Astrology Predictions 2020 – Wall Street

Astrology predicted the virus and financial crisis as far back as 2017. Date-stamped. Read on to find out why May 2020 is make or break.

How Astrology Predicted the Virus and Global Financial Crisis 2

When you are a full-time professional astrologer, you make predictions as far ahead as possible, to warn your readers. In this article, I’m taking the paywall off an old astrology forecast about both the virus and Global Financial Crisis 2. Until now only Premium Members could see it. We’ll also see why May 2020 is make-or-break for Wall Street and other share markets – and why my colleague Joanne Madeline Moore was on the money.

Astrology was designed for crisis. It’s here to help you avoid problems or minimise them.

What to Know about Astrology, the Virus and the Share Markets

As I write this in Melbourne on February 28th 2020, markets across the globe are suffering their worst week since the global financial crisis of 2008. Together with my colleague, author, columnist and professional astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore (pictured below), I have been speaking at events warning readers about GFC 2 since 2017. As I write this on February 28th 2020:

Joanne Madeline Moore - Astrology Predictions 2020 - Wall StreetThe Dow Jones index fell almost 1,200 points yesterday – its biggest daily points-drop in history.

What Astrology Said About Corona Virus COVID 19

28th March 2019 Prediction

“Between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe. It will also involve New Zealand, either on questions of trade or as a major non-NATO ally. We, the people, need to track this before it even comes to pass to make sure the stakes are kept as low as possible. One Last Note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses. As an astrologer, I always deal with American readers who type day, month and year dates in reverse order to British and Australian calendar dates. Yet, no matter how you key in the date of the eclipse on 10th January 2020, you end up with what looks like a memorable code.” 

The 11th November 2019 Virus Prediction

11th November 2019 Corona Virus Prediction

“Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March 2020?

“This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period. In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding.”

How Storms and Flooding  Spread the Virus March 8th and 9th

If this all sounds like some kind of Middle Ages worst case scenario, that is because the kinds of astrology patterns we are seeing (which fortunately you have had since 2019 to prepare for) have not been seen since The Reformation.

It’s quite true – when you see Mercury Retrograde (travel, transport and trade going backwards) in Pisces (a water sign) alongside Neptune (flooding) also in Pisces – that’s trouble. Throw in a Full Moon in Virgo which rules viruses and – be wary.

The ASX Australian Shares Index and Astrology

In Australia, the ASX200 shares index has now seen  its biggest fall since the financial crisis of 2008. I vividly remember Joanne (who tutors with me at The Sun Sign School) standing in front of a packed crowd in Melbourne two years ago, telling people to get out of debt, however they could – as fast as they could. She was right. Astrology predictions and Wall Street realities are showing the same thing. This is not business as usual. 

Within crisis we will see opportunity. I’ll look at that in a moment. But first – here’s a 2017 travel chaos warning about February and March 2020. Right now. And – Wall Street Risks.

Astrology Predicts the Future Three Years Ahead

On September 7th, 2017, it was possible to warn you, using something as basic as the planet Mercury – about February and March 2020, and travel chaos, here.

The feature also referenced the Wall Street Crash for a very good reason. We’re in a classic Mercury Retrograde risk zone.

The prediction? “On Mercury Retrograde there are classically major computer, transport, internet or travel problems across the world, usually in influential cities like New York, Sydney, London, Los Angeles or Paris.”

“Always have Plan B and Plan C on Mercury Retrograde. Always allow for extreme weather, strikes, internet issues, hacking, product recall, reversed decisions or other issues to alter your schedule. Back up your computer.”

“The Wall Street Crash of 1929 happened on the shadow. They are often the most difficult parts of the cycle so be aware of that.”

“Mercury Retrograde Dates -February 2nd to March 30th 2020”

“The Wall Street Crash on Black Tuesday, October 29th 1929, was the most chaotic event of the 20th century, leading to years of Depression around the world. It happened on Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow.”

How Astrology Saw an Australian Economic Crisis in April 2019

So many people have a vested interest in persuading us that the economy is okay (or even, great). I prefer to trust astrology which has been sounding the alarm about GFC 2 since May 2018. In Australia, it’s been particularly obvious. Note the reference to China, the EU and America, below. Astrology predictions for the ASX and Wall Street alike show a long, unfolding crisis.

Published on 11th April 2019 on this website.

“Global Financial Crisis 2 and Australia in May 2019”

“By the time we reach 18th May 2019, the nation will be dealing with the new reality of Global Financial Crisis 2, which arrives as Uranus crosses 0, 1, 2, 3 Taurus and triggers the credit card industry, the banks, money laundering enquiries, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Brexit, Italy and the European Union, China and America – and the rest! Together with some other astrologers, like my colleague Joanne Madeline Moore, I have been predicting this for over a year.”

Share Markets in May 2020 – New Predictions

On May 1st, 4th and 7th, 2020, the markets will see extreme drama that is part of GFC 2 in astrology.

We stand or fall, then. We can either dive into a Bull Market collapse or we can rescue ourselves and turn an imminent world share market dive around. It’s going to be now or never. The markets and politicians will have to move rapidly to avoid disaster.

Even then, this is going to be about restructuring and rebuilding. We are looking at massive issues for political parties and rival nations in May 2020. We stand or fall together. And it can’t be the old world. It has to be the new world.

Prediction: The women who lead in a global Green New Deal are on the money, after May 2020. We will see an agricultural and farming turning point, led by women. And, specifically, one woman. Watch AOC.

ag vlmdo6u0 600x400 - Astrology Predictions 2020 - Wall Street    Image Credit: Paxson Woelber via Unsplash

Tracking the Full Moon of May 2020 and Wall Street

The Full Moon passes through Scorpio, the other finance sign, on Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th of May 2020. That’s a time of great pressure. A Full Moon is always inner conflict. A tug of war. Of course you know that Wall Street is represented by the famous charging bronze bull. This is going to be about a clash of values. Greed versus good. Greed versus green.

You would have to expect internet and computer billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to be affected by such pressure; thus Facebook and Microsoft. 

Why? Zuckerberg is Taurus and Gates is Scorpio. That’s basic astrology, but it works.

