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Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!

You know about Mercury Retrograde. What happens in 2020 when we see not only Mercury but also Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde? As you might expect, it's a life lived backwards. How do you gain from that? All the dates are here.

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde in 2020

Let’s start at the beginning and say – retrograde is not another word for bad. I am not sure where this idea came from that a planet appearing to stand still, then turn backwards, was negative. We do have an unusually high number of retrogrades in 2020 and yes, you’ve already seen some of the impact.

A planet like Jupiter, which is about hope, optimism, improvements, growth, expansion – can go backwards and forwards for months – and you still end up gaining. It’s rather like swinging backwards and forwards on a Ferris Wheel at an amusement park. Sometimes, if you have the right company, it can be enjoyable.

Your Career, Success, Achievement, Ambition

Despite the intensity of your job, unpaid work or university/college situation in 2020 (which Jupiter in Capricorn rules right now) it is important to remember, that even as he goes retrograde – or backwards – it is part of a long process you gain from.

Let’s talk about another retrograde, which is giving this year such strange timing.  Mercury Retrograde (scheduling, transportation, travel) was with us from around Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, just after the full impact of Rona was beginning to hit. Mercury went backwards through two signs, so two departments of your life were affected. In fact, Mercury Retrograde did not stop until Monday 30th March.

You saw flights cancelled, right around the world. That created a domino effect, so projects and plans were delayed or called off. Now, as we go through May, June and July 2020 we are going to see some more retrogrades. Saturn (below, shown with the rings) is already tracking at 1 Aquarius, soon to go back to 0 Aquarius (when he really should be moving 2, 3, 4!)

zpusoqzbyfg 600x338 - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde

Normally we would have some recovery time from Mercury Retrograde, which (from shadow to shadow) stopped around Monday 30th March. Instead, Venus (the planet of relationships) also began retrograde, from around Friday the 10th of April 2020.

It’s now Thursday, May 14th, 2020, and you’ve been living with this, for about a month. (To which you reply, ‘Tell me about it.’) This has been a long loop, or stuck circuit, waiting to happen.

In fact, from shadow to shadow, Venus will not be back to normal until around Wednesday, July 29th, 2020.

Do you have your personal astrology chart here? If you’re logged in as a Premium Member, you can see it now. Check to see if you have anything in the zodiac sign of Gemini from 5 through 21 degrees. If you do, then it is projects, plans, courses, commuting, websites, books, multimedia projects, short trips and your commute which has been affected.

And…it’s not just the actual concept, journey or brainwave. It’s the people involved. The relationships. 

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What To Do On Mercury or Venus Retrograde

Even if you don’t have a chart to check (or don’t have Gemini factors at 5-21) you can still use some basic astrology rules to get through the retrogrades. It’s a really good idea to allow more time and space in your diary for the following outcomes:

The reappearance of people, organisations or objects from the past.
The rebuilding of structures, places or ideas for the second or third time.
Product recall and store refunds.
The reclaiming or reconstructing of who or what was lost.

main image 600x487 - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!Mercury rules multimedia, the post office, the mail, the worldwide web and all commuting and short-distance travel. Venus rules complicated relationships – between lovers, between husbands and wives, between mothers and sons, between in-laws. They can sometimes be relationships between friends or colleagues, that feel like family or marriage. They have many layers.

Rubens’ painting of Venus and Adonis, with her son Cupid (below) says it all. Venus Retrograde in Gemini tends to produce women (or men with a strong female identity) whose private lives are dramatic. They may be twice-married, for example. They have have affairs, or just encourage jealousy in their partnerships. Venus was vain and envious. Insecure and beautiful.

She was possessive with her son and loathed her daughter-in-law. She was gorgeous, seductive and without her, life would be boring. Venus is at the heart of every great song, poem, television series, film, novel or play. In Gemini? She’s here to complicate our lives online, with travel plans, projects, courses, regular commuting and the phone. Expect a long circuit.

When Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde Are Useful

I’ll give you the future dates of the retrogrades for 2020 in a moment. When are these cycles useful for you? When they involve repair and recovery. Most of all when they involve reflection.

