Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter is in Capricorn from Tuesday 3rd December 2019, until December 2020. This is great news for you and the planet, especially if you have Cancer factors in your horoscope. Read on to see why history and astrology prove new leadership is coming.

Jupiter in Capricorn and Your Cancer Planets

Do you have Cancer planets, asteroids, points, angles or similar? Is the Fourth House of your horoscope showing factors in the zodiac sign of Cancer the crab? If you are a Premium Member, scan your personal birth horoscope now. If you have a Cancer astrology chart signature – then passion led you here. Cancer is an emotional water sign, passionate about home or country, family or history, heritage or house, culture or flat…

If you have had ongoing problems with/about your apartment, home town, house, tenants, house sitters, council, government, home, country, flatmates, family, roommates – there is an astrological reasons for that. And now, at last, relief is in sight. The new Jupiter in Capricorn cycle from 3rd December 2019 is here.

A Tough Cycle 2008-2019 and how Jupiter in Capricorn Helps

A very tough cycle that began all the way back in January 2008 is slowly breaking. Relief and release comes in slow stages. What has been affected at this time? Your sense of belonging. 

You have personal birth chart factors in Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your accommodation as well as your property. It also rules people in the shared household or the family. It very much rules your nationality, patriotism, and your attachment to your village, suburb, neighbourhood, county, state, territory and/or country. The white picket fence versus Climate Fires.

fl3iav 9qq 400x600 - Jupiter in Capricorn
Sami Hobbs photograph

Your Great-Great-Great Grandparents and You

It rules the family tree, going back to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-great grandparents and further. This is about your spiritual and psychological D.N.A.

Throughout this long Pluto cycle you have been experiencing recurring patterns, every month, not possible in over 240 years. So, if you have felt a definite long, intense soundtrack in your life these last ten years or so – that’s correct.

I really encourage you to look at old photo albums of your family, or even look up your family tree, if you have created one, because so many things will fall into place. The list of dates (below) captured on this same cycle in history may well have personal meaning for you and mirror what you went through in 2019.

For the moment, though – let’s talk about Jupiter. This is a wonderful sight to see in your horoscope as he lands in the first week of December 2019.

Jupiter in Capricorn and the Node in Cancer Cycle

I have had thousands of readers, I reckon, waiting and watching for the arrival of Jupiter in Capricorn, ahead of another key date – May 2020, when the North Node is out of Cancer.

So many of you have had problems with the family, with your shared household, or with deeper questions about your sense of identity, tied to where you come from and where you belong. Some of you have just been concerned with Mother Earth, which Cancer rules. Nature. Or – maybe it’s been about your heritage. Jupiter in Capricorn says – answers are coming – from now on. I really like this photograph by Autumn Goodman, which sums it up.

bkhftud8pkc 600x400 - Jupiter in Capricorn

How May 2020 is a Turning Point – Cancer-Capricorn Weather Shifts

These opposite signs, caught in a tug of war since 2008, becoming worse in 2018 and 2019, will no longer be at odds from May 2020.

Things do become better in slow stages, as Jupiter is a great sign of repair, recovery, release and relief. You’ll notice it immediately from the first week of December 2019. Some news headlines will actually spell it for you. 

Your issue may have been an annoying flatmate. Ongoing problems getting your body corporate to repair your block of apartments. Anger at the government for allowing high-rise development in your suburb. 

Living Where You Grew Up 

One of the most common problems people in their twenties and thirties face today is the lack of available, affordable apartments (or even houses) in the place where they grew up.

Capricorn weather (extreme since Pluto entered the sign in 2008) has seen businessmen and politicians agree on using people’s homes as stakes on the sharemarket. Treating your personal home or local area – your family’s roots – as a corporate investment.

Thus, the phenomenon of 2008-2019 where people working hard on a regular income cannot afford to (even) rent in the areas where they grew up. I see this issue repeatedly in your comments on this website. It’s a classic Capricorn-Cancer problem of the age. There is also the feeling that ‘This is my country’ and ‘This is my planet’ and that’s also a common Cancer feeling. This photograph, below, is by Viviana Reesh.

b2iviamjtou 600x400 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Common Cancer Factor Issues in Capricorn Weather

I’ve seen it all on this website (with 9000 comments and counting) from people born with planets, or other horoscope factors, in the zodiac sign of Cancer and the Fourth House.

People commonly feel invaded or taken over on this cycle and wonder why they are reacting so strongly to something very simple, like a fast food chain opening on their high street. 

If you subscribe to the karma theory of the North Node and South Node cycles in astrology (and as you’ll see in a moment, they make uncanny sense) then this is past-life in nature.

You were genuinely exposed to some kind of takeover in your street or local area, in a prior incarnation. No wonder the sight of some factory-farmed chicken chain has bothered you so much in the year 2019! It may be relatively trivial but it pushes buttons.

Other Common Cancer-Capricorn Stress Points

*You can’t afford to buy your own place, or even rent/share, so you are forced to move back home with a parent and he/she has tight control over the apartment or house. Look for: old family karma.

*Philosophical questions about religion, belief, culture, race have created personal issues for you at this time as your Cancer side, has been repeatedly hit by transits. Look for: historic war triggers.

Big Answers! So When Did Jupiter Enter Capricorn in Astrology?

This exact, all-important entry time, of the solutions planet – into the sign causing you so many issues –  varies around the world, and I have readers in Auckland and Los Angeles, which could not be further apart in terms of the clock and calendar.

I’m going to call it for Melbourne, where I was writing this article when the historic event (not possible in 12 years) occurred.

Thus, Jupiter entered Capricorn on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, at 5.20am at 0 degrees of the sign. Here’s here. He stays for a year. This is a screen shot of that moment, using Solar Fire software, showing the cluster at the ‘top of the mountain’ or the peak of the horoscope wheel, ruled by Capricorn the mountain goat. I am sure you can see how busy that part of your chart is.

Jupiter in Capricorn e1575674492924 600x404 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Do You Have Patterns at 0 Cancer?

If so, you will feel the change right away, as even an opposition (or clash) between your Cancer factors and Jupiter in Capricorn, will work out for you. In fact, Jupiter hangs around in Capricorn at 0 degrees of the sign until the weekend of Saturday 7th December.

So, What’s Been Going On Since 2008?

The fact is, for most months since 2008, you have experienced transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Moon, passing through the Fourth House of your chart, and making a conjunction to whatever you have in Cancer.

This has been like a regular 1-2 day occurrence over more than a decade. No wonder you’re tired.

Pluto is a symbol (since his discovery in 1930) of powerful men, big business, politicians, Prime Ministers, Presidents, monarchs, multi-millionaires, billionaires, moguls, government and control.

Think of the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine and you’re halfway there. 

Pluto in Capricorn (the sign that rules the few, having power over the many) has been very hard to take for so many of you.

The Few Dominating the Many

The classic Capricorn (mountain goat) patterns are about just one, or a very few, people at the top, who dominate everything else, for those below. It is about the strong emotional reaction that people have when a minority controls the majority. 

This goes on right through history. I stopped tracking the cycles here in 1907, but of course the North Node and South Node cycles of Cancer-Capricorn go back forever in 19 year loops. 

These push some very old buttons. I am sure you can already see why Cancer rules your home – the earth – the trees, the sea, the birds and animals. The flowers and the plants. The food you eat.

What happens when politicians elected by the minority, not the majority (who either voted against them, or did not vote at all) begin to control that, by refusing to act on Climate Emergency? Well, you’ve already seen the results in big global protests. Medena Rosa took this great photograph which illustrates how only a very few Capricorn types (ambitious) can be at the top and stay at the top, on this astrological cycle. They’ve made it to the peak. The peak is small, the rest of the mountain is big and spread out. This is a neat symbol for ‘the few’ who are dominating the rest of us. How you feel about that may be quite raw or challenging, if you have Cancer planets or other factors in your chart, because it’s in direct opposition with your chart.

3yndrfyywfc 600x400 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Minority Control on Capricorn Weather

What happens when just one person who has ended up in a position of power, either in your house or apartment, in your local area, or in your country – tries to take over? To dominate or manipulate? That’s minority control and it’s a toxic expression of Capricorn the mountain goat, who ‘stands over’ you and others.

When Jupiter goes into Cancer, history and astrology tell us, the big detox begins. This is the planet which is here to clean it all up. Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn the mountain goat (and the mountain) is a proven piece of repair work. History tells us so.

What Cancer Horoscope Factors Mean

Cancer rules turf and territory. Roots and history. Culture and belonging. Your class (for example) or your nationality. The Cancer factors in your chart show how passionate and emotional you are about where you come from – and whom you belong to, ancestrally. They can also show why and how you reject that, and the reasons behind (say) wanting to emigrate, or adopt another religion or culture as your own.

