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Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology

This eclipse on Stonehenge Summer Solstice is really important if you have a stellium (more than three factors) in your personal birth chart, in the zodiac sign of Cancer. It also holds some modern plague prediction secrets. Was it a place for Neolithic astrology?

Avebury and Stonehenge Astrology Facts

The numbers of stones and holes in the circles of Avebury and Stonehenge show Moon cycle prediction was possible, 5000 years ago. Avebury had a Northern Circle of 27 Stones and the Southern Circle had 29 Stones.



NASA tells us it takes 27.3 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth. NASA also tell us, it takes 29.5 days from New Moon to New Moon. About 24 miles away, Stonehenge tells the same story. The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge had 29.5 stones, because Stone 11 is half-size. This circle of 29.5 stones meant the Stonehenge people could predict New Moons and Full Moons. So can you, making a Stonehenge model. Stonehenge and Avebury also mirror women’s menstrual cycles of 28 days, which in turn, reflects the Moon. In astrology today the Moon still symbolises mothers.


In old English Common Law a ‘lunar month’ was exactly 28 days, in any contract. So the moon and women’s periods are embedded in British history. Stonehenge has always been seen as a man-made monument and has been monopolised by men. Yet, there were 14 females and nine males buried in the Aubrey Holes.


The 56 Aubrey Holes held Preseli bluestones from Wales, dragged 180 miles to Stonehenge. But why? And who ordered the removal?  As The Guardian reports, “bluestones – spotted dolerite, blue and sparkling with quartz stars when freshly quarried” – would have been excellent non-verbal records of constellations behind the Sun or Moon at the time. Suitable for remembering the cycles of the past and predicting the future. Today we call this astrology.


Other kinds of Moon prediction were possible at Stonehenge. Eclipses may have been predicted at the 56 Aubrey Holes, using markers for the Sun, Moon, North Node and South Node – proven by Professor Sir Fred Hoyle. We use all of them in astrology prediction today.



Your North Node Return at Stonehenge

Every 18.6 years you experience your North Node Return. Three North Node Returns are 55.8 years and this is very close to the 56 Aubrey Holes at Stonehenge. The 56 Aubrey Holes remind us that 56 is also important with other horoscope symbols.



Were 56 Aristotle’s Heavenly Spheres based on the Fixed Stars and Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon – drawing from the same knowledge pool at Stonehenge?



How Stonehenge 2020 Shows Stonehenge 2001

The 19 bluestones in the Stonehenge Bluestone Horseshoe match the Metonic Cycle of 19 years when the phases of the Moon repeat on the same day of the year. Were the 19 bluestones placed for this purpose? It still works today The 19 year Metonic Cycle always shows a short series of eclipses on the same calendar date. Like this – shown by Metonic Cycle drawings made centuries ago, rather like any computer model of Stonehenge from the 21st Century (Wikimedia Commons).

June 21st 2001 New Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer
June 21st 2020 New Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer
June 21st 2039 New Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer



The Metonic Cycle Wikimedia Commons - Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology



Eclipse Cycles and Plague Years

If you made a model of the original Stonehenge at home today, you could use it, alongside your own astrology chart, to count New Moon cycles, the North Node and South Node cycles, and Eclipses. You could also use this ‘little’ Stonehenge on your table, to find a chain of eclipses. These are all plague years, no matter if it’s COVID-19, AIDS or A Journal of the Plague Year.

23rd December 1703 Full Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer
22nd December 1722 – Full Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer
22nd December 1741 – Full Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer
21st June 2001 – New Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Cancer, Moon 0 Cancer
21st June 2020 New Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Cancer Moon 0 Cancer
21st June 2039 New Moon Eclipse Sun 0 Cancer, Moon 0 Cancer


Do You Have Cancer Birth Chart Factors? It’s Getting Better

Check your birth chart below, if you are a Premium Member. If you have planets, asteroids, Nodes or angles in Cancer, in the Fourth House of your personal birth chart, then life improves in 2020. Even with COVID-19. Or perhaps, strangely, as a result of it. We are talking about your house, garden, apartment or other residence, here. Particularly since December 2017. We are also talking about your shared household of flatmates/roommates or the family. Housesitters and builders. Beyond that – your home town and homeland. Your country and your capital, or your local area. The village or suburb. The neighbourhood. Cancer rules all these things. Here are some rules to aid improvements. Yet – avoid acting or judging on the eclipse at Stonehenge Summer Solstice on June 21st 2020 and the following eclipse on 5th July. Blind spots!