In May 2020 those two men are also heading for financial karma. Watch them.

You know, if you have your chart (as a Premium Member) and you are involved in the finance world, do check your Taurus and/or Scorpio placements. I bet you have more than the average. And you’ll be playing your part in May 2020. Micro-macro.

Political Parties and the Saturn Station of May 11th, 2020

Another huge clue about share market drama in May 2020 is the sight of Saturn, slowing down to stand still in the sign of Aquarius (which rules political parties) on 11th May. This has not happened in around 29 years. May 2020 is GFC 2 writ large.

Big Business and the Jupiter Station of May 14th, 2020

Here is another reason to suspect a massive turn for the Wall Street bull, bull markets and gold bullion. Big business, ruled by Capricorn, comes to a standstill as Jupiter also stands still (moves stationary retrograde) on May 14th. Astrology predictions and Wall Street symbols (the bull – gold bullion – bull markets) collide in May 2020.

I really have no interest in Wall Street, and you make your own financial choices for yourself – not me, or my horoscope work. Yet, I’ll give you an absolute certainty about 2020. The new green super-immunity food is a seriously good bet. And so is AOC.

May 4th, 2020

Sun 14 Taurus conjunct Mercury 14 Taurus
9.41 pm

This is a very public series of announcements by Prime Ministers, Presidents, Treasurers – but also the Chief Executive Officers of substantial banks and big businesses. The Sun will shed light.

May 7th, 2020 – Full Moon

Sun 17 Taurus opposite Moon 17 Scorpio
10.45 am

This echoes the basic financial and economic differences and conflicts we saw on 2nd May. A Full Moon is always D-Day.

May 19th, 2020

Sun 29 Taurus quincunx South Node 29 Sagittarius and semi-sextile the North Node 29 Gemini, at 11.10pm. Sagittarius rules foreign trade, export and import. Gemini, as you know, rules tech stocks. These aspects are about ‘disconnects’. What doesn’t fit.

May 26th, 2020

Uranus 8 Taurus sextile Ceres 8 Pisces

Uranus 8 Taurus conjunct Psyche 8 Taurus

Uranus again! Since the year 1781, a symbol of sudden, sweeping, confronting reorganisation.

How Astrology Was Right About GFC 2 Back in 2019

GFC 2018 e1583114306167 600x365 - Astrology Predictions 2020 - Wall StreetOn June 5th, 2019,  ABC-TV reported that in Australia, the economy had slowed to levels last seen in the first GFC.

CNN, at the end of 2018, was telling the truth too.

As it declared in December 2018, ‘2018 was the worst for stocks in 10 years’ (pictured ).

In fact. the stage was already being set (in 2019) for the Dow to fall 1,191 points in February 2020. The biggest dive in history.


What Joanne Madeline Moore Knew

Like me, Joanne Madeline Moore, my colleague and friend at The Sun Sign School, saw a crash and also a virus. This is from her excellent website, Boho Astro.

“Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn”

“In February and March, Mars joins Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in earthy Capricorn, which could result in epidemics (like Ebola and Measles) and more natural disasters (like earthquakes, bushfires and volcanic eruptions) around the world.”

“Uranus Transits Through Taurus”

“Uranus is the planet of freedom, revolutions, disruptions, shocks and changes; whereas Taurus rules money, the economy, banks and material possessions.  So prepare for employment, financial, real estate and stock market volatility in 2020, which could result in a Global Financial Crisis Part 2. The more financially independent you are, the better. Can you sell property or shares (before the crash) to pay off debt and boost cash flow? Or earn extra money doing something entrepreneurial, in your own individual way?”

How Astrology Saw a China Crisis One Year Ago

This is the prediction that only Premium Members saw in March 2019, which I’m now taking off the paywall.

“The World in January 2020 – From New Zealand to China.”

“Whenever you see a line up in Capricorn 20, 21, 22 warning bells ring if you also those patterns in the foundation (or creation/formation) astrology charts for a number of countries. What we’re looking for here are planets at Capricorn 20, 21, 22 which points to the status of a nation – but also Cancer 20, 21, 22 – which is about the patriotism, security and territory of a particular nation. We are obviously looking at an historic crisis and transformation and a new order – nuclear and economic.”

Global Financial Crisis 2 Predictions – Two Years Ago

As we watch the markets crashing on 27th and 28th February 2020 it’s worth knowing that astrology was called GFC 2 as far back as 15th April 2018. The horoscope symbols can also give us advice on how to proceed (and did). 

“Lightning Strike! It Begins with the FTSE in May 2018.”

“On Monday May 14th, Tuesday May 15th, and Wednesday May 16th in 2018 the world will enter Global Financial Crisis 2. The difference this time is – if you invent, innovate and co-create a radically different new business, taxation and trade world with like-minded people – you will gain in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond. Why? That is what Uranus in Taurus is here to achieve. A revolution which sets you and others free.”

More Predictions – The End of Cheap Fashion 2018 to 2020

w0zwmdlkoyq 400x600 - Astrology Predictions 2020 - Wall StreetThis was also posted in 2018 and since China’s devastation by the dreadful COVID 19 virus, it makes perfect sense.

“Do you buy cheap fashion? Uranus in Taurus from May 2018, for years to come, says ‘Don’t be a dummy. People in poor countries make the cheap fashion.’ Heads are going to roll in any system which keeps our fellow human beings down. Manufacturing – if it is exploitative – could take a king hit.”

“If you have Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer factors then starting in May 2018, across 2019, 2020 your life will be reshaped by the massive shifts coming in business, with banking, and with the house and apartment market around the world.”

And Food Rationing Predicted With Astrology

“Food will be rationed. You will have limited supply of particular foods, over the next 7 years. The last time we saw Uranus in Taurus, we filled in wartime coupons. Get ready. Think differently about what you eat and where it comes from. Grow your own food!”  This image by Sabri Tuzcu sums up the mood in February 2020 as these old astrology predictions start to unfold.

More Virus Astrology Predictions About 2020 – Three Years Ago

What you read:

“January 2020 is very much about the contract between worker and business.  Using astrology it would be possible to narrow this period of pressure and intensity down to January 12th, 2020 – even though I am writing this on 17th December 2017 it really is possible to see that far into the future with astrology. We’re going to see corporations called to account. They will have to pay their way, one way or another.”