Most commonly, Cancer factors in the Fourth House of your chart point to your personality, outlook, tastes, character and selfhood being powerfully affected by where you come from, and where you feel you belong. The land. Your home town and homeland.

This is about your great-grandparents’ old house, which the council wants to bulldoze to build factories. You’ll have your own example. It may be spiritual, psychological or emotional for you. A feeling that your home, is no longer your home. It has been taken over by a politician. Or a big businessman. Pluto plays these parts.

Variations on a Theme – Your Cancer Factors

You would have typically met ‘variations on a theme’ since 2008, with the situation becoming heavier after Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017 (he is still there, though departing in 2020) and the South Node in Capricorn from November 2018.

Thus, you’ve had more than a decade of pressure on issues about where you live, with whom you live – and how you live. Your family tree and heritage. Your ancestors and sense of belonging to a country, town or region. Property, full stop! Owning a place, renting it, or even feeling your home under threat. 

hccjgi4ywbq 600x400 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Home Repossessions and Bushfires

Between January 2007 and December 2011 in the U.S.A. alone, some four millions homes were repossessed. This was right on the first year that Pluto entered Capricorn, opposite Cancer in 2008 (Source: History, Adam Hart-Davis, Dorling Kindersley, 2015.)

In Australia, where I spend half the year, this idea of a threat to one’s home has been happening to people, including my own P.A. – evacuated from dangerous fire zones in bush fires – in the new Climate Emergency summer of 2019. 

This is a new and extreme Cancer-Capricorn outcomes which we all hope Jupiter in Capricorn will begin to address, as he slowly moves through that sign from December 2019 to December 2020.

Friends in California experiencing wildfires have been through the same horrifying threat. They’re also hoping this Jupiter transit will at last start to make a difference in 2020.

The idea of struggling to take back control of your home, taking back control of your country, or even your wider home (the earth) has been deepening and intensifying during this tough Capricorn weather. So, how does Jupiter specifically help? One of the things you are going to see is leadership change at the top. Ashton Mullins photographed this crown, which sums it up. When we think about Capricorn types (social climbers, career climbers) we think about ‘their crowning glory’ and ‘the crown of the mountain top.’ What happens when Jupiter the problem-solver goes into this sign is phenomenal. Crowns come down. If the karma shows it’s time for a change – then new leaders, princes, princesses, kings and queens emerge. Even at your job.

j1hu oll7ki 600x398 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn is Here for a New Start

This symbol of thinking big, positive attitudes, growth, outreach and problem-solving is about 2000 years old and counting.  Jupiter is the ‘benefic’ the old astrologers knew. He brings big benefits.

Yet – it takes more than Jupiter to sort out the continual issues you have had with your house, garden, apartment, mortgage, relatives, household (or even your wider home, the earth, if you get behind the science and see what gas, coal, petrol and chopping down trees is doing to us). So what’s assisting Jupiter in your chart?

How Jupiter in Capricorn is Helped in 2020

I’m not one of those Pollyanna astrologers who claps her hands together and dances around in a sarong, chirping ‘Everything’s going to be so great, today!’

Yet – if you are looking for good news about your continuing challenges with a family member, a flatmate, landlady, landlord, tenant, house guest, particular politicians and the rest – its’ here.

Your sensitive, vulnerable, exposed Cancer planets, asteroids and the rest will be given a break immediately, then from May 2020, given an even bigger break, as the Node cycle ends. Breathe out.

Moving, Renovating, Reshuffling Family or Household

In May 2020, the Cancer-Capricorn position (a clash) between the North Node and South Node is over. It’s gone for 19 years. That will greatly ease your situation.

In fact, you may make plans in December (as Jupiter arrives) to do something in May – like renovating or moving. You may hear about possible light at the end of the tunnel from day one of the new Jupiter in Capricorn cycle, Tuesday 3rd December 2019, which comes to pass, in full, from May 2020.

This may be when exactly the right builder appears, after a string of failed repairs, to finally fix the issue you have with a leaking roof. It may be the moment that you realise you are finally going to get what you want, with your home town or even your extended family. Your people.

xaahhv2s988 450x600 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Why Has Everything Been Stuck?

Everything is stuck on a Node cycle. Why? Because the North Node and South Node never move forwards, they only move backwards through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Life is on rewind.

You have been going through uncannily familiar scenarios, themes or symbolic repetition, taking you to these periods in history, below. This also takes you into past lives. So, you genuinely have been here before – you have been hearing an old, long-lost song. That soundtrack has specifically been about the idea of home. Your people and your place. 

Is This About Buildings For You?

For some people reading this, the ‘repeat’ challenges of 2019 have been about an actual building. A block of flats, a house or a converted factory which was erected or rebuilt in the time periods below. Astrology can send its message through bricks and mortar.


Is This About Race and Place?

One glance at the list of previous cycles and you can see why you may be picking up karmic inheritance issues about race and place. Jupiter is here to help you figure it all out in 2020, as the planet of solutions, breakthroughs and opportunities moves through the area of your chart (ruled by Capricorn) where you have been having so many difficulties. Perhaps – this involves the family or your shared household in some way. History can haunt you.

Cancer-Capricorn Clashes in History

The endless Node cycle was in Cancer-Capricorn in these years:

April 2000 to October 2001

September 1981 to March 1983

December 1962 to August 1964

May 1944 to November 1945

October 1925 to April 1927

April 1907 to September 1908

Have You Been Seeing a History Replay?

If you have a strong Cancer zodiac sign pattern in your chart, either making exact angles with other planets, or just very crowded (a packed Fourth House full of Cancer factors) then it is possible you have been seeing a karmic history replay.

If you are from Jewish stock, for example, history may be catching up with you as Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party in Great Britain have been accused of anti-Semitism. This may be a past life trigger for you. Perhaps you have strong and emotional feelings about the future of the European Union. Again, this may be past life. We are being sent right back to the war on these patterns.

Hong Kong and China? Same cycle! We have been revisiting the past of the mid 1940’s in the year 2019. The North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn have been following us all around.


New Zealand becomes an independent dominion. On February 20th 1907, the United States Immigration Act (the 1907 Act of Congress) created a new Border District in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, as a barrier to Mexicans, and authorised refusal to labourers from China and Japan. (1001 Days That Shaped the World, Peter Furtado, Quintessence, 2009).

1944 and 1945 

On 6th June 1944 the Allies began the liberation of France from Nazi Germany on this cycle with the D-Day landings in Normandy. Paris was freed in August 1944. Tragically, Anne Frank was taken on August 4th 1944.  On 8th May 1945 Victory in Europe for the Allies was declared when the Germans surrendered in Berlin. 1945 was also the year Mussolini was executed in Italy. On 6th August 1945 Hiroshima exploded, then Japan surrendered. In 1945 Russia was also given rule over Eastern Europe. China was also at war with Japan in 1944-1945 and defeated them. In this hugely important Cancer-Capricorn Node cycle, Korea split into two halves – North Korea and South Korea. On September 2nd 1945, World War II ended as the Japanese surrendered to the Allies. On October 24th 1945, the United Nations was created.

1962, 1963, 1964 

Martin Luther King witnesses the signing of the Civil Rights Act in the United States, outlawing discrimination, on 2nd July 1964. Nelson Mandela is given life imprisonment in South Africa on 12th June 1964. In the year 1964 Mao’s Little Red Book is published in China.


The end of the Cultural Revolution in China after the ‘Gang of Four’ trial. Argentina invades the Falklands on April 2nd 1982 and The Falklands War begins. 


On 11th September 2001, 19 Islamic extremists launched attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC, killing thousands. The War on Terror began. It was the beginning of the end of Hussein. (Source: History, Adam Hart-Davis, Dorling Kindersley, 2015.) This photograph by Jared Subia shows another crown, ready to be taken. This cycle is about regime change. System change. Corrections at the top. It may be about politics, royalty or…your career. Or home!

qxxwd3jyv0m 400x600 - Jupiter in Capricorn

Great Jupiter in Capricorn Breakthrough Dates

What you’re really looking for here, first of all, is ‘Day One’ of Jupiter in Capricorn, which is Tuesday 3rd December 2019. 

From there you are looking for Jupiter in Capricorn (last seen on December 18th 2007) to help out by making strong patterns with the rest of your birth chart.

2nd January 2020

Mercury 7 Capricorn conjunct Jupiter 7 Capricorn

5th May 2020

The North Node leaves Cancer and South Node leaves Capricorn. If you use the Mean Nodes not the True Nodes adjust the date.

