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Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

The astrology chart for Greta Thunberg shows she's going to win. The only question is, how good is the new world going to be? That is where you and your horoscope come in. See why predictions from two years ago are already coming true...

Greta Thunberg, Astrology and Climate Predictions 

Climate strike is in Vogue. Literally – thanks to the Duchess of Sussex who put Greta Thunberg on a recent cover. If you think this feels like the start of a wave, you are absolutely right. People who are on the wave – at least one teenager you know – will ride it all the way to 2023.  If you Unknown 1 - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictionsknow your astrology, then you will know that Ceres is the planet which rules the four seasons. She ran the weather, according to mythology, and she most certainly commanded the climate. She dominates the astrology chart of Greta Thunberg. The transits of Ceres, from her new sign of Capricorn in November 2019 (also Greta’s sign) throughout 2020 will remove the Pluto people and organisations from power – and begin to save the planet from climate emergency.

Venetia Burney Wikimedia Commons - Greta, Astrology and Climate PredictionsWhenever we talk about the transits of the two dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres (he was her son-in-law) we also talk about the ‘maiden in the middle’ who was the teenager Proserpina. It’s typical of astrology that Greta Thunberg began her rise to power as a young teenager. It was also an eleven-year-old girl, Venetia Burney, who named Pluto. Strange but true.

The Seasons is a secular oratorio by Joseph Haydn, first performed in 1801 which is the year Ceres was discovered and named. In mythology, Ceres controlled the climate, and thus the corn and wheat crops. That is why she is always shown holding them in her arms. Her daughter was the girl/teenager Proserpina, who was taken by Pluto. Ceres protested and the four seasons shut down. No more winter, spring, summer and autumn. Just perpetual winter – floods and storms. Astrology can be pretty remarkable.

I have a lovely old copy of The Myths of Greece and Rome by H.A. Guerber which was published in 1907 and reprinted solidly (in my edition) right through the war and into 1960, so if ever there was a standard text this is it. When he was writing about Pluto, over 100 years ago, he may as well have been describing the new Plutocrats – the big men in suits – who have been trying to ‘run’ our weather. To control the climate. To take over our four seasons.

Haydn - Greta, Astrology and Climate PredictionsHaydn - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions







Meet Pluto – in America, Australia and China

Does this remind you of any particular world leader in a suit and tie? Denying climate emergency? Even making it worse? Guerber wrote about Pluto “This god inspired all men with a great fear. They never spoke of him without trembling, and
they were wont to sacrifice black sheep to him, averting their faces and beating the ground with their hands. Whenever the stern god set out on an expedition he donned a helmet of invisibility given to him by the Cyclopes, and climbed into his chariot drawn by four coal-black steeds; and if any obstacle presented itself to impede his progress he struck it with his two-pronged fork, the emblem of his power, and the obstacle was immediately removed.” This painting by Antoine Francois Callet shows the rage of Ceres in the face of Pluto, who took her daughter – she went on strike. Literally on climate strike. The four seasons stopped and people began to starve.

Antoine Francois Callet - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

The Remarkable Astrology Chart of Greta Thunberg

Greta was born with Ceres at 8 Aries and Proserpina at 21 Taurus. Neptune at 9 Aquarius, the sign of people power and groups, in her horoscope is sextile furious Ceres at 8 Aries, a fearless sign.

What is most striking about Greta’s Ceres at 8 Aries is the exact line-up with the North Node at 8 Gemini and South Node at 8 Sagittarius. As I am sure you know from your own astrology chart, the Nodes rule karma.

She was born to be a global (Sagittarius) media (Gemini) warrior (Aries). Of course, Neptune in Aquarius shows the group – the worldwide community of climate strikers.

Proserpina at 21 Taurus is trine her Moon at 20 Capricorn and if we had an exact birth time – we may even find the Moon at 21 Capricorn, forming an exact angle. If you are curious about Ceres please read this feature.

