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Astrology – Epstein, Ghislaine and Andrew and COVID-19

Astrology predicted a crisis involving Buckingham Palace and the White House on July 2nd, back on February 4th. Ghislaine Maxwell linked to the Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein enquiry was arrested by the FBI on July 2nd. Astrology also called the virus for January 10th 2020 (a year before the date the first Chinese death was announced) and it again called a virus, two days before WHO declared a pandemic. How was it done? And what's up next?

Astrology Predictions

Can astrology really predict the future to the day? Months or even a year before events come to pass? Yes. From Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the virus, horoscopes do foretell what comes next.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Begin with a date-stamped prediction about July 2nd, 2020 (the date of the Ghislaine Maxwell arrest) which was made on February 4th, 2020 – so five months ahead of time.

“Uranus at 9 Taurus is the kind of shock that blows apart ‘rotten kingdoms’ as Shakespeare would have put it, or the bleak grand buildings which house all the leaders and multi-millionaires.”

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell

The Guardian Opinions - Astrology - Epstein, Ghislaine and Andrew and COVID-19

Everyone has an opinion about Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, including The Guardian (pictured). But what was the astrology saying about Buckingham Palace, back on the 4th of February 2020, about July 2nd, 2020?

This is the rest of the Ghislaine Maxwell prediction extract. It begins with the astrology chart message, ‘Sudden shocks affect the grandest.’

“Sudden Shocks Affect the Grandest”

“Why? Because Uranus at 9 Taurus is sextile Mercury Retrograde at 9 Cancer, not once, but twice, three times. Very near July 1st, 2nd, and 22nd, 2020, we will see sudden shocks affect the grandest and richest organisations, corporations, leaders and business names.”“In July 2020, we see hard times for the Pluto in Capricorn people. Who are they? The men and women in designer suits, at the top of all the corporate headquarters and penthouse apartments around the world, from New York to Tokyo.”

“They live in ivory towers, aloof and removed from the rest of us, as they are symbols of Capricorn the mountain goat at his worst (Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn).”

“Karma is coming for them, on these dates.”

“We have an eclipse on Sunday, July 5th, 2020, with the Sun in Cancer, the sign ruling families, dynasties and property – right opposite the Moon in Capricorn.”

“The eclipse falls with the Sun at 13 Cancer and Moon at 13 Capricorn, which falls right across the ‘power towers’ of Buckingham Palace and the House of Windsor. It also affects the White House. It quite specifically hits the other ‘power towers’ of the financial districts in major capital cities.”

You can read the original astrology prediction about the July 2nd, 2020 crisis for Buckingham Palace and the White House here, as well as the rich elite around the world – which was first published on February 4th 2020.

Of course, questions are still being asked by the media, in relation to Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.


Astrology Predicted the Virus

The New York Times wrongly reported ‘The Astrologers Didn’t Predict Corona Virus’ on May 9th, 2020.

French astrologer Andre Barbault called the pandemic for 2020 many years before it happened, to warn his readers. In addition, I personally gave specific dates for 2020. It was predicted twice on this website a year before it came to pass.  I was using the same techniques to see into the cycles of time, here, that I also used to predict the 2nd July events involving Ghislaine Maxwell.

Here are those two original virus predictions and as so many astrologers have asked me about this – an explanation of how they were made.

COVID-19 Predicted on March 28th 2019

“Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, January 13th 2020 there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe. It will also involve New Zealand, either on questions of trade, or as a major non-NATO ally. We, the people, need to track this before it even comes to pass to make sure the stakes are kept as low as possible.

One last note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses – No matter how you key in the date of the eclipse on the 10th of January 2020, you end up with what looks like a memorable code.”

    • On January 10th, 2020  – The New York Times reported the first death from the Corona Virus, COVID-19.
    • And on the subject of hackers, on the 14th of January 2020 the world also saw a Microsoft Windows 10 Security Warning

Second Virus Prediction – November 11th 2019

Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday 8th and Monday 9th March? This period is particularly chaotic because we also have a Full Moon in Virgo (organisation and order, clashing with flooding and confusion) and the Sun’s conjunction to Neptune (randomness) across this period. In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses.”

