycle for you, which is Jupiter and Saturn going into Aquarius at the end of next year, after a strange delay or reversal, at the start of the year, with Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. I am sure you know Aquarius rules your Eleventh House of community, friendships, societies, associations, bands, political parties, networks and the like. Obviously, organisations like Twitter. There is a high feel good factor with Jupiter going in, and the potential is vast beyond 2023, as people power is potent. Yet, you need to do the work. Serious work, actually, with Saturn also going into your Eleventh House. Take each individual as a seperate person, get out of your own way, attend to what each person needs, yet try to remember the Aquarius rules. Give space and ask for space. Keep it light, bright and keep circulating. One person in the group in particular is wobbly, wavering or in question. Your response to that is massive, as it is an indicator of your entire fortunes with everyone else too. Think one-on-one, not just ‘me and all them’, no matter how temporarily fortunate you truly are, next (2020) Christmas!

  22. one thing i am noticing in your historical examples is change/revolution that lead to more change. it is not necessarilly a longterm possitive outcome or even neutral, but bigger problems which require even more application of solution.

    S.A. for example, democracy wins but sets the stage for what we are looking at now, for the reverse (so to speak) apartheid, white farmers being chased out, land grabs from the bantu et al. majority and the sad end to the economic success story of S.A. one might say “well this is justice” but is it? the history of S.A. is complicated. for example, most of the bantu tribes did not arrive there until whites had shown them how fertile it was. there were wars and ultimately the settlers won. whatever the injustice of apartheid … democracy in 1994 did not create a just and harmonious society.

    also, my MC IC and natal jupiter are all at 22 taurus/scorpio and taurus respectively. how does the MC/IC play out besides looking like an ancestor in Natrual Sign Ast? what does my natal jupiter getting hit like that look like to you? and, more generally, what about having point in the water signs opposite these earth signs?

    1. A few questions there! South Africa always has been, always will be, complicated. You might say the family tree, both black and white, needs a huge amount of improvement. There is always this tremendous concern with the past in South Africa. Where one comes from; roots (or Roots, if you are a fan of that classic American television series). This goes into the Dutch as well, beyond the first Africans and owners of the land. It’s always the past with this country, but what happens in 2020 is really interesting, because you end up with an energetic, very young, new, white generation of Millennials who want to get rid of the past, if it holds South Africa back. One politician in particular will have a huge charismatic appeal and big following. We are moving into a New Age of Aquarius in December when Generation Aquarius, born with Uranus and Neptune in that sign, rise. One of their brands is non-gender-stereotype leadership. Winds of change are blowing for South Africa. For you personally, if your birth time is accurate to the minute, and your MC and IC are bang-on, we’re talking about 2020 as a Scorpio trigger for you. Please read the post on Mercury Retrograde 2020 as I don’t want you to be caught by the property/finance/relationship/partnership waiting games and changes, end of next year! Yet in general, you and your ‘other half’ or perhaps your ex, have massive choices to make about an apartment or house situation and need to break a communication impasse to be honest, and deal with the financial and real estate truths, as well as the exact, precise and updated emotional and karmic situation with each other. That’s your main story in 2020.

      1. yes the birth time minute is spot on. any thoughts on natal jupiter getting dinged? and i am really curious about points in opposition to activity, if you have a moment. as far as property and a partner, the only thing i can think of is my ex who works in my neighborhood, we aren’t speaking, but see one another frequently on the street, look away and keep walking. there was a bit of a turf war but i think we have achieved a tacit detante, of sorts. there is karma there …. lifetimes and lifetimes. it’s sad that so much potential went to waste. but other than that i am free as a bird, and intend to keep it that way, so it’s hard to imagine what you are picking up on in my chart. any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

          1. To have the Sun at 24 Cancer in the Fourth House is to shine – at your best – through the family. If not the immediate family, then certainly through one’s roots, heritage, family tree, history, culture and heritage. There is also a life which is very much about ‘my people and my place’ waiting, if one can only do the work. Class is often a concern and we tend to find huge patriotism. All this is character-building stuff, but if there is a severe disconnect with the family itself, or with one’s home town and homeland, it is very common to find adoption taking place. So, one adopts a religion or even a foreign place and its people – as one’s own. Understand this and you get to the very heart of this person, not just now, but for years into the future. It’s how she shines.

