The Age of Aquarius


The Age of Aquarius

What is in store for you and the world as Saturn, Jupiter and finally Pluto go through Aquarius, now until 2023.
The Age of Aquarius cover 450x600 - The Age of AquariusWhat is in store for you and the world as Saturn, Jupiter and finally Pluto go through Aquarius, now until 2023? What does it mean to have personal birth chart factors in Aquarius and why are friends and groups so central to your life from now on?


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29 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    What a great read. Really, apart form the fab content, you are very good writer. I would read anything you write.
    Anyway, the age of Aquarius sounds awesome. Get me out of this tough, miserable, stolid and heavy earth energy and back into the fresh air of a fellow air sign soon 🙂
    God bless

  2. Dear Jessica, wow! amazing amount of information to absorb and decipher…..I read an article on how Susan Miller was criticized about her glowing forecasts for March when the pandemic hit and the high rate of viewers to check astrology. Yet, when you read your articles and predictions as premium members looking at our personal birth charts, so many predictions have come true. Including Penny Thornton’s forecast for 2020 an beyond which she gave a heads up in 2019……So, I guess it is up to us to use astrology in a mature way and not rely on predictions but use it as a tool to guide us. I myself could not help thinking why Miller was so upbeat month after month and balanced it with reading many forecasts.

    As a working Cap, I don’t believe in hierarchy (which is unusual for a Cap) and worked in the govt using a matrix organization where the mid level was given a lot of say but few hesitated and even resisted the ability to make decisions for them as they felt comfortable in that mode. The hive mind approach would want to make people value their stake in making a difference rather than see work as a pay check. How do you see those types of transitions in the Aquarian age? Personally, looking at my chart, as a second phase of my career in the next 7 to 10 years after retirement, with the Moon, Saturn, Diana and Apollo in Aquarius, can you please look at my chart to see how these factors affect me directly and secondly how my contributions to society help elevate the middle class. Just before Mother’s Day, my daughter who is finishing her undergrad in Computer Science was crying about gender inequality in her field and her analysis about gender equality grew exponentially the last few decades but had platoed now shook me up as these young teens/early 20 year olds face a massive change from the best economic trends to the worst in a matter of few weeks globally and especially in the US. Being a person of color and coming to the US in the 1980s in a very unusual way from being affluent to rags for my freedom and building it all up for myself and my family serving the community, I feel I can be on tremendous help to the young girls who don’t have the experience of the dotcom bust, financial crisis of 2008 and how it affected years of our lives and yet we made the best use of it and looking back, it is that resilience that make us live through this one. Can you please read my chart and see if these factors play a part in it. As always thank you for your incredible insights.

    1. Yes, The New York Times published its third long feature criticising astrology, a few days ago. Astrologers have likewise criticised The New York Times for failing to mention the many astrologers who accurately predicted a virus or pandemic, many years in advance, specifically for 2020. Similarly, so many astrologers, including The Astro Twins, went on public record about our 2020 economic crisis and have been proven right, word for word (the twins used the phrase ‘a black swan event’ which is exactly how the media have been reporting the COVID-19 crash). The attack on Susan Miller’s reputation failed to reference her Vogue USA predictions for January about 2020, citing the Ebola virus. And of course, The New York Times completely bypassed the formidable work of Penny Thornton! Moving on to your other question, you are wondering about our new Age of Aquarius and your own future. Your daughter is already feeling it, with her strong feelings about sexism. Aquarius, of course, has no time for sexism. You are tuning into the rights, needs and hopes of younger women, which is wonderful. They are Aquarian types and so are you. Okay, so there is a lot going on in 2020 and 2021 for you. The North Node in Gemini references your ideas, concepts, plans, projects, brainwaves. You have two (Gemini rules twins) and it is very important that you give both equal attention. One will seem ready to go but you should not let the other one come to nothing as both have budding potential. You will be looking across town, across your region or across the world. The South Node in Sagittarius is in your Ninth House of ‘travel in the mind’ but also travel, right opposite the North Node in Gemini in your Third House of strong ideas. This may be multimedia, internet-based or on paper. The fact is, you can achieve nothing where you are. You need to export your plans or yourself. Maybe both. You mention being a person of colour. I think that travelling, or connecting across different regions/cities, will give you the freedom to take that layer off. We wear our origins to some extent, the way that we wear our clothes. All of this is Ascendant/AC stuff and it’s rather like those ‘very British’ people I know in London who have the public school accent, the old school tie and the brogues. I love them to bits, but none of it’s real. It’s just a cultural wardrobe. You can choose, freely, to take your background as a migrant/person of colour, with you – or experiment with leaving it behind, even some of the time. That would be quite liberating for you and rather interesting as a little life experiment. The other major issue about 2020-2021 is grounding. You urgently need to get both feet on the ground. Uranus is in Taurus, an earth sign which likes people to be centred and focussed. Before you do anything about these two fantastic concepts with so much potential for future growth, you need to keep it real, and plant yourself in a very solid position. Then all things are possible. By January 2022 you could have conquered at least one part of the world. I am seeing Africa and Africans – you hold that in your hand, spiritually.

