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How October 2020 Brings Donald Down

October 2020 is a crisis month for Donald Trump. Just one month before the 2020 Election. For Donald Trump to come back and be President in November 2020, or even just redeem his reputation - nothing short of a couple of miracles would have to take place.

Donald Trump Astrology in October 2020

jhwz4zzlla 600x400 - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownAs the leader of the United States of America, Donald Trump’s fate is the nation’s fate. It’s also the world’s fate. The planet is in a climate emergency (according to 11,000 scientists and counting) and Donald is in control of that.

Perhaps because Trump’s rulership is a global concern, I continue to see questions and messages about him, on this website and on Twitter, more than any other politician. Now – I would not expect you to just accept my astrology predictions without some clear proof they work. Here it is. October 2020 is going to bring Donald down.

Astrology Does Not do Politics

Astrology does not do politics. It does astrology! We’re in a. Jupiter-Pluto cycle when any single man who is trying to take over the entire planet, despite the advice of NASA and the United Nations on climate – is headed for a downfall.

We’ve seen the same cycle since Pluto was found in 1930. We always see system change. And we always see leadership affected.

Predicting Donald With Astrology

By using astrology charts for the USA and UK it was possible to date-stamp a prediction about a Brexit deal, ten months before it happened.

“This seems so far away on November 14th 2018, but…Close to Wednesday 25th September 2019, we’re looking at a big, brilliant, British Brexit bargain.” 

On 24th September 2019, Donald Trump made a Brexit trade deal ‘quadruple’ pledge to PM Boris Johnson.

Trump Horoscope Predictions Work (If You Use the American Chart)

Forget the supplied Donald Trump ‘birth data’. For a start, his people have given the authorities both a June and July birth date. There are at least two conflicting birth times. It’s unreliable data.

What works really well is the American chart.

Here is another long-range forecast, about Donald, using that – which you read on this website on 17th August 2017.

That prediction was looking three months into the future.

“We’re going to receive major headlines about particular economies, currencies or trade deals – probably on Monday 4th December, the first business day after the Supermoon.” The Boston Herald was just one newspaper making ‘the most sweeping overhaul since 1986’ front page news – after the 3rd December tax deal.

But wait, there’s more! Using the US horoscope and the astrology of the USA, it is possible to find even more evidence that this system of prediction works for Donald Trump. And as we’ll see in a moment, it predicts that in October 2020, Donald goes down. In fact, the entire year may be marked by declines and losses. It depends on what he chooses to do. But – so far – updating this feature on 3rd June 2020 – if you ‘Pluto’ protestors and ‘Pluto’ the media and ‘Pluto’ the Paris Agreement, you’ll go down. It’s a rule of astrology. Every time we see Jupiter in the same sign as Pluto, any power abuse is over.

Here’s more proof that astrology works when predicting Donald Trump’s biggest diary dates.

How Astrology Predicted the Dates of Trump’s Impeachment and Brexit Deal

As we’ve seen, astrology predicted the exact date, September 25th 2019, of a Brexit trade deal between POTUS Donald Trump and PM Boris Johnson – eleven months before it happened.

And you also saw this on this website, back on 23rd February 2019 in a story on Trump, Russia and Mueller. So, seven months before it happened.

“We will come a lot closer to the truth about the Florida vote and Russia in September 2019.”

Nancy Pelosi began the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump on September 24th, 2019, reported in the New York Times.

Going back even further, on 18th February 2017 you read about Watergate repeating – in NANCY PELOSI 194x300 - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownSeptember 2017.

“We have a line-up in the American horoscope at exactly the same degrees in September 2017. The Watergate pattern repeats exactly in the American chart.”

On September 18, 2017, CNN and the BBC reported that the FBI wiretapped Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, from 2014 to 2017.

Going forward in time, to the full Trump impeachment by Nancy Pelosi (author of Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters), you read this on 26th December 2017, a full two years before it happened.

“White House Wipe-Out?

Let’s zero in on the USA and Ceres which hits her chart November 2019 to January 2020. When we see Pluto and Ceres together like this in Capricorn near January 12th 2020 we are going to see the mother of all upheavals at the top. I use the word ‘mother’ advisedly because Ceres tends to put women front and centre. This is the White House, in the future.”

