The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart

Set for the moment she is finally free of the European Union, the new Great Britain will be reborn at 11.00pm on 31st January 2020. People are surprised to hear that countries have astrology charts too. Yet they do (and they work). So what does this one say?

The Brexit Rebirth Chart – Great Britain

Great Britain really does look ‘great’ thanks to Jupiter, the planet of size, expansion and growth, in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, as she is reborn on 31st January 2020.

People are surprised to know that countries have horoscopes too, but they certainly do, and this island has been blessed with quite a few of them.

So what are we seeing in this new, latest and greatest, version of the country?

This is the chart set for the big Brexit moment: Friday 31st January 2020 at 11.00pm in London. The software is AstroGold.

At first sight, Britain is heavily Capricorn. Traditional, ambitious, solid, grounded. She has a stellium in Capricorn. Six factors.

This chart now holds until there is any other similarly historic change to the nation. So, Britain is Aquarian (Sun in Aquarius) but careful, cautious, striving and wants to be at the top or stay at the top.

NEW GREAT BRITAIN 1024x788 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart
New Great Britain Astrology Chart ADAMS

The New Great Britain Astrology Chart

The reborn country is Aquarian so NATO and the Commonwealth are supplied by her. She identifies with those groups, including the United Nations. (Aquarius always feeds a network). The new Britain accepts diversity. The equality of age, race, sex, class is second nature to New Britain.

Apollo and Venus are in a conjunction at 21 Pisces in the Twelfth House of religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, meditation, Buddhism, self-help, therapy and psychology. This is her new leading role.

Australia Woman Rawpixel 200x300 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart

How Great Britain and Australia Become Aquarius Sisters

What is really interesting about the New Great Britain is that she immediately becomes an Aquarius Sun country. Just like Australia, her sister across the sea.

Australia was ‘born’ unofficially on Australia Day, January 26th – and officially on February 7th. In either case she is a Sun Aquarius.

The New Great Britain and Her Future in Astrology

The first, really obvious thing, about this new country is the 17 degree connection with the majority of other astrology charts we have for Great Britain. You’d expect that, but here it is. (Data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).

New Britain was reborn with Neptune at 17 Pisces. The Descendant at 17 Aries. The Ascendant at 17 Libra. So, 17 degrees is a hotspot for any transits in future. We could allow a one-degree orb and say 16 or 18 degrees too.

How UK Astrology Charts From 55 BC Share Timing

UK ROMAN INVASION CHART 55 BC – Venus 17 Libra, Moon 17 Capricorn.
UK INDEPENDENCE CHART 287 AD – Neptune 17 Leo.
UK INDEPENDENCE CHART 410 AD – Neptune 17 Taurus
UK UNIFICATION CHART 927 AD – Neptune 17 Cancer
UK ENGLAND-SCOTLAND 1603 – Mars 17 Aries
UK UNION 1801 – Mercury 17 Sagittarius
UK REORGANISATION 1922 – Saturn 17 Libra

qvprgi8lfoc 600x400 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart
Heidi Fin (Unsplash)

Astrology and Tarot Readings for Great Britain, Reborn in 2020

It seems appropriate to use ‘The British Tarot’ for a reading about the reborn nation. Created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite in 1909, it was born from discussions in London and a long summer of illustration in Kent.

As I write this on Friday 10th January 2020, PM Johnson’s ‘Brexit Bill’ has passed. So what are we seeing here? Character is destiny.

The Rich Nation in Need of Renovation and Repair 

Tarot Deck King of Pentacles 600x400 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology ChartMake no mistake, for all the doom and gloom ‘Project Fear’ surrounding Brexit, the King of Pentacles card, and abundant Jupiter in the business sign, Capricorn, suggests a rich nation.

The King here is obviously a symbol of monarchy, and it is a clear picture of King Charles or King William, as I write this in 2020. The need for renovation and repair is shown by the tangled weeds, grapevines and thick undergrowth.

