UK Election Astrology Predictions 2019

Hung parliament under PM Boris Johnson? January No Deal/New Deal Brexit? What about The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage? An America-Britain No Deal/New Deal? Read on for UK election astrology predictions 2019

UK Election 2019 Astrology Predictions

Well, it’s election time again across the United Kingdom. Is Britain ever going to see that tempting trade deal offered by the United States back in September? And what if parliament hangs?

The polls often get it wrong and astrologers get it right, so what are the horoscopes telling us about the UK 2019 election? (Not that this should ever stop anyone from voting, of course. My friend Julian Venables (who can be heard on our London Astrology Walk podcast) certainly told The Oldie he saw a hung parliament.

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The Full Moon Election – Hung Parliament and Minority Government?

The Conservative party has a positive knack of calling referendums, elections or Brexit deadlines at the most stressful times. We’re going to see a Full Moon at 5.12am across Great Britain on polling day, at 19 Gemini, opposite the Sun at 19 Sagittarius.

A Full Moon is always inner conflict and when people feel that, they sometimes avoid the issue altogether by not voting at all. Or, they dither at the polling station and vote for ‘the devil they know.’

Australia had a Full Moon election and did just that, also in 2019. But this time it’s a little more complicated than that.

Train, Bus and Car Problems on Polling Day

Gemini rules commuting by bus and train, and by short car journeys. Sagittarius rules postal votes overseas. That’s a problem. We are also going to run into the obvious issue that people outside the United Kingdom on December 12th would have likely send in a postal vote on Mercury Retrograde. It’s at times like this I wish my old colleague, the brilliant Australian astrologer Ed Tamplin, was still here. Like me, he predicted Brexit against all the polls.

Mercury Retrograde and the November Postal Vote

The date to apply for a postal vote for the 2019 election passed last month on November 26, right in the chaotic Mercury Retrograde zone. Like Julian Venables, and my other colleague in astrology, Peter Stockinger, I’m also calling a hung parliament with a dangling Boris Johnson. I believe there will be such tight, slow, contested results that we’ll be dangling.

Voters can take to the polls during 13 hours, from 7am to 10pm. There is a hell of a difference between the Full Moon at 5.00am for people on shift work, and what happens astrologically later in the day!

The Guardian has learned that Waltham Forest council in east London has been scrambling to deliver postal votes that should have been out by last Friday 6th December, after an administrative error delayed the process. On Mercury Retrograde!

The problem affected 1,470 voters in three constituencies, including Chingford and Woodford Green, which Iain Duncan Smith won for the Conservatives with a majority of 2,438 at the last election and which is a key target for Labour. I’d watch that.

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Not My Cup of Tea – The End of Two Parties?

First past the post in Britain, means the candidate who wins the most votes in each electorate is elected — This system traditionally favours the two largest parties: the Conservatives and Labour. Just knowing that we are entering the New Age of Aquarius in December 2020 (Jupiter and Saturn both going into Aquarius, followed by Pluto in Aquarius in 2023) tells me that a hung parliament with a hugely varied spread of nationalities, classes, opinions, genders and the rest, is the new normal.

Why? Aquarius rules the family of humanity. It’s about power going across, horizontally, not vertically, from the top down. This two-party, two-newspaper idea really belongs to the 20th century. This Aquarius era we’re entering is about diversity. It’s also about very different people being forced to compromise and pool resources. None of this sounds like an outright Conservative or Labour victory to me. No, not at all.

Mercury Retrograde Elections and Hung Parliaments

Elections conducted (and polling conducted) on Mercury Retrograde tends to end up in a hung result. We had one in Australia in 2018. In a tie, the party with the most seats is forced to form an alliance with the other parties. Boris Johnson, the fast-talking and fridge-hopping Gemini, would have to think like an Aquarian. The Conservatives did this in 2010 when they got into bed with the Liberal Democrats. Strange bedfellows, but it’s a very Aquarian way to operate! Those people standing behind Boris on the front of The Daily Telegraph are a little bit older than Generation Aquarius (today’s teenagers). By 2023 it will be their younger brothers and sisters who are pushing really hard for a new ‘diversity, community, equality’ style of UK politics.

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The Brexit Party – Shock After Shock

Okay, so the astrology predicted this months before it happened – the path to No Deal in April. It turned out to be Nigel Farage and his cunning plan – the Brexit Party. Nobody seems to be taking this seriously enough in the endless talk about Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Corbyn.