    • On March 11th, 2020 – Time magazine reported that the WHO had declared a global pandemic.
    • On March 16th, 2020 – The New York Times reported hackers had attacked the Health and Human Services computer system.

bedh pxxz0c 600x400 - Astrology - Epstein, Ghislaine and Andrew and COVID-19

COVID-19 Prediction – How It Was Done

How was it done? Well, it’s all about the Moon. On January 10th, 2020, we had a Full Moon Eclipse with the Sun at 20 Capricorn and Moon at 20 Cancer. Everything starts and ends with the Moon in astrology as it is our oldest timing device.

The planet Ceres also stood at 20 Capricorn on January 7th and 8th, 2020.

Modern China was born on March 12th, 1912 in Nanking with Ceres at 20 Cancer. Neptune, linked to viruses, was at 21 Cancer that day. The Sun was at 21 Pisces. That is very close to 20 Cancer. China is virus-prone as we saw during SARS. COVID-19 was a perfect storm for China.

The Virus Pattern at 20 Degrees

China has Ceres at 20 Cancer, and this connects her to other nations. Other countries severely hit by COVID-19 include two with factors at 20 degrees of important signs: Sagittarius rules foreign travel, airlines, cruises and airports. Virgo rules hospitals, doctors, nurses and pandemics.

  • Italy (10th June 1946) – North Node 20 Gemini, South Node 20 Sagittarius
  • USA (5th September 1774) – Neptune 20 Virgo

Why 2020 is Like No Other Year

In astrology, we work with ‘perfect storm’ prediction when a lot of transits gather speed together. Using the asteroids as well as the planets, and particularly the crucial little planet Ceres, you can predict anything from Brexit (which was also forecast on this website) to a due date for a crisis involving the Royal Family.

Horoscopes work. They are here to give us strength and hope, when we are running out of patience to see justice done (Maxwell and Epstein). They are also here to warn us to take dangerous situations seriously (COVID-19). Horoscopes were probably working back at Stonehenge, 5000 years ago. There is a reason why we’re still moon-watching.

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40 Responses

  1. I’m so excited to read this – I was wondering if she was going to face judgment and justice. You should work for the FBI. Crime fighting astrology! Hopefully the authorities don’t let this one slip through the cracks… I don’t suppose there’s more info or a chart for Ghislaine floating around? Prince Andrew must be feeling a little nervous.

    1. Thank you. There is no confirmed birth data for anyone except Prince Andrew and this is stage one for him. Stage two comes in November. I am always amazed that the spotlight is on him and never on Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Bill Clinton in particular will be dealing with karma from the years 2001-2002 round about now. Watch out for a cover-up on Sunday 5th July. That was also predicted back in February!

  2. Hi Jessica, what you wrote and predicted is absolutely amazing….l am not sure if you have birth dates for Gislene???? Hopefully nothing will happen to her in custody and all truth is revealed…..Those poor innocent girls need some kind of closure…

    1. We have an AA chart for Maxwell. The key to everything is the letters, diaries, log books, emails, recordings and telephone texts. Rotten kingdoms will fall.

  3. Hi Jessica.

    Have you heard of Sloane Bella? She is a gifted psychic and one of her YouTube videos covers Epstein. She has done one on Madeleine McCann too (Richard D Hall ‘Embedded Confessions’ is also interesting).

    I have wondered whether people like Harriet Harman will be brought down too, and cannot understand why she is allowed to continue as a politician given the former activities of herself along with husband Jack Dromey. The protection of children should be paramount.

    Thanks for all your work.

    1. I have not heard of Sloane Bella, but I will look at her YouTube clips. Thank you. I’ve not looked at the chart of Harriet Harman. What we have certainly seen in recent years (especially 2017) is Leo eclipses. Eclipses are always cover-ups. Leo rules pregnancy, terminated pregnancy, children and teenagers. It can be implicated in the abuse of minors. In fact it is associated with the publication of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. What we are seeing is the fall-out from years of cover-ups. It will take time but it will be pretty thorough. I think the survivors of the Epstein-Maxwell experience will be pretty tenacious. They must have had staying power just to get through, what they were put through.