  23. Hi Jessica

    The last decade has been one family drama after another. I’m tired. Is there optimism in the air for me too?

    Also, how will Australia be affected? We aren’t due till 2022 for another election, so I’m interested in how our climate denying government is going to go..


    1. I’m sorry about your family dramas over the last 10 years Sharlene. It sounds almost like the other Sharlene/Charlene in Neighbours. An ongoing soapie, and I’m sure you are fed up with the rewinds. You have Venus in Leo and come into your own within 12 months. You play the role of Queen, get to know your Leo side (look this sign up on Search and in your guidebooks) and mentor, guide, set an example, train, inspire and above all -lead – a younger generation. Nieces, nephews, your own children if you have them, stepchildren, godchildren or perhaps schoolchildren or Millennials. You’ll feel right at home, and be in total command. Next question, what about Australia? We have a government denying the climate emergency, even though the country now has a new colour on the temperature chart for summer – bright purple – showing unbearable heat over 50 degrees. And a drought. And 100+ leading scientists from around the world yelling the facts. I’m as interested as you are, because friends from the Central Coast of New South Wales are now evacuating into my beach house, ahead of terrifying fire warnings and this sort of advice (‘Go to a shopping centre’). So, let’s take a look. How will Australia be affected by the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of 2020? We are going to see migration away from Australia, which has to be a first. Who would have thought that? We will see substantial interstate migration away from climate emergency and bushfire zones, but also to New Zealand, our nearest neighbour. I might have a look at the New Zealand and Australian national charts in a moment, but it looks like NSW and Queensland are going to Tasmania or New Zealand.

  24. What a very inspirational post. I am hoping to “break free”in 2020 from old patterns of work and recurring health issues, financing permitting. Would love to here your interpretation of any significant factors in my chart, and perhaps some further information on Salacia, sitting at 24 Capricorn.

    1. Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, achievement and success is really about succeeding in two very different fields, neither of them real-world, both of them a holiday from what’s normal, or an escape from the everyday. I have seen this before in the charts of healers who are part-time painters. There’s one example for you. As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all cross this from 2020 onwards, until 2023, you can expect a massive transformation in your career, or unpaid work, leading to the most tremendous empowerment – yet only after you face facts and own your actual control or power in a situation. This also has to double with a lesson about not power-tripping others. Be very careful about that. You have to be fair.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    There’s a lot to take in in this post! I have numerous Capricorn factors in my chart and am a little confused as to the direction this is leading me.
    Looking back to the past, I was starting out in employment roles that ended nowhere in 1981 and 2000 and both were of no interest to me— just a means to an end. There have been family issues and breakups in these times too— I hope to see if one rift close to home will be repaired soon. But as for its effect on me, do you see the opportunity for one last change in direction with my career? I have been very tied up with website and PC communication all year too. Will this let me down?

    1. You stand to gain hugely from the South Node of karma in Sagittarius and your Ninth House of education, academia, qualifications, university, college, workshops, seminars and evening classes – in 2020. You may return to study as you would be very tempted. Alternatively, you would use what you know, and whatever qualifications you have, to be the voice of wisdom for others. 2020 is a hugely important year for you, as you have Jupiter (growth, expansion, outreach, benefits) in your Tenth House of success and status, at the same time that the South Node is reminding you – you were born to teach and study – and you can do that formally or casually.