5th April 2020

Jupiter at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn

29th, 30th, June 2020

Jupiter at 24 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 24 Capricorn

12th November 2020

Jupiter at 22 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 22 Capricorn

What Happens With Jupiter in Capricorn?

What happens with Jupiter in Capricorn, from December 2019 through December 2020? I find it interesting that so few astrologers have written about the opposition to Cancer factors, in their books. Fortunately history tells us what to expect.

The Ace of Swords in the Tarot

The Tarot card that illustrates Jupiter in Capricorn oppositions so well is the Ace of Swords. In fact, I hastily pulled it from the deck (Pamela Colman Smith/Lo Scarabeo) on the day that Jupiter entered Capricorn. This is a picture of what you are about to see is history proving astrology, proving the Tarot. Deeply mysterious but also extremely useful for figuring out 2020.

Ace of Swords Jupiter Ingress 600x400 - Jupiter in Capricorn

That Crown of Leadership Again!

I am sure you can see Jupiter shown by the crown. The ‘Capricorn’ side of the symbol is shown by the mountains. They are the peaks on which the goats seek to climb, but only one can be at the top. Classically on this cycle (which holds through most of 2020) we see the following outcomes. 

  • A terrific victory and the beginning of new territory agreements.
  • Successful defence against a threat to the leader and the country.
  • New leaders and a new era which will benefit the landscape.
  • The old order gives way to the new and growth can begin.
  • The land benefits – from trees to mountains – via new rulers.

October 25th 1415

Victory for King Henry V’s ‘Happy Few’ at Agincourt on St. Crispin’s Day, with Jupiter in Capricorn. Perhaps as few as 6000 English men faced 20,000 to 30,000 French. They won.

November 5th 1605

The plot to blow up Parliament is averted. Guy Fawkes and his traitors fail to destroy both King James I and the English Parliament as Jupiter moves through Capricorn.

July 6th 1854

Jupiter in Capricorn in the year 1854 – and opposition to slavery leads to the birth of The Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln confirmed slavery as a breach of the Declaration of Independence.

December 6th 1865

Slavery is abolished on the next Jupiter in Capricorn cycle. Amending the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of former slaves. The old order falls away to be replaced by the new.

January 22nd 1901

The death of Queen Victoria at the age of 81 marks the end of an era for the United Kingdom. It is the end of the old monarchy and the start of the new one, ripe for the new century in Great Britain.

December 10th 1936

The King Edward VIII gives up the British crown to marry Mrs. Simpson, abdicating so that he can be with a twice-divorced American commoner. His brother George VI becomes king.

December 10th 1948

The United Nations proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was adopted as international law in 1976. A milestone for the rights of individuals against oppressive regimes.

June 17th 1972

The Watergate break-in, part of a White House cover-up involving President Richard Nixon. The scandal will ultimately bring down President Nixon. Jupiter in Capricorn cycles are key for the GOP.

November 4th, 2008

Barack Obama becomes President of the United States beating Republican John McCain. He was inaugurated on January 20th 2008. Jupiter was in Capricorn and two million people attended.

How to Use Jupiter in Capricorn

It may be your feelings about your landlady; your deep concern with local trees being cut down; your wider feelings about being born in Hong Kong. You will have your own Cancer sign story.

Maybe it’s about your longing to see the old order come down. The old system or former structure. It’s time for progress!

512WBDFSKXL. SY445  - Jupiter in Capricorn
The Moment of Astrology by Geoffrey Cornelius

Yet, if you want to use these dates (above) to really turn your destiny around, you’ll be ready for some extremely demanding work. Jupiter in Capricorn in the year 2020 is about very hard effort, tremendous energy and an amazing journey.

It’s corny, but ‘wind beneath your wings’ really sums Jupiter up. You take a deep breath and get ready to push forward, and the breeze supports you. Jupiter is that encouraging current. It’s a booster. It’s not a miracle delivered by pink unicorns, but it is a proven, astrological cycle of massive potential.

Why December 18th 2020 is Important

Little by little, if you have been dealing with Capricorn-Cancer problems, your situation will ease up, until you get to December 18th 2020, when Saturn in Capricorn goes for good. That’s big.

Goodbye Pluto! March 24th 2023

Finally on March 24th 2023, you’re going to see Pluto leave Capricorn. You should really slam the door on him, on the way out, because that is the very, very final ‘exit’ of a major Capricorn factor from your birth chart.

For now, though, open the door to Jupiter in Capricorn and wave him in. He really is going to make the most tremendous difference to how you feel about your people and your place, if you work it. This may be so personal for you. Local. Perhaps, global. It’s your horoscope. Do check your birth chart to see how it all pans out. You know, the most important book in astrology was written by a Sun Capricorn. His name is Geoffrey Cornelius and his book (The Moment of Astrology, above) talks about the unique nature of horoscopes. It’s really about you, the chart, the question and the moment. So take a look now. Use the guidebooks that come with Premium Membership, the Oracle cards and so on, to really drill down for solutions. Because, from December 3rd 2019, they’re coming.

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  1. Hi Jessica, I have truly been awaiting Jupiter’s arrival. 2019 will be going down as the worst year yet for me. I have never felt so powerless, defeated and abused and stuck. Would you be so kind to see if there is hope and improvement in 2020. I am eager to move and buy a place of my own, gain freedom from my abusive partner and then build my life back up again.

    1. I am sorry 2019 has been so bad for you. We have had extreme Capricorn weather and some people have charts which just get hit – you are one of them. In 2020 you will find your self-control and willpower and do what it takes to become empowered to ‘run’ yourself and your life. You will do it because December and January are so intense. Yet, from this will come true grit, and over time that sparkles and shines, like diamonds. I have to be really clear about this. You are not going to be rescued. You will have support, encouragement and backing but you are the one who must ‘do this thing.’ Please know that 2020 is not 2019. In fact it’s already started. Jupiter in Capricorn is here to help and heal. What goes on may be really deep, and very demanding, but you don’t get healing without reaching far, far down into the core of an issue. Correct? It’s on. You may need more rest to deal with the changes. Please meditate, take naps if you can, and get as much extra shut-eye as is possible. I also encourage you to follow up whenever you see people or organisations which are clearly ‘sent’ on your path to assist. Do something about that and make those links.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I’d really appreciate if you can tell based on my chart what I should be aware of, prepare for and take advantage of this transition.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. It’s one of those situations when you could find you get a great new role or job, Venu, because there is a very sudden change at the top of your workplace, or maybe another company or organisation. A classic example would be a takeover bid which results in new vacancies. It’s a very good year to think about where your loyalty is, who you want to stand with, what you want to achieve, and which people/organisations fit the bill best. Be really savvy about that. Have a look at their rivals or competitors and try to see it through their eyes. Of course this may be where you work now.

  3. Wow!!! This article rings so true with me. I feel I have been stuck for years now. Not in the physical sense but with a close relationship with my brother. He is now finally receiving the psychiatric treatment he needs and so all is looking more hopeful. I have also been stuck with my renovations on our apartment in Sydney due to available funds but that is looking like it will finally happen in the first half of next year.
    Also strangely, we received a call from a real estate agent last night (Dec 3) who sold the unit next door to us under the radar last week. No advertising etc. The two other buyers wanted one on the north side, which we have. They are prepared to offer a large sum of money for our unit which would see us debt free but also homeless as we were not planning to sell until our retirement at end of 2021. We will have to sell then to fund our retirement unfortunately. I am so torn as it is a very good price, but I love my home so much and feel sick at the thought of leaving it before I have to. As the song says “Do I stay or do I go”.
    Would appreciate any guidance you can give me Jessica.

    1. I’m pleased your brother is getting the psychiatric treatment he needs, at last. That is part of your Cancer/Fourth House transit along with the renovations on the Sydney apartment. Your December 3rd telephone call from a real estate agent was right on time with the arrival of Jupiter in Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. As I don’t have the chart for the other person/people involved in your place, I can’t really comment, but do suggest you use The Astrology Oracle, Your Oracle and the Tarot – all on this site – to give yourself a rounded answer, from your ‘best self’ or higher self, as it’s sometimes called. It should be accurate about the present and leave your jaw on the floor. That way you know you’re tuned in.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. Recently I’ve been experiencing a strange Cancer-Capricorn tension, after an experienced locational astrologer (whose problem-solving approach involves “hacking” the birth chart by finding the ideal “relocated” chart in another location), advised that I’d have more success if I moved permanently to a certain place overseas. Interestingly, when I visited there in October, I had a call with a literary agent that led (on my return in late Oct.) to a signed contract. However, you had also been predicting a win/positive compromise for me around then. As you’re the astrologer I trust most, I’ve been hoping to ask what your opinion is of this kind of astrology? I feel a bit haunted (rather than empowered) by the idea of a permanent O/S move for my career now, as I don’t want to be far away from my family (very Capricorn-Cancer!) but I was also told that remaining in my city of birth would do me no favours in terms of my literary career. (Really, I just want to believe that this has been the Capricorn effect shake-up, which will pass.) Would be so keen for your opinion on locational astrology : )

    Thank you so much,

    1. Well LT, you found yourself with a contract (fantastic) yet in a new country. Can I suggest you use the Tarot, your Astrology Oracle and also Your Oracle to get second, third and fourth opinions on this matter? It’s hard for me to comment on another astrologer’s work. Just because you’ve had a book deal somewhere (fantastic) does not necessarily mean you should uproot and move there. Have a look and see what you’re getting.

