Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall Street

Your free astrology class this week is really hands-on. We’re moving towards a Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus, on May 7th, 2020. It falls at 17 degrees of both signs.

Watching Wall Street on a Full Moon – The Full Moon is D-Day

We’re moving towards a Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus, on May 7th, 2020. It falls at 17 degrees of both signs.

A Full Moon is always D-Day. A difficult decision day. The signs of the Sun and Moon, clashing in opposite signs, tell you what’s at stake.

Scorpio rules the contents of legacies and wills. Why? Scorpions kiss or kill. It also rules the testaments between family members – so the big concerns, like houses and apartments, shares and assets. Most of all it’s about marriage and mortgage and ‘til death do us part.’

Now for the opposite pull of this Full Moon

alec favale 9lI7KVWXVX0 unsplash 400x600 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall StreetTaurus Rules Bull Markets

Taurus rules bull markets and gold bullion. It also rules, not surprisingly, the meat industry and agriculture. Astrology is quite literal sometimes.

What happens when there is a clash between the Sun in the sign of the bull, and the Full Moon in the sign of the scorpion? Especially when there’s a charging bull in bronze, within a short walk of Wall Street’s towers? You end up with a conflicted market. And that’s putting it politely.

Why? Because on the 7th of May 2020, not only is there a Full Moon opposite the Sun in Taurus, we also find the planet of radical change, revolution and upheaval (Uranus) also in Taurus.

This is a charging bull on a hot tin roof. Dramatic.

It’s All About the Degrees

People are surprised to hear that a share trading entity can have a birth chart. They are often surprised to hear a whole organisation can have an astrology natal horoscope too. Yet, they work.

If we’re looking for outcomes, we need to find anything at all at 17 degrees, in the New York Stock Exchange chart. It’s set for 17th May 1792 at 12.00 pm LMT in New York.

NYSE Chart 600x332 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall Street

Watching Mars in the Wall Street Chart

We find Mars at 18 Virgo which is pretty close. In modern astrology, we allow what they call ‘a one-degree orb.’ One digit’s difference.

Mars is about heat, action, speed, competition and doing battle. Virgo is about medicine, surgery, hospitals and health. It’s about drugs.

You’d be watching those shares like a hawk on that Full Moon. Make some predictions in your journal, so you can learn from your experience.

By the way – you make your own financial decisions. Not me. You are responsible for your own astrological birth chart, your understanding of it and your destiny.

But you’re here to learn, right? So, this Full Moon will be an education for you.

Reading a Chart

The fastest way to eyeball a chart is to run your eye across the numbers in the right-hand column. The first number on the far left of the sign glyph, is the degree you want. Don’t worry about the other numbers, they’re for micro-precision prediction.

Do that now in the Wall Street chart and you’ll see Mars, the fifth horoscope factor down, opposite 18 Virgo 45 47.

The Full Moon is a split between confident bull market thinking (optimistic, horns up, in the mood to send shares up) and the emotional realities of stocks and shares, pensions and superannuation. It’s about marriages and families, bottom line.

Into this split, comes Wall Street’s natural aggression, speed, impatience, macho/masculine drive and it’s expressed through Virgo – so, companies which are dedicated to the body. Medicine. Health care. Hospitals. Surgery. Drugs.

Make notes on that. What do you expect to see?

The Old 1929 Wall Street Crash Chart

Let’s try the old 1929 Wall Street Crash chart. Why? Astrology is history, and history is astrology. That’s how it works. It’s also how we learn what to do/what not to do. Again, we’re looking for anything at 17 degrees. We’ll take 16 or 18 too, thanks to the one-degree orb rule.

Wall Street Crash Chart 600x332 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall Street

Well done if you spotted Ceres at 18 Gemini, Cupido at 16 Sagittarius, there.

Your Task if You Should Accept It

Given that Ceres is about tough deal-making, Gemini is about multimedia and communication – and Cupido is about passion, and Sagittarius is about foreign places and people – go back to 1929.

Find out what happened during the crash. You might start with this PBS documentary on the hot stock of 1929 which was R.C.A. (Radio, ruled by Gemini). That’s a huge astrological clue.

Haunted by 1929 in 2020

This Full Moon in 2020, this week, is somewhat haunted by 1929. It’s not related. It’s not a replay.

Yet, the ghost of 1929 is there and it’s very much about R.C.A. which is a classic Gemini-Sagittarius ‘signature’ organisation. In 1929 it was doing deals with Japan (the ‘foreign’ Sagittarius part of the pattern). How do you see the past looming over the present?