We can see Taurus the bull hidden on the the throne. This is very much about the need for reformation. A clean-up! The money and abundance is there, but the environment is a mess and the agriculture is in dire need of a new approach. Buckingham Palace can be seen in the background. (All Tarot photographs from the Smith-Waite deck published by U.S. Games Systems: Justin Tabari).

The Aries, Taurus, Capricorn Chart Signature

We can see this in the chart. Uranus at 2 Taurus semi-sextile Chiron at 2 Aries. The new nation will forever be about monarchy and reformation, innovation and invention – applied to the land. Of course, Britain has a green kingdom already, thanks to the stand taken by Prince Charles and Prince William, on the environment.

This is a Climate Emergency card which shows the old Queen Elizabeth II with her Sun Sign Taurus, hidden on the throne, and the new monarchs to follow her. Aries the Ram is on the throne too. Picture all the lights going on after a long period when so much has been hidden and dark – that’s New Britain.

0nnuhln0bsy 600x399 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart
Unsplash (William Santos)

Climate Emergency Kingdom

On a more mundane note we are seeing a British wine industry with the grapes decorating the King’s robes. This is clearly Climate Emergency Britain as the temperature goes up.

Long-term we are going to see a new lean, green kingdom. We have to remember that Prince George is also in the future, too. Yet – Republicans can forget it. This is a kingdom.

The architecture, the landscape, the farming, the primary industry, the Royal Family assets are all up for renewal and revival and the money is there, along with the abundant resources.

Think of an overgrown garden with a green-fingered king.

What is really interesting about the King of Pentacles, as illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, over 110 years ago, is the rather odd way, in which the animal heads on the King’s throne can be interpreted as Taurus the Bull, Aries the Ram and Capricorn the Goat.

She created three hidden faces in stone. And here we see Taurus, Capricorn and Aries in the chart, in exact aspect.

The New Age of Aquarius for an Aquarian Country

Tarot Deck Temperance 600x400 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology ChartThe New Age of Aquarius begins on 20th December 2020, as Jupiter and Saturn line up at 0 Aquarius, ahead of Pluto’s move to 0 Aquarius on March 24th, 2023.

This is clearly shown in the Temperance card from the Tarot deck. An angel pours water, in the form of the famous ‘wavy water’ Aquarius logo, from one golden cup to another.

Aquarius is of course the symbol of groups. Communities and collectives. These groups are diverse, equal and co-operative. Based on friendship and the human family.

Aquarius is about equality between men and women, white and non-white, heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian and transgender. No one group dominates, replaces or tries to usurp another in Aquarius thinking. The space must be shared.

Aquarius is also about equality (within the group) uniting monarchs and commoners, rich and poor. It’s a huge symbol.

An Aquarius in Ancient Rome, where astrology comes from in Britain today – was the water-bearer who supplied the communal baths. In fact, Bath is named for its most famous Aquarian-style communal bath.

Great Britain, having left the European Union, will commit to new membership, and ‘refreshed’ membership, of other groups. Notably, from 2020, The Commonwealth, the U.N. and NATO. Yet, there will be others. New, global groupings of like-minded countries, together.

Again, on a more mundane note, we are going to see Climate Emergency Britain embrace new funding of public swimming pools, the clean-up of her rivers for swimming purposes (hot new summers in the 21st century) and the creation of new, artificial lakes, rivers and ponds.

When Pluto goes into Pisces the Fishes, ruled by Neptune (the ocean, waterways) from 10th March in the year 2043, the nation will have a radically different system of waterway and ocean management. The New Great Britain Astrology Chart is showing water clearly and so is the Tarot.

Tarot Deck The Star 600x400 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology ChartThe Star – Princess Charlotte or a Female Prime Minister?

As I write this on Friday the 10th of January 2020, it is hard to know if the fair-haired woman in The Star card is the future Princess Charlotte, or a third female Prime Minister, following PM Thatcher and PM May.

