July 2020 Predictions – Big Business and Politics Storm

In July 2020, we see hard times for the Pluto in Capricorn people. Who are they? Nothing and nobody (no matter how high they have flown) is immune from the take-down and come-down of July 2020.

In July 2020, we see hard times for the Pluto in Capricorn people. Who are they? The men and women in designer suits, at the top of all the corporate headquarters and penthouse apartments around the world, from New York to Tokyo.

They live in ivory towers, aloof and removed from the rest of us, as they are symbols of Capricorn the mountain goat at his worst (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn).

Karma is coming for them, on these dates.

Dates to Watch in July 2020 – Perfect Storms

50u9zyehnu4 e1580599205101 513x600 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics StormUranus at 9 Taurus is the kind of shock that blows apart ‘rotten kingdoms’ as Shakespeare would have put it, or the bleak grand buildings which house all the leaders and multi-millionaires.

Why? Because Uranus at 9 Taurus is sextile Mercury Retrograde at 9 Cancer, not once, but twice, three times. Very near July 1st, 2nd, and 22nd, 2020, we will see sudden shocks affect the grandest and richest organisations, corporations, leaders and business names.

We also find Chiron at 9 Aries, so part of this striking pattern in July 2020. I’m sure you’ve read all the warnings and predictions from astrologers like myself and my Sun Sign School colleague Joanne Madeline Moore about this astrological climate.

Nothing and nobody (no matter how high they have flown) is immune from the take-down and come-down of July 2020.

What January Set Up, July Takes Apart

January 2020 set up so much. The impeachment of Donald Trump. The departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Harry and Meghan. The decline of Prince Andrew. The disappearance of an entire Russian government. Resignations across British and Australian politics, from party leaders to Members of Parliament.

Pluto was at 23 Capricorn in January 2020 and will go all the way back to 23 Capricorn in July.

Pluto and Jupiter – The Second Reformation

You’ve probably seen a lot of astrologers talking about how 2020 is a repeat of the horoscope patterns we saw in Martin Luther’s Reformation. A clean-up of toxic and corrupt people and institutions. A massive economic shift, around the world.

Well, Jupiter is always the planet which brings repair, sometimes reconstruction, often total replacement – for the best. In July 2020, we are seeing Jupiter move exactly in tune with Pluto in Capricorn, the politics, religion, royalty and big business sign (at the top) at 23 and 24 degrees.

It takes a lot of different astro-weather conditions to all pile up on top of each other to remove Presidents, Prime Ministers or the leaders of dynasties and firms. This is what we’re seeing in July 2020. I’m peering about six months into the future here, but we honestly don’t see these astrology connections more than once every couple of centuries.

I would expect there to be a case of ‘last man standing’ or ‘building still standing’ by the time we get to July 31st, 2020, right around the world. The question will be – are some of these organisations, institutions or buildings even worth recreating?

Watching Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

We’re also tracking Saturn (the big reality check for the unaware and reality-challenged on the top floors) and Pluto (downfall!) going across Capricorn, the sign ruling big business, big government and big dynasty – in July 2020. Saturn goes 29, 28, 27 Capricorn, retrograde. Pluto goes 24, 23 Capricorn – also retrograde.

On Monday the 20th of July 2020, the Moon goes to 28 Cancer. This is a major lunar phase. It also puts Saturn opposite the Moon.

What is really striking, is the North Node at 28 Gemini and South Node at 28 Sagittarius, throughout July 2020. Again, this creates patterns with Saturn, the heavy hand of reality and the great karmic teacher of the horoscope.

Another date to watch is Mars at 9 Aries, twice, Tuesday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th of July 2020. Mars is associated with action and drama. I would also include the days he goes over 10 Aries twice, July 16th and 17th, 2020 as he will line up with Uranus exactly.

Uranus and Independence

Uranus destabilises and shatters. It liberates (if you are in a fit state to be liberated!) We associate Uranus with the American War of Independence and the removal of King George III as the ‘King of America’ – but also with the start of the French Revolution and the end of Versailles.

When you combine those patterns at 9, 10 degrees Taurus (share markets, big city business) with the other action in the chart in July 2020 – and throw in that massive karma involving Capricorn structures and types – you have a perfect storm event.

dolbjtjffkk 600x283 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics Storm

Eclipses, Blind Spots and Cover-Ups

We have an eclipse on Sunday, July 5th, 2020, with the Sun in Cancer, the sign ruling families, dynasties and property – right opposite the Moon in Capricorn.