  4. From Youtube beauty community drama, Epstein scandal, to international affairs Russia referendum, China vs India and vs US, UK over Hongkong and Westen value, Co-vid second waves. 2020 is just kept on giving. I can’t wait to see how this turns out as the age of Aquarius fast approaching.

    1. The year 2020 is really a repeat of The Reformation when Martin Luther cleaned up the corruption and changed the world. There is no rebuilding in 2021, just walking away and starting again. It is extreme, but then people have really suffered in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and most of 2020. They have had enough and we are going to see another historic repeat – the year 1944. I’m sure you know that was the year ‘great dictators’ were jailed (Mussolini) or defeated (Hitler facing D-Day). Take a deep breath because 2020 is extreme, but in so many ways, it has to happen.

  5. Thanks Jessica. You have been talking about this for such a long time!!! (Epstein that is.) Probably even when this first set of eclipses started in 2018? Anyway, it’s all part of the reason I felt hopeful for 2020 (sob); this year is much harder than I ever imagined, but clearly everything needs to be broken down for us to rebuild the world in a better, kinder and humane way.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the first predictions were about the Leo eclipses. Leo rules the royal bedchamber. The chain of cover-ups were always going to be about the monarchy, but in America that is (of course) the White House. Those eclipses were back in 2017. I wrote the longest feature I have ever posted online, about those Leo eclipses! And one of them fell on Maxwell’s Leo Moon. You’ll enjoy 2021. That’s the new world. This year, 2020, is about the end of the old world. We can and will do this, but the faster you turn away from what was, and head towards what might be, the happier you will be.

  6. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article. With regards to the whole Epstein story it looks like he died under suspicious circumstances, was it because he knew to much and would open up a can of worms for other elites….could the same fate fall on Ghislaine Maxwell due the information she may know too? Are we witnessing the start of the grand house of cards for the elites falling around us and a fairer times for all to come. So much going on at the moment – Hong Kong, Covid-19 etc. Is a second wave and another big downward hit to the global stock markets on the cards too? I just sense there’s more to come before the dust settles and we have some form of normality again. Very Best wishes.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the house of cards (great way to describe it) is collapsing. People are talking about rebuilding after COVID-19. Rebuilding is going to look like a waste of time to so many millions of American voters! They will want a replacement. People are sick of the corruption, aren’t they! We have these historic, rare cycles in 2020 called Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. One is unfolding now and we are going to see the personal papers, letters, videos, recordings, diaries, address books, log books in the Epstein-Maxwell story emerge. COVID-19 is one half of the house of cards. The other half is money laundering. Nobody should be distracted by the sex in this saga and everyone should be following the money. I could go on..!

  7. Ghislaine Maxwell was born on December 25th, 1961 so the eclipse last December lit up her chart.
    I’ve been expecting this, but then I started to become a bit unsure as nothing seemed to be happening. But after studying astrology for so long I should know that it works.
    However it is still stunning to me that six months after that eclipse and just days away from this final one in the Cancer/Capricorn series for 2020 that she was arrested.
    I think she might try to cop a plea and implicate others so that more people will possibly be exposed and arrested.
    This next eclipse on July 4/5 is exactly conjunct Prince Andrew’s Saturn. Again, wow!

    1. Yes, astrology always works. It has been working since Stonehenge when they first began predicting eclipses, using markers for the Sun, Moon, North Node and South Node. They were not doing that because they were astronomers. They were doing that because they were astrologers! One thing you need to be aware of is that the eclipse on 5th July will be a classic distraction. The public (we, the people, who have to pay taxes to keep these people afloat) will be diverted by a huge spotlight swinging on one face. This is not the whole story or even the story. So be aware. The face you should be looking at will be hidden in plain sight. Do you remember Lady Diana Spencer’s marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales? Everyone was looking at her. Nobody was looking at Camilla, in the congregation. But she is hidden in plain sight. That wedding took place between two eclipses. On Sunday, look to the person that nobody is looking at. This is not about Andrew.

