Jupiter-Pluto Astrology 2020

The future belongs to teenage voters. Donald Trump is over in 2020. So is Vladimir Putin. The old China too. This is why the famous Jupiter Pluto cycle, since 1930, has always taken great dictators down.

 Jupiter-Pluto Astrology Patterns in 2020

In 2020 we will see the end of Donald Trump, according to astrology. He may meet his downfall in two or three stages. That is the Jupiter-Pluto Effect. We’ve seen it since 1930 and it’s back. It’s the cycle that brought you Gandhi, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. It is also the cycle that ended Mussolini and Hitler.

Donald Trump Goes Down in Astrology

Pluto always shows up as Presidents, Prime Ministers or other leaders, who try to own the world, or run the world. It takes great arrogance to ignore NASA and the United Nations, but Donald Trump has done that. And he’s sealed his fate in 2020.

NASA Evidence on Global Climate Change is brought to you by the people who ran the Moon landing.

The United Nations Paris Agreement on global climate change action, was dumped by Trump on 1st June 2017.

The harder they come, the harder they fall, on this cycle. If you act like Pluto (dominating, controlling) you’re over.

Sure, Donald Trump was acquitted. Yet he remains impeached for life. And that’s just the start. Trump Towers come down.


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Downfall on Jupiter Pluto Horoscope Patterns

History and astrology tell us, this is the cycle when leaders resign for reasons of ill health. Sometimes they die or just disappear. They are voted out by landslides. They can be jailed. They always face defeat. In a moment I’ll show you how history and astrology prove that.

Jupiter goes into the same sign as Pluto and ‘Plutocrats’ are finished.

Who Else Goes Down? Vladimir Putin

Who else goes down in 2020? Vladimir Putin. Why? Same issue. 

If you ‘do Pluto’ (try to keep the majority under your thumb) then on any Jupiter-Pluto cycle, you’re gone. 

Recent True Astrology Predictions – Trump and Prince Harry

Astrology really works. It works months or years into the future. So here’s the proof. Date-stamped on this website. 

26th December 2017 

White House Wipe-Out?

Near January 12th 2020 we are going to see the mother of all upheavals at the top. I use the word ‘mother’ advisedly because Ceres tends to put women front and centre.

As The Guardian reported, on January 12th 2020, Nancy Pelosi prepared to send impeachment articles to the Senate.

Astrology Predicted Brexit Five Years Ago

Astrology Predicted Brexit way back on 5th July 2015. It became real on 31st January 2020.

Astrology Predicted Prince Harry and Meghan – and Prince Andrew Too

This prediction about a cover-up involving Prince Andrew and the departure of another prince, was made on 17th July 2017.

Disgrace After Death and Jupiter-Pluto

This whole cycle has been tracked by astrologers since the war. It often hits tyrants and dictators twice.

Jupiter is the problem-solver of astrology. He always beats Pluto. When he finally goes into Pluto’s sign, you can see disgrace, followed by death. It happened to Mussolini. 

Sometimes there is near-death, and then defeat. It happened to Hitler.

On the Jupiter-Pluto cycle of June 30th 1943 to July 25th 1944, Benito Mussolini, Prime Minister of Italy since 1922, was arrested. On September 8th 1943, Italy surrendered. He was finished.

Why Jupiter-Pluto is About Hope in the Worst of Times

Just when you think it can’t get any worse with particular dictators or tyrants, along comes Jupiter to save the day. This cycle is characterised by ‘the beginning of the end’ for anyone or anything acting like Pluto.

June 6th 1944 fell on this cycle and we saw D-Day – the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany.

On July 20th 1944 there was a bomb assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler who lost his hearing.

Regime Change – Old Systems Collapse

When Pluto political domination goes on for too long (the usual run of a Pluto cycle in a sign is several years) Jupiter comes along and systems collapse and their leaders go down. We saw this cycle in 1955-1956. Jupiter in Leo, alongside Pluto in Leo, June 12th 1955 until November 17th 1955. And again – Jupiter in Leo joined Pluto, January 17th 1956 until July 7th 1956

On April 5th 1955 Winston Churchill resigned for health reasons.

On September 19th 1955 Juan Peron, President of Argentina, was ousted in a coup.

Pluto 600x289 - Jupiter-Pluto Astrology 2020

What Debbi Kempton-Smith Said About Jupiter and Pluto

Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook (Bantam Books 1982, New York).

“Jupe is a fatso, and he tends to expand everything he touches. Fatso brings you healing, help, and lucky protection, even in the worst of times.” And – “That which enjoys power for its own sake is Pluto. The feel of the whip in the hand is the feel of Pluto, and the crack of the whip is the sound of Pluto. Can one man change the world? Hitler thought so. He came to power when Pluto was discovered.”

Debbie was a wonderful astrologer. When Jupiter goes into Pluto’s sign, there is healing (even in the worst of times) and we see the end of men who want the whip in their hand.

In 2020 this is ‘the few controlling the lives of the many’ by refusing to act on climate change. By ignoring NASA and the UN.

