US Election 2020 and Astrology

The U.S. Election 2020 in astrology is not just about one day and two parties, though. It is about a whole range of factors coming into play.


I’ve been asked to predict the winner of American elections ever since I began working for the media, back at Elle and Vogue magazine. I can predict I’ll have even more calls about this, as we draw closer to November 2020.

The U.S. Election 2020 in astrology is not just about one day and two parties, though. It is about a whole range of factors coming into play. We are going to see bad corporate and family systems be taken down this year. That could easily affect Donald Trump’s chances, given that he is impeached as I write this on January 21st, 2020, and the path to removal is there.

More happily, we are going to see the beginning of Aquarius weather, and a lean towards female leadership, within the greater party, and the empowerment of female voters. Equality is written in big letters over the U.S. election in astrology. Why? Libra weather. But we’ll get onto that in a moment. Let’s start with some powerful trends in 2020 and how they affect the way America feels (and thus the world).

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16 Responses

  1. Love it. love it all. I am so confident that we will NOT have another 4 years of Trump that I can’t even listen to those who believe it’s possible. We are so ready to move on – for those of us born in the wrong time (!) it is already far too late. Can’t wait for Gen Aquarius! I am 100% Team Warren but not going to complain about any Dem with the nomination. Look forward to more women and minorities in power and a decade of real progress toward equality. xxxx

    1. I find it very hard to read comments about Donald Trump in 2021, as if this was actually a serious possibility. It makes me feel exactly the way I did when so many people online were talking about a second vote on Brexit. When you know the astrology, it just sounds completely wrong. Elizabeth Warren is interesting. What I suspect might happens is that rejected Democrat candidates will actually come together as a team, and set an Aquarian example on community, diversity, equality – having set differences aside. That would speak powerfully to Generation Aquarius, who are ready to cast the first vote in their lives. Trump has been impeached. That was predicted. He is a leader in a Jupiter-Pluto cycle which brought in Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, in history, and got rid of Mussolini. I don’t argue with astrology and history…

  2. Biden is the Democratic front-runner, but can hardly be described as Aquarian. Are the Democrats more than likely to have a different presidential candidate in November?

    1. Very much likely – Biden does not tick the Aquarian boxes enough. It seems far more like Bernie Sanders or Mike Bloomberg, given the radical nature of the economic change (Robin Hood thinking) but also the billions that would need to be redistributed. Politicians have a habit of showing up to elections without verified time, date and place of birth so it’s hard to focus on individual faces. But – we’re looking at Robin Hood America (without the robbery).

  3. Thanks Jessica for another great article.

    I know we are meant to live in the magic of the now and let go of the how and when but can’t wait to look back at this year and see the astrological patterns and how they played in the world.

    The concept of the astrology bringing the perfect timing to an endeavour can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp but it is true, isn’t it?

    Can’t see Biden winning and really hoping that AOC plays a big part in the new government … love her! She’s smart, gutsy, honest .. what’s not to love?

    xx Natalie

    1. The more I read these comments, the more I realise that the old idea of ‘the President’ is such a distraction. This is actually going to be about ‘the Party’ and so it will be a cross-section of inclusive faces from all sections of society, but with someone who feeds the group. Quite a different feeling to Donald Trump who made Mike Pence virtually invisible and the Republican Party similarly so. It was all about him. Not so for 2021. Whomever wins is ‘all about us, all of us’. I absolutely trust the astrology and history on this. AOC is a good symbol for feminism and non-white feminism at that. Also working people. She dramatically qualifies as an Aquarian Age player.

  4. Could def see Warren/Sanders team up as they like each other and are politically aligned. Bloomberg more of a stretch but interesting that he’s Aquarian. Would rather see Bloomberg seriously bankroll races- which to his credit he is doing. No Biden! Wrong “generation”. xxx

    1. It is most interesting that Mike Bloomberg is actually an Aquarian. With a background in philanthropy. And a lot of money. This is a fit for the new Robin Hood America – but so is a combination of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Across the board, though, this will be an Aquarian style leadership so it will need to include old/young/gay/lesbian/non-white/white in a really powerful way. Whomever can do that, is on a winner. Saturn goes into Aquarius from March. Jupiter goes into Aquarius from December. Pluto goes into Aquarius in 2023. Politicians surfing those waves, find victory.

