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Astrology Predictions to 2040

You will see the end of travel, immigration and globalisation as you knew it, by 2040. It happens in slow stages. Get ready for COVID-19 free bubbles with air bridges. Get ready for 'the new tents'. Put the final week of January 2021 in your diary too. This hasn't even started, according to the astrology.

Farewell Old-Style Travel, Tourism and Immigration

I’m being asked about COVID-19 and the future, more than any other issue in 2020. That’s really no surprise if you look at the thousands of reader comments on this website. So what’s coming next? Well, after looking into the trends 2020-2040, I have to pass this on.

Astrology predicts the end of old-style travel, tourism and immigration as you knew it. You are not going to take vacations and holidays the way you used to. Global trade and the movement of people around the planet is going to stop. Repeatedly.

The replacement? A new way to travel using reconstructed solar ferries, electric public transport with new-style seating, radical new bicycles and ‘the new glamping.’ But first let’s see why the old world of open free trade involving everyone, everywhere, all the time – is over.

The Perfect Storm of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces Factors

Why is the astrology clearly showing the end of globalisation? A perfect storm of obstacles, barriers and blockages in the world horoscope, which began right on time with COVID-19 in the month of May 2020 and will not stop until 2040. These involve cycles for the next 20 years (until 2040) in the travel signs, Gemini and Sagittarius.

These cycles also involve whole generation of regular travellers and globetrotters, born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. That might be you. Even just one major factor in your chart in Sagittarius could already be blocking you in 2020! Check your chart now if you are a Premium Member.

Generation Virgo and the New World

These ‘block’ and ‘stop’ cycles to globalisation by 2040 also involve the generation born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, at hard angles to Sagittarius. Again, that might be you. Check your chart, above. Maybe you have Virgo factors in your chart anyway, beyond these two slow-moving outer planets.

The key to the end of globalisation, immigration and travel as we knew it –  is in the zodiac signs. They call them mutable, and we are going to see 20 years of slow, rolling, powerful patterns involving Gemini (trains, cars and buses), Sagittarius (flights and immigration), Pisces (cruises, ferries) and Virgo (viruses, pandemics) beginning now. The year 2020.

Astrologers have a duty to research and report back. I am posting this now so you are aware of the realities of airline collapse, strict border controls, new rules on visas, passports, citizenship and so on. You need to get real about these risks and understand that we are now living in an erratic, unpredictable, ever-changing, inconsistent new world.

From one state of Australia or America to the next, there will be inconsistency. From one nation to the next, there will be moving lines. This is the true meaning of ‘mutable’ which is the ancient word we use for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces.

In a moment, I will look at why 2021 is so much like 1901, when bubonic plague hit Chinatown in San Francisco – and over in Australia, the Immigration Restriction Act passed. In England, there was a smallpox epidemic. Astrology is history and sociology. Using that, we can predict that 2021 will bring a COVID-19 crossroads for England, California and Australia. Just to name three places.

What You Want To Know

Ever since I predicted the virus (twice) on this website, I’ve had thousands of readers on here, and on Twitter asking me when COVID-19 will be over. You want to know if there will be a cure or a prevention shot.

The astrology says this is much more like AIDS and there is still no vaccine against that, even though so much money has been pouring into research since the late 1980s. There has been nothing except management and avoidance. No remedy, no magic injection. Generation Virgo, born in the Sixties with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, have already learned to live with one global contagion. This is the next.

These kinds of cycles, when a whole generation finds itself challenged and changed, also change the planet. Gay men now get married at white weddings.  What seemed radical decades ago is the new normal. With travel and immigration we are also going to see what seems out of the question in 2020, perfectly normal by 2040.

You know the past tense of our past tents? They used to be canvas and leaked. The new tents by 2030 and 2040 will be the stuff of which dreams are made of. And you’ll be crowdfunding green spaces to rotate access to your patch. And beyond that, if you take these basic ideas about the new travel, I’m sure you’ll come up with some dazzling, true predictions of your own.

The New Normal and The New World Map

9y6zse0mmoo 401x600 - Astrology Predictions to 2040The new normal of travel could be a bubble between Hawaii, New Zealand and South Australia. The new elite COVID-19-free hubs. It could get wilder than that. Imagine the USA with New York separated (COVID-19 free) from her neighbours but in a bubble with Ireland. Stranger things have definitely happened, but one thing is sure. By 2022 people will be sick of Groundhog Day lockdown/release/lockdown/release and want eradication. They will demand their leaders stop the planes and boats.

This is a classic outcome of Sagittarius-Gemini-Virgo-Pisces patterns and we’ve seen it right through history. Using the same modern astrology techniques I used, to predict the virus (below) I am going to show you why the world map will be redrawn and what it means for where you live and where you normally take your holidays.

They call them Millennials (left) but in astrology we call them Generation Sagittarius. They were born 2000-2008 with Pluto in Sagittarius. They are obsessive about other cultures and nationalities; currently aged 13-20 years old; prone to borrowing other cultural ideas and trends via the tattoo parlour and quick to call out racism.

They are also going to be hit by one Gemini obstacle course after another until 2040, when they will be going towards midlife. By that I mean oppositions from Uranus in Gemini to their Pluto in Sagittarius. Oppositions from Chiron in Gemini to their Pluto in Sagittarius. Their first hit is 2020-2022 as the North Node in Gemini opposes their Pluto in Sagittarius. Gated!

How Astrology Predicted the 2020 Virus

Now here is a question for you. What good is an astrologer unless she (or he) can give an early warning about a problem to avoid? Well, consider this.  The French astrologer Andre Barbault wrote “We may well be in serious danger of a new pandemic at the 2020-2021 mark.” That comes from an article in 2011, written in French (so it wasn’t exactly a useful warning for the majority of you who are now reading this) but he was bang-on.

So many people despair of their Prime Ministers and Presidents because they didn’t slam the gates shut at the airports or sea ports in January 2020 when the first Chinese man died. Well, if those leaders had read Andre Barbault, things may be different.

What You Read Here on March 28th, 2019

I don’t agree at all with astrologers who think it’s wrong to give warnings about difficult situations. That is exactly what we are here to do, and it’s certainly my duty to you! So before we get onto the new travel rules to 2040 –  this is what you read, a full ten months before it happened. To the day.

Here it is again.

The New World Order
Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, January 13th, 2020, there will be a critical change in the balance of power between the United States, China and Europe. One Last Note – Post-Millennium Bugs, Hackers and Viruses. Fact. The first Corona Virus fatality in China took place exactly on the 10th of January 2020.

Predicting the Pandemic With Astrology
And again, on November 11th, 2019, four months before it happened.

Where is the Chaos in Your Life on Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th of March 2020? In fact, you can circle these dates in your diary now, because we’re going to see computer and human viruses. Fact. WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic on 11th March.”

efoh8yajqua 600x400 - Astrology Predictions to 2040

Travel The World to 2040? Whole New Game

The oppositions from Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Pisces and so on (all to Generation Virgo and their Uranus and Pluto placements) suggest a new travel game. You have to remember these clashes in the heavens will affect billions, and whenever we see oppositions, we get change. Generation Virgo will want a whole new game of Travel Scrabble. They will alter the rules. This is ongoing, for many years into the future. We may be talking about the original COVID-19 virus or a mutation. There may be other pandemics or viruses. Generation Virgo is not crazy about the air-conditioning on planes and in hotels.

The January 2021 Crisis

Why are we going to see the end of globalisation, immigration, tourism and travel as we knew it? Well, it begins with a critical crossroads at the end of January 2021. As you can see from the date at the top of this story I am publishing it for you on 12th July 2020, so giving you six months’ advance warning, just in case you are scheduling ahead. What we are going to see then is a T-Square. In astrology a T-Square is tense and it’s tight.

Check your chart. If you have factors at 19 Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius then you are in the zone. Be aware. What we have at the end of January 2021 is: Neptune at 19 Pisces, the North Node at 19 Gemini and South Node at 19 Sagittarius. Between January 24th and 27th, 2021, we see an astrology pattern not experienced since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.

Be sharply aware of this if you intend to fly or cruise then.

Planet Saved and Climate Emergency Over

Either because America in particular moves to new, green, leadership – or because airlines, hotels and cruises simply collapse – we will see a plunge in carbon emissions by 2040. We associate priceless environment with Taurus, which rules anything that cannot have a dollar value put on it, because it is beyond that. Taurus is also an earth sign. We are seeing a great deal of traffic in Taurus, alongside these mutable sign patterns.

In Sweden they have a word for what it means to be embarrassed about flying, or ashamed to take the plane. It’s called Flygskam. Well, you know, by 2040, there will be no shame at all. Flying will go back to being the luxury it was in the Fifties.

Bubbles and Air Bridges

You know about social bubbles – just yourself and your immediate circle of family and friends – avoiding the virus together. Makes sense!  You’ve also heard about air bridges, or travel corridors, between reduced-risk countries. None of the 2020 models are the future. They are too unreliable and unpredictable.

They are also happening before Great Britain has finalised her divorce from the European Union. That reality (Brexit, and probably No Deal Brexit) is also behind the astrological trends we are seeing.

The current 2020 confusion about different rules and regulations for different parts of the world is typical of the mutable T-Square involving Neptune in Pisces,  involving Generation Sagittarius (frequent fliers born with Sagittarius planets) and Generation Virgo (older and more worried about danger to their health). So, the bubble-and-bridge idea of 2020 is too unreliable for the future. Yet, within years, we’ll see things firm up.

As each region clears its record and drops to zero cases (for an agreed time) it can create an air bridge to another region, probably adjacent. It is more affordable and more accessible by non-air travel and transport. So, arguably, Scotland could vote for independence from Great Britain, drop to zero cases, and join France – also with zero cases – in the future.

None of this is going to happen without Brexit but that was predicted on this website, even before they had the referendum.

Green and Clean America

Between now and 2040, we are also going to see the Democrats take the White House and the new green, clean America emerge. I’ve predicted a blue wave more than once. It’s really up to voters how massive the wave is going to be.

Early on in this cycle, states or cities will control their own borders and reduce cases to zero. The US will split into two. Those who can eradicate new cases of 19, and those who cannot or will not.

Hawaii, for example, may become C-Free (there will be a new buzz word for this elite status) and then join – say – a country like New Zealand. A near neighbour accessible by the new transport. So let’s look at what the astrology says about that.

4ssarde7b28 600x400 - Astrology Predictions to 2040

Ships, Planes, Trains, Electric Buses, Combination Travel

I’ve mentioned how Gemini rules commuting and why that sign (we are in Gemini Season for 20 years, thanks to cycles I will explain shortly) dominates us. The old way of getting around is null and void by 2040. Petrol is over and electricity and other planet-friendly modes of power are here to stay. Most. of these are just dreams now. Or seem too outlandish. They’ll happen!

The interiors of public or shared transport will be refitted with more space, fewer seats and new technology. Flights will cost more. A lot more. In comes slower, more measured travel. You will leave your region less often, spend more, and take more time. Wales, for example, might drop to zero cases and a new combination of luxury electric bus, new-style spacious train and (finally) a solar-powered ferry might get her to the welcoming new-style AirBnB of a zero-case France.

If all this sounds like science fiction, it’s really not. History tells us that we are going back to the golden age of travel, when people planned carefully, packed for months and made it last. Uranus is about new invention and innovation. In Gemini (short distance travel) we are talking bubbles and bridges between neighbouring regions and countries using new technology.

New Holiday and Vacation Calendars

The new travel will also involve people taking different two-day breaks (we used to call them weekends), family vacations or solo holidays – at completely different times. In the old world of work, we all took Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas off at the same time. We all still take Saturday and Sunday off. Generation Virgo (the sign ruling work and calendars) are right at the heart of the new Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces-Virgo weather until 2040. They are going to work from home, not commute to an office. And they will want a unique vacation, holiday or two-day break calendar as a result. This is great news if you really dislike crowds, traffic jams or queues. Over!

Why 2021 is like 1901

One look at January 1901 in the Ephemeris (our book of planetary positions) and you can see Uranus in Sagittarius, Neptune in Gemini, Pluto in Gemini, the North Node in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini. Even Chiron is in Gemini. January 2021 is like January 1901 all over again. Same soundtrack, different instruments. It’s the same horoscope pattern played backwards.

I’ve been talking about how Gemini-Sagittarius is really about commuting, cars, planes, trains, cruises, ferries and so on. It’s very much about tourists and also migration. Let’s take a closer look at 1901. Every time these cycles go around in astrology you get variations on a theme. So we will see variants of this:

  • Typhoid in Seattle.
  • Railway problems result in The Panic of 1901 – the New York Stock Exchange crashes.
  • The World’s first trolleybus begins in Germany.
  • The first powered flight was made in America.
  • The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 in Australia.

New World, New Trade

Even before COVID-19 globalisation (open trade across the world) was in danger. Made In China was under threat. What the astrology is saying about life until 2040, with rolling blocks, obstacles and crossroads between whole generations of people – and the horoscope traffic above – is simple. The old world has gone. The new world will actually be composed of many different new trade routes and bubbles, bridges and connections. The European Union is over. And in its place will come…?

Many of these will be ‘C-Free’ regions or countries who join each other in slow, COVID-19 Free stages. Some will be outside the privileged C-Free zone and thus be forced to trade with each other.