Cancer Birth Chart Factors – Sorting Out July 2020

You have some more work to do, in the final stretch of home or family life organisation and improvement, near these dates in 2020: Wednesday 26th August: Venus 17 Cancer opposite Jupiter 17 Capricorn. Sunday 30th August: Venus 22 Cancer opposite Pluto 22 Capricorn. Wednesday 2nd September: Venus 25 Cancer opposite Saturn 25 Capricorn

There is a final sign-off when you know the worst is over. The Full Moon at 8 Cancer opposite the Sun at 8 Capricorn on Wednesday 30th December, 2020 is a ‘farewell’ bridge to cross, following the end of this very difficult transit, Saturn in Capricorn. Gone for Christmas on Friday 18th December 2020. Then at last you can relax and feel at home again.



[contentblock id=show-chart]



Stonehenge Winter and Summer Solstice Eclipses and Pandemics

23rd December 1703: Winter Solstice at Stonehenge
Full Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer. Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer. The last recorded death from plague came in 1679, and it was removed as a specific category in the Bills of Mortality after 1703.
22nd December 1722: Winter Solstice at Stonehenge Full Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer. Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer.
The Great Plague of Marseille last major outbreak of bubonic plague in Western Europe and publication of Daniel Defoe’s classic A Journal of the Plague Year.
22nd December 1741: Winter Solstice at Stonehenge Full Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer. Sun 0 Capricorn Moon 0 Cancer
Typhus epidemic in Great Britain.
21st June 2001: Summer Solstice at Stonehenge New Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer. Sun 0 Cancer, Moon 0 Cancer. United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.
21st June 2020: Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. New Moon Eclipse 0 Cancer. COVID-19 Pandemic



The Line of Succession Eclipse

There will be a cover-up involving the line of succession on 21st June 2020, Prince William’s birthday. The eclipse falls with the Sun at 0 Cancer and Moon at 0 Cancer, picking up the charts of his father Prince Charles, his grandmother, HM the Queen and his son Prince George. It will be months or even years before people realise what they were not seeing at the time.


Secret Ingredients - Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology



Secret Ingredients and the Proof is in the Christmas Pudding

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius at Christmas 2020 reveals mystery ingredients for the line of succession. The proof will be in the Christmas pudding, but fate cooked up something big on Prince William’s birthday, 21st June 2020. This BBC image shows another Christmas.

Prince William – Sun 0 Cancer and Jupiter 0 Scorpio
Prince George – Venus 0 Virgo
The Queen – Sun 0 Taurus
Prince Charles – Moon 0 Taurus



Prince William and an Eclipse Mystery

My friend Natalie Delahaye is the expert on Prince William’s birth chart, but many astrologers have been talking about the fact that this Stonehenge 2020 Summer Solstice Eclipse picks up his personal horoscope. The astrological chart of Prince William, born 21st June 1982 at 9.03 pm in Paddington, London reveals an enigma. His mother Diana’s life was covered in eclipses at peak moments, as the astrologer Susan Miller discussed with me on Twitter, recently. My other colleague in astrology, Natalie Delahaye has looked at Prince William’s chart in The Express for the Ring of Fire Eclipse 2020 and also that of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.



The Princess Diana Eclipses

Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
Wednesday 29th July 1981
Friday 17th July 1981 – Full Moon Eclipse – Sun 24 Cancer, Moon 24 Capricorn
Friday 31st July 1881 – New Moon Eclipse – Sun 7 Leo, Moon 7 Leo
Birth of Prince William
Monday 21st June 1982 – New Moon Eclipse – Sun 29 Gemini, Moon 29 Gemini
Separation of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales
Thursday 10th December 1992
Wednesday 9th December 1992 – Full Moon Eclipse – Sun 18 Sagittarius, Moon 18 Gemini
Death of Diana
Sunday 31st August 1997
Monday 1st August 1997 – New Moon Eclipse – Sun 9 Virgo, Moon 9 Virgo

Diana - Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology









The Royal Family and the 2020 Eclipse Mystery

Her Majesty the Queen, born on 21st April 1926 at 2.40am in London has the Sun at 0 Taurus. Prince Charles, born on 14th November 1948 at 9.14pm in London has the Moon at 0 Taurus. Prince William, born on 21st June 1982 at 9.03pm in London, has the Sun at 0 Cancer and Jupiter at 0 Scorpio. Prince George, born on 22nd July 2013 at 4.24pm in London, has Venus at 0 Virgo. On December 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2020 the world will realise there is a great mystery dating back to Prince William’s birthday, tied to the royal finances and property. My friend and colleague at The Sun Sign School, astrologer Penny Thornton (who counted Diana, Princess of Wales, as a client) the author of Romancing the Stars, stated many years ago, that Charles will never be king. These book jackets in eclipse colours (black and white) show, symbolically, Diana eclipsed by Camilla. Then Diana eclipsing Camilla. And finally, Diana herself – tragically eclipsed.