Predicted on 26th December 2017 – The Mother of all Upheavals at the Top, 12th January 2020

Astrology predicts tomorrow’s news today. On the day. Over two years before it happened, we did in fact see Nancy Pelosi on 12th January 2020, telling NBC News: ‘THE PRESIDENT IS IMPEACHED FOR LIFE.’

Does Nancy Pelosi read her horoscope? I have no idea. But her NBC News headlines, made an astrology prediction come true.

Screen Shot 2020 01 28 at 10.27.01 am e1586717284771 600x348 - How October 2020 Brings Donald Down

So, Does Astrology Say Trump Wins or Lose in 2020?

October is a crisis month for Donald Trump. Just one month before the 2020 Election. We don’t have trustworthy birth data for Trump so there is no point looking at a ‘birth chart.’ Yet, the American chart as a whole, shows him in crisis in October – nine months away as I write this. It’s a take-down, a come-down and a downfall. The astrology of the US election 2020 is extreme.

In other predictions, I’ve made, see why 2021 is about Democrats, not Republicans. Unless the Republicans have a massive change in policy, we are looking at a Democrat party win, with a new President who overhauls the tax system against the rich. Barack Obama is backing Joe Biden as I write this on 3rd June 2020. Barack Obama’s own Jupiter-Pluto cycle is activated (he rose to power when Jupiter was in the same sign as Pluto). That’s big.

Trump hits a huge come-down, take-down and downfall moment in October 2020. I’m seeing this nine months ahead. This may be a two-step. Perhaps even a three-step. October surprise? Astrologers Olga Morales and Richard Nolle, using different techniques, are also calling October critical for Donald Trump’s presidency.

Arrest, Political Decline, Illness, Defeats

We see this cycle when Presidents, Prime Ministers, Premiers and Senators get voted out. Get sick and resign. Disappear (even). We see it when they see their ‘side’ fall or fail. It’s something we’ve seen in astrology with Pluto and Jupiter, ever since Pluto was discovered back in 1930. Polls plunge, there’s a defeat, or history is written against the ‘Pluto’ person or system.

Every single time we see Jupiter move into the same sign as Pluto – it’s a huge step down for any person/organisation which has too much control, too much power – and has had it for too long. Not in my opinion, by the way. In the opinion of historians! It’s system change. Astrology is about facts.

We get Barack Obama coming in, on this cycle, and Nelson Mandela. We also see then end of Sir Winston Churchill and Mussolini. So, it’s not about left or right. It’s just about power takedowns.

When you have too much power, when you try to control too much, when you take over – the Pluto-Jupiter cycle is your end. It can happen to you if you’re right-wing or left-wing. Nothing to do with politics, everything to do with astrology.

Why 2020 is 1963 All Over Again

Updating this for June 3rd 2020, it is possible to see why 2020 is 1963 again. Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Cancer, and South Node in Capricorn. That is an uncanny repeat. Here are some repetitions – already

*British Labour party elects a new leader (in 1963 it was Harold Wilson)
*Epstein and Prince Andrew (in 1963 Britain was rocked by the Profumo sex scandal referencing the Royal Family)
*America unites against racism in protests from Los Angeles to Washington DC (in 1963 Martin Luther King led protests).

In 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated and replaced by President Lyndon B. Johnson. It is important to stress that Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn does not mean a president is assassinated in astrology. It does however point to historic transformation at the White House and within the Republican and Democrat parties. Aquarius rules political parties. Cancer rules the First Family. Capricorn rules the President.

The United States Astrology Chart

The United States of America has a few astrology charts and after a great deal of testing the most accurate one I have found for date-stamped prediction is set January 2nd, 1776 at a token time of 12.00pm noon. Why? This is when the phrase ‘the United States of America’ was first used in its official capacity – in a letter written by Stephen Moylan, Acting Secretary to George Washington. Most astrologers use July 4th, 1776, but the 2nd of January 1776 chart is more accurate for prediction. Using the January 2nd, 1776 chart it is possible to see why October 2020 will bring Donald down. But first, here’s news about the next few weeks, as I answer your questions in January 2020.