  8. Hi, Jessica. Your predictions are different levels from other astrologers. I am so amazed by you and astrology. It’s romantic and real. I remember you mentioned extreme weather during this Mercury retrograde but I hadn’t seen much. But just today, noticed that severe flooding started in China in early June, and still on going. It’s ridiculous government spends a lot on HK (maybe not lot effort for them?) while so many people are suffering with this flooding. I also remember reading your reply to someone, saying China will face severe climate emergency situation. I am caught up in feeling disgust with CCP. I hope not only your prediction will continue to become true for CCP but also China will be changed to become more compassionate towards human and …. lives! Thank you for your great entertainment!

    1. Thank you. Yes, China is under water. Typical Mercury Retrograde outcome – it always brings extreme weather that disrupts flights and supply chains.

  9. Hi Jessica – do you see a second wave of mandated quarantine in the US or California more specifically due to COVID? I work in Los Angeles and although businesses are opening, I can’t help but wonder are we looking forward to another spike?

    1. What we are living with in Los Angeles, California, America and the world is ‘the new unpredictable’ and it lasts until 2026. Supply shortages, rationing and stop-start schedules for work and play, are the new normal. There will be wave after wave of COVID-19 outbreaks and having children at home will become part of life, as well as staying at home. This is not what anybody wants to hear but it is what the astrology is showing. To point out the positives, carbon emissions will plunge and the climate emergency will stop. (New, environmentally responsible leadership around the world will also help with that). Pollution will stop. We will slow down and enjoy what we have, so much more than we ever did. The rat race will stop. Package tourism will stop. The new travel will be the real thing – actual travel, for explorers and students of life and languages. Los Angeles will divide into two groups of people. Aware and educated – and not. The first group will organise new rules for a new lifestyle. This happens after a point-blank crisis in January 2021 for the entire world, when Los Angeles realises she must be wholly independent and tailor her legislation to her own situation, not the rest of the country, or even the world. Phew. But that is what happens when you see the perfect storm of the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, with Uranus in Taurus in the background. This is literally about the end of globalisation. When Uranus goes into Gemini after 2026 it is over. Finito.

  10. Will there be Epstein corruption with other Democrats exposed to the world?

    1. Yes, the Jeffrey Epstein empire (a cross between a bank and a brothel) will be dismantled in stages and of course Democrats were involved as much as Republicans. If you go way back to a prediction I posted about the Leo eclipses (use Search) you will see some more forecasts, going back three years ago.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    I have said this – on this website – a few times. I started following you 2 years ago when my son was in a crisis. As I read your daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes it told us EXACTLY what was about to happen next – so we could plan.

    I have 2 questions.
    1. You said “this is not about Andrew?” I am figuring it is about everyone involved. When will this all be exposed?

    2. You also said the corona crisis will be with us “until 2026.” What does this mean? Do we not get a vaccine? Is the virus gone but the aftereffects remain? Can we look to the (18 Spanish flu for clues?

    1. Astrology should be accurate, so thank you for this feedback about your son and the predictions. The Epstein network goes far beyond Prince Andrew and involves money laundering as well as financial ‘loans’ – it’s not just about sex and it’s not just about the Prince. Ask yourself where Epstein got his money from. Follow the money is always a good motto. Covid-19 will be with the world until at least 2026 because even if we find a vaccine not every region of the world will have access to it by that time. Uranus in Taurus is here throughout, so we are in an unpredictable economy, which fits with the erratic lockdowns taking place. There is no vaccine for AIDS and it’s been decades. What you will see is states, counties, territories and sometimes whole countries, eradicating C19. They will then join bubbles with air bridges and we’ll see a new version of ‘First World’ which is basically elite places where elimination has been possible. They will only open access to each other. This fits the mutable sign squares and oppositions we are seeing now through 2030.

  12. Jessica,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yes, I often wondered where Epstein got his money? This all makes sense now. Epstein provided underage sex partners to very wealthy men AND women across the world – and they rewarded Epstein with money, disguised as loans. Some of these monies had to be laundered – so Epstein looked for legitimate means to do so – ie. donating to colleges and universities.