  3. What is in store for me in coming days, months, and years… Now that I am waiting for autopsy results for my bro that passed away between 28, 29, 30 April and am like paralyzed and can’t walk talk and head is hurting and lips are numb…
    What Dear God Holly Mighty have next for me…

    Thank You for your feedback…

    1. It’s very important that you choose freedom. You probably feel as if you are trapped, when it comes to love and sex. The man in question feels the same way. I am not looking at the situation with your brother, as that has been answered in another reply. What I am looking at is Uranus (radical change, liberation) in Taurus, right opposite Scorpio in your chart, which rules passionate relationships. You can be together, or leave each other and walk away. Either choice would be better than feeling so restricted or stuck! Please turn and face who and what you are afraid of, or intimidated by. Who or what do you feel is stopping both of you from acting decisively? As I said, you can go your own way and say goodbye to this man and the situation, which is sexually charged, or you can both make a huge decision to be together. There are some big questions here about what is right and wrong. Only you can answer them. Please use your Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook to help you make choices, as this is your decision not mine.

  4. Oh Jessica! You would be one of my top choices of “if you could have a dinner party and invite five people….”!!! What a fascinating little booklet. I read it through but will need to go back and re-read as there was so much to absorb! Interesting that Covid-19 is a disease that In many cases effects our breathing, oxygen levels and circulation (the blood clots etc) and has caused a need for us to give space between each other to be united (and show caring) and is changing the way we operate as groups. Amazing. The Aquarian generation includes my son who also is an Aquarius sun (February 10, 1998). has a newly earned chemistry degree (virtual graduation) and a real interest in nuclear energy. The eclipse you spoke of in 2017…I have Saturn at 21 Aquarius Ugh! Lol. Thanks again for the great read. These articles are like little gifts I get so excited to open!

    1. You are too kind, thank you for the compliment. You have given me an idea, actually, for an online dinner party with myself and my fellow astrologers and psychics, to which we could invite one reader. I’m glad you like this guide to The Age of Aquarius and of course you are picking up on a great truth – COVID-19 means we necessarily have to have space. It’s very Aquarian. No physical closeness, no intimacy, just everyone two metres apart, or communicating in a box on the computer. Your son born in 1998 is a true Age of Aquarius/Generation Aquarius explorer and he will be part of the move away from fossil fuel to nuclear – congratulations on raising such a brilliant young man. You probably knew he was special from the time he was a baby.

  5. Hi Jessica, I’m an Aquarius with a cluster of planets in Aquarius and Sun and Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Does the Jupiter Sun conjunction have any meaning for me in the coming years?

    1. Your Sun at 23 Aquarius is one degree away from being in exact conjunction with Jupiter at 23 Aquarius but you are quite right to expect something special from the transits in Aquarius, now and beyond 2023. Let’s look at 2020 and 2021. You will be profoundly affected by the Neptune in Pisces cycle as well as the Aquarius cycles. Neptune is about people who are removed from the real world. King Neptune was ruler of the ocean, the dolphins and whales, and all marine life, from coral to the jellyfish who float through old shipwrecks. Neptune people tend to be male, all at sea, not on planet earth, and react strongly to alcohol! (Because alcohol removes them even further from reality, you see). I think you would be better off swimming with the group, or the groups, before you. These may be teams, clubs, Twitter circles, old friends in a network, societies, associations and so on. He is what he is. If you want to go there, you would have to join him and he would have to make room for you. This means you would also have to live in his world, which is so very far away from normal life! I don’t know if you want that. There is a chance he could make a massive change and join one of the groups or networks you are surrounded by. Yet, you can’t live your life waiting for a Neptune-Pisces type to make big choices. Have a look at what you can enjoy by going with the group energy, which is like a current that will take you into intriguing places. I believe you could travel far with such a group, or groups plural, and that may be literal – you could visit other regions, cities or countries as a result of these people. I feel he should make his own choices, and you make yours, but I urge you to use The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook that comes with Premium Membership to make your own decisions, as it’s your life!