Watching the NASDAQ on the Full Moon

Now you’re getting the hang of eyeballing a chart, look for anything at 16, 17, 18 degrees in the NASDAQ horoscope.

NASDAQ chart 600x332 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall Street

Yikes. Did you see that? Saturn at 16 Taurus. The planet of heavy reality checks is just one degree away from the Full Moon, which sees the Sun at 17 Taurus, opposite the Moon at 17 Scorpio.

The NASDAQ Saturn in Taurus

Keep going and you’ll find the MC or Midheaven at 16 Aquarius. Normally that would be more ‘yikes’ but we won’t use it. Why not? We don’t know the exact time of the chart. We have no evidence of the hour and minute the NASDAQ was founded, so we’re using noon, which all astrologers do, to make the best of a horoscope.

It means the majority of placements will be correct, but the angles in particular (like the MC or Midheaven) should not be used, as they may be wrong. So, we’ll skip that MC.

No Time? Skip the Angles

It’s the same with the IC or Immum Coeli. That’s also what they call an angle and it depends on accurate times of ‘birth.’ So even though it’s at Leo 16, we skip it. Working your way down the right-hand column, you will find nothing else.

So, all we have is Saturn. But that’s enough.

This is how you make a prediction. There is a heavy (Saturn) reality check (also Saturn) for the NASDAQ coming on Thursday, May 7th, 2020.

There is a real split between bullish investors (Taurus bull market optimists) that day and the Mom and Pop investors (Scorpio rules sex and money) which is hard to resolve.

It’s going to trigger the natural caution and pessimism (Saturn) of the NASDAQ. If this organisation was a person, that day would be high-pressure, and you’d be allowing a great deal of time and space.

How to Be a Better Astrologer

We’ve seen really strong signs here that the Full Moon of 7th May is absolutely critical for the world economy and particularly America.

Make these kinds of predictions months or years in advance, not just when it’s really obvious that a Wall Street drama is brewing! Pro astrologers go in earlier than that.

I’m one of them. So, on February 28th, 2020 (which is fair warning for readers wanting to do some research), I posted this story and specifically gave May 7th as a date to watch. Make this story part of this week’s astrology lesson.

m b m ZzOa5G8hSPI unsplash 600x400 - Free Weekly Astrology Class: Wall Street

Going Further with Prediction

You’d have to be watching the Dow Jones as well, wouldn’t you, with this kind of astrology prediction? Find the ‘birth’ date for that and try for the birth time as well. Create a chart using 12 noon if you can’t find it.

If you don’t have Solar Fire or Astro Gold software at home, use the free software program at

Watching the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Okay, so you’ve tracked down the Dow Jones date. Are you seeing anything around that 17-degree mark?

Find more charts in this long-range prediction I made about the Global Financial Crisis II here.

Look at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the position of the Nodes. The North Node and South Node. Look at Diana (an important asteroid) in the chart for the London Stock Exchange.

Learning Astrology from Professionals

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Image Credits:
All images (except charts) courtesy of Unsplash
Chart images courtesy of Jessica Adams

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22 Responses

  1. This is fascinating stuff, Jessica! And so timely. In my own chart, I have Neptune in Scorpio 17 degrees so it is right on me. From a financial standpoint I feel like I’ve been in a fog or fugue state for the last couple of years. Nothing working, deals falling through, no/low income. Lots and lots of UNPAID work though – whether it’s caretaking of relatives or clients taking advantage or simply giving our “free” advice. It’s got to stop. I pray that this full moon brings an abrupt end to this very difficult chapter. Any advice/insights much appreciated!

    My own prediction for this full moon – in the US anyway – is that the April unemployment report is going to come out this Friday 8th May and it will be stomach-churning. I see the possibility of both universal healthcare and perhaps even a universal basic income on the horizon. It could take some time to come to fruition but these ideas that were considered far too radical even a couple of months ago appear to be practically mandatory now. The alternative would be social unrest and anarchy on a large scale.

    1. Your Neptune in the Eighth House can so easily lead to confused and confusing situations with taxation (one example) and just banks and business in general. You need boundaries. You know that. The urge to merge with Neptune in the Eighth House is very strong. It’s very 1960s actually. Everyone sharing everything, like a big flower power commune. Bread is for breadheads, man. All that! You picked it up when you were growing up and today as an adult, and even a grown-up lady, you still find yourself doing everything for nothing. That is your contribution so own it. It’s got to stop? Yes, think about a deadline for that. I would suggest setting up a test for yourself, on May 15th, when this Full Moon is over. See what your life budget is delivering. Get real and if you need to get serious with others, set about drawing lines, saying no, or putting a stop to things. You should look up Neptune on Search and in your guidebooks, actually, and the Eighth House as you would instantly see the pattern! I agree with you about America and the Full Moon. And I think Obamacare and/or Bernie Sanders’ Virgo dreams of new health care systems, are steps away now. Let’s watch these details emerge. It will be really interesting.