I use the shadows, at the start and end of the cycle, because history proves to me that they work. What is a shadow? It is the period of time when a planet moves over the same zodiac sign and degree, where it will shortly get stuck, or go backwards. Allow 24 hours’ difference for your time zone, please, as I have readers in Auckland and also Los Angeles. But, in general:

  • Friday, April 10th to Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 – Venus Retrograde in Gemini
  • Tuesday, June 2nd to Monday, July 27th, 2020 – Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

What To Expect From Mercury Retrograde in Cancer – June and July 2020

Please check your personal astrology chart if you are a Premium Member (above). If you have anything at all at Cancer from 5 through 14 degrees, there will be announcements, email, letters, paperwork, news – which will move the story with your house, family, apartment, visa, passport, citizenship, relocation, emigration, holiday/vacation accommodation, household, town or country forwards. Yet, all too soon, it will reach a standstill or move backwards. When you come back to it, the story could easily change.

Please have Plan B, C and D when you go through Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, if it moves across any of the planets, points or other factors in your personal birth chart. Plan for potential delays or changes and make sure you are covered.

Even if you don’t know your birth chart, or you do have one (but nothing in Cancer at 5-14 degrees) you will still be affected by rescheduling and delays from around the 2nd of June to the 27th of July 2020. Why? The domino effect of Mercury Retrograde.

We have another Mercury Retrograde period in 2020, which runs from around Monday, September 28th to Friday, November 20th, 2020, from 26-29 Libra (marriages, business partnerships) and 0-11 Scorpio (finance, property, business, charity, possessions). I’ll give you that heads-up now, in case you are planning ahead, September-November 2020.

Again, if you have your personal birth chart (above) and you know for a fact that Mercury is going to land on the same degree (number) as anything in your horoscope, you’ll want to allow for delays, rescheduling or even reversals with the plans.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde

irygma no2q 400x600 - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!These are the big, slow-moving outer planets which also get stuck (from our point of view on earth), then move backwards and forwards. They are the background to all that you experience with Mercury Retrograde, when communication, transportation and information goes backwards – and Venus Retrograde – when all kinds of relationships, connections, ties and bonds between you and other people also get stuck, or reverse.

The Retracing of Your Steps

What you notice most on these slower cycles, is the ‘retracing of the steps’ which begins on the day the planet actually turns. In May 2020, we are going to see this happen on Thursday the 14th of May, when Jupiter at 27 Capricorn goes backwards.

You will already be aware of the ‘turn’ with Saturn at 1 Aquarius, which started going backwards on Monday, May 11th. In a sliding scale, we then find Pluto Retrograde at 24 Capricorn from Tuesday 2nd June, and Neptune Retrograde at 20 Pisces from Tuesday 23rd June. If you want to drill down into the meaning of these cycles, please use Search. If you are a Premium Member, please turn to the guidebooks that come with membership and the extended features.

Why June 2020 Is Retrograde Central

June 2020 is a month of standstills and retraced steps. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer will remind property developers who are financing high-rise apartments and office blocks, that they should really take astrology seriously. Expensive projects will halt.

We should also expect mortgage interest, or home loan interest rates – to be in flux. The value of homes may fluctuate. We also have Venus Retrograde in Gemini so trains, flights, buses, cars, coaches, ferries, cruises, yachts will not have normal A-B progress. It’s the same with the worldwide web and the media. Gemini rules all these things, as we’ve seen.

Astrology is about patterns which join together. So, not only do we have this unusually long and drawn-out phase for the airlines, we also have Pluto in Capricorn. (Virgin is a really good symbol of Venus in Gemini, as Richard Brandon’s aeroplanes are painted with semi-clad women) Pluto is about powerful rich men. In Capricorn – powerful rich men at the top of politics.

The Queensland, Australia government’s attempts to buy Virgin will go backwards and forwards until around Wednesday, July 29th, 2020. One of the issues will be the female flight-attendants. Why? They are Venus in a red and purple uniform. Watch. I am publishing this prediction on Thursday the 14th of May, 2020.

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn is about delayed solutions to problems at the top of power, money and politics. Now, in general, 2020 is going to bring sweeping answers to persistent issues that people have with their Prime Ministers, Presidents and with big business. With the rich and famous, and the royal family.

