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Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

We are in a climate crisis - an emergency - and the astrology tells me we are headed for disaster, unless we act now. That's why I strike every Friday. No horoscope from me - sorry!

Apologies. Every Friday from September 2019 forwards, there will be a blank space on this website where your daily horoscope should be. I hope you understand. I am joining people around the world on Climate Strike as part of Fridays For Future. I’d love you to join me every Friday by doing something – anything – to help.

Instead of writing your Friday horoscope, I am going to donate a food tree to koala bears in Australia who have been burned in the dreadful bush fires made worse by Climate Emergency. Your zodiac sign will have a sponsored koala tree every Friday instead of your daily astrology column. I know you will understand!

You can see an amazing video from Koala Hospital Australia here. This is orphan Jimmy. I love their work.

The Astrology Behind Climate Emergency

British Prime Minister, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, was the first world-famous politician to warn other leaders about climate change, around 30 years ago. She specifically mentioned coal as part of the problem, to the United Nations. Since then, our Prime Ministers and Presidents have failed to act, which is why people power is taking over. Are you with us?

The fact is, the astrology was also calling the melting of Antarctica and the Arctic decades ago as well. Our oceans are heating. The temperatures are going up.

Even if you just have a basic grasp of astrology you will know that Neptune rules flooding and Pisces rules fish. Pisces is also ruled by water – it is a water sign. So what happens when Neptune is in Pisces followed by Pluto? We need to act now to minimise the catastrophe.

whs7fpfkwq 600x450 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Extreme Pisces Weather Warnings

We are moving towards extreme Pisces weather with Neptune there, followed by Pluto ahead. A water sign, ruled by Neptune itself (the ocean, floods, rainfall) associated with fish (falling numbers of fish in particular).

We already saw more floods in the USA in 2016 than any other year on record. This is intense Pisces climate change in astrology. This is not a drill.

How Extinction Rebellion is Only Going to Grow…Bigger

ghuxqwtyuwe 600x400 - Climate Crisis Astrology PredictionsPictured from (Unsplash) the Extinction Rebellion protests in London, October 2019. Authors I’ve worked with over the years also took part. Did you know someone involved? There were so many people, I think most of us did! (Or maybe you were there).

This is the extreme, ‘disobedient’ end of the new people power movement to save the planet, as we go into the New Age of Aquarius, which begins in December 2020.

People Power and Global Protest is Back

This will be huge in 2021 and beyond. Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, the sign of global community, diversity, equality and one-world thinking then. Pluto in Aquarius follows in 2023.

The last time we saw a cycle like this, the French Revolution changed the world. You may love or hate Extinction Rebellion but just like the French revolutionaries, they are here to stay. Nobody will lose their heads this time but in 2021, politicians, millionaires and corporate bosses will lose their jobs. Seems unlikely? Well, Marie Antoinette probably thought the guillotine was unlikely. This is exactly the same cycle and it’s coming closer.

How Hurricane Sandy Started Neptune In Pisces

Hurricane Sandy kicked off the Neptune in Pisces cycle in 2012 and by all the laws of astrology, there are more hurricanes, tsunamis and floods to come. This cycle will be followed by Pluto in Pisces. Neptune literally rules the ocean, rivers and flooding. The sea. Pisces is literally about fish. Pluto rules earthquakes and deep earth changes.

Pluto in Pisces is also about water wars. The road to war is lined with Pluto, found in the year 1930. In Pisces from 2043, this translates as ‘water wars’. And ‘fishing wars.’  You can’t prevent power struggles and battles for control over fish and water when Pluto goes into Pisces. You can only limit them by exercising damage control before the cycle comes around. That is what astrology is for.

5g3sxyga0aw 600x338 - Climate Crisis Astrology PredictionsNeptune in Pisces – Followed by Pluto in Pisces

This is how these cycles look and why astrologers are so concerned. First, we have Neptune in Pisces and flooding.

Then, we have a break – as the panicking political world likely gets the problem under control from 2023 to 2043 as voters finally put responsible leaders in charge.

Yet, even then, there is still trouble ahead. Pluto in Pisces 2043 beyond the landmark year 2050 is a huge warning, and that’s right in the window that scientists are worried about. The movements of the planets through the signs, in this ancient business of astrology, are actually chiming with the same timeframe that science is suggesting.