I predicted that Italy would leave the European Union a long time ago and I’m sticking to that. Her departure from the EU will trigger at least one of these new bubble/bridge trading worlds.

bjxaxq1l7di 600x399 - Astrology Predictions to 2040

Goodbye Air Miles, Hello Local Maps

You can farewell Frequent Flier points and Air Miles. You can say a big ‘hello’ to local travel. That means camping and cycling are in. If you are part of Generation Sagittarius, then you are going to be blocked and stopped by the Gemini clashes and oppositions for 20 years. Gemini is local but Sagittarius is global. When local stops global, you end up with a lot more in-area travel. I predict that we will see at least one major airline grind to a halt at the end of January 2021 and one big cruise company.

Globalisation Obstacles and Blocks

It’s a chain of mutable sign squares, oppositions, T-squares and Grand Crosses.  It is historic and rare. Unless we were deliberately looking at the year 2040, astrologers would not have seen it coming. Yet, this wave (for twenty years) is here. It involves billions of people born with the slow-moving outer planets in Sagittarius (travel) and Virgo (health) and there is no compromise.

Out of this very tight chain of patterns will come a completely different way of travelling and trading, with as many tough new restrictions, are there are exciting, novel ways to roam. In chronological order, from 2020 onwards, we are going to see:

North Node in Gemini
South Node in Sagittarius
Neptune in Pisces
Jupiter in Pisces
Saturn in Pisces
Jupiter in Gemini
North Node in Pisces
South Node in Virgo
Uranus in Gemini
Jupiter in Pisces
Chiron in Gemini
Saturn in Virgo
North Node in Gemini
South Node in Sagittarius

International Students

You probably know that Gemini and Sagittarius also rule academia, colleges, universities and education. Now, this traffic in the heavens, affecting billions of us, also picks up the entire global student industry. International students pay large fees in countries like Australia to study. This looks blocked, stopped, obstructed and transformed too. A far more interesting outcome might be online education for everyone who passes the test, at affordable rates. So if you are a clever working-class teenage girl in Glasgow, you could pay a modest sum to Zoom your way to a Harvard degree. As the admission numbers for this are many times more than Harvard ever permitted within the USA, the economics will make sense to the academics. It’s very likely.

Climate Emergency and Pandemics

We have no way of knowing if this particular version of COVID-19 will meet with a vaccine or not. AIDS was never cured. What we do know is that for this reason (a continued pandemic without a vaccine) or others (new, green, global government showing up from 2021) we’ll see the end of globalisation. Those Sagittarius generations hit a brick wall for around 20 years. It’s over.

That’s certainly the end of America, China and Russia as we know them – in terms of trading and travelling – and they also happen to be the three worst offenders in the climate emergency

So we might say – planet changed. Planet saved. This isn’t just about an end to constant flights, it’s also about the end of manufacturing on a grand scale for huge populations. As an astrologer, I have to say it’s the most intriguing cycle we’ve seen in decades. As a woman with two passports, I have to say I feel your pain. But if changing the planet is saving the planet, we have to credit the Universe for producing Generation Virgo and Generation Sagittarius in twenty years of rolling mutable weather.

It’s Back. The Plague and the Fall of Rome

The Antonine Plague was brought to the Roman Empire by troops returning from campaigns in Asia, Turkey and Egypt. In 165-180 AD when the plague took 5 million lives around the world, we saw the same mutable sign stress (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces) we are seeing between 2020 and 2040. So that’s – Pluto in Gemini. Neptune in Sagittarius. Uranus in Pisces.
Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo.

The Fall of Rome back in 165-180 is The Fall of America and China in 2020, with Russia a slow third. In its place will come a fascinating new planet of mini-worlds. Let’s look at these mutable zodiac signs in turn and how they show up.

Pisces and Cruise Ships

Pisces, the fishes, is ruled by Neptune (the sea) and thus rules cruise ships. COVID-19 had hit over 40 cruise ships by May 2020. On the Diamond Princess alone 14 people died. The Romans had a similar problem with Uranus and Saturn in Pisces. The Fall of Rome was about trade and military shipping, not The Love Boat, but those water networks in Rome collapsed.

Sagittarius and Eurostar

My colleague in astrology, Londoner Demian Allen is the author of The Astrological Dynamics of the Universe. Here he talks about what was happening when Millennials were born. “In 1995 Pluto began its journey through the sign of Sagittarius, finishing in 2008. This was a period when the world became smaller and when it was easier to travel; the Eurostar is an excellent example.”

Virgo and Covid-19

This is an old prediction of mine that came true: “I am sure you know Virgo is also associated with the body. Our physical condition and physical state.  January 2020 will also be a time of reckoning for any corporation at risk of class-action lawsuits by people whose health has been endangered by (for example) big pharmaceutical companies.” This prediction was made on 26th December 2017, so three years before COVID-19 came along in January 2020. The class-action lawsuits that rolled from January, were all about fake Corona Virus cures.

Gemini and Transport

The brilliant Anthony Louis is the author of Horary Astrology Plain and Simple. He makes these associations with Gemini: “Local travel, short or inland journeys.” He goes on to make the connection with “Cars and garages, buses, walking, bicycling, motoring.” This tells you everything you need to know about the fourth mutable sign under pressure. That creates change.

What’s Finished? What’s Over?

The live exports of sheep and cows. Why? Too infectious. You will be eating them from local farms, or not at all.
Say goodbye to mega-cruise ships. They’ll be converted into frozen food freight ships from zero-case nations.
Chopping down trees for export photocopying paper. Skyrocketing costs will mean forced local paper recycling instead.
Crowded, old-fashioned public transport. Until it is redesigned and more buses/trains are served – people will walk.
The ‘cram them in’ business model of airlines like Virgin separating people into Economy and Upper Class. Gone.
Churn/cheap fashion. We’ll recycle and reshape old clothes. Supply chain breaks force change in fast fashion.
Supermarkets. One person breaking quarantine in one supermarket means two weeks of closure.

What’s New?

Bicycles will be revamped, redesigned, and become a massive new industry.
Recycled, remodelled and second hand – everything.
Open air local food markets expand into huge town or suburban trading centres with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.
New technology makes local camping with vans and tents as luxurious as five-star hotels.
The old song ‘Rip it up and start again’ applies to sardine-seating business models not only for airlines but also theatres.
The new live event music/comedy/theatre is live cast to global subscribers and continues in refitted venues for fewer people.
Super immunity for the Virgo Generation in particular (born in the 1960’s) becomes a business boom.

Over To You. What Are Your Predictions?

Given that we are living in this perfect storm of mutable clashes and cross-currents until 2040, what do you see? What do you think the outcome of Pisces-Gemini clashes will be? Are we talking about new tunnels under the sea or just new-style boats? How about the clash between Sagittarius and Virgo? How are the new air bridges and travel bubbles going to work? I am posting this feature in July 2020 on a day when Scotland is down to zero new cases but Florida is hitting bad all-time highs…How is our brand new world going to function by 2040?


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150 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, i have been really moved reading your article…I cannot say i havent seen it coming, and you have been very clear for years about this long cycle. But inside, its heartbreaking.
    I am part of the sagittarius generation, born with the south node in pisces at 19°, venus conjunct neptune at 19° and 20° sagittarius, and saturn in virgo at 12°. My next BDay on the 27 th of January will put me right in the eye of the mutable signs storm.
    Half of my family and friends live in England, and in Europe, while i’am in France. I have always been a traveler and travel is my therapy, even if in the last few years, i chose to travel in Europe, in close circles.
    But even if i am deeply aware of the need to slow down, and to save our planet and future generations,…For our generations, born with very little borders and an illusion of being citizen of the world…All this is heartbreaking.
    I’d like to move to Ireland or Scotland at one point, two countries that have always spoke to me deeply on an emotional and intellectual level as i feel locked on some personal level in France : do you think its gonna be possible in the next 5 years ?
    Many thanks. I feel deeply hit but i guess we all have to aware of what’s coming.

    1. I know it’s heartbreaking. You would feel it quite strongly, already (in 2020) as you have those mutable sign patterns. You are used to travelling constantly, dividing your time between different cities in Europe and enjoying the thrill of packing your bags and taking off. You are not going to lose the packed bags in future, but you will be travelling with different means of transport, at a greater cost, and less frequently. The reward is you will appreciate the trip more and stay longer. If you think of Byron taking his famous odysseys across Italy in the days of Grand Tours you are halfway there. What we are seeing on a really deep level is the need for true commitment to a country. The old model of globalisation where people would move to a country to make money quickly, send it back home, fly back home – and then ultimately return – is over. If you are talking about England you need to be a realist about the NHS and its funding, as these patterns in the final week of January 2021 are very much about hardline decisions involving public health (Virgo) but also travellers and migrants (Sagittarius). So it’s time for big choices and by 2022 you will probably ‘marry’ a country and stay there. And live with its air bridges and bubbles, if it achieves zero cases. Scotland seems very likely. Have a look at the world map today and the latest figures on COVID-19 cases and ask yourself where you think she might have her bridges!

  2. Jessica, this is so incredibly interesting as well as disheartening! I hope the shared relationship between Australia and the UK results in some kind of bubble.

    After years of backward and forwards with the love of my life (him in London, me in Sydney) I finally think we could make this work and he’d be coming to Australia. I’m starting to think the Google alert for the border reopening isn’t going to go off any time soon. Particularly with my North Node at 19 Gemini.

    I’ve had a quick look at he doesn’t have anything at 19 at all, but he does have stelliums in Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini. His birthday is 1:37am 14 March 1971 in Cambridge, UK.

    I can only imagine that all those long distance lovers are going to be feeling like star crossed lovers under this influence!

    1. Your London lover is in the zone with those mutable signs. The ‘mutables’ as they call Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo suggest he is a changeable human being anyway, and he must now meet change – with change. You have your North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius so I expect this is karmic. You two have shared at least one past life where you had to decide between staying put or moving. Or do you Zoom until further notice? If you are in Sydney I am sure you know that the new rules on quarantine involve a $3000 hotel stay on your return from Britain. And that is only the news in July 2020. When Britain has another huge outbreak you may find Australia bans return travel for a time. So, I know it is disheartening, but it is also useful to get real and stay real. This is a different world we are living in, for 20 years. Firm decisions are called for. It can be tough. But there are also wonderful advantages and fantastic outcomes, which I hope you can see. You don’t say if he has children or not, or wants them or not, but that is actually the deciding factor for him in making big life choices about staying in England, or moving to Australia, or having you move to England, until 2023.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all this valuable information. I know that I will be reading it again and again to process all that you’ve shared. One piece that stands out is your mentioning of a Jan 2021crisis at 19 degrees. Given that my sun is at 19 Virgo with Diana beside at 18 Virgo, I was wondering how that date might affect me and what I should be focusing on in pre-planning for it. Any insight would be helpful.
    Thanks again,

    1. It is a very long article, but 20 years is a very long time! If you have the Sun at 19 Virgo and Diana at 18 Virgo, what goes down worldwide in the final week of January 2021 is about your work, unpaid work or college/university study. I am saying this to a few people with similar chart patterns, Amy, but the more flexible you are by then, the better. Try not to lock yourself into anything too heavy or fixed, as the opposition from Neptune in Pisces, and the squares from the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, suggest closed borders right around the world and that is going to affect the business or professional situation quite dramatically. We are also going to see the end of particular travel companies. This has a domino effect on work and money, so the more wiggle room you give yourself to be free to make choices, the better. It’s hard to say more without knowing your career situation or the charts of the companies or organisations involved in your working life. Think like a yoga teacher. Stay bendy. And as Virgo rules your health, stick rigidly to masks, handwashing, social distance, hand gel and the avoidance of large crowds. Get your immunity right up, too.

  4. Hi Jessica, this is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for the heads up, I really appreciate that you have given us a few months to get our house in order and prepare for this. I find myself pondering whether I should be thinking of moving nearer facilities so that I do not rely on transport especially as it looks like we are in this cycle for a long time. So many angles to consider but I love looking at things differently and from the start of this pandemic I had hoped it would bring in a positive outcome for our environment. I’ve been a bit worried at the amount of disposables we are now using but am thrilled that we are moving to a more responsible way of taking care of the planet. Yippee.

    1. Thank you. It’s good that you love looking at things differently. You are right about the environment. Do you remember when China ground to a halt? Pollution and carbon emissions plunged. My original prediction from 2019 was all about China and the new world, and it looks as if that is now unfolding. Stay flexible, open and adaptable with your plans for your home and transport, as you will see councils, local government and the government itself change direction frequently until 2022. So, for example, there may suddenly be a way to save or make money, that you had not expected. The less tied down you are, the better. People who can make quick decisions (and the right decisions) at the right time are at an advantage. So it’s good you are discovering how astrology can help.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I am curious about this 19 degree sacred geometry in my chart- apollo 19 virgo, fortuna 19 scorpio, proserpina 19 aquarius. Please pass on your insights.
    Thank you.

    1. The Virgo-Scorpio-Aquarius combination is about work, money and your friends, or groups (clubs, teams, networks, circles, communities). It is triggered quite dramatically in the final week of January 2021 as we hit a tight and tense T-Square between Neptune in Pisces, the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. That is going to have an impact on one friendship or group in particular, and also your finances and your job, unpaid work or university degree. Be aware of that. It’s hard to say more without your chart.

  6. Thank you, Jessica. Your information is so insightful and appreciated. I have North Node at 19 degrees Sagittarius and South Node 19 degrees Gemini. Last year I purchased land near where I spent considerable time 22 years ago. Any insight on what to expect with the Nodes in these positions would be appreciated.