The eclipse falls with the Sun at 13 Cancer and Moon at 13 Capricorn, which falls right across the ‘power towers’ of Buckingham Palace and the House of Windsor. It also affects the White House. It quite specifically hits the other ‘power towers’ of the financial districts in major capital cities.

Climate Emergency Weather and Multi-Story Buildings

The signature of July 2020 is climate emergency with all its fire, overheating, hail and flooding starting to affect the concrete, bricks or steel structures actually within multi-story buildings. So, this goes beyond the corporations or governments, or the rich families involved – it’s the actual rooms and roof.

How to Avoid Being Hit

Essentially, if you are in the rich elite – the top layer of multi-millionaires, power, leadership or billionaires – you need to look at the structure of your company, government or other organisation.

If there is something wrong with the essential structure, right down to the buildings, deal with it now – as I write this on January 20th, 2020. Yours is the responsibility for any system, institution or organisation which – frankly – does not belong to the future.

Don’t be Bad Capricorn

Don’t be ‘bad Capricorn’! That is one way of avoiding the Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn king hit. Social mountaineers who use people.  The ‘few’ who seek to lord it over the many and look down on them, from the top floors of wildly overvalued apartment blocks. All of that is – as someone at Sun Sign School said to me the other day – good evidence of Bad Crapricorn. And I am fighting with auto-correct to have it spelled that way.

How World Cities are Affected by the July 2020 Crisis

hbyngldqmuo 600x400 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics Storm


The take-down of an organisation and institution that most people assumed was rock-solid in Britain, creates a split within one political party, as one person finds himself cast in the role of outsider. The fall-out will be heated, controversial and split the nation, either between counties (pro-Leave electorates against the rest) or between Ireland, Scotland, England and/or Wales.

7zb7kuyqg1e 600x400 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics Storm


The king-hit on corporate towers will also hit legacies and wills – family trust funds. This really comes down to Australian taxation and property arrangements, involving the oldest/richest dynasties in the city, who pass their wealth down the generations. You’d have to expect that some very well-known families hit turning points.

80b0ydkwj9a 600x400 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics Storm

New York City

As in London, the loss of security (the top of the known world) results in a split within one political party – perhaps both. We are seeing huge instability with the Labour Party, the Conservatives, the Democrats and/or the Republicans. Perhaps all of them at once. When we see lightning strike like this, the cracks show up.

cudnrzbsyzw 600x389 - July 2020 Predictions - Big Business and Politics Storm


Major share market instability and unstable currency value as global trade is hit. Tokyo is bound to find the Japanese economy is all at sea and she will have to rethink her balance of repayments, export and import in an environment that is confused and confusing.  Tokyo will be dancing as fast as she can, in July 2020.

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44 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, thank you as always for your insights and accurate predictions. I am a Cap with 29 Cancer/Cap North and South Node. Reading about the Saturn/Cap/Pluto weather again in July and reading about the changes at the top, can you please read my chart and how the factors affect my consulting/career/earnings situation. Obviously, I am not at the top but assisting people at the top and can help influence (or try) to work as “one team” and yet my contract is through July 1, 2020 with probably an option for a renewal if they see a continued value for my services. I would appreciate your insight on how to prepare for the next one. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Assisting people at the top is part of the Capricorn path. You are strongly Capricorn going into Aquarius weather. Aquarius rules the group and the hive mind. Group psychology would be worth uncovering, especially in July, as you are going to see in-fighting. The solution here is for everyone to stop being so independent and narcissistically individual, and remember that people power is the magic. In fact, with people power you could be looking at something quite amazing, in terms of the new structures for 2021. How can you help them all sort it out? Maybe you can assist. If you can’t, you may prefer to get involved with a less complicated bunch of people. This is a classic Aquarius climate issue and you’re moving into it.

  2. What about those with the INNER planets (stellium) in Capricorn: the Capricorn natives like Jared Kushner and Trump Jr. Neither of them are late degree Capricorn. Jeff Bezos made 17 billion in one day last week( a week after his birthday!) and it was just another day in the US stock market for him.