  26. Hi Jessica

    I have Proserpina 22 Virgo, Ops 24 Capricorn and Salacia 21 Capricorn. I have read with sadness all the comments on this blog and how hard a time most people have had in 2019. For me 2018 was really a much harder year which culminated in us having to sell our house to pay for the debts incurred by my business. 2018 was also the time when I started working on my own after a string of staff who took advantage of my generosity and abused my business financially. 2019 has been a year of change and empowerment when although I’m still not making any money I’ve stopped losing money. I am on my own and can see finally a future for my business which combines (hopefully) my desire to achieve a financial stability for my family together with my intense desire to be on service to the entire planet.

    Being a huge animal and nature lover, I hope 2020 will mean we turn against fossil fuel companies, stop burning or cutting forests, stop demand for illegal poaching of animals, ostracize trophy hunters and start living in harmony with the natural world … and recognise that age and experience does not define a good person (I also have a huge faith in our young generations).

    A fascinating blog giving me renewed hope and optimism for the future (which I always have as a Sun Leo and a highly spiritual person). We can change the world!

    Many blessings. Natalie

    1. Thanks Natalie. Your chart is right in the zone of the heavy, hard Capricorn weather and it did in fact hit your chart in 2018 when you were in debt from your business and sold your home, after staff abused your generosity. I’m afraid this heavy Capricorn weather can result in people being used, feeling used and the rest. Well done for getting out and surviving. Your faith in human nature will be restored by a man who is sincere, intriguing, appealing – and has you on his radar. In the year 2020 he will be travelling and pass your way. This is karma from the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which is all about regional/international connections and he has so much to offer.

  27. Hi Jessica

    Could you have a look at what 2020 will bring for me please? I’m involved in local politics in the UK and I feel like I have had enough.

    I’m good at what I do but I’m sick of the people who do nothing and sit in judgement. Small minded, 20th century in outlook c 1985!! Mostly but not all men.

    They are negative, complainers, always whining about something, and the backstabbing!!

    I enjoy the job of a politician, and being able to make some change, but I can’t stand most of my colleagues!

    Will they go in the clear out of 2020? I’m dubious as to how this level of change will impact on a local level – these people have been here for ever and a day, and can’t see how much the world is changing.

    Or is it me that will go? Will I join the ranks of all the other good women leaving politics?

    Thanks for your article xx

    1. You have been emotionally drained by toxic relationships, in and out of politics actually, so this goes beyond your career in British political life and into more intensely personal matters. Now through the end of 2020 you recover and repair yourself. You’ll decide if you’re going to try and save these broken relationships, or just kick them out of your life and walk away. There is hope! I am very excited about the year 2021 for you. You will join or rejoin a political party or other ‘change’ organisation. It is classically Aquarian so there is no gender, age, race or class difference. You are all in it together. From 2021 you will be carried by this group and it will help you in emotional and practical ways, too. In fact you could easily find a new work or residential home as a result of what happens there. In the meantime you need to heal. Don’t forget there are two solid gold people waiting for you. You don’t see them because you are fixated on what/whom you have lost but there are a couple of ‘diamonds’ there.

  28. Hi Jessica, do you see any relocation and/or career boost in my chart? I have taurus and capricorn placements and also nn and sn in gemini and sag. Planning to move back as soon as I get my citizenship process completed. Hubby does not seem interested or convinced enough, but then for me, there is nothing left where I am at present. I dont like being dependent and i am almost 90 percent dependent on spouse for last 2.5 3 years and he also is concerned about his extended family back home, who could not care less about our problems. Do you see any freedom for me from all this trap?

    1. Your husband is the problem. He is cut off from the real world, zoned out, not connected to reality and yet you must negotiate with him. He could easily move back to his extended family and homeland – or just travel – even moving one more time. To do this in a way that is genuinely together, you need to meet him halfway. If you are convinced you want to stay married and dependent on him, then you must join him on his planet! That means getting a spaceship over there and trying to communicate and connect in a way that makes him feel you understand him. Is there any room for you in his world? I am not sure. You are being strongly affected by Neptune which can make you feel at all at sea (he already is – he is floating in his own little world). As an astrologer, I would have thought your best bet with a man like this is to surf your own wave, get on your own ship and escape. You have your own decisions to make. Did you know there is a new guidebook, Your Oracle, available to you as a Premium Member? Do try it.