    1. You have those mutable Nodes and will be drawn into the changes to 2040 in quite a personal way. You don’t say where your land is, or how far away you are from what you own. Basically, the next 20 years is about being extremely flexible, open to change, and able to cope with change. The mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini were associated with constant movement and uncertainty, even hundreds of years ago. So, we are going to see long-established flight paths disappear. We will see a No Deal Brexit completely transform Europe and Great Britain. That will have a domino effect on the Commonwealth countries. I could go on, but what the astrology is saying so clearly, is that there are no guarantees any more. The best thing you can do is get yourself into a position where you can deal with just about any change, at any time, and make it work for you.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I know as I read this, it’s a little scary and little hopefully. Scary because a lot of us have close family in different countries or even different states in the same country. The fact that we are looking at limited travel is worrisome if you have parents who are getting older and in a different country. If getting to them will really become that hard, that’s a concern. Do you see travel between countries difficult or stopped or do you see it become expensive? Either scenario is hard in its own way.
    Secondly, my job is marketing and global business development and I used to travel quite a bit. My company is a global and currently going to through a change in company dynamics with people deciding to leave or retire. This will certainly change my role within this company. I may have a choice to pick a specific pathway towards a modified role in my company. Do you have any recommendations or points I should consider since this 20 year cycle seems to span almost all of my remaining career life.
    Thank you again for this fantastic article and helping us plan ahead. I am equal parts thrilled to see a green new America with Democrats in power and equal parts sad because we as a family (esp my son) absolutely love traveling.
    Take care and stay safe!!!

    1. We all have family around the world. Travel will become expensive and less frequent. In some countries or regions it will be halted. I know it’s hard. Yet, we will find a way to manage and we will also see carbon emissions plunge, which is wonderful news for our descendants. You are in marketing and global business developments and your chart is also in the change zone. No wonder people are leaving or retiring. As a rule of thumb, go for roles and plans which are as flexible as possible and give you as much room to move, as possible. Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) are highly changeable and when they clash like this, both between generations and in the actual horoscope you have – you live with an unpredictable new world. So, whatever the company is thinking, it needs to prepare for the unexpected. In Australia, where I am about to do some media interviews, Melbourne has had its second lockdown. They did not expect that. Cities and countries where people thought they were safe, have been hit a second time. Florida is out of control in the US. As much as we love to travel, we are now on a planet where we can’t bank on anything or anybody for very long, any more. The more wiggle room you have in your career the better. This can and will work but we are going to have to re-invent what we used to do. There is also sacrifice. We can’t get around that. We will have to accept what we cannot alter.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    First of all, I am a great fan of yours. I am constantly looking forward to reading your new predictions for the coming day, week, and month. Thank you very much for your insight and guidance!!!
    I have my Sun at 3 degrees in Capricorn, so having Saturn currently still in Capricorn is not easy. To say that the last few years (especially the last two) have been tough is a very big understatement. I have been studying fine art for years only to hit rock bottom when I arrived back at home from aboard in the summer of 2018. Honestly, I was hoping that I could finally find a job I love doing and start an independent life at the beginning of 2021 at the latest. However, now that I am reading your current prediction I am starting to lose hope with regard to my ongoing applications for positions in academia and the arts. I have Ceres at 2, Diana at 10, Saturn at 14, Mercury at 23, and Uranus at 23 degrees in Sagittarius plus Chiron at 17 and Hygeia at 24 degrees in Gemini. Is there some light at the end of the tunnel for me? I am in desperate need of some positivity.

    Best wishes and stay safe

    1. Thank you so much. You are very kind. I am really sorry that your fine art studies have not given you what you hoped for. You want light at the end of the tunnel with your job situation in academia and the arts. You are right in the Gemini-Sagittarius zone so I am not surprised to hear it has been hard for you so far. Yes, there is a positive outcome – if you are prepared to ‘be the change’. The world needs art teachers and mentors for Zoom sessions or socially-distanced in-person tutoring. I am not sure if you have been following the BBC/SBS Life Drawing programs? Within minutes thousands of people were online sending in their sketches. What you will be able to do is get your skills into a marketable form, where you can coach or teach, and take your place online with the new outlets for that. While you pursue that, the academic world will finally get real about what is happening, and you will be able to upskill online too, so that you can add (say) the history of art, to your portfolio. The mutable sign (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) pressures between generations, and in the astrological climate, will squeeze something good from something difficult, but you have to be radical, and you have to be right on the edge of the experiments now taking place on the internet. Being right across a second language or subtitling is a very good idea too.

  9. Dear Jessica, I have Virgo and Sagittarius factors and wondering how I might be affected particularly as someone who has family across many parts of the world. Thank you

    1. It probably makes it easier to remember that by dealing with long absences, less trips and more time apart – we are actually saving the planet from Climate Emergency so our families and their descendants will be safe. What we are seeing here is the total end of China-America-Russia which dominated the world for so many years. That also means the end of dangerously high emissions, so we’re safe. The end of constant flights also helps. So there is a purpose behind this. The collapse of particular airlines by 2022 and new restrictions on quarantine, borders, visas, passports and the rest will affect us all. It’s tough but it will also save us.

  10. As a woman with a hard-working teenage girl in Glasgow, who’s part of Gen Sag, I’m hopeful yet sad. I’ve travelled and lived all over the place, so I’ve done my thing.
    Will be very excited if Scotland is independent and has a bubble with France and Ireland, that’s all I‘ll need!
    Quick question – do you see books involving travel being part of a solution to not being able to? Thank you

    1. Scotland will have a second referendum after Brexit is final and you will have your bubble and air bridge from Glasgow to selected regions and countries. She has done very well to get to zero new cases in such a short time and once the Scots pass two weeks of that, they will want to keep it. I don’t know which countries will partner with her, but you would have to bet Ireland is high on the list. People who miss their old access to (say) America will certainly want books about the place, and films, and television. Yet, I think within a few years individual regions like Hawaii will go for eradication of COVID-19 and so New Zealanders, for example, who have also managed zero new cases recently, would be visiting the U.S. in a limited way.

  11. Dear Jessica, OMG! reading about travel, immigration, etc… and the changes through 2040 reminds me of how travel and immigration was for a choice few who were privileged and lucky. We had to wait for months for our visas to be approved, a travel agent to plan trips and an envy of many onlookers who wanted to travel and could not afford. The 1970s and early 1980s were such days. I still remember begging my parents to allow me to travel and being one of many siblings, we waited our turn. When I did travel, I never wanted to return home to India – wanting the freedom, free life and less confinement to the Indian traditions where women were not equal to men. Close to 40 years later, living in America, land of opportunities but very confined to the work life, travel around the world was possible but being confined to making a living, travel was restricted due to limited vacation time and a plan to put it off until retirement… Reading this article makes me wonder.
    I would be obliged if you could look at the many factors in my chart and see how this phase affects the next 10 years. My entire fam is in India. I live in the US with my own family and visit India at least every 2 years. I have stellium in Sag, Virgo, Pisces. I love to travel around the world and it was my plan to see a few countries a year in the next decade. Is this something I would need to readjust to a different mindset?
    Thank you always for your incredible insights.

    1. That is really interesting about your travel background and history. You have this long connection with India as a result of it and obviously want to know how things will be with your family over there, as you live in America. You also have the classic mutable pattern in your chart involving Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces. You will have to accept the new world with new rules, and it began in May 2020 when the Nodes moved into mutable signs. The United States will eventually separate into state-by-state management of COVID-19 as Florida and New York will have different scales of pandemic numbers and very different ways of wanting to handle it. This is enough to be thinking about in 2021 – never mind India! You’re looking at a total rethink of domestic American flights. India may also separate into regions, in order to cope – and each region, again has to be taken on its own merits. It’s really clear that COVID-19 is similar to AIDS in terms of the astrology. In fact AIDS arrived with the outer planets in Sagittarius. It was shipped around the world by plane. This isn’t going away. It’s in your interests to stay constantly updated on how each region/country is managing and particularly where each airline is at. I have two passports and used to spend half the year in Britain and half the year in Australia. I axed that in March. It’s painful to do that but unfortunately we have woken up in a similar cycle to the Fall of Rome!

  12. Thanks for the great article.

    Today, Nicola Sturgeon has suggested that she is considering quarantining visitors from England. The shape of the things to come , in line with your predictions.

    It will be interesting to read how each of the today’s major countries will change over the next 20 years, based on their horoscopes.

    1. That is interesting about Nicola Sturgeon. She can’t enforce borders with England, but once Brexit is final, you’d have to expect another referendum on independence, this time with a clear vote to separate. After that, Scotland may indeed be able to quarantine visitors from England, Wales and Ireland (or anywhere else she likes) particularly because she is now close to that solid-gold, zero-case status – ongoing. Why would you want to throw that away?

  13. Very enlightening post. It’s easy to see how the world of travel and trade is going to be affected. Another industry greatly diminished by this pandemic is the arts and entertainment. How will this industry survive without group gatherings? Specially the live one. Music, theater. Will it be able to survive or it will evolve into something different.

    1. Thank you. I had a musician also ask the same question. I worked in music media for some years and I was thinking about bands like Nirvana (I was lucky enough to interview Kurt Cobain once) and how they would have coped with COVID-19. The same with actors and the theatre, film and television. It’s quite possible that more money than ever will be made, once people realise the answer is to invent a new industry. I am really surprised at The Globe shutting down Shakespeare. That’s really wasteful. They could let one-quarter of their usual seats sell, offer tickets at twice or three times the price, and live-stream the plays to a global audience with subtitles by subscription. Subscribers might pay what my subscribers pay – US $50 a year. That gives them exclusive access to special live-streams of Hamlet, Macbeth and so on. Can you imagine the numbers? They would make a fortune. Far more than they ever made with the old business model. If Shakespeare was alive today I think he’d be suggesting exactly that kind of model. Repeat for music. Superfans of bands like Radiohead and Coldplay would be more than happy to pay two or three times the usual ticket price for a one-off open-air concert with less people and more space. Millions of worldside subscribers livestream for a price and everyone goes home happy.

  14. Hello, Jessica.

    Thank you for this post, I was waiting for this.
    As you mentioned to me before, I seem to be affected by this Gemini Sagittarius Nodes. And reading this article, I started to see how it could.
    I have questions.

    1) England
    You predict that Britain will flourish with Brexit with new trade agreements around the world. But if globalisation is going to be diminished, how Britain is going to enjoy that? I mean, I wish Britain remain strong in the world stage and that is why I am asking. Your prediction made before that Britain (Should I say England?) may have borders with Scotland or Wales and it sounds realistic now with Covid 19. Will England be C-free sooner than other neighbouring countries in UK, countries in EU or in the world or much later than them?

    2) Japan
    Would you kindly predict on Japan, especially in relationship with England (or UK) within this time frame (2020-2040), please? My families are there and I want to be ready to support them economically.

    Best wishes,

    1. Great Britain looks like she’ll split into separate nations, separated by borders, after Brexit. We might also call this old country The British Isles. (The Romans called her Britannia). Scotland will leave – that has been clear for years. Old globalisation (China-America-Russia) collapses. The new world is actually many smaller worlds of trade and travel, and England will eventually eradicate COVID-19 and form bubbles with select other countries – Italy will eradicate the virus and be one of them, for example. Australia and New Zealand will eradicate the virus and join them. We’re talking years into the future here, but that is my job. Japan should be able to eradicate the virus but it really depends on her leadership so keep an eye on that. The way to do it is a State of Emergency, closed borders, nobody coming in or out (for a short time) until weeks of zero new cases have passed. Then – new legislation on who comes in and goes out. I don’t have the Japanese chart to hand, but as a nation they are famous for their ingenious approach to life, so you’d have to expect that they won’t tolerate the endless repetition of outbreaks/closures/outbreaks/closures for long, or the erratic situation with other nations. They’ll go for bubbles and bridges, I am sure, and your family can enjoy that.

  15. Hi Jessica, thank goodness for you and for your generosity in sharing your astrology predictions, you have been right about so many things, and as hard as it was to read this I believe that these things will happen. The world does need to change, but this is going to be very hard for some people. In all probability I will not be here in 2040, and I certainly do not want to come back. I worry for my grandchildren born in the early 2000’s I hope they adapt well. Do you think that covid 19 was man made or was it the earth’s payback for her bad treatment? Will the population of the world decrease as I think that is one of the world’s main problems. Will the world become greener before all the open spaces are built upon, lots of questions I know, but they came from another of your very interesting articles. Stay Safe!

    1. Thank you. Lots of questions there. Your grandchildren will adapt. They will also be fine in the long run, and so will their own grandchildren in the future. Why? The end of globalisation is the end of Climate Emergency. Do I think COVID-19 was man-made? I believe the virus has been used quite deliberately by some nations and groups, to get what they want. This goes back to my original predictions from 2019. I saw a code, and also computers, as well as a virus. Will the world become greener? Yes. Many high-rise apartments will be pulled down because they become uninhabitable. Others will be converted into towering greenhouses to grow food. I realise this all sounds like science fiction but when you have Uranus in Taurus (the property revolution) as well as all this mutable sign pressure, cities change.