  2. Hi Jessica, If you look at the stock market in the US the Nasdaq is positive for the year, which is amazing considering what has happened. The markets are reflecting that free money from the Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell born on 2/4/1953 in Washington, D.C., USA) will continue as the economy continues to get worse. What’s happening on Main Street is totally different than what is happening on Wall Street. Feels like the markets are in a bubble that is about to pop, which the Federal Reserve stopped in March? Will this change after 5/7/20? More than 32 million people in the US alone are unemployed. The numbers all over the world are moving in the same direction. How can a crash in jobs for people not mean a crash in the markets? Do you know when the bubble will pop? May 2020, later in 2020 or 2021? Can you check Powell’s birth chart? I feel the world’s fortune lies with his decisions.

    Thanks again

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, the NASDAQ has regained its position in 2020. Incredible. The astrological charts are signing to us. You are quite correct about the overall picture. I’ve not seen the personal birth chart of Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell, but I will look now, and see if we have firm AA rated data for him. In general what we are seeing here is bubbles – correct. Bubbles of non-reality about abundance, growth and creation. Bubbles of illusion will pop in a sequence, between now and 2026. The reason for that is that an entire generation born in the 1960s has Neptune (altered states of reality) in Scorpio (finance, wealth, assets, property, banks). For the first and last time in their lives, they will experience Uranus (the revolution, the radical change, the shock of the new) moving through Taurus, right opposite Scorpio and it will challenge, confront and conflict. Uranus opposite Neptune is the wake-up call that says ‘Lose your illusion.’ What is the illusion? Okay, the illusion for Generation Neptune in Scorpio is that one can borrow money in order to shop more. One can get more stuff – more cars, more clothes, more Apple iPhones – without actually doing the work required. The other illusion is that the planet just has a never-ending supply of resources. When you think about so many other generations born with slow-moving outer planets in Scorpio, like Generation Jupiter in Scorpio, Generation Saturn in Scorpio, Generation Uranus in Scorpio, Generation Pluto in Scorpio – all experiencing Uranus opposing their charts until 2026 – you see what is going to happen. Okay, I’m off to pursue Mr. Powell’s time of birth!

  3. Wonderful class today!
    I feel as though some of the financial issues I’ve had in the past 7 or so months are finally behind me, and am doing my best to be more frugal (honey, I can spend like nobody’s business- My Taurus moon, material comforts, etc.) – I take this to be Taurus in Uranus transit…
    As for The Scorpio full moon I am doing my best to not think too much about my Pisces lover, due to quarantine we haven’t seen each other… but the emotions (mostly about him) are all over the place.
    Am I on the right track with understanding my chart?

    1. You have a couple of factors in Leo in your Fifth House of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers – being brought to life now. So actually the main story is not so much about money, it is about the next generation, younger than yourself, and how you welcome it. Because it is most certainly welcoming you! Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the class this week. For more, look up ‘Fifth House’ on Search. Also look at what you have in Leo in your chart – and then decode that particular asteroid, for example. Make that the second immediate lesson…then use your journal to explore how you are seeing that junior generation, or one specific younger face, have an impact on your world. The South Node just moved into Sagittarius for the first time in 19 years and makes brilliant patterns to your Leo placements. Chiron is in Aries, also making brilliant patterns. These are called ‘trines’ in astrology. The North Node is also in Gemini for the first time in 19 years and making a sextile to your Leo factors as it passes through. Again, you could look up ‘sextile’ as well as ‘trine’. It’s not unusual to see aunts and nephew/nieces reunite on this kind of transit, or for an unpaid commitment to younger people come through (like a children’s charity). The world of kidult entertainment, like Harry Potter, or things young and old share – like the same films – can also be one way this transit shows up. But it’s big.