Why Ceres (and Greta) Will Win the Climate War

With your help, Greta and Ceres will win the climate war. Predictions I made two years ago about Presidents, Prime Ministers, politicians and the Royal Family are coming to pass. In a moment I’ll show you the original prediction, The Capricorn Effect, published on this website. It will explain the impeachment of Donald Trump and also the removal of Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace to you. This is Greta’s chart showing Ceres in Aries, Pluto in Sagittarius and Proserpina in Taurus from the internet’s best free chart calculation website Astrodienst.

Greta Thunberg Astrology Chart 407x600 - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

True Predictions, New Predictions for Greta, Climate and Astrology

Using the same kind of astrology I used two years ago, to see a crisis for royalty and presidents, with all the modern asteroids, it is also easy to see that Greta will win. With your help, this can either be a solid win – or a fantastic, planet-changing, world-transforming victory. One that fixes a lot more than just climate emergency. Osmar Schindler created this beautiful painting of Ceres (below) who has been asleep in Sagittarius during 2019. She woke up in Capricorn, the sign ruling leadership – and world leaders – in the middle of November 2019. In January 2020 Ceres will take over.

Osmar Schindler 600x425 - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

The Story of Ceres and Why the People (and Nature) Will Win

One of my favourite astrology books isn’t an astrology book at all. It’s an astronomy book called Rock Legends, by Professor Paul Murdin (Springer). At the start of the 19th century, when a new heavenly body turned up in the telescope, the first power struggle began. Murdin writes,  “In May 1801, Giuseppe Piazzi named the planet Ceres Ferdinandea, after Ceres, the goddess of agriculture (her name gives us words like ‘cereal.’) Piazzi was following the ancient tradition of naming planets after Roman deities. He was also acknowledging his support by his adopted country, since Ceres is the patron goddess of Sicily.” If you are curious about the myth behind the planet Ceres look at Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary of Mythology.

My Old Predictions About January 2020

On 20th December 2017, I looked at December 2019 and January 2020 and saw global leadership collapse. This was before Greta Thunberg and Climate Strike (Fridays For Future) became front-page news and even Jane Fonda and Ted Danson were lining up to be handcuffed. I find it really interesting that it is girls and women (below) who feature so heavily in the story of Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina. This 2000-year-old tale of climate emergency. We’re also talking about power and empowerment: just look at Ceres’ face and body language, below. The darkening skies behind her suggest storms and flooding, both of which we have seen – catastrophically so in Venice – in 2019. (Painting by Franz Doubek).

Here’s the other story about why Greta (and you) are going to win. What we’re talking about here is Jeffrey Epstein’s death (which some believe was murder, not suicide). His links to the elite. How else do you remove the Plutocrats – the Pluto men trying to control the weather – without something like this? I called it The Capricorn Effect at the time. I had no idea it would be Prince Andrew, or that Donald Trump would be impeached quite so quickly, but it is coming to pass.

Franz Doubek 341x600 - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

What You Read Two Years Ago – and Why Astrology Predicts Action on Climate

You don’t get action on climate without particular Presidents, politicians and Prime Ministers being removed or defeated. This is what you read two years ago: “We are going to see many leaders on top of the mountain fall. In fact January 2020 will be like an earthquake.We have an exact line-up of Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury at 22 Capricorn on 12th January 2020 which signals an unforgettable drama in the power-shift cycle. Ceres rules necessary compromise and deal-making.”

The Second Part of the Climate Astrology Prediction From December 2017

“We find Ceres in Capricorn – the sign ruling ambition, success, status and social climbing  – from  November 16th 2019 through January 31st 2020, so we are now seeing confirmation of an emerging crisis at the top of government, probably at least one royal family in the world – and big business, which evolves from November 2019, past Christmas 2019 and into January of that new year…You’ll see Presidents, Prime Ministers and C.E.O’s step down or be rather heavily taken down by destiny. We’ll see The System change. Just as Ceres and Pluto were at the heart of Solar System change in 2006, so 2020 will bring a transformation of what we might call the political establishment, and the big business ‘system’. Royal families are also a system, with a hierarchy which has the Queen or King at the top and the civil or public servants down the bottom. The aristocracy is part of that.” The Capricorn Effect – Predicted December 2017.

