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Your Virgo Planets and the Virus

Do you have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo? (You will, if you are in your fifties). Maybe you actually are a Virgo, or you have another planet or asteroid in that sign. The virus was predicted with astrology specifically for March 9th 2020 back in November 2019. How will you be affected and what is the bigger message from the Virgo factors in your Premium Member birth chart?

Your Virgo Side and the Virus: Dealing with the 2020 Virgo Full Moon

Do you have Virgo planets, asteroids, points or angles in your personal birth chart? Your Virgo side, which rules health and wellbeing, is currently under pressure from an unusual line-up which starts on March 9th 2020 and intensifies from May 2020, not ending until January 2022.

It’s about your daily routine and it’s going to intensify your Virgo side. It’s about your immune system. If you were born 1961-1969 you have Uranus in Virgo, so your whole generation is affected, worldwide. If you were born 1956-1972 then you likely have Pluto in Virgo. Again, your entire generation is affected by the new patterns we are seeing.

What new patterns? Well, anything at all you have in Virgo (the body, self-care) is being slowly opposed by Neptune in Pisces, clashing from the other side of your chart. More importantly, the North Node and South Node, which rule 19-year cycles, are going into Sagittarius and Gemini, from May 2020. This sets up what is known as a T-Square with your Virgo factors, and by the time the cycle ends in January 2022, anyone with planets, asteroids, points or angles in Virgo will have felt the squeeze.

It’s the squeeze that can make you seriously address the mind, body and spirit connection – perhaps in a new way. Astrology is about choice. Here you have informed choices to make. Particularly if you were born 1956-1972 with Pluto in Virgo, you are here to take back control of your own health. To find empowerment by running your own body. That is a literal translation of what it means to have Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House. So let’s move forward.

How Astrology Predicted the Virus on 11th November 2019

If you were born with even one or two Virgo factors in your Sixth House of health and well-being, the Virgo Full Moon on Monday 9th March 2020, exact at 5.49 pm, is a real bridge to cross – and it was predicted on this website about five months prior. Take a look at your birth chart now, which you will have if you are a Premium Member. What do you have in Virgo, and at what degrees? Make a note of it, because it matters 2020-2022.

[contentblock id=51 img=html.png]

You will arrive at a ‘now or never’ point with the Coronavirus, or Covid-19 as you go towards that first Full Moon on 9th March, with a sequence of bridges to cross until January 2022.

Astrology really works if you use it properly. So it was possible to give a clear virus and transport/travel chaos warning on 11th November 2019. You can see the original post here. This is classic horoscope timing and it’s date-stamped.

Virus Risks for March 2020 – Predicted in November 2019

“Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March?

This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period. In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses, and regular traffic, air traffic and shipping affected by wave after wave of rain/flooding.

The Full Moon falls on Monday 9th March at 5.47 pm UT with the Sun at 19 Pisces and Moon at 19 Virgo. The Neptune-Sun conjunction falls just one day before, on Sunday 8th March at 12.22 pm UT with the Sun at 18 Pisces next to Neptune, also at 18 Pisces.

If you want to check your birth chart now, as a Premium Member, look for any asteroids, planets or other horoscope factors at Virgo 18 ,19 because you’ll want to schedule more time and space for yourself that weekend, into the new week ahead. If you can plan anything crucial that is work or study related, another time, then do that. Virgo rules daily tasks, service and duty. This is not a great time for those details.”

How Astrology Tells Us About NHS Issues in January 2021

There is an unusual pattern showing up in the astrology charts of 1966 babies in Britain which is worth knowing about. These people, now aged around 54 or 55, are likely to have patterns at 19 degrees in their horoscopes. This 19 degree hotspot is triggered by Neptune at 19 Pisces, the North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius, between January 24th and 27th, 2021.

What this means is a critical crossroads for people in their mid-50s in the final week of January 2021. One of the issues will be this. The 2008 section of the NHS Pension Scheme allows members to opt for voluntary early retirement from age 55.

If I was in Westminster now, I would be absolutely looking at the NHS Pension Scheme rule right now. I’m writing this on Friday 6th March 2020. In the final week of January 2021 there will be a very difficult situation for the NHS Pension Scheme directly concerning the age-55 retirement rule in the UK. It can be minimised ahead of time if politicians act quickly.

I mention this because so many strongly Virgo people work in the NHS and some of you write to this website, and I know you are born in 1966! Thanks to Joanna Martin for raising the NHS issue in connection with the 1966 pattern, with @astrologyshow

Taking Back Control of Your Own Health

The good news about this urgent COVID-19 trigger for so many Virgo-influenced people? It pulls in the Pluto in Virgo patterns we saw in the Sixties, which have delivered a whole self-care, health-care, fitness and wellbeing industry since this generation grew to adulthood.

Taking back control of your own immune system, your own lifestyle, wellness and fitness is something most Virgo-influenced people do – thinking about the thousands of comments I’ve seen here on this website over the years.

The boom in gyms, alternative medicine, mineral water, vitamins and health food shops confirms that. It was not there before Generation Pluto in Virgo became consumers. Check.

The unexpected positives of the COVID-19 crisis in astrology, are really clear. This may force you to become your healthiest self.

The Message About Immunity From Your Virgo Planets

One scientific study after another, cites meditation as a way of helping your immune system. You can pick up two excellent meditation podcasts, free, from Sounds True, here.