  4. Hi Jessica
    I so look forward to each posting on your site and found this one to be quite interesting. I especially loved the comment by Raul Ortiz wrote about Jerome Powell and am so looking forward to further commentary on this. I feel like there is soo soo much coming to light right now. It’s all really “bubbles of non -reality” here in in America. And, they are popping and making a mess. The bubble of a successful system (unemployment insurance has been abysmal in every state) Antiquated systems and governments that pretend to be “on top of everything” only to find out it is all just a facade. All of it is lies and chaos. I am happy if this over. The fake reality. The fake feeling of security. The way we have separated ourselves from the earth and energies of nature and have lost our connections of what is really important. I have no idea what is ahead of me/us but I am leaning into astrology and faith in the universe for direction. Thank you

    1. I am still hoping to secure an accurate birth time for Jerome Powell, thank you. We are living through a perfect storm of cycles in astrology. You used the phrase ‘fake reality’ which perfectly describes Neptune in Pisces. It is the most confused and confusing time, particularly in America, but there is hope. Of all the years of useful change this decade, 2020 is the one. Despite the fake reality, we are seeing Jupiter in Capricorn move alongside Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn rules the men at the top of power and wealth. Jupiter historically fixes problems. Any Jupiter cycle where this planet is in exactly the same sign as Pluto, replaces a bad system with a great one. Whenever people talk with fear or worry about the future of America, I always think of Mussolini. He seemed so all-powerful. Italy seemed so completely lost to Fascism. But then – along came Jupiter in the same sign as Pluto and Mussolini was history, very quickly. Italy became reborn. The other really crucial thing about America from Christmas 2020 is the astonishing sight of both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The sign ruling community, equality and diversity. Global brotherhood and sisterhood. The Aquarius Age (one of them) is just around the corner. You are going to see the mountain come down very quickly, and all the goats at the top thrown off. New world. New system. Getting closer!

  5. Hi Jessica
    Quick node question…..I know you prefer natural houses for good reason and from that the nodes would be in their natural house (I.e cancer north node 4th house, Capricorn south node 10th) but I am confused as I have seen sites where someone whose north node was in Taurus said “ Looks like my North node is in the 11th house” for example. There is so much to astrology and I am so amazed with how much there is to learn. You so impress me with your insight and knowledge! I have been reading Jan Spillers book (I LOVE IT. Thanks for the suggestion) and I am still not clear on this. Thank you

    1. Thank you. In astrology there are over 30 house systems. It’s rather like having 30 different pairs of glasses, with different frames, but the same prescription. So it’s really how each astrologer wants to frame things. I was taught the Placidus House System, then the Equal House System, but replaced them with the Natural House System many years ago, because I found it best for date-stamped accurate prediction. So, your North Node is in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, homeland, property – and your South Node is in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, career, status, ambition. Jan Spiller is an amazing astrologer and I’m glad you’ve found her work. She has so many interesting things to say about the Cancer-Capricorn node combination.

  6. Yes. That astrological fact is what gives me hope thru this time of uncertainty and what I say to my distraught friends and family. Sometimes the garbage needs to be brought to the surface in order to force the change. I feel like I know there will be better world coming soon. A little concerned about how this will effect travel and emigration as New Zealand has been sounding so appealing to my husband and me for awhile and I think that things are definitely going to change as far as that is concerned possibly making it more difficult to live and work in another country as an American.

    1. New Zealand is interesting and I flew there myself, some years ago, to give an astrology workshop, because I had seen the chart and seen what was coming. Now their brilliant PM is steering that nation into new ‘first, first world status’ as the new elite nations will be clean and green! Never say never. New Zealand’s chart reveals she will be looking for investment. The right people who understand the NZ way of life, with the right financial investment, will help her move forward. That’s a while away but this Node cycle (Sagittarius-Gemini) by 2022 will shift an awful lot. It goes right across the Kiwis’ national horoscope.

  7. In my chart, I only have Salacia at the same degree as the full moon but I also have three factors in Scorpio. Which area should I look into to find out what does this full moon actually has an effect on? Does the same rule apply to other transit too? Thanks Jessica

    1. This is really about the values other people have, around charity, business, money – and your own values, which are quite different. There are some things you would never go for in life, even if they are free – or could generate income for you. Other people don’t have the same values and therefore in your opinion they have sold out, for example. You also have your own ideas about what being abundant actually means. Whenever we see a lot of Scorpio we classically get quite different ideas about cars, houses, income, generosity versus keeping/hoarding – particularly with partners. This may be your former or current partner. Figuring that out is what 2020 is all about for you, and actually all the way up to 2026. Before you get into bed with anyone, figuratively speaking, you’d better make sure that you are on the same page where your value system is concerned. This may also come back to basic things like your feelings about borrowing money from a bank, credit cards, shopping, and so on – or the other person! Uranus, in opposition to Scorpio placements by transit, tends to challenge and change us, and our former or current partners – but as this is undoubtedly about paperwork agreements or pledges too, it’s best to be aware of these things before they come around.