Cancer – Patriotism or Nationalism?

In the YouTube program Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology, North Node and South Node cycles, as used at Stonehenge, can be used to predict backwards. History repeats and astrologers noticed.



  1. Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology
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The Klu Klux Klan and the 2020 Eclipse

Using 2020 as an example again (because it is such an extreme year), The Ku Klux Klan Act was passed on the North Node in Cancer in 1871. I began researching this feature on Sunday the 7th of June on a weekend of Black Lives Matter protests in America, as I explain in the Premium Member guidebook Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology. Unfortunately, we are going to see shadows and mysteries involving the Ku Klux Klan on those eclipses on June 21st and July 5th, 2020. Remember, July 5th is the day after a patriotic holiday – July 4th. 2020.



Washington DC and the June 21st Eclipse

As I also explain in the new guide, Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology, Washington DC was born on the 3rd of May 1802 and using a noon chart, we find Saturn at 0 Virgo. The sign that rules public health.

Eclipses always show a cover-up or blind spot. There is one in Washington DC and so obviously COVID-19, on the 20th of June 2020 as the eclipse falls at 0 Cancer and forms a sextile with the Washington Saturn at 0 Virgo. It typically takes months or years for us to realize we were ‘in the dark.’



The 56 Aubrey Holes and Astrology in China, India and Arabia

The 56 Aubrey Holes are twice 28 which is a key number in global astrology. There are Twenty-Eight Mansions in old Chinese astrology. There are also Twenty-Eight lunar mansions in ancient Hindu astrology. They are called Nakshatras. In traditional Arabic astrology, the Moon had 28 manzils (or houses) a year. The Nobel Prize-winning writer, poet and amateur astrologer W.B. Yeats was fascinated by the 28 mansions of the Moon.



Stone 11 at the Sarsen Circle and the 29.5 Moon Cycle

Along with ancient and exotic astrology systems ruling lunar mansions, emphasising the number 28 or half 56 – we also have those 29.5 stones to suggest New Moon to new Moon, in Wiltshire. Writing in Stonehenge – Exploring the Greatest Stone Age Enigma, Mike Parker Pearson notes “tiny Stone 11” at Stonehenge. “It is clearly too short to have supported a lintel and has not been dressed in a similar fashion to the other stones of the sarsen circle.” Stone 11 shows a specific 29.5 stone circle.
Now, for the stones themselves. Not so much the sarsens, but the bluestones. Hauled miles from Wales, but why? Anyone can buy a square of a Preseli Bluestone from Wales on eBay (like this one, pictured below). What did it mean to Neolithic people?

ebay Preseli Bluestone  600x450 - Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology




Were the Bluestones Star Records?

The pioneering research of Professor Timothy Darvill at Bournemouth University immediately makes Stonehenge more meaningful and interesting. At least, astrologers think so. You can see his YouTube Stonehenge workshop here.

These spotted stones you see above, suggest a spot-on suggestion made by  Professor Darvill. Their patterns of white dots may have reflected the night sky constellations at the time. He notes “patterns of white spots looking like stars and constellations, as if the night sky is mirrored and fixed forever in the face of the earth.”

What is really interesting is that spotted stones were also found from around the same period at Lambay Island in Ireland and Sark in the Channel Islands.

You can read Professor Darvill’s chapter in Skyscapes: The Role and Importance of the Sky in Archaeology, edited by Fabio Silva and astrologer Nicholas Campion.



Welsh Women, Welsh Astrology?

According to The Washington Post, 5000 years ago the women cremated at The Aubrey Holes probably came from the same part of Wales as the Bluestones. This may be cultural astronomy, quite separate from astrology, but there’s a pattern here.



The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly

The traditional Aboriginal memory technique that unlocks the secrets of Stonehenge is the discovery of Lynne Kelly, an Honorary Research Associate at La Trobe University, Australia. Using indigenous Australian songlines as her key, Kelly pioneered research into the use of Stonehenge (and other circles) as a knowledge base.

What else can you do, if you cannot write anything down? This is really interesting for astrologers, because we know that the original zodiac of constellations was a memory-jogging device. Particular parts of each season (like the Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice) were remembered by the Sun standing in front of a crab joint-the-dots shape (Cancer) or a goat join-the-dots shape (Capricorn) so that the nature of the times could be stored, and the types of people born at those times – also stored.