What Alan Oken Said About Pluto in Astrology

In the classic book, As Above, So Below (Bantam Books, 1973, New York) Alan Oken confirmed it for all time –

“Pluto serves in a dual capacity as eliminator and renewer.”

With 2020 Pluto-Jupiter patterns we are going to see Pluto types, get eliminated. Renewal will follow. History and astrology have proven this to us, ever since Pluto was discovered in 1930.

This is not just the end of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, or old Chinese leadership (the other great climate controller). It is about the arrival of everything new. Specifically, about Capricorn – because that is the sign where we find Jupiter and Pluto.

What Margaret Hone Said About Capricorn

Writing in The Modern Text Book of Astrology, (L.N. Fowler & Co. Ltd.Essex 1978) Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S. was very specific about Capricorn types.

“Any business or government or political organisation suits him, or the church and the army from the point of view of an organised body.”

Jupiter going into Pluto’s sign is about the take-down and downfall of big business men, Prime Ministers, Presidents, politicians, religious leaders and the military – if they’ve tried to control. The Pluto sin, when it’s in Capricorn.

What Keven Barrett Said About Jupiter and Pluto

This come from The Astrological Monthly Review (May 2005, Sydney) which I recently put into my library.

I miss the astrologer Keven Barrett. He helped me with an early book, Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins).

Writing almost 15 years ago, Keven reminds us that as much as Jupiter-Pluto is about the beginning of the end of dictators, control freaks, power-trippers and tyrants – it is also about big new beginnings.

The death of the old and the birth of the new. Jupiter, being positive in astrology, is also about what’s great.

“Jupiter is like arms raised and flung out to take in all the goodness of the world. It signifies that part of you that wants to reach out, overcome limitations and take in everything to make it your own. (Appropriately, Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.) It gives expansiveness, optimism, generosity, magnanimity and a love of freedom and new experiences…Jupiter can be the chancellor who helps the king rule, a minister of far-reaching vision who sees the picture pictures and lays plans for the future prosperity and well-being of the state. He can also be the lawgiver who maps out the basic code that holds society together or the archbishop, who calls on a higher power and unites the realm under the banner of faith.”

“Pluto transforms – people, situations – whatever it touches. Another way of seeing the Pluto glyph is as a dying plant releasing a seed…Pluto shows up in everyday life as change, development, transformation, regeneration…He is also the invisible tide of change itself, which brings an end to whatever is outworn, so that life can be periodically renewed.”

System Change on Jupiter-Pluto in Astrology

Ever since Pluto was discovered on 18th February 1930, every time we have seen Jupiter in the same zodiac sign as Pluto, there has been spectacular downfall, take-down and come-down.

It is always the beginning of the end – for politicians, political parties or systems. The British rule of India, for example.  And that takes us back to the very start of the whole cycle.

Pluto was in Cancer in 1930. Jupiter moved into Cancer on 27th June and remained there until July 17th 1931.

The ‘Gandhi-Irwin Pact’ was a political agreement signed by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy of India, signed 5th March 1931. It was the beginning of the end for British India and all its power abuses.

After this the next cycle kicks in during the war, as we’ve seen. It’s over for Mussolini and Hitler. We then go through the beginning of the end for Fascism in Italy and Nazi Germany, in 1944.

Jupiter turns up in Pluto’s sign again in 1955 and 1956. It’s the end of the Conservatives under Winston Churchill. He quits.

We then have to wait for Jupiter in Virgo, from 20th October 1967, joining Pluto – also in Virgo. This Jupiter-Pluto cycle runs until November 15th 1968, then again from March 31st until July 15th 1969.

The Civil Rights Act of 1968

On April 11th 1968 history was made on Jupiter-Pluto with the United States’ Civil Rights Act following the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Pluto rules any system where the few, dictate to the many. When Jupiter goes into Pluto’s sign, we see the end of organised sexism, for example.

Golda Meir became the first female prime minister of Israel on Jupiter-Pluto in 1967-1969.

Let’s talk about gay men. On the same Jupiter-Pluto cycle, The Stonewall riots in New York City marked the start of the modern gay rights movement in the U.S.

Again, it was the end of organised prejudice.

Jupiter and Pluto were apart again until October 28th 1980, when Jupiter moved into Libra, where Pluto had been for some years. Jupiter and Pluto were both in the same zodiac sign until November 27th 1981.

It was the end of the Democrats and the start of Ronald Reagan Republican government. That election saw Jimmy Carter going down to Reagan on November 4th 1980. Regime change.

Astrology does not do politics, it does astrology!

François Mitterrand became the first socialist President of the French Fifth Republic.

New United States President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor, to the Supreme Court of the United States. The first woman in history to make it.

kp1bubr2j4a 600x400 - Jupiter-Pluto Astrology 2020

Princess Diana Power on Jupiter-Pluto

A worldwide television audience of over 750 million people watched the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral in London on this cycle. Regime change! It was the beginning of the end of the old Royal Family and the arrival of Diana Power. (Photograph: Marcus Spiske).

