Scorpio Full Moon Astrology

The Scorpio Full Moon of May 2020 is a full stop for your sign. How is your horoscope affected? Scorpio Full Moon astrology trends are about big financial and economic choices for you, your people or the world. Find out more.

Scorpio Full Moon Astrology Trends

A Full Moon is always a full stop. Pause and think. The Full Moon in Scorpio, the sign ruling financial relationships, exact on Thursday 7th May 2020, can be seen now. This is a Supermoon, astrologer Richard Nolle’s term for an unusually big, bright moon.

This Scorpio Full Moon in astrology is the final supermoon of the year, after three supermoons that began in March, and in America, it will appear fullest on the morning of May 7th at 6:45 a.m, although right around the world – you will see it from May 6th, through May 7th until May 8th

This is a Flower Moon and it’s really about seeding your future with the bank, your house or apartment, charity, and so on.

What Works On The Scorpio Full Moon?

It’s in the financial relationship sign, Scorpio, opposite the money sign, Taurus. If you want to know what works now, think about a full stop. A pause before a new sentence. A new chapter in the story of your life, regarding all that you earn, own or owe. Don’t think about the way you used to do things in 2019 and earlier. That’s gone. We also have Uranus (radical change) in Taurus, the cash sign, right now. So – be open to dramatically different ways of saving or making money. 

Exact Times For the Scorpio Full Moon 2020

Melbourne – Thursday 7th May, 8.45 pm
London – Thursday 7th May 11.45 am
New York – Thursday 7th May 6.45 am

Your Sign and the Scorpio Full Moon

There are two kinds of astrology. Personal, detailed and in-depth (your full birth chart, which you will have as a Premium Member). The other is more like a general weather forecast. The climate report is still accurate, though. So let’s look. Where is the full stop and necessary pause for you, on Thursday 7th May 2020? If you are a member and want to see the other side of your destiny, your horoscope will appear now. Check to see if you have factors in Taurus in the Second House of your chart, and/or in Scorpio in the Eighth House of your chart. Either or both, suggest this Full Moon is a full stop, financially.

This is the pause before the new chapter, and you’ll need to write something completely new, if you do have Scorpio and/or Taurus factors in your birth chart. Why? Uranus in Taurus. Unique. Unprecedented. Extremely unusual. May 2020 is all that.

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Do You Have Factors at 17 Degrees of Any Sign?

The Sun at 17 Taurus is opposite the Full Moon at 17 Scorpio, so if you have any factors at all at 17 degrees, you and your life will feel the ripple effect of larger-scale financial, business, property and economic challenges. Why? When the Sun is challenged by the Moon herself, there is always a time of reckoning. What potential this has for you will be shown really clearly by the meaning of the planet, asteroid, point or angle you have at 17 degrees, and the house (life department) it triggers.

The Scorpio Full Moon, Astrology and You

Now, let’ s look at the general weather report for your sign. The Scorpio Full Moon on Thursday 7th May is a full stop. Where is the pause button before the new chapter for you?

Aries – Insurance and legacies. Wills and investments. Rent and possessions. Government benefits and the sharemarkets. Taxation and purchases. Sales and exchanges. Marriage and mortgage. Divorce, separation and child support. Your bank.

Taurus – Your former partner, from months or years ago. Your current partner (this applies in love or work). Your potential partner, again romantically or professionally, in 2020. The strong feelings about fairness or unfairness that come with it all.

Gemini – Your daily workload, which includes everything from walking the dog, to filing on deadline. Your duty to your own body, mind and spirit, covering everything from the doctor to a psychologist. Your work ethic. Your fitness for duty or service.

Cancer – Sexual relationships. Pregnancies, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young people. Entire generations born after yours, classically Millennials or Gen Y. Finding ways to close generation gaps with entertainment, sport or education.

Leo – Your family or family tree, extended. Your house, apartment or other residence. Your sense of belonging to your town or country. Your roots, heritage, culture and history. The household, including roommates/flatmates or tenants. Home repairs.

Virgo – Your use of the worldwide web by computer or smart phone. Microphones and multimedia. Your way with words, ideas and images, either with the latest technology, or just a notebook or your voice. Commuting and short-distance travel.

Moon eclipse 5 600x300 - Scorpio Full Moon Astrology
Full Moon in Scorpio, May 2020 – a full stop in astrology (Unsplash).

Libra – Your income and debts. The mortgage and your investments. Superannuation and pension. Business and charity. Credit cards, banks and the sharemarket. Possessions and the rent. Your values in life. What your bottom line is. What ‘rich’ means.

Scorpio – Your personal appearance and image. Your brand and reputation. Your title and name. How you are seen at a distance, on Twitter or Google. Your mirror reflection, film clips and photographs. How you front up to a situation.

Sagittarius – Your relationship with your God. Astrology and Tarot. Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychics. Solitude and self-discovery. Your soul or spirit. Your astral or etheric body. Your aura and chakras. Your inner life and your private inner world.

Capricorn – Your old friends from childhood or just years ago. New friends you can make now. Groups of all kinds from Twitter to Greenpeace. The hive mind. Peer groups. Group psychology. Friendship and all its many forms. Bands or political parties.

Aquarius – Your career. Your unpaid work – volunteering, life between jobs, or full-time caring. Your full-time or part-time study. Your status and social rank. Your ambition to get to the top, or stay at the top (or near it). Hierarchies and pyramids.

Pisces – Foreign people and places. Different and distant cultures, histories and languages. The other side of town, or your own country, as ‘foreign’ to you. Study and teaching. Publishing and writing. The worldwide web. Travel, tourism and journeys.

What To Do During a Full Moon

Give yourself and other people more time and space. On a Full Moon, the Sun is right opposite the Moon itself. Like any opposition, this produces tension. Within yourself there may be a debate taking place. You might feel stretched. Your personal birth chart will reveal this, so if you have any factors at all at 17 degrees – of any zodiac sign – you will need more room.

People around you may also feel pulled in two different directions, as their chart may be affected (it is unlikely you will know). This is why a Full Moon is always a period to be more tolerant, more compassionate, more understanding.

We do, what we have to do, on a Full Moon. The most famous Full Moon in history took place on D-Day. Mixed feelings, much? All sides felt it. Thinking about this Scorpio Full Moon as a financial, economic, business or property D-Day is correct. And just knowing that will help you, to help yourself. And to help others.

Remember, the background to all this is the historic Uranus in Taurus cycle. Nothing is ‘business as usual’ any more. It’s really a case of ‘business as unusual’ and the Full Moon is really going to emphasise that, just before the Thursday morning bell on Wall Street.

Uranus in Taurus and the Full Moon in Scorpio

2020 Moon Guide cover - Scorpio Full Moon AstrologyThe Full Moon in Scorpio (financial relationships) takes place against the backdrop of Uranus in Taurus, as we know. The revolution in the economy. Regular readers will know I have been writing about this for many years, and also giving workshops on this cycle. Why? Because we needed to be informed. We needed to become as financially flexible as possible, so we can ‘do the pivot’ which Uranus demands. The planet itself spins in a highly unusual way. That’s you (or it could be) now!

The backdrop to this whole story for you, the people you know and your country –  is the radical economic change that brings independence and freedom. Easy for me to write, harder to go through on this Full Moon. But if we meet ‘change with change’ we can do this. Pivot, twist and turn. Like the planet Uranus itself. And keep going.

Most of all, a Full Moon is a time to breathe through the experience of your own or others’ divided feelings. Once you are out the other side, as the Moon goes into Sagittarius, you’ll begin to see new options. New day dawning. Give it a day or two.

If you are a Premium Member, please pick up your 2020 Moon Guide as part of your 2020-2021 Journal if you haven’t already done so and begin using it, to help yourself – with real, live astrology. It’s in your Members’ Lounge along with other useful tools for this time, like Astrology Oracle Cards.

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102 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – when a full moon falls on your own natal moon sign at the same degree, or one out, is the impact simply about feeling even more emotionally triggered than usual? Or is there greater significance? I’ve read your other posts about the Moon and my takeaway has been that because the Moon changes sign and position so rapidly its impact is quite minor versus other slower planets. My Moon is 18 Scorpio (Asc 17 Aquarius, Desc 17 Leo) so This one will make me feel temporarily more emotional re financial matters tied to partners and sense of self? But not really affecting real change other than an emotional couple of days to breathe through? Is that a correct decoding? Or might it be more impactful than that. Thank you!

    1. Good question. A Full Moon is a rare event, because we only see one Full Moon (in general) once a year. It also falls at a degree and zodiac sign that is usually not repeated, for some time, so it’s a bigger deal than a regular Moon transit. The Moon herself flits through each of the zodiac signs in turn, for about two days, and she’s back again in around four weeks. Thus, we don’t really pay much attention. A New Moon, Full Moon and particularly an eclipse is a bigger deal, just because it’s infrequent. You will have this Full Moon ‘conjunct’ or in the same zodiac sign, and almost at the same degree, as your natal or birth Moon. If your birth time is accurate then it will also pick up questions about your image, reputation, labelling in the world (Aquarius Ascendant) and the chemistry you have with former, current or potential partners. That birth time would have to be spot on, though. Just to have a Full Moon conjunct your natal Moon is enough to go with, though. This takes place in your Eighth House, which describes sexual and financial relationships (marriage and mortgage are typical). It is also very much about what the family gives you in life, financially or in terms of property or possessions. It also describes the assets or debts you have, under your own steam, which you typically bring into any new relationship. Legacies, life insurance, mortgages and even credit cards come under the rulership of Scorpio. This is a full stop in the story of your financial, charity, business or property life. It has not really started yet. Take your time as you figure out what you have to do. These kinds of choices are always grey area! They are never wholly black nor white, and it may take a bit of a debate with yourself to get the outcome absolutely right.

  2. Hi Jessica, I could really use some guidance, I have been living up the coast for 7 years, and have recently had to move back to the country to stay with family.. I’m Pisces deep, too deep for myself sometimes haha.. I’m feeling like a fish out of water as my inner self seems to be on pause, for once in my life I have no idea what or where to go or if I need to be waiting ? Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks so much x

    1. You are now with the family as the North Node goes into Gemini and you go back 19 years, and 19 years before that (and so on) with these close relatives of yours, who share karma with you. Old soul debts and credits from this life and other lifetimes are now here to be sorted out. It will take you until January 2022 to do that, because these things take time (to quote Morrissey). You need to figure out ‘the deal’ particularly with one family member, as you may be owed, from the past, but also owe, on some level. No need to push it – you will realise it by the end of May. You are also strongly Pisces-Neptune and having a long Neptune cycle. This can lead to floating, drifting, not feeling grounded, being confused, confusing others, feeling all at sea and so on. There are 24 hours a day. You have 8 hours to sleep and dream, which are Pisces-Neptune things. You have 8 hours to work, and that will hugely ground you, no matter if you’re paid for that work or not. There are then 8 hours for you, you, you. Something that strongly Pisces-Neptune people find incredibly helpful is yoga or meditation with a focus on the base, sacral chakra. This connects you to the earth. If you are not already doing that in your 8 hours of ‘me time’ you might want to try. Most of all, though, move yourself towards everyday, practical, normal, slightly boring things! Peel the vegetables to make the soup then wash up the dishes. You will love the Pisces-Neptune reverie of long baths or showers, dreamy music sessions and blissful sleep all the more. Works every time.

  3. It’s not only my inner guidance that seems to be at a pause I just don’t seem to be getting any clear guidance from dreams, cards, signs..

    1. Full Moon! That’s okay, wait for the Moon to pass out of Scorpio, where you live, and try again when she goes into Sagittarius. That’s not long to wait. Although we sometimes have to make epic decisions on a Full Moon (no choice) if there is no real reason why you have to give yourself a card reading now, you may prefer to look again later. Full Moons are about mixed feelings. Often, a confusing or confused card reading will reflect your mixed state of mind about someone or something which is why nothing is particularly clear. When you come back to the Astrology Oracle or the Tarot, give yourself three attempts to get a spot-on accurate first card that describes the present. With any luck it will be the first card you choose. If after three attempts you’re still not there, you may want to go back to your actual question and sit down with your journal (free to Premium Members) and figure out what you are conflicted about and why. Once you straighten that out, the accuracy will return.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    My birthday is on 7th May, I have logged in, please check my chart, what impact will I have? Please guide.
    Thank You Very Much.