All this is ruled by Capricorn the mountain goat at the peak of society. Jupiter on top of Pluto is always a huge breakthrough (Jupiter) to Pluto problems (the abuse of power at the top). That process of necessary change will get stuck and slow down.

Yet, right on time for the American 2020 Election, we are going to see Jupiter moving forwards again and in fact, December 2020 (Electoral College) will transform the nation and the world – for the better. I do astrology, not politics, but every single time we have seen Jupiter in the same zodiac sign as Pluto, we have seen massive reform. Apartheid ended on it.

Neptune and Pluto Retrograde in June

This idea of ‘the backwards step’ is strong on the days that Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020, which is very much about the process (above) at the top of politics, money, fame and power. Pluto goes backwards at 24 Capricorn, which will be a career, unpaid work or university/college rethink for you, if you also have factors at that degree and sign.

It is also there on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020, when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. Again, if you have your personal birth chart, please check to see if you have factors at 20 Pisces, as you will be most affected. This would be about your spirituality, beliefs, faith and philosophy.

zym1sigwpci 480x600 - Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!

Living With Rona on Retrogrades

We have to be practical about 2020. Rona is here. As we saw on the first weeks of Mercury Retrograde, that spelled cancelled school terms, postponed projects and just about every ‘re’ you can think of. Astrology is here to be used. It has served us for 2000 years and counting. When we can see Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto Retrograde in June 2020, we should not be throwing caution to the winds.

We should have Plan B, C and D for whatever gets stuck or goes backwards. And that might just be the dog, or it might be us. The whole point of astrology is pre-planning. Now, wash your hands.




Image Credits:

Featured Image: Photo by Reiseuhu via Unsplash
Planets: Photo by David Menidrey via Unsplash
Venus and Adonis – Peter Paul Rubens – Met Museum
Footprints: Photo by Christopher Sardegna via Unsplash
Social Distancing: Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response via Unsplash

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30 Responses

  1. Oh Dear Jessica,
    Thank You so much for this article as I don’t remember this many retrograde in my life Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto Retrograde!

    What is there in my case with work, home, health.
    What is coming in next six or seven months up to New Year…

    This is to much of retrograde as I already felt I live in past such as 1992 to 2000. And wealthier here is sharp cold 43 F in May and it feels like all negative underground powers if any came out to take what they want…

    So wired, creepy, and my home is in Wildwoods and awls are singing more than ever in my life.

    I wonder what life changes are coming on my doorstep as I am moving forward trough this difficult year 2020…

    Thank You

    1. I hope you are slowly but surely working your way through the loss of your brother. The answers you are looking for involve breaking free of a situation where you are confined or restricted, perhaps emotionally or psychologically, thanks to a former, current or potential sexual partner. A lover. Liberation, independence and freedom are important in 2020 as Uranus goes right across your chart. You can wait for him to snap the chains or loosen the ties that bind. Or you can do it. This then leaves you free to walk away and start again, or perhaps to liberate him as well, if you wish to. That is your answer and I am going to repeat it.

  2. Hi Jessica, do you think having a lot of planets retrogeade in ones birth chart makes them introverts? My son has Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto all in retrograde in his chart and I was wondering how that will affect him. Thank you in advance, if you have time to answer! I really like your articles!

    1. Retrograde planets in the birth chart reveal a person who has stop-start progress in his life. Your son may begin a plan, or project, only to find there is always a pause, then a period of repetition, then another pause, before the final version emerges (or he or others change their mind). So, for example, he might start a herb garden only to find he goes backwards and forwards with it. Or – a particular friendship. We tend to become more inward looking when this happens to us in real life (as it is in 2020) as there is no point in rushing around being active, talking to people and making things happen when nature seems to be making us halt. So perhaps this is partly behind your son’s need to be by himself, or be quiet. It’s an interesting question.

  3. Hello, Jessica.

    I haven’t said thank you to your other replies to my questions. Thank you.
    I was exploring other astrologers blogs (only 1 or 2 more) and found your prediction and lessons are much more clearer than others as others are trying to be too detailed (not to make mistakes, I guess?) It must take courage to make your prediction and your lessons available so openly to people online. Thank you very much.