Astrology Gets Behind the Science

NASA does astronomy, not astrology, but both agree here.

Global sea level rose about 8 inches in the last century. The rate in the last two decades, however, is nearly double that of the last century.

These are powerful, difficult truths. And the astrology is also telling us the truth. This is extreme Pisces weather, beginning with Neptune, then Saturn, and escalating with the North Node and Pluto – over the same timeframe that worries science so much.

Neptune in Pisces April 5th, 2011 to January 27th, 2026

This is where our problems began! April 5th, 2011. The first day of the cycle.

It’s common for the start of a new Pisces cycle to coincide with dramatic flooding. This happened in $2 billion worth of damage in Queensland, Australia, back in April 2011, as Neptune slid into Pisces and Down Under was the first country to wake up.

We began with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. A double whammy. In fact, when we look back at January 2011 when Queensland submerged – we find the Moon in Pisces, at the same time as an exact conjunction (line-up) between Jupiter and Uranus. They both made patterns nobody has seen, before or since.

The Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces Conjunction and the Queensland Floods, January 2011

Jupiter 26 Pisces conjunct Uranus 26 Pisces. Now, that was an invitation to Australia to tackle climate change and take strong action before it approached 2019 emergency levels. Australia didn’t take it.

The whole point of horoscopes is to show you a future you don’t want, so you can set about getting a future you do want. We use history to tell us the truth in astrology, then become proactive.

So, just to repeat: more Pisces weather is coming – we’ll flood at manageable or catastrophic levels – depending on what happens now. What you do, and what I do too.

From China to Texas – Pisces Weather Flooding in History

Let’s talk about rare Pisces weather in history and what happened, and why so many astrologers are so confronted by their forecasts.

Begin with the St. Patrick’s Day Flood of 1936 (Saturn in Pisces). The devastating 1931 China floods (North Node in Pisces). The Texas flood of 1998 (Jupiter in Pisces, South Node in Pisces, Ceres in Pisces).

In the 1931 China floods, seven different storms helped burst rivers, flooding land the size of England. As the Node moved into Pisces at the end of the year, though, it was the cholera, typhoid and dysentery which killed. Neptune in Pisces is also a symbol of water supply disaster, just as it symbolises actual flooding.

Where We’re At Now – Neptune in Pisces

Neptune entered Pisces on April 5th, 2011, moved back to Aquarius on August 6th, 2011, then back into Pisces on February 4th, 2012. Ever since 2011-2012 we have been suffering hotter summers and melting ice in Antarctica and the Arctic. Plastic has been creeping into the oceans, and into fish. This is typical of the planet Neptune in the sign of Pisces.

rn14pbitnnm 600x400 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Dennis Elwell – Astrology Predictions From 1987

The Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology (Unwin Hyman) was an instant classic when Dennis Elwell published it, back in 1987. Remember, this is before Greta Thunberg was even born.

Neptune scorns physical boundaries: it pervades, it creates a climate.” Elwell wrote about “typically Neptune direction of weakening the boundaries set by the hierarchical stratification of society.

This is Extinction Rebellion, with European royalty (Princess Esmerelda) and Hollywood royalty (Jane Fonda) taking their place alongside hippies in their bras and pants in the streets of Australia. The boundaries are dissolving, along with the usual sea level statistics.

What 1927 Tells Us About the Twenties Now

Let’s get real about climate emergency because few men in leadership are – particularly in China and the United States.

In the Spring of 1927, when Uranus and Jupiter were both in Pisces and we saw Mercury Retrograde in Pisces too – the worst flood in the history of the United States at that time occurred. Seven states went under as the Mississippi River broke and 16 million acres vanished. There were one million evacuees.

You can’t stop flooding of a planet-changing nature when we have slow-moving outer planets, joining other phenomena like Mercury Retrograde, in Pisces. What is most empowering, is that this same cycle tells us – we can minimise the harm and reduce the impact by acting early to prevent bigger disasters. We do that by joining together using Twitter or our mobile phones to mobilise.

That’s astrology. As we slip in and out of this Aquarius-Pisces weather over the next five decades, it’s about climate crisis, but also people power, across all boundaries. Age. Class. Nationality. Race. Gender.