  6. HI Jessica, I am now studying and will be for quite some time. Are you able to please explain how my Aquarius factors are likely to influence my life over the coming 6-12 months? I’m trying to establish a new identity for myself whilst I’m healing from some significant childhood trauma. A lot of that is about trust, and finding genuine people to connect with that bring joy to my life.
    Thanks so much xx

    1. You’re in this Uranus in Taurus cycle now, which is about being set free, and breaking free. This isn’t just you, it is really about the people around you too. Uranus transits give us a choice – do we go back to where we came from and start again – or do we walk away and begin the new life? It really depends on how you feel about your 2020 situation. Taurus is about security. The bedrock of stability. It is often expressed through a house or apartment, or a particular business or institution. It’s an earth sign and prefers to be planted. Taurus the bull stands firm and dislikes change. Into all this comes Uranus, a symbol of tremendous change, wake-up calls and necessary new beginnings. So you will have a clear choice – do you meet change, with change, in 2020? Or do you wait for changes to pass and then go back and recreate, or reshape what you had before? For more on this cycle look up Uranus on Search and in your guidebooks.

  7. Jessica please can you see anything what is coming because an awl is singing to me again…

    Awl was singing to me every day at night and in the middle of night from November 2019 to April 30 and my brother passed away…

    Today is first day she sing to me after the funeral and she singing at 4:11 pm…Do you see anything.
    Will someone else around me pass away…

    Thank You for your feedback

    1. I am so sorry about your brother. It is not unusual for birds to appear when someone passes. They can also turn up on happy occasions, like weddings. I went to a wedding in Sydney where the bride’s father had only recently crossed over, and a kookaburra sat in the tree and laughed, when the celebrant read the service. It was extremely unusual and we thought that her dad had sent the bird. The Romans believed birds were ‘auguries’ and carried omens. Have a look at that. Take care of yourself and trust that your brother has passed to spirit, peacefully.

  8. Love the idea! Now that’s a dinner I don’t want to miss!! Sign me up! Thanks for that (about my son). I did always feel he was special since he was a baby. We have always been quite close. My daughter (November 7, 1989) and I, on the other hand, are not so close and at this point are not really speaking. She has always been pretty challenging but maybe one day we will be able to work it all out. Thanks again!

  9. Dear Jessica,

    There is no man in question in my life, perhaps there is no man alive interested in me, or there is no man at all that is even my friend… So I cannot connect to what you are telling me in above respond. Where on the earth this man is as I don’t know him.

    Thank You

  10. Oracle Card was Descendant in 11 house…
    Now I am even more confused as this points to what you wrote for me….

    God help me I don’t understand….

    1. The Descendant is your former, current or potential lover. The Eleventh House is friends and groups. You are seeing the same message, twice. There is a man you once loved, are still with, or may be with in future. He was, or is, a friend – or in a group with you. This is the person who is at the heart of questions about freedom, liberation and independence. Now, the choice is yours.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I read the full PDF and have to say it is very well written and very clear.
    You explore all points and basically this new Era will change everything as we know now !

    I have been reading some articles on this website in regards to Aquarius and Pisces as I have many aspects on these signs (especially in Aquarius: I have mars, saturn, diana, venus, salacia ! ) maybe I will have many changes as well?
    Including in relationships, house etc ! Would you be able to give me some guidelines (as the transits will involve pluto, saturn, jupiter! I am quite concerned )

    Thank you for this! 🙂
    Keep the great work
    All the very best for you and for the team

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to my colleagues and friends at the website. You will join or rejoin a group with huge meaning and importance for you, following an introduction, Christmas gathering or Twitter item in December 2020. In February 2021 joining or rejoining this circle of people will be central to your happiness and fulfilment as you realise that one person in particular is so important, not only in 2021, but also likely in your long-term future too. By 2022 you will all have changed your own lives and the lives of those around you for the better. There are small signs now. Even the obstacles you take now, in regarding to friendship, groups and people power – will be part of your greater reward next year.

  12. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for getting back to me and for sending these guidelines
    Very useful

    I hope the new Aquarian Era brings joy and equality for everyone, and our world starts cooperating as a true community

    All the very best :’)
    Keep the great work!


    1. Thank you. Barbara, by 2026 we will have new leadership around the world and yes, a global community of leaders who save the planet from Climate Emergency. We’ve never seen anything like this – Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn trine the Virgo placements of billions.

  13. Jessica,
    Another great read, thank you. You open eyes and minds with your writings. Looking at the date posted on your site, fascinating to see it written before the movement, revolution and protests for racial equality, and desire for other changes within our societal structures and communities.

    1. Thank you. Yes, The Age of Aquarius is being pushed into view by the massive global rebellion against racism. The missing issue is women but that will arrive when the arrests are made in the Jeffrey Epstein case and there is a global outcry against men who use women and girls for sex. That’s part two!

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