Jupiter and Pluto next came together from 11th November 1993. They circled in Scorpio. They stayed in the same sign until 9th December 1994.  The Church of England ordained its first female priests.

Nelson Mandela and Jupiter Pluto

Also on this same cycle, on April 27th 1994  – South Africa put Nelson Mandela in power. The first black president. The apartheid system was finished.

Amazingly, on the same cycle, the North Korean President Kim Il-sung died. More regime change on Jupiter-Pluto.

Stepping Down and Downfall on Jupiter-Pluto

On November 5th 1994 on this cycle, a letter by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, announcing his Alzheimer’s disease, was released. If Pluto power goes on for too long, and there is too much of it, Jupiter seems to bring a step down, a downfall or a take-down any way possible. It’s a rule with this cycle and it’s always about the men at the top.

Something else about this cycle – it brings you up and takes you down. Reagan came up on it, and fell down on it. Princess Diana came up on it, and also went down on it.

Ronald Reagan and Princess Diana

As 1995 began we found Pluto entering Sagittarius and Jupiter alongside, specifically from January 18th until April 21st. Then, again, from November 11th 1995 until January 3rd 1996. The climax of all this was that on 28th February 1996, Princess Diana accepted Prince Charles’ divorce.

We then move to the year 2006 when on November 25th, Jupiter entered Sagittarius again, joining Pluto for the second time. Jupiter was alongside Pluto in the same zodiac sign until December 18th 2007. What we tend to see on these cycles is anyone who wants to rule the world/run the world (as Trump is seen doing, on this famous front cover from The Economist) falls off.

thejudgement - Jupiter-Pluto Astrology 2020
The Judgement and Jupiter.

Nancy Pelosi and Jupiter Pluto Cycles

There are a lot of examples of sexism or patriarchy ending on Jupiter-Pluto cycles. Back on January 4th 2007, Congress elected Nancy Pelosi as the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history. You’ll note how she rose – and rose again – on another Jupiter-Pluto cycle in 2020, when she impeached Donald Trump.

Jupiter joined Pluto (almost in step) as both occupied Capricorn, the same sign, from January 27th 2008 until June 14th that year. They danced in Capricorn again from November 28th 2008 until January 5th 2009. 

On September 5th 2008, Quentin Bryce became the first woman Governor-General of Australia. More system change.


Sometimes the take-down has to be financial or economic as it’s the only way to change the system. So, on October 3rd 2008 – on Jupiter Pluto – the world saw the first global financial crisis: U.S. President George W. Bush signed up for the damage.

The Republicans were at the end. On the Jupiter Pluto cycle that year, there happened to be an election.

On November 4th 2008 – Democratic U.S. Senator Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first black President. That’s huge system change.

What Jupiter-Pluto Does in 2020

I recently hosted an event with Stephanie Johnson (Astro Gold, Solar Fire) in Adelaide, South Australia. We had a lot of questions about the world in 2020, and how/why/when we would see the end of the men controlling our global climate.

For me, October has always been the end of Donald Trump. It may be the first, second or third step in the usual Jupiter Pluto process, but you don’t argue with astrology and history.

It’s the same with China – in her case it is the Corona Virus that is taking her down.

If you act like Pluto, and Jupiter comes along, you don’t last. This may be a President, a political party, or a whole regime. Let’s see how this pans out, but 2020 is going to be an unforgettable year.

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  1. Thank you as always, Jessica. I’m filing these predictions away in the hope chest in my mind. Sometimes when the course our planet seems headed for leads me into the deepest despair, your predictions are one of my only comforts. These changes can’t come too soon. I so hope the exponential progress we need in time to secure a livable climate and the rest, is part of this. It seems almost impossible to imagine from this point in time considering the blindness of our leaders so far, but I guess that’s where the foresight from astrology (and its history) comes in xx

    1. I constantly see frustration, anger and sometimes despair on Twitter as people deal with animals, trees, the water, the plants – even the ice caps – being destroyed by greed and corruption by Prime Ministers, Presidents and politicians. It does not get any worse than this. We have never seen Pluto, Saturn and the South Node together in Capricorn in our lifetime. The absolute worst was 2018 and 2019. What history and astrology prove to us, again and again, is that it gets worse before it gets better. The darkest day does come before the dawn. In 1944 nobody believed Mussolini and Hitler would be dead men walking, but they were – within just a few months. The end of the war was within clear sight as early as June. So as I keep saying, the people are going to win the planet back, and the only question is – how quickly, and how massively! Because it’s coming. So let’s do this.

  2. Hi Jessica

    You wrote: “Let’s talk about gay men. On the same Jupiter-Pluto cycle, The Stonewall riots in New York City marked the start of the modern gay rights movement in the U.S.”

    Well we do seem to be having a veritable outpouring of ‘confessions’ from gay men at the moment. I am not sure why they feel the need to declare, confess or profess their sexuality given that it is no longer illegal or considered antisocial in any way. As Elizabeth 1 famously declared (in respect to religious observance) “I have no desire to make windows into men’s souls?”. This would nowadays apply to their sexuality as well.

