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Boost Your Immune System with Astrology, Tarot & Meditation

No matter if you have 15 seconds or 15 minutes, it is important to nurture your immune system. Jessica looks at how astrology, tarot, meditation & more can help.

With the Coronavirus outbreak now detected in at least 163 countries, entire cities, states and countries around the world are ramping up their efforts to slow the infection rate by closing down all but essential services. Which leaves many of us stuck at home or working high risk jobs under extreme pressure. While others simply wait and pray for this pandemic to end.

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But no matter where you are many of us feel as though we are watching (or even are an actual character) in an action movie unfolding before us right now. Which makes it difficult to step away from the news updates coming in around the clock. Even more so when you are stuck at home day and night, needing to forge a connection with the outside world.

But it is imperative to recognise the value of regular breaks from the constant worry, scheduling time to put everything into perspective. For while we need to be able to call on the stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol when we are in a situation which requires bursts of energy and quick decision making, to have these two chemicals coursing through our bodies around the clock, triggered by immersing ourselves into the dramatic scenes unfolding on every continent and also the uncertainty this pandemic has created, will undoubtedly lead to some level of emotional and mental exhaustion. This is turn lowers our own ability to fight off viruses, including coronavirus COVID-19.

We are not suggesting you disengage completely, but it is wise for the sake of your immune system to pause and ‘reset’ your state of mind, drawing yourself back to a calm and neutral emotional state instead of a constantly heightened one. Too much information can simply be overwhelming. Stephen Fry has been giving advice on dealing with anxiety and stress whilst self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr “Anxiety and stress are almost as virulent as this coronavirus.”

Fortunately, astrology, meditation and tarot can all be used as powerful tools. Here we look at some simple ways to use both this site and other methods to be able to view what is occurring in a way that doesn’t overwhelm, flood your system with powerful endorphins and ensure your sleep is as restorative as it can be.

2020 Astrology Your Five Year Horoscope Guide 398x600 - Boost Your Immune System with Astrology, Tarot & MeditationTake time to go back and read your Annual Horoscope for 2020 or your most recent Birthday Horoscope (Premium Members). This will put the here and now in perspective and help you to lift your foot off your stress accelerator. It will help you to reassure you that the current cycle you are experiencing is also part of everyone else on earth’s journey right now, that you are not alone, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For you as an individual to make it through in the best shape you need to be focused on the medium to long term future, as well as responding to today’s issues.Also, for the month of March 2020, Jessica has made her book #1 Amazon astrology bestseller book: 2020 Astrology – Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide complimentary for all to download.

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Schedule in breaks for either meditation or breathing exercises. Or if working, ensure you are taking regular mini breaks. Known as “micro-breaks” these help you to ‘reset’ and only need to last a few to 30 seconds in between tasks and can involve anything from stretching to focusing on your breathing, but most importantly helping you to slow down your heart rate, lower your stress levels and avoid a build-up of potentially overwhelming anxiety. Perhaps why making a quick cup of tea is so pleasurable! If you have a little more time we suggest listening to these guided meditation videos or podcasts which range from between 10-30 mins:
Matthew Manning (UK Healer) – Just Relax
10 Minute Chakra Balance Guided Meditation for Positive Energy
Meryl Arnett – Mini Meditation: May we be safe. May we be free from fear.

Meditation Oasis
Deep Sleep Meditation to Calm an Overactive Mind / Reduce Anxiety and Worry / Mindful Movement

November 2019 Tarot 600x289 - Boost Your Immune System with Astrology, Tarot & MeditationDrawing and self-reading a tarot card can also be beneficial. Spend time studying the cards you draw and writing down the messages they give you, asking not just about the present but also the future. Premium members of the site have access to the Pamela Colman Smith & Arthur Waite’s Tarot Single Card Reading on this site with instructions here. For those who are not Premium Members scroll through your favourite photo file on your computer till one draws your attention, stop & time to study it. Or do this same processing with printed photos. These are powerful reminders that happiness is always around us and within, and the image you are drawn to may also carry a strong message for you.

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Keep a diary or journal, making note of how the shifts in the planets and asteroids have impacted you personally in 2020, as well as the general population. Premium Members are able to print out their Astrology Journal in the Member Section which already has reminders on important astrological dates. Also use your journal to write down your experiences and emotions of the day – doing this before you sleep is particularly beneficial to ensure you have a good night sleep as it removes those thoughts or worries from your mind. Similarly going to bed and waking at regular times daily are important to keep your immune system robust. Less sleep = a less healthy immune system.

qyvpkzklcom 600x400 - Boost Your Immune System with Astrology, Tarot & MeditationDepending on your location you may be limited to the amount of outdoor time you can have right now. But be sure to make the best use of it. A simple walk or run in the daylight will help to boost your Vitamin D levels and ensure your fitness levels don’t drop. Both are important for your immune system to operate at 100%, which is important for us all right now. First and foremost, we all need to focus on our health both emotional and physical right now.



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