NEW! UK 2019 Election – Astrology and Brexit

Would you believe Brexit at Christmas 2019 was predicted in November 2018? Date-stamped on this website? And what about David Miliband to replace Jeremy Corbyn? Read on to find out how the horoscopes worked out.

What You Read in November 2018 about Christmas 2019

uwfoa8brybm 450x600 - NEW! UK 2019 Election - Astrology and BrexitWell, I now know one thing for sure about Boris Johnson. His birth time is wrong. I was months out with his ‘hung’ prediction. In fact, as you all spotted – it happened before Election 2019, not afterwards!

What did work, really well, though – is the old United Kingdom horoscope. Would you believe that in November 2018, it was possible to use the national chart, to spot Christmas 2019 as the big Brexit sign-off?

Or that (even when Theresa May was still Prime Minister) Boris Johnson would find ‘the spirit of London’ at Christmas 2019? Or that the deal to end all deals would come on 25th September? (That was the United States and Donald Trump with his ‘magnificent’ trade agreement, as reported by the F.T.)

What You Read About Astrology for the UK Election 2019

We have a few charts for the British Isles, but they all picked up three hotspots. Christmas 2018 for a secret plan. Christmas 2019 for the end Brexit deadline. And September 2019 for a great divorce.

Original prediction here.

“There will be a huge announcement on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2018 and either secretly – or publicly – Christmas Day 2019 will be the end deadline of the exit, with signatures on all sides due on, or near, Wednesday 25th September 2019. Will it be a good divorce? Yes. In fact, it will be a great divorce. I am peering 10 months into the future here, but the future looks bright for The British Isles and the world.”

“This may or may not be made public, but politicians have September 25th, 2019 in mind, so nine months forward from Christmas Day 2018. They are also reckoning on Christmas Day 2019 as the final celebration. And it will be a celebration.”

“You might say, September is the golden goodbye handshake but it is October 2019 which is the firm grip as the deal is cut.”

“Wednesday 25th September is likely to  bring the crucial peace agreement.”

.“I think it looks like a hit, in the end. Not an easy hit, but a hit. Boris Johnson will indeed find the spirit back in London, Christmas Day 2018 and Christmas Day 2019.”

Unknown - NEW! UK 2019 Election - Astrology and Brexit
UK 2019 election astrology

Why the United Kingdom Horoscope Works so Well

Unlike people (baby Boris Jonson being a prime example) countries are carefully timed, recorded and preserved for posterity, when they go through rebirths – like a new constitution. Using that for 1801 it was possible, months, before, to see the election itself. Thus, once you lined it up with some other charts for the country, including a 55 B.C. horoscope we have for the Roman invasion, you begin to see patterns. Politicians might not have their birth times right (which can make your prediction way too early or way too late) but political history is usually right and there are eyewitnesses around. Christmas 2019 was thus, always calling.


Astrology Predicts Election Dates for the UK

“2019 October 11th to December 8th”

(23rd July 2019)

The Arrival of The Brexit Party

One of the big factors in the 2019 election – a “Leave meant leave” election according to most commentators – Nigel Farage and his surprising new Brexit Party were factors in the shift against Remain/Remoan.

This was what you read on this website – note the timing of January 2020, which is now the new Brexit deadline.

“We are going to see a Shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit start to take hold in the second half of April 2019 and by mid-May 2020 it’s a a reality. What then goes down in January-February 2020 looks like the end of the matter. The signed agreement.”

Nigel Farage launched The Brexit Party on April 12th.

Donald Trump and the Magnificent Trade Deal

Another prediction you saw here, over a year ago: “There will be a huge announcement on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2018 and either secretly – or publicly – Christmas Day 2019 will be the end deadline of the exit, with signatures on all sides due, or near, Wednesday 25th September 2019.”

The Financial Times confirms the date within 24 hours –

The Financial Times on Sep 24th 2019, reported – Donald Trump promised to deliver a “magnificentUSUK trade deal after Brexit as he met Boris Johnson in New York.

Unknown 1 - NEW! UK 2019 Election - Astrology and Brexit

Power to the UK People – Predicted With Astrology for Election 2019

On 7th April 2019 I used the the 1969 UK chart showing the big ‘people power’ legislation which made it possible for working women in particular to have an equal vote. That chart was really powerful. In fact, the more we see these results coming in for the UK election with astrology the more we can see why the ‘vote’ horoscopes were always going to rule. It looks like the 2016 referendum to leave the E.U. was just the start. People were never going to give that up.