“I am sure you know Virgo is also associated with the body. Our physical condition and physical state.  January 2020 will also be a time of reckoning for any corporation at risk of class-action lawsuits by people whose health has been endangered by (for example) big pharmaceutical companies. This is Gen Virgo again, born 1966, 1967, 1968.”

“Of course, with Virgo and its great emphasis on the workers, we are also looking at the astrological impact on Communism and countries like China and Russia in January 2020, because it is the Uranus/Pluto in Virgo worker bees who are most affected as the hive is restructured.”

New 2020-2022 Travel and Immigration Rules Predicted

This now also makes sense in the light of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, though it was posted on 7th October 2019, over a year before we knew about it.

“The New Travel, Trade and Immigration Rules”

“The world is set to change its border control, trade and immigration rules in a radical way, between 2020-2022. If you were born with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or the South Node in Sagittarius, you will be affected most.”

“Check your birthday below.  You’ll be first in line for the new passport and visa schemes which are coming.This goes beyond the ‘special relationship’ that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison are discussing for Australian-British working and residency visas, into something sweeping in its global impact.”

“We’re looking beyond smart passports here, into a whole new world of travelling and working – studying and trading.”

“New border controls. New-style customs and immigration processing at airports. The South Node in Sagittarius will conjunct, or sit exactly on, the position of anything you have in that sign.”

Astrology Predictions About America and China Made in May 2019

The US-China Trade War, Tariffs and Astrology Charts

Finally – back in May 2019, it became obvious to me as a pro astrologer, that something seriously odd was happening in Washington.

“Either the astrology is working, to the minute, or someone at the White House is using astrology. This isn’t unusual. Ronald Reagan’s peculiar, timed travel plans and media calls turned out to have perfect astrology patterns. Joan Quigley was the stargazer-to-go back in the Eighties. If you know what you’re doing then scheduling your politics around favourable periods for you (or unfavourable periods for others) can be child’s play.”

“The BBC have been following the US-China saga in 2019, but I don’t see anyone noticing the timing. Yet, really, since Reagan – anyone in the media should be taking this stuff seriously!”

Why Professional Astrologers Predict

Why do professional astrologers predict? Because it can get you out of trouble or save the day. (That’s why so many of us got into this business in the first place).

The other reason for prediction is meaning. What does it all mean, when China collapses, the big money slides, we all stop flying (endlessly) ourselves and our goods around the world – and we face the astrological cycles of 2020?

On The Astrology Show, our free podcast, in 2020 I’ll join other tutors – full-time professional astrologers – from The Sun Sign School. Come and meet us in Britain or Australia as we all go through these cycles together.

This will be a greener, leaner (but not meaner) new planet by 2021. We get there the hard way, but – we get there. That’s what is really behind all this. How good the journey is, depends on how you use your astrology. But please do use it.

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55 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, Again Excellent Work! So, if the markets are crashing now on Feb. 28, 2020 like back in 2008, when will it end? If March 9, 2020 is the next critical date for the virus, is it fair to say that panic in the share markets will continue past this date? From what you are seeing in astrology, May 2020 seems like the share markets will be worse from even now. In 2008 to 2009, the share markets dropped 50%, as we saw literally saw a financial crisis that resembled virus-like panic in the world – this time this is literally a virus that that is creating a financial crisis in the world.

    Also, it is notable that 2008, was a election year where President Obama couldn’t lose against against his opponent because of the financial crisis. 2020 is again a election year. This time we have a President Trump. How can he survive over the next 9 months with the current crisis you see? If a CEO was under these circumstances, he would be removed and replaced, as essentially, President Obama did with President Bush. I bring this up, because your summaries elude to such an outcome. Is it quite possible that GFC 2 from now to election day in Nov. 2020, President Trump will not standing for reelection due to fallout of what is yet to come over the next 9 months? He represents everything that you have been writing will fall down (buildings, real estate). If so, this would make 2008-2009 financial crisis look like the appetizer and 2020 as the entree. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. There is a post on here about Jupiter Pluto cycles (hit Search) which lines up 2020 with other years when Presidents and Prime Ministers fell. They either resigned, were arrested, lost their elections, disappeared or died. We have been tracking these cycles since Pluto’s discovery in 1930. Even without a reliable horoscope for Donald Trump (his staff have supplied two different birth dates) the American chart as a whole shows that it is time for regime change, so a Democrat is coming into the White House. We are in Global Financial Crisis 2 now and May 2020 will decide if there is total collapse on Wall Street, or if a last-minute rescue operation by big business and politicians can work. Greta Thunberg is coming for America.

  2. Dear Jessica. Thank you so mucho for your advice. It seems that I am affected by many factors. As you see Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo and South Node. Can you take a look please?.
    Best whishes

    1. Thank you. This is a really long cycle, so it’s not just about 2020, but also 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. I don’t know what kind of borrowing or shopping habits you have, but it’s a new world. Paper and metal currency will be replaced by purely digital or cryptocurrency. All corrupt big business, banking and politics will be over and that will change things massively. Even your eating habits and food supply will change. Something really simple – keep your life flexible so that when change comes, you can meet change. Don’t hang on to life before 2020. Think ‘New Twenties’ and a planet where you will be consuming less, eating less animals (if you do already), shopping less and borrowing less. Why? Because we all have to!

  3. Thank you Jessica,
    Can you please take a look at my chart? Do you have any insights moving forward into the future? I have a taurus stellium.

    1. Blessed are the peacemakers. You’ll see Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius in 2020, slowly begin to square (what you cannot square) your Taurus factors. You will be in a position to make the peace in a situation which is rather like a duel. It feels like winner-loser, but actually everyone loses unless peace is restored. You’ll do this. The group, network, club, team, circle, community or similar is then a very inviting place for you – and for others. In fact it is through people power within the wider group that ultimately you’ll get to where you need to be, if you are proactive.

  4. Hi Jessica

    I have a lot of factors in Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer. How will I be affected?