The Brexit Party is pinning its hopes on winning a handful of seats in Blaenau Gwent, Doncaster, Barnsley and Hartlepool. Farage may cost Johnson 16 seats, or more – according to some pundits – which would mean a (very) hung parliament.

We also have to watch the Greens – as new green politics is Aquarian thinking, and again, that is rolling towards us in 2020.

Just Like 2017 All Over Again?

We keep on moving towards this Aquarian weather, right away from two parties, and one absolute majority winner. It was there in 2017. In 2019 we could see Boris doing well, but not well enough to have a majority. Corbyn would try to band together with the SNP, Liberal Democrats and the Greens, but also fall short of the numbers! Could it possibly be…the new ultra-compromise politics? And what’s going to happen to Brexit?

Boris would be unable to ‘Get Brexit done’ because the DUP don’t like his deal, even though the EU said yes. Remoaners would try to delay things beyond January 31st, but Boris Johnson might use the threat of No Deal to push through. Another election might be necessary in 2020. (Do we have our heads in our hands by this stage? Don’t worry, it’s just the old Capricorn structures falling apart!)

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No Deal/New Deal Brexit in Astrology

If PM Boris Johnson wins, but can’t get Parliament to sign off on his agreement, he’s still promised to leave the EU by January 31st. That would lead to a No Deal Brexit. Or – should Jeremy Corbyn and Labour manage to defy every single poll in the land (Corbyn having been ranked the least popular leadership candidate in history by one survey) they could reject Johnson’s EU deal and come up with their own New Deal.

Old Predictions From the Archives

I’m not really one of those astrologers who drums up a forecast a week or two before an election, because I think it’s cheating. I’m also not crazy about predicting firm outcomes, because a coin toss can do that. It is also the kind of thing that can be dangerous, because in freezing, snowy, windy, rainy and cold conditions like UK Election Day 2019, it’s really easy to see some kind of ‘prediction’ on so many websites, including this one, that you don’t bother voting at all.

What does occur to me, looking at all the astrology charts for Britain (and there are a lot of them) is that it is the old horoscopes cast for women’s right to vote – particularly the right of working women to vote – which are going to have their day.

In other words, Leave really did mean Leave and that big female roar from the towns outside London will echo in December.

Nigel Farage, Italy, Scotland and the Horoscopes

Dusting off the cobwebs from these old astrology forecasts, I’d just like to repeat –

  1. Italy will be really important to the eventual outcome of Brexit and you should not write off Quitaly or a Euro-rejection.
  2. Anyone who isn’t including Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party in the outcome has not been listening. He likes surprises.
  3. As predicted, in September 2019 the United States made Britain a stunning post-Brexit trade deal. It’s still on offer.
  4. Scotland’s leaving the United Kingdom – this prediction goes back several years.
  5. Cross-party government, as we saw in the Abdication in the 1930’s is coming – a coalition like no other we’ve seen.
  6. January 13th to 16th, 2020 is a signed Brexit outcome (predicted 7th April 2019).

As always, the most important thing is that you vote. If you’re curious about these date-stamped predictions just hit Search. We’ll pick up on this again after the election to see how the astrology panned out – and again in January 2020. The big one!

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19 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    As always, good work!

    I was wondering, Aesculapia has been retrograde for some time now conjunct the nodes. on 27 November 2019, it was at 8 Cancer conjunct the North Node. A whole lot of other planets and asteroids were at 7, 8 and 9 degrees. We had our national elections on that date, the results of which are being contested now. Your predictions of November 2019 were eerily accurate for my country – Namibia. It is interesting to observe. Will Aesculapia’s transit over the same degrees when it turns direct have an influence? It is alleged that the elections were rigged. Interestingly, the reigning president who was re-elected is a Leo (03 August 1941) and his opponent who is contesting the elections is also a Leo (02 August 1957).

    1. Thank you. I am glad the predictions were right for your country, Namibia. Aesculapia is really important in astrology and you are quite right to wonder about a resurrection/revival (with even more ‘re’ as he has been retrograde).

  2. Well, today I didn’t vote. If three years of manufactured ‘chaos’ taught you anything it’s that your vote doesn’t matter. When the result goes against the will of the powerful corporate elites they will spend three years trying to reverse it via their billionaire-owned media and their bribed politcians.