And you read –

“Between January 20th and February 20th, 2020, Britain will see a sweeping transformation not possible in 240+ years, bringing in not only the Prime Minister but also the monarchy. It will be empowering for working people…What then goes down in January-February 2020 looks like the end of the matter. The signed agreement.”

“Brexit, Signed, Sealed and Delivered on Monday January 13th 2020”

Not Corbyn and May – how the UK Election Astrology Worked

Predicted 30th March 2019.

“Will this be a Jeremy Corbyn-Theresa May led government? No. By all the laws of astrology, what happens in politics near April 18th and 21st is a rebellion, a revolution and the birth of a new government. We can also expect a new, new, new Brexit.

Time’s Up for the Elite

What you read:

“Capricorn rules the elite. It rules the mountain goat. The people who have climbed to the top – of politics, celebrity or money. The original Brexit vote horoscope with all its patterns at 23 degrees, repeats in January 2020…Time is up for the elite in January 2020 – if they tried to take over/take on democracy. These horoscopes do not forgive or forget and there will be a downfall. A demotion, disappearance or departure. And it will happen to more than one organisation or person, right across the board.”

And “New Britain, New Brexit – on January 13th to 16th 2020.”

Predicted 30th March 2019: “The final outcome of democratic Brexit will take place and make history between Monday 13th and Thursday 16th January 2020.”

4947241895 bc18f3c48f - NEW! UK 2019 Election - Astrology and Brexit

David Miliband to Replace Jeremy Corbyn?

Okay this was a really old prediction but as Jeremy Corbyn and ‘Remain’ depart the United Kingdom, it’s worth repeating. My only comment is – David Miliband’s birth chart is as dodgy as Boris Johnson’s, in terms of a verified clock time of birth, so we may be out with the timing here!

“Can this astrological chart show us a comeback? It can show us David Miliband, brother of Ed Miliband, who is currently in America – but could easily replace Jeremy Corbyn if not now, then in the years ahead and take Labour to power. “

Watch this space, but do keep watching those U.K. horoscopes. This is what I love about astrology – even when the politicians are way out, a country’s chart is spot on!

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27 Responses

  1. Wow Jessica. Your predictions have been so accurate across this whole tumultuous period.

    It is bizarre listening to Labour members furiously arguing among themselves on TV this morning as to why they lost the election. Coupled with the Tory MP’s who refused to honour their constituents wishes – many surprised faces.

    The idea of ignoring the votes of so many people from the original referendum and doing it so brazenly was quite breath-taking and terrifying. Not sure a lot of Remain leaders/MP’/voters get it, even now.

    But what will happen with Scotland now? If they do get another Independence vote and win – that just seems to bring all the same issues of Northern Ireland and borders – but then if they are newly independent, do they need to reapply to the EU? Use the Euro? It brings up the Catalonia question -since the EU is so determined to stop their independence. Do you think the Alex Salmon trial have any bearing on it?

    Thank you for all your insights Jessica. Amazing.

    1. Thank you! Quite right about female voters not understanding democracy. Scotland is a whole different kettle of fish and I need to go right through the charts we have to look at the issues – it’s going to be about the coastline and territories/borders, that’s for sure. Will report back, cheers.

    2. Thank you. If we go back to the old ‘Vote’ charts since the Suffragettes won the vote for women, right into the last one, which was the 1960’s, we find an earthquake. Essentially, putting aside Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives – this period from 2016, 2017, 2018 to 2019 has been about the fight to save democracy, and the attack on democracy. Essentially, the vote is sacred to the nation and part of. her soul, or spirit. Any person or group who tried to take the vote away from people, was never going to last. I think the humiliation of Jo Swinson, losing her own seat and falling from Liberal Democrat leadership, and the resignation of Jeremy Corbyn, is proof of that. If you are curious about those old predictions, go back to April 2019 and see what the charts were saying…scroll down!

  2. Looking forward to your updates on Scotland – you said before they will leave, but Boris say no way will he allow a referendum (a little unfair, the UK wouldn’t have liked the EU to ban us having one!) – so how will this pan out?
    I also would like to know whether Britain will ever go back into the EU, e.g. in 20 years – can astrology tell that far ahead?
    You were spot on about the diversity of the new parliament – Sky News just had a feature on it!
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you. The last time I looked at the Scotland charts many years ago, they said she would leave the United Kingdom. I know PM Johnson and the Conservatives refuse to give way on that. I’ve not looked beyond the year 2019, which is now – it may be one or two elections ahead. But she’ll go. Perhaps you will find a policy change by the Conservatives later on, or just a change in government again. Great Britain may well join a new version of Europe, after 2023, when Pluto moves to Aquarius. This is a very long cycle, into the 2020s and 2030s and it may be that some European countries regroup themselves into just the sort of union that Britain would like to join.