    That being said, I do think Prince Harry is in denial. Like Philip Schofield (who has just ‘come out’) he has married his mother and won’t be happy until he is totally true to himself.

    PS I love your articles.

      1. Not everything is so black and white. The Kinsey report for example found that only 10% of the gay population were exclusively homosexual.

        There is a huge difference between lust and love. Sometimes people do marry for love (and a family) rather than lust. Examples abound – even in the Royal Family and the aristocracy. Particularly in the Royal Family and the aristocracy where primogeniture is so important and most marriages in the past were dynastic.

        I am not sure though how this relates to astrology – except possibly in relation to past lives. I have met two or three ‘strangers’ who I know (on my pulse) were part of my past life/lives.

        Best Wishes Jessica

  3. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks for the very informative article, hopefully positive changes will come to our world during this cycle.

    On a personal note what can I expect for myself during Jupiter/Pluto transits this year? I’m currently in the middle of a difficult visa issue with my whole life on hold. Will I see a positive outcome this year with freedom and independence at the end of it?

    Many Thanks!


    1. You will have money in 2020 as a result of Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn so let’s talk about that. There is a significant sum here which will help your security in life but also enable you to travel or move. So don’t worry so much about what comes – your life is on hold on Mercury Retrograde. That is quite normal. You are sitting pretty financially in 2020 and that is more than enough freedom for you, to head off in any direction you like. You have also been trying to organise a visa right in the middle of massive changes with China (the virus bans and blocks) world trade (China America) and Brexit (new rules on visas and passports) so your timing has been out. Trust the money. The money can make a whole bunch of pathways possible.

      1. Thanks Jessica! I really do hope the visa application will be successful after all these years. With regards to financial windfalls do you see them coming from a new job or some other ways?


  4. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for 200 astrology secrets for 2020. I lack words to describe its potential.

    I am reposting my questing from other article. Hoping you get to it in the long queue of questions before you 🙂

    I made notes of july’s patterns the day you posted this article. Got back to it now. I am already calling July a fateful month!

    Uranus at 9 will not only aspect natal neptune @ 8 cap but factors from 10 to 12 degrees. Eclipse will again aspect 12 degree factors. To add to this south node will conjunct my natal uranus-saturn conjunction in sag which again aspects 26-29 factors in leo, virgo and libra.

    I am already being quite mindful of traingulations as I know saturn will square my natal moon-vesta conjunction in libra.

    Please give me inputs that will help me navigate july smoothly.
    Thank you.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is about financial freedom and space if you play your cards right. So the month of July is about using the new atmosphere to run things differently. You are putting down an awful lot of patterns there, some of which are really not important. The most significant astrological trends in July are about using newfound financial freedom to liberate yourself even further and get rid of whatever is clogging things up. You don’t need to run it, just figure out what works. It will be great.

      1. Thankyou Dear Astrologer!
        Made note of that. You had once mentioned on this blog- People who do well on uranus transits are the one who are less resistant to change. This was on my mind in 2019 and it helped me throughout.

  5. For America, not without a stock market wipe out .Unless the corona virus breaks out here like in Wuhan,e ,there is no catalyst for it.

  6. Thank you, again, Jessica, for a brilliant essay. I am very much looking forward to this cycle, and have been. I am a Capricorn, but I feel the opposite of a Plutarch, in fact since 2012 I feel I have been surviving through one scapegoat event after another. Yet, my “power” or success has definitely risen. In our Cappy scope you mention court cases, and I am in one that supposedly is settled, but an ex husband, wealthy guy, keeps filing motions against me and refuses to pay child medical bills. Two questions. 1) will this court case situation end by May? and 2) will by success keep rising too? I feel that I am on a role, in that respect…

    You predicted I would do well in the case, and I did, btw. But I hope it truly ends soon, for the sake of the innocents involved.

    Thank you, as always.

    1. I am sorry about your rich ex-husband who won’t pay your child’s medical bills. Appalling. I’m glad the prediction came true about you doing well in the case. Let’s see next steps in 2020. It’s all about your child. It looks terrific. We have the South Node of karma making a perfect angle to the sign of Leo, which rules the Fifth House of your horoscope (parenthood). I assume this is your child we are seeing, going from strength to strength. Occasionally it can be a godchild or stepchild, or young relative. This is a dazzling year of breakthroughs, so despite the situation with your child’s health, for example, you are seeing something to celebrate. The South Node goes into Sagittarius, where it begins to make the right patterns, from May.

  7. I’m no mundane expert but followed astrology for 30 years. I see Trump winning by a landslide. I also have it on good authority, astromet Theo White who has been successfully forecasting climate for 40 years, that due to the sun’s cycles, we are entering a 35 year mini ice age. See cycle 400 years ago. Trump is working for all us citizens to achieve food and energy security

  8. Dear Jessica, thank you for a brilliant article as always! I have been jobless for a year and hoping that this Pluto-Jupiter cycle will bring some falls and vacancies for me in 2020. However, time passes by and I am more and more desperate. Please, Jessica, could you take a look at my natal chart and try to predict when I will start getting income again and get a job?