Lynne Kelly, in her brilliant book, believes Stonehenge was a memory space. It was where songs were sung, and stories told. Performers and observers. As astrologers we are left wondering if the Neolithic women from Wales, who accompanied their star-studded stones (or ordered them to be transported) were using them as cultural astronomical/astrological records, the same way women use Solar fire software today, to record family tree horoscopes. As always with Stonehenge, the guessing game is part of the experience. Given the starring role that the Sun, the Moon and some star-studded bluestones have to play at Stonehenge, astrologers are right to guess.



Download Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology Now

If you are a Premium Member, you can download the new guidebook, Stonehenge Eclipse Astrology, to find out more about the unique way this ancient collection of time-circles can be used as a horoscope. Are you interested in learning media (Sun Sign) astrology from guest tutors including Natalie Delahaye and Maggie Hyde? Visit The Sun Sign School to find out more.

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40 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Is there any significance to be born on the solstice and also have a Stellium of 5 cancer planets? If so, what does that mean?


    1. Sharlene, this overload in your Fourth House (and born when the Sun is slowing down to a standstill) means your life is really about finding where/what home actually is to you. This is usually about your home town and homeland, or that which you adopt. It shows an emotional and spiritual involvement with place, history, heritage and culture which develops over time. In fact you have just been through a tight squeeze in this department with a stellium in Capricorn right opposite your Fourth House, in quite a hard and heavy way, culminating in the final test of your patience in 2019. In 2020 decisions have to be made, and are being made! Yet you end up, by 2021, with a much more relaxed and stable sense of where you belong and why you belong there. On the most basic level things settle with your house or apartment. You probably have no idea how bizarre this cycle has been but it has been rare, historic and was a very hard stretch indeed. You are waiting for Saturn to leave Capricorn for good, literally for good (!) which happens at Christmas. So, Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I don’t have a stellium in cancer but my ic and north node is in cancer and I’ve been reading a lot about those on your site. I have a big family have lots of kids and can defo resonate with the idea of home family in watery cancer. Will the eclipse reflect new changes and bring in new changes as it’s a new moon? Or are we looking at the past and working out way through the past and lessons learned?

    1. Please skip the eclipses on June 21st and July 5th as they stretch across the family, property, household, town and country zone of your chart. An eclipse is a blnd spot. It leaves you in the dark. You cannot see who or what is the real story. And you do not know all, that you need to know.

  3. Hi Jessica, I’m wondering if this new moon/eclipse ties in with my Cancer factors as there are big shifts here at home with me trying to return to the workforce after 20 years!
    I’m looking to find volunteer child care work in my local neighbourhood. I know Covid-19 has affected the workforce paid and unpaid greatly, so I’m wondering if I’ll pick up any luck soon. I’m terribly nervous and just hope I’ll find a happy place to volunteer and whether I may ultimately receive paid work from this. Many thanks xx

    1. You’ll be fine but allow June and July to bring you all the changes of mind, delays, replacements, reversals, rethinking and rewinding we associate with Mercury Retrograde. Don’t commit now unless you have to. Wait and see. Trial and error. August brings you commitments.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I don’t have a stellium in Cancer however as this eclipse falls close to my moon it seems like it’s triggered me reviewing a former relationship and the place this person has in my life. There’s a past life connection too so I understand why it feels so karmic and that ties in with what you said on youtube. Would this eclipse highlight things in this way? It’s making me reevaluate my future home choices too and whether the opportunities presented are really that great or am I looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    1. The North Node and South Node, which they knew at Stonehenge, always show past life karma. Past lives tend to take us through financial issues more than anything else, as we are owed, or we owe. There is one here. There is karma about money and how to use it. The family tree is involved, on either side, so this goes way back. One of you was the youngest son in a situation. Once again in 2020, a decent sum of cash must be negotiated, spent, traded with, repaid and the rest!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium of 6 factors in Cancer (Sun at 28 degrees, Mercury at 17 degrees, Saturn at 23 degrees, Juno at 14 degrees, Aesculapia at 28 degrees and Vulcano at 18 degrees) opposed by the Moon in Capricorn at 18 degrees (my only Capricorn factor). After a very difficult couple of years I am single and excited by the prospect of house-hunting and job-hunting (I am fortunate to already have a stable, permanent position in an organisation). Do you have any astrological or psychic guidance for me? Thank you!!

    1. If you were going to move and also take a new job, October is an obvious month, and April is the next one (in 2021). With work, it would be a question of what you could get away with. A person or organisation best described as a very unlikely, unconventional tutor or mentor would be interested in encouraging you to break a few boundaries or cross a few borders…

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Looking forward to your webinar today. My birthday is June 20 and I have four planets in Cancer. Last year, on a January eclipse my husband and I bought a very run down old house (in my dream suburb connected to family). We really want to renovate it (and have an indoor toilet!), but money issues have been a stopping point. Is the eclipse today going to help us get finance (and improve our cashflow) to be able to build before the end of the year?