AMERICA 1 600x563 1 300x282 - How October 2020 Brings Donald Down

February 2020 and the Trump Dynasty and Impeachment

download 1 15 - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownNow that Trump has been impeached (as I write this on January 22nd, 2020, Nancy Pelosi has indeed come for him, as the mystery woman in the ‘mother’ of all take-downs, as was predicted over two years ago) the family tree is vulnerable. In fact, Trump’s children or in-laws could easily come apart in February 2020. The hierarchy is toxic and does not support Ivanka, Jared or the rest of them, long-term.

In February 2020, the American chart shows that the ‘first family’ in the White House is in trouble. It would take a miracle for the Trump dynasty to stay in one piece after February 2020.

There may be departures – family members could split – or drop off the scene. The impeachment and ongoing enquiries into everything from Jeffrey Epstein to the Trump family finances, suggests a really unstable situation in February.

Again this is just basic astrology and history. We’ve been tracking this since Pluto’s discovery in 1930. The sign opposite to the one, Pluto is in, tends to be where cracks appear. In 2020 that’s Cancer. And that rules family and dynasty.

October 2020 and the Crisis

Now, what about October 2020 – and why is it so critical for Trump in astrology terms? As I’ve mentioned, we use the American chart, not his, to see the collapse at the White House and/or Trump Tower. Yet, it’s a good indicator.

Mars in Aries in October 2020

Mars in Aries in October 2020, the place of Neptune in Virgo in the US horoscope, the New Moon on Friday 16th October 2020 are all indicators.

The New Moon at 23 Libra on Friday 16th October

The New Moon at 24 Libra is just one degree away from the hotspot of 24 Virgo in the American horoscope – on Friday 16th October. That may be a key date in the ‘End of the World as We Know It’ for Trump and his family and colleagues.

Mercury in Capricorn in the U.S. Horoscope

Another hotspot in the American chart is Mercury at 0 Capricorn. When President Bill Clinton was impeached on December 19th, 1998, Neptune stood at 0 Aquarius.

Saturn at 20 Libra in the American Chart

Saturn at 20 Libra is another hotspot in the American astrology chart and in October 2020, we find Jupiter at 20 Capricorn making an exact square – specifically on October 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st.

Martin Luther King  died on April 4th, 1968 when Pluto was at 20 Virgo. The Vietnam War began with Ceres at 20 Capricorn on November 1st, 1955.

What happens to the leadership of the United States of America in this intense October astrology, changes the shape of the year. It is entirely possible that Trump will lose his role as head of the dynasty that month and/or head of the nation. He may even be out of the picture politically in October 2020, but lose his reputation. Remember, the impeachment acquittal took place on Mercury Retrograde. This is what the American astrological chart is showing me. Other astrologers will no doubt disagree.

Chiron at 6 Aries in October 2020

There is a final hotspot in the American horoscope, also triggered in October 2020. That is her Moon at 6 Gemini. Chiron at 6 Aries will be alongside.

The World Trade Centre was attacked on September 11th, 2001 (I was unfortunate enough to witness it in Greenwich Village). I’ll never forget the chart, as Neptune stood at 6 Aquarius.

When Richard Nixon resigned, on 9th August 1974, Neptune was at 6 Sagittarius. The actual Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 saw the True North Node at 6 Leo and True South Node at 6 Aquarius. Six degrees is big for America.

Putting it All Together – Trump in October 2020

The New Moon in Libra suggests a new chapter in the endless war between Republicans and Democrats. And between this controversial leader with his multi-million following on Twitter – and the rest of the world – affected by his inaction on climate, refusing to join 200 other countries. That’s really ‘doing Pluto’ as Pluto is about one man trying to take over a whole planet. This is what Pluto did in the Roman myth, by the way.

These are all cardinal signs under pressure in October 2020. Aries, Capricorn, Libra. The weather is extreme. The astrological climate is rough and tough, as America goes towards Halloween and the election. Even the toughest survivor of them all could easily lose his position, mission and ambition that month.

pixabay trump 2546104 1920 300x104 - How October 2020 Brings Donald Down

Why Donald Must Perform Miracles

Donald would have to perform miracles in order to hang on to his place at the top, in October 2020. It could be done – with massive effort and willpower – but even then, he is running out of time.

In October 2020, we may see the White House itself, or any of the Trump Towers, hit by damage, structural faults, extreme weather and so on – as another manifestation of what is going on. We have seen the protests of June 2020 target the White House and Trump’s properties. That really doesn’t go away in October 2020. It is astrology’s role to warn.