  16. Thank you for the compelling article Jessica. How might I prepare for the January 2021 crisis? As you can see, I’ve got a stellium at or near 19º Pisces. Thank you. Regards, Patrick

    1. Patrick – read the fine print on flights and cruises, trains and ferries, buses and coaches. The astrology is really clear. We have a T-Square in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces in the heavens, which will trigger a Grand Cross for people with Virgo planets, who are now in their fifties. In plain English that is an impossible situation involving short-haul transport and commuting (Gemini), immigration, global trade and relocation (Sagittarius) and particularly cruises but also beaches (Pisces). Virgo obviously rules public health. If you were a Roman asking me about this back in AD 165-180 I would suggest you avoided travel, social distanced, wore a mask, washed your hands, used hand gel and had a safe social and family bubble! Similar cycle. Back then it was the Antonine Plague. You’ll be fine but be aware.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto @ 14 degrees of Virgo in my natal chart. Interesting what you write about how air travel will no longer be the same.

    The past ten years I have undertaken many tours of Europe as part of my work as a professional musician, performing concerts in many countries. This touring was certainly not as a tourist or for the sake of vacationing, it formed an integral part of my career. So for me air travel is very important. As it is for every other musician. So how do you think this change in the future of air travel going to impact touring for musicians? Are the days of touring over? Or will, as you say, air bubbles be available for this type of thing?

    Many bands have rescheduled their 2020 tours for 2021. Is this being a bit too optimistic if air travel as we know it will no longer be?


    1. Thanks Rob. Yes, the bands have got it wrong, by rescheduling world tours for 2021. Some dates will be okay (the fans will take the risk and the airlines will fly) but there will be cancellations and postponements. The old business model of serial dates in venues will eventually be replaced by just one open-air concert, with a strict limit on fewer tickets – at higher prices. This gives you an outdoor audience of 500 people in a 1000 metre (one kilometre) outdoor space, sitting down (bring a picnic). The global livestream will be monetised, along with a produced documentary for sale afterwards – and voila. Bands will make more money for less work. Twitter has become the place to listen to Joy Division with Tim from the Charlatans hosting live discussion by fans. It’s wonderful and it’s free but at a certain point a wise promoter will see the massive numbers on those kinds of sessions and figure out a way to make it work on a business level! The Hay-On-Wye Festival in England in 2020 was about books, not music, but the attendance online was massive – much higher than anything they’d seen back in the old days.

  18. I felt an incredible surge of hope as I read your article because globalised life should only flourish if the earth is not being wrecked. I’m actually looking forward to a lot of the changes. You’re bold to post predictions and it’s a sign the astrology is pretty astute. I’m not looking forward to the new plague however. And I do wonder as a mother where the anti vaxxers play their part with this new development, as a mother the info for children’s vaccine is so confusing you don’t know if you’re reading the info correctly or abiding by draconian law and I wonder when you say pharmaceutical companies will be help accountable what new info will come to light. I also wonder what it means for religious pilgrimages like hajj. Where millions couldn’t gather this year. People talk a lot about America Russia China but Saudi Arabia Also needs to reform. With sagi affecting religious institutes I do wonder how it will
    Affect the religious power houses.

    1. Thank you. You are quite right about Saudi Arabia and as I read through the comments on this feature, I realise the feature probably needs to become a YouTube Premiere with a closer look at the Saudis, but also publishing. Petrol is obviously finished by 2040. So their power base has gone. The inner-city hunger for space means cars will be fined heavily for entering as restaurants, cafes and pubs will want streets converted into dining areas, and open air markets will also demand free space. Electric or other non-petrol powered buses with specially spaced seats will meet people outside the cities and shuttle them in. We are also going to see the return of horse-drawn transport in the inner cities. Strange but true! Switched-on suburbs will try it first. I am sorry the information on vaccines is so confusing and contrary. Typical of mutable sign clashes – Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. Do your own research and remember even The Lancet gets it wrong.

  19. Thank you so much, Jessica. Reading this article, my main feeling was gratitude and elation – because I’ve been aware of the climate science and the trajectory we were on. Before beginning to see the shifts through your predictions, I had little hope and believed we were on track for collective suicide. In that context, of sacrifices that provide for our survival as a civilization, I don’t mind about any changes. Your work is such a gift, and you are so generous.

    On a more specific note, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the publishing industry and how it will likely be affected and adapt? Will our beloved physical books survive?

    LT x

    1. Thank you LT. What you might say about life to 2040 is – system crash, planet rescue. The old system is crumbling and will collapse in stages. Some people will talk about rebuilding but politicians are going to find voters want something completely new and different. You are the second person to ask me about publishing! Quite right too, as Sagittarius rules your Ninth House of bookshops and libraries, and Gemini rules the worldwide web and ebooks. Paperbacks and hardbacks will survive as limited-edition, signed, collectable items, printed on recycled paper and numbered. Everything else will be digital or online and embrace new inventions and exciting technologies which are as radical to us by 2040, as the printing press was to monks who used to rely on quill pens and ink. We are going to see interactive online novels with choice-based plot twists with thousands of readers selecting a different climax or ending. Novels will come alive with embedded video (moving on the enhanced ebook format from a few years ago) and you can choose your preferred actress for the heroine. I’ll be really interested to see if Jane Austen’s publishers can legally experiment with Pride and Prejudice, but you would point and click on your choice for Mr. Darcy from a range of actors. We are also going to see the rise of the novella, digitally, which my friend Nick Earls wrote about in his research on new novel forms. The whole industry will go through a really tight squeeze but whenever we see this kind of astrological pressure, it produces innovation and transformation.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    your post made me curious to see how is Romania [Monday, January 17, 1859, 11:20 AM], my country, going to be in the last week of Jan 2021 and the years to come, taking into consideration that almost all heavy transits through Cap had an impact lasting for decades. I am not an astrologer and looking on its chart compared with the transits made me shiver at the idea of the civil unrests that seem to be boiling, no money from abroad (almost 1/4 of our population lives and works abroad sending money to their relatives in the country) probably because of borders policies changing, and that Lilith conj Sun at 25-26 deg Cap which, I suppose, will drive the virus rampant here by that time next year, but again, I’m just an amateur, could you, please, tell me if possible, what seems to be in store for this state in the next years? Thank you in advance.

    1. Okay for a start don’t use Lilith. She is not part of the Roman family tree of astrology. You are asking about Romania. What you are waiting for is Great Britain to conclude the Brexit negotiations with the European Union. After she has left, probably with no deal, you will find the old set-up where almost 25% of your people work in other countries finishes. You are looking at new government, new leadership and a new system with more women moving into positions of power. Romania will cut her own deals with neighbouring regions and a lot of the problems you have had, which involve old men who should not have that power, will vanish within 10 years are so many of them will resign, retire owing to ill health, lose their positions or even die. There is a real sea change coming for Romania. When they offer crowdfunded allotments to grow local vegetables take a very close look.

  21. What a world landscape we find ourselves in – and your article is just incredible. Thank-you so much Jessica!! I have Hygiea at Sag 18 and Juno at Pisces 17 with Sagittarius rising. Those dates in January correspond exactly with a music festival I may be involved in here in Australia ( … or not lol given what you have just said!!) Could you please give me some insight into how all of this may affect me – and my music (I’m a singer-songwriter) – both next January and up to 2040??

    1. Thank you. Oh, your musical festival has been planned for the final week of January? Read the fine print on cancellation, delay, payment and insurance. As a musician you will make more money and get more mileage from talking to other musicians and event managers who are far-sighted enough to realise that the best way to organise gigs is to sell fewer tickets, to less people, for more money and have one-day events in summer, outside, with no camping on site. These events are simultaneous-broadcast to paying viewers online and there would be extras: exclusive interviews with the musicians, downloads to keep and so on. There would also be interactive and live-stream Twitter #comments from fans and artists. Spin-off events in suitable venues would involve live big-screen gatherings – but again, in summer, outside and with very few people for perhaps two or three times the usual ticket price. Find out who is thinking ahead and keep talking to them for the next few years. If you are in Australia you will have just seen how one infected pub in New South Wales can shut down so many lives and so much money. All it will take is for that to happen at one musical festival and that’s it. So talk to people who are switched-on and not randomly hoping for ‘a cure’.

  22. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this fascinating and incredibly valuable information, I really appreciate you sharing your insight and providing this window into the next 20 years. I have always been comfortable with change and can usually feel change coming long before it arrives, even if I don’t know all the details to start with. A sun Virgo at 22º, I also have Pluto in Virgo at 8º, Minerva at 16º and a stellium in Leo and Scorpio, I recently accepted a new position and moved to the city – something I thought I would never do. The move took almost a year to unfold after the initial spark of an idea formed and I’m loving it so far, I live much closer to my children, having swapped the beach for inner city. Although this is a really challenging time for many, it is also a time ripe with opportunity and the chance for the world to slow down, for the environment to heal and regenerate and for us all to re-set. In amongst the uncertainty is an element of excitement at witnessing the new world dawning. I do believe there will be many creative and innovative solutions, across all industries, that will change the way we live, consume, socialise and work, creating new ways for us all to spend our time and energy.

  23. Hi Jessica! How can I prepare for Christmas through January 2021? I am aware of my heavy finance cycle through December 2020 and all the nice angles in my 5th house right now- but after that?


    1. December 2020 and January 2021 are about the end of all the calculations, budgets and number-crunching and the start of a new course, plan or project which will involve a lot of time online. You will put your calculator away on Sunday 20th December, just before Christmas Eve and by the time you get to New Year’s Day, January 1st 2021, you will have a few small leftover columns of numbers to attend to. By far and away, from Saturday 9th January, your biggest interest will be in your new degree, qualification or special subject area – or a new brainwave which relies heavily on your way with words, ideas and images. This will be hard work in 2021, but also enormously rewarding and will involve a long process of dress rehearsal at first, but give you an easy ride in 2021. By 2022 you realise that this initial course or project, or a secondary one, is the most demanding, challenging but life-changing commitment in years. This is a really long cycle, and it is about your language skills, ability to teach or coach, acceptance of training and new skills, and your use of microphone, telephone and computer.

      1. Fingers crossed! I’d love to go back to school (especially online) but I could never get all my ducks in a row to accomplish same.
        I still remember the omen of the two birds on the wires. Thanks again for your insight!

  24. Wonderful insight. I have always been a fan of Jessica. I am born at 25.37 degree North latitude and 86 degree east longitude on 15th April 1970 at 3.40am. I have been out of job since almost 7 years and struggling to prepare for one. Can you share insight into my career?

    1. Thank you. Seven years without work is too long. If you are able to access free online education, or free local education then do it now. You are in the best possible position in 19 years to upskill or pick up new training or education which makes you more employable. The South Node of karma is now in Sagittarius in your Ninth solar house of learning. You could have qualifications or at least a valuable new skill by January 2022 and make money from it. Find out what the marketplace wants, globally and locally.

  25. Thank you, Jessica

    I’ll try to find charts for Japan, when I have good amout of time.
    For now, I hope I can support at least my parents over there. then, later on, if needed, my siblings.

    Thank you so much for your input.

    1. Every city and country is unique in terms of her borders, public transport, flight routes and population density. The Japanese are brilliant at inventing offbeat solutions and I would not be surprised if Tokyo was the first to come up with a new way to deal with the new world. Keep tracking that.

  26. I appreciate your predictions & they make me breathe a exhilarating exhale for our planet & animals whom always had to sacrifice for us self important, always wanting more human kind.
    I did ask U about our animal kingdom sometime last year, so Yr predictions make me very happy & what my partner (Sag: 24/11/73) & I have prayed for for 13yrs for their protection.
    Over covid, I’m just seeing the light of relief after owning my karma & becoming a better partner, now I feel he’s finding it hard to look at his truth & own it, without my bringing to his attention, he’s starting to become present in his mean & regimented behaviour. He says he’s caring & empathic, but then it comes to understanding other peoples unfortunate journey of, sickness, mental health, eating sugar, illegal drugs, it’s harsh judgement.
    I’m afraid to speak my mind now as I’ve surrendered/worked/searched/dug deep/moved forward so much for him & us, that I don’t want to go backwards at all or lose his trust in my progress that it leaves distaste in him.
    I believe we are to evolve together, so I’m asking, shall I just keep positive that all will be ok, or do I calmly but firmly speak my heart in hoping it too will help him take note of his strong (ruthless too sthrong a word, but very willed/strong minded-tho not too his family, but should be!) persona?
    ThankU for yr time & sharing yr knowledge.

    1. Yes, Mother Nature has a way of looking after her animals, and historically we always see plague when human beings destroy the creatures, the birds, the fish and the trees. You have a partner who is hard work, by the sounds of it. He has karma to complete with you. He owes you. This will be completed by January 2022. If you are to stay together long term it will be an obstacle course for 20 years. Some people can accept an obstacle course. Some don’t want it. The choice will be yours.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for writing such an insightful article. My husband is supposed to launch a book in the UK in July 2022 and I was hoping to go along. I can only presume only he will go or I better start saving now.
    Next January also sees me with the North Node conjunct my Sun in Sagittarius and trining my Aries Ascendant and aspecting Prosepina and Ceres. I have reduced my working hours recently due to some health issues. Lightening the load is my first step into rethinking my income stream.
    My daughter is Generation Sagittarius with Pluto at 20 Sagittarius. Her birthday is 24 January. She is doing her HSC this year and I am sure there will be big changes in how these students enrol and attend courses and classes from next year.
    With all the affect on real estate, I wonder if this means we will be able to be in the position to finally buy a home rather than rent. Or do you see changes in this area too?