One is ‘The Practice of Mindfulness’ and six Sounds True authors offer guided meditations: Jack Kornfield, Shinzen Young, Kelly McGonigal, Tara Brach and Sharon Salzberg. You can also pick up ‘Meditation Music’ if you prefer words-free meditation. Featuring Maneesh de Moor, Nawang Khechog, Riley Lee, Kimba Arem, Andrew Weil, River Geurguerian, Jai Uttal, Ben Leinbach and Snatam Kaur – this is worth trying.

dftjxyd5pto 600x400 - Your Virgo Planets and the Virus

Virgo, Mercury, the Mind and Body

One of the interesting things about Virgo, as a zodiac sign ,is that it is ruled by Mercury the messenger. Mercury is associated with words, ideas, the internet, television, radio, the media and ‘headspace.’ Yet Virgo rules the Sixth House of the body, mind and spirit. Something you may need to remind yourself, as the Coronavirus sweeps the world, is that your immune system is connected to your stress levels. Less stress, greater strength. If you’re strongly Virgo (more than three factors in that sign is a stellium, or big chart signature) then you may already be a meditator. If not, hit the research and try the free audio/video.

This Tibetan healing video on YouTube is free and has enjoyed 5 million views from people around the world. Recommended.

Your Virgo Side, Sleep and Relaxation – and Immunity

zlabb6gke24 600x400 - Your Virgo Planets and the Virus

Harvard University’s guide to super immunity is the benchmark.

There is something so down-to-earth about your Virgo side. Virgo is an earth sign. Grounded in the real world. Practical. Virgo is associated with the use of essential oils like Cinnamon and super food like Rhubarb. If you feel your Virgo side being absolutely triggered by the COVID-19 Corona Virus, astrology can help. This is a 19-year cycle which will become rare – historic – in January 2021. That is when we see the North Node, South Node and Neptune all line up at exactly the same degree. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of details, homework and research. Time to ‘feel the Virgo’ no matter what your usual zodiac sign is, and find out what’s working out there. Here is a really good point about Virgo in astrology. It rules work. Even if you are completely bypassed by the Corona Virus (and I trust you are) – if you have a cough at work in 2020, you may be sent home. If you develop even a couple of regular cold or flu symptoms, you may want to send yourself home!

This is going to have a massive impact on the global workforce. So, the supply chain for supermarkets. However, it also raises new questions for you about controlling your own wellbeing, or being part of a revolutionary new world of self-care. Both of those are key phrases for Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo people. What works best against viruses? Eucalyptus oil? I mentioned Cinnamon. What about your food? You can change your own life, here, by managing your own immunity.

Ceres in Pisces Opposite Your Virgo Factors in 2020

j4wntlfenr0 600x400 - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusCeres applies more pressure, to get you to change (improve) your health habits, as she goes right opposite your Virgo factors, moving through the sign of Pisces. This takes place from Friday, April 24th until Sunday, September 27th, 2020. She resumes in Pisces from Tuesday, November 10th, 2020, until Sunday, February 21st, 2021. That’s a very long stretch.

The reason I’m talking about early 2022 as the sign-off for you, in this period of Virgo ‘squeeze’ is the simple fact that the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius (forming hard, sharp squares to Virgo) do not move off until January 19th, 2022. So this is an unusual time when you will become much, much more aware of your Virgo planets. You may have the Moon there, or Mars, for example. If you are in your fifties or older, your entire generation will have the slow-moving outer planets there. Ceres in Pisces opposite (whatever you have) in Virgo, in the Sixth House, will challenge you to go much more deeply into questions about your mind, body and spirit. Virgo is about mental health as well as physical wellbeing. Why? It is ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind.

The 19 Degree T-Square of January 24th-27th, 2021

T-Squares in astrology are highly unusual and they are capital T for Tense. These January 24th-27th 2021 patterns at 19 degrees are a concern.

This is serious obstruction and blockage on international travel, emigration and vacation, trade and transfers. Why? Gemini and Sagittarius both rule shipping and airlines, but also trucks and ferries. This T-Square will also create a Grand Cross for any nation with factors at 19 Virgo.

I am posting this way ahead of time, on Tuesday the 3rd of March 2020, so you are completely aware of the astrological risks, between January 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th in the year 2021. Astrology is here to empower you. Use it to plan and schedule.

Countries with sensitive spots at 19 degrees include Italy as the Holy Roman Empire and China. As I write this in March 2020 the COVID-19 Corona Virus is just 2-3 months into its spread in Italy and China.

The chart set for China – 21st September 1949 in Peking at 12.00 CCT reveals Mercury at 19 Libra. That’s her media and internet seriously hit in January 2021. Amazingly, in another chart for China, set for 1st October 1949 in Peking at 3.15 pm, we also find Venus at 19 Scorpio. This photograph by Leone Pieters (below) shows the mystery of China really well. But we can look beyond the mystery using astrology and two charts, set for a key date in her history with Mao Tse-tung and a formal inauguration of a People’s Republic. Why is the final week of January 2021 so critical for the Chinese?

China in January 2021

okqvpekh458 421x600 - Your Virgo Planets and the Virus

It is beyond mere coincidence to find a third Chinese chart with a 19 degree hotspot. This is the chart set for 25th December 1947 at 00.00 CCT in Taipei, Taiwan. This horoscope for China clearly shows the Moon at 19 Taurus.

You don’t really have to be a master astrologer to know that Taurus rules bull markets and gold bullion. Always has, always will. So, what we are seeing here for China and her different constitutions and moments in history, is critical economic gridlock.

Between January 24th and 27th 2021, the Chinese economy and her international travel will hit the peak of the financial crisis which began with the Coronavirus in December 2019. These old Communist charts have been repeatedly tested.

Between January 24th and 27th 2021, we see the North Node in Gemini (domestic flights and trains) at 19 degrees, stand opposite the South Node in Sagittarius (international relations, immigration, long-haul travel, global trade) while Neptune at 19 Pisces (the soul of a nation) creates the third leg of a T-square.