Here we have the second strong message from both the astrology chart and the Tarot cards, that New Great Britain is strongly Aquarian. Pamela’s card is quite specific!

A Natural Feminist Leader

A woman (a water-bearer, the symbol of Aquarius, just as we saw in the Temperance card) pours water from two urns, filling a pond, but also watering the landscape. A bird watches from a tree.

In the background, one big star shines, surrounded by others. I am sure you can see the stars of the European Union flag here. The New Great Britain Astrology Chart is backed by the Tarot here. What this card suggests is a Queen or female Prime Minister – a natural celebrity – and the star attraction in a completely new relationship with the old European Union.

So who is this? Perhaps she has not even been born yet, in 2020.

I’m sure you know the old anthem – Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules the Waves! It’s a standard at The Proms. Of course, waves are hidden in the Aquarius logo, and in The Star card, above.

The urn pouring water in waves. You can also see it in the Temperance card. We’ll see a new national anthem – a reworked version of Rule Britannia. Bound to!

The New European Union and the New Great Britain

What we are seeing here is a naturally green, media-friendly, female leader. She suits the Aquarian nature of the new country.

Women are equal to men. She is carrying the Aquarian ideals – group-thinking, friendship, diversity, equality, community.

LONDON AI Rawpixel 300x200 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart

The circle behind her is a reminder of ‘circular thinking’ – the new world of the new Britain, in which power is shared around, not controlled from the top down.

We are seeing an entirely new relationship with Europe in the stars, reforming themselves into a different kind of flag (though still yellow and blue) following Britain’s rejection of the European Union in 2016-2020.

Again, we have to note the water! There are major issues here for the new reborn country about water supply, flooding, the English Channel, the Thames and so on. This is the second of two Climate Emergency cards and it reminds us that in order to thrive (and even just survive) from 2020 onwards, New Great Britain has to take her place in one-world thinking and commit to a global initiative to control flooding, save water and perhaps create water.

Again, this is long-term, but it’s going to be the transit of Pluto through Aquarius and then Pisces which does it.

Dates to Watch 

Ceres at 0 Aquarius opposite the Part of Fortune at 0 Leo

Leo rules the Royal Family (the lion being an ancient symbol of monarchy in heraldry). Thus, we would be watching for a new definition between the people (Aquarius) and the monarchy (Leo) as Jupiter and Saturn move to 0 Aquarius. Between December 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2020 – we will see the usual Queen’s Christmas Message on the BBC take a dramatically different turn. New nation, new monarchy.

This is also the case again as Pluto moves to 0 Aquarius. Thus, between January 22nd-February 22nd 2024 we will see an historic change in the balance of power for the British Royal Family.

Pluto moves people up, down, out and sideways within the House of Windsor, January 22nd-February 22nd 2024. The process continues in July, August, November, December 2024.

Again, it is the usual Queen’s Christmas Message for the BBC which is the obvious sign of a massive change taking place between the Royal Family and the people – and the Commonwealth.

This takes place on December 25th, 2024.

Pluto Going to 0, 1, 2 Aquarius and The New Kingdom

In astrology, we don’t just see events ‘land’ from nowhere with Pluto. They gather speed and transform everything over a number of years.

We are clearly seeing a massive new initiative from the monarchy, transforming the environment, the nation’s finances, the royal economy and the landscape, as Pluto goes across 0, 1, 2, Aquarius.

So, we need to time this from Christmas 2020 until December 2025. Again, we are going to see a game-changing moment on Christmas Day, December 25th 2025, as the usual BBC Queen’s Speech broadcast is the global signal for the new nation and the new style of leadership.

Everyday Life and the New Great Britain

What about everyday life, though? How does the New Great Britain astrology chart show the biggest shake-up for the London Underground and the famous Tube in over 248 years? We have to think very long-term for that, but it’s coming.

Britain Flags Rawpixel 300x200 - The (New) Great Britain Astrology Chart

The Most Important Dates in the 21st Century – The Year 2037

Pluto at 23 Capricorn opposite the Midheaven at 23 Cancer and conjunct the Immum Coeli at 23 Capricorn is a substantial pattern in the chart set for New Great Britain on 31st January, 2020 at 11.00pm in London.