Ceres, Climate Anger and Energy – Our Future World

This magnificent painting by Evelyn de Morgan of Ceres (below) shows the goddess in her frustration, anger and sorrow. This is a scene repeated often by artists. Ceres mourning the loss of her daughter Proserpina, taken (and taken over) by Pluto. From this anger comes her climate strike. She refuses to turn the wheel of the four seasons. The wheat and poppies in her hair show her role as goddess of farming and agriculture. From Ceres’ anger came energy and action. World saved.

Evelyn de Morgan - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

Specific Dates to Watch for the New World in Astrology

Given that reality is reflecting astrology, and astrology is very specifically reflecting reality – which dates show global action on climate emergency and system change, as well as government change?

I mentioned The Capricorn Effect and the take-down of the elite. The men in suits at the top. Many of these are climate emergency deniers, or actually make the planet’s climate change worse, through their passion for coal and tree-felling.

What we’re talking about here is something you have never seen in your lifetime. Ceres, Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn at the same time. Edmund Dulac illustrated Pluto (below) a symbol of Plutocrats, or ‘the controllers’ below. In Capricorn, the sign ruling big business, fat profits and dark male energy, we have literally seen the elite in America, Europe, China and Australia take over. Not just power – but our four seasons. So why does January take them?

Edmund Dulac 550x600 - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

The Patterns of Ceres, Jupiter, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn

Before we get to the incredible, rolling line-up of Ceres in Aquarius, then Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and finally Pluto in Aquarius (2020 to 2023) with its people power – old men have to go. This is a law of astrology. We move out of intense, transforming Capricorn weather. We then go into an Aquarian future.

This is when voters and leaders alike realise – what Venice does about climate, affects Australia. What Australia does about climate, affects Pakistan. What Pakistan does about climate…and so on. This has to be one-world rule or else.

Ceres is in charge of the world chart in 2019 and 2020, as she leads the procession out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. We have to remember that in the original myth, she challenged Pluto and was helped by Jupiter. 

17th December 2019
Ceres 11 Capricorn conjunct Apollo 11 Capricorn (Apollo is the son of Jupiter, greatest and best of all gods).

27th December 2019
Neptune 16 Pisces sextile Ceres 16 Capricorn (Neptune rules the oceans).

7th February 2020

Uranus 2 Taurus square Ceres 2 Aquarius
(This is a really important date as Taurus rules the world economy, Uranus rules revolution and Ceres is in her brand new sign – Aquarius, which rules people power and one-world thinking.)

7th July 2020

Ceres Stationary Retrograde 12 Pisces
(Pisces rules the fishing industry worldwide; depleted fish stocks (the European Union has been criticised heavily in Great Britain for it’s ‘super-sucker’ fishing trawlers). Pisces is also an obvious symbol of warming ocean temperature and melting ice caps. When Ceres stands still, or goes stationary retrograde, expect drama.

January 2020 and Beyond – What Happens to the Elite Climate Criminals?

The elite climate criminals – the takeover men (like the original Pluto, seen taking Proserpina, below) are not long for this world. It is a law of astrology that people who break the laws of nature, dominate and rule – only do so for a short time. Following that, since 1930, when Pluto was first discovered – we have seen Pluto types meet their downfall. This painting by Hans von Aachen (below) shows Pluto at his darkest. Dark days always follow.

The classic downfalls of Pluto types were set in the 1940’s and they tend to follow a pattern. We see suicide. We see death, full stop. We see removal from office. Failure at the polls. It is a point of fact that Pluto was demoted in 2006 and removed from the Solar System. Ceres was promoted to become his equal. Pluto types who take, and take over, can also be demoted or removed. It’s almost a law of nature. It is certainly a law of astrology. We’ve been watching Pluto for almost 90 years.