    1. Your question will be answered by the stance taken on global climate emergency by Kushner, Trump and Bezos by July. Anyone who plays Pluto (trying to control the temperature of the planet with one hand) will be taken down, out or off – by Jupiter. It’s a rule with this cycle. In 1944 it was not the climate that was being controlled by the few, it was world peace. Mussolini was taken down twice and Hitler – also twice. So, we don’t even need the astrological charts for these people (even if we had secure AA data which we don’t). All we need to do in July is ask, is anyone trying to dominate the many, for the sake of the self-interested few? Because if that’s a yes, you can wave goodbye. Happens every time!

  3. Thank you for yet another interesting article, Jessica! I just wonder if large corporations such as FB or Google will be restructured or shaken to the core by the July storms. Will Scotland set sail to independence? Will Johnson manage to strike any reasonable deals with the EU?


    1. Lots of questions there LL. Thank you. I predicted the downfall of Facebook many years ago so won’t repeat that. It’s part of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, you see, and whenever we get just one person trying to control the majority, he always goes down in the end. Mark Zuckerberg is dominating democracies and Jupiter really doesn’t like that! Google? Expect the choice to split the organisation into two halves by 2025, so one search engine, and the rest – the rest! I predicted Scotland would be independent back in 2015, the same year I predicted Britain would leave the EU. (All this is on Search by the way). Also predicted a long time ago – Great Britain will strike a No Deal/New Deal with the EU in the end. I think that dates back to early 2019…

  4. Dear Jessica,
    Great article, as always. I would welcome an article from you to read about Karma, too. I like your style. I would like to understand, how Karma works. The Mean North Node, which ‘moves always backwards, never forwards in time’. I am sure, I am not alone with this here, at your fascinating website. Very special times we are living now, a lot of strange memories comes to me now from the deepest deep, which I even did not know, that these memories had got in my mind, for example about my early childhood, and things about family-roots, grandparents, and so on. Would you be so kind to write about this, please? Thank you, have a nice day.

  5. Please please PLEASE tell us Trump and his band of cruel, lying grifters will be sent packing. It is shocking that he is close to getting acquitted through the impeachment process.

    1. Every single time we see Jupiter going into the same zodiac sign as Pluto, any person or organisation which plays Pluto, meets downfall. Playing Pluto means – acting the tyrant. Taking, or taking over. It’s not even political. You might say the Chinese leader is doing it, because he is refusing to act on climate emergency, which affects the billions. I should probably write a longer feature on the Jupiter-Pluto cycle to reassure people, but it never fails. If you are in the minority and are trying to control the majority, you lose. You are ‘removed’ as was Pluto himself in 2006, from the system!

  6. Hi jess
    My sun is almost exactly on the July eclipse , what can I expect at that time, on a personal level ??

    Thank you in advance

    1. Just the usual rules with an eclipse – don’t judge, act or decide while it’s happening. An eclipse is always a blind spot or a blind alleyway and you need to be super careful about what you let yourself fall into, at that time. It’s your Sun so it’s personal. It’s about how you are seen and appear, particularly online. Nothing ominous here, just be aware that your vision is not clear around your birthday. It may be years and years, before you uncover the truth about a person or situation, if you wander into it on an eclipse. Captain Cook saw more eclipses than anyone else of his generation. He thought he was an explorer. He was actually destroying whole cultures and had no idea…his chart is totally different to yours, of course, but I need to emphasise just how off track we can get, if we pursue outcomes on eclipses.

  7. I was struck by this bit in your article:

    “We’re also tracking Saturn (the big reality check for the unaware and reality-challenged on the top floors) and Pluto (downfall!) going across Capricorn, the sign ruling big business, big government and big dynasty – in July 2020. Saturn goes 29, 28, 27 Capricorn, retrograde. Pluto goes 24, 23 Capricorn – also retrograde. On Monday the 20th of July 2020, the Moon goes to 28 Cancer. This is a major lunar phase. It also puts Saturn opposite the Moon.”

    China’s ascendant is 1 Aquarius 44. That transiting Saturn is moving very close to it. China’s Jupiter is at 23 Capricorn 35 – that transiting Pluto is exactly on top of it.

    Maybe this signals the takedown of Emperor Xi Jingping?