      1. My husband is a sun gemini, and i see double minded or double faced personality of him off late. To stay in a marriage, i just have one strong reason, thats my son 2.5 yo. He loves his dad like anything and i dont want that he experiences a broken marriage or a broken family situation. What i m planning to do is I will go back to my home country with my son and then let him decide whats his take. Do you see any career problems after my relocation? Thats kind of important for me to know as I will be on my own raising my kid too. So it will help me to taje cautions while idecide when to move and where too.

        1. Money is the most important thing of all between now and the end of 2020 and you need to see it, access it and get it – before you begin thinking about taking your son away from his father and beginning life as a single parent back in your home country. Let’s be honest about 2020. We have the planet Uranus (always about extremes) in Taurus, in your Second House of finance. Astrology is about seeing potential futures and acting to avoid what you do not want. I strongly advise against taking your son with you and moving back home unless you have the money and/or the home lined up and secure. I am not saying the finance isn’t there, because it is, but you would need to do a huge amount of work to realise that, and then go and access it. The alternative is not great. Do you have other plans? Look at your alternative plans or tactics – different strategies – and please do use your Astrology Oracle cards and book and also the new system Your Oracle, to give yourself a second opinion reading.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    It sounds very interesting. I have SN in 23deg Taurus and NN in 23deg Scorpio. Then I have Jupiter in 22deg Aries and Mercury at 22deg in Libra.

    Can you tell what 2020 brings me through the conjuction Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn?

    Thank you!

    1. The world of children or teenagers is at the heart of wonderful options for you in 2020 and you need to find a special place in your life for godchildren, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, stepchildren. You do not say if you are a parent or not, or have smaller relatives, but this is the key to everything. They grow up so fast. It is also possible that you will take on a paid project, or an unpaid role, that involves schoolchildren or adolescents. There is a great deal of precious treasure there, if you do. You will find the transits of Leo and your Fifth House make wonderful angles to your Jupiter in Aries in the First House, and your Mercury in Libra in the Seventh House. That’s part of the story.

  30. Hi Jessica, I’m trying to figure out how these conjunctions will affect me, and was wondering if you could please take a look at my chart? In terms of the end of bullies – I am involved in garbage litigation with my ex-business partner which we hope will end soon, and at my new position, there is a female subordinate who doesn’t want to work hard and I suspect has a sexist attitudes towards how women should act (I’m a direct communicator who does not hesitate to ask for what I want). She filed a bogus complaint. All’s fine with my bosses, but still, it’s disconcerting. Also wondering, as usual, for any effects on my health, wealth/career and love life. Thanks for all you do!

    1. All this work politics with your former business partner and your female subordinate is pretty typical of this Capricorn cycle, I’m afraid. It can and does get better, once Jupiter goes into Capricorn in December, and progressively from December 2020 into 2021, as Saturn is well and truly out of Capricorn by then.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have several factors in sag and cap as well as gem asc and I am really wondering what is going to happen the next years with the nodes shifting and and the cap conjunctions – i recently had my saturn return paired with a split (saturn on the entrance of my 7th :-/ – now in my 8th) i am still in contact with my ex partner, but there is someone knew (I know him since school – year 2000 btw – but he kind of feels like too hard to grasp for me – still i haven’t been able to end this yet) and i still kind of feel like confused – not only in matters of the heart, since my SR it felt like a breakdown of my whole identity which somehow i still haven’t fully recovered from – also in relation to work and study etc. can you maybe give me a little insight on all my confusion? thank you so so much