    The stock market crashing doesn’t scare me as I see it as an opportunity to buy, in previous crashes I’ve been too scared to take a risk, and lost out.

    I feel in some ways I’m already doing a lot of things that might change our behaviour. I have no debt, own my home outright, don’t spend on throw away items, eat little meat, and I certainly don’t fall for all the temptation of the consumer society.

    I’m not a saint ,I had to learn the hard way in the last financial crash in 2008 – when I had to strip my spending and took stock of all the money that had slipped through my fingers on mindless spending and I had little to show for my hard work.

    2008 totally changed my spending behaviour.

    This time round I’m in a much more comfortable and secure position, thought I run my own business and am worried how recession will impact it.

    What will this next decade bring for me?

    Thanks for a brilliant article, I can’t believe how spot on you are.

    Thanks again.

    1. Like so many astrology readers and believers, you are far ahead of the game. No debt, little shopping, less meat is going to put you in such a strong position in 2020-2025 as we go through one financial and food crisis after another. You have basically ‘heard’ Uranus in Taurus before it came, in May 2018, and already freed yourself up. You want to buy bargain shares and profit later. Let’s see what your chart is saying about 2020 as a whole. Well, we are seeing the North Node go into Gemini (projects, plans, ideas) and the South Node go into Sagittarius (export, travel, relocation) in May. This is really important in your birth chart, as the North Node goes into the Third House of connection and communication, for the first time in 19 years. At the same time, the South Node goes into the Ninth House of exploration and adventure. I believe you’ll want to join what is a modern-day gold rush. Don’t hesitate. This may be purely online – to another region or country. However, you may be very tempted to take what you have and go. The fact is, you will have an abundance of concepts, material to share or budding brainwaves in 2020. There is no shortage of potential. However you are in the wrong place for anything to thrive. I believe you’ll take off, or propel your online material, in 2020, because you can’t wait around. It is very, very important that you do pre-research and extensive homework. It will save you such a lot of time. It’s all about specific locations and the right environment. It’s clearly miles away from where you work or live now, but you have to get this so right. Just like the old gold rush.

  5. Hi Jessica- I always love your time stamped predictions and your reference to their accuracy years later, it shows how cool and precise astrology is. I often read your blogs and wonder if the critical masses knew and believed in astrology what would the world look like, I suppose that depends on how each person would use that knowledge… I would love to know how my Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius will play out for me. I feel so far away from travel and relocating, I almost wonder will these things just materialize seemingly out of thin air? You also mentioned saving and paying off debt, I’ve saved a large sum of money and have been paying off all my debt( I don’t have too much). When you spoke about our food system you gave me hope and confirmed that my choices have to be consistent with my desire to help not hurt. I feel like this year is going to be one of monumental growth but it’s unclear how. This mercury retrograde feels very foggy.

    1. Thank you. Astrology thrives about 2000 years after the Romans made it so popular – just because it works! We know that about one in three people use it. The two in three who do not, probably just booked a lot of travel on Mercury Retrograde, unfortunately. You are a born traveller yourself, with your Sagittarius chart signature, but let’s look at the bigger picture of your chart. You are heading for a major victory in 2020. I don’t know how ambitious you feel at the moment, but we are seeing Jupiter cross your Tenth House of success. This is classically a big hit, a triumph, award, promotion, or similar. You meet it by using your Sagittarius side, which is (as you know) all about the bigger picture. You only see Jupiter in your house of ‘big wins’ once in 12 years. It would be typical of the cycle if this was a particular project, plan, cause or internet-based push. It’s important that once you’re over the celebration, you take what you have, join others with very similar ideas, and unite to create and build.

  6. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for warning bells over the years. Just wondering how I may be affected given my Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer and placements at 21,22 & 23? I am in involved in finance, a political group and even running for council. I’m sensing a big year ahead. Is the push/pull between career and family responsibility done?


    1. Sharlene, you will find massive changes in 2020 regarding politics, and your existing group – as well as the council. The old system is breaking down and voting trends will be quite radically different as people do not want the same old faces, or the same old system. Have a look around at people who are shaking up the rules. Old and white men are ‘the very old’ part of the establishment but if they partner with young and non-white people, they’re getting the public shift to come, which begins in March and is overpowering by December. So, before you even get to making decisions about career and family, and how much time to give either, you need to look at how easy your ride is going to be. If you serve the new Age of Aquarius thinking which is coming in, it will be like surfing an easy wave. If you are not, you’ll be really pouring huge time and energy in, and even then it may not work. Have a look at Capricorn and Aquarius trends on Search because you are picking them up this year.

  7. Thanks Jessica,

    You always provide a lot to think about. It is great to see parts of China already banning the eating of cats and dogs, and it would be of great benefit to our planet if more people turn away from meat.

    There is a lack of faith in the government in Australia (understatement). When do you see an improvement? Will female politicians be the key?

    My nodes are Sagittarian 4 South to Gemini 4 North. Do you think this will lead to further relocation to get work?

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you Patricia. I am thrilled that the Chinese are starting to question their cruel treatment of cats and dogs (especially as I have two dogs in the house this morning, snoozing away!) I also agree about turning away from meat. Too many people buy factory-farmed meat and not free-range. You are going to have your Nodal Return, as it’s called, after the South Node moves to Sagittarius and North Node moves to Gemini, in May 2020. It takes time to become exact, but in general, you have past life karma with one foreign country and its people. You may have worked there or lived there, or perhaps had many lifetimes of complication. A classic example is someone who was transported as a convict from Britain to Australia in one lifetime, and in another, fought to defend Britain as a soldier. You will have your own past life story and memories. In May, one part of the map will leap into prominence and 2020, 2021 will be about looking back about 19 years and finding out where you need total closure.

      1. Thanks Jessica,

        My dogs and cats are snoozing around me too.

        I got married 19 years ago (16/2/2001) and my husband is Gemini (working in the airline industry) so these nodes could bring up all sorts of things as well as my UK lives, with the last trip back in February 2002 for family reasons.