This then forms a Grand Cross with various European nations (below) – but also well and truly hits the China chart, in the sign of Taurus – the economy and agriculture – and Scorpio – classically, the mortgage market. It’s really about that 19 degree hotspot.

China and Buddhism – Christianity – Spiritual Revolution

One of the unusual outcomes of this Grand Cross is the resurgence of Christianity and Buddhism in China. In January 2021 the Chinese will embrace the Buddha and God. It is a nation born again. This is a fascinating outcome for a Communist nation which rejected religion. Neptune in Pisces is at the heart of this cycle for China. And that’s about the nation’s soul.

Watching Italy in January 2021

The chart for the Holy Roman Empire is set for 25th December in the year 0800 at 5.10 am in Rome. It comes from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, Bournemouth, 2004).

I mention this not only because The Pope has been taken ill, as I write this on March 3rd, 2020, but also because Italy as a whole has seen a vast rise in virus cases. The Moon at 19 Pisces in the Holy Roman Empire chart tells you that this is a Catholic country. Pisces rules the fishes, the disciples, Christ and Christianity. January 2021 is a really critical crossroads for the Vatican.

g453jqqnj u 600x338 - Your Virgo Planets and the Virus

Watching Indonesia in January 2021

Indonesia was ‘born’ with Saturn at 19 Virgo, which is extremely difficult for public health and employment. Indonesia will hit a serious medical crisis between January 24th-27th 2021. Why? Neptune will oppose Saturn from 19 Pisces. The North Node and South Node will create a Grand Cross at 19 Sagittarius and Gemini. Be extremely careful if you plan to visit Bali or Indonesia in the final week of January 2021. Do your research far in advance. Indonesia’s working people are under a heavy burden then. Again, we come back to Virgo as the sign that not only rules public health, but also the working classes. If you use astrology in a practical way and are used to testing it, I recommend you test the Indonesia astrology chart.

Why January 2021 is a Global Health Crossroads

As I write this on March 3rd, 2020, there is panic-buying in the supermarkets and flights from China have been banned around the world. Some countries are even insisting Australians go into quarantine.

British PM Boris Johnson has given us a summer 2020 time-frame as a COVID-19 scheduling priority. Huge mistake, according to astrology. We have Mercury Retrograde in June and July 2020.

The United Kingdom, Astrology and the Virus

If we’re talking major world trade and vacation hubs, in this discussion about Sagittarius-Gemini-Pisces patterns in January 2021 –  that takes in countries like the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In her 1066 incarnation, the nation has the North Node at 19 Virgo and South Node at 19 Pisces.

This seems right. Britain after 1066 was rocked by plagues. She’s closed borders before (England and Scotland during The Great Plague of the 17th century). That’s a Virgo-Pisces Node signature which is triggered in the final week of January 2021.

Taking it apart, there is a confused and confusing situation (Neptune in Pisces) which simply cannot be squared with travel, transport and tourism (Gemini and Sagittarius) in the final week of January 2021. It brings back memories of epidemics, plagues and outbreaks throughout Britain’s long history, since 1066. Why? The Nodes go backwards in time in 19-year cycles. January 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th 2021 are extremely difficult days for Britain.

If you take astrology seriously, which I have since I began my career at Elle magazine in my early twenties – then look at that cycle. You’d need to think very, very carefully about booking travel that week, in and around the United Kingdom.

The New Spirituality and Soul-Searching of January 2021

28lepb60rlq 600x338 - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusI mentioned how China will undergo a spiritual and religious revolution – and conversion – as Neptune in Pisces sweeps over her chart. If you are strongly Virgo you will also be affected by ‘the new soul-searching’ in 2020, 2021.

Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo, is activated now. So for you, that means you pick up what billions of others will be searching for. Solitude. Isolation. Spirituality. Beliefs of all kinds including astrology. Your religion. Finding God. Finding something inside…not outside. So, despite the huge issues we are going to see with the icy, Northern Hemisphere freezing conditions in January 2021, the necessary isolation of people who are affected by the virus, and the rest – beyond Santa Claus in Christmas 2020, we’re seeing something that looks a lot like a genuine piece of Christmas spirit in January 2021. Putting the Christ back into the word, you might say. Pisces has long been associated with the soul.

Europe and the January 2021 Crisis

It’s really not much fun writing about this stuff, but astrology is history – and history is astrology. We know astrology works as a timing device because you’ve seen it here twice on this website, with the specific word ‘virus’ and published dates.

Other charts to watch here, triggered at 19 degrees, include two for Germany, both showing 19 Virgo factors (Confederation and also the Third Reich). Switzerland, Russia and Greece also turn up with some charts showing 19 Virgo factors. My source for this, throughout, is The Book of World Horoscopes, by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer).

Given that Mercury Retrograde is also upon us in the final week of January 2021 I would be very, very cautious about booking holidays, moving or emigrating in general – also launching into any ambitious foreign trade agreement. You should take your own advice when making your life decisions as I obviously know nothing about your personal situation! But do your homework.

This is quite clearly about Europe and when we see Virgo-Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius, we see travel, trade and health issues. The chart set for Russia for 2.15am, 9th November 1917 in Leningrad (the Bolshevik version) shows Uranus at 19 Aquarius, the sign which describes Communism.

We see this 19 degree placement right around the Russian charts. The USSR chart shows Saturn at 19 Libra. We find Mars at 19 Pisces in the chart set for 12th March 1917 (Petrograd) and Mars is at 19 Gemini in the 3rd March 1613 chart.

