Podcast: Asteroid Astrology

Podcast on asteroids and the Roman-named asteroids, with a special focus on Ceres and how this dwarf planet works in your chart in 2020.

This podcast about asteroids and the Roman-named asteroids, part of the Roman family tree of astrology, it has a special focus on Ceres and I think it’s crucial that you know how this dwarf planet works in your chart in 2020. Why? She’s about empowerment. And a new world.

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2 Responses

  1. hi Jessica,
    I was finally able to listen to your podcast today. I have been trying to look at where asteroids in my chart are and how they relate to what you are saying in your podcast, but am having difficulty making connections. Would you please take a look at the placement of asteroids in my birth chart and let me know what their placements mean for me?
    Many thanks!!!

    1. Essentially, your asteroids are only as important as your planets, and your whole chart is being tilted towards the historic Capricorn and Taurus weather we are seeing. You may also be around Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo people (the earth signs). You will find 2020 is about getting back down to basics, getting rid of anything that is wasteful on any level, including people who waste your time and energy (so precious now). You might decide to give up X, Y and Z in the interests of just feeling more secure. A new life budget is already in motion for you. Listen to yourself and keep creating it.

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