    1. There is a large amount of money available to you, as a lump sum, in 2020 – but you have to believe in it, see that you deserve it, trust that it is yours, and then reach for it. Otherwise it remains potential and not delivery. You currently have Uranus (freedom) going through your Second House of finance. The year 2020 can and will reward you, if you negotiate or actively reach for the funds. This will enable you to travel and win an ambition.

  9. I’m not sure if these Jup/Pluto conjunctions are going to be good transits or not. I’m sure there’ll be something to learn regardless. The conjunctions in April and June will be square my natal Mars and Uranus. Does this mean being calm around these times and channelling the energy in physically positive ways or something else? I don’t think I’ve been intentionally Plutoing anybody but after reading this article, I am going to be more conscious of doing everything with integrity and not even thinking ill of anybody, even if they have been jerks or Plutoish.
    I like the current planetary positions info on your site too. I noticed that the Sun is conjunct my Hygeia and I’m relating that to my renewed interest in healthy daily routines including meditation and other spiritual practices. Thanks to the person who mentioned your 200 Astrology Secrets for 2020 gift. I’m going back to read that too.

    1. Jupiter-Pluto always works out for humanity, because it’s always about the end of Pluto! At its worst Pluto is really about one person, or one group of people, dominating the rest. Jupiter always beats Pluto and order is restored. The transits you mention are really about stuck male energy. Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus are all masculine symbols. Here we have a man who should be planting a project, grounding an idea or nurturing a plan. He has all the energy of Mars (get up and go) and the excitement of Uranus, but he’s obstructing himself. Getting in his own way. You can help. He can delegate to you. Or you can talk him into actually doing something. Or you can leave him to it! But I think you’d want to get involved. Squares tend to make us want to act rather than just observe. Thank you.

  10. Oh my I loved Jupiter is a fatso, I often see my ruler as a fat gay high priestess wearing blue eyeliner. I just loved this article. I’m going through this right now in my charts and it’s all to do with power struggles and money in family, massively to do with family wealth dividing the men who think they are at the top and can control other family members because of money. I’m struggling but trying to get to May when I know something is coming that will take this Pluto bad boy down. Was this year a good time to start my masters in psychology? I’m holding on there’s so much going on with family.

    1. Kempton-Smith was a wonderful astrologer. Do you have her book? She was a natural psychologist. You are starting your degree with the South Node in Sagittarius, the sign which rules academia. Sagittarius rules your Ninth House of study. You’re in a brilliant position in 2020, 2021 into early 2022 on this cycle and could do extremely well. The Node in Sagittarius is looking after you, likely as the result of good karma earned in previous lives. Have a look at the South Node as it’s a very interesting cycle. By all the laws of astrology if you have serious family issues, you’ll be hugely relieved from March, when Saturn leaves Capricorn for a time (at the moment he is clashing with the Moon in Cancer in your Fourth House every four weeks). Then, as you know, from May we find the Capricorn-Cancer clash of the Nodes ending. We are seeing a lot of bad Pluto behaviour from men at the moment. It’s completely boring but it does have an end point!

  11. Hi Jess,

    Thank you again for such an interesting article.
    Can I ask please what happens when a female authoritarian is considered?
    (Bear in mind my long history of Pluto and Ceres all the way back to August 2006)

    Many thanks,

    1. The best example of this is Diana, Princess of Wales. She came to power on Jupiter-Pluto when she married Charles, the Prince of Wales. She in fact became so powerful that she overtook the entire royal family, right across the media, but also through her role as ‘The People’s Princess.’ The astrology would suggest that she did too much Pluto – had far too much global influence as one person – and perhaps too much influence over an entire monarchy. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I am a huge fan of hers. But Diana did Pluto. And Jupiter came along and she was gone. Not so much Ceres there, but an example of a classic Jupiter-Pluto cycle.

  12. Hi Jessica. Thanks for another very interesting article. What’s been happening globally and personally is just so overwhelming and i’m So looking forward to see the end of it! I have been in a middle of restructuring my business and the Coronavirus situation added a twist to it (I’m in a travel business). Now I’m as if using the current hugely negative situation to redundant a difficult employee. Still concerned whether it’s the right thing for the long term benefit or not, I would appreciate if you can have a look at my horoscope. I have Capricorn stellium and posted a question on the forum in mid Jan but it seems I missed the deadline. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Please repost your question in the February forum, coming up on the 15th, in regards to your personal birth chart for 2020. You’re going through Pisces weather at the moment and there is a great need to keep everything and everybody grounded and down-to-earth. That means you, as well as your staff. Anybody or anything which is all at sea, or fishy on any level, or flakey (flake is a fish in Australia!) should be seriously looked at. There is a fine line between the rather lovely world of imagination, art, fashion, escapism, poetry, music, film and so on which Pisces weather and people bring – and instability. If you are strongly Capricorn, of course, you are strongly earth and don’t need flakiness in your life on a business or work level. Restructuring is exactly right for 2020, but if you hit situations which are uncertain or undecided in February, March, you can thank Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, as well as Neptune in Pisces. Do all you can to try and contain and control circumstances or individuals which don’t seem particularly down-to-earth or real-world. It may take some time, but there is a way.