    Stay safe,

    1. Lots of questions. If your husband is launching a book in July 2022 in Britain then you do need to factor in the currency exchange rates and also the British economy on the high street, as we find Mars entering Taurus, the money sign, that month alongside Uranus, the planet of sudden changes. Just be aware of that if you are saving and literally banking on what you expect to find in London. Your daughter is part of a generation who will be able to go on learning, online, from a vast range of universities and colleges, as they gradually pivot to purely digital education and open up their classes to millions of people around the world who pay affordable fees to attend and graduate. If she is only completing her HSC now and qualifies for tertiary education then she will be the first to see astonishing changes as academia enters the real world (and actually sees the benefits). What we now see with Zoom is pretty basic and over the next few years, online education will embrace sophisticated new technology which we can only dream of at the moment. You want to buy a home? It really depends on where you want to buy. We are going to see property prices plunge over the next few years. There will be definite pros and cons about the cheaper apartments, though, and I’m sure you realise that overcrowded big cities are not likely to eradicate COVID-19 any time soon.

  28. Hello Jessica
    Once again amazing article ..Unbelievable!
    I have the Moon at 21° Virgo
    The Sun 24 ,Mercury 11 and Neptune at 07° all in Sagittarius
    ASC at 24° Pisces and DESC 24° Virgo
    plus the NorthNode at 28° Sagittarius and the SouthNode at 28° Gemini
    The only factor at 19° is Sagittarius on Fortuna
    I was wondering how this positions might affect me ?
    thank you so much
    All the best

    1. Thank you Francisco. You are living with patterns in the mutable signs: Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces. By nature, you find change easy to adapt to and probably have a history of easily switching jobs, houses or apartments, relationships – even countries. You are mobile and flexible. What you will have to do, repeatedly, from 2020-2040 is learn to change plans, to keep up with a transforming planet. We have already seen how inconsistent the advice is on COVID-19. We were told that immunity would come if we caught it. Well, it doesn’t. We have had fluctuating advice on masks. This sense of everybody shifting, all the time, continues for about 20 years and you will become quite used to switching your plans to keep up with it. You will have to commit to a corner of the world where travel is agreed. Hopefully this will be a corner of the world where each region or country has eradicated COVID-19. It will obviously take years. If you are still living in a global region where the virus is active, it may be that you find yourself only able to travel to a limited range of places, all of which are similarly dealing with ongoing infection. So eventually each state, territory, county and/or country will be making its own rules and that will affect where you can go and how often. By accident or design, the way you eat, drink, exercise or use your body, mind and spirit will transform (for the better) by 2040. New you.

  29. Hey Jessica, Love these articles and enjoy being a member! Quick question. I’ve noticed a couple times, you referenced Millennials where it should be described as Gen Z. Is there any reason for that? I forget which blog had it before, but there was another one where the same mistake was made. I want to send these to a couple friends, but worried they’ll immediately discredit it when they notice this discrepancy. I’m sure it’s a mistake, but want to check because as far as I’ve known – millennials (like myself) have Pluto in Scorpio – not Sagg.

    “They call them Millennials (left) but in astrology we call them Generation Sagittarius. They were born 2000-2008 with Pluto in Sagittarius. They are obsessive about other cultures and nationalities; currently aged 13-20 years old; prone to borrowing other cultural ideas and trends via the tattoo parlour and quick to call out racism.”

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to the very talented Jodi who designed this story. Millennials were born after the New Millennium began, 1st January 2000 and from an astrological point of view, their generation was over when Pluto changed signs to Capricorn on January 27th 2008. Millennials are instantly identified because they were all born after January 1st 2000 with Pluto in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius. They are now aged 12 through 20 are are, effectively, teenagers. They are going to be hardest-hit by the sequence of Gemini transits to 2040 partly because they have no jobs, but also because student fees will increase for actual physical attendance. That’s how you can see the astrology working. So it’s a little different to what you are using, I expect – possibly from Wikipedia.

  30. Hi Jessica, I hope you & your team are keeping safe in Australia! I really enjoyed your article. And am looking forward to your next feature on Taurus (as per your Twitter feed!). As a Sun Taurus, I have already been experiencing Uranus in Taurus. But regarding the transits you have forecast for the twenty years, I have stelliums in Gemini, Sagittarius & Pisces. I was a Londoner (born & bred) until 2012 & have been living in Scotland since. I planned to move back to England within the next eighteen months or so. Ideally I would like to emigrate to the USA or New Zealand, within the next five years. Could you please provide insights concerning my natal chart. Thank you! JT

    1. Thank you. I am living in a state without any COVID-19 cases at all, as we eradicated it two months ago. You are in Scotland which is also enjoying zero new cases, so congratulations. You want to emigrate to the USA or New Zealand by 2025? Okay, you will be jumping hurdles on an obstacle course to move, so be aware of that. It will be much easier after 2023 and by then you will know exactly what kind of new world you are living in. You have mutable horoscope factors (the ever-changing Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini) and so are changeable anyway. It may well be that you end up changing your mind about America. What you are also going to see globally is a massive shift in flight paths, never mind huge economic fall-out in particular countries. Scotland of course will also transform. So your choices in the next few years will be very different to those you have now. What I would say, is that if you are going to take on an obstacle course to emigrate to a new country, then you had better be in love with it. It will feel like a marriage. Commitment. The old days of people deciding to live in a country for work or money reasons, with quick trips back home, are over. We just don’t see patterns like this very often in astrology; they are rare.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this interesting article! Personally, the January 2021 crisis sounds very scary to me. I have my north node at 19 Pisces and my south node at 19 Virgo. And I wonder how this might play out? I’ve been going through a long protracted divorce that just won’t end. I fear this means I won’t be relocating any time soon. And I was really hoping to move out of the house with my daughters sometime soon. Plus, I have health issues so covid really makes me worry. Thanks for any insight you can add!

    1. The divorce and home relocation is not connected to the Pisces-Virgo-Gemini-Sagittarius patterns at all. You will successfully finalise the divorce and move, even though it is taking a long time (I sympathise) – you are just dealing with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. The planet of paperwork, going backwards, in the sign that rules property and family. It’s over soon. As for January 2021, please don’t travel or move in the final week, unless you want to do that with a T-Square involving Gemini, Sagittarius (both of which rule transport and tourism) and Pisces (which rules shipping and cruises). You need to be proactive, right now, about your Virgo side. Worry lowers immunity. Easy for me to say, I know, but if you are not yet regularly embracing a daily routine of meditation, guided relaxation and so on, it’s time. Cognitive therapy is another way. Train your brain. Meditation and yoga rate very well with medical researchers in terms of lowering anxiety. You should also use COVID-19 and actually, January 2021, as your excuse to get your immune system bouncy and strong, right now, in July 2020. Your Virgo side is analytical, methodical and very good at research. I don’t know which health condition you live with, or anything at all about your DNA (of course!) but if ever there was a time to get serious, get real and get updated about your body, mind and spirit – then it is now. Be your own expert and put things in motion. Take control of this. And see what epidemiologists are saying about Rona these days. Verdicts change all the time.

  32. Hi Jessica, this article is so incredibly interesting. I am a big fan of your predictions, I follow your daily weekly monthly horoscopes, special articles and anything you have shared on social media.
    So the mantra is to be flexible in the coming years. Thank you for your amazing insight.
    I lost my job three years back. I stopped trying last year. I worked as a project manager experience 13 years. What area should I look for a new job….Sun sign leo, ascendant sag 11 degrees. Appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you lost your job three years ago. That is a long time between roles, goals and projects. Your best opportunities for a new part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid position are coming now through December. You have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in your Sixth House of work, unpaid work and full-time or part-time study. Keep trying and keep looking, because what you want and need is out there by December. Then Jupiter moves on, so don’t waste time.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you.
    It looks indeed to be a time where to be forewarned is to be forearmed! I have Taurus at 19 in my chart, but as one of those in my fifties, I’m not sure whether there is cause for concern? My husband and I travelled overseas for the first time ever just five years ago — I’m quite shattered to think it may now be out of reach. Seems we left it too late — and what hope is the rest of my children and grandchildren? I long to go back to Cornwall, and in fact, to spend more time in travelling the UK as I felt frustrated when I was there that our trip was too short. We thought we had time. But will it out of reach now, in my lifetime? I’m thankful that at least I got to see Avesbury and Stonehenge — lots of Italy which is all I ever wanted. Do you see anything positive in my chart, to hope for? I had hopes there would be signs of a new career opportunity,…but what else can I do to prepare?

    1. Travel is not out of the question, and Cornwall may well aim for zero cases and shut her borders. If you are asking about travel, it will be of two kinds, according to the astrology. The first is from ‘zero case to zero case’ so from COVID-free places, to others of the same kind. The other kind of travel will be riskier and involve areas where the virus is still active. So it really depends on when Australia eradicates COVID as a whole. At the moment Tasmania is two months free. South Australia is two weeks free. The Australian Capital Territory is catching up fast. The New South Wales Premier has said she does not think her state can eradicate the virus (wrong)! We are waiting to see if Victoria can do it. I hope you can see what is going on here. It’s going to be about regions within countries, aiming for zero, and air bridges and bubbles connecting regions, first of all, then entire countries. Keep saving and dreaming. You’ll be seeing prices go up but the holiday (wherever that ends up being) will be more than worth it. We do not see Sagittarius-Gemini-Pisces weather like this very often, historically.

  34. Thank you Jessica. This is really helpful. I have sun Sagittarius at 19º. So far this year, our family travel plans have been blocked at each turn. A trip to NZ postponed because of my daughter’s health, a short stay on the NSW South Coast cancelled due to bushfires in Jan, another planned trip to the same location cancelled in April due to COVID travel restrictions, plans to attend a family funeral in SA in July cancelled due to SA quarantine requirements. I had started thinking about a family trip to Hobart (visit parents) or perhaps NZ, for the summer holidays. Would travelling in December 2020 be a better bet than Jan 2021? Or should we just not venture too far from home, and take a trip by road?

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have that 19 degree position. You have been blocked with quite a few travel plans there. All I can say is, the situation with Tasmania and New Zealand is so changeable that you may want to keep your plans flexible until you actually know where things stand, closer to the time. We are going to see airlines collapse. We are going to see borders close. It can happen in a day (Queensland has just banned people from particular parts of NSW from entering). Road blocks are also possible. We haven’t even talked about bushfires yet! Everyone wants to do what they always did and take holidays, just as they always did, but the new reality is unpredictable and can turn on a dime, as they say. January 2021 in the final week is best avoided, from an astrological point of view, full stop. The rest is up to you. You know what you are working with!

  35. Thank you so much Jessica for those fascinating thoughts on the future of books and publishing. I have to say (as a writer and library worker) I will miss the predominance of the printed book dearly, and its connection to physical bookstores and libraries (with the former suffering especially through this).

    I know that ebooks in the sphere of commercial genre fiction have long done well; I do wonder how less commercial, literary fiction will fare in this future though? Re: the rise of ebooks and e-audiobooks and their coming innovations, I can’t help but wonder whether it will be the behemoth Amazon and the gazillionaire Bezos that do the best out of this. I hope not though, as this would not seem the best outcome for writers, readers, workers, or a diverse literary marketplace. I’d be keen to learn more about the Amazon natal chart if this yields any clues!

    Thanks again,

    1. Libraries will still be libraries, they will just pivot and twist, in their overall function. That’s what happens when you are dealing with years of Gemini transits opposite Sagittarius! I expect the old mobile libraries will come into their own. You’ll find education becomes a bigger responsibility of community libraries, than was ever the case before. (Gemini rules schools, Sagittarius rules universities. Gemini rules vans, Sagittarius rules teachers). Amazon will not survive if they are going to rely on cardboard boxes in the post, flown by planes, carrying paperbacks made from trees. As with every other business they will have to pivot and twist too!

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I have been trying to shift my area of specialization since 2017 in the same industry i have been in for 20 odd years since leaving uni. Haven’t had much of luck except a few months work I managed to get that I did in addition to my regular work to gain experience. Have been taking trainings since 2017.

    When my freelance assignment ended in autumn 2019, I decided to take a break to focus and prepare for the change(my area of specialization is no longer in demand).

    I started looking for work in Feb, and covid hit. Work available is less and my lack of sufficient experience is making it harder. Have not been earning since then. Thankfully, for now, I am able to cope using my savings.

    This article makes me worry even more on how my career and money will be going forward. Can you please check my chart and advise when tand how things will improve for me. Thanks

    1. Your employment situation will improve from December 2020 and throughout 2021 when you should take every opportunity you find, either to work in your old field, work in a new one, or retrain and upskill/educate. I realise it is very stressful to live on your savings and I am sorry you’ve not been able to stick with your chosen area for the last 20 years. However, you have to meet extreme change – with extreme change. Write down every skill and ability you have, and all that you would be prepared to learn. Write down the absolute bottom line, financially, you can accept. Then add other notes as they come to mind. Read it aloud to yourself in the mirror, then read it aloud to your friends, guides and family in spirit. Set a deadline. What is the absolute longest you can wait? When you see obvious signs and signals, do follow up.

  37. Hello Jessica, whoa, thank you for this. Can’t visualise the future you have written here without bizarre travel images in the head, so am just fine with the understanding that next 20 years is all about change, which is also disturbing frankly.

    20 years is so long to be unsettled for us. Why this. Previous gens did really mess up the planet. I frankly want all of the fifties and above millionaires / billionaires to just disappear with their capitalistic businesses that they have founded on infinite financial greed.