  5. Hi Jessica. Thank you for yet another fascinating article. Only cancer in Vesta for me but I do have a number of home related dramas at present not least of which is the drought and the fires we are facing. My main issue is trying to keep my cattle going. I have a paddock which is free to use (jupiter in sagittarius) but it is a precarious situation which I have to handle with kid gloves. I am thinking about buying a block of land for my cattle but am hesitant as I am concerned we might be headed into another recession and I woukd rather not take on more debt at my age. Jyst wondered what your thoughts were looking at my chart. Many thanks.

    1. I am sorry about the drought, fires and your cattle. Vesta in Cancer in your Fourth House of property and family, is usually about one male head of the house and a number of girls or women. Astrology never ceases to amaze me, because you are living with a head of cattle, all female, and likely one male bull. That is classic Vesta. I am glad you have a paddock free to use. I strongly suggest you use your Astrology Oracle, plus Your Oracle, and the Tarot, to give yourself a three-way reading on these massive questions. You are right to be wary of recession especially in rural Australia. I hope this works out for you – so much. I think the clue is in Vesta. Where is the bull, how many bulls are there, where are they stationed and so on?

  6. Dear Jessica, thank you for the insightfull article. The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn I started having problems with colleagues at work and lost my job. Since then, 2008 the work department is under turmoil, constant difficulties and insecurities. Please, would you be kind to look in my chart what I can expect from Jupiter in Capricorn since I am Capricorn rising/ Aqua sun. Thank you in advance for your kind answer

    1. My question here would be, did you get a better job, or a superior option, like a good full-time course? That is far more likely with a Jupiter transit, than just losing employment. Your Capricorn Ascendant isn’t really that important here, but your Aquarius Sun is really crucial. In the year 2021 you will experience the start of Aquarian weather across your Sun, so the group you are such a part of, that year, involving one or more friends, will change your life.

  7. Hi Jessica, I have Jupiter in Capricorn at 5 degrees, his exact entry point I think? What does it mean? Is this Jupiter return especially significant for me? Thank you

    1. It is a terrific career or other success opportunity not possible in 12 years and you need to pursue and stick with, whatever comes your way – in typical Jupiter style it’s going to be a swag bag. Jupiter is about abundance. You’ll be spoiled for choice, but do follow up.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    I have the MC and Minerva in Cancer and I currently don’t live in my own country nor do I really feel a strong connection to do so.

    Not because I don’t like my own home but because I feel so much more alive being an ex pat.

    How does Minerva and MC in cancer effect my feelings?



  9. Hi Jessica,

    I have a lot of factors in Cancer. My career issues have calmed down but now I feel insecure about my next promotion will happen or not. I have taken on more financial responsibilities at home and it stresses me out. I have also met someone through the music industry in mid October, and got fascinated by music and the person, and there is a good friendship developing.

    Please let me know if everything will work out smoothly.


    1. The music friendship is very important and moves ahead in stages, introducing you to other great people, and the next big leap is February 2020. At Christmas 2020, you will find that this single person has been at the heart of the most wonderful, evolving, beneficial changes in your life. Think of yourself as Angus Young making friends with Bon Scott in the Seventies in St. Kilda! This goes beyond the actual music business into friendships that can come to be like family for you, eventually. You want a promotion because you are the breadwinner and I also understand that. Think laterally. You are going to see someone at the top lose their position in 2020 and it will change everything. This may or may not be your own work space now. This may be a rival company for example. Stay on top of these massive shifts with bosses, employers, and all the Kings and Queens in your chosen field. Be the loyal, useful, indispensable person who gets behind the new leadership.

  10. Jessica thank you so much. I lost two homes in 2011 after trying very for over three years to save them. They were both lovley. Since then, I have lived on a beautiful property in a make due past its prime dwelling. It has bothered me very much not to have a home I feel I can gladly invite others to during these years. Having IC in cancer as well as Vesta what do you see for me to light my mind up for modification? I very much felt the change to Jupiter Capricorn today just by the fresh air in my head, I even think I was making more sense than usual, articulating my thoughts better. I would love to build a house but we purchased a home last year built 1913 that we have rented out but stiil I am a bit scared to built due to costs and uncertain about a commitment like that in these times. I have a feeling though that Jupiter in Capricorn isnt just about a job, it can be about being head of household or family correct? This where I reaaly feel initially drawn. My IC leads me to have a lovley happy family home I think. After that magic may happen.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your homes. This is a bad outcome of Capricorn weather and you’ve been hit, of course, with your I.C. in the sign of Cancer. that is a double whammy as the I.C. or Immum Coeli rules your roots, heritage, home, town, country, culture, garden, family tree, ancestors and so on. In fact, someone in your family tree was strongly Cancerian and likely to have been a matriarch. Jupiter opposing your I.C. is a great push for you. You are going to see major changes with the ‘head of the household’ as well as ‘boss of all work’ in 2020 and you are correct – Capricorn can be about being King or Queen of the family. If you spot your chance and seize the moment when the shift occurs you will benefit.

  11. Thanks for this – I could definitely use some good news. I am so ready for pluto (and saturn) to get far, far away from my sun!!
    It’s been a rough 2 years – basically since mid-2017 – and frankly, the whole “home and place” issue has weighed heavily on my husband and me since 2008 (me more so). In many ways, I feel like I worked through the feelings of dislocation and not belonging and I am now okay living wherever (provided my kids are happy!) as long as there is some permanence – I just can’t handle being unsettled; I deeply need to feel secure. Right now both my husband and I are without permanent jobs and in a foreign country and it is shaking me to the core. I am strongly Cancerian (7 factors) = he’s only got 2 (moon @12 and descendant-24) and is far more comfortable with ambiguity. How turbulent will next year be? Should I be anticipating a major move? Will there be peace and stability for me anytime soon? thank you xxx

    1. I am sorry you have been hit by this Capricorn weather. It’s just been so overloaded, for so long. You and your partner are being dislocated by the strong oppositions to your Cancer stellium and he is being hit by his Cancer Moon (the family) but also his Cancer Descendant (you, his partner). This does get better in stages, starting right now, with the Jupiter oppositions. Jupiter is a symbol of help, healing and hope in the horoscope. You then get to May 2020 when the Cancer-Capricorn Node opposition ends. You then finish 2020 with Saturn right out of Capricorn, for good. So it’s really like being on a steep hill, having one downhill slope after another. Something I would say to you is that you need to ‘do’ Jupiter so rather than imagine yo are in any way stuck, or that nothing ever changes, start to think differently. You could both get jobs. You could both get paid to study. You could both juggle paid work, not necessarily full-time. You could exchange work for something of other financial benefit: a home for work. The ‘foreign country’ part of this is also best fixed by diving into it. Do you watch The Durrells? Have a look on You Tube. That’s a true story.

  12. Hi Jessica, your comments really resonate with my experience. In 2008, I separated from my husband the first time. In 2018 we finally divorced, and I spent most of 2018 and 2019 caring for our children alone. In the past you mentioned that I could have a relationship in 2020 if I wanted to and to keep my options open basically about buying a house. I would really love a kind partner to share my life with, and I’d like to buy a home of my own. Do you have any further Insights about these two areas of my life given that Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn and I have lots of cancer factors plus the moon in Capricorn? Thanks.

    1. You’ll gain (through a ripple effect) from all the endings and beginnings in big business, employment, government and the workplace in 2020. They have actually begun now and I’ve literally come to my desk, to see the government in Australia merging departments. It’s that kind of thing that is the big splash at the top (for example) that sends out waves which reach your shore. Beneficially. So house-hunt away. Broaden your scope, and think about land, alternative residences, home exchange and so on. That suits this Jupiter cycle. Create a Pinterest daydream page at and clip images you love of where/how you would like to live in 2020. With relationships, you are strongly Cancerian and do not separate the children and a home from a partner. I am sure you know the rule of ‘like attracts like’ so make sure you place yourself at the heart of Cancerian places and activities. For example, a DIY home maintenance class on the weekend, or a volunteer single parent organisation…with single Dads. The more you ‘do’ a strong sign in your chart, the more you tend to get results in terms of interesting new friends – at the very least.