  13. Thank you for this, Ms. Adams. Fascinating read, as always. Does the same apply to others aspects of every day life with Jupiter/Pluto? In other words, what can I expect from the Jupiter/Pluto transit this year?

    1. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will trigger the Seventh House of your chart ruled by Libra the scales of Justice. This cycle is about ‘the beginning of the end of’ and also ‘the beginning.’ For you it will be about an actual legal process, or a spiritual kind of justice. Fairness, equality, fair play, cosmic law are all ruled by Jupiter. The Romans thought of him as the ultimate adjudicator. This may be about a partnership or marriage for you. Perhaps, a dispute, duel or feud. You’d have to say that Jupiter will have the upper hand so justice will be well and truly served on both sides.

  14. Hi Jessica – does the Jupiter-Pluto effect bring folks into the spotlight (power, focus etc..) that might not have otherwise pursued it – perhaps as a byproduct of the old being “taken out”? Also – how will this Jupiter-Pluto weather most notably trigger my chart? Thank you 🙂

    1. The Jupiter-Pluto Effect delivers new faces who quickly become very powerful. Barack Obama came to power on it. Nelson Mandela did too. They shared their power and in fact, empowered their voters. That’s ‘good Pluto’ if you like. Bad Pluto can be found in a new book, Roman Mythology (Thames & Hudson, David Stuttard). The king of the underworld who snatched Proserpina. He traumatised Proserpina’s mother Ceres and actually triggered climate change. Ceres caused the earth to grow barren and crops to fail. Astrology is a very strange thing! In your own life, Jupiter-Pluto is really about the money. There is a very decent sum here, and the only question is, how will it be spent? On tidying up finances and cleaning up assets in general, or on property investment? Perhaps property renovation? There is strong Cancer-Capricorn weather going through your chart, and Cancer rules apartments, houses and other residences. What I would say is that you also have Uranus in Taurus (liberation, freedom, space) going through your Second House, which rules your own and other people’s money. Given that there will be a decent sum there in 2020 it would be worth looking at spending it on some kind of reform or revolution, that gets rid of whatever is stuck, or part of the past. There is the potential for tremendous new freedom and space here, room to move and breathing space – if the money is used to that end. Uranus is about untangling what has become binding ties.

  15. Jessica, thank you for writing a separate article on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. How much I do pray that you are right about getting our planet back and regime change here in the States and elsewhere in the word where tyranny is winning right now. How does Saturn factor in all this? Does Jupiter beat Pluto+Saturn, all three currently in Cap?

    1. Thank you. Quite right. Jupiter beats Saturn and Pluto. There is a characteristic feeling of frustration, rage and helplessness when Pluto descends. People feel they can do nothing. Saturn is the rather stuck, slow, never-ending nature of the situation. (Saturn always gives us long and monotonous situations). Jupiter ‘trumps’ (pardon the pun) both his father Saturn and his brother Pluto. The Romans believed he threw thunderbolts. There is often high drama when he hurls his punishment and it can happen once, twice, three times in a single year, to the few who could control the many.

  16. Hi Jessica
    A fantastic article as usual. I see with regards Trump you have been quite specific with regards dates, stating that you see October 2020 playing a big part in his downfall.
    Do you see anything more specific with regards Putin? I know that you have said to me in a previous post 2 years ago, that we do not have an accurate time and date for him. However i have seen you write many times that a countries horoscope works very well. Does Russia’s give you any more details as to when we may finally see the end of his reign?
    My sixth sense told me he was going to be trouble when i first laid eyes on him 20 years ago. Nothing has changed in the intervening years, just a greater sense of foreboding. The latest news now being him changing the laws to enable him to keep his grip on power, which is connected to his government resigning on mass on January 15th. (clearly on his say so) – I’ve heard it mentioned in the Russian media (again no doubt on his say so) of him being given the new title “Supreme Leader.” Clearly he quite likes the idea of becoming a tzar.
    Anyway the thought of being close to finally seeing the back him………..well lets just say that it would make me sleep easier. Any information Jessica would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I like to be specific with dates in astrology, because it keeps our standards as a profession high. The American astrology chart is spectacularly accurate so it’s an easy one to lean on. There is no point in creating a natal chart for Putin, as we’ve seen, but if we look at all the charts for Russia (there are 19, believe it or not) we can find a common spot. In 2020 Putin’s financial power is much reduced. He’s economically ‘dwarfed’ which is what happens when Jupiter takes on Pluto. Pluto was of course minimised in status in 2006 by astronomers who made him a dwarf planet. His finances, personally, but Russia’s economy, nationally, looks pretty small compared to the mammoth task ahead. Not so much ‘Supreme’!

  17. What about Johnson and his side kick Cumming, both control freaks. Johnson is stealing Scotland’s devolved powers. he is literally sticking a middle finger up to our Scottish Parliament and people and went against our democracy. We voted our First Minister in power, in Scotland, we most definitely did not vote Tories or Johnson yet he is helping himself and is causing a constitutional crisis because Scots will NEVER let him take our devolved powers!