    1. Sure. So you are someone who is recognised for being down-to-earth, grounded, practical, steady, stable and settled. At your best, you get good reviews for being just that kind of human being. Meanwhile, you are dealing with a Full Moon over the next day or two, which challenges that side of you. Try to let it pass. The less you respond and react to this Scorpio Full Moon, the smarter your choices are going to be – especially about money, business, possessions, apartments, charities or houses. During a Full Moon the Sun and Moon are clashing and although some decisions are unavoidable, others can be taken at easier times, when conditions are much less pressured. At easier times, you’ll have better perspective to make the right call on a situation. I also need to point out a couple of really good opportunities to have more, do more or even gain more, in a very direct way. Don’t let these go, please. They are linked to foreign people and places, regional differences, or accents/dialects that are unfamiliar to you. Across town or across the world, you’ve been shown a couple of open doors. Try to go through these by the end of May.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you as always for your amazing insights. I am a Cap with 17 (Scorpio) in Panacea. Can you please let me know how this affects my chart. Additionally, with the nodes moving out of Cancer/Cap into Gemini/Sag, I have a stellium in Sag and going back to 2001-2003, how this affects my career. In 2001, right after the dotcom bust, I was fortunate to work where there was a need and established a 17 year career which I retired from in 2018 and have been consulting since mid-May 2019. It is almost like a repeat of 2001 as to what I am experiencing now with Covid19. Any insight and guidance from you is great appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Panacea is a symbol of solutions, remedies, cures and fixes – in Scorpio – they are always about money, for you. Perhaps charity, business, valuables or property. You can make things better, for yourself and others, and that is the case in May 2020, as the Full Moon passes by. Yet, Panacea is also a symbol of moral and ethical choices. There is never any black or white with this horoscope symbol. Only grey areas. Nobody else can decide what is ‘the right thing’ this week, except you. That’s purely about May and it will be over quite quickly. You’ll have to put a price on a situation which is really about your own ideas of right and wrong, and we all have to make choices like that, when Panacea is triggered. She comes to us from Roman medicine, actually, and for the Romans there were always major issues about (for example) euthanasia. If it put someone out of suffering, it was right, but it was also taking a life – surely, wrong? That has nothing to do with your situation whatsoever, but it’s a good way into this symbol. (You can also look Panacea up on Search when you finish reading this). With the Node cycle, which is longer in impact (until January 2022) you will indeed be taken back about 19 years, so we’re looking at 2001, but next year, also 2002. You will have forgotten some of the questions and concerns that others have not. In fact, you may have already been thrown that ball, as people or organisations which were around you then, have something to balance in their lives, or meet in their lives, that also directly concerns you. And you, in turn, have karma with them. It can often be quite delicate. Standing back from a situation and looking at it from afar is very useful and if you can’t do that, or ask an outsider to do that, you may want to use your Astrology Oracle cards. Sometimes entire countries have karma with us, or whole cities. You mention the dotcom bust which is very important. You obviously know how to meet needs in such situations. Well, you would know much better than me, that the world economy is on a massive pivot. You will gain from that in 2021 and the signs will be there in December this year. From 2023 you will transform your entire financial existence, actually. I would suggest that your experience after that dotcom bubble is going to help you in the years ahead, and you in turn will help others, to help themselves. There is an entire generation born with Neptune in Scorpio (born in the 1960s) whose lives revolve around bubbles of nothing. Those bubbles will pop, one after another, as Uranus in Taurus opposes their Neptune. This is the retirement or pre-retirement generation. Have a really, really close look at that demographic.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    As the world changes will there be personal changes for me. For a few years we have tried to move house and take retirement, but something always crops up to stop us, it’s like we shouldn’t be moving anywhere and we should continue working, but somehow we have to do it, or am I destined to stay where I am. What with Covid 19 and finances I can’t see it happening yet again this year. Thank you for a great article.

    1. You have been caught in the North Node in Cancer cycle (Cancer rules your Fourth House of property and family, town and country). This puts you on a loop so nothing ever changes. That cycle is now over, for 19 years. In fact it ended just a day or two ago. Your finances are the key concern here. May 2020 will show you just how unpredictable budgets can be, and that’s not going to stop until 2026. Knowing that you are going to be living in a situation of constant change will really help you make decisions. This doesn’t have to be negative. I’ll give you an example. On the last time we saw this cycle, the cost of London houses plunged. Suddenly, the most beautiful homes in the heart of the city were going for a song. People who bought them, saw them survive the Blitz and of course by the 1950s and 1960s they were glad they’d done it. This is not war time but there is a war on a virus. That shows no signs of going away any time soon, so you are living in an age of question marks. The trick with this cycle, which is affecting you through the transit of Uranus in your Second House of money, property, budgets, business, charity – is to read the times correctly. It’s like a surfer reading the ocean. See where things are going and be prepare to change very quickly, to adapt and adjust. I’ll give you another example from the last time we saw this cycle in the 1940’s. Keen gardeners who used to keep flower beds, ‘read’ the situation with shipping and food supply very early on, and began growing rhubarb, cabbage and potatoes instead. They ‘dug for victory.’ They began keeping chickens and collecting the eggs instead of cultivating roses on the same patch of garden. They learned to read the local weather and the way their vegetables grew, or didn’t grow, and became very clever suppliers of their own pantries. Now, none of this necessarily applies to your personal situation (and I don’t have your partner’s chart so it’s impossible to say anyway). Yet, the principle is there. The idea of this cycle, Uranus in the Second House, is to forget what used to work, or used to happen, and instead of guessing or assuming, to update yourself – even daily – on what is actually going on out there, and the way the ‘surf’ is behaving. Reading the waves and riding the waves with houses, apartments, the cost of living, the basics of budgets, is the key to this now.

  7. I have 17 in Capricorn ( vesta) 17 in Sagittarius (Neptune and mc 17 in Scorpio (Uranus) and 17 in gemi (IC) I’m all over the place… what does this mean for me… Thank you

    1. A Full Moon can make us feel all over the place. That’s really because the Sun is opposite the Moon. So nothing is ‘together’ as it should be and so we don’t feel together, either. In your own horoscope, your Neptune is the key. What you’re going to see happening by the weekend, is another big world economy shift, centred on trade agreements involving the European Union, Great Britain, the United States and China – which of course affect us all. This is partly tied up with the state of the airlines and shipping in 2020, 2021, 2022. In your own life, the knock-on effect will alter the way you travel, the way you take holidays or vacations, and the way you earn or save money. Try not to make up your mind too quickly this week. Let the Full Moon pass. You can make some informed choices later on in May. See where things pan out, and let the new opportunities and solutions come, which they will.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    I have a number of placements in Taurus and Scorpio. I was just in the midst of planning a relocation to another state. That’s seems to be on hold right now due to the current circumstances. Can you provide some guidance on what I should focus on in the next couple months?

    1. Your chart is right in the middle of a couple of things. One is Uranus in Taurus (the revolution in the national property market and economy, good to 2026). The other one is this Full Moon, which is more about May 2020, as a crossroads. Moving to another state is still possible, but it may be on a completely different basis, and happen much later than you thought. What you are going to see until January 2022 is a very different set of rules for living and working, and you are going to see opportunities which were not there before, as well as new restrictions on what you wanted to do, earlier. I’ll give you an example. I have a reader who has based his personal life and also his business, on commuting between Hong Kong and Darwin. That is out of the question. Yet, in its place, comes a new business option for him within his own state, which would involve driving between cities, not flying between countries. His solution to that, is to buy a caravan/mobile home. Total lifestyle and work change, but he is happier about it – and a bicycle can be locked on the back. The message for you in 2020, 2021, 2022 is ‘never say never’ to anything. Look at the core of what you wanted from relocating. What was at the heart of that? Keep that front and centre over the next 2-3 years and see how you can make it happen. Yet, it won’t happen as you originally planned. Uranus is the planet of all that is totally unexpected, unprecedented, quite unpredictable. Yet, if you go with it, you can end up feeling so excited by new freedoms.

  9. Hi Jessica – would you mind telling me how this Full Moon in conjunction with the Node transit is setting me up? I feel like I have done so much purging and am doing my best to rebuild consciously and practically. I have very little debt, a modest savings, a job that feels secure that I enjoy most days. However sometimes it feels like I have tunnel vision and am perhaps being so practical I may be missing opportunities to create more of what I really desire. My daily routine is still under construction and I haven’t quit smoking cigarettes. Thanks for listening and thank you in advance for your guidance.

    1. Thank you. It’s funny how the act of writing a question to a psychic, or an astrologer (or in my case, a psychic astrologer) can actually give you the answer. So your sixth sense takes over and you end up giving yourself the solution at the end of the sentence! Yes, you are still constructing your daily routine and no, you haven’t quit cigarettes. As an ex-smoker myself I know exactly what is involved with all that. You can be kind to yourself and give yourself plenty of time to recreate your days. Whatever works for you, is the rule. There is so much to try. Eight hours to sleep, eight hours to work, eight hours to relax and enjoy your life. What is happening in 2020 is quite astonishing as the entire world is reshaping its daily routine. For the first and last time in history, we have a whole generation of people (born in the Sixties) with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (work, health, lifestyle) who are experiencing the slow trine of Uranus in Taurus and Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. This has a domino effect on everybody, and it’s not just the employment situation out there, or COVID-19, it’s the way the world turns, on its 24-hour clock. So many new things are going to come out of this. Hypnotists are doing very good business, while restaurants, not so much! Sooner than you think, you will have access to new and improved ways to give up cigarettes. That is one very simple, strong change for 2020. You have not given up before for a reason. There was no proper way for you to do it. That’s going to alter. You will save a small fortune by not wasting money on packets of cigarettes. If you’ve never had the fun of totalling that over 12 months or two years, do it now. Within two years you could be on a very different kind of holiday. New travel rules out there mean that the holiday and vacation industries will be beating a path to your door with offers. You’ll have the money to spend because of the cigarettes you never bought. It could be so much more than a holiday. It could open up every kind of opportunity you dreamed of. Use your journal (free with membership) to start seeing what is possible for yourself. Use your cards too. You are here to completely reshape your destiny in 2020 and it may begin with something as small as a packet of cigarettes.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Should I be scared or excited? My MC is bang on 17 Scorpio and my IC 17 Taurus. My Saturn is just next door at18 Taurus and Psyche at 16 Taurus. I feel like I might need a Bex and a cup of tea.


    1. Too funny. Bex and a lie-down, they used to say in Australia in the 1970’s. If you were born at exactly the time you have been told, then yes – your MC and IC are both in the Full Moon zone. And, you could be born at any time at all, and still have Saturn and Psyche so close by. It’s a really good question – scared or excited? Actually, that’s a few years away. Uranus will take a long time to move to 16, 17, 18 Taurus but when he arrives, you will be shown a dramatically different way to make money. You may decide to sell an asset and be thrilled at the new independence you achieve with that revenue. You could also surprise yourself and the people who know you, by taking a hugely different approach to all that you earn, own or owe. For now, though, this is a Full Moon which opposes your Saturn, at the very least, so you have some fundamental questions to ask about what you do, to make yourself feel secure. It’s time to look at your life budget and put a dollar value on the things money cannot buy. It’s an interesting exercise. What would you pay to have a strong immune system and good basic health? $100,000? $1 million? How much do you pay for food every week? Time to use your journal, your Astrology Oracle cards and all the other assets of your membership to really get stuck into those questions…

  11. Sorry Jessica , me again, I know I’ve already asked one question but I’ve just remembered something else, completely unrelated.

    In January at your workshop we did a bit of bibliomancy around our Taurean PM Scott Morrison. If I recall correctly, May was going to be tough for him. Is this full moon his full stop?