  13. Hi Jessica, Its good to see Jupiter moving into an earth sign, interesting post.
    I wonder if you could tell me what Jupiter conjunct Salacia could indicate. Also Jupiter trining my natal Jupiter Ceres conjunction in Taurus. It looks like Jupiter triggers a lot of my personal planets, like Salacia,Chiron and Moon in Capricorn. And Jupiter, Ceres, Venus, Sun in Taurus. Does this initiate a breakthrough with my art and more of a financial flow, or are there more obstacles to overcome? Your insight would be gratefully received. Thank you. S.

    1. Well, S, you are having a fantastic chain of Jupiter patterns. These transits tend to turn up as people who are ‘big’ in some way (tall or overweight, or just very ‘dressed’ and accessorised, so they seem larger than life). These individuals are Jupiter types who are here to help. To help you hope, and also to heal. You also attract Jupiter organisations on these kinds of cycles, so we’re talking about very open-handed, big, global enterprises who are ever ready to give to a good cause, or just hire (and hire). Jupiter is a byword for growth and abundance, so in his new sign of Capricorn, you are going to see the earth signature in your horoscope benefit. That’s success (Capricorn) and work (Virgo) and also your health (Virgo) and naturally money saved or made (Taurus.) This may be with your art, or a second income stream you have. A talent you can bolt on to your real joy, which is your creativity. Salacia in Capricorn is a symbol of success in two fields at the same time, neither of them particularly real-world or regular. For example, I had a reader who made a modest income from dressing up as a fairy reading books in a children’s party shop on the weekend, but also moonlighted as a male erotica writer! You get the picture. But basically, from this point forward, so much will be open to you.

  14. I’m excited for my Jupiter return! Looking back when Jupiter in my sun Leo few years ago I didn’t feel I had much growth or benefits from the power of Jupiter. This time on the day before and exact date of Jupiter in Capricorn opportunities came and received a few social media promotion by other channels. I hope that my career will get a strong boost this year.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for another very interesting article. I have Jupiter Rx at 4 degress cancer. Jupiter in Capricorn will soon oppose my natal Jupiter. How could this pan out? I have had serious issues with the taxman regarding my flat (which will hopefully be sorted out via the court route in February 2020, 13th of February is the date of the court). All I want is justice and get back my hard earned cash from a money grabbing state/machine.
    Thank you

    1. You will know where you stand by May 2020 and then can wash your hands of the matter and move on. You have been caught by the Cancer-Capricorn weather and have been through a similar situation in at least one other lifetime, perhaps more.

  16. Hi Jessica

    Given I only have one factor in Cancer and two in Capricorn, I’m very surprised at how much I’ve been effected by all this on my home and family front. I’m glad it’s all ending and certainly glad of any systemic top down changes I’ll get to see.


  17. Haha! Yes I get the picture thanks, and fairy stories are in gestation! So good to have confirmation of hope and healing…. its been a long journey! Would be great if Jupiter waves his magic wand and sprinkles some fairy dust along the way. Thanks for all you do Jessica, you have quite a following. X

  18. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the article.

    I have a large number of planets and asteroids in Cancer, will next year be beneficial for me?

    1. Thank you. You will breathe a sigh of relief after May as any stress you have felt about your town, your country, your residence (be it house, apartment, yacht, land, garden, home exchange, tent, caravan or shed) will disappear. The Node cycles are over in Cancer-Capricorn from that point and the ‘big ask’ is also over.

  19. Hi Jessica as always thank you for your writing I really appreciate your work. I wanted to share astrology in action within my own chart. For the last 3 years I have had constant building/development issues with my property and the planning authorities at our local council. This has caused neighbours issues for us too my nodes are in Capricorn and Cancer and 2019 has been particularly intense, I’ll be delighted to see my nodes moving out of these signs next year! On 23rd December Jupiter in Capricorn moves to conjunct my natal saturn at 4 degrees this also happens to be the deadline date for the council to respond to our Appeal. On the 6th January it’s our deadline to hear whether we have finally after years been successful with our appeal. On this date Jupiter will move to conjunct my IC at 12 degrees Capricorn and opposing my MC in my 4th house! Unbelievable synchronicity! How should I interpret this Jess? It’s hard to believe after repeated appeals and issues that we may finally be successful but I am beginning to feel the tide may be turning, any insights you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I am sorry you have been going through it, with your property, the council and your neighbours. It’s textbook. You will know so much more in the next six weeks, than you did in the previous six months. without knowing what the problem was I don’t know what to tell you – except if you were protesting anything corrupt/new/high-rise then you will win. You will win one battle after another in 2020.

  20. Hello Jessica – Can I please request some information on not just how Jupiter in Capricorn is going to affect me in 2020, but also the concentration of planets in Capricorn. My natal Jupiter is in Sagittarius however unlike the last Jupiter in Sagittarius transit (2006) when I got married to my husband (who is also a Sagittarius), there has been nothing major so far during this transit. I do not have any Capricorn planets in my chart, but asteroid Aesculapia at 18 Cap; however my nodes are in Gemini and Sagittarius, and my husband has Moon at 7 Capricorn. My children’s Sun signs are Aries -24/03/2010 (3 degree) and Aquarius (26 degrees). The Jupiter in Sagittarius worked well for my husband, he got a promotion but not that much of a pay rise. I am looking towards setting up a website in my relevant field (Anti Money Laundering) and I wonder how the prospects of my business would be.

    1. Your website against money laundering is right for the times and you should launch January 2020, or skip February and March, and think about April or May. You will see massive headlines in May 2020 about the world economy, the cover-up on human trafficking, the disguising of large sums of dirty money in high-rise apartment construction, luxury hotels and so on. So your site will be in tune with the times. In fact the Sagittarius-Gemini weather ahead in 2020-2022 is going to trigger your chart. You made contacts overseas or from other countries/regions in 2019 on your Jupiter in Sagittarius transit and need to remember then and pursue them. Out of town or across the world. They will come good for you; you just haven’t bothered to follow up.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Happy Holidays and Thank you for all that you do for us:-) Since Jupiter in Capricorn is considered a fresh start for 2020. My wife and I are starting our lives over again. We used to be foster care parents, and one of us have generalized anxiety. Monthly therapy and Medication have been prescribed and taken on a daily basis. Because of that, agencies requirements have gotten harder for us to be licensed. We do see where the agencies are coming from, placing children with responsible, stable adults. We are now going to be working hopefully with a new agency as volunteers helping out families in need. My wife is a Pisces born on March 19, 1960 at 6:00 am, and I am a Leo born on August 1, 1968, at 8:36 pm. Do you see us being successful in this new venture? Please let us know Thank you:-)

    1. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas. Not long to go now. You have been in touch before about fostering. Your wife is actually the issue here, and she is in a karma cycle for parenting, not over until May 2020. The North Node in Cancer in her Fifth House of motherhood. This takes her back into past lives, reincarnation, past life debts and credits, and history – going way back. This ends in May. You then have your own karma to complete in 2020, 2021 until early 2022 as the South Node then goes into your own Fifth House of parenthood, as a Leo. This is a very old issue for both of you, and it may have recurred in different ways in different centuries, cultures and countries. Sometimes keeping a dream journal can be revealing. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson is the expert here if you want to look her up on Google. Working with sleep patterns and dreams can also be useful with anxiety. I am sorry you are going through this. Take a look at Jane’s site and see if it speaks to you.

  22. Every week when you ask “Do you have factors in (insert sign/degree here)?” I swear I’m always a ‘yes’.

    Have you been absolutely accurate? Yes
    Has it felt relentless? OMG, exhausting:)

    Between trying to pivot a career, keep my house and have a social life…please tell me one of those is going to get better soon.

    1. Career will sort itself out in a special way in time for 2020. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and you might call it fated timing. For now, take a well-earned break. It’s Christmas.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    Life has certainly been a rollercoaster since 2008. I’m trying to figure out what it all meant. I have been thinking about moving for a while now yet suddenly an opportunity has come up and I’m nervous if it’s the right thing especially as it came up during Mercury retro. I have a few weeks to decide but if I do it will happen quickly probably before the end of January. Looking at my chart would this be a good idea? I did use the oracle when I was first trying to decide between places – one came up with Jupiter/4th house which has turned out to be the current offer, the other IC/1st house. I have just done it again and received IC/10th house this time. I’m not really sure how to read the IC and 4th house as different.