For Donald Trump to come back and be President in November 2020, nothing short of a couple of miracles would have to take place. He’d have to stop being Pluto!

Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker at The Express

My colleague at The Express in London, psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker is an excellent forecaster of trends. In 2018, he predicted British Prime Minister Theresa May would resign (she did, on July 24th, 2019) and that Brexit would go through (which it also did) here.

Craig foresaw earthquakes in America (on July 4th and 5th, 2019, California was hit by the Ridgecrest Earthquake) and – the big one – that Donald Trump would be impeached (he was, on the 18th of December 2019).

Craig predicts Donald Trump will win a second term as President in November 2020. I would be absolutely astonished if that is the case. Trump would have to come back from a vulnerable family situation in February – and back from the crisis of October – rallying for November. It is important to state both sides of psychic prediction or astrology to be fair, so there it is.

The 2020 President of the United States of America, in astrology terms, is an Aquarian Age leader. So, Donald would have to completely change his approach towards the nation. No more Pluto in Capricorn (total control from the top) Now. Just what is the impact of Jupiter and Saturn, both in Aquarius, going to deliver in 2021 – and Pluto in Aquarius in the year 2023?

The New Age of Aquarius President

Climate of Hope - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownThis new kind of winning leadership that seeks to balance the scales between rich and poor will suit the New Age of Aquarius. America’s next President will be elected on tax and social security. Nobody is saying that could not be a Republican like Trump, because astrology does not do politics. Yet, you’d have to say, Aquarian thinking is really about social equality and a more level playing field. It’s Robin Hood thinking. The rich giving to the poorest. This is a Democrat victory for 2021.

We have a super-Aquarian in Mike Bloomberg, born on February 14th, 1942 at 3.40pm in Brighton, MA. He has the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus there. He is a philanthropist with a fortune of $60 billion. He’s stepped down as candidate as I write this on 3rd June 2020 but his influence remains.

This Aquarian favouring of community, equality, diversity suits the ‘weather’ of the year 2021, with Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus (the economic revolution) and the combination of both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. (The Mike Bloomberg data from is AA rated).

Bernie Sanders is the other obvious contender here, but we don’t have accurate birth data for him. This is a shame as his approach to taxation, the super-wealthy and America’s struggling classes, makes him another really obvious contender for 2021 President, even though he has stepped down in favour of Joe Biden.

This is a ‘give’ Presidency for 2021. This astrological weather we are seeing is about the beginning of the end, of climate controllers. Yet, it’s also about the beginning of a great levelling in America – financially. That may be Bernie’s influence as much as it is Bloomberg’s. Without a birth time we don’t know – but we can go for broad brushstrokes.

I am always reluctant to call elections because it’s a coin toss. And here we are in January 2020 and October is some 8-9 months away. Yet, if you want to know the way the wind is blowing – it’s against ‘the rich get richer’ and ‘the earth gets hotter’ and towards radical taxation change. Now, make sure you’re registered to vote!

New for 2021. The Seriously Rich Giving Back

Rolling Stone Elizabeth Warren - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownWhat we’re seeing in the White House in 2021 is someone who is seriously rich and wants to benefit the poorest. Apart from Bloomberg, we might also be looking at the influence of Tom Steyer here, who is also a philanthropist worth $1.6 billion even though he’s out of the race. Most certainly Bernie Sanders’ influence continues on Democrat thinking – even without a birth time – you would have to say he doesn’t go away. Or…are we looking at Trump, remade and restored after his world falls apart, offering voters a Libran-style equality vision? A radical rethink of his old policies, to chime with the New Age of Aquarius with all its social justice? No more Pluto?

At time of writing that seems most unlikely! The other tantalizing possibility for November 2020 in astrology is a woman who, while not necessarily being a billionaire, believes in Robin Hood or Aquarius thinking, and also makes it to the top. With the Taurus-Libra-Scorpio weather of the U.S. 2020 Election in astrology, what we absolutely have is a massive voter concern with the dollar (above all other things). So are we seeing a duet with Elizabeth Warren pushing forward for dual White House leadership, 2021?