  8. Astrology is powerful. Somewhere a year or so ago you predicted that my living situation will change due to Uranus moving through my home sector and I didn’t see how it’s possible. Guess what. My best friend had business with China and starting January 2020 her business went bye bye. No money coming in because China stopped working. She had to rent out her house and move in with me. Never in a 100 years I’d think it would come down to it. I don’t mind her living with me, I’m just surprised how astrology predicted something completely unexpected like that.

    I’m wondering what May holds for me. I have Mars in taurus and Moon and rising sign in Scorpio. I also don’t have any money in a stock market, thankfully. Last few years I barely made it back on my feet after tough divorce.

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction and I am glad astrology gave you warning. I am sorry that your best friend has been disrupted by the China crisis. You are strongly Taurus-Scorpio and not just in 2020, but for some years to come, you will be making necessary changes to the way you shop. This will be your food and drink bill for the week, but also clothes and other products. China is the supply chain for the world and there are practical reasons why Uranus in Taurus will revolutionise the way you consume and spend. Yet, from an astrological point of view, Taurus is about values. What you place the highest price on. What you would never sell. This has historically been in conflict with others and your tough divorce is proof of that. Take a deep breath and prepare to change. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs, so you need to un-fix what is fixed about your attitude towards money, houses, possessions, apartments, shares, charity, business, the rich, the poor – and the rest. That is standard advice for Uranus in Taurus and any astrologer would have given it on the last cycle, which was wartime Europe. A really simple example of how Uranus can liberate, is that in the 1940s people were encouraged to grow their own food, keep chickens, replace flowers with vegetables and so on. They were liberated from shopping, unless they wanted to queue. It will be like that again, because of shortages. Some will come from the breakdown of the European Union. Others will come from the Covid-19 virus hitting the supply chain. There will be new food which can be grown in window boxes and indoors, with super nutrients – watch. Get on trends like that as soon as you see them.

      1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for replying. Interestingly enough, I’m changing the way I eat and shop as of right now because I figured I’m an emotional eater and compulsive shopper. I’m about to hire an emotional eating coach! I’m past 40 and weight has been creeping up so I’m on a quest to change my eating/shopping habits to be able to sustain healthy body for as long as I’m alive. It’s not so bad to start eating less and grow your own food. Less fat and less pesticides. American supermarket/restaurant food will kill you.

        1. It’s good to hear you are in tune with your astrological chart and changing the way you eat and shop, right now. The emotional eating coach is a great idea. I think a lot of people would agree about American supermarkets…

  9. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your insights as always! While I relish the positive change that is about to come, these are also scary times. I’m scared of getting and not surviving coronavirus to be completely honest. If things will finally change, politics and the business world will be less corrupt and more fair, people will be eating less animals, shopping less and it will be the end of cheap labor and exploitation for the clothing industry etc and people will finally take care of the climate, that is basically the best thing that could happen to the world. I just wish it would happen more softly but I guess perhaps the world had it’s chance, we didn’t take it and that’s why it must happen like this…
    My question is do you have any idea what’s in the cards for Austria astrologically? We are very connected to Italy and the virus, of course, has already started to spread across the border… As with any country, there are several dates that could be used as the country’s “birthday.” I didn’t find specific times but used an online chart calculator that lets you put in unknown times, which gave me the following results: 11th November 1918 – sun in scorpio, moon in aquarius, capricorn rising; 15th of May 1955 – sun in taurus, moon in aquarius, virgo rising; and 26th October 1955 (which I would consider the most important date culturally, no idea whether it is astrologically) – sun in scorpio, moon in pisces, capricorn rising.
    When the first corona cases were announced here this Tuesday, the sun was in pisces, moon in pisces, gemini rising. I’d be grateful if you could help me make some sense of this, if there is any. I know there are probably more things in the charts that I should look at and not having specific times isn’t great. I’m an amateur but I am trying 😉

    1. Austria was born on 12th November 1918 at 5.00pm CET in Vienna according to The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer) so try that date as well. The real issue here is Mercury at 5 Sagittarius in Austria’s chart. Mercury rules travel and transport and trade. In Sagittarius, it is always foreign. The South Node of karma moves to Sagittarius in May 2020 and will ultimately reach 5 degrees in September 2021, which you would have to expect is make or break time, for the European Union but perhaps entire world trade relationships. Try that chart and see what you pick up as a resident. In general, the biggest factor in all this is Uranus in Taurus, worldwide, for many years. At its most positive, Uranus liberates, sets free, and releases. In Taurus (shopping and money) we are going to see that happen with sudden jolts and Covid-19 is one of them. If you ask yourself where Austrians are not free, it is likely in terms of wage slavery to pay mortgages and credit card bills, taxation and food, drink or drug addiction. Uranus transits are commonly about radical new options which cut away the past. Those are the positives!

  10. Hi Jessica, your articles always are amazing in their accuracy. I feel I have done some preparation, but not enough. I am heavily virgo, sagittarius, pisces and gemini and have no capricorn in my chart. My husband has capricorn at 17 degrees. We are still working. What do you see or recommend for us.
    Also our son who is Taurus at 2 degrees is opening a business that does not require any capital. It appears to be something he can do for a long time.
    May not make much at first but will be able to build it. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks so much for your generous insights!!

    1. Thank you. Without knowing anything at all about your jobs or your son’s business, suffice to say that you need to be light on your feet, financially, this year. May is a risky time when we stand or fall, as a global economy. This is not the year to be in heavy debt, as my friend and colleague Joanne Madeline Moore has been saying. We are going to see really unpredictable trends in the shops and supermarkets, like lighting bolts, and there will be a run on particular items. Think about now, for example. Huge demand for face masks and hand sanitiser! Being in a position to read the public mood and catch a wave is very wise. We are now in unprecedented, unusual,unexpected territory with the Uranus in Taurus cycle. You can look that up on Search and find out more about what’s involved.

  11. Hi Jessica, You had written that it might take 3 punches to knock Trump out of office and the first punch was his impeachment. Is the second punch the coronavirus?

    1. Trump’s first hit was impeachment, correct. The second hit is the worst Dow Jones fall in history. This prediction came from a story about Jupiter-Pluto cycles and historically, we see world leaders dealing with a chain of crises until they fall from power, along with their regime. It is hard to say if Trump will contract the virus but he is certainly in a high-risk group, being elderly.