    In terms of COVID – what you say makes a lot of sense. I guess we have to buckle up – going to be a long ride.

    Thanks for all you do.


    1. Thank you Zappy. I personally can’t wait for the Epstein story to unfold. I expect it has been carefully timed to do maximum damage to the Republicans. One thing we will be glad to see the back of, once this Capricorn era has ended, is the tendency of the elite to keep the people in the dark. And yet, the astrology is really clear that the elite will fall as the mountain shakes. We’ve yet to see November which is dramatic!

  13. Jessica,

    Wow, I cannot wait for November.

    I wish you did personal readings but I will take what I can get – which is reading your site diligently every day.

    I long for you to give us an extensive discussion on COVID-19 and where it goes – but I can be patient- I know you are super busy.

    Stay safe and all the best to you and those you love.


    1. Thank you so much Zappy. I am going to post a feature on COVID-19 and also Climate Emergency soon. It covers 2020 to 2040 as over the next 20 years we will see a transformed world, with the end of carbon emissions from globalisation and the start of ‘the new travel’. I just did the research and was amazed by what I saw. We will mostly be working from home (no more commuting) and the bad old days of Trump will be a memory. America, however, will change her constitution so that certain problems can never happen again! I’ll post the predictions in the next few weeks.

  14. “But that is what happens when you see the perfect storm of the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, with Uranus in Taurus in the background. This is literally about the end of globalisation. When Uranus goes into Gemini after 2026 it is over. Finito.”

    I work in book publishing and our books are sold both in the US, Canada and overseas. Does this mean that publishing may be adversely affected in the long run? Will physical books and bookstores and libraries be affected? So far the pandemic has meant that our authors are all launching online –no autographs or in-person events– and we’re encouraging people purchase books from their local independent (instead of using Amazon).

    1. This is a really good question because of course, Sagittarius rules books and Gemini rules the worldwide web. You would expect that by 2040 there will be no paperbacks or hardbacks for sale, except by expensive, signed limited edition. The new digital books will of course be developed version of what we now call enhanced e-books. The actual medium of fiction will change, and non-fiction too, and become interactive and also elective (choose your own ending). I am really excited by what you will be working with eventually. The tight squeeze of the mutable oppositions, squares, T-Squares and Grand Crosses (Generation Virgo, Generation Sagittarius, plus Pisces and Gemini weather) suggests the publishing industry and authors alike, will also squeeze something new from these raw materials. Paper is over and tree-destruction is over. That’s really clear. It has to be recycled. Even then – the price of printing offshore and then transporting books will be prohibitive. So it’s online we stay.

  15. Jessica

    I cannot wait. It is going to feel like Christmas!!!!

    Please stay safe and keep writing and posting. A lot of us depend on your work so so much.


    1. Thank you Zappy. We have eliminated COVID-19 in Tasmania. No cases for two months so we are very lucky. I hope you can also eradicate this where you live too.

  16. Jessica

    I live in Upstate New York. New York was one of the original hotspots and we have managed to flatten the curve. When I go out now, everyone is wearing a mask, some are wearing face shields and others are wearing gloves as well. I have so many questions – but will I ask one – will students go back to schools/colleges? It really looks like globalization is over (at least as we know it)- I am somewhat sad about that because my daughter wants to go to college in another country – but I think we have to start thinking differently/adapting. I cannot wait to read your COVID-19 update. Please, please let me know if you ever decide to do private readings. Stay safe.


    1. Students will go back, then home, then back, then home…mutable weather. (Mutable is changeable – the word ‘mutate’ comes from that). This also tells you a little bit more about the virus. It has already mutated into two varieties, there may be more. The word mutable is centuries old in astrology. Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo have always been the mutable signs – and now we have an historic sequence of slow-moving outer planets and other horoscope factors in those signs, or affecting those signs, for 20 years. What your daughter will likely see is the end of international student life (too expensive or just shut down). Yet in its place will come staggered learning, so it may be that her entire college is divided into rostered/time-shared/staggered attendance. It really depends on the teachers actually as it is their work conditions and salaries which will decide things. She may well end up with a better education at a lower price than she ever dreamed of, in the end. The technology will rise to meet her.