    1. Keeping a diary would be marvellously therapeutic for you. Do you do that? Write it down, and lock it up somewhere, or shred it later. 2020 is unusual with the North Node going back into Gemini and South Node heading for Sagittarius – along with the historic line-up in Capricorn, all of which triggers your chart. You are on the other end of a break-up and an old schoolfriend is a possible lover. So what’s up ahead? You need to ground, centre and come back to yourself. Yoga will also help. So will meditation. Find your core, not just physically, but also with your base sacral chakra and whole system, actually. So there’s the second piece of advice. Write down everything you feel and get rid of it. Then, in 2020 in particular, use yoga postures or a daily meditation practice (ten minutes will do) to settle and ground yourself. You also need to find just one place to be. Don’t live a life where you are split and have a foot in one city and a foot in another place. That’s going to stretch you. As a Gemini-Sagittarius type you can end up being scattered geographically. Another example would be a foot in two counties, or states. That doesn’t really help you get yourself together. In 2020 we see some Aquarius weather in your Eleventh House of groups, which reveals how you relate to people when they are all united or ‘as one’ and you have to deal. A classic example would be a Prime Minister dealing with a trade union, or the captain of a football team, dealing with the footballers, as a group. It is extremely important that you realise you are all coming from the same place, ideologically or intellectually. You have more in common than the thing that divides you. Did you realise that if you get together with these people and join forces, you can collectively do anything? That is the 2020 message for you. The Aquarius weather racing through your Eleventh House will sextile your Sagittarius factors and trine your Gemini ascendant, among other things, and you need to use it as best you can. It is here for many years.

  32. Hey Jessica!
    I get a bit confused about something. When I have no factors in Capricorn, , does this mean that none of this will effect me? My chart is so weird, I have a lot of stelliums, then a lot of houses with nothing in it. I have to buy a book so Ican learn a bit more about questions like this. Will you look at my chart, then tell me what book might be the most helpful ? Anything else you want to add would be great as well. As always, many thanks .

    1. You don’t need to buy a book; everything you need is on this website or in your complimentary guidebooks, as a Premium Member. Some of my books are for sale on Amazon and Booktopia, Barnes and Noble and W.H. Smith – but a great many shorter books are not. You can only acquire them as digital editions from this website. Empty houses (nothing in a zodiac sign) are common and just reveal a life not dependent on that matter – a character not defined or shaped by that issue. So, missing Capricorn and Tenth House factors in a chart is just about being defined by things other than career. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs patiently to the top, so we associate it with high society, social climbing, and jobs which are all about the hierarchy or ‘the system’. You commonly find it with people who begin life as middle class and end up as upper middle class, or even in the aristocracy. Or, working class people who become rich and famous. This is really not who you are. And that’s why you have nothing in Capricorn! You’re not defined by the system either. Corporations, institutions, big business or government structures and the like do not ‘say who you are.’

  33. Wow Jessica- this is an amazing article- SO spot on with everything going on in the world. I can see how these aspects will shape the next year and the world, but I don’t know what this actually means for me…do you see any changes in career (or my role/promotion etc) or on the home front? Me and the “saturn figure” of 2019 (and prior years) are separating, so there is a big change going on in my life/living situation. I am hoping everything pans out smoothly…are there any good or bad times to buy/sell a house in the near future? Thanks for all your work and insight
    Much Love!

    1. Thank you. Before you make any 2020 decisions about career (which could be huge for you) and also where you’re going to locate (you could easily move for work) you will go through a major period of healing. We are heading into Aquarius weather in 2020, in a small way at the start of the year, then profoundly so, from December, when both Jupiter and Saturn go into that sign. This all happens in the Eleventh House of your chart, which is associated with friendships, groups, teams, clubs, circles, communities and networks. You will be replenished and renewed, emotionally, through a situation which isn’t really about feelings – it is about people coming together for a common purpose – and yet you find what you are looking for there. This helps you enormously and then you will feel ready to move on. You are ambitious, and the transits through your Tenth House, ruled by Capricorn, suggest you have seen a huge prize, professionally, by 2020 and want to make a start on that. You will cover more ground and get there faster, if you take the time out to reach deeply into a friendship which is part of a wider group.