What the Psychics Know About Climate Crisis

I was emailing my friend and colleague Kyra Oser about this a few months ago and as pro psychics we both reached the same conclusion at the same time.

What we were seeing, as far ahead as the year 2050, was so dreadful – we had to act. We had to strike. We had to fast. Whatever it took. You know, I have a beach house in Australia, just steps from the sea. I’m taking this personally. Kyra had to move from Los Angeles to Canada just to escape unbearable heat in summer’s rising temperatures. She’s taking it personally, too.

Our combined vision of the future, though, is about all of us. We will burn up every summer and see disastrous floods, losing one species after another, until politicians, Presidents and Prime Ministers stop denying the science.

5bkyye9mkwg 600x400 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Saturn and Chiron in Pisces in Italy 1966

How bad will it get unless those in power get real? Try Italy 1966.

When you have two slow-moving horoscope objects both in Pisces, you end up with the disaster of that year, when a devastating flood sent 18 billion gallons of sludge pouring into Florence. 1.5 million books were left submerged in the Biblioteca Nazional, alone.

This was the 1966 Flood of the Arno, when on 4th November 1966, 101 people died, and millions of art masterpieces were lost. On that day, we saw a rare and fateful pattern. Chiron at 22 Pisces just one degree away from Saturn at 23 Pisces. Uranus was opposite at 23 Virgo. In astrology, these complex aspects or patterns, are a big red light. Venice also flooded in 1966.

World Flood, Storm and Tsunami Risks in 2025

i9w4uy1pu s 467x600 - Climate Crisis Astrology PredictionsWe need to be mindful of the Northern Hemisphere Spring and Southern Hemisphere Autumn of 2025 as a major risk. Why? The North Node is in Pisces. Mercury Retrograde is in Pisces. The Sun is in Pisces. The March 14th Eclipse is in Pisces. Ceres is in Pisces. Saturn is in Pisces. Neptune is in Pisces.

As a media astrologer, working for magazines as diverse as Family Circle USA and GQ in Great Britain, it’s my job to predict the news headlines before they happen.

March 14th, 2025, and Climate Disaster Risk

It gives me no pleasure at all to predict that within days or weeks of March 14th, 2025, the world will risk some of the most catastrophic floods, storms and tsunamis in decades with rising sea levels and melting ice in Antarctica and the Arctic.

The difference between risk and reality, and limited damage, and dreadful damage – is you. And me. And all of us. Spring 2025 can be a manageable issue, or out of control. Nobody has ever seen that line-up in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, in their lifetime.

Neptune in Pisces Until 2025 – What to Do

Here’s what some of my readers tell me they are doing, on Twitter. Stopping work on Fridays; fasting on Fridays; refusing to shop on Fridays; planting flowers, herbs or trees on Fridays; donating the price of a coffee, every Friday, to environmental organisations – I’m sure you have your own way of acting. But do it next Friday. Please.

The Clock is Ticking Until January 2026

Neptune will leave Pisces in slow stages, just as he began. Neptune in Pisces departs the sign of fish, fishing and the oceans – on March 31st, 2025 to go into Aries, then moves back into Pisces on October 23rd, 2025. Neptune in Pisces ends for good on January 27th, 2026, and by then enormous damage may have been done.

Why 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 is Serious

The end of the cycle is serious. Saturn (reality checks and hard lessons) moves into Pisces on March 8th 2023 and ploughs through the sign of water, oceans and sea levels until May 25th, 2025, returning briefly to Pisces between September 2nd 2025 and February 14th, 2026.

Between 2023 and 2026, when Saturn is in Pisces alongside Neptune, in its last stages, hard evidence of climate emergency, will show up in severe and catastrophic flooding. How many meters depends on how much we take control now.

How Astrologers Warned Us in 2012

We’ve had years of warnings!

Lisa Mendes at Astroinsights was writing about trouble ahead, way back on December 17th, 2013. She referenced Neptune in Pisces alongside tidal surges in Great Britain, storms, mini-tsunamis and seaside town evacuation. She was not alone. The well-known astrologer Astrobarry was also making predictions like this.