  17. Jessica

    She is headed to Canada. At least that’s what we hope. We haven’t heard on her visa yet – but she is prepared to quarantine for a while before school starts. The truth is we have to adapt – and what you say makes sense – we as citizens have to “mutate” ourselves. This is not what we want – but it is what it is……..

    In addition to your site, I read a lot about the Spanish flu of 1918 and when you do your extensive coverage on the COVID -19. It will be interesting to see the similarities between then and now in Astrology.

    I visited Melbourne, Australia in 2009 and knew of Tasmania – but I actually went online last night and did some additional, in-depth research. Absolutely beautiful beyond words. I once went to Brazil and traveled by train into the mountains and as I did – I thought to myself – “this must be what heaven is like.” I felt the same way when I looked at Tasmania. A physical place can bring peace to your soul.

    Stay safe.


  18. Jessica,

    You have me completely intrigued. Based on your comments, I am now in a state of wonder and curiosity as we wait for the further uncovering of the truth regarding the Epstein situation as well the truth about other elite and prominent people that are involved and will be exposed.
    I also appreciate the details you share/describe about how the planetary alignments and transits describe the changes that we will be experiencing in our daily lives and routines.
    I have not really conceptualized or developed any concrete ideas about how things will or might unfold, I like some of these ideas.

    1. Thank you. We have to wait for more truths around July 22nd – that is an old prediction from February actually – about the elite. Scotland is very interesting because if she goes her own way, then Donald’s golf clubs will be reviewed. But that’s another story (and yes, Scotland will eventually vote for independence).

  19. Hello, Thanks for your detailed analyses, so very interesting! Can astrology predict the outlook for the non-human animals of the planet? The challenges for biodiversity and nature seem to be more bleak than ever: while the quarantining at home has had the positive effect of reducing air pollution, municipal governments are likely to give the green light to suburban sprawl and consequent deforestation in order to provide more houses for people to quarantine in the next time a virus comes around; other governments, in the name of reviving the economy, are running roughshod over protections for species at risk; and will the habits of those who frequent live animal markets, where the virus sprang from, actually change? Sincere thanks.

    1. In 2021 world government will come together to save the planet from Climate Emergency and the ending of the destruction of animals and trees is part of that. We have a perfect storm. Uranus in Taurus – the property revolution. The age of property developers destroying habitat which ruled in 2017-2020 is finished at Christmas when Saturn finally changes signs. That is part of the perfect storm. The other part of all this is another astrological climate pattern – mutable sign weather for the next 20 years. This ends travel, globalisation and immigration as we knew it. So forget quarantine. There will not be the demand. Houses for people to quarantine in, are not part of the future, according to astrology. We are only six months past my original prediction about the virus in January 2020 and we have at least six years to go (and counting). More like 20, actually. Have a look at the right article about this! (It covers life until 2020 under mutable sign weather – Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo – affecting two massive generations of people).

  20. Wow ! Amazing. Another great think and ponder. I live nearly 300 miles north of San Francisco on a farm in Humboldt County CA. I travel for work several days a month close to SF to Wine country. I have family in Los Angeles. I wonder if I must marry one part of the state or the other at some point? And if you can see anything for my way northern California home by the ocean and the Giant Redwoods. Thank you much Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you will have to ‘marry’ one state, and perhaps an adjacent state, over the next few years. This is a really long cycle taking you to 2040 but the future is two worlds. One world eradicates COVID-19 and it will be composed of regions which partner each other for trade, travel and tourism. The other world does not eradicate it and has its own inner structure. You do have some decisions to make about your home or family, near July 20th 2020 and again just after Christmas on December 30th 2020, but the good news is, the pressure you have felt over the last 2-3 years regarding where you belong, and to whom you belong, will ease from December 18th this year, with a much easier run in 2021. Long-term, though, there is no more constant travel across the United States, partly because of airline collapse, but mostly because of the reality of a mutating virus/viruses.

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