    1. Don’t be nervous about Mercury Retrograde but do wait for life to go back to normal from this weekend, 7th December. You want to move? Jupiter and the Fourth House is excellent. The IC or Immum Coeli is deeper than the Fourth House. Same kind of thing – but more psychologically and spiritually layered. This is about more than the actual apartment or house, it goes into the local area, the region, the country, the history, heritage and culture – and your own. So that’s where you’re headed. Putting down roots, if you move, but doing so much more than that – perhaps developing a relationship with the area and its original inhabitants.

  24. This article deeply touched me. Indeed, back in 2008 my life changed from an easy happy one, to one of tremendous unrelenting challenges on a single phone call building to the most severe challenges in 2018-19 for sure. (and incidentally on that day in 2008 I stumbled across an astrologer in a book store, book signing, who said to me my family was in crisis and I respectfully disagreed, but when I got home the life changing phone message was waiting). But now emotionally rebuilding after it all, my outlook has certainly switched from monetary and corporate to spiritual and kindness and community, and a deep interest in karma and past lives. I hope the future Capricorn and Cancer weather supports my new direction!

    1. Pluto can be very tough sometimes and his cycle in Capricorn from 2008 has triggered your chart. The astrologer signing books was correct. You will learn a lot more about past lives, astrology, the Nodes, karma, reincarnation, Eastern/Asian beliefs and so on, in 2020-2022 as you have the Nodes themselves going across your Ninth House of education, learning and knowledge. It will happen most obviously in June, as the Sun also goes across Gemini and your Third House-Ninth House.

  25. Dear Jessica thank you very much, for another detailed and interesting article!!Such a pleasure to read! I have survived many crises during the last decade. Difficult experiences have resulted in considerable stress but also significant personal inner growth. For many years, I was taking care of my mother who was ill and 4 years ago, I had to come up with both my parent’s deaths and many other losses (love partners, jobs..). My pain was relieved with gratefulness, yoga and astrology. Since 2018 I work in a typography company having many responsibilities and a very low salary. I enjoy the creativity of my job, but my low earnings undermine my self-esteem and worth as an employer. I need to safeguard my future and for a certain degree, I feel it also applies to my love life as well. I have allowed myself to take a break from love relationships for a long period and now things look even drier. I do believe in proper timing for every matter and I would deeply appreciate your insight to my birth chart. Thank you so much!

    1. You have certainly been through it, with your mother’s illness and your carer role, then the loss of both parents. Far too much loss for one person, but you are here for a reason and that is to help other people with what you know works – yoga and astrology. I am sorry about your low income situation. You will add to your skills in 2020, 2021, early 2022 during the Gemini-Sagitarius Node cycle and be able to earn more money from a multi-tasking position or add a second income stream. You know you are better than that, but you need to learn – those courses or classes will open up to you within months, actually. You are taking time away from love or sex to reboot, reload and recharge, and also repair. Very wise. You are not yet quite fixed, and have a bit more of that to go. You will know when you are ready. Then ask your parents to help, in spirit. Wheels will turn.

  26. Thank you so much for this article. I don’t think I’ve ever felt an astrology insight ring truer than this post. I don’t even know where to start. The last ten years have been really challenging. We’ve had some wonderful accomplishments, but my Libra husband and I both had to make the hard decision to separate ourselves from our parents–which has felt very much like we lost our home/homeland/extended family in the bargain. (I empathized so much with Megan Markle’s situation with her father! We are very much not alone in this struggle, I know.) We also both lost our beloved grandparents in the past few years as well, and they were our primary connection to our heritage. I don’t think the situation with our families will get easier, but I hope that the struggle eases somewhat. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    1. Thank you. Of course your Libra husband has had the Cancer-Capricorn North Node-South Node cycle going across his own Fourth House of family, at the same time as you have also had Cancer-Capricorn weather. Separating from parents or children leaving parents for whatever reason – is not uncommon and it is very painful. It can help to know you have all been here before and will meet again, in lives between lives, and then come back again next time with an evolved, progressed relationship! Losing grandparents to spirit is another sad part of a really difficult time for you, but I can promise you the situation is over from May 2020, and by then you will have done all that you can to close a circle right through both sides of both families. If you are curious about this pattern, look up North Node and South Node, and also Cancer and Capricorn, on Search.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Unfortunetly I read this 8 days short. Jessica this has been the longest 10 years of my life. Being 50 I am tired, in 2008 I lost my job and could not find one till 2010, being a single mom you have to make a certain amount to survive. My son was born 12/18/2000 @ 9:21pm the best thing to ever happen to me. The job I got I hated it but I never been afraid to find a job well after the 2 years of not being able I was scared so I stayed in a job for 6 years with fear because of my superiors being evil. I started menopause at 45, now I am taking care of a mother who just met my almost 19year old 3 months ago. She was so selfish as my dad but my son seemed to tame that I guess he wanted a boy. My dad and stepmom have been there but I grew up with daddy issues, I was never sexually or menatally abused but I was emotionally abandoned. Thank God for my grandparents but sadly lost my grandma on her birthday Dec 2th 1987 and my grandpa 7/30/1988. My mother and I had a non working relationship since I was 17 now I am trying to help while she is hospitalized in a nursing home. Jessica I feel guilty, resentful, angry Etc. I wanted to be far away this Christmas just to disconnect but my son has college and work. I’m tired. I have factors in both Capricorn and Cancer what is crazy is my mom is born 1/3/1950. Sorry to drop all this I actually hope you got this because your expertise would be so beautifully appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Your whole answer is in your comment about your son, born about 19 years ago, which is one cycle of the North Node and South Node of karma. Did you know? Your situation is very bound by the contracts you have made in your life (between lives) with your son, his father and also your mother. Your father, too. Your stepmother. Your grandparents. Basically, the North Node and South Node can only be in the zodiac sign ruling the family (Cancer) every 19 years and your astrological birth chart is really ruled by this. Your mother is in a nursing home and you are going through all the emotions, as Cancer is a water sign, ruling feelings. I am sure you are exhausted from having to go through these soul contracts and agreements, but it may help you to read Caroline Myss (who is excellent on this subject) and also Brian Weiss, who specialises on life between lives. I also rate Tibetan chants on YouTube, as the Tibetans have the deepest understanding of all, of karmic debts and credits that we owe each other and repay. In fact the Dalai Lama, as a small child, identified possessions belonging to his former self – that’s an historic fact. The Tibetans don’t follow our Western ideas about the Nodes but they do believe in the wheel turning. As very little of what you have been put through makes any sense to you it may be a relief for you to realise you are not alone – so many others are going through intense family karma in 2019 – and that it ends, for the next 19 years, in May 2020. You have done incredibly well to be a single mom, and I think you are about to have some ‘me’ time which you desperately need, to exhale, relax, rethink your daily routine (you were an early menopause person), and start to give yourself the physical time and space to explore what is (I think) a very good, sensible explanation for these kinds of situations. So often they seem unfair and wrong, but when we realise we are all working out our karmic debts and credits to each other, it helps so much. Look up the North Node and South Node on Search and see what you find.

  28. Hey Jessica!
    I don’t know if you will see this. No factors in Capricorn, but 4 in Cancer. 3 big ones. Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and one asteroid. Mirvena
    Anyway, I am moving out of my place and moving in with my dad. Going to go to school up there. Also changing majors. Switching to nursing instead of Surgical Technology. Many reasons, not all of them selfless. They make more money. I am 45, and moving in with my dad. I need to make money to prepare for the future. But helping people is important to me. I I was kind of forced into this decision, financial reasons and also dad surgery. But again, this wasn’t a selfless move either. It’s time for me to leave this town. It’s just not a good place for me. Too much stuff with the ex, and all that’s just toxic. I need a fresh start.
    Any insight would be great. One minute I’m excited, the next minute I feel like a complete and total failure. I have no choice in this, I’ve been through a lot, and I refuse to just lie down and play dead. I’m worth more than that. But I also have to make myself believe it all the time, and stop beating myself up for past mistakes.I’m also using my phone to type all this, so if there any spelling or grammatical errors, I apologize. AutoCorrect is not my friend, and I type fast.

    1. Just picking up the comments folder now, having been travelling. You are making some very Cancer North Node decisions there, and of course you have a Cancer stellium. Your father, nursing and property moves are all ruled by Cancer as you probably know. You should be feeling good about the fact you have come through the toughest cycle in many years (2017-2019) and you will see a huge shift from May 2020 when the North Node leaves Cancer for another 19 years. This has been karmic for you. It may go back 19 years, or all the way into past life experience. You may have been a nurse before. You may have even been a healer – before. Your father is likely a karmic connection over more than one lifetime. Breathe through it. For more information look up the North Node and South Node on Search.