    1. Thank you. You may actually be tempted to move or travel again, believe it or not. I know you bought the old house to be near your family, but we are seeing major action with the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of serious vacations, long-term holidays, relocation and emigration. If you do decide to up and go, then check everything first. Don’t just leap off the map. But you would feel amazing. I have to say that!

  7. Wow! I’ve just read the guidebook! Again I am astounded by the foresight and wisdom – I can’t wait to see what is uncovered, down the track on a world stage. On a personal note – it’s so interesting that this cancer weather is pinging my 5th house and it concludes on Sep 6, my toddlers birthday and exactly opposite mine. I also looked up my 2 kids charts and I have two full moon babies (one Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune with a Virgo moon and the other is Virgo with Pisces moon conjunct Neptune) . They’re very small and so different but both have this karmic vibe … though I’m Pisces so most things feel karmic! The combined feelings in this house are off the chart…
    I believe the July 5th eclipse will conjunct my natal Ceres too? Is there anything else to be aware of? I’m hoping to tune in but we’re having massive hail storms here so fingers crossed! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Thank you. That eclipse coming on July 5th is best avoided, in terms of dramatic decisions or actions that you take. Try not to make up your mind too much, or head off in a particular direction. You just won’t see enough, or know enough, to be making a sound choice, according to all the laws of astrology. You are a classic Pisces and live in a world of imagination, fantasies, hopes, dreams, fears. It’s all in your head but it can confuse you. This year could be quite wonderful in terms of wealth and property, and success. So could next year. The trick is owning it. Making it real and bringing it all down to earth. It will help you a lot if you get rid of situations or people you find poisonous or even rather horrid! They are in your head, as much as the prospect of wealth is. So shoo them away and stop projecting onto people or organisations, if you possibly can. That helps you focus on what you do want, which is the house or apartment just as you want it, and also the success you deserve. It’s close enough to touch by 2021 because of these great Virgo-Capricorn-Taurus patterns whizzing around your horoscope so use your Pisces power to choose what might seem like Cloud Nine, but can become part of you and your life, if you understand the way your imagination works.

  8. Hi Jessica
    My Venus is in Cancer. 2019 was very traumatic as you predicted, I’m hoping my stars will show a much favourable turn towards the start of a new beginning with a new love, can you advise. I’ve been trying the lessons each Thursday but am bambooziled

    1. I am sorry you had a rotten year, last year. A few people got the full onslaught of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn and you were one of them. I hope you are feeling a bit more normal now. You are up for freedom and breakthroughs if you can do the work. Uranus in Taurus (the liberation) is here. You will have to trust your instincts so that you feel the coast is clear and the time is right. When you feel certain, break free. You are extremely tied up and tied down at the moment. You can’t see what and who is out there for you, and that is a shame because potentially that is quite a lot. Stop feeling hidebound by what happened to you. It was really awful and I am sure you feel so vulnerable still, but the slightest effort from you, should show you really clearly, that nothing is actually that serious. It is not permanent, far from it, and it certainly has no power to keep you stuck any more. Move on. Do what it takes to liberate yourself and then do what it takes to see clearly. 2021 offers you the chance of a new life in a new place, either as a holiday from the old world, or an actual new home or work beginning. Start now.

  9. Hello Jessica,
    I’m listening to the webcast. I found it interesting that this time for a Scorpio could be about education. I’ve planned to spend this week starting studying for a new career choice. I did a tarot for myself recently on that career and pulled past: The Hanged Man upside down, Present: The Lovers and Future: Knight of Swords. I read that as doing what I plan currently with hands tied behind my back and on one leg, moving to now in a new relationship with a very spiritual woman and me being blessed, to the future where I’m charging forwards, but I must admit that card also looks like his visor is not engaged and the horse looks a little worried lol. In my last post I shared that I’d written a book that you thought might be the promising new direction I was looking for, but even though I’ve sold 10 or so books, it hasn’t set the World on fire. I am enjoying helping others though through FaceBook groups etc. Is there anything in my chart or the Tarots above that resonate with you?

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are on track with your career choices and thoughts about study. I’ll have a look at the Tarot for you. The Six of Swords suggests you will be relocating, taking an important vacation, or spending a life in two different places. A group or friend will support you. We have swords again here, as you drew the Knight of Swords, and there is certainly action in your Tarot. (Swords rule firm and decisive moves). I would be amazed if you were not in a new place by the end of 2020 and the future would be a blank canvas for you to paint on. It would be an escape from what you have now, or where you are now. A way out and a way through. Very, very rarely we see this card turn up when you are the host or welcoming committee for others who are moving, relocating or on serious vacation. Given your chart (Cancer-Capricorn axis action in 2020) I tend to think it’s you.