So, Russia is heavily implicated in what unfolds on the world stage in the final week of January 2021, following the 2019-2020 Covid-19 outbreak. She’s literally not immune from this. Even the Yeltsin chart set for 19th August 1991 shows the Moon at 19 Sagittarius, and I’m sure you can see that’s right in the zone for this late January 2021 crisis.

Your Virgo Side, the Virus and August-September 2020

rmbyg5kffqg 600x455 - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusThe positives of the ‘squeeze’ on your Virgo factors are – the chance to adopt smart new habits which will serve your body ,mind and spirit for the rest of your life.

Use the weather in astrology and the weather will help you. Here we have new awareness of your health, sleep patterns, peace of mind, fitness and self-care, coming in around August 2020.

Mercury, which rules Virgo anyway, moves into Virgo on Friday 21st August 2020. It is followed by the Sun in Virgo on Sunday 23rd August. We have a crucial Full Moon in Pisces, opposite the Sun in Virgo, on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. That falls at 10 degrees Pisces, opposite anything you have at 10 Virgo. Big wake-up call.

The New Moon in Virgo on Thursday 17th September 2020 falls at 25 degrees of the sign. That’s a call to action for everyone with Virgo factors as it lands straight in your Sixth House of body, mind and spirit. If you actually have anything at 25 Virgo that may be the moment you become a vegan, for example, or give up all smoking. These are the right moments to ‘do the Virgo thing’ and make research your priority. It’s your body. Your routine.

Venus in Virgo in October 2020

ejpdi2hm6hw 400x600 - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusVenus, the planet which rules complicated relationships, goes into Virgo from October 3rd to 28th, so this is really about the many layers which exist between you and your healer, doctor, nutritionist, herbalist and so on.

Watching the Health Asteroids

You also need to watch the ‘health’ asteroids in your personal birth chart, which you will have if you are a Premium Member. They are Aesculapia, Panacea and Hygiea. Chiron is partly responsible for health and healing, but only partly. If you are curious about these, I have written extensively about them both on this website and in the guides that you have, with your membership. They are worth knowing about. These symbols go way back to the Romans who gave us modern astrology. Aesculapia was about miracle cures. Panacea was about the ethics involved with cures or remedies. Hygiea was, as you might expect, about the idea that prevention is better than cure. In fact they found this key asteroid during a Cholera outbreak. Where do you find this asteroid in your chart? What sign and house? Where is she by transit? (You can always check on this website). Hygiea, most of all, lives in your kitchen.

Working With Your Virgo Side and the Virus

Secrets From A Stargazer’s Notebook - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusI’m going to leave you with some thoughts about your Virgo side and the virus – from some great astrologers of the past. Debbi Kempton-Smith wrote Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook in 1982 (Bantam) and was a very good, practical, no-nonsense New York astrologer.

This is what she wrote about Neptune, the planet in Pisces, opposing (clashing with) your Virgo side. “Neptune is the god of the sea. Neptune is a world full of unconditional love and plenty of time, tropical music and blue lights and Pina Coladas, tiki gods breathing fire, and a wishing pond.”

Sounds like a cruise ship circling the islands, doesn’t it? Given that we have an approaching potential Virgo Grand Cross involving Neptune in the final week of January 2021, I don’t think your Virgo side, or that of any affected nation, would really want to be sailing into a vacation without doing some detailed and studied research. I cannot believe that Virgin (the clue is in the name) launched a new cruise on Mercury Retrograde, but they did. In 2020. Seriously, if you find astrology works for you, do the most homework you can on the whole business of cruises, ferries and shipping on this cycle. Normally, Neptune is about escapism and vacation. Late January 2021 is different!

From Debbi Kempton-Smith to Margaret Hone

I really like these astrologers from the 20th century as they did the work. (And if you do the work, astrology works.)

The Modern Textbook of Astrology - Your Virgo Planets and the VirusThe brilliant author, teacher and consultant Margaret E. Hone D.F. Astrol.S. released The Modern Text Book of Astrology in December 1951 and it has been in constant reprint for about 70 years.

If you are going to do anything at all in 2020, 2021 (the years that the squeeze is on your Virgo factors) then ‘do’ your Virgo side and really get to know it. Be aware that extreme Virgo can be hypochondriac. Doctors call this ‘the worried well.’ Michael Jackson, who made face-masks his own, was an extreme Sun Virgo person. Read right around this zodiac sign, from great astrologers. The more you know about the Virgo signature in your chart, the better off you will be. And these are life skills to learn.

Hone wrote that the sign ruled the hands, the nervous system and the intestines. What are we doing, with the Coronavirus, if not washing our hands several times a day? The nervous system is about sleep, peace of mind, relaxation, anti-stress measures. All of which are repeatedly cited in research on our immune system.

The intestines is the food we eat. Again ,the immune system fares best with a high fruit and vegetable count. Unprocessed. I really need to emphasise that although there is no vaccine for Covid-19 and in March 2020, it looks as if it will take up to a year to test any such vaccine – immunity to common colds and flu is a separate issue. Remember, Virgo is about work. Time off.

Virgo Planets Defined in 1951 for 2020-2021

“He likes to see that many tiresome details are meticulously attended to, especially in the sphere of cleanliness.”

“Matters and occupations which come under Virgo: Diet. Harvesting. Sanitation. Dietician. Doctor. Health Officer. Grower of Crops. Inspector. Masseur. Naturopath.”

Margaret Hone was virtually talking about Coronavirus or Covid-19 in the year 2020 here, but doing it 70 years ahead of time. Make it your business, if you are partly Virgo, to find out how to use your own history to see what worked for you in the past. That’s astrology. Get to know your Sixth House! You have patterns there. Mercury rules your Virgo side. You rule your research.