      1. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer- I know you are in high demand 🙂 This has helped greatly, thank you! Another question- or topic rather…I recently read an article about “yods” in the birth chart. Apparently, I have 2 yods in my birth chart but have been unable to figure out what this means…strange thing is that I always felt my jupiter placement has been very significant for some reason and turns out one yod is pointing to jupiter- but i have no clue what this means for me, so I don’t know what to make out of this. I have never heard you mention this type placement, so I would love to hear your input on this!
        Much love <3

        1. Thank you and no problem, I am really happy to answer questions when I can – I have just landed back at my studio in Tasmania again so have some time. I don’t use yods. Jupiter in your chart is at 21 Leo semi-sextile Cupido at 21 Cancer and that’s the only aspect it’s making. Taking that apart, you were born lucky when it comes to babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or those born 20+ years after you. This can manifest as blessed parenthood or a stellar career with younger people – or unpaid work. Jupiter in the Fifth House of your chart makes you the fortunate queen to a younger court, and any entertainment or activity which brings generations together (like Harry Potter or tennis) would also be lucky for you. The link to Cupido in Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family suggests motherhood or substitute motherhood would be a passionate pathway for you, but if not – you would be in love with life as an aunt. So there you go. No yod, but big Leo-Cancer story.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I’m wondering if you are able to look at my chart and give me an idea of where to focus in 2020, so I can hope to get my life back on track? 2019 has been soul destroying and I have lost my confidence to make a sensible decision. I’m living across two countries and don’t know where I belong, my marriage is falling apart, my relationship with my extended family is in tatters, my ‘career’ is not stable – currently working, but post will end early 2020 and my financial situation is going backwards. I don’t know how things ended up such a mess. Being thankful for what I do have – my health is good and my (young) adult children are happy, healthy and well adjusted. Where can I hope for transformation/repair/opportunity in 2020? Any glimmers of hope, greatly appreciated 🙂
    Thank you

    1. I’m sorry 2019 has been so tough for you. What you are describing is the Cancer-Capricorn clash in the heavens which can pull you in two different directions. Capricorn rules career and Cancer rules home. Cancer rules home life and sense of belonging, and it also rules the extended family. It’s a huge stretch as the North Node of karmic obligations and stuck life lessons, is in Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family. At the other end we have the South Node of repetition and soul debts (and soul credits) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of work. In addition to that you have been living with Pluto, Saturn (and now Ceres) also in Capricorn, right opposite Cancer. So you see, your horoscope has been pushed and pulled for around two years now. You will make decisions which help you so much, now through January 2020, and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of next year, also in Capricorn, will enable you to figure out the work situation, but also your role as wife and mother. You haven’t seen these patterns at all so far, and they encourage you to take full advantage of an opportunity which is coming, to do some repair work on your life. You will also be relieved to know that the Cancer-Capricorn North Node-South Node pattern disappears in May next year and as you and the others in the family will have truly completed your karma with each other by then, you will no longer feel so stuck. I strongly recommend you use the new Oracle book too, which comes with Premium Membership.

  35. hi Jessica,

    I finally had time to read this article. Thank you for it.

    It has gotten me thinking if I could use astrology to ask my husband (born on January 15, 1956 , 11:00 a.m. (latitude 17.284640 and longitude 74.331240) more time to initiate the divorce (that he wants but I do not) proceedings until after Saturn and Pluto are out of Capricorn, and the North node is out of Cancer (May 2020), in hopes that once these 3 move on, that his heart may soften and he might atleast open communication with me to see if he would be open to salvage our marriage? I do not want to be pushy, at the same time I want to give it all I can and fight to save it, because I love him. I feel like we have a soul contract. I know he loves me too and perhaps is not happy himself that we have come to this. I do not want to later regret that I did not give it all.

    Could you please let me know what you think?
    Thank you

    1. As your husband is one half of the question and I don’t have his chart – and he is not asking me for feedback – it is not possible for me to comment on your break-up. You are much better off using the Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook that comes with membership, the Tarot cards on this website, and the brand new Oracle guidebook. All three give you first, second and third highly personal opinions – private to you.