We are going to see a complete rethink of the famous London Underground (the tube). Perhaps, because of flooding of the Thames? Unbearable heat below the city? Let’s take a closer look at this 23 degree hotspot for the nation.

In fact, as you saw on this website as far back as February 2016, it’s this hotspot which was always going to deliver Brexit.

Most astrological charts for Great Britain have planets or other factors at 23 degrees. The year 2037 will be  historic period for the Royal Family, the palaces and castles, the land and the nation.

You might call it nation-changing and monarchy-changing. In fact, the entire fabric of the country (particularly with her oceans and rivers) alters.

You’d have to expect ferries and other craft that have not been invented yet, to utterly change the way Londoners travel. And beyond that – the canals of Manchester, the waterways of Bristol and the rest – seem like the future of not only transport, but also leisure.

Uranus and Jupiter in 2037 Ring the Changes

Uranus, a symbol of revolution, goes to 23 Cancer in the same year that Jupiter goes to 23 Cancer – 2037. That’s 17 years away.

Between  September 9th and 14th 2037, Great Britain will face issues about her own independence, as well as the independence of other nations tied to her. This triggers a revolution.

The year 2037 begins the process of radical change. In the year 2038 the process continues. Britain will be set free, but also need to extend freedom to other countries. Watch June 30th 2038, when we find Pluto at 23 Aquarius and Uranus at 23 Cancer.

We’d have to wonder if Australia and the Commonwealth weren’t involved then, as June 30th is the end of the financial year in Australia.

Again, we’re seeing a sequence here. Astrological events don’t just land with a thud from nowhere. They roll, over time. Thus, we end up with Pluto going over Mercury and aspecting Saturn in the year 2039.

 2039 and the BBC, the Internet and Multimedia

Mercury at 25 Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn at 25 Capricorn in the new Great Britain astrology chart is a symbol of the BBC. Also, of the worldwide web. (Mercury is the messenger of the gods and rules all communication).

In the year 2039, about two decades into the future as I write this, we will see a sweeping transformation of all media, including the BBC, and the worldwide web itself (which of course was given to the world by an Englishman, Tim Berners-Lee).

We see Uranus at 25 Cancer and Pluto at 25 Aquarius in Spring 2039.

Between April 29th and May 27th 2039, Britain will see a huge shift with her national broadcaster, the BBC and the Worldwide Web as a whole, bringing in changes comparable to the invention of the printing press.

This feature was first published on 10th January 2020 and updated on 23rd May 2024. Main Image: Rawpixel

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32 Responses

  1. Your mentioning the cleaning up of rivers and creating of ponds, brought to mind the tentative reintroduction of beavers to the England. Missing after about 400 years, these creatures can end up slowing the flow of water and increasing wildlife habitat. Greatly easing the surge from a heavy rainfall as well as increasing the amount of moisture absorbed in the floodplain. The top of beaver lodges also happen to be the preferred nesting spots for swans (a bird with regal associations).

  2. Hi Jessica

    Are you able to do an article on the Murdoch Empire, including all his sons and the future of this media mogul family – and when their reign of tyranny will end? I think it’s no secret that Murdoch Media is directly responsibly for spreading lies over climate change and just undermining Western democracy – not to mention just outright lies and no actual journalism, investigative or otherwise to be had.

    And personally, do you see if I may have a chance switching careers to become a journalist, which will require I go back to university and so on?

    Thank you (and I’m bombarding the forums today, so my apologies in advance).