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  1. Hello Jessica,

    Thanks for these wonderful a insightful articles on the corns virus. They hit home because I am currently living in Shanghai, China and haven’t left the country since the outbreak started.

    I also have a Stellium in Virgo and I work in the health industry. Yoga/Fitness.

    As much as I am cautious I haven’t ever felt frightened nor have I felt the need to escape.

    I actually think that for my industry this may actually cause a lot more people to want to become healthier versions of themselves.

    Can you give me any advice from my chart.

    Thanks Kane

    1. Correct, Kane, yoga will bring you many new clients. However, if you have a stellium in Virgo, you will be affected by this into January 2021 as Shanghai will be rocked repeatedly on a business level. Look at home audio or video yoga and focus on immunity building (proven) health research and ship this directly to people who will be quarantined at home, globally, for a least a week – even with a cold – because it’s coming.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have five Virgo factors in my chart. Are there any positives that I can look forward to during the next year or two, or is it likely to be a constant string of challenges?
    Really enjoy reading these blogs and your Twitter posts

    1. Thank you. Essentially you are about to become a super Virgo. That sign in your chart will deepen in importance and intensify in meaning for you. You were born to control your own health and wellbeing. There are so many things people are not getting about COVID 19. One of them is that the people who die are older, male, smokers. That should send everyone scurrying to the statistics on male health. The other issue here is that even if you have a common cold or case of influenza, you will be 1-2 weeks off work, either thanks to self-imposed quarantine or because your employer orders it. That means constant rolling blockages in the supply chain and work force from Beijing to Rome. I hope you can see how self-reliant you must be in 2020 and 2021. Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians are really not the answer for heavily Virgo people, as they are not about details. Virgo needs the details seen to, and big, sweeping, leadership moves do not really address issues like the Manuka honey in your cupboard (research that) or the cinnamon or eucalyptus oil you keep handy (research that as well). You also need to do your own research on raw vegan diets, but the key word for you above all else is ‘immunity’. Not only immunity on a cell level, but also immunity to shortages of supermarket goods, and a global slowdown. DIY!

  3. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this article. Being a Virgo myself I can relate to much of what is written about the body, mind and spirit aspects that always occupy my mind. I feel as a Virgo I sometimes cannot stop thinking.
    Going to January 2021 though, I have a question for you. This is a crucial period for me and my son (24March2010, 4:16 pm, Chertsey England). He’s going through a very important competitive exam and I’m very anxious to see if he can get to a school that he has chosen. Can you please let me know if you see that’s a possibility. Many thanks!

    1. Parents sometimes ask me if their child will pass an exam to get into a chosen school, and if I say ‘yes’ the child doesn’t try so hard, and if I say ‘no’ the child gives up. So I don’t do it. What I will pass on is this – the money or assets may, or may not, be there. Yet, you will never know unless you make the search. Use the right people though. You need professionals to find out if the cash or precious possessions actually exist. People whoa re up to the job. There are two people around this situation who frankly are not suited to the task! Good luck with it.

  4. Thanks for this, we live in interesting and trying times but I am hopeful this will eventually be for the better; let’s face it, humans do not seem to hear or listen to words of wisdom until they get hit by disasters. As a species, will we ever learn from past mistakes? We seem to go through endless repeating cycles. Reading your article made me feel quite nervous about March 9 and wondering what it is that I still need to learn, possibly working less and having more fun, although external pressures often make this quite tricky to achieve (unless I go and hide in a bunker). I have Uranus at 19 Virgo, Neptune at 19 Scorpio, Venus at 19 Leo, Hygeia at 18 Libra and the North and South nodes at 18 Taurus/18 Scorpio. I have been working on my own from home over the past few weeks but will be delivering a lecture on Friday (6 March) to a large number of students. Should I be worried about what is coming on Monday? Time for the bunker?

    1. You don’t need a bunker. You are a teacher. That tells you all you need to know. Do daily updated research on the student, education, college, university, tutoring market worldwide. Your daily routine and work (Virgo) finances (Scorpio) role with younger faces (Leo) and again, your bank account (Taurus-Scorpio) are in the zone in 2020 and 2021. Be very careful about advance travel or commitments for the final week of January 2021 and read the fine print on terms and conditions. You will be teaching in a radically different way with hugely changed conditions in 2020, 2021 and you will do yourself the biggest favour by knowing this is not business as usual, nor will be, for a very long time. Have a look at what everyone else in your field is discussing and make it your priority to zig-zag around the zig-zags. As for our planet, it is the fault of people who voted for money and not for the earth. And their leaders. Or, worse, didn’t vote at all. That’s about 50% of the planet. The other 50% are not to blame.

  5. Hi jessica, Thank You again for staying on top of this.

    If virus will be pandemic on Monday, 3/9/20 – then when will be getting better (get a vaccine)? Will it be after Jan. 2021? CDC saying that vaccine will take 12-18 months from now – that is Feb. 2021 to Aug. 2021 timeframe. Do you agree with this timeframe?

    The markets are acting and also because of Trump disinformation acting the virus and its impact are weeks and worst 1H2020 event before everything goes back to normal. Isn’t your work showing you that what not only are the markets missing but the governments also? Therefore, some of these politicians are likely to fall?

    Is it fair to say, that you are indicating that during the Mercury retrograde windows are likely when the virus (fear due miscommunications) may actually increase in June 2020 and Oct. 2020 and Jan. 2021?

    If the above observations are possible, then the world interest rates would likely go negative in the United States and further in Europe and start a panic in the market? I believe you saw May 2020 was crossroads time for the markets. But, seems the panic in the markets will continue past this timeframe because the politicians may not have a handle of this virus and whatever else is occurring around it.