  10. Hi Jessica

    I just listened to the youtube special… thank you for organizing it… are you able to look at my chart and let me know how it might be affected… my birthday is closer to the lunar eclipse coming rather than this one.. thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you Michelle, I’m glad you were able to come along. You’re being most affected by Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House in 2020 and the time has come to figure out realities versus unrealities. Not so much for you. For a man in your life. Neptune often turns up as King Neptune in the real world, so this would be a man who is pretty well-established, except for one thing. He is all at sea. You have to ask yourself if you want to join him in his own little world. Maybe you don’t. He is interesting, never dull, often quite fascinating, but he is not grounded. He is miles away from you and everyone else, mentally or spiritually. So if you did want closeness you would have to make the big leap and even then you may find there is not a lot of room for you. You are probably better off just communicating with him and negotiating with him as much as you can, but I am not totally sure you would want to have much more to do with him than that. He may change. People do. But that’s not your issue. Take from him what you can get from him and then leave it, methinks.

  11. Hi Jessica Can you tell me how my path might be affected by the astrology this summer given that my MC is in Cancer. I have been retired 3 years now since I moved back to the UK in 2017. I have settled into a new home, putting down new roots and looking to find ways of filling my time! Art is taking me at the moment!. Thanks in advance. x

    1. Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups, clubs, networks, social circles, teams and friends is with you in 2020. Jupiter goes into Aquarius, into the same space in your personal birth chart, just before Christmas and both make patterns around your chart. What we have here is a potential success, with people power and co-operation, collaboration and ‘the hive mind’ all leaning in. The results could be so exceptional in 2021 and in fact, grow for many years. From little acorns. There does need to be some work done on group harmony though as Aquarius weather can often result in someone feeling like the outsider. Emotions, feelings, sensitivity all matter and one cannot just bend to the will of the hive mind all the time. Individual vulnerability has to be honoured and respected. Yet, in this situation around you in 2020 where it’s not-quite-Three-Musketeers-yet, you will both/all have to be patient, tolerant and sincere in the quest for a good outcome, which really could be, one for all, and all for one. That kind of thing can move mountains and I think it’s worth striving for. Together the group (even anyone who feels remote from it at times) is really on the same page intellectually, ideologically – and together everybody could structure something amazing for 2021.

  12. Hello! You’ve already kindly answered my question on Twitter, but I also wanted to ask if having my NN and MC in Cancer mean anything with this eclipse in Cancer.
    Thank you!

    1. The North Node in Cancer is more important than anything else. You were born with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, like Her Majesty the Queen and Michelle Obama. What’s the connection? Family dictates career. This may be your parents or grandparents. It may go back into your family tree. Michelle Obama had slave ancestors and came from injustice so she pursued the law. Later on she pursued power and became the first non-white First Lady in the White House. Her Majesty the Queen comes from a long line of British aristocracy and had no choice but to take the crown when her father died. As the North Node in Cancer goes through different transits over time, the theme can be played differently. Michelle Obama has been asked to run for President and refused, in a year (2020) when the North Node has also been in Cancer along with this eclipse yesterday. Her Majesty the Queen has probably been involved in a discussion about the line of succession with Charles, William and even young George. They would have covered it up but it would not be a total shock to me, to see William take the crown and bypass Charles at Christmas. I don’t know anything at all about your family or career, as these questions are always private and anonymous, but in 2020 you must make decisions based on the realities of your home life, home situation and parents (or other relatives) which directly reshape your career. This can be COVID-19 realities which are forcing us all into particular circumstances. A good message to take away from this big year for your North Node, is to look again at your house, apartment, home town and/or homeland and see it differently. See it in terms of a reshaped career or even a reshaped commitment to study. It is not what it was and you are not who you were. I can see two birds landing on the cables that link the internet and telephone to my property as I write this. That is an omen. It will be you and another person and it will involve life online!

  13. Hello Jessica, your writings are rich. Thank you. Reg. this 0 degree Cancer eclipse, will it affect cancer 0 deg only? I have just one factor in cancer, mars at far away 24 deg and at 0 deg is my sun at Aries. Will this sun aries be affected please? I hope not in any hush hush eclipsey way. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The eclipse has passed and I assume you did not act or make judgements too dramatically. Your Sun at 0 Aries was square the Sun and Moon at 0 Cancer so you were in fact in the shadows, or left in the dark. It will probably be December when Jupiter and Saturn go to 0 Aquarius, that you realise what you did not see, and could not know, about June 21st 2020.