Hans von Aachen - Greta, Astrology and Climate Predictions

The New Age of Aquarius – Do You Want Great, or Fantastic?

The New Age of Aquarius which is brought in by Ceres in Aquarius in 2020 and by Jupiter and Saturn in that sign, from December that year (when the new American leadership is confirmed) is about one-world thinking. Community and people power. Equality. Diversity. When Pluto goes into Aquarius from 2023 it’s all-powerful and led by today’s teenagers. This generation were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius and they will rise to the call.

koala hospital dot org dot au - Greta, Astrology and Climate PredictionsThe only question is, do you want a great new world, or a fantastic one? Given that we have climate emergency to bring us all together – we have no choice – and given that the old male Capricorn elite are going over the cliff – what do you want?

This is an opportunity, as we will see in 2021, to not just have a better world, with greatly reduced flooding dangers and heatwave/fire dangers – but a completely different kind of planet. This goes beyond the animals, birds, trees and water into issues like core human rights. Aquarius always has been, always will be, the sign of humanitarianism.

The difference is you. That’s really what the New Age of Aquarius is all about. It has long been the sign of the individual who influences the whole. You can do it by joining me on strike every Friday (I plant a tree for your zodiac sign, to help koalas in Australia who have lost their homes). One tree and one person, plus one bear at a time, can make a difference if we all do it together. Whatever you can do, do it!

Images: Wikimedia Commons, Vogue UK, Koala Hospital.

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24 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Jessica for your wonderfully inspiring article

    We will make this planet fantastic! It is too good an opportunity to miss to just solve the immediate problems. We will raise to the challenge and create ‘heaven on Earth’.

    Maybe it is my Ceres in Aries too that makes me so passionate about climate change and the welfare of our planet. My heart literally broke with grief when I heard about the 350 koalas killed by the terrible fires we are experiencing in Australia but then it filled with anger and a steely determination to never, ever let this happen again. I donated to the Port Macquarie Koala Rescue Centre and was so overjoyed to find out that many, many more people donated as well (they raised AU$1.2 million!).

    So we can use our anger and frustration to come together and create this better world.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration and for using your role to push this issue.

    xxx Natalie

    1. Well done Natalie – how incredible that your donation helped Macquarie Koala Rescue Centre go over $1 million. That will buy substantial land and trees for future koalas. And thank you for your thank you. Together we’re going to do this thing.

  2. The fall of the elite is happening in Hong Kong with many of the demonstrators winning in the elections there (That is if China will accept them as winners) We have been poisoning the planet and ourselves for years, the hormones and antibiotics going back into the water system is frightening with them going back into our bodies through drinking water. The plastic everywhere is awful, but why does nobody talk about over population of the world, I believe this is the biggest threat to humanity. Well done for your good work Jessica!

  3. These are not bullish aspects for stock markets. Yet most stock markets are making all time(bubble) highs.
    It’s NOT going to come down the way you astrology people call it ( at least not in America). Only Hong Kong -china,israel england (correct cals) , iran and (maybe(russia ) are affected.

  4. Two of my least favourite people are Greta Thunberg and Meghan Markle. They both seem unable to keep their emotions in check and are determined to infict them on the rest of us. I do wish they wouldn’t try to ‘teach grandma how to suck eggs’ as the old saying goes. Most of us have the T shirt already.

    I much prefer the likes of HM The Queen, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall who always put the feelings of others before their own. To think they will be ‘out done’ by the two aforementioned characters is deeply depressing.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I have Ceres at 11 Capricorn. Does this have any personal significance, or is Ceres a more universal effect?

    1. You’re having your Ceres Return, now through January – so there are changes in the balance of power, compromises and carve-ups in your career, with your unpaid work, studies or your other leading role. It’s personal. Ceres is moving through Capricorn, but she is going back to the place she occupied at your birth, so by January you’ll see mergers, departures, promotions, appointments, and the rest, Baroona. This may be in your actual work space or home, or in your wider profession or field.