    Thanks again

    1. Your name reminds me of a Doctor Who actor. Have a look at some very old predictions about Uranus in Taurus and you’ll see all the answers to questions. You’ll need to be a Premium Member to access the information, which has been passed on to readers in 2017, 2018, 2019. In general, we are looking at food shortages, a Democrat government in America (but how powerful depends on Americans) the end of Made in China, the end of carbon emissions, the end of coal and petrol, the rise of the electric car. This is good to 2025. New planet. Thank you.

  6. Thank you very much Jessica. Just what I need Terrible cold and sinusitis from 5 Juanary. Many planets in Virgo.
    Best whishes

    1. While you are in bed, have a look online at cinnamon, tea tree, thyme and eucalyptus oil and their impact on the common cold or influenza virus. Different to COVID 19 which is obviously currently incurable, but anything that supports your immune system is a very good idea. Virgo rules oils.

  7. Hi, Jessica…
    I have stellium in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces (and more) and I have mercury at 19 in Virgo. I’ve read the article but I really need your help to understand what it means to me. Could you give me your insight on my chart, please? How this virus affects me? I need to go to London for passport renewal but I’m not sure if I should. Should I go before 9th or after? Will I get that virus if I go??? Lots thinking without any decision at the moment.

    I really hope my partner uses astrology, too.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is over by Tuesday 31st March. April and May will be Mercury Retrograde free, which is much easier. If you can renew your passport at any time at all you may prefer to avoid Mercury Retrograde, according to all the laws of astrology. Conditions may change, not only because Britain is out of the European Union, but also because of COVID-19 and the situation in Italy, Iran, China (and growing fast in Great Britain). Use your Astrology Oracle cards and the guide that comes with membership, to give yourself a full health reading for 2020. You have Mercury in Virgo so you are your best self-judge of what works.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    On point as usual. I am worried though. Not worried that I will get the virus but more the ripple effects. I am already feeling it, a conference I am supposed to go to for work may get cancelled. I work in health care and do PR for a health cause. I have stelliums in Gemini, Virgo and Sag, and Aquarius (my heart is so in the causes I work on).

    I see many patients who are already compromised possibly not doing well with this.

    I also see the opportunity for everyone to take better care of themselves, to become proactive.

    Is there anything you can tell me specific to my chart?

    Thank you,


    1. You are actually part of the solution, which you already know, and as you have the North Node and South Node going over your Third House/Ninth House for a couple of years and obviously The New Age of Aquarius is about to sweep you along. In 2020 people are either powerfully involved in solutions or will actually become part of the problem and you have what it takes to become who you always thought you might be! If political or grassroots political organisations don’t already involve you they will, front-and-centre. There will be so many innovations and inventions (Uranus in Taurus) coming along in 2020, 2021, 2022 that you’ll be reading the instruction book and then literally flying to your computer or phone to get started. Life will be very, very fast CG but you will help a lot of people. You are the machine who makes the wheels go around though. Maintain the machine.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    Whilst reading the article, I noticed that for me ( born 16th March 1962), Uranus wasn’t in Virgo but in 27 Leo. Does that make any real difference? I do have a Virgo stellium with 08 Pluto ( as stated above), 11 Panacea, 29 Cupido & 05 Psyche.

    Interestingly I made the conscious decision weeks ago to make more effort to improve my health. A recent scaphoid injury was hampering me but I’ve started a proper training regime on Zwift & late last year moved to night shift only work pattern. Might nit suit everyone but the consistent hours mean less stress and a more regular sleep pattern.

    Many thanks


    1. Yes, Uranus did go in and out of Virgo in the Sixties – and you are one of those people who have it in Leo. Your Virgo stellium is speaking loud and clear, though. You are feeling your horoscope by already training and shifting your workload and sleep. You’ll continue to reshape yourself and your year, and one of the things that will really appeal to you is now being tested, prior to approval for release, Nicola. Your Panacea in Virgo is worth looking up. She was the Roman goddess of cures and remedies.

  10. Hi Ms. Adams- I have Mars in Virgo and Cupido at 19 degrees Virgo, as well as a few other asteroids at 19 degrees (Libra).
    Can youy give me any advise/guidance for my chart?

    1. Yes. You are very, very lucky to have that combination of Mars and Cupido in Virgo in the Sixth House, as you genuinely love being fit and healthy and enjoy the discipline required to get there. In fact, your ‘wheels go round’ when you do this, and when you let things slide, you really feel it. You are one of those people who needs to do some homework and research about immunity. Immunity is a curious thing and it is composed of many different factors. Not just fruit and vegetables, which is the first thing people think of. In 2020 you need to take a look at what you do, rethink it, try a few options and come up with a new self-care plan. I can guarantee you that others will be inspired by you. In fact you’ll get them to love it too.

  11. Hi Jessica!

    I’ve been reading your blog as a non-premium member for the past year and continuously blown away by the accuracy of your predictions. Thank you so much for what you’re doing. Today was another profound example of your accuracy. Today (March 9th) is the full moon in Virgo and my home town just announced hours ago the first confirmed cases of COVID19, just as you predicted. I immediately signed on with a premium account to know if there are some things I should keep in mind because I have a few Virgo aspects in my chart. I have Venus in Virgo in the 6th house (13 46’), Mars in Virgo in the 6th house (23 13’), North Node Virgo in the 6th house (29 44’), and then Pluto in Libra in the 6th house (14 9’), Zeus in Virgo in the 6th house (16 31’). I sincerely thank you for any insights you can provide.