    This apart, what is very worrying is the online education prospects that you have clearly laid out for international candidates. It is one thing I am struggling with the profs and furthering my academic research applications but learning, education ought to be in univs and with students physically getting together. Not online via zoom. What world are we designing for ourselves? Isolatory? Even the air bubbles that you have written about, are these the inevitable privilege outcomes because of how humans treated and abused planet earth, and her resources and other vulnerable people (sweatshops industry for eg)?

    Reading this makes me wonder about the chances that came in 2018 / 9 for this very research. Beat myself so much over it, due to house matters, that I got back to them late, but then, money was an issue so anyway, that chance would have been just that in 2019. But now, when I am back on track , just have to leave the country I am at presently on my own with fantastic Covid increases (family , they are with their own independent life in the USA) for my career and my life, I see these changes to digital because of the nodes. No idea what to make of this, even though I do have a Sagi stellium at late and teen degrees. Yet I know that I have to do this, it’s for the first time, that I know who I am, and what my career is – in this research, academic research and writing and thinking. Online isn’t the way out for education , learning.

    Jessica, you say south node in Sagi is putting a stop to all that is Sagi matters i.e. academia and travel. Is this so please? I have stelliums in Sag, Aries and Leo and Gem, and Jupiter in late Gem. Living on my own, financially dependent, in a very wrong place for career and personal life, I just want to move from here , sensible to the place / country that I am focused on, and not look back. That’s all.

    Your articles I’m reading regularly, whether about Covid , politics or what the future holds for us. Nearly every govt is just fumbling around and being horribly arrogant , letting people die of Covid, Thank you for all you share with us.

    1. Thank you. University and college life will not be as isolated as you imagine. In fact it will be more inclusive. At the moment Oxford University is a privilege for the few. In the next 20 years it will become an experience which can be accessed by the many (if they pass the entrance exams and pay an affordable fee). That means a fellowship of students all over the world from all kinds of backgrounds. And yes, they will be united by Zoom but could also meet for local tutorials (assuming they reach zero COVID status, which so many places will do). You have a Sagittarian side to your horoscope which will bounce off this very nicely. Gemini too. You are going to benefit from the squeeze on the old system of education and academia. From this, we see a replacement. The replacement is affordable and accessible for people of all backgrounds and ages, which is the way it should be. Interesting new world of united minds, possibly including your own!

  38. Hi Jessica, I enjoyed reading this article and have used astrology as a tool for many years. It is reassuring to read your predictions about the future of our planet and the travel within it as it allows her time to breath and reset after so much abuse from the careless way we have lived and treated her. I have been a traveller for many years and have always recognised the double-edged sword of travel to educate and learn and tourism that many third world countries have depended on to enjoy the spoils all the while being polluted and changed by it.
    Several of my family members have planets between 18 and 20 degrees of the mutable signs, but I do love the family patterns that emerge and how we are collectively affected by astrological events. One member in particular, who has health issues, has Venus at 20deg Gemini and Mars at 18deg 44 Gemini and Chiron at 18deg 44 Pisces. Can you shine a light on how late January might affect her? She lives in NSW and I live in NZ. I had planned on being with them from 25/3/20 while they worked through her health problems but that date coincided with our lock down so I have not been able to offer any help.It is her birthday today 14/7. She was hoping to come here in January but I guess that plan will be thwarted. Thank you for any insights and thank you for the wonderful article.

    1. I’m sorry about your relative with the 18, 20 degree mutable patterns. She already has health issues, as you say. If she was to fly from Australia to New Zealand in January 2021 then she would be catching a plane during a T-Square involving Sagittarius (flights, foreigners) Pisces (the sea, shipping and ocean boundaries) and Gemini (trains, cars, ferries). How hard is that? Extremely hard. I don’t know how much she accepts astrology, but even without it, she must be aware that New Zealand has already seen zero cases and is very unlikely to want to give up that glittering prize. January is also winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Flu season. As for the long-term, it is unclear if it will be COVID-19, other pandemics, economic strain or just green leadership that stops constant flying – but it’s coming. We all have to learn to travel less, and travel local. Not so hard.

  39. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your amazing work and for always keeping us updated! I ve been reading many sides of the stories and also have some curiosity in knowing what do you thing in regards to:

    Mandatory vaccination and the Vaccine Alliance created by Gates Foundation and the Big Pharma?

    Restrictions in terms of the immunity passport idea?

    I believe this would be incompatible with the aquarian values? Everyone should now focus individually and on their chosen countries. Do you think these global policies will go ahead? I hope not

    All the very best!

    1. Bill Gates has nothing to do with this, although his opinions about Climate Emergency have gone far and wide. People are generally suspicious of COVID-19 and its origins, just as they are still suspicious about AIDS. Quite right too. The astrology for both is mutable, so it is about Pisces-Virgo-Gemini-Sagittarius, the mutable signs, and nothing is fixed, firm or final with the mutables. The world will split into communities/villages/neighbourhoods who organise their own lives. They will find great enjoyment, truth and beauty there. So weirdly the virus does have an upside. The way we lived before will look very weird by 2030!

  40. Hi Jessica,
    How do you think generation sagatarius will deal with no jobs in the future?

    Also, which countries do you think will create travel bubble with India?


    1. There will be work for Generation Sagittarius but it will be completely different to the work we know now. India needs to deal with her own internal travel before she even dreams about travel bubbles with other countries. So, region to region.

  41. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your amazing and frightening long-term world forcasts.
    I have been waiting this Christmas as you told us in one article that Aquarius age is coming as Saturn and Jupiter will enter Aquarius to meet with my Sun there. But now you warned about the end of 2021 January.
    I have Saturn at 19 Leo, North Node at 19 Taurus and South Node at 19 Scorpio. A few days ago I also read what you warned on Twitter that Sagittarius borns can’t come back to home country once they travel to another country. I have Ascendant, Jupiter and Salacia in Sagittarius. Currently I have only one concern: To go to China as quickly as possible to accomplish my business contract, which is long-term, too. But now I have two concerns. Summing up the above mentioned forcasts combined with world Rona situation, I wonder I can’t come back to Japan if I go to China this year; it’s as if the world war has broken out and all are stopped. How should I handle this situation?

    1. You need to go to China for business? You also live in Japan? You are also heavily Sagittarian? Make it your business to update daily on what is going on over there. You do not say what business you have in China, but it all depends on that. Clock is ticking. Try to get informed and take swift action.

  42. I have to say I agree with the other posters that this is so disheartening to read, but also I have felt this shift coming since January. Personally I have felt it with the sudden awareness of the environment. Almost overnight I have had the realization that our environment was going to be at the forefront of the collective’s thoughts. That there is going to be this conscious shift to being more earth friendly. And unfortunately one of the ways we get there is losing the old ways of traveling and traveling less or as you put staying longer.

    On another note I have Ceres 18 Sagittarius and entering a new phase of life (empty nester with youngest child headed to college in 2020). I have been dreaming of traveling the world for years and maybe that’s just my Neptune in Sagittarius. But since January I am feeling like I will be splitting my time between two countries…the US and Mexico. I went to Mexico back in March for a short trip and simply fell in love. Life just seemed more simple there. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next 20 years. As always thank you for another enlightening article.

    1. Nobody is really happy about the end of Paris, London, New York and Rome – but it was killing the planet. Mother Nature has a way of stopping people if they take over. You are going into serious weather regarding the US and Mexico and need to be aware. Stay updated. This is not over. This has not even begun. You are also going to see new leadership in America from January. Ask yourself how much time and energy are appropriate to trying to get what you want. The essence of what you want is really cultural and you can derive that from other ways – quite apart from staying or living in Mexico.

  43. Hi Jessica, thank you for this insightful article of what’s coming. I have a stellium of planets in Sagittarius and would like to know how this will affect me in the years to come. I have family in Greece and used to commute between Great Britain and Athens as well as travel across Europe for work. What do you forsee for Greece and do you see relocation for me? Many thanks

    1. You may need to think like Louisa Durrell and her family, so beautifully captured by Gerald, and think about a marriage and divorce. They never did go back, although of course, some of the children did very well in Britain after the departure to Greece. Flitting is over. Committing is it.

  44. Thank you so much for your article Jessica, very insightful. No one is saying much about the world stock markets since the last crash in March/April when Covid took a hold. Are we heading for a game changing global market crash and a second Covid wave this winter….is the heavy astrology for the end of January next year (2021) something to do with a downward turn in global stock markets too? On a more personal note I’ve been in and out of work for 10 years now – and unfortunately not working at the moment. Really not sure what direction to go in anymore and how to make a living/money, which I really need to do so soon. If possible please can you see from my chart if something is on the horizon for me soon regarding earning money, employment and work direction to go in, thank you. My DOB is 16/09/1973 born in Hillingdon Middlesex at 21:57 Thank you for your time and all your fascinating articles. Kind regards.

    1. We are going into a chain of crashes for many years. You have been in and out of work but don’t say what you do. You are a Virgo who has to go back to school. When you finish learning, retraining or educating yourself by 2022 you will be in demand by employers. See where the market demand keeps moving to. Anyone making face masks is now making a fortune (for example). A little bit like being a condom manufacturer in 1987!

  45. Hi.
    So much to digest! Quick question…I am currently on the US Mainland for my husbands new job and have to go back to Hawaii to move all my stuff from there (this should be interesting with 14 day quarantine while trying to arrange everything). I was going to wait until sometime in August/September as my Hawaii lease ends in November. Should I do this sooner? Any thoughts on suggestions? Thank you for all.

  46. Your comments on pharma being held to account for harm are interesting as Primidos, mesh and valporate have been in the British news in recent days. Shifting sands ahead under this new cycle.
    Travel enlightens the mind and can bring cultural understanding. A long cycle of transport disruption and reduction will have a major impact on the new generation.

    1. Thank you! Class action lawsuits are the norm in 2021 as at long last the Capricorn weather breaks and Aquarius weather (people power) kicks in. Travel will replace tourism; slower, more appreciated, richer, more fulfilling, local and more respectful. The old days of tourist mass churn are over. Those mutable T-Squares, squares, opposition and Grand Crosses are really powerful for another 20 years.

  47. Hi, Jessica, Thanks so much for all you do. I was curious about HM Queen Elizabeth II if 2021=1901 since Queen Victoria died in 1901 beginning the Edwardian era. What do you see for the monarchy in these patterns?

    Also, I have a stellium in Sagittarius as well as Virgo. Chiron and Juno in Pisces. Nothing in Gemini. I have the following at 19 degrees:
    Fortuna in Scorpio, Panacea in Virgo, Proserpina in Sagittarius, North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius. Is it common to have so much at the same degree? Obvious that a lot of changes are in store for me, and karma activated. Any insights you could provide would be much appreciated.

    1. The monarchy? There have been cover-ups galore since the eclipses of 2017 (see a very old prediction about the Leo Eclipses, namechecking Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and the novel Lolita). There was a second cover up on Prince William’s birthday a few weeks ago. Princess Anne is not out of the question as the next ruler, bypassing Charles. You have a lot of 19 degree factors so you need to be way better informed than most people about what is actually going on out there in the world of COVID-19 2020. This will not be about your health as much as it is about your lifestyle, friendships, work and relationships. The domino effect is global, instant and requires research, on a daily basis. The Aquarius factor is the big one as you have Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto in Aquarius (your friends and social life) past 2023, so their lives will be transformed by COVID and the economy. You may want to start seeing it all through their eyes then have honest discussions.

  48. Hi Jessica , wow!!! Your article. I can’t stop rereading . Thank you for your amazing insight. Would you please give me some advise . My birth chart is heavily Virgo then Sagittarius and let’s put a few Gemini In.and the south node in Pisces .Dear Jessica how will this all affect me ?
    Take good care . Keep safe .

    1. You need to know that your plans to fly or sail are on a constant curve of change into 2022 so be aware. There are no guarantees and some very big names in air travel will collapse. You also need to do your own research on your own body and what works for you. The days of one size fits all ‘health’ advice are over. Doing your own thing works better for you. I do not know where you live or work, but suffice to say the world will turn upside-down, as astrology predicted, by 2022. America-China-Russia no longer applies. The more daily and weekly updating you can do on what is going on out there, the better. These are really unusual patterns.

  49. Great article Jess. Perhaps a article on how the world changes financially in teh next few years ahead, for me its seems everything is now just make believe in the markets, and maybe a big reality check next year? how to prepare?

    1. Yes it is all bubbles of nothing, based on bubbles of nothing. Classic Neptune in Scorpio. Keep your money real. Keep it tied to what keeps you safe, secure, well fed and physically well. Keep it local and practical. Neptune in Scorpio (an entire generation of billions) is about to be hit by Uranus in Taurus until 2026.

  50. Hi, Jessica. Thank you for this article although I feel heartbroken. I get we Jane to slow down and take responsibility for our beautiful earth, but as a Sag gen person (and W Bacchus In Sag) I love to travel and would like to continue to do so especially since I feel my homeLand is Greece with family and land there. I was going to get my greek passport (as I am a dual citizen first gen born in US), do you think that’s something I should look into? Is that a good idea w this whole situation? How does travel look in my forecast? Thank you! XX

    1. You will have to marry Greece or America. This is a huge, building, mutable Grand Cross of 20 years’ duration. Look at the John Hopkins figures. COVID-19 cases doubled in two months. There is no vaccine. Travel means commitment to a country, like a partner, and then local travel within, or with an agreeable partner who will either take the strain of more illness/deaths, or will have achieved zero cases status with you (home free).