    Yes, the two party system is dead. Term limits are needed to end the career politicians and corruption.

  3. Hi Jessica!

    I’m depressed now. If we get a hung Parliament, we won’t get Brexit.

    If we have a coalition government, we won’t get Brexit.

    Corbyn with any say in Parliament means we won’t get Brexit.

    I feel like going to bed & never getting up again.

    1. You should be leaping out of bed, round about now. I was months out with the ‘hung Boris’ situation, as were the other two astrologers, and actually the very first prediction I made about all this (when Theresa May was still PM) was correct. It was a Merry Brexit Christmas for 2019 and the best deal possible was done in September (the American offer). Up you get!

  4. Hi Jessica

    I am enthralled by the Brexit predictions, as usual. We will soon know but in the meantime…..

    You wrote “in 2019 we could see Boris doing well, but not well enough to have a majority. Corbyn would try to band together with the SNP, Liberal Democrats and the Greens, but also fall short of the numbers!”

    It has already happened. When the DUP refused to support the latest deal and the Remainer Tories defected, Johnson lost his majority in Parliament. Corbyn. as Leader of the Opposition, tried to form a coalition government comprising Labour and the other opposition parties. He failed. The opposition parties did however manage to unite for long enough to pass a Bill requiring Johnson to ask the EU for an extension until january 31st 2020.

    I am hoping this was the predicted ‘hung parliament’ and we will not get another. If we do, I can’t see the opposition uniting behind Corbyn in 2020 – apart to ask for yet another extension.

    1. You are correct – it already happened – I was months out! Thank goodness everyone now knows where they stand. Previous predictions about Christmas were correct and I’ll find those now – they were made about a year ago.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Pardon my ignorance as I am not an UK citizen. I understand the Conservative majority is driven by getting Brexit done, which is fair enough (although a lot of us outsiders never understood why people wanted to leave EU). But surely under the Cons there will still not be any addressing of rising inequality and NHS and action on climate change. I understand the age of the Aquarius will provide that solution though ..

    1. The best thing about Brexit is the end of health tourism and human trafficking – that is right in tune with the New Age of Aquarius. Those trucks were two trucks too many.

    2. No need to apologise, I think anyone in Britain would say it’s extremely complicated. We have to judge people by what they do, not what they say, and I think PM Johnson has already reversed former PM Theresa May’s decision to get rid of the Climate Change department. It’s back on, and back in. As for rising inequality, that’s about money – and we just saw some news headlines on the BBC about unemployment. It’s at its lowest level since the 1970’s.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Boris is off to a great start with a strong 80 seat majority, 12 th December 2019 is quite auspicious with the powerful lucky Jupiter influencing Gemini’s – Boris’s sun sign. A new moon, as results pour in and the 12/12/2019 = 3 3 3 = the magical 9 in numerology .
    Can you predict a rosie future for Boris and the UK ?

    Ted Varley.

    1. Thank you Ted. The numbers are certainly quite amazing, there. I don’t do PM Johnson’s chart as the birth time is wrong and I need to find out what we have. I cast a chart for Britain over two years ago now – have a look at The Capricorn Effect, and particularly part two, where I talk about January 2020. It was written in the stars, you might say. Expect a new country with a lot of problems wiped away. A surprising new relationship with Asia is coming.

  7. Hi Jessica, so glad that you was wrong about the hung parliament! but you did say a long time ago about Christmas 2019, so well done for that (we all make mistakes – lol!. The other thing I remember from your previous articles is “It is going to be a great deal” You have got so much right in the past that I cannot wait for that. I see the sore losers are still kicking up a fuss despite the huge majority for Boris, including Gina Miller raising her head again, do you think that we will get this deal before December 2020 or is there still a chance of a no deal? Thanks again for keeping our hopes alive during the past three and a half years.

    1. I worked with Boris Johnson’s sister on a travel book published by HarperCollins, so if there is any chance at all that I’ll cross paths with Rachel Johnson again I am going to try and find out the correct birth time. It seems 2.00pm (given by the biographer, so third party) was completely wrong. Astrologers have these things happen from time to time! The deal will be fantastic and it was set up in September, not in writing, with America. There is still a chance of No Deal. It’s out there. It was also set up in April 2019.

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