    Thanks again


    1. Thanks Sharlene. Yes, we gathered in Sydney during the fires of January 2020 and used bibliomancy to see into the Australian Prime Minister’s future. The book we found was ‘Whit’ which is a play on words – Whitlam. Former PM Gough Whitlam was of course dismissed. If you remember the book jacket it showed the ABC-TV logo (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) on its side. Why can I hear the Four Corners theme song? The investigative program that likes nothing better than uncovering the mysteries of life. We are a day away from a Full Moon which is decisive. There is another crucial Full Moon right on Halloween, 31st October 2020. Watch that.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Interesting article. I have Sun at 17 degrees Scorpio. My investments were pretty much in cash position for the last 4 months. Didn’t participate in the market upswing in the last 2 months, because I felt it was a fake rally. Did everything I could to protect my personal wealth!!! Don’t know what will happen in the job front? Now playing the waiting game? BTW, Are Taurus Sun people more like a gamblers? Know a couple of them. They all are shrewd with money, but play the market like gamblers without a hint of rational thinking.

    1. Thank you. You are living in the long Uranus in Taurus cycle now, which will fundamentally alter the world economy until 2026. Uranus is associated with the old folk song ‘And The World Turned Upside Down’ which dates from the 18th century when the old slave sugar and cotton trade began to collapse. The old system them was British colonialism under King George III. Today there is nothing left of it. If you look at the world as a whole in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 then you will be better off in every way. The old days of thinking ‘just about Wall Street’ or ‘just about the Nikkei’ are fast becoming irrelevant. Taurus Sun and Scorpio Sun people, but also anyone with a stellium (unusually high count of factors in Taurus or Scorpio) need to be aware of this most of all. Uranus is a symbol of new invention and innovation. Taurus rules banks and currency. It also rules taxation and trade. The more you can research what is coming through, that seems likely to completely alter the old 2oth and 21st century rules, the better off you will be in every sense of the word. A really simple example is the end of live exports and factory farming. Cruelty to the animals we eat. Uranus is also a symbol of liberation, and Taurus of course rules beef cattle. Keep thinking along these astrological lines and see what comes to you.

  13. Hi Jessica, I have my Mars at 16 degrees Scorpio, how will this impact me and what changes do you see based on my chart?

    1. Mars in Scorpio in the Eighth House of money, property, charity, business, possessions and debts – as well as assets – is about handling people politics as diplomatically and politely as possible. Mars is the Roman god of war and can be conflict prone unless you are aware of this side of your astrological chart, and go to great lengths to slow down, apply a softer touch, and find ways to assert yourself without getting people offside. This is particularly important on a Full Moon in Scorpio, so close to your Mars. Later on, Uranus at 16 Taurus will oppose your Mars, so this Full Moon is good training for that. The fact is, Mars can be too fast and too hard. In a natal chart it can be expressed without much care for other people’s feelings, or good manners, and so on. This is okay if you’re some kind of corporate raider in the 1980s or on a pirate ship in the 18th century, going for gold. Yet, in the new Age of Aquarius which is coming from 2021, this kind of approach (attack, push, shove, thrust) is really going to get you nowhere fast, particularly as Saturn, Jupiter and then Pluto will all be square your Mars. So now is the time to figure out how you can get what you want (something for nothing, perhaps?) without getting others offside. It really is like a game of football. For more look up Mars, Eighth House, Scorpio.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I have have been reading and preparing for this first week of May, and since I have Taurus in my 2nd House and Scorpio in my 8th House Natal Moon, I am hoping the outcome will be positive. We started a refinance in March, and I got the call today that we are closing next week, which will lower our payments. I have gotten most of my IRA out of the stock market, and I am trying to remain flexible and optimistic, even though my husband is an essential worker who could still be furloughed at any time.

    I think I’m prepared for this full stop and potential changes, and I hope to roll with whatever comes our way.

    Thank you for everything you do to shed light on the path forward.


    1. Thank you Sharon. You are more affected by the North Node going into Gemini now, actually, and the South Node going into Sagittarius. You or your husband? One of you is already looking across the region, the country or the world. This is very wise. There is the potential for growth there, with two plans or ideas. One is already in hand. There is a second which should not be ignored. This is the classic Gemini ‘twin concept’ or ‘twin brainwave’ pattern. Gemini also rules short journeys, commuting and city-to-city. Sagittarius of course rules foreign people and places. Nothing can really thrive where you are. In fact it would come to nothing pretty quickly. I am sure one or both of you know that. It is very important that you connect and communicate. Find out with your computer mouse. Ask and research. I would also suggest you look closer to home as well. There are some lush possibilities for something which such strong potential, but not as far away as one or both of you have been searching. I think by January 2022 when the cycle is done, you would have been very tempted to put in the time, effort, homework, energy and commitment and relocate, or just export something which could honestly do so much better in the right setting or environment. If you need more guidance on this please use your Astrology Oracle Cards and guidebook for a personal reading for yourself.

  15. Hello Jessica, I’ve got Apollo in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo, both at 17º. I’m not too familiar with Apollo. I’m keen to know your impressions.

    Thanks for the generous comments, they are helpful in piecing things together.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. What you are actually feeling in May 2020, more than anything else, is Saturn in Aquarius. So, Saturn (hard work required) in your Eleventh House of groups. Any group is a funny thing. It can be a heavy metal band, a board of directors, or a circle of tennis-playing friends. There is this need to have space, and give space, and be very tolerant of each other. At the same time, when we get this kind of cycle (Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House) there is often a major question about one person, against a group. Or a community of people, against just one other person. The great irony about this is that your ideas are so similar. Your points of view are so alike. Yet, we have this chasm between the majority and the minority of one. This is a waste of potential. I am not sure how patient anyone is, or how superhuman their efforts can be, but with a massive effort, there could be unity and harmony again. The feelings need to go. Often there is fear behind what looks like assertiveness, or fiery feelings and so on. There is a bit of that, as Saturn is the pale yellow planet and we are all pale yellow to some degree, as we deal with what or who seems so possibly threatening! Most of all there needs to be grounding. The person who is battling here, and it may be you, or your friend, or the ‘minority of one’ person – must centre. Focus, ground, centre, stabilise, settle. Choose a location. There is a sense here of someone being split between neighbourhoods, cities or even countries. No stability. No sense of one place, one mission. If that can be sorted out, it will go a very long way to opening the possibility of proper communication (no strong feelings) and an attempt at either peaceful co-operation or proper reconciliation and – the miracle – a renewed group. This Saturn in Aquarius cycle goes round in 29 year cycles and it was there in the 1960s when so many emerging bands were having massive issues about lead singers versus the rest of the group, or managers versus the band! It’s on that level.

  16. Hi Jessica, where to start ! I’m not sure if this has an impact or not but I have psyche at 16 degrees Virgo, If it does , is it meaning that something possibly lasting in the area of body , health, day to day business? I have been trades painting for 7 years now and have been weary of it as I’m 53 physically feel drained and tired. I have been thinking of changing career, and have sought this time as an opportunity to look , I have applied for work in a hospital , I am about to fill out paperwork , and I do feel weirdly pulled in 2 directions… what are your thoughts on this ? I just want to quickly add here too, that until January this year I was under severe financial strain, almost sinking. Then a couple of opportunities in the oddest of ways to pay off my debts, came ,thank to reading your posts about what might potentially be coming on a financial level, I am now debt free as of this week , how it all unfolded is just strange , but I just want to say a thanks for all that you do ,your guidance is much appreciated , cheers sue

    1. Congratulations on being debt-free Sue, that’s fantastic. I am glad the astrology works for you. You have all four corners of the world to choose from, or all four nationalities. British. European. Australasian (Asian, Australian, New Zealand). And the United States. You’ve literally just had the South Node enter your Ninth House of foreign cultures and places. I am not sure how much you know about the hospital – if it’s like a classic N.H.S. hospital in London it will have many nationalities involved. You have some fantastic choices here. Your head could be turned by any of them. You are quite right to feel it would be like a rebirth for you, and your Virgo Psyche is well and truly being shown what is possible, in terms of work, but also I think – your body. You are quite right to relate the way you feel about career, to your actual physical self. I am thrilled for you that you have the freedom and space of no debts around you, so that you can make a great choice. I do see four different places or nationalities here. The rest is up to you. Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook. I have a feeling that your ultimate choice may be based on your need for a little fun and games in your life, as much as anything else!

  17. Hi Jessica-

    17 – Virgo/Sun
    18 – Virgo/Merc
    18 – Virgo/Pluto
    16 – Capricorn/Diana
    NN – 18 Taurus
    SN – 18 Scorpio

    My mind has been grasping in the ether to see if the guy (Pisces) is worth it and trying to find that career pivot once again. I feel like it’s all at my fingertips but I also feel like if I don’t grab now, I may lose my chance with work & love. Any advice? Clear the table & start completely over or ride it out? (And thank you for all the additional content during this time!)

    1. Sure. What is really great now is reading, authors, writers, readers, publishers, books, teachers, study, education, academia. Life is full of ups and downs now and it’s so random, isn’t it. Yet, as you spin around (up, down, up, down) get off the wheel and learn. You will never regret the time you spend with your books, MacBook Air, journals, magazines, scrapbooks, blank notebooks and the rest. Through knowledge all things are possible. I would describe knowledge for you as the leap-off point in 2020, starting right now – as the North Node goes into Gemini (words and ideas) and the South Node goes into Sagittarius (publishing, foreign travel and ‘travel in the mind’ via the impact of cultures, history and beliefs from other countries and regions). By getting off the merry-go-round of high, low, up, down and leaping into the world of words and thought, you can find a great way to then fly off somewhere else. And that would make the biggest difference to your life purpose, goals, workload – and also to your relationships. May 2020 is really not about love and sex. No, not at all. But it is about this brand new cycle in your Third House and Ninth House which you’ve not had for 19 years. You can reshape and recreate your life by January 2022 if you get off the wheel. There may be some part of you that does not believe being a student of life, and even a mentor or guide for others, is realistic. Or possible. Or remotely achieveable. Not so. If you trust this is there for you, and even ask for some help from the invisible world of guides to assist, you may just find it’s at your fingertips and you will catapult yourself into a completely different universe. Others who are interested and interesting – and some may become more than just GoodReads friends one day – will gravitate towards the same stuff. And like attracts like, which you’ll like. Even love.

  18. Hello! My moon and Chiron is in Taurus and I’ve got Vulcano in Scorpio… I feel sooo out of sorts, emotions all over the place this full moon! Can you tell me how else this full moon is going to impact me?

    1. You are allowed to feel emotional and off-kilter on a Full Moon. One of the reasons for this is the simple fact that bright, white light shining through the blinds or bedroom curtains can disturb your normal R.E.M. sleep cycle. It also disturbs people around you who have insomnia, and they may be driving their cars or motorbikes around at 3.00am, 4.00am which of course also wakes you up, or just breaks into your sleep cycle. So the old rule about a Full Moon and mixed feelings or the need for more time and space is quite right. There is a scientific explanation as well. I’m sure you know that people living with bipolar, anxiety and other mental health issues are affected by broken sleep, or no sleep, and again – the interference of bright light at night, for 2-3 nights – can create a kind of ripple effect in your town or city. A nap is a really good idea. A catnap is perfect. My friend the astrologer and hypnotherapist Natalie Delahaye has created a great meditation here, on this website – free. I terms of your Moon and Chiron in Taurus in the Second House of money and Vulcano in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances, you have a totally different climate to work with in May 2020 and actually until 2026. Treat this as ongoing weather, for many years. What kind of weather? Well, it will change in a flash. You know how an electrical storm can come from nowhere? It’s rather like that. The best space to be in, is flexible. So try and keep your commitments light if you possibly can, so that if you need to zig-zag with your bank account, house, apartment, possessions, budget, charity, business – you can do that. Keep it really free, light, open, flexible, adaptable. Especially on this Full Moon, which is hours away now. And…catnap!

  19. Hi Jessica

    This full moon period is giving me a lot of clarity – in a sense that my perspective on something mega imp for me involving my Cap lover is changing. I’m feeling a bit rebellious and somehow angry for constantly feeling dragged down because of his situation at home with his Cancer ‘wife’ who just found out about us btw, I’m scared to take a decision because I truly love him and want to be with him, but at the same time, I’m feeling I need to do something to change the situation, which is new as I always felt weak in this. Not sure about the timing, whether I should wait in the hope that things will improve for us, for whether I should call the shots now!