  8. The American federal employees’ pension plan, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), is traditionally overseen by a nonpartisan board and it’s funds invested according to impartial outside advice. It was reported yesterday that it will be run by an entirely partisan board (using new nominees) so it’s billions of dollars can be used to ‘retaliate against’ China.

  9. Hi Jessica, Thank You! Over the past week we now find out that the White House has infected people close to President Trump and VP Pence. I wanted again pick your astrology brain. I know it might be wishful thinking, but is it possible that we could see both Trump and Pence out of the commission – meaning getting themselves sick from the virus because they are so careless? Therefore, having Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi become President (she was born on 3/26/1940) before Nov. 2020 election occurs? Basically, anytime from now until Nov. 2020 is the timeframe.

    Trump and Pence are playing fast and loose and expect us to go back to work. How can we expect employers to protect us when the White House can’t protect people working in the White House? Also, I keep seeing a helicopter taking Trump out, just like Nixon when he was forced to resign. She would be a female voice providing empathy that the U.S. and the entire world needs right now. I know Nancy just turned 80 years, but she seems to shine when there is a crisis and we all need something different now as we navigate through all of this. Thanks again!

    1. I have seen people on Twitter speculating that Trump and Pence would become ill with COVID-19 and thus Nancy Pelosi would replace them as President. How extraordinary would that be? The astrology is most certainly about women. Most of all, it is about a male and female duet. So this really has nothing to do with people fantasising about Trump and Pence being hospitalised and/or quarantined. The astrology is taking us away from that into something more positive, productive and interesting. That is, two candidates for President and Vice-President who have Bill Clinton and Barack Obama hovering over them. You mention helicopters. A very long time ago I looked at the Trump family and that particular mode of transport. It was some years ago – it may still be on Search. Thank you.

  10. Hi Jessica – I have recently become a member after reading your astrology blogs for a number of years and I have been really impressed with your predictions. I am trying to understand my birth chart and I noticed that Sun sign is Taurus at 17 degrees and my moon is in Scorpio at 22 degrees. Yikes! What does this mean as I am feeling a bit nervous now …………. Thanks for all your inspiring work. Best wishes Toni

    1. Toni, Taurus is associated with the house, land, garden and/or apartment. For most people property investment is their Taurus and Second House in the horoscope, and marriage and mortgage, or shared rental between two partners, is the common outcome of that. Scorpio is very much about sex and money, so again we go back to marriage and mortgage, or two people sharing a bed and splitting a lease. Scorpio is associated with the wider picture of family as well, on both sides, as well as any children who arrive. There is no need to be nervous, but there is every need to be practical. Look at the reality of that, in 2020, and the way things might develop in 2021-2026, as Uranus (radical changes) goes through Taurus and opposes Scorpio. Radical changes can be liberating, exciting, and spell tremendous progress for people. They do shake the status quo and a great deal transforms, but they tend to bring freedom, where there was no freedom before. A good example of that is Uranus in 1781 (his year of discovery) in America, where the old slave system that fuelled the sugar and cotton economy, began to break down. Eventually slavery was history and so were those industries, as the Americans and British used to know them. So. Uranus in Taurus is hugely different, always shakes things up, turns the world upside-down and all the rest. The smart money, literally, for you and your relationships or family ties, now and into 2026, is to have things flexible to a point where you can meet change – with change. Try to avoid locking yourself in and down with anything too stuck or impossible to shift, as any astrologer will tell you, the whole point of Uranus in Taurus is that when life zig-zags, we can zig-zag to meet it. In fact this whole situation could be incredibly inspiring for you, particularly if you are open to innovations which preserve and enhance the natural environment. We’re all talking solar panels in 2020 but by 2026, who knows what will come your way?

  11. Hi Jessica,

    very interesting how you said it is also about agricolture. In Italy these days one of the main topics discussed in parliament, apart from Covid disaster of course and the relationship with Europe, is indeed agricolture. There is a revolution going on with part of the parliament wanting to reform the immigrants that are currently working in the fields without a proper contract, in order to give them better conditions yes, but also to save the others around them, having everyone under health control. Work in the fields definitely a hot topic these days.



    1. Thank you Tania. Agriculture is Uranus in Taurus, because Uranus is revolution, and Taurus is cattle. This brings us to the way that land is used. Land is obviously far better used to grow vegetable or grain crops, if the economy is weak, because it can produce more food, for more people, more quickly. We are only in the third year of this cycle, which began in 2018. It continues to 2026 by which time most astrologers agree, there will be an end to factory-farmed beef and dairy, so quite literally ‘Taurus the bull’ will be set free. Italy has always been a pasta nation anyway. But the parmesan and mozzarella may be coming from different sources.

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