Generation Libra is Voting for Robin Hood

Something we have to remember about this radically new America for 2021 and beyond, is that her voters in their millions, include people born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the zodiac sign of Libra, which rules fairness, justice and equality. They are absolutely triggered to go out and vote for economic fair play, in this billionaire-laden nation, in November 2020. They want to be Robin Hood, or they just want him. Not so much robbing from the rich to give to the poor, but absolutely taking from them!

Can Donald make it back into play fast enough to give them what they want? Or are we looking at a very, very rich democratic presence in the White House for 2021? A new President who would seek to balance the economic scales for America’s poorest? As I update this on 3rd June 2020 something so typical of Aquarius weather has entered the narrative in America. Equality and justice for African-Americans. Now that’s a Democrat leadership in 2021.

Super Aquarian Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Book Cover - How October 2020 Brings Donald DownWith politics which are about equality (pushing the Libra buttons in the American chart) and Aquarian (fitting the new era in 2021) the discounted Mike Bloomberg says he’d subsidize rent, fix income inequality, raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, give paid family and sick leave, and act on cash bail reform. Bernie Sanders, with no confirmed birth time (or astrology chart) is also feeding perfectly into the new America – in Aquarian weather. Equality. Diversity. Community. Bloomberg has the financial brilliance that people believe. Bernie has years of credibility, as a champion of equality. Neither man is being suggested as President, of course, but this Aquarian weather is about the group. So all the Democrats together. And you’d have to expect Aquarian Oprah Winfrey to move centre-stage as Jupiter goes into Aquarius at the end of 2020.

You’re as curious about the astrology of the 2020 Election as I am, so there is more to see here.



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25 Responses

  1. Can you look at Tulsi Gabbard’s chart? (12th April 1981).

    She has a stellium in aries, so she’s getting aspects from “Generation Libra”.

    She has Mars at 20 Aries 40, Sun at 22 Aries 56 and Venus at 24 Aries 22 and she has Pluto at 22 Libra 58 and Neptune at 24 Saggitarius 47. So she’s catching a tough square from transiting Pluto and Saturn at the moment to her sun, venus and pluto.

    She matches up with your idea of someone with planets near 24 degrees.

    1. If that birth date is correct (Rodden AA rating) then she is part of the story, but not until Jupiter goes to the later degrees of Aquarius and trines her Libra patterns and sextiles her Aries patterns. That happens in 2021. She’ll be an intricate part of The New Age of Aquarius. Form one planet!

  2. Does it look then like the US stock market will be good through September of 2020, the period before before the Trump demise?

    1. You need to track the outcome of the new virus in China for that – I made a prediction some months ago about viruses and the Full Moon on Monday 9th March 2020. It depends on where your shares are. In a cure for the new corona virus from China? Or in Chinese exports and tourism? Search ‘virus’ for the prediction.

      1. Hi, Jessica. I actually was looking for the virus prediction I remember reading it. But can’t find it using search.

  3. What democrat from their base will show up if Sanders is elbowed aside? How does Bloomberg get the nomination? Biden will have to fall.
    It”s even more difficult for Trump to change his act in 3 months . He has a (slight) credibility problem.

    1. You’d have to say fate takes its course. Ever since the Second World War, when we see Jupiter going into the same zodiac sign as Pluto, there is a downfall, loss or other departure at the top of power. During the war it was the beginning of the end of Mussolini and Hitler. It has nothing to do with politics. In the Nineties cycle it was the beginning of the end of Apartheid and the triumph of Nelson Mandela. Strange things happen on this cycle and there are many ways for Donald to exit and the Democrats to come in!

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have a couple of questions since we do not have a verified or confirmed Trump birthdate.
    You write:
    “The American horoscope is about war, civil war, feuds, battles and the fight to be number one. This is Aries-Libra and we see both those zodiac signs triggered in October 2020.

    Aries rules the fight to be President. Libra is about any two-way contest. We also see Capricorn turn up in October. This is the sign that rules the people at the top. The Trump dynasty and circle”.
    Q. How can we be certain that this is specifically Trump? Astrology does not do politics. Can it be simply the two way contest between the Democrats and the Republicans? Depending on election results at any point in time , each are deemed people at the top.