    Thank you x

    1. The Full Moon in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex and money, also rules marriage and mortgage. It also rules separation and division of goods, or divorce and the splitting up of property. Your lover’s Cancer wife is ruled by the Moon and this is really her personal Full Moon. You have your chart, her husband has his, and she has hers. It is her horoscope, actually, that will decide things. Something to take away from May 2020, for him, for you and for her – everything changes. Everything moves on. Bright sunny dawn mornings follow dark Full Moon nights. You cannot stop spring and summer appearing. There is a tremendous focus in May 2020 on surviving and starting again. It takes tremendous self-belief, energy and trust to do that, but what is the alternative? To just give up and give in? That is an overall message about May, without having his chart to hand, or his wife’s chart either. I have yours. This month in general is about ‘that was then, this is now, there is the future.’ We go through the Full Moon weather and then the change comes. It can be profoundly healing and a tremendous amount of healing is required, here.

  20. Hi Jessica ,

    I have Uranus in Scorpio at 16 degrees. I wonder what this moon will do for me?
    At the job front we experience huge downfall. My boss who is my brother makes enough to pay the bills and salary but that’s it.

    I must be used to Uranus in Scorpio by now. But it gives me a lot of stress.
    I gave up my apartment last December in order to have more room financially. But since the company is in a roller coaster My salary is too. I had to make ends meet with less. And I don’t mind . But I do would love some positive forecast.

    I also moved 2 years ago , ive kept my apartment on. But like I said I finally gave that up to move in with my bf.

    Thank you for your blogs and reading this!

    1. Carmen, you are already experiencing so much, because you have a strong set of Taurus and Scorpio patterns in your personal birth chart. Taurus rules your Second House of income and Scorpio rules your Eighth House of family money. For the first time in your life, ever since May 2018 actually, you have been dealing with Uranus (the revolution) in the sign of Taurus, so nothing has been the same. You have given up your apartment, been on a budget and have seen your boss (your brother) dealing with the new realities. I am very sorry you are being put through this stress. There is hope for you in a new place to live or work. It would mean a lot of effort, trust and energy but it can be done. First of all, you need to do some work on yourself. Ask yourself what you are not seeing. What are you blind to? I think that might partly be the chance of a new place to set up home, or a new place to carry out a job. You are very close to freedom, Carmen. You could be liberated from the ties that bind, and feel really exhilarated and excited, actually, about the new sense of space and possibility in your life. I think you are genuinely feeling ‘locked down’ more than most people, almost as if you were tied down to one spot. Please use who or what threatened you, to break free. Only you can do that. If your five senses, not to mention your sixth sense, tells you that you are now relatively safe, and no further threats are there, then begin the process of getting rid of the restrictions on you. Please use your Astrology Oracle cards to ask ‘Who or what can I use to remove what blinds me?’ I know your brother pays your wages and your boyfriend is involved with your property situation. There is another option though. You deserve at least to see it. if you want to feel free, and I think you deserve that, put time and energy into finally getting rid of what has been so ‘tight’ for you for so long, and then you will be able to (at last) remove what or who is preventing you from seeing the vast potential. Rather than go on feeling vulnerable, stuck, trapped, at the mercy of being rescued by others – you will become independent, free, self-reliant and even though I don’t deny you are going to have to be something of an action woman, your chances are much higher of helping yourself, protecting yourself and finding your way towards new prospects – if you are rid of the ties that bind.

  21. Sharlene’s message did make me laugh! I feel the same – Fortuna 17 degrees Scorpio. Will it be good or…. otherwise? I too will take a nap and find out tomorrow!

    1. Fortuna, the Wheel of Fortune, describes how you ‘spin’ destiny for others without realising what you are doing. Sometimes it’s because you just can’t see and don’t know. At other times it’s because you’re not looking. There is often a twist of fate preventing you from ever knowing the impact you have had, or the influence you have had. In Scorpio you spin the wheel for others with the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. Perhaps – with the taxation, banking, insurance, legacies, wills. This Full Moon, which I can see above me, looking rather fuzzy as I write this, reminds you that you are integral to others’ situation and yet you’ll never be shown. Fortuna is an odd influence in the chart, but even Shakespeare used to write about her.

  22. Dear Jessica
    Sun 17 Taurus, Apollo 17 Aries, Mars 16 Cancer and Jupiter, Ceres, Neptune and Cupido Scorpio. What do you see?

    1. The Full Moon now is really a nod to the future for you, financially, as eventually Uranus (radical change) will move to exactly the same spot in your personal birth chart, stretching right across the Taurus (income) and Scorpio (banking) signs in your chart. So, if you think you’re being made to think about life in June 2022, you are quite right. That’s the month that the revolution (Uranus at 16, 17 Taurus) becomes real for the first time, as this cycle bounces across your chart. There is another bounce in April 2023, so it’s worth talking about the personal as well as the national and international. You’ll personally be drawn into quite radical changes made by governments, and also by what we’re going to see is an emerging new supergroup of agreeing nations. The old models are going, going, gone. This will affect your tax situation, but also any shares, pension/superannuation, property investments and so on. Starting now, and thinking about 2022, 2023 in particular, it’s a good time to get yourself into as flexible a position as you possibly can, so that you can meet change with change. The old global economic system of huge dependence on China for manufacturing, and for a plastic-heavy, petrol-heavy, carbon emission-heavy world set-up is your first port of call for research. In fact, you could do yourself a huge favour by taking a lightning-fast, whistle-stop tour around Time magazine, and then the regular newspapers, to see where the discussion is headed from one city to another. The most personal side of all this for you, never mind the global impact on your retirement, is that Cupido in Scorpio is very much about your sexual and romantic partner. If not now, then in 2022-2023. So as you are looking at the way things are going, with your Astrology Oracle digital cards in hand, think about ‘we’ and ‘us’ as well as ‘me’ because it’s essential that any partnership or marriage is scrutinised, on paper, for the realities – not the guesses. Be powerfully aware of the agreements you have entered into, or may enter into in the future, because when we see Taurus-Scorpio oppositions, we see a huge difference between your value system and life budget, and that of the other person. This may be evident now, on this Full Moon, if your past, present or potential partner is in the mix. It will certainly be really clear in a couple of year’s time. This is the kind of chart where you’d say, if someone was marrying in 2021, 2022, you’d want a superb pre-nuptial so that both parties completely understand the talking points!

  23. hi jessica.
    great article. thank you. I am Scorpio (sun ) and stellium in scorpio and Capricorn etc. . i have an interview soon on the 19th of this month. . any advice ? does this look good for me.

    1. The South Node just moved into your Ninth House of qualifications, academia, education, graduates, professors, diplomas and degrees. This has not happened in 19 years so it’s really important. The South Node is in Sagittarius, and you have Cupido at 25 Sagittarius. In September 2020 the South Node will be conjunct, or exactly next to, your Cupido at 25 degrees. This karma from the last time it happened, likely when you were studying, teaching or in another job. So, February 2002. Sagittarius and the Ninth House, which you can look up on Search after you finish reading this, is very much about publishing and publications too. With this role or another, with these plans and projects, or others, you will be solid in your education and experience. Like attracts like. Employers, particularly women, who have achieved a degree, or higher degrees, tend to want the same from the women they hire. They want to know if you’ve earned it, because they certainly have! I would not be totally surprised if your interview was with a terrific professional woman whose education or academic background is very, very dear to her. As the Ninth House also rules belief, faith and philosophy, she would also have quite a strong world view, and that is what makes her tick. I’m excited for you in 2020. Take the pressure off by focussing on what you know, what you have learned and the courses or new skills you intend to adopt. Even if this woman is not the interviewer, she may be the ultimate boss or C.E.O. for example and her influence would filter down to everybody! In 2020 with this historic South Node transit of your Ninth House you are well placed to pick up more notches for your Curriculum Vitae and to find yourself some fantastic female role models who have carried their pearls of wisdom with grace. This is a rare and special opportunity for you to move on up, in terms of your knowledge and certification, but also to keep some splendid company, as women in particular who have made it to such a high level, usually want the same from their colleagues, friends, acquaintances.

  24. Hi Jessica, Hope all is well with you at this difficult time. Thank you for your blog articles. I always enjoy reading them, again & again. Could you please help me interpret my horoscope factors, affected by the Scorpio Full Moon? I have Mercury 16 Gemini, Apollo 17 Aries & Ops 18 Scorpio. I am also a Sun Taurus at 24 degrees. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you! I am just having a cup of tea as I sit at my desk this morning and look at your personal birth chart. And I will pass that compliment onto Alicia, Alyas, James, Jodi, Justin and Kerry. Well, in both the charts I use for you, we are seeing two people reconnecting. The background issue is babies, children, teenagers or grown-up adult children. Did it happen, did it never happen, or could it happen? It’s hovering over the whole thing, thanks to Minerva and Cupido in Leo in your Fifth House. (You can look all those things up after you finish reading this). Suffice to say, Cupido is about the heart. Leo is very much about the children we do, or do not have, in this life. It is also very much about the world of children or young people, on a really big scale. So, paid or unpaid efforts involving a younger generation. The Full Moon in Scorpio is right on Ops in your chart, in the Eighth House, which rules intimate financial relationships. Classically, marriage and mortgage. Or two divorced people with a child support arrangement. It can also be two people who never, ever got together sexually but now have something to exchange financially. Mercury in Gemini is about communication. You can find the words, and should find the words. Communicating is also listening, hearing and reading the sub-text of body language. You are also skilled at doing that. There is no doubt at all that these two people are dramatically different. Yet the gaps can be closed and I think they should be, as an astrologer. The beat must go on with a younger generation. There is also so much to be gained from bonding, perhaps reconciling, agreeing, shaking hands on a deal. It’s an emotional, spiritual and psychological deal as well as anything else. As a Sun Taurus person, using your other chart (they both work really well together) suffice to say, the Full Moon in Scorpio is in your Seventh House of engagement, common law marriage, marriage, separation, divorce, reconciliation, dating, mating, relating and so on. Big, big crossroads here, for you or someone else.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the great article. My chart should be in your view. Having trouble refinancing my mortgage since a few months now. My credit was erroneously changed by a large institution, they agree but are not taking accountability.

    On the other hand, when would I have some success and satisfaction in career. Since Winter 2018, my days have been fuller than usual with work, short haul travel. For the last 6 months I have never worked this hard in my life. I would love to see myself in a job that I am passionate and proud about.


    1. Thank you. Yes, I can see your personal birth chart in front of me. I am sorry you have been having problems with bad behaviour from your mortgage lender. We are seeing all kinds of really appalling kinds of greed and selfishness in 2020, aren’t we? It ranges from concert promoters who refuse to refund tickets and force later dates on the fans (who actually would rather have the money) to large international airlines who take it upon themselves to switch flight dates for customers rather than hand them back the money paid on their credit card. Deep breath. When all this is over and it will be, the wheel of karma will have turned heavily and you will see it happen, in front of your eyes, for this large institution. Why? The North Node goes into Taurus (money) and South Node goes into Scorpio (business) all too soon, and anyone who has done the wrong thing is going to find the universe has a way of balancing the books. What is happening for you in May 2020 is really about the Twelfth House of your solar chart, which rules religion, the Pope, the church, spirituality, beliefs like Hinduism and Judaism. Of course we can include astrology here – horary astrology in the hands of William Lilly fans is Christian Astrology. In May, far, far beyond the issues of your mortgage and your career, you are being told to look at a particular ‘bible’ or perhaps some kind of guru, true believer, disciple, teacher, mentor, guide and so on. This is where your answers will come from. You have Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn in the Twelfth House of your solar chart. In your birth chart (your second opinion) you have Neptune also in the Twelfth House in the sign of Pisces. The Twelfth House (do look it up on Search when you finish reading this) is where you figure out what you believe and what you know. You do it by following ‘the word’ – which may be the word of God, or the word of some kind of cult leader! It really depends on you. Pluto is about empowerment, transformation and new control. Jupiter is a wonderful transit – it shows expansion, growth, improvement. Put that together, along with this really spiritual Neptune cycle and you will find what you are looking for, because I think your answers are a great deal bigger than the material or professional world in May 2020. This is a really good time to start the search for your solutions. Accept or reject ‘the word’ handed down from on high, but the very act of choosing yes or no, redefines your world and yourself. And from that comes a much stronger sense of what you need and how to find it.