  3. Hi Jessica.
    To my understanding David Milbank is pro E.U. Hope things don’t get messes up again.

  4. Hi jessica

    Did you know that over half the Labour MPs elected are women? It seems the old men in grey suits are well and truly disappearing from view – Corbyn and MacDonnell included.

    The Labour Party chose the wrong Miliband back in 2010 – Ed was no match for his brother David. I fail though to see how David could now be elected leader when he isn’t even an MP. Perhaps he will stand at the next byelection and starting winning back those traditional Labour seats – if Momentum will allow it or rather if McCluskey, the Unite boss and David’s nemesis, will back him.

    Interesting that the Miliband family are/were Polish Jews. The Labour Party members can’t have been antisemitic when they gave Ed the top jpb.

    1. David’s timing is uncertain because we have no proper chart for him, but there are some things in his chart which will never change, even with a missing or wrong birth time – and they tally with Labour. It is completely meant to be that the family was Jewish. I’ll leave that with you!

  5. Hi, I was just reading today in the Daily Telegraph and example of the new Government wanting to reform a system entrenched with Capricorn elite: that is the Whitehall Civil Service. You know I remember the Yes Prime Minister series and it always seemed the PM was answerable to the Civil Service establishment. But the idea is to make the service more accountable, easier to fire people and cut away dead wood. Another idea is to de-criminalize non payment of the BBC license. I for one have thought the BBC and other mainstream media were not unbiased and showing a pro-remain leaning. Some institutions are so entrenched they are part of the furniture. I think the point here is that the free thinking Aquarian pattern seems to be able to step outside the box and ‘see’ things. The Civil Service is something which is behind the scenes, and I’ve not thought a Gvt would try to reform it. Where Labour ignored the people, in their campaign the Conservationists went and spoke to people face to face in marginal areas. This sounds much more Aquarian inclusive thinking – using focus groups and acting on what was heard. This may be part of what you mentioned about people from a broader background base getting involved. Maybe this kind of approach of listening (Aquarian?) will be part of the chart of this government?

    1. This was predicted about two years ago in a series I wrote called The Capricorn Effect, if you want to hit search. Read Part Two and scroll down for the date-stamped information about January 2020 and why the whole institution of government in Great Britain (obviously including the Civil Service) would be transformed. I think you’ll see a ton of sackings, hirings and firings in January as The Capricorn Effect takes hold. Thank you.

  6. As we are witnessing the dying days of the United Kingdom – what will be Wales’s fate when Ireland unifies and Scotland becomes independent?

    1. That’s several horoscopes in one but I am on the case. We knew the European Union was over many years ago, when Greece voted. Have a look on Search for entries about that Greece referendum! This was a long time before PM Johnson was even thought about.

  7. Hi Jessica

    I am not sure what you mean about the women’s vote but the Labour Party now has a majority of female MPs in the House of Commons.

    My money is on Lisa Nandy as the next leader. She would certainly have the backing of the ‘traditionalist’ section of the Party and probably some of the more ‘progressive’ members – and is a Leo like yourself. What do you think of her horoscope?

    Do keep up the brilliant work on politics – even if the birth times are not always spot on

    1. Let’s watch Lisa Nandy. I am still backing a very old prediction about the ‘missing’ Miliband. It may take a while (we have no birth time and it can send us too far forwards into the future) but there is something about that choice that rings true. My comment about the women’s vote was harking back to the Suffragettes, and the Women’s Liberation movement of the 1960’s. At that point all women were equal in Great Britain. When they were ignored or even belittled they pushed back and elected PM Johnson and the Conservatives. Leave always meant Leave. The vote chart won.

  8. Jupiter was trine Uranus on election day, so some sort of revolution was on the cards.

    It’s just none of us knew what it was going to be!

    Were the LibDems suddenly going to make a breakthrough and become the main opposition? Were the Brexit Party going to make a break through to gain seats in parliament for the first time? Was Corbyn’s hard-left manifesto going to win? Or was Boris going to do the unthinkable and persuade people to vote Tory who had not voted Tory before?