    1. Thank you David. Okay, so we are now further along and it’s Friday 13th, in every way. You wrote just after the Full Moon in Virgo and now WHO has declared the pandemic and we are obviously seeing the markets crash. Take a deep breath and begin to rethink your daily routine, lifestyle, workload, housework in as much detail as possible. Use March as a first draft and go to second and third draft in April, when you finalise the new approach. Don’t use Zeus! Do focus on your Mars, North Node, Venus in Virgo in the Sixth House and know that you have been here before, in a previous life, or perhaps several – specialising in wellbeing, health and medicine. The Nodes go back in time in 19 year cycles, into pre-birth, and in astrology we tend to find people with the North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces have a ‘feel’ for these things, even as children. The time has come to rethink how you live and work, but that’s okay. You will give it attention, make some changes and feel better. It takes time. Yoga is a good thing to try if you don’t already do it, because it literally makes you flexible. Bendy people who can adapt and adjust to a madly changing world are in a really good place in 2020. Yoga suits what we all need to do, which is head yoga too.

  12. Hi Jessica, l have a stellium in Virgo and many other planets at 18 and 19 degrees … However you havent mentioned Australia …..

    1. I am giving Australia special attention this weekend in The Astrology Show while I am in Melbourne, so please have a look. You are strongly Virgo and need to get right across 2020’s hottest trend – immunity. I am sure you probably do most of the good things already, but start doing some gentle research on all those papers and reports online and figure out a new plan for yourself. You are in the unusual position of having Uranus in Taurus trine your Virgo side for many years, while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the other side of your chart have also been/will also throw trines. Trines help massage things into life and so your Virgo side is being absolutely jet-propelled into your life in 2020 and beyond. Enjoy it.

  13. Forewarned is forearmed, and my exact 17deg Pluto/Uranus conjunction in 12th house Virgo is appreciative. Thank you. I feel the opposition to my 6th house Pisces Chiron will help me here. Learn and share is a steadfast motto.

    I also have my nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius, albeit at an earlier degree. What a to do.

    The September full moon will bring my 11deg Saturn in Pisces into play. So good to have the heads up in advance.

    I have no idea what is to come, but thank you for such an informative article.

    Now… I must go and wash my hands.

    1. Too funny. Thank you. Wash your hands up to the wrist – and find that website where you can generate your own soundtrack with a favourite song to wash by. You use a different astrology system to me, but I hear your Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo.

  14. Hi Jessica, You were right about the Pandemic call this week. The share markets in Europe and US are officially in bear market or down more than 20% and still not getting governments attention to take this seriously. I know you mentioned May and June 2020 dates to watch out for after March 9, 2020. The central banks and governments are behind the curve and can’t stop this virus. Each day feels like a week and each week feels like a month. Is it going to be like this from now until June 2020, meaning days of crash after crash? Will there be any relief and some good news between now and then? Thanks

    1. Okay, so it’s a new world. This is the Uranus in Taurus cycle, last seen during the Second World War. Have a look at ‘Uranus in Taurus’ on Search for past features on this cycle. I’m afraid we are risking global economic collapse in May. The world must pull together to avoid that. Even if we manage to do that, we still have to rebuild and restructure a completely new financial system. My best advice is to be as flexible as possible about every single detail of your life. Try to get ‘bendy’ so you can adapt and adjust as conditions change – because they will – for some time to come. Pick up The Astrology Show this weekend. I am taking it off the paywall for a special edition on COVID-19 and the Friday 13th (of course) crash.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Gratitude for acknowledging Virgo factors among this chaos (and your other insights re: COVID19). It oddly helps to make a little sense in this new world. Can offer some insights into the trajectory that my Virgo Moon at 08 degrees holds? While I’ve always been aware of my moon in Virgo – I feel I am only beginning to understand my MC also in Virgo at 09 degrees (not far from my moon?). I’ve been hoping to take a step back from my extensive nursing career towards more creative endeavours. In the current climate That’s not looking likely. I was also interested to hear about the Pisces influence. Only in the past few days (I’m reading a book – “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Boleyn MD….About Greek goddess Archetypes….but on page 16 highlights their Roman names. Am I wrong to read the book by supplementing Hestia for Vesta etc…?) Anyhow, I’m beginning to think Vesta in Pisces at 21 degrees (possibly IC in Pisces at 09 degrees?) may be more influential then I first thought as well and how will this play out during this pandemic, if at all?

    Blessings xx

    1. Thank you. You are now discovering your Virgo side, stepping back from nursing. Your inner nurse will be called back to duty, as I am sure you realise. Vesta in Pisces isn’t really that. What you are going to experience in 2020 is your MC (Midheaven) in Virgo coming to life. Have a look at that on Search and in your guides, which come with Premium Membership. Your MC is your calling or soul vocation. In Virgo, you are here to serve and do your duty. The fact that you also have the Moon there makes a new role in this global public health crisis almost guaranteed. You’re going to experience a trine from Uranus (radical change) in Taurus (your income) and it will take you into new ways to innovate and invent, in your new role. You may find yourself being involved in Telehealth consultations for example. March is crazy but as April appears you’ll start to put this jigsaw puzzle of role and responsibility together. One thing is sure. If you light a candle and ask spirit for guidance on the best role for you in 2020, you will be stunned at how quickly signs appear. Keep the creative endeavours at home to give you a nice diversion.

  16. I think Mercury retrograde swiped my comment posted March 5th. If I may please I’m retyping it here.

    Wow what an extensive and educational post Jessica! Thank you! I’m going to save it for future reference. Please can you share with me how this will trigger my chart? I have many Virgo factors with Pluto particularly sitting at 19. I’m a relatively new farmer fascinated with natural health (no surprise). I’m so very interested in what you see for me going forward. Thank you and be well!