  26. Dear Jessica, I have six incredibly powerful factors as 16-17-18 degrees in my chart. Nothing that I invested my time and energy in professionally over the last four years has yielded anything that lasts. I have loved my work passionately (maybe too much). Now am wondering about restarting something I was doing in 2016 or going on a completely new track in terms of a website. Also have a personal story to tell though for a major part of my life, I have thought that I have little to say to the world. Yet, telling this story almost seems like an obligation.
    Physically I feel exhausted. Mentally worn out. Financially, I felt comfortable before the crisis began. Now, there is an anxiety if the new world will ruin years of patience. I have been drifting for long now. Don’t know where do I focus my limited energy now?

    1. This is a really good case for using The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook, when you are feeling good and ready. Also getting second opinions from the Tarot on this website, and thinking about using Your Oracle (the new guidebook) for a third opinion. Using your journal too, you can make choices with your sixth sense, not just your five senses. This can save you time and energy. You have spent four years with no lasting reward. Once you get used to working with all six senses, and using the cards here, you will find that you are investing your talent and time in what pays off. The core of these things, is repetition. If you repeatedly prove to yourself that the cards are working – so accurately – you will get into a rhythm with them and can (in future) figure out really quickly what is going to work for you. Then be a DIY professional and line it up with the astrology for the fourth opinion! First of all, though, you need sleep. Catnaps and disco naps as my friend Charlie calls them, are great for recharging you and you don’t need much time. I strongly, strongly recommend you listen to my other friend Natalie Delahaye on this website, with her guided sleep meditations. She is a professional hypnotherapist and royally approved astrologer! Okay, so this Scorpio Full Moon is behind the current mood. Here’s the thing. When it goes, and you come back to who/what you are rejecting, it will be a different world. So please understand that this Full Moon, moving right across 16, 17, 18 degrees and aspecting your chart – is behind so much of what you are feeling. It’s fading fast as I write this to you on Friday morning, with a cup of tea. The trick to success is to make the most of the solid-gold, precious people in your life. Nothing and nobody has been enough to satisfy you, so you have gone right away from those faces, spaces and places. Talk about self-isolation and quarantine! Yet, you are not by nature a hermit, nor is this collection of people in your life quite so tarnished or tainted as it’s appeared. I am going to blame so much of this on that Full Moon. By nature you are a Chiron in Aries person. And you are having your Chiron in Aries return. That’s massive. You are an adventurer, an explorer, dynamic, forceful, vibrant, energetic – a mover and shaker. In 2021 you will realise that when united, in harmony, and when cared for – a group can be worth its own weight in gold. This may be a Twitter circle of friends, or something concrete, like a charity, a band, an environmental organisation or a Mumsnet-style community. That is later on, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and growth enters your Eleventh House of ‘the hive mind’ just before Christmas 2020, going right through the year 2021. For now, May 2020, please recharge, renew, repair. Use Natalie’s sleep meditation. Go onto YouTube and find what works for you. When you return the mood will be lighter and brighter. You are asking me about success, career, websites, telling stories. Actually, what I need to tell you is – people! Your most incredible resource is right there. It is the people around you, who will look so much more special to you in the different light of a normal lunar cycle. That starts within hours as the Moon goes out of Scorpio and its full phase. My final comment is – ambition is right. Success is yours to achieve. You have two goals and you can make it with both of them. You have what it takes. But what is going to help you, so much, is nurturing each person as a separate individual. You tend to see these faces as a collective. Actually they are unique individuals and each one needs your very special personal attention. Appreciating who and what you have will come, when your mood changes. You can figure out some great plans with this kind of support. I can also see oysters with unopened pearls. You truly have so much around you and so much is possible. Now, continue your seclusion and recharge.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Cancer with Neptune 19 degrees in Scorpio, and as always I am eager to hear your advice regarding money issues! Thanks!

    1. Thank you E.C. let’s have a look at what is going on. You are a Sun Cancer person with transiting Neptune (unreal situations and non-real-world people) currently in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, which rules travel and travellers, foreign ports, foreign places and people. That’s your regular horoscope. In your personal birth chart, which I can see here, you also have natal or birth Neptune in Scorpio, in the Eighth House, which rules precious possessions, wealth, and assets of all kinds, no matter if it’s a designer vintage hat or a pot of gold from Wall Street. This combined, suggests a reality check. As a general comment on this combination of Neptune and Pisces, people who are drifting, cruising or floating through life – lost in a world of their own – inhabit their own space. You often see men like this. Sir Richard Branson, to me, is like this. To get anywhere near him, you have to meet him, in his own headspace. On his own terms and in his own patch. One thing I will say about Pisces/Neptune situations and people – it is possible to get them to travel back to the real world so you can negotiate, or strike deals, or buy, or borrow, or even be given…something. Yet, it’s really unlikely! Nobody should ever fantasise about that trip back to reality, too much. The truth is, Pisces-Neptune people and situations are about escaping and taking a vacation from the rest of us. And very few people want to get back from a holiday, do they? We have been told various nations are in for a recession. This does not touch Pisces-Neptune types. They are shored up by their own detachment from the rest of the country. The world. If anyone wants to get up close and personal, especially sexually (Scorpio rules sex and assets) then it’s going to be a case of being invited to join – to share the unreality and other world – and finding a way to stay there. I hope this general comment is useful for you.

  28. Hello Jessica, I have a couple of asteroids at 17 degrees Aquarius and also my Sun is at 16 degrees, how do you see me being affected by this full moon? Thank you!

    1. I just had another reader with a very similar Aquarius pattern – so let’s talk about groups. Ceres, Bacchus and Salacia are all in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of clubs, teams, networks, communities and circles of friends. This is where we find Facebook, if you are actually on it, but also the local cricket team, or even a group of old former bridesmaids. Aquarius is about the outsider and the group. I am a huge fan of Spinal Tap. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. Spinal Tap is all about the hilarious side of confused heavy metal bands. There’s always someone outside the group and it might be someone’s girlfriend, the manager…or the lead singer who temporarily ‘goes solo.’ What is really important about 2020 is remembering that even though Saturn is in your Eleventh House and there are all kinds of reality checks and learning experiences about the way groups operate (‘You are all individuals!’ as Graham Chapman said in Life of Brian, to the faceless crowd) – there is hope. Actually 2021 is going to be sensational. It’s a brand new day, with bells on. Who or what survives and thrives in 2020 from the dynamics of this group situation, goes on to have the most incredible life adventures – potentially. Jupiter in your Eleventh House, starting just before Christmas 2020, is all you really need to know about. We associate it with luck. Well, fingers crossed for something so much bigger and better, from all this. People who are survivors are stronger, better, happier, more vibrant, wiser human beings for the experience. I’m going to use one last analogy. Sir Paul McCartney in his time with Wings wrote a song about ‘a little luck.’ Well, with a little luck he found stunning solo success inside and outside his old circle – the Beatles circle that began with the Fab Four and ended up bringing in so many other people. He crossed his fingers, got up, and got back to where he once belonged, which was super success. This is the story of a group in your world in 2020 and 2021. From 2023 when Pluto goes into your Eleventh House it is utterly transformative.

  29. I was one of the first to post on Twitter in response to your call – here’s hoping you see me here 🙂
    I’m Gemini Sun (Cap 25 Asc) with Mars at 17 Virgo, Saturn 17 Pisces, Neptune 18 Scorp.
    My love is Aries (Cancer 23 Asc). We grew v close during lockdown and enjoyed being together, living, working, everything. What’s next for us?! He’s anxious about easing of restrictions, says he wishes we could just stay locked in together!
    My teenage son has returned to us as his school is supposedly returning to classes, so that’s going to change to the dynamics! Son v anxious about his future, and the future generally of course …
    Thank you so much. I really value your wisdom. And wit and style. You’re a lovely writer 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. Twitter is my favourite way to touch base, quickly, with people who read this website, so I am glad you found the message. Okay, so the most important thing about your world in May 2020 is the potential to travel, move or just export your ideas. You are waking up to a different, wider world of possibility as the North Node has just moved into Gemini for the first time in 19 years and passed into your Third House, which rules the worldwide web, information, communication, education, transportation. The South Node has gone into Sagittarius, into your Ninth House, which is very much about shipping concepts or qualifications, or high-potential plans, to the right places. There is a tremendous need to be grounded. I am not sure if this is you, your partner or your son. Maybe all of you. Being grounded, centred, focussed, secure, stable – is the way. It’s not enough to have a firm grip on a really great idea, which exists on a piece of paper, or on a computer screen. It has to be managed. I can also see a second budding success, but it’s not being appreciated or seen properly, for what it is. All the focus is on Plan A or Project A, and not on B, which is also really oozing potential. You all, or (you) are in the wrong place for anything to prosper. It needs to be shifted. You could find the right environment close to home, where there is lush potential. Or, you could really set your sights on a different country, or even a different group of foreign trading partners. This cycle runs to January 2022 so there is plenty of time. It may be your son dreaming of foreign exchange, or your Aries partner thinking about an online business – or you, speculating about some corner of the web. This need to get back down to earth and get moving is really important, though. Sooner, rather than later, please. Like…May 2020!

  30. I’m a sun, venus and moon Gemini with mars/pluto at 9 degrees virgo in the 12th. I’m a bit of a hermit, work in publishing. I’ve been saving for ages and would love to buy a small house outside the city later this year. I have Neptune at 14 degrees Scorpio–should i avoid any big changes in regards to money during the months when Uranus in Taurus is in opposition? Thank you for any advice, Jessica, and I hope you’re staying safe during this crisis.

    1. You are indeed a hermit. You have the Sun, Venus and Moon in Gemini in your Third House (using the Natural House system, which I prefer for accurate prediction). No wonder you work in publishing. Your books, your journals and your computer are your sounding board for your spirituality, which is very strong and very important to you. You have Mars and Pluto in conjunction at 9 Virgo in your Sixth House (not your Twelfth) and so the computer itself, along with work – and the world of words – is the most powerful, central and empowering thing. You want to buy a house in 2020 and you know that Uranus in Taurus will oppose your Neptune at 14 Scorpio. Correct, this happens in July-October 2021. Uranus goes to 14 Scorpio then and we have a Full Moon at 14 Virgo on Tuesday 7th September, 2021. Uranus goes back to 14 Taurus in April, May 2022 and Chiron is at 14 Aries in that time-frame. He is back at 14 Taurus in January, February 2023 – that is the last pass. In September 2022 you also have the North Node at 14 Taurus and South Node at 14 Scorpio. I mention all these dates because you have the time and space to make your own conclusions about buying a house. You are powerfully connected to your spirituality, as I’ve mentioned, and your God – or your particular faith in a certain kind of universe. Armed with this information, you can use your books and also your internet connection, to explore your options. As everybody born in your year, in your class at school, has Neptune at 14 Scorpio, we can safely assume you are part of a larger wave of change, and it is very likely about superannuation or pension. That would make sense, non? Along with your soul-searching and truth-seeking about astrology, it would be very wise to keep updating yourself on what your government or employer is doing about that. Where’s it all going? Be right across that before these transits arrive.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been planning a house move for a couple of years and was almost there with the refurb and tart-up before the lockdown. Since then, with all work and pay at a standstill, I’ve thrown myself into food growing in my garden, making rhubarb wine and dreaming of keeping hens and fresh eggs! Any advice for life changes going forwards following the full moon please, I’m a Scorpio with Libra rising, Cap moon?