August 28th, 2012: “Our sea-levels are rising…as I write this, Tropical Storm Isaac is gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico…I associate Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025) with the impending climate-change and sea-level-rise, not only because of the obvious influence of a watery planet in the water-sign of its modern rulership… but also due to its archetypal symbolism of that which interconnects us all…”

The Good News

The good news is, ‘that which interconnects us all’ is also going to save us. Get behind the science, the astrology and get behind #FridaysForFuture. Plant a flower, herb or tree every Friday. And if you can’t, donate $10 and have an organisation plant it for you.

ycw4yxhrwhm 600x400 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

What the History Books Tell Us About Pisces Weather

What happened when Neptune was in Pisces from April 27th, 1847? He moved out slowly, returning to Pisces on October 2nd, 1861, then finally shifting for good on February 15th, 1862. At the very end, he did his worst.

The Great Flood of 1862 was the largest flood in the recorded history of California, Nevada and Oregon. It began in December 1861, right at the fade-out of the cycle. California nearly went bankrupt. It’s still the worst disaster in the state’s history.

Jamaica Sinks on Pisces Weather

Neptune entered Pisces on March 4th, 1684, slid back to Aquarius on September 15th, 1684, then went into Pisces for a long stay: from January 3rd, 1685 until March 2nd, 1698.

The 1692 Jamaica earthquake caused most of the city to sink below sea level. We are back in that cycle.

How Pisces Cycles Invented Refugees

We’re hearing a lot about climate refugees – people escaping from unbearable high temperatures or catastrophic flooding. We’ve been here before on the same cycles.

Back on a previous Pisces cycle it was all about political and religious refugees. Such a flood of new French immigrants washed onto British shores in the 1680s by ship, that a new word came into the English language at the time to describe them: ‘rés ‘ or refugees. Forty or fifty thousand crossed the Channel while Louis XIV sat on the French throne (1660-1714).

Pisces Weather and the Deadliest Cyclone in History

When we see slow-moving outer planet or Node transits in Pisces (the Nodes take 19 years to come back to one sign) we find historic floods and storms and storm surges.

In 1970, the North Node moved through Pisces. The 1970 Bhola cyclone was a devastating tropical cyclone that struck East Pakistan and India’s West Bengal on November 3rd, 1970.

It remains the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded and one of the deadliest natural disasters. At least 500,000 people lost their lives in the storm surge.

ansuqghmvv8 600x399 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Pluto in Pisces and the Climate Crisis of 1815-1817

Pluto entered Pisces on February 18th 1798, moved back into Aquarius on September 29th 1798, then forwards into Pisces for many years, from December 27th 1798 until April 16th 1822.

Pluto shifted to Aries on April 16th, mostly ending the cycle, but back into Pisces again on September 20th 1822 until finally going out of that sign for good, from March 4th 1823.

Catastrophe struck on this cycle during the Climate Crisis of 1815-1817 and as History Extra records, it was one of the six most catastrophic weather events in British history.

Using Neptune in Pisces to Save the Future Today

Astrology is here to motivate you to act so you can prevent worst-case scenarios from coming to pass. So, act! These people are great motivators and they use Twitter regularly so you can stay updated about how the world movement is going.

As Dennis Elwell pointed out some 30 years ago, Neptune is as much about losing the usual boundaries that separate us, as it is about flooding. “Neptune is a planet of empathy, especially with the helpless, the suffering, the underdogs,” he wrote.

Neptune in Pisces is about losing the boundaries that separate one soul from another so that we can put ourselves in the shoes of the poorest people in the world, where climate crisis is deadly.

So follow @jessicacadams on Twitter if you are not already there – and you’ll often see me retweeting these amazing activists:

  • Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg from Sweden.
  • Kyra Oser, my colleague and professional psychic, in Canada.
  • Leah Namugerwa in Uganda.
  • Author, naturalist and activist Dara McAnulty from Ireland.

Greta Thunberg Time COver 450x600 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Fasting on Fridays - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

 Image 2 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions  Image 1 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Twitter Hashtags

#RenewableEnergy #Energy #Future #EndCoal #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #FridayForFuture #ExtinctionRebellion #Carbon #Pollution

And Most of All…

Plant a tree 2 - Climate Crisis Astrology Predictions

Trees work! Science backs tree planting (even just one tree, per person, every Friday) as an excellent, instant, short-term fix for the climate emergency. Let’s target billions of new trees.