    I have asked you regarding my house selling and purchasing a few times that my husband doesn’t use astrology so we put our home in the market during Mercury retrograde last year around the end of July. It is not going well as you can imagine although we have buyer. Things are not moving forward. However, it seems the process is going to move forward soon and it’s just so wrong timing it seems according to astrology. It is not just Mercury retrograde but bunch of planets go retrograde soon. and I know my husband wants to move ahead and sort it out.

    I remember on your Mercury retrograde post, you mentioned June is confusing time for property market.

    Also you told me I may be relocated to foreign country by 2022 (but also said that I have choice)

    I have stellium in Libra and Jupiter is in family, property house this year, I suppose to have good opportunities for those matter. But doesn’t seem that way. Relocation is something we can accept but still wish to have “roots” in current location.

    Is it possible to see my chart and decode for me if postponing the selling and/or purchase of a property is actually the opportunity for me until next year when thing (the whole world!) are bit more clearer ?

    Thank you for reading my long question.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. It depends on how much money you want for your property, and what kind of bargain you want from the next one. It will be about the money and you both need to come to an agreement on the price you will accept (lowest/highest) in both cases. You are going to find that prices change really quickly and that the market is unpredictable for a long time, so you will need to be quite firm about what you want. It’s not just houses and apartments. The price/cost of other things will change too as we begin to see stop-start supply shortages right around the world. So you need to be really clear about that too. It will move so quickly you need to look every day, and June and July in particular will be full of stop-start as we go through Mercury (contracts, offers, auctions) Retrograde (backwards) in Cancer (property). You have to know what you are doing, to make the most of that, and be really clear on prices and costs. A lot of astrologers would never, ever buy, sell or lease on that cycle, by the way!

  4. Thanks Jessica for this discussion of the various retrogrades. Is it more likely that you will feel the impact if there is a conjunction with a natal planet, rather than say one of the other aspects, such as a trine. As you can see from my chart, I’ve a few chart elements from 5-21 Gemini as well as from 5-14 Cancer. But the retrograde planets will also be forming various aspects with other elements in my chart. I’d welcome some guidance on what to focus on in teasing out these retrogrades.

    1. Teasing out the retrogrades is right! We will be going backwards and forwards all year, actually. If anything depends upon a fast and straightforward result, try to be a realist and allow for people changing their minds, or you changing yours. People can also fail to receive emails, or forget that you sent one. People who don’t read or listen correctly, or deliver as they promised, are very common on these cycles. So in general, it’s a very good time to rehearse, rewrite, rethink. It can be so creative. Yet for the basic, practical stuff try and cover yourself as much as possible, because Gemini is about your commute, travel and internet and Cancer is about your house or apartment; perhaps the family. Take more precautions than you normally would.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this informative article. These are absolutely unprecedented times, our worlds have turned upside down. I am in a flux, we may need to buy and move into a new house by August. With all this flux until July, is that going to be a problem?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you and I hope you stay safe.

    1. Yes, the world has turned upside-down and will do so for some years. On the plus side you will become much more free and independent. Whatever/whomever kept you stuck or trapped, even for years, will fall away. It is already happening. You want to get into a new house by August. Okay, so June and July you will need Plan B, C and D. Get everything in writing and read the fine print. Make sure you are covered for delay, cancellation or reversal. Just take more precautions than you normally might. If you have the luxury of deciding later, you may want to think about that, but as I don’t have the other person’s chart, the rest you can fill in yourself by using The Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook and doing your own reading for both of you.

  6. Jessica,
    Thanks so much for all the wisdom that you share!
    I am and Aries (sun at 25 degrees) with my Ascendant is at Cancer 12 degrees. How might this Mercury retrograde affect me?
    Also, I am having a Reverse Node return with my Gemini SN in my Sag 6th house and my Sag NN in my Gemini 12th house (21 degrees).
    Add to that Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter plodding through my Capricorn 7th house in the recent past (which seems to negatively affect my career more than my marriage). I have felt so stuck in teaching for so long, I’m almost ready to give up hope.
    Any insights you could provide regarding my situation would be very much appreciated!