    1. Congratulations on growing your own food, pursuing the rhubarb wine and being so positive and energetic. You are meeting change – with change – which is exactly what the astrology suggests. Okay, so the bigger picture of your chart now is the arrival of the North Node in Gemini (short journeys, accessible new places, local and regional commuting or relocation) – and the South Node in Sagittarius (departures, travel, travellers, emigration, big journeys). This goes across the Third House of your chart, ruled by Gemini, and the Ninth House of your chart, ruled by Sagittarius. You’ll move. The Aquarius weather is also carrying you, because in your Scorpio chart, you have incredible opportunities to start all over again, in a new place, in 2021. You could go earlier, in 2020, of course. If you do pack your bags this year, I am sure it would be with a real sense of not knowing – not knowing at all – what awaits you in the next place. Yet, you can fill this in, like a painter filling a canvas, and use the biggest and brightest colours to make the new life what you want. The year 2020 is dominated by Saturn (so sombre, so serious) in Aquarius, in your solar Fourth House of family and property, households and homes. Nobody is really running around jumping for joy in that scenario. Yet, the biggest and best outcomes possible in 12 years, for a house, garden, apartment – are coming just before Christmas 2020 and will be with you throughout next year, as Jupiter in Aquarius joins Saturn. You are not the only person who will be on the move. In general, in 2020-2021 we are seeing an exodus of people. Some will be going home after years of living in another country. That creates a big ripple in the property market. Others will be moving regions, because the pressure of our current situation in the big cities is too much. I hope you can see what is happening. It’s a big, big domino effect and it means that you will have a buyer (or buyers, plural) but you will also be in a position to move on, yourself. The trick is research. Prove to yourself that the new place and space will be a good thing. No – make that a great thing. Do your homework, especially online, and find the support you need for your dreams and wishes, and that includes the hens and fresh eggs. Have fun daydreaming about different kinds of residences and faraway places. For the right people, your place is going to also be a terrific sanctuary.

  32. I know I missed you time allowance on this but thought I would ask anyways. For the last two years my sister and I have been starting a company. We are just about to get our product and go live. Recently her husband has been causing so many issues that I’m scared it’s going to cause major family drama and rip apart our family. This has happened in our family before with my grandpa and all his brothers. Their company fell apart so badly that they never spoke again. I’m considering backing out and only staying on as an investor and not managing. I want to choose family over business. Is my chart saying this is a good idea? I have vesta 17 Taurus and Uranus 18 Scorpio as well as a bunch of other 18 degree placements. Thank you so much Jessica! Love all your articles, I have learnt so much from you!

    1. I am very sorry you have been going through the stress with your sister, and your brother-in-law. Your family has a history of disruption already, because of your grandpa and your great uncles. No wonder you want to do the right thing. There is a possible outcome here. That outcome is the sudden, rather forceful replacement of the person at the top (the King or Queen of the situation) for the right person. This is Mars, a symbol of rapid action and it can be quite aggressive. This whole situation is potentially ‘The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen’ but as I said – it’s only potential. You have Mars at 5 Leo and we currently have Saturn moving to 5 Aquarius, right opposite, in February 2021. I would advise caution. We also have transiting (travelling) Mars stuck in the combative sign of Aries, for a very long time, from July 2020. Can you change the film of your life? There is ambition here. I can see the goals and they are tantalisingly within reach. Getting to the top, or being at the peak, matters. (This is down to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, passing through your chart in the Tenth House of ambition). Yet, the truth about any sort of coup or change in the balance of power, is its potential for disruption and conflict. Can I suggest you begin to focus on the ambitions, the goals, the mountains to climb – and withdraw your mental energy from a scenario where someone plays out a scene from The Crown on Netflix? I’m joking here, but the longer you, your sister and/or her husband keep this possibility of replacement in your imaginations, the more it becomes a very real choice. And that’s your free will, and you must do your own thing – but just as you’ve said, the potential for a battle is there. You used the phrase ‘rip apart’. Yes, this has a feeling of something being ripped or torn away. That’s not what you want. Look very, very carefully at what you are creating in your life. I recommend you use The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook and your journal. Use the single card Tarot on this site too, created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite. Work your way around all the questions so you are really clear about your choices. Because you do have them!

  33. Hello Jessica,

    I have Uranus 17 Leo in my chart and 5 planets in Scorpio, 2 in Taurus.
    Yesterday evening I felt very sad and saw everything black in black but today was totally different. I have a feeling of relief and even had a little luck, found my AirPod I lost 20 min ago in the streets while walking back the same way.
    Is it possible my life will go for the better?

    Thank you!

    Best regards

    1. Christiane, you just ‘did’ your North Node and South Node cycle, by walking back the way you came and finding what you lost. This is a really brilliant example of astrology’s strange qualities. The North Node returned to Gemini (an air sign), and the South Node returned to Sagittarius, just days ago. It has taken 19 long years for them to go backwards to these signs. You retraced your steps and found your AIRpod. Which is by itself, a Gemini object. As an astrologer you always love to see a chart, to validate what the universe is saying. You were born with Diana, Ops and Proserpina in Gemini, in the Third House, which rules the internet, smart phones, communication, writing, publishing, education, academia, multimedia (television through to podcasting) and so on. The North Node in Gemini for the first time since 2001-2002 (important years to consider in your history) is here until January 2022 and you are being encouraged to deal with just about any situation in your life now, by going back the same way you came in, 19 years ago. Actually the Gemini North Node goes back even further, so 19 years before that, and 19 years before that, right into your past life. Christiane, you have been here before, and the world of words, ideas, communication is something you were born to explore one more time. And here it is. Look up North Node, Third House, Gemini, Diana, Ops and Proserpina when you finish reading this. As I think you are one of the readers who manifests her chart in unusual ways, I would suggest you look for women with greyhounds, or similar hunting dogs, who turn up. Why? That’s Diana. And the North Node is passing Diana in your chart for the first time since 2001. (And the woman who runs with the dogs, could be you, as well).

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating stuff, thanks for these great articles. Question, I was born with Sun in Aries with Pisces rising and have Neptune at 19 degrees in Scorpio in 9th house, so in what ways could this full moon in Scorpio affect me in general?

    1. Thank you. Neptune at 19 Scorpio is actually in your Eighth House of finance, property, business, charity, possessions – using the Natural House system. I use that system for accurate prediction and have come to prefer it over the others. Neptune describes people who are fascinating, usually creative (their wardrobes are so much more interesting than other people’s) and not interested in the real world. Your Pisces Rising may come into play here too, as Neptune is currently in Pisces. The sign of the fishes is associated with people and situations which are a vacation from reality. A holiday from the everyday. There are still sensible questions to be asked, though. This Full Moon is really about financial possibilities, along with current transit of Neptune in Pisces. The time has come to figure out a logical way to make the most of a situation which has so much potential. It’s solid gold, actually. If nothing is done, then nothing happens. Yet, with a strategy, it should be possible to bring some solid, down-to-earth tactics into play which would immediately capitalise upon what is there. (And what is there is so interesting – so valuable – so unusual). As much as Pisces-Neptune situations are about playing or escaping, this is no time to do either. Seize the moment and come up with a way to make this work – that’s the message.

  35. Hello Jessica,

    I have Psyche in 17 deg Gemini. I have SN and NN in Taurus and Scorpio but quite far away as for degrees.
    Can you tell me please what do you see for me at this full moon?

    Thank you!

    1. Your Taurus node is triggered here, along with the North Node in Gemini (short distance travel) and the South Node in Sagittarius (the worldwide web and long distance travel). You have so many choices. This may be about travel, or travel in the mind, but the four corners of the world are calling you. The United States of America is part of this story, too. I am not sure what you are looking for, here. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so sometimes it’s a relationship. And sometimes it’s money. I do think that grounding is helpful. Focus and centre. Come back to yourself. Rather than looking in one direction, then another, for the best bet – you may prefer to slow down, still yourself, and do some really deep research on what each part of the world, and its locals, has to offer you. England has certain benefits too. Nothing is real until you make it so, but to make it real in the most helpful and useful way, long-term, you do need to eliminate some of the choices (you can’t do everything and you can’t be everywhere, and you can’t have everything!) then firmly reach for who/what most draws you. Perhaps, a corner of Europe that your Taurus side is drawn to? Knowledge is really important and online is one place to find it.

  36. Hello Jessica.
    I’m optimistic about this new moon and the following four weeks as I have so many positive aspects in my chart currently but I’m having trouble seeing the wood from the trees! I’ve just completed my legally binding financial separation last week and the divorce will be final in June. A beautiful and spiritual soul entered my life a couple of weeks ago (but she’s a Leo and I’m Scorpio), and I’m about to launch a new book about Our Harmonious Divorce this week online (a guide to remaining friends, doing it in less than 18mths and for $1,850), but my old business has been struggling during this pandemic. So some pretty big things, but maybe that’s the point to this new moon and following period?

    1. Congratulations on moving forward with so much energy and positive thinking, even though you are going through a separation and your old business has been affected by our 2020 crossroads. What I am seeing in your chart is the sheer impact of the North Node in Gemini, which just arrived after 19 years away, in the Third House of your chart, which rules plans, projects and ideas. At the other side of your chart, in the Ninth House, we have the South Node, always a new arrival in your life after 19 years away. This is about exporting, travelling, moving, relocating – either yourself, or a concept. You have a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Sagittarius in the Ninth House, and all these will be triggered, one after another, by the North Node in Gemini, right opposite, and the South Node in Sagittarius, which will be ‘in conjunction’ or right next to, everything you were born with. I am wondering if the project is not your book, Our Harmonious Divorce. I love the tag line and so would a lot of people who need your advice. Perhaps this is it. Maybe it’s another big, big idea you have which needs to be seized and made real. It’s very important that you believe something on paper, or on your computer, can become the start of something greater, and to trust that with the right environment and setting, it can thrive and prosper. Carpe diem – seize the day. My eyes are on the appropriate place. You may have to go across town, across the region, across your country, maybe across the world. Yet, it’s so tempting to attempt that, with your online or on-paper brainwave, because this could take off and grow. Take root, and bear fruit. See this as real, have faith in it, reach for it and relocate it. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be, there is a sense of ‘now or never’ and the urgent need for this to be firmly handled and secured, nurtured and moved – as time is of the essence. So there is a deadline with this. On a psychic level I am seeing multiculturalism or different race questions, connected. Maybe that is useful. I hope so.

  37. Hello Jessica, maybe it’s being home alone or perhaps I’ve been too busy to notice but I was expecting a little more from this week. Maybe even hoping for a little more as I’m definitely one of the lucky ones in the covid-19 crisis where I’m busier than I have ever been. My life has become a cycle of working and not so great attempts at homeschooling with a little bit of sleep in between. I do have a couple of factors at 16, including Hygiea in Scorpio. From my weekly horoscope I saw that factors at 6 Scorpio / Taurus were being triggered which is my Asc / Desc. Am I too insular to notice the shifts? I’m a little concerned I’m going to miss out on something. Like with my Descedent being triggered I hope I shouldn’t have cancelled my premium tinder profile!

    As always, your articles are so wonderful – and thank you to you and your peers for making your astrology classes available. I’ve done some Sun Sign school courses last year so while I haven’t had a chance to do any more of your courses released recently, I know how valuable they are!


    1. Thank you very much T and here’s an explanation for you. The Full Moon is a full stop. That takes precedence over every other transit, because the Sun in Taurus is opposite the Moon in Scorpio. That’s a clash. It’s a big, big tug of war and it is pretty rare to see it also happen with Uranus (radical change) in Taurus. So, this week was never exactly going to be a walk in the park. Your Ascendant and Descendant depend on a strictly accurate birth time. It is possible you were not born with your angles at 6 Scorpio and Taurus. Of all the factors in a chart which can be wrong, those two are the usual culprits because mothers don’t remember birth times accurately or hospital staff can record them wrongly. This is the case even with an odd-minute birth time, which we would normally trust (and you have one).

  38. Hello Jessica, You write ‘this full moon is a full stop’. What does this mean please in terms of financial inflows.
    I just got a message about documentation reg. my retired mother’s financial monthly income (she is Taurean) today. She doesn’t have Scorpio factors , her Taurus Sun is at 15 deg. I (Aries) have Uranus in Scorpio at 16 and Wheel of Fortune at 8 deg. Was this because of the full moon? I am just quite shaken and worried about this and what you have written as I see Uranus is at 7 deg Taurus now. Hence asking you. Thank you.