You can help with koala food trees in Australia, or globally –  donate to the Eden Reforestation Project at which employs local people to plant millions of trees in poorer areas of the world, creating jobs but also saving planet. I hope one day your Friday stars will be back.

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  1. Jessica – Words can’t express my gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only addressing this with astrology but using this as a tool for action. Peace be with you. x

    1. Not thrilled with no horoscope on Fridays. But, wanting to know how I should interpret or considerations for a Pisces without any Sagittarius in her chart?
      Thank you!

      1. Ah well, I’m not thrilled with the koalas in Australia dying in fires that are worse because of Climate Emergency (and strikes make politicians take notice). You are a Sun Pisces, Mary, and your chart suggests the focus now through January is actually on Aquarian concerns, more than anything else. So – the group of friends and acquaintances, the social circle or other network you are so heavily linked to, in terms of karma and fate. You have choices to make about who and what empowers you, and who and what takes that control away.

  2. Well done Jessica for sharing real data about what we can expect and not just being alarmist but encouraging people to take action.

    I have always loved trees for as long as I can remember so i am going to donate every Friday also to plant a tree.


    1. Moira, thank you for this – the article has now been corrected – the heading should have been ‘Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces’ not ‘Neptune in Pisces.’ Can I blame Mercury Retrograde?

  3. Thanks for the post Jessica.

    Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration, is a revolutionary, low cost and proven approach to reforestation, which is spreading rapidly. More than five million hectares, or half Niger’s farmland, has been regenerated through FMNR. Tree planting is fraught with difficulty in many regions but there is often a fantastic resource underground. In many deforested areas there is an underground network of trees, ready to be nurtured through FMNR. Essentially, selectively pruning the shoots on the stumps, then protecting the shoots until they form a tree. Among many the benefits of FMNR: increased productivity of the land, stabilizes erosion, reduces flooding and landslides, provides higher water tables, and increases fodder for livestock.
    This is a remarkable phenomena which continues to grow.

    Tony Rinaudo, one of the winners of The Right Livelihood Award has been instrumental in popularizing this method globally.

  4. Your message is very loud and clear….it is personal to every soul on this planet and it is our duty to self and next generation to leave livable atleast.
    By numerous examples you have driven the points home. Friday fasting ritual is also a simple but highly effective method.
    We aggree with you and your suggestions.
    Thanks and we are all in it together.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we are all in it together. Whatever we can do on Friday, we must do. We can see flooding in short metres in the years ahead, or flooding that wipes out cities and some countries. The time to minimise the flooding is now. Every Friday.

  5. Jessica,

    Thank you for this helpful and much needed article.

    May I suggest that every Friday you post a nugget of activism for each sign — even if it’s one sentence long?

    1. It’s a really good idea. I am planting 12 trees every Friday, for each of the 12 zodiac signs. (Or at least, I am donating to Eden so they can employ local people in big deforestation countries to do so). Stay tuned!

  6. I’ve given the royalties from my latest book to the Eden Reforestation Project. The world needs it more than I do. Responsible capricorn that I am and pisces moon.
    I’m vegan, non car owner and have committed to No Flying2020
    I have an 8 month grandson.. Aquarius sun. His future. Not mine.

    1. You are amazing! Please send me a DM on Twitter so I can promote your book. In fact I’d love to start an ongoing feature about all we are doing together to act on Climate Emergency.

  7. Thank you so much for this, Jessica, and for the way you are using your skills and vision to take action to inspire others on this most pressing of crises that we must all come together to fight. We need more people in the media like you. I so value the way your astrology encompasses this global crisis which is never far from my thoughts. It’s global, but really, it couldn’t be more personal! I love the idea of supporting Eden, and will look into it.

    L x

  8. Hi Jessica

    Do you think once the old order is toppled in this Taurus weather, and we will see all conservative governments and their donors be ‘wiped’ away somehow, we will see actual climate action? Whilst I’m all for each individual contributing, nothing will make as much difference until we see governments and systems and power and political will that will actually do/enact bold policies that address this emergency. So hard to stay positive in the face of so many forces working so hard to undermine the science, the scientists and even Greta.


    P.S. you have inspired me to research and donate to conservation charities especially in Australia where I think we are already feeling the effects of climate change.