    1. Thank you. Capricorn doesn’t rule your Seventh House in Natural House astrology, it rules your Tenth House. When you talk about teaching, you are talking about that transit (so now you know). You will learn new skills by January 2022 in your own time and thoroughly enjoy them but also have the chance to upskill at work. Some of this is past life, and it involves your way with words, ideas and images.

  7. Thank you so much for answering, Jessica. There are so many theories about this but I know your opimions are based on practice and observations. Actually my son is still small so it’s hard to tell, but my brother and father both have lots of retrograde planets and they are very philosophical types. I’ve read an interesting article (gregoryrozek.com/en/retrogradeplanets) on the topic and sent this quote to my brother if he feels it applies. “I feel like I’m from some other planet or other reality. I see this world like I’m in front row of a circus where people do strange things over and over like a hamster in a wheel not able to see beyond what they do. I can’t help anyone because they can’t understand what I mean and usually will express being mad at me for that or ignore me totally or just treat me as I need psychological treatment. So I keep most of the stuff I see for myself.” He wrote it’s true but he felt it most around age 20-25. He also diagnosed himself with a mild Aspergers.

    1. That’s interesting about the retrogrades. Seeing people behaving like a hamster on a wheel really sums it up. It is also likened to Bill Murray in Groundhog Day of course, having the same day over and over!

  8. Oh Jessica, as always you paint the picture so clearly and so accurately with your words! It all makes a little more sense after reading this article.

    I have my MC at Gemini 14. I’ve always struggled to understand the significance of the midheaven; Would you mind elaborating on this for me in relation to the Venus retrograde? To put the questions I have into this framework, an ex-acquaintance has reappeared in my life as of last week and we have discussed the possibility of being lovers. We have not seen each other for almost two years. Unfortunately, as time as gone we are now both in other relationships and we know this will either be very difficult, very painful or, very very wrong. But we still want to explore the possibility of rekindling something.

    I am frozen to the spot like a deer in headlights and not sure which path to take. This is a man I have secretly loved for years, and have never stopped thinking about. I can’t work out if this just a astrological nudge that will allow me to find closure, or if it is something that was always meant to happen between us and could lead to more.

    Your insight is always so valuable to me!

    Thank you and stay out of the arms of Rona!

    1. Thank you so much. Your question is actually about love, and although Venus does rule love, she is in Gemini, which has nothing to do with relationships, affairs or marriage and everything to do with projects! There is something else going on here, though. You are strongly Scorpio (passionate, intense and obsessive – it is the sign that will risk everything for sex). You now have something never seen before in your life, which is Uranus, the planet of all that is sudden, exciting, disruptive – moving right opposite your Scorpio side. You are in love with him but actually you are in love with freedom more. It takes great insight to see that is what you are going for here. I need to be honest with you and say that if you pursue this, it will turn your world upside down and nothing will ever be the same again, financially or with property. You would lose a predictable and secure existence and there are no guarantees this would last. Uranus oppositions are notorious in astrology for making us incredibly exhilarated, feeling electric, liberating and so on, but they can be very stop-start and sudden and there are often shocks associated with them. That’s my take on this. I recommend you use the Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook here to make your final decision. If the other person also has Scorpio factors in the chart, double that message.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    The only factors I can see in my chart directly affected in Cancer and Gemini are my MC and North Node.

    I’m just wondering if you could give be an insight in how to interpret the affect of these retrograde transits, or point me in the direction of where to look…

    I get completely immersed reading your predictions, that I usually end up forgetting about any other study or paperwork I need to get done – as I get side tracked searching about individual factors and how they relate in my chart…but can’t seem to find any info about the current weather and both the MC and North Node that I can get my head around.