      1. Jessica,
        Thank you . Reading that gave me a sense of peace. I hope you had good travels. I’m obviously not British, but Happy Christmas a bit early I like that y’all say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas. Merriment is fleeting, but happiness is something entirely different. I will look up South and North Nodes in search. I love it when you give me homework. I always learn something.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    Not sure if this is where to post. For the last ten years I’ve been employed part-time in many different fields—just marking time really… waiting for the courage to begin working towards my dream. For the last few years I’ve actively committed to this— and either by chance or design, there have been massive changes to my social circle which reflect the move to the creative direction I am following. I have many Capricorn factors in my chart, but none of these are in degrees necessary or relevant to my having an impact in media—or are in any aspect of my chart that I believe shows a move within the publishing direction I work towards. I’m hoping I am reading this incorrectly, but do you see anything relevant for me coming up in this Jupiter cycle that lasts until May 2022?

    1. Chrissie, the media is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius in your horoscope, the signs of the internet and publishing. You are going to be taken back 19 years from May 2020 when the North Node and South Node reverse into these signs – also, perhaps, 19 years and another 19 years. It really depends on the karmic pathway you have taken. Old qualifications or courses/classes may return, or former projects and jobs. You are extremely ambitious, very Capricorn, obviously on a path to a new career, but you won’t have all the details in hand until you are past the first Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in your Tenth House – so, first quarter of 2020. By 2022 you will have figured out how to use past projects, experience and so on, with a new way to be heard and read in your life.

  30. Jessica: In late 2008 we sold our family home to downsize. Our new home had to be within commuting distance to our jobs because we were still working. We chose a location that we thought was perfect but is now not working for us at all now that we have both retired.

    We attempted two years ago to make a move closer to our children, but those plans fell through at the last moment. We are again now close to making the decision to finally put our home for sale and relocate somewhat closer to our children and old friends which is what we would like to do. Is now a good time to put those plans in place? Will we have success in this endeavor? I have 2 factors in Capricorn at 2 Ascendant and 15 Bacchus, and 3 in Cancer at 0 Uranus, 2 Descendant and 3 Fortuna.

    Thanks, JudyP

    1. Judy P, put the wheels in motion now and see where it takes you. You are going to see people changing their plans in January as their careers change, and this will shake up the property market. You need to look around the map though if you are in a hurry as your first choice may not be right in terms of timing – it depends how much of ‘perfect’ you want and how far you are prepared to negotiate. You will find the whole thing is settled by May 2020 one way or another, as you are being influenced by the North Node in Cancer slowly crossing your factors. Karma has much to do with it and what you did right (or were owed ) 19 years ago, perhaps 38 years ago, will come back to you.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    very much looking forward to 2020 because since 2016 I have experienced a very hard time in career and finances. There is a possibility of going back to a lovely town where I lived for 8 years s. But at the same time, I think in late 2021 I have Uranus doing crazy so I might move again. So is it worth making this short move only to move again? Will my finances allow it? Thank you so much.

    1. You could easily move by May 2020 but after that date you may change your mind. It sounds as if you are not even sure about what you want, actually, and that can confuse the issue. Only you know if you can deal with moving more than once. If you can, then you will find options not only in your old town, but also in places you know less well.

  32. Hi Jessica, I’m in a real pickle with my flat. Back in 2008 a dodgy builder removed a supporting wall in the business premises three floors below. My flat on the top was the worst impacted. Basically, things have got worse the past year in particular. My floors are sinking and sloping. I feel like the canary in the coal one trying to alert my neighbours and anyone else who’ll listen. Anyway, I just found out recently the work they did back then was not given a legal building Warrant. They never accepted responsibility and successfully evaded making it right for me back in 2008.

    My local council are progressing an investigation now but the damage to my flat and the building could be in the thousands to put right. Maybe even tens of thousands.

    I should be sitting pretty in 2020 with mortgaged paid and money turned towards savings and retirement Now I’m facing more debt.

    I’m wondering if Jupiter will aid me to get paid damages as my insurer is less than helpful because the damage was done so many years ago they don’t want to know.

    I’ll keep on at them but I need a small miracle. Jupiter certainly impacted, as I found out about the illegal nature of the work at the beginning of December.which prompted the council to act. So he’s doing something but I need more.

    1. I am so sorry. You are being affected by the North Node in Cancer cycle in your Fourth House, which rules your flat. It is karmic in nature, often keeps you stuck and takes you into past life situations. It ends in May 2020. You are stuck with something going back to 2008 which was not your fault. People can be so selfish, you must be feeling so frustrated about this! Shonky builders from 2008 may have ended up in jail by now and you need to try and chase the traces, if you can bear it. You are quite a methodical person and when you get the bit between your teeth you can do amazing things, so try and make your list and once you are in the mood, start to tick every box. If by any chance one or more of the culprits is still in trade and in the country then you can obviously go after them. Similarly, with your insurance company, you can follow the appropriate channels to make the situation public and pursue justice. I am sure the insurer doesn’t want to know, but so often people win these kinds of cases. You don’t need a small miracle but you do need to make your list and get into the right frame of mind. The council is one channel and they are sympathetic but you need to go bigger and wider. This should be possible without spending money but you will need to spend time. In the meantime, I can reassure you that even if you feel as if you have lost out on a matter, you will gain and even find dividends later on. The universe in its wisdom will ‘make good’ with you. I assume that you have pursued the business as well? This is a real web of people, names and faces but you are not the only one – there were more issues than just dodgy building – and if you feel it is worth it, you will get to where you need to be, in time.

  33. Hi Jessica – I sent a comment at the beginning of this year to you. You responded – thank you! In your response you alluded to children or a miscarriage that the divorce I have been going through for now, almost 3 years had something to do with children. I also shared that my Taurus husband had a girlfriend from the beginning, a Scorpio. They are still together. We are going to trial in January; scheduled the 9th, 10th and 13th of January 2020. After reading this article on Jupiter in Capricorn, I can so relate, regarding feeling stuck. We have a son (30) and daughter (28), they are wonderful people. I did miscarry a paternal twin during my first pregnancy. Anyway, we also have (2) grandchildren. He has not seen his children or our grandsons in (2) years. My concern is the trial and the lack of relationship with his children and grandchildren, and he doesn’t want to pay alimony. We were married for (27) years. I have had my chart done, and I have been told that things will be in my favor during trial, but I have doubts. Could you speak to this matter, please and thank you. PS… He became involved with the woman in March of 2017. His birthdate is: 5-2-64 time: 5:11pm in FW, Tx. The Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn issue has me very concerned. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Jessica – I was logged in, I am not sure what happened. Are you speaking about a chart for him? If so, there is not a chart for him. I send an email months ago inquiring about that possibility, I never received a response. Is it possible to have that done? How? The past three years have been very difficult and there seems to be no end to it. I have eight aspects in Capricorn – scary with what is coming up. Any help and or insight would be greatly appreciated. Time is short. Thank you for responding so quickly.

        1. Okay, I can see your chart now. I’m sorry you didn’t have a response to your email, perhaps it went astray. In relationships and partnerships, it’s best if the other party subscribes. You are asking about your chart for 2020 and have a stellium in Capricorn, in the Tenth House of success, achievement and ambition. I know that you identify with Psyche (who was sometimes equated with the Cinderella myth) but it is time to lose that, if you want to make the most of 2020. Psyche was long-suffering, and that became a way of life. That is not necessary for you. In fact, you will be offered a project next year which could be a stunning success if you put the work in. Very, very satisfying outcome for this fresh plan.

          1. Merry Christmas! Thank you for responding so quickly. I looked up Psyche and the background that is on your site. I find it to be very interesting. My mother-in-law has never been fond of me. At first she was. Not for many years now. She was very jealous of the way she saw her son dote on me. I tried very hard to win her over and it never really happened. No matter how she treated me, and she treated me badly, I did not join her in the game, that bothered her even more. She is an Aries by the way. Interesting. She does like his new girlfriend; the Scorpio. She is the opposite of me in every way. She is a lot like her. I also find it interesting that you seem to see in my chart that I have the tendency to blame myself and think that I must suffer for others behaviors. I am working on that very hard, and I will heed your advice. As far as my husband and our situation in January 2020 can you give insight to it? He blames me entirely. It would be greatly appreciated. Here is his birth chart: He has many stellium in several houses. Thank you again!