    1. Thanks so much Shaolee and I am really pleased you are donating to conservation charities in Australia. I spend summers here and agree with you – the bushfires and terrible heatwaves need action. The astrology suggests it’s going to be people power that turns things around in stages, in the year 2021, 2022 and intensely so from 2023. There will also be a stronger and more forceful version of something like the Paris Agreement, and a reconfigured United Nations. This cuts out the old men in suits in China and America, Australia and Britain. What we’re looking at is young, old, black, white, rich, poor, left, right – global government. This new Age of Aquarius happens very, very quickly from December next year!

      1. Thank you for your reply Jessica, not sure if you’ll get to my follow-up, but what about the overall economic condition of the Western countries, where inequality keeps growing and corporations and billionaires do not pay adequate taxes? Do you think the way we have seen capitalism and neo-liberalism play out (which led to the inequality) will eventually end capitalism itself and we will have a different model? How will that even happen in Australia and US, where any mention of taxes (refer to say Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax) has everyone, even normal people who are not billionaires up in arms..
        So hard to stay positive ..

        1. We have not yet begun to see teenagers vote and run for office, and the New Age of Aquarius is still a year away – yet from December 2020 you will not recognise politics nor the planet. Stay tuned. It’s started!

  9. It seems to me that whatever people or governments or big business or anyone does, the astrology is still the same. The planets can’t be moved or altered so how will our actions change the astrology and your predictions?

    1. Neptune in Pisces followed by Pluto in Pisces is a sure sign of worldwide flooding, but the difference is centimetres or metres. Do we see devastation or just…problems that can be curbed and managed? Climate strikers like Jane Fonda are about prevention. Me too.

  10. Jessica: As usual what you write is endlessly fascinating and also spot-on. I also find it interesting that Neptune rules illusion and delusion. So, we have the climate crisis deniers representing the other side of the Neptune in Pisces transit. Like Canute telling the tide to go back. At present we have extreme floods here in the UK and the terrible fires in Australia. How much more proof is needed that this is a terrible reality we all face? I live in East Anglia and Norfolk and parts of Suffolk are Pisces ruled. So I believe we will see the Norfolk Broads and low lying parts of the coastline impacted as well as the fens which are after all, an artificial landscape although people tend to forget this! In ancient times boats transported people and goods from Kings Lynn through to Ely. It was not called ‘The Isle of Ely’ for nothing! It was an island literally. I ride my horse along the River Cam which is on the boundary of the property we are on. Fortunately, a massive dyke sits between it and the paddocks. Something tells me we will be glad it is there!

    1. Wonderful interpretation of the climate emergency deniers. Neptune in Pisces is indeed showing up as men who are behaving like King Canute, telling the tide to go back on the beach. The realists have to push back and luckily, just in the nick of time, billions are doing just that. East Anglia and Norfolk are so vulnerable to heavy rainfall and flooding, but we also have the melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctica to deal with. It’s good to see Richard Branson telling The Australian government, very bluntly, to stop selling coal. That’s a wake-up call. In the year 2021 you will be relieved to see this global movement (in its first stages now) take over the planet and any politician who isn’t on board will be gone. Actually a great many of them disappear in 2020.

  11. Hi Jess,

    Thank you for such an interesting article. I had a look at this eclipse for 14 March 2025. It is really striking how many bodies are in the last degrees of Pisces, at the end of their astrological cycle. However, if I bring other bodies into this, there are some more striking features. Between 27′ and 29′, a Grand Water Trine is formed with the Node and Neptune as discussed, Justitia and Pandora in Cancer and Typhon in Scorpio. This strongly suggests to me that we are heading for an unprecedented supertyphoon or similar storm around that date. The eclipse itself is visible from the Americas and this may be the answer. It might just be the event that triggers the US into action after years of ducking the issue.

    Keep up the good work

    1. I don’t use Justitia or Pandora, but agree with you about a super storm. Actually, many super storms. We already have dreadful flooding in Great Britain while Australia is on fire – Antarctica, at The Australian end of the world – is melting. Astrology is about seeing the future and managing it. I hope you can help manage it KC and make a difference every Friday too.