    You’re insights are very much appreciated, and have kept lockdown boredom at bay for weeks now, so THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they are much appreciated (and thanks to my colleagues at Asporea who design these quite long stories, for easier reading). Let’s look at the retrogrades in May and how they set you up. Neptune Retrograde is having the biggest impact on your chart, passing through Pisces and your Twelfth House of solitude (of course, at the moment) and introspection. This is also where you figure out your soul and spirit. Neptune can make you feel ungrounded. It is very important that you get your feet on the ground. Walking meditation is useful. So is meditation where you centre your sacral or base chakra. Go to YouTube for a huge choice of information about that, and some excellent free practices. Yet, just going for a walk can be useful. You are not satisfied with what you are being offered by people. It’s solid gold. It’s precious. Yet you are not impressed and may be feeling emotionally rather confused, empty or flat. Lockdown boredom has been really hard, as you say, but here is an amazing opportunity to get into yoga or meditation. I think you are halfway there, actually. Accidental yoga or meditation! The issue is not the people, it is your own state of mind. The Cancer part of your chart is the Fourth House, which rules the family tree on either side. Get back into the family tree. That will really help you. Reconnect to your roots, heritage, history and culture through your immediate family, and your ancestors. It shelters you and protects you. In fact the relationship with the family, going back generations, could grow and thrive over many years. It may be that a great-great grandparent has a direct connection with what you do now, for example. When you feel as if you are a new person, which you will, if you do hte work, you should return to the people or situations you were not interested in before, or so removed from. Give them what they need. Appreciate them. Your entire life will feel so abundant and you will feel so blessed. If you do happen to be already meditating or doing yoga (I keep coming back to this) it is not the right practice for you, because you are up in the air and completely disassociated from planet earth. I think the physicality of your situation – what you are doing with body, mind and spirit – is playing a big part. You are also removed from either your mother’s side or father’s side of the family tree and need to pull yourself back there. I hope that helps.

  10. Thank you. You have absolutely hit the nail on the head when you say I would be risking a predictable and secure existence. I know it. You are so right. And this is probably true both astrologically and just general common sense! In my heart of hearts, I know I have move forward and leave my love from him where it belongs…in the past.

    So, now the work begins…THANK YOU for the wake up call.

  11. Hi, Jessica! I hate to bother you, but the past few months have been difficult. Everything in my life has undergone a huge shift (personally and globally!), and I’m still trying to sort it all out. Looking at my chart, is there anything that stands out that I need to know?

    1. You’re not bothering me at all, and I am here to answer your question, happily so. I am sorry you have been put through this. Your chart shows that you have been personally, intensely, affected by what has been going on with your country and of course the world. Let’s see what is going on and what you can do. Welcome the South Node in Sagittarius and Mercury opposite in Gemini, as this Ninth House-Third House pattern is going to find you switching focus to travel and travellers. This may sound odd given that we are being barred from travel, but it’s there in your destiny. The atmosphere is fresh, light, bright, positive, and full of good forward-moving energy. My only question is, do you go out to meet someone here, meeting them halfway, across a border – or do you welcome them in? You are free to choose. There is a sense here of crossing boundaries and borders on the map, (like that song ‘Many Rivers to Cross’) but it’s completely worth it for the chemistry. This is a chemistry experiment – alchemy – as such things always are. You are never sure what the recipe is going to produce until you mix it up. But this is irresistible. There is so much here to enjoy, share or exchange. There is also a Pisces signature here. If you are looking for connections and clicks, search for others who can resonate with the Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius in your chart. This is about knowledge and information finding a welcome mat. It’s already in motion. For all that the world has turned upside-down it has also been poised to trigger a huge amount of movement, and that’s just starting. Look and you will see what is going on in just about every other town and country as people get over the shock of March and April, and as June approaches – begin to click into gear. This Sagittarius-Gemini weather will suit your Gemini-Sagittarius-Aquarius signatures. Third House, Ninth House, Eleventh House if you want to look them up – that is where patterns are unfolding.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    If I may, your post made me realize there may be a new insight to my chart.
    I was born with 4 major slow-moving planets (3 Sagittarius and 1 Libra and 5 asteroids in retrograde (3 Capricorn and 2 Aquarius). How do you see that manifest in my personality and life?
    Also, how do you believe the current June retrograde would affect me when Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto were also in retrograde at my birth?