    You write:
    “The New Moon in Libra suggests a new chapter in the endless war between Republicans and Democrats. And between this controversial leader and the rest of the world – affected by his inaction on Climate Emergency”.
    Q: Which area of the 2 Jan American chart indicates the war between two sides of power is affected specifcally by Trump’s inaction on Climate or the Paris Agreement?
    Could we equally declare that the war between two sides of power is affected specifically by the global elite controlling the global debt (the majority) via the IMF and Central Banks/Rothschilds? Astrology does not do politics so I am not clear how it can be so specific.

    You write:
    “These are all cardinal signs. Aries, Capricorn, Libra. The weather is extreme. The astrological climate is rough and tough, in October. Even the toughest survivor of them all could easily lose his position, mission and ambition that month”.
    Q. By using “his position” I presume you mean Trump? How can we be specific to assume it is Trump? Could it be anyone associated with the White House who holds a position of power?

    I am trying to keep broad brush strokes here since there are so many unknowns about Trump, and since Astrology does not play politics, I’m not convinced we should be labelling specific individuals with respect to the Capricorn effect and take down/move sideways/move out of power.

    As I said in a previous comment – I guess we need to watch and perhaps it will be a question of which one: “the impeacher” or “the inpeached”, who faulters at the hand of Pluto/Capricorn effect.

    Many thanks.

    1. Thanks for this. Essentially, astrology does not do politics (right wing or left wing) but it certainly does symbolism. Symbolically, every time we see Jupiter enter the same sign as Pluto, any power imbalance is corrected by the departure of the ‘Plutocrat’ concerned. Usually a Prime Minister, President, Premier or CEO. Sometimes it’s the end of a whole system if it has dictated or controlled for too long. Thus we’ve seen the end of Sir Winston Churchill on this cycle, but also Adolf Hitler (years apart). More correctly, Pluto-Jupiter is always ‘the beginning of the end.’ We have also seen the end of Apartheid on this cycle, with the election of Mandela and even the disappearance of an Australian PM (literally vanished into thin air from a beach). Why is this Trump? Because he controls Climate Emergency. China also does, but Trump is the Carbon Emissions Controller (and he does deals with China). That is a red flag in astrology because any leader who tries to get a vast number of people, under his thumb, is first to go. When you have 11,000 scientists (and counting) raising the alarm about Climate Emergency and two leaders in America and China who actually keep turning the temperature up (for the billions) you are waiting or a come-down or take-down. China now has a virus to reckon with. It appears to be taking out older Chinese men. What happens to Old Man Trump is another story, but it’s absolutely him in the firing line. It would be different if he got behind the science, but he’s playing Pluto to the hilt, here!

  5. Thank you for this very intriguing and interesting post. If your psychic is right, and Drumpf is re-elected in 2020, the only aspect that would really change the political dynamic, is if the Senate and/or House has a Democratic majority. I don’t believe Drumpf to be capable of any sort of change. The biggest help would be getting rid of Mitch McConnell. If I recall correctly from Emily List (a group focused on electing democratic women) they only need to flip 7 seats to have the Senate. Does that seem like a possibility? I do agree, from most of the young adults I know who have turned voting age, most despise Drumpf. About a 1/3 mostly upper class white males and females do support him, but the rest of them don’t.

    1. Thank you. There is a slim chance of a second term for Donald, but he would have to transform himself, and his Republican Party would also have to transform. The odds are against, astrologically. It is far more likely that Donald goes down in some way. Classically on this cycle we see leaders resign, become ill, lose nominations or elections, drown, get arrested, get blown up (and narrowly survive) or face impossible odds. Less spectacularly they just retire or fade away. It would take a huge leap for Donald to avoid the Jupiter-Pluto cycle we’ve been tracking since the Second World War.

  6. I loved this article, Jessica, mainly because I have felt strongly about Bernie since the beginning and precisely as you describe, I have Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Libra. However, as others have said it’s hard to see Bloomberg coming out as a winner given the voting structure, but we’ll see.

    I am curious about an article you wrote a while ago using Nostradamus where a female name appeared to come up for you. At the time, the name seemed like “Amy” not sure if you remember, but do you think the name was “Nancy” instead? I don’t think Pelosi had retuned to the Speakership at the time, so her name did not come up as an option. I often think about this and wonder if there was a link.

    In any case, glad to know that “the way the wind is blowing – it’s against ‘the rich get richer’ and ‘the earth gets hotter’“ as the US social system desperately needs an overhaul.