  12. HI Jessica,

    Today we experienced something that I will not forget anytime soon. Out of nowhere, news of corruption by high ranking politicians in regard to fishing quotas hit the media and the whole nation was talking. Before 16h00, the two officials tendered their resignations. Looking at the planets these planets caught my attention; Mercury 16 Scorpio; Saturn 16 Capricorn; Neptune 15 Pisces; Bachus 15 Scorpio; Psyche 16 Aquarius; Vulcano 16 Libra.. the story involves a long history stemming from 2011 that has span all these years until to date. The country is Namibia, and the other person is from Iceland. How do you see this playing out? Here is link detailing it all:

    1. Well spotted. Fishing quotas is absolutely right. Neptune in Pisces also links to ‘below the radar’ behaviour from people who are fishy. So this is strong astrology. We have corrupt politicians and they are being caught out by this Capricorn weather, catching the Pisces patterns. I’m afraid we’re going to uncover more of this in 2020, but it is also the year that the tide turns. Literally. We may have to wait for around January 12th 2020 to see what actually unfolds, but you would have to expect it to be widespread, big and history-changing.

  13. Dear Jessica, Dear all, this makes so much sense. I’m vegetarian, big Greta fan, and will start to do more on Fridays.
    Reading this after an argument with cooks in an island hotel serving meat and fish from more than 5 animals for dinners but failing to provide vegetarian options. Because people in Germany „eat meat“.
    It’s like fighting windmills trying to talke them into more vegetarian options – they all live on a north German island likely to be flooded too, duh!

    Question: (touching on comment above) the climate change deniers – where do they go, and how, when „they’re disappearing“?
    Thanks for your great article and inspiration. Let’s do this!!

    1. Thank you so much. I guess you have just seen the news about Venice. Under water and the Mayor blames the climate emergency. The year 2020 is really the big removal of Prime Ministers, Presidents and politicians who are denying the problem, because they have accepted money from the coal industry (for example). It will be quite dramatic. Where will they go? Some will resign, others will lose their jobs, some will go to jail, some will lose all their money. We’ve never seen anything like January 2020, or indeed December 2020 – not since the Martin Luther Reformation, which of course you know all about in Germany!

  14. Thank you for you insight and the forewarning. Your message gives me hope. A lot of work for us to do between now and 2050 but it starts here.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Next year seems exciting! Or at least things will be changing. what can I be on the look out for?
    Also would like to be in a true relationship, when do you see that happening for me?

    1. You will meet the most important partner in 29 years (or get back together with them) at any point from December 2020 with a major decision in February 2021, near Saint Valentine’s Day. If you two are still together beyond 2023 it will change your lives.

  16. don’t forget uranus, the storm bringer every time he touches a point … but really it is so … much. so “over” as the taiwanese chinese would say – the rhetoric. emergency. crisis. death … what have you … so kool-aid and jonestown. i do appreciate your activism, however. i mean the first thing i ask when i see “how dare you?!?” is “how come you’re not planting trees while you skip class?” the emergency! is so bourgeois, so death drive, so freudian yawn … time on my hands, and i feel guilty, so … spectrum. so yeah, plant trees. i agree.

  17. Great article Jessica, thanks for sharing and I do hope more people start taking notice. Those in leadership have had many opportunities to take note as Astro based weather forecasters like Inigo Jones also predicted the 2019-2020 drought many years ago. But unfortunately our modern weather gurus don’t take much notice.

    1. We have to get involved in this – the New Age of Aquarius coming in December 2020 isn’t enough without all of us – and it will be one-world management in the face of climate emergency. A fantastic thing. The Capricorn big business/greed is going, going gone as Pluto and Saturn prepare to meet in that sign in January 2020. By 2021 you’re over if you don’t get the new global green movement! But this can either be really, really great or just…good. So for ‘great’ we need to probably do a bit more than we’re already doing now. It’s worth the effort.

  18. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you.
    I have just read this blog for the first time. I feel enlightened and moved.
    Also Australian bush fires are terrifyingly alarming.
    My thoughts go to Australia.

    1. Thank you. Australia is in full climate emergency now. All we can do is rebuild over here (I spend half the year in this country). We will do that, and as an astrologer, I’d have to say a completely different government is coming – one which would join the world in getting the temperatures down. I appreciate your message!

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