    1. Funnily enough I used to work as the astrologer for The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, a jewel in Rupert Murdoch’s crown. The criticism over the Murdoch media empire’s climate emergency denial is growing, isn’t it? We just don’t have firm data for Rupert Murdoch or his family, but I gave a private reading to a friend in the media, employed in the organisation, and it will break up. It’s interesting to see how these dynasties are all fracturing as we go through The Capricorn Effect of Janaury 2020 (predicted two years ago). The Clintons, the Windsors and next – the Trumps and Murdochs. Shaolee, you want to know if you could become a journalist and if you would need to return to university. You will find your instinct for writing, and for news, will be centre-stage from May 2020 when the Nodes change signs. You could easily be involved part-time or full-time in the mass media by the year 2021, and much of this is past life experience coming back to you. You could study alongside this and would be interested in either a foreign teacher/organisation, or find that your course involves a great deal of networking in another country.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    With respect to the Star card…
    8 stars with 8 points = perhaps 8th in line to the throne, which may possibly represent a daughter of Harry and Meghan?

    A natural ‘celebrity’ (as opposed to Royal) particularly if place of birth is Nth America. In this case she indeed would pour from two urns (one into the pond of British emotion and the other into the land of Nth American roots/land).
    She would also likely be an attraction in this new relationship the Sussex’s envision with the Monarchy.
    I always get the feel Smith’s Star is somewhat virginal, so perhaps a Virgo sun child?

    Just my feels here. No mediums involved in this instance.
    Thanks for the new updates!

    1. Thank you for your interpretation of The Star in this reading. Yes, our mystery woman may indeed be the future daughter of Meghan and Harry, but we’ll have to see – this could also easily be the third female Prime Minister in British history.

    2. Hi Zoe,

      Yes! I only wrote this morning that I have got a feeling she is pregnant again. No feelings about the gender. September sounds correct. It may be just my conscious thoughts, but I really don’t think she wants future children born in England and I don’t think we will get much info.

      As I mentioned in my other post I don’t consider myself psychic, but it was a definite feeling.

  4. Hello, Jessica.

    I can’t help checking your blog! I should focus on what I want to do with my life but just keep coming back to your articles. ; )
    It is very fascinating prediction. I live in U.K. but not citizen. I have a child who was born 1 June 2018 in U.K. and I am really looking forward to seeing this very young person growing up at the same time concerned about climate change issues and the transformation the technology brings. I cannot have my child’s chart here but could you tell me something important I better be prepared / be looking forward to regarding my child through my chart, please? We will be here in U.K.

    Hope your charity reading will go well to help the situation in Australia.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. We just had the results in and the final bid was over $2000, which will go straight to volunteer firefighters. Okay, so your Gemini child born on 1st June has come into the world ready to experience the karma of the North Node in Gemini, conjunct the Sun, and the South Node in Sagittarius, straight opposite. This new cycle begins May 2020. Even though your child is very small, you will both be strongly affected by Great Britain’s departure from the European Union. This may be through visa or passport changes, the decision to relocate by 2022, or new relationships and friendships with people from overseas. Have a look at Third House on Search – your child will be experiencing a cycle not possible in 19 years through the Third House.

      1. Wow!$2000. Great outcome. I love your kindness towards every life.
        Thank you for your message. I am selling my house and have to buy a house after that. But we are not looking outside other than where we are now. Is this also counted as “relocation” in the karma you mentioned and come along with Brexit effect? As U.K. is transforming to new nation, although I am not from Europe, I understand that U.K. may have changes in any immigration case. If visa is going to be affected, I cannot be prepared more until I see news. So wait and see.
        If possible, could you tell me if the karma, starting in May will affect our house purchase? I have stellium in libra and I thought libra, this year, has good opportunities (or something positive) in regards to “house”. If the karma will effect the purchase of the house, will it be positive one?

        Thank you again for your kindness to help people and animals in crisis.

        1. Thank you. Yes, selling your house and going across your local area is certainly relocation. Yet – when the Node goes into Sagittarius (foreign countries) from May 2020, through 2021 and into January 2022 – there may be a second option which is genuinely in another country. May is the changeover month when the situation around you will be more helpful in terms of a final decision. Of course, the house choice is up to you.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing with your generous beautiful blog pieces and charity readings. I love that you give so much of yourself to all of us!!