    1. Thank you for reminding me to check the chart for China. The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, has four to choose from. None of them has an Ascendant at 1 Aquarius 44 or Jupiter at 23 Capricorn 35, so I wonder what data you are using? In general, there is a rule of astrology that does not even need a country’s data. That rule is – Jupiter always beats Pluto. Whenever we have a year when Jupiter moves into the same zodiac sign as Pluto, there is a take-down and come-down for Pluto types. China is one of the world’s two worst offenders when it comes to our global climate emergency. Thus, billions of people, animals, birds and fish are at the mercy of just a couple of old men. Pluto types! However it happens, we are going to see the leaders of the United States and China both go down. Maybe twice. In the same cycle, Mussolini was jailed and then died. Unfortunately you can’t come on like Pluto and not expect to get vanquished by Jupiter. Let me find out some more China data and get back to this!

      1. I used the Chinese chart for 1st October 1949, 3 p.m. Beijing from the following:

        It’s for the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China by Mao Zedung and the raising of the flag of Communist China for the very first time.

        I made a mistake in my first post – the Jupiter in the chart is at 22 Capricorn 35, not 23 Capricorn 35.

        But it fits with what is going on now. There seems to be an unfolding tragedy in Wuhan. See the following BBC article

        A city of 11 million people look like they’ve been left to die. With Saturn and Pluto on the Chinese Jupiter, and approaching their ascendant (and then their moon).

        1. I found the only chart for China which works and it’s set for the constitution – December 25th 1947. It is date-stamped accurate when predicting the outbreak of the Corona Virus, on December 31st 2019. On that day Jupiter moved to 6 Capricorn trine China’s Mars at 6 Virgo. Virgo obviously rules China’s hospitals, but also her food. This was animal-human transmission in a ‘food’ market. Jupiter signalled the crisis that is also an opportunity. A chance for China to clean up her act. At the same time, we saw China’s North Node and South Node in Taurus/Scorpio at 22 degrees (the economy) absolutely hit by Pluto and Saturn at 22 Capricorn. Try that chart. I’ve had a go at the October chart a few times and it does not deliver, but the constitution horoscope for China does. Overall, China is in trouble in 2020 because she is a climate emergency denier. Beyond the virus, she will be fighting the rest of the world, which wants her to cut her climate emissions. That’s where this is going.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    What do you see for New Delhi? I’ve been reading about the transformation you predict for India and a lot of things we didn’t anticipate have happened in the last couple of years. India is changing. January has been aggressive – the Govt. making new policies, millions opposing it, millions supporting it, and people going to extremes to keep their opinion. We’re only into January but this looks like a watershed year. What do you think?

    1. I was in New Delhi last year so I know what you are talking about. The Japanese will influence India’s destiny in 2020. There is a risk of war this year, either civil war and unrest – within India herself – or coming from outside. It will be avoided by clever tactics. If India is really determined she can see off the threat forever. Just when we fear real trouble, it is nipped in the bud. Good thing too!

  9. Have just seen predictions for Leo this week based on a full moon in Aquarius on Feb. 9 opposite a Leo sun. Should be the opposite.

  10. Hey! My comment has been awaiting moderation for two days now and mine is the only comment to the article, thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica, insightful article! I find I learn more from you than whatever talking points the media is persistently throwing at us. It really is fascinating to watch the great awakening play out across the world stage as old power structures crumble and people finally start to wake up to the realisation that the whole power/politics structure has been working against and not for them all along. My eyebrows shot up at the mention of Uranus at 9 degrees Taurus. Thats a hotspot for me with my ascendant (yes, birth time is exact) and Chiron at 9 Taurus. I’ve yet to experience this transit in this lifetime so am extremely curious to hear how this will manifest? The answers I get on this conjunction via Google are confusing at best so thought I would go straight to a reliable source! Thanks for all you do to keep us in the light .Victoria

    1. Thank you. Astrology and history are good ways (together) to cut through the noise. You are having a Uranus transit across Chiron at 9 Taurus in your birth chart in the Second House of values, finance, charity, business, houses, apartments and possessions. Uranus is really the weather – the economic climate in your country, and around the world. This is unpredictable, stormy, electrifying, exciting, exhilarating, liberating weather, in terms of banks, products and cash. So, we are living in a cryptocurrency world with electric cars and a crackdown on money laundering which will strike at the top, repeatedly, in 2020. How does all this affect you? Well, the filter-down is that you will radically change your life budget, as Uranus crosses Chiron. Chiron in Taurus is a risk-taker anyway and it is about seeing what you can get away with. Along comes this brand new weather and you will be the first to experiment. What you do is of course, up to you. Try to release any attachment to permanent ‘known’ factors financially, as it will be a lot easier. The trick with Uranus transits is to understand that you are being suddenly set free from people, situations or organisations which would have trapped you in some way, or kept you boxed in/fenced in. It takes great insight to see that, but try to do so…

  12. Hi Jessica, thank you for another wonderful article. Is this astrological event going to hit the global stock markets and we experience another global crash, like the one in 2008, followed by recession and hard times? Thank you and very best wishes.