    It turned out to be Boris’s breakthrough that was the revolution. Some seats that hadn’t returned a Tory MP for 134 years went blue.

    Also the Tory Tamworth Manifesto chart (for 18 December 1834) has Moon at 16 Cancer, Mars at 17 Cancer – both very close to the Moon in the UK 1801 chart at 19 Cancer. And on election day they were getting aspects from the Sun in 19 Saggitarius and Saturn at 19 Capricorn.

    1. My friend and colleague in astrology, Shelley von Strunckel saw ‘a shock’ and did not know if it would be a Liberal Democrat success (not so – the party was humiliated when Jo Swinson lost her seat) or – this is great – a Conservative landslide. I love your work on the Tamworth chart set for 18th December 1834 and you’ve got me so interested about that, I must sit down with it when I land back in Melbourne. What interests me most, and this is very peculiar – is that PM Johnson’s birth time is wrong. Now, given that someone like Swinson only lost by a few hundred seats, you would have to wonder what effect all those astrological blogs, Twitter messages and websites had – all warning about a hung result – and made just enough people go through the front door and out to the booths. If we use a 2.00pm chart we get the backwards/past – as the present. So he was never blocked, it had already happened. Too odd.

  9. Fantastic article, I love all the political articles you write. I love these predictions and they were always in my mind with regard to the UK elections and Brexit. Let’s hope Corbin steps down and allows for a labour rebirth. Now for Australia! What about our Labour Party and Scott Morrison deleting the arts policy and labour being in no mans land. Arghhh!
    Also would love to hear some speculation about the democratic leader to challenge Trump in 2020- can Bernie ever prevail?

    1. Thanks so much. These politicians with wrong/missing birth times are a bit of a nightmare, so I won’t look at Corbyn in particular, but I’ll go back to a very old prediction that eventually Labour in Britain would seriously consider the ‘other’ Miliband brother! I hear you about Australia and PM Morrison. I have friends so affected by these fires and I can’t bear the koalas dying like this. We seem to be heading towards one-world government and one-planet thinking from Christmas 2020 (12 months away) so you have to wonder how we get there. PM Johnson has led the way in London with a department dedicated to climate change. Bernie Sanders (again no data) is a radical and committed environmentalist. One way or another we get to Aquarius thinking and it happens very suddenly, December 2020. I can only think – massive change of minds and hearts by Trump and Morrison – or they go. As in, they go, go, go. Watch January.

  10. Hi Jessica, love your work. It’s good to read something positive about the direction the UK is taking. Isaac Starkman has done a rectification of Boris Johnson’s chart to 13:43 New York time. It would be interesting to see if this fits better with your predictions.

    1. Great to hear this thank you. I would not agree with a 1.43pm New York time but I do think he was born far later, with a Sagittarius Ascendant. If I cross paths with Rachel Johnson next year I will certainly ask.

  11. Hello Jessica,
    I do enjoy your astrology and blogs.
    I’ve also read two other astrologers, who have suggested that Boris’s 2pm birth time is wrong. Therefore, as the hung parliament suggests it is a backward time. Do you believe Boris was born before or after 2pm? If so, do you have an incline as to how far?
    Thank you for your time, fab reads and this website.

    1. Yes, Boris was not born at 2pm and so predictions about him being blocked and obstructed were backwards – he’d already done that! I think the mistkae may have been one or other parent giving 2pm London time instead of US time. You would have to suspect his Sun in Gemini is correct, though. I think Libra Ascendant is quite wrong, Scorpio Moon is correct (the sex and money sign) but he may have Sagittarius Ascendant, being a publishing veteran, born overseas, and so closely involved with the Olympics (the world comes to London) and of course the new free trade deals to come with America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. He identifies with Churchill and he was a Sun Sagittarius. I’d back that Ascendant!

  12. Hello Again Jessica,
    As a great deal agreed with USA, verbally between Boris and Donald Trump, and if Trump takes an exit in some way. (Due to Capricorn weather), I’m supposing, or wondering if the deal still go ahead?

    1. Yes, the Special Relationship deal will go ahead, even if Trump exits. It was written on Jupiter in Sagittarius, and the South Node in Sagittarius comes up by 2022 at the latest, so this is karma. These two countries owe each other, and are owed. Even if the 2021 President is Sanders there would still be a deal. I find it very interesting that Sanders’ brother has ties to the United Kingdom. And Johnson was born in America!

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