  12. Hi Jessica, It sounds like it is a very good idea to sell stock and/or become more liquid before May. Would you agree?

    1. You are in such a random, unpredictable cycle now, along with the entire world, until 2025, actually. Uranus is in Taurus. The planet of constantly spinning trends, is in the sign of currency, and shares. This is like a roulette wheel and I don’t know how much you enjoy gambling. There is no rhyme or reason to things when Uranus is in Taurus for so many years. The last time we saw this was the Second World War. No rules/new rules. It is not just Covid-19, it is also Climate Emergency, the break-up of the European Union and no doubt something new and strange in 2021, like a whole lot of 18-year-olds forming their own cryptocurrency bank!

  13. Hi Jessica,

    My fear of financial collapse has subsided, what will be for me will be, but i feel i will be ok. But i am excited about the change into a new world. I feel like i have a part to play, just not sure where/what/how. Does my chart give any indication?

    1. You have until 2025 to adapt, adjust and change. The money 2020-2025 is with women (who will finally take their place in the global economy). We are talking a slow food revolution which will massively change the planet. The rapid consumption and fast-spin turnover we saw in the 20th century and early 21st century will be replaced by slowly-slowly agriculture, food production and sustainable development. In short it’s what AOC has been so fiercely passionate about in America for such a long time. New Green Deal. It will have other names by 2025 but it will reach all countries and be female-led. Get on board with that and you’ll have the most remarkable future.

  14. Hi, Jessica

    Thank you for interesting article. My partner and I are selling a house at the moment and because of Mercury retrograde, I started a research for a house to buy. As I read this article along with your Mercury retrograde 2020 article, I started to wonder when is actually good (or ok) timing for us to buy a house this year. Difficulty is that my husband won’t trust astrology. Our house went on market during Mercury retrograde last year. Could you read my chart and tell me what and when to avoid & proceed buying a house, please? We were talking about to buy a lifetime house, meaning “if we have to have bigger mortgage than last time, we would”. Then I read this article.
    Hope I receive your response, finger crossed.

    By the way, I really enjoyed reading Mercury petrograde. My cat is very Taurus cat 😉 thank you.

    1. I am sure your husband won’t trust astrology, it’s only really taken seriously by one in three people. (But it works!) Buying a lifetime house in 2020 is going to challenge both of you to agree on your preference, his preference, and the middle way, to an unknown property future. So you will have three choices, but not very long to make them, as we have Scorpio weather sweeping in (Scorpio rules the banks, interest rates and so on) which will urge you to get a wriggle on. Something you can do to help, is to really be honest with each other about what you will compromise over, and what you want/need on a core level, from the place you live in. I do feel this touches on the marriage itself actually. That’s not what you were asking but the choices about property (if you are going for a bigger mortgage and a lifetime house) are going to bring you both to a standstill where neither of you takes action, until you level with each other, communicate, and get real about the trade-off. It’s n ice to have choices and there will be three, as I said. Yours, his, and the mystery road towards quite a different location with ‘property x’ a possibility. By doing your homework, talking more, and understanding that buildings are buildings, but marriage is what it’s all about – you will make a choice you can both agree upon. As much as I love astrology and gazing at every Full Moon, I would also suggest that you turn your gaze towards him, not the stars!

  15. Thanks for the informative post.

    I have Neptune in Sagittarius. Can you please look into my chart and let me know how it is likely to impact me.
    How is my career and general life pattern for the next few years?


    1. Thank you. You will have the South Node of karma going into Sagittarius from May 2020, and it will ultimately conjunct your Neptune, in the Ninth House of travel, the worldwide web and immigration. This is how you escape from the real world. You lose yourself in holidays or vacations, perhaps foreign cultures and foreign history – certainly through the internet and all its many foreign ports of call. You are an explorer and wanderer who has regular fantasies about emigrating, part-time or full-time. The Node will take you back to a nationality and location you know from a past life, by January 2022. Old karma – debts and credits – will also return and have to be settled. If you think you’ve been to a place before, you certainly have.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    Hope you are well. Reading the aspects you mention regarding finance in May 2020, I rediscovered the importance of asteroids placements. The first time I found out about them was on your site. It is amazing that I have Prosperina at 17 Scorpio (full moon), Vesta at 29 Taurus also when I have my nodal return (19 May), and Ops at 8 Taurus (where Uranus is on 26 May). However, I haven’t reached the ability to decipher this yet and would love to hear your thoughts.
    I also wonder about the karma connection here, if any. I moved to the UK from India on 28 Feb 2017 originally and switching visas in July 2019. With the Cancer Capricorn karma posts and the nodal return ahead, is there one? Was I perhaps a freedom fighter/ victim to UKs atrocities in a previous life and it is meant to repay debts? Apparently, my ancestors weren’t, but information stays fuzzy there.

    At this point, I must share, you had boldly predicted that I will have to find a different career or relocate again if I didn’t have a job by January end, over 6 months ago and stuck by it over a month ago. I imagined I’d have to move back to India from UK. But I did not imagine a ‘career shift’ as I have signed up to! After 16 years in arts and entertainment, where I got the talent visa for my work with tech propositions for the same (only starting with that aspect in 2015), I start a new job on 9 March with an Autotech blue-chip startup in the UK. Same skillset and transferable skills and everything I wanted, just a different subject matter expertise. And even though I haven’t started yet, it feels just right. Yet. 16 years. And now this. And you saw it coming. I am in awe.

    1. Thank you, I’m very well. Your asteroids in Scorpio and Taurus are in late degrees, so the new global economy will take a while to create a revolution in your life – yet it will do so. You will find freedom from who/what used to keep you fenced in, though it may be hard to see it. This is often a cycle when people realise how much their credit card or borrowing habit tied them down, and they make radical budget cuts which liberate them from being dependent on a bank. It’s a few years away yet. Congratulations on the new job and thank you for validating the astrology prediction.