  51. I really am hoping movie theaters do survive, even with the planned safety measures.

    1. If Los Angeles can eradicate the virus and join with Hawaii and New Zealand in zero case status by 2021 you will have your locations, audience and cinemas.

  52. Thanks for this article, and your insightful comments. Will Melb villa unit house prices reduce >50%, in 2-3yrs do you think?

    1. It really depends on you, if you live in Melbourne. You need to eradicate COVID-19 just as South Australia did (two weeks today) and Tasmania did (two months today). Unless you can stop people flying in, or going out, and also shut down all trade and business, you won’t see improvement. COVID-19 is escalating hugely globally and Melbourne could be swept away. She has a choice.

  53. Dear Jessica,
    What a fascinating article! I am excited about the possibility for positive changes ahead and the move to a more local, sustainable way of being. Although I am a Leo, I have Virgo rising and quite a bit of mutability in my chart (7/29/70 ~ Massachusetts USA). I am curious about love during these highly changeable times ~ especially with Venus in Virgo at 19 degrees. I have been highly nomadic over the last few years and wonder if love is linked to committing to a particular place. I recently left California for Colorado and am looking for a more permanent home. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

    1. Thank you Meg. If you have a mutable chart you are already living it out, looking for a permanent home. You have done a typically mutable thing, moving from California to Colorado. Now your spider senses are telling you that you must settle. Correct. For reasons of the economy, but also new leadership, and of course the mutating virus – you must commit and stay. The future is expensive, difficult or even just impossible for mutable types who have become used to roaming. We are going to see Uranus go into Gemini from 2026 and that will block/stop Generation Sagittarius from so much. Even before then it is downright difficult and dangerous (obviously, even without astrology) to get on a plane and go. So yes. Marry the next place, if you can. Your own chart and card readings will tell you about love in any particular location.

  54. Thank you Jessica for an utterly compelling and arresting piece of writing. Even for astrology, it’s vast in scope and you have really stuck your neck out to call it as you see it. You have produced something which I am sure will be referred to and referenced often as this astonishing mutable story unfolds itself. I will definitely be bookmarking this one!

    I don’t have many factors affected in my chart but this is something which of course is going to touch everyone in some way, so I’ve been thinking about that. My birth data is June 30 1971 at 11:55pm in Melbourne, Australia. The closest factor I have is Venus at 22 Gemini, in my 3rd House of siblings, neighbourhood, early education and communications. Natally I also have Mars at 21 Aquarius in my 11th House of social networking, so I would primarily expect all these changes to affect how I communicate. I’ve been through a number of massive changes in my life in the last 10 years or so, which feel a bit like a precursor to all this. Some of it has been very bumpy but on the whole I feel like I’m in a good place to deal with what’s coming and in a fortunate position. As far as broad areas of influence go, these mutable factors will be affecting my mutable houses – 3, 6, 9, 12 as I have a natural chart and i would be expecting to have the mutable factors shape the direction of the next 2 decades of my life, post Chiron return which is occurring pretty much now. So – communications, work/health, education/travel and spirituality. I’ve spent the last decade retooling to these. This has seen me move away from my hometown and my family and friends, and start over in a new location, creating a sustainable urban living/permaculture project with my partner. What we are building is very much along the lines of the ‘bubbles’ you are talking about – it’s an eco type of bubble – a small eco village on a quarter acre block of land – and designed to be replicated along the lines of David Holmgren’s Retrosuburbia model. For the last few years I have been teaching myself and implementing permaculture principles and growing food. I am a member of the Pluto in Virgo generation and it’s taken me until almost 50 to get a grip on what this has really meant – serial unemployment and exclusion from the labour market most of my life, despite my education and broad interests, and ultimately choosing to drop out of that paradigm of work to develop self sufficiency as a response to feelings of social disempowerment. It feels like what happened to me is now happening to vast numbers of people with the pandemic, and the upcoming mutable patterns have got something to do with teaching others how to respond to these changes creatively. More than that, it feels like opportunity knocking after a long period of preparation. I’m actually looking forward to it as it is are long overdue and will vindicate those of us doing our best to live in harmony with the environment. Part of it I feel will require a real shakeup not only of our geography and how we travel and communicate, but our collective worldview and attitude towards each other and the planet we all live on, something I’d like further explored. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Thank you. You are really doing your Virgo side. Permaculture is a good example of an interest which you will both learn and teach, for the next 20 years. The mutable ‘squeeze’ until 2040 will also squeeze out new technology and business – and new government funding. Education, academia and casual learning will be completely transformed and the old days of paying to study/borrowing to study will disappear with some special subject areas. Permaculture is one of the classically Virgo areas which will boom. In fact it will evolve and change, and your model of living and working (the eco village/Retrosuburbia model) will gather huge interest. We are going to see the end of crowded cities and high-rise apartments and the beginning of just this kind of approach. A lot of factors will gather speed in your chart at once. Virgo – permaculture. Sagittarius-Gemini – the new education. It is very likely that you will use the new technology which is coming to deliver affordable home education to hundreds, even thousands, perhaps millions. It really depends on how ambitious you are. The old world is collapsing and people will be hungry for new information and knowledge. They will also be upskilling and training as some jobs disappear to be replaced by others. You can see fast fashion and junk food burgers are not long for this world. Permaculture and its variants (crowd-funded organic allotments and gardens) will replace them. Airlines and cruise companies will collapse. People will need new work or even a whole new way of living and supporting themselves – growing their own food. None of this is radical. We have seen it all before, historically, but in a different context.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    I was reading through this comment section and saw some people talking about others countries. I am living in the UK for the past 4 years however I am deciding to go back to Portugal, where I was born.
    The situation in there looks terrible in terms of employment, money etc… Do you think the environment can change during the next years? I believe Portugal is Pisces

    I hope Neptune doesn’t leave the country completely lost..! Really wanted to live as community there as I am no longer feeling well in London

    All the very best and thanks for replying!

    1. It will take time to get all the new facts and fresh information about leaving Great Britain for Portugal as you are doing this on Mercury Retrograde, but you will know where you stand no later than the first week of September. One of the issues will be your family, shared household or domestic partnership and that is what your chief concern will be in August as Venus (complex relationships) goes through Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart, which rules home, people and place. Yet, there will be a useful new development near Monday 20th July when the New Moon shows you a new angle. There will be another useful moment of truth for you about Britain and Portugal on the Full Moon, Wednesday 30th December, which is of course just before the deadline for EU departure. I strongly recommend that if you are going to move back home you avoid January 2021 as that T-Square with Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces is unusual and really unhelpful for travel or relocation.

  56. Thank you for another enlightening article. If, as you say, the UK Union will wither and break in the not too distant future, what will happen to Wales when Scotland leaves, and Northern Ireland merges with Eire? Will it, as some have suggested, be renamed Western England, or will it find its own way in the world?

    1. The chart for Wales does not show that kind of move. What does look most likely is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland splitting (yet again; it has done this since the Romans) into different countries with their own leadership, rules and borders. England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales were never going to stay together. In fact the astrologer Liz Greene predicted this many, many years ago – she was the first to do so as far as I know.

  57. Jessica,

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing these ideas and information.
    I am stymied by what all of this means personally because I just can’t really read my own chart.
    Libra rising and my natal north is in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune.
    I grew up mostly in the US, but I have a desire/fantasy to move back to my birth country in the Caribbean. I prefer it for a few reasons, but at the same time I think that I would probably be just as uncomfortable there, but I no longer want to live in the US.
    My reverse nodal return is approaching does that mean I may get the chance to move back even for a bit to my birth country?

  58. Jessica,

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing these ideas and information.
    I am stymied by what all of this means personally because I can’t really read my own chart.
    Libra rising and my natal north is in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune.
    I grew up mostly in the US, but I have a desire/fantasy to move back to my birth country in the Caribbean. I prefer it for a few reasons, but at the same time I think that I would probably be just as uncomfortable there, but I no longer want to live in the US.
    My reverse nodal return is approaching does that mean I may get the chance to move back even for a bit to my birth country?

    1. If you do move back home and leave America you will need to commit completely. It will take time and money as you are trying to do this in Sagittarius-Gemini-Pisces weather and that means not just the rules on American departure, but also Caribbean arrival and permanent settling, shift all the time. However, if you are going to marry your own country, the astrology favours that. Your Nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini are in the change/pressure zone until January 2022 but by then you will hopefully have achieved ‘home’ despite a few obstacles on the course.

  59. Hi Jessica! I have been reading your reports for a couple of years and they are so very spot on. Thank you for the hard investigative work!
    I am a ’66 born Sag (Dec 14) with my Sun at 24, Rising at 10 Pisces and MC at 18 Sag. On top of it all my Moon is 24 Cap, so lots of Pluto of late.
    I’m born with all this T Square energy and have been wanting to relocate out of California to a more rural state within the next 6 months to a year.
    There is a new moon eclipse on my birthday this year as well. Can you advise whether to relocate and when? Also my career seems to be shifting
    away from creative and more towards helping the collective both in business and as a healer. Thoughts?? Love your work! Frank

    1. Thank you Frank. Avoid birthday decisions or judgements as that eclipse is a blind spot about yourself – or an actual cover-up which can also happen. You want to move in 2020 or 2021. The escape you want is out there and it will be a holiday from reality. The trick is timing. Avoid January 2021 as you really don’t want that T-Square in Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius in your life if you are trying to leave California. Track timing all year actually – I expect you will move in February or March 2021.

  60. Hi Jessica, I am writing after a long time. A very nice article and for me personally it’s heartening to read this as I never liked the globalisation and current way the world works!!! I enjoyed the lockdown in Sydney.
    Jessica, I gave Minerva at 19 Virgo, Pluto 19 libra, Proserpine at 19 Capricorn. Can you tell me what is in store for me next Jan. Also Neptune at 18 saggitareus.
    Thank you so much in advance .

    1. The old world is falling apart and local (Gemini) will beat global (Sagittarius) repeatedly for the next 20 years. Your biggest changes to 2023 will involve work, career, unpaid work, study. You will reshape your life but also have it reshaped for you, and it will involve your former, current or potential partner either in love or professional life. With Neptune in Sagittarius you should be looking at the fine print on any travel very cautiously for 2021 – right now. That is, if you even travel at all. There is a massive amount of denial and avoidance going on out there in government and business but you have the kind of chart where you can see through the fog.

  61. Amazing thank you again, Jessica. Life has truly been easier with all of your insights. My husband is Pluto in Virgo at 19 degrees. I am quite concerned about this plutonic influence. Would you please give me insight? His birthday is on October 11, 1966. So far, we have found ways to gain more freedom. I am also ever so sad about the curbing of travel. I am Investing in futuristic transportation options, hoping I will get to safari someplace once again. Just dreamt about a travel trailer bubble flying through the air last night.

  62. Jessica, what an interesting yet dramatic take on it all. I hope that you are still taking questions on this article. What are the possibilities for the placement of a T-Square in Virgo, in January 2021 as I have at 19o in Virgo. You say to be wary but of what exactly?

    1. Specifically, read the fine print on plans to fly, cruise or drive in January 2021 – if you are seriously considering travelling at all. Read the terms and conditions with the carrier and the insurer. Do not risk your health in January 2021. We are seeing a mutable T-Square which creates a Grand Cross with millions of people who have Virgo/Sixth House factors like you. That is too much pressure on the global hospital system. The Grand Cross is in Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, which has historically been about trains (Spanish Flu) but also planes (AIDS).

  63. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your sharing and insights, can you help to give me some advice? I born in HongKong time, 4 April 1980, around 06.00a.m. We have been thinking of moving to Taiwan but dunno when to do that or shall we move out of HongKong? Another quick question, we are also currently looking for a place to rent before mid Aug, shall we do that by end of Jul or wait till early Aug? (hope it’s not too silly to ask…) Many thanks…

    1. You will have made up your mind about all of this by the second week of September. You have a New Moon on Monday 20th July which helps a lot, then it will be the actual relationship you have at home (family or partnership) that decides things in August, with a couple of challenges before you get to where you need to be. What you are trying to do now is premature as you have Mercury Retrograde at large. It will become a lot easier for you once August is here and you realise it’s not so much about Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, apartments – but about the person/people you must share your space with. In any case you will both know where you stand by September.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for such an illuminating article!
    I have hit a personal crossroads and have decided to switch studying from child care to TESOL teacher to children. My partner thinks I’m crazy changing my mind!
    My eventual goal is to do some overseas travel with my family and work part-time, at least for a few months, eventually volunteering English lessons to children in places in need overseas. In the immediate future, I’m at least hoping that the certification will allow me to obtain some part-time work around my family commitments and personal lifestyle values.
    I’ve been flailing for a long time now and would love to get back on track and start afresh. Will this be another of my partner’s ‘I told you so’ opportunities? Or can I have a little success story of my own? Thanking you for your time xx

    1. You’ll be in a better position when Mercury (the mind, the internet, paperwork, study, teaching) is out of Retrograde Shadow, so certainly from next week, ongoing. Then you can make your mind up. The sort of travel you are talking about will become increasingly expensive and actually downright impossible eventually so you need to be a realist about that. It does of course depend on destination but the old days of affordable flights, relocation and then regular returns don’t really look likely with this huge push back against Sagittarius generations showing up to 2040. New world. Local world!