          2. Thank you. I thought the asteroid Psyche would be the issue in your horoscope. Psyche was of course the daughter-in-law of Venus, who was very threatened by her. Psyche was young and attractive; Venus was sensitive about losing her looks and figure. Psyche was tricked into falling in love with Cupido, the son of Venus, but the joke was ultimately on Venus, who lost her son to Psyche – forever. I’m afraid jealousy is a trait of Venus. Congratulations on refusing to join in the game with your mother-in-law, who may also have played the same game with her own relatives or mother! I think you will find the new girlfriend eventually has the same issues. Your husband is playing Cupido and unless he transforms his personality through therapy or some other awakening, like astrology, you are unlikely to see any great change, because his first love was and is his mother. This began in childhood. Cupido is usually shown as a cherub (toddler) by the Romans and sometimes a pre-pubescent boy. Her great affection for him likely began at that age, and may have been intensified by a weaker relationship with her husband. It is very hard to unlock that kind of pattern and you have to ask yourself if your time and energy would not be better used elsewhere. 2020 is a turnaround year for so many people, including you, when it is time to be ruthlessly honest about who is in your life, and why, and what it is all about. It is so easy to cling to the past or to be loyal without thinking, but recent events have made it essential that you really take a good, long, hard look at who you are these days, and who you surround yourself with. How does that make you feel and what does it achieve? Who is the person, that this makes you? You are increasingly being drawn towards new people or groups just in the last year or two, and you need to see how life would be, if you spent more time and effort there, and less time and effort on people who may have very little meaning in your life, any more, as so much has changed!

  34. Hi Jessica, great article as always!could you please advise what’s in store for me? I’m in the middle of a separation from my husband(sun Libra) born on October 16th, 1977 at 12.15 p.m. in Guyana, south ameica. I’m sooooooo mentally drained as we’ve been fighting this separation for the last 2-3 years. In the midst of it all, I lost my high profile job 2 years ago and felt that I was financially dependent on him. I’ve gained weight from all this stress and can’t lose it at all. I’m bone tired….. through and through. I’ve been wanting to adopt kids and he doesn’t want to. I’ve also temporarily been working in a different city and am considering buying a house there, even though I may not have the funds. I’m scared all the time. I started a consulting business in September 2017, and am unsure how that will play out as I move, and how it will be affected in the divorce.

    I also met someone, born June 15th, 1988. Complete accident!!! The chemistry is intense, even though he’s several years younger than me. It’s almost as if this meeting is a catalyst in all my ongoing problems since it’s been stagnant the last 2 years. It’s as if the accidental meeting gave me the momentum I need to pursue the separation. Can you please advise? I feel completely lost. Will be ok financially and emotionally? What about the move? What about this new person? Please help.

    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Lots of questions, all at the same time, and one answer will change the others. So you have to make up your mind. Do you want this June 15th 1988 man as the priority? Or would you rather go to divorce? Do you want to lose weight? Adopt children? Buy a house? You are trying to hit too many targets at once and need to make a list, if possible, so you are realistic about 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. and so on. Feeling scared all the time is a symptom of anxiety which is a physical condition. You may be over breathing. This also makes you feel more scared. None of that is necessary because I can see your career, finances and home working out very well. Park adoption. Ask yourself what you want more, the divorce or this man. Use your Oracle Cards please and tell me what you get. In the meantime, go find anxiety management techniques that work for you … I always recommend Dr. Claire Weeks and Self Help For Your Nerves. You would be amazed at how much your parasympthetic nervous system is adding to the sense of overwhelm. Sort out your body and the rest will follow, promise!

  35. Hi Jessica it’s been a non ending struggle with every landlord since 2006 and still is can you please let me know when this is going to be over. My life is a hell
    Thank you jess.

      1. I absolutely will, sorry – I have been without internet for a few days in Tasmania – and we had so many comments after the PM Boris Johnson/Brexit/Leave predictions came true. Likewise with the White House predictions made two years ago now, for January 2020. Can we blame the news? I’ll find your question and come back to you. Thank you for your patience.

    1. I am sorry about your landlords – landlords and landladies can certainly be hell. Some very stuck karma ends in May 2020 when the North Node in Cancer changes signs. Did you know you were a landlady with bad tenants or house guests in a previous life? I see windmills, so this may be Holland. (Or just a farm!) Try to learn from this entire experience even if you dislike it. See how others cope, online. Move forward from May.

  36. Again many things to think about and connect with this article. Thank you. I have Saturn at 3 Cancer but also Ops at 23 Cancer which seems like a fair balance. The family/home situation has been challenging as has the workplace which is like a family sometimes.
    I am making a final decision this week about whether to go down a formal/legal path with an oppressive work situation and have also consulted the oracle. I asked about outcomes and timeframes and got both Saturn and Ops with the tenth house. Unreal. I often get Saturn which I feel represents my fear of standing up for myself but also have a genuine fear of being Plutoed by my workplace. I also got Pluto and 8th house. I noticed that the upcoming December eclipse is within 1 degree opposing my natal Saturn which seems like it will be significant. Also close to natal Ceres at 4 Cap. The work query is about values and justice but also a healthy fear about retribution from workplace. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you are using the Oracle just make sure you are really watertight with the present (test) and the future (time frames). Saturn and Ops in the Tenth House is pretty remarkable as you have husband and wife there. You want to know what to do, and you have drawn quite a few cards here. You are completely allowed to start again and think laterally. Ask different questions. Time is there to be wrangled into shape and although the cards have been right about the fear – and the solution – and also the financial issues about Pluto in the Eighth House – there are other ways in. Avoid the eclipse for judging and acting please as it’s not useful. The one degree orb is important (forget four degrees, too wide) and it’s just a matter of common sense to bypass that period. Something you may have done, or may not, is guide your Oracle Card reading with something you believe in. This is matter of faith. It may be your God, Goddess, the Buddha, Hindusim, Judaism or whatever. You need to ‘set’ the reading so that you are asking for something that goes beyond yourself into something bigger. It could make a huge difference to what you are seeing but I would reckon more questions are in order. If you get repeats, that is significant.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. I had to reread your reply a few times and think about it for a while. Instead of approaching with fear, I asked with regard to my values and understanding of my role in situation. I did get some of the same cards but now instead of Saturn. I have Jupiter. I did ask for others in the situation and while I still got Psyche for how they view me, when I asked for overall outcome for all concerned, I got Jupiter and 9th house. I feel a lot better about going ahead with it all now. Also got some amusingly spot on answers to questions I asked that weren’t about me. Such as why did xxxx get elected? I drew some tarot cards and got 9 Pentacles for overall outcome by June 2020, Knight of Wands for what to do now to ensure that outcome and then High Priestess for what I can do spiritually to assist the whole process. Very, very interesting.
        Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

        1. Moving to Jupiter is great. Also in your Ninth House, so it’s a Sun Sagittarius double whammy. You are also moving into Sagittarius karma season, as from May 2020 the South Node goes into Sagittarius and will be there until January 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! You’re crashing through some quantum mechanics time and space borders by doing all this…

  37. I am really hoping for a change of job in the new year, is that on the cards at all?
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, there will be three opportunities for three different new jobs, or just one job with a promotion later. The situation is set up in January within your chosen field, or a second profession you like. If you don’t pick up a new position in January you could easily do so three more times on those Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn (ambition) in your Tenth House of success.

      1. Thanks Jessica,
        I am certainly open to new opportunities, bring it on.

        Thank you for your wonderful site. Best wishes for the Christmas Season and New Year.


  38. Hi Jessica,
    I want to know if there is any major upheaval in my chart for next two years. My marriage has had its share of ups and downs and I hoped we can get through our difficulties. Lately I don’t know if we can last even next few months. Do you see this as an issue in the next few years? I am extremely worried and at a loss of path forward. I don’t know if I should fight more to save it or let it go. I don’t know if there is any hope. Any information based on my chart would be helpful.
    Thank you.

    1. You have an Aries-Libra pattern in your chart which lends itself to a difficult marriage, as you are born to push yourself forward and look after number one, but also born to try and balance the scales with a partner. One way of offsetting the issues is to find a second partnership, based on work or charity work. Perhaps – sport. Operating as one half of a pair with somebody quite different, will help you ‘take’ the Aries-Libra conflicts and differences in a contained and controlled way. Aggressive squash or tennis, for example. I don’t have a chart for the other person in your marriage so it is hard to say more than that, but ‘know thyself’ is useful – explore your Aries and Libra side.

  39. Thank you Jessica, he is a Virgo (Sept 17,1976) with Aries rising. I will look into your advice. Does the Aries- libra pattern mean lifelong marriage issues?

    1. Marriage is always going to be hard work with Aries-Libra patterns, because there is a huge difference between the natural self-interest and self-involvement of one partner, and the ‘both of us’ mentality of the other. You can also find that one person swings between wanting togetherness, in a unit of two people, and ‘me first’ thinking. If you visualise Aries the ram head-butting a set of scales owned by Libra, on a regular basis, you’ll get a picture of just what this kind of chemistry is like! It can be tremendously passionate, but also swing pretty wildly. The choice is yours.

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