    1. The Sagittarius stellium is the most important factor in 2020, 2021, January 2022. The other factors in your chart are important, but what really affects you in this period, with the South Node in Sagittarius, can only happen every 19 years. That is quite rare and it will affect billions of people born with planets and asteroids in Sagittarius too, in the Ninth House. Education for everybody, at home, will sweep the world as people switch skills and talents in order to replace their old work. You will be very tempted to pick up a new home-based course with qualifications, either now or in 2021, and it will assist your current profession or even allow you to add one income stream or replace it. Learning will become affordable, free (even at the highest level) and easy. We are very likely to see some blue chip universities and colleges offering incredible online curriculums, for example. The technology will develop to a point where Zoom begins to look like a very early model of interactive video indeed. The Capricorn side of your chart is ambitious and I would be surprised if you were not tempted. You are also going to find that the rules on travel, residency, visas, passports and borders transform within your own country and around the world by January 2022, as globalisation is stopped in its tracks. This will have a sweeping domino effect on your own life, and you will find that plans change all around you. This will effectively redraw the map where you live and work, and in your personal life too. The new world economy will begin soon after that, from 2022 into 2023, so you might say that this whole period will be about the long, slow reshape of your career.

  13. When it comes to romantic involvements, Neptune in Pisces has made me pretty blind to wolves in sheep’s clothing. All I needed now was a Neptune retrograde (sarcasm). My current romance, a Mr. 1984-born Scorpio, is already acting aloof and it makes me think of a meme about Virgo. In that meme, a really pretty girl Virgo is smiling sweetly and the caption reads “Imagining slicing your head like a cake”.

    Help me find some solace/humor, please, Jessica. Tell me to not say the things I think.

    1. Neptune in Pisces is in your Twelfth House of introspection, introversion, religion, astrology, psychics, psychologists, psychiatrists and your soul, psyche or spirit. It has nothing to do with love or sex. You are in love with a Scorpio born in 1984? This person is experimenting with his own freedom and independence until the year 2026 and lifetime commitment – marriage and children – is not aligned with that, unless the rules of that commitment are radically different. If he is not interested in you, then you may prefer to fall in love with someone else. Unless you unconsciously want to avoid marriage and children as well, in which case you will find yourself obsessing about unavailable men like this, who supply the hormonal rush you need, and the great game of Austen-style romance, but do you a favour by ensuring you remain single and child-free. I hope that makes sense to you. If you genuinely want to become a wife and mother you will find one of the billions of men on the planet who want to become a husband and father and make them your target! Happiness depends on knowing yourself. Do not let anyone, including this Scorpio, make you unhappy.

  14. Hi Jessica, I tried to reply to your message above but the website update may have broken some script so it is not happening. Hope you are able to connect it as I imagine it is hard to remember so many of us writing to you.
    Thank you for your insight re Sagittarius planets’ impact. Do the 3 of them being in retrograde at birth leave me at a disadvantage?
    Also, you mentioned Capricorn. I’ve been single for a while and hope for love, marriage, and kids. I was hoping this was the year I’d meet someone with whom I could share love, tranquility, and laughter with Jupiter’s help. Do you see an opportunity for me? Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure if there is an issue with the website but yes, my Comments are now up to 9,951 and I don’t remember seeing them escalate like this before. There is no disadvantage with retrograde planets at birth. It just means (very occasionally) you will pursue Sagittarian things like travel or education/academia and find that you go backwards and forwards with them. This will happen 2020, 2021 into January 2022. You stop and start. It can work to your advantage, certainly with study or teaching, because you are given the chance to go back over old ground. With travel, relocation, emigration be aware that you need Plan B and C. You want to get married and have children. Use The Astrology Oracle and your guidebook to ask what the obstacle to that has been in 2018, 2019 and so far in 2020. Keep asking questions until you get to the heart of the matter.

  15. Jessica,
    When do you think he will come to break me free of a situation where I am confined or restricted or trapped perhaps emotionally or psychologically.
    To liberate me to independence and freedom in 2020 I will try to snap the chains or wait for him to snap the chains or loosen the ties that bind as wish to be free to walk away and start again, and I wish to liberate him as well, if needs to be especially if he needs freedom as much as I do and if he needs friend now as much as I do.

    Thank You Jessica
    You are helping me greatly going trough my trauma…

    1. Rose, you need to break free. You will do that when the time is right. When you want to be by yourself, to do what you want, when you want, regarding the world of love, sex and relationships – you will manage that very quickly. But it’s your choice.

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