  17. Hi Jessica – Thank you so much for the outstanding work you do. Your knowledge not only of astrology but also politics, history and so much more is truly impressive. I am really hoping you can give me some practical advice. My husband and I have recently retired. We lost a lot of money in the GFC or we would have retired earlier. We became very cautious with our investments and invested in gold bullion and shares in gold mining and exploration. We also held shares in other companies but fortunately we sold them just before the big sell-off of the last business week. Now it appears that you are predicting the crash of gold and gold bullion in May too. I want to be sure that I am interpreting that correctly ? If so, given your predictions for the economy and also bearing in mind my personal birth chart, do you have any advice on what action we should take with regard to our gold shares and bullion. Given that the gold price is good at the moment should we be selling it now? I would really appreciate any light that you could shed on this matter.
    Please keep up the good work- it is very much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Thank you very much. I am sorry you lost so much money in the first GFC – I understand why you have gone for gold. Thank goodness you sold other shares before the sell-off last week. You want to know about keeping or buying gold shares and bullion. I would be very careful here. Uranus is now well and truly in Taurus. The planet of all that is new, different, wildly original, unprecedented, shocking, unique – in the sign of manufacturing, currency, property values and yes…gold. The last time we saw this cycle was the Second World War, if that gives you any indication. Uranus turns the world upside down (he has quite peculiar movement) and so if people tell you ‘solid gold’ you really need to do more research. Ultimately your financial choices until 2025 when this cycle ends, are your own, just because only you know what X is worth to you!

  18. Hi Jessica this is another fantastic piece of work thank you for all that you do. When you predicted the GFC2 last year I took quite a bit of money out of the stock market thank goodness! However I also left a considerable amount still in there and we were therefore ultimately affected by the crash last week. Could you look at my chart please and see if there is anything which may suggest we will financially be ok? In 2023 Pluto will be opposing my moon at 29 degrees Cancer which I think may indicate a house move, which I am not unsettled by but would be more comfortable if it was a house move that was initiated from a positive place rather than a negative one. I intellectually understand I like everyone else have my own karma to experience in this lifetime and try to live each day from that place but I am sensitive and feel change coming. My financial situation is also my husbands financial situation which I take care of. He has a business which has promising potential and provides us with much of our income, he has an 8 degrees Taurus sun, however the Coronavirus has now entered the room and I’m very aware things could change. Any insights you could share with me would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad the astrology helped you when you took money out of the stock market. We’re about to see where the Dow Jones will land again today. The 2023 transits are a long way off, but essentially the Moon in Cancer in the Fourth House is about being mother to family members. You may mother your husband, children, your own mother and so on. It is also about ‘needing to be needed’ in terms of the actual home, and living space. Pluto opposing that can only happen once in your life. Try to get the family and property situation into the most flexible space you can for 2023 so that you can zig-zag when you have to. Pluto always demands change. The less you have absolutes and narrow ‘musts’ the better, as you will find the Pluto opposition so much easier if you can move around, both with immediate family, more distant relatives, and the actual house or apartment itself. I would also check all home insurance is up to date. Okay, so 2020 is a different kettle of fish. There is something solid gold there. It may be your husband’s business. Solid gold is great, but this needs clever management. The man in charge, assuming this is him and not your broker, is clever enough. A stylish and distinctive dresser, not quite of this world, light on his feet and pretty entertaining, actually. Very Pisces/Neptune in other words. This is what is affecting your chart most. If ever there was a year to use all resources, get real, get down to earth, be grounded and be seriously practical – this is it – for this man. So much can be done. The word is ‘resources’ here, it really is.

  19. Hi Jessica, I love your blogs and this whole website! I’m a Leo rising (that is Mars in Leo), with Sun+ Venus+Ketu in Aries, and Virgo moon. I’ve been working very hard to begin grad school (or find a new career opening) in the US/Canada .. I haven’t seen any fruitful outcome yet. Can you please tell me if there any chance my dream of moving to the US (first choice) or Canada (second preference) comes to fruition this year (or next)? ( I’m a Male, in my early 20s. )
    Also, which place would be most prosperous for me – US or Canada? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. So you are a Sun Aries who wants to move to America or Canada. You have a past life in both countries and it will be obvious to you after May 2020 when the North Node moves to Gemini (languages) and your South Node moves to Sagittarius (emigration). You have until January 2022 to make up your mind. A great deal of what you want depends on your bilingual or even trilingual skills by 2021.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Just got told on the 27th that the company is having lay offs and I’m included in that. Could you let me know what the future holds in terms of my next job, whether it will be better one than my previous one and when it will come through. I’m trying hard to focus and believe this happened for a good reason for me to end up in a better position. Thanks in advance!

    1. I am very sorry. We have all been through redundancies and they are always so tough. Your next job involves two choices. Yes or no, and quite dramatically so. There may be two positions and one has to be cut out, or you are split between pros and cons with just one career. In actual fact the way forward to conquering future ambitions (all within your reach) is a group of some kind. This may be anything from a trade union to a football team to a political party to a rock band. It will transport you, along with friends and like-minded people in the network, to where you want to be. in fact I can see three jobs or three massive projects ahead of you. How do you get there? Focus on getting rid of what blinds you. You are not seeing clearly when you are making your two-way choice and you need to bring the focus back to yourself and away from what is outside you. Try to see clearly and see straight and you’ll immediately get the full picture. You might then realise that you don’t want to make a binary choice at all and instead drop the whole thing and use that important group to get to where you need to be. This is Aquarius weather stuff.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Always great reading about your predictions and insights! I noticed in my chart that I have both the North Node and South Node at 26 degrees one in Sagittarius and one in Gemini.
    I am curious to know what that will bring up in 2020 in terms of love and relocation!

    Many thanks,

    1. Well, Marianne, life moves awfully quickly at the moment! Relocating is far more likely when you have your North Node in Gemini Return and South Node in Sagittarius Return. Do your research in 2020 and the new options will appear in 2021. It will be a completely different world for obvious reasons. For your own part, you will have visited/lived in/known your eventual location before. The Nodes will cycle you back into a previous life, or just a life you had 19 years ago.