    Finally, I can’t avoid to think how is that Libra weather going to affect my own chart given that I have Pluto right at 24 degrees. Anything that sticks out?

    Thank you,

    1. Amy turns up in Nostradamus as ‘amie’ and sometimes Amy as a whole word – I am aware of her coming up in news stories as the election unfolds and will go back to my books when I fly to Tasmania and see what I can uncover! America in 2021, 2022, 2023 (particularly as Pluto goes into Aquarius) and 2024 is about a dramatic levelling of the economy and as you say, Bernie Sanders is promising that. Mike Bloomberg with his philanthropy has a record of doing it in a major way – Robin Hood thinking. The real issue is the group itself, though – the Democrats as a whole – as Aquarius is really about the crowd, not the hero or heroine. That is where we will see the true Aquarius spread of names, ages, faces come out and it is a winning formula. Your Pluto in Libra is affected by trines from Saturn, Jupiter and ultimately Pluto himself, in transit. This takes many years and starts in only the smallest way in the year 2021. What you can expect is a transformation in the balance of power within a former, current or potential partnership. This may be marriage or a work duet. There is often a step up in control for one person, and a step down for the other.

  7. Dear Jessica: I’m finally starting to see some results after years of massive efforts to change things for the better. Is there anywhere in my chart that I can see that reflected so that I can follow along? I try to look but then my brain glazes over. Also, will it be enough? Will it be in time? Will there be more?

    Thank you, as always.

    1. You’re doing really well and turn the corner in May 2020, which will feel to you like wind beneath your wings, so to speak – or an outboard motor on your yacht. You won’t have to do it so tough, or so completely alone, from that point.

  8. Hi Jessica:

    I’m writing this as Trump is giving his third State of the Union address, taking all the credit for the hard work of other leaders before him, etc etc. He’s weaseled out of the impeachment process and heaven knows what damage he will do between now and October! I don’t think I can bear any more of this presidency!
    My daughters are both New Zealand citizens and I am desperate to move back, but not sure I can afford to. Does my chart show a way for me to make this move? Is there work in my future?
    Thank you, Jessica

    1. Sure, Kris. I would not worry too much about Donald Trump. History and astrology prove that ever since Pluto was discovered in 1930, when we see Jupiter (the solution) turning up in the same sign, that is the year that plutocrats, controllers, tyrants, dominators (call them what you want) meet their downfall. It is usually a two-step process. Impeachment (and it has happened!) was one take-down. There will be another, and there may even be a third actually. This isn’t about politics, as astrology does not do that. But, history tells us, whenever you have just one person who is taking over the destiny of millions or billions, that person goes down. Trump is doing this by refusing to keep up the Paris Agreement on our climate emergency. We have a number of Jupiter-Pluto passes this year. On a more personal level you want to move to New Zealand and are thinking about work and money. You are currently in a rather isolated phase of your life, playing the hermit. This is great for your soul. Very good for spiritual grounding. Yet, you are going to have to step away from the computer (!) or the soul-searching in order to get what you want. Everything is possible, in terms of work, money, moving, relocating – in 2020. Perhaps you need to truly finish this current phase in order to feel ready. You may be hibernating and respond very strongly to the seasons. Have a look at that as well.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I keep seeing comments Trump was impeached on January 21 of 2020. We only wish. He has not been yet and looks like his Republicans want to stay in power more than they want truth and justice restored or even done. I see great sentences that say he will be taken down, just like bad corporations and then next thing we know he is up and running again. Wednesday (I am writing this Tuesday night) they will be voting. There must be a 2/3 vote for or the simple majority of Republicans (53) will vote for acquittal. The 45 Democrats and 2 Independent have to outnumber them. In order for Trump to be removed from office 67 of the 100 Senate members must vote to convict.

    1. Donald Trump was most certainly impeached, as predicted two years before it happened, and on January 12th Nancy Pelosi fulfilled a forecast. Whatever happens next, with or without Mitt Romney, Trump will have historically have been impeached, as was Bill Clinton before him. So there you are. The astrology worked! He will be taken down, or brought down, in 2020 by all the laws of astrology. Unless Trump joins the rest of the world in acting on climate emergency, he will continue to present as ‘Pluto’ and you just can’t do that in a year like this, without Jupiter coming in for a big swipe.

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