    1. I am not sure where you live, but I’ll just turn my attention to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as that is the last piece of astrology I’ve done. Here, we see not a crash, but a period of healing. There are huge problems here to be fixed and now Britain is free of the European Union, both her economy, but also her pride, will come back. You’d also suspect what has been promised – a big NHS fix. You really have to look at each country in turn in 2020 because of the unique situation with China and the Corona Virus. Thank you.

  13. Oh, I so hope you are right about the Pluto types – tyrants like the types of Trump and McConnell and their enablers (why are they always old white men?) meeting their downfall by the time Jupiter is all said and done in Capricorn. We, the people here in the States, have been taking quite a beating from these buffoons. Please do confirm you see this torment come to an end. Thanks so much

    1. I trust astrology. Pluto people always seem to be winning for a while. Mussolini in 1944. Hitler in 1944. Juan Peron in 1955. They all got hit by this cycle, the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, which literally began when Donald Trump was impeached. What we find on this cycle is that the take-down and come-down happens in stages. There is one hit, then a second, and sometimes a third. It often ends an entire regime. Apartheid ended on it. Stay tuned.

  14. I wonder if this applies to the people running Pacronym and Shadow this week. Got exposed for incompetence and questionable malfeasance like Fyre Fest.

    1. I always roll my eyes when I see politicians trying to ‘declare’ results on Mercury Retrograde Shadow because it always changes later, or comes to nothing. Donald Trump was acquitted, but will not be acquitted in the long view of history. We had a ‘result’ for the Democrats in Iowa that will later be judged, to not have been a result at all. It’s kind of tedious that these people don’t use astrology, but anyway, at least you know that the Republicans will ultimately be over by November.

  15. Hi Jessica, thank you for the powerful article. I read it in one breath, it was so interesting. I can see Trump and his dynasty being taken down. He’s playing against a lot of powerful people and acting very recklessly. It’s just inevitable, in my opinion, and horoscope just supports it. My question is about Mitt Romney. He’s a Pluto – Capricorn type too, one of the most powerful people on top. He showed himself as a man of integrity saying what most everyone thought in his party anyway. Do you think people like him will avoid the detriment? I have a feeling THE WHOLE system is going to come down.. not just Trump, McConnell and such.

    1. Thank you. We are going into Aquarius weather from March 2020 (Saturn into Aquarius) which you obviously know is about the realities of being in a group or network. I believe you are right. There is a risk the entire Republican Party or G.O.P. could collapse in a heap. It will come down to timing (the collapse could happen very quickly). They are only going to make it, and rebuild, if enough of them close the gaps between them and unite as one. Let’s see what happens. Do they fall upwards or down? They are separated by distance across America, but also purely on an emotional level. This is not a close group. No, not at all. Divided, they fall. If the Democrats are clever they will seek more to divide them. United, they stand, but they will have to rally around and unite desperately quickly in order to make it in one piece in 2020. You don’t mess with Aquarius weather!

      1. Thank you for answering, Jessica.. and thank you again for this article. I had to send it to a couple of my friends as a beam of hope that karma will balance itself in July 2020. It’s just too outrageous to have people in power act so recklessly towards American constitution and American people.

        1. Thank you so much. The Jupiter-Pluto cycle is also on the side of the people and the planet. It works every time, like a charm, and we’ve been tracking it since 1930. Have a look at the predictions I made about that cycle in 2020 and the downfall of Donald. It tends to happen in two or three stages, every time we see a politician trying to take over. The knock-out punch seems to come in October. We obviously just saw the first one with Ms. Pelosi!

  16. Fascinating insights!! It sounds like very positive changes are ahead and we will finally become more equal as a society. Very glad that 2020 will remove Trump and many others like him from office. I can’t wait for July, what a summer this is going to be! I hope that this will really be a turning point and we will see caring, responsible people in leadership as opposed to all these selfish, greedy and corrupt types that have been in positions of power for so long.