    1. There is definitely a case for Jupiter-Pluto with PM Johnson and Scotland. This has been a really interesting one for astrology. Given that Pluto is always ‘the few’ controlling the many – the majority who voted to leave the European Union in 2016 were absolutely controlled by a remain-voting Prime Minister (Theresa May) and two more political parties which wanted to overturn the original vote: Labour under Mr. Corbyn and the Liberal Democrats under Ms. Swinson. I’m sure you can see how the moment Jupiter went into the same sign as Pluto, ‘the few’ were absolutely taken down. In the case of Scotland, you have Jupiter-Pluto once again. I predicted that Scotland would have a second vote on independence, many years ago (search for Scotland on this website and you will see the forecast). It will come about because of the same rule. You cannot have ‘the few’ or even just one man, controlling the majority for very long, before Jupiter comes along and there’s a take-down.

  18. Hi Jessica

    From my personal charts, is now (between February and June) a good or not so catastrophic time to make tweaks to my financial life, say for example small tweaks to how my superannuation is invested and changing them to for example more sustainable/environmentally friendly portfolios?

    Also, do you think I will ever have my own place without sharing with anyone?

    Thank you

    1. Shaolee, this is what you have to work with, between February and June. An older man, with Capricorn and/or Aries strong in his horoscope, who is a career heavyweight. He is a classic Capricorn type having made it to the top. This is sometimes a boss, father, lover. Negotiate with him to get what you want. This may be superannuation which helps the planet, rather than hurts it. He is open to discussion. This man is powerful but rather isolated. He may be far more open to you than first appears so do not be intimidated. It can be lonely at the top! He may also be able to help directly, or indirectly, with your apartment situation. People like him want to know how you can support them. He’s a top floor kind of man. Lives on the upper floors or prefers a house with a view. See what you can do, because he holds the clock of time and can make what you want happen sooner – or even better – at exactly the right time for you!

      1. Hi Jessica

        Thank you for that. The only older person I’m engaged with is a very close friendship I made with a woman (I am a woman too) who is double my age, but we are always so attuned. So I’ll have to keep an eye for a not so obvious older male, not having a father alive and currently single. Is there a way to figure this out?

        My company I work at is currently embroiled in a serious media allegation/scandal and we suspended our CEO just yesterday. It’s all upper management stuff and related to something a good 10 years ago. I love my workplace and job and pay, but I do wonder if I’ll be affected adversely in any way.

        Anyway, very interesting prediction for me!

        Thank you

  19. Thank you for a fabulous article Jessica. It gives me hope that women will have greater equality as the most powerful positions are still held by men and a lot of inequality still exists for women. I am so glad the big players are going to have some sort of cosmic justice and it will be interesting to see who and how things go forward. On a personal level, the past few years have been b….. awful and I am really weary. I have been through so much over the past few years but I don’t think I have ever felt this low. I’m usually a fighter so I don’t understand why I haven’t got any oomph left. Do the planetary influences have any bearing on this? If they do, I really hope they shove off very soon. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Cosmic justice is the right phrase. You have been flattened by the long, slow, inexorable transit of Pluto, Saturn and the South Node all in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. This has never happened before in your lifetime. The three-way transit began in November 2018 and continues now. It will break in May 2020. It’s a triple opposition by three heavyweights, pushing against all that you have in the zodiac sign of Cancer – your MC (Midheaven) and Ops – but also passing over your own Saturn, so you have had your Saturn Return as well. You will notice life becomes less of a grind and a drag, as Saturn changes signs in March 2020, and then the downhill slope appears in May, when the South Node also changes signs. For now, you can look forward to a visitor. This person is as straight and true as they come, with Aquarius and Pisces personal birth chart placements. This may be a fleeting visit or a longer stay – perhaps the welcome mat stays out permanently – but there is so much rewarding emotional satisfaction to come from this experience and you only have to meet them halfway, in 2020. This will make a wonderful difference to how you feel.

      1. Whew, I am so relieved. I’ve been through many challenges in life but this one has been so tough. Your words about being flattened describes it to a tee. Completely removed my bounce back factor. Having a visitor who is straight and true will be fantastic, these attributes are very important to me. Thank you for your reply.

  20. Dear Jessica,

    I would love to know (and I bet others would too) about the future influence and prospects of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Will she be president when she is old enough? Will she be ousted by the upcoming challengers? She seems like she must have a special chart to be such a force at a young age and I’m very curious what you see about her. Thank you!

    1. We were able to have a confirmed birth time for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a while ago, and if you hit Search you will find a prediction I posted on her. Thank you.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    What’s the best way of dealing with Plutonian types? I’ve been studying images of Pluto and I’m sure that i have this type of character in my life. His large black dogs, his car with the black horse badge, he’s obsession with sex. He even looks like the images I’ve seen. In the beginning it was comforting having a powerful person by my side to help fight my battles but I’ve also seen the bullying, manipulating and dominating side.

