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Gemini Factors in the Horoscope

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and also rules the Third House of your horoscope. For over 2000 years, Mercury (formerly known as Hermes to the Greeks) has been a powerful Roman symbol of writers and broadcasters.

As it’s Gemini Season, it’s time to look at what it means when you have the Sun in one zodiac sign, but planets, asteroids, points and angles in Gemini (another one).

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and also rules the Third House of your horoscope. For over 2000 years, Mercury (formerly known as Hermes to the Greeks) has been a powerful Roman symbol of writers and broadcasters.

Why? Mercury was the messenger of the gods, who had wings on his helmet and sandals (he flew with the news) and he read his message from a scroll.

We also associate Gemini, as a result, with short-haul travel and commuting. Today, Mercury is the FedEx courier but also the BBC journalist.

Gemini is associated with how information is written, edited and read aloud. Gemini is also the sign to associate with songwriters, poets and of course – novelists.

Two Good Examples

Here are two good examples: Margery Allingham born with Pluto and Mars in Gemini on May 20th 1904 – and Victoria Wood, born with Mars and Jupiter in Gemini on May 19th, 1953.

One was a detective novelist, the other one of the most celebrated scriptwriters and songwriters in British history.

Margery Allingham

Margery Allingham Pluto Mars Gemini 20 May 1904  395x600 - Gemini Factors in the HoroscopePluto is associated with everything below ground. He was the Roman ruler of the underworld and after he was discovered and named in 1930, astrologers began to associate him with the criminal underworld. The word ‘undercover’ is another key Pluto idea.

If you want to learn astrology, find out more about Margery Allingham and her work. Her books appeared clustered around the year of Pluto’s discovery. Mystery Mile actually appeared in 1930; Police at the Funeral in 1931; Sweet Danger in 1933.

What is it about her life and times that ‘speaks’ Pluto and Mars in Gemini? She passed away on June 30th, 1966, just after the Sun had finished transiting (in conjunction with) her Mars and Pluto in Gemini.

Quotes can often poetically express a horoscope. Allingham’s include: “When the habitually even-tempered suddenly fly into a passion, that explosion is apt to be more impressive than the outburst of the most violent among us.”

She is articulating what it means to be born with Pluto and Mars in Gemini.

Victoria Wood

May 19 1953 Victoria Wood Mars Jupiter in Gemini 450x600 - Gemini Factors in the Horoscope

The wit, brilliance and multi-talents of Victoria Wood (comedienne, actress, singer, composer, screenwriter,  producer, director, pianist) suits Gemini too. Gemini is associated with multi-tasking or juggling because it also rules the twins. The heavenly twins, Castor and Pollux (the brothers) were very carefully chosen to represent the sign of Gemini by the old astrologers. But why?

Researching the life and times of these two very different women, both with strong Gemini signatures, will teach you about the zodiac archetype, its ruling planet and its house.




Feature Image: Nick Morrison

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6 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    I have IC, Psyche , Mars and Ceres in Gemini. I don´t feel I am so strong “communicator” as two mentioned ladies. Only what I feel as for my Gemini factors – I have no problem to give the right arguments as for discussion and I need to get the right arguments to accept an opinion or to act upon an order for example. And I feel if there is unjustice , I must say something – many time as I have difficulties for it especially when I was a top manager in a corporation:-). But I am quiet shy to speak in a public or to go online to write some blogs etc.

    Can you tell me what else can be my gemini side or my stregth / weakness as for this sign?

    Thank you!

    1. Mars, Ceres, the IC and Psyche are all in Gemini in your Third House. You need a 100% accurate birth time for the IC to be in Gemini. Mars and Ceres do in fact suggest arguments. Mars fell out with Vulcan, who put a net over him, and Ceres fought Pluto, her son-in-law. These two symbols are quite conflict-prone unless you deliberately avoid the fierce debates. Psyche is a symbol of what lasts forever. I am sure you have learned the hard way that what is recorded online, or typed online, never goes away. You would be a very good letter-writer for a cause you believe in. Yet, you would have to work very hard on the letter to make sure it does not create issues for you. If you go back to your first Mars Return as toddler, around the age of two, you were probably prone to toddler tantrums. As an adult you have a little voice inside you that tells you to be silent. Yet you need to express what you think, to get rid of what you feel, so a diary is an excellent idea. Just rip it up afterwards.

  2. Hi Jessica, My late father was a Gemini and a massive writer/talker, our close relationship highlighted by wonderfully long, animated conversations about absolutely anything. I do miss that experience. I looked at my own chart, being now very interested in the asteroids as a result of your articles, and saw the north node currently at my birth Psyche, would appreciate any enlightenment on that?

    1. Psyche at 29 Gemini in your Third House of internet, education, publishing and media is a symbol of ‘forever’ projects, products, ideas and plans. After tests and trials, you create what lasts. The internet is the obvious place for ‘forever’ as of course things float for decades online. The North Node at 29 Gemini by transit can only happen once in 19 years so you may be taken back, thematically or symbolically, to the ideas, courses or concepts of 2001. We go back a further 19 years behind that, so we could be talking about 1982 as well. (And you can go back into past lives, all the way to the Second World War and backwards still). This does rather suggest that something you studied, wrote, created, taught or published is now due for revival, or at least a review, as it never went away. You are also in the right space and time to use your way with words, images and ideas (likely inherited from your Gemini father) for new plans which have a lasting quality about them. For more on Psyche look her up on Search and in your Premium Member guidebooks.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I am Gemini and 56 about to turn 57 – I remember you talking once about the heaviness of a Saturn return – am I experiencing/about to experience one of those years? I have Saturn in Aquarius.
    I lost my father in May and my mother in May 2017 and I’m having a really hard time coming to terms with this while trying to sort through the possessions in their home which is emotionally stressful. Coronavirus lockdown also means it’s really hard to reach out to people at this time as all the groups I am part of are shut down and I’m not able to meet friends.
    Is this my second Saturn return in my lifetime or am I misunderstanding this?
    best wishes

    1. You are having your Saturn Return in Aquarius, Pauline. You were born with Saturn (learning experiences) in Aquarius (groups and friends) in the Eleventh House. Saturn keeps on travelling, or transiting, after you are born and as you approach your late fifties and early sixties, Saturn will ‘return’ to the same zodiac sign (Aquarius) place (the Eleventh House) and degree (exact position) he occupied in your moment of birth. Losing your parents and dealing with grief and all the other emotions naturally makes you want to lean on friends, contact the groups you know best and find people to be with. This will involve more effort and patience than usual, even if you were not living with the new rules of 2020 but you will get there. In fact, just before Christmas when Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, breakthroughs) enters Aquarius, you are set for an excellent 12 months in 2021, when old friendships will become richer and more beneficial and old clubs, teams, circles or communities will help you so much and make you so fulfilled. This may well be the reward for the work you put into your social life, Twitter, Meetups, and so on now. Zoom has become the place for people to attend free festivals, gatherings, meetings, concerts, theatre and other events. So has YouTube. People who are like-minded gather together online, take the discussion onto Twitter and befriend each other there, until such time as they can meet in the real world. Your Saturn Return is a time of tremendous life lessons and we all have Saturn somewhere in our chart. Yours has come along at a time when you very much need your old friends; need to make new friends; need the old groups; need to join new groups – but virus rules are in your way. Do not let that put you off. Slowly and carefully work your way around the obstacles, taking your time until you get to the downhill slope in December (about six months away now) and then make 2021 the most unforgettable year of breakthroughs, which it will be. People power that year could transform your existence, as it might for the others involved in a goal.

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