Astrologer Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Charts

Netflix is tapping into astrology power by turning to Chani Nicholas to help promote their ‘Netflix Is A Joke Fest.’

Netflix Is A Joke, the Netflix comedy brand, is partnering with Live Nation to bring over 100 live shows and events to venues in Los Angeles in the week 27 April – 3 May 2020. The recorded shows will then be available on Netflix later in the year.

To turn all eyes to what is sure to be a cracker project, Netflix has cleverly teamed up with astrologer Chani Nicholas, who gets to sit down and discuss the charts of some of the biggest names signed up the festival.

The first stars to go under the astrological spotlight? Chani reads the charts of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin together.

Those familiar with the comedy show ‘Grace and Frankie’ will know that Jane Fonda plays Grace and Lily Tomlin plays Frankie, two women brought together when their husbands reveal that they are in love with each other. But watching them together as Chani reveals into what their astrology charts say also shows the special chemistry and obvious bond between Virgo Tomlin and Sagittarius Fonda!

Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fondas Chart 600x428 - Astrologer Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Charts Chani Nicholas reads Lily Tomlins Chart 600x389 - Astrologer Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Charts

While it hasn’t been announced which other Hollywood celebrities or international comedians (if any) are going to be sitting down with Chani, the other front liners for the comedy week are Ali Wong, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, Jamie Fox, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Sebastian Maniscalco and the cast of Schitt’s Creek so here’s hoping we do get to see more.

The Astrology Show will certainly keep you posted if and when the next YouTube video appears.


Featured Image by Asklepios Wien from Pixabay

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