    Would you have any advice for me on what to do, dare and avoid in 2020? I’m Sun Libra, Moon Leo, Aquarius Ascendant, Venus Scorpio, Minerva Capricorn, Fortuna Sagittarius, Jupiter Libra 😉

    1. Thank you. Without degrees for those placements it’s hard to be specific about timing. In general, you are over the worst with your home life, house, apartment, family, household, apartment or house. You will look back on 2018 and 2019 eventually and wonder how you put up with it, as it was one grim thing after another. January showed you who or what could help so much, and I hope you said yes. As the year goes on, you will be lifted up, out and away from situations you put up with for far too long. You will slowly lift the load off your shoulders and 2021 will be a hugely different new year.

  17. What’s in store for the Summer Olympics that start on July 24. Having worked on 12 Olympics, the IOC is a very elitist, self-serving organization.

    1. That’s a very good question. The Summer Olympics 2020 will see a potential change in leadership. The leadership is up for grabs. It may never happen, because someone has to want the top job, and be brave enough (and aggressive enough) to go for it. It would certainly scatter the entire group as a whole. Think of an ancient battle between France and England for the crown. It’s on that level. This is purely potential, just as Mike Pence taking Donald Trump’s job was also potential. Yet, it would not take a great deal for there to be a complete wipeout of the Olympics committee ahead of July.

  18. HI Jessica,you talk about the downfall of Pluto types (those at the top) do you see the downfall of Bashar al Assad of Syria, the things that are happening there under this person’s so called leadership are horrendous if anyone needs to be taken down it is him. Thanks for your hard work.

    1. Thank you. Bashar al Assad hits crisis point in 2020 and it’s collapse or survive. It’s not actually about him, it’s about him and his ‘brotherhood’ and the others involved. Together they stand, or together they fall. They could easily land in a heap, actually. The choice is theirs.

  19. Hi Jessica, The Coronavirus is literally growing and infecting people and hitting all markets. Just to summarize: you have said that Coronovirus astrologically resembles the Spanish Flu, watch the full moon on March 9, 2020 and July 2020 buildings/structures are coming down. So, my questions are: 1. Are you connecting the dots from presently to March 9, 2020 to July 2020 as going from bad to worse related to Coronovirus? March 9, 2020, would be about 2 month from the first cases and it seems that its projection cases are going parabolic and if March 9, 2020 is another time to watch for – it seems related to the Coronavirus? 2. If buildings are empty now in China and other places now, a few more months of this – going into to July 2020, would lead to bankruptcies in China and elsewhere. The global supply chain can’t withstand several months of thing being closed and the only way this could occur would be related to Coronavirus becoming a pandemic. So, the question is can look further to not only March 9, 2020, but what happens in July 2020 as it would helpful for people to see if they are connected and help people better prepare if this is just the beginning or if we are nearing a peak? Thank you for all your work.

    1. Thank you. This is a pandemic, which will likely be declared right on 9th March, which is a date I gave several months ago, in connection with a virus. Be extremely cautious if you have dealings with China, Iran, Italy. China will be virtually at war (or in a war of words, or policy) with the rest of the world in 2020 and she very much stands alone. I sincerely hope this creates unity within China and also encourages the Chinese to get their act together on public health, agriculture, overcrowding, overpopulation and animal consumption and hygiene. That’s just my personal opinion – nothing to do with astrology! This is a very, very angry nation in 2020. We can hardly blame her. Iran is also another Mars-stoked nation (Mars rules battles, feuds and possible war gaming). Just tremendously disrupted, this year, and not a place to build any firm foundations. What we are going to see in Italy, eventually, is rather different. A brand new plan for the nation and a direct approach to the White House. I have no idea if the White House will answer, but this looks very much like Italy quits the E.U. and goes for a free trade deal with America. If we’re talking property, real estate, buildings, developers – China and Iran are not the places. Not at all.

  20. Dear Jessica, my South Node is at 9 degree in Aries. Can I ask, what do you think, I can expect? Thank you very mich if you answer to me. There is a man, I love very much, but now we are at the very beginning. ( after a lot of other hardships) And I fear for us from this astrology weather, because my NN is at 9 In Libra. Have a nice day.

    1. Your North Node at 9 Libra and South Node at 9 Aries shouldn’t create any fear for you. In fact, you are over the worst with relationships. You have learned a lot. That’s great – use it with this man and I wish you the very best.

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