    1. Okay, so you have just gone through the Full Moon in Scorpio (family and finance) and are now out the other side, which is good. The Moon is on her way. The full stop (a pause) is over. You and your mother both have Taurus-Scorpio factors around the position of that Full Moon, and of course Taurus rules money. You’ve had a message about your mother’s monthly income and some paperwork. Deep breath – that’s made you stop and think – and now you can breathe through the next step. Who is the man in this story? Is it your father, or your male partner, or some other gentleman? I’m really looking at the Gemini-Sagittarius weather in your chart, which is very much about men who have projects, ideas, concepts, plans and need to make them happen. This is ducking the question a bit, but it is far more important than any strictly financial or family matters right now. (Unless of course he is in your family). Basically, we have something with high potential here. It’s a budding success. It exists on paper or on a computer. He feels quite strong ownership over it. It will come to nothing unless he does something with it immediately and finds a place for it. I believe you need to talk to him. Perhaps you can help him then you can both benefit from the outcome. Maybe he should delegate to you, or you can partner with him. He’s his own boss or at the very top of his organisation. This, more than anything else, should be a focus at the moment, because it will play its own part in helping you. I’d also like you to take time out by finding a meditation or relaxation YouTube clip, or an audio recording, you like. If you are here on this site now, search Natalie Delahaye, who has some excellent tracks for you. All free.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks to your great articles I was able to prepare for the financial tests that were coming. Unfortunately I didn’t take my health into account – and the costs that would incur – and so my finances have certainly dwindled. There are more costs to come and I’m weighing my options carefully. I’m also supposed to be moving but it has been delayed due to the health stuff. I understand everything’s happening as it should and I’m wondering if you can see anything in my chart that I need to focus on to help with all the changes occurring? It definitely feels like everything is coming together all at once and I’m trying to do things differently. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you were able to take steps to help your financial position before 2020 was upon us. Think about the man with the money. This is often a boss, husband, father – it can be a colleague, accountant, bank manager. Now, why would he invest in your health? Well, he might, if you two were emotionally involved, or (naturally) family. Otherwise, it would be a case of you borrowing money and paying back, with interest – which of course he wants. Sometimes deals can be struck and they don’t have to involve money at all. This man is very much a deal-maker. The property market is something you need to look at as well. The value and price of houses, apartments or even office buildings. That’s very much in the background. It is sometimes possible to find doctors, surgeons, dentists and so on, who will offer immediate help, if you agree to be put on a payback scheme, with interest (naturally) over a certain period of time. That market is opening up now as the usual business they have been relying upon has dwindled. Shop around. I think you can make this work for yourself, and it’s really about making a great deal, or a good trade. I would begin with the medical profession itself and look at a) who’s good b) who is up for striking a deal with staggered payments, or no upfront costs, and so on. This also applies to health insurance companies. This entire industry is pivoting. To save time and energy, look for a man, look for an obviously wealthy man (some medical professionals or insurers do very well) and go from there. Remember the property issue. The right health professional would hold up a mirror to what is there and show you, very clearly, the way things are. This is more than just an examination before a treatment or prescription. It is actually about your whole self. It is an identity check. This is profound. It’s deep and there is more to it than just one part of your body or another. What you are shown makes you see yourself, almost as if you were looking into a mirror, and this vivid confrontation with your own reflection will help you see the entire situation wholistically. It’s about your spirit, mind and body all together. This can really help you figure out next steps. You have Venus at 9 Taurus and Uranus is approaching 9 Taurus, for the first time in your adult life. This is quite revolutionary. It can be liberating if you go about it the right way. It allows you to be radical. At the same time, I have to say that Uranus transits can be very, very ‘real’. For want of a better word. They can pull us up short, take our breath away, really challenge us, as much as they potentially reward us with a new way of being. A new way of living. Venus is associated with hand mirrors and in fact her glyph is a truncated hand mirror. I do feel that this man is part of your Uranus transit over your Venus. And of course Taurus rules money and business. Very, very occasionally we find a government department is ‘the man with the money’ so there is free or discounted health care involved, but your own life choices to date will reveal who the source of the deal will be, for you.

  40. Dear Jessica,
    I am writing to you again in relation to the full moon and its meaning for me. I have been going through some Rough Patches lately. Being bullied at work constantly, from an underling, a really disturbed Person in my Team, who is constantly causing issues for the whole Team.

    I am heading a Team of 10 People working on a international Topic and I would like at the end of 2020 to get a Promotion and relocate outside of the Country. My Question is : Do you see when the Situation with this very difficult Person we have in our Team will finish? Because this has Partly to do with the success of the endeavour, peace of mind, good work and a possible Promotion.

    I am a Premium Member: Sun Scorpio 12.32 Degrees, Mars in Scorpio 18:00, Uranus in Scorpio 7:00 Degrees. Mercury in Scorpio 10:00 and North node in scorpio 3.35, Cupido in Saggitarius 25:00, Chiron in Aries, and Venus in Saggitarius.

    Thank you so much for your Patience and help,


    1. I am sorry about this situation where you are being bullied at work, Juno. It must be very stressful. Try to take time out from thinking about it by deliberately choosing a meditation or relaxation recording, or clip, that you like. There are some really good choices on YouTube. It is very important to take breaks from things and switch off mentally. Please focus on the project and not this person. Draw your mind towards the plan or idea, and not the team. This is a potentially very successful concept but you have to believe in it, make it real, and take it firmly in your hands. It is then imperative that you take it into the right place, so it can thrive. At the moment it might seem like a wish, a hope, a figment of your imagination. Yet, this could become the basis of something really big, that grows over a number of months and years. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and potential high growth, is in Capricorn, in your Tenth House of achievement, success and accomplishment. This can only happen once in 12 years. Jupiter is making wonderful aspects to your Scorpio factors, which are very much about business. Please do not let politics get in the way of success with this ridiculous person. Do not buy into what others are saying or doing, in relation to them. All your mental effort should go into researching the right town, city, country for what you have. All your effort should go into sourcing the right people, organisation – for what you have. You need to do this quickly because the time to get this established is now. Try to do it in May, please. Make contact with the right people, in the right place for this and make sure you have good, strong, firm connections by telephone, Skype or Zoom (or similar). Use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook for a second opinion on this for validation. Quite honestly, this problem person will seem like a speck of dust on a blade of grass, once you see how powerful this budding project can become. I also feel that once it is moved, geographically, it will leave particular people behind anyway. If you focus on collaborating with the very best kinds of people who can support you, then it is very unlikely they would want anyone who holds up success, to be allowed anywhere near the next phase of development. So you have your answer, Juno.

  41. Hi Jessica,

    The full moon conjuncts my Saturn in Scorpio 17 degs., money and relationships, family inheritance . My Sagitarius husband has Saturn in Scorpio 15 degs. Both my younger son and my elderly mother has Saturn in Scorpio. In your free astrology weekly class on Saturn, you wrote Saturn is fate. In your birth chart, it shows where you feel the burdens of life., what you have to put up with and cannot avoid, hard work karma. A full moon is always an ending and beginning. My NN is in 26 degs Sagitarius and SN in 26 degs Gemini. I would like to move forward and be positive about the year ahead.
    Thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you. That Full Moon has now well and truly passed us, and we’ve seen Wall Street react via the NASDAQ boomeranging back – at the same time that The New York Times is running its front page purely on the dramatic rise in American unemployment. This has a trickle-down effect on your husband, son, mother and yourself as the ripple effect of the American economic squeeze will reach your shores. We are in quite an extreme period now with this Taurus-Scorpio weather, when some people will do extremely well from 2020 (like Amazon) and others (the restaurant trade and hotels) are obviously being affected very hard. Your Nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini will bring a return of a foreign or regional place – far away – or its people – that you knew in 2001, 2002. You are owed, spiritually, or you owe them. Expect blasts from the past, very soon.

  42. Hello Jessica, thank you for replying. You are so gifted. After discussing with mom, we did just that, take a breath. Documentation has to be completed and my mom is in a different country now so I’m taking it slow and well. I thought for some time, then felt its best to just be calm and refocus on what I am doing, rather struggling to achieve. And here I am frankly, I’m so taken aback by your words –

    Who is the man in this story? Is it your father, or your male partner, or some other gentleman? I’m really looking at the Gemini-Sagittarius weather in your chart, which is very much about men who have projects, ideas, concepts, plans and need to make them happen.

    How did you know?. I (Aries) am re writing to specific professors for academic research which I could not take up in 2019 because of serious house and family matters. Am back to this stage with them , and yes I think about this specific professor male. He is my primary focus frankly , but he isn’t responding yet because of my prior delays. I am shook how you recognised about a male here..even as he isn’t the one with ideas, rather I want my ideas to be taken further in this research. And its a different country.

    If there is one thing that I don’t ever want, it is repetition of nodes 2001-03. I just graduated and left a job I didn’t care, because of family matters. Wanted to get back to academics even as I was fantastically lost back then (only now found my calling..) and it happened in 2004, my first post grad.

    2001 to 2003 had no foreign connections, was clueless (and with family moving cities. ill father, me knowing nothing about anything, mother worried, sis moved abroad) and no study – which I meaningfully, knowing who I am finally, seek now. 2001 was the beginning of my journey through hell of not knowing who I was and what I was there for, my identity. Now I do ,a long time it took and some shedding away from negative family -namely father who is no more. So to have a repeat sends shudders down my spine. I have nodes in Aries Libra not Gem Saggi. My very late Saggi factors ( 27 deg Hyegia and 26 deg MC apart from 18 Neptune and 15 Vesta and Diana 1 deg) apart from lonely Jupiter in Gemini at 27 deg, not sure what they spell. But one thing, I do not ever want to go back to that past, or that past come in any form now. Jessica , having different N ans S nodes, does it help please? Thank you.

    Wait, I also work for a male professor – some volunteering writing work – digital publication – no money , just something initial for the cv. I don’t think this is the male you so intuitively have put forth, but this just came to my mind so telling you. Merci Jessica.

    1. Thank you for confirming the prediction. You may want to go to my YouTube channel now to listen to a broadcast about the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, which will better explain the karma from 19 years ago, and specifically, the situation with this male professor. I urge you to connect and communicate with him, and make sure that what he has in his hands, academically, is nurtured and brought to fruition.

  43. Hi Jessica
    I have Juno at 17 degrees in Virgo. On 7th May I was on the phone to a funeral director discussing what was possible for my father’s funeral in lockdown Britain. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience and his death certificates seem to have gone missing in the post – I’m finding the whole experience of winding up his affairs difficult in lockdown. After caring for him for three years I’m finding the sudden pause following his death difficult to manage especially as I can’t go out and do the things I would normally do to fill the time. I will be inheriting a house from him and I’m in a dilemma about what to do with it as I already own my own house. I can’t do anything at the moment due to lockdown but I’m concerned that the housing market will stall/crash in Britain. Does astrology have any guidance on how long I should pause/wait before I should make decisions about what to do with his house?
    best wishes

    1. Pauline, I am so sorry that you are dealing with your father’s passing, at this really difficult time. It’s hard enough anyway without the extra issues about his death certificate, the post and so on. You are also dealing with loss. And you are understandably concerned about the housing market in Britain. I am seeing (clairvoyantly) a white horse in chalk, carved into the landscape. I think there is more than one. On the train to Bath from London I’ve often seen at least one! I mention this because it may be useful and meaningful to you, now or later. As a medium I have been trained to ‘give what I get’ so I’m doing that now. You are dealing with Pluto transiting your chart, which is always the ending and the beginning. I want to reassure you that the future looks bright. For now, you and the friends and family must deal with your father’s passing, which takes time, emotional energy and plenty of space and understanding. The natural order of things is that it can take a season or two, so perhaps a spring and summer, to really get the sense that things are in motion again. In terms of your house, which you own, and the house, which you are set to inherit, you are in an excellent position. Talk to your financial advisor please, as astrology is just one tool kit in the toolbox of your life. Ask if you should be in a rush to sell or buy. Astrology can guide, but you decide (and you may decide to reject it – that’s fine!) What I am seeing, is the prospect of keeping both houses, or perhaps keeping one and buying another, or even investing in two apartments. I get ‘two’ not one for you very strongly. I feel that’s where the dazzling new future can begin. I also believe that with the North Node now in Gemini (short journeys, your Third House) and the South Node in Sagittarius (holidays, vacations, your Ninth House) that you would be in a terrific position to give yourself a break, when you feel the time is right. A complete escape. You cannot race to the future before you complete the present, but it is important that you know your property future is strong and sturdy, from the point of view of your horoscope, and everything is possible for you. What will be tremendously popular in future, of course, is a room with a view. And a sunny climate. And ease of transport between one location and another – good connections or commutes. You can and will decide your own future. Your certificates have gone missing on a series of ‘retrogrades’ or backward-moving planetary cycles. They will turn up again.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    This has been a difficult full moon to say the least. I really don’t know where to start. I have a scorpio stellium, taurus placments as well. Leo, sun. Cap moon. Life is so unpredicatable and the most important things to me, my family and my career are so up in the air. Long time relationships are going sour, I am shaken by the intensity of it all. I am so confused.