  22. Hi Jessica, with Taurus and Scorpio factors I would appreciate thoughts on a property issue.
    I bought in 2016 and moved out to a new city last year, bigger house, finally feels like home after many tumultuous years. 2019 i accepted first offer on previous home, sale fell through as it has some unique features so needs work doing especially to get in line with current energy efficiency requirements. 2nd offer accepted 2020 substantially lower than asking price, also fell through.
    Back on the market, mentally already decided to hold out until Easter and if not takers get some work done to put it out to rent. Would rather reduce my liability through sale but feel stuck.
    Any advice on this/anything else to be aware of based on my chart please?

    1. You posted this on 11th March and it’s now almost Friday 13th (in every way). I’m just going to repeat what I always say – avoid commitments, final decisions and paperwork on Mercury Retrograde. April is much better for you than March, correct. However you also need to update yourself every single day on what is happening with your local and national economy but also the global economy. Please hit Mercury Retrograde 2020 on Search and see what I wrote about June and July as well.

  23. Hi Jessica!
    Wonderful insights as always!. I haven’t been as quick on reading the posts lately as both working in the financial markets and reaching the end of a risky pregnancy! It has taken all my energy to try navigate both of these recently!.

    You mention that those of us involved in the markets need to be aware of our Taurus/Scorpio placements, particularly in May. However, being on maternity leave, I will be away from the markets at this time, though my return to my role would depend on how factors play out. It does leave me feeling a bit impotent as regards what I can do in May…

    Of more personal importance, I am preoccupied with the latest developments here in the UK as I will have a very risky delivery next week, in the middle of a pandemic (*breathes out, stays calm*). I hope this isn’t a particularly inauspicious time for either me or the little one!,

    Keep well and I look forward to checking in more frequently when I am over these humps!


    1. May 2020 will still involve you. Everyone is working from home you see – not just you, with your pregnancy. Dee, this is quite the time to have a baby isn’t it, especially in Great Britain, but you have a past life connection with the soul inside you. You two have what Caroline Myss would call a soul contract, made between lives, and for quite particular reasons, this soul has agreed to land right now. The larger question is actually the father. Without that chart too it’s really hard to do more than generalise, but this is just as much about the past life/reincarnation contract made with him. Something that works for both you and the little spirit you are carrying is music. I’m sure you know that. Heartbeat paced music is very good. I’m not going to pretend March 2020 is not stressful, because it is. About one in four people like you, with your kind of chart, are carrying massive family demands – psychologically, emotionally. Yet, out of this we learn who and what matters most. Particularly for you – with the father.

  24. Hi Jessica
    I recently found your site and blogs. Great insight. I am Scorpio sun at 1 degree, Aquarius rising at 16 as well as moon at 02 degrees. I have recently moved and financed my home. I have not gotten out of the market as of yet. How can I prepare at this point for what the remainder of 2020 is bringing? Should I pull out everything from the stock market or stay in green, responsible companies. My partner is an Aquarius sun and Scorpio rising. Any insight is most appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Stay in green, responsible companies but be prepared to twist and turn so get yourself flexible. You will also be dealing with other nationalities, languages or just different regions of your own country from May when the Nodes go into Gemini (bilingual skills) and Sagittarius (Foreign places and people). May begins about two years of past life experience, credits and the need for some closure. So keep an eye on that. The way to be secure from this point forward that Saturn is in Aquarius is to think ‘all of us’ and ‘pooling resources’ and ‘we’re all in it together, equally.’ Capitalism from the top down is dying, and will be dead very soon. So you were ahead of the curve. Think – seeds, growing, plants, herbs, immunity. Immunity is THE buzzword of 2020 and 2021 and people will pay for it. It can be achieved in business or at home affordably.

  25. Hi Jessica, This is a really useful post. Thank you.
    As a Taurean, shifts are happenin, in the midst of all the sadness and chaos of current events I find myself aligning to my natural Taurean values of cooking nutritious foods and gardening, creating a vegetable plot, planting lots of seeds and creating intentions. I am in the process of using my artwork for fabric designs (as you suggested) and tapping into old work and resources in hope of making fashion garments, creating a new pathway and well needed financial turning point.
    My biggest concern is my financial position, I cannot clear this debt and will need to remortgage before July 2021, but currently do not have a strong financial portfolio. So applying now doesnt seem possible but I am aware the nodes shift in May. Do you see any timeline for this in my chart, with Saturn and Mars in my 12th Aquarius rising at 15degrees. A stellium in Taurus with Jupiter Ceres at 4, venus at 11 and sun at 23. Please could you shed a light as my house is the foundation for growing food, working from home studio, trying to creating a viable business using my resource of fabrics gathered for 10 years or so! I really dont want to be selling up and moving. I feel that I am in the right place. I would appreciate your comments Jessica, thank you. S

    1. It’s great you are getting into your Taurean side, S, and you will find that the more you ground yourself in growing herbs and vegetables and cooking with them, the better you feel. You use a different system to me so I need to spin your chart. You don’t have Saturn and Mars in your Twelfth House, but in your Eleventh House. The Taurus stellium is crucial and is in your Second House. You are in a fantastic position with your fabrics gathered over ten years. Are you aware of the revolution happening with recycling, home sewing and so on? I understand you are concerned about your debt and the need to negotiate with the bank but advise you to wait and see. At least keep talking right through May. Prolong that conversation about your mortgage at the very least, because you will be amazed at how many options come your way. Many, many options. Don’t just think one path. Open your mind up to what is possible with the council, the government, business and also the bank. Uranus in Taurus in your Second House is this phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. I am sure your Taurus side does not like this new, sudden, very challenging lack of stability. You like the ground beneath your feet. But – you are going to make this work. The key is thinking laterally and not just assuming Option A is your only choice.

  26. I am reading this post on April 13th. WallStreet already made an u-turn and back on it’s old ways of crony capitalism. Looks like nothing much changed. Rich Hedge fund guys are the ones benefitting from the bailout. As usual millions of ordinary people are loosing their jobs without any safety net. Bernie Sanders bailed out. Any thoughts???

    1. Purely temporary. Capitalism as we knew it – based on greed and excess – is finished. Trust astrology. It has been around for 2000 years and counting. Have you read what I wrote three years ago now? The Capricorn Effect, Part One and Two. Take a look on Search. The new world will be born in May once the arrests for money laundering have been made.

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