  14. Jessica are you getting my notifications from!? I confess I have been looking at dream houses (even though we’re not sure of our destination yet… still waiting on a business op to come through). I am on board with what you are saying. Grounding all that intention, imagination and manifestation into positive real world tangible assets has been a difficulty of mine. One that I’m improving with age… but still. When I started healing and psychic medium work the internet/YouTube was not a happening thing. Neither were membership groups… I’ve watched peers enjoy huge success while I’ve sat back and wondered if I deserved it; or if I was talented enough to charge what I’m worth. I know I am, now. And now I’ve realised that I have 2 kids under 3 and no time! Haha. So perhaps a rethink and ruminate on what success means to me and what I can do with work that compliments my family dynamic… You answered a question for me about my Aquarius factors and the opportunities that will present… I suspect if I add that answer to the one you’ve given me on this thread I have some exciting times ahead. And maybe that Hamptons-style dream home on the coast!
    p.s the weather and small children all allowed me to watch the Stonehenge premiere – it was marvellous!

    1. Too funny. And thank you so much for the compliment about the Stonehenge premiere which I will pass on to my colleagues at Asporea who produced it. You are being taken gradually into the world of quantum mechanics, the multiverse, quantum uncertainty and parallel worlds. There may have been specific books or documentaries, workshops or conversations in the last year or so which have led you there. Perhaps it’s just been an idea in your mind. That nothing is an ultimate reality and we choose the one we want. If you are back on YouTube any time soon, have a look at a very good BBC documentary on E, the lead singer in The Eels, and his father, the quantum pioneer Hugh Everett. I think it may be called Parallel Lives. It will change the way you choose real estate.

  15. Hi, Jessica. I had trouble getting the forum to load on the 15th this month and very sorry for missing the opportunity to ask your take on my chart, but very happy to have a second chance. I have Saturn at 0 Cancer and Juno at 0 Pisces (and coming off Uranus conjunct my sun in late April). And the nodes in opposite signs from my nodes. I would treasure your take on all this. (Early 2001 had major impact in my life, bad family relations and the year I was married, although I am divorced now for several years.) Home, family have traditionally been tough spots for me. Work has been tough for a bit. And long distance relationship has been up and down for awhile. While still tough in many ways, my son (Scorpio) and our pooch (Cap) are incredible sources of joy. Thank you for the gift you share with all of us. Happy Solstice : )

    1. You have had the classic 0 Cancer eclipse experience and have just passed the second in the sequence, this weekend. You won’t have it again until 2039 and it is a long story in your life with three chapters. This year is about healing. The healing will be with a doctor, dentist or Reiki master. Perhaps an optometrist, surgeon or nurse. So it works on the body. This level of healing can only happen once in your world, once in your life. It’s down to a rare line-up of the Moon in Virgo every four weeks, Uranus in Taurus and both Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Trines chime with your chart and there is total transformation in your universe this year which proves to you that the mind, body and spirit are connected. In fact, deep healing is a profound spiritual exchange which is karmic in nature. A psychologist or psychiatrist can offer remedies and transform a whole personality. A chiropractor who removes headaches can alter a person’s career. The ‘mind and spirit’ part of the whole experience is really crucial, and I believe this is about your son and your relationship with him. Sometimes a son is not just another child on the planet, he is the heir to the throne and he inherits the legacy of his parents’ personalities, or his grandparents. Sometimes an education has to happen at home as well and the whole process of growing up is an upbringing and a life training. There is something very Leo here and I wonder if your son or his father also has Leo placements.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well. Sorry I missed the live event, I was wiped out and a fell into a really deep sleep.

    Thanks for the head up about 26 August. At 17 degrees, I have Venus in Taurus, Uranus in Leo, Vesta in Capricorn, Ops in Cancer, and Cupidio in Pisces. One degree away at 16, I have Salacia in Capricorn, and at 18, I have my IC/MC in Taurus and Scorpio and Saturn at 18 Capricorn.

    On 2 September with Venus 25 Cancer opposite Saturn 25 Capricorn, at 25 degrees, I have my Ascendant and Descendant at 25 Leo/Aquarius, Ceres at 25 Aquarius. One degree away, I have at 24, Moon in Aquarius, Juno in Sagittarius, and Panacea in Taurus. At 26 I have my Sun and Mercury in Taurus.

    For the eclipse, I had Psyche in Taurus at 0 degrees, and in Cancer, Proserpina at 9. Bacchus at 11, Diana at 14 and Ops at 17.

    This seems overwhelming. Any insight would be appreciated.