  6. I really hope you’re right! I’ve absolutely had it with the backwards-thinking bully-boy elite who seem to be dominating everything.

    Not sure if this is also a Ceres thing, but in the U.K. it feels like land is at the heart of everything. Those who own it dominate. Bullying landlords. Terrifyingly huge mortgage commitments for even the most modest homes. Property companies sitting on land to increase scarcity value. A great chasm between the home ownership haves and have-nots. I live in the south east, and it feels like even a ‘good’ wage is never enough to get out of the renting loop. Renting comes with constant fear – sickness, job loss, pregnancy, landlord’s whims – all enough to make a person homeless at short notice. I see the house price boom as the root cause of almost all our problems – creating a new era when ordinary people are unable to have that most basic thing, a place to call home. Not students in ‘digs’ or young people or the poorest – but the new wave of the middle aged, middle class. Even feudal peasants had hovels to call home. And that imbalance seems to let the same old people keep power.

    Just my feelings, admittedly, but it feels like something has to break this at some point…

    1. You are articulating the Cancer-Capricorn clash which is very, very difficult for people to bear. All around the world, for different reasons, people are feeling anxiety about their houses or apartments. The rent or the mortgage. The property market. Their gardens and local neighbourhoods, towns and villages – and council plans. The government and its plans for their country – the lay of the land. Beyond that, world governments and their control of the weather, and thus agriculture. It’s a very stressful opposition and it goes back in 19 year loops, so it hits on issues which go back centuries. It’s over, May 2020. The worst is over from that point. In fact we won’t see a slow-moving horoscope factor in Cancer (home) for many years. Time to exhale and act.

  7. Thank you for your insightful posts on the importance of the dwarf planet Ceres.
    Please note Koalas are not bears (Ursidae family). They are in the family Phascolarctidae, a family of marsupials. The Koala is the only extant representative. A Koala is a herbivorous arboreal marsupial.

  8. Wonderful post. Here’s hoping your predictions about the future of our world – saved and preserved in the nick of time- come true. And thank you for donating every Friday to the cause.

    1. I have just done a ton of research on the Jupiter in Capricorn cycle through history (it began today) and we have every right to hope for the best and biggest. Truly. This is the cycle that formed the United Nations. I believe the U.N. is going to come good and we will all be a part of great solutions, at long last – real planetary thinking.

  9. What a beautiful, inspiring article. Thanks for giving us hope. Time for all of us to do what we can!

  10. Thanks Jessica, awesome work.
    I note 27 Dec 19 is also the day following the final eclipse for this year, the endings and bringing in the new.

  11. Hello Jessica, Happy New Year to you and your team. This may be a bit off the wall. But Greta Thunberg puts me in mind of Joan of Arc. Could there be an astrological connection with the year?

    1. She is very much like Joan of Arc! (And thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, Brooke, James, Jodi, Justin and Kerry). She heard voices, famously, and represented the French against the English. Greta is also that young ‘maiden’ heroine, isn’t she? Though I suspect she may be the reincarnation of Martin Luther, if anyone!

      1. Wikipedia
        Joan of arc born 6th January 1412.
        Martin Luther born 10th November 1483.
        Martin Luther King born 15th January 1929
        Are their years astrologicaly linked in any way?

        Hope you don’t mind me asking.

        1. Joan of Arc was a Sun Capricorn woman. Martin Luther King (named after the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther) was a Sun Capricorn. Greta Thunberg is also a Sun Capricorn. Yes, there is a huge link, as we are seeing The Capricorn Effect in January 2020. Have a look at predictions posted here two years ago, about this sign, and the climate now. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs slowly but surely to the top, and it’s usually a steep rise from nobody/nowhere to dominance. You can see that with Greta Thunberg, but she is telling the truth when she says it’s not about her. An old soul!

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