  65. Is there anything in the astrology chart of Melbourne or Victoria that would indicate whether they are destined to have more trouble containing Covid-19 compared to, say, Queensland or Western Australia? Queensland in particular is offering a home away from home for various sporting codes, do they have an astrological “advantage”?

    1. It’s a good question. Melbourne was born on 30th August 1835 at 0.01am (start of the day as we lack a time) and the foundation of the city shows she is really rebellious and going through a 29 year tough Saturn cycle, as the planet of restriction, limitation and waiting games is now in Aquarius, moving towards Melbourne’s Uranus-Diana conjunction at 28 Aquarius. Aquarius rules teams and clubs, as well as bands, so they’ll be hard hit into February 2023 actually. Uranus is a symbol of upheaval, rebellion in the ranks and shocks – also electrical storms. Diana is a symbol of zero ties, no commitments, and total independence. The fact they were both at 28 Aquarius (the sign of political parties, clubs, teams, bands, groups of all kinds) is pretty astonishing. Says it all about Melbourne from Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon and Footscray to The Birthday Party, the trade union movement and what we are seeing now – rebellion). Something that is so true about COVID-19 is that it has to be tackled very differently, on a case-by-case, regional basis. Queensland is not Victoria, and Victoria is not Florida, USA! So you have to tailor the approach. What we have here is a city where the (astrologically) wise thing to do, would be to target the demographics tied to each group. So – the clubbers and live music fans. The sports fans. The political types. You’d want to ‘speak’ to each of them and find some way to accommodate the need for freedom with the reality of a virus out of control. Toughest cycle in 29 years. I don’t envy Premier Andrews at all.

  66. Thank you for replying Jessica. Is it actually likely I will make any money from this though? Travel aside, I know it’s possible to do this remotely.

    1. Your money really depends on your marriage and/or family as your chart is dominated by Eighth House patterns. So it’s not really your own income but the money, house, possessions, apartment or business tied to a husband (say) or your mother (for example).

  67. The Millennial generation is defined as 1981 – 1996, you’re actually referring to GenZ, not Millenials.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    This is a fascinating article. It made me think of my mother who was used to traveling the world, but as she’s now 80, I guess her travel days are behind her.

    When I was five someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I seemed to have the answer then. I wanted to be a lawyer or a writer. I’ve been a trial lawyer. I had a great passion for it. But the law is one thing in theory and another thing in reality. I reached a point where I could no longer walk into another courtroom, face another judge, try another case. It left me in a deep depression. Since that time, which was about 2017, I have been living off a trust fund and writing – poetry, short stories, working on novels. Now, I’m thinking of applying to get an MFA in Fiction Writing and I’m wondering if that’s the right way to go or if I should go back to the law. Sometimes I think since I have the training, I have some duty to help people, it would take some time and money to get my license reactivated and transferred to the state where I now live. However, I literally tear up when I think about practicing law again. I’m tired of feeling lost. I just want a direction and I don’t want to rely only on my trust for income. Perhaps there’s guidance in the stars, perhaps there isn’t, can you see a direction for me?

    Thank you.

    PS – your delineation of “Millennials” may be fundamentally correct, but it’s not the common understanding of when the generation begins and ends, it would be helpful if you acknowledged that in your article, it was distracting to this GenXer.

    1. Travel won’t stop, but it will change. Less frequent, more expensive (if longer distance) or local and outdoors – shorter distances. Some countries will be off limits for years. America is one of them. I am sure you saw the Statue of Liberty hit by lightning this week. She is a symbol of immigration, but the shock to Liberty is that airline collapse (and new public health rules and very real dangers) eliminate that for many years to come. Your mother was an explorer and she will explore again, in her own way, and you will also explore new options too, having been so depressed by the law. I am not surprised you could not face it; congratulations on following your own soul’s wisdom. If your body pushes back with a strong response like crying, honour your body! You will feel a lot better in slow stages, with two bridges to cross in August, and from the second week of September, the sense of a downhill slope. One week before Christmas you will feel as if something has been unloaded – correct. Saturn is out of the toughest cycle in 248 years which dogged your foosteps from December 2017, into 2018, 2019 and is lingering until Christmas. From that point forward you can use all the knowledge gained 2008-2020 to go into 2021 with a completely different approach. What you do about the trust fund, and also the need for any other income, is the total focus in 2021 when there will be some good solutions, opportunities and answers for you. These have to come from outside so you are waiting for business, government or professional shifts. New policies or big announcements that will make your choices so much easier and better. Writing is your path in 2020, 2021 to January 2022 when you have finished a karmic loop tied to previous lives as a scribe, author, scriptwriter, poet and so on. You will eventually find your true path and it will be radically different; exciting; liberating. From 2026 you will see why. It will involve new technology, innovations and invention and you will help pioneer in a new field. PS – I will see if I can add an explanatory note to that comment on Millennials. There really are two different kinds.

  69. Hi Jessica,
    I only came across your article today and am quite intrigued.
    I think you do a tremendous job talking about the situation so directly with so many details. To me, it is disheartening and comforting at the same time.
    I wonder if you could talk a little bit about Brazil, I guess it is worse off than the US in terms of Covid free bubble. I have been living here for 20 years now. I’m originally from Germany and belong to the 60s generation with Uranus an Pluto in Virgo, really close to my MC (18/02/1964 01:37, Stuttgart, Germany).
    My husband, who is a 70 year old Pisces with Saturn in Sag, and I had been talking about moving to Costa Rica long before Covid started, but now this wish seems to be far from fulfilling. There is some money coming in March 21 which could provide doing such a step, if the circumstances allow it.
    The alternative is to stay in Brazil and get a piece of land here, together with a group of people. We both are kind of artisan/artist and have a simple lifestile already. Going back to Germany is no option.
    From what I understand is wherever we go it will be the last stop, so this is a big decision.
    I hope you have some time and feel like answering, thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. There is some karma here because of your husband who has the North Node in his solar Fourth House of country, family and property. If he goes back 19 years in time, to around 2001, and another 19 years, to around 1982, he will realise the past is a song played differently, with new instruments – but the challenges and rewards are essentially the same. You are connected to this story because of your Virgo factors, which are square the Nodes at the moment. So for you, the story is more about your health, wellbeing and fitness. No surprise when you are thinking about life with the virus. The future is bubbles. Every region and country will be different. If Brazil does not manage to eradicate the virus and match another nation, then you may find that you end up with a block of land, artists to share the gardening with, and create your own community. This seems most likely next year – 2021. Some of these people may be past life contacts or go back, in quite a deep way, to those years I have spoken about.

  70. Hi Jessica.
    I have been thinking about Uranus in Taurus, transformation, disruption, change and tangible earthly products. Gold is running away now and there is speculation of currency debasement and interest in adopting a new reserve currency given the depreciation of the dollar. Previous forecasts by astrologers talk about activity in the financial world and link bitcoin to the change. I wonder if gold will be the new global currency. It being tangible whereas bitcoin is ethereal. I wonder what this era meNs for gold standard and whether economy pressures on nations push policies on private holding of gold was illegal as it was from the aroubd the time of the 1930’s (?) Till 1970’s. Do you see any cyclical similarities from those times to the current era? Apologies fir vagueness of my cited dates. I am not recommending investment obviously.

    1. Very interesting about gold. From 1935 we get the lead-up to German bundles of notes in wheelbarrows! Uranus is the revolution that sets you free and Taurus is currency. I mentioned tonight that Bitcoin was really old-world style value. Corporate America. That isn’t really where this is going! What we have here is a whole generation born in the Sixties with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (work) experiencing a trine from transiting Uranus in Taurus. That is about a massive revolution based on time (as a valuable commodity; spare time, Me Time) and not the usual Monday-Friday, 9 to 5 life budget. Gold is still tied to Old Wall Street and that is just not in this…There are a few perfect storms going on here. Another one is the end of the Capricorn Era. Goodbye to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in Capricorn, the sign ruling the big business elite. It’s already crumbling and is mostly over by Christmas. What do people in 2021, 2022, value? Good mental and physical health. Spare time and free time. So that’s not really gold bullion as a ‘fix’ to hang security on for a massively shifting global currency whirlwind. An awful lot of people are going to reckon up, with their own lives, diaries and schedules. They will be the fix. Nothing works without the work force, and this Generation Virgo workforce born in the Sixties are going to be the bullion. Women, particularly.

  71. Hello Jessica! Could you help me with any insights from my chart please? I am an international student in the midst of my studies and really worried about what the future holds. Thanks a lot!

    1. Please don’t worry about the future or fret about the changes which are here, and which are also coming. You are going to be both student and teacher for years to come, constantly learning and also mentoring, guiding or coaching other people. You will do this for money but also for nothing. At the moment you are seeing the biggest changes to the university system since the 1340’s and 1660’s and you will find that all the academic institutions eventually offer their courses online, at affordable cost, to huge numbers of people. The old model of international students (or their parents) paying a large amount of money for them to physically move and study in university cities around the world is over. The new model reinvents study and teaching. The degrees themselves will be reconsidered, and qualifications will come in many different forms. We have to remember the old Cambridge or Oxford systems are very old indeed and are not right for the times. You will play your part in all this and all you really have to do is ‘be the change’ so that you are not slow about adapting, when you see what is coming up to meet you. You are actually strongly Capricorn, with a lot of your chart in the Tenth House of ambition, status, success, slow achievement, social position and aspiration. Capricorn is the mountain goat who takes a long time to climb to the top. You have been in the toughest cycle of your life and it will never be this hard again. Yet, Saturn is out of Capricorn at Christmas 2020 and the South Node already left in May this year, so most of your issues are slowly fading. I don’t actually think you are a student concerned about study, education and academia – so much as a person who wants to make it. You can and will make it, but the trick is to find a new organisation which is replacing the old. You will do that by 2023 when Pluto in Capricorn makes his last stand in your Tenth House, which is essentially your C.V.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating article! The very popular South Korean band, BTS, did a purely online concert in June.

    In October 2020, they’ll have a physical concert in Seoul (social distancing rules will apply) and simultaneous online streaming, very much in line with —
    “The new live event music/comedy/theatre is live cast to global subscribers and continues in refitted venues for fewer people.”

    1. Thank you so much. I have chills reading this so my spirit guides are confirming what you say. The October concert by BTS in Seoul will be a really useful experiment as the music industry, theatre business, comedy profession and festival/live events organisations start to figure out how to make 2021-2026 work. I mention those dates because they are the Uranus in Taurus dates, and that cycle is a price revolution. The old model was buying extremely expensive tickets, months in advance, for a band who would offer you a support act you did not want to see, queues at the bar, expensive drink prices and a concert that closed down after exactly one encore. The future is classic Uranus in Taurus. A total rethink of how to deliver a band to its fans using all available resources and technology! Everyone will be happier. And that formula can be repeated for comedians, actors or authors. The moaning has to stop and so the hand-outs. It is possible to make this work but everyone needs to think ‘Uranus in Taurus’ and get on with the revolution! Radical invention and innovation is called for, but it can be fun and lucrative. In fact, this can be made to work so that actors make more money than they ever did with the old system…

  73. I was born on 1 September 1960. in Zrenjanin, Serbia, my son on 26 August 1995 in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe)
    My son had very difficult life and we did not spend much time together.
    we immigrated to Australia but he continues to travel, studies and plays tennis, since age 17, currently he is in Florida, USA.
    I am in Perth, WA, Australia.
    we want to live together or close at least, but it is difficult to decide where (USA or Australia or Europe) and for me what to do (retire perhaps).
    Thank you

    1. You will both need to make a choice about where to live. He is in Florida, USA and you are in Perth WA. Florida is not a safe place to be and both you and your son need to be aware of that. The time to start thinking about moving is now, because it is going to take a very long time indeed for countries to agree on passports, visas, residency, quarantine and so on. You both need to start doing some research. And we are living in a new world when the constant movement of people is going to stop. In fact, the future is ‘local’ and we will all need to marry where we live. Love it, commit to it, and stay with it!

  74. This is all very interesting!! I went through so many articals which you write and i feel like reading more again and again. I am Virgo 1september 1970 with Pluto @26 Virgo and south node @ 2 Virgo.No any other planets in mutable signs.Well,may be astroids but for these ones I don’t know.I have tough life since 5 years.No job,all friends gone,wife gone and so many misunderstandings with everyone especially my children.I always feel being alone and I separate myself most of the time in my room as I don’t feel talking to anyone since 5 years.I feel insecurity and I don’t want to go anywhere where there is crowd of people.I hate this situation.why and when will I be free to go to the world again?when will I get a job? Secondly,You have been predicting many things but based in European and American coutries,What about Africa especialy in Kenia where I live? Will corruption end in this coutries as many will be brought to courts and the next day they are walking free? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. You have had some really hard losses there and I am sorry you are going through it. You are strongly Virgo and need to read what I wrote on Virgo and depression. You probably have depression because you want to be alone a lot – but not for creative or spiritual reasons – you feel insecure. This is all mind stuff. It can be fixed and you do not need money to do that. Have a look at the feature I just filed and start there. Kenya is not the final answer for you and you will look at another part of Africa or a neighbouring nation eventually. Don’t think too much about the long-term future, though. Start walking, start swimming if you possibly can, start looking at free online tuition and ‘gig’ economy work. Make yourself employable and look at what gig economy websites are offering and need. Little by little by little. This will work for you but you have to do it one step at a time. You will succeed slowly and reach victory in December 2022 as Pluto at 26 Capricorn trines your Pluto at 26 Virgo. This can and does get better. A lot better. But start now.

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