  5. I don’t agree about Sanders/Warren path forward. Honestly, Bernie is not what he seem to be. I do find it interesting that Bloomberg is raising up in the polls. Above everything else, a candidate with a wide appeal wins. That really puts into question Bernie, Warren and may be Yang candidacies. I happen to think that Amy Klobuchar /Bloomberg ticket is the winner. Yes, that is correct she is the pres and Mike is vp, but a vice versa will do. Even though Biden has his “senior” moments, the fact remains that he is the one to beat now. Anyway, we are probably looking at the contested convention.

    1. I do astrology, not politics, but if we are talking about a very, very rich President with a huge amount of funding to give back to Americans who cannot afford healthcare or housing – we’d have to be talking Mr. Bloomberg. Mr. Sanders has the right sentiment but we’re talking about a fortune and that requires a Fortune 500 level of management. Bloomberg is nowhere in the polls and that’s a great challenge for my astrology. Let’s see.

  6. It will be interesting if the Democratic nominee is Bernie Sanders. I was just reading that Sanders at the Trump impeachment trial mostly keeps to himself and hardly talks to anybody, which doesn’t exactly reflect team loyalty and group thinking.

  7. Seeing news about Bloomberg may be benefits from the Iowa caucuses it does make me wonder would he really stand a chance to win and bringing both side together.

    1. Very hard to know without Bernie Sanders’ birth chart – and I don’t think we will ever know the time. Astrology is good at cutting through the static and what we are seeing are Jewish values in the new President. So, benevolence and philanthropy – fair taxes – or the old tithe system. Of course some might say this could be Donald turning over a new leaf, but as he is against the Paris Agreement, he’s doomed, basically. (He’s in the kind of cycle when you can’t try to control the entire planet without meeting your downfall). Thus, it is to the Democrats we turn, and 2021 seems very Aquarian, with Jupiter and Saturn there. This would utterly suit Mr. Bloomberg and we know he’s one of life’s givers! The issue is Mr. Sanders who is also a big giver. What if he has an Aquarius MC? That might nail it for him, but we just don’t know.

  8. I agree with Jessica, that as we head closer to the home stretch of 2020 political possibilities, that an Aquarius prototype will be the obvious choice. Also money matters!! AND LOTS of it! We saw some very savvy politicians throw their hats to the wind, and suspend their campaigns (in this over-saturated contest) due to lack of money. 2. The year 2020 is a 22/4 in Numerology….this master number sequence represents a former King from a previous lifetime, who comes back to rebuild re- balance what was in complete during his reign. Both Hillary and Trump ran during an 18/9 cycle.(also a karmic number and previous life time Karmic payback) No matter which party won, Red or Blue, both were destined for impeachment. Period! 3. The end of Plutocracy begins to dissipate the closer we get to Fall of 2020, completing its karmic cycle in 2024. 4. We are in the middle of the Aquarius Age which rules the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help us God! Coupled with freedom, Global ethnicity, the freedom to choose who we love, wrapped up in Human Rights, Animal Rights, Feminism, WOMEN IN POWER (hello Nancy Pelosi) Planetary Rights and innovation of Hi tech (5G) l

    1. Thank you. The key word here is Plutocracy. Whenever we see Jupiter (the solution) move into the same sign as Pluto (the Plutocrats) we always get regime change, jail, resignation or a coup. It always happens after many years of power imbalance. It’s good the numerology agrees with the astrology. The cycle we saw in 1944 and 1955 is back and it will take anyone behaving like Pluto, with it. It did for Juan Peron and Mussolini. Watch April, that’s the first pass of Jupiter over Pluto. I wonder if the numbers also agree about that?

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