    1. Mercury Retrograde has been an absolute doozy this year – my apologies that your comment has vanished in the queue. Okay, so you are now going to reshape your lifestyle and daily routine, more than once, for the obvious reason that the entire planet just changed. Your first adjustment is March, then you’ll sit with that for a while, and look again at another shift in June-July. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of information and communication so you will be a channel for ‘the newest news’ on farming and natural health, and your need for precise, accurate and kosher information will help you be far, far ahead of everyone in terms of what you discover and use. I don’t know your location but I can tell you the future is local.

  17. Hi! Thank you for sharing your astrological knowledge! I have sun, moon (19 degrees), mars (also 19 degrees) & fortuna in Virgo. Hygeia in leo at 19 degrees. I wonder how this will affect me? Can you give me any guidance? I have been growing my own vegetables for many years. I am also interested in herbs & try to have a holistic approach to my health. I live in nothern Europe. Kind regards / Camilla

    1. Camilla you are strongly Virgo so I am not surprised you have been growing vegetables for years. The time has come to accelerate that and to remember that the last time we saw this Uranus in Taurus cycle, the world entered a war, and rationing came in. We are obviously going to see globalisation stop in 2020 and that means breaks in normal food supply. Thus the need to grow your own. It also helps immunity. The more you can do the better. I believe you’ll soon see huge innovation and invention, networked, which bring together all the growers and gardeners. Instead of cutting down trees for property development we will be working with trees and nature to create green superfood. It sounds like you have wide experience and interest anyway, so you would know far more than me – I don’t have green fingers, though my gardener does! Get right across this now and use Twitter, which is short and sweet, so saves everyone time. We’re going to have to get busy, immediately…

  18. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks again for a fascinating and thought-provoking read!
    Have to say that I’m feeling a bit nervous about what is ahead as I have several elements in Virgo! Sun at 0 degrees; Saturn at 3 degrees; True Node (not quite sure what this actually is!) at 27 degrees. I’ve also checked out the asteroids you recommended and it seems I have Aesculapia in Pisces at 2 degrees ; Panacea at 4 degrees Libra; Hygeia at 21 degrees Sagitarius; Ceres at 10 degrees Capricorn.
    So I’m now doing deep breathing and inwardly chanting mantras to keep calm! I’m already doing my best to heal several ongoing health issues, including PTSD, so I was wondering if you could please shed any light on what all this might mean for my chart over the coming months?
    Thank you in advance.
    Lots of love and light to you,

    1. You are going to reshape your entire career, lifestyle and routine Angelina. You will also reshape your body. So don’t be nervous. Feel the rather ‘wired’ quality of what is going on (Uranus in Taurus is creating a wired buzz across the world which is why so many people find it hard to relax, sleep or do their normal fun things). This will pass. It is well-known to astrologers. PTSD is obviously an ongoing challenge but you will beat it. You are going to see Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn form wonderful angles (trines) every month to the Moon in Virgo which will be transiting your Sixth House of Mind, Body, Spirit. Use this current situation around the world to become the best new you, you can be. And please use Natalie Delahaye’s relaxation and sleep therapy on here. She’s brilliant and it works.

      1. Dear Jessica,

        I think my previous post thanking you must have gone astray somehow, so thank you again for your reply and insight – I now feel much more uplifted and hopeful!
        You are absolutely spot-on with the rather “wired” feeling – I hadn’t connected it to Uranus in Taurus, but it makes perfect sense. I’m also being quite affected by the Lunar cycle at the moment – the recent “Pink Super-moon” seemed to have a pretty powerful energy!
        I’m so pleased about your saying that I will beat PTSD and that I will reshape my body, lifestyle, routine and career – I’ve already made a few moves in that direction, so this feels even more hopeful now. Career has been very much on the back-burner due to health issues, so it is great to feel that things will be moving in a positive direction in that regard – I’ve been feeling a strong need for a breakthrough and your words are very inspiring, even if there are are many details (Virgo?) to be worked out.
        Thanks also for pointing me in the direction of Natalie Delahaye’s work – excellent!
        Hope you had a good Easter, in spite of the bizarre times we are all going through.
        Thanks again!

        Lots of love, light and blessings to you,

        1. Thank you Angelina. I am now connected again, after a long postal delay and State of Emergency for four weeks. Feeling wired is absolutely characteristic of Uranus transits. It doesn’t help having PTSD of course, but you are now going to find it so much easier, because you know you need your immunity. It’s not just an option any more – to be calm, for immunity – it’s actually a rule. This is the final motivation you need to get deeply into new kinds of meditation, hypnosis and so on, and turn a corner. I will pass your compliment onto Natalie, who I agree, is excellent.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this article.

    I have a stellium in Virgo, any advice how can I use my Virgo side to be a guiding light throughout this period?

    I just moved back to my home country temporary at the beginning of March.
    Moving across during a pandemic makes me feel like I’m in limbo. I was already braced for change, but this was not the change I was expecting. It feels like a false start. All my plans up in the air and seems to have disappeared.

    Many thanks,

    1. Justina it will take you a little while longer to create the new routine. You have 24 hours in the day and a wildly different world, for you to adapt and adjust to. It will never be business as usual. What makes you feel better than anything else is a regular ritual, with a lifestyle you construct with details. Right from waking to sleep. You will need to alter so many aspects of that, including workload, housework, self-education – even your hair or teeth! The plans up in the air is a sign that the new life is under construction. It’s like throwing Lego up in the air. When it all falls on the carpet, you reassemble. The new Lego structure is often quite striking because it was made creatively through necessity. No plan. Your new lifestyle will be just like this. Be gentle on yourself and trust. It will work out well for you. You will be healthier. Fitter. Far, far, far more aware of the impact that your state of mind has on your physical body. If you are not already doing yoga or meditating, please start.

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