    I couldn’t help noticing that the New Britain horoscope syncs amazingly well with aspects of my own … my Venus at 17 Libra exactly conjuncts the British ascendant while my domiciled Saturn at Capricorn 24 is very close to Britain’s own at 23 in the same sign. What would relocation to the new Britain look like for me?? Would my art, music, love life and money flourish there? Thanks for your insights Jessica!!

    1. Thank you. The New Great Britain astrological chart does chime with your own. Having a Saturn in Capricorn connection is very hard work, though. In fact, you exchange Saturn positions and in Capricorn that can be rather tough, on a career level, but also I terms of where you fit in the class system. Have a look at Saturn on Search to see why. Perhaps try a holiday first!

  6. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for all the insight I’ve been reading on your blog for the last eight years. Reading all your predictions I couldn’t stop thinking about my country, Romania, the country I currently live in, thinking every day about leaving it for a new life in Germany. I was born on 11th Febr. 1977 and as things develop here I see myself forced to leave it in order to have more future stability and peace of mind. I am only getting older, here the jobs are very difficult to find when you get older than 40. Thank you in advance.

    1. You will find the questions about leaving Romania and going to Germany are sorted out more easily from May 2020 – in fact it is around April-May that you might make the final decision. It’s up to you, but the situation you need to help you decide would come your way then, as the Node leaves Cancer (home and homeland) and in your Aquarius chart, we find Uranus drawing very close to the Sun, in your property and family tree zone. That’s a change.

  7. Hello what about Scotland as in blogs you have done you say they are going independent.

    but from this blog i worry we are not what is going on Scots don’t what what England voted for.

    1. What we are seeing is Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury in Capricorn, which translates as ‘the end of the elite who would control the many’. The mountain goats at the top are very few in number – most goats are down below. Just as after the vote to leave the European Union by the majority in 2016 was ultimately respected (after a struggle for democracy in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) we are going to see the same hard question in Scotland. What happens when ‘the many’ in Scotland want one thing, and the elite, quite another?

  8. Dear Jessica,
    I found your articles about rising sign, royalty and great britain fascinating. I am french, but strangely always felt connected to Britain and its Royal family. I noticed that Great Britain’s New chart has many points in exact conjonction with mine…29° Moon in aries conjunct my 29° Sun in aries, 19°Mars in sagittarius conjunct my 19°moon in sagittarius, 7° south node Capricorn conjunct my 7°Neptune in Capricorn and close to my immum coeli, i also have 13° Capricorn Jupiter natally. I have a 2° libra ascendant opposite GB’s chart 2° Chiron aries and as you can read , I have the same rising sign as GB’s chart. What does it mean to have such close personal points with a country ? Should I relocate there? Or vacation more there ? I am a teacher, but also a natural healer and hypnotherapist. I plan in the near future to create a business using my healing talent and so having more possibility to Travel. I long for Britain since I’m a child…Am I weird? Ahah I’m proud they choose thé Brexit. I wish France could do the same…
    Thank you for your rich and Amazing articles.

    1. Thank you Sarah. The new chart is interesting, isn’t it? The Moon-Sun conjunction in your First House of branding and self-promotion would suit your business, which presumably relies on publicising yourself as a one-woman business. Perhaps it will ultimately suit you to go between both countries and promote your two languages. That would work with the charts.

  9. Hello Again Jessica,
    Thank you again for this fab website with its topics and blogs.
    May I ask; Does astrology show any sort of success for WASPI aged women, and men? Not just for now but for future generations too?
    I must admit, I’m finding it a struggle.

    1. Thank you very much. You are in luck, as The New Age of Aquarius approaches from Christmas 2020 and will thoroughly include all age groups. In fact, there will be a new levelling or equality between teenagers as well as people over retirement. It seems impossible or unlikely now, I know, but it is coming. Jupiter (expansion, growth) and Saturn (commitment) both move into Aquarius as we go towards Christmas Eve. They precede Pluto in Aquarius from the year 2023. That is a massive change in British life, culture, employment and society. It is inclusive. You will be included! You have to get involved, of course. A helicopter will not drop through the ceiling to collect you. Yet, if you do get involved, you will play your part in New Great Britain. There seems to be some government encouragement or funding for this path, yet it is also grass roots – it comes up from the people.