    1. Not at all, Jeff, the program will be up on YouTube now forever – well, maybe until 2039, when the cycle ends! You could easily complete a diploma, degree or other qualification sooner than you think, as Juno in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of academia and education is in a very strong position. You also have the South Node of karma going through Sagittarius and your Ninth House. Juno is commitment and in the Ninth House this is about a serious undertaking with a gifted professor, mentor, teacher or lecturer. This is usually about formal education. People do find informal, unstructured learning through those who are more experienced, but in your case I suspect the Capricorn means you are ambitious enough to want letters after your name. The choice is open for you until the South Node leaves Sagittarius in the year 2022.

  17. Hi Jessica.

    I literally have 5 planets stellium(including North node and sun) in cancer and I am born cancer.
    I wanna move from India to Canada next year. I also have pluto in sagittarius. Are there good chances of me moving there or any other country?

    1. I don’t actually have a birth chart here and I don’t know which planets are in the stellium. Just having Pluto in Sagittarius, however, makes you vulnerable to the South Node in Sagittarius, which is bigger than you are, and is currently affecting the global travel and immigration picture until January 2022. Some clues here would relate to your life as it was about 19 years ago and perhaps 19 years before that. There is karma to collect. On a world level this is the karma of everyone having flown constantly and created the climate emergency and of course the karma of particular airlines and their CEOs who contributed to the crisis. So you see it really is bigger than you. We are out of this cycle with the airlines, globalisation, border control and so on when the South Node finally leaves Sagittarius in January 2022.

  18. Thanks Jessica. I am very Cancerian and yes, hoping that it is getting better because the last 3 years have been a slog. Also interesting what you say about COVID- it has given me a new work opportunity which I enjoy. All of the cancer-cap conjunctions you note upcoming hit me as well, with the last hitting my virgo moon and mars taurus (ohh, is that why I am stubborn!?).
    Any thoughts overall? I do feel better this year in spite of the downs related to covid (i.e. lockdown, crazy kids) but life doesn’t feel yet on track. What I really need I guess are breakthrough’s on my partner’s side and he’s less cancerian than me, though has 24 descendant cancer/acscendant cap.

    thank you!!

    1. Your partner will be really going through it at the moment as he has a Cancer-Capricorn opposition at 24 degrees and that is a very sensitive spot in his chart in the year 2020, with conditions at their toughest in his adult lifetime. You have also been going through it, because your home life, your actual house or apartment, your home town and/or homeland have been under tremendous pressure and challenge since December 2017 when Saturn changed signs. The worst is over. You are now on the downhill slope, with a huge sense of relief and release in December, just before Christmas. You have been put through a ridiculous test of your patience with some experiences, people or situations which you have done really well to cope with. Yet, in 2021 you will look back at what you had to put up with, in terms of your country, your domestic situation, your local situation and so on (and perhaps the family or shared household) and realise that it was quite abnormal. You will find 2021 and following are very, very different.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I am so glad you are on YouTube now, although I missed the live version, I was able to listen on my daily walk! Another way to learn from you. I do not have anything in Cancer I am wondering what you see in my chart for me. I know my birth time is unusual to have (right on the hour) but this has been confirmed as much as I can.

    Thank you

    1. I am glad you could listen on your daily walk – we will have a Virtual London Astrology Walk later this year. Okay, so you are being swept up by the South Node in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, as you were born with the Moon at 0 Sagittarius. The Moon describes your need to be needed. You are a born teacher, mentor, guide or guru but you enhance this by learning, formally or informally, for the whole of your life. You are now going through the famous Node cycle with the North Node in Gemini at the other end of your chart. It will take you until January 2022 to experience the South Node conjunct your Moon but everything about 2020 and 2021 is dedicated to the pursuit and transfer of knowledge. Ask yourself what you were doing from age 18.6 through 19 and if you were at college or university, then you will be taken back there (once more with feeling) but this time around you will be older and wiser and so The Getting Of Wisdom, to quote the book, will be deeper, more important and more useful. For example you may bring emotional intelligence into what you discover and uncover this time around.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    Cheers! from NJ. I hope you and your chicken are doing well.

    Today I attended a webinar about a Masters Degree, totally out of the blue. I saw a tweet about a program at Boston University this morning and I signed up for the webinar. I’m going to pursue this to the best of my ability. I can possibly create a new genre of food writing.

    Off to meditate about this.



    1. Thank you Jeff, the chicken is doing very well and laying an egg a day! I am very excited about your news which is completely in tune with the Sagittarius-Gemini cycles we are going through. Read the fine print though as Boston University and other colleges will change, and change again, over the next few years. Academia is going to be global, affordable, accessible, purely digital, and not at all what we know today. It will be exciting to have M.A. after your name eventually.

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