  36. To add to my comment above, in vedic astrology it is believed that “things that are meant to happen , will happen”, but I know that “free will” plays a big role in western astrology belief. So I guess, I am wondering if “a” particular course can be changed?

    Also, the beautiful Venus in my zodiac sign of Sagittarius has done nothing for me.


    1. Never mind astrology, quantum mechanics has proven there is no fixed future. You may want to read The Astrology Oracle guidebook about that and use your cards.

  37. Hi Jessica
    Great article! I have asteroid salacia at 24 cap.
    I have Uranus at 22 Virgo! I never know what to expect with Uranus. Please take a look at my chart and let me know your thoughts

    1. Thank you. Salacia at 24 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement and status suggests a double life, or twin projects/roles/goals – neither of which are particularly real-world, but both of which sit perfectly well, side-by-side. You might say that what you achieve, or where you climb to socially, is a holiday from reality. This is too wide for a trine to Uranus at 22 Virgo, but you’ll classically find specific work or professional outcomes (or unpaid work) whenever planets pass over 22, 23, 24 degrees of the earth signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus. Pluto in Capricorn is the trigger here, so you are going to see demotions, promotions, mergers, sideways moves within your chosen field which have an impact on your position or project for 2020. December 2019 through February 2020 is the likely window.

  38. Hi Jessica , I wish is not too late to ask. I have two aspects, Virgo and Taurus . Please could you take a look?. Thank you so much. Best regards

    1. Not too late at all – you’re in a great position in 2020 (starts December 2019) as Jupiter in Capricorn trines your hard-working Virgo side and your money-minded, money-making and money-saving Taurus side. In 2020 you will build more income or just save it, through the cleverest opportunities, and also find you pull off some amazing work achievements. Call 2020 a year of grounding. It’s very ‘earth’.

  39. I have my sun and my ascendent in Capricorn – between 14 and 20 degrees. Personally, I am exhausted from transit Pluto and transit Saturn.

    I am in hope JUPITER will unfold the nots and mess with my effort for employment. Yes I have been bullied from the top ( government firm).

    I have followed the advise Jessica for many years, moved away from home, studied more, tried another career path ( slow going there but like it). Had to return to original career to financial make ends meet.

    Again the bullies / block my basic applications to re enter as casual teacher.

    It hard times, been living in tents tourist parks to make ends meet. The city areas are expensive to rent, although work is there.

    I am tied / I need peace to heal, and be appreciated of my love and quality teaching abilities.

    Jessica. I hope Jupiter gives me a fair go to be employed to pay bills. I am soon 64 on January 6th. A huge week astrology wise for me personally and for the world.

    Thanks for the details in your Jupiter / Pluto story. I am reading and watching closely.

    T m

    1. You are strongly Capricorn and have been doing it tough. I am sorry about this cycle – but it does get better once Jupiter goes into Capricorn, too. The bullying from the top down is happening across the world and in every sphere. So you are not alone. Everyone is being affected by Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn! The second career path which was slow going is something you should persist with, please. Age is no barrier to future employment and in fact it’s online for you. Happy birthday for January 6th and watch for all the offers, options and opportunities linked to computers and the internet, please. As the Nodes go into Gemini-Sagittarius from May 2020, into the year 2021, there will be a lot of them and one will be exactly right for you. In fact it will meet you halfway.

  40. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article. I read all your articles and love your ability to explain what’s going on!!
    If you can help me, I would like to know what could happen when this conjunction and Saturn touch my Dsc? Thanks in advance!

    1. If your birth time is absolutely accurate, then your Descendant (DC) will be triggered by real-world decisions about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps – the opposition. Your DC rules the person opposite. Husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend – but also professional partner or other half. It can sometimes be the person opposite you in a feud or dispute. If you really were born at that time, then 2020 will bring you to a massive crossroads about this person and the choice to stay involved or go.

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