  10. I think you are right about Prince Charles – or King Charles as he will become.

    His moon is at 0 Taurus 23.

    The Brexit day Moon at 29 Aries and Uranus at 2 Taurus are very close to it, and then there is Ceres at 0 Aquarius.

    Does this mean a change in monarch is imminent? I had a look at Queen Elizabeth’s chart and she has her Sun at 0 Taurus 12.

    1. There are a couple of things going on with Prince Charles and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The most important of all goes way back to May 2018 when H.R.H. signed into law The Magnitsky Amendment on Money Laundering. This is legislation that targets people who are human rights abusers as well as ‘cleansers’ of dirty money. Never forget Jeffrey Epstein and his death are still surrounded by question marks. At a certain point we will have answers. I suspect it will be when Jupiter and Saturn pass 0 Aquarius, though the first pass of Saturn is March 2020 so it’s very close now.

  11. Hi Jessica

    I love reading your blog. My horoscope constantly refers to 19 years ago and karma, I am not sure what this means to my individual reading as I am now settled in my career with a good position. Secondly, how do you see the. Astrology for South African, currently there is so much uncertainty and I worry about the future about my children in this country, one born on the 30th Nov 1998 and the other in. 19th June 2008.

    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Well, 19 years ago the North Node of karma was in Cancer, the sign ruling your family and your country. At the moment you have the South Node (the other side of the karma) in Capricorn, the sign which rules career. So you are asking me about your children and South Africa, where you come from – and the answer is – you are being pushed and pulled between your stability and success – and the situation for you as a parent, but also in terms of your home and homeland. I’m not sure what your worry is about South Africa. You’ll find she falls quite naturally into new agreements with New Great Britain after 31st January 2020, as the world map is redrawn. In fact, after May 2020, you find your anxiety about your family and your nation is much reduced, as the Node tension of Cancer-Capricorn breaks, and suddenly everyone realises that the time has come for karmic closure between the British and the Africans. This goes back centuries, but it’s coming. By 2022 these two countries will have figured out so many big new deals.

  12. Thanks Jessica

    As you mentioned South Node in Capricorn which rules career, my chart shows 8 deg Capricorn, what does this mean for my career?

    The future agreements with Great Britian seems promising, however my worry about South Africa is that the country has gone through so much turmoil as a result of government corruption which nearly placed the economy to junk status, unemployment and crime has increased, people are emigrating because of the situation. Do you see these situations changing for the better?

    Thanking you in advance!

    1. South Africa does respond to Jupiter-Pluto transits and in fact Nelson Mandela became the first black president in the 1993-1994 cycle. Jupiter is really about problem-solving, expansion, hope for the future, growth and overdue improvement. Pluto is always, always, a change in the balance of power. I think your instincts are right and your country is in line for much-needed reform. I hope for your sake it comes with these historic Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. The first one is April. The last, November.

  13. 23 January 2020, UK withdrawal from the EU is now law, receiving Royal Assent today.

    Many thanks! (corrected to 2020)

  14. 6 days to go! I cannot thank you enough for keeping our hopes alive despite all the set backs during the past 3 years. Your astrology predictions have been spot on, and I am so proud of the British people for not giving in to the EU by voting in the General Election (which was after all another Brexit referendum) as other countries have done before. Thank you so much.

    1. I recognise your name from previous astrology discussions about the European Union and Great Britain. The astrology is never wrong if the information about time, date and place is correct (for a country, or a person) so as far back as the days of Prime Minister David Cameron it was possible to see the way it would go…amazing to think Great Britain is an Aquarian now. That is a huge change – she used to be Capricorn!

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