    1. Your chart reveals you are right in the middle of this extremely challenging transit (it’s actually a multiple transit, with a perfect storm crossing your horoscope). You are doing extremely well just to get through it, and to make it to this website to put things into words as a question! You are describing the full impact of Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of finance, values, houses, apartments, possessions, business. Uranus has some classic effects which we astrologers have been monitoring for a very long time. So, when you say life is unpredictable – that is Uranus. When you feel ‘shaken’ that is also Uranus. The best way I can explain the impact of this transit, which does not last, is that it can feel as if you have some giant hand pick up the snowdome of your home and work, and shake it. This is why you can feel physically affected. I will go into your family, long-time relationships, career and show you what I think is possible. Okay, take a deep breath. As a medium I also need to tell you, that you have a member of your family or circle of friends in spirit, here to help me. So you are not alone. If you feel that, lately, you are quite correct. You have spirit supporting you. You have freedom waiting for you. This is really exciting to see. You are so close now, to having the space, the independence and the room to move. At the moment you are restricted so much. I would say, trapped. You may feel embattled. You are also describing a Neptune transit, when you say you are confused. You probably feel as if you cannot see straight. That you don’t know what is going on, or how to break free. I completely understand that you are concerned about anything else being thrown your way! Yet you have survived. Luck is with you and whatever/whomever was trying to hurt you, has completely missed. This is the final transit I am seeing in your chart, which is Jupiter (good fortune) in Taurus. So you are still here (I’m Still Standing, to quote Elton John). Please use your sixth sense, your intuition, your hearing, your inner logic, to sense/listen for a safe time to act. You will know when that is. Judge the moment. When you feel good and ready, use who/what tried to hurt you, to break free. I will give you an example. I recently had a reader who had a bunch of men (fairly awful human beings) in her business and profession, who tried to get at her. She was really confronted by that. It was typical low-level 20th century male energy. They ganged up on her, as a bunch of guys can do, and tried to make her feel threatened, insecure. They even genuinely tried to put her out of action. She did a marvellous thing. Having realised they had utterly failed, she waited until she felt strong enough to take firm action, then used her defiance, her anger, her energy, her trust in the universe, her belief, her self-reliance to face what they had said and done, and actually use it to liberate herself. She didn’t call for help. She didn’t stay stuck. She dealt with it, took it, and used it. When she felt sufficiently excited about finally being free, she then removed everything that was blinding her to the truth. The truth was wonderful. She was free to move. To relocate her home or work. Beyond that she was free to do anything at all. To explore her options if she wanted to. Certainly, free to find a way to both begin a new life, and protect herself. She had stopped feeling like a sitting duck. She had stopped feeling trapped, as if she was a target. She became proactive, and when she finally made it through to a completely different place to work, she looked back and realised that her opponents had done her a favour. They had turned her into this incredible creature who could just about do anything. That experience made her so powerful and she went on to do some astonishing things. I urge you to look at who/what attempted to get at you, no matter if it was a person, an organisation or even just Fate, capital F. (Cruel fate, sometimes). Confront it and use it and be free to explore your options. Time is of the essence here. What are you going to do, wait for something worse? I don’t think so. No more are you going to wail for a knight in shining armour to come and rescue you. There is no guarantee of that. Scope out the situation, find your certainty about the right time, then do this thing.

  45. Thank you for the reassurance Jessica.
    There is a white chalk horse on the hills of North Yorkshire near where my late Mother’s younger sister and husband live. I wonder if they will get involved in some way? They have been thinking of moving house but have had to pause their plans due to Coronavirus.
    We shall see and I shall just have to be patient and I will certainly be looking after two houses for the foreseeable future this year!
    Pauline x

    1. Aha. I have spirit with me, confirming the white chalk horse. This is about your late mother’s younger sister and husband, who live in North Yorkshire, where the horse appears. This is firmly in hand and all is on track. Very good news, Pauline. Just do what comes naturally.

  46. What a brilliant insight into my chart. Thank you Jessica. Everything is so spot on. There is a man who wants to help as much as he can but as a woman who never likes to owe anyone anything I’ve been hesitant. Also what’s cool is that even though I was looking at big expenses the specialist I saw has suggested utilising the public system with some parts due to money constraints even though there will be a wait. Nerves and time are the only problem with this but I’m considering it. And although I do feel I am going around in circles a bit he has also suggested another specialist who could help with other aspects. Thank you also for the bit about the mirror and facing myself. I’m fascinated regarding the liberation you mentioned as well because although everything’s a bit dire I do know it will change everything for the better. Your words in the post made me think more about doing things differently and as my health has been a battleground for a while your response is helping me regroup and change my strategy in the midst of it. There’s a lot to digest here and I will take it on board. Thank you xxx

  47. Wow Jessica, very useful advice! I got a real wake-up call 2 days after you wrote this (nearly 500 people at the college where I teach were suddenly let go; luckily I was spared). And I do feel like I work really autonomously there, lots of freedom so I’m doubly lucky-more lucky to still have work. Thank you for the remarkable insight into my situation!

  48. Dear Jessica, I have Scorpio and Taurus factors, and also factors at 16-17 degrees in my chart (including ASC/DESC). I found this full Moon has been a pretty difficult to me. I suddenly felt very insecure, confused, even threatened. I felt that everything I was doing was the wrong way and to my detriment. I even question the relationship with a close circle of friends. I have a particularly demanding relationship with one of them (Gemini women born 09/06/1967), like an emotional seesaw, which makes me even more exhausted.
    What do you see from the transits in my chart? Are there lights at the end of the tunnel?

    1. I am sorry you have been through a tough Full Moon. The other reason you have been feeling this combination of quite negative, strong emotions and tiredness, is the transit of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn transits have been researched by astrologers for many years, and they can coincide with periods of insecurity. If you remember the planet is surrounded by rings and pale yellow, that’s a good way to see the impact the cycles have, in astrology. We tend to want to protect ourselves (encircle ourselves with walls, defences, barriers) rather as the planet is tightly bound by rings. We feel the need to keep something, or someone, at bay. Pale yellow is of course the colour associated with fear, because when we get ready to defend ourselves, the blood goes from our face and supplies the parts of our bodies that are needed to push back or run. Astrology is a very odd thing, based on synchronicity, but it is quite true that Saturn transits are about feeling ‘the fear’. There is not a single person on this planet who has not felt it since Saturn changed signs this year, so you are not alone. Saturn has entered the zodiac sign of Aquarius and your Eleventh House of friends and groups, so I am not surprised when you tell me that you have been having issues with a Gemini friend and it has tired you. I’m going to combine Tarot with astrology to read for you now and tell you what you can do, because nobody should feel worn out by this cycle. (The Full Moon did make it heavier). Okay, so here we have the Three of Swords. After this, please Google ‘Three of Swords, Smith-Waite Tarot” and slide the card image onto your telephone or computer so you can see it and meditate on its meaning for you. Scorpio rules passion and so the heart makes sense. Here we have a heart pierced by three swords. The logo is actually Gemini plus one, if you look at the symbol. I recommend you withdraw. I suggest you pull out. It will take massive effort, but at least you can then move on to other things. You say it’s about one Gemini woman. I feel it’s about her, and another person, and yourself. Three is difficult. Diana, Princess of Wales, said ‘There were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded’ when talking about the adultery between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. She was being polite. Three does not work with Scorpio. Scorpio is about two. If you extract yourself from this painful and rather damaged/damaging emotional situation you could then move on to other priorities like property and money. Success. You could make those fantasies real. You could reach for the house or apartment you want, the wealth you want (or the shopping), the professional achievement. You could also get rid of who/what you see as toxic, dangerous or poisonous – or what/who you are haunted by. That is as much of a figment of your imagination as the rewards you daydream about. All this is Taurus stuff. Property and money. You could have it. But you need to transform yourself and your life. That means total replacement of your current situation and the only person who can do that is you, because I doubt very much Miss Gemini, or the other person, will pull out. Why not leave them to it? That would be my advice. Of course, this is your life, not mine, and you make your own decisions, not me. Read the card for yourself, use the journal that comes with membership and go from there. Use The Astrology Oracle too.

  49. Thank you, Jessica. Your insight means a lot to me. Yes, you were right. There is a third person, a male (but in social, not in sexual meaning). I will think deeply about your words. Deep respect.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    I tried to hit reply, but it doesn’t seem to work. I want to thank you for taking the time to reply. It brought me to tears. Making the move to move to the other side of the country has brought me much peace. When i still lived in my own apartment, i had way too much stress. I stayed for my brother. It’s true that i feel stuck. I think to myself there are people who have it worse than me. Where i live now (rental) it gives me more freedom. My BF is an absolutely angel. Working hard, so i am grateful that at least he has an income. I am rather stuck in the fact that my loyality binds me. And i am tired of carrying that with me. But i don’t want to leave the sinking ship and be egoistic. But i don’t help myself with it. I have worked so hard , i just don’t even know what i want to do work-wise. Like i need to find my own identity outside the company and family. But im tired. Very tired. But i must not complain im healthy foremost and lucky in love. And sometimes i think, stick to that. Don’t want for more, if you understand what i am saying. The key word and key feelings are: Freedom, and i want to be free, free from worries about money, and free of the obligation that my job brings. You are right i have to work on myself. But how do you do that while you don’t want to let down others? Thank you for taking the time to read all these comments on your blog. And especially thank you for reading mine. God bless you. Thanks!

    1. Reply works – I can see this message from you, thank you. Tears are a good sign as they can often break the tension when you hold everything in. So I don’t mind that you cried! You are very tired and carrying a lot. Crying is a release that lightens you so that things lift, for a short time. You needed that. It will take time for you to find your way to freedom. It won’t happen in a week. You have to figure this out with work and money, for yourself, and you will. There is a way for you to do the right thing by the other people in your life without it affecting you in terms of stress or tiredness. It will take a bit of time to figure this out, but you will do it. And you will be free.

  51. Hi Jessica,

    Wow it’s like you look into my soul. I feel very ashamed to admit that I am tired and burned out. Carrying this heavy weight on my shoulders. My loyalty is bringing me down. I go to bed and wake up Just wanting to be free from money stress and all the obligations that come with the job. Freedom feels so far away. Sigh. But your words encourage me so much. I read them over and over again. Thank you for giving me your precious time. I appreciate it a lot. Stay safe and healthy . You bring a lot of comfort to thousands of people. Regards, from Carmen

    1. Don’t be ashamed of feeling tired. Carmen please put yourself first. We are living through a period in history when our immunity is more precious than silver and gold, diamond and pearls. With immunity we can waltz around the room with Rona but she will leave us untouched, or at least very little affected. Your immunity, according to Harvard University, depends partly on good sleep and regular relaxation. I almost demand that you pursue that! Use Natalie Delahaye’s free hypnosis meditation on this website, which comes with Premium Membership. It’s only a few minutes out of your day.

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