    1. That’s Pluto. You can either wait for him to be disempowered and disappear (it will happen) or be proactive about defeating him. Being proactive will teach you self-control and self-discipline which will be empowering for you, for the rest of your life. It does work. Yet, Pluto is intense and you would do well to have strong support. Telephone people who can help you and back you. I have been looking at Pluto for 30 years and without fail, people who ‘do’ Pluto always come a cropper in the end. And sometimes they are taken off the planet. Until then, get your own powerful help.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    An interesting look at all the facets of this….As welcome as change and comeuppance where power imbalances and abuse have occurred, I fear that I like many are too worn out and aged to feel the effects.

    Particularly where difficult home lives, abusive partners and bosses, single parenthood leave you middle aged without financial security. Hard not to feel beaten when you worked hard and it was never enough.

    I want to be optimistic but have lost my mojo…wondering if this a transit? If not is there any Astrology to help with this?

    1. You are naming Cancer-Capricorn issues here and feeling worn out, aged or beaten is really common. It’s not just you, it’s millions like you (perhaps even billions) who have slogged their way through Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, the South Node in Capricorn. All in your Tenth House of ambition and mission in life, right opposite your Fourth house, which rules your home life and family. You were given one solution in January, did you use it? There will be solutions throughout the year and each one will help you. The cycle breaks in March, breaks even more in May and is over in December 2020.

  23. Dear Jessica,

    First, thank you for the good news about Trump. It’s been insufferable in unimaginable ways!

    I just heard my unit is becoming redundant, while I am on a special assignment in a new unit with an October end date! I’m fearful of losing my job and was just planning to buy my first home (which has also been a massive financial stressor). Should I be concerned? I’ve had the most exhausting 4 years; from a miscarriage, divorce soon after, harassment at work and this special assignment was suppose to be my breather…

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you’ve had this news, on top of the last four years, with your miscarriage and divorce. You are being strongly affected by the Cancer-Capricorn weather, as you have been dealing with the North Node in Cancer (home, parenthood) and the South Node, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Saturn all in Capricorn (career). The two signs are opposite each other and so you have been pushed and pulled by these cycles, and have done extremely well just to get this far. Your Fifth House ruled by Leo and your Seventh House ruled by Libra are both showing up, perhaps not surprisingly, given your personal life recently. Basically the stage is set for a peace agreement. Leo rules miscarriages, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. The next generation! If you are curious about the Fifth House you can look it up on Search. Libra rules the Seventh House of reconciliation, separation, marriage, divorce, dating and peace treaties. I know your concern is about your work, but the bigger message here is about your emotions. I don’t know if Valentine’s Day entered in your life in any way yesterday, but what we have here is a really special piece of chemistry with a person who is so different to you, but has an equal amount of true feeling to exchange. There can and must be a connection, for the potential to spill over here. I can see the wariness or need for guarantees, and the hesitation. That is perfectly fine but at a certain point both of you must cross that line and create balance. Harmony. On a spiritual level I would not be surprised to hear that your child is in spirit, as a very small soul, hovering over this accord. That is far, far more important than any comment I would make about work in 2020. As for a home, it’s out there for you. I strongly recommend that you think about a future home, with one eye on a duet, dual carriageway, or two-way street.

  24. Fascinating read. Any thoughts on the totally worn down 1950s women state pensions. Of course, now we are in the first of the 1960s women. Pluto then Saturn and now Jupiter all in Capricorn. Can Jupiter really restore stolen lives and give us our earned dues back???? And stop women dying by suicide.

    1. What women are about to experience (from December 2020) is The New Age of Aquarius, as we see Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of equality and humanity, a rare occurrence in astrology. This global movement in favour of the sisterhood – equally placed alongside the brotherhood – intensifies from 2023 when Pluto goes into Aquarius. That has not happened in your lifetime. Aquarius has been associated with humanity pooling resources and sharing, for about 2000 years and counting. Sexism is over if you want it and most people do!

  25. Thank you for your excellent world.
    I wonder if this also applies to the tyrants and dictators of our environment like family. I have a liar and controlling manipulative Aquarian sister. insufferable, terrible.
    Thank you for your help.
    Best wishes

    1. Yes. Pluto often turns up in the shape of awful women! It’s not just a male archetype. You tend to find that if left alone, the situation corrects itself and sometimes the person self-sabotages, or other people come for them. Sooner or later, anyone who ‘does Pluto’ (takes, and takes over) gets done over by Jupiter. It’s a law of astrology since 1930. People who manipulate and control are boring, aren’t they? But destiny comes for them.

  26. I feel that weak countries like Italy, Korea and Iran will be devastated by Jupiter-Pluto effect. I feel that Trump and China will hold their position.


    1. Alex, Italy will collapse and leave the European Union, to free trade with America and Britain, away from the EU. The government will fall and be replaced by anti-EU leaders. (Astrology has been predicting Quitaly for a very long time and now we know how it will happen). Ask yourself why specific nations have been hit particularly hard by the virus and the other answers will come. Trump is part of a rare Jupiter-Pluto cycle that always, always, removes the boss. Did you see the Dow Jones today? That’s the second hit after impeachment.

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